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Winter Cup Challenge (M) las Vegas, NV Metroplex Chalienge-Nat'l Elite Qualifier (W) Dallas, TX FIG-Brevet Judges' Course (R) Colorado Springs, CO Indianapolis, IN FIG-Brevet Judges' Course (W) Rhythmic Invitational and Challenge (R) Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO RG Program Symposium (R) Colorado Springs, CO JO Judging Course (R) Virginia Beach, VA Excalibur Cup-National Elite Qualifier (W) Chicago,ll Tyson American Cup (M/W) 1 Palm Beach Invite-Ntl. Elite Qualifier (W) Palm Beach, Fl

4-9 6-9

Maia International Acro Cup (invitation only) Winter Classic (TT)


American Classic/ Challenge (W)

MARCH Maia, Portugal Birmingham, Al

APRIL U.S. Elite Challenge (TT) JO Nationals (M) JO level 9 East Championships (W) JO level 9 West Championships (W) JO National Invitational Tournament JO Nationals (W) JO Compulsory Championships (R) Texas State Championships (AG)

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Annual Business Conference Visa Championships (M,W,R,TT,AG) National Congress and Trade Show

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RhythmiC Gymnastics World Championships National Gymnastics Day Final Selection Event (TT)

Mie, Japan Everywhere las Vegas, NV

oaOBER 9-11 9-13 10 12-18 23-25

Region 2 Congress National Team Training Camp (AG) British Open Selection Event (AGI World Artistic Gymnastics Championships (M, W) Region 7 Congress

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Trampoline & Tumbling World Championships World Age-Group Competition (TT) 8ritish Open Tournament - Stoke-on-TrenI{AGl

Seattle, WA Houston, Texas Houston, Texas london, ENG Virginia Beach, VA



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Steve Penny EDITOR

Luan Peszek

FEATU RES 6 How to Keep Your Business Afloat in this Economy!


Grant Glas

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GYM N A 5 TIC 5 M E 5 5 AGE

'., "


last month I outLined a few thoughts on how to reinforce your business during these chaLLenging times. In the next couple issues of Technique, Patti Komara, a club owner from Dyer, Ind., has assembled thoughts from club owners around the country regarding the top five things "they know for sure." These thoughts are helpful and expand on the ideas that were introduced in last month's editorial. As you read the article entitled, "What We Know For Sure," notice the common themes that are woven throughout this feedback . Although each club owner presents things slightly differently, there are similarities in the core values of their message. Ms. Komara's work is being published in a few parts to help keep this mental stimulation vibrant over the next couple of months. The goal is to help you stay motivated and creative in your approach to navigating this tough economy and come out on top! We are looking forward to the Tyson American Cup, taking place at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill., Feb. 21. It will be the first major gymnastics competition in the new quadrennium with the revised Code. So many gymnasts have gone on from winning the Tyson American Cup title to winning gold at the World Championships and/or Olympic Games. We are very proud to work in partnership with Chicago 2016 during this important period of its bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games. If you are unable to attend the event in person, please watch the live broadcast on NBC from 4-6 p.m. ET. In addition, USA Gymnastics has partnered with Chicago 2016, World Sport Chicago and the Chicago Park District to host the Tyson Fitness Challenge in the sixweek run-up to the event. Throughout the month of January and early February, fitness is at the core of the gymnastics training program for 4,400 kids in the Chicago Park District gymnastics programs. This is an incredible prototype for USA Gymnastics and is being supported with promotional appearances by Olympians Kerri Strug, Raj Bhavsar and Shannon Miller, among others. It's our way of helping kids get a healthy start in the New Year. You, too, will soon be receiving information regarding the 2009 Tyson Fitness Challenge, which has refreshing new content designed to enhance previous versions of this important curriculum. I encourage all of you to begin planning for your 2009 activities in this partnership with USA Gymnastics. Many clubs have found this concept quite beneficial in reinforcing their business plan. Contact Loree Galimore at for more information. Lastly, we are noticing more clubs incorporating the USA Gymnastics slogan, "Begin Here. Go Anywhere." and we continue to search for good stories that showcase how gymnastics has helped people, either in the short or long term. I hope you caught the story about the world champion surfers from Hawaii in the last issue. More motivating stories can be found at . If you have an interesting story, please let us know. Send your emails to See you in the Gym,

Steve Penny President/ CEO



Alpha Factor

.& aerials


Because... • They don't have to touch any merchandise. • They don't have to devote space to display and sell retail merchandise. • Their gymnasts and parents can shop from a huge selection of first quality leotards and gymnastic gifts. • They don't have the time to spend checking in, ticketing and returning merchandise. • They get a check in the mail every 90 days. Alpha


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"15% of small businesses are planning layoffs in 2009 - make the adjustments to be sure that your business is not among that group."









By Frank Sahlein

There is no "magic bullet" that is going to keep businesses solvent and thriving today. However, there ARE steps that any small business can take now to preserve what you have, and even GROW your profits. It is ironic that many of the factors that will keep your business afloat in this economy are identical to those that help prepare your business for the highest sale price! Making the adjustments and changes to stay afloat TODAY are just solid business practices EVERY DAY, not just when the economy is down, or when you want to sell . Su rveys cond ucted by the National Federation of Independent Business indicate that up to 15% of small businesses are planning layoffs in 2009 - make the adjustments to be sure that your business is not among that group. Do not delay -

make and implement the tough decisions before it becomes necessary! »>



ADMINISTRATIVE & MANAGEMENT considerations Examine each of your product line (each segment of each program) and services for acceptable contributions to profitability. Just because you have "a lways offered such and such program" does not mean that you automatically offer it forever! If you choose to continue unprofitable activities, do so with your eyes wide open - be able to measure the exact dollar amounts that you choose to "subsidize" on a monthly or session basis . Keep asking ... why am I offering this segment of my business? Is it profitable? Is it getting more or less profitable? Are the profits worth any other factors that come along with it (emotional, loss leader, etc.)? Once yo u are set with your programs for the year, aggressively campaign to increase sales. Consolidate your classes so that they are all full (at maximum acceptable ratios), or nearly full. This w ill decrease your labor costs and increase your Profits like no other move you could make. Fun? Maybe not. Necessary and productive? Absolutely! MARKETING con sideration s Review your Marketing Plan It may be time to review your Annual Marketing Plan , in detail. Here are a few questions to consider. • How much are you spending, as a percentage of your gross revenues? • What are you spending your marketing dollars on? • What is the actual response to each medium? • How are you tracking the results? • Is it time to ramp up your Marketing 10 in relation to Strategy, Campaigns and Tactics? Customer Loyalty Survey Knowing your customers - understanding their interests, priorities, goals and desires - is the key to surviving the economic downturn, according to one writer. Steps toward conducting an effective customer survey include: Decide on goals for the survey; use a solid, Web-based service to host the survey; design an effective survey; administer the survey through email ; and look for trends and surprises when interpreting results . Miscellaneous considerations for building Customer Confidence! • Up-to-date and lively sales & marketing literature • Business signage current and in good repair • Staff uniforms • All areas of business premises neat and orderly • Well-stocked supply room • Major company awards prom inently displayed • Employees busy and courteous when prospective buyers visit • Adequate parking • Adequate interior & exterior lighting • Landscaping .



HUMAN RESOURCE cons iderations Evaluate Employee's Positions What are the potentials for increased respon sibilities for current staff? Many clubs compensate on a full-time basis for a part-t ime job! The change to a system that has more variable income is the answer to controlling payroll costs and motivating people to perform well, in their own selfinterest. Is there potential for elimination or consolidation of particular positions? Is there a continuing need for (possibly overpaid) family members ? Continuity of Management and Key Employees If you use Employment Contracts, bring them up to date. If there are no Employment Contracts in your business, then be sure that you are conducting a minimum of annual comprehensive performance reviews. Actually, the best reviews are ones that are continual. Involve Key Staff or Program Leaders in st ra tegic planning for their Department, and possibly for entire company. Be sure that the "4 Bridges to Compensation Success " are in place - Training, Control, Tools, Financial Info (and relational Profit-Sharing). Professional Development According to the Harvard Business Review, the unconventional wisdom is that any economic downturns or downtime is the best time to enhance skills . This will keep you r people sharp, and make your organization the one that will be most ready when busier times return . COMPANY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY considerations Evaluate Office & Computer Equipment How efficient, product ive and cost-effective is your software and hardware? Will you see increases in staff productivity and customer service by upgrading? An operation that has up-to-date hardware and software is a more nimble corporation now and w hen times improve. Operations Manuals for all phases of Business A top-notch business in our industry has two types of operating manuals - Activity Programs manuals and Business Operations manuals . Operations Manuals are the documented "meeting ground " for Owners and Program Directors, and help set continuously-improving sta ndards for the company. Get professional industry consulting assistance if you do not have the time to document this . If it is not written down, it will not get done! FINANCIAL cons iderations Examine Operating Percentages and Cash Flow Your first goal is to bring you r operating rat ios into line with industry best practices . Your total payroll and payroll ta xes, including benefits and owner



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Be., t {!ulllity

Be,t .'·jerl·ice





The new adidas® Shawn Johnson Collection: what serious gymnasts will wear this season.

compensation , should not be above 50% . ln our nationwide consulting work, we have documented that payroll varies widely between small, medium and large operations, and between industries (gymnastics, swimming, dance, cheerleading, martial arts, others). However, in almost all cases, payroll is the number one expense, so reexamine this on an ongoing basis . Speaking of Payroll, do not fall behind on IRS or State Tax payments of any type. These are among the hardest categories to recover from, and when you factor in penalties, interest and STRESS, it is not worth it. Negotiate in other areas if necessary, but not in this one. Your percentages for marketing, utilities, mortgage or rent, insurance and professional development will also vary by gross revenue size and/or industry, but be sure that you have enough profit margin to survive normal and "economic crisis" conditions. Save for a rainy day economy! If you have no reserve fund, you may run into serious trouble . Start one instantly, no matter how! Every dollar you save TODAY might be the margin of survival TOMORROW. Business Inventories Keep a complete list and values (original cost, fair market value, and depreciated value) for all equipment. Keep a complete list and values for all current inventories (pro shop, concessions, and supplies). Sell off very old, unused or stored equipment that give poor image or is not needed any longer.

Supplies You can ask for savings based on an annual bid (as opposed to a per event basis) for the purchase of t-shirts, color printing, party supplies or equipment. A 5% discount on all supplies could add up to thousands of dollars on an annual basis . Financial Reports Get your financial reports structured to get proper cash flow statements by department as well as company-wide . This will give you the business intelligence you must have to make the right decisions. Have your financial statements reviewed by a CPA and an industry expert every year.



FACILITY - PHYSICAL PLANT considerations Investigate the potential restructuring of Leases, Mortgages and other Business Contracts BEFORE you need to. Check and examine carefully all of your lease, mortgage and other business contracts this week. You may have options to renegotiate that you were not even aware of. We had one client who was able to release themselves from a major personal guarantee on a sizeable lease because the first five year period had elapsed! Bankers and landlords want you to stay in place and continue to pay them. Generally, if they need to cut you some short term slack, they will do it. Operating cost savings and / or revenue increases can be achieved through increased programming (utilizing intelligent flex-spacing) and additional space rental revenues . Another savings technique is to keep your equipment up-to-date and in good repair. It lasts longer! RISK MANAGEMENT considerations Legal Settle all outstanding lawsuits, tax liens, etc. Settle any employee disputes, loans or other corporate baggage . Resolve all partnership and / or shareholder disputes. Check Insurance Coverages Be sure that all of your insurance coverages are up to date and that you have adequate coverage. These include liability, accident/medical, premises, business interruption, equipment, vehicle coverage's, and health and benefits for employees . This is no time to be stuck with inadequate coverage if something happens. Travel, Lodging, Meals and Entertainment expenses Eliminate all travel , lodging, meals and entertainment expenses that do not boost or help maintain your company's usual level of sales. If you offer traveling training clinics for staff, have clear reasons for them to attend and plan for a return on investment (ROI) by having them report and track the effect of any improvements to their program . Keep this ROI mentality in all instances. INSPIRATION! If you think that times are tough for you as a business owner, imagine how your staff feels! They feel like they have even less control than you do. Leaders show their true colors in tough times, so this is the perfect opportunity to set a great example! Continue to develop your staff by sharing motivational, success, goal setting and change formulas. The morale of your entire company will be higher than that of your competition , and you will generate an invisible edge!


