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EVENTS 2007 JANUARY 13-15 18-21

Acro Super Clinic{AG) Pre-Elite Training Squod Camp (TTl

Riverside, CA Houston, TX

USA/JPN/Others Training and Verification Camp (W) 2007 Winter Cup Challenge (M) Nationa) Team Training Camp (TIl Rhythmic Invitationa) & Coaches Symposium (R) Rhythmic Challenge (R) Tyson American Cup Selection Camp (W) Winter Classic (TTl Tyson American Cup Training Camp (W)

Houston, TX los Vegas, NV Houston, TX Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO Houston, TX lubbock, TX Houston, TX

FEBRUARY 5-11 7-11 7-11 15-17 18 21-24 22-24 24-27

6-8 7-8 8-14 13-29 21 -22 27-29 T8D TBD

National Elite Qualifier (W) East/West Championships Rhythmic (R) World Gymnaestrada (GG) Pan Americon Games (M,W,R,TR) East/West Championships Rhythmic (R) U.S. Classic/ Challenge (W) Freedom Cup (AG) Junior Olympic National Championships (AG)

Houston, TX T8D Dornbirn, AUT Rio de Janeiro, BRA TBD TBD USA TBD

National Gymnastics Day National Business Conference State & Reg. Chair Training (TI) Visa Championships (M/W/ R/ AG) National Congress and Trade Show World Cup - Russia (TIl

San Jose, CA Son Jose, CA Son Jose, CA San Jose, CA St. Petersburg, RUS

World Cup - Poland (TI) World Championships (M,W) Stars & Stripes Cup/ IAGC Team Trial (TIl World Championships (R)

Zelona-Gura Stuttgart, GER Birmingham, Al Patras, GRE

National Team Training Camp (AG)

Houston, Texas

World Championships (TIl International Age-Group Competition (TIl Olympic Test Event JumpStart National Testing Future Stars Notional Championships (M) Notional Coaches Workshop (M)

Quebec City, CAN Quebec City, CAN Beijing, CHN TBD TBD TBD

AUGUST 4 15 15 15-18 16-18 25-26

SEPTEMBER MARCH 3 5-10 13-20 16-18 22-25

Tyson American Cup (M,W) USA vs. World Training Camp & Competition (W) Great Britain Tour (W) Gymnix International (W) USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (M)

Jacksonville, Fla. Houston, TX GBR Montreal, CAN Williamsburg, VA

World Cup - USA (TTl World Cup - Canada (TI) NCAA Championships (M) National Team Training Camp (W) USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (W) level 9/ 10 Regionals (W) NCAA Championships(W) World Cup (AG)

lake Placid, NY Quebec City State College, PA Houston, TX Seattle, WA Various Sites Salt lake City, UT Puurs, BEL

4-6 9-13 10-12 11-13

National Elite Qualifier (W), JO National Championships (M) U.S. Elite Challenge/IAGC Team Trial (TT) level 9 East & West Championships (W)

11-13 18-20 24-27 27-31 31-June 1 TBD

American Classic (W) JO National Championships (W) International H. Chmielewski Tournament (AG) American Classic (Pan Am Verification) (W) American Classic (W) Machuga Cup (AG)

Houston, TX Oklahoma City, OK TBD Kissimmee, Fl & Spokane, WA Houston, TX Mason,OH Swidnica, Poland Houston, TX Houston, TX Krasnodar, RUS

American Challenge (W) Notional Team Training Camp (TR) JO Championships (R) Men's Qualifier (M) Trampoline & Tumbling National Championships (TI) Pan Am Gomes Selection Camp (W)

Houston, TX TBD TBD Colorado Springs, CO Memphis, TN Houston, TX


JUNE June 1-3 5-12 8-10 9 20-28 3~-July 4


NOVEMBER 2-4 7-9 25-Dec 7 29-Dec. 2 TOB


2008 MAY 9-11 16-1 B

level 9 East & West Championships (W) JO Notional Championships (W)

TBA Kissimmee, Fl

U.s. Olympic TeamTrials - Gymnastics

Philadelphia, PA

Olympic Games

Beijing, CHN

JUNE 19-22


W= Women M=Men

AG = Acroba~c

R= Rhythmic GG = Group Gymnastics B= Business


JULY 4-6


APRIL 1-2 7-8 12-15 14-18 17-21 20-22 26-28 TBD

1-2 1-9 13-16 19-23

Pan Am Games Training Camp (W) TECHNIQUE. JANUARY 2007

Houston, TX

NOTE: OtItes and ev",ts sullied to cIHmge or cancellation.

TR =Trampoline TU = Tumbling IT = Trampoline/ Tumbling


2007 •





Steve Penny EDITOR

Luan Peszek



6 Raising the Bar

Zemetria Barnes-Perry USA GYMNASTICS IXICUTIVI COMMlnl1 CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Slev. Penny; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tom~o; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andreo Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOUNE: Paul Parillo; VICE CHAIR ACRO·GYMNASTICS: Tanya Case; SECRfTARY: Gory Anderlon; TREASURER: Bob Wood; FIG REPS: Bob Colorolli {Execulive CommiHeel, Ron Fro.hlich (Audilor), Tonyo Case (Acrobolic Gymnastics Technicol CommiHee) and John Roelhlisberger (Alhlel. Rep.). AT lARGE MEMBERS: Sieve Bulcher, David Holcomb; ATHLETE DIREGORS: Kim Zmeskol·BurdeHe, John Roelhlisberger, C..oIin. Hun!, Korl Heger; USOC ATHlETE DlREGOR: lorissa Fonloine. USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRICTORS CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Sieve Penny; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Sandy Knopp, Mike Donohue; TREASURER: Bob Wood; SECRfTARY: Gory Anderson; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tomilo; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOUNE: Paul Parillo; VICE CHAIR ACRO·GYMNASTICS: Tonyo Case; PUBUC SEGOR: Bill Hybl, Bob Wood; AMATEUR ATHlETIC UNION: Ron Ferris; AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION: Jerry Milan; AMERICAN TURNERS: Beny Heppner; COLLEGE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION·MEN: Froncis Allen; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGIATE COACHES·WOMEN: Mork Cook; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Marilyn Sirawbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS JUDGES: Carole Ide; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHlETIC ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Yoshi Hoyasoki; NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Becky Oakes; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUDGES ASSOCIATION·MEN: Bulch Zunich; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Margie Conlield; U.S. ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENOENT GYMNASTICS ClUBS: Paul Ziert; U.S. ElITE COACHES ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Thom Glielmi; U.S. EUTE COACHES ASSOCIATION· WOMEN: Sieve Rybacki Tony Gehman; U.S. MEN'S GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: TIm Klempnouer; U.s. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Suzie DiTullio; YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA: Cosey Koenig; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION· WOMEN: Meg Slephenson; NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP DIREGORS MEN: Mike Burns, Abie Grossleld; RHYTHMIC: Ivonko Kirov, Michelle Lorson; WOMEN: Kelli Hill, Tom Forster; TRAMPOUNE: Shoun Kemplon, Dr. George Drew; ACRO·GYMNASTICS: Lindo Porter, Joy Binder; ATHlETES COUNCIl: Mohini Bhardwaj, Kim Zmeskol·BurdeHe, Larissa Fonloine, Karl Heger, Jessico Howard, Caroline Hunl, Jamie Morshik, Sieve McCoin, Shannon Miller, Michael Rodrigues, Joy Thornlon, USOC Alhlele Rep.; Larissa Fonloine, Execulive Boord Member John Roelhlisberger. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS, Lori Katz; SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Kale fober·Hickie; U.S. COMPETITIVE AEROBICS fEDERATION, Howard Schwartz

Transforming your gym into a personal development center.

lO A Case Study of Trampoline Throw-in Mats & Peak Accelerations 12 Mental Recipe How much of gymnastics is really "mental"?

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Happy New Year:

I HAVE ALWAYS FELT THAT THE BEGINNING OF A NEW YEAR IS EXCITING. There is a certain sense of momentum that is generated by th e countdown from December 31 to January 1. For USA Gymnastics, it is a time to focus on new objecti ves, with special emphasis on preparing our elite athletes for the 2007 World Championships and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing . Several key topics were addressed at the fall USA Gymnastics Board of Director's meeting with special emphasis on safety, education, and technology. USA Gymnastics is embarking on several new frontiers to address these important areas. Safety must be kept at the forefront of every gym nastics professional's efforts. Safety is fundamental to the success and ongoing popularity of the sport. Every gymnastics professional has an obligation to keep their safety and that of their athletes as the number one priority. Emphasis should be placed on safe conduct in the gym at all times. Coaches should not demonstrate tricks or elements that are beyond their reach. And, coaches must ensure that athletes are capable of the skills they are attempting. USA Gymnastics will be working closely with the gymnastics industry to better identify issues of concern for safety within the sport. Safety continues to be a core message in all of our educational courses. Remember - safety is an every day priority for all of us. Last August we announced the promotion of Carisa Laughon to the Director of Educational Services. Carisa has been working closely with Kathy Feldmann and others to develop a plan for the USA Gymnastics University certification program, which will be launched in 2007. One of our early priorities was to conduct an FIG Academy in Houston for some of the elite women's coaches, accompanied by a High Performance Clinic. USA Gymnastics will be working closely with the FIG, which has done a great deal of work in developing its Academy materials, featuring various levels of development. We will continue to add on -line courses and build a curriculum for each gymnastics discipline. Technology is a prevalent theme in all of our lives. USA Gymnastics is beginning a complete redesign of our web-site, which will become more fan-oriented and user friendly. We are also working closely with our technology providers to explore a more efficient membership data processing system, which is a vital component in serving the clubs and professional members. Among our other key business priorities is the expansion of the Fitness message. The results of our Member Club survey indicate that this directive is well-received and USA Gymnastics' leadership in this category can have an impact. We are developing the new materials for the 2007 Tyson Fitness Challenge and will be delivering the program earlier to the clubs. This year's program will be updated and enhanced with games, levels (beginner-advanced), and preschool components. The Tyson Fitness Challenge will once again be the driving force for our fund-raising effort for the Children's Miracle Network, and the lead-in to National Gymnastics Day. Lastly, I would like to welcome the St. Vincent Sports Performance Center as a new partner for USA Gymnastics. Based in Indianapolis, the St. Vincent Sports Performance Center and St. Vincent Hospital is providing valuable health resources for some of our elite athletes. Their impact will be felt throughout the sport as their staff will be contributing articles to both Technique and USA Gymnastics about conditioning , fitness, preventative care, injury rehab and sports psychology. We look forward to their involvement in the sport to provide new information on keeping our athletes healthy. Once again, Happy New Year!! See you in the gym.





AAI offers several products in the full line of TAC/10 equipment, including: • TAe/10 FIG Vault Table • TAe/10 LZT Vault Table • TAe/10 LZT Vault Board • TAe/10 Round Off Pad • TAe/10 Pommel Horse • TAe/10 Pommel Trainer • TAe/10 Low Beam For more information on AAl's world-class equipment, call 1.800.247.3978 or visit us online.

ITAC1-1 01 Y6u're gonna love the new rAC/10 Vault Table. You get

a great block, it's less stress on your wrists, and the new surface keeps you from slipping without chalk! It's great!" Chellsie Memmel 2005 World All-Around Champion

By Dr. Robyn


A. Silverman


up aU ove~ How can e C:listin~U1ish ourselves from the crowd? In this higherscheduled world of drop-offs and pick-ups, seeking a place that over-delivers. Let this Child Development Specialist and Character Education Expert give you the strategies to transform your gym into a powerful Personal Development Center that will make your students want to strap on their gym shoes and stay a lot longer than just a while.


.c .-.. DO


.-.n .-ns ~ 6

I don't want you to worry. Transforming into a Personal Development Center will in no way take away from your stellar gymnastics curriculum . And as the hundreds of schools that we currently consult with have already found out, this new philosophy will add that extra special something that will keep new people coming in, prevent regulars from dropping out, and create a public buzz that brands your school as a community resource. Many schools will say that they would like to teach personal development at their gyms. Leading instructors know that not everyone is looking for their child to become an Olympian in gymnastics but rather, an Olympian of life. But up until now, it has been difficult to find a character curriculum that takes into account the time constraints of a busy gymnastics academy. We know that parents desire two programs in one. They want all the value of a program that addresses the major concerns of self confidence, respect, perseverance and self discipline as well as one that provides a fun and exciting gymnastics curriculum that will challenge and motivate. One stop shopping is imperative and skimping is not an option. That is, unless you


want to shorten the shelf life of every student that walks through the door. Clearly, you want to be the best. The opportunity to transform your club into a personal development center is available for the taking; you just need to know where to start. Fortunately, it's as easy as ABCD.

