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TR = Trampoline TU = Tumbling

R= Rhythmic GG = Group Gymnastics

M= Men

ACRO = Sports Aero



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NCAA Nationol Championships (M) NCAA Regionals (W) Level 9/10 Regional Championships (W) USA Gymnostics Collegiate Championships (M/W)

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Flanders International Aero Cup (ACRO) Level 10 Regional Championships (W) NCAA Nationol Championships (W) Senior National Team Training Camp (M) National CompJeam Invitational, Levels 5-6 (W) Pacific Alliance Training Camp (W) Level 9 East/West Championships (W)

TBD 30-May 6

2nd Information Meeting, 2003 World Gymnaeslrada (GG) Pacific Alliance Championships (M/W/R - Sr./k)

Norman, OK Various Sites Various Sites Springfield, MA Springfield College Puurs, BEL Vorious Sites Tuscoloosa, AL Colo_ Springs, CO Joliet, IL Houston, TX E- Orlondo, FL W- Ropid City, SO Lisbon, POR Vancouver, B.C. CAN

MAY J.O. National Championships (M) J.O. National Championships (W) J.O. National Chompionships -Individual & Group (R) Notional Team Training Camp (W) Veronique Kristolly Memorial (R) International Friendship Camp (W) Senior National Teom Troining Comp (M) Spring Executive Committee/ Board of Directors Meeting

San Diego, CA Landover, MD Houston, TX Houston, TX Corbeil, FRA Houston, TX Colo. Springs, CO T8D

9-16 13-17 14-16 15-16 21 -23

Junior National Team Training Camp (M) Metzger's 41/2 Day Boot Camp National Optional Team Invitational, Levels 7-10 (W) Level 9 Championships (R) National GymFest & PAGU Invitational Gym Fest (GG)


National Qualifier (M)

Colo. Springs, CO Cincinnati, OH Joliet, IL San Rafael, CA Sea World Orlando, FL Colo. Springs, CO

1-5 3-5 3-5 8-15 10-12 17-23 28-June 5 May 31 -June 1

National Gymnastics Day I-Day Boot Camp / Business Conference World Age Group Games (ACRO) Junior Pan American Championships (M/W/ R) World Championships (ACRO) Broadcast- U.S. Gymnastics Championships(M) NBC Sports 4:30-6:00p EST

Riesa, GER Santo Domingo, DOM Riesa, GER

National TOPs Testing (W) I-Day Boot Camp/Business Conference Reese's Gymnastics Cup Senior National Team Training Camp (M) International French Open Tournament (M/W) Metzger's 41/2Day Boot Camp Junior National Training Camp (lR/TU)

TBD Seallle, WA Seallle, WA Colo. Springs, CO Paris, FRA Cincinnati, OH TBD

JULY J.O. National Championships (lR/TU) Jr./Sr. Invitational (lR/TU) Rhythmic Eastern (R) U.s. Classic / U.S. Challenge (W) Rhythmic World Championships - Group ( R) Future Stars/ Junior Development Team Camp (M) Sports Aero JO/Elite National Championships (ACRO) Rhythmic Western (R) Senior Training Camp (lR) tentative

Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN New Orleans, LA Virginia Beach, VA New Orleans, LA Colo. Springs, CO New Orleans, LA Portland, OR Colo. Springs, CO

AUGUST 7 7-10 8-10 8-10 10 11 15-19 16-18 23-25

Notional Business Conference Cleveland,"'OH U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/R/TR/TU) Cleveland, OH USA Gymnastics National Congress Cleveland, OH USA Gymnastics Notional Gym Fest & Team Gymn Nationals (GG) Cleveland, OH Broodcast- U.S. Gymnastics Championships (W) N8C Sports 8:00-9:00p EST Cleveland, OH Broadcast- U.S. Gymnastics Championships (W) NBC Sports 7:00-8:00p EST Cleveland, OH J.O. National Team Training Camp (W) Colo. Springs, CO FIG World Cup (lR/TU) Edmonton, CAN Greensboro, NC FIG World Cup (lR/TU)

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Cleveland, OH

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NOVEMBER 1-2 13路17 15-18 16 20-24 23 28-Dec. 1

FIG Congress Future Stars National Camp/Coaches Workshop (M) Sports Aero World Age Group Games (ACRO) Broadcast- Reese's Gymnastics Cup NBC Sports 4:00-6:00p EST Artistic World Championships (M/W) World Cup Final (lR/TU) International DTB Pokal

Seallle, WA Debrecen, HUN Hanover, GER Stullgart, GER

Athens, GRE Cola. Springs, CO Zielona Gora, POL

World Cup Final ( R) National TOPs Team Training Camp (W) National TOPs "B" Training Camp (W)

Dusseldorf, GER Houston, TX Houston, TX

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I-Day Boot Camp/ Business Conference

Fairfax, VA

MARCH Visa American Cup (M/W) March or April TBD American Team Cup (M/W)

Fairfax, VA TBD

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Level 9/10 Regionals (W) NCAA Regionals (W) level 10 Regionals (W) NCAA National Championships (W) Level 9 East/West Championships (W)

Various Siles Various Sites Various Sites TBD TBD

J.O. National Championships (W) J.O. Notional Championships (M)

TBD Savannah, GA

U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/ R/TR/TU)

Milwaukee, WI

FIG World Gymnaestrada (GG)

Lisbon, POR

Pan American Games (M/W/R) Artistic World Championships (M/W) World University Games (M/W/ R) National Congress World Business Conference

Santo Domingo, DOM Anaheim, CA Taegu, KOR Anaheim, CA Anaheim, CA

MAY 2-4 6-11

JUNE 18路21

JULY 20-26

AUGUST 1-17 16路24 21-31 TBD TBD


Rhythmic World Championships-Individual & Group (R)

Maastricht, NED


World Championships (lR/TU)

Hanover, GER

APRil 2002

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Mess age Dear Members, GREAT NEWS! The InternationaL Olympic Committee has announced the expansion of the TrampoLine Olympic participants from 12 to 16 men and women . Now, we must do everything possibLe to guarantee the USA is in Athens and future Olympic Games. This is how we make it happen - more athLetes, coaches, judges and clubs; a strong taLent identification system and J.~. Program; more internationaL competitions; and 100% effort and commitment from athletes, coaches, judges, committees and staff! Take a Look at some of the new programs that will heLp us reach our goaL:

Ann Sims Trampoline & Tumbling Senior Director




Do you need heLp getting a trampoLine and tumbLing program started in your gym or just need advice about where to buy equipment, how much to charge for classes, how the mobility system works, etc.? The best pLace to go for heLp is an estabLished trampoLine and tumbLing club that can answer your questions from a club owner's and coach's point of view. The new Mentor Club Program pairs new clubs and USA Gymnastics Member Clubs together, encouraging them to share ideas and information. CaLL Kathy TyLer in the Program Office at (806) 637-8670, ext. 4, if you want to be a part of this new program. Watch for more information on the website this month. 2002 is the inauguraL year for JumpStart, the trampoLine and tumbLing taLent identification program . Boys and girLs ages 7-12 will be evaLuated for strength, flexibility and skills at the state, regionaL and nationaL Level. Peggy Rayson of HighLand, Ind. , a member of the NationaL Coaching Staff and Chair of the ELite Program Committee, has deveLoped the program. RegionaL and NationaL Testing will start in October. Peggy hopes that aLL trampoLine and tumbling clubs wilL take part in the JumpStart Program. "The athLetes in my gym who participated in the pilot testing have aLready made tremendous improvement since we started using the fitness program ," said Rayson. Thanks to Peggy for making JumpStart a reaLity! If you want information about the program, caLL Heather ALmond at the NationaL Office, (317) 8295643. The USA will host the Trampoline & Tumbling World Cup on August 23 -25 in Greensboro, N.C. This wiLL be the first internationaL trampoLine competition in the United States since 1993, so we are thrilled that our athLetes wilL finaLLy have the opportunity to compete in front of the home crowd! Four men and four women from TrampoLine and Power TumbLing will compete. This will be the Last of six quaLifying events for the WorLd Cup FinaL in Hanover, Germany, November 23. The top eight quaLifiers will advance to the Final. The organizing committee, Led by Scott Lineberry, is preparing to host 20 countries at this major event.

It's time to start thinking about ruLe changes for the next quad. The J . ~. Program Committee will accept proposals through June 1. Email your ideas to or fax them to (806) 637-9046 . The committee will host a Technical Forum at the J . ~. NationaL Championships in IndianapoLis on Friday, JuLy 13, for aLL USA Gymnastics ProfessionaL Members who want to discuss and debate the proposals. Take advantage of this opportunity to have say in the future of our sport. Coming soon - TrampoLine & TumbLing SchoLarship Program, academic awards, and four SuperClinics for athLetes, coaches and judges. Be sure to check the website ( and upcoming issues of Technique for more details. Have a safe and successfuL competitive season!

~~ On March 11, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst announced that it wouLd be dropping its men's and women's gymnastics programs at the end of this season. We need your support now, more than ever. PLease take the time to write or email the individuaLs beLow: University of Massachusetts-Amberst Bob Marcum, AthLetic Director AthLetics, Mullins Center Amherst, MA 01003 Email: marcum@admin

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in Sports Acrobatics

by David Reiakvam,

Sports Aau Program Committee Member

he purpose of this article is to help explain the specific aspects of the one-arm handstand to sit as performed by pairs in Sports Acrobatics. Over the past few


years, the one-arm handstand with transition has become a widely used skill at the USA National Championships. In addition, transitions of the top and base in onearm have become a standard skill for athletes to be competitive at a World Competition Event, This article will discuss both top and base technique involved in performing the one-arm handstand to sit.

BASE TECHNIQUE: For the sake of simplicity, we will discuss this element as perfomed with the right hand of both the base and top. The aim is to go from a standing position to a sitting position as efficiently and succinctly as possible.

the right knee can also touch the floor at the same time to add extra stability if flexibility is lacking in the hamstring and groin area. It is imperative that the body maintain its upright stability from the hips to the hand with minimum changes made for balancing of the top , (see photos B, [, & F)

The base begins with the legs approximately shoulder width apart with the feet turned slightly outward. The right arm is placed vertically over the head with the hand centered over the shoulder. The left arm should be held out to the side, and parallel with the floor. (see photo A)

Once the left hand and right knee have touched the floor, the left leg should slide out to the side, with the right leg 3 shortly following the left leg extension. Final sit position

1 2

As the base bends at the knees, feet should remain on the floor without the heels lifting and the left arm should be lowered rea chi ng towards the floor. There should be no deviation of the chest either forward or backward during this sitting motion. At the time the left hand touches the floor,

can be done in straddle or pike. (see photo D)


When the balance has been stabilized in the sit position, the left arm may be lifted to show a final static hold . (see photo E) The below method of sitting is an efficient and simple technique of teaching the sit transition . Base technique can be mastered using more simple top positions such as onearm based back bird or 2-to-l straddle. Strength and flexibility are the two main obstacles for bases having trouble mastering this technique: Strength of the shoulder and quadriceps and flexibility of the shoulder, Achilles tendon , groin and hamstrings. Discussion of various exercises will be covered later.

TOP TECHNIQUE: The one-arm handstand is not a skill that is easily mastered. A proper handstand must first be taught with correct shoulder and back alignment and adequate shoulder strength. Once this is mastered, one-arm handstands should be worked on handstand blocks and on floor before attempted on a partner. Keep in mind that by changing the center of gravity from two hands to one, the support and stability of the skill is greatly decreased and more effort must be concentrated to maintain the body positions and point of balance. Many handstand repetitions must be made by the top with coaches spotting support to ensure proper form and alignment. This can take up to six months before the one-arm awareness is gained by the top! A coach needs to take the time to ensure that a top can hold their own weight on the blocks for at least 30 seconds and ideally 60 seconds. Also the base and top need to work on their endurance so as to hold a static high one arm handstand for approximately 30 seconds (it takes about 15 seconds to perform the one arm to sit skill). This exercise is critical to increase the STATIC strength of both partners.

BASE & TOP TOGETHER: The grip between the base and top are vital for the success of this element. The palm of the base and the top's hand must be in close contact at all times (there should be no space between the hands of the two partners). The base's hand should be raised to achieve an angle of approximately 20路. The thumb and pinky finger should remain at the same level ( a common problem of bases is to allow the thumb to drop down , not allowing the top to maintain constant and even pressure on the palm). The top's weight should be over the palm of the base with no shifting of weight on the hand. The top also needs to maintain constant finger pressure . This grip position is important to maintain throughout the base's transition. Any hand angle changes or weight shifts will doom the base's transition and result in the incompletion of the element.

CONDITIONING OF THE TOP & BASE: When introducing a base to this transition of standing to a sitting position , always allow the athlete to master the skill first in the absence of any weight. With the simple use of a weight bar, a base can perform the same skill. Adding weight gradually to the base's training will help develop leg and shoulder strength (the base should be able to perform a sitting transition efficiently with weight equal to or exceeding that of the top). As discussed earlier, the top needs to spend ti me with a coach on handstand blocks. Creating endurance for the top by multiple static holds in a one-arm handstand will help alleviate the frustrations of failure during the learning of this element. It is also imperative for the base to make sure he/ she has

adequate ankle and shoulder flexibility. If there is any difficulty keeping the heels on the ground or maintaining a straight line from the base's hand to the hip, every effort should be made to stretch the athlete until the sit can be performed without strain in range of motion .

