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Luon Peszek

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Lion Cottrell USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR: Sandy Knopp; PRESIDENT: Bob Colorossi; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Mike Donohue; AMATiUR ATHliTlC UNION: Mike stonner; AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION: Jerry Milan; USA TRAMPOLINE & TUMBLING: Ann Sims; AMERICAN TURNERS: Betty Heppner; JEWISH COMMUNITY CnIURS: Lori Katz; COLLIGE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATlON·M: Roy Johnson; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLlGIATi GYMNASTICS COACHES FOR WOMEN: Gail Davis; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Mori~n s~owbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS JUDGES: Yvonne Hodge; NATIONAL COllEGIATi ATHl£TIC ASSOCIATION: Corolyn Lewis. Tom Dunn; NATIONAE FEDERATION OF STATi HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Suson True; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUDGES ASSOCIATION: John Scheer; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: John Brinkworth; SPiClAL OLYMPICS, INc.: Kate Fober·Hicki.; U.S. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Suzie DiTullio; U.S. ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT GYM CLUBS: Lonce Crowley; U.S. ELin COACHES ASSOCIATION FOR MEN'S GYMNASTICS: Fred Turoff; U.S. ELin COACHES AsSOCIATION FOR WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS: Gory Anderson. Roe KIeutzer; U.S. MEN's GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: MOJ( Yancey; U.S. SPORTS ACROBATICS FEDERATION: Bonnie Dovidson; U.S. COMPnITlVE SPORTS AEROBICS FiDiRATlON: Howord shcwortz; YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA: VOlOnt, USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL MEMliRSHIP DIRECTORS: MEN'S: Roy Guro. Jim Holt; WOMEN'S: Undo Chendnski. David Holcomb; RHYTHMIC: Alia Svirsky. Tomaro Gerlock; ATHLm's ADVISORY COMMITTii: Chris Woller. choir; Vonesso Vonder Pluym. vice choir. Joir Lynch. Mihoi Bogiu. Wendy Hilliord. Kim lmeskol. Tanya service{hoplin. Amanda Borden. USOC ATHliTE REPRESENTATIVE: Michelle Dussenofonell. USA GYMNASTICS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CHAIR: Sandy Knopp; PRESIDENT: Bob Colorossi; SECRiTARY: Mark Grohom; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Joon Moor. Gnat, VICE CHAIR MEN: TIm Doggett; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC Wendy Hilliord; FIG ExECUTIVE COMMJJm: Joy Ashmore; FIG WOMEN'S TECHNICAL COMMITm: Jackie Fie; FIG RHYTHMIC TECHNICAL COMMmEi: Andrea Schmid-Shapiro; FIG MEN'S TKHNICAL COMMmu: George Becksteod; AT URGE MiMBERs: Peter Vidmor. suson True; ATHliTE DIRiCTORS: Tonyu Service Choplin; Rhythmic TBD; Chris Woller; USOC ATHLIJi REPRiliNTATlVi: Michelle Dussenofonell; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Mike Donohue. CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In order to ensure uninterrupted delivery of TECHNIQUE mogozine. notice of chonge of oddress should be made eight weeks in advance. For fastest service, please enclose your present mailing label. Direct all subscription mail to TECHNIQUE Subscriptions, USA Gymnastics. 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300. Indianapolis, IN 46225. POSTMASTER; Send address changes to TECHNIOUE c/o USA Gymnastics, S. Capitol Avenue., Suite 300. Indianapolis, IN 46225. TECHNIQUE(lSSN 0748·5999) (USPS 016872) is published monthly except bimonthly in Sept/ Oct and NavIDec by USA Gymnastics. Pan American Plaza, Sutle 300, 201 South Captlol Avenue, Indianapolis. IN 46225 (phone: 317·237·5050) or visit online@ www.usa-gyonast Periodicol pastoge poid ot Indionopol~. IN 46204. Subscription prices: U.S.-525 per yeor; Conodo/Mexi((>-548 per yeor; 011 other foreign countries-560 per yeor. If ovoilable. bock issue single copies 54 plus pastage/hondling. All reasonable core will be taken. but no responsibil· ity can be assumed for unsolicited material; enclose return postage. Copyright 1998 by USA Gymnastics and TECHNIQUE. All righ~ reserved. Printed by Sport Graphics. Indianapolis. IN.

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1999 USA Gymnastics National Congress ............ ....... .... . 21.29

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BOB COLAROSSI he Executive Committee and Board of Directors met May 23 in Indianapolis for the semi-annual meeting. The board voted unanimously to welcome the Trampoline and Tumbling Program into the USA Gymnastics organization.


The next action taken was to approve the Hall of Fame Committee's proposal to increase nominations from five to seven inductees on an annual basis. With the addition of the Trampoline and Tumbling program, this allows the Hall of Fame Committee enough opportunity to induct worthy candidates.

The findings of the Strategic Business Development group were presented to the Board. Many new and creative ideas were introduced which will significantly impact our three core objectives in the years to come. The findings will be shared in detail at the National Congress in August. In addition, the Executive Committee has directed the By-laws Committee to review the governance of USA Gymnastics. Four principles that will guide the direction of our governance are as follows: 1) 2) 3) 4)

-z -o z

To expand revenues To broaden the diversity of membership To align structure with overall objectives To improve organizational efficiency, responsiveness and flexibility

The 1999 Pan American Games, which take place in Winnipeg, Canada, from July 23-August 8,1999, were also a highlight of discussion at the Board meeting. Sandy Knapp, the USA Gymnastics Chairman of the Board, will serve as assistant chef de Mission of the Games. USA Gymnastics would like to wish the athletes, coaches and Knapp the best of luck in Winnipeg. The initial meeting of the USA Gymnastics Task Force for the Growth and Development of Gymnastics Activities took place May 20, 1999, in Indianapolis. Many opportunities and goals were identified. Some of the long term goals were: including gymnastics programs in elementary and secondary physical education programs; including gymnastics activities in curriculum classes within college degree programs; gaining awareness of the value of general, group rhythmic and team gymnastics as well as sport aerobics as basic physical education activities; and

..-1-=4-------------~( TECH N I QUE •

increasing the number of coaches name a few.


our sport, just to

USA Gymnastics will kick off its new Merchandise Program at the 1999 National Congress. adidas is now our official apparel sponsor and will be working in conjunction with USA Gymnastics to offer a variety of merchandise. Plus, a whole new line of products for young gyrrmasts will be introduced. Clubs will now be able to purchase merchandise from USA Gymnastics in bulk quantities to resell in their sport shops or at competitions. USA Gymnastics has designated July 31, 1999, as the first annual National Gymnastics Day. In an effort to grow the levels of participation, the goals of National Gymnastics Day are to celebrate the sport of gyrrmastics, increase its visibility and attract new participants at the grass roots level. Activities will range from local club demonstrations, appearances by Olympic and National Team athletes, open houses at local clubs and special mall promotions. Mark your calendars! Lastly, I am thrilled to mention the improvements that you will notice at Congress this year. Of course we will continue to have a party at the conclusion of the John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships on Saturday night. However, this year we have planned a very special function and are inviting attendees to the combined Hall of Fame Awards AUGUST25-28,1999 Banquet and Ceremony of Honors sit-down dinner. Hall of Fame recipients will be honored by a formal candlelight dinner along with an impressive ceremony to recognize the greatest achievements that USA Gyrrmastics can bestow. We encourage our members to join us at this special function. There is a small fee added to the Congress price in order to attend the sit-down dinner function. Please see p. 22 for full details. See you in Sacramento!

Robert V. Colarossi USA Gymnastics President

va LUM E 19

• #6 ))--- -- -- - - - - - - - - -

Dear Dr. Alison Arnold: I wanted to write to you and personally convey my thanks for the insightful article, "Coaching to Overcome Fear," that appeared in the May 99 issue of Technique. As a gym owner, team coach, and former gymnast, I gained much insight from your article. I competed Level 8 until 1992 when ankle reconstruction and blinding fear ended my career. I am a "petite" woman who was targeted at an early age as a hopeful-like tens of thousands of other little girls. As I was pushed to perform I became fearful. My biggest problem was floor. For years I would never practice tumbling during workouts for weeks, yet in competition I always performed . On a positive note I am working to overcome this fear with success. The technique employed by so many coaches is exactly as you wrote, "humiliation, throwing a gymnast out of a workout, etc." At 19 I purchased a small club and started a team . My dream was to help kids achieve what I lost out on-enjoyment of the sport. Three years later our club competes Levels 3 to Prep-Optional and I have started to see the fear surfacing. Your article has helped to open my eyes. I am a good coach. That's not bragging, but my renewed self-esteem. I do see a weakness though, and that is my ability to cope with gymnasts who have fear. I will definitely employ your ideas. I do not want to see humiliation as a part of my style. Thank you for your article. Hopefully the gymnastics community will hear more from you! Sincerely, Shannon Hageli Dahlonega School of Gymnastics Dahlonega, GA

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William Sands, Ph.D. Associate Professor University of Utah Hester Henderson, Ph.D. Associate Professor University of Utah Jennifer Kilgore, M.S. Graduate Student University of Utah

how did we _


get In -and how ceani e out? . g rl-:::- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - { ( 6

TEe HN' QUE' VOLUME 19 • #6 ) } - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - -

Gymnasts look up to their coaches and work hard for their Anger is used frequently in all relationships to control another 's approval at all costs. However, even the best gymnasts cannot behavior, but one of the most common that we see is the perform to perfection all the time. Knowing that a sub par percoach-athlete relationship. Coaches seem to have fallen into formance will result in the coach being angry, the athlete perthe" Anger Trap" and do not know how to get out. In order forms better out of a fear of the coach's anger. The coach interto understand how this could happen, it is important to prets this as motivation to do well. The gymnast's fear creates understand the principles of operant conditioning. Simply put, anxiety. How anxiety effects an athlete is very individual. This in order to control the frequency of a behavior in the future, can best be explained through the we apply consequences to that Individual Zones of Optimal behavior. If we want the frequency Functioning Model (Hanin, 1989). of the behavior to increase in the Coaches often use anger to try to Each individual athlete has an future, we use reinforcement; if we optimal zone in which the best want the behavior to decrease, we manage the behavior of their individual performances are use punishment. athletes. Although this technique achieved. When anxiety is within appears on the surface to work, this optimal zone, performance Coaches use anger to punish a negative environment is often improves. However, when anxiety poor performance is either below or above the indithe result. Is there a better way? vidual's optimal zone, perforAthletes try harder to perform to The purpose of this article is to mance deteriorates. Simply put, a perfection to avoid the anger. This look at the use of anger to manmoderate amount of anxiety concept is called negative reinage behavior, why it appears to improves performance, too much forcement. A person will increase anxiety decreases performances. be an effective technique, why it the performance of a desired The problem is that the optimal behavior in order to make an averis so strongly established, what zone is different for each athlete sive stimulus go away, in this case are the negative side effects of and also different for each task the anger. Gymnasts, then, are negausing anger, and what can be athlete performs. tively reinforced to perform well to used instead. avoid the wrath of the coach's anger (an eversive event). The If, in fact, coaches are using anger coach is positively reinforced to increase anxiety in an athlete in because whenever he / she gets order to improve performance, it angry, the gymnast performs better (a positive event). A very is easy to see how a number of problems could occur. It would strong behavior pattern is being established because both parbe very difficult, if not impossible, for a coach to predict the ties are being reinforced for their behavior (See Figure 1). At zone of optimal performance for each individual athlete for first glance, this seems like a good thing, and it may be, for a each task performed. And even if that prediction were made, it while. But eventually, the" Anger Trap" will backfire. Here is would be difficult to control the anger to create just enough how that happens. anxiety to be within the optimal zone and not exceed it.

Figure 1. Comparison of Reinforcement and Punishment


Operation Performed Presented After a Response Removed



Positive Reinforcement



Negative Reinforcement

When coaches observe that some anger improves performance, it is easy to see why, when the performance begins to decline, they would assume that either they had not gotten angry enough or did not show enough anger to produce the desired results. So, not only does the anger increase in intensity, but the public display of it increases as well. The coach does not know any other way to get the athlete to perform to his expectations so he degrades the athlete even more. The athlete is now in a dilemma, the anxiety is increased because she is trying to do her best but is out of her optimal zone. The coach is angry and assumes he needs to get angrier. Once this dilemma presents itself, there are a number of possible negative side effects that may occur with the athlete. These include:

A. DECREASED SELF·ESTEEM Young athletes, particularly those whose personal identity is (continued on page 8) - - - -- - - - -- -- - -- ---i( TEC H N IOU E • VO LUME 19 • #6 ) } - - - - --

- - - --

- - - ---7---.


clearly linked to how they perform in their sport, are not able to separate the criticism of a performance and the criticism of the person. This is often because the coach does not separate the performance from the athlete in their feedback. Comments like, "You aren't even trying to do better" or "You are too lazy to be a competitive gymnast." This kind of feedback makes the gymnast feel that her identity is being attacked. In an atmosphere where anger prevails and fear of criticism is present, what is intended to be an achievement motivator may be perceived as a reflection of the gymnast's level of competence or a reflection of who the person is (or is not). As a consequence, the gymnast may develop devastatingly low levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. Feeling attacked may lead to the gymnast feeling defensive, vulnerable, and may experience a sense of losing control.

B. DECREASED MOTIVATION TO TRY Gymnasts who participate for the love of sport have an inner striving to be competent and self-deterring, to master increasingly difficult tasks, and to be successful (Martens, 1987). However, when a coach continually uses punishment (such as anger) to decrease sub-par performance, that inner drive to improve is significantly squelched.

C. INCREASED CALLOUSNESS To be yelled at and condemned on a seemingly continual basis, is painful to the psyche. The easiest way to cope with the pain is to become emotionless or callous. The pain goes away, but with it so does the pride, joy, and excitement of performing. Consequently, when the coach does reward the gymnast with an approving comment, the gymnast continues to respond without emotion. For the gymnast it is much easier to just "go through the motions" in practice, competition, and in interacting with others (coach, teammates, and media) than to knowingly invest one's emotions in what is repeatedly a painful experience.

back to the coach or throwing tantrums may be outward expressions of this rebelliousness. A less obvious display of rebellion may be an athlete who becomes lazy as a means of defiance (Tutko & Richards, 1971). Bad attitudes are contagious and often result in a negative spiral downward. If coaches are frustrated, disappointed, and angry they tend to yell more. The athlete's attitude worsens and the coach gets angrier-a vicious cycle.

F. INCREASED ESCAPE BEHAVIOR An athlete's response to the coach's anger may be depression, withdrawal, and avoidance behavior. It is often devastating for a gymnast who has devoted her life, energy, body, and mind to gymnastics only to be exposed to criticism and anger. As a result, the gymnast may decrease any efforts to try, come late to practice, make excuses not to come at all, or even drop out of the program. The sad ending to this story is she may never participate in gymnastics again. We must be doing something wrong with children in organized sports because results of several studies indicate that after the age of 14 there is a clear drop-off of membership in sport clubs (Campbell, 1988; Seppanen, 1982).

