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FEATURES Static Stretchi ng Reduces Power Production in Gymnasts

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Christa Engle USA GYMNASTICS EXECUTIVE COMMlnEE CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRISIDENT: Bob Colorossi; Via CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: lim Doggell; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOUN~ Poul Porillo; SECRETARY: Gory Ander.on; TREASURER: Bob Wood; RG EXECUliVE COMMlTlH: Joy Ashmore, Ron Froehlich. RG MEN'S TECHNiCAl COMMIITE~ George Be<kstead; RG TRAMPOUNE AND TUMBUNG TECHNiCAl COMM~ Pat Henderson; RG WOMEN'S TECHNiCAl COMM~ JoOOe Re; AT LARGE MEMBERS: Peter YKlmor, Suson True; ATHlETE DIREGORS: Chari Knight·Hunter, John Roethlisberger, Vanessa Vander Piuym, Karl Heger, USOC ATHlETE DlREGOR: DominKk MiniaKd.

USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Bob Colorossi; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Sandy Knopp, Mike Donohue; TREASURER: Bob Wood; PUBUC SEGOR: Bill Hybl, Bob Wood; AMATEUR ATHLfTlC UNION: Mike Stanner, AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION: Jerry Milan; AMERICAN liURNERS: Jerry Ja(quin; COLLEGE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION-MEN: Fran(is Allen; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLlEGIATE COACHES·WOMEN: Mike Jo(ki; NATIONAl ASSOCIATION FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Marilyn Strawbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS JUDGES: Corole Ide; NATIONAl COillGIATE ATHLfTlC ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Doug Von Everen; NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Suson True; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUDGES ASSOCIATlON·MEN: But(h Zuni(h; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: John Brinkworth; U.S. ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT GYMNASTICS nUBS: Paul Spadaro; u.s. EUTE COACHES ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Fred Turolf; U.S. EUTE COACHES ASSOCIATION-WOMEN: David Holcumb, Tony Gehman; U.S. MEN'S GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Mar( Yancey; U.S. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: SUlie DiTullio; YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA: Cosey Koenig; NATIONAl COillGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATlON·WOMEN: Marie Robbins; NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP DlREGORS MEN: Mike Burns, Abie Grossleld; RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, Mi(helle Lorson; WOMEN: Kelli Hill, Kathy Ostlrerg; TRAMPOUN~ Shoun Kempton, Marsha Weiss; ATHlETE DIREGORS: Vanessa Vander Piuym, choir, Lorissa Fontaine, vice choir; Jair Lynch, seuetary; Domini(k Minicu«i, USOC Athlete Rep.; Mihoi Bagiu, Brooke Bushnell, Chari Knight Hunter, Amanda Borden, Karl Heger, Christie Hayes, John Roethlisberger; ASSOCIATE DIREGORS: JEWISH COMMUNITY aNTERS, Lori Katz; SPECIAL OlYMPICS, Kate Fober-Hickie; U.S. COMPETITIVE AEROBICS FEDERATION, HOW<Jrd s.:hwarlI; U.S. SPORTS ACROBATICS FEDERATION, Bonnie Davidson. CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In order to ensure uninterrupted delivery 01 TECHNIQUE magaline, nofi(e 01 change 01 address should be mode eight weeks in advance. For fastest service, pleose endose your present moiling label. Dired all subs<riptian moil to TECHNIQUE Subscriptions, USA Gymnastics, 201 S. Caphol Ave., Ste. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. POSTMASTER; Send address changes to TECHNIQUE c/o USA Gymnastics, 201 S. Capitol Avenue., Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. TECHNIQUE(lSSN 0748-5999) (USPS 016872) is published month~ except bimonthly in Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec by USA Gymnastics, Pan Ameria," Piozo, Suite 300, 201 Sauth Cophol Avenue, IndianapotlS, IN 46225 (phone: 317-237-5050) Of visit online@ v••• usa· Periodicol postage poid at Indianapolis, IN 46204. Subs<ription prices: U.S.-525 per year; Canada/Mexico-548 per year; all other foreign (Quntries-560 per year. If available, ba(k issue single (apies 54 plus pastage!handling. All reasonable core will be token, but no responsibility (on Ire assumed for unsolioted material; endose return pastage. Copyright 1998 by USA Gymnastics and TECHNIQUE All rights reserved. Printed by Sport Graphics, Indianapolis, IN.

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Rules Update #5 for the 2001 -2004 Men's Age Group Competition Program ... .... . 1 8

MELPD Works hop Schedule ..... .. ....... .... 1 4

Invitational Listing ......... ..... .. ... ........ .... .20

KAT Workshop Schedule ... ....... .... .. .. .... 1 4

2001 -2005 Women's JR . Olympic Compulsory Book Errata ........ .. ... ... ...... 25

What's New? .. ...... _.... . _...... ..... ..... .... ... 16 Member Service Update ..... ......... ........ 24

Men's Program Committee .......... .. ..... ...31 Women's International Elite Update ...... 33

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Rhythmic Program Committee Meeting ..42




Dear Members, First and foremost, I'd like to extend my thoughts and prayers to the families who lost their loved ones on September 11. These tragic events have touched us all in indescribable ways. Mari-Rae Sopper, a member of our gymnastics community, perished in the Pentagon plane crash. A fund has been established in her name and I hope that many of you will contribute to this very worthy cause, just as I plan to do. Please see page 16 for more details.

Ron Froehlich Chairman of USA Gymnastics

I want to assure all of you that the safety of our athletes is always a top priority. Following the events on September 11, we have significantly increased our safety awareness and taken steps to more thoroughly analyze the risks of traveling abroad. This increased sensitivity has caused the national office to make certain changes for our national team over the past two months. USA Gymnastics made the decision to curtail certain international trips, including sending a delegation to the 2001 Rhythmic World Championships. And, finally, great precautions and security plans have been installed to increase the safety of our athletes competing at the 2001 Artistic World Championships. In particular, I would like to acknowledge the hard work and prep-aration of rhythmic world team members Jessica Howard, Olga Karmansky, Shayna Javornicky and Danielle, Lord. USA Gymnastics is very proud of these girls and I know the future holds many more opportunities for them.

Many of you have most likely heard about the recent passing of a young and very talented gymnast, Ricky Oeci. Ricky was ranked second on the USA Gymnastics men's junior national team in the 12-13 age group, and collapsed during training at the Junior National Team Training Camp in October. He leaves behind two loving parents, Richard and Robin, and a younger sister, Hannah. You can express your support by visiting I extend sympathy on behalf of USA Gymnastics to Ricky's family, friends, coaches and teammates in this difficult time. Moving forward, I'd like to inform you about the recent business activities and developments within the organization. I have been working very closely with Bob Colarossi to gain a full understanding of the business operations of the organization. Recently, I joined Bob and other staff on a visit to New York City, where we met with television and marketing executives from the major networks and ad agencies. The past year has been very challenging due to the downturn of the stock market, and the tragedy of September 11. I am very proud of the way USA Gymnastics has responded in maintaining a commitment to a tight budget, and feel that the business is being managed with great prudence and consideration for continuing as much support for our athletes as possible. Related to the future budget, we recently conducted a Finance Committee meeting, chaired by our Treasurer, Mr. Bob Wood. I am very impressed by the input of the entire committee, consisting of Harry Bjerke (past-chair), Jerry Jaquin, Rita Brown, Mike Burns, Scott Keswick, Jair Lynch, Bob Colarossi and John Hewett. I want to assure all of you that we are working hard to provide stable funding for our programs through the end of this quadrennium. Based on the challenging sponsorship market, we are recommending reductions in all areas of discretionary spending. We look forward to submitting our recommendations to the full board of directors at the Fall board meeting. (continued on pg. 6)


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TEe H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV/D EC 2001

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Static S re cllin es Power Production Gvmnasts J. R. McNeal, Ph.D. Eastern Washington University Wm. A. Sands, Ph.D. California Lutheran Universittj tatic stretching, consisting of holding muscles at lengthened positions for typically 15-45 seconds, has been recommended before participating in physical activity. Gymnasts historically have performed static stretches, such as splits, during the warmup portion of training. Recently however, data has been presented from studies on adults which have shown that static stretching immediately prior to performing powerful activities reduces performance (for example, Kokkonen, Nelson, & Cornwell, 1998; Nelson, Cornwell, & Heise, 1996). The reported reductions in performance have persisted over an hour following static stretching! Athletes in some sports such as track and field no longer stretch in this manner


'~:"",..' er"': ."

because of the detrimental effects on movement speed. This effect of static stretching on power has not been studied in children, and in particular on gymnasts who often use static stretching as part of their training. Therefore, we conducted a study to investigate the effects of stretching the calf muscles on the ability to perform a drop jump (punch jump). Fourteen female gymnasts, competitive levels 7-9, (age, 149.2 Âą 11.8 cm, 97.3 Âą 26.4 lbs) performed drop jumps onto a timing mat under two conditions. On one day the gymnasts were stretched statically for 30 seconds on 3 different exercises (Figure 1). These exercises were performed twice in a circuit fashion. The gymnasts then immediately performed 3 drop jumps. We evaluated the time on the ground fo r each gymnast, as well as the height she achieved in the jump. On the Figure 1 second day, the gymnasts did not stretch, but performed the drop jumps after their usual warm-up activities (which did not include static stretching). The order of the conditions was randomly assigned. The results showed that the gymnasts jumped significantly lower following the stretching protocol (.246 m compared to .268 m). This difference stair stretch in performance is equivalent to an average 8.2% loss in height. This reduction in performance could mean the difference between landing safely and under-rotating a tumbling skill. Time on the ground during the jump was not changed. partner supine Research on adult subjects has shown stretch that static stretching reduces strength performance by reducing muscle activation as well as compromising the muscle's ability to contract at the cellular level (Fowles & Sale, 2000). pike stretch Although we have been reconunending the discontinuance of intense static stretching in favor of dynamic stretching as part of the warmup for gymnasts, coaches and athletes have seemed slow to accept this ~

;r-: ", .


recommendation. While static stretching is beneficial and important for a gymnast's flexibility development, this type of training should not be placed before activities in which the gymnast must be strong or powerful (i.e. - before or during gymnastics training). Based on the data presented here, coaches should re-evaluate their warmup practices and consider the effects of static stretching on their gymnasts' ability to produce powerful movements. As athletes in other sports have found, dynamic stretches such as leg kicks are probably a better choice for preparing gymnasts for training explosive movements.

References Fowles, J. R. & Sale, D.

G. (1997). Time course of strength deficit after maximal passive stretch in humans. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 29, 526. Kokken, J., Nelson, A. G., & Cornwell, A. (1998). Acute muscle stretching inhibits maximal strength performance. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 69 (4), 411-415.

(Message form Chariman of the Board continued from pg. 4)

Planning for the 2003 World Championships is well underway. The event is set for August 16-24, 2003 at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim. A few members of Anaheim's local organizing committee traveled to Ghent, Belgium with USA Gymnastics staff for the 2001 World Championships to observe operations and to host a reception for international delegations. We're very excited and privileged to host this event in the United States, and I hope you'll consider becoming involved or attending the event. Visit our website at for all of the latest information. In closing, as my first year at USA Gymnastics draws to a close, 1'd like to say that it has been a challenging and productive year. I encourage all of us to come together in this difficult time to ensure a strong future for this organization and our athletes. I wish you the best in this holiday season.


Nelson, A. G., Cornwell, A., & Heise, G. D. (1996). Acute stretching exercises and vertical jump stored elastic energy. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 28, 5156. •

Ron Froehlich Chairman of USA Gymnastics

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KLK Limited Partnership Menlo Park, California 94025

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TEe H H IOU E • NOV /0 EC 2001


Todd Thornton is from Houston, Texas, and trains at Gym Masters/Houston Gymnastics Academy for Team Texaco- Houston. He was born October 14, 1982 and is 19 years old. Todd is coached by Kevin Mazeika and will be a freshman at San Jacinto Community College beginning in January 2002. He claims pommel horse and horizontal bar are his favorite events. Todd began gymnastics in 1989 when he was 7 years old. He's been a member of the USANational Team since 1997. At the 2000 U.S. Championships competition Todd won the Junior Men 16-18 All-Around title. More recently, Todd finished seventh place among the seniors at the 2001 U.S. Championships and earned a spot as alternate to the 2001 World Championships team. In addition, Todd was a member of the Senior Pan American Championships team that won the silver medal in the team competition this post October in Cancun, Mexico. Todd also won the bronze medal on vault at the same event and finished sixth allaround. Todd is the youngest son of Kim and Cindy Thornton. He has three brothers, Jason, Jonathan and Tyler. Todd enjoys going to movies and spending time with friends when he's not in the gym.

f l IT!







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Crown r,·vAwards ...

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TEe H N10 UE • NOV / DEC 200 1

)}---- ------------=7::-J11

Tha nk you to all of the clubs who participated in National Gymnastics Day 2001! From hearing, reading and seeing all the wonderful a ctivities that took place all over the country, it appears the day wa s a GREAT success. Also, a special thanks goes to all of the clubs who held a Cartwheel-A-Thon to benefit the Children's Miracle Network and ra ised nearly $50,000.00. Congratulations to all those who were involved . Your hard work and dedication will mean a great deal to young patients at Children's Hospitals around the country.




A ,\,,(1')/

~):::",,<I' ~


Y -"If














The winner of the USA Gymnastics first annual national Cartwheel-A-Thon contest was DeVeau's School of Gymnastics in Fishers, Indiana. DeVeau's School of Gymnastics, owned by Joan -"If DeVeau , raised the most money for the Children's Miracle Network and earned a free national clinician visit by Tammy¡ Biggs.


DeVeau's School of Gymnastics Booster Club President Jennifer Harris said, ''The event was very successful. It was so touching to see our gymnasts give one of their medals to a child in the hospital and seeing that child's eyes light up. Hopefully our contribution can help the Children's Miracle Network continue to do a wonderful job." In addition, 6 -year-old Dalton Wixom of Carmel , Indiana, and DeVeau's School of Gymnastics, earned the most money individually for the Children's Miracle Network. Below are some of the recaps that we received from clubs around the country. Sorry we we re unable to print all of the National Gymnastics Day celebrations. We tried to select a variety to share with you!



NIOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / 0 EC 2001

)f--- - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

DynaMite Academy of Gymnastics in Waterbury, Connecticut celebrated National Gymnastics Day 2001 and raised funds for the Children's Miracle Network by having a Cartwheel-A-Thon and an Open House. All 12 team members, along with their parents and coaches, participated in this event. The gym raised a total of $1,015.00, and considering that the gym has only been in existence since January 2001, we view it as a great success. The event was broadcast on FOX61 News and attracted interested parents and their children. Also, The Waterbury Republican Newspaper did a followup article on the success of the event. The Open House had obstacle courses and inflatables for the children to enjoy.

Smoky Mountain Gymnastics in Maryville, Tennessee, celebrated National Gymnastics Day with an Open House in the gym. Music, bright costumes and awesome routines made this day a great success. The team parents were very active preparing brochures and flyers, posted advertisements in elementary schools and placed placards with directions to the gym throughout the city of Maryville. The goal was to attract kids to the great sport of gymnastics and plant a seed of inspiration for some future gymnasts.

- - -- - - - - - - - - - - ---I(

TECH NIOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / 0 EC 2001

) r - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :=--1



Cardinal Gymnastics Academy in Ames, Iowa celebrated National Gymnastics Day by hosting on open gym for area kids. We hod balloons, signs and breakfast foods to help make the event festive for all. Our gym was packed full of children who hod a wonderful time. Our local newspaper attended the event and covered it as well.

Waco Gymnastix Unlimited celebrated Notional Gymnastics Day by hosting a three-hour open house, which included a live remote with local DJ's, free pizzo and soft drinks, a preschool demonstration, team and training team exhibitions and lots of door prizes. We had over 400 -people come through the gym. The week prior to the open house we . ran the Notional Gymnastics Day' video, which was 'Provided by ~SA Gymnastics. In addition, we ran radio and newspaper ods. These activities brought a lot of inquiries about Notional Gymnastics Day and our program. Notional Gymnastics Day was a huge success for our gym!

--1-:0- - = 0 - - - - - - - - - - - -- --(( 1

TEe H H IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV/ DEC 2001

) f - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -













Deory's Gymnostics from Donielson, Conn., wos proud to porticipote in Notionol Gymnostics Doy 2001 . The Governor ond locol Council and Town Manager declared August 25th National Gymnastics Doy in the town of Killingly. We were oworded 0 proclamation from the town at their meeting which was televised live on our local television channel. Our open house was a huge success. We had more than 100 new students come through our gym and many more watched our team demonstration. it was a great day!

Flip City Gymnastics in louisville, Kentucky, participated in the Notional Gymnastics Day at the Kentucky State Fair. The event was held in front of a crowd 500+; bringing attention to the positive physical fitness gymnastics fosters. With the demonstration we encouraged the young people in our community and state to participate in sports and help them all become champions of life. Governor Paul Patton also signed a proclamation declaring August 25, Notional Gymnastics Day in Kentucky! - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - { (

TE( H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOVI DEe 2001

) 1 - - - - - - - - - -- - -----,1-1--.

Level 4 Vault DeductionsA Clarification

By Tom Koli, N}OCC and Cheryl Hamilton, NTCC

The Level 4 gymnast is evaluated on vault from the beginning of her first step all the way until she lands on her back. Execution deductions are tC!ken in all phases of the vault including the phase of lowering to the back (assuming she landed on her feet first). When evaluating the new Level 4 vault, the judges have some new areas to evaluate. The run and the landing position of the vault are two of these areas. r

Two deductions have been adopted to aid in the evaluation of the run. They are as follows:

Failure to accelerate during the run ... up to 0.30, and Failure to maintain horizontal running speed to the board ... up to 0.30 There has been confusion in the interpretation, as well as how to apply these deductions. Errors can occur in only one of these 'categories, or some combination of both. It is possible to have one of these errors without the other, but it is also possible that a deduction for both errors would occur. You may see a gymnast who never accelerates to a good fast run, but still slows down prior to the hurdle. The purpose of this article is to clarify the use of these deductions.

Failure to accelerate during the run ... up to 0.30 This deduction refers to the gymnast reaching a maximum speed "SOMEWHERE" during the run. Examples for applying this deduction: o The gymnast performs a very slow jog all the way....... .. .. .. Deduct 0.30 o The gymnast starts very slow and builds to a jog. . ........ Deduct 0.20-0.25 o The gymnast starts slow and builds to a good pace .. . . . .. .. Deduct 0.10-0.15 o The gymnast runs fast but you feel she could be faster ......... Deduct 0.05 o The gymnast runs like a "track star" ..... ......... ....... . .. Deduct 0.00 Failure to maintain horizontal running speed to the board ... up to 0.30

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This deduction would be applied when the gymnast slows her speed during the run but especially before the board. (i.e. long leaping steps or stutter-type short, choppy steps) Examples for applying this deduction: o Good run, but stutter steps to greatly slow the run before the board ............. . .. .............. .... ...... .. . . . .. Deduct 0.25-0.30 o Good run, but does huge slow leaping steps before the board ....... ...... ... .. .. . .. . ... .. . ... .......... ... Deduct 0.25-0.30 o Good run, but moderately stutt-er steps before the board .... Deduct 0.20-0.25 o Good run, but does moderately slow leaping steps before the board ...... .......... . ... . ... ... ..... .. ... .... ..... . Deduct 0.10-0.15 o Good run, but slightly stutter steps before the board .............................................. Deduct 0.00-0,05 o Good run, but does slight leaping steps before the board .................. . .... . .. . ...... . . .. .... .. ... Deduct 0.00-0.05

Note: If the gljmnast has a slow "jog type" run but maintains this rate all the way to the board, apply only the failure to accelerate deduction. Do not deduct for failure to maintain horizontal running speed. --=-...".---- - -- - -- - -- - - - I (

TEe HN 10 U E • NOVID EC 200 1



III always want the best for Failure to finish in a straight lying position on the back ... up to 1.00 This deduction would be applied if the gymnast lands on her feet and does not return to her back, or if she lands in a position with execution errors (pike sit, arched back, bent legs, etc.) and fails to return to her back and show a straight position. Examples for applying this deduction: o The gymnast lands on her feet, salutes, and steps off the mat. ..... . ...... .. .. . .... . .... . ........ . Deduct 1.00 o The gymnast lands on her seat with a 90Q hip angle, salutes, and steps off the mat. . . ... . ...... . .' ..... .. Deduct 0.50 o The gymnast lands on her back with a slight arch and bent legs, salutes and steps off the mat. .... . .. Deduct 0.10-0.50 o The gymnast makes any of the above execution errors, then lies back to a straight lying position .......... Deduct 0.00 for failure to finish in a straight lying position; however, you may have execution deductions applied for the errors while the gymnast is falling to her back. The evaluation finishes when she finishes her straight lying position.

all my gyms.


.6,cet Sum Chacge;

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'-.. '-.. '-.. '-.. '-..




\ I

That's why I switched ...




//:•• to ProSchool // software."

