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The Mind: New Lessons on the Old Art of Stretching By: Gina M. Pongetti MPT, MA, (S(S t is something we do every day with our athletes. It is a necessity to our sport. For rhythmic gymnasts, it is the cornerstone of their lives. Because it is a daily activity, it can easily become mundane, overlooked, and sloppy. Revamping your stretching program , analyzing the details, and setting goals for your gym are all important. This is especially true right now, around peak season for our competitive athletes. The force and output demands are high, so let's keep the muscles happy! We will cover some anatomy, explanation of stretching and fle xibility from a kinesiology perspective, crush some bad habits, and hopefully give some guidance as to how to implement these new ideas in to your program today.


The last point is the most important. Ten people can tell you completely different ways to stretch the hamstrings, and the most important, is what most properly stretches your athletes for body postu re, demand of sport/trick and personal need. The true definition of flexibility is: range of motion in a joint or combination of joints (1) .

What We are Stretching Let's go over some anatomy and kinesiology first, to better understand what the muscle feels inside! Muscles are made up of thousands of strands of "spaghetti." Each separate noodle is made up of thousands

This IS an example of a bad split technique With hips turned out.

This IS an example of good technique, aligning the hips properly and stretching Without force.

This article is not just for the Elite coaches. In fact, the younger the coaches who understand this information, the better training will be for the future of our athletes. If we introduce and educate our young athletes to proper techniques, it will carry them through and potentially avoid picking up bad habits. As well, to the higher level coaches, remember, there is always something new to learn. Stretching is a topic that so many people have covered. Karate, Pilates, judo, yoga, ballet, etc, have all contributed to how gymnasts and coaches train and stretch. The best compilation of stretches will consider the following things: 1. Age of the ath lete 2. Experience of the athlete 3. (urrent level 4. training schedule 5. tricks/demand of sport

of intertwined "nood les." Within each of these are tiny motor units, made up of materials called actin and myosin, which are important for sensing stretch quality and quantity. The big noodles are bound, then, by material called fascia, which is similar to cellophane. It keeps everything in place, yet allows it to conform, stretch, and move. When there are adherences, or scar tissue, it can be that the fascia is stuck to the muscle, stuck to neighboring fascia, skin, or even the muscles have scarring within.


Muscles, at the most microscopic LeveL, are abLe to shorten and lengthen because of overlap. They, therefore, have limits of shortening and limits of lengthening. Shortening beyond body preparation causes cramping and contracture, and stretching without available range, in the worst case scenario, creates tears of the muscles or even a tear of the muscle off of the bone where the tendon inserts (avulsion fracture). These injuries take a Long time to recover from, and if not treated properly, will be chronic injuries, and effect neighboring muscle groups and body posture because of adaptation .

TEe H N10 UE â&#x20AC;˘ MAY 2005


Advanced Stretch as a Reflex Plyometrics is a lecture in and of itself. The short definition is activity that takes advantage of the stretch reflex for more power production. It involves a pre-stretch with force immediately before a high power muscle contraction. Examples of this are that you can jump higher, using your quads, when you start from a bent knee position than you can a small bent knee position. You can jump even higher using plyometrics by jumping off of a 6"platform, landing and taking off again. When a muscle is stretched, just like shooting a rubber band, it can produce more power.

in February, kids sit down on the floor, and bounce right into splitz. Without giving muscles time to relax and warm up, the results will be sub par. The order of stretching should be warmth (general warm-up), static preparation (long stretching , 45 seconds), the ballistic (standing kicks for the hamstrings), and the force and velocity demands in ballistic (kicking faster, harder, switching directions quicker). The example for the calf muscles would be gentle jogging, calf stretching bent knee and straight knee, for 45 seconds each, then sing le jumping, followed by deep jumps (landings), and then plyometrics last.

[ammon Misconceptions The more force I apply to the mu~c~e, the muscle .wil~ stretch. This is most commonly seen as Sltt10g on the chlld 10 center splitz to the point of pain, or pushing them down in left leg splitz. There are actually two parts to why this is a bad idea. First, when force is placed on the muscle, it senses too much stretch , and that it cannot handle it, and will begin to fight back, or "recross" the fibers, reducing the length, and therefore reducing the ability to relax and produce overall lengthening. Second, from a psychological perspective of the athlete, when they feel that they are being pushed, the brain knows that the next thing to feel is stretch, and very soon after that is pain. So, they brace themselves by consciously tightening the muscle, which, in addition to the first explaining, produces no results. Thi s is called anticipatory isometric bracing.


Preventing Injury The last idea that I want to explain to you is that of body protective mechanisms. Muscles have small sensors in them, set by the body, to determine comfort level of stretch. A good example is a circuit breaker, which when there is too much to handle, turns off. Well, your muscles do not turn off, they try to "fight back," anticipating what wo uld happen if they don't (i.e. tearing or injury). The reason that injuries such as tears happen when the muscle is not properly stretched often is because undo stress and outside demands were



The second is bouncing. The coach thinks, if I bounce them down, I will just get them there faster, or they wi ll eventually "let up" trying to resist me, and just miraculously "get" splitz. Wrong again. Bouncing causes the muscle to have that stretch reflex that I mentioned before, and then the muscle is in a constant state of defensiveness, and complete relaxation cannot be reached. Not to mention, the muscle may tear.


Stretch until you feel it, then you are done. Actually, it takes at least 45 seconds for a muscle to completely relax and begin the "adaptation " phase, meaning long term change for your athlete. If you stretch the hamstring for 20 seconds, likely it is more flexible for the next hour than it was before the stretch, but there is probably no long tern effect, which is eventually what we want for the health of our athletes.

[[b Mitochondria



placed on the muscle too quickly, and the "knee jerk" reaction was to tighten, to fight back, and a tight muscle that is stretched with force that it cannot handle tears (in other words, the outside force wins).

Order of Activity Muscles are made up of fibers of collagen, which become more elastic when heated. Warming up muscles through getting blood flowing in the body (general aerobics, increasing heart rate) should precede all activity. Too many times have I walked in to a meet in Chicago ---------------~c

Oversplitz, over the river, over the chairs, etc. People are getting creative with this last habit, from mat statio ns, to folding chairs, to stall bars. The bottom line is that 180 degrees is 180 degrees, no matter whether flat, tipped upwards, suspended in air, etc. If the muscle does not want to stretc h, it will not. Splitz stretches the hamstring of the front leg and the quad/hip flexor group of the back leg. It does not change when you put the heel on a chair. Just square the hips, let them use lifts (parallettes) under the arms for proper posture, and work on getting to 180 degrees first.


Get down, no matter what. This misnomer is about quality over quantity, and the simple concept of muscle memory. Muscles have many fibers which pull in different degrees depending on the placement of the joints around it. For instance, you can stretch the hamstrings by placing your leg on a two foot high surface in front of you. You can haphazardly place the leg up there with rounded back, turned out hips and leg for a general stretch, which may also incorporate inner thigh/adductors, low back, etc. Or, you can completely square your hips, bottom leg, extend your spine and center your leg. This wi ll create a stretch pattern, or posture, that

TEe HN IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ MAY 2005

(continued on page 8)


(continued from page 7)

mimics sport demand (i .e. split position in ar, or in handstand). If we train and stretc h "unsquared," t hen, when the body is in a pressure situation, that is where it wi ll revert to. Changing these bad habits takes months, if not years. So, train the way you will compete. If the athlete cannot get down in a split position to 180 degrees, bring the floor to the athlete (i.e. hands on blocks, parallettes), allowing the athlete to practice good form while stretching.

Advanced and Focused We will now touch on a concept known as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, or PN F. This requires one-on-one attention to your athletes, as well as in -depth training for your individual athletes if they will be facilitators . The parameters that will be discussed are strict time frames to be followed. So, if you have a bunch of chatterboxes in your group with low attention spa ns, consider having these exercises be coach-assisted. To understand PNF, you must first understand a few things. First, most muscles in the body have a partner, an opposite, or an antagonist. The bicep has a tricep. The quad has a hamstring. The calf has an anterior tibialis. The abdominals have the back extensors. Only one of these muscles can be activated in the pair at one time. When the bicep is firing the tricep needs to be in relaxation state in order to allow the fibers to contract, the range of motion (ROM) to occur, and to not hi nder speed or velocity production in regards to torque. This is a requirement for any movement to occur. Now that we know that, the second concept is that when the agonist (working muscle) is contracted, the antagonist is more relaxed. To take advantage of this, PNF has a 4-6 seco nd contraction of the muscle (the hip flexors) in order to relax out the hamstrings. Then, this is followed by a relaxation of the contraction, and a static stretch for 10-12 seconds of the antagonist (the hamstrings), taking advantage of the previous ultra-relaxation! A similar concept can also be applied when stretching the hamstring. You can contract and stretch the same muscle in a cycle as well. Contracting the hamstring in near maximal contraction , hold for 46 seconds, then immediately go in to complete relaxation. At this very juncture of contract to relax, the stretch is added, more ROM is moved, and the "slack" is taken up in the muscle. The idea behind this is simple: after contraction, the muscle is tired. It is vulnerable

to sneak-up stretch, as long as it is gentle Uust take up the slack) . Forcing will open you up to a reflex protective contraction, which we talked about earlier, which defeats the purpose. As an example, lay on your back, both legs extended. Have a partner, with straight leg and square hips; bring your leg into flexion, creating a hamstring stretch. Now, have the partner maintain position, while you produce an isometric (non-moving) force. The two of you will essentially "match" each other in strength so that no movement occurs. Hold for 4-6 seconds. Now, the facilitator immediately, yet slowly and gently, takes up the "slack" of the hamstring (simply an inch or so) until resistance is felt or a stretch is felt. Hold for 10-12 seconds, and repeat 3 more times. This type of stretching can be done with splitz (contract into the floor without moving), with calf stretching (let the calf hang over the edge of a stair, then gently activate and release) and with quadriceps. Be careful to adhere closely to the gentleness of the rules to avoid injury. I hope that you have some good ideas to give stretching a fresh start in your gym, and also to concentrate on it as much as it demands. Stretching is a large part of injury prevention, and can save your athletes months of rehabilitation. References 1. Robergs & Roberts, Exercise Physiology, St. Louis, 197, Mosby.

2. Griffith, Complete Guide to Sports Injuries, New York, 1997, Putnam Berkley. 3. Rose, A Multilevel Approach to the Study of Motor Control and Learning, Boston, 1997, Allyn & Bacon. 4. Smith, Weiss, & Lehmkuhl, Brunnstrom's Clinical Kinesiology, 5th ed. , Phildelphia, 1996, F.A. Davis.