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Have a Business Efficiency Analysis and/or Business Valuation by an Industry Consultant Efficiency Analysis: Hiring an industry consultant to conduct a business analysis to increase company operating efficiency and profitability is always a good investment. The be st consultants will pay for themselves many times over, and should be willing to offer a 100% guarantee! This service streamlines business operating systems and explores potential programs, revenues and profits that may not be apparent on the surface. Business Valuation: Even if you are not going to sell in the near future , it is always instructive to have a business valuation performed . A professional valuation will reveal exactly how a prospective buyer will see your business; the better informed you are, the more you will "position" your business for an easier sale when the time comes . Be sure that your valuation professionals have actual " hands on" industry experience, and are Certified Business Intermediaries with a database of industry-specific valuation comparables. X



over 380 clubs nationwide


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nutrition programs heated lap pool basketball court sauna


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monthly payment memberships available

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official fitness center of the USA Gymnastics Team


800.224.0240 24hourfitness .com

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Limit one per person. First time guests and locot residents onty. Must use some ctub for entire term. Days must be used consecutivety, and between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. onty. No other discounts can be used with this offer. Must be at least 18 years old (19 in NE) ar 12 with parent. tncentives may be offered for enrolling in other memberships. Personat Training and Kids' Club available far an additiona t fee. Facilities and amenities vary. Not all clubs open 24 hours. Participating locations onty. Not for re-sale. No cosh vatue. Offer may expire without prior notice. See club for details. ©2007 24 Hour Fitness USA, tnc.



By Patti Komara, Tumblebear Connection in Dyer, IN

n the back page of Oprah magazine "0'; she has a monthly column entitled, " What I Know For Sure." I got to thinking ... wouldn't it be great to ask the top gym owners in the industry what five things they know for sure about owning a successful gymna stics sc hool. Read, absorb, enjoy, get inspired, and go out and do it yourself. Make 2009 your best year yet!


Note : We are planning to publish this article in sections . The following individual s will share their secrets on " What we know for sure" in upcoming issues of Technique . The club owners include : Steve Greeley, Dave Holcomb, Lynn Ledford, Ann Joseph son, Jeff Metzger, Frank Sahlein, Laura Mi ksza n, Dian e Barron, David Klein, Randy Sikora, Jeff Lulla and Patti Komara. Here is the fir st section!

What I Know For Sure by Steve Greeley Cincinnati, Ohio 1. Location, Location, Location : In 18 years on th e faculty of Jeff Metzger 's Boot Camp, I've seen too many good people have th eir business dreams sq uashed by setting up shop in an inadequate business location. For all their good intention s, "it seemed like a good area ," "it's my hometown, "



and "kids see m to be everywhere," just doesn't cut it when a large loan is on the line or one's life savings are invested or there 's a family to support. Take the time to thoroughly investigate the population and income demographics and the long term potential of your area.

2. Have the foresight to lay the foundation of your business with a tangible mission or purpose and strong principles of operation. Use your deep belief in the se principles to develop a culture filled with people of leadership potential who nurture, grow and protect their environment, who have a vision for the future and consistently take steps to move the organization forward . Harness the integrity of these values to guide you in all your plan s and decision s in day-to-day and long -term business . Your va lues, strong or weak, wi ll prove to be the DNA and the immune system of your culture . 3. Develop the people or the wisdom to create systems directly from your core values. Systems that perpetuate the principles of th e culture, not just through years but through 'generations' of staff and clients: Staff manuals, performance rev ie ws, staff recognition, train ing programs. Wait, even more important, of the organizations that have th ese systems, 95 percent f ail in the implementation , evolution , and maintenance of suc h sys tems . Therein lie s our leade rs hip challenge . Also, have the conviction to hire only the best peopl e.

Do not settle for a warm body to "fill a hole" and to be so rooted in the company values not to languish or stall over terminating an employee who's slowly poisoning your culture. 4. Your main marketing will always be "Word of Mouth." Consider it a gift . But you have th e responsibility of creating your word of mouth, perpetuating your word of mouth , and training your clients as your salespeople who continually spread your word of mouth . Word of mouth marketing must be a daily way of life, not si mply an event or campaign. Get people talking - set yourself apart in the sights, so und s, and even the smells of your organization . Does your gym look like the average gym of the 70s or 80s? It 's a new century; dump the stereotypes of the past . Go outside the gymnastics industry for inspiration! Study the companies that know families: Disney, Apple, Southwest, McDonalds. 5. What I really, really know for sure? Everything changes! The needs of parents change from wanting services with the ma ximum benefit to their children to wanting convenience and fuel eco nomy. Children 's intere st 's change from physical sports-challenge to vi sual, sedentary and mentally sti mulating activities. Even demographics can change: areas can experience new development and an influ x of families while others can be unexpectedly damaged by an exodus of local industry, technology or even a "grayi ng " effect of an aging population producing few children and closing schoo ls. Also, as we're exper ienci ng at the time of this writing, economic times do cyc le. Be alert, be aware, be on top of change - not a victim of change. Complacency has ugly consequences. Be careful of "w hat you know for sure." Th e final thing I know for sure is that chocolate can only help the diligent leader weather the toughe st of times . Eat up and a happy and prosperous New Year to you. What I Know For Sure by Dave Holcomb Westerville, Ohio 1. Become a business expert as well as a gymnastics expert to ensure the success of your gymnastics business and spend at least as much time on your business success as you do on your gymnast's performance success. For example, read (and live!) the best business books (7 Habits and Good to Great would be a terrific start), become a USA Gymnastics Member Club, attend Boot Camp, consult with 3rd Level, get critical information from Patti Komara, and get to the business lectures at Regional and National Congres s as well as the USA Gymnastics Business Conference .



2. Location: make sure that your gym is located in an area with enough children and money to support your gymnastics business. Within that area make sure you position your gym where it i s highly visible and easy to get to. 3. Design your gym to provide both a great gymnastics experience for your students and a reasonable return on your investment of time, money, and effort. In mo st ca ses it makes sense to pour resources into creating a wonderful preschool gymnastics program that becomes the focal point of the entire gym. Design this first and then build the rest of the gym around it. Why? Because a great preschool gymnastics program often supports the rest of the program financially. Schoolage gymnastics must provide a fun fitness experience in addition to great gymna stics in struction . This means no lines, no waiting, and lots of turn s. It also means giving the children what they like the most: trampolines and pits . In an ideal world the competitive team would operate in the back of the gym so that every time the class parents look up they would see fit, happy, and confident kids doing great gymnastics (or cheerleading or trampoline, etc) and having a blast doing it. 4. Get the right staff into your gym. Hire talent and character; train the lights out of them so they understand, embrace, and reflect your mission and vision; and eliminate the energy vampires and drama queens (a nd kings) . 5. Do not lose money on your t eam programs. In too many gyms the team program means highly paid coaches, high ceilings and empty space that ne eds to be heated and cooled, expensive equipment, and most of the prime time hours. At the same time the athletes pay discounted tuition that doe s not pay for the coaches, support staff, a fair share of rent or the mortgage, equipment, benefits, and the lost opportunity costs associated with eliminating profitable classes in order to make room for the advanced level team kids . If you offer team then make sure that you know how much it actually costs to offer it and price accordingly. Or, make sure that your preschool and school-age programs are so full and profitable that you can indulge your passion for competitive gymnastics. Better yet: do both! What I Know for Sure by Jeff Metzger Cincinnati, Ohio I respectfully submit The Three Things I Know for Sure about GymClub success in 2009. All three are general and necessary in good times and bad: 1. Acquire responsible, emotionally mature Staff Members of outstanding 'Character' who are dedicated to


_ _ _ ___ ___ ~'~ . the Mission. At Kids First, "character" refers to alignment with the unifying principles and our mission is to build "happy, healthy, and responsible kids': Once these idea ls are genuinely met then it follows naturally that the staff members enjoy working together and willingly go the extra mile because that is the way they go about their lives. Getting such a staff requires great hiring practices and great leadership, top to bottom . Patience and courage, by definition a function of great hiring practices and great leadership, deserve special mention . 2. Good demographics are critical. Note I said "good demographics ." as I have seen some exceptional businesses in "good" demographics. Let me clarify the need for good demographics like this : "You can do all the right things in poor demographics and your business will struggle; on the other hand, you can do all the wrong things in great demographics and your business will prosper (until worthy competition steps in and commandeers your marketplace)! " Perhaps the best way of all to think about demographics is to borrow an expression from the late Jane Boone Metzger, my Mom (she had many):"you can 't make a silk purse out of a sow 's ear. "

3. Key crew members must understand basic economic and financial realities of running a business. This means the crew members must have a visceral understanding of profit, why it is necessary, where it comes from and how to get it. After 18 years of chairing Boot Camp I am continually dismayed to see how many business owners do not understand a profit and loss statement and the critical importance of managing by the margins (percentages) . Most certainly, if the owner lacks this basic understanding so do the crew members and that means at best, the business is leaving money on the table and at worst, the owner and the crew members are at odds over money. Garnering honorable mention is good marketing skills. I give it honorable mention to emphasize the importance of numbers 1-3, especially #1 . The best marketing you can have is to put forth a visibly fun and excited crew who loves kids, loves working together, and has a command of a well-crafted curriculum . When moms and dads see and sense this they feel compelled to tell their friends and neighbors and that is the way great GymClubs grow. 1(

(I list the final thought in third position because its absence can be tolerated for a while, even years. Certainly, sometimes its absence is not even noticed until the owner's kids need college tuition!)

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Just Jymnastics Just Jymnastics in Rapid City, South Dakota, found a unique way to increase revenue at its club. Owners Tracy and Alan Ponto have a large room attached to their gym where they conduct an afterschool program.

also do a similar program in the summer and on holiday breaks. It was tough to meet all the state guidelines at first but once we did, it has been well worth our efforts." What a great program for working

They work with schools in their area

of other activities. Of course the students

and use 15 passenger vans to pick up

get a healthy snack and fitness activities

in the morning and pick them up at the

students, ages 5-12, around 2:30 p.m . and

as well. They can also choose to do a

bring them to the gym by 3:00 p.m.

gymnastics class, which is an additional

gym at 6 p.m. when they finish work. It 's a win-win for the club, the parents and,

fee. Parents pick up the students at 6 p.m .

most of all, the kids who love it!

Once at the gym, students have a fun room filled with arts, crafts, games, pretend grocery store, computer, and lots



"This has been a great way to supplement our income, " said Tracy. "We

parents. Parents send their kids to school


Your kids will never turn up their noses at Tyson Chicken Nuggets. You'll love â&#x20AC;˘ them too. They're quick and easy to make, plus they have zero trans fats, no artificial ingredients, no fillers. And they're guaranteed fussy eater-pleasers.