The impact that these side effects have on athletes varies with each individual. Some of the factors which have been known to impact the effect of the coach's anger on the athlete include:

A. AMOUNT OF RESPECT THE ATHLETE HAS FOR THE COACH The more the athlete respects and admires the coach, the more she will be motivated to perform well to get the coach's approval and to avoid his anger.

B. ATHLETE'S SELF-ESTEEM The lower the athlete's self-esteem, the greater the effect of the coach's anger.

C. SEVERITY OF THE DISPLAY OF ANGER The more severe the display of anger by the coach, the more emotional damage experienced by the athlete.

D. FREQUENCY OF THE EMOTIONAL DISPLAY D. INCREASED FEAR The use of anger as a punishment often creates fear in the athlete. This fear of punishment is often exhibited in such behaviors as making excuses for poor performance and even developing injuries to decrease the athlete's expectations.

E. INCREASED REBELLIOUSNESS An athlete may respond to the coach's anger by becoming pessimistic and acquiring a "bad" attitude. Athletes with a bad attitude often get labeled as "problem athletes" because their behavior frequently takes on a rebellious overtone. Talking

'-=-8--.... ---------------.,(

The more often anger is displayed, the more callous the athlete becomes to the anger and the less effect it has. These effects may occur when a coach is working one on one with an athlete. However, when there is a team practice in which a group of athletes are observing, the effects become much more complicated. The athlete is embarrassed in front of her teammates so the emotional damage is more severe. In addition, the teammates who are observing the coach's anger and have compassion for their fellow teammate may internalize the emotional effects. This is referred to as the "ripple effect." The effects are intensified and exponentially damaging .

TEC H N I QUE¡ VOLUME 19 • #6 ) } - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- --

Now that we understand what happens in the "Anger Trap" and realize the potentially damaging effects it can have on the athletes involved, several questions arise: Is it worth it? Isn't there another way to get athletes to perform to their potential without using anger? Aren't there some positive ways to improve performance?

Let's Analyze The Situation When a gymnast is not performing a skill to the satisfaction of the coach our first question is "Why?" We must know the cause before we can find a "cure."

If it is because she presently does not have the skill to perform at that level, then we need to task analyze her skill level and teach the skills she needs to perform at that level. If we think we have already taught the skill then we need to examine our teaching technique and the gymnast's learning style to see what needs to be modified so that learning takes place.

If it is because she has not practiced effectively, then we need to find out why she has not been practicing and correct the apparent problem.

If it is because she is not trying to do better, then we need to find out why she isn't trying and attempt to change the situation.

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By examining the cause it is more realistic that a solution can be found. Once learning occurs and performance improves, good performance needs to be reinforced if you want it to continue. There are many different ways to reinforce a behavior or performance. The most commonly used reinforcers in coaching include verbal and nonverbal reinforcers. When giving a verbal reinforcer it is important that you state specifically what behavior you are praising so the athlete knows what was done well. Examples of verbal reinforcers are:

"Way to go Morgan, I liked the way you held the pike on your jump." "Good job keeping your legs together on your handspring front vault." "The way you held the block before your double back was excellent."

(contil1ued on page 10)

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If the gymnast is still not performing the skill correctly with the verbal instruction, try to utilize visual learning by having the gymnast observe someone else doing it correctly. Another good technique is to videotape the gymnast and let them view it to see what they are doing and compare it to a videotape of someone doing it correctly.

Examples of nonverbal reinforcers are giving the athlete a high five, a smile, a nod, a wink, or a hug. It is important to be careful when we give verbal reinforcers to be sure that our nonverbal cues are also positive. Saying "good job keeping your legs together" while you are looking disgusted, will negate the verbal reinforcement.

If the gymnast does not perform to expectations, the coach should give a positive response with specific feedback as to how to improve. An example of this would be, "That was a good beam routine, Mary, I like the way you stuck your landing after your series. Next time, try to push off your hands more in the round off leading into your dismount so you get a better set and more height." When the gymnast takes the specific feedback and completes the task successfully, make sure to praise that success and set another goal, i.e., "That was a great dismount, now let's work on sticking the landing."


References Campbell, S.c. (1988). Youth sport in the United Kingdom. In M.R. Weiss & D. Gould (Eds.), Sport for children and youths (pp. 17-20). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Marten, R. (1987). Coaches guide to sport psychologtj. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Seppanen, P. (1982). Sport clubs and parents as socializing agents in sport. International Review of Sport Sociology, 17,79-90. Tutko, T.A., & Richards, J.w. (1971). Psychology of coaching. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.


CONC':-"S~ "'.. J.-A~~·\~ .



If we 1Hanrour atilletes to perform to their potential, then we need to create a l'

condud¥e take risks

leor~V1'tonment in which they feel safe and secure and willing to

With~aJl9Jjri ~e iloac~ or risking the loss of his approval. Don't get " '-'~'--$}



caught in the /I f\nger Trap.: 'There arp j~o many negative side effects of using anger ~ ~\l to manage be~pvior. Coaches ,Clnd athletes do have a common goal, but far too often .., the strive for the

co~:i{on gdd)'" gets lost in the battle, creating a lose-lose situation.

There are ,"uch better

of thi ath;ete-cooch

w~~s to improve performance while maintaining the integrity

relatioihi~\nd the learning environment.•

=~_~~~ ~_ \. 2,),.,6.6","_rP --1-=-l-=-O--- - - - - - - ---------{(

TEe H N I QUE' VOLUME 19 • #6 ) } - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Know Your by Dr. William A. Mitchell Jr., MD New England Baptist Bone & Joint Institute USA Gymnastics Member of the National Health Care Advisonj Committee

How Knee Injuries Occur Gymnastics performance demands elements of power and form that rely on the knee joint for balance and stability. The knee is a vulnerable joint composed of many areas that are easily injured. Activities that involve repeated running and landing place the knee under stress. Missed landings or incorrectly executed somersaults or twisting somersaults may result in significant injury.

(ommon Knee Injuries Most knee injuries are the result of overuse or tendon strains of large muscle groups that connect to the knee. These muscles are the quadriceps and hamstrings. Occasionally, forces generated by missed landings cause joint cartilage and/or ligament (continued on page 12)

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KNEES (continued from page 11)

Missed landings or

incorrectly executed somersaults or twisting somersaults may result in significant iniury.

tears and bone fractures . However, most common pain symptoms are the result of repetitive stress to the tendons that control the gliding joint surfaces of the knee cap (called the patella femoral joint). Occasionally, abnormal alignment or kneecap instability can wear on cartilage of the knee cap and cause painful grinding. Common knee injuries include: •

Ligament tears (often to the anterior cruciate ligament)

Tendon injuries (called tendonitis) at the kneecap

Cartilage softening or breakdown

Occasionally, cartilage tears or bone fractures

Be Alert for the Following Symptoms •

Tenderness around the knee cap

Tenderness to touch at the top prominence at the front of the shin bone

Swollen or puffy appearance around the front of the knee

Limited motion or a feeling of stiffness in the knee

Sensitivity to touch at the sides of the knee when the knee is extended or bent

Painful locking or catching of the knee

~1-1-2-----------------i( TEe H N I QUE· VOLUME 19 • #6

) f - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -

Knee pain with standing, walking or running

Painful grinding at the knee cap

is the single most important measure for preventing knee injuries. A tired athlete is more apt to falter in technique and become injured.

Diagnosing and Treating Knee Injuries Comprehensive evaluation, including radiological tests like x-rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are needed to diagnose injuries that cause joint swelling, pain on weight bearing or loss of motion. Some injuries may require arthroscopic surgery to repair ligament and cartilage tears.

Rehabilitating Knee Injuries Usually, a physician can prescribe conditioning exercises to correct muscle imbalance and promote flexibility after pain subsides. These exercises can be carried out by a physical therapist, coach or trainer working with the gymnast. Strength training and/ or knee sleeves designed to enhance muscle and tendon balance hasten the gymnast's return to tumbling, dismounts and vaulting. While the knee is mending, practice can focus on skills such as swing events that do not stress the knee.

Alternate tumbling and vaulting to reduce fatigue and repetitive impact.


Use skill cushions for tumbling, vault landings, and apparatus dismounts.


Make certain gymnasts are able to complete rotations with proper landing when performing somersaults with twists and twists within multiple somersaults.


Always use skill cushions or landing pits when practicing landings from complex skills.

For Gymnasts with Knee Injuries or Pain:

Preventing and Treating Knee Injuries 1)


Reducing fatigue of the large muscle groups of the leg


Gymnasts with knee pain should be seen by a physician familiar with athletic injuries.


If a knee cap malalignment disorder is diagnosed, have the gymnast wear knee sleeves during training.


Ensure that ligament instability is corrected before running or landing dismounts are re-introduced into training .•

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We'd Like to welcome the Texas Sports Ranch as a

We talked with Ron Galimore, USA Gymnastics Senior Director for the Men's Program, about the new Training Center and here's what he had to say.

new USA Gymnastics NationaL Training Center for


men. This program mirrors the OLympic Training Center Resident program in CoLorado Springs, CoLo., which is currentLy at capacity. This designation was a resuLt of our new sponsorship reLationship with Texaco and will provide an additionaL residentiaL training opportunity for our top eLite athLetes preparing for internationaL competition.

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How did the Texas Sports Ranch receive this designation?

A: Texaco, a USA Gymnastics sponsor, showed an interest in getting involved with men's gymnastics. The National Training Center concept was pitched to Texaco which sparked its interest. Since Texaco was based in Texas and wanted a strong presence in the Houston area, plus the Texas Sports Ranch facility met all the requirements, the two made a perfect match. Q:

What are some of the qualifications for becoming a designated National Training Center?

TECH N' 0 UE • VO LUME 19 • #6


A: The facility must house the right equipment to train elite level gymnasts. Room and board must be provided for the athletes and coaches either on site or in close proximity to the training facility. And, a university or college campus must be near the location of the center in order to fulfill the educational component of the program. These are a few of the basic qualifications that we look for when considering National Team Training Center designation. Q:

How do sponsorship dollars work?

A: In the case of the Texas Sports Ranch, corporate sponsorship dollars from Texaco have been designated in five areas including: facility rental, travel for the athletes and coaches to events, scholarships so that the athletes can further their education, room and board for the athletes, and a salary for the coach. It's possible to designate a facility as a National Training Center and later hire a coach for the approved athletes at the facility. Q:

So the athletes are able to train for free if selected?


Yes, that's correct. This situation is just like the Olympic Training Center.


How are the athletes selected?




Support letters must be received from the athlete's current personal coach and his parents.


The application is subject to review by the Men's Program Committee. The bottom line is only athletes who have a potential of making a World or Olympic Team will be considered for this type of program. The athlete's current level and potential to impact our international program is what is

The National office must receive a letter of application to a training center from the athlete.

(continued on page 16)

Curriculum Poster Reward System • Proven Effective in Building Enrollment Retention • Provides a SAFE and Progressive Teaching System • Sets ACHIEVABLE Goals • Motivates Parents and Students • Keeps Records of when Skills are Passed • Valuablefor Measuring Teacher Efficiency


Jell Lulla is a member of the USAG Preschool Advisory Board and co-author of the Kinder Accreditation for Teachers (KAT) course. He is also a USAG National Safety Instructor, an industry consultant, and is a seminar presenter for the USAIGC. and USA Gymnastics. He owns two successful gyms in Southern California.

Upon enrollment evelY student receives a Poster TO TAKE HOME. The whole famjly can monitor the student's progress and share in the excitement as stars are awarded for ski ll s learned. Includes training videos, curriculum cards, award certificates and more.


__ _A£TfR_U.SA.G CONGRfSS1___ _

Fun & Fit Gymnastics is putting together a very sF>ecial event to take place Sunday, August 29, 1999, following the USAGs National Congress in Sacramento, California. Imagine being picked up at your hotel in Sacramento and taken directly to the American River where you will enjoy a full day of exciting white water rafting, an all-you-can -eat BBQ lunch, a vis it to historic Sutter's Mill, and wine tasting in the local wine country before returning you to your hotel. For more info, call me at the BOO number below, or call River Runners at BOO-BIB-RAFT to re serve your space.

For Details, FREE VIDEO, In/ormation and Samples, call (800) 800-3162 Now find us on the Internet at

A: Yes, it has been a great suc-

cess. Currently more than half of our senior national team members train at one of the National Training Centers. Our goal is not to have all of the national team members train at a national training center. We want to continue to support university and club programs who are able to train athletes at the elite level. But, the national training centers do provide another option for highlevel athletes who are not in a current club or college environment. We feel it's important to have these opportunities available to athletes who can benefit from them. TEXAS SPORTS RANCH BECOMES A NEW NATIONAL TRAINING CENTER FOR MEN (continued from page 15)

reviewed. Each athlete is evaluated individually. The personal coach, the athlete and the coach of the National Training Center work together to determine if the situation is a viable option.


Would you like to see other National Training Centers develop in the United States?


Yes, of course. We are always looking to expand the training options for our athletes. My goal is to establish four or five National Training Centers around the country housing six to eight athletes each who could compete against one another on a regular basis. This would build the base of elite men's gymnastics in the United States .•

Why is it important to get support from the personal coaches?

A: We don't want college and club coaches feeling that their gymnasts are going to be recruited to the National Training Center. This opportunity is just another option for high-level gymnasts and exists for those who it can benefit. Here are some examples of athletes who could benefit from this program: 1)

an exceptionally talented elite athlete who is losing motivation at his current gym because he has no one to train with at his current level.


a post collegiate athlete who would like to continue to train and make World and Olympic teams.


a gymnast who trains at a high level but has no aspirations of competing in the collegiate program.

We always want to work with the personal coaches of gymnasts to determine that this environment is really best for his athlete and will enable him to meet his maximum potential.



If your club is interested in seeking a National

Team Training Center designation or you have an athlete who could benefit from this program apply to:

Ron Galimore Men's Program Senior Director USA Gymnastics Pan American Plaza 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

or call Ron at 317-237-5050 ext. 231.

In your opinion has the National Training Center at the Olympic Training Center been a success?

.-.-= ' -=6---


- - - - - - - - - - - { ( TEe H N I QUE· VOLUME 19 • #6 ) ) - - - - - - - - - -- - --

- --

USA GYMNASTICS 1999 KAT WORKSHOP SCHEDULE (Pre-registration guarantees a KAT workbook and place at the workshop)

USA GYMNASTICS HAS RECENTLY PUBLISHED A NEW KAT WORKBOOK! The new 1999 KAT workbook has updates relative to bridges, headstands, stretching, Atlantoaxial instabi lity new lesson plans and much more! This workbook wi ll be utilized in the upcoming KAT workshops. The new KAT workbook is available for $ 16.00 (i ncludes shipping and handling) to everyone who has received their KAT certification . please call Pat Warren at 317-237-5050 ext. 337 or email pwarren@usa-gymnastics .org if you are interested in attending a KAT workshop, hosting a KAT workshop or ordering the NEW KAT Workbook.