Gina Pongetti , MPT, CSCS, is a Physical Therapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist in the Chicagoland area, and is part-owner and clinic manager at OccuSport PT in Darien speciali zing in gymnasts, dancers, and triathletes. She's also a member of the USA Gymnastics National Health Care Network. Questions/co mments to:

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Ankle injuries are an all-too-common occurrence in the sport of gymnastics. With landings from big heights and often with rotation and onto unstable surfaces, the potential for an ankle injury occurs on every event. With such great risk for injury, it is important to include exercises that will help strengthen the muscles surrounding the ankle to make the joint more stable. What good is it to do hours of skills, routines and conditioning, only to have the season cut short by an ankle injury? This article will discuss exercises to avoid potential ankle injuries, exercises for rehabilitation of an ankle injury and the effects of the taping/ bracing of a previously injured ankle. The recommendations of this article are not intended, nor should they be used as a substitute, for a physician or physical therapist's diagnosis or treatment. Upon suspecting an ankle injury, an appointment with a physician is strongly recom mended.

Any single leg exercises (squats, stands, rebounds) will help strengthen the muscles of the ankle joint. These exercises, as well as calf stretching, should be included in your daily conditioning program , to help decrease the likelihood of an injury to the ankle. So you've read this article too late and you've already had an ankle injury?! After you've seen the doctor or physical therapist, and have been cleared to get back to the gym to do strength, try these ankle strengthening exercises: (see pictures)

Ankle Alphabet 1. Move your ankle around slowly as if tracing the letters of the alphabet. 2 . Repeat for letters A through Z. 3. Do 1-3 sets . 4. Repeat 1-2 times per day.

Exercise 1 of 6

Ankle - Balance Disc

Pick an event. Any event. Men's or Women's. Every event requires, at least, landing on the feet for a dismount. In events like floor, vault and beam , the foot makes contact with the ground several times during the event, with every foot placement having the potential to cause injury to the ankle. Next, think about how many routines your gymnasts are doing throughout practice and meets daily, weekly, and during the season. The potential for injury is high unless the muscles supporting the ankle and the ligaments (tissue that connects the many bones of the leg and foot to one another) are strong. Therefore, it is important to start strengthening the ankle prior to injury. The most common exercise to help strengthen this area is toe raises. You can do them on two feet or one foot dependi ng on the strength of the gymnast. They should be performed with the heel hanging off of a step or beam so that the heel drops below horizontal. This will allow for the calf muscle to be strengthened and stretched throughout its full range of motion. To make it more challenging, try them on a trampoline or Tumble Trac. Try them on a balance disc or an eight-inch soft landing mat (skill cushion). This will add an instability factor to the exercise. Single leg standing with the eyes closed is another excellent exercise. When it becomes easy, stand on the 8-incher again. As you balance, feel all of the small muscles in your ankle contracting to keep you from falling. Try it at home on a folded pillow. Just make sure you're out of the way of the coffee table!

--1-'-0--- -- -- - -- ------ÂŤ

1. Stand on the floor or trampoline without holding onto the wall as shown. 2. Keeping foot flat, practice balancing on one foot. 3. Continue for 5 minutes, on and off, 1-2 times per day.

Exercise 2 of 6

Ankle Inversion - Elastic Tubing 1. Sit in a chair with your heel on floor. 2. Lay a towel flat as shown , with a book or weight at the far end . 3. Place the ball of your foot on the towel , and using only your ankle, make the towel slide so that the book/weight moves towards your foot, 4. Keep your heel on the floor, pick up the ball of your foot and repeat the movement until the book/ weight is close to the foot. 5. Repeat 5-10 times . 6 . Do 1-2 ti mes per day.



Exercise 3 of 6

)>--- - - -- - - - - - - - - - -

Ankle Eversion - Elastic Tubing 1. Repeat previous exercise, this time, placing the towe l and weight at the inside of your foot. 2. Do this exercise so that the foot is pulling the weight with the ankle moving outward. 3. Repeat 5- 10 times. 4. Do 1-2 times per day.


Exercise 4 of 6

Dorsiflexion - Resisted 1. Sitting in a cha ir, place one foot on top of the other foot . 2. Without letting the bottom foot move, try to pull it upward against the top foot. 3 . Repeat 10 times, 3 sets . 4. Do this exercise 1-2 times per day.

The pre-habilitation exercises, toe raises, single leg stands and calf stretches can be done now as well.

Exercise 5 of 6

Plantar Flexion - Toe Raises 1. Stand with feet 12 inches apart. 2. Raise up slowly onto your toes as high as you can. 3 . Repeat 10 times , 3 sets. 4. When tolerated, raise up and down on one foot only. 5 . Do this exercise 1-2 times per day.


Exercise 6 of 6

For a very acute (just happened) ankle injury, small movements may still be challenging, especially if you have been off of the foot for any period of time. If movement is still limited, try simply writing the alphabet in the air with your foot, with the movement occurring at the ankle. Repeat 3 times.

A few weeks into rehabilitation of your ankle injury, and after the doctor allows you to put full weight on the injury, start with some light jogging on a Tumble Trac or trampoline. The bounce of the trampoline will allow you to have to do less pushing off than you would have to do on the floor, and also provides the opportunity to work the stabilization of the ankle to prevent the ankle from rolling side-to-side. Try two footed rebounds on the Tumble Trac, progressing to hopping. Hopping should only be done when the ankle is pain-free and all of the previously mentioned exercises have been being preformed regularly. Another good trampoline exercise is a star jump. Draw a star with chalk on the trampoline bed (about 2 feet top to bottom, depending on the athlete's height). Starting at the bottom, left corner, draw a number 1. Draw a 2 at the top point, a 3 at the bottom right, a 4 at the left point and a 5 at the right. Start at number 1, and hop on one foot, in sequence (1,2,3,4,5,1) and repeat 10 times. Then start at 1 and go in reverse order (1,5,4,3,2,1) and repeat 10 times. All of these exercises should be follo wed by 20 minutes of icing the ankle. (continued on page 38)

Inversion-using a piece of therapeutic elastic band, tie it in a loop around a stationary object. Put your foot in the loop and with your heel planted on the floor, move your foot inward against the resistance of the band. Eversion- using the same band attached to the same object, turn around so that when your foot is in the band, you will now plant the heel, and move the foot outward against the resistance of the band. Dorsiflexion-same band, only this time you are facing the object the band is attached to. Place your foot in the loop and, with heel planted, pull your toes towards your shin. All of these exercises should be done for 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. They can be done everyday. If a band or piece of tubing is not available, spread a towel out on the floor. Floor must be smooth, not carpeted (trampoline bed or landing mat wo uld work too). Put a weig ht or a heavy book at one end of the towel. While sitting in a chair, plant the heel, place the ball of the foot on the towel, and slide the towel inwards or outwards so that the towel drags the weighted object. Lift the toes, and repeat until weight has slid all the way in. Repeat 3-5 times and then switch directions. -------------------芦


MAY 2005

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By Luan Peszek


Jana Bieger will turn 16 on November 12 of this year, making her age-eligible for the senior division and the 2005 World Championships! Known for her power, Jana just returned from a European tour where she competed in her first competition since knee surgery last fall. "I was happy I was able to compete on all four events and hit my routines," she said. Jana tied for second all-around with her teammate Melanie Sinclair at the USA vs. Switzerland competition (Nastia Liukin won the competition) and finished third

all-around behind Liukin and Elizabeth Tweddle of Great Britain in the USA vs. Great Britain match-up. "It was a good trip and a lot of fun," said Jana . "I liked traveling with my teammates and seeing all the sites in the cities we visited. Plus I was happy that I added a skill on beam, a front flip from a kneel position back to a kneel position. hopefully it will be evaluated in the future and I'll get my name on the skill."

Coached by her mom, Andrea, at Boca Twisters in Florida, Jana said, ""It's good to be coached by my mom because I can always talk to her and tell her what's going on." Andrea is a three-time Olympic gymnast for West Germany so knows what it takes to succeed . She said, "We're working very well together. I'm a coach in the gym and mom at home. We're more like friends. We handle any problems that come up together." (continued on page 29)

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11 4


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A Thought Provoking Analogy As gym club veterans, we easily recognize the poor parenting : • What is a mistake; how do you recognize the difference between a habits and how these habits can sabotage the child, the mistake and irresponsibility; how do you treat a mistake; how do organization's culture and, in general, make everyone's job a drag. you treat irresponsibility? However, since it involves 'us,' we are less likely to recognize that the same thing is true of the leadership habits (strategy) of so : • What is character; what is the difference between character and many owners/managers; a poor leadership strategy sabotages the personality? employee, the culture and makes everyone's job a drag. And, just : • Where does money fit into the motivation scheme; can you motivate like the parent almost never recognizes his or her weaknesses, without money; can you use money to motivate? neither does the owner/manager. : • Is there a difference between incentive and bribe; is incentive ok? Does your gym club have a prescribed, written, teachable : • Is 'don't sweat the small stuff' good advice; what is the small stuff; leadership strategy? If not, can you really expect to find skilled : what is the big stuff? and inspiring leadership across all managers and employees, year in and year out? By 'skilled and inspiring leadership' I mean the : To summarize, I submit that each and everyone of the above kind of leadership that stimulates others to voluntarily give their : questions is a question that your gym club will need to address best self toward the accomplishment of the 'big goal: whatever : someday if it has not already. It makes far more sense to identify, it may be. : communicate and live your beliefs rather than scramble and : stumble trying to figure out what to do when a problem arises. A Leadership Strategy can take many forms and I pose these questions that beg to be answered in every Leadership Strategy: : If you are interested in receiving a copy of Kids First's Leadership : Strategy please mail $5 cash or check (no credit card, please) to: : KIDS FIRST LEADERHIP STRATEGY; c/ o Pamela Groskopf; 7900 East • What drives human beings? : Kemper Road, Cincinnati , OH 45249. • What makes us the same; what makes us different; what differences are desirable and what differences are undesirable? • What is motivation; where does it come from; how do you teach it; can you teach it? Jeff Metzger • What is responsibility; what does it look like, smell like, taste like; USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner how do you teach it? Can you teach it? President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp President, Kids First Sports Center • What causes some people to give 100% while others do not?

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2005 Dates:

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mitri Poliaroush (pronounced Po-lee-r-rush) from Lafayette, Louisiana, was named National Team Coordinator for Trampoline and Tumbling in January 2005. Dmitri was formerly a head coach with Trampoline and Tumbling Express.