'rhe peace treaty between mothers and fussy eaters has oflicially been signed~


~~~ . - ".~~:'"





Flying High Gymnastics Flying High Gymnastics in Countryside, III., has found a unique way to keep siblings happy. They have bu ilt a play space in the waiting area of t heir gym . When asked about t he area , gym owner Ch ris ti ne Deck sa id, "We had an ope n st airway and we wa nted to m ake su re the chi ldren we re safe. The parents at o u r gym love the p lay space beca use thei r kids can p lay and they don 't have to chase thei r children or worry about their safety. The y can sit back, rela x and talk to friends. " What great customer service th is gym is offering ! X

1-800-664-5266 gri

:l1l1J'C'~. supports~ --..a=:_~ videos~


apparel, pins~ and so much more! TERNAT




HIDD Db 1-800-664-5266

51. Vil/cel/I Hospilal ol1d 51. ViI/cellI SP011S Perjol7lIal1ce il1 1l/diol/apolis, JI/d., are official sennce plYlviders 10 USA Gyml/astics. Call 317415-5747 or Insil hllp:! / sporisperjomJol/,il/

FEB au AIV 2009 â&#x20AC;˘ TIC H'" OU f 23


There are many exercises that can improve the body's proprioception or balance.The most common of these exercises is easily done with items that are found in the home. Th e first is as simple as standing on one leg. Have your gymnasts try the following! Stand on a flat surface with something near you as a balance check, such as the back of a stable chair. Now stand on one foot with your knee and hip slightly bent and tighten your abdomina Is. Keep your eyes on an object that is around your eye level approximately 10 feet away. Hold thi s position at least 30 seconds. After performing this exercise you may think this is fairly simple, but there are many ways to increase the difficulty. The first is as easy as closing your eyes. Without your vis io n your body has to use other internal senses to keep your balance. Without your vision thi s exercise can be difficult and dangerous. Please have your hand very close to your balance check. If you are uncomfortable closing your eyes, you can use some very common household items to make this exercise more difficult. Tightly roll a bath towel up so the towel is no wider than your foot. Stand on the towel to create an unstable su rface which should make keeping your balance a little harder than just standing on the floor. To make thi s exercise more fun and add a little competitiveness, try balancing with a partner standing 10 to 20 feet away from you and toss a soft ball (I recommend a volleyball or soccer ball) between the two of you. Whoever keeps their balance the longest is the winner. Remember this is a balance exercise and not a shoulder exercise, so do not take the other person's head off with your throws. When standing on the towel becomes too easy, try finding something in your house that is more difficult. If there is a golfer in the house, I recommend standing on approximately 10-15 golf balls. Lay the golf balls in an oval pattern that is slightly larger than your foot. I would do this on a carpeted floor so it gives the golf balls a little bit of stability compared to a hard surface like wood .

â&#x20AC;˘ We Made h ;st at the OIYM?;c. oKJC..e ~;<tI. Now .f'eel a r eS,Po<tlS; to share ""'0/ /:<tIowled:y w;th C.OM/Xft./<tI;ty t;,at st./'p'ported /Xfe throt./!}h the years.


When doing these exercises I would hold each exercise for at least 30 to 60 seconds and complete 6 to 10 repetitions. Remember to keep your eyes forward and your knee and hip slightly bent with your abdominal tight. Also, remember to have a balance check such as the back of a chair within reach. Helping your gymnasts develop and maintain strong ankles will help prevent ankle injuries in the long run. It is a good investment of time! 'k




IMPORTANT NOTICE The following former professional members are permanently inel igible for membership within USA Gymnastics: The followin g Membership Statement has been ado pted by the Board of Directors of USA Gymnastics: Membership in USA Gymnastics is a privilege granted by USA Gymnastics. That privilege can be w ithdrawn by USA Gymnastics at any time where a member's conduct is determined to be inconsistent w ith the best interest of the sport of gymnastics and of the athletes we are servicing.



Charles Theodore Bates James Bell Patrick Bogan Joseph Bowers Shawn Bowlden Vince Brown Edward Trey Coniff Thad Cypher Steven Elliott Anthony Engelke Matthew H. Erichsen Rick Feuerstein William Foster Joseph Fountain Roy Larry Gallagher Robert Allen (Bob) Garner Timothy Glas Ricardo "Chico" Goddard Paul Hagan Robert Dean Head Ted Hicks Michael Hinton


Name Robert Hoefer Frank Hohman, Jr. Milos Hroch Steven L. Infante Dana Koppendrayer Ronnie Lewis William McCabe Robert Mollock John S. Moore Gregory Muller Will iam Munsinqer Jeena Nilson Paul O'Neill Patrick Okopinski Marian Penev William M. Permenter David Pyles Jeffrey Richards Rudy Rodriguez John H. Row Gabriel Salazar Robert Shawler




Steve Shirley Steven Todd Siegel Blake Steven Starr Paul Summers Mark Swift Freddie Eugene Tafoya, Jr. Jon Oliver Kenneth Thomas Jay Thomas Brent Trottier Anthony Van Kirk Joel Velasquez David Paul Waage Brooklyn Walters Steve Waples Donald Watts Mike West Jonathan White Lyf Christian Wildenberg Joel Woodruff






Rita Brown with Rik feeney

Online Courses: (Group Discounts available) * "ProFirstAid" Certifi cation Cou rse * "ProCPR" Recertification Courses * "Safety Bas ics" fo r Gymnastics Instructors * Women's Level l, 2, 3 Recreational Course * Women's Level 4 ,5, 6 Skil ls & Drills Course * Boys Levell Course (Lev 2 com ing soon) * Spanish Women's Levell Cou rse * FREE Download "Arti cles"for professionals by professionals! * ProBloodBorne Course -OSHA Compliant


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LIVE COURSE SCHEDULES Live course schedules are updated weekly on our website

wwwousa-gymnasticsoorgo please see the website for the most current schedule.

, February 28 Universal Gymnasts, Inc. 2881 SCioto-Darby Executive Court Hilliard, OH 43026 Course code: BM022820090H 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

August 16 Sheraton Dallas Hotel* 400 N. Olive St. Dallas, TX 75201 Course code: XX08162009TX Time to be determined

June 13 Tulsa World of Gymnastics 7020 E. 38th St. Tulsa, OK 74145 Course code: BM061320090K 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

September 17 Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel 8. Convention Center 1551 Thoreau Dr. North Schaumburg, IL60173 Course code: BM091720091L 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

August 12 Sheraton DallasHotel* 400 N. OliveSt. Dallas, TX 75201 Coursecode: XX08122009TX Time to be determined

*(ourse dates and times are subject to change and/or cancellation. *Held in conjunction with USA Gymnastics 2009 National (ongress and Trade Show

Preschool Fundamentals: Hands on Training (HOT) February 21 Seattle Gymnastics Academy 12737 28th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125 Course code: TB02212009WA 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. June 14 Tulsa World of Gymnastics 7020 E. 38th St. Tulsa, OK 74145 Course code: BG061420090K 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. August 12 Sheraton Dallas Hotel* 400 N. Olive St. Dallas, TX 75201 Course code: XX08122009TX Time to be determined August 16 Sheraton Dallas Hotel* 400 N. Olive St. Dallas, TX 75201 Course code: XX08162009TX Time to be determined

To register for a course, visit the USA Gymnastics website at www.usa-gymnastics .org. Reg ister online or download the registration forms. hSave $5 by registering online!** Pre-registration is IMPORTANT to ensure you r spot in the course . The registration deadline for mailed/faxed forms is two weeks prior to the course . Online registration must be completed at least one week prior. Late and onsite registration may be available and will incur an additional $25 fee . If you are interested in hosting a course at your gym, contact for more information. FEBRUAR Y 1009






www . u"·gymn"I" • . o'g


Attention All USA Gymnastics Members!! Have You Moved? Have You Changed your Email Address? Do you only use the club email address? It is vitally important that ALL USA Gymnastics members keep Member Services informed of their contact information, and most importantly their EMAIL address.

If you have not received any of these important informational items it may be due to USA Gymnastics and/ or NCSI has an invalid email address, or an email address that may not be your personal email, but one that is viewed by others such as your club. It is the responsibility of the member to keep their membership up-to-date and current with membership requirements and rules.

There are 3 easy ways to update your personal contact information

Many of the membership information related items are no longer being sent hard copy to the home address, but via email. Failure to keep USA Gymnastics informed may result in missing out on many new and upcoming membership updates and changes. It is also important to note that important background check information is also sent via email by the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI). Failure to provide the correct email contact information to NCSI may also result in delayed processing of the background check. Don't miss out on this important information. Below is a list of information members are receiving via email. • Background Check notification, updates and changes • Membership Renewal Notices • Membership Instructions • Pending Membership/Sanction Notification • Monthly Member Services E-Newsletter • Membership Updates and Changes • USA Gymnastics University Course Offerings • Educational Updates • Club Updates • Meet Director Information • Athlete Information • Membership Cards • NCSI Background Check notification



1. USA Gymnastics Website • On the Member Services section of the website you can easily update your personal information. • Once on the Member Services home page, click on the blue membership button, select your member type, select Update Your Personal Information. • Please note you must log in using your personal member number and password. • Information will be updated immediately 2. Email Member Services • Member Services can be emailed at mem bers h • Please include your name, member number and the information you wish to update • Information will be updated within 24 business hours. 3. Call Member Services • Member Services can be contact at 800-345-4719 • Member Services line is open Mondays 12:305:30 p.m. e.s.t.Tuesday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. e.s.t . • Information will be updated immediately




Open Book Management: Cautions and Benefits he economic, fiscal and monetary mess our nation faces makes me ever more convinced of the benefits of Open Book Management. Th e CNN buzz word of the moment that captures the notion of ope ning yo ur books is "t ran sparency." In my humble opinio n, our government and many large corporations operate in anything but a transparent manner, wh ich causes skept icism. For that reason and others, I pledge to do everything in my power to see t hat Kids First emp lo yees NEVER have reason to fee l skepticism or di strust about their company or its leaders!