CONCLUSION: As with all skills, safety needs to be considered. A coach can stand on a raised platform and support the top (not hold up) as the base transitions from stand to sit. As the pair becomes more proficient, the coach can spot from the ground by holding the base's hand to provide extra stability. It is best to be in back of the base to ensure the easiest access to keep the top secure. Good luck and train hard!

This position is an alternative to photo C.


DIRECTIONS To Aerial Gymnastics Arena From Chicago O'Hare Airport: Ta ke 1-294 East to I-55 South . Ta ke Exit #253 (Rte. 52 - Jefferson St.) From Midway Airport: Take Cicero Ave. west to I-55 South . Take Exit #253 (Rte. 52 - Jefferson St.)

Date: Fri./ Sat./ Sun., June 14-16, 2002 Who's invited? Any club in the US entries accepted on a first come-fi rst served basis. Only one team per level per club. Aerial Gymnastics Arena, 2701 Black Road, Joliet, Illinois Site: (approximately 45 minutes from Chicago airports) Entry: $75 .00 per gymnast, $30.00 per team per level Deadline for entries is May 17th Format: Club Team competition (3 compete/ 3 count) using modified Capital Cup . 8 squads of 6 gymnasts (2 teams - 3 per club) fo r a total of 48 gymnasts per session, 4 sessions per day: Level 7 competition on Friday, Level 8 Saturday, and 2 sessions each of Level 9 & 10 competition on Sunday. Awards: 1st - 3rd place Teams per session , plus trophies for the top 10 overall Team Champions at Levels 7 & 8 and top 6 overall Team Champions at Levels 9 & 10. Individual Event & AllAround awards (top 6) per session . Meet hotel: Holiday Inn Express, 411 S. Larkin Avenue, Joliet, IL $79 .00 per night plus 13% tax Reservations must be made no later than May 13th to insure group rate. Please call National Travel Services for reservations at 1-888-603-8747 Apparatus: Spieth-Anderson equipment, including Vault table & conventional ho rse, will be provided. AAI Stratum boards also available. USAG Contact: Connie Maloney, Women's Jr. Olympic Program Manager or Renee Behrens, Women's Program Assistant - (317) 237-5050

Go left (East) on Jefferson past Essington, then take a left on Infantry. It deadends at Black Rd., go right on Black Rd. and then left into Campus Center and Aerial's Arena shares the parking lot with a Kindercare and a restaurant. Continue towa rds back of lot, enter the health club through the glass doors at the end of the strip mall. From 1-80 (Indiana or Iowa) exit BOB or Larkin St. go North (Holiday Inn Express on left) and continue to Black Rd. about 1 mile and turn left on Black and right onto Campus Center. To Holiday Inn Express From Chicago O'Hare Airport: Take 1-294 East to I-55 South , to 1-80 East. Take Exit BOB, the hotel is on the left hand side - 411 S. Larkin From Midway Airport: Take Cicero Ave. west to I-55 South to 1-80 East . Take Exit BOB, the hotel is on the left hand side - 411 S. Larkin

ENTER NOW TO SECURE YOUR TEAM(S) A SPOT! Spectator Admission: Adults $6.00; Children under 12 $3 .00 per session

Let's meet in

Hawaii! 8th Annual Maui Gymnastics Invitational January 3 - 5, 2003 , Kahului, Maui Levels 4 through Elite and exciting College Invitational - Sanctioned by USAG Hosted by: A Great Family & Meet Vacation Maui Gymnastics Center Complete Tour Arrangements 891 Alua St. Offered by: Wailuku, HI 96793 Travel International Sports Phone: (808) 244 5414 View a video about the meet at our Internet site on Videos. For your meet travel call: (800) 535-3574 ~18~--------------------~(



APRIL 2002

) f - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -


GYMNASTICS 2002 NATIONAL OPTIONAL CLUB TEAM INVITATIONAL Oplionollevels 7-10 -June 14-16 TEAM ENTRY FORM CONTACT PERSON _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CLUB # _ _ _ _ __

CLUB NAME _ _ __ _ _ _ __

_ __ __

MAILING ADDRESS CiTY _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ STATE _ _ _ ZIP _ _ __


PHONE _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ FAX _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E-MAIL _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _







II •


2. 3. *If additional coaches are attending, attach another sheet. Thanks


Gymnast's Nome (Lost nome, First nome) 1.

2. 3. LEVEL 8 TEAM

Gymnast's Nome (Lost nome, First nome) 1.


2. 3. LEVEL 9 TEAM

Gymnast's Nome (Lost nome, First name) 1.



2. 3. LEVEL 10 TEAM


Gymnast's Name (Lost nome, First nome) 1.

2. 3. If you have changes in athletes at a later date, please inform us by June 1st in order for us to correct the competitor list. Substitutions will be allowed up to the start of the competition in case of illness or injury. Our club would be interested in sending a "B" team if space is available: Level 7___ Level B___ Level 9___ LevellO___ May 17th. Payment is due in full at time of initial registration. There are no refunds after May 17th. Refunds must be requested in writing, by fax or e-mail. If your entry is received after all spots are taken, your check will be returned. ENTRY FEE: Level 7 ($75 x 3 = $225 + $30 team= $255) Level 9 ($75 x 3 = $225 + $30 team= 5255) _ __ _ _ __ Level 8 ($75 x 3 = $225 + $30 team= $255) Level 10 (575 x 3 = $225 + $30 team= $255) _ _ _ _ _ __ Total amount due _ __ _ __ ___ Credit Card Payment (heck (payable to USA Gymnastics) Form of Payment: 0 VISA ~ PREFERS I VISA I 0 MasterCard 0 Discover 0 American Express


Payment Amount: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Name on Card: Number: _ _ _ __ Exp. Date: _ __ / _ _ Signature:

SEND TO: Connie Maloney

USA Gymnastics USA 201 S. Capitol, Suite 300 GYMNASIlCS Indianapolis, IN 46225 Fax: 317-237-5069 (for credit card payments only)


n AY8 ~THE

It's so frustrating. One minute they can do the skill, the next


by Alison Amold Ph.D.

Getting it, losing it, and getting it back again in gymnastics.

minute they can't. So many gymnasts can do a skil l perfectly one day, only to find themselves

his happens to every gymnast at one time or another. A block so strong


it shakes their confidence down to the very core. Dealing with an athlete who all of a sudden won't do a skill she is perfectly capable of doing is

one of the most frustrating situations for coaches. You know she can do it

losing it, or worse yet, not even being able to go for it at all . Take the story

perfectly, you know there is nothing to be afraid of, you know you are SPOTTING her, and still she won't go. This article will give you some tools to help you break down the block before the block breaks you down.

of Camille for


"One day I was doing my giants perfectly. It had taken me three months to learn it and

finally I got it! I was so happy. The next day I came into the gym and would not even throw one! It wasn't like I was scared, it was like I had a block inside my body that said "don 't go." My coaches were frustrated, and I was frustrated. I wasn 't sure what was going

on. " .....- = - I - = O - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - { (

All fears and blocks come from out of control thinking. The mind controls the body. If your athletes are not feeling confident or are thinking negative thoughts, their bodies respond with fear and balking. It's strange, but sometimes they are totally unaware this is happening. Many gymnasts say they are not afraid, but continue to balk on skills. It's important for coaches to know, if there is balking, there is some kind of fear. It may be a fear about something that has never happened or something that might happen. It might be a response to too much pressure or not doing enough progressions leading up to the skill. Even if the athlete says over and over again, they are not afraid, it's always some type of lack of confidence leading to the block. Whatever it is, the key is to change their thinking! We know how powerful the mind is. Think of the mind like a sailboat on the ocean of life. As the boat sails, thoughts control the weather. Negative thought patterns create storms and blocks in our lives, while positive thought patterns create smooth sailing. The disciplined athlete has as much control of their thoughts as a musician has control of his instrument. It's essential to increase awareness of when their thoughts become out of control. A "tight mind" is one that is focused, effortless, confident, rational, and in control. A "loose mind" is negative, dramatic, irrational, over-thinking, doubtful and out of control. Most blocks come from having a loose mind . Too many times, the mind becomes loose, going off on its own "field trip" of negativity and doubt. These field trips may lead to losing a skill. Remember, out of control thinking leads to out of control performance. As a coach, it's essential you correct a loose mind just as you would correct a loose body. Similarly to observing improper body position, it's extremely easy to see when your athlete has a loose mind. Strange rituals, balking, and negative body language are all signs of a loose mind. It 's easy to bring their attention back to their thinking by saying, "Your mind looks loose, repeat the correction inside your head over and over," or "Better physically, now tighten it up mentally." TE CH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ APRil 2002



BATIUNG THE BLOCK: 3 KEYS TO BREAKTHROUGH A gymnast battling the block needs to bring out the entire army. There are three aspects of training that are especially helpful. Only utilizing one or two of these aspects is like fighting a battle with one hand tied behind your back. Two of these training interventions are physical, one is mental. It's very common for coaches and athletes to do the physical interventions without addressing the mental. Since we know that blocks are mostly mentaL it's crucial coaches and athletes address the mental side, too . The two physical aspects are progressions and repetitions, the mental aspect is tightening the mind. When coaches address a block simply with repetitions and progressions, they may see results over time. With enough progressions and repetitions, thinking finally changes. By addressing the mental side as well as the physical side, coaches target the fear at its core, therefore obtaining results faster. It's important to note that the fastest way to work your athlete through a block is to combine progressions, repetitions, and mental training simultaneously.

# 1 : PROGRESSIONS First thing to do when your athlete has a block is go back to the earliest progression they can complete successfully. Whatever that progression is, doing it over and over will help them gain confidence. It may be doing the skill with spot, stacked mats, or into a pit or resi . Keep doing the progression as many times as they can until they feel ready to increase to the next level of difficulty. The progression may be spotting the athlete or stacking mats and pulling out one at a time. Keep increasing difficulty until they feel confident doing the skill again. If they balk or block, have them go back to the last successful progression and repeat the process. Balking can become a habit. It's better to have your athlete do the less difficult progression numerous times successfully, then train them to stop.



Along with the progressions, it's essential they do numbers, numbers, numbers! Keep them training each skill and progression until they can perform them easily without fear. You can never have them do too many numbers. Numbers will help them feel more confident which in turn changes their thinking about the skill. After so many repetitions, they will begin to say, "I can do this," rather than ''I'm gonna stop."



Progressions and repetitions can't break the block alone. Dealing with the problem directly will help the block break easier and faster. The best way to break the block cycle is combining progressions, repetitions, and tight mind tools. Here are the three most effective mental tools to break the block.

- - -- -- -- - -- -- - -----1(

I have written before in USA Gymnastics magazine about the importance of mental choreography (MC) or "key thoughts." MC more than any other tool helps to tighten the mind. Think of MC as blinders for the mind. MC keeps the mind "locked down" so that distraction or doubt can not interfere with your athlete's focus. Help them create key thoughts that they say to themselves for any skill that is blocked. Have them say those thoughts in their head whenever they do the skill or the progression-that is the most important part. As they do each progression and repetition, it's essential they say their Mental Choreography words. The key thoughts will help them train their body to complete the skill automatically. VISUALIZATION What you think is what you do. Having your athletes imagine themselves doing the skill over and over again in their mind is one way to break the block cycle. Instruct them to practice imagining themselves complete the skill while their eyes are open, looking at the apparatus. If they are blocked on Vault for example, have them stand at the end of the vault runway seeing themselves complete a perfect vault. Be sure they do their mental choreography words every time they visualize the skill. This pairs the words they say with completing the skill. In addition to visualizing, have your athletes walk through the skill they are having trouble with. Have them move their body through each of the body positions required for the skill while saying mental choreography. Instruct them to feel their body doing the skill as much as possible. Be sure they complete each body position from start to finish.

It's important athletes are aware when their mind is loose and off track. Their mind must be anchored strong and steady to stay on course in the storm of negative thinking. Just as your athletes pull their body back to proper position to make a technical correction, they can pull their mind back the same way by using an anchor. An anchor is a series of thoughts or actions that pull the mind back to focus and doubtlessness. An anchor is strong "come-backs" to negative thoughts. These thoughts help return the athlete's mind to focus, fearlessness, and doubtlessness. Examples of strong anchors include: "breathe, stay on course, I can do this," "breathe, tight mind, don't go there," or "relax, keep it cool, it's no big deal." Each anchor statement should include breathing and positive self-talk. Anchors should break the downward spiral of frustration, fear, or nervousness, and get the athlete's mind back on course. Whenever they feel a block coming on, they can use their anchor to move them toward a positive place.

r EC H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ APR Il 2002

)r - - - - - - - -- - - - - ----=':-:'=----I

Brea king the block is something all gymnasts can do . It's important for coaches to keep a positive attitude. Stress feeds the Block Beast. It's helpful for coaches to model and mirror the state of mind they want their athletes to be in. Many times coaches ma ke the mistake of meeting an athlete's mood instead of leading them to a more productive space. For example, many coaches react with frustration when an athlete is experiencing extreme frustration . When this happens, athlete and coach fuel each other in negative ways. Model the behavior you want your athletes to have. Reinforcing doubtlessness is a good way to break down a block. Blocks respond faster to an expectation of, "I know you will work through this, " "Today is just an off day, let's go back to the progression," and "It's coming easier and easier every day." Blocks feed on emotional reactions. Being non-emotional, confident, and expressing belief in your athlete will help them have the courage they need to beat the bloc k.