Dmitri is a two-time Olympian, representing Belarus in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics. He's a sixtime World Champion, has won seven European Championships and many World Cups. Dmitri was also elected to the FIG Athlete's Commission and is an accomplished judge with an FIG judging brevet. USA Gymnastics is pleased to announce a series of clinics to benefit trampoline and tumbling athletes and coaches. Dmitri will conduct five one-day coaching seminars that will emphasize technique and progressions on trampoline. Coaches will be able to earn continuing education credits for the new coaching curriculum as a part of USA Gymnastics University. One clinic took place April 24 in Highland, Ind., at Dyna-Mite Trampoline & Tumbling, and another took place May 1 in Lubbock, Texas, at Air Extreme. Both of the first two clinics were a huge success. The remaining schedule is shown below:

Sunday, May 15 GTC Academy, San Diego, California


In 1996 I had earned all the titles of World and European Champion and decided to stop competing. At the Florida workout, I met the owner of Trampoline and Tumbling Express, Tara Guidry, and she invited me over to work with her kids. I came to Lafayette, Louisiana in 1997 to coach at Trampoline and Tumbling Express.

Q: Do you like it here? A: Yes, definitely. I like being in the U.S. and Louisiana. People are very outgoing and friendly. They like to have fun and they have the best food and the greatest time at Mardi Gras. They are laid back in Louisiana and I like that.


How did trampoline and tumbling differ in Belarus where you grew up vs. here in the United States?


Saturday, May 21 Xtreme Trampoline & Tumbling, Lee's Summit, Missouri Saturday, July 2 Fairland Trampoline & Tumbling, Laurel, Maryland

For a schedule, registration form, costs and other details go to and click on programs, then trampoline and tumbling.

We talked to Dmitri about hi s direction for USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling and here's what he had to say!

'-I-=-,- = - a - - - - - - - - - - - - ------{(


When and what made you want to move to the U.S. to coach Trampoline and Tumbling?

There were a smaller number of participants in t ram pol in e in Belarus . You have to take a test to do trampoline in Belaru s. When I was 6 years old I didn't pass that test so I wasn't allowed in. After that, I continued to beg and beg to come and finally they let me into the classes. Once you're in the program, you are on the team. There are no recreational classes, it is team and hard work. The entire system is different. Here in the U.S. it's more recreational and there are lots of students doing trampoline and tumbling. For coaches, in some way it's easier here and in some way it's harder here. For coaches who want to have results, it's harder in the U.S . because of schedules and school. In Belarus there is a public system of education for athletes which allows them to train more efficiently. I worked out 42 hours per week (two practices a day) and also fit in my education. Here there is home school, but no education is organized specifically for athletes so it's hard to fit two practices a day into your schedule.

Q: Will you incorporate some of your training and background from Belarus into the U.S. programs?

TECH N I QUE â&#x20AC;˘ MAY 2005

) >----------------


Yes, I'm trying to incorporate some of my training into the U.S. National Program but it's difficult because of the structure. For example, some athletes who home school can workout twice a day and some cannot due to school. Also, not every gym can afford to train their athletes so long. In Belarus, the best athletes train together, so they have the same technique and are part of a team everyday.


What are your goals for the T&T program for the next four years?

Q: What is your role in the T&T program? A: I'm organizing national camps. Also athletes come into the gym in Lafayette where I work with them . I will also go to all the competitions with them. Recently in Holland we had good results. It was very impressive. We won five medals. The last time the U.S. did this well was in the 70's. I also work a lot with coaches. This is the main thing that is very important. I would like to work together with the coaches and have better understanding with each other. If coaches understand what to do then it will be much easier for me. It's a lot of communication and education with all the trampoline and tumbling coaches in the u.S. I'm a clinician with the Jumpstart program, and help the athletes and coaches in this program, too. It's important that the talented kids identified in this program have good training and basics.

Q: I know the World Championships are this September in the Netherlands. What training plan do you in mind leading up to have

this event?


We will have a training camp prior to leaving for the World Championships. The team will get together and get more organized while going to represent the United States. From the training camp we'll go to Holland where we'll have another few days of workouts with our team. During the summer, the trampoline and tumbling team will compete at three World Cups in Bulgaria, France and Belgium. The athletes will gain experience and get the feel of a major competition, especially at the one in August before we go to the Netherlands.

A: I would like the U.S . to qualify one man and one woman to the

2008 Games. The maximum you can have is four. For this year at World Championships, I'd like to see two trampoline athletes (one male and one female) in the top 15. This would be a good result for us. I want the athletes to feel that it's a huge privilege to make the National Team. I want to develop this mentality. It's a big honor to make the team in this huge country. They need to know when they make team it is hard work, not just fun . I want to instill more discipline into the program.

For Tumbling and Double Mini the goal is to win a medal. The biggest goal at World Championships for trampoline is to have the women's team in the top five and men's team in the top eight or nine. For individual trampoline competition I'd like one man and one woman to be in the top 15. Good luck Dmitri in your new role as National Team Coordinator for USA Gymnastics.


What will it take for them to medal at World Championships and for trampoline at the Olympic Games?


Again, we must workout a lot of hours. They must give 100% . They need to work extremely hard. Like in many sports, judges select the athletes. It's important how the athletes act and work and look. It's important the athletes have the total package - body, hair, clothing, etc. It's also important how the coaches act. We need discipline from both the coaches and the athletes. Technically we need to work lots of basics. Some gyms are skipping basics and technique. When I was in Belarus I would work back tucks for four hours at a time. Here I see kids working doubles and having fun before they have mastered the basics. I want them to master the basics first before going to harder skills. This will lead to success.



) > - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - = - 1 - = 9.....

4 1sf ANNUAL USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL CONGRESS and TRADE SHOW Held in conjunction with 2005 Visa Championships August 10-13, 2005 • Indianapolis, Indiana Business Management, 11 sessions for Cheerleading, sessions for Rhythmic, Acrobatic and Trampoline programs, Sports Science sessions and more.

USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL CONGR~SS Indianapolis. Indiana· August 10·13, 2005

Plan now on attending. Bring your entire family. Bring your entire staff. Hotels, Congress and Visa Championships venues all within walking distance from one another. There is something for everyone and plenty to do. Educatio n for all levels. 30 sessions for Women's Program, 20 sessions for Men's program, 15 sessions for Developmenta l Instructor/ Coaches (pre-schooL re creational, class), 14 sessions for

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All USA Gymnastics Professional and Instructor members. Coaches, judges and instructors of all levels. Recreational and preschool teachers, busi ness managers, administrators, club owners, high school and college coaches.

WHAT IS OFFERED: Three days of education with over 130 sessions offered. Lectures given by top recognized individuals in the field. Sessions on coaching, judging, business, preschool, recreational, sports science, ath lete wellness, fitness, and cheerleading. The leading experts in the areas of Women's, Men's, Rhythmic, Acrobatics, Trampoline and Tumbling , and Group Gymnastics programs.

WHERE: Congress wi ll be held at t he Indiana Convention Center and the Visa Championships wi ll be held at Conseco Fieldhouse Aug. 10-13 for men and women, while rhythmic

Exhibit floor with more than 150 companies and 200 booths filling the hall. Shopping, di scounts, networking, Club Owners opening breakfast. plus save on shipping, and more. National Championships for Women, Men, Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics Programs. Attractions abound in Indianapolis! From world-class museums and exciti ng attractions to Hoosier history and heritage, Indianapolis ca n inspire, entertain and educate visitors with a diverse array of attractions and landmarks. For details about attractions, events or hotels, visitors can call. ..


Or visit

and acrobatic gymnastics will take place at the Indiana Convention Center, along with Congress.

WHEN - TENTATIVE CONGRESS SCHEDULE: August 10, 2005 Congress Reg. opens 12:30-6:00 p.m. Annual Business Conference, Safety/ Risk Management course, KAT and MELPD courses, Women's Program State/Regional Chair workshop. Site TBD

CONGRESS HOTELS: Downtown Marriott and Westin Hotel (All the venues and hotels are within walking distance from one another). Reservations:

National Travel Service 888-603-8747 email Room rate: $ 129 plus tax


August 11-13, 2005

Registration opens 7:30 a.m.Indiana Convention Center Sessions 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Trade Show Exhibit Hall Open August 13, 2005

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony -TBD Congress Dance Party 9:00 p.m. at Marriott Hotel August 14, 2005

Women's Judges exams - site TBD


After July 15, 2005 you must regi ster on-site.

AM!. PD.

Complete one form per person-Photocopy for additional registrations, Become an Instructor Member to receive the member discount. Simply check "Please sign me up" and include an extra $49.00 ($65.00 Foreign Instructor Member) in your total amount enclosed. Your confirmation will be sent by email. Please provid a valid email address.



Registration opens August 10 • Congress sessions and Exhibit Hall August 11-13






T 5

(postmarked by July 25)




Congress-Early Bird registration only ($285 on-site registration)

0$335 Early Bird registration only 0$385 Congress registration on-site

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Congress Registration + Gold Ticket Package (Ear(y Bird Price) Number of additional packages _ _x$160 each additional Gold Ticket Packages

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(Early Bird Price)

Number of additional packages _ _x$ll 0 each additional Silver Ticket Packages

Early Bird Registration and Ti.k.t Pa.kages ends July 15 (while supply lasts)

Tickets will be mailed out two weeks prior to the event to the address listed below. Minimum age for Congress registration is 16. To become aprofessional member coli 1·800·345-4719 Name H

................................................................................................................................................. Social Security No . ...................

Birth Date



USA Gymnastics Pro/ ln st. No . ··

o Pl ease sign me up for an Instructor Membership. I have included $49 ($ 65 Foreig n Inslructor) in total amount due Email Address _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ {Email address must be provided in order receive con firmationj

This is a new address ... H.. HHH.H.HH.H.H O Please make thechange in the USAGymnaslics database.

Mailing Address State

Zip ·· Night Phone (

Day Phone (

.............................................................................................. Club Number

Club Name .

Check all that apply:

o Club Owner

o Coach/Teacher

Total Amount Enclosed

.,o n




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o Administrator Make Check/Money Order Payab le to USA Gymnastics

o Other _ _ _ __

Signature . Card # ... Exp. Cardholder Printed Name_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Please return this registration form to : USA Gymnastics Congress, Pan American Plaza , Suite 300,

201 S. Capitol, Indianapolis, IN 46225




• • • •

All registration ca ncellations must be in writing . Submit request in writing 10 USA Gymnastics, AHen lion: Ca thy Allen

Credential far entrance to Congress sessions ond clinics Aug. 11 -13 Indiana polis, IN. Admission 10 Rhythmic Championsh ips and Acrobotic Gymnostics Team Triols. Entronce to the Exhibit Hall fea turing the industry's finest products and services. One ticket to the Congress Dance Party on Saturday, August 13 . ladditional Congress Donce Party lickets for spouse/ guests ore $35 each-available at

Before July 15 - Registration fee less $30 service fee per person canceling.

on-site registration)

Afrer July 15 - 50% of registration fee per person canceling .