Technique /

Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation


(Act of August 12, 1970: Section 3685; Tille 39, Uniled SIDles CocIe) TItle of Publication: Teihnique, Publication No.: 07485999. Date of filing: October 1, 2001. Frequency of issue: MOI1fh~ except Bimonth~ in Sept/Oct. and Nov/Dec. Number of issues annual: 10. Annual subscription price: $25 Complete mailing address of known office of publication: 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300, Indianapolis, Ind. 46225. Complete mailing address of headquarters of the general business offices of the publisher: 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300, Indianapolis, Ind. 46225. Publisher: Bob Colarossi, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300, Indianapolis, Ind. 46225. Editor: luan Peszek, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300, Indianapolis, Ind. 46225. Owner: USA Gymnastics, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300, Indianapolis, Ind. 46225. Extent and Nature of Circulonon Total No. of copies Paid and/or requested circulonon: Paid circulonon: Moil subscnpnon Paid In{ounty Subscripnons Sales through deole~ or corne~ Other Classes Moiled thru USPS Total paid and/or requestedcirculonon Free distribunon by moil Outside County In County Other Classes Moiled thruUSPS Free Distribunon outside the moil Total Free Oistribunon Total Distribunon Copies not distributed Total Sum Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulonon

Averoge* 14,745


Actuol** 15,300





I \


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57 13,498 1,247 14,745 99.57

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"'- '-..

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Rita Brown, President Brown's Gymnastics "'"'Training Centers "''-..

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'-.. '-..

*Averoge no. copies eoch issuedunng preceding 12 months **Aduol no. of copies of single issue published neorest to filing dole.

I certify that the statements mode by me above ore correct and complete. luonPeszek, USA Gymnastics Publications Director - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - ((

TEe H N 10 UE • NOV /D EC 2001

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the needs of the indMdual students and encouroge adoption of lifelong physical activfty! Please call Pat Warren at 317-237-5050 ext. 5652 or ema il if you are interested in attending or hosting a MELPD workshop.

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A KAT Work5hop con5i5t5 of 5ix enlightening hour5 of pre5chool teacher education. The work5hop cover5 philo50phy, under5tanding the pre5chool-age child, how to be an effective teacher, safety con5iderations, cla55 management, le550n plan development, and much more!



Please call Pat Warren at 317-237-5050 ext. 5652 or email if you are interested in attending or hosting a KAT workshop.

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Central Coast Gymnastics Training

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Mari-Rae Sopper, the newly appointed head Women's Gymnastics Coach at the University of California-Santa Barbara, was flying to California to begin her new position on September 11,2001. UnfOltunately, Mari-Rae was flying on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. Mari-Rae took the job even though she knew the program had been dropped and then reinstated for one year. Mari-Rae, who competed for Iowa State, was a successful practicing lawyer in Washington, D.C. She missed the sport she loved and wanted to coach, which is why she took the position at UCSB. We extend our thoughts and prayers to her family. While she was just coming back to her gymnastics family, we will embrace her memory and cherish her dream. Contributions can be directly made to: Mari-Rae Sopper Memorial Gymnastics Fund, c/o Harris Bank of Palatine, 50 North Brockway, Palatine, IL 60067, Attention: Eric Eirnen

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H(5~i~"~ O·ffi(.f H(5~rs This 'year the USA Gymnastics office will close for the hoHdays as follows: • Wednesday, November 21 at noon and will re-open on Monday, November 26. • Friday, December 21 at 5:30 p.m. and will re-open on Wednesday, January 2, 2002.

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NOV/DEC 2001






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AWARD W INNER Hilary Olive r, head coach of the Davis Gymnastics Team in Davis, California, was selected by USA Wee kend as one of the five award winners in a national contest to select the most caring coaches. The contest was looking for people who exemplified caring, compassionate coaches, who go above and beyond the call of duty, and Hilary clearly does thi s. She was selected out of more than 1,100 entries. One pa re nt said, "Hilary has been with the team for many years and is a great coach . I think she exemplifies the philosophy of gymnastics - Good Sport, Good Fun , Great Competition." Hila ry not only received national recognition in USA Weekend Sept. 21 -23, but she also received $500! Congratulations to Hilary Oliver.


available: Male & Female

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TE CH NIOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV/ 0 E( 2001

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~Y' RULES UPDATE #5 FOR THE 2001-2004 MEN'S AGE GROUP COMPETITION PROGRAM by Jeff Robinson, Chairman of the 2000-2004 Age Group Competition Committee The Age Group Competition Committee met by way of conference call on August 1, at USA Gymnastics Congress and again by conference call on September 14th in order to address several important issues since our last update. This update supersedes all previous updates. Changes and clarifications made since Rules Update #4 are in bold print. This update along with the replacement pages portion of rules update #2 contain any and all valid changes and clarifications published to date concerning the Men's Junior Olympic Program.

DOCUMENT PRECEDENCE STATEMENT: For all competitions there is a hierarchy of documents to be used when judging. This hierarchy is explained on page 13 of the Age Group Competition Program Manual under I.A. The basis for all competitions is the FIG Code of Points. When rules contained in the Age Group Manual (with rules updates) and the FIG Code of Points are in conflict, the Age Group Program Manual (with rules updates) always takes precedence. (This statement is reiterated in all USAGI NGJA interpretation documents as well.)

GENERAL CLARIFICATIONS: 1. The Age Group Competition Committee would like to highlight a FIG Men's Technical Committee clarification that came out at the lntercontinental Judges Course. That clarification says: •

Article 15.5a states that all large errors result in non-recognition but later articles contradict this.

This is a general article that is modified by specific rules later in the Code.

No general rule can cover all of gymnastics

Non-recognition is usually the result of a fall or failure to meet specific angle or time stipulations as listed.

0.3 usually leads to recognition of the element but 0 bonus

2. TRe jlffiiBf ~rBgraH\ .. i:Il: RBt a~~l) tfle PIG Rtiee fBr alJ ~ieal ~rBhiBite a eloi:ll:s Bf sk'aaalH'g aeaHeBBRs !BF sloi:ll:s t;hat iflelHae B sk'eRgtA ~Fess Bf Sk'ERgtfl ABla. The J.D. Program will allow straddling of the legs on skills including a strength press or hold. 3. The J.O. Program will not recognize the FIG non-commensurate dismount deduction. In the event a J.E. I or J.E. 11 athlete performs an "A" value dismount, he will receive the 0.2 deduction for not properly fulfilling the dismount element group (with the exception of Floor Exercise where no dismount element group exists). There should be no additional dismount deductions other than for presentation. 4. J.E. I and J.E. IT athletes will be allowed to repeat one "bonus eligiele" skill one time for dilliculty and bonus credit (Developmental D, FIG D, E, or


Super E). A sl!ill RlEt) Be lise a BAI, Bile tiR-1E fBI BBNlle in seEjlleRee (PX &. ~8).


,BillE raisea

5. J.E. III and Class IV athletes will be allowed to repeat all skills one time for d ifficul ty and bonus. 6. Unless specifically noted, FIG judging rules apply to all compulsory rou tines. The most notable exception in the junior program is the 50% completion rule that states that a skill that is partially completed should receive credit and the appropriate FIG deduction for performance deficiencies. The intent of the rule is to give the benefit of the doubt to the athlete and not to penalize the athlete by 1.0 for attempting but simply not completing a routine part. If the judge can recognize that the part was attempted by the athlete, credit for that part should be given along with the appropriate FIG execution deductions. 7. Only the skills listed in the Special Requirements for Class III and IV may be performed for credit. Variations of the listed skill(s) will not receive Spe<;ial Requirement credit unless the description notes "minimum B value". Example #1: Class 1lI or IV horizontal bar - a stoop stalder circle through handstand is not the same as a stalder circle and would not receive Special Requirement credit. Example #2: Class UI parallel bars - either the junior program "B" value or a C value stutz would fulfill the requirement. 8. In Class III and IV, to receive Required Skill credit, the athlete must perform the skill in such a manner that it would receive recognition according to FIG judging guidelines. Required skills are evaluated for execution and nonrecognition according to FIG, this includes all height and angle requirements. 9. For J.E. III and Class IV routines, unless specifically stated, a required skill may not be fulfilled by a variation on a skill with a "higher letter value" . For instance, on horizontal bar, an Endo 1/2 or Endo 1/1 piroettepirouette will not satisfy the in-bar requirement, only a normal "B" value Endo to Handstand will. On floor for the J.E. III athletes a salta is defined as a "8" value somersault with no twisting. It may be performed in a tuck, pike, or layout position. 10. In the J.O. Program, a skill which has a letter value assigned should be evaluated as if it has its own "code box". For instance, a "B" Stutz or back toss to 45 degrees a.O. exceptions) would have a different virtual "code box" for routine construction and evaluation purposes than a "C" value stu tz or back toss to nominal handstand. 11. A J.o. athlete may receive up to 1.2 in bonus from the two general bonus catagories. See Replacement page #17 of the J.O. Program Manual for the correct the correct interpretation of the awarding of bonus points. 12. It is the position of this committee that the premature addition of difficulty and difficulty bonus to the routines of young athletes is a nationwide concern; particularly when the difficulty is added at the expense of technical execution. Many of the rules set forth by this committee are done so as to promote the acquisition and refinement of certain select skills that are developmentally important to the growth of our young athletes. This position is reflected in our decision to remain with the 1.2 cap on bonus for Junior Elite I, II, III and Class IV, the strict adherence to the skills in the Class IV and J.E. III required skills list, and the incentive start values assigned to certain front handspring category vaults.

TEe H N IOU f • NOV / DEC 200 I



Still Rings:

Floor Exercise:

1. For a B press to handstand, the junior program will follow the standard FIG

1. At tftE t8j3 8E "Il.Ej3laEEHlEflt PagE 19 it I tftE J.a. Pf8grRffi M8:l'tIiRI, j3B:fRgfaj3R e, 8:ftiEIE A. sEals .vitl; all8\' aBlE fEj3Etiti8f1 8f1 PI88f BHEfEisE. PlEaSE fEas tRis 8:ftiEle E8:fEittll) . It is HHj38ft8:flt t8 fEffieffiBEf tAat 8:fI) 8f1e sl(ill (Aa, iRg it's a" fI eaSE B8H) ff1a) Be IiSES afll) afleE ifl 8:11) ,allie raisEs sEEj:IiEfleE.

deductions for determining credit when the skill is performed with an arm bend. Those deductions are: small deduction for arm bend of up to 15·, medium deduction for 16· to 30·, large deduction for 31· to 45· and large deduction and non-recognition for arm bend greater than 45·.

2. In the Class VI £loor exercise routine, the back extension roll should be completed through a nominal handstand, there is no hold required.

2. In the junior program, a shoot to handstand (hold) with greater than 45· arm bend will receive A credit. Shoot to handstand (hold) with less than 45· arm bend will receive C credit with small deduction for arm bend of up to 15·, med ium deduction for 16· to 30· and large deduction for 31· to 45·.

3. The athlete who is spotted on a skill used in a Floor Exercise routine will get normal J.D. spotting deductions and an add itional deduction of 0.2 from the final routine score for presence of a non-permitted spotter as stipulated in Article 4, paragraph 5 of the FIG Code of Poill ts. 4. On Replacement Page 21 of the J.O. Program Manual, Class IV Floor Exercise required skill #1, change the text to read as follows: "Layout backward somersault, with no twist." This change should also be made to required skill #1 in the shaded box including the descriptiQn of the Class IV required Skills on replacement page #44. 5. On Replacement Page 22 of the J.O. Program Manual, Class III Floor Exercise required skill #2 item #2, change the text to read as follows: "Forward Salto, with no twist." This change should also be made to Required Skill #2 in the shaded box including the description of the Class III required skills on replacement page #45.

Pommel Horse: 1. The junior program will not recognize the 3/3 travel broken up by £lops as a "0" element. 2. A Bailie (defined as beginning with one hand on each pommel 1/2 Czechkehre to Single pommel loop to 1/2 Czechkehre and ending with one hand on each pommel) is officially recognized by this committee as an element with a Developmental D value and is eligible for repetition one time by J.O. athletes. Other variations on the Bailie or any other 4 hand placement skills done by a J.O. athlete are subject to £lop rule interpretation as set forth in Article 31, paragraphs g. and h. of the FIG Code of Points. 3. The scissors requirements for Class IV and Class III athletes are different. Class IV's must perform 2 consecutive "A" value scissors. Class III's must perform 2 consecutive "A" value or higher scissors. There is a text inconsistency on Replacement page #67. In the shaded box containing the Required Skills for Class III, Item #3 should read "2 consecutive" A" value or higher scissors." The skills list on replacement page #22 reads correctly. 4. 2 back loops done as a dismount will receive B+A 5. On Replacement Page 21 of the J.D. Program Manual, Class IV Pommel Horse required skill #2, change the text to read as follows: "One or two back loops (legs together)." This change should also be made to Required Skill #2 in the shaded box including the description of the Class IV required skills on replacement page #66. 6. On Replacement Page 22 of the J.D. Program Manua l, Class III Pommel Horse required skill #1, change the text to read 'as follows: "One or two back loops (legs together or flaired)." This change should also be made to Required Skill #1 in the shaded box including the description of the Class III required skills on replacement page #67. 7. On Replacement Page 23 of the J.D. Program Manual, Pommel Horse, delete item #1 "Any skill with a minimum of 4 hand placements on one pommel."

3. A swing to strength skill will satisfy the J.E. III static strength requirement as long as a classical static strength hold position is part of the swing to strength skill being used. For instance, back uprise to straddled planche held for 2 seconds is given a "c" rating a.O. exception) and will satisfy the J.E. III static strength requirement. A press to handstand ("B" value or developmental D) will not fulfill this requirement.

Vault: 1. TAE \lalilt 18:llEiitlg taBlE " it] HOT BE IiSES iR tAE E, alliatiefl 8E 8:fI) 8j3ti8f1al \/a!ilt ir. tAE Jliffi8F Pr8gFaffi. The Technical Vault landing rules for distance at the bottom of page 91 in the J. O. Program Manual will NOT be used in the evaluation of any optional vault in the Junior program. 2. Beginning January 1, 2002, FIG Vault Group V (Roundoff Entry) vaults may now be performed by athletes at the J.E. I and J.E. II level only. The "Safety Zone" mat (surrounding the end of the springboard) and FIG Vaulting Table (not the traditional long horse) must be used in the performance of any vault in FIG Vault Group V. 3. The "Squat-on, Straight Jump-off" vault will be added as an option for Class VII and Class VI athletes when using the FIG Vaulting Table. The start value for this vault will be 9.0 for Class VII and 8.8 for Class VI 4. The spotting rule at vaulting has been changed for ALL classes (Class VII through JE I). The new rule reads as follows: For all classes, the coach must stand in close proximity (Ann's Length) to the FIG vaulting table in position to best assist the athlete should the need arise. The judge should not allow the gymnast to begin his run if the coach in not in position.

Parallel Bars: 1. A glide kip immediate reverse straddle cut to support will receive A+A if done on the end of the bars and A+B if done in the rnidd.l~ of the bars.

2. On Replacement Page 21 of the J.O. Program Manual, Class IV Parallel Bars required skill #2, change the text to read as follows: "Front uprise, swing ~o or through nominal handstand." This change should also be made to required skill #2 in the shaded box including the description of the Class IV required Skills on replacement page #104. 3. On Replacement Page 21 of the J.O. Program Manual, Class IV Parallel Bars required skill #3, change the text to read as follows: "Minimum" A" value giant, Moy, or cast." This change should also be made to required skiIi #3 in the shaded box including the description of the Class IV required -Skills on replacement page #104. 4. On Replacement Page 22 of the J.O. Program Manual, Class III Parallel Bars required skill #3, change the text to read as follows: "Minimum "B" value giant, Moy, peach basket or cast." This change should also be made to required skill #3 in the shaded box including the description of the Class III required Skills on replacement page #105.

8. On Replacement Page 23 of the J.O. Program Manual, Pommel Horse, Add

to the list of Developmental D skills "Any skill or combination of two of the following skills done back to back in direct connection (two skills in direct connection) and in any order on one pommel: Pommel loop, Direct Stockli-A (DSA), Direct Stockli-B (DSB)." Examples: Pommel loopPommellooPi Pommelloop-DSBi DSB-PommellooPi DSB-DSBi DSB-DSA. - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - { (

Horizontal Bar:

*' l',B "itA fl88r €lEereisE, reffieffiBer tAat an) 8f1e sl(jjJ (Ra, iflg it's 8"



B8lE) ff1a) afll) Be IiSES 8f1l)' 8f1€ ti-ffle iR a ,allie raiSES sEEj:tleflee.

TEe H N 10 UE • NOV / OE( 2001

• )l---------------'-=9--1

Tedmique magazine will regularly rlSt Member dub invitationa~ by stole in order 10 help (OOdles schedule !heir looms in (ompelitions. When you app~ and pay for asanction with USA Gymnaslils, your invittrtienal will aulomolirol~ be included in !he listing. Remember, on~ USA Gymnaslics Member dubs are eligible for !he invittrtionallisting. LISTING BEGINS WITH DEC. ',200' AlABAMA Event Name -Invitational Event Event Site -6100 Brmker Blvd.; Montgomery, Al36116 Stort Dote -2/16/2002 Oub Nome -Untled Gymstars and Cheer 6100 Brmker Blvd.; Montgomery, Al 36116 Phone -334/284-2244 Levels -W7-10

ARIZONA Event Nome -2001 Coyote O~( Event Stle -PE West, Arizono Stole University; Tempe, AI. 85281 Start Dote -2/15/2002 Oub Nome -Arizona Sunroys 3110 EorstThunderbird Rood; Phoenix, AI. 85032 Phone -602/992-5790 OOSl -M7-Ettle Event Nome -2002 Mardi Gras Invite Event Site -Chand!er High Gym; ArizOl1O Ave and Ray Rd; Chandler, AI. 85224 Start Dote -2/16/ 2002 Oub Nome -Arizona Dynamic; Gymnastic; 1025 N.Mdlueen Rd; Gilbert, AI. 85233 Phone -480/633-8414 Levek -W4-8tle Event Nome -Arizona Sumoys Sweetheart Invitational Event Site -Phoenix Gvk Plaza; 225 E Adal11l; PhoeniX, AI. 85004 Start Dote -2/8/ 2002 Gub Nome -Arizona Sunroys 3110 EThunderbird Rd; Phoenix, AI. 85032 Phone -602/992-5790 Levels -W4-8tle

CAUFORNIA Event Nome -Byers GymnorstKs Invi. Event Stle -CSU Sooomento; 6000 JSt, Soaomento, CA 95823 Start Dote -3/9/2002 Gub Nome -Byers GymnastKs Center 29 Massie Court; Sooomento, CA 95823 Phone -916/423-3040 Levels -W5-10 Event Nome -Cupid's Cup lomotioool Event Site -1740 Leslie St, Son Moteo, CA 94402 Stort Dote -2/3/2002 Gub Name - Peninsula GymnorstKs 1740 Leslie St, Son Mateo, CA 94402 Phone -650/571-7555 Levels -W7-1 0 Event Nome -Orecms of Gold Event Site -7735 HaskeR Avenue; Von NuyI, CA 91406 Start Dote -5/5/2002 Gub Nome -Gymnastic; Olympica USA 7735 Haskell Ave; Von NuyI, CA 91406 Phone -818/785-1537 Levels -W4-6 Event Nome -Fallbrook Spring G~( Event Site -342 Industrial Way, Sutle 103; Fallbrook, CA 92028 Start Dote-2/9/2002 Gub Name -Fallbrook Gymnasti( Gub 342 Industrial Way, Sutle I03; Fallbroo~ CA 92028 Phone -760/728-8582 Levels -W4-6

Event Name -Follbrook Teom Challenge Event Site -342lndustriol Way, Ste 103; Fallbrook, CA 92028 Stort Dote -5/1 B/2002 000 N!Il1e -Fallbrook Gymnasti( Oub 3421ndustriO Waf, Ste 103; Fallbrook, CA 92028 Phone·760/72B·B582 Levels-W4-6 Event Name - For West Invitational Event Site -4883 Dovooport Pla(e; Fremont, CA 94538 Start Dote -1/19/2002 Oub NIJlle - em West Gymnastic; 4883 Davenport PI; Fremont, CA 94538 Phone -51 0/651-5870 Levels-W7-(trte Event Name -Golden Beor Invitational Event Site -25 Sports lone; Berkeley, CA 94720 Stor1 Dote -1/26/2002 Gub NIJlle - Golden Bear Gymnastic; 25 Sports lme; Berkdey, CA 94720 Phone -510/642-0792 Levek -W4-10 Event Nome -Golden 8ear Invitational Event Site -25 Sport> lone; 8erkeley, CA 94720 Start Dote -2/17/2002 aub Nome -Golden Beor Gymnastic; 25 Sport> lone; Berk~ey, CA 94720 Phone -510/642-0792 Levek-W4-6 Event Nome -Golden Beor Invitational Event Site -25 Sports lone; Berkdey, CA 94720 Start Dote -3/9/2002 Club NIJlle - Golden Bear GymnostiCi 25 Sports lme; Berk~ey, CA 94720 Phone - 510/642-0792 Levels ·W 4-6 Event Nome -Golden Beor Invitational Event Site -25 Sport> lone; Berkeley, CA 94720 Stort Dote -4/20/2002 Gub Nome -Golden Beor Gymnastic; 25 Sport> lone; Berkeley, CA 94720 Phone -510/642-0792 Levek-W4-6 Event Nome -Hmi of Fane <mic: Event Site -UI Stole FuIerton; 800 North Stole College; FuIerton, CA 92831 Start Dote -3/8/2002 Gub Nome - 5CAJS 5742 Mcfadden Ave; Huntington Beodi, CA 92649 Phone -714/895-2909 Levels-W4-Btle Event Nome -LA aassi(VlII Event Stle -7735 Haskell Ave; Von NuyI, CA 91406 Stort Dote -1/26/2002 Gub Nome -Gymnastic; OIym~m USA 7735 Haskell Ave; Von NuyI, CA 91406 Phone -818/785·1537 Levels-W5-lO Event Nome -Nationollnvitational Event Site -4Joumey;A1isoVi~0,CA92656 Stort Dote -1/19/2002 Gub Nome -National Gymn. Training 4Journey; Aliso Vi~o, CA 92656 Phone -714/831-7300 Levels -W 7·atle