Assess Your Environment An effective, positive environment provides a pleasant atmosphere for all the senses. Anyone can have four walls and a training floor and call it a gymnastics club. It takes quite a bit more to make it a Personal Development Center. A positive environment evolves when you take great care with how your school appears to others, what you choose to display, and what information goes up on the walls. People wonder as soon as they walk through your doors, "Is this the place for us?" Look around your academy and ask your senses to go to work. Take a walk in your buyers' shoes! What do prospective and current students see? What do they hear? What do they smell? If you want your gym to be perceived as a Personal Development Center, do not dress it up in old, stinky, dusty, ~

.ffective positive environment provides informational centers where busy parents can see all the ways you are assisting their children and teens

at a glan

drab clothes! After all, when you don't keep up your club's interior, it sends the message that you don't take care of other parts of your business as well. An effective positive environment also provides informational centers where busy parents can see all the ways you are assisting their children and teens at a glance. These areas serve as your Powerful Extra Value Indicators (PEVI). PEVI help parents assess what their children are going to be learning this month over and above gymnastics, as well as what kinds of community events, presentations and parenting seminars will be provided at or in conjunction with your Personal Development Center. Finally, make sure to check how the pictures hung on your walls and the photos you select for your Web site read to others. During my doctoral career, I did an entire study on the pictures presented on the Web sites by hundreds of U.S.-based martial arts academies, gymnastics schools, and swimming clubs. Gymnastics academies continually featured pictures of more females, as well as more females in active motion when compared to males. While these schools might have desired an equal attendance of boys and girls, their choice of pictures said differently. Put simply, make sure that your school represents who you wish to attract. If you are looking to attract more boys, be sure to include pictures of boys up on your walls. If you are looking to attract more preschoolers, be sure to include some of the 3-6 year-old character projects on your walls. When the group you are trying to attract can "see" themselves at your academy, they will find themselves at home and will want to stay.

Build Staff Image We all likely remember the old expression, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." This adage certainly holds true in industries that deal with parents and children. While we already discussed how this pertains to the physical environment, it also relates to staff image. In fact, staff image can be portrayed even when potential or current clients are not in site. If staff rush people off the phone to get back to their class, or worse yet, ask an untrained teenager to answer the phone with a less than appealing, "Ahhhh, yeah?," this is NOT a good first impression. Ideally, a Personal Development Center would employ a fabulous front-end staff member with a sunny demeanor and a




bubbly voice. If this is currently not an option, training a reliable student and providing a detailed phone script is useful. Otherwise, as I have recorded for several of our Powerful Words clients, have someone who speaks with a smile in her voice record a phone message for you. A great phone greeting can make the difference between someone leaving a message or hanging up the phone. As for the way people are greeted when they first step into the school, the same rules apply. Greet someone as you would your favorite family member or old friend. Otherwise, ask someone on your staff to do this for you. Have a system in place so that your staff knows exactly what to do and say. Everyone should be greeted equally. Just because a child is 4 years old does not mean that she/he should be ignored.

Higb fives, iron-on patches, and even private "praise chats" urge children to stretch their character even when nobody is lookirtg. Connect with the Community Although it sometimes feels that way, your club is not an island. There is a whole big community out there and they would love to know about your programs! As a Personal Development Center, your school becomes a resource. Community outreach and events are ways to provide your programs, often free of cost, to your community. Community outreach allows schools, and other kid-friendly places to benefit from your creativity, charisma, and knowledge. Many of you might be wondering why you would go through the trouble of offering programs to your community free of charge. On the one hand, community outreach programs provide others with a sampling of what you offer in your own academy. It allows them to participate in some introductory lessons in public buildings that they know and trust such as schools, churches, and libraries. On the other hand, it is a good service and great karma to give of your heart and time willingly.

While it is wonderful to do activities outside of your gym, perhaps my favorite community outreach programs take place right at the Personal Development Centers. Teacher Appreciation Weeks, a carthwheel-a-thon for charity, or a National Gymnastics Day celebration can help you connect with the community and provide services of gratitude. When you show that you value your community, you become of value to the community. Incidentally, when community events are planned, it is vital that you let people know about it! Besides putting out balloons and signs about the event. alerting the press of your outreach program is a must. You are a resource to the community-let them know it! The more people who know about you, the more good you can do.

Develop and Teach Character A comprehensive, we ll-thought out character program is the hallmark of a great Personal Development Center. Gymnastics can be a wonderful vehicle for helping students to exercise perseverance, respect, kindness, and goal-setting-but if you are looking to be among the most effective, there is more to teaching character than what chi ldren learn from osmosis. If you are not an expert in child development and character, either enlist the assistance of someone who is or use a program that is designed by a professional whom you trust. We are here to help you . You do not need to do it all on your own! In fact. coming up with something off the top of your head each day does not lay the groundwork for consistency or systemization-something we all strive to achieve. The best business men and women use qualified experts to make their programs the most successful. A great character program considers several different groups; students, parents, and instructors. With regard to the students, takehome projects and in-class discussions about character should be easy to understand as well as appropriately challenging for each age group. Further, building proper praise and reward systems into your character program can help to encourage students to make good choices. High fives, iron-on patches, and even private "praise chats" urge children to stretch their character even when nobody is looking.


'll',' rDLm _ .......... _ i.o..W (f ~D S ~

Character Education Toolkit for Gymnastics

Parent leners

Parents also need your wisdom. The reason that we teach our character education program at the end of class is so parents can hear the powerful messages concerning the word of the month as well! Perhaps it goes without saying, but parents can use this information as much (if not more) than the students in your class. Your powerful messages can be used as springboards for discussion in the car, at home, out in public, and just about anywhere else. Wouldn't it be great to know that your lessons were being discussed outside of class? Finally, the character development program should serve the instructors. Many of you have hopes of getting off the floor one day to take a breather between classes, don't you? We designed the program six years ago so that the main instructors could get off the floor for a few minutes to say hello to parents, eat. or go to the bathroom between classes. With some quick training, anyone from a program director to a responsible advanced level teen can open up the floor for a developmentally-appropriate discussion about the word of the month. Can you see it now? ~ continue on p.44

How would you like to give your clients the extras that they are looking for?

CPCDl!i!7rnMO I!i!7CDm1J~ D@

U[][] ~CBrn[f(B1J

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NE OF THE MAJOR SAFETY INNOVATIONS FOR TRAMPOLINE IS the "throw-in" mat. This mat is used by a coach or spotter to reduce the severity of impact of the gymnast on the trampoline bed and to effectively "kill" the athlete's bounce or reduce bounce forces sufficiently that the athlete can regain control. A PubMed™, Google Scholar™, and Sport Discus™ literature search using the keywords "trampoline," "throw-in mat" and "spotting mat" revealed no existing literature citations on this topic. However, the use of the throw-in mat is described on at least one website: "There will be a tendency to overturn the skill as they are completing the twist and will need a spot at this time. A throw-in mat also works good [sic] for this" and "As they begin to complete the rudi, they may need a spot or a "throw-in" mat during the landing" ( webtramp/ en/ rep/ teach. html). Other websites mention throw-in mats, but do not go into detail on their use or efficacy ( psusportcamps/ gymnastics/default_Coaches.htm and trampoline_tumbling_classes.htm ). Consulting all of the U.S. Gymnastics Federation and later USA Gymnastics safety manuals produced no listings involving throw-in mats for trampoline. Even a book

with the title Trampoline Safety Manual (Harris, 1978) makes no mention of a throw-in mat. This paucity of information is not uncommon in many aspects of gymnastics training and performance.

In this case study, Dr. George Drew, DO served as the subject and performed several trials of 3/4 front somersaults on an in-ground full-size string bed trampoline. The somersaults were performed at the Men's Gymnastics training facility at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. Dr. Drew is on the USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling National Coaching Staff and an experienced and previously competitive trampolinist. He attempted to bounce to roughly the same height each time and perform the three-quarters somersaults as consistently as possible. Three relatively consistent trials of five attempts were selected for analysis. The trial conditions included three trials performed onto the trampoline bed without a throw-mat, three trials with a 120 x 182 x 10 cm 9.3 kg throw-mat (four inch), and a 90 x 150 x 20 cm 8.7 kg skill cushion (eight inch). The order of conditions was: no mat, skill cushion, and throw-mat. Dr. Drew was instrumented with a 3-dimensional accelerometer (PASCO Scientific, Roseville, Calif.). By "3-dimensional" we refer to the idea that the sensor has three single axis accelerometers oriented at right angles to each other (forming axes in X, Y, and Z directions). The three directions of the accelerometer allow collection of accelerations in three directions completely characterizing accelerations in three-dimensional space. The three acceleration directions were used to calculate resultant accelerations. The accelerometer was connected to an AirlinkTM transmitter (PASCO Scientific, Roseville, Calif.) that provided telemetry of the data at 100 Hz (100 samples per second) via Bluetooth ™ technology. The accelerometer and transmitter were taped to Dr. Drew at approximately the level of the mid-sternum . Data was captured, stored, and displayed using DataStudio™ (PASCO Scientific, Roseville, Calif.). All three directions of acceleration data were collected. A resultant acceleration was calculated and used for further data analyses. Accelerations were collected in "Gs." A "G" is a unit used to describe acceleration relative to earth's gravity. A G is approximately 9.81 meters per second per second or otherwise expressed as 9.81 m.s-z. Acceleration refers to the change in velocity. In other words, you accelerate a certain number of meters per second - each second. As you stand, sit or lie on the surface of the earth you experience l-G acceleration due to gravity. When an airplane accelerates during take off or when you ride an amusement park rollercoaster you commonly experience the effects of accelerations greater than 1 G (feeling pressed into the seat) or less than 1 G when you feel lighter or rise off the seat.

The results of the trials and conditions are shown in Figures 1, 2 and 3. Note that the 4" throw mat showed the greatest reduction in impact accelerations with the 8" skill cushion close behind. The no mat condition, as expected, resulted in the highest peak accelerations. The use of throw-in mats appears to be effective in reducing peak accelerations and thus forces of impact. The reduction of force is verified by the common equation F = m.a (force = mass times acceleration). In this case, mass does not change so any reduction in acceleration will result in reduced force. Note that the measured peak accelerations in Figures 1 through 3 have some variability. However, the overall ranges of these accelerations indicate that the use of a throw-in mat appears to reduce peak accelerations on impact. The slight advantage showed by the four inch mat may be due to its increased mass (i.e., heavier) than the eight inch mat. This idea may serve as an impetus to throw-in mat design to direct attention to the mass or weight of the mat. A heavier mat will possess more inertia on impact and may thus cause the trampoline bed rebound to be attenuated (i.e., reduced) and this may help reduce the subsequent bounce of the athlete following his/her impact with the mat. Of course, the mat also has to be light enough to be thrown easily. Therefore, future research should be directed at determining the optimum weight and size of the throw-in mat in order to maximize its ability to reduce impact forces while also being easily thrown or maneuvered under the falling trampolinist. X

Wm A.Sands. Ph.D. Performance Services Sport Biomechanics and Engineering U.S. Olympic Committee George Drew. D.O.. FACEP USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling National Coaching Staff National Team Physician. USA Gymnastics T&T Associate Professor. Michigan State University. College of Human Medicine Butterworth Hospital. Department of Emergency Medicine. Grand Rapids. MI

Reference List Hams. R. (1978). Trampoline safety manual. Cedar Rapids.lA: Wagners Printers.

Impact Resultant Accelerati on - Trampoli ne - 4" Mat 13 12 11 10 9


'" 'J!. ... /


-- 4 ~ T2

___ 4NT3

I \l 1 -'I. \ I

\\ \


r/1' t/ II Time (5)

Figure 1, Impact Resultant Accelerations. Four Inch Throw-In Mat Condition, Impact Resu lta nt Accele rati on - Tram poline - 8" Mat 13 12 11 10









8" T2 __ 8" T3

... Y



.....-vll ,pJ' Time (5)

Figure 2, Impact Resultant Accelerations. Eight Inch Throw-In Mat Condition , Impact Resu ltant A cce leration - Trampoline - No Mat 13 12 11 10 9



f \.