Oshkosh, WI

Region IV Regional Congress




Cooper City, FL

Park Avenue Gymnastics


Ju ne


Atlanta, GA

Region VI II Regiona l Congress




Louisville, KY

Kentucky Gymnastic Academy




Campbell, CA

West Valley Gymnastic School




Clearwater, FL

Florida State Clinic/ Jeff La Fleur




Sacra mento, CA

USA Gymnastics National Congress




Austin, TX

GAT Convention/Capita l Gymnastics

51 2-251 -2439



Oakbrook, IL

Region V Regional Congress

630-351 -9704



Hazleton, PA

Faberge Foll ies




New York, ' NY

Region VI Reg ional Congress/ Chelsea Piers Gym


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USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program


1999 CongressFest and TeamGymn COMPETITION G1(EliteSportsWear ~ .......


The USA Gymnastics GG Advisory Panel will host two General Gymnastics events in conjunction with the 1999 National Congress in Sacramento, Calif.

congressFest CongressFest will be on Fri. and Sat., August 27-28, in the Congress Exhibition Hall Performance Area-primarily during the morning and early afternoon hours. At a General Gymnastics "Fest/' groups perform 5-8 minute routines choreographed to music. Groups range in size from 840 performers. These display routines feature the broad range of general gymnastics activities, such as dance, tumbling, cheer, rhythmic, acro-sport, and sport aerobics, etc.

TeamGymn The TeamGymn competition will be on Thurs., August 26, in the Congress Exhibition Hall Performance Area-primarily during the morning and early afternoon hours. Groups will compete in both Jump (a combination of tumbling, vaulting, and mini-tramp) and Group Floor events to determine their Total TeamGymn score. Teams may consist of a11female, all-male, or "mixed" squads.

Costs The cost will be $20 per performer entered in both CongressFest and the TeamGymn competition or $15 per performer entered in either Congress Fest or TeamGymn. The registration deadline is July 30, but early registration is strongly recommended 1

For more information For more information on these General Gymnastics activities and the Registration Form for the 1999 CongressFest and TeamGymn competition, visit the GG pages on the USA Gymnastics website: http://www-usa-gymnastics . org/ gg/ or contact Steve Whitlock at 317-237-5050, ext. 236.

To receive a FREE ca talog ... phone

1·800 ·345·4087


1·610 ·921·0208 Or request a cata log thro ugh our web site www.gk·

e- mail




USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program Elite Sportswear, 1.I~. P.O. Box 16400 · Reading. PA 19612-6400


Athletes learn perfect tumbling technique in a fraction of the normal training time. Bar skills are learned just as easily with the optional fiberglass training rail. Our unique frame extension with diagonal springing at the end of the bed makes takeoffs from the Powertrac firm and steady. The entire bed is double sprung with the finest quality 6" steel wire chromed springs. Custom sizes available. Special pricing is available on our 32" training pit when purchased with a Powertrac.

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HOST CITY Sacramento, California

CONGRESS DATES • Pre-Congress Add-Ons Wednesday, August 25 (all day), Sacramento Convention Center • Congress Sessions August 26-28, Sacramento Convention Center • Post-Congress Add-Ons Sunday, August 29 (in the morning), Sacramento Convention Center • 1999 John Hancock u.S. Gymnastics Championships August 25-28, ARCO Arena RATES AND REGISTRATION DATES Individual USA Gymnastics Professional & Instructor Members and USTTA Members

• $200 Pre-registration (postmarked by July 31, 1999) • $225 For on-site registration Non-Member Congress Registration

• $300 for Pre-registration (postmarked by July 31, 1999) $325 on-site registration NOTE: Use the Individual Congress Registration Form on next page. No Individual pre-registration forms will be accepted after July 31,1999. After this date, you must register on site.

Congress Attendees with special needs must notifij USA Gymnastics in writing in this regard prior to the July 31 preregistration deadline. We suggest that this information be included with their Congress Pre-registration Form. USA GYMNASTICS MEMBER CLUBS For USA Gymnastics Member Clubs that pre-register their staff as a group (who are USA Gymnastics professional or instructor members) by June I, 1999, the following group discount will apply:

• $200 for the first listed person on the Member Club Congress Registration Form. • $175 each for the next listed staff members (up to five additional names) on the Member Club Congress Registration Form. NOTE: Member Clubs will receive this special Member Club Congress Registration Form in a mailing to them in April. It must be returned postmarked no later than June t 1999 to receive this special group rate. No Member Club group Registration forms will be accepted after June t 1999.

PRESENTATIONS Sessions will be conducted at the beautiful Sacramento Convention Center providing a modern, elegant and flexible environment for the Congress. Sessions will feature informative speakers discussing club business,




technique & sport science, preschool & developmentat judges training, as well as men's, women's, general gymnastics, tumbling and trampoline, and rhythmic topics.

JOHN HANCOCK U.S. GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS TICKET INFORMATION FOR CONGRESS AnENDEES The 1999 ticket packages have been designed with special attention paid to the Congress attendees. By doing so, USA Gymnastics wants you to enjoy one of the most important competitions of the 1999 season! See page 26.

CONGRESS EXHIBITION HALL One of the highlights of the annual USA Gymnastics National Congress is the Exhibition Hall. This is where gymnastics industry suppliers and consultants display and sell their products and services. You will find the latest and greatest in gymnastics equipment, apparel and services!

CONGRESS SWING DANCE PARTY AND THE AWARDS CEREMONY AND BANQUET This year all Congress attendees may attend the Congress Swing Dance Party as part of their registration. Congress dancers will enjoy a variety of music and some great food (heavy hors d'oeuvres) beginning at 10:15 p.m. Attendees preferring to start the evening with a sit-down dinner beginning at 10:00 p.m., may pre-register* for the USA Gymnastics Awards Ceremony and Banquet. The Award Ceremony will honor outstanding coaches, athletes and contributors and conclude with the induction of new members to the prestigious USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

NOTE: Attendees preferring to attend the sit-down dinner and Awards Ceremony and Banquet must pay an additional $25 when they submit their Congress registration. EXHIBIT HALL HOURS (tentative, subject to change)

• Thursday, August 26 • Friday, August 27 • Saturday, August 28

11 :30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

On Saturday, August 28, the USA Gymnastics Congress Exhibition Hall will be open to the general public and gymnastics fans from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. for $5.00 per person. Day-Passes will be available for purchase at the Congress Registration Desk.

NOTE: Children under the age of 12 will be admitted free when accompanied by their parent or guardian.





Minimum age for Congress registration is 16.


No Pre-Registration after July 31 After July 31 you must register on-site




Complete one Form per person-Photocopy for additional Registrations. Your Pro Address (listed in the USA Gymnastics member database) will be used for all correspondence.

CONGRESS COSTS PRO, INSTRUCTOR, & USAn MEMBERS $200 Pre-registration (postmarked by July 31) $225 for on-site registration Name


Birth date ........... L

....... / ..


NON-MEMBERS $300 Pre-registration (postmarked by July 31) $325 for on-site registration

. .... .............. ..... .... ........... Social Security No . ..

USA Gymnastics Pro/lnst. No.

.. USATI No .

Mailing Address .

.. ... ..... ..... ....... 0 This is a new address


.... State ............... ............................. .. .


Night phone (

Day phone ( Club name ..

...... ... ................................................ .... . club number

Must check club owner box for admittance to Exhibition Hall Preview Check all that apply: 0 Club Owner 0 Coach 0 Judge o SC 0 RC 0 NC o Men's Artistic Gymnastics 0 Women's Artistic Gymnastics

0 RG

0 GG

0 TT




Tolal Amounl Enclosed ~




Make check/Money Order Payable to USA Gymnastics


Charge: 0 Visa 0 Discover 0 Mastercard Card #



, """"""""""""" Exp. ..

"""", ........ , Signature .


please return this registration form to: USA Gymnastics Congress, Pan American Plaza, Suite 300, 201 S. Capitol, Indianapolis, IN 46225 FAX: 317-237-5069 ATTENTION: CATHY ALLEN THE INDIVIDUAL CONGRESS FEE INCLUDES: • Credential for entrance to Congress sessions and clinics August 26-28, 1999. • Entrance to the Exhibit Hall featuring the industry's finest products and services . • One ticket to the Congress Swing Dance Party on Saturday evening, August 28. (Additional Congress Dance Party tickets for spouse/ guests are $50 each-available at on-site registration). • Opportunity to purchase a ticket fo r the special Congress Banquet and Ceremony on Saturday evening, August 28 if desired . NOTE: Seating is limited at this function. Tickets will be distributed on first come, first serve basis upon receipt of Congress Registration Form. Additional tickets are $75 each and may be pre-ordered with Congress


Please fill out the special Member Club

CANCELLATION POLICY All cancellations must be in writing

Before July 31 51 - registration fee less $30 service (harge per person can(eling After July 31 51 - 50%of registration fee per person can(eling Submit request in writing to USA Gymnastics Attention : Cathy Allen Language: The Official Language of the 1999 Congress is English . USA Gymnastics wi ll make no special provisions for translation of sessions into other languages. Videataping: Videotaping of Congress sessions is permitted FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY unless the Session Presenters announce that his/ her/ their session may not be videotaped . Congress Attendees with special needs must notify USA Gymnastics in writing in this regard prior to the July 31 preregistration deadline. We suggest that thi s information be included with the Congress Pre-registration Form.


Registration to talce advantage of the group

diSlount. The forms will be . /lIIla".,d to all IfteJmD." Clubs or (all


HOTEL and other TRAVEL .~.~.-~-~-~---.-~OFFICIAL HOTELS FOR THE 1999 NATIONAL CONGRESS Hyatt Regency 1209 L Street

Sacramento Hilton Inn ] [ Sacramento 2200 Harvard Street ~:/.~~_ Sacramento, CA 95815 "#;rv.r~(916) 922-4700 INN

The Sacramento Hilton is located in the Point West Area, adjacent to the Arden Fair mall which features Nordstroms and 85 specialty stores. It is located within minutes of area restaurants and entertainment options, as well as to Downtown Sacramento and Old Town. The hotel boasts 331 beautifully appointed guest accommodations with many in-room amenities. Hotel features include: concierge level with private lounge, Harvard Street Grill, Pool, Spa & Fitness Center, Sand Volleyball Courts, and Complimentary Parking.

The Hyatt Regency Sacramento is ideally located in downtown Sacramento, adjacent to the Convention Center and just 15 minutes away from Sacramento International Airport. All 500 deluxe guest rooms are spacious and well appointed. A large pool and hot tub, surrounded by lush landscaping, are heated year round. Also available is an on-site fitness center. Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza 300 J Street ~ Sacramento, CA .1.L~9 ~'VU\.. (916) 446-0100 ,~ RESERVATION POLICY (FOR ALL THREE CONGRESS HOTELS) RESERVATIONS FOR THE CONGRESS HOTELS MUST BE MADE THROUGH THE SACRAMENTO CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU USING THE HOUSING REQUEST FORM ON PAGE 25.


Located downtown, the Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza has 364 beautifully decorated guest rooms and suites. A variety of arrangements offer flexibility for the conventioneer. Amenities include: swimming pool, saunas, exercise room, complimentary newspaper, and gift shop.

RENTAL CARS The following car rental agencies are located at the Sacramento International Airport. Alamo 800-327-9633; Avis 800-831-2847; Budget 800-527-0700; Enterprise 800-325-8007; Hertz 800-654-3131; National 800-227-7368; Thrifty 800-367-2277. If you plan on renting a car, you may want to consider Oakland or San Francisco Airports, which are 11j2-2 hours drive to Congress. HOTEL PARKING Hyatt Regency $7.00/night self service; $12.00/night valet service Holiday Inn Capital Plaza $5.00/night self service; $8.00/night valet service Sacramento Hilton Inn Free parking adjacent to hotel ARCO ARENA $6.00/day (Championships)

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Ross & Babcock is the Travel Agency of Choice for USA Gymnastics. Call the USA Gymnastics Travel Desk (317-237-5050, ext. 259) now to make your reservations for the 1999 USA Gymnastics Congress. Ross & Babcock is a full-service travel agency and can arrange for all of your travel needs.






~~ Winding Way


O············· ······· · ········~··········

.......................................... 'CONGRESS CARMICHAEL SESSIONS & EXHIBITION Marconi Ave HALL

Hyatt Regency ~ 1209 L Street ... £

EI (amino Ave

e ··· ···. \..~.,«ii.. ...;!l:

Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza 300 J Street




~~ r:,<f








Arden Way




<.: <it'" ~~\,\.~~


~( Fruilridge Rd




Sacramento Hilton Inn 2200 Harvard Street


'"cc ;


Florin Rd






.~ u::


RESERVATION POLICY: phone reservations ARE NOT accepted. The cut-off date for making reservations is JULY 31, 1999. When making reservations, you must include a $60 deposit per room. Any changes or cancellations must be made directly with the hotel. Deposits are refundable only with a 48 hour cancellation notice to the hotel. A "Reservation Acknowledgement" will be mailed for each reservation processed by the Sacramento Convention Visitors Bureau. NOTE: All rooms are subject to a 12% occupancy tax. HOTEL




Hyatt Regen(y'

1209 "L" 51.






Holiday Inn Capilol Plaza

300 "J" 51.






Sauamenlo Hilton

2200 Harvard St.

















lst ____________________________________________ 2nd ____________________________________________ 3rd



o o o o o

Single (1 person/ l bed) Double (2 pplll bed) Double/ Double (2 ppll2 beds) Triple (3 ppll2 beds) Quard (4 ppl / 2 beds)

Special Needs/ Requests ________________________________

' Headquarter Hotel is the Hyatt Regen(y

You can guorantee your room with 0 credit cord or make checks payable to:

Name _____________________________________________


O rganization _________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________

1303 NJ" STREET, SUITE 600, SACRAMENTO, CA 94814-3929. ATTN: HOUSING DEPT. or fax fa: (916) 264-8964 (ATTN: JULIE/HOUSING) Credit Card Type ____________________________________

City/State/Zip _______________________________________

Expiration Date ___________________________________

Phone (

Card# __________________________________________

Arrival Date

Departure Date

Name __________________________________________

L ___________________________________ _ ____ ___ ______ _ _ _ _____________ ___ ______________ _

FOR HOUSING QUESTIONS, CALL (916) 264·7617 • M·F 8:00 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M. TECHNIQUE· VO LU ME 19 • #6





The 1999 ticket packages have been designed with special attention to the Congress attendees. By doing so, USA Gymnastics invites you to enjoy one of the most important competitions of the 1999 season-the John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships for Men and Women . This ticket request for special prices and priority seating must be postmarked by July 31, 1999. Ticket orders will be processed in the order in which they are received. Don't wait-buy your tickets now! If you wish to be seated with another group or person , please put your total order on one form . The Sacramento Sports Commission will not coordinate separate forms . All ticket purchases are non-refundable. Congress attendees MUST use th is order form to order discounted tickets. There is a $1 .00 service charge on all orders. Tickets will be mailed no later than th ree weeks prior to the event. General Public ticket sales wil l begin in June. For informa tion and to order General Publ ic tickets, contact: Sacramento Sports Commission (916) 264-7718, (916) 264-8273 FAX.