Event Nome -Out of this World Invite Event Site . 434 Poyron Street; Petaluma, CA 94952 Strut Dote -2/3/2002 Oub N!Il1e -Redwood Empire Gymn. 434 Poyron Street, Petaluma, CA 94952 Phone -707/763-5010 lev~s- W5-9

Event NIJlle -Peter '{door Men's Gymnorstks Invitotioool Event Site -8rentv.ood School; 100 S Barrington PIoce; los Angeles, CA 90049 Stort Dote -2/21/2002 Gob Nmne -8roadway GYM School, IrK. 812 Main Street, Venire, CA 90291 Phone -31 0/45!l-0012 Levels-M6-Etrte Event Nome -Reach for the Stars OptioOO Inv Event Site -1740 WHonvner lone; Stockton, CA 95209 Strut Dote -3/3/2002 Oub NIJlle -GymStoB Gymnastic;, Inc 1740 WHammer In; Stockton, CA 95209 Phone -209/957-1919 levels -W7-10 Event Nome -SCEGA'S California Oas~( Event Stle -US Intemotional University; 10455 Pomerodo Rd; Son Diego, CA 92131 Start Dote -2/22/2002 Gub Nome -Southern California Ettle Gymnastics Amd, 27532 Commerce Center Dr, Temeruia, CA 92590 Phone -909/699-4499 Levels-W7-Btle Event NIJlle -Snowflake lomational Event Site -1875 Feather River 8Ivd.; OroVl1ie, CA 95965 Start Dote -1/26/2002 Goo Nome -OroVl11e GYM Sport> Amd 1875 Feather River Blvd.; Oroville, CA 95965 Phone -530/533-1043 Levels -W4-9 Event NIJlle -Stanford Open 2002 Event Site -Stonford Univ; Burnham Poviion; Polo Alto, CA Strut Dote -1/25/2002 Oub NIJlle -Stanford GymnostiCi One UIIomia St #2230; Son Frondseo, CA 94111 Phone -650/723-9591 l.eveIs-M7-8ite Event NIJlle -Tearn Cldenge Event Site -3421ndustrio1 Way, Ste 103; Fallbrook, CA 92028 Start Dote -12/8/2001 Oub Nome -Fallbrook Gymnasti( Gub 342 Industrial Way, Ste 103; Fallbrook, CA 92028 Phone -760/728-8582 Levels -W4-6 Event Nome -Top Right Invitational Event Site -5127 Mowry Avenue; Fremont, CA 94538 Start Dote -1/19/2002 Oub Nome -Top Right Gymnastic; 5127 Mowry Ave; Fremont, CA 94538 Phone -51 0/796-3547 Fox -510/796-4210 levels -M7 -Ettle

COLORADO Event Nome -CO National Monument Invitational Event Site -609 25 Rood; Grond Junction, CO 81505 Start Dote -2/22/2002 Oub -Grond Junction Gym / Kidz Plex 60925 Rood; Grond Junction, CO 81505 Phone -970/245-3610 Fox -970/256-7825 Levek -W7-10

CONNECTICUT Event Nome -New England Invitational Event Site -82 GrilVlOld Street, Glorstanbury, a 06033 Start Dote -12/1/2001 Oub Name -Glorstonbury YMCA Gymn. 82 Griswold St; Glorstonbury, a 06033 Phone -860/682-1431 Fox - 860/652-7930 Levels -W4-10 Event Nome -New England Invitational Event Stle -82 GrilVlOld Street, Glorstonbury, a 06033 Start Dote -12/2/2001 Oub Nome -Glorstonbury YMCA Gymn. B2 GriIVIOld St, Glorstonbury, a 06033 Phone -860/682-1431 Fox - 860/652-7930 Levels-W4-10 Event Name -St Potty's Day Cup Event Site -1180 Sherman Ave.; Hamden, a 06514 Start Dote -3/22/2002 Oub NIJlle -New Era GymnostiCi 1180Sherman Ave.; Hamden, a 06514 Phone -203/281-1826 Fox - 203/407-1533 Levels-W4-Ettle


Start Dote -2/22/2002 Oub Nome -Horizon Gymnastic; Arnd. 285 Adalia Terro(e; Port Chorlone, FL 33953 Phone -941/627-5342 Levek-W2-1O Event Nome -Sond Dollar 2002 Event Site -Disney's Wide World of Sport>; loke Bueno '{lito, FL Start Dote -1/25/2002 Oub Nome -Orlando Metro Gymnastic; 4658 LB. Mdeod Rd; Orlando, FL 32811 Phone -407/ 246-1200 Levek -WPOPT, 4-8tle

Event Nome -2002 Moui Gymnastic; Invitational Event Stle -War Memorial Gym; Koohumonu Ave; Wailuku, HI 96793 Start Dote -1/4/2002 Oub Nome· Moui Gymnastic; 891 A1uo Street, Wailuku, HI 96793 Phone -808/ 244-5414 Levels-W4-Ettle Event Name -A1oho Gymfest Event Stle -451 Lelumanu Drive; Kailua, HI 96734 Start Dote -1/18/2002 Oub Name -Kokokahi Gymnastic; Teom 45-558 #(21 Kamehomeha Hwy.; Kaneohe, HI 96744 Phone -808/ 235-6866 Levek- W4-Ettle



Event Nome -Atlwrto Crownlomotionol Event Stle -Gv.iMen Civic Center; 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway; Duluth, GA 30097 Start Dote -1/17/ 2002 Gub NIJlle -Gv.innen GymnasIiCi Center 927 K&n Hill Rood; ~1bum, GA 30047 Phone -770/ 921 -5630 LeveIs-W4-6

Event Nome -Gem Stote Invitationol Event Stle -Western IdahoFair; 5610 Glenwood; Boise, ID B3714 Stort Dote -1/31/2002 Gub Nome -GemStote Gymn. Aroderny 5420 West Stote St, Boise, ID 83703 Phone -208/853-3220 cm-M7-1

Event NIJlle -CartelWl11e CmivIi 2002 Event Site -P.O. Box 1390; CcrterM1e,

Event Nmne - Gem Stote Invitational

GA30120 Start Dote -1/26/2002 Gub Nome -Cartersville lV.isters P.O. 80x1390; Cartersville, GA 30120 Phone -770/ 387-5629 aOSl-M7-1 Event Nome -Golden I~es Invitational Event Stle -YWCA of Brunswick; 144 Scranton Connector, 8runswick, GA 31525 Start Dote -2/9/2002 Gub Nome -YWCA Golden I~es Rhythmic; 135 Cardinal Rood; Apt 102; 8runswick, GA 31525 Phone -912/262-6014 Levels -R5-10, GROUP

Event Nome -GrM Day Invitational Event Site -9245 N. Palafox Street, Pensacola, Fl32534 Start Dote -1/26/2002 Oub Nome -The Rip fodory 9245 N. Palafox St, Per1IOOIia, FL 32534 Phone -850/969-9111 Levels-W2-10

Event Nome -Judges Cup Event Site -542 Fairground Street, Mariena, GA 30060 Start Dote -12/8/2001 000 NIJlle - Cobb Challengers 542 Hirgrouoo St, Mariena, GA 30060 Phone -770/528-8477 cm-M7-Btle

Event Nome - Fourth Ar1nud Uriversol Gymnastic; Invite Event Site -Miomi-OOOe CormlUooy College; 11011 SW 100th St, Miami, FL 33176 Start Dote -2/2/2002 Oub Nome - Univ~ GymoostiCi, lilt 14221 SW 142 St; Miami, FL33196 Phone - 305/233-mO Levels- W5-10 aass-M7·1

Event Name -Mardi Gras InvitotioM Event Site -Pace Arodemy; 966 WPores Fenry Rd NW; Atlanta, GA 30327

Event Nome -Prin(eI'; Closlk Event Site -285 Adalia Terrace; Port Charlone, Fl33953


Event Nome -SportIVIOrldSpedorular Event Site . 3020 Porno Way; Stuart, FL 34994 Start Dote -1/12/2002 Oub NIJlle -YMCA GYM afTreasure Cnorst 3020 Porno Waf; Slu!Jt, FL 34994 Phone -561/223-1606 Levels-W3-Ettle

Event Nome -AT Mobiltly Meet Event Site -2100 NW 33rd Street, Pompona 8eorn, FL 33069 Start Dote -12/14/2001 Oub Nome -Ameri(an lV.isters Gymn. 2100 NW 33 St, Pompona Beam, FL 33069 Phone -954/972-4947 Fox -954/755-1750 Levels-W4-10

Event Nome -Mogiai ~ Event Site -Oronge Oy Convention Or; 9800 International Dr, Orlando, R. 32819 Start Dote -2/14/2002 Oub Nome -8rown's Gymnorstks Centrd 740 Oronge Ave; AItomonte Springs, FL 32714 Phone -407/869-8744 Levek-W4-IO

P.O. Box 1390; CartelWl1le, GA 30120 Phone -770/387-5629 Levels-W 4-10

Start Dote -2/16/2002 Oub Nome -Gymn. Amdemy of AtIontn 3126 Cobb Pkwy; Kennesaw, GA 30152 Phone -770/975-8337 Levek-W 7-1 0 Event Nome -Olgo Kohut Diamond Oassi( Event Stle -5060 Amon Ridge Pkwy; Sutle 1200; NorcrOSl, GA 30071 Stort Dote -1/19/2002 Gub NIJlle • Gym 8tle Diomonds 5060 Am Ridge Pkwy; Suite 1200; NorlJOlS, GA 30071 Phone -770/448-1586 LeveIs-W4-lite

Event Site -Western Idaho Fair, 5610 Glenwood; Boise, ID 83714 Stort Dote - 1/31/2002 Oub Name - Gem Stole Gymn. Arodemy 5420 West Stote St, Boise, 10 83703 Phone -208/853-3220 Levek-W4-Ettle Event Nome-Idaho Gymn. Chollenge Event Stle -Boise Stote Universtly; Kinesiology 8uilding; 8oise, 10 83725 Start Dote -2/23/2002 Gub Nome -Wings Center 1875 Century Way; 8oise, 10 83709 Phone -208/ 376-3641 Levek -W5-atle GOSI-M6-Etrte Event Nome lime Event Site -5420 West Stote St, Boise, ID 83703 Start Dote -3/8/2002 Gub Nome -Gem Stote Gymn. Acodemy 5420 West Stole St, Boise, ID B3703 Phone -208/ 853-3220 LeveIs-W4-IO cm-M7-1

IWNOIS Event N!Il1e -Brovo Clossi(

Event Site -30 W315 CoIumet Ave.; WmeoWIe,ll60555 Start Dote -3/1/2002 Oub NIJlle -MicIwest Academy of Gymn. 30 W315 Ull!1let Ave.; WarrenVl1le, Il 60555 Phone -630/393-6693 Levels-W4-Elite Event NIJlle - Eggs loWe Event Site -Niles North HighSchool; 9800 NimIIer, Skokie, Il60077 Stort Dote - 2/24/2002 (kJb NIJlle -II< Grove Gymn. School 775 BoI1Iie In; 8k Grove Vilioge, Il 60007 Phone -847/437·3447 cm-M7-1

Event NIJlle -Spring Ring 2002 Event Site -P.O. Box 1390; Cortersville,

Event NIJlle - Eggs lome Event Site -775 Bonnie lone; Etk Grove

GA30120 Start Dote -2/22/2002 aub Nome -Cartersville lV.isters

ViIIoge,ll6ooo7 Stort Dote -3/ 3/2002 Gub Nome -akGrove Gymn. School

The Member Club Invitational Listing is also available online! See

MEMBER 775 Bonn~ In; Sk Grove Village, Il 60007 Phone· 847/437·3447 levels· W4-10 Event Nome · Invitationol Event Site . Univer>ity of IIlin~ Chicago; 801 WRooseveH Rd; Chicago, Il60608 Start Dote· 12/2/2001 dub Nome· Skyline Gymnastics 4430 NW~em Ave; Chicago, Il60625 Phone·773/478-7174 leve~·W4-10

Event Nome ·laBomba Invite Event Site· 30 W315 Columet Ave.; Warrenville, Il60555 Stort Dote· 12/8/2001 dub Nome· Midwest Academy of Gymn. 30 W315 Calumet Ave.; Warrenville, Il 60555 Phone· 630/393-6693 levek· W4-10 Event Nome . /&Jke-A·WIIh Benefit Meet Event Site· 1O1B Tli-Stote Parkway; Gurnee, Il6OO31 Start Date· 12/8/2001 dub Nome -Ultimate Gymn. of Gurnee 1018 Tri·Stote PI<wy; Gurnee, Il6oo31 Phone -847/856-8573 levek . W4-10 Event Nome -St Jude Benefit Meet Event Sne· Peoria Civic Center; 201 WI JefferlOnSt, Peoria, Il61602 Start Dote· 1/19/2002 dub Nome· The dubs ot River cny 8603 N. Univer>itySt, Pearia, Il61615 Phone · 309/ 693·5715 leve~ -W4-10 Event Nome· St Volentine's Day dassic Event SHe· Vernon Hills HS;Vernon H~~, Il Start Date . 2/1/2002 dub Nome· Gymnastics Spot 200 SShoddle Ave; Mundelein, Il60060 Phone· 847/949·7768 levels- W4-10 Event Nome· St Valenfine's Day dossic Event SHe . Vernon Hills High School; 145 Nlakeview Pkwy; Vernon Hil~, Il 60061 Start Dote· 2/2/2002 dub Nome· Gymnastics Spot 200 South Shoddle Avenue; Mundclein, Il60060 Phone· 847/ 949·7768 doss· M7·1 Event Nome· Week before Super Bolli Meet EventSite· 2701 BlackRd;Joliet, Il60435 Start Dote · 1/18/ 2002 dub Nome· Aerial Gymnastics Arena 2701 Black Rood; Joliet, Il60435 Phone· 815/730·7453 leve~· W5·10 Event Nome· Windy cny VI Event Sne· UI~ 901 WRooseveHRd; Chicago, ll Stort Dote-1/11/2002 dub Nome· Midwest Academy of Gymn. 30 W315 Calumet Ave.; WarrenVl1le, Il 60555 Phone· 630/393·6693 doss·M6·1

INDIANA Event Nome · 4-6 Dl7·10 Invitational Event Sne· 11 00 Sportan Dr.; Canner>ville, IN 47331 Start Dote· 1/5/2002 dub Nome· Conner>VI11e Gymn. Center 440 Ariens Ave; Conner>ville, IN 47331 Phone · 765/825·2297 leve~ - W4· 10

Event Nome· Grde of Star>

Event Site . Indiana ConventionOr; 100 SCapHol Ave; Indianapolis, IN 46225 Start Dote· 2/8/2002 dub Nome · DeVeau's School of Gymn. 9032 Tedmology Dr.; Fisher>, IN 46038 Phone· 317/849-7744 levels· W4-BHe levels · TI·Bne doss·M 7·Bne

KANSAS Event Nome · Folger's New Year's Invite Event Site . Wichita Stote Univerlily; 1845 Fninnount, Wichna, KS 67260 Stort Date· 1/11/2002 dub Nome . Fo/geI's Gymn. 8620 I'mt 34th Street North; WiChna, KS 67226 1'f1one. 31 6/6364210 l.evek · W4-10 <lass·M7·1


Event Nome· Derby cny Invitational Event Sne · 11100 Plonl5ide Drive; louisville, KY 40299 5tort Date . 1/4/2002 dub Nome· Derby cny Gymnastics 11100 PlanMe Dr, louisville, KY 40299 Phone -502/266·7447 levek -W3-8

LOUISINA Event Nome . ~a~ of Roir> Event Site· 1973Sixth Street, Mandeville, LA 70471 Start Date -1/11/ 2002 dub Nome . North Shore Gymnastics 1973 Sixth Street, MancleWle, LA 70471 Phone -985/624-8310 levek -WPOPT, 2·Bne Event Nome . Jambalaya Irrvite 2002 Event Sne · lamar·Dixon Expo Center; 9039 Stlondry Rd; Gonzales, LA 70737 Start Dote -2/22/2002 dub Nome · Athletes In Motion 15074 Ainine Hwy; PrairieVl1le, LA 70769 Phone · 225/6734966 levels· W2·Bne

MASSACHUSEm Event Nome · George Wheeler Invite Event SHe -16 Everett Rd; Holliston, MA 01746 Start Date· 1/26/2002 dub Nome -Gymnastics Training Center 16 Everen Rd; Holli~on, MA 01746 Phone· 508/429·7779 lev~· W5·10 Event Nome . Invitational Event EventSite· 8Micro Dr;Wobum,MA 01801 Stort Dote . 2/15/ 2002 dub Nome· Gymnastics And More 8Micro Drive; Woburn, 1M 01801 Phone -781/938-3669 levels· WPOPT, 4-Elite Event Nome -.Jolin HCI1cock Holiday Inv. Event Site - Springfield College; Alden Street, Springfield, MA 01 075 Start Dote· 12/8/ 2001 dub Nome -Thompsoos Gymnastics 200 Old lyman Rd;So. Hociey, 1M 01 075 Phone -413/532.(1374 levek -W4·8ite

MARYlAND Event Name . Evergreen IrrvitotiorKl Event Site . 7AW~ Aylesbury Rood; Tnnonium, MD 21093 Stort Dote · 1/5/2002 dubNome · Rebounder> Gymn. Or; 7A WA~esbury Rd; Timonium, MD 21 093 Phone -410/252·3374 levels· W5·6 Event Nome . Frederick dassic Event Site . 4604 Wedgewood Blvd; Frederick, MD 21703



Start Date . 3/22/2002 dub Nome· Frederick Gymnastics dub 4604 Wedgewood BIvtI; Frederick, MD 21703 Phone· 301/695·0205 leve~ . W5·BHe Event Nome · Hm's Maryland dossic Event Sne· 8001 Sheriff Rd.; londover, MD 20785 Start Date ·1/19/2002 dub Nome· Hill's Gymnastics 7557 Undbergh Dr, Gaithmburg, MD 20879 Phone· 301/840·5900 levels· W4-Sne Event Nome· Nation's Capnol Cup Event Sne· Prince George's Sports; 8001 Sheriff Rd; landover, MD 20785 Start Dote · 3/1/2002 dub Nome· MorVaTeens, Inc. 5636 RoOOoIph Rd; Rockville, MD 20852 Phone· 301/468·9181 levek · W4-l:1ite

MAINE Event Nome -Amerimn Ryer> Cup Event Site . 20 Tenniool Street, Westbrook, ME 04092 Start Dote · 1/25/2002 dub Nome -MOne Academy of Gymn. 20 Termird Sf; Westbt-ook, ME 04092 Phone - 207/856-0232 I.evek-WS-lO

MICHIGAN Event Nome -23rd Christmas dassic Event Site . 5870 North Hix Rood; Westland, MI48185 Start Dote· 12/7/2001 dub Name -Michigan Acad. of Gymn. 5870 North Hix Rd; Westland, MI48185 Phone -734/7214001 leve~ -W5-10 Event Nome· Extreme Gymn. Chollenge Event Sne . Roseville Recreation Center; 18185 Sycamore; Roseville, MI48066 Start Dote· 1/4/2002 dub Nome -Extreme Gymnastics U.sA 35075 Forton 0; dinton Township, MI 48035 Phone·801/791·9097 levels -W5·10

dub Nome · Rising Star> Gymn. Awd 7045 Sixth St N;Oakdale, MN 5512B Phone· 651/7304376 levek · W5·10 Event Nome· Northern Ughl5 dassic Event Sne . Univ of MN Sports Pavillion; Univer>ity Ave; Minneapol~, MN 55455 Start Dote · 2/15/ 2002 dub Nome· Twin cny Twi~er> 9001123rd Avenue North; Champlin, MN 55316 Phone · 763/421·3046 levek · W7·Bne Event Nome · Super BerM Challenge Event Site · 14934 Minnetonko Ind~al Rd; Minnetonka, MN 55345 Start Dote· 1/26/2002 dub Nome· Minnetonko·Hopkins Gymn. 14934 Minnetonka Industrial Rd; Minnetonka, MN 55345 Phone· 952/933·2452 leve~ · W5·8