I I~NO MatT~1 No MatT2


No Mat T3





:..... II nJ ~ ~ '" _~ A




Time (5 )

Figure 3. Impact Resultant Accelerations. No Mat Condition,




~ StYincent

~ Sports Pelfonnance Center



ASKING THE QUESTION AND MAKING A DECISION ABOUT MENTAL SKILLS TRAINING Whenever I begin a meeting with a team for the first time, I ask the athletes the following questions: "What percent of your sport is mental?" .... then I ask, "Of all the mistakes you make in your sport performance, what percentage of them are "mental" mistakes?" ...then finally, I ask, "Of all your training and preparation time for your sport, what percent do you spend doing "mental" training?" At this point, most of the athletes understand where I'm going. They indicate anywhere from 70-95% of their sport is mental, and most gymnasts will say that "at least 90-95% of their mistakes are "mental" (meaning that they can do the ski ll, like a back handspring on beam , but they didn't do it when they needed to, like in a meet). They all report that they spend very little time, if any, doing "mental skills" training . As a member of the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry, I have many conversations with other sport psychologists that work with elite athletes. In my 10 years (19922002) as the Sport Psychologist for the United States Men's Alpine Team, and in my current role as the Sport Psychologist for the USA National Diving Team, I have observed and worked with a number of elite athletes. In the five years I was the athletic department sport psychologist at The Ohio State University, I worked with both the men's and women's gymnastics teams. In all of these experiences, I can clearly state that the actual TIME an athlete needs to commit to a mental skills "plan" is about 25-35 minutes a day on average. So when I ask athletes "Is it worth it to you to try something different (mental skills training) for 25-35 minutes a day, if you make ONE less mental mistake the next time you compete?" If you are reading this and are saying to yourself, "Yes, it is worth it," then let me describe briefly some of the skills that help athletes develop a mental skills plan .

THE "INGREDIENTS" FOR A MENTAL SKILLS RECIPE It may be easy to think of a good mental skills plan as a "recipe." You need certain "ingredients"

to make a great final product. The basic ingredients of a good mental skills plan are: a) goal setting strategies; b) energy management skills; c) focus and concentration skills; and, d) a mental skills individualized routine. Goal setting strategies are often quite simple. I have athletes take a stack of 3 x 5 cards and put them in their backpack or locker. Then before every practice, write the date on top and put down one to three goals they want to accomplish for that practice. For example, "I want to stick 90% of my landings on vault" is a good goal for practice. How do I know it's a good goal? An effective goal can meet the following rules: it is specific, challenging, realistic, adjustable, and measurable ... . known as SCRAM. Research in goal setting shows that setting controllable (in gymnastics, you can't control the scores, the judges do) and realistic goals, on a daily basis, help to guide you to your ultimate goal (e.g. getting a personal best score). You do need to know where you are going (your outcome ...a score or place), but it is the "process" of getting there (daily practice) where it is most important to work on your goals. The second ingredient, energy management, is really a process where you can "get the butterflies to fly in formation." Gymnasts need to understand that the nerves you feel before an event or meet are normal. But when those nerves hurt your performance, they can be overwhelming. One of the best techniques to practice, three to five times a week, is relaxation training. You can get a relaxation CD at many places where they sell music CDs; in my practice, I make individualized relaxation CDs for my clients. The goal is to practice relaxation on a regular basis so that right before you begin your beam routine, you can take a deep breath, think of your focused "cue" word, and then begin your routine. But just like any tumbling skill, you can't expect to be good at relaxation if you don't practice it! And relaxation training can help you with other "performances," like before a math test, a speech in class, or just before you get ready for your second vault. Focus and concentration techniques, the third ingredient, are most commonly called imagery and visualization. These techniques are not so much about visualizing yourself getting a medal at the Olympic Games, but visualizing your next tumbling pass when you are choreographing a new floor routine. It is important that you visualize what to DO, rather than NOT DO. For example, on a beam dismount, you want to visualize the cues of "do ... , then do .... " versus "don't go




slow ... " or "don't land short." One technique I have gymnasts do is write down each of their routines/events based on their "best" performance ("When you have a perfect floor exercise ... what do you think, how do you feel, what do you do?"). Then you can read and review each of these exercises at night before you go to bed ... then close your eyes, do some relaxed breathing, and visualize yourself doing that same routine. Just like relaxation, the more you practice, the better you get with your concentration and focus skills. Finally, you put all your techniques together by having a consistent and regular mental training routine. I have all of my clients keep a mental training JOURNAL/DIARY when they begin to do sport psychology work with me. This journal can be a great tool to write in when you had a great practice and want to remember what skills and thoughts you had that day, or even when you had a bad practice you can write down the negative thoughts, then write down how you will do better the next practice. Also, individual mental training techniques such as pre-meet mental routines, pre-event mental routines (e.g. doing a similar set of focus skills before each beam routine), and re-focus strategies (e.g. a consistent routine you do when you are struggling in practice, like taking five deep breaths, telling yourself "Slow down ... keep it simple," and then a positive "cue" before you go again) are all very individualized techniques. They get better and better with practice and taking the time to look at what you do every day.

PUTTING THE INGRED IE NTS TOGETHER My daughter Rachel is a Level 7 gymnast and she loves her sport. As an inquisitive 11- year-old she'll ask me "What do you say to athletes before the Olympics?", as if she is asking for the "magic" answer to the "mental" game. I tell her, "Well, before the Olympics you have to TRUST your training .... and that includes your mental training." Understand that the "mental game" is not a magical event, but the result of the time and effort that you put into practicing those skills on a regular basis, over and over again .. . .for 25-35 minutes a day. So, is it worth it to you? If so, good luck with helping your athletes put together their "mental" recipe! 1\ 51. Villcelll Hospilal alld 51. Villcelll Spol1s Petjo11lJallce ill Illdiallapolis, Jlld. , are official service provide," 10 USA GJ'"",oslics. Call 317-415-5747 or visil hllp:/ /

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USA Gymnastics has awarded the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials Gymnastics to Philadelphia, which will hold the event at the Wachovia Center, June 19-22. The USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show will be staged at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in conjunction with the u.s. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics. "The 2008 U.s. Olympic Team Trials for gymnastics is going to be a tremendous showcase for the Olympic movement prior to the Beijing Olympic Games," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "We are proud to partner with Philadelphia and the Wachovia Center to bring this prestigious event to the City of Brotherly Love. We know the enthusiasm of the people, the renewed vibrancy of the city, and the deep spirit of patriotism will be a perfect backdrop for the selection of our u.s. team. Philadelphia has proven to be a strong supporter of gymnastics events in the past, and we are confident this will be a successful event." The U.s. Olympic Team Trials for all sports is a collaborative, three-way partnership between the u.s. Olympic Committee, the National Governing Bodies and the Local Organizing Committees. "The USOC is committed to working in partnership with USA Gymnastics and the city of Philadelphia to provide a world-class Olympic Trials event that will be the next step towards our common goal of competitive excellence in Beijing," said Steve Roush,



the USOC's Chief of Sport Performance. Premier gymnastics is not new to Philadelphia. Most recently, the city has hosted the 2001 U.s. Gymnastics Championships and the 2006 Tyson American Cup, as well as stops on the 2003-04 TJ . Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions. The Wachovia Center, one of the nation's most premier facilities, has already hosted the 1996 World Cup of Hockey, the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals, the 1998 U.s. Figure Skating Championships, 1999 American Hockey League All -Star Game, the 2000 NCAA Women's Final Four, the 2000 Republican National Convention, the 2001 NBA Finals, the 2001 NCAA Men's East Regionals, the 2002 X Games, the 2002 NBA All-Star Game and the 2006 NCAA Men's First and Second Round Games, as well as will host the 2011 NCAA Wrestling Championships. Past venues for the u.s. Olympic Team Left to Trials for gymnastics are: 2004, Anaheim, Right: Calif.; 1996 and 2000, Boston; and 1992, Ca rly Patterson, Paul Hamm Baltimore, Md. 1\

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Member Club Invitational Listing ALABAMA Planet Mardi Gras Invitational Start Date - 21912007 Club Name - Planet Gymnastics Phone - 251/650-0699 Levels -W2-1O, prepopt.

Knott's Berry Farm Gym Fest Start Date - 4/29/2007 Club Name - Fallbrook Gymnastic Club Phone - 7601723-1345 Levels -GA

Caribbean Cam iva Ie Start Date - 3/312007 Club Name -Twisters Gymnastics, Inc. Phone - 650/967-5581 Levels - W4-10

ARIZONA AZ Sunrays Hardrock Invitational Start Date - 219/2007 Club Name - Arizona Sunrays Phone - 6021992-5790 Levels - W4-Elite

Midway GymFest Start Date - 8111/2007 Club Name - Fallbrook Gymnastic Club Phone - 7601723-1345 Levels - GA

Chris Wallers Heart of a Champion Invite Start Date - 2/2/2007 Club Name -Wallers' GymJam Academy Phone - 6611251-3390 Levels - W4-10

Fiesta Bowl Invitational Start Date - 2/2/2007 Club Name - Desert lights Gymnastics Phone - 480/940-4041 Levels - W4-Elite Jessica Kleya Memorial Start Date - 3116/2007 Club Name - Gymnastics World Northwest Phone - 5201744-6180 Levels - W4-Elite Cadus Cup Start Date - 3/1712007 Club Name - Oasis Gymnastics and Cheer Phone - 623/977-6399 Levels - W4-10 ARKANSAS 2007 Sonshine Boys Invitational Start Date - 21312007 Club Name - Sonshine Academy, Inc.

Phone - 501 /327-7742 Levels - M4-10 CALIFORNIA 2007 All Olympia Invitational Start Date - 2/9/2007 Club Name - All Olympia, AOGC Phone - 310/301-8066 Levels - W4-Elite Peter Vidman Men's Gymnastics Invitational Start Date - 31112007 Club Name - Broadway GYM School, Inc. Phone - 310/450-0012 Levels - M4-Elite Byers Sacramento Invitational Start Date - 31912007 Club Name - Byers Gymnastics Center Phone - 916/689-5075 Levels -W4-10, open Invitational Start Date - 112712007 Club Name -California Dynamites GYM & Tra Phone - 805/482-8000 Levels - W4-10 Men's Clovis Classic Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name - Clovis Academy of Gymnastics Phone - 559/327-3900 Levels - MHlite Clovis Classic Invitational Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name - Clovis Academy of Gymnastics Phone - 5591327-3900 Levels - WHlite


Fallbrook Team Challenge Start Date - 5/19/2007 Club Name - Fallbrook Gymnastic Club Phone - 7601723-1345 Levels-W4-6 Fallbrook Spring Classic Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name - Fallbrook Gymnastic Club Phone - 7601723-1345 Levels -W4-6 Golden State Friendship Start Date - 31212007 Club Name - Golden State Gymnastics Phone - 8181558-1177 Levels - W4-Elite Dreams of Gold Start Date - 3117/2007 Club Name - Gymnastics Olympica USA Phone - 818/785-1537 Levels -W4-6 liberty Classic Start Date - 213/2007 Club Name - liberty GYM Training Center Phone - 925/687-8009 Levels - W4-10 Mardi Gras Invitational Start Date - 2/24/2007 Club Name - North Bay Athletic Association Phone - 707/643-9622 Levels - W4-10 2007 Novato Classic Start Date - 3110/2007 Club Name - Novato Gymnastics Phone - 415/899-8279 Levels - W4-10 Wine Country Classic Start Date - 2/3/2007 Club Name - Rohnert Park Gymnastics Phone - 7071585-9377 Levels - W4-1O Top Flight Invite Start Date - 311012007 Club Name - Scats Diamond Elite Gymnastics Phone - (909)591-0771 Levels - W4-Elite SCEGAS California Classic Start Date - 2123/2007 Club Name - Southern California Elite Gym Phone - 951/699-4499 Levels - W4-Elite Golden State Classic Start Date - 1127/2007 Club Name -Technique Gymnastics Phone - 916/635-7900 Levels - W4-Elite


Spirit of the Flame Challenge Start Date - 2123/2007 Club Name -West Valley Gymnastics School Phone - 408/374-8692 Levels - WHlite CONNECTICUT Team Cup Start Date - 3/4/2007 Club Name - USA Gymnastics Phone - 860/945-6970 Levels - M5-7 FLORIDA Daytona Beach Open Start Date - 212/2007 Club Name - ACEGymnastics Phone - 407/831-2582 Levels - W4-Elite, M4-Elite Presidential Classic 2007 Start Date - 2116/2007 Club Name - Boca Twisters Phone - 56Jn50-6001 Levels - M4-Elite; W2-9, open Magical Classic Start Date - 211712007 Club Name - Brown's Gymnastics Central Phone - 407/869-8744 Levels - Wopen Edgewater Classic Start Date - 211612007 Club Name - Edgewater Gym. Academy Phone - 850/814-3468 Levels - W3-10 JudgesCup Start Date - 1127/2007 Club Name - Gym Etc. Phone - 863/667-1281 Levels- M4-10 Gasparilla Classic Start Date - 3/2/2007 Club Name - lightning City Gym. Phone - 813/558-0035 Levels - MHlite, open; R3-Elite, group; WHlite, prepopt, open 2007 Cruise Classic Start Date - 1127/2007 Club Name - ParkAvenue Gymnastics Phone - 954/434-0099 Levels - W4-10, prepopt. 2007 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational Start Date - 3/8/2007 Club Name -Tampa Bay Turners Gymnastics Phone - 727/328-8500 Levels - W7-Elite, prepopt. GEORGIA Sterling Classic Start Date - 2/9/2007