At Kids First, we open virtually all company data to our Depart ment Leaders (DLs) including the officers' sa larie s. The only information we do not share is the individual compensation of eac h DL . I realize the notion of deeply sharing data and information surprises many and scares most. It may surpr ise you to hear me say that such fears are valid! Here are three cautions to sharing informat ion as openly as we do at Kids First. (1) The necessary education must come with any info rmatio n to ensure the emplo yees have the knowledge to interpret the information accurately. Such education must be viewed as a never-ending process. (2) If the employees have ever been given a reason to distrust management in anything, they

will distrust management in everything, including data . (3) It is correct to assume that some employees lack the loyalty, integrity or di scre tion to use company data and information wisely and in fact may use it to gain an advantage over you or your co mp any. To t hat I ca n only respo nd , "Yo u must learn to hire well and avoid such qualities in peop le!" Faili ng to learn how to su rround yourself only with people of character wi ll make any deci sio n to open your books a very bad one , indeed. But do not delude yoursel f of this: emp loyees lacking character wi ll find a way to undermine your bu si ne ss whether you open your books or not! My strong suggestion for a myriad of reasons is to learn to hire well and after th at, open your book s. On a fina l related note, a leader who ha s an emotional need to be seen as the best, smartest or wisest, or who has an ego need to control others should cure those diseases before opening the ir book s! Emp loyees tend to grow weary of working in that env ironment, which escalates the odds of a bad outcome from opening your books . The logic of opening your books is captured by a quot e I first heard from a friend: "Reasonab le people, given the same information, will come to the same conclusion. " From this logic one can intuit three primary benefits of opening your books . (1) Equipped with the same information as you, employees tend to

~ -~ Small Business

, 11ÂŤ)ÂŤ)'1'

4 (~i'~!~

Jeff Metzger USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp President, Kids Rrst Sports Center

evo lve to und erstand that a profit ab le company is in the ir own best inte rest. As a result, they tend to do things that generate more profit and avoid thing s that waste it. (2) Equip ped with the same information as you, emp lo yees are capable of making the same good decisions as you . You , therefore, can delegate deci sio n-making , wh ich free s you t o work on ot her aspects of the company. (3) Arguably , the greatest benefit is the sense of appreciation employees feel when they are included . Over the years, Kids First DL s have made it clear that it is more meaningful to them that I include them (trust the m) and value their brains than it is that I praise them. Frankly, I think they wou ld tell you I do relat ively little of that. Finally, in addition to the com panyrelated benefits, there is a personal benefit that trumps all the others: hiding data and holding information close to the vest takes no minor amount of energy. I love the libe ration I feel running the company in an open and transparent manner. There is a sense of pride. I sleep well at night and that adds to my quality of life , wh ich is no small thing. FYI: I intend to offer more on this topic in this column in the months ahead . I also intend to make this topic front and center at the National and Regional Congresses this year. 'X

.. Jifetime so[utions for your 6usiness ... 6usiness so[utions for your [ifetime .

... ~~

Hosted in Cincinnati, BOOT CAMP is a life-changing, 4 1/2 day total immersion leadership, marketing and organizational workshop for GymClub Owners.

Dates' For

Nov 20-24, 2008 & May 14-18 2009

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~. INVITATIONAL LISTING Technique magazine will regularly list Member Club invitationals by state.

USA When you apply and pay for a sanction with USA Gymnastics, your GYMNASTICS Mem6erClu6 2009路2010

invitational will automatically be included in the listing. Remember, only USA Gymnastics Member Clubs are eligible for the invitational listing.

ALABAMA Carnival of Stars Event Site - 6100 Brewbaker Blvd.; Montgomery, AL Start Date - 2/ 21 / 2009 United Gymstars and Cheer LLC Phone - 334/ 284-2244 Levels - W 7-10, M4-10

ARIZONA Arizona Spring Classic Event Site - 40404 N. Galvin Peak PKWY; Anthem,AZ Start Date - 3/20/2009 Phoenix Gymnastics Academy Phone - 623/582-5293 Levels - W4-6 Jessica Kleya Memorial Invitational Event Site - 2475 W. Naranja Dr.; Tucson,AZ Start Date - 3/ 13/ 2009 Gymnastics World Northwest Phone - 520-744-6180 Levels - W3-Elite, open Shamrock Invitational Event Site - Peoria High School; 11200 N 83rd Ave; Peoria, AZ Start Date - 3/13/2009 Flames Gymnastics Academy Phone - 623/ 875-7777 Levels - W4-1 0

CALIFORNIA 2009 All Olympia Invitational Lights Camera Event Site - 555 Universal Hollywood; Universal City, CA Start Date - 2/ 14/2009 All Olympia AOGC Phone - 310/301-8066 Levels - W4-1 0, open 2nd Annual Slide into Summer Invitational Event Site - 791 South Gifford Ave. Suite 2; San Bernardino, CA Start Date - 6/6/2009 Inland Empire Gymnastics Acad Phone - 909/383-6655 Levels - W4-6



American Kids Cup Event Site - 3622 Allen Rd; Bakersfield, CA Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 American Kids Sports Center Phone - 661 / 589-2100 Levels - W4-1 0

East Bay Classic Event Site - 4701 Doyle St Bldg F; Emeryville, CA Start Date - 3/1 / 2009 Head Over Heels Phone - 510/655-1265 Levels - W7-1 0

Black Tie Invitational Event Site - 6780 Sierra Ct.; Suite K; Dublin, CA Start Date - 3/7/2009 Edge Gym Training Center Phone - 925/ 479-9903 Levels - W4-1 0

Fallbrook Team Challenge Event Site - 342 Industrial Way Suite 103; Fallbrook, CA Start Date - 3/ 28/2009 Fallbrook Gymnastic Club Phone - 760/ 723 -1345 Levels - W4-6

Bunny Hop Event Site - 29 Massie Court; Sacramento, CA Start Date - 5/ 2/ 2009 Byers Gymnastics Center Phone - 916/689-5075 Levels - W 4-Elite

Gold Country Classic Event Site - Fort Mason Center; Herbst Pavillion; San Francisco, CA Start Date - 2/ 14/ 2009 Gymtowne Gymnastics Phone - 650/589-3733 Levels - M4-Elite, W 4-Elite

Charter Oak GymnasticsGlider Invitational 2009 Event Site - Cal Poly Pomona Gymnasium; 3801 West Temple ave; Pomona, CA Start Date - 3/14/2009 Charter Oak Gymnastics-Gliders Phone - 626-966-8775 Levels - W4-10, open

Malibu Coast Challenge Event Site - Cal Lutheran Univ; 60 W Olsen Road; Thousand Oaks, CA Start Date - 3/ 13/ 2009 Monarch's Natl Gym Train ing Ce Phone - 818/889-3634 Levels - W4-Elite

Chris Waller's Heart of a Champion Invitational Event Site - Golden Valley High School; 27051 Robert C. Lee Parkwas; Santa Clarita, CA Start Date - 3/ 7/2009 Wallers' GymJam Academy Phone - 661 / 251-3390 Levels - W4- 10, open Dreams Of Gold Event Site - 7735 Haskell Avenue; Van Nuys,CA Start Date - 3/ 21/2009 Gymnastics Olympica USA Phone - 818/785-1537 Levels - W4-6

March of the Stars Event Site - 4484 Broad Street; San Luis Obispo, CA Start Date - 2/ 21 / 2009 Performance Athletics GYM Phone - 805-547-1496 Levels - W4-1 0 Peter Vidmar Men's Gymnastics Invitational Event Site - Brentwood School; 100 S. Barrington Place; Los Angeles, CA Start Date - 2/ 27/ 2009 Broadway Gymnastics Sch . lnc. Phone - 310/450-0012 Levels - M4-Elite Ready to Peak Event Site - Pasadena Convention Center; 200 E Green Street; Pasadena, CA



INVITATIONAL LISTING Start Date - 3/ 27/ 2009 Golden State Gymnastics Phone - 818/ S58-1177 Levels - W4-Elite

Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 Southern California Elite GYM Phone - 951 / 699-4499 Levels - W4-Elite

San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy Invitational Event Site - 2478 Nielesen Street; EI Cajon, CA Start Date - 2/ 21 / 2009 San Diego Rhythmic GYM Acad Phone - 619/ 852-7439 Levels - R3- 10

West Valley Spirit of the Flame Event Site - Park Hall; San Jose, CA Start Date - 2/ 27/ 2009 West Valley Gymnastics School Phone - 408/ 374-8692 Levels - W4-Elite

San Jose Invite - Jr. Boys Event Site - 100 Great Oaks Blvd; Suite #150; San Jose, CA Start Date - 2/ 28/ 2009 California Sports Center 336 Race Street; San Jose, CA 95126 Phone - 408/ 280-5437 Level s - M4-9, open SCEGA s California Classic Event Site - Del Mar Fairgrounds; 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd; Del Mar, CA

COLORADO 5280 Mile High Men's Invitational Event Site - 10601 W 44th Ave; Wheatridge, CO Start Date - 3/ 7/ 2009 5280 Gymnastics Phone - 303/431-8838 Levels - M4-Elite 5280 Mile High Women's Optional Meet Event Site -10601 W 44th Ave; Wheatridge, CO Start Date - 2/ 14/ 2009

5280 Gymnastics Phone - 303/ 431-8838 Levels - W 7-Elite

CONNECTICUT 16th Annual American Gym Invitational 2009 Event Site - Thomas Edison Middle School; 1355 N Broad St; Meriden, CT Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 American Gym Training Center Phone - 860/ 621 -5001 Levels - W4-Elite, prepopt.; M4-Elite FLORIDA American Twisters Tim Randn Invitational Event Site - Coral Springs Gym; 2501 Coral Springs Dr; Coral Springs, FL Start Date - 3/ 13/ 2009 Boca Twisters Phone - 561 / 750-6001 Ext. 866 Levels - W2-1 0, prepopt. City of Lights Invite Event Site - 4658 L.B. Mcleod Road;

Every business needs a

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INVITATIONAL LISTING Orlando, FL 32811 Start Date - 3/ 6/ 2009 Orlando Metro Gymnastics 4658 L.B. Mcleod Road; Orlando, FL Levels - W7-1 0, prepopt. Palm Beach Invitational Elite Nat'l Qualifier Event Site - Palm Beach County Conv Center; 650 Okeechobee Blvd; Palm Beach-n, FL Start Date - 2/ 28/ 2009 Bieger International Gym Phone - 954 426-3930 Levels - W2-Elite Prep Optional Region 8 Invitational Championship Event Site - 11213 Front Beach Road; Panama City Beach, FL Start Date - 5/ 1/ 2009 Edgewater Gymnastics Academy Phone - 850/ 867-2415 Levels - W prepopt. Presidental Classic Event Site - Disney's Wid World of Sports; 800 Victory Way; Lake Buena Vista, FL Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 Boca Twisters Phone - 561 / 750-6001 Ext. 866 Levels - 2-8, W2-8 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational Event Site - Manatee Convention Center; One Haben Rd; Palmetto, FL Start Date - 3/ 1212009 Tampa Bay Turners Gymnastics Phone - 727/ 328-8500 Levels - W7-Elite, prepopt.

GEORGIA Cloverleaf Invitational 2009 Event Site - 98 Patterson Road; Lawrenceville, GA Start Date - 3/ 6/ 2009 Georgia Gymnastics Acad Inc. Phone - 770/ 962-5867 Levels - W2-10, prepopt. National Gymnastics Challenge Event Site - University of Georgia; 201 Ramsey Student Center; Athens, GA Start Date - 3/ 12/ 2009 Sportastiks Gymnastics Phone - 317/ 849-4653 Levels - W2-1 0, prepopt.



Spring Break-Out Event Site - 100 Londonderry Ct.; Suite 100; Woodstock, GA Start Date - 3/ 7/ 2009 Georgia All-Stars Gymnastics Phone - 770/ 516-2654 Levels - W2-10, prepopt. Spring Fling 2009 Event Site - P.O. Box 1390; Cartersville, GA Start Date - 3/ 6/ 2009 Cartersville Twisters/ Tumbler Phone - 770/ 387-5629 Levels - W2-Elite, prepopt. Sweet Onion Classic Invitational Event Site - 2606 Matthews Industrial Cr; Vidalia, GA Start Date - 3/ 21 / 2009 Vidalia Gymnastics Center, Inc Phone - 912/ 538-1000 Levels - W2-9, prepopt. TGN Disco Invitational Event Site - 120 Macon West Drive; Macon,GA Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 The Gym Nest Phone - 478/ 474-3021 Levels - W2-1 0, prepopt. The Dogwood Invitational Event Site - 1774 Old Covington Road; Conyers, GA Start Date - 2/ 28/ 2009 Rockdale Gymnastics Phone - 770/ 483-0229 Levels - W3-8, prepopt.