MISSOURI Event Nome· All American Spring Invite EventSite·l0449Midwestlndustrio1;SI. lou~, MO 63132 Stort Dote · 3/1/2002 dub Nome· AllAmerican Gymnastics 10449 Midwest Industricl; Sl.lou~, MO 63132 Phone -314/426·2496 levek . W5·10 Event Nome· Dragon InvitotiorJd Event Site· 1001 W~ Jeffmon; P.O. Box 1087; Blue Springs, MO 64015 Start Dote -2/15/2002 dub Nome· Great ArneIicon Gymn. Express 1001 W~ JefferlOn; P.O. Box 1087; Blue Springs, MO 64015 Phone· BI6/229·7775 leve~ . W4-Bne Event Nome -FS Invitational Event Site· Memorial Middle School; 310 W8th St; Joplin, MO 64801 Start Dote· 1/26/2002 dub Nome -The Rip Shop 320 WI9th St; Baxter Springs, KS 66713 Phone· 316/856·5411 leve~ . TI·Etne

Event Nome -levcl7 and 8 Invite Event Site· 1111 [ Wackerly Rood; Midland, MI48642 Start Dote . 3/23/2002 dub N(J11e -Midland GYM Tnining Ctr. 1111 [ Wockerly Rd; Midland, M148642 Phone·517/832-3045 I.evek·W7-8

Event Nome· Gym Qualer> Event Sne . 92 Hubble Dr; SI. Chmfes, MO 63304 Start Dote· 2/15/2002 dub Nome· GymQuorter> Gymn. Center 92 Hubble Dr; SI. Charles, MO 63304 Phone -636/498·6854

Event Nane - Salute to Michigan Event Site - Beechwoods Arena; 22200 Beech Rd; Southfield, Ml48034 Start Dote . 3/1/2002 dub Nome - ~ Gymn. Arodemy 50600 Rizzo Dr, Shelby Township, MI 48315 Phone · 81 0/247·1333 levek·W5-10

Event Nome -Jingle Bell Jamboree Event Site . lee'sSurmit Parks and Rec; 291 and 50 Hwy;lee'sSumrrit,M064506 Stort Dote· 12/1/2001 dub Nome· Great ArnericCI1 Gymn. Exp. 1001 W~ JefferlOn; P.O. Box 1087; Blue Springs, MO 64015-1087 Phone·816/229·7775 levek· W4-7

Event Nome -lV.istors USA 6th Anmo Irrvitotiooal Event Site - 9410 Davis Highlwy; 1lirnclOOk, Ml48821 5tort Date . 1/11/2002 dub Nome . Gedderts Twistor> USA 9410 Davis Hwy; Dimondale, MI 48821 Phone·517/322·0360 levels · W4-Bne doss · Mr Bne

Event Nome· National Judges Cup Event Site . 92 Hubble Drive; SI. Charles, MO 63304 Start Dote . 1/4/2002 dub Nome . GymQuarter> Gyrm. Center 92 Hubble Drive; SI. Charles, MO 63304 Phone . 636/498~54 levek . W4-Bne

MINNESOTA Event Nome · 2002 Ri~ng Stor> Invite Event Site· 7045 Sixth St N; Ookdale, MN 55128 Stort Dote · 3/9/2002


lev~ · W4-Bne

Event Nome· Porry Express Challenge Event Site . St Joseph Civic Areoo; St Joseph, MO 64505 Start Dote · 2/22/2002 dub Nome· Arising Star> Gymn. Center 12061 Victory Dr; St.Joseph, MO 64506 Phone · 816/232·7502



levek · W4-10

Event Nome· Judges Invite Event SHe· 1602 32nd Ave S; Grand Forks, NO 58201 Start Date·1/6/2002 dub Nome · Red River VolleyGYM dub 1602 32nd Ave S; Grand Forks, NO 58201 Phone· 701/746·2797 doss·M7·1

Event Name· Stlouis Chollenge Cup Event Site . Univ of Missouri Stlou~; 8001 Natural Bridge Rd; St louis, MO 63121 Start Dote · 2/1/2002 dub Nome · Team Centrol 2675 Metro Blvd.; Sl.louis, MO 63043 Phone· 314/291·5436 levels· W5·Sne doss·M 6·Bne

NORTH CAROUNA Event Nome · Oemmer May MobilHy Meet Event Site · 10420 Southern loop 8Ivd.; Pineville, NC 28134 Start Dote · 5/ 4/2002 dub Nome . Oetrrner Schod of Gymn. 10420 Southern loop Blvd.; PineVl1le, NC 28134 Phone . 704/ 583-9998 levek · W5-8 Event Nome . Hotidoy Invite Event Site · 2831 Carolina Beach Rood; Wilmington, N(28412 Start Date · 12/15/2001 dub Nome . Carolina Gymn. Acad; 2831 Carolina Beach Rd; Wilmington, NC 28412 Phone· (910)796·1896 levek -R5·1 0, GROUP Event Nome· NC Men's 2nd 000IiIier Event Site . 330 McArthur Rood; Fnyeneville, NC 28311 Start Dote · 1/19/2002 dub Nome· NorthStar f1m1y Iitnesl 330 McArthur Rd; FnyeneWle, NC 28311 Phone· 910/488·9380 <lass·M 7·8ne

NEW HAMPSHIRE Event Nome· NH Judges Cup Event Site· 150 Gosling Rood; Portsmouth, NH 03801 Start Dote· 1/12/2002 dub Nome · Atlantic GYM Training Ctr. 150 Gosling Rd; Portsmouth, NH 03801 Phone· 603/433-0404 levels · WPOPT, 4-Sne NEW JERSEY Event Nome· CherTy Bov.l Event Sne . 5Lorv.;n Rood; CherTy H ~I, NJ 08034 Stort Dote· 1/4/2002 dub Nome . CherTy Hill Gym. Arodemy 5 Lorv.;n Rood; CherTy H~, NJ 08034 Phone· 856/795-4599 levek-W4-10 Event Nome -lnvitotiorKl Event Event Site -5101 Oakwood Blvd; MIl}'I londing, NJ 08330 Start Dote · 12/12/2001 dub Nome -plilfed BoImce Gymn; 5101 Ookv"xx! BIvtI.; Ihrfs l.onOng, til 08330 Phone -609/625-5223 levek-W4-10 Event Nome -lrrvitotiorKl Event Event Site -1274 HighIwy 77; BOOgeton, til 08302 Start Dote· 12/2/2001 dub Nome -Star Bound Gymn. Acad. 1274 HigIrway 77; Bridgeton, til 08302 Phone · 856/453-7996 levels-W4-10

Event Nome -Salem IrrvitotiorKl Event SHe -4870 Country dud Rd.; Wimon Solem, NC 271 04 Start Dote· 2/23/2002 dub Nome· Solem Gymnastics Center 4870 Country dud Rd.; Winston Solem, NC 27104 Phone -336/7654668 leve~ . WPOPT, 7·Sne

Event Nome . Invitational Event Event SHe . 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Start Dote · 1/5/ 2002 dub Nome· Star BoundGymn. Acad. 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, til 08302 Phone -856/453·7996 levels ·W 4-10

Event Nome · Snowflake Invitational Event Sne . 330 McArthur Rood; FnyeneVl11e, NC 28311 Stor1 Date -2/2/2002 dub Nome -NorthStar Fmily Iitnesl 330 McArthur ReI; Fnyeneville, NC 28311 Phone -910/ 488-9380 levek . WPOPT, 4-Bne

Event Nome . Snowflake Invitational Event SHe -8617 Monroe Rood; Chanone, NC 28212 Start Dote· 2/16/2002 dub Nome · Weymd! Gymnastics 8617 Monroe Rood; Charlane, NC 28212 Phone · 704/568·1277 levek . WPOPT, 3-10 Event Nome . Winterf~ InvitotiorKl Event Site . B04 McBrayer Hornsteod Rood; Shelby, NC 2B152 Start Dote · 3/2/2002 dub Nome· Stanne Gymnastics 804 McBrayer Ho~eod Rood; Shelby, NC28152 Phone· 704/ 434-7282 levek -W4-10

Event Nome -Invitotionol Event Event Site -1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, til 08302 Stor1 Dote -3/2/2002 dub Nome . Star Bound Gymn. Acad. 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Phone -856/453-7996 levek-W4-10

Event Nome -Super Bov.llnvitationol Event Site -5101 Ookv"xxf Blvd.; MIl}'I landing, til 08330 Start Dote· 1/13/2002 dub Nome -Penee! Bdonce Gymn; 5101 Ookv"xx! Blvd; MIl}'Ilanding, til 08330 Phone -600/625-5223 levek -W4-10


NORTH DAKOTA Event Nome . Cupid Invite Event Site . 1602 32nd Ave S; Grond Forks, tlD 58201 Start Dote· 2/9/2002 dub Nome· Red River Volley Gymn; 160237" Ave S; Grand Forks, NO 58201 Phone · 701/746·2797 doss ·M 7·1

Event Nome . Cactus Cooler Invitatioool Event SHe -Gnmon Memorial HS; 2301 NTeneya Way; los Vegas, NV 8912B Start Date . 3/212002 dub Nome - Desert Gymcol5 Gymnastics 1924 Rock Spmgs Dr, los Vegas, NV 89128 Phone -702/341-5852 levek . W4-8ite

Event Nome· Eyeopener Event Sne . 120 Woodland Ave.,Ste. B; Reno, NV 89523 Start Dote· 12/8/2001 cOlltinued 011 page 44 ~



USA Gymnastics 2003 Nomination Form


he former Helms Hall of Fame and USA Gymnastics have combined efforts into one National Hall of Fame for gymnastics. Individuals may be nominated for the consideration of the selection committee in any of three categories: athlete, coach, or contributor. The person submitting the name of the nominee for consideration should read the accompanying criteria and seek to obtain all pertinent information from the individual or the individual's family to accompany the nomination. Please submit a typed set of information for each person nominated, including the appropriate category for the nominee. Please use the format below for information as requested and include any additional information, articles, and pictures at the end of the requested information.


m.JMII@.l;1 NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __

NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

ADDRESS---_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __

ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ __

C I T Y - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -

C l T Y - - - - - --

STATE-----_ _ ZIP_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

STATE------ - Z l P - - - - - - - - - -

P H O N E - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - FAX _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

PHONE-----------------FAX _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __







Gymnasts may be nominated as on individual or a team. In order to be considered, the following eligibility criteria is used as a guideline: • Aperiod of five years post competition • Has been on Olympic, Pan American, World University Gomes or World Championships team member • Has been a Notional Champion recognized by the Notional Governing Body (AAU, USGF or USAG) • Has been a Notional Collegiate Champion Please continue the application with the following information: 1. Dote of birth 2. If deceased, date of death and copy of obituary (if possible). Also, please list family name(s) and address(es). 3. Gymnastics club(s) or school(s) where athlete trained. Please include the number of years trained and the coach(es) with whom the athlete trained in each program. 4. Athlete's competitive history in chronological order (with dotes and titles). Please include the following items: • highlight the outstanding competitive accomplishments of individual • attach complete competitive records, if possible • include information such as notional championships won, listing specific events and!or all·around • list international competitive records, listing any events or all·around championships won • list any honors awarded to the athlete 5. Any additional information about this individual

Coaches may be nominated either as individuals or as members of a coaching partnership. In order to be considered, the following eligibility criteria is used as a guideline: • Has fifteen years experience as a coach • Has been consistently successful in Notional Collegiate Championships • Has coached one or more athletes who have been members of notional teams (international, senior or junior) recognized by the NGB (AAU, USGF or USAG) • Has coached Notional or Collegiate Champions • Has coached on NGB (AAU, USGF or USAG) recognized international team Please continue the application with the following information: 1. Number of years in coaching 2. Coaching positions held (i.e., club(s), collegiate, organization, or school) and what years coached at these locations 3. Gymnasts and coaches (i.e., Olympians, notional champions, conference champions, elites, oulstanding coaches, etc.) developed by nominee 4. Notional Team coaching positions held by nominee (please include dotes) 5. Additional information about the nominee's career in coaching (i.e., background as on athlete, honors, publications, contributions to the gymnastics field, records, etc.) 6. list of names, addresses and telephone numbers (with area code) of additional persons who might odd to the information you listed here on behalf of this nominee

Nominations for the Class of 2003 Hall of Fame must be completed and copies sent by June 1, 2002, to both of the individuals listed at right. Nominations received alter that date will not be considered.


Carolyn Bowers, Chairman Hall of Fome Selection Committee 235 Willowood Bowling Green, OH 43402

TEe H N10 U E • NOV /0 EC 2001

- -- - - - - - - - - -


I criteria n order to be considered, the following eligibility is used as a guideline: • Has a minimum of twenty years of service • Has served significantly on notional committees • Holds notional and "brevet" credentials as a judge frequently judging at notional and international meels • Invented devises that advance the technical performance of gymnastics elements or promoted a safe gymnastics environment • Has written or contributed to significant gymnastics books, monograms, and articles • Has produced research advancing the sport Please continue the application with the following information: 1. list significant ways in which this nominee has contributed to the gymnastics field: • Notional committees (years and offices held) • Regional and state service (years and offices held) • Books or articles published • Development of significant ideas which have benefited the gymnastics community • Judging service and major assignments (Olympic, World Championships, international &!or notional competitions) • Service to the gymnastics community (volunteer contributions not covered above) 2. Was this nominee a competitor in gymnastics? If so, list background, years and results. 3. Was this nominee a gymnastics coach? If so, list years and achievements. 4. list additional information (i.e., honors received, gymnastics recognition, etc.). 5. list names, addresses and telephone numbers (with area code) of additional persons who might odd to the information listed here on behalf of the nominee. Kim Clayton USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

) 1 - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -

Anew National Award has been proposed to and accepted by the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors. It will be known as the USA Gymnastics lifetime Achievement Award. The Hall of Fame Committee wished to recognize individuals who have dedicated a lifetime of service to the sport of gymnastics in a meaningful manner. The intention is to seek out as well as request from the gymnastics community, information about individuals who have made a considerable impact upon our sport.


This recognition will be presented either during the Ceremony of Honors or with the Hall of Fame Awards at the USA Gymnastics National Congress, whenever possible. Since the individuals selected for this award will be responsible for their own transportation and expenses to the National Congress to receive the award, the award may be presented at an appropriate function of regional or national prominence which is located closer to the home of the selected individual. There will be no minimum or maximum number of recipients and the award may not be given every year. Privilege$ for the recipients will be;~ • lifetime complimentary membership in USA Gymnastics • recognition in appropriate publications and ceremonies as a recipient of the USA Gymnastics lifetime AchiE\vement Award • presentation of the award • compljmentary admission to "yearly U.S. Gymnastics Championships and competitions, including the World Team Trials, and the USA Gymnastics National Congress In order to be eligible for this award, the following minimum criteria must be met; 1. Minimum of 25 years dedicated to gymnastics 2. His/her service must stand out above the normal person who love gymnastics and has a lifetime of appreciation or ordinary participation 3. This person(s} should have accomplished an involvement at the regional, national, and/or international levels in one or a combination of the follOWing: coaching, judging, volunteering, and promotion of the sport of gymnastics. It is not necessary to have been a competitor in gymnastics. He/she may have been a competitor and have continued to enhance the sport in multiple ways. The Hall of Fame Committee has assumed the philosophy that the Hall of Fame will have an emphasis on the accomplished athlete. Coaches and contributors who are inducted will be limited to the few individuals with outstanding and special accomplishments at the very highest level of contribution or coaching. As we have received nominations and credentials for persons who have given a lifetime of meaningful dedication which has greatly influenced the sport of gymnastics through coaching, judging, volunteering, and pramotion of the sport, it was felt that prominent national recognition should be possible through the introduction of the lifetime Achievement Award. Many have contributed to the growth and development which has helped gymnastics in its progress to where we stand today. The Hall of Fame Committee encourages members of the gymnastics community to give careful consideration for nominations and to communicate with nominees in order to provide the most complete credentials and information possible. Only completed nominations will be considered. The nominations which are submitted will be thoughtfully considered and possibly maintained in a credential notebook - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - { (

for future consideration. Additional information may be requested. Please use the Request for Nomination as your guideline for needed information. Please submit this information in typed form along 'with all name and address information as requested.

You should include as much information as possible using the following criteria. COACH-list locations and dates of where coached, level of athletes coached, names of outstanding athletes and major titles won. list coaching contributions through the establishment of regional or national workshops and clinics; as staff members of national level workshops, through presentations at national meetings; and by writing publications. list membership on major committees, describing the work involved.

JUDGE-list the total number of years of judging. Include dates and the number of years at each judging rating held. list dates and major judging assignments. Include contributions made at state, regional, national and international levels in teaching, writing and publications, training camps for evaluation of athletes or education, and major committees served, including dates. VOLUNTEER & PROMOTER-list major volunteer efforts, giving dates and number of years of participation. list state, regional, and national offices held, number of years held, including the type of work accomplished. list any other promotional efforts or invented devises that advanced the technical performance of gymnastics, contributed to research, advanced the development of apparatus, or promoted a safe gymnastics environment. list research, articles or books published. You may, as the nominator, also provide a brief personal account of why you feel that the person who you are nominating is deserving of national recognition. If the nominee is a past competitor, list major accomplishments of the competitive career giving dates and specific levels of competition, including any titles won. Please send a copy of this nomination to each of the individuals below NO LATER THAN JUNE 1, 2002. Nominations received alter that date will not be considered. Carolyn Bowers, Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee 235 Willowood Bowling Green, OH 43402

Kim Clayton, USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

r----------- ------------- -- --------- ------- -------~



NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _----'-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---,,CITY _ _ _ _ _ _ _ STATE _ _ _ _ _ ZIP _ _ _ __ PHONE _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ FAX _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

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TEe H" IOU E • NOV /0 EC 2001

) f - - - - - - - - - - - - ----=2-=3"1

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USA Gymnastics Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP) Level I What is new? You no longer have to attend a video class with a specific instructor. We will no longer have video clinics instructors. We want to make this first step of certification easier and more accessible.



• All teachers, instructors and coaches in the field of gymnastics • All novice teachers wanting to become involved in the teaching and coaching of gymnastics

HOW CAN YOU BECOME CERTIFIED? • An individual may accomplish this by a self study program. Read the two books, take the tests, view the video while completing the workbook and then send all forms, tests and payment to USA Gymnastics. Send all materials together. • Watch the video in a group at a club or schoo" for example. Share information, education and experience as you watch the video and review the workbook. Read the two books and complete the tests. Send a materials and payment in together to USA Gymnastics.

This is the first level on a newly developed five level step program. More information on the certification program will follow in next issue of Technique. This is not a new program so if you have taken this in the past you hold a Level 1 certification.


Rookie Coaches Gymnastics Guide, 1992 USA Gymnastics / ASEP, 80 pp. #3608 Price $11.95



This book presents the gymnastics skill specific portion. Skills are presented in a progressive order and are grouped according to movement categories. The coachis required to read the book and complete a multiple choice examinalion. SequentiaL Gymnastics II, 1992 Hacker et aL, 108 pp.


- , '."

#3604 Price $13.00


This is a three-hour video. Workbook is provided. No required test. The participant completes the application form and workboak.


• Provide pertinent sport-specific information for entry level gymnastics coaches and instructors • Offer program components that are cost efficient, flexible, and easy to implement and administer • Develop a recognition system to acknowledge participation and program achievements • Provide a general program for coaches and instructors of all gymnastics disciplines

.;J(~lIjliJ~M~:i'AMji!lijilliji! i,[, ~


This text offe~ basic information relative to teaching sports in general and basic coaching principles for gymnastics coaches. Philosophy, communication, class organization, and development of lesson plans, are just afew areas coveredin thistext. The coach is required to read the book and complete a mulfiple choice examination.

#3599 Price $30.00

Note: Items may be purchased individually or, all 3 components may be purchased for a special price of $45. #3609 Price $45


• Watch PDP level I Video, complete the application form and workbook • Read and study the Rookie Coaches Gymnastics Guide, complete the test included with the book


PDP LeveL I Video

Member Clubs receive the package of the books, tests and video the first year of signing up. This is one of the many Member Club benefits.


• Read and study the Sequential Gymnastics Book, complete the test included with the book • Upon completion of all three components, return the Video application form, the Rookie test, and the Sequential test with a total of $25 to USA Gymnastics for processing


Once all three components are completed, please return the registration fo rms and completed tests with a $25 processing fee to USA Gymnastics. Upon successful completion a certificate will be issued from USA Gymnastics. Please allow four weeks for processing.

PAYMENTS: .. . " ::',,'.

,-.. ' .

Prices are subject to change. Make checks payable to USA Gymnastics. Textbooks are to be ordered through USA Gymnastics Merchandise.