Fill out all information on this form, make check payable to Sacramento Sports Commission and mail to: Sacramento Sports Commission • 106 K Street, Suite 330 • Sacramento, CA 95814.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------, CONGRESS ATTENDEE TICKET ORDER FORM COMPETITION


Wednesday, August 25 Jr. (M) M & Event Finals Sr. (M) M & Event Finals

1 pm

$ 14


7 pm

$ 30


1 pm

$ 14


7 pm

$ 30


Thursday, August 26 Jr. (W) M & Event Finals Sr. (W) M Finals .............

... ....




$ 6 $13

$ 5

$ 6 $13

$ 5 $ 8

$ 8





1= 1



x 1x


1= 1






1= 1






1= 1




..... ....... .. . .. .... ......... ...... . . ...... . .... .. ........... . .. .. . .. . . .. . ............. .. .. . ... . ....... . .. .... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Friday, August 27 (M) M Finals

7 pm

$ 30



$ 8







1= 1


. ........... . . ..... ............... . ...... . .. . .......... ....... . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Saturday, August 28 Jr. (W) M Finals Sr. (W) Event Finals

1 pm 6 pm

$ 14


$ 6

$ 30



$ 5 $ 8


$ 70


$ 70 $ 128


$30 $30










x 1x


1= 1



1= 1








I: 1



1= 1




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .

STRIP TICKETS All (M) Events All (W) Events All (MW) Events (same seat!)

x x 1x

+ $1.00



Card No.



a Other



AMOUNT ENCLOSED ..._$____________...1

Exp . Date ... Nome Address

phone ( .... State ..

................. Zip .......... .... _..



No Pre-Registration after August 13 After August 1 3 you must register on-site for a $25 additional late fee per course per person


NOTE: Due to limited space and materials, admission to Congress add-ons is not guaranteed unless pre-registeredo Due to time constraints, several courses may overlap. Please be aware of this when scheduling add -ons.


Use this form to register for the 1999 Congress tests, examinations, certifications, etc. One form per person. PhotocofY for additional add-on registrations. NOTE: Your Pro Address (listed in the USA Gymnastics member database) will be used for 01 correspondence •

....... Social Security No . .

Name Birth date


USA Gymnastics Pro/lnst. # .


.. .... ..... USATI #

............ 0 THIS IS ANEW ADDRESS

Mailing Address ............. .. .. ....... State

City Day Phone (


) ...


Night Phone (


Check appropriate space for the add-ons you wish to attend. INST. PRO NON SUB MEMBER MEMBER MEMBER TOTAL


SAFETY CERTIFICATION COURSES Minimum age for Safety Certification is 17 '/2

Wed. August 25, 1·5 pm

a For remts. MUST be currently a For those not already safety certified.

safety certified AND a pro-member.

$50 $50

$0 $50

$1000 $100 0

Sun. August 29, 9·1 pm a For recerts. MUST be currently safety certified AND a pro·member. a For those not already safety certified.

$50 $50

$0 $50

$1000 $100 0



a Wed. August 25, 1-4 pm




Course #1 a Sun. August 29, 9-12 noon Course #2




ASEP COACHING PRINCIPLES COURSE a Wed. August 25, 9 am-6 pm NOTE: Enrollment limited, Pre-registration required.


KINDER ACCREDITATION FOR TEACHERS (KAT) a Wed. August 25, 9 am-6 pm $140 NOTE: Pre-registration guarantees a KAT Workbook. Enrollment is limited. Minimum age is 16.



ATHLETE WELLNESS COURSE (AWC) a Sun. August 29, 8 am-1 pm Participants must register by July 31 so the textbook, The Athlete Wellness Book, can be sent in advance. This year's course will focus on practical application of textbook material with increased time for question and answer and small group discussion.




NOTE: Except for the MCCA, Add·On participants do NOT need to also be registered for the 1999 Congress.

AACCA (CHEER) CERTIFICATION FOR USA GYMNASTICS COACHES a Fri. August 27, 3-6: 15 pm For registration form contact AACCA at 1-800-533-6583 or email Send $55 payment to AACCA. PROGRAM COURSES Women's Skill Evaluator Examination a Sun. August 29, 9-10:30 am $9 Women's Judges Certification Exams a Sun. August 29, 8-12 noon Registration form is in NAWGJ Newsletter. Send payment 10 JCI by August 6, 1999. Rhythmic Judging Course Exams (written) a Sun. August 29, 9-11 am - All levels $20

LANGUAGE: The Official language of the 1999 Congress is English. USA Gymnastics will make no speciol provi· sions for translation of sessions into other languages.


VIDEOTAPING: Videotaping of Congress Add·On sessions is permiHed FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY unless the individual Session Presenters announce that his/her/their session may not be videotaped.


CONGRESS ATTENDEES WITH SPECIAL NEEDS must notify USA Gymnastics lin writingi in this regard prior to the July 31 pre-registration deadline. We suggest that this information be included with the Congress Add·On Pre·registration Form.



Please return this registration form to: USA Gymnastics Congress Pan American Plaza, Suite 300, 201 South Capitol Indianapolis, IN 46225 FAX: 317·237-5069 ATTENTION: Tina Sunier


1..;. 1. $_ _ _ _ _......1



0 Discover 0 Mastercard

0 Amex

Card No . Exp. Date .. ...... ..... .......... ....... . Signature (required)




S C H E D NOTE: The following schedule is tentative and subject to change.

TUESDAY 5:00 pm-7:00 pm


Various meetings

8: 15 am-9:30 am

Round 5 Congress Sessions

9:00 am-5:30 pm


"Add-ons" and various meetings ('Requires pre-registration)

10:15 am-ll :30 am

Round 6 Congress Sessions

1:00 pm-2:15 pm

Round 7 Congress Sessions

Kinder Accreditation for Teachers (KAT) Workshop'

3:00 pm-4: 15 pm

Round 8 Congress Sessions

3:00 pm-6: 15 pm 4:30 pm-5:30 pm

AACCA Cheer Certification

7:00 pm

John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships (Men's AA Finals)

SATURDAY 7:00 am-8:00 am 9:00 am-3:00 pm 8:00 am-9:15 am 9:30 am-I 0:30 am 10:45 am-12 Noon 9:00 am-3:30 pm


(Sacramento Convention Center)

9:00 am-6:00 pm 9:00 am-6:00 pm

ASEP Coaching Principles Course'

12 Noon-8:00 pm


1:00 pm-4:00 pm 1:00 pm-5:00 pm

PDP I Video Clinic #1'

1:00 pm 7:00 pm

THURSDAY 7:00 am-7:00 pm

John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships (Men AA Finals) John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships (Sr. Men AA Prelims & Event Finals)

• AUGUST 26 Congress Registration (Sacramento Convention Center)

7:00 am-8:00 am

Various meetings Exhibition Hall set-up (Exhibitors only)

8:30 am-9:45 am 10:15 am-ll:30 am

Round 1 Congress Sessions

10:30 am-II :30 am

Exhi bition Hall Preview Gym Club Owners Only! (Please check the club owner box on your pre-registration form)

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1:00 pm

John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships (Jr. W AA Prelims & Event Finals) Round 3 Congress Sessions Round 4 Congress Sessions John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships (Sr. W AA Finals)

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Safety Certification Course'

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Various meetings Congress Registration Desk open Round 9 Congress Sessions President's Assembly Round 10 Congress Sessions EXHIBITION HALL OPEN TO REGISTRANTS (General public may enter with purchase of Day-Pass)

John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships (Jr. W AA Finals) 1:30 pm-2:45 pm Round 11 Congress Sessions Round 12 Congress Sessions 3: 15 pm-4:30 pm John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics 6:00 pm Championships (Sr. W Event Finals) 9:30 pm Seating begins for the Congress Awards Ceremony and Banquet" 10:00 pm-12 midnight Congress Awards Ceremony and Banquet" Doors open to Congress Swing 10:00 pm Dance Party 10:15 pm-l:30 am Congress Swing Dance Party 1:00 pm

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Women's (JCI) written and practical judging exams. (Must pre-register with NAWGJ)

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Athlete Wellness

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Rhythmic Judging Course Exams'

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PDP I Video Clinic #2'

5 T R






WITH THE USA GYMNASTICS CONGRESS BUS SHUTTLE Reserve Your Seat Today! For only $20.00 per delegate you will receive transportation to the following: • Airport pickup upon arrival to the Congress hotels: Hyatt Regency, Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza and Sacramento Hilton Inn. • Transportation to and from Congress hotels to the Sacramento Convention Center Congress sessions and exhibition. • Transportation to and from Congress hotels to Arco Arena for the 1999 John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships. • Transportation to and from Arco Arena/ Congress hotels to the Sacramento Convention Center for the Ceremony of Honors and Congress Party. • Hotel pickup from Congress hotels to airport for departure.


Fill out all information on this form, make check (SORRY, NO CREDIT CARDS) payable to Sacramento Region Sports Education Foundation and mail to: Sacramento Sports Commision, 106 KStreet, Suite 330, Sacramento, CA 95814.

D YES, I want to sign up for the USA Gymnastics Congress Bus Shuttle (Amount Enclosed $20.00) Name Club/Company

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-~ I'





/ I -





~\ I

-~ /

~ I

-~ I '


/ I -


/ I -

USA Gymnastics will host its first National Gymnastics Day on July 31, 1999. The purpose of this special day is to celebrate the positive benefits of our sport, and increase its visibility around the United States. Our goal is to rally the entire country around one day of activities that unite all gymnastics clubs and their participants in a common effort. By doing so, we can deliver an incredible



Herels how to celebrate National Gymnastics Day with USA Gymnastics: Primary Markets: USA Gymnastics has identified 23 markets (see list) that will be the focus of National Gymnastics Day. Each market will have the following programming in at least one public forum, most likely a mall: I 1) Club demonstrations 2) National Team appearances

message which we believe will help increase participation in our sport. USA Gymnastics strives toward three main objectives. I 1) Win Olympic and World Championships medals


2) Increase the visibility of the sport 3) Grow participation at the grassroots level National Gymnastics Day was created to directly affect two of these objectives. Intended to be held annually, this day will create a national grassroots promotion that will bring gymnastics to the forefront of the American public. This celebration will take place on basically three levels, with activities ranging from mall demonstrations to cartwheelathons to open houses at gymnastics clubs.

1I"13-=-=-O--- -- - -- - - - - - - - - { (

TEe H N 10 UE â&#x20AC;˘ VOLUME 19 â&#x20AC;˘ #6


3) Gymnastics highlight video 4) Interactive area 5) Coupon for free gymnastics lesson at a local club USA Gymnastics identified a Local Event Coordinator in each primary market. USA Gymnastics will send each Local Event Coordinator a Club Marketing Kit that will assist in the local promotion of the event. Included in this kit will be PSA's for television and radio, sample press releases and print ads, promotional posters, on-site signage, etc. In addition, the Local Event Coordinators will service each promotion on-site.

Preferred Level: This level represents cities that were not identified as primary markets for 1999, but have a local person willing to organize a public show in

)1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

his / her local market. These markets will receive a Club Marketing Kit similar to the primary markets and will feature the following programming: I 1) Club demonstrations 2) Gymnastics highlight video


3) Interactive area 4) Coupon for free gymnastics lesson at a local club Participant Level: This level is for those clubs who will not have a public demonstration, but instead host an "Open House" to celebrate NGD. The Member Clubs participating at this level will be sent a Club Marketing Kit to promote NGD in their respective club. These clubs will promote "Free Gymnastics Lesson Day," decorate their gym, and in general, have a birthday party for gymnastics. It is our goal that a majority of clubs around the country will celebrate this day in some form. The success of National Gymnastics Day rests with all of us. Each member of USA Gymnastics must set aside July 31 as a day to build awareness and increase participation in our sport. The national office is working with Clairol, John Hancock, adidas, and other sponsors to build a national promotion strategy around National Gymnastics Day, and planning activities in malls and major cities around the country. We want to provide each Member Club with some level of support that assists you in the promotion of National Gymnastics Day. A Club Marketing Kit is currently being developed and will be distributed to

Show us how YOUR gym celebrated

National Gymnastics Day! Whether your club has an Open House, Exhibition, Mall Demonstration, Party, Outdoor Display or other activity, USA Gymnastics would love to see how you celebrated. Our goal is for National Gymnastics Day to grow year after year. In order to better market the celebration to sponsors and media, we need your helpl Send us any or all of the following: photos, videos, newspaper clips, magazine clips, and a short description of how your gym celebrated National Gymnastics Day and we'll publish the best celebrations in the November/ December issue of USA Gymnastics magazinel The paragraph or two describing your National Gymnastics Day celebration should be typed, double spaced and no more than one page. Please make sure you indicate the name of the gym, address, contact person, and phone number. The deadline is September 1. If you need materials returned, please include a self-addressed mailer.


Send to: USA Gymnastics, attn: National Gymnastics Day, Pan American Plaza, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225.

Member Clubs. USA Gymnastics is committed to providing specific tools that can help Member Clubs in their promotional activities. The benefits of National Gymnastics Day will include new participants to the sport of gymnastics; national and local exposure for the sport; an opportunity for Member Clubs to promote their programs within their community; and, an on-going promotion that strengthens the relationship between the national office and its Member Clubs.


Here are a few ideas for participation: •

Join with a local mall for exhibitions and clinics.

Host an open house in your clubs.

Work with local stores, daycares, schools, or other organizations to promote participation.

Partner with a local radio or television station to put on a special event.

Encourage the media to provide coverage of your club.


~ I


- - - - - - - - - - - - --

----j( TECH NIOU E •


19 • #6 )}----- -- - - - - - - ----::3:-::1:-111

SCHEDULE Gymnastics Training Center of Ohio Franklin, OH 45005

Tami Chamberlain 513-746-8051 or Alan Powers 513-746-2213

July 21

Faberge' Follies Hazleton, PA

Faberge' 570-384-4680

August 14

Medalist All -Star Gymnastics Pinellas Park, FL

Cindy Crane 727-898-5151 or 727-527-9215

July 17


For more information about the above Workshops, contact Paula Lord at 3 77-574-9277.

r---------------------------------------------, "GET IT GOING" RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS WORKSHOP REGISTRATION FORM (One form per person. Copy as needed for additional registrants.) Name ___________________________________________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________ State _____________________ Zip _____________________ Phone _________________________________ Social Security # _____________________________________ Pro./lnstructor # ___________________ Expiration _______________________ Date of Birth _______________ Organization Representing _______________________________________ Title ___________________________ Course Location (CityiState) _______________________________________ Date ___________________________

o $90 USA Gymnastics Member (Professional or Instructor only)

o 100 non-member

Make check payable to USA Gymnastics GIG Workshop or Charge to:

o Visa


0 Master Card

o Am Express

o Discover

Name on Card _____________________________________________ Signature (required) _________________ Card # _________________________________ Exp. Date _________________________________________ Mail registration form and payment at least two weeks prior to workshop to: USA Gymnastics - Rhythmic Program, 201 S. Capitol, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fax to 317-237-5069 (Late registrations or on-site registrations will be charged an additional $20.00.)