Videotaping: Videotoping of Congress sessions is per milled FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY unless the session presenters announce that his/her/their session may not be videotaped.

language: The official language of Congress is English. USA Gymnastics will make no speciol provisions for translation of sessions into other languages. Congress aHendees with special needs must notily USA Gymnastics in writing in th is regard priar to the July 25, Early Bird deadline. We suggest that this information be included with the Congress registration form.

SUBSTITUTION POLICY To transfer registration to another person, the new Congress attendee must also hove a Professional or Instructor membership. Before July 15 - $30 per substitution ON·SITE - $35 per substitution Submi t request in wri ti ng 10 USA Gymnastics, Attention : Calhy Allen







Mailed and faxed registrations must be recieved by July 27 After July 27 you must register on-site for an additional $25 fee per course per person





~ I


NOTE: Due to limited space and materials, admission to Congress add-ons is not guaranteed unless pre-registered_ Due to time constraints, several courses may overlap. Please be aware of this when scheduling add-ons.

(R(D APP #

Use this form to register for the 2005 Congress tests, examinations, certifications, etc. One form per person. Photocopy for additional add-on registrations. NOTE: Your Pro or Instructor Address (listed in the USA Gymnastics member database) will be used for all correspondence. :t> c


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Check appropriate space for the add-ons you wish to attend . INST. MEMBER PRO MEMBER NON TOTAL SUB MEMBER - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - 1


WOMEN'S JUDGES CERTIFICATION TESTS Sun. August 14, 8:30 a.m.-: 2 30 p.m. a Written Level (ost: $20 per test part a Practical Level _ _ _ __

Minimum age lor Salety Certilication is 16


Wed. August 10, 1:00-5:30 p.m.

a For recerts. MUST be currently safety certified AN Da pro-member.

a For those not already safety certified. - - - - - - - - --

N/A $65

$0 $65

N/A ~ $115~


KINDER ACCREDITATION FOR TEACHERS (KAT) a Wed. August 10, 8:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. $120 $120 $170 ~ NOTE: Pre-registration guarantees a KAT Workbook. Enrollment is limited. * Minimum age is 16. _ _ _ _ _ _ _*_M_e_al_wl_ ·II_be..!,p_ro_vi_de_d_ _ _ __ _ - - f


3 c_.


MOVEMENT EDUCATION AND LESSON PLAN DEVELOPMENT (MELPD) a Wed. August 10,3:30 PJIL- 8:30 pJIL $95 $95 $145 ~ NOTE: Pre-registration guarantees a MELPD Workbook. * Enrollment is limited. Minimum age is 16. *Meal will be provided KAT AND MELPD



$265 ~


*Meal will be prOVided MEMBER CLUB

Language: The Official language of Congress is English. USA Gymnastics will make no special provisions for translation of sessions into other languages. Congress Attendees with special needs must notify USA Gymnastics in writing in this regard prior to the July 15 early bird registration deadline. We suggest that this information be included with the Congress Registration Form. Videotaping: Videotaping of Congress sessions is permitted FO R PERSONAL USE ONLY unless the Session Presenters announce that his/her session may not be videotaped.


L..I$-'--_____-'IG~:.REFERS I VISA I


0 Other ..

Cord No ...... Exp. Date.



BUSINESS OWNERS CLUB #_ __ _ __ CONFERENCE ~ a Wed. August 10, 8:30 a.m.-S p.m. $150 $250 Limited enrollment. No on-site registration.

Signature (required)., ..

Please return this registration form to:

USA Gymnastics Congress Pan American Plaza 201 South Capitol, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 FAX: 317-692-5212 ATIENTION: Member Services

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 • Indianapolis, Indiana • Marriott • 8:30am-5:00pm

------------------------------------------------------------------RACE TO INDY FOR THE LATEST IN BUSINESS NEWS ------------------------------------------------------------------Indy is known for racing and the 2005 USA Gymnastics National Business Conference will fill up fast so register early!

Early bird by June 10, 2005 Member Club $125.00 Non-Member Club $175 .00

Come to the 2005 USA Gymnastics National Business Conference to "Rev Up" your business . Take a victory lap and join the winners circle with Jeff Metzger, Jeff Lulla, Laura Mikszan, Sean Dever, Patti Komara, Frank Sahlein, Steve Greeley, Tom Forster, Julia Thompson, David Holcomb, Don McPherson, Tom Lenzini, Rita Brown, and race team captain Gary Anderson. All are invited to speak at this year's Conference and will help to fix your business "FLAT TIRE!" Get it changed and, while you're at it, get a shot of "High Octane" at the Indy seminar.

Cost Member Club $ 150.00-per person Non Member Club $200.-per person No on site registration

You'll be sure to get the checkered flag after affending this year's Conference.

CONTACT INFORMATION Club Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Club # Names _____________________________________ Member # Member #

Member # Address City Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Fax


PAYMENT INFORMATION - Make checks payable to:

Zip Email

USA Gymnastics or use your credit card


D Check enclosed VISA I,"Y/~t';n1 DMC DAmEx DOther _ __ No me on card (please print clearly) _____________________________________________________ Card # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Exp. Date _ _ _ _ __ Signature ______________________________________________________________________


Return this form with payment to : USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza , 201 S. Capitol Ave. Ste. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to: 317.237.5069 - Attention Loree Galimore



200 5


Announcing the Class of 2005 Harry Bjerke• Amy Chow • Dominique Dawes • Kelli Hill Jenifer Lovell Moreno • John Roethlisberger • Chainey Umphrey

USA Gymnastics

H ALL OF F AME 2005 Induction Ceremony and Luncheon

Saturday, August 13, 2005 • Indianapolis, Indiana 11:30 am - 1:30 pm REGISTRATION/TICKFJ FORM: Plan on attending this prestigious special event. Individual Tickets $ 35.00 per person Tables: $ 350.00 Full tables will be reserved. Individuals will be open seating. TIckets may be picked up at the National Congress Registration Desk at the Indianapolis Convention Center, August 10-13, or Saturday, August 13 at the Marriott Hotel beginning at 11 :00 a.m.

PLEASE PRINT: Pleose submit emoil oddress. Confirmotion will be sent via emoil Nome._ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ Member # (if Applicoblel,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ Address,_ __ _ __ _ _ __ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ City_ _ __ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _Stote_ __ _ __ _ _,Zip Code_ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ ' Em oil Address (Required for confirmotionl _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ Phone: Doytime,_ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ ______ Evening_ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ Credit Cord Number_ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ Exp. _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ Nome on cord _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ ____S , ignoture_ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ # of tickets _ _ __ __ _ __ _ _@$35eoch. #tobles _ __ __ __ _ _ _@$350(10seots per toblel Iwould like to moke 0 do notion to the Holl of Fome $_ _ _ _ _ __ Totol omount due $,_ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ __ Toble(sl reserved in the nome of _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ AliI 0tickets per toble will be in one envelope for pick up. ' All donations will be listed in the Hall of Fame Program, National Congress Guide and USA Gymnastics publications Faxform with credit card information to 31 7-692-5212

Or mail form and check (made out to USA Gymnastics) to: USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Ceremony

201 S. Capitol Ave, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

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USA Gymnastics


2006 Nomination Form he former Helms Hall of Fame and USA Gymnastics have combined efforts into one National Hall of Fame for gymnastics. Individuals may be nominated for the consideration of the selection commillee in any of three categories: athlete, coach, or contributor. The person submilling the name of the nominee for consideration should read the accompanying criteria and seek to obtain all pertinent information from the individual or the individual's family to accompany the nomination. Please submit a typed set of information for each person nominated, including the appropriate category for the nominee. Please use the format below for information as requested and include any additional information, articles, and pictures at the end of the requested information.


II[eJMII@']jl NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _

NAME _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ CITY _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ __ __ _ _ __

ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ CITY _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ __ _ __ __

STATE ZIP - - - - - - -- -- -- - - -- - - PHONE - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - FAX

STATE ZIP - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - PHONE - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - -- - -- FAX







ymnasts may be nominated as an individual or a team. In order to be considered, the following eligibility criteria is used as a guideline: • Aperiod of five years post competition • Has been an Olympic, Pan Americon, World University Games or World Championships team member • Has been a National Champion recognized by the National Governing Body (AAU, USGF or USAG) • Has been a National Collegiate Champion Please continue the application with the follOwing information: 1. Date of birth 2. If deceased, date of death and copy of obituary (if possible). Also, please list family name(s) and address(es). 3. Gymnastics club(s) or school(s) where athlete trained. Please include the number of years trained and the coach(es) with whom the athlete trained in each program. 4. Athlete's competitive history in chronologicol order (with dates and titles). Please include the following items: • highlight the outstanding competitive accomplishments of individual • attach complete competitive records, if possible • include information such as national championships won, listing specific events and/ or all-around • list international competitive records, listing any events or all·around championships won • list any honors awarded to the athlete 5. Any additional information about this individual

oaches may be nominated either as individuals or as members of a coaching partnership. In order to be considered, the following eligibility criteria is used as a guideline: • Has fiheen years experience as a coach • Has been consistently successful in National Collegiate Championships • Has coached one or more athletes who have been members of national teams (international, senior or junior) recognized by the NGB (AAU, USGF or USAG) • Has coached National or Collegiate Champions • Has coached an NGB (AAU, USGF or USAG) recognized international team Please continue the application with the following information: 1. Number of years in coaching 2. Coaching positions held (i.e., club(s), collegiate, organization, or school) and what years coached at these locations 3. Gymnasts and coaches (i.e., Olympians, national champions, conference champions, elites, outstanding coaches, etc.) developed by nominee 4. National Team coaching positions held by nominee (please include dates) 5. Additional information about the nominee's career in coaching (i.e., background as an athlete, honors, publications, contributions to the gymnastics field, records, etc.) 6. list of names, addresses and telephone numbers (with area code) of additional persons who might add to the information you listed here on behalf of this nominee



Nominations for the Class of 2006 Hall of Fame must be completed and copies sent by August 1, 2005, to Kathy Feldmann at USA Gymnastics Nominations received after that date will not be considered. .....~2-;;6---------------{C


MAY 200 5

NOMINATIONS FOR CONTRIBUTOR n order to be considered, the following eligibility is used as a guideline: I• criteria Has a minimum of twenty years of service • Has served significantly on national committees • Holds national and "brevet" credentials as a judge frequently judging at national and international meets • Invented devises that advance the technical performance of gymnastics elements or promoted a safe gymnastics environment • Has wriNen or contributed to significant gymnastics books, monograms, and articles • Has produced research advancing the sport Please continue the application with the follOWing information: 1. list significant ways in which this nominee has contributed to the gymnastics field: • National committees (years and offices held) • Regional and state service (years and offices held) • Books or articles published • Development of significant ideas which have benefited the gymnastics community • Judging service and major assignments (Olympic, World Championships, international &/ or national competitions) • Service to the gymnastics community (volunteer contributions not covered above) 2. Was this nominee a competitor in gymnastics? If so, list background, years and results. 3. Was this nominee a gymnastics coach? If so, list years and achievements. 4. list additional information (i.e., honors received, gymnastics recognition, etc.). 5. list names, addresses and telephone numbers (with area code) of additional persons who might add to the information listed here an behalf of the nominee.