1-800-345-4719 Processing fee upon compLetion of tests are to be sent to:

USA Gymnastics, Attention PDP Program Pan American Plaza 201 South Capitol Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

TECH N I QUE - NOV / 0 EC 200 I

) r - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -







2001-2005 WOMEN'S JR. OLYMPIC COMPULSORY BOOK °ERRATA September 24, 2001 Please update the newly revised (Green) ,Compulsory book with the following corrections: Pg. LeveJ!Event CorrectionlAddition 77

4 - Bars


1/2 (180 °) tum to front support: Add the following deduction to the gray penalty box:

Performing a leg cut backward instead of 1/2(180°) turn 97

5 - Bars

125 6 - Bars

Penalty box, last deduction: Failure to release bar immediately after regrasp. Deduction should be "Up to 0.20", not flat 0.20. # 10 First Counterswing to 15 ° below horizontal Penalty box: change "hips not at height of high bar" to Hips not at a minimum of 15° below

the height of the high bar 129 6 - Beam

#4 Straight Jump description at bottom of 1st column: Reverse both references to Right and Left foot. The jump is described with Left foot in front, but it should be Right foot in front, as shown in the illustration.

147 7 - General

F. Change 1997 to 2001 in reference to the FIG Code of Points

149 7 - Floor #4. Change (1 ' ) to (1 1/2) 156 General Faults & Penalties

VI. Landing, change third deduction Additional trunk movements to maintain balance (for UB, BB & FX)

157 General Faults & Penalties

VIII. Deductions taken from Average by Chief Judge Change 4 th deduction: Coach/teammate giving assistance with signals or cheers

159 Penalties

#5 1/2(180°) tum to front support: 2 nd deduction should read: Performing a leg cut backward instead of III (180°) tum

167 Penalties LevelS Beam

#8 Change to ONE Straight Leg Leap (90°) (0.60) and delete the word "each" from the deductions See entire replacement page

169 Penalties Level 6 Beam

#4 Following the Back Walkover, add

Straight Jump (0.40)

Up to 0.30


Under fault add "See General Penalties"

#8 Change to ONE Straight Leg Leap (120°) (0.60) and delete the word "each" from the deductions # 10 Delete Cartwheel, Straight Jump entirely Change # 11 (Pivot Turns) to # 10 Change # 13 (Straight jump, 2 split Jumps) to # 12 170 Penalties Level 6 Beam

Change # 14 (Dismount) to # 13

Or refer to entire replacement page

- - - - - -- - - - - - - - --{(

TECH N IOU E • NOV / 0EC 2001

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• Accommodates landing mats up to 20cm • Form fitting cover for non-slip feel

of suede-like material

• Height adjusts to meet FIG specifications • Dual locking spin and snap lock mechanism s • Includes protective padding and tie down system for the base • Non-marking rubber floor contacts, one with adjustabl e leveling foot • Powder coated navy blue finish • Conversion table heads available for existing Ameri can vaulting horses

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rl-=2-=6---- - - - - - - - - - - { (

TEe H H 10 Uf • NOV/DEC 200 I

) r - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -


:" ,"'f,,~""';~:Yl'-;L'1!'~'fI, _~~~- -.~ .:,~ : \ • . . .





~~.' ~<,'"

1 \,



Time Limit: 1:10






Failure to extend body in front support

..! L-r Lack of continuity into and out of stag sit

Up to 0.10 Each Up to 0.10


Failure to swing leg above horizontal on forward swing Failure to finish turn with leg at horizontal or above

Up to 0.20 Up to 0.20


Failure to attain vertical Failure to close legs in handstand attempt Failure to hold one second Incorrect hand placement Failure to keep head in alignment

Up Up Up Up Up


Fail ure to lower heel at completion of turn Failure to pause in control on support leg at completion of turn

0.05 UptoO.10

7. ARABESQU E (>45°) -

Fa ilure to lift free leg above 45° in arabesque Failure to hold arabesque one second Failure to lift free leg above horizontal in scale Failure to hold scale two seconds Failure to maintain arabesque position while tilting into and out of scale Failure to maintain squared hips in arabesque




SCALE (above horizontal) ARABESQUE (>45°)



8. STRAIGHT LEG LEAP (90°) (0.60)





9. 180° SQUAT TURN (0.20)





Up to 0.20

Incorrect hand placement (simultaneous) Failure to keep head in alignment Failure to pass through vertical

UptoO.10 Up to 0.10 Up to 0.30

See general penalties




Each Up to 0.10 Each Up to 0.10

Insufficient squat position


1 I_

0.20 0.20 0.20 0.20

Up to 0.20 Up to 0.20

Lack of sharpness in pivot turn


Each Up to Each Up to Up to Up to

0.30 0.20 0.20 0.10 0.10

Use of stag-split technique Uneven leg separation Failure to mainta in arms in opposition with shoulders pressed down throughout leap Failure to maintai n vertical torso in the leap/landing

11. 180° PIVOT TURNS (L & R) (0.20 EACH)


to to to to to

UptoO.10 Up to 0.20

Each Up to 0.10

Uneven leg separation in split jump Failure to land on both feet simultaneously Failure to land split jump with legs/feet closed

Up to 0.20 Each Up to 0.20 Up to 0.20

Incorrect hand placement (simultaneous) Failure to attain vertical Failure to hold two seconds 1/4 (90°) turn incomplete or overturned

Up Up Up Up

to to to to

0.10 0.30 0.20 0.20

Failure to complete dismount (these deductions do not include body position faults) When the gymnast attempts, but fails to complete the dismount, apply the specific deductions as listed for those phases not performed . EXAMPLE: Attempts dismount, does not attain vertical, then falls : Take 0.30 (lack of vertical) + 0.20 (lack of hold) =0.70 for incomplete element + 0.50 (Fall) for a total of 1.20

+ 0.20 (incomplete 90° turn)

Please re place thi s page with page 167 in the 200 1·2005 Women's Jr. Olympic Compulsory Book Errata. - -- --



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Time Limit: 1:15 ELEMENT






Failure to extend body in front support Lack of continuity into and out of stag-sit

UptoO.10 Each Up to 0.10


Fai lure to lower heel at completion of turn Fai lure to pause in control on support leg at completion of turn

0.05 Upto O.10

4. BAC K WALKOVER (150°)

Fa ilu re to show continuous leg lift into the walkover Fa ilu re to show vert ical alignment whi le inverted Incorrect hand placement

Up to 0.20 Up to 0.20 Upto O.10


(0 .80)



See General Penalties



Failure to lower heel at com pletion of turn Failure to pause in contro l on support leg at completion of turn

7. ARABESQU E (>45°) -SCALE (45° above horisontal) ARABESQUE (>45°) (0.60)

Fai lure to lift free leg above 45° in ara besque Failure to hold arabesque one second Fai lure to lift free leg to 45° above horizontal in scale Fai lu re to hold scale two seconds Fai lure to maintain arabesque position whi le ti lting into and out of scale Fai lu re to maintain squared hips in arabesq ue


8. STRAIGHT LEG LEAP (120°) (0.60)



9. 180° SQUAT TURN (0.20)



10.180° PIVOT TURNS (L&R) (0.20 EACH)


l -





Each Up to Each Up to Up to Up to

0.20 0.20 0.20 0.20

Each Up to 0.10 Each Up to 0.10

Up to 0.10 Up to 0.20

Insufficient squat position

Up to 0.20

Up to 0.20 Up to 0.20

Each Up to 0.10

See Genera l Penalties

TWO SPLIT JU MPS (1 20°) (0 .60 EACH) a


Use of stag-spl it technique Uneven leg separation Fai lure to maintain arms in opposition with shoulders pressed down throughout leap Fai lu re to maintain vertical torso in the leap/land ing

Lack of sharpness in pivot turn




Uneven leg separation on split jump Fa ilure to land on both feet simultaneously Fa ilure to land split jumps with legs/feet closed

Each Up to 0.20 Each Up to 0.20 Each Up to 0.20

II Please replace this page with page 169 in the 2001-2005 Women 's J r. Olympic Compulsory Book Errata.


TEe H N' 0 U E • NOV /0 EC 2001

» ) - - - - - - - - - - - - ---=2-=9"1



Incorrect hand placement Failure to attain vertical 1/4 (90°) turn to side handstand incomplete Failure to hold two seconds 1/4 (90°) turn off incomplete or overturned


\¥ ~

Each Up to Each Up to Up to Each Up to Up to

0.10 0.30 0.20 0.20 0.20

Failure to complete dismount (these deductions do not include body position faults) When the gymnast attempts, but fails to complete the dismount, apply the specific deductions as listed for those phases not performed. EXAMPLE: Attains first vertical, no hold, then fallsTake 0.20 (lack of hold-Cross Handstand) + 0.20 for Incomplete 90° turn to side handstand + 0.30 (no vertical on Side Handstand) + 0.20 (lack of hold-Side Handstand) + 0.20 (incomplete 90° turn) 1.10 for incomplete element + 0.50 (Fall) for a total deduction of 1.60


Please replace this page with page 170 in the 2001 -2005 Women's Jr. Olympic Compulsory Book Errata.

Youvt:;t:rn rut: Qt:JT

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e\ the Differe"




13=-O=----.... ------------{(

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)f-- - - - - - - -- - - - - -

~~ •


The meeting was called to order at 9:25 p.m . ET by Chair, Yoichi Tomita.

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita MPC Chair and Sr. Coaches Rep. Tim Daggett Vice-Chair for Men (absent) Steve Butcher MPC Secretary and Jr. Coaches Rep. George Beckstead FIG Rep. Kurt Golder Sr. Coaches Rep. Bill Foster Jr. Coaches Rep. Mihai Bagui Athlete Rep. John Roethlisberger Athlete Rep. Butch Zunich NGJA Rep. (voice, no vote) Ron Brant USAG Men's Sr. Nat'! Team Coordinator (voice, no vote) Dennis McIntyre USAG Men's Jr. Nat'l Team Coordinator (voice, no vote) Ron Galimore USAG Senior Director, Men's Program (voice, no vote) Bo Morris USAG Men's Program Manager (voice, no vote)


Motion to Accept the World Championships and Senior National Team as described below: World Championships Team - (top four gymnasts locked in) 1. Sean Townend 2. Brett McClure 3. Stephen McCain 4. Raj Bhavsar 5. Guard Young (selected position) 6. Paul Hamm (selected position*) 7. Todd Thornton (tie broken in AA) 8. Jason Furr 9. Daniel Diaz Luong Any alternate can be chosen to compete if necessary.

* Paul Hamm has been given the opportunity to see if he can improve the team. In seven weeks he will have to compete in front of three judges (Zunich, Hartung, and Schott) at the USOTC (neutral gym) in Colorado Springs. This evaluation will be judged as a regular competition with the scores and video going to the MPC for analysis. Hamm's scores will be compared to those of the gymnasts at the 2001 USA Championships. The MPC will make the final decision as to whether Paul Hamm will be on the World Team. Paul Hamm will move to the #14 position on the Senior National Team if he is not retained on the World Championships Team. Remaining Senior National Team Positions 10. Kris Zimmerman 11. Sanjuan Jones 12. Mike Dutka 13. Blaine Wilson (selected position) 14. Open until Paul Hamm's status is confirmed - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - I (

TECH N 10 UE •



Motion: S. Butcher Second: J. Roethlisberger PASSED: Unanimous

Motion: M. Bagui Second: B. Foster PASSED: Unanimous

All athletes will be paid their athlete support for Augus t and September. Any adjustments will be made after that time.

The Goodwill Games will have to approve these names.

VII. PAN AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS III. JR. JAPAN INVITATIONAL Motion to accept the recommendation of the Jr. National Coaching Staff for the Jr. Japan Invitational.

Motion: To accept the following athletes for 2001 Pan American Championships 1. Raj Bhavsar

Athletes - D.J. Bucher and Zach Roberts, with Coach Keith Petit

2. Guard Young 3. Todd Thornton

Motion: J. Roethlisberger Second: K. Golder PASSED: Unanimous

4. Daniel Diaz-Luong Alt. Kris Zimmerman

The coaches will be invited in rank order.


Motion: S. Butcher Second: M. Bagui PASSED: Unanimous

Motion to re-elect Yoich.i Tomita as chair of the MPC. Motion: J. Roethlisberger Second: B. Foster PASSED: Unanimous

VIII. ADJOURNMENT Motion to adjourn.

V. WORLD UNIVERSITY GAMES Scott Vetere will not be attending the World University Games because of injury. His replacement will be Jason Furr with Daniel Diaz-Luong as the alternate.

VI. GOODWILL GAMES Motion: To accept the following event slots for the 2001 Goodwill Games FX- McClure, PH- McClure, R- Furr, V- Furr, PB- Furr, HB- McClure

Motion: S. Butcher Second: Y. Tomita PASSED: Unanimous

Meeting Adjourned at 11:15 p.m. ET Respectfully submitted by: Steve Butcher, MPC Secretanj Approved by: Galimore, Senior Director, USAG Men's Program Approved by: Bob Colarossi, USAG President

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':;:'3-= 2- - -- - - - - - - - ------1(



) } - - - - - - - - --


- - - --



ROll CAll:

Roe Kreutzer Kelli Hill (absent) Valeri Liuken Steve Rybacki Donna Strauss Mary Lee Tracy Martha Karolyi Larissa Fontaine (absent) Kathy Kelly

NIECC Coach Representatives

National Team Coordinator Athlete Representative Sr. Director Women's Program

Second: Mary Lee Tracy PASSED Recommendation for the 2002 season - up to ten paid slots to the national team training camp will be open for the athletes who are qualified to U.S. Championship and do not make the national team. Selection will be made by the NTC from recommendations from the National Staff. These could be Junior or Senior athletes. Motion: Mary Lee Tracy Second: Steve Rybacki PASSED


II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES The committee reviewed all the minutes from last January.

July 22, 2001; Pompano, CA Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m.

Recommendation to approve the minutes as published.


Motion: Mary Lee Tracy Second: Donna Strauss PASSED

III. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS PREPARATION PLAN Martha presented the training plan for the World Team with it modifications. We will train with Mexico in October (2-6) and travel to Belgium on the 15th. We will train with Canada and Portugal in Belgium. Official training opens the 21st. The Sr Pan American Championships team will be four members of the World Team. One alternate will travel to Mexico. Three will return home to continue preparation.

ROll CAll:

Gary Anderson Derrick Mollenbeck Brad Loan Michael Harris Greg LaFleur Mary Lee Tracy Tony Retrosi Jenny BW1dy Ray Gnat Audrey Schweyer Kathy Kelly Gary Warren

Chairman Region I Region II Region III Region IV Region V Region VI Region VII Region VIII NTC WPD EPM

Recommendation to accept the plan as amended.


Motion: Steve Rybacki Second: Donna Struass PASSED

Recommendation to accept the minutes from the last meeting as published.

IV. SPORTS SCIENCE Committee requested that Dr. Sands provide the committee with special exercise programs for specific areas of weakness of each athlete. The coaches also need information on board placement / hand placement for the new vault table.



Recommendation to the NEC to eliminate the petitioning requirements for regional meets. Motion: Mary Lee Tracy Second: Steve Rybacki PASSED

VI. SELECTION PROCEDURES Recommendation that two athletes will travel to Belgium and the selection of the credentialed alternate will be voted on by the team coaches (one vote per club) after recommendation by the NTC. Motion: Steve Rybacki - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - f (

Motion: Harris Second: Gnat PASSED

III. ELITE PROGRAM OVERVIEW Gary Anderson, Chair, spoke about philosophy and "What Is Good For The National Program." The power of USAG lies with committees and the committee structure. Our committee is the most visible and most accountable to the Elite community. A sincere "thanks" to all of the committee members for their participation in the process. The Chair, explained the responsibilities of the Regional Eli te committee. The Women's Operating Code calls for a Regional Elite Committee consisting of the RC, RTC, REC and 2 elite coaches. Regional meet schedules, regional elite judges assignn1ents, clinic and competition dates, etc need to be determined and/ or cleared by each ind ividual Regional Elite Committee. Please work with the RTCs to make the job easier. Reports were given and discussions on each Region's activities throughout the past year. Financial reports were given along with meet and clinic summaries. The committee feels very strongly that the

TEe H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / 0 EC 2001


regional elite program needs to be supported by the elite coaches and athletes in the regions. The Elite athletes have put in many years working their way through the JO program . They deserve the recognition and support throughout their region.

IV. COMPULSORY TESTING The committee discussed simplifying the current compulsory routines. Kathy Kelly suggested that the new National Team Coordinator, Martha Karolyi, devise new "basic" compulsories since she also shared the committee's feeling on this issue. The new compulsories will be presented for committee approval at the training camp after the World Championships. Her emphasis is going to be to reduce these routines so they can be used as a "basic warm-up or complex" at each event, each day. Qualifying scores will be determined after the compulsory testing program is presented and approved.

revisions were noted and a final copy of them to be organized and condensed by Kathy Kelly and the Committee Chair, which will then be distributed to the Committee for final review before being printed. Several hours were spent discussing and determining the competition rules and means of qualifying for the elite Challenge meets and National Training Squad Training Camp. Resolution to accept the National Elite "Chart" with all its revisions Motion: Retrosi Second: Loan PASSED

Resolution to adjourn the meeting at 1:33 p.m. Motion: Harris Second: Loan PASSED


The committee discussed some goals they would like to achieve in making the Elite program more "user friendly" The following concepts were presented, discussed, and approved:

• Standardized the use of FIG Code within all the Elite levels and ages, • Make desire, dedication, and interest in the Elite Program the only criteria for entrance into qualifying meets, • Significantly lower the National Elite Level qualifying scores, • Allow for qualification into the program via both regional and national competitions, • Provide free (to coaches and judges) regional and / or national clinics to teach and review the Physical Abilities Tests, the Compulsory Tests, the FIG /USA elite rules. • Allow athletes to enter qualifying meets without having to deSignate an elite level (National / International). • Open selected, National Training Camps to any JO Level 9 coach or higher (on a pay your own way basis) to leam and observe elite training. • Standardize the activities and dates for all elite offerings throughout the regions and nation. • Utilizing the November training camp to develop a low cost Physical Abilities and Elite Compulsory film and book to interested clubs / coaches. • Continue to provide a paid National Training Camp for selected TOP and National Elite Program participants. • Standardize the competitive format for all elite meets (Compulsory Test and Physical Abilities review on day #1, with optional competition on day # 2). • Stabilize (change only if a safety consideration) the elite format and rules through 2004!


Derick Mollenbeck requested that all committee members receive a mailing list and email update.

Meeting adjourned for the day at 11 p.m. Meeting continued at 8 a.m., Monday, June 25,2001, all committee members were present.


Resolution that all regionaUnational qualifiers follow the same competition format of: • First day: Compulsory Testing judges and PhYSical Abilities • Second day: Optionals Motion: LaFleur Second: Gnat PASSED

August 22, 2001



Roe Kreutzer Gary Anderson Steve Rybacki KelliHill Donna Strauss Tom Forster Derrick Mollenbeck (absent) Brad Loan (absent) Michael Harris Greg Lafleur Mary Lee Tracy Tony Retrosi Jen Bundy Ray Gnat Larissa Fontaine (absent)

Chairman IEC Chairman NEC Coach Reps

Regional Reps


Athlete Rep

Roe Kreutzer called the meeting to order at 12:00.



Roe explained that the purpose of the meeting was to finalize all issues and rules for the 2002 Elite season and to incorporate them into the new Rules and Policies book. Discussion was held to clarify some rule changes that were made at the previous meeting and to be sure that both committees were in agreement with and understood the rationale behind the changes. Recommendation that the Top 10 AA finishers from the American Classics and the Top 12 AA finishers from the US Classics from both the Junior and Senior Divisions (providing they achieve the minimum score of no less than one point lower than their respective qualifying scores needed for Classics) will advance to the 2002 U.S. Championships. Motion: Rybacki Second: Forster PASSED (pending Mr. Colarossi's input to committee chair) Recommendation that all age divisions and all levels be allowed two vaults at the Regional and National Qualifying meets, with the better of the two counting. Motion: Rybacki Second: Forster PASSED

Each committee member presented their assigned section of the rules and policies, giving the changes that would have to be made based on the rule changes and concepts adopted during the previous day. These



Recommendation that the lEC may add to the number of gymnasts that qualify to the U.S. Championships in order to complete the open slots. Motion: Forster

TEe H H 10 UE • NOV /OE( 200 I



Second: Hill PASSED Recommendation that in all regional and national qualifying meets, a sting mat, OR a four inch mat OR an eight inch skill cushion will be allowed at the Vault, Uneven Bars and Beam events. A sting mat will be allowed for use on Floor Exercise. Motion: Hill Second: Strauss PASSED


Roe requested that Kathy Kelly make the appropriate changes to the 2002 Rules and Policies and dish'ibute them to the committees for their final review and approval. Kathy Kelly expressed to the committee that this would be done and distributed today and all corrections or suggestions from the committees MUST be forwarded to her by tomorrow in order to meet the printing deadline. Motion for meeting to be adjourned at 1:35 p.m. by Hill. Second: Forester PASSED

July 22, 2001; Pompano, California The meeting was called to order 8 a.m. by Women's Program Director, Kathy Kelly.