IDAHO "I Love Gymnastics" Event Site - 31827 Hwy. 200; Sandpoint, ID Start Date - 2/ 14/ 2009 Funtastics Phone - 208/ 772-9443 Levels - W prepopt. Great West Gymfest Event Site - 115 S 2nd Street; Coeur D'alene, ID Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 Funtastics Phone - 208/ 772-9443 Levels - W4-10 Swingtime Invitational Event Site - 5420 West State Street; Boise,ID Start Date - 2/ 27/ 2009 Gem State Gymnastics Academy Phone - 208/ 853-3220 Levels - W3-Elite, open; M4-1 0, open

ILLINOIS "In the Groove" Blues Invite Event Site - 4250 Rt. 71 ; Attn : Joyce Fornek; Oswego, IL Start Date - 2/ 14/ 2009 Team Oswego Gymnastics Phone - 630/ 554-4450 Levels - W4-10 Arena Classic Event Site - 2701 Black Road; Joliet, IL Start Date - 3/ 13/ 2009 Arena Gymnastics Phone - 815/ 730-7453 Levels - W4-1 0

HAWAII Kokokahi Invite Event Site - 45-558 #C21 Kamehameha Hwy.; Kaneohe, HI Start Date - 3/ 7/ 2009 Kokokahi Gymnastics Team Phone - 808/ 235-6866 Levels - W7-10

Chicagoland 2009 Event Site - 6360 S. Belmont; Downers Grove, IL Start Date - 2/ 27/ 2009 Elite Sports Complex Inc. Phone - 630/ 968-2699 Levels - R4-Elite, group

Luka Nakoa Memorial Invitational Event Site - 45-558 #C21 Kamehameha Hwy.; Kaneohe, HI Start Date - 3/ 8/ 2009 Kokokahi Gymnastics Team Phone - 808/ 235-6866 Levels - W8

EGGS Invite Event Site - 500 Elk Grove Blvd; Elk Grove Village, IL Start Date - 2/ 14/ 2009 Elk Grove Gymnastics School Phone - 847/ 437-3447 Levels - W4-1 0 Elgin Gymnastics Invitational Event Site - Sparten Events Center;



INVITATIONAL LISTING 1700 Spartan Dr.; Elgin, IL Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 Spring Hill Gymnastics Inc. Phone - 847/ 488-9467 Levels - W2-Elite, prepopt.

Phone - 317/ 849-7744 Levels - W3-Elite, prepopt.; M4-Elite Flower Power Invitational Event Site - 1254 Horse Prairie Avenue; Valparaiso, IN Start Date - 5/ 2/ 2009 Horizon Gymnastics Center Phone - 219/ 477-6542 Levels - W3-8, prepopt.

March of Dimes Invite Event Site - 2010 Jennifer Lane; Quincy,IL Start Date - 2/ 27/ 2009 Gem City Gymnastics & Tumbling Phone - 217/ 224-8491 Levels - W3-Elite Midwest Open 2009 Event Site - Unity Junior High School; 2100 S Laramie; Cicero, IL Start Date - 3/ 7/ 2009 Aerial Gymnastics Club Phone - 630/ 495-0150 Levels - W4-Elite Patriotic Meet Event Site - 1880 Circuit Dr.; Round Lake Beach, IL Start Date - 4/ 19/ 2009 American Eagles Gymnastics Phone - 847/ 201-1567 Levels - W4-1 0

INDIANA 2009 Circle of Stars Event Site - Indiana Convention Center; 100 S Capitol Ave; Indianapolis, IN Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 DeVeau's School of Gymnastics

Interactivity 2009 Event Site - 3795 South US 421; Zionsville, IN Start Date - 2/ 28/ 2009 Interactive Academy Gymnastics Phone - 317/ 733-3386 Levels - M4-Elite, open Time to Shine Event Site - 3390 North Home Street; Mishawaka, IN Start Date - 2/ 28/ 2009 Gymnastics Michiana Phone - 574/ 256-0502 Levels - W3-10, prepopt.

KANSAS Emporia T&T Invitational Event Site - 622 Merchant Street; 111 E. 6th; Emporia, KS Start Date - 2/ 21 / 2009 Sunflower Gymnastics Phone - 6201340-0831 Levels - T1-Elite

Champion's Derby Classic Event Site - 1906 Watterson Trail; Louisville, KY Start Date - 3/ 13/ 2009 Champion Gymnastics Phone - 502/ 809- 1386 Levels - W2-Elite, prepopt, open

LOUSIANA Purple and Gold Gymnastics Championships Event Site - LSU Pete Maravich Assembly Or; 275 S River Rd N Stadium Dr; Baton Rouge, LA Start Date - 3/ 5/ 2009 Sportastiks Gymnastics Phone - 317/ 849-4653 Levels - W2-1 0, prepopt.

MAINE American Flyer's Cup Invitational Event Site - Southern Maine Sportszone; 400 North Street; saco, ME Start Date - 3/ 13/ 2009 Maine Academy Of Gymnastics Phone - 207/ 856-0232 Levels - W4-10, prepopt.

MARYLAND 1st Class Gymnastics "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Event Site - 451 Defense Highway; Annapoli s, MD Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 1st Class Gymnastics Inc


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INVITATIONAL LISTING Phone - 410/ 224-0721 Levels - W4-9 2009 Frederick Classic Invitational Event Site - 4604 Wedgewood Blvd; Frederick, MD Start Date - 3/ 13/ 2009 Frederick Gymnastics Club Phone - 301/695-9414 Levels - W5-1 0 32nd Nation's Capital Cup Invitational Event Site - PG Sports & Learning Complex; 8001 Sheriff Road; Landover, MD Start Date - 3/ 6/ 2009 MarVaTeens Gymnastics, INC Phone - 301 /468-9181 Levels - W4-1 0, open Columbia Challenge Event Site - 9179 Red Branch Road; Columbia, MD Start Date - 2/14/2009 Top Flight Gymnastics Center Phone - 41 0/992-1600 Levels - W4-1 0 Fairland Classic Event Site - 13950 Old Gunpowder Road; Laurel, MD Start Date - 3/6/2009 Fairland Gymnastics Phone - 301/362-6060 Levels - T1-Elite Fantasy Invitational Event Site - Churchville Rec Center; 111 Glenville Rd; Churchville, MD Start Date - 3/6/2009 ACPR Gymnastics Phone - 410/836-2080 Levels - W4-9 Harford Trophy Meet Event Site -1021 Dulaney Valley Road; Baltimore, MD Start Date - 3/27/2009 Harford Gymnastics Club Inc. Phone - 410/879-3718 Levels - W4-7 Mid-Atlantic Invitational Event Site - 7967 Cessna Avenue; Gaithersburg, MD Start Date - 2/27/2009 Preston Gymnastics Academy Phone - 301 / 948-0827 Levels - M4-Elite, open



Regional Tune Up Event Site - 9200 Rumsey Road; Suite 2; Columbia, MD Start Date - 3/ 28/ 2009 Columbia Gymnastics Phone - 41 0/ 964-2053 Levels - M4- 10

Thompsons Spring Fling Meet Event Site - 200 Old Lyman Road; South Hadley, MA Start Date - 4/ 4/2009 Thompsons Gymnastics Phone - 413/ 532-0374 Leve ls - W2-6, prepopt.

MICHIGAN Spring Fling Event Site - 9200 Rumsey Road; Suite 2; Columbia, MD Start Date - 3/21/2009 Columbia Gymnastics Phone - 410/964-2053 Levels - W4-1 0

All American Invitational Event Site - 9525 Highland Rd; Hartland, MI Start Date - 2/ 27/ 2009 Hartland Gymnastics Academy Phone - 810/626-2170 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt.

Tumble Jam Event Site - 7967 Cessna Avenue; Gaithersburg, MD Start Date - 3/28/2009 Preston Gymnastics Academy Phone - 301/948-0827 Levels - T1-Elite

Flower Power Spring Prep Opt Invitational Event Site - 9027 Portage Industrial Drive; Portage, MI Start Date - 4/25/2009 Kids Gym Inc Phone - 269/323-7657 Levels - W prepopt.

Twisters Beach Party Invitational Event Site - 9026 Worcester Highway; Berlin,MD Start Date - 3/ 28/2009 Twisters Gymnastics Phone - 41 0/629-0878 Levels - W3-1 0

March MAGIC Event Site - 2755 Arena Dr.; Hartland, MI Start Date - 3/14/2009 Bounce-Hartland Sports Center Phone - 810 632 7222 Levels - W2-4, prepopt.

Unique Classic Event Site - 109 Post Office Road; Suite 0; Waldorf, MD Start Date - 2/21/2009 Unique Sports Academy Phone - 301/396-4934 Levels - W4-1 0

Michigan Open Event Site - 13300 Reeck Rd.; Southgate, MI Start Date - 2/21/2009 Mills Gymnastics USA Phone - 734/283-6550 Levels - M4-1 0


Motown Madness Event Site - Oakland University Athlletic ; 2200 N Squirrel Rd; Rochester Hills, MI Start Date - 3/6/2009 GymnasticTraining Center Roch Phone - 248/852-7950 Levels - W4-Elite, prepopt.

Boston Classic Event Site - 345 University Ave; Westwood, MA Start Date - 2/28/2009 New England Sports Academy 345 University Ave; Westwood, MA 02090 Phone - 781/493-6345 Levels - M4-Elite, oopen Little Bigger Invitational Event Site - 5 Locust St.; Woburn, MA Start Date - 2/18/2009 Gymnastics and More, Inc. Phone - 781/938-3669 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt.

Snowflake City Prep Opt Invitational Event Site - 9027 Portage Industrial Drive; Portage, MI Start Date - 2/21/2009 Kids Gym Inc Phone - 269/323-7657 Levels - W prepopt. Spring Fling Invitational Event Site - 2723 Kersten Court;

INVITATIONAL LISTING Kalamazoo, MI Start Date - 4/ 25/ 2009 Greater Kalamazoo World of Gym Phone - 269/381-5749 Levels - W4-7, prepopt. Sundae Meet Event Site - 13300 Reeck Rd.; Southgate, MI Start Date - 4/4/2009 Mills Gymnastics USA Phone - 734/ 283-6550 Levels - W4, prepopt. US Airborne Invitational Event Site - Gerald R Ford Fieldhouse; 113 Bostwick Ave NE; Grand Rapids, MI Start Date - 2/28/2009 ANA Sports U.s. Airborne Phone - 616/ 975-2992 Levels - W3 -9, prepopt. Wolverine Classic Event Site - 4611 Platt Road; Ann Arbor, MI Start Date - 3/13/2009 Gym America Phone - 734/ 971-1667 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt. Zoomania Invitational Event Site - 347 Carr Street; Jackson, MI Start Date - 3/8/2009 All· Around GYM Centerlnc Phon e - 517/ 796-1400 Level s - W4-5, prepopt.

MINNESOTA Elite Gymnastics Invitational Event Site - 680 East Travelers Trail; Burnsville, MN Start Date - 2/ 14/2009 Elite Gymnastic Academy, LLP Phone - 952/882-9012 Levels - M4-Elite Rising Stars Invitational Event Site - 520 Hayward Ave. N; Oakdale,MN Start Date - 3/ 21 / 2009 Rising Stars Gymnastics Acad Phone - 651/730-4376 Levels -W7-10 Sweetheart Invitational Event Site - 1303 1st Street NE; Buffalo, MN Start Date - 2/14/ 2009 Gym Nation Phone - 763/682-1980 Levels -W7 Tropical Twist Invite Event Site - Apollo High School; 1000 44th Ave. N; St Cloud, MN Start Date - 2/21/2009 Granite City Gymnastics Phone - 320/251-3547 Levels - W4-1 0 MISSOURI 2009 Pink Ribbon Invitational Event Site - UMKC Swinney Rec Center; 5030 Holmes; Kansas City, MO Start Date - 3/6/2009

HELP ALL STUDENTS EXPERIENCE SUCCESS Tools for teaching a "Personal Best" Philosophy To stay enrolled kids need to have fun , be successful and learn in a safe and progressive manner. Since 1991 we have provided hundreds of clubs and thousands of teachers the tools they need to help every child feel successful. • INSTRUCTOR VIDEOS - show how each skill is taught and create a STANDARD in your gym • CURRICULUM CARDS - track students progress and help structure classes by ability level • CURRICULUM POSTERS - for the kids to TAKE HOME to track their progress • STARS & CERTIFICATES - reward ACHIEVABLE GOALS building self-esteem and confidence

Kansas Gym & Cheer Center Phone - 913/764-8282 Levels - W4-1 0, open GymQuarters Gymnastics - Spring Tune Up Invitational Event Site - 92 Hubble Drive; O'Fallon, MO Start Date - 3/20/2009 GymQuarters Gymnastics Center Phone - 636/498-6854 Levels - W3-Elite St. Louis Classic Event Site - America's Center; 701 Convention Plaza; St Louis-ind, MO Start Date - 3/6/2009 Team Central Phone - 314/291-5436 Levels - W3-1 0, elite NEVADA AhMso Event Site - 1000 Stephanie Place # 1; Henderson, NV 89014 Start Date - 3/ 6/2009 Academy of Gym - Salcianu GYM Phone - 702/795-3332 Levels - W4-1 0 Cactus Cooler Event Site - Cimarron Memorial High School; 2301 N Tenaya Way; Las Vegas, NV Start Date - 2/20/2009 Desert Gymcats Gymnastics Phone - 702/798-3547 Levels - W3-E lite, prepopt. 10

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Lisa White· Chicago , IL Woodland Gymnastics (CATS) • Shannon Cornwell Daniel Franky • Guaynaba , Puerto Rico Greenwood Family YMCA - Janada Jay Jeff Lulla is Founder and President of the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers and was named USAG "Business Leader of the Year' in 2006. Since 1990. Jeff has as a National Safety Instructor, USAG University Instructor and co·authored the Kinder Accreditation for Teachers course, the heart of the new USAG online Preschool Course. Jeff speaks intemationally and consults on the Fun and Fit PERSONAL BEST philosophy, business and teaching concepts to club owners and coaches.

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Cupid's Invitational Event Site ~ 71 River Road; Bow, NH Start Date - 2/15/2009 Granite State Gymnastic Center Phone - 603/228-8424 Levels - W4-6 Spring Fling Invitational Event Site - 71 River Road; Bow, NH Start Date - 5/9/2009 Granite State Gymnastic Center Phone - 603/ 228-8424 Levels - W prepopt.