.....=' -=2-- --


- --


Remember to take the three-handed approach to beating t he block. Combining progressions, repetitions, and mental tools will help you and your athlete break through blocks before they break you . â&#x20AC;˘

Alison A rnold Ph. D. is a sport psychology consulta nt for USA Gymnastics. A former gymnast, she views train ing the mind as important as tra ini ng the body. For more information on how to develop the








TEe HN' 0 UE â&#x20AC;˘ APRil 2002

) r - - - - -- - -- - - - - -- -

National Gymnastics Day Update ational Gymnastics Day is scheduled for August 24, 2002 . Here's an update on what's happening N with the annual celebration.

STATE PROCLAMATIONS USA Gymnastics has requested that the Governors from all 50 states prepare an Official State Proclamation for National Gymnastics Day on Saturday, August 24, 2002 . Upon receipt of the State Proclamations, we will make these available on our website so that you can print out and post your state's proclamation in your gym . We suggest contacting your Mayor for a local Proclamation, too! At the time of print, we've received proclamations from Connecticut, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Louisiana.

Nationa Gymnastics Day Augu s t


PROMOTE YOUR ACTIVITIES To add the activities your club is planning for National Gymnastics Day 2002 please email the following information to Loree Galimore at Here's the information we need: Your city, Your state, Contact name, Club name, Member Club status (Yes/No), Mailing address, Zip code, Day phone, Night phone, Email address, Web site, Date of your event, Name of your event (if appropriate), BRIEF Description of your activities. Plan and promote your NGD activity. We'll post your event on our website and publish some events in USA Gymnastics and Technique magazines. Don't forget to send photos after the big celebration!

MEMBER CLUB MARKETING KIT The annual Member Club Marketing Kits will be sent out in May to all current Member Clubs. Included in the kit will be four posters - a National Gymnastics Day poster, a World Championships 2003 poster, a Gymnastics - a Great Foundation poster and a Celebrity Testimonial poster; a video tape of commercial samples; public service announcement and highlights of gymnastics; advertising samples; advertising and marketing brochure; Guide to Gymnastics; and National Gymnastics Day materials including a coordinator's guide!

"Gymnastics is not only fun, it's good for your body. " - Vanna White

If there's no proclamation for your state yet,

download a sample Proclamation and Press Release. Customize your own press release and send it to your Mayor. Hopefully your city will issue a Proclamation. Send this information to your local media and get your NGD celebration published! - - - --

- - - - -- - - - - - - - { (

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘

APR Il 2002

)}--- - - - - - ----------=':-:3:-w1

•• _


Critical Numbers It was about 1980, my fifth year in business when I decided to take the 'business-end' seriously and treat it as a priority rather than a 'necessary evil: Amidst this feverish learning stage, I read a short article advocating the need to learn which numbers were critical to your business's health. I took that advice to heart and so should you.

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Retention: Ditto above. Retention slippage is one of the first signs of internal difficulties, more sensitive than enrollment data (which can lag internal problems).

Marketing: Each term (two months) we compile two marketing reports: (1) how did our current clients learn of us (2) a simple, computer generated zip code survey of current clients. The first report tells me about the success of our recent and ongoing marketing efforts and the second alerts me to subtle population shifts. It was knowledge of such a shift, which helped me make important land decisions in 1996 as I was planning an evolution from Queen City Gymnastics to Kids First Sports Center.


Teaching ratio = staffing efficiency: In our industry, what is the single largest expense item? Teaching wage. The difference between a company-wide average student to teacher ratio of 8:1 versus 7:1 is 1/8 which equates to a 12.5% increase in teaching wage which boils down to a good-sized chunk of your profit margin, I assume! So, while others in my club pay attention to the class by class teaching ratio, I focus on the bigger picture, the average teaching ratio, company-wide. A slight slip here means big dollars. Bottom line? Identifying and managing by your critical numbers plus, of course, paying close attention to your club's 'cultural health' will keep you financially sound for the long haul. Make it a great month, Jeff Metzger Jeff Metzger USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp President, Kids First Sports Center


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Memberships will increase $1.00 for the 2002/ 2003 season. Reminder: the finance committee recommendation to the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors was approved in the year 2000 to increase membership fees by $1.00 per year over the next four years beginning with the 2001/ 2002 season. Athlete, Professional, Instructor and Member Club dues will increase $1.00 for the 2002/2003 season.

Last year

over 100 gyms in thirty-three states,

Sanctions New Sanction Fees - Effective January 1, 2002


If your sanctioned event included more than 72 participants, yet you paid

from their meet scoring program

to ProScore meet management software.

the "72 or under" fee, simply enclose a note with the additional $50.00 due along with your sanction report form and mail to Member Services. You may include a check or credit card information for this amount. Reminder: The sanction report form must be sent within 48 hours of the event.

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16 & 17 Year Old Assistant Coaches - Must have Instructor Membership and current Safety Certification. For the 2002/2003 season, this level will be designated as a Junior Professional Member.


For 16 & 17-year-old assistant coach's sign-in: Please sign-in on the same line as the valid Professional member that is accompanying you. Remember: You must have the valid Professional member with you the entire time you are on the floor.

simply the best meet management system in existence-period.

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Member Services continued.


The foLLowing Membership Statement has been adopted by the Board of Directors of USA Gymnastics: Membership in USA Gymnastics is a priviLege granted by USA Gymnastics. That priviLege can be withdrawn by USA Gymnastics at any time where a member's conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the best interest of the sport of gymnastics and of the athLetes we are servicing. The foLLowing former professionaL members have been terminated or have a Lifetime ban with USA Gymnastics and/or wiLL not be aLLowed to renew their membership: MN SC ME WA TN CA MD PA TN NY MI KY TN PA CA

CharLes Theodore Bates Vince Brown Larry Dutch Matthew H. Erichsen William ALexander Etheridge Rick Feuerstein Joseph Fountain Roy Larry GaLLagher Robert Allen Garner (Bob) Ricardo "Chico" Goddard PauL Hagan Robert Dean Head MichaeL Hinton Frank Hohman, Jr. MiLos Hroch Steven L. Infa nte Dana Koppendrayer John S. Moore William Munsinger PauL O'NeiLL William M. Permenter



Jeffrey Richards John H. Row Steve ShirLey BLake Steven Starr Mark Swift Freddie Eugene Tafoya, Jr. Jon Oliver Kenneth Thomas Brent Trottier JoeL VeLasquez David PauL Waage Steve WapLes Lyf Christian WiLdenberg


cttnrtt , .,: 0QtlM搂:,j路N Mn We wiLL begin accepting Limited AthLete Memberships for TOPs testing starting May 1, 2002. The cost wiLL be $25.00 and is an "insurance onLy" membership. The Limited AthLete Membership is for FIRST TIME athLetes onLy and wiLL expire JuLy 31. 2002. ALL Limited AthLete Memberships must be submitted and processed through the Member Services Department with a 2001/2002 AthLete Membership form. No onLine registrations wiLL be accepted for the Limited AthLete Membership.

ATTENTION Reminder... pLease submit NationaL Scholarship Foundation meet taxes ($1 per gymnast) from aLL USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events.

Send tv:

British Columbia Gymnastics Association Suspensions USA Gymnastics has been notified that the British CoLumbia Gymnastics Association has permanentLy suspended membership in the BCGA for the following individuaLs: John Henderson, KamLoops DonaLd Ray Mathey, LangLey Wayne Andrews, Courtenay

BC Canada BC Canada BC Canada

USA Gymnastics, Member Services Attn: Sanction Reports Pan American Plaza 201 S. CapitoL Ave. - Ste. 300 IndianapoLis, IN 46225. Remember, these fees shouLd be submitted 48 hours after the competition! Thanks for your cooperation.

Star ing at $280 tor USA Gymnastics Membe r. s

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Sixteen-year-old Courtney Kupets is from McLean, Virginia, and trains at Hill's Gymnastics in Gaithersburg, Md. Coached by Kelli Hill and Jen Bundy, Courtney has made tremendous progress recently in the sport of gymnastics. Courtney was selected at a training camp this February in Houston to represent the United States at the Visa American Cup. During the nationally televised event, Courtney hit all four of her events scoring 9.031 on vault, 9.362 on bars, 9.200 on beam, 9.212 on floor for an all-around total of 36.805, which earned her the silver medal just behind Tasha Schwikert. Courtney was also second on bars and third on beam and floor. Coach Hill said, "I just wanted her to hit four routines and show well at the Visa American Cup. We found out Monday the week of the event that Courtney was going to compete. I'm just shocked and ecstatic with how well she did." Courtney said, "I just wanted to come into the event and hit and see where I ended up. This was my first national television event. I had so much fun competing and it was an awesome learning

Courtney also did well at the 2001 Glasgow Grand Prix in England where she qualified to all four event finals and finished fourth on vault and bars, sixth on and seventh on r-~~~-'~~r.=~~~~~~~ In 2000, Courtney won first all-around at the Bluewater International Invitational in Canada and earned first in every Courtney is a ninth grade student at Cooper Middle School and has three siblings: Mark, Chris, and Ashley, who is also an elite gymnast at Hill's Gymnastics. Their father was a college football player and their mother was a college cheerleader. Courtney likes to read, ride her bike, shop, and spend time on the computer. •

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APRil 2002



GYMNASTICS National Congress


S Cleveland, Ohio' August 7-10, 2002 ''Gymnastics Excellence Through Education"


• Gymnastics Coaches & Teachers: All Levels, Boys, Girls, Artistic, Rhythmic, General Gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling, Sports Acrobatics • Gymnastics Coaches For Y's, Recreation Programs, High Schools • Physical Education Teachers

• Preschool Instructors • Judges At All Levels • Gymnastics Business Owners • Gymnastics Business Managers • Cheerleading Coaches • Aspiring Coaches and Judges

USA Gymnastics National Congress is the premier learning opportunity in the U.S. Approximately 72 different lectures will be running in any time slot. Topics will be varied and cover all aspects of the gymnastics industry. Beginners, as well as seasoned veterans, will find lectures designed to increase their wealth of knowledge. Add to that the U.S. Championships, a huge dance parfYt and over 2,000 of your closest gymnastics friends and you will find out why most National Congress attendees return year after year. TECHNIQUE·

APRIL 2002

USA Gymnastics National Congress Combined with affordability, accessibility and award-winning service, Cleveland will make an excellent site for the 2002 USA Gymnastics National Congress. Cleveland has world-class attractions and museums, great restaurants and shopping, plus professional sports and golf courses. USA Gymnastics National Congress will again be presenting more than 12 different tracks offering lectures for all your staff to increase their knowledge.



National Congress _4l d • ......& ....

Cleveland, Ohio August 7-10, 2002 ''Gymnastics Excellence Through Education" Congress Hotels:

Wednesday, August 7 • Business Conference • Add On's including KAT and MELPD Certification, Safety Course, ACCA/Cheer Certification, Trampoline & Tumbling Levell Coaches' Course. Thursday, August 8 - Saturday, August 10 • Congress Sessions • Exhibit Hall • Dance Party (Marriott Hotel's Key Center)

'Check for Congress Registration information in this issue or on USA Gymnastics online at Congress Location: Cleveland Convention Center 500 Lakeside Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Within walking distance of all the , Congress hotels listed below!


Note: all rates are plus 14.5% tax • Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center - $139.00 127 Public Square Cleveland, OH 44114-1305 • Embassy Suites - Cleveland Downtown at Reserve Square $129.00 1701 East Twelfth Street Cleveland, OH 4411

• Sheraton Cleveland City Centre $104.00 777 St. Clair Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114 All hotel accommodations must be booked directly with National Travel Systems at 888-603-8747 or 806-331-1930 or email They can also assist with your air travel arrangements.

A special member package has been developed for those USA Gymnastics members attending Congress. The package includes Congress Registration and tickets to see all the U.S. Championships events including Men's Artistic, Women's Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline and Tumbling and Sports Acrobatics. In addition, with this package you will receive a Special Gold Level seating for senior Men's and Women's Artistic evening sessions.

Visit for more information on Congress or to get to the National Travel Systems website.

• Holiday Inn Select - $119.00 1111 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114

Special Congress/Championships Package for USA Gymnastics Pro and Instructor Members Attending Congress. Must pre-register by July 13 and pay in full.


Transportation: RTA public transportation system can take you easily from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to Tower City Center in downtown for only $1.50. The airport is located just 20 minutes from downtown. A taxi ride from the airport to downtown is only $20.