I. ROLL CALL: National Committee:

- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - i (

Region II Region III Region IV Region V Region VI Region VII Region VIII EPCC ETC EPM

Intel'l1ational Program Committee Roll Call: Chairman Roe Kreutzer Coaches Reps Mary Lee Tracy Donna Strauss Steve Rybacki Valeri Liuken Kelli Hill (excused absent) Marta Karolyi National Team Coordinator Kathy Kelly Sr. Director Women's Program Larissa Fontaine (excused absent) Athlete Representative



Gary Anderson Derrick Mollenbeck

Brad Loan Michael Harris Greg LaFleur Mary Lee Tracy Tony Retrosi Jen Bundy Ray Gnat Roe Kreutzer Audrey Schweyer Gary Warren

Chairman Region I

Gary Anderson presented the philosophy of restructuring the elite qualification system. He encouraged both committees to work more closely together and asked for mutual support between the committees. He requested consideration of the proposal that would encourage more coaches/ athletes to commit to the elite level, making the Elite Program more "user friendly." The committees discussed the proposal for offering and conducting National Elite Qualifying Meets in the 2002 season. Both committees felt this was a good concept and could help to encourage Elite

TEe H N 10 UE â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / 0EC 2001

) \ - - - - - - - - - - - ------=3:-::s::-ll1

participation and help to standardize the qualifying system. Recommendation that a National Qualifying meet should be held in conjunction with the American Cup (on the podium, if possible) during the Elite Winter Season. If this meet is successful, the committees will consider offering more than one National Qualifier in the 2003 season.

Recommendation that it is no longer necessary to remove the board for all elite competitions. Motion: Jennifer Bundy Second: Brad Loan PASSED

Motion: Tony Retrosi Second: Mary Lee Tracy PASSED The following competitive schedule was proposed for the 2001 competitive season. The "first season" will be from January through March and include: • Regional clinics I camps to be conducted in January or early February. • National Team Training Camps on January 13 -17 ars.) and January 17 -21 (Srs.) • One Regional Qualifier between January 26 and February 10. • The National Qualifier in conjunction with the American Cup the first weekend in March • A "Team" Meet Session for Elite athletes already qualified to the 2002 Classics • Qualifying Sessions for those athletes that need a qualifying score to the American Classic I Challenge • American Classici Challenge the third or fourth weekend in March The "second Elite season" will be from May through August: • In early May each Region will conduct a TOP I Elite clinic • Two Regional qualifiers will be conducted in the month of June • US Challenge and US Classic will be July 12-14, 2002 • U.S. Championships, August 8-11,2002 Recommendation to accept the calendar as proposed.

Motion: Derrick Mollenbech Second: Greg Lafleur PASSED

Recommendation to include the TOP's Vertical Jump test as part of the Elite Physical Ability battery of tests. Motion: Donna Strauss Second: Mary Lee Tracy PASSED Recommendation to allow one 8", OR one landing "throw" mat, OR one sting mat for Vault, Bars, and Beam and one sting mat for FX in all Regional and National qualifying meets. Motion: Mike Harris Second: Greg LaFleur PASSED


Recommendation to only require a two judge panel for all Regional and National qualifying meets. Motion: Ray Gnat Second: Derick Mollenbeck PASSED Recommendation to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 a.m.

Motion: Donna Strauss Second: Valeri Liuken PASSED



TECH H10 UE • NOV /D EC 2001


COLLEGIATE VAULT TABLE (Effective September 1, 2001)

GROUP 1 HANDSPRINGS, YAMASHITAS & CARTWHEELS 1.101 1.102 1.104 1.105 1.106 1.202 1.205 1.206 1.207 Sl.210 1.302 1.306 1.307 1.402 1.406 C1.407 Sl.410 C1.411 1.502 1.503 1.505

Handspring Handspring Yamashita Yamashita 1/2 on Handspring Yamashita 1/2 on 1/1 on 1/1 on Handspring 1/2 on l/lon Handspring 1/2 on 1/2 on l/lon l/lon Handspring Handspring Yamashita

8.8 8.8 8.8 9.0 8.9 9.2 9.3 9.1 9.6 9.6 9.5 9.5 9.8 10.0 9.9 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0

1/2 turn 1/ 2 turn 1/2 off 1/1 1/1 1/1 Handspring 1/2 11 /2 P /2 1/1 off (H/Y) 2/1 2/1 21/2 P/2 2/1 21/2 3/1 21/2

GROUP 2 CUERVOS & SALTOS FORWARD 2.301 2.302 2.303 2.402 2.403 2.404 2.405 2.406 2.501 2.502 2.507 2.508 2.509 2.510 2.511 2.512 2.513 2.514 2.515

Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring Handspring 1/1 on l/lon 1/1 on

Front Tuck Front Tuck 1/2 1/ 2 Back Tuck Front Tuck 1/1 1/2 off, Back w/ 1/2 + Front Pike Front Pike 1/ 2 1/ 2 Back Pike Double Front Front Tuck 1 1/2 Front Layout Front Layout 1/2 1/2, Back Layout Front Layout 1/ 1 Front Layout 1 1/ 2 Front Layout 2/1 Front Tuck Front Pike Front Layout

9.8 9.9 9.9 10.0 10.0 9.9 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0

GROUP 3 TSUKAHARAS* & 1/2 TURN ENTRY PHASE C3.101 3.201 3.303 3.305 S3.310 S3.311

Tsukahara Tsukah ara Tsukahara Tsukahara Tsukahara Tsukahara

Handspring Tuck Pike Layout Tuck 1/2 Pike 1/ 2

8.8 9.5 9.6 9.8 9.7 9.8

.. ................ ....... ......... ........... ........ ............ ....... ... ... .... .. ..... ..... ....... .... .... .. ... ...........

S3.312 3.402 3.403 3.405 3.407 3.408 3.501 3.504 3.505 3.506 3.508 S3.509 3.510

Layout 1/2 9.9 Tsukahara 9.9 Tsukahara Tuck 1/1 10.0 Tuck 11/2 Tsukahara 10.0 Tsukahara Layout 1/1 1/2 on 1/2 oft Front Tuck 9.9 1/ 20n 1/2 off, Front Pike 10.0 10.0 Tsukahara Double Back Tuck 10.0 Tsukahara Double Back Pike Back Layout 1 1/2 10.0 Tsukahara 10.0 Tsukahara Back Layout 2/1 1/2 on 1/ 2 off, Front Layou t 10.0 1/2 off, front tuck 1/2 10.0 1/2 on 1/2 on 1/2 off, Front Tuck 1/1 10.0 *All Tsukaharas may be performed with 90 to 180 degree LA turn in first fligh t phase.

GROUP 4 ROUND·OFF ENTRY (YURCHENKO) C4.101 4.201 S4.210 S4.211 4.302 4.303 4.304 4.306 4.307 4.315 C4.316 C4.317 C4.318 S4.320 S4.321 S4.322 S4.323 4.402 4.404 4.407 4.408 4.409 4.410 4.411 4.415 S4.420 S4.421 4.501 4.502 4.503 4.504 4.505 4.511 4.512 4.513 4.514 4.515 4.516


8.8 Handspring Back Tuck 9.5 1/1 Twist off 9.3 1 1/2 Twist off 9.5 Back Tuck 1/1 9.8 Back Pike 9.6 9.8 Back Layout 1/2 off, Front Tuck 9.8 9.9 1/2 off, Front Pike 9.7 1/1 twist off 11 /2 Twist off 9.9 2/1 Twist off 10.0 10.0 1/1 off Back Tuck 1/2 9.6 Back Pike 1/ 2 9.7 Back Layout 1/ 2 .' 9.9 1 1/2 Twist off 9.5 Back Tuck 11/2 10.0 10.0 Back Layout 1/1 10.0 1/2 off, Front Layout 9.9 Front Tuck Front Tuck 1/2 10.0 1/ 2 off, Back Tuck 10.0 Front Pike 10.0 Back Tuck 10.0 2/1 Twist off 10.0 2/1 Twist off 9.9 Double Back Tuck 10.0 10.0 Back Tuck 2/1 Double Back Pike 10.0 Back Layout 11/2 10.0 10.0 Back Layout 2/1 Front Pike 1/2 10.0 1/2 oft Back Pike 10.0 10.0 Front Layout Front Layout 1/2 10.0 Back Pike 10.0 10.0 Back Layout

................... ..... ....... .. ....... .......... ..... .... .. ........ ...... ..... ........... ................. .. .... ....... ....

C - 1.00 deduction for one or no hands touching horse.

C - 1.00 deduction for spotting assistance during vault.

C - 1.00 deduction for not landing on feet first.

C = Collegiate






2002 NCAA WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS RULES The National Collegiate Women's Championships and all meets used to qualify will be conducted according to the FIG Women's Code of Points, with the Junior Olympic (Level10) modifications as of 11 / 1/01. [Note: If the value of a skill 00} on events other than vaulting is raised after 11/1/01, it will be effective immediately.] All rules and guidelines for execution and compositional deductions as applied to the USAG-JO program (Level 10) will be used with the following collegiate modifications / clarifications:

GENERAL .30 deduction for competing out of order (taken from team score).

Collegiate Vault Table (Effective August, 2001)

Gymnasts will perform one vault, the score of which will count. A gymnast will be afforded three attempts to go over the horse one time. Touching the board and / or the horse, without going over the horse, counts as one of the three attempts.


#8.301 SaIto forward take off from one leg =; D


#8.304 Salta backward stretched with step-out = D


#8.305 Gainer salta backward stretched, also with leg change in flight = D


#8.404 Saito backward stretched with legs together = E

6. #9.108 Gainer saIto stretched with (tuck and pike "A")

turn, to side of beam



7. #9.208 Gainer salta stretched with 1/1 turn, to side of beam (tuck "B")




1/ 2

#9.407 Double saito backward tucked or piked



CONNECTION VALUE EXCEPTIONS: B+D Acro Flight a.} BHS(any with 2 arms}+ Layout step-out = no connection value


1. #2.307 Stag-ring leap or jump = D

1.00 deduction for touching the horse with only one or with no hands. 1.00 deduction for failure to land on feet first. (includes fall) 1.00 deduction for spotting assistance during the vault.

B+E Acro Flight a.} BHS(any with 2 atms}+ Layout with feet together = +.10 (not+.20) B+B+D 3 Acro Flight Elements a.} Any variation or order of 2 BHS's (any with two arms) and a layout step-ollt = +.10 (not +.20)

FLOOR SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (taken off of the start value as always): 1. One aero series (3 flight elements, 1 a salta)



Another acro series, with 2 saltos (same or different)

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (taken off of the start value as always): 1. Two bar changes


3 different saltos within the exercise


Minimum 360 degree turn on one foot ("B" not required)


Dance series of 2 or more leaps, jumps or hops (one foo t take off not required)


One flight element minimum of "C"


A different flight element minimum of "B"


"C" dismount with the following modifications:

6. "C" dismount with the following modifications:

a.} "B" dismounts will receive a .10 deduction (not .2)

a.} "B" dismounts will receive a .10 deduction (not .2)

b.} "C" dismounts preceded by two "B" elements (same or different) or lower will also receive a .1 deduction (not .2)

All 1 1 / 4 saltos to prone landing will be valued one level higher than landing on feet



SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (taken off of the start value as always): 1. Acro series, minimum of 2 flight elements, both must start and finish on the beam


EQUIPMENT Bar height adapters may be used for regular season competitions.

4. Leap, jump or hop requiring 180 degree split (front or side)

2. If the bar height adapters are used during regular season competition, the gymnast will be allowed to place the springboard on two regulation size landing mats (up to 24 cm) to mount. The use of 20 cm-2 cm mats is acceptable.

5. "C" dismount or


Low bar must be adjustable to 165 cm and the high bar adjustable to 245 cm without the bar height adapters.


1/ 2"

2. Dance or Dance / Acro series of 2 or more elements 3.

Minimum of 360 degree turn on one foot or knee

"B" dismount preceded by and directly connected to any "C" element (acro or dance) with the following modification: a.} "B" dismounts not meeting the connection requirement will receive a .1 deduction (not .2)

plywood may be used under the springboard for mounting bars and beam.


5. If a gymnast has a broken/ torn grip, she may repeat her routine as the last team competitor or after the all-around competitor (specialist). If this does not allow for a su£ficient amount of time


TEe H N IOU E • NOVID EC 200 1 ) } - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

to change grips or enough time to prepare, the gymnast will repeat the routine as soon as it is safe to do so. However, the time should not exceed five minutes. [Note: Common sense and safety must always prevail.]

New Program Materials Order on page 40


A chalk arc line may be placed on the corners of the floor exercise mat.



Except for a small' mark, chalk may not be applied directly to the beam. A small amount of chalk may be applied to the gymnasts' hand and feet as needed for safety.

8. If a mat used on 'floor exercise exceeds the boundary lines, the mat must be clearly marked with tape or chalk to indicate the actual boundary lines. Failure to mark the mat will result in a .10 deduction taken off the average. 9.

New PrDgram Malerials

The maximum run distance for mounts on uneven bars and balance beam during Championships competition is 27 1/2'. If more than 271 /2' of matting exists, the maximum run distance must be marked.

The following materials have been updated for 2001 and will soon be available:

RULES Reminder: Landing deductions are taken fo r lack of control and / or movement occurring prior to presenting to the judges. (e.g., celebrating on the mat prior to presenting to the judges, failing to show a controlled landing prior to turning to present to the judges)


Open scoring is required and start values must be flashed. [Note: judges are to sit apart; all judges' scores will be flashed, simultaneously, with only the average raised.]


Reminder: The allowable score range between the two counting scores follo ws JO.

WOMEN'S PROGRAM #1101 #1111 #2110 #1120 #1121 #3646 #2470 #1117


2001 FIG Code of Points ........................................ $50.00 2001-2005 Women's JO Compulsory Book ................$35.00 2001-2005 Women's JO Compulsory Music CD ............$15.00 2001 TOPS Manual ................................................ $10.00 2001 TOPS Video .................................................. $15.00 Elite Testing Book ................................................ $10.00 Elite Testing Video ................................................ $10.00 2001 JO Technical Handbook ....................... .........$25.00


During the 2002 championships, long-sleeve, short-sleeve or sleeveless one-piece leotards are permitted. Swimsuit apparel is prohibited during practice, warm-up, and competition at championship events.

2. Deduction of .10 for leotard above the hip bone. A warning must be given firs t. 3. There is no deduction for a matching (Le., color of leotard or nude in color) sports bra that is exposed. 4. Backless leotards are permissible. 5. During championships competition, gymnasts must wear trunks that match the color of the leotard or be nude in color. 6. A gymnast who does not meet the uniform policies will be instructed by the meet referee that she is "out of uniform" and must comply with the uniform rules prior to returning to the competition .


#51 #52 #53 #54 #55

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. fonn 10 order men:handise anpagas 39, 41, and above.

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-------------------------------_ .... T700

- I


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TEe H N 10 U E • NOV /D [C 2001


)f-----------------;; 4;-;;';-I1

.. RHYTHMIC PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEETING Sunday, August 12, 2001; 8 a.m. Philadelphia, PA



Efrossina Anguelova Suzie DiTullio Natasha Klimouk Andrea Schmid Vanessa VanderPluym Jan Exner Cindy French

National Team Coordinator JOPC Representative Coaches Representative Vice Chair Athlete Representative Rhythmic Program Director Rhythmic Program Manager


we insure

The World Championship selection camp will take place, September 7-9, 2001 in San Francisco. The brevet judge assigned to this camp is Simona Zakheim. (Unanimous 5-0)



Senior Pan American Games - Final selection will take place after the World Championship selection camp. b.) Four Continents/Juniors - only athletes remaining juniors for the next season (2002) will be assigned to the Junior competition .


1. Lisa Wang 2. Aline Bakchajian 3. Kristin Kaye

SChOOlS than c.)

Four Continents/Seniors - Selection will take place after the World Championships and a review of the athletes' international performance and the meet results.


The USA will not field a group for the Four Continents in December, 2001. b.) The USA will begin training a group team for 2002 World Championships. c.) Preparations for a training fac ility are in the works. Invitations will be sent to chosen athletes.

in the world.




d.) The conunittee unanimously voted the Lake Placid USCX::: Training facility as the ideal training site for group.1he group will move into this facility as soon as possible following pre-training camp, which will be held in September.


e.) Site finalization is crucial to the contracting of a full time coach and additional staff personnel.


Rated "A Excellenf' by A.M. Best


Call us to find out why. (800) 355-4967 Payment Plans • Instant coverage --1-4-2-- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - 1 (


A brevet judge was appOinted for the interim of one year. An election will be held in the Fall of 2002 to fill this position for the remaining cycle. 1. Nominations taken from the floor 2. Vote: Kathy Brym - 4 and 1 abstention

Meeting adjoumed 11 a.m.

TEe H H IOU f • NOV / DEC 200 1 ) \ - - - - - - - - - - - -- - --




I{egions 1,2,3&4 propose to allow Level 8 athletes to perform "0" and "E" elements, but only give "C" value to those skills. NOT APPROVED

RHYTHMIC TECHNICAL COMMITTEE July 6, 2001, Snn Rnfnel, Cnlif


R<:'gions 1,2&3 recommend that level 8 athletes be allowed repetition of elements for combination skills (same as FIG) NOT APPROVED

Members Present: Andrea Schmid Helena Grea thouse Ellen Nyemcsik Elena Savenkova Maureen Broderick Tyana Marlowe Candace Feinberg - (guest non-voting) Efrossina Anguelova - (guest non-voting) Jan Exner (non-voting)

Propose to change the R&P to allow Level 7 rated judges to judge execution for Level 8 if necessary APPROVED for all meets except State & Regional competitions.

II. REORGANIZATION OF THE TECHNICAL COMMITTEE MOTION: The RTC will consist of six (6) Regional Technical Committee Chairmen, and the RPC judge representative. Qualifications: • The Regional TC chairman must hold a minimum of a provisional Na tional rating. • If a region does not have a qualified judge, the next highest-ranking judge will be eligible to serve. Elections: • The rhythmic program director will conduct the election for the Regional Technical Committee Chairmen. • All professional members within each region are eligible to vote. • Elections will take place every four years in the fall of the year (2001,2005, etc.). Responsibilities: • Serve as the rhythmic program consultant for the States and Region and answer any correspondence in that regard, with copies sent to the appropriate members. • Act as a technical advisor to the Regional Board • Assist with the regional clinic/workshops for coaches and judges • Actively participates in the training of judges, coaches and gymnasts in the technical aspects of the rules and regulations. • Assist Regional Board with the format and technical organiza tion of regional competitions. • Dispense teclmical information from USAG to the regional membership. • Verify the Active Status for all judges within the region. • Make interin1 decisions on element evaluations for the JO Program.

NEW R&P ADDENDICES Create an inquiry form for Technical value inquiries only, using the form from the Women's program as a guideline. This form should be submitted before the end of the session, from the coach to the Meet Director. The Meet Director will then submit the form to the Meet Referee. APPROVED Recommendation that the judge'S pre-contract should be sent by the RJC and the final contract sent by the Meet Director. APPROVED Change Section 18,X, C in the R&P to read: "The Rhythmic Technical Committee will investigate the complaint." APPROVED In R&P, Section 19, Article 6 6.02 D add: 4) ethical standards. Also - same article - under "Responsibility of RJC add in 6.02 E: "send a copy.... and to the Technical Committee. APPROVED

IV. NATIONAL RHYTHMIC JUDGES PARTNERSHIP PROPOSALS Proposal - Make judging assignments in advance of competitions. NOT APPROVED Proposal- Judges meal breaks should be a minimum of 45 minutes during competitions. NOT APPROVED Each examinee should receive notification of judge'S exam score within four weeks of the test date. APPROVED Amendment to R&P: All judges with more than a one-year break in service are no longer considered certified and must retake judges course and exam at the previously certified level. NOT APPROVED Add to the R&P: Election dates for rhythmic Membership Representatives to the USAG Board of Directors APPROVED

Motion: E. Savenkova Second: A. Schmid PASSED: Unanimously Motion to add two additional RTC responsibilities to the Rules & Policies (Section 19, 5.02). 1. Respond to all technical inquiries regarding interpretation of the FIG code of points, the J.O. Technical Handbook and the judges' chapter of the R&P.

Proposal - In future editions of the Rhythmic Technical Handbook any new information (added or changed) needs to be differentiated by a different print type. APPROVED

2. Be responsible for the continuing education of judges and coaches at the State, Regional and National levels.

Proposal- For national level rhythmic competitions USAG should contract overseeing judges for each of the three score components (TV, AV, EX), instead of just one meet referee responsible for all three components. NOT APPROVED

Motion: E. Savenkova Second: H. Greathouse PASSED: Unanimously

Proposal - For national level competitions assign at least h'Vo judges solely to instant video replay. NOT APPROVED


Proposal - NRJP position on the Rhythmic Technical Committee POSTPONED for the newly elected RTC

Change the criteria, for difference beh'Veen the scores, to FIG standards NOT APPROVED

Proposal - NRJP position on the Rhythmic Program Conmlittee NOT APPROVED

Allow the use of voice (as music) in musical accompaniment (same as FIG) for Level 7&8 optional routines. APPROVED

Note: Tynnn Mnrlowe wns elected interim chnir of the current Tecl1l1icnl Committee.