L __ _

.!I::s:..c:! :s~/: ~ :!.!.r,:!i:,s:,n:!..h::..te~:::.m~c:::.0:::: !:'::!!!. ~ :c::~ ;::n==:I:n':0:::' ~~ym:s:s~ ___ .J

--13-=--=-2----------------I( r EC H N I QUE

• VOLUM E 19 • #6 )l--

- - - - - - - - - - - - - --


LISTING Event Name -Invitational Event Site - Rocket City Gymnastics Center Event Start Date - 7/16/99 Club Name - Rocket City Gymnastics Center 1405-A Weatherly Plaza Huntsville, AL 35803 Phone - (205)881-3011 Women Levels - 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 PO

Event Name - San Luis Obispo Gymfest '99 Event Site - Central Coast Gymnastics Training Center Event Start Date - 10/9/99 Club Name - Central Coast Gymnastics Training Center 3566 S. Higuera St #300 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Phone - (805)549-8408 Fax - (805)786-4496 Women Levels - 5 6 PO

Event Name -Invitational Event Site - Rocket City Gymnastics Center Event Start Date - 8/6/99 Club Name - Rocket City Gymnastics Center 1405-AWeatherly Plaza Huntsville, AL 35803 Phone - (205)881-3011 Women Levels - 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 PO

Event Name - High Tech Fall Invitational Event Site - Technique Gymnastics Event Start Date - 10/ 9/99 Club Name - Technique Gymnastics 11345 Folsom Blvd Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Phone - (916)635-7900 Fax - (916)635-4940 Women Levels - 4 5 6 PO


CALIFORNIA Event Name - NAWGJ Judge's Cup Event Site - Technique Gymnastics Event Start Date - 8/21/99 Club Name - Technique Gymnastics 11345 Folsom Blvd Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Phone - (916)635-7900 Fax - (916)635-4940 Women Levels - 4 5 6 PO Event Name - 2000 or Bust Invite Event Site - California Sports Center Event Start Date - 9/26/99 Club Name - California Sports Center 3800 Blackford Ave., Ste. C San Jose, CA 95117 Phone - (408)246-7795 Fax - (408)246-7797 Women Levels - 5 6 Event Name - Fall Fest Event Site - Michael Anthony's School of Gymnastics Event Start Date - 10/9/99 Club Name - Michael Anthony's School of Gymnastics 2330-A Bates Avenue Bldg A .. Concord, CA 94520 Phone - (510)671 -0262 Women Levels - 5 6

Event Name - Big Valley Invitational Event Site - Lescisin Gymnastics Acodemy Event Start Date - 10/ 10/ 99 Club Name - Lescisin Gymnastics Academy 7404 Murray Drive Stockton, CA 95210 Phone - (209)477-8978 Fax - (209)477-9478 Women Levels - 5 6 PO Event Name - Hollywood Invitational Event Site - North Bay YMCA Gym Center Event Start Date - 10/ 23/ 99 Club Name - North Bay YMCA Gym Center 415 Mississippi St VallejO, CA 94590 Phone - (707)643-9622 Women Levels - 5 6 PO Event Name - High Tech Invite Event Site - Technique Gymnastics Event Start Date - 1/8/ 2000 Club Name - Technique Gymnastics 11345 Folsom Blvd Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Phone - (916)635-7900 Fax - (916)635-4940 Mens Levels - 1 2 3 4 6 7 EO

--.--o'3--c- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 ( 4

Event Name - High Tech Spring Invitational Event Site - Technique Gymnastics Event Start Date - 1/29/2000 Club Name - Technique Gymnastics 11345 Folsom Blvd Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Phone - (916)635-7900 Fax - (916)635-4940 Women Levels - 4 5 6 7 B 9 10 EO PO Event Name - Winter Optional Invitational Event Site - Santa Cruz Gymnastics Center, Inc. Event Start Date - 2/ 7/ 2000 Club Name - Santa Cruz Gymnastics Center, Inc. 2750 "B" Soquel Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95062 Phone - (831 )462-0655 Fax - (831 )458-1235 Women Levels - 7 8 9 10 PO Event Name - Mardi Gras Invitational Event Site - North Bay YMCA Gym Center Event Start Date - 2/ 19/2000 Club Name - North Bay YMCA Gym Center 415 Mississippi St Vallejo, CA 94590 Phone - (707)643-9622 Women Levels - 7 B 9 10 PO Event Name - 10th Annual Winter Open Event Site - California Sports Center Event Start Date - 2/ 19/2000 Club Name - California Sports Center 3800 Blackford Ave., Ste. C San Jose, CA 95117 Phone - (408)246-7795 Fax - (408)246-7797 Women Levels - 5 6 7 8 9 10 Event Name - Spring Spectacular Event Site - Tulave Veterans Memorial Event Start Date - 2/26/2000 Club Name - Central California Gymnastics Institute 9514 WPershing Ave Visalia, CA 93291 Phone - (209)651 -2244 Fax - (209)651-3176 Women Levels - 5 6 7 8 9 10 EO

TEe H N I QUE' VO LU ME 19 •

FLORIDA Event Name - Gold Coast Invitational Event Site - Santaluces C.H.S Event Start Date - 9/ 3/99 Club Name - Gold Coast Gymnastics, Inc. 1420 Rupp Lane Lake Worth, FL 33460 Phone - (561 )642-7264 Fax - (561 )642-4477 Women Levels - 2 3 4 5 6 PO Event Name - Brandy Johnson's Fall Fest Event Site - Brandy Johnson's Start Date - 10/16/ 99 Club name - Brandy Johnson's Clermont, FL 34711 Phone - (352)241-9300 Fax - (352)241-9246 Women Levels - 4 5 6 Event Name - Penquin Invitational Event Site - Park Avenue Gymnastics Start Date - 10/ 29/99 Club name - Park Avenue Gymnastics 12239 SW 53rd Street Cooper City, FL 33330 Phone - (954)434-0099 Fax - (954)434-0156 Women Levels - 4 5 6 Event Name - UGC Championships Event Site - Park Avenue Gymnastics Start Date - 12/17/99 Club name - Park Avenue Gymnastics 12239 SW 53rd Street Cooper City, FL 33330 Phone - (954)434-0099 Fax - (954)434-0156 Women Levels - 4 5 6

GEORGIA Event Name - Camp Out Event Site - The Family Y Event Start Date - 7/ 30/99 Club Name - The Family Y 3532 Wheeler Road Augusta, GA 30909 Phone - (706)738-6678 Fax - (706)738-4544 Women Levels - 5 6 7 8 9 10 PO

#6 ) r - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -

USA Gymnastics will kick off its new Merchandise Program at the 1999 National Congress in Sacramento!


What's Merchandise?

about USA Gymnastics




The first and biggest change will be our apparel line. .. adidas is now our official apparel sponsor and will be I~' working in conjunction with USA Gymnastics to offer a variety of merchandise. The plan is to target the young athlete with posters of his / her favorite gymnasts, items for the bedroom, back-to-school merchandise, and just your general everyday apparel. Don't worry coaches, judges and parents-we aren't going to forget you.

a~1 as

Second, clubs can now purchase merchandise in bulk quantities and resell the items in their sport shops. If you are a USA Gymnastics Member Club, you will receive a special discounted price list. Of course, if you just want to purchase a single item or two, you can still do that also.

If you're hosting a gymnastics competition, why not sell USA Gymnastics merchandise at the event? Plan ahead and work with the merchandise department to order appropriate quantities. Then, return what doesn't sell within 30 days of the purchase date and get a full refund. (Restrictions do apply.)

Those present at National Congress will get the first glimpse of the new line of Merchandise. See you in Sacramento!


I. ROLL CALL Meeting was called to order at 8:40 a.m. by Tom KoH, Chairman. Present: WTC Cheryl Hamilton EPC Roe Kreutzer WAB Jan Greenhawk Neil Resnick Region 1 La urie Reid Region 2 Cheryl Jarrett Region 3 Don Houlton Region 4 Region S John Geddert Larry Goldsmith Region 6 Mike Milchanowski Region 7 Region 8 Tim Rand Misty Moore Krystkowiak Athlete Rep: Guest Tammy Biggs Women's Program Director Ka thy Kelly JO Program Manager Connie Maloney

II. MOBILITY INTO LEVEL 7 Recommendation that, effective August 1, 1999, any gymnast who is a minimum age of 14 years and is also at least a freshman in High School is eligible to petition the State Board for entry into Level 7. The petition must be accompanied by a video that demonstrates her skill level. Motion-L. Reid Second-C Jarrett

Rationale statement: Since the involvement in Level 4 competitions has grown significantly over the last few years, with many clubs competing outside of their own states, there has evolved a need for consistency in the Start Values. The committee's philosophy is that the gymnast should be scored on the mastery of the skill chosen, and not given additional points for choosing to perform a more difficult skill. This is also consistent with the rationale used for Level 7 vault, in which all vaults are scored from a 10.00.

V. UNEVEN BARS A. LEVEL 4 BARS Recommendation that, effective August 1, 1999, the Level 4 Bar exercise may be performed competitively on a single bar. The single bar must meet the current Low Bar specifications as written in the Rules and Policies. Motion-L. Goldsmith Second-T. Rand PASSED B. LEVEL 7 BARS Clarification: The 360° (circling element requirement is changed to read: A 360° circling element that finishes or passes through a clear support at 60°. (Front and back hip circles and sole circles with feet on the bar throughout the circle DO NOT fulfill this requirement because the hips or feet remain in contact with the bar throughout or at the completion of the circle.) C LEVEL 8 BARS

ReeeMMeaaatiea te tke WTC te eftaage tfte 'ialtte ef a bew 8al G iaat heM A te 8 fel bevel 8 ealy

III. LEVEL 5 ATHLETE MEMBER REGISTRATION Recommendation to USA Gymnastics Member Services to change the Athlete Member application form to require only the printed name of the skill evaluator and their social security number, and to no longer require a signature. Motion-N. Resnick Second-C Jarrett PASSED

IV. LEVEL 4 START VALUES FOR VAULT AND BARS The committee discussed the Start Values that have been used in different areas of the country for the Squat and the Handspring va ults, as well as the Uneven Bar mounts (Pullover mount and Glide Kip). Important Note: The following motion was NOT APPROVED by USA Gymnastics Presiden t, Bob Colarossi, d ue to concern expressed by the gymnastics community. He requested that the JOPC reconsider this issue on a conference call in early June. The final decision will be printed in the July Technique and posted on the USA Gymnastics website. Recommendation that, effective August I, 1999, all Level 4 exercises will have a Start Value of 10.00, regardless of which Vault and Bar mount is performed. Motion-T. Rand Second-I. Geddert PASSED (5 in favor, 4 opposed)

I. . -=-3-=6-

MehsR L. Reid 5eesRd J. Geddert


VI. MEET FORMAT & RULES FOR COMPETITION A. COMPETITIVE (TOUCH) WARM-UP FOR BARS Recommendation that, effective August 1, 1999, the competitive (touch) warm-up time for uneven bars be changed to 30 seconds, with the setting of the bars not included in the competitive (touch) warm-up time. Motion-M. Milchanowski Second-D. Houlton PASSED B. WARM-UP TIMES FOR DIFFERENT MEET FORMATS Recommendation that, effective August 1, 1999, the meet format in which the athletes warm-up and compete in the same gym with warmups held immediately preceding competition on each event will be considered as a NON-traditional meet format, which would allow for a two minute per gymnast warm-up and up to 64 gymnasts per session. Motion-M. Milchanowski Second-L. Goldsmith PASSED C COMPETITIVE NUMBERS Recommendation to eliminate the requirement to wear competitive numbers at the Level 9 EastIWest and Level 10 Jr. Olympic National Championships. The meet director must provide a numbered card

- - - - - - -- - - -- - 1( TEC H N I au E • VOLU ME 19 • #6 )} - - - --


for each gymnast to be posted as "Now performing" as well as to be posted with the gymnast's Average Score. Motion-N. Resnick Second-L. Reid PASSED Note: The wearing of numbers has not been a requirement at Regional and below competitions. Rationale: The expense and more delicate fabrics of the leotards were the prime factors in this decision. The pins used to attach the number to the leotard have caused the ruin of the apparel, as well as potentially being a safety concern to the athletes if the pins become unfastened. D. SANCTION VIOLATIONS AT COMPETITIONS Connie Maloney reported that the office has had many letters of complaint regarding meets that were in violation of Rules and Policies. She reminded the committee members of their responsibility to enforce the USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies at competitions which they attend, and if a change is possible, to suggest such change, or at least inform the Meet Director that the format / equipment and/or other aspect of the meet does not meet the standards expected of a USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition. Sanction violations should be reported to the National Office in writing.

VII. WOMEN'S ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD REPORT Jan Greenhawk reported that the Administrative Board will be meeting next week, with the Rules & Policies as a priority. The Rules and Policies book will be updated annually as standard policy. She also appraised the committee of the moneys raised by the regions for the purpose of athlete support, in terms of awards and apparel, and commended the regional boards for their continued work on behalf of the athletes.

VIII. ELITE PROGRAM COMMITTEE REPORT Roe Kreutzer reported that USA Gymnastics initiated its first mentoring program in January and presently all Elite National Team members have been paired with a "big sister" mentor who was a previous National Team member. She also reported on the many national and international events/training camps that have taken place since January.

IX. WOMEN'S TECHNICAL COMMITTEE REPORT A. Cheryl Hamilton reported that the WTC, as requested by the JOPC, voted to add the following deduction to the Level 6 Uneven Bar exercise: Deduct 0.20 for the "Failure to contact the bar with the mid-to lower thighs between the completion of the Long Hang Pullover and the initiation of the Underswing." As requested by the WTC, the JOPC clarified the Level 6 Compulsory Bar text (page 126) by adding the following to #8 text, last sentence: Pass through a support phase, with the hips tal/ching or clear of the bar, and with the arms and legs straight throughout. B. The committee requested that the WTC review the expectations for the "opening" of salto vaults, and to provide the judging conimunity with more education with regards to this deduction. C. ReeafRfReftaatiaft ta aUaw Bath the straight leg afta the hlftge eftt~'!exit aft aU earAyheels faf :8alaftee :8eafR ift aU leT,'els aÂŁ the CafRIHllsaff exefeises. Matiaft ~. Resftiel( eeeafta M. ~{ilehaftawsld 2 ift faYer, 7 al"l"esea Matiaft D~P~ATBD Important Note: At the request of USA Gymnastics Women's Senior Program Director, Kathy Kelly, the committee will revisit this issue on a conference call in early June. The final decision will be printed in the July Technique and posted on the USA Gymnastics website.

(continued on page 38)

Practice Balance Beams

Competition Landing Mats

Contact Tiffin for all of your mat needs. Whether you need a single mat for home use, or enough mats to set up an entire gym - quality mats at affordable prices. Visit us on the web -

WOMEN'S PROGRAM UPDATE (continued from page 37) Rationale: The Committee has not changed its philosophy in regards to the straight leg entrance and exit technique of the above listed acro skills. It is the opinion of the committee that developmentally this technique is the most beneficial to promote sound basics. Currently a video is being developed to explain the benefits of using this technique with our novice athletes. In addition, there will be presentations at many of the Regional Congresses and National Congress to help educate the gymnastics community on this technique. D. Problems with use and / or identification of hop grip changes to fulfill the Special Requirement of a Release (flight) element on Uneven Bars were discussed. No changes were recommended at this time. However, it is the opinion of the JOPC that as long as both hands release simultaneously and the hop occurs within 20° of handstand, that the special requirement of a flight element is fulfilled .