A $455.00 valu e for only $300.00 - this includes Congress Registration and all U.S. Championships events. This offer is only available to USA Gymnastics members attending Congress. Registration forms will be included in this issue or online TECHNIQUE •

APRil 2002

Cleveland Convention Center Cleveland, Ohio

Congress Costs Pro &Instructor Members Pre-registration Guly 13) .... $230 On-site registration ........ $330

Non-Members Pre-registration Guly 13) .. .. $350 On-site registration .. . . .. ... $450

Note: Member Clubs discounts will be available. Watch for upcoming announcements on pricing.

"Gymnastics Excellence Through Education" WHAT A DEAL! • More than 120 Congress sessions to choose from. Bring your entire team of professionals and return with more information. Many professional seminars begin at $399. USA Gymnastics National Congress is a deal at just $230! • Congress Dance Party included: a $35 value. • Free Exhibit Hall admittance worth $3 (5-12 yrs.) and $6 (13 yrs. and older) per day. • Congress briefcase and Information Guide. • Learn from, interact with, and watch the best the U.S. has to offer. • Discount tickets for the 2002 U.s . National Championships.


UNDERSTANDING THE UNIQUE & SPECIALIZED NEEDS OF YOUR BUSINESS • Marketing & Managerial Sessions. • Staff Retention & Improvement Lectures. • Gymnastics Lectures: beginner to elite, all disciplines. • Plan on attending the Club Owners' Business Conference Add-On.

More than 100 vendors in the Exhibit Hall. Your one-stop gymnastics shopping showcase. Congress specials, promotions & discounts Save $$$$$ on shipping.

IT'S WHERE YOU & YOUR STAFF BELONG • Improve all areas of your business in one exciting weekend. • Beginner coaching & office management lecture series. • Member Clubs-Register your non-member class teachers as Instructor Members and bring them to Congress for a discounted price. Contact Loree Ga'l1more. • Reward and educate your staff. • Spread out, attend a variety of lectures, and share a wealth of knowledge . • Professional Members & Member Clubs receive special prices on almost all Congress functions.


CONGRESS EXHIBITION HALL One of the highlights of the annual USA Gymnastics National Congress is the Exhibition Hall. This is where gymnastics industry suppliers and consultants display and sell their products and services. You will find the latest and greatest in gymnastics equipment, apparel and services! The Exhibit Hall will be open to all Congress participants Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Day passes to the exhibit hall for the general public will be available at the Congress Registration desk. NOTE: Children under the age of 5 will be admitted free

when accompanied by their parent or guardian.

• Learn the latest information concerning: Technique, Training, Rules, Policies, Marketing, Routines & Business. • Listen to, and interact with, the leaders of our industry in all areas. • Raise the level of safety awareness in your gym and across the USA. USA GYMNASTICS POSITION ON CHILDREN (GUESTS) ATTENDING CONGRESS SESSIONS AHendees should keep in mind that the Congress sessions

are designed for adult gymnastics professionals who have paid to aHend sessions in order to increase their prafessional skills and knowledge base. USA Gymnastics strongly discourages attendance of children in any Congress sessions. Congress Hosts and Hostesses will monitor entrance to Congress sessions to those displaying appropriate credentials.


APRil 2002


2002 Notional Congress & U.S. Championships Wednesday', August 7

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p .m ........... Business Conference .......... ............ .................... .... Cleveland Convention Ctr. 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m ......... Congress Registration Booths Open .................... Cleveland Convention Ctr. See p age 29 ...................... Safety, KAT, MEL PO, Cheer Certification .......... Cleveland Convention Ctr. Trampoline Coach Certification Levell 1:00-4:00 p .m ...................Jr. All-Around & Event Finals (Men) ........ .. ........ Gund Arena 7:00-10:00 p .m ................. Sr. All-Around Prelims & Event Finals (Men) .... Gund Arena

Thursday, August 8 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m ........... Congress Registration Booths Open .. .. .. .. ............ Cleveland Convention Ctr. 8:30 a.m .-4:30 p.m ........... Congress Sessions .............. ...... .... ...... .. ...... .. ...... .... Cleveland Convention Ctr. TBO .................. .......... ...... Exhibit Hall: Gym Club Owners Preview .......... Cleveland Convention Ctr. TBO .................................. Exhibit Hall: Open to All Congress Participants ...... Cleveland Convention Ctr. 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m ........... Jr. All-Around (Rhythmic) .... .............. ........ ........ .. CC - Public Auditorium 1:00-3:30 p .m ...................Jr. All-Around Prelims & Event Finals (Women) ...... Gund Arena 2:30-7:30 p.m . ...... .. .......... Sr. All-Around (Rhythmic) .. .. .. .......................... .... CC - Public Auditorium 7:00-10:00 p.m . .... ............ Sr. All-Around Prelims & Event Finals (Women) .... Gund Arena

Friday, August 9 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. .. ...... Congress Registration Booths Open .. ........ .... .. .... Cleveland Convention Ctr. 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m ...........Jr. Competition /Sr. Prelims. (Sports Acro) ........ .. CC - Exhibit Hall 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p .m .... .... ... Exhibit Hall Open ............ .. ................ ............ .......... Cleveland Convention Ctr. 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m .... .......Congress Sessions .................................................... Cleveland Convention Ctr. 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m ........... Jr. Elite Prelims (T&T) ............ ................ .. .. .. .......... CC - Public Auditorium 4:00-7:30 p.m . .................. Sr. Elite Prelims (T&T) .............. ............ .. .... ........ .. .. CC - Public Auditorium 7:00-10:30 p.m ................. All-Around Finals (Men) .... .. .................................. Gund Arena

· , Saturday, AugusJ 10 I • ' 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p .m ........... Congress Registration Booths Open ...... ... ...... ..... Cleveland Convention Ctr.


9:00 a.m. -3:30 p.m ...........Exhibit Hall Open ........ .. .. .................... .. .. ............ .. .. Cleveland Convention Ctr. 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m ....... .. Congress Sessions ................................................. ... Cleveland Convention Ctr. 10:00 a.m.-l:30 p.m ......... Jr. Event Finals (Rhythmic) .... ............... ....... ... .... .. .CC - Public Auditorium 10:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m .........Jr. Event Finals (T&T) ................ .......... .. .................. CC - Public Auditorium 10:00 a.m .-6:00 p .m . .. ....Jr. Competition /Sr. Finals (Sports Acro) .......... .... CC - Exhibit Hall 1:00-3:30 p .m ................... Jr. All-Around finals (Women) .............................. Gund Arena 2:30-6:00 p.m . .......... .. ...... Sr. Event Finals (Rhythmic) .................... ...... .......... CC - Public Auditorium 2:30-6:00 p.m ....... .. .......... Sr. Event Finals (T&T) ...... .... .. .... .............. ............ .. CC - Public Auditorium 6:00-8:30 p.m ................... Sr. All-Around Finals (Women) ............ .. .............. Gund Arena 9:30 p.m ............. .. ............ oance Party (Congress Attendees) ...... .......... ...... Mal'l'iott Hotel's Key Center


APRil 2002

USA Gymnastics Business Owners Confefence VVednesdaY, August7,2002 Cleveland, OH Who: What: Where: When: Why:


Club Owners and Directors Business Conference Cleveland Convention Center Wednesday, August 7, 2002 from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. To bring USA Gymnastics and its clubs owners together to facilitate the sharing of ideas and concepts relevant to the success of the gymnastics business. With our ongoing commitment to your success, we want to create a network of gymnastics business owners and professionals. $100.00 for Member Clubs and $200.00 non-member clubs (per person) Included in this fee: morning coffee, lunch, and a business gift.

Host: Gary Anderson Speakers include: Bob Colarossi, Kathy Feldmann, Steve Penny and Loree Galimore from USA Gymnastics. Club Owners and consultants from across the country include: Jeff Metzger, Tom Lenzini, Tom Forster, Rita Brown, David Holcomb, Lynne Ledford, Frank Sahlein, Sean Dever, Steve Greeley, Patti Komara, Julia Thompson- Aretz, and Jeff Lulla.

Business Building Blocks

You will receive invaluable advice on how to run a successful gymnastics club at this conference. The conference was a sell-out in 2000 & 2001, so please register early!






r-----------------------------------------------~ Club Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

$100 per person from a Member Club $200 per person - non-member club

Club Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

( no on site registration)

Name(s) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

State _ _ _ _ _ __

Zip _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Fax _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Email _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Make check payable to USA Gymnastics Amount enclosed- _ _ _ _ __ _ __ Charge to : 0 Visa ~PR'FERSEI 0 Other- - --


Card #_ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _Exp date _ _ _ __ signature _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Fax to 317-237-5069 attention: Loree Galimore or mail to:

Attn . Loree Galimore 201 S. Capitol Ave. Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

rECHNIQUE â&#x20AC;˘

APRil 2002




Minimum age for Congress registration is 16.


No Pre-Registration after July 13. After July 13 you must register on-site.


Complete one Form per person - Photocopy for additional Registrations. As aprofessional or instrudor member, you have two prices from which to choose. One price is for Congress only. The other price is for Congress and tickets to see all U.s. Championship events. Please see page 30 where additional tickets can be purchased for non-members, spouses, friends, etc. If you wish to be seated next to your co-workers, friends, spouses, etc., send all registration and ticket order forms together at one time with payment. Your Pro or Instructor Address (listed in the USA Gymnastics member database) will be used for all correspondence. The tickets will be sent to the member database address 4 weeks prior to Championships.






PRO & INSTRUCTOR MEMBERS 0$230 Congress pre-registration 0$300 Congress pre-registration and ncket package $330 for on-site registration (no ticket package)



(postmarked by July 13)

NON·MEMBERS $350 Congress pre-registration $450 for on-site registration

Name .................................................................................................................................................................. . ....................................................................... Social Security No . .. Birth date .

USA Gymnastics Pro/lnst. No . .

Mailing Address . .



0 This is a new address

State ................................................................................................. _ Zip Day phone ( Club name . .

Night phone .................... .... . ............................................. ..................................................................._ Club number .

Must check club owner box for admittance to Exhibition Hall Preview Check all that apply: o Member Club Owner o Club Owner o Coach/Teacher o Judge o Women's Artistic o Group Gymnastics o Regional Chair o National Chair o Sports Aero o Office Staff o Men's Artistic o Trampoline & Tumbling o State Chair o Rhythmic

CONGRESS FEE INCLUDES ONE TICKET TO THE CONGRESS DANCE PARTY Total Amount Enclosed .. 1_$________..1Make check/Money Order Payable to USA Gymnastics

" Charge: 0 Visa


0 Discover 0 Mastercard


Card # .............................................................................................. ................. Exp. .... .............. Signature ... . please return this registration form to: USA Gymnastics Congress, Pan American Plaza, Suite 300, 201 S. Capitol, Indianapolis, IN 46225 FAX: 317-237-5069 ATTENTION: MEMBER SERVICES THE INDIVIDUAL CONGRESS FEE INCLUDES:


• Credential far entrance to Congress sees ions and clinics August 8-10, 2002 Cleveland, OH • Entrance to the Exhibit Hall featuring the industry's finest products and services.


Submit request in writing to USA Gymnastics, Anentian: Cathy Allen

• One ticket to the Congress Dance Party on Saturday evening , August 10

(additional Congress Dance Party tickets for spouse/ guests are $35 each- available at on-site registration)

Sefore July 13th - Reg istration fee less $30 service fee per person canceling.

After July 13th - 50% of reg istrotion fee per person canceling.

Videotaping: Videotaping of Congress sessions is permitted FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY unless the Session Presenters announce that his/ her/ thei r session may not be videotaped. Language: The offi cial language of Cong ress is Engli sh. USA Gymnastics wi ll make no


special provisions for translation of sessions into other languages.

SUBSTITUTION POLICY Ta transfer registration to another person, the new congress aHendee must also have a professional or instructor membership.

Sefore August 1 - $30 per substitution ON-SITE - $50 per substitution Submit request in writing to USA Gymnastics, Anentian: Cathy Allen

Congress attendees with special needs must notify USA Gymnastics in writing in this regard prior to the July 13 pre-registration deadline. We suggest that this information be included with the congress pre-registration form .




No Pre-Registration after July 13 After July 1 3 you must register on-site for a $25 additional late fee per course per person


NOTE: Due to limited space and materials, admission to Congress add-ans is not guaranteed unless pre·registered.

Due to time constraints, several courses may overlap. Please be aware of this when scheduling add·ons.


Use this form to register for the 2002 Congress tests, examinations, certifications, etc. One form per person . Photocopy for additional add-on registrations. NOTE: Your Pro or Instructor Address {listed in the USA Gymnastics member database} will be used for all correspondence. Name .... Birth date

. ... Social Security No . . . j


_ USA Gymnastics Pro/ lnst. #

Safety Expi ration Date . ...... 0 THIS IS ANEW ADDRESS

Mailing Address ... ! ....................................................... ........ ......... ............................................................................

Day phone (

State ....


Night phone (


Check appropriate space for the add-ons you wish to attend. INST. PRO NON SUB MEMBER MEMBER MEMBER TOTAL



Minimum age for Safety Certification is 16

Wed. August 7, 8:30-12:30 p.m.

a For recerts. MUST be currently safety


certified AND a pro-member. For those not already safely certified.

Wed. August 7, 1-5 p.m. a For recerts. MUST be currently safety certified AND a pro-member. a For those not already safety certified.