Club Name - Gymnastix Training Center Phone - 678/546-6626 Levels - W7-10 Gymnastix Champions Cup Start Date - 2124/2007 Club Name -Gymnastix Training Center Phone - 678/546-6626 Levels - M4-Elite Jack Frost Invitational Start Date - 21212007 Club Name - Ultimate Gymnastics Phone - 770/623-8212 Levels -W7-10 Level 7State Start Date - 3/30/2007 Club Name -Vidalia Springers Phone - 912/538-1000 Levels -W2-8 Sweet Onion Classic Start Date - 3/3/2007 Club Name -Vidalia Springers Phone - 9121538-1000 Levels -W2-8 IDAHO Great West Gymfest Start Date - 212312007 Club Name - Funtastics Phone - 2081772-9443 Levels - M4-Elite, Open; W4-Elite, Open Swingtime Invitational Start Date - 3/9/2007 Club Name -Gem State Gymnastics Academy Phone - 208/853-3220 Levels -W2-10, Open; M4-10 ILLINOIS Midwest Open 2007 Start Date - 3/9/2007 Club Name - Aerial Gymnastics Club Phone - 630/495-0150 Levels - W4-Elite Arena Classic Start Date - 3/2/2007 Club Name - Arena Gymnastics Phone -815/730-7453 Levels - W4-10 Mardi Gras Invitational Start Date - 1127/2007 Club Name - Buffalo Grove Gymn Center Phone - 8471459-8842 Levels - M4-Elite 6th Annual Heart of Illinois Gymnastics Invitational Start Date - 2117/2007 Club Name - Dynamite Gym., Inc. Phone - 217-875-1400 Levels -W4-10 Chicago land Start Date - 2/2/2007 Club Name - Elite Sports Complex, Inc. Phone - 630/968-2699 Levels - R3-10, Group March Of Dimes Invitational Start Date - 3/212007 Club Name - Gem City Gymnastics & Tumbling Phone - 217/224-8491 Levels - W4-10, exhibition St. Valentines Day Classic Start Date - 2/2/2007

Club Name - Gymnastics Spot Phone - 847/949-7768 Levels -W4-10; M4-10 King Arthur Invite Start Date - 112712007 Club Name - Gymnastics X-Calibur Phone - 815/634-8698 Levels - W4-10 IGI Chicago Style Gymnastics Meet Start Date - 21912007 Club Name - Illinois GYM Institute, Inc. Phone - 630/325-3333 Levels - W4-Elite CupidsTwist Invitational Start Date - 212312007 Club Name - St. Charles Gym. Club Phone - 6301584-5544 Levels - W4-10 INDIANA Circle of Stars Start Date - 2/23/2007 Club Name - DeVeau's School of Gymnastics Phone - 317/849-7744 Levels - M4-10; W3-Elite Motionwear For Love or Money Start Date - 219/2007 Club Name -Wrights American Gymnastics Phone - 317/888-4805 Levels - W4-10 KANSAS 2007 Pink Ribbon Invitational Start Date - 3/9/2007 Club Name - Kansas GYM & Cheer Center Phone - 913/764-8282 Levels -W4-10, Open

Spring Fling Start Date - 3124/2007 Club Name - Columbia Gymnastics Phone - 410/964-2053 Levels -W4-9 East Coast Classic Start Date - 21912007 Club Name - Fairland Gymnastics Phone - 301 /953-0030 Levels - W4-10 2007 Frederick Classic Invitational Start Date - 3/16/2007 Club Name - Frederick Gymnastics Club Phone - 301 /695-0205 Levels - W4-10 30th Nations Capital Cup Start Date - 3/2/2007 Club Name - MarVaTeens, Inc. Phone - 301/468-9181 Levels - W4-Elite Columbia Challenge Start Date - 2117/2007 Club Name -Top Flight Gymnastics Center Phone - 410/992-1600 Levels - W4-1 0 MASSACHUSETTS Emel Beach Party Start Date - 3111/2007 Club Name - Exxcel Gymnastics and Climbing Phone - 617/244-3300 Levels -W4-8, prepopt. Little Bigger Invitational Start Date - 212212007 Club Name - Gymnastics And More Phone -781 /938-3669 Levels - W4-10, prepopt.

KENTUCKY Flippin' into Spring Start Date - 412112007 Club Name - Centre Academy Phone - 606/759-5056 Levels -Tl -10

Judges Cup Start Date - 3124/2007 Club Name - Gymnastics And More Phone -781 /938-3669 Levels - W4-7, prepopt.

LOUISIANA Jambalaya Invitational Start Date - 311012007 Club Name - Athletes In Motion Phone - 225/673-4966 Levels - W2-10, prepopt.

Starlight Invitational Start Date - 3/16/2007 Club Name - Massachusetts GYM Center -Wal Phone -781 /893-2009 Levels - W4-Elite, prepopt.

Battle of New Orleans Invite Start Date - 212212007 Club Name - Elmwood Gymnastics Academy Phone - 504/733-4496 Levels - WHlite, prepopt.

Boston Classic Start Date - 1/27/2007 Club Name - New England Sports Academy Phone - 7811493-6345 Levels - W4-10, prepopt.

The New Orleans Jau Invitaional Start Date - 2/2/2007 Club Name - Empire Gymnastics Academy Phone - 504/734-0644 Levels - M4-10; W2-10, prepopt MAINE American Flyers Cup Start Date - 3116/2007 Club Name - Maine Academy Of Gymnastics Phone - 207/856-0232 Levels - W4-Elite MARYLAND Fantasy Invitational Start Date - 3/2/2007 Club Name - ACPR Gymnastics Phone - 410/836-2080 Levels - W4-10

Lets Make a Deal Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name - Sterling Academy of Gymnastics Phone -978/422-7655 Levels - W4-10, prepopt. Spring Fling Start Date - 4/2812007 Club Name -Thompsons Gym. Phone -413/532-0374 Levels -W2-5, prepopt. Daggetts Invitational Start Date - 21312007 Club Name -Tim Daggett Gold Medal Gymnastics Phone - 413/786-4686 Fax - 413/786-0451 Levels - W4-10, prepopt. ~






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Member Club Invitational Listing MICHIGAN Wildfire Challenge Start Date - 3/24/2007 Club Name -All American Flames Gymnastix Phone - 810-985-FlIP levels -W4-6 Zoomawia Start Date - 3110/2007 Club Name - AII- Around GYM Center,lnc Phone - 5171796-1400 levels -W4-7, prepopt. Polar Bear Classic Start Date - 1/2712007 Club Name - AII-Around Gym. Center, Inc Phone - 5171796-1400 levels -W4-7 U.s. Airborne Invitational Start Date - 31212007 Club Name - ANA Sports U.s. Airborne Phone - 616/975-2992 levels - W3-10 Sand Cassell Classic Start Date - 3/912007 Club Name -Cassell Gymnastics Phone - 23ln98-8418 levels - W2-9 Spring Fling Start Date - 4128/2007 Club Name - Cassell Gymnastics Phone - 23ln98-8418 levels -W2-9 Totally Rad 14 Start Date - 2123/2007 Club Name - Greater Kalamazoo World of Gymnastics Phone - 2691381-5749 levels - W4-10, prepopt. March Madness and Invitational Start Date - 311712007 Club Name - Greater Kalamazoo World of Gymnastics Phone - 2691381-5749 levels -W4-6 Festival In Motion Start Date - 2124/2007 Club Name - Gym-Jester Gymnastics, Inc. Phone - 9891754-7401 levels - W5-1O, prepopt. Jester Fest Inv Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name - Gym-Jester Gymnastics, Inc. Phone - 9891754-7401 levels - M4-10 GTC ClassicCup Start Date - 3/912007 Club Name - Gymnastic Training Center Roch Phone - 2481852-7950 levels - W4-1 0 MINNESOTA Rev It Up Start Date - 2/312007 Club Name - Flyaways Gold Gymnastics Phone - 651/464-8648 levels - M04,MOS,M06 Twin Cities Classic Meet Start Date - 21212007 Club Name - Classic Gymnastics, Inc. Phone - 952/368-1909 levels - W4-10 Shamrock Shake Invitation Start Date - 3/10/2007 Club Name - North Shore Gymnastics Phone - 763-479-3189 levels -W4-6


John Roethlisberger Iceberg Invitation Start Date - 211612007 Club Name - North Shore Gymnastics Phone - 763-479-3189 levels - M4-Elite

NEW JERSEY Ides of March Invitational Start Date - 3110/2007 Club Name - Ace Gymnastics, O.IC Phone - 7321918-2400 levels - W5-10

Rising Stars Invitational Start Date - 3117/2007 Club Name - Rising Stars Gymnastics Acad Phone - 651/730-4376 levels - W4-10

Ace of Hearts Invitational Start Date - 21312007 Club Name - Ace Gymnastics, O.T.C Phone - 732/918-2400 levels - W5-10

Sunrise Gymnastics Academy Spring Challenge Start Date - 311712007 Club Name - Sunrise GYM Academy/Beady Big Phone - 651/277-2327 levels -W4-8 Northern lights Classic Start Date - 31212007 Club Name -Twin City Twisters Phone -763/421-3046 levels - W4-10 MISSOURI All American Spring Inv Start Date - 3/9/2007 Club Name -All American Gymnastics Phone - 314/426-2496 levels - W5-7 Pony Express Gymnastic Challenge Start Date - 2123/2007 Club Name - Arising Stars Gymnastic Center Phone - 816/232-7502 levels -W3-10 8th Invitational Start Date - 2116/2007 Club Name - GymQuarters Gymnastics Center Phone - 636/498-6854 levels - W3-Elite NEVADA AH Las Vegas Start Date - 3/212007 Club Name - Academy of GYM -Salcianu GYM Phone - 702/795-3332 levels - W4-Elite Vegas Vacations Start Date - 21212007 Club Name - Academy of GYM - Salcianu GYM Phone - 702/795-3332 levels - W4-Elite Cactus Cooler Invitational Start Date - 2123/2007 Club Name - Desert Gymcats Gymnastics Phone - 702098-3547 levels - W4-Elite

Spring is in the Air Start Date - 4/1412007 Club Name - Ace Gymnastics, O.IC Phone - 732/918-2400 levels - W5-10 Spring Fling Start Date - 515/2007 Club Name - Airborne Gymnastics Academy Phone - 856-507-1700 levels -W4-7 Team Championships Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name - Devlin Gymnastics Phone - 7321223-5020 levels - W4-Elite Tumble Into Spring Start Date - 311112007 Club Name - Eastern National Academy of Gymnastics Phone - 973/835-1665 levels-W5 Rebound Scarlet Cup Invitational Start Date - 2123/2007 Club Name - Rebound Gym., Inc. Phone - 732/566-3223 levels - W4-Elite, Open Snowflake Invitational Start Date - 1/27/2007 Club Name - Schafers School of Gymnastics Phone - 609/393-5855 levels - W4-8 lucky Star Challenge Start Date - 3/3/2007 Club Name - Star Bound Gymnastics Academy Phone - 856/825-9222 levels - W4-10 NEW MEXICO 2007 American Dream Invitational Start Date - 21212007 Club Name - Dana's Westside Gymnastics, In Phone - 505/898-7334 Levels - W3-Elite

lucky Stars Invitational Start Date - 3115/2007 Club Name - Stroup's Gymnastics Phone - 716/665-8081 levels-W4-10 NORTH CAROLINA KPAC Cup Start Date - 3/312007 Club Name - KPAC Phone - 704/872-2888 levels -W3-10, prepopt. NRG Invatational Start Date - 3/3/2007 Club Name - North Raleigh Gymnastics Phone -919090-9400 levels -W3-10, prepopt. Winter Fun Start Date - 21212007 Club Name - Rose's GYM Training Center Phone - 2521321-7264 levels -W2-10, prepopt. Gym Co 500 Start Date - 21212007 Club Name -The Gym Company llC Phone - 704/663-75 10 levels - W2-10, prepopt. NORTH DAKOTA Cupid Invitational 2007 Start Date - 219/2007 Club Name - Red River Valley Gym Club Phone - 7011746-2797 levels - W4-10; M4-10 OH IO Buckeye Classic Start Date - 2115/2007 Club Name - Buckeye Gymnastics Phone -614-895-1611 levels - W4-Elite, Open Girl Power Invitational Start Date - 3/17/2007 Club Name - Flip nTwist GYM & Cheer, llC Phone - 513/942-4435 levels - W4-10 Follow your Dreams Inv 2007 Start Date - 311712007 Club Name - Fliptastic Gymnastics Inc. Phone - 6141529-8828 levels - W4-8