X. REGIONAL MEETS The format and timing of regional meets were discussed. The committee was reminded that the Regional meets are under the jurisdiction of the Regional Board and the meet directors must submit the final meet formats for approval.

XI. RULES FOR J.O. NATIONALS Discussion ensued regarding the possible need for additional requirements for Level 10 Nationals and Regionals. Since there are still a good number of athletes who do not have a 10.0 start value, the committee did not recommend any change in difficulty and/or bonus requirements at this time. The committee did express again that the athletes can be separated by better evaluation of execution and/or amplitude. Regional Team Competition: Recommendation that if a region has less than five competitors in an age division, the squad of seven is to be filled with athletes (in rank order) from other regions, but the squad will not be considered for team score; the gymnasts will compete as individuals only. Motion-I. Geddert Second-M. Milchanowski PASSED

at Na tionals, and requested that the same equipment be used for both Regionals and Nationals. B. The JOPC has not approved the use of the 20 cm competition landing mats, therefore, Meet Direc tors must provide two 12 cm mats, especially at vault.

C. Recommendation to amend the following mounting rules for Bars and Beam to be effective August 1, 1999: For standing mounts: The gymnast may stand (without a board) on one or two competition landing mats to mount the Bars or Balance Beam, and may also stand on an "up to 4 inch skill cushion" (sting or throw mat) that is placed on the competition landing mat(s) for dismount purposes. The gymnast MAY NOT stand on an 8" skill cushion to mount. For mounts using a spring board: The board may be placed on one competition landing mat only, with or without a 11/4 inch base (panel) mat placed under or on top of the competition landing mat. Motion: C. Jarrett Second: M. Milchanowski PASSED D. Recommendation for Uneven Bars, effective August 1, 1999, that if a 4 inch throw mat (skill cushion) is placed on the competition landing mat(s) for dismount purposes, an 8 inch skill cushion may also be used for the purpose of protection on a release element; however, the 8 inch skill cushion must be removed immediately after the release element is performed. Motion-N. Resnick Second-L. Goldsmith PASSED

XIV. BIDS FOR JR. OLYMPIC COMPETITIONS IN THE YEAR 2000 Connie Maloney reported that the office has received one bid for the 2000 Level 9 Westerns and two bids for JI. Olympic Nationals. There are no bids for Level 9 Easterns; any club interested in bidding should contact the Na tional Office as soon as possible. The awarding of the meets will be made public within the next month.

xv. LEVEL 9 AND A. Level 9 Age Divisions Recommendation that, effective August 1, 1999, the following changes be made to the Level 9 age divisions:

Junior A:

July 1, 1987 and later

Junior B:

April 1, 1986 to June 30, 1987

Senior A:

November 1, 1984 to March 31, 1986

Senior B:

October 31, 1984 and earlier


AND 2001


Motion- J. Geddert Motion-T. Rand B. Level 10 Age divisions Recommendation to establish the 2000 age divisions for Level 10 by determining the birth dates of all 1999 Level 10 Regional competitors and then dividing into eight (8) equal groups. Motion-T. Rand Motion-N. Resnick PASSED




Choice of weekends for State meets (9 and/ or 10)

March 18·19 or March 25·26

March 31·Apri11 or April 7·8

March 15·16 or March 23·24

Last weekend for Level 9 Regionals First weekend for 10 Regionals (if held with Level9s)

April 8·9

April 21·22

April 6·7

Last weekend for Levell 0 Regionals

April 15·16

April 28·29

April 13-14

Level 9 EastMest

April 28·30

May 11·13

April 27 ·28

May 5·7

May 18·20

May 3·5


Level 10 Jr. Olympic Nationals

Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.


Next meeting is scheduled for May 7-8, 2000.

A. The committee members expressed concern that only two regions were supplied with AAI's new International bars that were provided

Approved by Bob Coiarossi, President May 25,1999

13..,....".S---------------i( ...

TEe H N 10 UE •

VOLUME 19 • #6 )} - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




continued from page 27

buil di n g blo c ks


RHYTHMIC JUDGING COURSE EXAM (WRlnEN) o Sun. August 29, 9-11 am All levels

, .........,.....,...,..7路 $20



SPORT SAFETY TRAINING CPR (ADULT/ CHILD) AND FIRST AID o Wed. August 2S, 8 amoS pm $55 $55 $75 Hosted by local American Red Cross. This 6i!2hour course features video and classroom instruction - plus a handy reference book to use and keep with you during competitions and practices. NOTE: Pre-registration is limited_First come, first served


TRAMPOLINE AND TUMBLING JUDGING COURSES o Wed. August 2S, 8 am- 12:30 pm T& Tjudges' courses may be taken by any interested party_No previous experience is required for level A. For level 8 certification, at least one year's experience at level Ais required. In order to maintain a rating, a judge must: 1. Allend a Continuing Education clinic each year, 2. Register with USA Gymnastics, and 3. Judge at least two meets each year in the discipline certified. level ATumbling $45 level ATrampoline $45 level ADouble-Mini Trompoline $45

o o o o o o

o Sun. August 29, 8 am-2 pm level 8 Tumbling level 8 Trompoline level 8 Double-Mini Trampoline

$45 $45 $45

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Sun. August 29, 8 am-2 pm level 2 Coaching




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o Wed. August 2S, I-S pm

i ~ JWN~ I:oPfWool ~ ,.,..mcs



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CARD # ................................................................................................................................


SIGNATURE ....................................................................................................................................... .







................................................................................................................ ......... .

'DOMESTIC SH IPPING& HANDLING S10 AND UNDER ADD 5 4 510.01-540 ADD 5 6 540.01-560 ADD 5 7 560.01-580 ADD 5 8 580.01-5100 ADD 5 9 5100.01-5150 ADD 514 OVER S150.01 ADD 520 - - INTERNATIONAL - PlEA5E CAll FOR EXAa 5HIPPIIIG RATE






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1998 Texas SIale GymFesl Opening & Group Performam:es

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members and their rank, and the qualification of the coaches.

May 19, 1999

The following recommendation is made to USA Gymnastics President for his approval.


Recommendation that because of the outstanding international experience the following coaches be named:

Roe Kreutzer


Shannon Miller

Athlete Rep

Jackie Fie

USAG Int. Rep

Kathy Kelly


Kathy Feldmann

Team Leader WUG

Head Coach

Assistant Coach Steve Gerlack Motion-Roe Kreutzer Second-Jackie Fie PASSED

The purpose of the Conference Call was to select the Head and Assistant Coaches for the 1999 World University Games. The committee reviewed the Selection Procedures, the team

........ '.



Tanya Chaplin

The committee then gave contingency plans if the two named coaches are unable to accept the positions and instructed Kelly to proceed with those plans if necessary.

n a regular basis, the Men's Program Department at USA Gymnastics receives a call from a program seeking help in filling a men's coaching position. This is both good news and bad news for men's gymnastics. It is certainly good news that so many clubs are seeing an increase in their boy's programs and need help in either establishing a boy's program or adding additional coaches and instructors to service bigger programs. The bad news portion comes from the difficulty that these programs are having in locating coaches and instructors to fill these new positions.


USA Gymnastics has attempted to assist with the employment needs of clubs, for all disciplines, through the classified sections of the USA Gymnastics magazine, web site and Technique magazine. The current need of clubs in relation to coaches and instructors for men's programs has prompted the Men's Program Department at USA Gymnastics to initiate another avenue for getting available men's coaches and instructors together with clubs who are seeking such individuals. Starting immediately, the Men's Program Department will offer the Men's Coaches Referral Service. Through the Men's Coaches Referral Service, clubs will be able to send in a brief description of their program and the employment opportunity which they have open. These available positions will be compiled into a single list which will be updated on a regular basis. Men's coaches and instructors will be able to contact the Men's Program Department to request a copy of the employment list. All contacts by coaches will be kept confidential and it will be up to the individual coach to contact the club.

It is the sincere hope that the Men's Coaches Referral Service will further assist both clubs and coaches in filling available positions within the men's community. Clubs should send requests for employment listing directly to the Men's Program Department at USA Gymnastics. The request from the club should include basic information about the program and the available position. The request should also include the name, phone number and address of the club's contact person. Club listings will only be retained on the list for a period of six weeks unless the club submits another request. Coaches interested in receiving the club employment opportunities list should also contact the Men's Program Department directly. Again, all contacts by coaches will be kept confidential. Contact Lisa Bibler - USA Gymnastics Men's Program Assistant Phone: 317-237-5050 ext. 264 • Fax: 317-237-5069

14-::-::::2---------------{( ....

TEe H H IOU E • VOLUME 19 • #6




The junior session will be made up of the 24 gymnasts who qualify from the Junior National Championships and the top six all-around gymnasts from the qualifying competition.

April 27, 1999 The meeting was called to order at 12:10 a.m. EST by Chail; Marc Yancey.

Any athletes who qualified from the Junior Olympic Championships who withdraws from the Jf. Elite Division will be replaced by gymnasts, in rank order, from the qualifying competition.


Competition Format for the 1999 John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships:

Members Present: Marc Yancey George Beckstead Greg Corsiglia Tim Daggett Mark Williams Barry Weiner Chris Waller Ron Galimore Dennis Mcintyre Peter Kormann

Chair MPC &amp; Jf. Coaches Rep. FIG Rep. (left at 1:40 p.m.) Jr. Coaches Rep. (absent) Vice-Chair for Men Sr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. Athlete's Rep. Men's Program Director (voice, no vote) Men's Program Manager (voice, no vote) National Team Coordinator (voice, no vote)

Wednesday Session One -

Junior Elite Division All-Around & Individual Event Finals Senior Division All-Around Preliminary & Individual Event Finals (All Session Two competitors advance to Session Three)

Session Two -

Friday Session Three -

All-Around Finals

VI. 1999 PAN AM GAMES TRIALS Galimore brought up the fact that there has not been a petition procedure to the Pan Am Trials determined. The petition would be to the competition only and not to the week of training camp, unless the individual makes the Pan Am team. Athletes who make the team will be required to attend the camp following the trials.

II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM 3/11/99 Motion: To approve previous minutes. Motion-Mark Williams Second-Tim Daggett PASSED 6-0

III. WORLD UNIVERSITY GAMES ATHLETES AND COACHES Acceptance forms were received from Sean Townsend, Jim Foody, Jamie Natalie, and John Macready as per the selection procedures from the Winter Cup competition. Kormann stated that the team looked good on FX, PB, HB and weak on PH and SR. Kormann reviewed the remaining national team members potential contribution to the team. After lengthy discussion, the fifth athlete invited by the MPC will be Justin Toman. Kevin Mazeika will be the head coach for the World University Games and he will choose his assistant coach.

IV. USA GYMNASTICS BONUS POINTS Discussion about USA Gymnastics routines with start values above 10.0 that have an execution error and still score a 10.0. Motion: Routines performed at meets using the USA Gymnastics bonus point system that have an execution error of 0.1 or greater, regardless of the start value, cannot score above a 9.95. Motion-Barry Weiner Second-Chris Waller PASSED 5-1

V. U.S. CHAMPIONSHIPS FORMAT In preparation for the 1999 U.s. Championships Qualifier, the committee reviewed the championships format and qualifying procedures.

Motion: Written petitions to the Pan Am Games Trials will be accepted by the Men's Program Director from athletes who have competed in the all-around finals at either of the last two U.S. Championships. Other athletes petitioning must send a video tape of routines and a written petition to the Men's Program Director. Motion-Barry Weiner Unanimous consent

VII. USOTC RESIDENT ADMISSION Ron Galimore reviewed the OTC Resident Program and a recent application that was received.

VIII. JO PROGRAM MPC REP. Galimore spoke on behalf of Greg Corsiglia, who was unable to participate in the call, concerning the selection process of the Men's JO Rep. to the MPC. Currently the national team coaches from Jr. Elite I, Jr. Elite II, Class III and the JOPC have a vote. Motion: Nomination and voting of the JO Rep. to the MPC will be conducted at the U.S. Championships and the Jr. Elite I and Jr. Elite II national team coaches will be eligible to vote on the candidates. Motion-Mark Williams Second-Barry Weiner PASSED 5-0

The qualifier will be held at the Texas Sport Ranch on July 31, 1999. The competition format was covered in the March 11th MPC minutes.

Motion to adjourn. Motion-Mark Williams Second-Tim Daggett PASSED (unanimous)

From that competition 13 all-around gymnasts, the top three 4-event finishers and the top three 5-event finishers (who are not already qualified as all-around gymnasts) will join the 17 national team members and any approved petitions in the Senior Division in the 1999 John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships.

Meeting adjoumed at 1:55 p.m. EST. Submitted by Mark Wells Willimns, Secretary, USA Gymnastics Men 's Program Committee. Approved: Ron Galimore, Men's Program Director Approved: Bob Coial'Ossi, USA Gymnastics President


TEC H N IOU E • VO LUME 19 • #6

) f - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---,...... 43

Welcome Party and Rehearsal Day-Laznovsky reported that she is waiting on a return message from the LOC and her contact in Sweden regarding the USA Welcome Party and Rehearsal Day. April 27, 1999

The meeting commenced at 9 n.m. CST

I. ROLL CALL David Moskovitz Dean Capelotti Lori Laznovsky Steve Whitlock

GGAP Leader GGAPMember GGAPMember USA Gymnastics General Gymnastics Director

USAG Staff Delegation Uniform-Whitlock asked for a progress report on the delegation uniform for the GGAP. Moskovitz reported that several options exist, but that none have been agreed upon. Moskovitz and Laznovsky will continue to research options.


Moskovitz asked that the Panel follow the agenda that was distributed prior to the meeting.

Whitlock reported on his recent site visit to Sacramento. The performance area will meet the needs of our General Gymnastics events. Whitlock will develop the schedule.


Discussion followed regarding two foreign GG groups attending the Congress.

Whitlock reported on several new upcoming events including the USOC Sports Training Seminar scheduled to take place August 4-8, 1999 at Oklahoma State University - Stillwater.

III. 1999 WORLD GYMNAESTRADA REPORT Whitlock reviewed the schedule of payments and reports necessary to complete the Delegation's entry to the event. ISE will express mail final invoices this week, with final payments due to ISE by May 10. Jennifer Lee will no longer be part of the delegation. Press Officer responsibilities will now be split between Susan Hilliker, Paula Lord, and Lori Laznovsky.

Capelotti listed the schedule of events and travel for the TeamGymn group from Great Britain. Whitlock asked the panel how this group might be used in the Congress presentations. Discussion followed. Whitlock reported on members from the Australian Gymnastics federation who will be in attendance and the ways in which we can utilize them in General Gymnastics sessions.