$0 $50



N/ A $50

$0 $50

N/A $100





KINDER ACCREDITATION FOR TEACHERS (KAT) a Wed. August 7, 8:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. $150 $150 $175 NOTE: Pre· registration guarantees a KAT Workbook. Enrollment is limited. Minimum age is 16. Includes Boxed Lunch



Language: The Official language of Congress is English. USA Gymnastics will make no special provisions for translation of sessions into other languages. Congress Attendees with special needs must notify USA Gymnastics in writing in this regard prior to the July 13 pre-registration deadline. We suggest that this information be included with the Congress Pre·registration Form. Videotaping: Videotaping of Congress sessions is permitted FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY unless the Session Presenters announce that his/her session may , not be videotaped. ,


MOVEMENT EDUCATION AND LESSON PLAN DEVELOPMENT (MELPD) a Wed. August 7, 4 p.m.- 9 p.m. $110 $110 $135 NOTE: Pre·registration guarantees aMfLPD Workbook. Enrollment is limited. Minimum age is 16. Includes Boxed Supper




Amount Enclosed .. Charge to:


0 Discover 0 Mastercard



0 Amex

Cord No . .




Exp. Dote ....


BUSINESS OWNERS CLUB #_ _ _ __ _ CONFERENCE a Wed. August 7, 8:30 a.m.-S p.m. $100 $200 Limited enrollment. No on·site registration.

LS::::ig::,:na:tu:re::.,:(:.::requ=ired:'::':: ) ===========::::J

Please return this registration form to: USA Gymnastics Congress Pan American Plaza 201 South Capitol, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 FAX: 317-237-5069 ATTENTION: Member Services



u.s. Gymnastics Championships August 7-10, 2002

Gund Arena, Cleveland TOTAL



U.S. Gymnastics

I Subtotal Handling Total




o Check# o Visa ~

o Other


Card# Exp date -



(make payable to Gund Arena) PREFEJlS E j

Cleveland, Ohio' August 7-10. 2002


Name on Credit Card


Cardholder Signature

Mail tickets to:


Name Address City



Day Phone:

For more information. log on to:

Evening Phone: Email: Club Affiliation: Seated With: Mail order forms to USA Gymnastics, 201 S. Capitol Ave, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225, c/o U.S. Gymnastics Championships. Make checks payable to USA Gymnastics .


Cl.h\ hL....i'\ 1) CI .L;'I:1r.




*Tickets will be mailed out no later than 4 weeks prior to the event



Saturday, FebruanJ 23, 2002 Indianapolis, Indiana Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chair, Jola Jones

I. WELCOME Welcome to the Sports Acrobatics National Office and review of the 2/11 / 02 Program Report. - Alexa Hukari

II. BUDGET REVIEW Tonya Case-Patterson and Hukari presented a budget review for January 1 to December 31, 2002.

III. COACHES TRAINING David Reiakvam and Case-Patterson reviewed the progress in training optional coaches. The clinic in Riverside, California, was considered very successful. Eleven coaches participated representing all regions but the southwest. Two more follow-up clinics are planned, one in the fall of 2002 and one in the spring of 2003. A mentor program was started to provide support between clinics.

IV. VIDEO/PUBLICATIONS/WEB DEVELOPMENT Hukari reviewed video proposals for 2002. In addition, plans have been made for national coverage at regional clinics and acrobasics clinics. It was decided to develop a video demonstrating LevelS and 6 elements as soon as possible. Web progress has been delayed, but overall good. Articles are appearing in both upcoming Technique and USA Gymnastics magazine.

V. NATIONAL EVENT SCHEDULE It was approved unanimously to continue with plans to have Team Trials for the Senior National Team and World Age Group Games in Cleveland in August, 2002. Team Trials may be in Milwaukee in 2003. Plans are being developed for Nationals 2003 to be in Anaheim in August.

VI. USAG CONGRESS Hukari announced that sports acrobatics has been granted 12 sessions at the USAG Congress in Cleveland in August 2002. Possible presentations and presenters were discussed: Getting Started in Sports Acrobatics, How to Incorporate Sports Acrobatics into Your Kindergym Program, Acrobasics, Keeping Athletes in Your Gym with Sports Acrobatics, Sports Acrobatics Levels 6 and 7, How to Keep Athletes in Your Gym After Injury, Making Money with Sports Acrobatics, Adding to Your Judging Credentials and Income Through Sports Acrobatics.

VII. NATIONAL TEAM AND INTERNATIONAL DELEGATION AnlRE Hukari reviewed the USAG involvement with GK and Adidas. Specific plans for ordering uniforms were developed for 2002-2004.

VIII. INTERNATIONAL COACHES Hukari will keep a data base of coaches from other countries interested in employment in Sports Acrobatics in this country. She will send out this information to clubs who request it. This service is for passing on information only, not recommending specific individuals. ---------------~(

The USAG rules were reviewed that affect foreign judges and athletes who are at competitions within this country. Officials and athletes must be registered with USAG for a special fee of $25.00. There is a $300.00 sanction fee for international competitions within the United States. International judges must be cleared through the regional judges coordinator in order for the competition to be used for qualifying scores.

X. ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m. to be continued the next day.

SPORTS ACROBATICS PROGRAM COMMITTEE Sunday, FebruanJ 24, 2002 Indianapolis, Indiana Meeting called to order at 9:15 a.m. by Chair, Jola Jones

I. PLAN TO ATTRACT NEW JUDGES Linda Ocmand discussed the need for more judges, especially the professional type who will stay in the sport and increase their training and experience. Ex-athletes are very desirable. Coaches need to encourage their ex-athletes to judge and will be sent a reminder letter to that effect from the National Office. Judges from artistic, rhythmic, and tumbling/ trampoline diSciplines may be interested in expanding into Sports Acrobatics. A session at USAG Congress is being planned to explain adding Sports Acrobatics to a judge'S credentials. Specific plans were made to encourage and support judges who show special skill and interest. A re-certification test is being planned for National and National Superior judges on Friday, July 12, 2002, at National Championships in New Orleans to upgrade the quality of existing judges.

II. UPDATE ON NEW FIG RULES Specific rules from the new FIG Code of Points for Sports Acrobatics need to be added to the national program. Jones will develop a Technical Update that discusses these rules. They will be in effect beginning April 1, 2002. The new FIG Tables of Difficulty will be available through USAG Merchandising soon and will go into effect in this country on May 1, 2002.

III. INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES - JAY BINDER Delegations were decided for the Machuga Cup in Russia (April 4-7) and the Flanders Acro Cup in Belgium (April 10-15). It was also decided that the Ukranian meet just prior to the Machuga Cup will be considered an official U.S. international competition. Plans concerning a competition in Switzerland in the fall were tabled. Selection procedures for athletes for the Sports Acrobatics World Age Group Games were discussed and will be similar to senior selection procedures. In addition, target scores were suggested: 9.20 for technical score and 4.0 for artistic score. David Reiakvam and Tonya Case-Patterson will develop target difficulty scores. SAWAGG will be held in conjunction with the Senior World Championships in Reisa, Germany, in September, 2002. The SAWAGG athletes will be announced as the Junior Olympic National Team at Team Trials in (continued on page 46)

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ APR I L 2002


USA GYMNASTICS 2002 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM The Women's Level HV Skill Development Curriculum Course has been introduced as the first in a series of discipline specific courses under the Professional Development Certification program. The goal of the Women's Level I-IV Skill Development Curriculum is to establish a solid foundation for coaches on gymnastics fundamentals. The focus is to break down the beginning level skills for Junior Olympic Levels I-IV. Solid basics are vital to the physical longevity and to the skill proficiency and progression for the gymnasts. It's much easier to "learn it right" at the beginning rather than trying to "clean it up" later.

The program will cover the following topics: • Vault • Beam • Tumbling • Psychology

• • • •

Bars Dance Coaching 101 Coaching Philosophy

Completion of the two-day, 12-hour course will certify you as a Skill Evaluator. The course is taught through the use of two complimentary texts; Introduction to Gymnastics Coaching Theory and the Level IIV Curriculum Guide; coordinating videos, and hands-on drill and spotting instruction.

This is a great course for all women's artistic gymnastics coaches from novice to club owner. To set up a course, contact the course instructor nearest you. For a complete list of instructors or to view more information regarding the course, visit our web site at www.






4/27/02 1:30-8:30pm

4/28/02 9am-3pm

South Carolina

Gary Knisley

864-306-9180 400 McCue St., Easley

Easley Gym nastics Academy

5/03/02 1-7pm

5/04/02 9am-3pm


Tamara Collins

662-844-6585; 126 Fenco St.

Tupelo Academy of Gymnastics

7/03/02 9am-5pm

7/04/02 8:30am12:30pm


Tamara Collins

662-844-6585; Beau Rivage Resort & Casino

Region 8 Mini-Comgress

rl-=-3-=2---------- --------J(



CLARIFICATIONS FOR 2002 COMPETITIVE SEASON (According the 2001-2004 Rhythmic J.O. Technical Handbook for Coaches and Judges)

LEVEl 7 FLOOR ROUTINE • 360' Pivot Leg Side + 360' Passe Pivot en de dans: there is a plie on support leg as well as the drop of the support heel after the first 360', then the support leg is straightened for the next 360' . lf there is no plie or heel's drop - 0.20 deduction for facilitation of an Identified Skill.

Folding Mats

• 360' Back Attitude Pivot + Arabesque Balance: arabesque balance must be held for a min. 1 second (not a kick) - 0.50 deduction, no credit given to Identified Skill. HOOP • Cossack Hop: exchange of the hoop around the waist in front & behind should be completed during the flight phase - 0.20 deduction for facilitation of an Identified Skill. • 540' Back Attitude Pivot: there are horizontal Rotations overhead during the pivot (not a circle or hoop just being held) - 0.20 deduction for the facilitation of an Identified Skill. • Balance, Leg Front: 2 horizontal Rotations overhead & change behind back should be completed during the Balance (from the moment there is fixed free leg position on releve) - 0.20 deduction for facilitation of an Identified Skill. • Toss, Illusion, Catch: The hand mayor may not brush the floor during the illusion. CLUBS • Assisted Side Balance on 1 knee: clubs must be held by the ends to not be in a static position (as the clubs approach the floor at the end of the large circle gymnast should flex the wrist, clubs parallel to the floor at that moment, then extend clubs upward) 0.50 deduction, no credit for an Identified Skill. Clubs held by the middle are considered to be static. • 360' Pivot, Leg Front en de dans: this is an Unassisted pivot (there has been some confusion in that regard). • Stag Leap + Passe Balance With Small Flip of the Clubs: min. 1 Rotation of the clubs is required - 0.20 deduction for facilitation; small flip has to be completed (toss and catch) during the balance (fixed passe position on releve) - 0.20 deduction for facilitation; both clubs have to be caught by their ends - 0.20 deduction for facilitation of an Identified Skill. • Horizontal Toss, Forward Roll, Catch: watch for possibility of a static club(s) positions prior or after the forward roll (0.10 deduction each time for static apparatus).

Contact Tiffin for all of your mat needs. Whether you need a single mat for home use, or enough mats to set up an entire gym

RIBBON • Toss, Cartwheel, Catch: ribbon must be caught by the stick to validate an Identified Skill (not by the ribbon itself) - 0.50 deduction, no credit for an Identified Skill. • Fouette Pivots en dehours: there must be at least 2 pivots (360' each) to validate this Skill and 2 legs kicks as well - 0.50 deduction, no credit given to Identified Skill. Both kicks must be horizontal to validate the Skill- 0.50 deduction, no credit for an Identified Skill.

- quality mats at affordable prices. Visit us on the web -

• Stag Sissone, Echappe Toss: echappe toss requires a full rotation of the ribbon stick during the flight- 0.50 deduction, no credit given to Identified Skill.

LEVEl 8 FLOOR EXERCISE • Switch Split Leap: any variations, but there is a min. of 160' legs separation in the second phase of the leap to validate this Skill. • 360' Promenade in Assisted Side or Front Leg + Releve Balance: there must be an Assisted Balance held on reI eve for a min. of 1 second at the end of the promenade 0.50 deduction, no credit to Identified Skill.

(continued on page 34) ------------------{(


APRil 2002


(continued from poge 33) 0

• Back Walkover to Needle, to Passe Balance: 160 split of the legs during Walkover - 0.50 deduction, no credit to Identified Skill; 170' split of the legs in Needle position - 0.50 deduction, no credit to Identified Skill; hand(s) "drag" on the floor between the walkover and stop in the needle position - 0.20 deduction (facilitation). Between the last phase of walkover and needle position 170' legs separation must be maintain (free leg should not be dropped) -0.20 deduction for facilitation of an Identified Skill. General (levels 5-7, level 8 floor routine): When an Identified Skill is a Pivot(s), there is no deduction (credit will be given to the Skill) taken for over rotating (more degree than required in the Handbook), as long as there are no execution faults and apparatus still perform the required movement(s). When the term "passe" is described the knee may be either turned out or parallel forward, unless the text specifies otherwise. If there are discrepancies between the Technical Handbook and the video, the JO Technical Handbook overrules.