Kathy Feldmann USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

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tes deserve for a fREE gymna.stics catalog, ca.ll 1-&00-24 7 -)97 &


Q. When will the new Junior Olympic Materials be available?

A. For those interested in obtaining Compulsory Materials, buyers fall into four basic groups:

1. Registrants for National Compulsory Workshops:

Registrants for the Louisville and Reno Workshops will be able to order one of each of the following materials: • JO Compulsory Program Book (in addition to the one they will receive on site with their Compulsory Workshop registration) • JO Code of Points (in addition to the one they will receive on site with their Technical Symposium registration) • JO Compulsory Music CD • JO Compulsory routines DVD • JO Wall Charts for Leve ls 1-4, 5, and 6 Orders for these materials must be placed by calling 800-345-4719 (option 1) after we have posted notice on the USA Gymnastics web site and/or confirmed via e-mail the acceptance of advance orders of materials. Materials will be shipped free of shipping and handling costs to the address indicated at the time of order during the week of the attendees participation in the Workshop. Note that the charge for the materials will be processed at the time of order, not the time of shipment. 2. Members not attending any Compulsory Workshops: Those who are not attending the National Workshops in Louisville or Reno will be able to order their items in advance, in the quantities they desire, by calling the number above or ordering on-line at http://usagym.sportgraphics.bizj. For those who wish to pay via a check, an order form will go on-line and be placed in Technique magazine. These orders will incur shipping and handling charges, and the charge to your card will be made at the time of your order. Orders will be shipped after the Reno Workshop has concluded the week of June 13th.

3. Registrants of the National Compulsory Workshops who need quantities in excess of the amounts available per #1 above: These individuals can place an additional separate order at the above contact number or via mail once notification is being made that orders are being accepted. These orders will be shipped after the Reno Workshop has concluded the week of June 13th. Orders will incur shipping and handling charges, and charges to your card will be made at the time of order. 4. Registrants of the Regional (2,3,6/7) Workshops: Registrants will receive one book with your registration. Your Compulsory Workshops fee includes a JO Compulsory Book and Technical Symposium registrants will receive the JO Code of Points. For additional quantities of other materials, see #2 above.


I see the Louisville Workshop is closed for registration. Do you have a waiting list to get in?


There is no waiting list for the Louisvi lle Workshop. The Workshop will not be opened up for additional registrations.


I want to register for Levels 1-10, but I don't see that as an option. How do I learn the Level 4 routines?

A. There is not an option to go to sessions for Levels 1-10 inclusive. The maxi mum one could do within the Workshop weekend is attend the combined Compulsory 5/6 and Technical Symposium. Due to time constraints and the fact that not all states hold Level 4 competitions, the Level 1-4 Curriculum was scheduled as a sepa rate track during the Workshop weekends. The Level 1-4 curriculum does overlap with the Technical Symposium and you will not be able to attend both sessions. Those who attend the 5/ 6 Compulsory session

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will be able to learn the Level 4 routines very easily by referring to the Compulsory Book and DVD.


My state is holding a Compulsory Workshop that is much less expensive than the National Workshop. What is the difference?


First, you will receive the appropriate book at the Workshop which is included in the cost of your registration. For state clinics, you will need to purchase the materials yourself. Secondly, both the National Workshops and nationally sponsored Regional Workshops (Regions 2, 3, 6/7) will be taught by the Master Staff. The Master Staff are members of the Women's Junior Olympic and Technical Committees. These clinicians actually designed and choreographed the new routines and developed the system of penalties. Third, more time is allotted to the learning and practicing of the exercises at the National Workshop.


You don't have a listing for a Workshop for my region. Are there going to be any Workshops near my home?

A. Because the National Workshops are located in Regions 1 and 5,

there was not a need to host a separate regional workshop in these regions. The other regions had the option of offering a Regional Compulsory Workshop in conjunction with the USA Gymnastics National Office conducted by the Master Staff. Regions 2, 3, and 6/7 chose that option. Other states and regions are offering workshops and clinics on their own. USA Gymnastics National Office does not have a master schedule of these offerings, so you will need to contact your respective State or Regional Chairman to get dates and schedules for these events.


I am a judge and would like to attend the Level 10 Recertification in conjunction with the Technical Symposium. How do I register?

A. Qualified judges can go to the follo wing link to get registration

forms and more information about the Recertification at http://www. usa -gym nasti cs. 0 rg/wo me n/2005 /w-leve l1 0recerti fi cati 0 n-info. htm l. Judges unsure of their eligibility to attend the Level 10 Recertification should contact Renee Behrens at (Athlete Fows continued from page 14)

Andrea is pleased with Jana's progress coming back from her injury. She said, "Jana is very far ahead with her rehab according to her doctor. My background is sports medicine so immediately after surgery we began rehab and have stayed with it. We hope to have all of her old skills back as well as some new ones ready to go by the U.S. Classic in July and Visa Championships in August." Of course the ultimate goal for this year would be to make the World Championships team. The Bieger's are taking it one step at a time. Jana is the 2004 Junior National Vault Champion and bronze medalist in the all-around. She also won vault, bars and floor and finished second all-around at the 2004 Olympiada Elite competition in Mexico. At the 2004 Pacific Alliance Championships, she won vault, was second on beam and second all-around.

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child did not receive the magazine for a year. We have to tell them when we receive the payment and that does not reflect well on the club. Let all of us give the best customer service that we can to our very special members, the athletes. • Memberships belong to the individual and remains with the individual - All memberships are the property of the individual. If

a person moves, changes club, etc., that membership number remains with the individual for the year. All memberships are non-refundable and non -transferable.

2005·2006 Membership Notices • Forms are being revised for the upcoming season. The 2005-2006

membership forms will be mailed the last week of May. The new forms will be available on the website by June 1. • Address - Please be certain your club's address and contact

information is current so that you will receive your membership packet in a timely manner. Athlete Member $50; Professional Member - $85; Instructor Member - $50; Jr. Professional Member- $62; Introductory Member - $15; Team USA Gymnastics $25, Member Club - $160, Industry Member - $330. Athletes, Professionals, and Instructors recieve a $5 discount when registering on-line.

• Membership





• TOPS Testing - Athletes that need to obtain an athlete membership

for TOPS testing should obtain the 2005-2006 athlete membership form and register when available the first week of June. • Professional and Instructor Members - Please keep your e-mail

address current to ensure that you receive important information from the USA Gymnastics National Office. Many notices, confirmations and bulletins are being sent electronically.

Reminders to Clubs

National Congress and Trade Show and the Visa Championships Gymnastics Excellence through Education - Mark your calendar for these upcoming educational opportunities. Register today! August 10-13, 2005 - Indianapolis, Indiana • Online registration for Congress, Business Conference and add-on courses is now available! Sign up today. • Member Club discount group registrations are due June 1. Send form to office. • Over 120 sessions will be conducted at Congress. There is something for every member of your staff. All the latest rules, routi nes, techniques, safety, risk management and business builders will be covered. Sessions for the recreational/developmental instructor, pre-school instructor, business owners and managers, cheerleading coaches, novice through elite coaches and judges, all program disciplines will be covered. • Congress registration covers attendance at educational sessions for 3 days, tickets for the huge exhibit hall raffle, entrance into the exhibit hall, exhibit hall social, entrance to the Acrobatic Gymnastics and Rhythmic competitions, special Congress bag, and Congress dance party.

• Member Clubs - There is a new look and a new way to update

your web site information on the club search! Make sure your clubs information is current. • Update - View your site today and make changes in the USA

Gymnastics data base. Follow the directions listed at the bottom of the page. We will upload the files every two weeks. http://www. usa-gymnastics.orgjsearchj • Password protected - Online services are password protected

and, therefore, only clubs may register athletes through our online services. • Keep copies of forms - Make sure that the club maintains a signed

copy of every form from every athlete. This is most important regarding proper risk management. This form must be available for all insurance purposes. The insurance may be denied without the signed and dated completed form . • Club Directors - please do not hold athlete registrations. Register

the athletes as soon as possible so that they can receive a full year of benefits. Parents are very upset to learn that even though they gave the form and fee to the club in the summer time, the club does not register the athletes until much later. Sometimes registering as late as January or February. They are upset that their ...-::--::-----------------.(


More Educational Opportunities 1. Women's Compulsory National and Regional Workshops

2. Women's National Technical Workshops 3. National CbRE Symposium - Indianapolis, Indiana October 28-30, 2005 (watch for more information to come in Technique and online) • Compulsory Check-up competition • Women's Level 1-4 Certification • KAT & MELPD certifications • Business Managers, Front Office and Program Directors 1 day Boot Camp • Cookin' the Books seminar • Developmental/pre-school seminar • Cheerleading Fundamentals for club owners and coaches



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USA GYMNASTICS 100S KAT AND MELPD WORKSHOP SCHEDULE A KAT workshop consists of seven productive hours of preschool teacher education. The workshop covers philosophy, understanding the preschool-age child, safety considerations, class management, and much more! A Movement Education and Lesso n Plan Development Workshop (MELPD) consists of five enlightening hours of preschool teacher education. This workshop is continuing education of the KAT Program . The overall emphasis of this workshop is to provide instructors with the necessary knowledge to rievelop pre:;chool gymnastics lesso n plans, emphasize deve lopmentally appropriate practices, fundamental skill development, and much more. This workshop is designed to help instructors meet the needs of MONTH

May May May May May May June June August

the individual students and encourage adoption of lifelong physical activity. Attendance at KAT certification course is highly recommended, but not required to attend a MELPD course. If there has never been a KAT or MELPD wo rkshop in your area, 2005 is a great

time to host a works hop. Any club can host a works hop and it's free. The only things you'll need are an empty room and a TV & VCR. If your workshop has 12 paid participants, you r

club will receive one free registration. Member Clubs rEceive two free registrations, with 12 paid participants. Complimentary registrations are non-transferable and will only be valid at the works hop you are hosting. The workshop must



14 -15

Brentwood, NH Brooklyn, NY Louisville, KY Canyon Country, CA Athens, TN Centerville, OH Valatie, NY Lansing, MI Indianapolis, IN

14 -15 14 - 15 15 21- 22 21- 22 4-5 18-19 10

maintain the minimum attendance of 12 for complimentary registrations. Courses that do not meet minimum participition leve ls are subject to rescheduling or cancellation. For more information on the KAT & MELPD courses call 1-800345-4719 or visit



Gymnastics at Brentwood Commons Powerplay All About Kids, Inc. Fun and Fit Gymnastics Athens Gymnastics Training Center TOPS Gymnastics Club Inc. KJ's Gymnastics Red Cedar Gymnastics National Congress/Downtown Marriott Hotel

603/642-7200 718/3 69-9880 502/641-4390 818/515-6496 423/649-3112 937/435-7626 518/ 758-2554 517/285-1824 800/345-4719



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NAME ........................................................................................................................................ PHONE .............................................................................. .


