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USA Gymnastics University Certification Requirements MISSION The mission of USA Gymn astics University is to provide a multi-level, sta nda rdized ed ucation program that is ava ilable th roug hout th e co untry w ith emphasis on t he pro per developm ent of gymnastics parti cipa nts in a fun, sa fe envi ro nment.



For gymnastics coaches wo rking w ith pre-team, compulsory, optional, and elite ath letes in any of the gymnastics disc iplin es. (Women, Men, Rhyt hmic, Trampoline & Tumbling, Acrobatic Gymn ast ics, Group Gymna stics)

For club owners and program directors runn ing programs includ ing gym nastics.


RECREATIONAL COLLEGE For gymna stics in structors and teachers working w ith athletes in preschool, recreati onal, or school-aged program s in gymna stics clubs, com munity centers, schools or other places.

Additiona l education opportu nities for judg es at the compu lsory, opt ion al, elite and intern at ional levels. (Wom en, Men, Rhyt hmic, Trampoline &Tum bli ng, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Group Gymnastics)





LEVEL 1 Accredit ation at Level 1 is standard and can be applied to any USA Gymnast ics University College. PREREQUI SITES: • USA Gymnastics membersh ip* • Background check • Minimum age 16

PREREQUISITES : • USA Gymnastics membership* · Mini mum age 18 • Level 1 Certification CERTI FICATION REQUIREMENTS: 20 credits accumu lated from designated core courses and elective cou rses

PREREQU ISITES: • USA Gymnastics membership* • Level 2 Certification CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS : 25 credits accumu la ted from designated core courses, practical experience and elective courses RENEWAL REQUIREME NTS: 15 credits every 4 yea rs

RENEWAL REQ UIR EM ENTS: 10 credits every 4 years

CE RTIFI CATION REQ UI RE M ENTS : 10 credits accumulated from designated core courses only (Safety, First Aid, Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction) RENEWAL REQ UI RE M ENTS : 10 credits every 4 years

* All requi re ments of membership must be current * Certif icat ion is va li d for 4 yea rs.

PREREQUISITES : · USA Gymnasti cs membership * • Level 3 Certification CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: 30 credits accumulated from designated core courses, practical experience and elective cou rses RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS : 20 credits every 4 years

PREREQUISITES: • USA Gymnastics membership * • Level 4 Certification CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS : 40 cred its accumulated f rom designated core courses, practical experience and elective courses RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS: 25 credits every 4 years

MASTER OF SPORT Honorary Title Lifetime member of USA Gymnastics DESIGNATION REQUIREMENTS : • Based On coach ing excellence, experience and ath lete performance at world-level competit ion or Olympic Games • FIG Coach ing Brevet / Level 5 Certif ication • Granted by Progra m Committee RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS : • lifet ime honor ·If actively coachi ng, must maintain Level 5 certif ication

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Technique Magazine – May 2007  

Technique Magazine – May 2007