NEW JERSEY 12th Annual Star Struck Invitation al Event Site - AC Convention Center; Atlantic City, NJ Start Date - 2/ 14/ 2009 Star Bound Gymnastics Academy Phone - 856/825-9222 Levels - W3- 10, open

Last year

Apri l Showers Event Site - 319 E, Jimmie Leeds Rd.; Bldg 500; Galloway, NJ Start Date - 4/26/2009 Dynamo Gym Training Center Phone - 609/748-21 86 Levels - W4-8

over 100 gyms In

thirty-three states,

switched from their meet scoring program

April Showers Classic Event Site - 950 North Main Road ; Vineland, NJ Start Date - 4/ 4/ 2009 Airborne Gymnastics Academy Phone - 856-507- 1700 Levels - W4-8

to ProScore meet management software.

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March Madness Meet Event Site - 800 Hollydell Court; Sewell, NJ Start Date - 3/29/2009 Rainbow Gymnastics Phone - 856/ 582-9697 Levels - W4-7 Rebound Olympic Invitational Event Site - 11 1 Hwy #35 Commerce Plaza; Cliffwood, 0772 1 Start Date - 3/15/2009 Rebound Gymnastics Inc. Phone - 732/566-3223 Levels - W5 St Patricks Day Invitational Even t Site - 21 0 West Parkway; Pompton Plains, NJ Start Date - 3/14/2009 Eastern Nationa l Aca d of GYM Phone - 973/835- i 665 Levels - W4- 10 Tumbl e Into Spring Event Site - 210 West Parkway; Pompton Plains, NJ

INVITATIONAL LISTING Start Date - 4/ 4/ 2009 Eastern National Acad of GYM Phone - 973/ 835-1665 Levels - W4-1 0 Winter Invitational Event Site - 7 Kanes Lane; Middletown, NJ Start Date - 3/ 1/ 2009 Head Over Heels Phone - 732/ 671 -2328 Levels - W5 NEW MEXICO Cruces Invite Event Site - PO Box 6694; 601 Espanola; Las Cruces, NM Start Date - 2/21/2009 Cruces Gymnastics Academy Phone - 575/ 527-9113 Levels - M4-7 NEW YORK 2009 Rochester Classic Event Site - One Lomb Memorial Drive; Rochester, NY Start Date - 2/14/ 2009 Rochester Gymnastics Academy 131 Despatch Drive; East Rochester, NY 14445 Phone - 585/ 248-3750 Levels - M4-1 0; W4-1 0 Boys Buffalo Challenge Event Site - 1641 N French Road; Getzville, NY Start Date - 2/ 14/ 2009 Greater Buffalo GYM & Fitness Phone - (716) 639-0020 Levels - M4- 10 Long Island Classic Event Site - 181 Buffalo Ave; Medford,NY Start Date - 2/ 27/ 2009 Long Island Gym Nest Phone - 631/924-9422 Levels - W4-1 0 Lucky Stars Invitational Event Site - Jamestown Community College; 525 Falconer; Jamestown, NY Start Date - 3/13/ 2009 Stroup's Gymnastics Phone - 716/665-8081 Levels - W4-Elite Manhattan Classic Event Site - 100 Sixth Avenue; New

York, NY Start Date - 3/6/2009 NYC Elite Gymnastics Inc Phone - 212-334-3628 Levels - W3-Elite, open Niagara Cup 2009 Event Site - 2001 Main St.; Buffalo, NY Start Date - 3/ 6/ 2009 Niagara Gymnastics Phone - 716/ 694-6557 Levels - W4-Elite Nickel City Invitational Event Site - 70 Weiss Ave; West Seneca, NY Start Date - 2/ 28/ 2009 GYM Unlimited-Orchard Park Phone - 716/ 677-0338 Levels - M4-1 0 Princess Classic Event Site - 10 Nassau Place; Staten Island, NY Start Date - 4/ 17/ 2009 Athletic Edge Sports Center Phone - 718/ 608-0100 Levels - W3-8 NORTH CAROLINA Snowflake Fantasy Event Site - 18 Legend Dr; Arden, NC Start Date - 2121 / 2009 Hahn's Gymnastics LLC Phone-8286848832 Levels - W3-1 0, prepopt. Speedway Cup Tand T Championships Event Site - Cabarrus Arena;4751 NC Hwy 49 North; Concord, NC Start Date - 2/ 2712009 Sportastiks Gymnastics Phone - 317/ 849-4653 Levels - T1-Elite Stick It Invitational Event Site - 3529 Carolina Beach Road; Wilmington, NC Start Date - 2/14/2009 Carolina Gymnastics Academy Phone - 910/796-1896 Levels - W7-8 OHIO Buckeye Classic Event Site - Celeste Center; 717 East 17th Avenue; Columbus, OH Start Date - 2/ 1912009 Buckeye Gymnastics

Phone - 614-895-1611 Levels - W4-Elite, open Flyers Invitational Event Site - 2655 West Schrock Road; Westerville,OH Start Date - 2/28/2009 Buckeye Gymnastics Phone - 614-895-1611 Levels - T1 -Elite Follow Your Dreams Invitational Event Site - Dublin Coffman High School; 6780 Coffman Road; Dublin, OH Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 Fliptastic Gymnastics Inc Phone - 614/529-8828 Levels - W3-1 0, prepopt. Frogtown Invitational Event Site - Sea gate Centre; 401 Jefferson Ave; Toledo, OH Start Date - 2/ 2812009 Exceleration Gymnastics Center Phone - 419/ 381 -1000 Levels - W4-10 Girl Power Invitational Event Site - Lakota East High School; 6840 Lakota Lane; Liberty Township, OH Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 Flip n Twist GYM & Cheer LLC Phone - 513/ 942-4435 Levels - W3-1 0 Milky Way Invitational Event Site - West Geauga High School; 13401 Chilicothe Rd.; Chesterland, OH Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 Emeth Gymnastics Phone - 440/632-5870 Levels - W3-1 0, prepopt. Queen City Invititational Event Site - 7900 E. Kemper Rd .; Cincinnati,OH Start Date - 3/14/2009 Queen City Gymnastics/ Kids Fi Phone - 513/ 489-7575 Levels - T1-Elite Sunrise Gymfest Event Site - P.O. Box 69; Sylvania, OH Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 Sunrise Gymnastics Academy Phone - 419/ 841-2902 Levels - W4-10




i I

INVITATIONAL LISTING OKLAHOMA ConocoPhillips SuperStar Gymnastics Invitational Event Site - Adams Bldg; sth and Jennings; Bartlesville, OK Start Date - 3/ 6/ 2009 ConocoPhillips Gymnastics Club Phone - 918/ 661-8061 Levels - W2-10, open, prepopt. Nadia Comaneci Internatinal Invitational Event Site - Cox Convention Center; One Myriad Gardens; Oklahoma City, OK Start Date - 2/ 18/ 2009 Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy Phone - 405/447-7500 Levels - W4-Elite Emerald Team Challenge Event Site - 869 Shelly; Springfield, OR Start Date - 3/ 13/ 2009 National Acad of Artistic GYM Phone - 541 / 744-2002 Levels - W4-Elite

OREGON Shamrock Invitational Event Site - 1414 SE 18th Ave #100; Hillsboro, OR Start Date - 3/1 3/2009 The Gym-Nest Ltd. Phone - 503/ 640-6378 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt.

PENNSYLVANIA Friendship Classic Event Site - 16 Laurel Blvd; Pottsville, PA Start Date - 3/ 20/2009 Pottsville Gymnastic Training Phone - 570/ 628-4966 Levels - W4-Elite


Levels - W4-6

Levels - W4-1 0, prepop.

Hug and Kiss Meet Event Site - Granada Ave. Gym & Fitness; 30 East Granada Ave; Hershey, PA Start Date - 2/14/ 2009 Gymnastic Center of Hershey Phone - 717/ 534-1 881 Levels - W4-10, prepopt.

Spring in the Mountains Event Site - 101 Community College Way; Suite 118; Johnstown, PA Start Date - 3/ 21 / 2009 Uzelac Gymnastics Phone - 814/ 266-8722 Levels - W3- 10, prepopt.

John Pancott Invitational Event Site - 1001 E. Lincoln Highway; Exton, PA Start Date - 2/ 27/ 2009 John Pancott Gymnastic Center Phone - 610/ 647-9847 Levels - M4-10

SOUTH CAROLINA Lebanon Classic Event Site - Lebanon YMCA; 201 N 7th St; Lebanon, PA Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 Lebanon YMCA Gymnastics Phone - 717/273-2691 Levels - W3-9, prepopt. Once Upon A Time Gymnastics Invitational Event Site - 1245 State Road; Monessen, PA Start Date - 3/13/ 2009 B.G. Gymnastics Inc. Phone - 724-684-5779 Levels - W2-9, prepopt. Pink invitational Gymnats Un ite Event Site - Unite Sports Training Center; 1426 Marshalltown Thorndale R; Downington, PA Start Date - 2/ 27/ 2009 AJS Pancott Gymnastics Phone - 610/431-2477 Levels - W4-Elite, prepopt.

Fun in Sun Invitational Event Site - University of Pittsburgh; Aliquippa & Darrah Streets; Pittsburgh, PA Start Date - 2/ 27/2009 Trinity Gymnastics Inc Phone - 724/ 444-3010 Levels - W3-1 0, prepopt.

Red Rose Invitational Event Site - McCaskey High School; 1051 Lehigh Ave; Lititz, PA Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 Accelerations Gymnastics Acad Phone - 717/ 560-4978 Levels - W4-9, prepopt.

Funny Bunny Event Site - 500 N. George Street; Hanover, PA Start Date - 5/ 10/ 2009 Hanover Area Family YMCA Phone - 717/ 632-0195

Ricochets Winterfest Event Site - 362 S. Warminster Road; Hatboro, PA Start Date - 2/ 14/2009 Ricochets Gymnastics Club Phone - 215/ 328-0900


Winter Face-Off Event Site - 345 Meadowlands Boulevard; Washington, PA Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 Meadowlands GYM Train ing Cente Phone - 724/ 745-5558 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt.

2009 Charleston Cup Event Site - North Charleston Convention Cn; 5001 Coliseum Dr.; North Charleston, SC Start Date - 3/ 6/ 2009 Charleston Gymnastics Phone - 843/ 720-3895 Levels - W2-Elite, prepopt. Sparkle City Invitational Event Site - 9084 B Warren H. Abernathy Hwy; Spartanburg, SC Start Date - 2/ 14/ 2009 Kozeev 's World of GYM Inc. Phone - 864/ 587-8255 Levels - W2-10, prepopt.

TENNESSEE Music City Rhythmic Invite and TN State Meet Event Site - Williamson Cty Pks And Rec; 1485 Volunteer Pkwy; Brentwood, TN Start Date - 3/ 20/ 2009 Let It Shine Gymnastics Inc. Phone - 615/ 369-3547 Levels - R3-1 0

TEXAS 2009 Alamo Classic Event Site - Henry B Gonzales Conv Ctr ; 200 E Market St; San Antonio, TX Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 USA Aerial Athletics Phone - 210/ 375-7800 Levels - W2-1 0 Rose City Cla ssic Gymnastics Invitational Event Site - UTTyier Patriot Center;

INVITATIONAL LISTING Chantilly Academy Phone - 703/ 378-4966 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt.

3900 University Blvd.; Tyler, TX Start Date - 3/ 13/ 2009 Texas East Gymnastics Phone - 903/ 509-2924 Levels - W2-Elite

Winchester, VA Start Date - 2/ 14/ 2009 Shenandoah Tumblers Inc. Phone - 540/ 869-3207 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt.

UTAH Flower Power Event Site - 7984 S. Welby Park Dr. #1 02; W Jordan, UT Start Date - 4/ 17/2009 Academy West Inc. Phone - 801-282-1330 Levels - W3-6

9th Annual Springfest Meet Event Site - 221 Commonwealth Ct; Winchester, VA Start Date - 4/ 25/ 2009 Shenandoah Tumblers Inc. Phone - 540/ 869-3207 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt.

Winter Classic Event Site - POBox 982436; Park City, UT Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 Black Diamond GYM & Sports Cen Phone - 435/ 615-1800 Levels - W4-1 0, open

VIRGINIA 12th Annual Valentine Classic Event Site - 221 Commonwealth Ct;

CA GymStars Flower Power Invite Event Site - 14088 K Sullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA Start Date - 4/ 4/ 2009 Chantilly Academy Phone - 703/ 378-4966 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt. CA GymStars March Madness Invite Event Site - 14088 K Sullyfield Circle; Chantilly, VA Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009

GMS Invitational Event Site - 7226 New Market Ct; Manassas, VA Start Date - 4/4/ 2009 GMS Gymnastics Institute Phone - 703/ 369-7800 Levels - W4-9, prepopt. Go Bananas! Invitational Event Site - 500 Nelms Circle; Falmouth, VA Start Date - 3/ 7/ 2009 Stafford Gymnastics Center Phone - 540/ 658-5115 Levels - W4-7 International Excalibur Cup Event Site - 5816 Arrowhead Drive; Virginia Beach, VA Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 Excalibur Gymnastics Phone - 757/ 499-8258


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INVITATIONAL LISTING Levels - W3-Elite, open Mother May I Event Site - 709 M iddle Ground Blvd.; Ste 117b; Newport News, VA Start Date - 4/ 3/ 2009 World Class Gymnastics Phone - 757/ 873-6440 Levels - W4-7 Presidents' Day Invitational Event Site - 14023 Noblewood Plaza Drive; Woodbridge, VA Start Date - 2/ 21 / 2009 Youth Sports Virginia Training Phone - 703-590-8400 Levels - M4-1 0 Rock N Roll Invitational Event Site - 12700 Apollo Drive; Woodbridge, VA Start Date - 2/ 27/ 2009 Apollo Gymnastics Phone - 703/ 580-9144 Levels - W3-1 0 Rodeo Round-Up Event Site - 390 Salters Creek Road; Hampton,VA Start Date - 3/ 8/ 2009 Gymnastics Inc. Phone - 757/ 723-4966 Levels - W3-1 0, prepopt. Shamrock Invitational Event Site - 912 A Professional Place; Chesapeake, VA Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone -757/ 547-0169 Levels - W4-10, prepopt. Spring Forward Classic Event Site - 21586 Atlantic Blvd Ste 130; Sterling, VA Start Date - 3/ 28/ 2009 Loudoun Gymnastics Center Phone - 703/ 444-9298 Levels - W3-1 0, prepopt VA-NAWGJ Judges Cup Event Site - 912 A Professional Place; Chesapeake, VA Start Date - 2/ 21 / 2009 Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone - 757/ 547-0169 Levels - W4-1 0, prepopt.