ADDRESS .. CITV.................................................................................................................................................................................................... STATE ...................... ZiP.................. ...................

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S6 S7 S8 S9 S14 S20






5 Brevet, 2 National, 7 Level 8, 1 Level 7, 4 Level 6, 1 Level 5 • There were 3 courses this year. Region 3 is encouraging all judges to attend the Congress in 2005 in Indianapolis IN • There are 7 active teams ( 3 Illinois, 2 Michigan, 2 Minnesota)

~r •

RHYTHMIC TECHNICAL COMMITTEE MINUTES FEBRUARY 9, 2005 COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO I. ROLL CALL Andrea Schmid Nadine Davies Alia Svirsky Wuling Stephenson Perryne Thompson Elena Savenkova Ellen Nyemcsik Tyana Marlowe

Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present

4. Region 4 - Elena Savenkova • Number of Judges: 18 • There are 18 active clubs • Therewas a coaches and judgesclinicinSpring2004and additionally there were 2 clinics in Fall 2004 • There is an International meet scheduled in Boston in the early spring 5. Region 5 - Ellen Nyemcsik • Number of Judges: 9 judges 6. Region 6 - Tyana Marlowe • Number of Judges: 9 judges • There are 12 active clubs in Region 6


II. REGIONAL REPORTS 1. Region 1 - Alla Svirsky

• Number of Judges: 38 • Brevet - 6, National- 5, Level 8 -11, Level 7 - 4, Level 6 - 3, Level 5 - 9 • There were 4 judges courses conducted in Region 1, offering Level 5, 6, and Level 8. Also an FIG Clinic was presented inCalifornia in January 2005. • There are 24 clubs in Region 1 - 1 in Arizona, 1 in Nevada and 22 in California. • 19 competitive teams and 5 performance and recreational programs

Elite Sub Committee: It has been very difficult to get information regarding the International Competition results from the National office. It is requested that the Elite Sub Committee receive a set of results from each International competition that is attended by USA. It is also very important that when the USA travels to a competition that the delegation is a unified team. In 2004 the USA did a fantas tic job, Congratulations to all!! Suggestion: The USA needs to continue to build a name on the International circuit, so it is important that USA attend many competitions this season.

2. Region 2 - Wuling Stephenson/Nadine Davies • Number of Judges: 15 • Brevet - 2, Level 8 - 5, Level 7 - 1, Level 6 - 4, Level 5 - 3 • There were 2 judges coursed conducted in the Fall of 2004 • There are 5 Active States and 14 clubs in the Region, 7-WA, 4-0R, l-AK, I--ND, I-NB

JO Sub Committee The level 8 program has been adjusted to reflect the changes in the FIG Code of Points. There have been no changes to Level 5 - 7 for the 2005 season. It has been noted that the compulsory routines are being executed much better as we near the end of the cycle. The JO Committee is looking forward to the new 2006-2010 program.

3. Region 3 - Perryne Thompson • Number of Judges: 20

Education Sub Committee The work of the Education sub committee has been focused on the

(continued on page 36)

MEDALS • PLAQUES • TROPHIES • PINS • RIBBONS • T-S ------------------{(


)>--- - - - ----------=-3-=5--1

(continued From page 35) development of the 2006-2010 JO Program. A task force was struck to complete the project by 2005 Junior Olympics. Full presentation of the program will occur at the 2005 congress in Indianapolis. Evaluation Sub Committee Due to the changes in the Level 8 program, the evaluation sub committee has been revising the judge'S tests to compensate for the changes. In 2004, there are 7 new Level 8 judges.

IV. 2005 JO PROGRAM CLARIFICATIONS Clarifications to the JO program for the 2005 season have been distributed. See Attached

Moved by Elena Savenkova Second by Perryne Thompson Carried 2. Judging Panel Requirements Discussion ensued regarding changes to the panel requirement for out of state vs. in state gymnasts at a competition. It clearly states the requirements in the Rules and Policies and all competi tions are to be operated in accordance to the Rules and Policies.

VIII. NEW BUSINESS Handling Clarification: 1 technical movement = 1 full circle passing from hand to hand around 1 body part ( example- around leg, waist)

V. 2005 LEVEL 9 JUNIOR/SENIOR RULES Motion: Move that the rules for Level 9 Junior and Senior will be the same as the rules for Level 10 Junior and Senior. Moved by Alia Svirsky Second by Perryne Thompsonnd by Perryne Thompsonnd by Perryne Thompson Carried

VI. LEVEL 8 SCORE FORM Last RTC meeting it was decided to use a _ sheet form for the level 8 gymnasts. This was to be a cost saving measure. However, this is not very effective for the Meet Directors. Effective immediately all Level 8 score forms will be the large full sheet form. Action: Tonya to upload the full sheet form to the website and delete the half sheet form.

FIG Group Qualification: RTC suggests that for the 2005 season, all FIG level groups must attend one qualification competition, either Level 9 Championships, Eastern or Western Qualifier, in order to attend the National Championships in August 2005. Move to Adjourn: Alia Svirsky Second Perryne Thompson Carried Rhythmic Technical Committee Clarifications General • The coach may stay in the competition area while the gymnast is competing, however making loud comments and clapping is considered communicating with the gymnast and a lack of diScipline of the coach. A 0.50 will be deducted from the gymnast score as a neutral deduction. LevelS

VII. UPDATE RULES AND POLICIES 1. Proposal 1 Judges Logs - Section 18, Chapter 6, Item B Delete ... The Regional Technical Committee Chair will forward a copy of all submitted Logs to the Evaluation Sub Committee Chair .. .

• Technical Value - Only the skills pictured in the FIG Code of Points are authorized. Building skills by criteria is not authorized. • Level 8 Execution is based on the previous cycle FIG Code of Points (2000-2004) (continued on page 42)

(860) 408-0082 email:

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(continued from page 11)

III always want the best for

Ankle taping or bracing should be done at the suggestion of the doctor or therapist. Most will suggest taping for the first three months of a significant injury. Strengthening and rehabilitation of the ankle should be done without bracing, as much as possible, unless otherwise told by the physician.

all my gyms.

When there is an ankle sprain, some of the ligaments have been stretched. Once they are stretched, they remain stretched. It is scarring that adds to the stability of the joint, as well as the strengthening of some of the muscles in the lower leg and foot and the rebuilding of collagen fibers.











Athletic trainers and orthopedic surgeons differ on their beliefs in long-term ankle taping or bracing. Many believe that after three months of rehabilitation and with the athlete being able to perform all skills with zero pain, that ankle taping or bracing may no longer be necessary. Some believe, however, that there is no negative affect of long-term bracing, and if it may decrease the chances of re-injuring the ankle, then bracing should be done.



My concern is that (other than costing a lot of money in tape) , long-term taping/braci ng can inhibit the full range of motion the ankle needs to go through in order to perform a skill to its maximum amplitude. Talk with your coach, physician or trainer to see if they recommend taping after three months from the injury date.

\ i

That's why I switched ...



If they recommend taping or bracing, studies have shown that

ankle taping loses almost all of its supportive factors after the first 20-30 minutes. Bracing is much more effective and certainly more economical.


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Ankle injuries are too common in our sport. There are however, things that can be done to prevent an injury from happening . Conditioning is done to improve the body's performance in the sport and to help the athlete perform better. Ankle strengthening exercises should be incorporated into your conditioning routine to help prevent an injury, and to increase the athlete's foot strength.




/ i






\ / \ /

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1\ \ \ \




/ /





\ \

Wes Norris has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Central Connecticut State University. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He has coached levels 4-elite for over 13 years at several clubs including Tampa Bay Turners in Florida and CATS in Connecticut. He is currently a Fitness Specialist for Hartford (CT) Hospital.



Rita Brown, President Brown's Gymnastics ""Training Centers



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• The "large" full page Level 8 Technical Value form will be used for all future competitions. The small _ sheets will not be accepted. The full page form is available on the USA Gymnastics website -

www. • The Level 8 Technical Value form is to be completed using the basic symbols and the letter-value of the skill beside. Including the apparatus handling. • Level 8 Technical value does not have any deductions for incorrect completion of the form. However, it is in the best interest of the coach to make every effort to make the form as clear and easy as possible for the judges ..

Level 9/10 • Level 9 Junior and Senior will compete using the same rules as Levell a Junior and Senior. ( FIG Code of Points) • 1 technical movement- 1 full circle passing from hand to hand around 1 body part ( example- around leg, waist) • It is important that the correct number of forms (Level 8 TV & Level 9/10 TV & AV) are submitted to the meet directors (one for each judge plus one extra) in a timely manner. It is not acceptable to change forms on the day of the meet.

Penalty: 0.50 lack of discipline • Level 8 Balances are required to keep the equipment in motion throughout the balance. Motion must occur from the time the balance is fixed, until the balance begins to move • Level 8 is authorized to perform a series (max 3) identical leaps in a row. The leaps are indicated on the form in separate boxes. The series is only authorized for leaps.

JO Advanced Group

Judges/Meet Directors • Judges must indicate their score clearly and legibly on the lower right-hand corner of the form. Circle the final score. • All judges must keep their address, telephone and email address up to date with the Regional Chair, Regional Judging Coordinator and the USA Gymnastics Rhythmic Program office.