Laznovsky will prepare a list of material that will be needed for the GGAP booth in the exhibition hall. It is most likely that this area will be shared with Australia.


Whitlock expressed his concern with deadlines for the video tape and music requests for the English Speaking National Evening.

Whitlock reviewed the schedule of General Gymnastics presentations.

City Performances- The Swedish OC has asked for a schedule of City Performances. Whitlock will submit the necessary forms.

Whitlock asked that Moskovitz prepare material for a notebook to distribute during the GG Seminar (Pre-congress Add-on).

Large Group Performances-Whitlock reported that the Texas group has scheduled rehearsals and that their numbers will be sufficient to meet the required 150.

Luan Peszek and Loree Galimore will be sending presenter packets.

National Large Group Routine (UlmaginationU)-Preliminary information sheets indicate that the National Large Group Routine still needs additional participants. •

It was recommended that Whitlock draft a letter to each club requesting participation.

It was also recommended that Whitlock request an update from Paula Lord on which parts of the routine require additional participants.

Closing Ceremony Participation-Whitlock expressed his concern on participation in the Closing Ceremony choreography. It was recommended that each group contribute a line of 6-12 performers.

Youth Camp-Moskovitz asked that Whitlock request additional information from the Swedish OC on the Youth Camp, specifically dealing with housing issues.

Whitlock asked that the Panel members begin submission of materials for publication in the 1999-2000 Congress Proceedings Book.

VI. FIG/PAGU INFORMATION MEETING - MIAMI, FLA. Whitlock reported on his communication with Karl-Heinz Schwirtz, GG Project Manager, and the schedule of events for the meeting. Moskovitz, Laznovsky, Whitlock and Becky Riti (PAGU Treasurer) will be in attendance. Whitlock reported that the PAGU IGG Statutes are due May 27, 1999. Whitlock will attend the PAGU meetings in Winnipeg, CAN, in July in conjunction with the Pan American Games.

VII. GG YOUTH AND INSTRUCTOR CAMPS Baltimore, Maryland-Laznovsky reported that a site has been secured, Columbia Gymnastics. Whitlock asked Laznovsky to prepare a list of potential clinicians for the camp. Austin, Texas-This camp will be conducted at Capitol Gymnastics.

1I".-=-4-=-4----------------1( TEe H N' 0 UE • VOLUME 19 • #6 ) f - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The GG Camp will coincide with the GAT Convention. The hotel will be the Renaissance Austin. Moskovitz asked that the Panel consider the inclusion of participants from the WG Youth Camp (coaches).

XI. TEAMGYMN REGULATIONS Moskovitz reported on his work for updating the current regulations. • It was agreed that individual athletes be allowed mobility within the age groups. • It was agreed that specific examples of acceptable and unacceptable difficulties be listed in the text.

VIII. REGIONAL CONGRESSES Whitlock will now be responsible for Region VII.


• It was agreed that Levell continue as an achievement level for development and that Levels 2 and 3 be the competitive levels for championship awards.

Whitlock asked that the panel review the current GG R&P and submit changes and additions as soon as possible.

• Whitlock asked that Moskovitz write specific apparatus regulations for State-level and above competitions. Discussion followed.

X. 1999 NATIONAL GYMFEST Whitlock reported on his communication with Scott Barclay, local host. He is awaiting a definitive response on several key issues.

The call was adjourned at 11:00 a.m. CDT Respectfully submitted, David Moskovitz, Leader

• fOr sa e • wanted • position avallaOle • ouy ,hIS" sel! tnat • tor sale • wanted • pOSition available • buy this • sell t:1a • ., TOr sa wanted" position available" buy this" sell "hat., for sale • wanted" position available" buy this • sell that • for sale • wan ec! • pI tlO:1 availaole • buy this" sell tha: ' ) f sa' wanted • pos tlon available • buy this • sell that., for sale • wanted • posit on avai ab buy's fM ",.,Ir • ~I . buy th,s • sell +hat .. for saie .. wanted" positIOn available • buy is· sa e • 'llian.8 ).ed • posifon available • buy this· for sale • wanted • position avai ab vu;' thIs· for lor sale • wanted • ition availab e • buy this· for sale • wantea • pI POSITIONS AVAILABLE ENJOY GOLF? Coach gymnastics in the heart of golf country, Pinehurst, N.C., in a 15,000 sq. ft. facility. Seeking Full-Time Coach who truly enjoys teaching. We offer classes from preschool age through Levell O. Must have strong spotting skills and be stickler for technique and proper progression. Professional, enthusiastic and able to motivate using positive methods. Strong communications skills a plus. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. Send resume or contact: Sandhills Academy of Gymnastics, c/ o Jennifer Ayars; PO Box 37B9, Pinehurst, NC 2B374.

ASSISTANT HEAD COACH - Airborne Gymnastics is currently seeking a girls assistant head coach for its competitive team program. Duties include coaching all levels of girls from pre·team to optional levels. Strong skills in the areas of beom and floor are essential. The right applicant must be dependable, knowledgeable, have great communication skills, and be able to work well with others. Choreography and judging opportunities are available if desired. This is a full time position, which includes paid vacations, medical insurance, and a great working environment. Salary is negotiable depending on experi· ence. Please send resumes to Airborne Gymnastics, 752 W. Riverside Blvd., Rockford, IL 61103 or fax your resume to (815)2B2-3040.

WORLD CUP GYMNASTICS is looking for a highly qualified girls team coach and recreational instructors. Strong spotting skills and good coaching qualifications a must. Beginner through Elite. Applicants should be profeSSional, energetic, and have strong organization, and managerial skills. This position is best suited for person wishing to pursue, long-term career in coaching. World Cup Gymnastics, Chappaqua, NY 10514, phone: (914)23B·4967 ext. 23. fax: (914)23B-356B. Email:

OPTIONAL & COMPULSORY COACHES NEEDED. We are an aggressive competitive 5yr. old program. We need an enthusiastic optional coach with strong bar, vault and tumbling skills, catering to our Level 7-10 girls. We also need a strong highly motivated compulsory coach for our Levels 4, 5, 6 girls. We would like to /ill both positions by July or August of '99. Contact Tim Madore, at New England Gymnastics Training Center, Hudson, NH at (603)B80·B4B2, Fax (603)880-1BOO, Email: NEGTC@AOL.COM. Located 45 minutes from Boston, Hampton Beoch and mountains.


COACHES NEEDED. Eastern National Academy is looking for coaches Pompton Plains and Paramus NJ. We are looking for directors for Preschool and General program, Team coaches qualified in choreography and dance at a high level and knowledgeable in the compulsory division and instructors for all programs. ENA is in a perfect location for any lifestyle, we are located centrally between the Metropolitan New York area and the Pennsylvania Poconno Mountains. First Aid/Safety certification a plus or must be obtained within 6 months of hiring. Salary commensurate upon qualifications and experience. Contact Rich at 973-B35·1665 or fax resume to 973-B35·6225 or e·mail us at Eastern National Academy, 210 West Parkway, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444. Http:// Must be willing to make mistakes and leam! Professional Full & Part time preschool, recreational, and Girls & Boys Team instructors/ administrators needed for expanding South Florida gymnastics school(s). Applicants must be energetic, motivated, child loving, dedicated and willing to be part of a TEAM. Strong organizational and managerial skills a must. These positions are best suited towards individuals wishing to pursue a career in our orgonization. Solary and benefits commensurate with experience. Fax resume and salary history to (561)361-4276 or e-mail

TECH N IOU E • VO LUME 19 • # 6

COMPULSORY jOPTIONAL GYMNASTICS COACHES. Seeking successful, enthusiastic competitive coach for highly competitive club. Naperville Gymnastics Club is located in the Chicago Western Suburbs and is a new 30,000 square foot state·of-the-art facility offering the finest in equipment and coaching. NGC has earned several sectional and state titles and needs a highly motivated team coach to lead its winning team. Salary commensurate with experience. Fax your resume to Keith at (630)416-7164 or call (630)416-7114. COACHING POSITIONS AVAILABLE. Premier Gymnastics Academy located in Downers Grove, IL (20 minutes from Chicago) is looking for coaches. Our growing program is four years old, we have approximately 1000 students and over BO gymnasts on our boys and girls teams. Our 14,000 sq. ft. facility is well equipped with many sets of boys and girls equipment, pits, tumble tramps, etc. Positions are available starting in the summer and fall, pay is very competitive based on experience and the hours are flexible. If you are interested please call Mark (630)9690900 or e·mail to

(continued on page 46)

) f - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - c=-=s::-JI1 4

CLASSIFIEDS (continued from page 45) POSITION AVAILABLE IN ST. LOUIS. Join our teom of professionals who love kids. Olympiad Gymnastics is the largest gymnastic program in the country. Our motto is "We're Good For Kids." We have openings for Coaches and Instructors for Preschool through Team, girls and boys, at several locations. Benefits include vacation and insurance with some positions. Join our dynamic team and live in the great city of St. louis. Contact Ray Overmann or call (314)291 7664. Olympiad Gymnastics, 2675 Metro Blvd., Maryland Heights, MO 63043. LONG ISLAND GYMNASTICS ACADEMY is seeking qualified enthusiastic coaches (malel for our competitive Boys Team and our Recreational Boys and Girls Programs. Salary cammensurate with experience. Fax resumes to (516)5698231 or mail to long Island Gymnastic Academy, 565 Willow Ave., Cedarhurst, NY 11516 or call (516)569-5115. CLASS AND TEAM COACH NEEDED. Dynamic, fast growing gymnastic facility is looking for dependable, enthusiastic and experienced instructors. Become part of a creative, fun, innovative atmosphere. Team coach must be a highly motivated, experienced individual. Needs to be a strong spotter on bars, tumbling and vault. Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. Call Eileen Spicher today at (7341416-1010 or send resume to: SPLITZ Gymnastics, 7707 Ronda Dr., Canton, M148 187. Or email CAREER, BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY for the right persons with long term objectives for employment which would include a 3 to 5 year option to transition into owning a very successful Vermont Gym School, building, and extra lot. Owners seek to be port time employees after transition. Owner financing possible. Send teaching & spotting video of yourself, your gymnasts along with your resume including educational, teaching, caaching experience & references with phone numbers to Champlain Volley Gymnastics, P.O. 80x 9476, So. Burlington, Vt. 05407-9476. GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR BOYS PROGRAM DIRECTOR AND TEAM PLAYER! Showcase your talents at the 35,000 sf WINGS Center! Our facility, stoff, location and lifestyle is the combination you have been searching for! We have a solid program and WINGS rewords self-starting, motivated individuals who understand the importance of the "total Package" gymnasts, parents, fellow stoff and owners. Compensation DOE and your willingness to be a Team Player at WINGS Center. We have a diversified program with GYMNASTICS as the heart! Frank Sahlein in 80ise, Idaho (208)376-3641. Web site wingsctr COACHING AND CLASS POSITIONS AVAILABLE (July and/or Sept) for energetic, imaginative professionals with strong spotting skills. Salary and position commensurate with background and experience. Health and Simple IRA plans available. Founded in 1976 and located one hour north of N.Y.C., the Kennett School

of Gymnastics is a 12,000 sq. ft. gymnastics and dance facility. Girls levels 5-10, Boys 5-3. (Gym is air-conditioned I. Visit us at 150 W. Main St., Goshen, N.Y. 10924. Fox Resume (914-2941044) or contact lee Kennett at (914)294-9278. COACHES NEEDED for Summer and Fall '99. Immediate openings for highly qualified boys team coach and recreational instructors. Boys team is one of the largest in Region 8. Boys coach must have highly qualified coaching experience and strong spotting skills. Recreational instructors must be highly motivated and extremely energetic. Full time positions with excellent benefits and pay. Send your resume to: Carolina Twisters Gymnastics, 125 E. Bodenhamer Street, Kernersville, NC 27284. Our phone number is (336)996-2012. Fox (336)996-1839. MAKE A DIFFERENCE AT TOP FLIGHT GYMNASTICS, Northern KY's premier gymnastics facility. This established, well-equipped club is looking for career-oriented coaches and instructors. Our philosophy of confidence and esteem, while not ground breaking, does create a positive and rewarding work environment. Great pay plus medical benefits, 401 Kplan, paid vacation and sick days. Staffing is needed in the following departments: trampoline & tumbling, cheerleading, and artistic gymnastics. For information, cantact David Cole at Top Flight Gymnastics, 721 Centre View Boulevard, Crestview Hills, KY 41017; (606)344-1010; fax (606)578-2212. THE LITTLE GYM OF STERLING, VA, a physical fitness/developmental franchise for children 4 months to 12 years, seeks a gymnast, starting in August. Job requires high energy, strong teaching and nurturing skills. Full-time (with health insurance and leave); or port-time in the afternoons and early evenings. Five days including some Saturday work. We are committed to the education, growth and advancement of our Instructors, and we try to have fun while doing a first closs job. Fox resume to 202/3339262 or telephone Bob 202/333-4341 between 6 and 7 a.m. FULL TIME POSITION: Mississippi Volley Gymnastics Academy in Moline, Illinois, is looking for a full time head coach for our women's recreational program and competitive teams !levels 4-10). Recent ownership change means great input on program structure and content. Salary negotiable. Send resume and salary expectations to: M.V.G.A., 3102 29th Street, Moline, Illinois, 61265, or call lisa at (309)762-2789. WANTED. BOY'S PROGRAM DIRECTOR. Committed, motivated coach to teach instructional classes and team program. looking for stable, enthusiastic instructor to work for a minimum of 3 years. Willing to pay moving expenses, first month rent, security deposit. Good hourly wage and health benefits for this full-time position. Gym is a 1.2 million dollar fully equipped stateof-the-art facility built in 1994. Instructor would work alongside Olympian Mario Filatova and husband Sash a Kourbatov; a great opportunity to get expert experience. Upstate New York is on exciting place to live. Call (716)388-8686 or fox (716)388-0018 .

.. 14-::--:::6-------------~(

JERSEY JETS GYMNASTICS is seeking High School Optional team coach. Jersey Jets is located in South New Jersey a few minutes from Philadelphia. We need on individual to toke our HS optional team to its full potential. This position is to start immediately, or by 9-6-99. We are looking for a long-term stable person. Secondary responsibilities will include coaching our USAG program that has Notional competitors. For a full description go to or Email or call (609)273-2822 fox (609)235-8246.

Pocked with features, easy to use, and runs on a network. Includes rosters, automatic tuition calculation, family discounts, special discounts, retail charges, invoices, payment due reports, financial summaries, instructor schedules, mailing labels, on-line help, and more. Supports sales tax and payment through direct debit. Only $500 ($250 per additional workstation) and includes free training and unlimited personal, understandable, technical support at no charge. Call Vaughn Software Services ot 800-821-8516, PO Box 1086, Apex, NC 27502. AMEX/MC/VISA



SCORE MASTER, the most Widely used Competition Management software, just got better! Announcing the WINDOWS version. This score keeping system is very easy-to-use and has on extensive on-line help. Supports: womens/mens, individual/team, artistic/ rhythmic, comp/optional competitions. The most comprehensive reporting available. Comes with a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee. For more info contact: Mark Mahoney, POB 31421, Charlotte, NC, 28231-1421, (704) 523-1812 or web site: (software demo, info guide and user listing on web site).