WASH INGTON Bunny Hop Invitational 2009 Event Site - 6822 S.190th; Kent, WA Start Date - 3/ 21 / 2009 Metropolitan Gymnastics Phone - 425/ 282-501 0 Levels - W4-6

Northshore Invitational Event Site - 19460 144th Ave. NE; Woodinville, WA Start Date - 2/ 14/ 2009 Northshore Gymnastics Center Phone - 425/ 402-6602 Levels - W4-1 0 Spring Fest Invite Event Site - 7961 A 29th Ave NE; Lacey,WA Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 Black Hills Gymnastics Phone - 360/413-9855 Levels - W4-10 Spring Fling Invitational Event Site - 19460 144th Ave. NE; Woodinville, WA Start Date - 3/ 21 / 2009 Northshore Gymnastics Center Phone - 425/ 402-6602 Levels - W4-6 Think Spring Invitational Mens Event Site - 2121 Lincoln Avenue; Yakima,WA Start Date - 2/ 28/ 2009 Gymnastics Plus Phone - 509/ 453-8126 Levels - M4-7 Think Spring Invitational Womens Event Site - 2121 Lincoln Avenue; Yakima,WA Start Date - 2/ 28/ 2009 Gymnastics Plus Phone - 509/ 453-8126 Levels - W4-1 0

WEST VIRGINIA Damian Herr Invitational Event Site - 226 Vista del Rio Drive; Morgantown, WV Start Date - 3/ 1/ 2009 West Virginia Gym Training Cen Phone - 304/ 292-5559 Levels - M4-Elite

WYOMING Friendship Trampline & Tumbling Meet Event Site - 275 Saddle Ridge Rd.; Evanston, WY Start Date - 2/ 21 / 2009 High Uinta Gymnastics Phone - 307/ 789-1770 Levels - T1-1 0

March Madness Trampoline & Tumbling Meet Event Site - 275 Saddle Ridge Road; Evanston, WY Start Date - 3/ 14/ 2009 High Uinta Gymnastics Phone - 307/ 789-1770 Levels - T1-1 0 WISCONSIN 2009 Lights, Camera, Tumble Event Site - 8989 N 55th St; Brown Deer, WI Start Date - 3/ 21 / 2009 Infinite Gymnastics Academy Phone - 414/ 371-9520 Levels - W3, prepopt.

2009 Saito National Invitational Event Site - Waynz World of Recreation; S68 W22665 National Ave; Big Bend, WI Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 Saito Gymnastics Phone - 262/ 782-3430 Levels - W3- 10, prepopt. Midwest Challenge Boys Competition Event Site - POBox 510474; 16760 W Victor Rd; New Berlin, WI Start Date - 3/ 15/ 2009 M and M Gymnastics Phone - 262/ 789-6885 Levels - M4-1 0 Saito Invitational Event Site - Waynz World; S68 W22665 National Ave; Parker, WI Start Date - 2/ 20/ 2009 Saito Gymnastics Phone - 262/782-3430 Levels - M4-1 0

• ••

Athlete Members - increase based on new introductory memberships

.~' . . ,1

Expect more athletes once the competition season is closer Motion : Kari Duncan Second: Sele na Peco Pa sse d



4. Acrobatic Gymnastics Mission Statement, Vision and Values A recommendation was made to develop a mi ss ion statement for the Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee. Mission Statement: En co urage participation and growth in all aspects of acrobatic gymna stics, suppo rt athletes in their pursuit of competitive exce llence, and generate public awareness. Vision Stateme nt: To become a premier discip li ne of USA Gymna stics .

1. Role Call

Bob Meier Ton a Case Selena Peco Kari Duncan !l@ylo Katsov Michael Rodrigues Tom Hou sle

Acrobatic GymnastlCs Program Committee Chanman AcrobatIc G mnastics Vi ce Chairman confere nce call Junior Olym~ic CommIttee C anman NatIOnal Elite CommIttee ChaIrman National Ath lete Repre se ntative Acrobatic G mnastics Pro ram Director

2. Review of Agenda The Committee reviewed and approved the agenda. Agenda stand s. Motion : Bob Meier Second: Tonya Case Passed

Values: Leadership. Tru st. Commitment. Co llaboration , Integrity. Dedication . Passion . Di scipline Motion: Bob Meier Second: Michael Rodrigues Passed 5. 2009 Strategic Plan Program Committee revie we d the 2009 Strategic Plan and provided feedba ck within each area of their respecti ve co mmittees. 6. Old Busi ness Program Committee approves the National Elite Committee minutes nom Nove mber 24. 2008 wi th the following amendments:

3. Review Program Development Goals The Program Committee reviewed the April 24-25 . 2008 Face to Fa ce minutes in Indianapolis. IN to measure the progress of program deve lopment, and if necessa ry. reevaluate goals and initiatives to ensure obtaining set goals by December 2009. Based on current numbe rs. the Acro Program has exceeded total new clubs with over 40 new clubs registered within the Acrobatic Gymnastics Prog ram and 60+ new introductory athlete members. Progress ha s been contributed to the deve lopment and implementation of the Pre-team Program and the hard wo rk don e on behalf of each com mittee and sub-committee.

Without a formal selection event. the Program Co mmittee trusts ',: he coaches to make the appropriate choices about their athletes keeping in mind the importan ce of quality repre sentation for your club dnd ! he USA. Regardless of team affiliation athletes are still a reflection on the USA program . It is expected t hat all pair/ groups will be able to cleanly execute the exe rcise requirements for the leve l t hey are competing and that t he coach understands the international co mpetition requirements and rules. A target sc ore is to be used to gauge the readiness of ·:heir athletes. Coaches are encouraged to utilize the target scores to determine if athletes will re present the USA or indi vidua l club adequately. If athletes do not meet target sco res, program committee reserves the right to decline vide o revie w therefore athlete participation .

Additional 5 new clubs (in addition to the 40 new clubs in 2008) continue wi th the Pre-team Prog ra m

Athletes wishing to pa rtici pate in World Cup mu st obtain a qualifi cation score of 78 fo r three exe rci ses at State or Regional Championships.

Introdu cto ry Athletes - continue to engag e and utilize t he Program Develo pment Task Forc e to market the benefi ts of the Aero Pre-team Program

Motion: Ivaylo Katsov Second: Selena Peco Passed

Judges - se nding th e goal to the region s. develop online local judge certification - 20 additiona l j udges

7. Ope rating Code - Ath lete Selection Comm ittee (ASC ) Program Co mmittee reco mm ends implementing a three membe r Athlete



Offer your customers the spo rts drink Nastia drinks with her worko ut. High in protein and fanta stic for recovering from hard workouts.


Pu reS port Sta rter Kit PSSTARKIT 519.99 Retail Club Price 511.25

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Nastia Big Swinger NL-HSV 534.95 Retai l Quantity Discount 6 - 11 53 l.95 12+ 527.95

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Selection Committee (ASC) based on the recommendation of USA Gymnastics. Each member is to be unaffiliated*, fulfill criteria of the respective posi tion , and obligated to: i. Make athlete selection for all international competitions ii. Review and make decisions on all athlete selection to Junior Olympic National Team and National Team *Affiliated is defined as the immediate family of the athlete, an owner or paid employee of the athlete's club, a team member or coach of the at hlete or immediate family member of coach who has athletes competing at the selection event. Member 1: USA Gymnastics International Techni ca l Consultant (FIG rep.) Alternate: National Technical Committee Chairman Member 2: National Elite Committee Chairman Alternate: Hig h level international coach ing experience Member 3: National Athlete Representative Alternate: High level international expe rience

will continue to be give n at Super Clinic only. Date of implementation is 2010 Super Clin ic. Motion: Kari Duncan Second: Bob Meier Passed 10. 2009 Elite Competition Schedule A motion was made to consider additional high -leve l international competitions (i.e. World Cup) in preparation for 2009 World Games. Based on competitive performance at 2008 World Championships, USA Gymnastics has qualified one senior mixed pair to attend World Games.

Motion: Ivaylo Katsov Second: Selena Peco Passed* *Michael Rodrigues abstained from vote 11. Internal Marketing and External Marketing

a. Internal Marketing - Deve lopmental Program i. Frequently Asked Question Section on USA Gymnastics website - non-technical content ii. 2009-12 Specifications Online Coaching Videos (Levels 5-6) iii. Program Structure - Acrobatic Gymnastics Program (recreational, pre-team, compu lsory, optional, elite) b. Exte rnal Marketing - Program Development Task Force i. A new initiative to increase exposure for acrobatic gymnastics is to encourage regional committees, by collaborating with the Program Development Task Force, to host acrobatic gymnastics events in conjunction with other gymnastics disciplines. ii . Program Development Task Force - update 1. Region 1 - Pam Meier / Nancy Davis 2. Region 2 - Lee Hatfield 3. Region 3 - Brandi Lewis / Selena Peco / Lorn a Spellman 4. Region 4 - Ronda Francis / Marcia DeGuire / Linda Porter 5. Regio n 5 - Angie Layne / 6. Region 7 - Sharise Beavers / LeeAnn Lenhart / Illya D. 7. Region 8 - n/a

The Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee will assign alternates to the ASC as needed. The Acrobatic Gymnastics Operating Code will be updated upon approva l of USA Gymnastics President, Steve Penny. Motion : Bob Meier Second: Michael Rodrigues Passed 8 . USA International Judges Course, Los Angeles, CA The Program Committee recommends inviting the following judges to attend the 2009 International Judges Course in Los Angeles, CA and test to obtain an international rating:

a. Jola Jones b. Linda Ocmand c. Carisa Laughon d. Ronda Francis e. Anatoliy Solodar f. Trisha Stewart g. Mi ndi Katsov h. Selena Peco i. Jurek Pol j. Nancy Davis k. Lisa Kidd l. Michelle Caviness m. Courtney LeJuene n. Anna Smirnova o. Vladimir Vladev p. Sharon Giamanico q. Karen Duncan r. Marcia DeGuire s. Karen Sprague t. Linda Porter u. Valere Binet Motion: Kari Duncan Second: Bob Meier Passed The Prog ram Committee recommends inviting the following judges to attend the 2009 International Judges Course in Los Angeles, CA and audit* the course : a. Tom Guiel b. Jackie Lati no c. Sarah Thomas d. Brandi Lewis e. Sharise Beavers f. Elite Coaches (limited to first 10 registrants, based on first-come first serve) *Individuals who are selected to audit the course may not test at the course. Note - Category IV judges wi ll rarely be considered for an internationa l assignment outside of the United States. USA Category IV judges may potentially receive an invitation , based on available number of USA judges on each panel, to attend the Freedom Cup as an official. All international assignments will be based on experience and current FIG international ra ting . Judges' compensatio n is based on current USA rating . Motion: Kari Duncan Second: Selena Peco Passed

Tom Housley, Program Director is appointed chairman of the Task Force. 12. Aero Specifications and Rules and Policies

Update s were made with the above two documents. Documents will be published on the USA Gymnastics website no later than December 31, 2008.