Sunrise Open Start Date - 1127/2007 Club Name - Sunrise Gymnastics Academy Phone - 419/841-2902 levels -W4-10 Sunrise Gymfest Start Date - 3/10/2007 Club Name - Sunrise Gymnastics Academy Phone - 4191841-2902 levels-W4-10 Frogtown Invitational Start Date - 2/3/2007 Club Name -Toledo Gymnastics Academy Phone - 419-866-6909 levels - W4-1 0 OKLAHOMA Nadia Coma ned Invitational Start Date - 219/2007 Club Name - Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy Phone - 405/447-7500 levels - W4-Elite OREGON High Desert Gymnastics Invitational Start Date - 21212007 Club Name -Acrovision Sports Center Phone - 541/388-555S levels - W4-10 Shamrock Invitational Start Date - 3117/2007 Club Name - Gym-Nest ltd. Phone - 5031640-6378 levels - W4-10, prepopt. Daisy Cup Start Date - 41712007 Club Name - Gym-Nest ltd. Phone - 503/640-6378 levels - W4-10, prepopt. MAC Open Start Date - 2116/2007 Club Name -Multnomah Athletic Club Phone - 5031223-6251 ext 242 levels - W4-Elite; M4-Elite Emerald Team Challenge Start Date - 3110/2007 Club Name - National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics Phone - 5411744-2002 levels - W4-Elite

Over the Rainbow Start Date - 3/412007 Club Name - Columbia Academy Phone - 570/387-0539 Fax - 570/387-0195 levels -W4-7 Best 0 the West Start Date - 2/2412007 Club Name - Gold Medal GYM Dance & Cheer Phone - 724/752-4133 levels -W4-6 Hug & Kiss Meet Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name - Gymnastic Center of Hershey Phone - 717/534-1881 levels - W4-10, prepopt. Funny Bunny Inv Start Date - 515/2007 Club Name - Hanover Area FamilyYMCA Phone-717/632-0195 levels -W4-6 Snowman Inv Start Date - 2/17/2007 Club Name - Hanover Area Family YMCA Phone - 717/632-0195 levels - W4-6 John Pancott Invitational Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name -John Pancott Gymnastic Center Phone - 610/647-9847 levels - M4-10 John Pancott Invitational Start Date - 3/3/2007 Club Name -John Pancott Gymnastic Center Phone - 610/647-9847 levels - W4-10 Winter Face-Off Start Date - 2116/2007 Club Name - Meadowlands GYM Training Center Phone - 7241745-5558 levels -W4-10, prepopt. Nittany Spring Invitational Start Date - 3/2512007 Club Name - Nittany Gymnastics Academy Phone - 814/238-8995 levels -W4-7

Winter Blast Start Date - 21212007 Club Name - Hyde Park Gymnastics Phone - 513/527-4343 levels - W4-10; M4-10

PENNSYLVANIA Return to the Olde Country Invitational Start Date - 2116/2007 Club Name - Accelerations Gymnastics Acad Phone -717/560-4978 levels -W4-10, prepopt.

2007 Blaine Wilson Ohio Classic Start Date - 211612007 Club Name - Ohio Gym Institute, Inc. Phone - 330/652-4386 levels - M4-1 0

Dutch Classic Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name - Berks Gymnastic Acad. Phone - 610/372-8454 levels - W4-10, prepopt.

Winterfest 2007 Start Date -112712007 Club Name - Queen City Gymnasticsl Kids First Phone - 513/489-7575 levels - M4-Elite

Berks Beach Bash Start Date - 3124/2007 Club Name - Berks Gymnastic Academy Phone - 610/372-8454 levels -W4-6

Friendship Classic Start Date - 3123/2007 Club Name - Portsville Gymnastic Training Phone - 570/628-4966 levels - W4-Elite

Nittany Boys Invitational Start Date - 2125/2007 Club Name - Nittany Gymnastics Academy Phone - 8141238-8995 levels - M4-7

Vegas Cup Start Date - 219/2007 Club Name - Gymcats Gymnastics Phone - 7021566-1414 levels - W4-1 0

NEW YORK Spring Graffiti Invitational Start Date - 4/20/2007 Club Name - Flips Gymnastics and Sport Phone - 716/433-8811 levels - W3-10

Gymnastics Nevada Challenge Start Date - 21212007 Club Name - Gymnastics Nevada Phone - 775/355-7755 levels -W4-10; M4-10, Open

Orchard Park Gymstars Invitational Start Date - 21912007 70 Weiss Ave; WSeneca, NY 14224 Phone - 716/675-9748 levels - W4-10

Spring Fest Start Date - 3/3/2007 Club Name - High Sierra Gymnastics Phone -7751747-7748 levels -W4-8

long Island Classic Start Date - 31212007 Club Name -long Island Gym Nest Phone - 631/924-9422 levels - W3-Elite, Open

Shooting Stars Invitational Start Date - 2/3/2007 Club Name - Sta~ GYM And Dance, Inc. Phone - 937/252-8787 levels -W4-9

Tri State Optional Team Championships Start Date - 212412007 Club Name - Butler Gymnastics Club, Inc. Phone - 724/482-2900 levels - W7-10

Winteriest Start Date - 21212007 Club Name - Ricochets Gymnastics Club Phone - 2151328-0900 levels - W4-10, prepopt.

Starz and Stripes 2007 Start Date - 2117/2007 Club Name - Starz Gymnastics, Dance, & Che Phone - 775/853-9494 levels - M4-10; W4-Elite; Tl-Elite

Niagara Cup 2007 Start Date - 31912007 Club Name - Niagaral Gleason's Gymnastics Phone - 716/694-6557 levels - W4-Elite

Sunrise Boys Gymfest Start Date - 2/1112007 Club Name - Sunrise Gymnastics Academy Phone - 419/841-2902 levels - M4-10, Open

Tri State Compulsory Team Champs Start Date - 3/3112007 Club Name - Butler Gymnastics Club, Inc. Phone - 7241482-2900 levels -W4-7

Dalmation Classic Start Date - 21912007 Club Name - Spirit GYM Training Center Phone - 215/699-2900 levels - W4-10 ~


Member (Iub Invitational Listing


10th Annual Star Struck Start Date - 212/2007 Club Name - Star Bound Gymnastics Academy Phone - 856/82S-9222 levels - W4-10 Fun In The Sun Meet Start Date - 3/212007 Club Name -Trinity Gymnastics Inc Phone - 724/444-3010 levels -W3-10, prepopt. Rock and Roll Rumble Start Date - 3/3/2007 Club Name - X-Cel Gymnastics Phone - 724/772-0055 levels -W4-7, prepopt. TENNESSEE Gatlinberg Classic Start Date - 2123/2007 Club Name -WEGA Gymnastics Phone - 86S/696-8930 levels - W2-Elite; Tl -10; M4-10 TEXAS Invitationa l Start Date -1 /27/2007 Club Name-Achiever; Gymnastics Center Phone - 940/484-4900 levels - W2-10


All Star Series Also Available Mens, Rhythmic, T&T Aero & Cheer

Alamo Mens Challenge Start Date - 211012007 Club Name -AlamoGymnastics Center Phone - 2101479-8282 levels - M4-Elite River WalkClassic Start Date - 212412007 Club Name- Brown's Gymnastics Central Phone - 407/869-8744 levels - W2-Elite Friendship Invite Start Date - 213/2007 Club Name - Eagles Wings Athletics Phone - 972/727-991 1 levels - M4-Elite Houston National Invitational Start Date - 3/2/2007 Club Name - Houston GYM Club of the JCC Phone - 713/729-3200 x3272 levels - M4-10; W4-Elite Rose City Classic Gymnastics Start Date - 3/9/2007 Club Name -Texas East Gymnastics Phone - 903/509-2924 levels - W2-Elite Trevino's Tumbling &Trampoline Invitational 2007 Start Date - 2123/2007 Club Name -Trevino's Gymnastics Phone - 972/223-0167 levels - Tl-Elite

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WOGA Classic 2007 Start Date - 21312007 Club Name -WOGA Gymnastics Phone - 972/985-9292 levels -W2-Elite UTAH Winter Classic Start Date - 2123/2007 Club Name - Black Diamond Gym & Sports Center Phone - 435/615-1800 levels - W4-Elite, Open VIRGIN IA Emerald CityClassic Start Date - 31212007 Club Name - APEX Phone - 703/777-5344 levels - W4-10, prepopt. Merry March Invitational Start Date - 311712007 Club Name - Chantilly Academy Phone - 703/378-4966 levels -W4-10

Flower Power Invitational Start Date - 4114/2007 Club Name - Chantilly Academy Phone - 703/3 78-4966 levels -W4-10 Excalibur Cup Start Date - 2116/2007 Club Name - Excalibur Gymnastics Phone - 757/499-8258 levels - W4-Elite, Open Teddy Bears Picnic Start Date - 211012007 Club Name - Gymnastics, Inc. Phone - 7S7/723-4966 levels - W3-10

Phone - 253/815-0998 levels -W4-10 PJ Classic Start Date - 3/3/2007 Club Name - Gymnastics Unlimited, Inc. Phone - 253/815-0998 levels- W4-1 0 Bunny Hop Invitational Start Date - 3/23/2007 Club Name - Metropolitan Gymnastics, Inc. Phone - 206/575-4138 levels -W4-10

Rodeo Round Up Start Date - 311012007 Club Name - Gymnastics, Inc. Phone - 7S7/723-4966 levels - W3-10

Invitational Meet Start Date - 3/31/2007 Club Name - Northshore Gymnastics Center Phone - 425/402-6602 levels -W4-6

VA Beach Classic Start Date - 21212007 Club Name - Gymstrada Gymnastic School Phone - 757/499-8591 levels - W4-10

Invitational Meet Start Date - 2/17/2007 Club Name - Northshore Gymnastics Center Phone - 425/402-6602 levels-W4-10

Miss March Meet Start Date - 3/3/2007 Club Name - lynchbu rg Acad of GYM & Power Phone -4341239-8900 levels - W4-10

Fast Session Start Date - 112712007 Club Name - Puget Sound Gymnastics Phone - 253/845-0910 levels - W4-Elite

Sweetheart Invitational Start Date - 2117/2007 Club Name - Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone - 757/547-0169 levels - W4-10, prepopt. Shamrock Invitational Start Date - 3117/2007 Club Name - OceanTumblers Gymnastics Phone - 7571547-0169 levels - W4-10, prepopt. VA NAWGJ Judges Cup Start Date - 2124/2007 Club Name - Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone - 757/547-0169 levels - W4-10 Spring Fling Start Date - 3/312007 Club Name -Stafford Gymnastics Center Phone - 540/373-8192 levels -W4-9 Mother May I Start Date - 4115/2007 Club Name -World Class Gymnastics llC Phone - 757/873-6440 levels -W4-7 Team Challenge Start Date - 2118/2007 Club Name -Youth Sports Virginia Trai ning Phone - 703-590-8400 levels -W3-9 Presidents Day Invitational Start Date - 2117/2007 Club Name -Youth Sports Virginia Training Phone - 703-590-8400 levels - M4-10 WASHINGTON Fall Classic Start Date - 3117/2007 Club Name - Cascade Elite GymnastiCS Phone - 206/672-6887 levels -W4-10 Rainier Cup Start Date - 112712007 Club Name -Gymnastics Unlimited, Inc.

Teddy 8ear Invitational Start Date - 3/30/2007 Club Name - Puget Sound Gymnastics Phone - 253/845-0910 levels -W4-6 Pacific Northwest Invitational Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name - Puget Sound Gymnastics Phone - 253/845-0910 levels - W4-Elite WISCONSIN Wisconsin Dells Vacation Classic Start Date - 1127/2007 Club Name -CSA Kids Sports Arts Campus Phone -608/756-0444 levels - W2-10, prepopt. Midwest Twisters Harley Davidson Invite Start Date - 31212007 Club Name - Midwest Twisters Gymnastics Phone - 414/764-6540 levels - M4-10 Bliuard Invite Start Date - 2/312007 Club Name - Scamps Gymnastics Phone - 262/694-0805 levels - W3-10 Scamps Boys Invitational Start Date - 2110/2007 Club Name - Scamps Gymnastics Phone - 2621694-0805 levels - M4-10, Open 1\



COACHES¥ &lEAM COORDINATES child through adult sizing!