LEVEL 8 (OPTIONAL ROUTINES WITH APPARATUS) Due to a lots of changes in the FIG Code of Points (adding new difficulties, changing the values of existing difficulties, etc.) in a last year there has been some confusion and misinterpretation of A, B and C elements for level 8 optional routines. • Front Attitude Balance and Front Attitude Pivot: are NOT in the present Code of Points. Therefore will not be credited in the routine. • "Slow tum" (90') with any leg position: is NOT in the present Code of Points. Therefore it will not be credited in the routine. • " Jete" with a tum in a stag position (in the JO Handbook referred as a turning leap): is NOT in the present Code of Points. Therefore will not be credited in the routine. There is one turning leap in split position (B difficulty) and the other turning leap in split position with the ring (C difficulty). • Pike jump (take off from 1 or 2 feet): both legs must be in horizontal position during the flight for the difficulty to be credited. • Cabriole jump with 1/2 tum: to receive C difficulty for the jump the following criteria has to occur: the kick in the beginning of the jump must be above horizontal, tapping of the feet should occur before the actual turn of the body in the air and the legs should continue to stay together for the remainder of the jump until the

T& •• ..... -

U""-I'.l:e rt ;f 1- ••l1li1:

landing (Good height of the jump is required for validation ). • Illusion(s): Difficulty will not be credited if the hand and / or foot brush the floor. o

All Vertical Jumps and Tuck Jump: should maintain the required leg(s) position (for example in tuck jump knees to the chest) throughout the entire rotation(s) of the body to receive credit for the difficulty.

• All Pivots: When the required amplitude of the pivot is not maintained throughout the whole pivot the difficulty is not given (no decreasing in the difficulty level is allowed). When required amplitude of the pivot is maintained throughout the whole pivot, but the rotation is incomplete, the value of the difficulty is decreased . NOTE: Incomplete rotation means that the gymnast stop the rotation or uses heel support on the floor before completing the specified degree levels for the difficulty (According to the FIG Newsletter # 7). • All Leaps/Jumps: When required Amplitude of the leap /jump is not well defined and fixed the difficulty is not given to that particular leap / jump (no decreasing in the difficulty level is allowed), according to the clarifications in the FIG Newsletter #7. • NOTE: There have been a few new additional B and C difficulties value approved by FIG and Added to the present Code of Points. All new B and C difficulties are valid for the level 8 optional routines. Please review all the Newsletters sent from the USA Gymnastics office.


Page 84, Ribbon, Balance: Assisted Side Extension, Validation change to : " foot in line with head"


Page 6, IV, A change to:" Inquires are allowed with regard to the judging concerns."


Page 4S, LevelS Clubs: Arabesque balance with mills (4 circles).


Page 67, Clubs, Assisted Side Extension, Full credit change to: "stop in releve".


Page 48, Ribbon, 360' Pivot en dedans, Leg forward, Full credit change to: "min. 4S' front leg lift"; Validation change to: "min. 3S' leg lift" .


Page 82, Rope Toss with Forward Rot. , Full Credit and No Credit add: "as written on page 76" •

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2003 Nomination Form he former Helms Hall of Fame and USA Gymnastics have combined efforts into one National Hall of Fame for gymnastics. Individuals may be nominated for the consideration of the selection committee in any of three categories: athlete, coach, or contributor. The person submitting the name of the nominee for consideration should read the accompanying criteria and seek to obtain all pertinent information from the individual or the individual's family to accompany the nomination. Please submit a typed set of information for each person nominated, including the appropriate category for the nominee. Please use the format below for information as requested and include any additional information, articles, and pictures at the end of the requested information.


NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

CllY--- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -


STATE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ZIP _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

STATE---_ _ _ _ ZlP_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _

P H O N E - - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - FAX _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __

PHONE--------- -- - -- - -- FAX _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __









Gymnasts may be nominated as on individual or a team. In order to be considered, the following eligibility criteria is used as a guideline: • Aperiod of five years post competition • Has been on Olympic, Pan American, World University Gomes or World Championships team member • Has been a Notional Champion recognized by the Notional Governing Body (AAU, USGF or USAG) Has • been a Notional Collegiate Champion Please continue the application with the following information: l. Dote of birth 2. If deceased, dote of death and copy of obituary (if possible). Also, please list family name(s) and address(es). 3. Gymnastics club(s) or school(s) where athlete trained. Please include the number of years trained and the coach(es) with whom the athlete trained in each program. 4. Athlete's competitive history in chronological order (with dotes and titles). Please include the follOWing items: • highlight the outstanding competitive accomplishments of individual • attach complete competitive records, if possible • include information such as notional championships won, listing specific events and/or all·around • list international competitive records, listing any events or all·around championships won • list any honors awarded to the athlete 5. Any additional information about this individual

Coaches may be nominated either as individuals or as members of a coaching partnership. In order to be considered, the following eligibility criteria is used as a guideline: • Has fifteen years experience as a coach • Has been conSistently successful in Notional Collegiate Championships • Has coached one or more athletes who have been members of notional teams (internationat senior or junior) recognized by the NGB (AAU, USGF or USAG) Has • coached Notional or Collegiate Champions • Has (oached on NGB (AAU, USGF or USAG) recognized international team Please continue the application with the following information: l. Number of years in coaching 2. Coaching positions held (i.e., club(st collegiate, organization, or school) and what years coached at these locations 3. Gymnasts and coaches (i.e., Olympians, notional champions, conference champions, elites, outstanding coaches, etc.) developed by nominee 4. Notional Team coaching positions held by nominee (please include dotes) 5. Additional information about the nominee's career in coaching (i.e., background as on athlete, honors, publications, contributions to the gymnastics field, records, etc.) 6. list of names, addresses and telephone numbers (with area code) of additional persons who might odd to the information you listed here on behalf of this nominee

Nominations for the (lass of 2003 Hall of Fame must be completed and copies sent by June I, 2002, to both of the individuals listed at right. Nominations received alter that date will not be considered.


Carolyn Bowers, Chairman Hall of Fame Selection Committee 235 Willowood Bowling Green, OH 43402


APRil 2002


I criteria n order to be considered, the following eligibility is used as a guideline: • • •

Has a minimum of twenty years of service Has served significantly on notional committees Holds notional and "brevet" credentials as a judge frequently judging at notional and international meets • Invented devises that advance the technical performance of gymnastics elements or promoted a safe gymnastics environment • Has written or contributed to significant gymnastics books, monograms, and articles • Has produced research advancing the sport Please continue the application with the following information: l. list significant ways in which this nominee has contributed to the gymnastics field: • Notional committees (years and offices held) • Regional and state service (years and offices held) • Books or articles published • Development of significant ideas which have benefited the gymnastics community • Judging service and major assignments (Olympic, World Championships, international &/or notional competitions) • Service to the gymnastics community (volunteer contributions not covered above) 2. Was this nominee a competitor in gymnastics? If so, list background, years and results. 3. Was this nominee a gymnastics coach? If so, list years and achievements. 4. list additional information (i.e., honors received, gymnastics recognition, etc.). 5. list names, addresses and telephone numbers (with area code) of additional persons who might odd to the information listed here on behalf of the nominee. Kim Clayton USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300 tndianapolis, IN 46225

) l - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -

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MEN'S PROGRAM COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes February 8, 2002 Meeting called to order at 8:30a.m. Pacific by Chair Yoichi Tomita.

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita George Beckstead Steve Butcher Miles Avery Kurt Golder Bill Foster Jay Thornton Mihai Bagiu Butch Zunich Ron Galimore Dennis Mcintyre Ron Brant Bo Morris

Chair MPC & Vice-Chair for Men FIG Rep. Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. Jr. Coaches Rep Athlete's Rep. (for Roethlisberger) Athlete's Rep. (absent) NGJA Rep. (voice, no vote) USAG Senior Director, Men's Program (voice, no vote) USAG Jr. National Team Coordinator (voice, no vote) USAG Men's Sr. National Team Coordinator (voice, no vote) USAG Men's Program Manager (voice, no vote)

MPC Chair Yoichi Tomita complemented the level of cooperation throughout all facets of the men's program. This led to our ultimate success at the 2001 World Championships. He congratulated the athletes, coaches, and everyone that contributed to our team's success.


&MORE •••

Motion: The senior coach for the 2002 Pacific Alliance Championships will be chosen from among the personal coaches of the athletes selected to the competition. Sr. National Team Coordinator will submit a recommendation by March 6. The Jr. National Team Coordinator will submit a recommendation for the junior coach following the Jr. National Team Camp in February. Final approval of the MPC will complete the process. Motion: 2nd: APPROVED:

Steve Butcher Kurt Golder Unanimously

Note: The judges for the Pacific Alliance Championships are Abie Grossfeld, John Scheer, & Brian Meeker.

III.UPDATE & IMPLEMENTATION OF CHANGES TO THE CODE OF POINTS George Beckstead reported that the FIG-MTC has made a few recommendations for changes in the current Code of Points. These recommendations will be published after approval from the FIG-Ee. These changes will be applied at the next World Championships. They could be in print to the gymnastics community by May. These will probably be the final changes prior to 2004. Motion: Any official FIG changes will be implemented beginning at the 2002 Qualifier to the US Championships. They will also be used at the U.S. Championships. Motion: Bill Foster 2nd: Yoichi Tomita APPROVED: 6 For, 0 Against, 1 Abstention

IV. VOTING POSITION ON MPC FOR NGJA There was discussion on this item. It was recommended that we discuss this item on our next conference call.

V. NTC RESIDENT REQUEST Motion: To approve Grant Osborne's request to become a resident athlete at the Colorado Springs NTC. There will be a 90-day review once admitted. This approval is based on bed space available. Senior National Team members have bed space priority and can replace any Junior National Team member or non-national team athlete. Motion: Kurt Golder 2nd: Bill Foster APPROVED: Unanimously

VI. NATIONAL PROGRAM DOCUMENTS Ron Brant reviewed the Execution & Bonus documents. Motion: To approve the current Execution & Bonus documents. These documents will be effective at the 2002 Qualifier to the U.S. Championships. Motion: Bill Foster 2nd: Miles Avery APPROVED: Unanimously


we insure

The selection documents for both competitions were discussed. Statement regarding personal coaches for 2002 Worlds: Every effort will be made to cover all of the expenses of the personal coaches. However, in the event that the Men's Program Individual World Championships event budget does not make it possible to cover the expenses of each personal coach, the Men's Program Committee will determine how available funds will be allocated .


Pan American Games coaches selection: A recommendation for the head coach position will be made by the Sr. National Team Coordinator and later approved by the MPc. The assistant coaches will be named by the head coach and selected from the pool of personal coaches.



SChOOlS than

Ron Brant discussed alternatives to participating in the 2003 World University Games based on our team's experience in Beijing last year.

IX. ADJOURNMENT Motion: Motion: 2nd: APPROVED:

To adjourn Steve Butcher Bill Foster Unanimously

in the world.

Meeting adjourned at l1 :lOa.m. Pacific Respectfully submitted by Steve Butcher, MPC Secretanj


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TEe H N I 0 Uf •

APRil 2002



Bill Foster Steve Butcher Unanimously

Meeting Minutes Februanj 9, 2002

Note: The 2003 Pan American Games selection procedures will be withheld from the Executive Committee's agenda until after the 2003 Individual Event World Championships.

Meeting called to order at 7:05a.m. Pacific by Chair Yoichi Tomita.

I.ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita George Beckstead Steve Butcher Miles Avery Kurt Golder Bill Foster Jay Thornton Mihai Bagiu Butch Zunich Ron Galimore Dennis McIntyre Ron Brant

Chair MPC & Vice-Chair for Men FIG Rep. Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. Jr. Coaches Rep. Athlete's Rep. (for Roethlisberger) Athlete's Rep. (absent) NGJA Rep. (voice, no vote) USAG Sr. Men's Program Director (voice, no vote) USAG Jr. National Team Coordinator (voice, no vote) USAG Men's Sr. National Team Coordinator (voice, no vote)

2001 World Championships head coach Kevin Mazeika joined the meeting as well.

II.SELECTION PROCEDURES FOR THE 2002 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Motion: To approve the selection procedures for the 2002 World Championships Bill Foster Motion: Steve Butcher 2nd: APPROVED: Unanimously

IV. ATHLETE & COACH SELECTION USA VS. CANADA The Jurassic Classic will feature the USA vs. Canada competition. It will be held in Calgary from March 12-16. A four-man team needs to be selected. Motion: For the Sr. National Team Coordinator to recommend four athletes, one alternate, and a coach for the 2002 USA vs. Canada competition in Calgary Motion: Steve Butcher 2nd: Bill Foster APPROVED: Unanimously



This item will be discussed in greater detail on a future conference call.

VI. NEW BUSINESS Kevin Mazeika presented a Senior National Team Per Diem Proposal. Ron Galirnore communicated that a change in the amount of per diem being provided is something that would have to be changed for all of our disciplines, not just the men's program. Kevin Mazeika also presented a Financial Incentive Program.



