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complete an application for certification with USA Gymnastics once they have completed all of the requirements at a given level. All course work and practical experience that applies towards USA Gymnastics Certification must be earned through USA Gymnastics courses and/ or sanctioned events. This is the only way for USA Gymnastics to track and verify the completion of requirements. Additionally, this enables USA Gymnastics to provide standardized education and guarantee the level of training at its courses. All individuals who wish to obtain USA Gymnastics University certification will be required to begin with and complete Levell, regardless of prior certifications, experience, college degrees, etc. As mentioned earlier, Levell is a foundational level intended to provide a good basis for all gymnastics professionals. After completion of Levell, individuals may follow the process to apply for qualification to higher levels of certification. The process and associated requirements will be

defined for each college and each level. Qualification to higher levels is based on experience and accomplishments, not necessarily time in the sport. If an individual is approved for qualification to a higher level, he/ she may jump immediately to that level. As mentioned above, certification is valid for four years and the individual must meet the renewal requirements to maintain certification. New and inexperienced individuals must progress through each level of certification.

When will it be available? Gymnastics professionals may begin working toward certification immediately. USA Gymnastics is continuing to develop new courses that will round out the curriculum of the University. As mentioned, many of our current educational offerings, such as Congresses, conferences, workshops, online courses, training camps, etc. will be part of the University curriculum, but much more is needed.

First Aid Basics, one of the Levell core requirement courses, as well as Preschool Fundamentals, a core course for the Recreational College, are scheduled to be available this spring. The final Levell core course, Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction, is planned for completion by the end of the year. That means Levell certification will be possible by early 2008. Information on the new course offerings is available on the Web site. Once the Levell courses are complete, USA Gymnastics will begin work on Level 2 core courses and additional elective offerings. The University will continue to be a work in progress, with courses constantly being added and updated and new technologies developed to administer the program. The long-term vision for the University includes having multiple levels of courses, a wide variety of elective offerings, and many more online courses. X



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Technique Magazine – May 2007  

Technique Magazine – May 2007