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Making The Go/No-Go Decision To set the stage: I wrote the f ollo wing article in May 1993, when I was trying to decide whether to make the mo ve from a very profitabLe, personally owned 22,000 squarefoo t facility, which housed 1,600 students, into an 86,000 square foot fa cility, which wouLd certainLy be unprofitabLe initially. One question I kept dwelLing on was, "Does this 43-year-oLd guy with a very desirabLe lifestyLe really want to risk it all including bankruptcy?" OstensibLy, this article was wnHen for insertion into a newsLetter, but as you will sense from the rambling nature of the article, it was written to heLp me clarify my f uture. My hope is th is article will heLp someone-maybe you-who is currentLy struggling with a big "go/no-go" decision as I was in 1993. As a busin ess leader, are you ma king goa ls whi ch t est you or bore you? For t wo years I've been thinking about ex panding Queen City Gymna stics into som ething "big," and recently, my desire to exerci se my creati ve mu scle is really building st eam . I don't yet ha ve a clear picture of what my "p roject" might look like but one thing is certain-someth ing exciting need s to hap pen . The NEED for something exciting t o happe n at Queen City is made clear by the answer to thi s question -- five years fro m no w, if thing s remain substantially the sa me as they are today, will I feel stimulated

as I walk through the doors of my business? My answer to this question is, "No, in five yea rs, I will NOT feel stimulated if things remain the same. " Is feeling stimulated important? Yes, it is essenti al if one hopes to keep complacen cy out of you r business' culture. It was exactly thi s same question which drove my 1983 decision to move from our 5,800 square-foot facility into our current 22,000 square-foot facility. Today, as in 1983, the thought of my job being the same five years in the future is not at all appealing . In fact, I simply CANNOT let that happen. It would not be fair to me as a creative human being . I can't become my best self unless I change, and changing my bu siness and my job is one way to become a happier me. That's the GREAT thing about being in busi ness for yourself-you can create the job you want and change it when you feel the need. I don't know about you but it's depressing fo r me to think about having t he same programs, the same literature, the same organizational structure, the same everything five years from now. Stimulation or variety is a basic human craving exceeded in importance only by the needs of survival, love and sense of importance. When we are stimulated, our

~ -~ Small Business

~ 11芦)芦)'1'

4 (~l'~~~

attention is focused and we are maximally productive and that is a great feeling! In short, for a tru ly fulfilled life, stimulation is essential on the personal and organizational levels. The old sayi ng is true - a busi ness must be green and growing or it is rotting and decaying. The status quo is a myth . It doesn't really exist, except in short bursts, just long enough to seduce you into buying into the myth . Does any of this hit home? When we are not stimulated our minds are dull and lifeless. We "go t hrough the motions" but little else. This is another way of saying "burnout." Many of us got into this busi ness from the bottom up as coaches, and we were ready to conquer the competitive ~ continue on p.28

.路.rifetime so[utions for !four business so[utions for !four [ifetime .

... ~~

Hosted in Cincinnati, BOOT CAMP is a life-changing, 4 1/2 day total immersion leadership, marketing and organizational workshop for GymClub Owners. Dates: May 17-21, 2007 and Nov. 15-19,2007 For FREE portfolio of i nformation: 513 . 489.7575 or

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Christina packs a lot oj power.



contin ued from

p.2 6

world at one leve l or another. Our attention was focused on moving our coaching career forward . But one day, we got out of bed and we realized we were not getting the same gratification from coaching that we once did . We felt stuck in a state of "eterna l mediocrity." Or, perhaps, we were lucky enough that things had digressed to the level of actual dislike. Why would that be lucky? Because if we have actually formed a strong dislike for something, we are more likely to make tough decisions to change. Never forget. mediocrity is poison to the spirit as we ll as the creative genius within us. It is the wo rst of all li es because of its insidious nature. Once it creeps in it tends to become a habit. I'm getting a hankering to give up the security of enrollment of 1,600, to give up the upward trend in revenue and profit, to give up fixed expenses that are so low they seem cheap , and to give up a mortgage that is near being retired. Why would anybody do that? Because I need stimulation and so does my business and because the alternatives are not acceptable.

Thirteen years later I did opt to risk it all and build Kids First Sports Center, which opened for business April, 1998 at a cost of $4.5 million. The results have been stupendous by every measure (see But more to the point, what would my life be like now had I failed to take that risk? I would certainly not be the person I am today. I would be less knowledgeable, less fulfilled , le ss able to help others in and out of the industry. What's more, complacency almost assuredly would have set in years ago and my business would have begun to backslide. Kids First was a dream worth pursuing , I pursued it and I'm a happier person because of it. Life is good and I genuinely wish the same for you . X Make it a great month! Jeff Metzger

Ce"ff Metzger USA Gymnasti(s Business Development Partner President, Gym(lub Owners Boot (amp President, Kids First Sports (enter

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The Art of Allemev


ALEXANDER ARTEMEV, NICKNAMED SASHA, is the current USA National All-Around Champion and winner of two individual event national titles, pommel horse and pa rallel bars. Artemev, 21 , of Morrison , Colo., trains for Team Chevron and is coached by his father, Vladimir. From Visa Championships, Artemev moved on to an even bigger venue, the World Championships. Artemev qualified for both all-around and pommel horse event finals at the World Championships, where he earned the bronze medal on pommel horse. So what's next? "After World Championships I didn't take a break," said Artemev. "I just came right back to the gym and started working even harder than before. Training is going well and I've changed my routines a lot since the World Championships. I've upgraded my start value a little on every event so I'm ready to go for 2007." Born in Minsk, Belarus in 1985, Artemev moved to the U.S. at age 9 and by age 13 he was winning the JO National Championships. He earned his citizenship in 2002, and was able to compete in the U.S. Championships that same year. Unfortunately, injuries slowed down his progress but did not deter him. Artemev continued to train and push forward. By 2006 he was back on top of his game, winning the national all-around title, two event titles, plus securing a spot on the World Championships team. Artemev comes from a long line of gymnastics success. His father was a member of the Soviet National Team and the USSR national all-around champion in 1984. His mother, Svetlana, was a rhythmic gymnast. Both parents are now involved with coaching gymnastics. Artemev looks forward to his upcoming challenges in 2007 which are competing in the Winter Cup Challenge in February and the Tyson American Cup in March. X






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I Safety Minded ... The Resilite Difference






USA Gymnastics 2007 KAT and MELPD Workshop An Educational Opportunity For Your Club A KAT WORKSHOP CONSISTS OF SEVEN

productive hours of preschool teacher education. The workshop covers philosophy, understanding the preschool-age child, safety considerations, class management and much more! A Movement Education and Lesson Plan Development Workshop (MELPD) consists of five enlightening hours of preschool teacher education. This workshop is continuing education of the KAT Program. The overall emphasis of this workshop is to provide instructors with the necessary knowledge to develop preschool gymnastics lesson plans,



emphasize developmentally appropriate practices, fundamental skill development and much more. This workshop is designed to help instructors meet the needs of the individual students and encourage adoption of lifelong physical activity. Attendance at a KAT certific::tion course is highly recommended, but not required to attend a MELPD course. lf there has never been a KAT or MELPD workshop in your area, 2007 is a great time to host a workshop. Any club can host a workshop and it's free. The only things you'll need are an empty room and a TV & VCR.

lf your workshop has 12 paid participants, your club will receive one free registration. Member Clubs receive two free registrations, with 12 paid participants. Complimentary registrations are non-transferable and will only be valid at the workshop you are hosting. The workshop must maintain the minimum attendance of 12 for complimentary registrations. Courses that do not meet minimum participation levels are subject to rescheduling or cancellation. ~ For more information on the KAT & MELPDcourses call 1-800-345-4719 or visit

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Who wants to see another first?

The people of Chevron know about being first. Chevron was the first to be designated TOPTIER gasoline by BMW, GM, Honda and Toyota. So it makes sense that Chevron has been, and will continue to be, a proud sponsor of U.s.A. Gymnastics, a team that tirelessly strives for top tier performance. Their success is inspirational and we wish them all the best.


Š 2005 Chevron Products Com an' San Ramon CA. All ri hts reserved.


SMUll PDP .-.d~.LPDC[lIT'-



Col.T Ot.S



ME[TD t/[CTOII .... d


www . . . . ·gymn . . Uco . o'g



Important Notices: Please make note. 1. Certificate of Insurance: Sanctioned events in outside facilities. • You must have a sanction approval and sanction number prior to requesting a certificate from the insurance company. • The certificate of insurance application form is included in your sanction approval package. A certificate of insurance may be requested from the building's owners when you host an event at an outside venue. • The request for certificate of insurance must be sent to the insurance company directly. It does not come to USA Gymnastics. The insurance company must receive this request a minimum of 30 days in advance. The form must be filled in completely and properly. You must have the sanction number prior to the request of the certificate of insurance. • If you are in need of a certificate of insurance, we urge you to request your sanction a minimum of 60 days in advance. • You must show the sanction number on the request form . You can not receive a certificate from the insurance company until the sanction is recorded and approved in the USA Gymnastics database system .

2. Accident Report Form: Must be filled out at the sanctioned event • The form is included in your sanction approval packet. Please read it and familiarize yourself with the form and the procedures. • Have copies of the form at the meet/event. • The form must be filled out by the trainer/doctor (if onsite), meet director



and the parent or guardian . • The form is sent di rectly to the insurance company. It does not come to USA Gymnastics. The address of the insurance company is on the form • For the benefit of the athlete and the parents, this form must be on file with the insurance company when/if a claim is made. • Reminder: there is a $500 deductible on this secondary insurance coverage. This policy is in effect until July 31, 2007. Changes may occur in the insurance policy for the 2007-2008 season. • The sanctioned meet must be in compliance of all rules and policies in order for the insurance coverage to be valid. The injured athlete must be a current athlete member or the insurance coverage is null and void. 3. Individual Memberships - Athlete, Professional, Jr. Professional, Instructor, Introductory, Team USA Gymnastics • It's individual all the way .... that means the membership belongs to the person who receives the membership number. Memberships are not transferable. • Memberships are not refundable. Benefits and services are applied and paid out upon receipt and entry into the database system. • When a club owner pays for the professional and instructor memberships for the coaches working at their gym, they have given their employee a "gift," or a work benefit. The membership belongs to the coach. If the coach leaves your employment, his/her membership

goes with him/her. Please develop your business rules and employee benefit package with this in mind . • When an athlete leaves your club, the USA Gymnastics athlete member number goes with him or her. The membership belongs to the individual. 4. Do not hold athlete membership monies at your club for any extended time. • The Member Services department continues to receive complaints from parents who are upset because their child did not receive USA Gymnastics magazine in September/October or November/ December or even later. They tell us they gave the form and the money to the club director in July or August. • Unfortunately, when the club holds onto these funds and does not apply for the memberships until two or more months after receipt, the parent does not understand why they did not receive the member card and the magazine. Sadly this places USA Gymnastics and the named club in a very awkward position since we can not explain nor defend the position of the club who did not send us the membership funds. Please set up a system so that on a weekly or biweekly basis, you apply for your memberships. Please let your parents know what your business policies and time lines are. 5. Follow "Best Practices" in all of your business dealings and decisions. • Please have full disclosure to your clients regarding the various fees that may be ~


charged due to a person being on team . • Please do not state various charges are from USA Gymnastics, if they are not. Such as: booster club fees, parents' club fees, team travel fees, apparel fees , competition fees, etc. Please do not state a fee is due to insurance costs, when it is not. When parents contact us, we tell them exactly what the membership fee covers. We explain it is a one time charge for the year. Please conduct your business with full disclosure regarding the various fees and charges that result due to belonging to the USA Gymnastics organization. • USA Gymnastics Member Services mission is to support our clubs and members; however we will explain to our callers exactly what the membership fees and charges are for that current season. • Help us - help you. 6. Information - changes and corrections. Please keep current • Address changes: You may make changes and corrections directly online using your professional ID and password . CLubs are to use t heir club ID number and password. You may also mail or fax the corrected information into the national office. Please note USA Gymnastics and Technique magazines are not forwarded . You must have the address correction made with the USA Gymnastics national office-

member services. It must be correct in ou r database system . • Email address - please keep your email address current. USA Gymnastics is relying more and more on technology to relay many of our notices and information . It is important for you to receive this information on a regular and timely basis. You can change this online or contact Member Services. • Name changes or corrections: you must contact the national office in writing to make these changes in your record . You may Fax: 317 -6925212. Please make sure the correct spelling of your name is in our system . Check your card and any mailings you receive from us. 7. Renewal notices: Membership renewals - Please check your mail • Membership renewal notices are sent out quarterly. 90 days in advance. • Second renewal notices are sent out 3045 days prior to date expiration. • The third notice is sent to those who have expired in that month . • Safety renewals are not sent out. The information is on your member card or you may call member services. 8. Sanction report forms - Please follow all directions in order for sanction to be official and closed out.