Motion: To Adjourn Motion: Bill Foster 2nd: Steve Butcher APPROVED: Unanimously

Motion: To approve the selection procedures for the 2003 Pan American Games

Meeting adjourned at 8:40am Pacific Respectfully submitted by Steve Butcher, MPC Secretanj

~ ~~~N~S~I~~ I!'?J


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the meet or the warm-up time of the other gymnasts. 29. Q: Who takes the 0.50 deduction for "coach between the board and horse"? The Chief Judge or all judges? A: Each judge takes the deduction. However, this deduction does not apply to Round-off entry vaults.

Selected Questions & Answers from the 2001 Women's Technical Symposium, National Judges' Courses & NAWGJ Symposium PART 1 (continued) - General Information & Vault

EQUIPMENT RELATED QUESTIONS 23. Q: Maya sting mat be placed on the springboard for vault, or bars/beam mounts? A: No, the springboard is considered as part of the apparatus. 24. Q: How soon does the board need to be removed after the mount? Is a warning required before taking the deduction? A: As soon as possible; but allow for the board to be used to spot a release element in the beginning of the uneven bar exercise, or for the gymnast to move to a position on the beam in which she would not be distracted by the removal of the board. A warning is not required. 25. Q: What matting is allowed on top of the competition landing mat(s) of up to 24 em? A: One or two 4" or 8" skill cushion(s) may be placed separately under the apparatus and at the dismount area. A sting mat may be placed on top of the one skill cushion. It is also possible to use two sting mats (replacing the skill cushion with one sting mat), but the availability of two sting mats at one event may be a problem, so it's probably not a good idea to depend on that set-up. 26. Q: Clarify what matting the gymnast is allowed to mount from if she is not using the board. A: She may stand on one or two competition landing mats (one or two 12 cm mats). Also, if the mount is in the same location as the dismount, the gymnast may stand on an up to 4" skill cushion (sting mat or 4" throw mat). Levels 7-10 gymnasts may not mount from a stand on an 8" skill cushion.


30. Q: Gymnast begins to run before signal is given. What should the judge do? A: Tell her to stop. Deduct 0.50 from the score of the first vault she performs. Even if she actually goes over the vault apparatus, do not judge. She must start over, with a 0.50 deduction from the next vault performed. Example: 1. Gymnast performs a vault without being given signal. - She is told to start over. 2. Performs another vault. Deduct 0.50 from score. 3. Balks-never touches horse/board 4. Performs another vault - No 0.50 deduction. Do not consider the first vault in which no signal was given as an attempt. 31. Q: If the gymnast calls a layout vault, but has a hip angle, when would you call it a pike? A: If a layout vault has a hip angle of 135 0 or less for the majority of the salto, consider it a pike and use the start vault of the pike vault.

VAULT DEDUCTIONS 32. Q: Is there a deduction for leg separation or bent knees in the repulsion phase? A: No, only the pre-flight and post-flight phases. 33. Q: For optional vaults, if the head touches the horse (heads pring), what is the deduction? A: Gymnasts are required to touch the horse with both hands only. If another body part touches the horse, the vault is VOID (exception: Compulsory handspring vault has a specific deduction for head touching horse) 34. Q: If the coach inadvertently touches the gymnast during the vault, what is the deduction? A: If the spot occurs on the landing phase, deduct 0.50. Any contact during the vault results in a VOID vault.

Miscellaneous Vault: 27. Q: The safety collar is allowed for all levels. Can a panel mat be used between the board and horse instead? A: Round-off entry vaults are required to use the safety collar. A safety collar or panel mat may be used for other vaults.

35. Q: Please clarify the "insufficient exactness of LA turn" deduction in the 2nd flight. A: This refers primarily to the lack of crispness, failure to clearly define the phases of the vault.

28. Q: During the touch warm-up, will climbing up on the horse to do a salto off count as one of the three vaults? A: No, provided it does not interfere with the efficiency of

36. Q: There is no deduction for "Arched body" in the 2nd flight phase. Does the penalty for "insufficient stretch" cover this? A: Yes, use the "up to 0.30" deduction. continued on page 43



APRil 2002


37. Q: Should the height of the gymnast be taken into consideration when applying the insufficient height deduction? A: A taller gyrrmast may appear to have a larger flight, so it is important to look for the rise of the center of gravity. 38. Q: If more than 90° of the twist is missing and it is judged as the lower valued vault ( example, handspring 11/2 (540°) called, performed between handspring 1/1 and handspring 11/4), do you deduct for over-rotation of the handspring 1/1? A: Yes, take an "up to 0.30" for over-rotation. 39. Q: If the gymnast performs a pike Tsukahara with a hip angle of 135° and never changes shape to extend to land, you deduct for insufficient pike. Would you also deduct for total absence of opening or look at the angle of the body position just prior to landing to determine the extension before landing? A: There is an "up to 0.30" deduction for insufficient pike during the salta and "up to 0.20" for insufficient/late extension, looking for the angle prior to landing. 40. Q: Concerning the insufficient open on the tuck and pike vaults, if the Total absence of extension is a flat 0.30 and the Insufficient/late extension is "up to 0.20," is it possible to take a 0.25 deduction? A: No.

VAULT LANDING DEDUCTIONS 41. Q: If the gymnast lands on hands and feet simultaneously, would the vault be voided? A: No. Void only if feet do not arrive first. 42. Q: If, upon landing, the gymnast has a trunk movement to maintain balance ("up to 0.20") as well as an arm swing (0.10), do you apply the larger deduction only? A: No, apply the deductions for whatever faults occur. 43. Q: What is the deduction for a slight brush of the hand(s) on the mat after landing? A: "Up to 0.10" (the same as brush of foot on mat contrary to technique). Other deductions may also apply. 44. Q: If on landing the vault, the gymnast takes 3 steps then falls, what is the deduction? A: Take 0.50 for the fall. Do not take additional deductions for the steps. 45. Q: What is the standard for a large step or jump? A: As clarified by FIG, 1 meter or greater. 46. Q: With the new "large step or jump" deduction of 0.2, is there a maximum as there is on steps? A: Yes, 2 large steps/jumps (or more) would be a maximum of 0.40. 47. Q: Gymnast lands in a deep squat, then takes a step forward. Do you deduct for the squat and the step? A: Yes, "up to 0.30" for the squat and 0.1 for one step.


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Use this lann 10 anIer merchandise 011 pages 45,4&, and above.

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VIDEOS & BOOKLETS Order an page 44 DR CALL 1-800-345-4719 GROUP GYMNASTICS #2608

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Women's 2001 Visa American Cup ...................................... $15 .00 Women's 2001 Pontiac American Team Cup ......................... .$20.00 2001 Women's U.S. Classic Seniors (2 Tapes) ...................... $25.00 2001 Women's U.S. Classic Juniors (2 Tapes) ...................... $25.00 2001 Women's National Gymnastics Festival .... ........ ............ $15.00 2001Women's U.S. Gymnastics Championships Jr. Pre-lims/ Finals (2 Tapes)* ............................................ $25.00 *Please note the above video is missing the vault routines 2001 Women's U.S. Gymnastics Championships Sr. Pre-lims/Finals (2 Tapes) .............................................. $25.00 2001 Reese's Gymnastics Cup - Men & Women Teams .......... $25.00


#2105 #2127 #2149 #2498 #2499 #2961 #2962

J.O. Program Compulsory Video Level 1-6 ............................ $35.00 Tammy Biggs & Larry Nassar's Incorporpting Leg Swings into Your Workouts ............................. " ..... ...................... $20.00 Women's National Team Training Warm-Up Video .................. $15.00 Tammy Biggs & Larry Nassar's How to Train a Front Handspring Safely ................................................ $20.00 Tammy Biggs & Larry Nassar's How to Master a Perfect Handstand ............. ........................................... $20.00 Gheza Pozsar's Ballet Bar Training for Gymnasts ...... ............ $10.00 Bela Karolyi's Running Training Video .... ........................... .$10.00


Men's 2001 Visa American Cup .......................................... $15.00 Men's 2001 Pontiac American Team Cup .......................... .... $15.00 2001 Men's U.s. Gymnastics Championships Jr. (2 Tapes) ............... .. ... ..... ......... ... ................ .............. .. ... $25.00 2001 Men's U.s. Gymnastics Championships Sr. (2 Tapes) ...... $25.00

RHYTHMIC 2000 COMPETITION VIDEOS #2373 #2374 #2375 #2381

2000 2000 2000 2000

Rhythmic Challenge .................................................. $15.00 Rhythmic JO Championships Levels 7&8 (4 Tapes) ........ $50.00 Rhythmic JO Championships Group Competition .......... $15.00 Rhythmic Olympic Games Group Finals ............ .. .......... $20.00


#2376 #2377 #2378 #2379 #2380

2001 2001 2001 2001 2001

Rhythmic Challenge .................... ...... ........................ $15.00 Kalamata's Cup (Greece)-Rhythmic Group Compulsories .... $15.00 U.S. Rhythmic Championships Jr. Days 1&2 (2 Tapes) .. $25.00 U.S. Rhythmic Championships Jr. Event Finals ........ .... $15.00 U.S. Rhythmic Championships Sr. Event Finals ............ $15.00


#2325 #2320

Rhythmic Group Compulsory Video & Text .......................... $29.95 Rhythmic Ball Group Compulsory Video, Text & CD .............. $25.00


#2400 #2401 #2412 #2413 #2417 #2418

1999 National Championships Double Mini Syncro/Tumbling ... ... ...... .... .... ......... ................................. $15.00 1999 National Championships Trampoline .......................... $15.00 1999 World Championships .............................................. $30.00 1999 World Age Group Games ........ .. .................................. $30.00 2000 Olympic Games-Men's Trampoline Prelims & Finals ...... $20.00 2000 Olympic Games-Women's Trampoline Prelims & Finals .. $20.00


#2402 #2403 #2404 #2405 #2406 #2407 #2408 #2409 #2411

Trampoline Code of Points Booklet .................................... $10.00 Power Tumbling Code of Points Booklet .............................. $10.00 Double Mini-Trampoline Code of Points Booklet .................. $10.00 Trampoline & Tumbling Jr. Olympic Program Video .............. $20.00 Teaching Somersaults Video .......... .................................... $20.00 Basic Trampoline - The Beginning Steps Video .................... $20.00 The X-Factor - Twisting for Trampoline Video ...................... $20.00 Front & Back Rotation - The Beginning Steps of Flipping Video ........................ ...... ....... ........ ... .............. $20.00 Roundoff, Power Hurdle & Mountain Climber Video .............. $20.QO


#2276 #2278 #2279 #2280 #2281

2000 2000 2000 2000 2000


2000 Men's Olympic Games All Around Finals ...................... $20.00

Visa American Cup Series-RCA/ AussiejVisa Finals ............ $15.00 National Championships Jr. Competition .... .. .............. $25.00 National Championships Sr. AA Finals ........................ $25.00 National Championships Sr. Event Finals .................... $25.00 Pontiac International Team Championships .................. $15.00

PLEASE NOTE All USA Gymnastics videos are designed to be used for educational purposes by gymnastics coaches and judges. All videos were produced with commercial equipment by amateur videographers unless otherwise stated. Our Olympic technical videos are presented from one camera angle and show the entire exercise without cuts. close-ups or other effects and enhancements. Except for women's floor exercise. the videos do not have sound. The Adanta Technical videos are available for purchase to USA Gymnastics members only.



(continued from page 31) Cleveland in August, 2002. The Senior National Team will be announced there also.

New Program Materials Order an page 44


V. PETITION TO SENIOR ELITE A petition was granted to give Megan Vaughan and Kris Duncan Senior to Elite status because of their high skill level and extensive international experience. Megan is competitive age 11. As senior elites they will have competition that they have not had at the junior elite level.

VI. SENIOR PROGRAM DIRECTOR CANDIDATES Hukari was praised as having more than met the expectations for her position. She was asked to stay as Program Director and will announce her plans about graduate work at college in the next few weeks. In the meantime, the Program Committee decided that plans to search for other candidates must be initiated.

Program Ma



2001 FIG Code of Points ........................................ $50.00

A job description was presented and discussed. Two previous possibilities for this position were discussed and found to no longer be possible.


2001-2005 Women's JO Compulsory Book ................ $35.00



2001-2005 Women's JO Compulsory Music CD ............ $15.00


2002 TOPS Manual ................................................ $15.00


2002 TOPS Video .................................................. $15.00


Elite Testing Booklet & Video .................................. $15.00

The Interim Program Committee will continue until the new committee structure is in place. Jay Binder suggested that communication to and use of the present Regional Directors be encouraged. Further discussion was postponed until after the Senior Program Summit that is planned by the USAG staff.


2001 JO Technical Handbook ................................ $25.00


2001-2004 FIG Code of Points ................................ $50.00


2001-2004 JO Compulsory Book .............................. $35.00


2001-2004 JO Compulsory Video ............................ $19.95


2001-2004 National Team Program Video ................ $19.95


Physical Preparation for Young and Beginning Boys Video ................................ $25.00


Boy's Basic Skills Achievement Program (BSAP)* ...... $35.00 *Includes booklet, wall chart & video

IX. JUNIOR OLYMPIC PROGRAM The change from the present developmental program to Junior Olympic is being studied. Tonya Case-Patterson suggested that in this restructuring the Junior Elite level based on age be discontinued. It is possible that National Elite and International Elite levels be developed .