• No changes to JO Advanced Group. Gymnasts are authorized to perform skills of higher value than indicated as part of the choreography, but they will not be evaluated for Technical Value. However, any mistakes will be evaluated by execution .



)>-- - - - - - - - - -- - - - -

- - - -- - - - - - - - - - -(


MAY 2005

) \ - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - . . 4.. 3--.


presents the


& T!;CI-INICAL SYMPOSIUM (Levels 7-10) General Information


PURPOSE OF T~E COMPULSORY WORKS~OP/TEC~NICAL SYMPOSIUM: To provide the participants with a clear understanding of the 2005-2013 USA Gymnastics Women's Junior Olympic Program: concepts, compulsory exercises, the interpretation of the text, technical execution of the skills, as well as the optional rules and requirements. To enhance the knowledge of the teachers, coaches, and judges, enabling them to effectively and professionally serve in the development of the young gymnasts engaged in the USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Program.

Region II * Note: Region 2 will not conduct a Technical Symposium



June 18-19, 2005 Portland, OR Multnomah Athletic Club 1849 SW Salmon Street Portland, OR 97207 (503) 223-6251

Tom Koll Laurie Reid

DEADLINES: Members and non-members may register by mail or FAX (1-317-692-5212). On-line registration is available to Professional, Jr. Professional, and Instructor Members ONLY. Registration Deadline for regi strations by FAX or mail: May 13th On-line Registration Deadline May 20th Registration is limited; First come, first served basis. There is a $30.00 cancellation fee up until May 31st; no refunds after June 10, 2005 (substitution of participants is allowed.)

DATE/SITES June 17-19, 2005 Plano, TX Marriott Plano Dallas at Legacy Town !-lOUSING Marriott Plano Dallas at Legacy Town Center 7120 Dallas Parkway, Plano, TX 75024 (972) 473-6444

Jr. Olympic Program Chairman Region II Jr. Olympic Program Chairman

!-lOUSING: Marriott Portland City Center 520 SW Broadway Portland, Oregon (503) 226-6300 Room Rate of $109.00. A block of rooms has been rese rve d. Call (503) 226-6300 by Wed. May 26, 2005 for reservations. Use Code "USA Gymnastics Region II Compulsory Workshop" to receive workshop rates. Any reservations after the cut-off date will be based strictly on availability. All reservations must be accompanied by a first night room deposit, or guaranteed with a major credit card.

t-1ASTER STAFF: Tom Koll Cheryl Jarrett Connie Maloney Carole Bunge

Jr. Olympic Program Chairman Region III Jr. Olympic Program Chairman Jr. Olympic Program Manager Region III Women's Technical Committee Chainnan

A block of rooms has been reserved. Call (972) 473-6444 by Wed. May 26, 2005 for reservations.

DEADLINES: Members and non-members may register by mail or FAX (1-317-692-5212). On-line registration is available to Professional, Jr. Professional, and Instructor Members ONLY. Registration Deadline for registrations by FAX or mail: May 13th On-line Registration Deadline May 20th

Use Code "USA Gymnastics Region III Compulsory Workshops" to receive workshop rates. Parking at the hotel is $9.00 on Thursday night, but complimentary on the weekend.

Registration is limited; First come, first served basis. There is a $30.00 cancellation fee up until May 31st; no refunds after June 10, 2005 (substitution of participants is allowed.)

Single, Double, Triple or Quad Room Rate of $79.00.

Any reservations after the cut-off date will be based strictly on availability. All reservations must be accompanied by a first night room deposit, or guaranteed with a major credit card.

Region VI/VII DATE/SITE: July 8-10, 2005 Providence, RI Rhode Island College-Murray Center !-lOUSING: Providence Biltmore 11 Dorrance Street Prividence, RI 02903 (401) 421-0700 Single, Double Room Rate of $129.00 A block of rooms has been reserved. Call 800-294-7709 June by 7, 2005 Use Code "USA Gymnastics Symposium" to receive workshop rates. There will be an additional charge for parking . Any reservations after the cut-off date will be based strictly on availability. All reservations must be accompanied by a first night room deposit, or guaranteed with a major credit card.

t-1ASTER STAFF: Myra Elfenbein Larry Goldsmith Tom Koll Connie Maloney Mike Milchanowski Pat Panichas

Region VII Technical Committee Chairman Region VI Jr. Olympic Prog ram Chairman Jr. Olympic Program Chairman Jr. Olympic Program Manager Region VII Jr. Olympic Program Chairman Region VI Technical Committee Chairman

DEADLINES: Members and non-members may register by mail or FAX (1-317-692-5212). On-line registration is available to Professional, Jr. Professional, and Instructor Members ONLY. Registration Deadline for registrations by FAX or mail: May 24th On-line Registration Deadline May 31st Registration is limited; First come, first served basis. There is a $30.00 cancellation fee up until June 15th ; no refunds after July 1, 2005 (substitution of participants is allowed.)

Detailed schedules for all regional workshops are available on-line @


Office Use Only Date Rcvd _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Amt. Pd. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Check # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Postmark ____________

Women's J.O. Regional Workshop


(Choose one sile) Dallas TX D路 Providence, RI D路 Porlland, OR D

PARTICIPANT IN~ORMATION: r:irst Name __________________ Last Name ___________________ USAG Pro/Instructor # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ \;xp. Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Daytime Phone __________ Address _________________________________________ City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State ___________ Zip _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ \;mail _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

WORKSHOP COST Online registration and registration forms will be available on the web site in early January of 2005. Members and non-members may register by mail or FAX (1-317-692-5212). On-line registration is available to Professional, Jr. Professional, and Instructor Members ONLY.

Registration is limited; First come, first served basis. There is a $30.00 cancellation fee up until May 31st; no refunds after June 10,2005 (substitution of participants is allowed.) Pro, Jr. Pro & Instructor Member Price

" You may select from the following options

Registration Fee

Early Registration Fee

Non-Member Price Registration Fee

Early Registration Fee

Compulsory Workship (Fri. and Sat.) Conditioning and Flexibility Session (Sun.)





Technical Symposium (Sun. Only) (Not available in Region 2)





Materials included with registration fee: Compulsory Workshop: USAG 11'. Olympic Compulsory Program book. Technical Symposium: 11'. Olympic Code of Points (a combination of the present 10 Technical Handbook and the listing/ illustrations of all elements and their values as in the FIG Code of Points). PAYM~NT IN~ORMATION: (make checks payable to USA Gymnastics)

Credit Card

0 ~ 0

Other- - - - - - - - -

Amount ___________________

Print Name on Card ______________________________________ Signature __________________________________________ Card #

\;xp. Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Mail Regislralion i=orm lo: USA Gymnaslics, WJO Workshops, 201 S. Capitol Ave. Sle. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225 ~AX: 317.692.5212 ------------------芦


) > - - - - - - - -- - - ------:;;4-:;;5;---.1

POSITION AVAILABLE GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTORS/DIRECTORS. New England Sports Academy in Westwood, MA is a 40,000 sq. ft. sports facility looking for high energy, passionate instructors who love to teach gymnastics to all ages and levels. We have instructor and director positions available for full and port time. Our facility offers opportunity for learning and growth into management positions in the sports industry. We have a large gymnastics program of all levels and ages and offer 15 other sports programs. Positions offered include directors, toddler, preschool, recreational, developmental team, competitive USAG team, prep optional, camp, birthday party instructors. We highly encourage people with a strong sports background and enthusiasm to be part of a growing team of professionals. Please visit our website at to view our programs and facility. Contact Megan Kohan: 781-493-6345 Ext. 108 or email/send resumes to or 345 University Ave. Westwood, MA 02461. Rellig's Gymnastics Training Center Inc., located in beautiful northwest New Jersey, is currently seeking full and port time instructors and coaches. We are a well established program with a strong foundation of recreational gymnasts to compliment our U.s.A.G. Levels 4-10. Rettig's Gymnastics offers competitive salaries, paid vacations, health and retirement benefits. Applicants need to be fun, energetic, positive motivators and team players. Choreography is a plus. Please send resume or call for an interview: Dave or Dione Rellig, Rellig's Gymnastics Training Center, Inc., 19 E. Frederick PI., Cedar Knolls, N.J. 07927. E-mail: DJRmIG@CS.COM. Phone: 973-267-5611, Fox: 973-267-7796. MANAGER/GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTORS. Great career opportunities in our NYC and Westchester location. Full time and part time positions available. Weekdays and/ or weekends. If you love kids, love gymnastics, and love to teach in a fun, safe, positive and caring environment, give us a call. Positions available for baby, toddler, preschool, after school program, and birthday parties. Excellent salary. Only highly motivated, enthusiastic team players that want to make a positive difference with kids need apply. Call Jodi's Gym at 914-244-8811, fox resume to 914-244-8833, or e-mail INSTRUCTORS/COACHES. Paragon Gymnastics of Norwood (8ergen County), NJ is looking for Instructors and Coaches, PIT-FIT Weekdays/ weekends/evenings. Requirements: Positive allitude, responsible, reliable, love of children. Positions ovailable for pre-school through intermediate level instruction. Competitive Team Coach Levels 5-10. Company sponsored certifications (Safety, CPR, First Aid) Full benefits/paid vacation & sick days, company matched retirement plan. Will train. Salary commensurate with experience. NEW facility, state-of-the-art, approx. 11 ,000 sq. ft. Located

in the NY/ NJ Metropolitan area, easily accessible from all major highways. Contact Dot: 201 -7676921 or fox resume to 201-767-6693 or e-mail: 49 Walnut Street, Suite 4, Norwood, NJ 07648. Walker's Gymnastics & Dance, Inc. Well established gymnastics school has positions available for Closs Instructors/ Coaches. P.T. - F.T. Must have current cert. Must be reliable and a Team Player. Great growth potential. Salary/ 8enefits commensurate w/ expo Please fax or send resume to: Walker's Gymnastics & Dance, Inc., 312 Plain St., Lowell, MA 01852. Phone: (978)459-4954. Fax: (978)970-1305. Email: LIVE AND COACH GYMNASTICS ON BEAUTIFUL CAPE COD. Cope Cod Gymnastics Center, located in Dennis (mid-Cope), MA is hiring a Pre-School Director as well as Competitive Team Coaches for summer or fall start. Our facility is under new, highly motivated ownership. We are looking for a professional, team-oriented person open to learning and sharing of new techniques and ideas. Full-time and port-time available with benefits and vocation commensurate upon experience and references. Please call (508) 385-8216 and ask for Jen or Jason. Email: wakemwatkinsO INSTRUCTORS/ COACHES: Head Over Heels Gymnastics of Central New Jersey, (with 2 locations), is currently interviewing for the following positions: Girls Optional Coach, Girls Program Director, Boys Compulsory Coach, Preschool and Recreational Instructors for all levels. FT/PT positions are available for highly motivated, team player. We offer a competitive compensation package with growth potential. Send resume to or fax 732-577-1056.