Approved: Bob Colarossi, USAG President

TEe H H IOU E • NOV I DEC 2001

) 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---:::-c=--1



continued from page 21 aub Nome· High Sierra Gymnostks 120 Woodland Ave.,Ste. 8; Reno, NV 89523 Phone· 775/747-7748 0ass·M7·1 Event Nome · Go for It aossic Event Site . UNlV·McDennon Center; 4505 Maryland Pkv.y; los Vegas, NV 89154 Start Date . 2/1/2002 aub Nome · Ga Far It USA 4310 Losee Rood Su~e 2; North los Vegas, NV 89030 Phone· 702/658·9003 levels·W4-8He aoss ·M 7·8~e Event Nome . lady lud< InvitotioOO Event Site . Tropicano Resort ood Cmino; 3801 los Vegas 8~d South; los Vegas, NV 89109 Start Date . 1/18/ 2002 aub Nome· 8rown's Gymnostks 4544 c. WRussen Rd.; los Vegas, NY 89118 Phone· 702/257·9009 levels· W4-8He Event Nome · Springiest Event SHe· 120 Woodland Ave.,Ste. 8; Reno, NV 89523 Start Dote· 2/23/2002 aub Nome· High Sierra Gymnasti!S 120 Woodland Avc.,5te. 8; Reno, NV 89523 Phone·775/747-7748 levels · W4-IO Event Nome· Vegas Cup Event Site . UNlV; 3300 Maryland Pkwy;



Event Nome . Vegas VOOJtion 2002 Event Site· UNlY; 4505 SMaryland Pkwy; los Vegas, NY Stort Date . 2/23/2002 aub Name· Academy of Gymn; 1000 Step/mie PI #1; IiencIffion, NV 89014 Phone· 702/195-3332 Levels· W4-Bte NEW YORK Event Nome . 8~ Apple Ho~doy aossic Event Site . 250T Exerutive Drive; Erlgewood, NY 11717 SttI1Date·I2/l5/2001 (]ub Nome . New Image Gymn. Acod. 250T Exerutive Or; Edgewood, NY 11717 Phone· 631/242-8181 LeveIs·W4-10 Event Nome . Heaniood aossic Event Site . 250T Exerutive Drive; Erlgewood, NY 11717 Start Date . 3/2/2002 aub Nome · New Image Gymn. Acad. 250T Exerutive Dr; Edgewood, NY 11717 Phone · 631/242·8181 levcls·W4-10

Event Name · NY Slote Coaches a!lSlk Event Site . 6796 Northern 8lvd; E Syroruse, NY 13057 Start Dote · 3/2/2002 aub Name· Gym Connedion 2; 6796 Northern 8~d; ESyrocuse, NY 13057 Phone· 315/4374677


INVITATIONAL LISTING Phone·44O/526·2970 Oass·M7-1

Phone · 937/746·2213 levels·W4-1O

Event Nome · Arnold Gym Chanenge Event Site . Columbus Convention Clr; CoIumbus,OH Stort Dote · 2/22/2002 aub Nome· Gahanno Cydone Gymn. 6800 Comnerre Court Drive; 8kxktKk, 01143004 Phone . 614/863-4616 levels . W4-Ilte

Event Nome· Gym Jammen a!lSlk Evenl Site . 5500 Market Streer, Youngstown, OH 44512 Stort Date· 1/4/2002 aub Nome . Youngstown Gymn. Center 5500 Market Sr, Youngstown, OH 44512 Phone· 330/782·5629 levels · W4-10 aoss · M7·1


Event Nome . 800 Chip Invitatiooo Event Site . Ftirlield High SdiooI; 8800 Holden 8lvd; FoiiIieId, OH 45014 SttI1Date . 3/1/2002 OW Nome . GrOmoti Gymn.; 3635 Woomdge Blvd; FdrfieId, OH 45014 Phone · 513/8W-3082 levels . WHlite

Event Nome· Invitational Event Event Site· 1850 Manor Hm Rd; Rndlay, OH 45840 Start Dote · 1/4/2002 aub Nome· Gold Medal Gymnosti!S 1850 Manor Hin Rd; Rmlay, OH 45840 Phone· 419/425-4653 levek· W4-10

Event Nome . Chris!mas InvitotionO Event Site · 2040 CherTy Veley Rood; Nev.m, OH 43055 Stili Date· 12/l5/2001 aub Nome ·OfympicArod of Gym; 2040 Cherry V~ R~ NewiIl<,OH 43055 Phone· 740/522-6984 LeveIs·W4-6

Event Nome . Invitational Event Event Site· 1850 MOIlOf HmRd; Rodoy, OH 45840 Stort Dote· 3/23/2002 aub Nome· Gold Medal Gymnasti!S 1850 Manor Hm Rd; Rndoy, OH 45840 Phone· 419/4254653 levels· W7-8

Event Nome .1Iytz G!ISlk Event Site . Soomt County Fairgrounds; 229 EH<J'Ml Rd; Tallmadge, OH 44278 SttI1Date· 1/25/2002 aub Nome · f1ytz USA Gymnostks; 2900 State Rd; Cuyahoga funs, OH 44223 Phone · 330/926·2900 levels· W4-8He

Event Nome· Sunrise 80ys Gymfest Event Site . P.O. 80x69; SyIvwia, OH 43560 Start Dote· 2/10/2002 aub Nome . Sunrise Gymn. Academy P.O. 80x 69; Sylvania, OH 43560 Phone· 419/841·2902 aoss·M7·1

Event Nome· GW 80ys Cup Event Site· 6630 Harris Rood; 8rood~ew Heigh!>, OH 44147 Start Dote · 1/12/2002 aub Nome· Gymnostks World; 6630 Horris Rd; 8roadview Heigh!>, OH 44147

Event Nome . The Cup Event Site . Gndnooti Convention Or; 525 8m St, Gncinnati, OH 45202 Start Dote· 12/14/2001 aub Nome . Gymn Training Or of Ohio 500 Conover Drive; Franklin, OH 45005

levels· W4-IO OHIO

Henderwn, NV Start Date . 2/8/2002 aub Nome . Gymcats Gymnosti!S; 440 S.Pori<son Ste 8; Hendooon, NV 89015 Phone· 702/566-1414 levels· W4-1lte


Event Nome· Tulsa World Invitulional Event Site· 7020 E38Th Streer, Tulsa, OK 74145 Start Date . 1/1 8/2002 aub Name· Tulsa World of Gymnasti!S 7020 E38Th Streer, Tulsa, OK 741 45 Phone· 918/664-8683 levels· W4-8~e OREGON Event Nome· Autumn Invitational Event Site · 11632 SW Pacilk Hwy.; TIgard, OR 97223 Stort Dote · 1/12/2002 aub Nome · Westside Doll(e and Gymn. 11632 SW PaciIic Hwy.; Tl!JOrd, OR 97223 Phone · 503/639·5388 LeveIs·W7·1 0 Event Nome . Shomnxk Invite Event Site· 1414 51: 18Th Ave #l 00; Hishara, OR 97123 SttI1 Dote· 3/9/2002 aub Nome · G~esr, 141451: 18" Ave #100; H~lsboro, OR 97123 Phone· 503/ 640-6378 levels·W4-10

Event Nome . Winter Invite EventSite·1 414SE 18Th Ave #l 00; Hillsboro, OR 97123 Stun Date· 1/26/2002 Gub Name· Gym-Nesr, 141451: 18" Ave #l 00; HiIsboro, OR 97123 Phone· 503/640-6378 LeveIs·W7·1O PENNSYlVANIA Event Nome · 8th Annual Hug and Kiss Meet Event Site· Route 743; PO Box 583;

Hershey, PA 17033 5tort Date· 2/9/2002 aub Nome· Gym Or of Hershey; Rle 743; PO Box 583; Hershey, PA 17033 Phone · 717/ 534·1881 levcls· W4-9


Event Name· Christmas Invitational Event Site . P.O. 80x 631; Pottwl1le, PA 17901 Start Date . 12/15/2001 Gub Nome · PoltsVl11e Gymn. Training Or. P.O. 80x 631; Pottwl11e, PA 17901 Phone · 570/6284966 levels· W4-10 Event Name · Dolmation Gossic Event Site . 513 Did<erwn Rd; North Woies, PA 19454 Stort Date . 2/2/2002 aub Nome · Spirit Gymn. Training Ctr. 513 Dickerson Rd; North Woies, PA 19454 Phone· 215/699·2900 levels · W4·9


Event Nome· Dutch aossic Event Site . Conrad Wei;er MS; 44 8~ Spring Rd; Robesonia, PA 19551 Stort Date . 2/9/2002 Oub Name . 8erks Gymnastic Academy 325 Morgantown Rd; Reading, PA 19611 Phone . 610/372-8454 LeveIs·W4-10 Event Nome . Greg Young Memorial Event Site· 111 Oakhaven Drive; WexfunI, PA 15090 Start Date· 1/25/2002 aub Nome . ffitIIJurgh Northstors III Ookhoven Dr; Wexford, PA 15090 Phone . 412/487-5999 aoss·M7·1




Call for Your free 2001 Calalog!

1·800·811·7002 or 1·952·882·8651


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MEMBER Event Nome -John Pancott Invitational Event Site -Church Fonn Sdl,P0V11lion Bldg; PO Box 2000; Paoli, PA 19301 Start Dole -2/9/2002 aub Nome -John Pancott Gym. Center 2B4 lonCOller Ave; Malvern, PA 19355 Phone -610/647-9847 Levek -M7-1 Event Nome -John Pancatt Invitational Event S~e -Church Fann Sdl,Poviliion Bldg; PO Box 2000; Paoli, PA 19301 Stort Dole -3/9/2002 aub Name -John Poncott Gymn. Center 2841onco~er Ave; Malvern, PA 19355 Phone -610/647-9847 Levels -W4-10 Event Nome -Keystone Winter CIoIlic Event Site -1035 Reeves SI.; Dunmore, PA 18512 Start Dole -1/12/2002 aub Nome -Keystooe GyrnoostKs, 11K. 1035Reeves SI.; Dunmore, PA 18512 Phone -570/ 963-5477 Levek-W4-10 Event Nome -Lake Effect Storm FmI Invitational Event SHe -6813 West Ridge Rood; Foirview, PA16415 Start Dole -12/1/2001 Oub Nome -Lake Effect Gymn. Sdlool 6813 West Ridge Rd; Ftirview, PA 16415 Phone -814/474-1835 Levek -W5-7 Event Nome · Mom Gros InviIotioool Event S~e· 274 E. RIth Street, 8loomsburg, PA 17815 Start Dole -3/3/2002 aub Nome -Columbia Academy 274 E. RlthStreet, Bloo~urg, PA 17815 Phone -570/387-0539 Levek· W4-8 Event Nome -Ricochets Winterfest2002 Event Stle . 362 S. Wannin~er Rood; Hatboro, PA 19040 Start Dole -2/15/2002 Oub Nome -Ricochets Gymnastic; Oub 362 S. Wanni~er Rd; Hatboro, PA 19040 Phone -215/328-0900 Levek·W4-8~e

Event Nome -Tournament of Champions Event S~e -111 OakhavenOrne; Wexford, PA 15090 Start Dole -2/1/2002 aub Nome -Pilliburgh No~or;

III Oak hoven Dr.; Wexford, PA 15090 Phone -412/487-5999 Levek -W4-10

RHODE ISlAND Event Nome -Rhode I~and Gymnastics Event Site -Mackal Reldhouse Uof RI; 1 Keany Rd; Kingston, RI 02881 Start Dole -12/14/2001 Oub Nome -Aim High Gymnastics Acod 3377 South County Trail; East Greenwich, RI02B1B Phone -401/886-7827 L.eveIs-W4-lO SOUTH CAROUNA Event NOOle - Beach 8rook 2002 Event Sire -NM8 Roc Center, Possum Trout Rd; Nanh Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 Start Dote -2/22/2002 aub NIIOO -Gymnastics and More 523 Highv,uy 17 N; North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 Phone -843/249-5867 Levek -W4-8~e Event Nome -Candy Cone Invitotioool Event S~e -P.O_ Box 12638; Freedom Boulevard; Aorenre, SC 29504 Start Dole -12/7/2001 aub Nome - Freedom Rorenre G~mps

P.O. Box 12638; Freedom Boulevard; Aorenre, SC 29504 Phone -843/667-5090 Levels -WPOI'f, W2-10 Event NIIOO . Onemo Invitotionol Event Site· 1193 North Lake Dnive; Lexington, SC 29072 Start Dole -2/2/2002 Oub Nome -Columbia Gymn. Academy 1193 North loke Orne; Lexington, SC 29072 Phone· 803/951·2090 Levek -WPOPf, W4·10 Event Nome . Leprechaun leap Event Site -106 Beacon Hill Court; EosIey, SC 29640 Start Dote -3/9/2002 Oub Nome· Eosley GYM Training Center 106 Beacon Hill Court; Easley, SC 29640 Phone· 864/269-2007 Levels -WPOPI, W2-10 Event Nome· Southern Stur Spectaculor Event ~e -570 Southport Rood; Roebuck, SC 29376 Start Dole -2/16/2002



~ ~



I: ' \:


Oub Nome -Sportllnburg Gymnastics Training Center 570 Southport Road; Roebuck, SC 29376 Phone -803/574-0509 Levek -WPOPI, W4-6

Start Dote -1/15/2002 Oub Nome -World Olym~c Gymn. Acod. 1937 W. Parker Road; Piano, ]X 75023 Phone -972/9B5-9292 Levek -W4-8~e

TENNESSEE Event Nome -Gatlinburg Gymn. Oassic Event S~e -Gatlinburg Convention Center; Airport Rood; Gatlinburg, TN Start Dole -2/8/2002 aub Name -Weyneth 8~e Gymnastics 130 Swannanoa River Rond; Asheville, NC 28805 Phone -828/252-8746 Oass -M7-1 Levels-W4-10

UTAH Event Nome -Crystal Cup Event Site -Dimple Dell Recreation Ctr; 1300 E10600 S; Sondy, UT 84070 Start Dote -1/11/2002 aub Nome -Olympus Sdlool of Gymn_ 9127 S. 255 West #1; Sondy, UT 84070 Phone -801/566-3295 Levek -W4-8~e

TEXAS Event NOOle -26th Annual ~nner Invite Event Sire -5000 Ftirview Drive; Austin, ]X 78731 Start Dote -2/23/2002 aub NIIOO - Crenshaw Athletic Oub, Int 5000 Foirview Orne; Au~in, ]X 78731 Phone - 512/453-5551 cm-M7-1

Event Nmne -Heart of Texas Invite Event Sire -13900 Nanh IH-35 Su~e A-I; Austin,]X 78728 StOll Dote -2/15/2002 Oub Nmne - Copitci GYM Super Center 13900 Nanh IH-35 S~e A-I; Austin,]X 78728 Phone - 512/251-9105 Leve!s·W5-~e

Event Nanne . Soo.moo Meet Event Site· 6001 Mountain Shadows Dr; Austin, ]X 78735 Start Dote -12/8/2001 Oub Nome -Oak Hm Gym Acad; 6001 Mountain Shadows Dr; Austin, ]X 78735 Phone -512/288-1702 Levels · T4-8~e Event Nome -Valen Uukin Invitational Event Site· 1937 W. Porker Road; Piano, ]X 75023 Start Dote · 12/12/2001 Oub Nome -World Olym~c Gymn. Acad. 1937 W. Porker Rood; Piano, ]X 75023 Phone -972/985-9292 a~·M7·8tle

Event Nome -WOGA Oossic 2002 Event Stle . 1937 W. Porker Road; Piono, ]X 75023

Arrowhead Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Phone -757/499-8258 Levels-W4-8~e Event Nome -USA Interdub Invitational Event Site -5816 Arrowhead Dr, Virginia 8each, VA 23462 Start Dole -12/7/2001 Oub Nome -Excolibur Gymnastics; 5816 Arrowhead Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Phone -757/499-8258 Levels-W4-9

WASHINGTON Event Nome -Candy Cane aossic Event S~e - 19460 144th Ave. N~ Woodinville, WA 98072 Start Dole -12/1/2001 Oub Nome -Northshore Gymn. Ctr; 19460 144thAve. N~Woodinville, WA 98072 Phone -425/402-6602 Levek-W 7-10

VIRGINIA Event Nome -12th Annual New Year Opener Event Site - 10810 Paulbrook Dnve; Midlothian, VA 23112 Start Dole -1/12/2002 Oub Nome -Virginia International Gymnastics School; 10810 Paulbrook Orne; Midlothian, VA 23112 Phone -804/276-7039 Levels-W4-lO Event Nome -Oossics Crazy Meet Event Site -2327 SeniooIe Lone; Charlottesville, VA 22901 Start Dote -2/10/2002 aub Nome -Oossics Gymnastics Or, 2327 Seminole In; Charlottesvlde, VA 22901 Phone -434/978-4720 Levek-W4-10 Event Nome -Oossics Invilotio!O Event Site -2327 Seminole lone; Charlottesville, VA 22901 Start Dote· 12/8/2001 Oub Nome -Oossics Gymoostic; Or; 2327 Seminole In; Charlottesvile, VA 22901 Phone -434/973-4720 Levels-W4-10 Event Nome -Excolibur Cup Event ~e · 5816 ArrOYd!eod Dr; Vi~ Beach, VA 23462 Start Dole· 3/9/2002 Oub Nome -Excolibur Gymnastics; 5816 Arrowhead Dr, Vif!inia Beach, VA 23462 Phone· 757/499-8258 Levels -W4-10

Event Nome -Coscadion Team Challenge Event S~e -23101 56th Avenue West; Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 Start Dote -2/2/2002 Oub Nome - Coscode ~ Gymnastics 23101 56th Avenue West; Mountlake Terroce, WA 98043 Phone -425/672-6887 L.evek -W4-6 Event NIIOO -CoscodianTeam Challenge Event Site -23101 56th Avenue West; MountlakeTerrace, WA 98043 Start Dole -2/9/2002 aub Nome -Coscnde ~e Gymnastics 23101 56th Avenue West; Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 Phone -425/672-6887 Levels· W7-8ite Event Name -MarmGras Event ~e -1221 29th Street NW Ste B; Auburn, WA 98001 Start Dole -3/30/2002 Oub Nome -Auburn Gymn. Or, 1221 29th 5t NW Sle B; Auburn, WA 98001 Phone· 253/876-9991 L.evels·W4-7

Event N!Il1e . New Year's InvitatiorD

Event Nome -King Arthur's OxIlenge Event Site· 5816 Arrowhead Dr, Vif!inia Beach, VA 23462 Start Dole · 2/16/2002 Oub Nome -Excolibur Gymnastics; 5816

Event Sire· 19460 144th Ave. N~ WocdmiIle, WA 98072 Start Dote· 1/12/2002 Oub NIIOO·Northshore Gymn. Or, 19460 144th Ave. N~ Woodin~1Ie, WA 98072 Phone· 425/402-6602 Levek-W4-10

Event Nome -Northshore Invitational Event Site -Inglemoor HS; 15500 Simonds Rd N~ Bothell, WA 9802B Start Dole -3/l/2OO2 aub Nome -Northshore Gymn. Or, 19460 144th Ave. N~ Woodinville, WA 98072 Phone -425/402-6602 Levels-W4-10 Event Name -The 4th Annual Great Northwest Round-Up Event Site -Kent Meridan HS; 10020 SE 256th; Kent, WA 98031 Start Dole -1/4/2002 Oub Nome -Auburn Gymn. Ctr, 1221 29' St NW Ste 8; Auburn, WA 98001 Phone -253/876-9991 Levels -W4-8~e

WISCONSIN Event Nome -Great Midwest Challenge Event SHe -US Cellular One Arena; 400 WW~consin Ave; Milwaukee, WI 53203 Start Dole -1/26/2002 Oub Nome -MAnd MGymnastic; POBox 510474; 16760 WViclor Rd; New 8erlin, Wi 53151 Phone -262/789-6885 Levels-W4-10 Levek -R5-10, GROUP cm-M7-1 Event Nmne -Sdto Notional Invitational Event Sire -Stole Ftir Pork; West Allis, WI 53214 Start Dote - 2/22/2002 aub Nmne· Xlto Gymnastics; 1275 Nanh Barker Rd; 8rookfield, WI 53045 Phone -262/782-3430 L.evels-M7-1

Event NIIOO . ~ Boys Inme Event Site -5711 77th Street, Kenosha, WI 53142 Start Dote· 2/9/2002 Oub N!Il1e · $amps Gymnastics 5711 77th Street, i<eoosho, WI53142 Phone - 262/694-0805 Leve!s·M6-1

WYOMING Event NIIOO . WSG Invitational Event Site· 803 Skyh Rd; loramie, WY 82070 StOll Dote - 12/1/2001 Oub N!Il1e . Wyooing Sffiool of Gymn. 803 Skyline Rd; loramie, WY 82070 Phone· 307/745-8302 Levels -W4-6

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Jeff Lulla is a member of the USAG Preschoot Advisory Board and co·author of the Kinder Accreditation for Teachers (KAT) course. He is atso a USAG National Safety tnstructor, an industry consultant, and is a seminar presenter for the USAtGC, and USA Gymnastics. He owns two successful gyms in Southern California.