X. ANNOUNCEMENTS Hukari announced that the Program Committee will meet with Bob Colarossi to review the progress of the merger on Monday, February 25 at 9:00 a.m. There will also be a luncheon meeting at noon on Monday to acquaint the staff with Sports Acrobatics. The next Program Committee meeting will be in Sacramento, California, on May 4-5, 2002. •


2001-2004 FIG Code of Points ................................ $50.00


2001-2004 JO Compulsory Book .............................. $30.00


2001-2004 Technical Book ...................................... $15.00


2001-2004 JO Compulsory Video ............................ $25.00


2001-2004 JO Compulsory CD ................................ $15.00

i i it!':' UI)! ':' 1:1 i II:':I! ':Ifj Ui{111 it!':_ #2402

2002-2004 Trampoline JO Code of Points ................ $10.00


2002-2004 Power Tumbling JO Code of Points .......... $10.00


2002-2004 Double Mini JO Code of Points ................ $10.00


2001-2004 FIG Code of Points ................................ $50.00


2001-2004 JO Program Guide .................................. $30.00

1-800-345-4719 .-.-=4-=6c----------------{(

TEe H N IOU E • APRil 2002



• position available • buy this • sell that • for sale • wanted • position available • buy this • sell that • for sale • wantec psition available • buy this • se" :hat • for sale • wanted • position available • buy this • sell that • for sale • wanted • positk lailable • b: 11 this • sell ," t. { . ~ale • wAnted • position available • buy this • sell that • for sale • wanted • position availablE ~y this· Tu ~ lable • buy this· for sale • wanted • position available • buy this· for sale • wantec bsition wantE ouy this· for sale • wanted • position available • buy this • for sale • wanted • positi<

POSITION AVAILABLE Spirit-Filled, Experienced Program Director/Coach Wanted for nationally recognized Gymnastics/Cheerleading school for immediate, full-time position. Qualified candidate is creative, high energy, enthusiastic and dependable, with a genuine love of life, children and gymnastics. Christian owner/coaches actively involved in day-to-day operations. Celebrating 17 years and still growing strong, with two beautiful, fully-equipped gym facilities. Classes from pre-school to high school. Divided training areas for gymnastics, cheerleading, and pre-school glassed in observation areas and pro shop. Located on Gulf Coast near Houston, Texas with beaches and lakes only one hour away. Please Email Resume ASAP to: TEAM COACHES - Full time positions available for team program. Must also assist with preschool and recreational classes. Applicant must be motivated and a team player. Recently moved into a brand new 12,000 sq. ft. facility. Salary and benefit package based on experience. Call Tim Madore, New England Gymnastics Training Center, Hudson, NH at (603)8808482, Fax resume (603)880-1800 or Email USA Gymnastics Coach for Girls Team. Start up program. Levelland up. Call (908) 782-1777 or Fax (908)782-6981. Mail resume to: Shields Gymnastics School, 8 Bartles Corner Road, Flemington, NJ 08822. INSTRUCTORS/COACHES. Paragon Gymnastics of Norwood (Bergen County), NJ is looking for Instructors and Coaches, P/T-F/T Weekdays/weekends/evenings. Requirements: Positive attitude, responsible, reliable, love of children. Positions available for pre-school through intermediate level instruction. Competitive Team Coach Levels 5-10. Company sponsored certifications (Safety, CPR, First Air) Full benefits/paid vacation & sick days, company matched retirement plan. Will train. Salary commensurate with experience. NEW facility, state-of-the-art, approx. 11,000 sq. ft. Located in the - - - - --

NY/NJ Metropolitan area, easily accessible from all maior highways. Contact Dot: 201767-6921 or fax resume to 201-767-6693 or 49 Walnut Street, Suite 4, Norwood, NJ 07648. DESERT DEVILS GYMNASTICS OF ARIZONA is looking for compulsory girls team coaches - levels 4-6. Applicant should be a motivated, self-starter with a background in teaching good basics and technique. Must also assist in teaching preschool and recreational classes. Full and Part time positions available. FT position available for experienced program director/office manager. Responsibilities include: Customer Relotions, Public Relations, Management of Staff of 15, Scheduling, and Class offerings. Individual should be reliable, creative and independent. Salary and benefit packages avoilable and bosed on experience. Send resume, salary history and references to: Desert Devils Gymnastics, 9321 N. 94th St., Scottsdale, AZ 85258. Phone: (480)4511011. Fox: (480)451-7803. TEAM DIRECTOR/COACH. We're looking for an energetic, positive individual who will care for our team gymnasts and their physical, emotional and mental development. Full time position available working with Developmental through L8 USAG team. Must be willing to develop other areos of competitive gymnastics and be involved in all areas of our program. Our recently exponded facility in S.W. Michigan is 18,000 sq. ft. and fully equipped. Salary/benefits commensurate with experience. Send resume to: Kids Gym, 9027 Portage Industrial Drive, Portage, MI 49024 or fax (616)323-9463. COACHES AND INSTRUaORS NEEDED: A Plus Gymnastics in Noblesville, Indiana is looking for experienced boys coaches, preschool instructors and tumbling instructors. Good pay and benefits available. Please contact Cheri @ (317) 773-7266 or fax our resume to (317) 773-8966.

SEEKING EMPLOYMENT Gymnastics Coach/Assistant either in Canada or USA, with 20 years experience in all curriculums. Participated in more than

- - - - - - --------i(

TE CH N' 0 U E •

20 international competition experience. Bachelor Degree in Physical Education, gymnastics referee, with emphasis on training and physicolly chollenged. Highly motivated and reliable individual. Prefer full/part time position. Preschool, primary school, gymnastics Clubs. Will consider all offers. Genuine inquiries only. C.V. available on request, or you can contact me at

FOR SALE Score Master - NO MORE Inputting Gymnast Roster data!! Score Master, the most Widely used software, just got even better! Meet Directors can now download roster information from the USAG website. Features include: create rotations, assign #'s, the most comprehensive reporting and results can go directly to your website. Supports: womens/mens, individual/team, artistic/rhythmic/trampoline, compulsory/ optional. - FREE demo & user listing. Contact: Mark Mahoney, POB 31421, Charlotte, NC, 28231, 704-523-1812. GYM FOR SALE in beautiful TAOS, NM. 6700 sq. ft. with competitive teams to Level 8, class programs ages 18 months-adults, new climbing wall, trapeze classes, school groups, sleepovers, cheerleading, birthday parties, summer and holiday camps, active Booster club and positive community support, nearest facility is 60 miles. 6years new & very popular with multi-cultures. Taos is rapidly growing and is considered

one of the most desirable small towns in America. Serious inqUiries only or call John Cancro at Taos Properties, 505-758-9500. Balance 2000 by Akada Software. Windows based program. Tracks students, accounts, classes and Coaches. Account and student mail codes, family discount, tuition options, accounts receivable, payment reports, one touch posting, attendance tracking module. Supports 10 locations/sessions, multi coaches. Includes 150 different reports, print attendance lists, student lists, mailing labels and more. Network Version available. Works with Win 95, 98, ME, 2000. Call for FREE full working demo 800286-3471.

CONSIGNMENT LEOTARDS ON CONSIGNMENT: Rebecca's Mom Leotards popular consignment program, featuring velvet leotards with holograms, fOil, glitter and prints, and fashionable nylon Iycra leotards, is available to qualifying gymnastic club Pro Shops, Parent Booster Clubs, Retail Stores, and Summer Camps. Our leotards are designed with your Team Gymnasts in mind and are available in all sizes from 5/6 through adult large. We are now accepting new accounts for the 2002 Optional season. Please call our toll free number, 1-888289-2536 for details, forms, and prices.

HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD RATES 1-100 words =$100 101·200 words =$200 Your ad in Technique Wl11 automatirolly be piaced online for 30 ~ at no additional charge. The address ~: Your 30 ~ will begin on the next regular posting date.

SUBMIT Mail your ad and payment to: USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fax to 317-237-5069.





January .................... Dec. 10 February .... ................ Jan. 10 March .... .. .............. .... Feb. 10 April ...................... .... Mar. 10 May .................. ........ Apr. 10 June ................ ........ May 10 July ........ ........ .... ...... June 10 August .. ................ .... July 10 Sept/Oct. .. .......... ...... Aug. 10 Nov./Dec . .................. Ocf. 10

NOTE: If the , Oth falls on a weekend or holiday, the preceding work day is considered the deadline.

APR Il 2002

Please designate if your ad should appear in Technique magazine or USA Gymnastics magazine. ADS SUBMITIEO WITHOUT PAYMENT WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. USA Gymnas~cs reserves the righl to vary format. Technique is received by mare than 13,000 USA Gymnastics professional members plus thousands of viewers will be exposed to your ad online. Advertise your employment opportunity, produdl service, or (omp'etition here for great resurts. Questions? Call Luan Penek at 317-237-5050 exl. 246.


1001 SAFETY CERTIFICATION SCHED'ULE The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most current schedule. LATE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT GUARANTEED ABOOK OR ADMISSION TO THE COURSE. Safety certification is non-refundable but may be transferred to another course within six months with prior written notification. Late fee will apply for non-notification. Minimum age for Safety Certifilation is 16 years. 18 is minimum age for Profenional Membership.

APRIL 21 Allen, TX 75002; 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m. Metroplex Fun & Fitness (enters Directions: Greg Kester 972-727-4454 (ourse code: GK04212002TX Instructor: Greg Kester Phone: 214/727-9095 27 (olumbia, S( 29212; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Allstar Gymnastics 4046D Fernandina Directions: Scott Molloy 803-561-9682 (ourse code: KB04272002S( Instructor: Kimberly Boyd Phone: 803/749-2484

MAY 5 (orono, CA 92881; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Gymnastics Pacifica, 1830 (ompton Ave Directions: Willie Avila 909-734-1052 (ourse code: NG05052002CA

Instructor: Nicki Geigert Phone: 760/943-6986 18 (raig, CO 81625; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. GymGem Gymnastics, 417 Breeze Directions: (eresa Grammer 970-824-5895 (ourse code: RW05182002CO Instructor: Raleigh Wilson Phone: 307/745-8302 18 (uyahogo Falls, OH; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Riverfront YMCA, in conjunction with Ohio's PD(P Level 1- 4 ainic Directions: Jessica Hill 330-923-5223 (ourse code: BF051820020H Instructor: Bobbi Montanori-Fahrnbach Phone: 614/777-9430 26 (ampbell, CA 95008; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. West Vally Gymnastics School Directions: Agnes Davis 408-374·8692 x 21 (ourse code: HF05262002CA Instructor: Hiroshi Fujimoto Phone: 8311373-1694

JUNE 2 Fitchburg, WI 53719; 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Gymfinity Gymnastics Directions: J. Orkowski Home 608·848-7823 (ourse code: J006022002WI Instructor: Joson Orkowski Phone: 608/B48-3547

9 Mukilteo, WA 98275; 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Gymagine Gymnastics Directions: Kelly Donyes 425-513-5474 (ourse code: KD06092002WA Instructor: Kelly Donyes Phone: 425/513-8700 15 Stroudsburg, PA 18360; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. International Gymnastics (amp, 9020 Bartonsville Woods Rd Directions: Bruno Klaus 570-629-0244 (ourse code: PF06152002PA Instructor: Phil Fronk Phone: 856/786·3977 22 Hillard, OH; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Universal Gymnasts, Inc. Directions: Bobbi Montanari-Fohrnbach 614-777-9430 (ourse code: BF062220020H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari-Fahrnbach Phone: 614/777-9430 30 St. louis, MO 63017; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Region IV Mini (ongress Directions: Robin Smith/Tom Burdorf 636-980·1903 (ourse code: RW0630 2002MO Instructor: Robin Weidmaier Phone: 816/232-3839



(Minimum age for Safety Certification is J6 years)

Pro-Member with (urrent Safety (ertification

Nome: Professional or Inslructor #: _ _ _ _ _ _ (urrenl Safety Exp. Date: _ _ _ _ __ Soc. Sec. # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Birth Date _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ City: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State:_ _ _ _ _ Zip: _ _ _ _ __ Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (W) Course Code: Course City/State: Form of Payment:



0 VISA 0 MasterCard 0 Discover 0 American Express

Payment Amount: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Nome on Card: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Number: - - - - Exp. Date: ___ / _ _ Signature:

pro~~~~6:~~~he~!~r~d""~';'N~~'s~i~~'c~'rtiii~~ii~~':: :::::::::: c~~~60

SO Instructor Member ................................................................ S 50.00 Non-Member or Associate Member ........................................ S 100.00 • You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount. Monday*, (by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) is the last day registrations will be accepted for courses being conducted the following weekend. Registrations received after that time or on site will be charged an additional $25. • USA Gymnastics reserves the right to alter the course deadline. • All materials (including the SaFelY Handbook) for 4th (ycle courses are provided at'the course pnd ate'lion 'pi t~e cHurs~ fee. • Certification is valid for four yea'rs. HI. . .. . ' ' ' ' ' .

Please make checks payable, in Full, to USA Gymnastics Safety (ertification Mail registration form and payment to: USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 USA 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 GYMNASTICS PREFERS ta or Fax to 311-692-5212

Technique Magazine - April 2002  
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