13. National Team Tracking System The purpose of the National Team Tracking System is to track athletes named to the Junior Olympic National Team , Junior National Team, and Senior National Team, year-to-year, to aid in presenting a full-team at the World Age Group Competition and World Championships. Athletes wi ll be tracked by the Athlete Selection Co mmi ttee and Program Committee as a mean s to continue identifying talent and endorsing partnerships who exhibit stro ng international potential. Th e Athlete Selection Committee will utili ze the National Team Tracking Selection to select athletes for future national teams and international competitions. A proposal is made to create the procedure to incorporate the system with the National Elite Coaches Committee and Athlete Selection Committee. Motion: Bob Meier Second: Ivaylo Katsov Passed 14. Committee Communication A recommendation is made to have regular meetings set with each subcommittee to follo w-up on goa ls and current initiatives . Ea ch respective chai rman wi ll con duct a brief confe rence call1emai l to obtain curre nt and new program development numbers. A tentative schedu le is as follo ws :

NEC - National Team Traini ng Camp, JO Championships, May Conference Call NJOC - National Team Training Camp, JO Championships NTC - Super Clinic, JO Championships, April Conference Ca ll NAC - JO Championships, Fall Meeting, May Conference Call AGPC - Face to Face, Super Clini c, April Conference Call, June Conference Call, Visa Championships 15. Education

Local judge online certifi cation was discussed. Plans for 2010. 9. National Superior - Judge Progression Prior to taking the National Superior certification, an application for approval must be submitted to the Program Committee. National ratings



16. Skills Testing Revisions The following revisions have been made to Leve l Mobility rules - Skills

At the end of 2009 , the RPC compositi on will be ana lyzed. 3. The new RAC committee positions up for election were reviewed: 3 Administrative Rep s: Mu st be Current Regional Chairs 3 Techn ica l Reps: Same criteria as fo r previous Tech ni cal Committee representatives (defin ed in Operating Code): Must hold minimum of provisional Natio nal rating . Testing effective immediately: 1. A maximum of two hours per testing group (no more than 2 pair/ groups) 2. Tariff sheets mu st submitted to the lead evaluator, in-hand, 10 days prior to the skills testing date. Late tariff sheets are not accepted. If ta riff sheets are not in-hand per the deadline, pair/groups are ine li gible to skills test. 3. Minor Change Form must be submitted 1 hour prio r to t he start of testing. Motion: Selena Peco Second: Kari Duncan Passed 17. Element Evaluation The Prog ram Committee reviewed submitted element evaluations for USA rating. Coaches will be contac ted directly via email with skill ratings. 18. Proposals Proposal 1 - The Program Committee reviewed the petition to attend additional international competitions not on the USA schedule. The re quest was conside red . An email will be sent, from the National Offi ce, regarding Program Committee's decision follow ing the conclusion of the Program Committee meeting. Proposal 2 - The required difference in total difficulty from JE to Elite is not significant enough (30 additional) to require a separate testing process. Te sting is primarily in place to ensure athletes show a level of athletic competency. The safety of the athlete must be the top priority.


The Professional members from eac h Zone will elect 1 Admini strative Rep and 1 Tec hnical Rep to serve on the RAe. Th e national office will begin to set- up these elections immediately. The RAC will meet in Colorado in February 2009 and again at the JO Compu lsory Championships in its first year (2009) . • RAC members will se rve 4-year terms • For the first term of the Administrative re presentatives will be two years and then four years after that • Th e techn ical representatives will begi n the 4-yea r term imm ediate ly 4. The Committee reviewed the bid fo r the JO Compulsory Championships and agreed with the change of date for the event to May 29-31. 5. As directed at the RPC me eting last fall , the Committee reviewed the function ing of the lEe. a. IEC accepts respons ibility for international athlete and judge assignments. b. International assignments made by the IEC are final; the IEC can make additional recommendations to the RPC for review. i. Motion: Jessica ii . Second : Suzi iii. Passed

Meeting adjourned - 7:17pm "pprovea oy'"':>,eve Fenny, 12/1 8/2 008

Regions will be organized into Zones: Zone 1 (Regions 1 and 2) Zone 2 (Reg ions 3 and 6) Zone 3 (Regions 4 and 5)

bymnaStlCS yreSlOent

6. Th e committee discussed the age di visions for all levels :


a. Levels 3-8 (Junior Olympic) Age Divisions: i. Child A: 6-7 years old ii. Child B: 8-9 years old ii i. Child C: 10-11 years old iv. Junior A: 12 -13 years old v. Junio r B: 14-15 years old vi. Senior: 16 and up

I Jii

b. Levels 9-10 i. Junior: 13-15 years old ii. Hopes: 11-12 years old




I n Levels 9-10, Juniors and Hopes will compete together but be awarded separate ly. At the National Qualifier to VISA Championships, the top 25 athletes from Junior and Hope co mbined (i .e. regardless of age) will qualify to VSIA Championships.

Rhythmic Program Committee Meeting

At VISA Championships, the Juniors and Hopes will compete together but be awarded separately. Only Juniors are eligible for the US Junior National Team.

Sunday, December 7, 2008 Plainfield, IN Board ReQresentative Athlete Representative IEC Chair RAC Chair Judges' Representative

Brooke Toohey Jessica Ho ward Natasha Klimouk Suzie DiTullio Nadi ne Davies


Caroline Hunt

Program Di recto r


Kathy Kelly

VP Program


1. The committee reviewed the high numbers for Future Stars tests and camp and the positive feedback on the Youth Elite Squad program . The Future Stars camp may be divided into two camps based on age if the numbers continue to be larg e. 2. Th e committee reviewed the composition of the RPC initiated in the Fall of 2007 for the two-year reconstruction interim of 2008 and 2009:

i. Motion: Suzi ii. Second: Natasha iii. Passed 7. Equipment Sizes: Questions we re raised re garding the size of various apparatus for smaller gymnasts. The program wil l continue to follow the norms and regulations se t out by the FIG fo r JR and SR size equipment. Th ese regulations are outlined in the Rhyt hmi c Rules and Polices. 8. Video Inquiry at Challenge and VISA Championships: A coach may inquire on the D1 and/or D2 score. The specifi c panel and Prog ram Directo r will conduct the video review at the end of the rotation and post any changes prio r to the start of the next rotation. 9. The RPC recommend s that the Judges' Selection Committee assign the most qualified/experienced judges to the Artistry panel for National events.

a. Board Representative b. IEC Chair c. Athlete Rep d. RAC Chair: Suzi DiTullio e. Judges' Representative: Nadine Davies



CLASSIFIEDS f or sale' pos ition av ail ab l e' seek i ng em plo yment · ed ucati on ' cons i gn ment

POSITION AVAILABLE Assistant girls (ompetitive /TOPS (oa(h. lorge, multi-location progrom seeking individuol to ossist with girls competitive teoms levels 4 - 10_ Program wos estoblished in 1973 ond currently hos over 1300 students Greot career opportunity with excellent solory ond benefits including vocation, heolth ond retirement with potentiolto move into monogement or supervisory position. located near the University of Iowa, orea offers multiple cultural, sports ond educationol opportunities. Ability to help with boys competitive teoms a plus. Position cauld be port time for onyone seeking to continue his or her education. Direct inquires ond resume's to Jill Schlott at j.schlott@

INS TR UCTO R/ COACH ES. Porogon Gymnostics of Norwood (Bergen (ounty), NJ is looking for instructors and cooches, PIT - FIT. Requirements: Positive ottitude, responsible, reliable, love of children. Position ovoiloble for competitive teom cooch level 6 ond up with flexible hours. Also preschool through intermediate instruction. (ompany sponsored certificotions (Safety, (PR, First AID) Full benefits/ poid vocation & sick days, company matched retirement plan. Will train. Salary commensurate with experience. NEW facility, stateof-the-ort, opprox. 11 ,000 sq. II. located in the NY/ NJ Metropolitan area, easily accessible Irom 011 major highways. (ontoet Dot: email: dot@, 201-767-6921 or lax resume to 201 -767-6693 or ot 49 Wolnut Street, Suite 4, Norwood, NJ 07648.

TEAM COACHES/CLASS INSTRUCTORS: Eastern Gymnastics Acodemy is 0 high energy gym looking for 0 teom cooch and closs instructor. We have PT and FT positions available. located in (ronford, NJ, directly off the GSP. Sa lory is commensurate with experience. For more in lor mati on coli 908-2722560 or lox 0 resume to 90B-272-2126.

The San Diego County Cameron YMCA is seeking experienced gymnostics team director/ Heod (ooch to oversee USAG level 4-10 girls' teoms ond cooehing stoff. Position requires 0 knowledgeable, energetic ond skilled cooch to troin ond leod stolf and gymnosts. Must posses 4 yeor degree, proven excellent written/ orol communicotion ond obility to spot odvonced skills. 25 yr. estoblished progrom w/ over 1000 enrolled hos 17K Focility, 3 Iloors, two pits, 2 tumbling trampolines 011 boys ond girls equipment. So lory 536·38K w/ lull benelits, pd. Holidoys, vocation, sick leove. 12% retirement pd. by Yonce vested. Send resume to olorgo@ymca. org. EOE. Competitive Gymnasti(s Coach Needed! Junior Gym - Home 01 lyons Gymnostics Academy. Pleose coli Jody or liso @ 818-785-2177 if you would like to cooeh competitive gymnostics in the Son Fernondo Volley. Excellent compensation as well os health benelits lor qualilied employees. Fontostic campetitive teom progrom. Applicant must hove ot least one year 01 competitive coo ching experience, with emphosis on bars, vault, ond spotting, salety certilied, ete. If you ore positive, dynamic, ond truly core about cooehing competitive gymnasts, call or email You must have the legol right to work in the U.S. We are on EOE.


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Jonuory ............ 00(.10 Februory .................... Jon. 10 March ......................................... Feb. 10 April ............... .................... Mar.l0 Mu'ony'....... ... ... . . .................... Apr 10 :::::::::::::: MaY 10 J Ju~ ...... June 10 August ...... July 10

~:.~~~.::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::: :: ~~. i~

HOTE: If the 'Oth fall. on a we.hnd Of hoNday, th. pr.ceding work day is con.idered the deadline.


Emoil your od ond credil cord informolion 10: Ipeszek@uso· Or moil 10: USA Gymnostics, 132 E. Washington SI., Ste. 700 Indionapalis, IN 46204 or lax to 317·237-5069. ' tl you fox, please incIud. your uedit ,ard nV1l1l>er, .xpirofion drile and .ignatvc•. Please designate il your ad should appear in Terhnique magazine or USA Gymnastia magazine. ADS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PAYMENT Will NOT BE PUBUSHEO. USA Gymnostiu reserves the 'ightto varylorma!. Terhnique is ,,,eived by more thon 11.000 USA Gymnostiu prolOllionol members ~U1 thoUlOnds 01 vie"", will be exposed 10 you, od ..,6ne. Advertise your empioymenl opportunity. product, "Mee, or mmpenlion here lor g,eol resuill. Oueslions? CoU luon Peszekot31I-l129-S646.



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USA Gymnastics 132 E. Washington St., Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

Technique Magazine - February 2009  
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