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POSITION AVAILABLE WORLD CUP GYMNASTICS is looking far a qualified Athletic Coarn to assist boys' Program Directar in all aspects of aperation of gym program, incl. Recreanonal closses & USA Gymnastics sanctioned competitive teams; schd. Closses & warkouts; organize team training; S(hedule compennons; hire & train stall; two yrs. Exp. Req'd. Full nme, 40 hrs/wk. World Cup Gymnasfics, 170 Hunts Lone, Chappaqua, NY 10514, phone: 914-238-4967 ext. 23 Mnry; fax: 914·238·3568; e·mail: xcupx@aoLcom CALIFORNIA ELITE SPORTS CENTER is a lorge, stable club with high standards of excellence. Join our staff of 50+ employees who are setting the pace in our industry! We are expanding to a 30,000 square H. gym are are interviewing for the following positions: Girls Team Vault/Bar Coach; Recreational Gymnastics Cocches; Assistant Program Director; Preschool Coaches; Party/Camp Coeches; Customer Service Manager. F/l and P/l positions. Excellent pay, medical benefm, pension plan, profit sharing plan, vacation, and education benefits. CESC is located in southern California. Contact Lynn Ledford at today! COACHING POSmON AVAILABLE IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS. Experienced class and lower level team coach. Two year old small gym in the Grand Cayman requires qualified coorn to team large class program and team students training at level 2-4. Good salary, including cccommodations and transportation. Contact Flairs Gymnastics, Davie, Florida at (954)476·3154 er e-mail or visit us at INSTRUCTORS/COACHES. Paragon Gymnasfics of Norwood (Bergen County). ttl is looking for Instructors and Cooches, P/l-F/lWeekdcys/ weekends!evenings. Requirements: Positive atfitude, resporlSlble, reliable, love of chndren. Positions avana~e fer pre-~ool through intenned"lCIe level instruction. Compefifive Team Cocch Levels 5·10. Company sponsored rertilicotions (Solety, CP~ first Air) Full benefits/paid vocation & sick days, company matched renrement plan. Will train. Solary commensurate with experience. NEW futility, state-of·the-ort, approx. 11,000 sq. H. Located in the NY/NJ Metropalnan aree, easi~ occessi~e from all ma~r highways. Contoct Dot 201· 767-6921 or fox resume to 201·767-6693 or e-man: 49 Walnut Street, Sune 4, Norwood, ttl 07648. TEAM COACHES/CLASS INSTRUCTORS NEEDED. Apex Gymnasfics in Raleigh, NC is looking for

qualified cacches for girl's and boy's programs. Call (919)303-7976, fax resume to (919)303·1 042, or mail resume to: Apex Gymnastics, 2501 -124 Schieffelin Rd., Apex, NC 27502. SEEKING EXPERIENCED HEAD COACH to further develop and graw an established and successful boys pragram. Team Central of SI. Louis, committed ta national·level gymnastics, has an outstanding oppartunny available to an individual wh proven skills in developing nanonal gymnasts, developing and growing a program, providing leadership to staff, technical skills to levell , cammunicating and embracing the mission of a values·driven organizanon. ALSO SEEKING GYM MANAGER. Excellent benefits/salary. Visit website www.teemcentraLorg Resumes and inquiries to: Teem Central Gymncsfics Academy, ATTN John Sdore, 2675 Metro Blvd., SI. Louis, MO 63043 fax 314-291-0859, phone 314-291-7664. Email COACHES NEEDED. Located in North San Diego, CA; 15,000 sq. H. facility has open positions. We are looking for Preschool Director and general program coach that can work full time must be enthusiastic and highly motivated. We are also looking to hire a Boys Team Cocch for levels Pre Team to Class 4 and general program caach that is a strong technician and spotter. Academy Program Assistant Director is also needed qualified in marketing and budgeting to help in growth of business. Positions are salary with benefits, must have USAG credentials and should be knowledgeable, wages cammensurate with experience. Contact: Jennifer Friedman at 760· 744-8390 and fax resume to 760·744-0612. Submit caver letter, resume and 3 letters of recommendation by fax or mail to Stars & Stripes Gymnastics, 220 Bingham Drive #104, San Marcos, CA 92069. CHERTKOV'S GYMNASTICS, located in the Northwest Suburbs of Illinois; just 40 minutes from Chicago, is looking for a dedicated on experienced individual for a full nme posinon. Pre·school. Recreational, Compulsory levels and tumbling classes. Minimum 5 yeors experience, Safety and KAT certification required. Physical Educanon degree helpful. This position is best suited for a person wishing to pursue, long term career in coaching. Salary commensurate with qualificanons and experience. Paid vacanon for 3 weeks. Please fox resume to Chertkov's Gymnastics 847-854·8628. ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS, Hauppauge, NY, is seeking



10 1-200 words = $200 Your ad in Technique will automatically be placed online for 30 days 01 na addifional charge. The address is: Your 30 ~ will begin on the next regular posting date. DEADLINES ISSUE


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~~~:::::::::::::::::::::::::~.:~O NOTE: " tit. 1O,~ frtlls OIl • w••b.d or hol"Hlay, ,he precedi.g work doy is cOIIsidered ,he d..rJrlM.

Moil your ad and payment to:

USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza 20 I S. Capilol Ave., Sle. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fox 10 317-237-5069. IF YOU FAX, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER, EXPIRATtON DATE AND SIGNATURE. Please designate if your ad should appear in Technique magazine or USA Gymnastics magazine. AOS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PAYMENT Will HOT BE PUBLISHED. USA

Gymnosti" reserves the righllo vary format. TedJniqu' is received br more Ihan 13,000 USA Gymnaslits prolessiona memben plus IhouSGnds 01 viewers wUi be .xposed 10 your ad online.

Advertise your employmenl opportunity, pradud, service, or competilion her. lor greal results. Queslions? CaU Luan Penek 01317-829-5646.

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dedicated and energetic caeches for their rapidly expanding recreational program. Cheerleading and trampoline cocch also needed. Flexible hours and benefits. Pay is commensurate on experience. Contact Deborah (631 )273-8426 or fax resume (631 )273-8491. Artistic Gymnasncs, 30 Oser Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788. SENIOR HEAD GIRLS COACH & SENIOR PRE-SCHOOL COACH. ONE OF AKIND gymnastics program in Indianapolis, Indiana is looking for an experienced, highly qualified GIRLS HEAD COACH AND SENIOR PRESCHOOL COACH to become part of a first class stoff at a new purpose built facility with indoor running track, dance area, separate conditioning rooms, 30,000 sq. H. full of the very best and latest equipment and even a team hot tub! Wonderfully and generously funded by a high-tech corporate sponsor. INTERACTIVE ACADEMY GYMNASTICS, INC has an exciting and dynamic atmosphere where instructors' enthusiasm and technical understanding of the sport are well rewerded with top salaries and great benefits. Instructors ere encouraged to be creative and have fun while teeching kids to explore and develop their own special talents. Educational and training opportunities exist for all staff members. Interarnve Academy of Gymnastics instructors must be dedicated to the sport, have respect for upholding the reputation of the sport and love teaching kids. Compensation for moving expenses available. Part and full·time positions also available for quality oriented coaches. Please moil, fox or email resumes to: Interarnve Academy Gymnasncs, 12388 Hancock SI., Carmel. IN 46032 S( Fox: (317)705·0495. Visn our websne at and TEAM AND RECREATIONAL COACHES NEEDED. Texas Tumblers Gymnasfics in Killeen, Texos (45 min. north of Austin) is seeking experienced and enthusiasfic coaches for immediate openings. All levels of recreational program and team level 4-1 O. Salary and benefits will be based on experience ond knowledge. Full and Port time positions available. Contoct Mark @ 254·690-6800 or fox resume 254·699·5482. COACHES/INSTRUCTORS/MANAGER. Fairfox Gymncsfics Academy has F/l - P/l positions for career minded, dedicated professionals. We seek experienced Girls and Boys Compulsory Coaches who especial~ enjoy working with ages 5·11. We need Recrecfional Instructors for a full range of classes including: boys, girls, tumbling, cheer, preS(hool and mom and tot. If any of this sounds like you, or you've got the qualificcfions to manage a facilny with all the above ond more, call, fox or send your resume to: Fairfox Gymnasfics Academy, 3729 Pickett Rd., Fairfax, VA 22031,703-323·8050. TEAM COACHES· Posinons ovailable for women's ond men's team programs. Must also ossist with preS(hool and recreational classes. Applicant must be motivated and a team player. Immediate openings available. Recently moved into a brand new 12,000 sq. H. facilny. Salary and benefit package based on experience. Call TIm Madore, New England Gymnastics Training Center, Hudson, NH at (603)880·8482, fox (603)880·1800. Email negtC@aoLcom. SIGN ON BONUS

FOR SALE Score Moster - NO MORE Inputfing Gymnast Rester • NOV /D EC 2001

data!! Score Master, the mest widely used soffware, just gat even better! Meet Directars can now download rester informanon from the USAG websne. Features include: create rotanons, assign #\ the mest comprehensive reporting and results can go direct~ to your website. Supports: womens/mens, individual/team, artistic/rhythmic/trampaline, compulsory/ apnonaL . FREE dema & user lisfing. Contact: Mark Mahoney, POB 31421, Charlotte, NC, 28231, 704·523·1812. CLASS CONTROL FOR WINDOWS: all the class management and accaunts receivable features needed to run 0 school, a reasonable price, networkable, and FREE SUPPORT! Don't spend another yeer or another month wasting resources running things by hand or on a system that's difficult to use and doesn't give you what you need. Class Control has point and click ease, a flexible setup, and a wide variety of reports. Only $500 ($250 per additional workstation), includes free training and personal technical support. Serving Gymnastics since 1990. Call Vaughn Soffware Services at 800·821·8516 for information and a free demo. E·Mail: AMEX/MC/VISA SCORER'S TABLE is a parent friendly program designed to simplify preparation and scoring of USA Gymnastics meets. Aclick of the mouse assigns competitor sessions, numbers, event placement, M and team awards. The Scorers Table program has been used successfully at several large invitational, state and regional meets. Use this program to reduce your meet preparanon time by at least 50%. For more infonnation visit the scorer'stable web site at www.scarerstable.comMEJECorporation.113 McHenry Rd., PMB 165, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, (847)913-0765, Email:

CONSIGNMENT LEOTARDS ON CONSIGNMENT: Rebecca's Mom Leotards' popular consignment program, featuring velvet leotards with holograms, foils, gliHer and prints, also nylon Iycra, is currently available to qualifying Gymnastic Clubs Owners, Parents Booster groups, Retail Stores, and Summer Camps. We are cccepnng appliccfions for new accounts now for our State Championship Meet pockages. Get prepared for Christmos Holiday Sales, by joining our Christmas Boutique Program, your gymnasts and porents will love our leotards. Please call our toll free line at 1·888·289·2536 for details, forms, and prices, or email your nome and phone number to

SEMINARS FIND OUT WHY, SINCE 1991, 700+ USA GymCiub owners have invested 4-1/2 days of their career at GymClub Owners' BOOT CAMP. There are reosons why some GymClubs perpetually grow while others perpetually flounder.Our club, Queen City Gymnastics, has grown for 26 years straight, storting wilh zero enrollment in 1975 and growing to 4800 and S3.5M this yeor. There are many fine seminars ond congresses with miscellaneous ideas, but only BOOT CAMP immerses you in an integrated, 9-Step Strategy proven to grow businesses and Imlance lives. Guaranteed to be the best investment you ever moke. • Nov 15-19, 2001 • June 1~17, 2002. For a FREE portfolio contact JEFF MffiGER: (513) 489-7575 or gymclub@aoLcom •


5 CH W= Women M= Men

R= Rhythmic GG = Group Gymnastics

TR = Trampoline TU = Tumbling

NOTE: Dates and events subject to change or cancellation.




NOVEMBER 15·1 B 15·1 B 16·1B 21 ·25

Future Stars Nationals/Coaches Workshop (M) Colo. Springs, CO FIG International Judges Course (TR/TU) Colo. Springs, CO Fall Executive Committee/Board of Directors Meeting Colo. Springs, CO PAGU Rhythmic Interclub Championships Jr./Sr. Group (R) Chile

DECEMBER 1 1·5 5·9 6·11 9 10·17 12·16 16·20 16·20

Reese's Gymnastics Cup (M/W) TOPs "B" Training Camp (W) TOPTeamTraining Camp (W) Senior National TeamCamp (M) Broadcast Reese's Gymnastics Cup USA / France Training Camp (W) Four Continents Championships (R) PAGU Children's Interclub Championships (R) PAGU Children's Interclub Championships ( M/W)




Houston, TX Houston, TX Houston, TX Colo. Springs, CO NBC Sports Houston, TX Curitiba, BRA Yaracuy, VEN Maracaibo, VEN

National TeamTraining Camp (W)

Houston, TX

USAGymnastics Winter Cup Challenge (M) Rhythmic Invitational (R) RhythmicChallenge (R)

TBD TBD 3D-May 6

Visa American Cup (M/W) Broadcast · Visa American Cup National Elite Qualifier (W) National TeamTraining Camp (W) (#1 of 2) Levell 0 State Meets (W) (' see below) American Challenge / American Classic (W) (#2 of 2) Level 10 State Meets (W) (' see above)

Orlando, FL NBC Sports Orlando, FL Houston, TX Various Sites TBD Various Sites

NCAA National Championships (M) NCAA Regionals (W) Level 9/ 10 Regional Championships (W) USAGymnastics Collegiate Championships (M/W) Level 10 Regional Championships (W) NCAA National Championships (W) Level 9 East/West Championships (W)

Norman, OK Various Sites Various Sites Springfield, MA Various Sites Tuscaloosa, AL E- Orlando, FL W- Rapid City, SO 2nd InformationMeeting, 2003 World Gymnoestrada (GG) lisbon, POR American Team Cup (M/W) TBD Pacific Alliance Championships (M/W/R - Sr./Jr.) Vancouver, B.C. CAN

MAY 1-5 3-5 3-5 B-15 17-23

J.O. Notional Championships (M) J.O. Notional Championships (W) J.O. National Championships - Individual & Group (R) National Team Training Camp (W) International Friendship Camp (W)

Son Diego, CA Landover, MD Houston, TX Houston, TX Houston, TX

Level 9 Championships (R) National GymFest & PAGUInvitational GymFest (GG) Broodcast- American Team Cup (M/W) U.S. Challenge (W)

TBD Orlando, FL NBC Sports TBD

Portland, OR Virginia Beach, VA New Orleans, LA NewOrleans, LA TBD

U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/R/TR/TU) USA Gymnastics National Congress USA Gymnastics National Gym Fest & Team Gymn Nationals (GG) Broadcast- U.S. Gymnastics Championships (W) Broadcast- U.S. Gymnastics Championships (W) National Gymnastics Day

Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH

AUGUST 7-10 B-l0 B-l0 10 11 24

NBC Sports NBC Sports


Broadcast- U.S. Gymnastics Championships(M)

NBC Sports

OCTOBER TBD FIG Congress TBD or Nov. TBD Reese's Gymnastics Cup

16 20-24 23 TBD

Athens, GRE TBD

Broadcast- Reese's Gymnastics Cup Artistic World Championships (M/W) World Cup Final (TR/TU) Future Stars National Championships (M)




Visa American Cup (M/W) TBD or Apr. TBD Pontiac American Team Cup (M/W)

NBC Sports Budapest, HUN Hannover, GER TBD


- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 (


Fairfax, VA TBD

APRIL 5-6 12 12-13 24-26 25-27

Level 9/10 Regionals (W) NCAA Regionals (W) Level 10 Regionals (W) NCAA National Championships (W) Level 9 East/West Championships (W)

Various Sites Various Sites Various Sites TBD TBD

J.O. National Championships (W)


Pan American Games (M/W/R) FIG World Gymnaestrada (GG) U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/R/TR/TU)

Santo Domingo, DOM lisbon, POR TBD

Artistic World Championships (M/W) World University Games National Congress

Anaheim, CA Taegu, KOR Anaheim, CA

MAY 2-4

JULY lB - Aug. 3 20-26 TBD

AUGUST 10-24 21-31 TB D


RhythmiC World Championships -Individual & Group (R) Maastricht, NED


JUNE 15-16 21 -23 23 TBD

Rhythmic Western (R) U.S. Classic / U.S. Challenge (W) Rhythmic World Championships - Group (R) Rhythmic Eastern (R) J.O. National Championships (TR/TU)


APRIL 4·6 6 6·7 10·13 13·1 4 lB·20 27-2B

6-7 12-14 19-21 TBD TBD

Las Vegas, NV Colo. Springs, CO Colo. Springs, CO

MARCH 2 2 3 6·13 16·17 22·24 23·24



FEBRUARY B·9 14·16 16·17




E. D· ~

Trampoline World Championships (TR)

Hannover, GER

NOVEMBER TBD or Dec. TBD Reese's Gymnastics Cup PAGU Jr. Interclub Championships (M/W/R Group Jr/Sr) NOVI DEC 2001


) r - - - - - - - - - -- -- ---:;4;-;;7::-J11

1001 SAF'ETY CERTI'FICATION SCH,EDULE, The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website LATE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT GUARANTEED A BOOK OR ADMISSION TO THE COURSE. Monday, (by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) is the last day registrations will be accepted for courses being conducted the following weekend. Registrations received alter that time or on site will be charged an additional $25. Minimum age for Safety Cerlifilalion is 16 years. 18 is minimum age for Professional Membership.

24 Sterling, MA; 6-10 p.m.; Sterling Gymnastics; 15 Industrial Drive; use: GB11242001 MA; Directions: Tom Fontecchio 781-341-4160; Instructor: Gerry Bellemare 207 -443-4112 ext. 26

DECEMBER Mt. laurel, NJ; 12-4 p.m.; Jersey Jets Gymnastics; 20A Roland Ave; use: PF12012001 NJ; Directions: Eileen Houghton 856-273-2822; Instructor: Phil Fronk: 856-786-3977

NOVEMBER 16 logon, UT; 8 a.m. -12 Noon; Utah State HPER Building; use: QS11162001 UT; Instructor: Quin Shannon 435-713-4804, 435-797-1494 17 Greensboro, NC; 9 a.m.-l p.m.; Pyramids Tumblebees; use: DKIII72001 NC; Instructor: Don Keane 336-665-0662 17 Stroudsburg, PA; 1-5 p.m.; International Gymnastics Camp, 9020 Bartonsville Woods Rd; use: PFIII72001 PA; Directions: Bruno Klaus 570-629-0244; Instructor: Phil Fronk 856-786-3977

15 Cincinnati, OH; 4-8 p.m.; Cincinnati Convention Center; use: SS12152001 OH; Directions: Scott Harris 513-746-2213; Instructor: Steve Schoenbaechler 513-755-7162

For safety certification courses hsted by state, visit the Member Services section of

16 Mukilteo, WA; 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; Gymagine Gymnastics; use: KD12162001 WA; Instructor: Kelly Donyes 425-513-8700 or 425-513-5474


! SAFETY CERTIFICATION IS REQUIRED FOR PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIp· ! PRE·REGISTRATION FORM (Minimum age for Safe'y Cer,ifi(a,ion is J6 years) COST: :N I arne' S S' # : oc. ec. ! Add . : ress. ! City:

Pro·Member with Current Safety Certification . h' t rt'fy



Pro~~e~6ero ;~he E~Pir~d··~·;·N~~·s~i~~·c~rtiii;~ji~~·:::::::::::: SO c5o~60

Birth Date State:


Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 50.00 Non·Member or Associate Member ........................................ $ 100.00 * You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount. Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (W) Course Code: Course Cily/Stale: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Dale: Professional or Instructor #: Form of Payment: I

Currenl Safety Exp. Dote: _ _ _ _ __

0 VISA 0 MasterCard 0 Discover 0 American Express

Payment Amount: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Name on Cord: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Number: _ _ _ __ Exp. Dale: ___ / _ _ Signalure: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __

Monday, (by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) is the last day registrations will be accepted for courses being conducted the following weekend. Registrations received after that time or on site will be charged an additional $25.

• All materials (including the Safety Handbook) for 4th Cycle courses are provided at the course and are part of the course fee. • Certification is valid for four years. Please make checks payable, in full, to USA Gymnastics Safety Certification

Mail registration form and payment to: USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S.(apitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212


Profile for USA Gymnastics

Technique Magazine - November/December 2001  

Technique Magazine - November/December 2001