FOR SALE CLASS CONTROL for Windows. Serving Gymnastics since 1990 with Closs Management and Accounts Receivable software, including free training and technical support. Pocked with features, easy to use, and networkable. Flexible setup, easy assignments, rosters, allendance, marketing analysis, automated tuition calculation, multiple discounts, additional/retail charges, inventory management, sales tax support, late charges, early payment discounts, invoices/statements, receivables reports, financial and enrollment summaries, instructor schedules, waiting and makeup lists, moiling labels, send messages and invoices bye-moil, support for bonk draft and credit cord payments, and much more. Only 5600 (5300/ additional workstation). Contact Vaughn Software Services at 800-821-8516,, or www.vaughnsoftware. com MC!VISA/ AMEX/ Discover. Score Moster - NO MORE Inputting Gymnast Roster data!! Score Master, the most widely used software, just got even beller! Meet Directors can now download roster information from the


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EDUCATION Available now! The NEW GYMCERT updated Gymnastics training manuals (Levels 1, 2, & 3) you can use to train your staff; cut your lesson planning time significantly; use to coordinate closs progressions and skill training methods; and, best of all have a quick reference that is easy to use which includes Lesson Planning Forms and Class Evaluation Forms by level. The GYMCERT manuals provide concise instruction, clear illustrations, and several coaching, spoiling, and safety tips. Will your staff be ready for the Olympic surge in enrollment? Order direct by calling toll free: 1-866-591 -8500 or go online to: www.GYMCERlcom .


1-100 words = $100 SUBMIT 101-200 words = $200 : Mail your ad and payment to: Your od in Technique will outomatirol~ be placed online : USAGymnastics, Pan American Plazo for 30 doys at no additional charge. The address k: : 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 : Indianapolis, IN 46225 Your 30 days will begin on the next regular posting dote. : or fox to 317-237-5069.



January .................. Dec. 10 February .. .. ........... .. Jan. 10 March ...... .... ........... Feb. 10

~:;': ::::: : ::: :::::::: : :::: ~;;" ' lg

tF YOU FAX, PLEASE tNCLUDE YOUR CREDtT CARD NUMBER, EXPtRATtON DATE AND StGNATURE. Please designate if your ad should oppeor in . Technique mogozine or USA Gymnastics mogozine. : ADS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PAYMENT WILL NOT BE : PUBLISHED. USA Gymnastics reserves the right to vary format.


Technique is received by more than 16,000 : USA Gymnastics professional members !Ius : thousands of viewers will be expose to : your ad online. Advertise your employment : opportunity, product, service, or comp'etition : here for great results. Questions? Call Luan holiday, the preceding work day is considered: Peszek at 317-829-5646. the deadline. '

June .......... .... .. .. .... May 10 July .... .. ........ .. .... .. . June 10 August .... .. ...... .. ..... July 10 Sept/Oct... .......... .... Aug . 10 Nav./Dec ................ Ocf. 10 NOTE: If the 10th falls on a weekend or

TEe HN10 UE â&#x20AC;˘ MAY 200 5






August 10- 13

Top U.S gymnasts are tumbling into Indianapol is. IN to compete in the Visa Championships on August 10 - 13, 2005. Arter unprecedcnt d success allhe O lympic Game in Athens. you don't want to miss this extraordinary oppodunity to watch members

of the 2004

Olympic Team and the rising slars or the US program as they stake their claim as the best gym nast in Ameri ca. ORD~R


1) Mail form wilh payme nllo:

USA Gymnastics c/o Visa Championships

201 S Capitol Ave .. Suite 300 Indianapolis. IN 46225 2) I=ax form wilh paymenllo:

317-237-5069 ~ax

Conlad Name: Address: City/Slate/Zip: Day Phone: ~vening Phone: ~mail: TICK~T



ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS PACKAGE - Includes all Jr. and Sr. Competitions .. . 7 events featuring the best men and women artistic gymnasts in the United States (CON SECO FIELDHOUSE)

Gold # of All-Session Tickets Silver # of All-Session Tickets Bronze # of All-Sess ion Tickets 2.

x $160 = $ x$110=$ x $ 75 = $

RHYTHMIC AND ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS PACKAGE -Includes all Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics competitions ... 3 all day events (INDIANA CONVENTION CENTER)

# of All-Session Tickets

x $ 40





o o J=or more information visil:

~' X

Pta,," Sponlor


Check Visa

(Make payable to Indiana Sporls Corp.)



Visa. the only caro accepted allhe 2005 Visa Championships

Card #

~xp. Dale

Name on Card Cardholder Signalure 'AII orders will be procossed upon receipt. Seal assignments will be made on a firsl-come, lirsl-served basi s. (Iicket availabilily is not guaranleed)

If using credit card, Indiana Sports Corporation will appear on your slatement


USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

PAID Indianapolis, IN Permit No. 7867


1005 SAFETY CERTIFICATION SCHEDULE The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most rurrent sd!edule.

'Tnre md date sWject to dmge. See for ~es.

May 29 Burbank, CA 91506; B:OO a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Fun and Fit Gymnastics, 1919 WBurbank Blvd Directions: Jeff Lulla B1B·515·6496 Course code: JL05292005CA Instructor: Jeff Lulla B1B·B45·0700

June Louisville, KY; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. MarrioM Louisville Downtown Hotel ' in conjunction with JO National Compulsory Workshop Course code: BM06022005KY Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614·777-9430 Louisville, KY; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Marriott Louisville Downtown Hotel ' in conjunction with JO National Compulsory Workshop Course code: BM06042005KY Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614·777·9430 Dover, NH 03B20; 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Atlantic Gymnastics Directions: Tony Retrosi 603·740·3547 Course code: TR06052005NH Instructor: Antony Retrosi 603·433-0404 Reno, NV; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Reno Hotel Hilton ' in conjunction with JO National Compulsory Workshop Course code: MT06092005NV Instructor: Michael Taylor 650·330·2274

11 Reno, NV; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Reno Hotel Hilton ' in conjunction with JO National Compulsory Workshop Course code: MT06112005NV Instructor: Michael Taylor 650·330·2274 17 Portland, OR 97207; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Multnomah Athletic Club, 1B49 SW Salmon St Directions: Jennifer Bohlen·Anderson 503·223-6251 ext 242 Course code: DA061720050R Instructor: Debra Anderson 541·496·3692 lB Stroudsburg, PA lB360·BI37; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. International Gymnastics Camp, 9020 Bartonsville Woods Rd Directions: Bruno Klaus 507·629·0244 Course code: PF061 B2005PA Instructor: Phil Fronk B56·7B6·3977 1B Woodward, PA 16BB2; 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Woodward Camp, 134 Sports Camp Dr, Rt 45 Directions: Steve Hass BI4·349· 5633 ' Lunch available on site Course code: SH061 B2005PA Instructor: Stephen Hass BI4·349·5633 25 West Babylon, NY 11704; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. BK Gymnastics Center Directions: Ed Konopa 631·422·0116 Course code: EK06252005NY Instructor: Ed Konopa 631·422·0116 25 Hilliard, OH 43026; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Universal Gymnasts, Inc. Directions: Bobbi Montanari 614·777·9430 Course code: BM062520050H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614·777·9430

25 Lower Burrell, PA 1506B; B:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Americen Gymnastics Aced. Directions: Tommy Nulph 724·337·7200 Course code: ES06252005PA Instructor: Edward Swerdlow 724·327·2475 26 Huguenot, NY 12746; 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. YMCA Gymnastics Camp Directions: Chris Schever B45·B5B·2200 Course code: TR06262005NY Instructor: Anthony Retrosi 603·433-0404

July . 16 Woodward, PA 16BB2; 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. : Woodward Camp, 134 Sports Camp Dr, Rt 45 : Directions: Steve Hass BI4·349·5633 ' Lunch available on site : Course code: SH07162005PA : Instructor: Stephen Hass BI4·349·5633 24 St. Louis, MO; 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sheraton Westport Plaza Hotel Directions: Vicki Kaltoff 636·230-9B66 Course code: RW07242005MO Instructor: Robin Weidmaier BI6-232-7502

August Woodward, PA 16BB2; 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Woodward Camp, 134 Sports Camp Dr, Rt 45 Directions: Steve Hass 814-349-5633 ' Lunch available on site Course code: SH08062005PA Instructor: Stephen Hass 814·349·5633 10 Indianapolis, IN; 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. National Congress, Downtown MarrioM Hotel Course code: PM081020051N Instructor: Debbie Anderson and Jon Eyman


PRE·REGISTRATION FORM (Minimum age lor Salely Cerlilitalion is J6 years}

Name: _ _ _ _ _ ___________,Male or Femole:_ _ _ _ __ Professional or Instructor #: _ ______ Current Sofety Exp. Dote: _ _ _ _ _ __ Soc. Sec. # _ _ __________ Birth Dote: _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address: _ __ __ __ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ City:_ __ _ __ ____ State: _ _ ____ Zip: Telephone: (H) _ __ _ __ _ __ (W) _ _ _ _ __ __ Course Code: _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Course City/Stole: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ Date: _ _ _ __ __ Form of Poyment:


o Other

Payment Amount: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Name on Card: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __

ro- em ber Wit urrent a ety ertl Icatlon wishing to r~certi~ at live course .............:.:....:................ no charge Pro-Member With Expired or New Safety Certification ............ $ 65.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 65.00 Non-Member or Associate Member ........................................ $ 115.00 • You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount. All registrations must be received at USA Gymnastics lwo(2) weeks prior to the course dote'. late registrations, incomplete registrations, or registrations without proper payment will not be processed. late registrations are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site and late registrations will be charged a $25 on-site/late fee. All materials, including the course book, are provided at the course and are part of the course fee. Certification is valid for four(4) years. Safety Certification is non-refundable and connot be transferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be transferred to another course within six(6) months with prior written notification. late fee will apply if notification is received after course deadline. 'Uso Gymnastics reserves the right to alter course deadline

Mail registration form and payment 10: VISA' USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S.(apitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212 Proud SpOI'l ' OI

Number: _ _ _ __ Exp. Date:



X GYM~~nC5

Technique Magazine – May 2005