• All coaches are to sign the sign-in form by printing name and Professional or Jr. Professional member number. This form is sent with the sanction report form to USA Gymnastics National Office - Member Services. • All judges are to sign the sanction report form with printed name, rating and Professional or Jr. Professional number. • Fill in the number of competitors section. Send additional payment with report form if competition hosted more than 72 competitors and only $50 was sent with the original sanction request. • Sanction report form and coaches sign in are to be sent to the National Office within 48 hours of the competition. Forms will be checked and the sanction will be closed out in the system once all is in order. • Competition fees are sent to the respective state and or regions, depending on the policies as outlined for that specific area . • Score sheets are to be sent to the state and/ or region as determined by that area . Score sheets are not sent to the national office. • Men's and Trampoline & Tumbling programs - Make sure to send the check for the designated scholarship program to the National office with the sanction report form. Additional competition fees are sent to the regions and/ or the states as determined by program. 1\

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REGISTRATION FORM Held in Coni unction with the Viso Chompionships DATE RECV'D

Early Bird Ends April 1st.

Complete one form per person-Photocopy for additional registrations. Your confirmation will be sent by email. Please provide a valid email address. Registration opens August 15; Congress sessions and Exhibit Hall August 16-18. To become an Instructor Member to receive the - _ . member discount, simply check " Please sign me up" and include an extra $50 ($70 Foreign Instructor Member) in your total amount enclosed.



(Early Bird postmarked by April 1st - All others by July 15th - NO EXCEPTIONS)

Professional, Jr. Professional & Instructor Members Minimum age for Congress attendees is 16.


& other member types

o $300 Early Bird Congress Registration o $199 Early Bird Congress Registration (Ends April 1st) o $298 Early Bird Congress ond Visa Championships all session ticket package at seating Level P2 o $335 Congress Registration o $374 Early Bird Congress and Visa Championships all session ticket package at seating Level P1 (Ends July 15th) o $400 On-site Registrotion REGULAR PRICING (April - July J5th) o $235 Congress Registration To become a Professional o $334 Congress and Visa Championships all session ticket package at seating level P2 Member call: 1.800.345.4719 o $434 Congress and Visa Championships all session ticket package at seating level P1 or go online to EARLY BIRD PRICING (Ends April Jst)

Additional Visa Championships ticket information Number of additional all session tickets at P2 x $99.00 each Number of additional all session tickets at P1 x $175.00 (prior to April 1st) Number of additional all session tickets at P1

x $199.00 (April 2nd - July 15th)

PI - Lower Level side seating (lower rows); P2 - Lower Level side seating (mid to upper rows); Special Rate for all session tickets are for Congress attendees.

On-site Registration in San Jose for members is $335.00 Name _________________________________________________________________________________________ Birth Date (d/ m/y ) ____________________



USA Gymnastics Pro/lnst. No . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

D Please sign me up for an Instructor Membership. I have included $50 ($70 Foreign Instructor) in total amount due. Email Address, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

(Email address must be provided in order to receive confirmation)


o r0O

Mailing Address

_____________________________ 0 This is a new address (Please make the change in the USA Gymnastics database)

City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State _ _ _ _ _ Zip _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


0.. -i ..., o ~ Z

(I) (I)






VI (I)

Day Phone(

Evening Phone(

Club Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Club Number _ _ _ _ _ __

Check all that apply:

0 Club Owner 0 Coach/Teacher 0 Judge 0 Administrator



$1 ...._____----'1


Make check or money order payable to USA Gymnastics

Card Number _______________________________________________

Exp . Date ________________ Sig nature ____________________________________________________________ Print Cardholder Name _____________________________________ Telephone # ____________________________

Please return this registration form to: USA Gymnastics Congress, Pan American Indianapolis, IN 46225 • FAX: 317.692.5212 Attention: Member Services

Plaza, 201 S. Capitol Ave. Ste 300,

THE INDIVIDUAL CONGRESS FEE INCLUDES: • Credential for entrance to Congress sessions Aug. 16-1 8.

• Admission 10 Rhythmic & Acrobatic Gymnastics Competitions.

• One lickello the Congress Dance Party on Saturda y, August 1 8 ladditional Congress Dance Party lickets for spouse/guests are $35 each-available 01 on-site registrationj FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY unless the session presenters announce that

his/ her/their session may not be videotaped.


Th e official language of Congress is English. USA Gymnastics will make no special provisions for translation of sessions into other la nguages.

Congress aHendees with special needs

All reg istration concellolion~ must be in writing _Submit written request 10 USA Gymnastics, AHention Cathy Allen Before July 15 - Registration fee less $30 service fee per person cancelling _

• Entrance to the Exhibit Hall featuring the industry's finest products and services.

Videotaping: Videotaping of Congress sessions is permitted


must notify USA Gymnastics in writing in this regard prior to July 15 . We suggest that this information be included wi th the Congress registration form.

After July 15 - 50% of registration lee per person cancelling

SUBSTITUTION POUCY To trander re gistralion to another person, the new CongreH atlendee mu~t also have a Professionol or Instructor membership.

Sefore July 15 - $30 per subslilution

On-Site -

$35 per substitution

Submit request in writing to USA Gymnastics, Atlention Cathy Allen

REQUESTS FOR REFUNDS AmR AUGUST 31,2007, WIll NOT BE ACCEPTED • all ~ession tickel~ ore nOrHelundoble


43rd ANNUAL USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL CONGRESS and TRADE SHOW Held in coniunction with the 2007 Visa Championships August 15-18, 2007, San Jose, California WHO SHOULD ATTEND? All USA Gymnastics Professional and Instructor members. Coaches, judges and instructors of all levels. Recreational and preschool teachers, business managers, administrato rs, club owners, high school and college coaches. WHAT IS OFFERED? Three days of education with more than 150 sessions offered. Lectures given by recognized top individuals in the field. Sessions on coaching, judging, business, preschool, recreational, sports science, fitness, Group Gymnastics and cheerleading. The leading experts in the areas of Women's, Men's, Rhythmic, Acrobatic Gymnastics and Trampoline and Tumbling programs will present. The Trade Show exhibit hall will feature 200 booths of products and information from over 90 different Industry Member vendors. Special events to take place in the exhibit hall daily. San Jose Convention Center


National Travel Service 888-603-8747

Email Website:

VISA CHAMPIONSHIPS DATES: August 15-18, 2007 Congress Registration 12:30-6 :30 p.m. San Jose Convention Center

AUGUST 15, 2007

Pre-Congress events • Annual Business Conference • Safety/ Risk Management course • KAT Certification cou rse • Women's SC/ RC Workshop EVENT TICKETS

Special rate for all-session tickets for Congress attendees. Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics events included in Congress registration fee.


In Technique and on Website





Special discounted group registration for Member Clubs. Special Early Bird Pri cing ~ {i1 ~ ~

August 16-18, 2007



JJ -..-/

-"'-"-"""-<t--:, ~"-'"




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Jeff Lulla receiving the 2006 "Business Leader of the Year" award with Loree' Galimore, USAG Club Services Manager

JEFF LULLA is Founder and President of the FUN & FIT GYMNASTICS CENTERS. Jeff is a National Safety Instructor and a member of the National Safety Review board and National Preschool Advisory Board for USAG and has co-authored their "KAT" (Kinder Accreditation for Teachers) Course. Jeff speaks internationally and consults on the Fun and Fit PERSO NAL BEST philosophy and teaching concepts to cl ub owners and coaches.




Prestigious Honor Two Members of the USA Gymnastics Family Honored by the South African Gymnastics Federation at the FIG Gala By Steve Butcher Ron Froehlich and Brian Le Roux were honored by the South African Gymnastics Federation on November 30 at the prestigious FIG Gala in Cape Town , South Africa. Both individuals made substantial contributions to the SAGF while living in South Africa . The impact of their contributions can be felt today even though both have been living in the u .S. for many years . Froehlich was honored as an honorary lifetime vice president of the SAGF and

Le Roux as an honorary lifetime member of the SAGF. Froehlich is the Chairman of the Board for USA Gymnastics and an auditor for the International Gymnastics Federation and lives in Birmingham, Ala . Le Roux is the owner of In-Flight Gymnastics Center and Comets Cheerleading Top: Ron Froehlich program of North Bottom: Brian Le Raux Haven, Conn .









USA GYMNASTICS HIRES ROBINSON FOR MEN'S JO PROGRAM USA Gymnastics is rleased to announce that Jeff Robinson 0 Orlando, Fla ., has been named men 's Junior Olympic Program coordinator. He will be responsible for the overall management and supervision of the technical aspects of USA Gymnastics Men 's Junior Olympic Program . Robinson has more than 20 years of coaching and administrative experience in gymnastics. He's currently a member of USA Gymnastics Junior O lympic Age Group Competition Committee, which he chaired from 2000-04. In addition to coaching for several private gyms and collegiate teams, Robinson has also served as a judge and was a gym owner for 10 years, where he produced several national team members. Robinson earned his Masters in Education at Memphis State University, where he graduated magna cum laude. He graduated from Auburn University with a BS in education . His responsibilities w ill include overseeing the technical aspects of the development and implementation of the Age Group Competition Program and the Junior National Team Program (the Junior Elite, Junior National and Junior Development Teams), as well as assist in developing a USA Gymnastics education initiative for men's gymnastics.1(

AHention Club Owners

Summer Camp

Directory If you would like your summer camp listed in the free summer camp directory in the MarchiApril issue of USA Gymnastics and online, please register at camp/

In order for your camp to be included in the Marchi April issue of USA Gymnastics magazine you must register by February " 2007. 1(

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800.224.0240 24 h au rfi tn ess .cam

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proud sponsor of USA Gymnastics

Women's Program

UPDATE NATIONAL ELITE PROGRAM COMMITTEE NATIONAL TEAM TRAINING CENTER NOVEMBER 12, 2006 The meeting was called to order 1:00 p.m. by Gary Anderson, National Elite Program Chairman.

1. ROLL CALL Chairman .................................. ...... Gary Anderson Region I ................................................... Jack Carter Region II ....................... Brad Loan Region III ........................... Chris Burdette Regio n IV ................................. Bart Roskowski (proxy for Greg Lafleur) Region V ................................................... Enrique Trabanino (proxy for Mary Lee Tracy) Region VI ................ ... Barb Tiess Region VII ........... ..... . .. Jen Bundy Region VIII . . ...................... Toni Rand WPD. ................. ..... Gary Warren

2. REGIONAL REPORTS Gary Anderson asked all committee members to present reports from their regions concerning clinics and competitions. All regions reported on competitions and clinics in their regions withi n the last year. They also presented new initiatives that were implemented in their region at clinics and competitions. Gary Warren also presented the calendar for the 2007 Elite season. Each regiona l chairman presented their 2007 Regional Elite calendar.