GET CONTROl OF YOUR BUSINESS: Find out why, since 1991, 10%+ (and growing) of USA GymClub owners have made the decision to invest 4-1/2 days of their career at the GymClub Owners' BOOT CAMP. Abasic premise of BOOT CAMP is that there are replicable and documentable reasans why same GymClubs perpetually grow while others perpetually flounder. Following BOOT CAMP strategies, my club, Queen City Gymnostics, has grown for 25 years straight (Olympic cycle be domed!), starting with zero enrollment in 1975 and growing to 4,000 ($2.5M) this year. Understand, this unparalleled growth record is not on occident: it is because we have followed the exact strategies we present at every BOOT CAMP. BOOT CAMP attacks mediocrity because it focuses on cures not symptoms. Anybody can put on a great seminar with great ideas. Only BOOT CAMP immerses you in on integrated collection of strategies proven to alter mindsets, grow businesses and change lives. I GUARANTEE it will be worth your effort to call me for a FREE PORTFOLIO complete with testimonials and agenda. JEFF METZGER: (513)489-7575. Next camp: June 24-28.

INDOOR PLAYGROUND FOR SALE: Increase revenue through more parties and playtime with a like new Soft Ploy Indoor Playground. This 12' x 36' x 14' playground is filled with endless twists and turns to challenge any young child. The playground includes a 12' x 12' boll pit with a podded mountain in the middle, multilevel climber, crowl tubes and a 15' exit slide! Purchased new for $46,000, will sell for $22,500.00. Buyer will pay shipping. Call Scott at (618)997-3505 for more information and/or pictures.

Used 1,200 square foot spring loaded floor and 1,000 square foot block wrestling mot (4 sectons) $1600 or best offer. Buyer must provide own freight. (802)773-4576. MOBIL GYMNASTICS BUS bought from original Tumble Bus Co/Brenda Sharlow. Excellent condition inside and out with generator and air only 1 1/2 yrs old. Colorful design with stars inside/out. All additions and equipment included. Comes with Engine warranty. Interested parties call 303-722-6232. CLASS CONTROL for Windows. The best value in Closs Management and AIR software.

SEEKING EMPLOYMENT Irina Gabashvili - 1979 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Champion, former USSR Notional Team Member and current Malaysia Rhythmic Gymnastics Notional Team Coach is seeking on employment opportunity in the United States. If you are interested in a top-notch instructor for either developing a new program or enhancing on existing one she can meet or exceed your expectations. Relocation is not a problem. To obtain a resume or for further information, please contact the following: phone (310)204-1980 or fox (310)204-6864 or email

To place a classified ad: 1-90 words =$75; 91 -180 words =$150. Deadline is the 10th of each proceeding month for the next published issue. For example, the August Technique deadline is July 10th. Send payment to: USA Gymnastics, Classifieds Ads, Pan American Plaza, Suite 300, 201 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225. Ads submitted without payment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. USA Gymnastics reserves the right to vary format.

Technique is received by more than 13,000 USA Gymnastics profeSSional members, advertise your open position, product, service or competition here for great results! Call luan Peszek at 317-237-5050, ext. 246. NOTE: Beginning with the September/October 1999 issue of Technique magazine, we're teaming up with our website, USA Gymnastics Online, to advertise your praduct, service or competition. For one low price, S100 per 90 words, your ad will be published in Technique magazine and posted on USA Gymnastics Online for 30 days. Your ad will reach approximately 13,000 readers of Technique magazine plus thousands of viewers on the web.

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ VOLU ME 19 â&#x20AC;˘ #6




- - - - -- -- - - -


R=Rhythmic GG =General Gymnastics

TR =Trampoline TU =Tumbling

NOTE: Dates anr! events subiect to change or cancellation.




2·4 4 5 TBD


Pan American Games Selection Competition (M) U.S. Rhythmic National Championships (R) Special Olympics World Games

Colo. Springs, CO Oowners Grove, IL Raleigh, NC

Region 8 Congress (W) World University Games (M/W) World Gymnaestrada (GG) National Championships/ 1st Sr. Team Trials (TR/TU) Region 3 Congress (W) US. Challenge (W) Pan American Games (M/W/ R) PAGU Congress 2nd Sr. Team Triols/ Final World Age·Group Team Trials (TR/TU)

Atlanta, GA Palma de Mallorca, ESP Giiteborg, SWE Anaheim, CA Northglenn, CO Montville, NJ Winnipeg, CAN Winnipeg, CAN Knoxville, TN

U.s. Classic/ National Gymnastics Festival (W) 3rd Sr. Team Trials (TR/TU) J.O. National Team Training Camp (W) John Hancock u.s. Gymnastics Championships (M/W) USA Gymnastics National Congress USA Gymnastics CongressFest (GG)

Rochester, NY T8D Colo. Springs, CO Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA

JULY 1·3 2·13 2·10 5·]]

9·11 16·18 7/ 23·8/ 8 25·29 7/ 31·8/ 1

AUGUST 6·8 14·15 19·23 25·28 26·29 26·28

SEPTEMBER 3-5 3·5 15·18 9/ 20·10/ 3 24·26 9/ 28·10/ 3 9/ 30·10/ 3

USA Gymnastics Youth Camp (GG) GATConvention World Championships Team Trials (M/W) World Championships & Age·Group Games (TR/TU) Region 2 Congress (W) 23rd Rhythmic World Championships (R) Region 5 Congress

Austin, TX Austin, TX Kansas City, MO Sun City, RSA Portland, OR Osaka, JPN Oakbrook, IL

8·16 13·14 13·24 14·17 15·16 22·24 24·26 29·31 29·31

Artistic World Championships (M/W) FIG Extraordinary Congress Pacific Ocean Basin Games (M/W/ R) Region 6 Congress (W) FIG Medical Technical Symposium USA Gymnastics GG Youth Camp U.S. Olympic Congress National TOPs Testing·West (W) Region 7 Congress (W)

10/ 31 ·11/7

Jr. National Team Training Camp (M)

TIanjin, CHN TIanjin, CHN Santiago, CHI New York City, NY TIanjin, CHN Baltimore, MD Colo. Springs, CO Phoenix, AZ Hunt Valley (Baltimore), MD Colo. Springs, CO


Rochester, NY Colo. Springs, CO Colo. Springs, CO Indianapolis, IN

Sr. Nationol Team Training Camp (M) USA National Gym Fest (GG) PAGU Jr. Interdub Championships (M/W) National TOPs Camp (WI




Colo. Springs, CO Tempe, AZ Curitiba, BRA Tulsa, OK


Reese's Gymnastics Cup (M/W/ R)

5·7 6·7 11·15 13·14 19·21 T8D May·Sept.

TBD Christ Church, NZL TBD TBD TBD

J.O. National Championships (W) Rhythmic East/West Championships (R) USOC Olympic Media Summit (M/W/R) Rhythmic East/West Championships (R) USA Gymnastics Executive Commillee/ Board Meetings J.O. National Championships (M) Mall Tour (M/W/ R)

TBD TBD Houston, Texas TBD Indianapolis, IN TBD TBD

U.S. Challenge (W) USA Gymnastics National Gym Fest (GG)


U.S. Classic/ National Gymnastics Festival (W) John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/ R/TR/TU) Youth and Coaches Camp (GG) J.O. National Championships (TR/TU)

Tulsa, OK St. Louis, MO

US. Olympic Trials (M/W/ R) USA Gymnastics National Congress USA Gymnastics Classic Gym Fest (GG)

Boston, MA Boston, MA TBD

JULY 7·9 26·29 TBD TBD

St. Louis, MO TBD

AUGUST 15·20 18·21 TBD

SEPTEMBER Olympic Games (M/W/ R/TR)

Sydney, AUS

Post·Olympic Tour (M/W/ R/TR/TU)



NOVEMBER 10·11 17 ·19 20· 26 TBD TBD TBD

International Team Championships (M/W Srs.) USA Gymnastics Executive Committee/ Board Meetings FIG Congress Future Stars National Championships (M) Coaches Workshop (M) USA Gymnastics National Gym Fest (GG)

Richmond, VA Indianapolis, IN Marrakech, MAR TBD TBD TBD

DECEMBER FIG Men's Intercontinental Judges Course






JANUARY Reese's Gymnastics Cup (M/W/ R)



USA Gymnastics Winter Cup Challenge (M) Rhythmic Challenge (R) American Classic/ American Challenge (WI Visa American Cup (M/W) International 3 on 3 Gymnastics Championships (M/W/ R)

TBD TBD TBD Orlando, FL Orlando, FL

16·17 T8D

International Teom Chompionships (M/W Srs/ Jrs) Level 10 State Meets (W)

TBD Various Sites



NCAA Regionals (W)



USA Gymnastics Winter Cup Challenge (M)

- - - --

J.O. National Championships, Individual & Group (R) Sr. Pacific Alliance Chompionships (M/W/ R) Level 9 East/West Championships (W) USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (M/W) USA Gymnastics National Invitational Tournament (W)


New Orleans, LA


Orlando, FL TBD Orlando, FL TBD



Visa American Cup (M/W) International Competition (R) International 3 on 3 Gymnostics Championships (M/W/ R) American Challenge (W)



DECEMBER 2·7 3·5 8·12 9·12

15·16 20·25 28·30 TBD TBD


National TOPs Testing·East (W) Future Stars National Championships (M) Coaches Workshops (M) USA Gymnastics Executive Committee/ Board Meetings



9/ 16·10/ 1

NOVEMBER 5·7 11 ·13 ]] ·14 12·14

Rhythmic Challenge (R) Olympic Test Event (TR) American Classic (W)


JUNE 20 25·27 6/ 26·7/ 4

12·13 19 TBD

- --

- -- -- - - - - - { ( TECH N I QUE •

VO LUME 19 • # 6 )f---- -- - - - --

- - ------c=-=7=--1 4


~lllt~'~~At~ON I~MJIDgll

The Safety S(hedule is updated weekly on our website www.usa-gymnasti(

1999 Safety Certification Schedule May 21, 1 999 LATE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT GUARANTEED A BOOK OR ADMISSION TO THE COURSE. Monday, (by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard TIme) is the last day registrations will be a«epted for (ourses being (on dUlled the following weekend. Registrations re(eived after that time or on site will be (harged an additional $25. Minimum age for Safety Certification is J7'/2 years

20 Oshkosh, WI; 12:00 noon·4:00 p.m.; course rd062099wi Oshkosh Gymnastics Center; 2080 W20th Ave. Oshkosh local contact: Phyllis Hardt 920·235·7800 Instructor: Ralph Druecke 414·782·3430 23 Joppa, MD; 5·9 p.m.; 5·9 p.m.; course ka062399md Harford Gymnastics locol contact: Teresa Yapps 410·879·3718 Instructor: Kristin Anderson 410·549·0655 27 Modesto, CA; 9 a.m.·l p.m.; course mt062799co U.S.A. E.G.; local contact: Jim Trost 209·571 ·9127 Instructor: Michael Taylor 650·325·5133, 650·858·3480


30 Dunwoody, GA; 5:00·9:00 p.m.; course ((063099ga Crown Plaza Ravinia; Instructor: Chris Calvert 404·687·9911

18 Austin, TX; 5:00·9:00 p.m.; course je061899tx National Elite Gymnostics loco Icontact: lisa England 512·288·9722 Instructor: Jan Eyman 254·694·2065


18 Mukilteo, WA; 4:30·9:00 p.m.; course kd061899wa Gymagine Gymnastics local contact: Kelly Donyes 425·513·8700

11 Northglenn, CO; 1:30·5:30 p.m.; course je071199co Holiday Inn North; In conjunction with Region 3 Congress locol contact: Mary Ann Mahoney 303·429·3367 Instructor: Jan Eyman 254·694·2065

19 Columbus, OH; 1:00·5:00 p.m.; course bf0619990h Universal Gymnasts, Inc.; 4555 Knightsbridge 81vd Instructor: 80bbi Montanari·Fahrnbach 614·457·1279

11 8ath, ME; 1:00·5:00 p.m.; course gb071199me 8ath YMCA 26 Summer Street Instructor: Gerry 8ellemare 207-443·3134, 207·395·4306

15 Warrenville, Il; 6:30·10:30 p.m.; course ep071599i1 Midwest Academy of Gymnastics Instructor: Edgar Pulido 630·393·6693, 630·971 ·8468 17 Penfield, NY; 9:00 a.m.·2:00 p.m.; course sc071799ny The Gymnastics Training Center Instructor: Sarah Jane Clifford 716·388·8686 17 Springfield, MO; 1·5 p.m.; course jm071799mo Ozark Mtn Gymnastics; Instructor: Julie Maynard 417·882·5311 17 80ton Rouge, LA; 9 a.m.·l p.m.; course cg0717991a CG. Gymnastics; Instructor: Caesar Garcia 225·275·5597 25 Greenville, SC; 1·5 p.m.; course rw072599sc Greenville Gym lC., 1311 CMiller Road Instructor: Robert White 864·268·7740 31 Orlando, Fl; 9:00 a.m.·l :00 p.m.; course kb073199f1 Florida Men's Team Camp Instructor: Karl8ishop 727·447·2108

AUGUST Fairfield, OH; 12:00 noon·4:00 p.m.; course blO801990h Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy locol contact: Sharon MacDonald 513·860·3082 Instructor: 80bbi Montanari·Fahrnbach 614·457·1279


(Minimum age for Safety Certification is l1Y2 years)

Name: Soc. Sec. #

Birth Dote

Address: City:


Telephone: (H)


Course Director: Date:

Organization represented: Professional or Instructor #:


Current Safety Exp. Date:_________________________________________ Form of Payment:


Pro·Member with Current Safety Certification wishing to recertify .......................................................... no charge Pro·Member with Expired or New Safety Certification ............ $ 50.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 50.00 Non·Member or Associate Member ........................................ $ 100.00 * You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount. YOU MAY NOT REGISTER FOR A COURSE TO RECERTIFY ANY EARLIER THAN 6 MONTHS PRIOR TO YOUR EXPIRATION DATE.


Course City/State:


o MasterCard o Discover o American Express

Payment Amount: ___________________________________________

Monday, (by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) is the last day registrations will be accepted for courses being conducted the following weekend. Registrations received after that time or on site will be charged an additional $25.

• All materials (including the Safety Handbook) for 4th Cycle courses are provided at the course and are part of the course fee. • Certification is valid for four years. • To achieve Safety Certification, the participant must be at least 17Y2 years of age at the time of the course. Please make checks payable, in ful" to USA Gymnastics Safety Certification

Mail registration form and payment to: Name on Cord: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


USA Gymnastics Member Services __ Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 ~"Number: 201 South Capitol Avenue GYMNASTICS . / 5· t . Indianapolis, IN 46225 PREFERS VISA' L E______________________________________________ xp. 0ate. ___ ___ Igna ure. or Fax to 317-692-5212


Technique Magazine - June 1999