3. SENIOR PRE ELITE DIVISION Recommendation to eliminate the Senior Pre Elite division Motion: Barb Tiess Second: Toni Rand Passed 7-1 (Jack Carter opposed)

4. JUNIOR PRE ELITE AGES Recommendation to extend the following ages for the Junior Pre Elite Division Junior Pre Elite 11-15 Motion: Jen Bundy Second: Jack Carter Passed

5. HOPES MODIFICAilONS Recommendation of the following EGR modifications to the Hopes division for the 2007 season. All events will follow FIG ERG requirements with the following modifications: Vault - No modifications Ba rs - B Dismount, 1/ 2 turn,"g element and only two of the three releases required (Judges should not deduct the Hopes athletes for the lack of a 1/ 1 turn in composition) Beam - B Dismount Floor - B Dismount Motion: Jen Bundy Second: Jack Carter Passed

R搂~* .. ~I

12 路1路 EN<iLISH~ pur.Yl/p& ::.pi&;Oppl SUPER A 11kJOlle 8ULLPO<i~ btlGIBSON ~['I!YJiull GRIPS TRI IRIP y 42 TECHNIQUE路




6. HOPES/PRE ELITE AWARDS AGE DIVISIONS Recommendation the following age breakdowns for Hopes and Junior Pre Elites for Regional Qualifiers, National Qualifiers and Challenge competitions. Hopes: 10 year olds and 11-12 year olds. Junior Pre Elite: 11-13 and 14-15 Motion: Brad Loan Second: Chris Burdette Passed

7. PRE ELITE COMPULSORY SCORES Recommendation the following compulsory qualification scores for Hopes and Junior Pre Elite for the 2007 season. Hopes: 32.00 (no change) Junior Pre Elite: 33.50 Motion: Bart Roskowski Second: Jack Carter Passed

8. PRE ELITE OPTIONAL SCORES Recommendation the following optional qualification scores to the Challenge competitions for Hopes and Junior Pre Elite for the 2007 season . Hopes: 46.50. Junior Pre Elite: 48.50 Motion: Barb Tiess Second: Brad Loan Passed

9. VAULT WARM¡UP FOR 30 SECOND TOUCH Recommendation that there be only two vaults permitted for the 30 second touch warm-up in the National Qualifiers and the Challenge competitions. Motion: Jen Bundy Second: Chris Burdette Passed

10. PRE ELITE/HOPE TRAINING CAMP QUALIFIERS Recommendation the following numbers to qualify to the Pre Elite/ Hopes Training Camp from the US Challenge Competitions with all expenses paid (along with one coach per club). Hopes 10 year olds - Top 1 All Around Hopes 11-12 year olds - Top 2 All Around Junior Pre Elite 11-13 year olds - Top 4 All Around Junior Pre Elite 14-15 year olds - Top 1 All Around An additional 8 athletes (Hopes or Juniors) may be selected from the American or US Challenge to be added to the Pre Elite Training Camp with their room and board paid for by USA Gymnastics Motion: Jen Bundy Second: Enrique Trabanino Passed

11. TOPS PROGRAM Gary Warren reported that a TOPs Task Force will meet in January of 2007 to review the current TOPs program and make recommendations to the National Elite Program on any changes to the TOPs program. Gary Anderson asked the committee to work closely with the TOP State Managers in conducting clinics for the TOPs athletes in their respective regions. Gary Warren also reported that the TOP State Managers for the 2007 season will be decided in January in consultation with the National Elite Program Committee.

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Meeting adjourned 5:00 pm. Motion: Jen Bundy Second: Enrique Trabanino 1\


Judges Mileage Reimbursement Effective January 1, 2007, the rate for mileage reimbursement is $0.48/miLe to reflect the upcoming change in the IRS standard mileage rate for 2007.

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www.3rdLevelConsultin com JANUARY 1007 â&#x20AC;˘ TECHNIQUE



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continued from p.9 â&#x20AC;˘ Raising the Bar

Putting it All Together No need to get overwhelmed. Once the structures are in place, you will have more time to spend on teaching gymnastics. Families are so grateful for the extra care and special touches that make your academy more like a home than just a place to go. As a parent continually tells me, "You are part of our village!" As a Personal Development Center, you will find that your students grow-up there-not just grow older. You are laying the foundation for success. Now that is really raising the bar. X

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5 Place informational bulletin boards in the parents' area.


I '-

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\ / \ I






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8 Place new and current student pictures on a bulletin board a photo album.

9 Clean, dust, and vacuum ... everyday. f




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Visa is the only card accepted at th e 2007 Visa Championships

Event Information: Ticket Information: 408-999-5844 San Jose Information:

VISA Proud Sponsor



san cclifornio


Ihis i$ the way.


2007 National Gymnastics Day & TY$on Fitness Challenge Mark your calendars now! National Gymnastics Day 2007 is scheduled for August 4 and will culminate again with the Tyson Fitness Challenge to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. The Tyson Fitness Challenge, the eight-session program, will kick off at the Tyson American Cup in March and will go through to Notianal Gymnastics Day, Aug. 4. The first year of the Tyson Fitness Challenge was a great success, but we want to make it ev~n better this year. Based on feedback from our members, we have expanded the Tyson Fitness Challenge to include your recommendations.

o More lead time to plan the program o Exercises on DVD and in photos o Different levels of exercises. For example,

o o

for upper body, core and lower body, we have beginning, intermediate and advanced levels Preschool-oge fitness activities Games for preschool and school age kids, as well as gymnasts

More details will be broadcast emailed toclubs and professional members inJanuary. We encourage you to plan ahead and offer the Tyson Fitness Challenge to your students. By participating in the Tyson Fitness Challenge and raising money for the Children's Miracle Network, you will be keeping 100%of the money you raise in your local Children's Miracle Network hospitol. Byincorporating the eight-sessionTyson Fihless Chall enge into your schedule, you ore helping get todoy's youth off the couchond more physically active. For more informotion, contoct Loree Golimore at 31 7-829-5654 or Igoli To become 0 Member Club ond receive 011 the benefits, goonline to ond register ot membership/ dub.hhnl. 46


CLASSIFIEDS for sale· pos i tio n avai l able • seeking employment· ed ucation • co ns ig n me nt

POSITION AVAILABLE CAMP WAYNE FOR GIRLS- Children's summer camp in Northeosl Pennsylvania (2 _ hrs from New York City) wilh a slrong gymnoslics program. If you love children as well as gymnoslics, we are seeking a Director, Assislonl Director ond female counselor/ inslructors 10 live 01 Ihe camp and leach children (616yrs). We also need on experienced Aerobic inslructor and (heerleading sloff. We offer a coring, fun·loving environmenl, rm/bd and salary and on awesome summer experience! Families welcome. Doles are 6/ 16·8/ 12/ 2007. (0111 ·800·279·3019 or apply on· line at: OPTIONAL COACH NEEDED. Junior Gym - Home of Lyons Gymnoslics Academy, on 8,000 sq. fool gym in Soulhern (olifornio is in need of a posilive, coring, hardworking individual wilh slrong spoiling skills and underslonding and use of progressions. (ompensolion commensurole wilh experience, as well os health benefils for qualified employees. The coach we are looking for hos hod 01 leasl one year of Oplionol coaching experience, wilh slrenglh in lumbling, bars, and vault. please call AlaI 818·785·2177 or email iuniorgym@sbcglobol.nel You musl have Ihe legal righllo work in Ihe U.S. We are on EOE. ASSISTANT MANAGER/TEAM COACH. Lorge multi·location gymnoslics school seeking ossislonl facility manager. Excellenl opportunity for career orienled gymnoslics professional in a well·esloblished business of over 33 years, wilh a greal sloff and support syslems already in place. (enlrolly localed near moior Big 10 university. Slorting solory commensurole wilh experience and in dudes medical, reliremenl, paid vocalion, paid holidays, sick days and professional fees. Greal inlerpersonol skills, ability 10 leach, and supervise iunior sloff members are a musl. Desire 10 ossisl wilh boys and, or, girls compelilive learns is preferable. Send resume 10 or conlacl Jill Schloll 01 3193311810 INSTRUCTORS/COACHES. Paragon Gymnoslics of Norwood (Bergen (ounty), NJ is looking for Inslruclors ond (ooches, PIT·FIT Weekdays/ weekends/evenings. Requiremenls: Posilive oHilude, responsible, reliable, love of children. Posilions available for pre·school Ihrough inlermediole level inslruction. (ompelilive Team (ooch Levels 5·10. (om pony sponsored cerlificalions (Safety, (PR, Firsl Aid) Full benefils/poid vocalion & sick days, company molched reliremenl plan. Will Iroin. Solory commensurole wilh experience. NEW facility, slole·of·lhe·ort, opprox. 11,000 sq. N. Locoled in Ihe NY/ NJ Melropolilon area, easily accessible from all moior highways. (onlacl Dot: 201 ·767·6921 or fox resume 10 201·767·6693 or e·moil:dol@porogongym. com. 49 Wolnul Slreet, Suile 4, Norwood, NJ 07648.

FOR SALE Highly su«essful, lolally equipped Gym wilh mosl recenl equipmenl updoles. Exlros indude lumble Irack, fiber gloss lumble slrip, air lumble slrips, and greal Pre·school supplies. Fully enrolled Progroms·18 monlh 10 Team levels. All Slor (heer Progrom. And MU(H MORE. Greal family community. Greal hunling, fishing, woler and snowskiing dose 01 hand. Localed in Ihe greal slole of Woshinglon. Reliring owner will ossisl wilh financing or buy oul. (all for more deloils Don 907·317·4208. GK RISK FREE PROGRAM: Gel wilh Ihe program! It's beller Ihon ever, with a lerrific ossortmenl of NEW slyles and fabrics and incomparable sales polenliol. Plus, iI's easier Ihon ever 10 order, sell and relurn your RISK FREE gormenls. We offer cuslomized packages for

your pro shop, meels and summer camp. You only pay for whol you've sold and may relurn Ihe resl, Ihere is obsolulely NO RISK! If you hoven'llried us lolely, iI's lime you slorted earning exIra profils wilh our RISK FREE merchandise. (all 1·800·345·4087 for more informolion on how you can gel started lodoy! Emoil: Score Moster - NO MORE lnpulling Gymnosl RosIer dolo!! Score Mosler, Ihe mosl widely used sOHwore, iusl gol even beller! Meel Directors can now downlood rosIer informolion from Ihe USAG websile. Fealures indude: creale rololions, ossign #'s, Ihe mosl comprehensive reporting and results can go directly 10 your websile. Supports: womens/ mens, individual/learn, ortislic/ rhythmic/lrompoline, compulsory/ oplionol. www.Score· - FREE demo & user lisling. (onloct: Mark Mahoney, POB 31421, (horlolle, N(, 28231.

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HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD RATES 1-100 words = $100 101-200 words = $200 Your ad Ii Tedll1jqJJe will ou!omoIicoily be placed on~ for 30 days 01 00 addi1ionoI duge.1he address is:"ilieds/ Your 30 days VIii begin OIl the next regub- po<ting dote.


ISSUE January.. february.

00<.10 .. ............. Jan. l0

March ... .. ....... Feb. 10 April.. . . . .. ....... Mar.10 May ................ Apr. 10 June .............................. .......... May 10 Ju~ . June 10 July 10

August . .................................... Aug. 10 Nov/ Dec.... Oct. 10 HOTE: II the 10,h lolls on a w"kend or hoNday, ,he premling work day is c.nsidt"d dtadlin•.



Email your ad and credit card information to: Ipeszek@uso· Or mail to: USA Gymnoslics, Pan Americon Plaza 201 S. (opilol Ave., Sle. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fox 10 317-237-5069. *If lOU fax, ~s. indude your ,ard 11,1.,., expiration date and signature. ~ease dBlignale if your ad should appear in TechnirJue moganne or USA Gymnaslics magazine. ADS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PAYMEIIT WILL NOT BE PUBUSHED. USAGymnaslics

reserves Ihe righl to vary formol.

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lechnique is r"eived by more than 17,000 USA Gymnostics professional members plus thousands of ,;ewe" .,11 be exposed 10 your od ontlne. Advertise lour empoymenl Ojlportunily, product, service, 01 (Ompe~~on here or greal results. OuBl~OOS? (011 loon Paszek 01317·819·5646.

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USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

PAID Indianapolis, IN Permit No. 7867




The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most current schedule. 'Tille tD! elate SIiJiect to darge. See for upc/ates.

January 14 Wichita, KS 29070; 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Heseff (enter, Wichita State University Directions: Mark Folger 316·733·7525 (ourse code: JS01142007KS Instructor: James SampeI913·764·8282

September Gncinnati, OH 45014; 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Gncinnati Gymnastics Academy Directions: Mary Lee Tracy 513·860·3082 (ourse code: BM090720070H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614·777·9430


Male or Female: _ _ _ _ __

Professional or Inslructor #:

Current Safely Exp. Date:

Soc. Sec. #

Birth Date:

Address: Cily:


Telephone: (H)

Zip: (W)

E·mail Address: Course Code: Course Cily/Stote: Form of Payment:



Payment Amount:

Pro-Member with Current Safely Certification wishing to r~certi~ at live course .............:.: ....:................ no charge Pro-Member With Expired or New Safety Certlflcalion ............ $ 65.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 65.00 Non-Member or Associate Member ........................................ $ 115.00 * You must hove your USA Gymnostics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount. All registrations must be received at USA Gymnastics two (2) weeks prior to the course date'. late registrations incomplete registrations, or registrations without proper payment wi rI not ~e processed. late registrations are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site an~ late registrations will be charged a $25 on-site/late fee. All materials, inciudinJi tlie course book, are/rovided ot the course and are pari of the course fee. Certification is vali for four (4) years. Safety Certification is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be transferred to another course within six (6) months with prior written notification. late fee will apply if notification is received after course deadline. *USA Gymnasti~s re,~l v,,~ the right to alter course deadline

Mail registraTIon form and payment to: VISA

Name on Card: Number: Exp. Date: __



' --'

USA Gymnastics Member Services P,o,d Spo",o, Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212



Technique Magazine – January 2007  
Technique Magazine – January 2007