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Circuit Training for Preschoolers


Early Warning Signs of Overtraining


Female Gymnast: Older And Healthier


John Roethlisberger: Words of Experience and Success


New Membership Options for General Gymnastics


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1997 "Future Stars" Program Update


International Gymnastics Federation Rhythmic Code of Points


USA Gymnastics Judges' Compensation Package for Women's Artistic Gymnastics ....


Rhythmic Program Committee Minutes


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~RESIDENT'S Kathy Scanlan

One question that has come up from the membership is why we don't sanction Level I-III competitions. Historically, the women's program has not wanted to sanction meets at this level because we do not want to encourage competition at too early an age. Given the interest in some regions in having sanctioned competitions at this level, I have asked the Women's Administrative Board, which is chaired by Kathy Feldmann and includes the 8 Regional Chairs, to review this request and make a recommendation. Concurrently, the Women's Administrative Board will be examining the question of a summer only membership for Team Members. Team Memberships all expire July 31 no matter when they are purchased in the year. This is a concern for those athletes who want to begin competition before July 31 or attend a summer workshop or camp who were not registered Team Members during the fall or spring competitive season.

We will register approximately 50,000 Team Members between August 1 and Oc:tober 31. Our goal is to process all member applications within 48 hours of their receipt. I was able to attend a day of the Junior Olympic Compulsory Workshop in Rhode Island and delighted in the opportunity to see first hand what was going on. A total of 2,000 professional members attended the two national workshops and many more will be at the Regional and State workshops. The new compulsories seem to be very well received and congratulations are once more in order for the Junior Olympic Program Committee. I hope that many of you will be joining us for the National Congress and John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Denver, August 13-16. The U.s. Championships will be the first under the new FIG Code of Points and, therefore, the first without compulsories. The Championships will select not only members of the Women's and Men's National Teams but also will be the qualifying meet for the World Championships Team. The USA Gymnastics National Congress will include a Wellness Workshop and many interesting presentations. The Ceremony of Honors will include the induction of Jim Hartung, Bob Lynn, Mary Lou Retton, AlIa Svirsky, and Peter Vidmar. We will also celebrate the achievements of our Olympic Medalists. Jair Lynch and six members of the Women's Team have confirmed their attendance .

If you have an opinion about either of these issues, please contact your Regional Chair so that he/she may have the benefit of your viewpoint. We are now in the process of receiving the avalanche of Team Member applications in the office. We will register approximately 50,000 Team Members between August 1 and October 31. Our goal is to process all member applications within 48 hours of their receipt. Two changes have been made this year which we hope will facilitate the process. These are: Mailing pre-printed Team Member renewal forms to clubs (instead of directly to athletes, as we did last season). Implementing a $10 rush processing fee for all membership applications that must be processed in less than 48 hours from receipt. There are two things you can do to help with the processing. Try to get Team applications in as early as possible both to give us time to get them back to you and to avoid the $10 rush processing fee. Also please remember that you can check Team and Professional member numbers on our Web Site (http:// www.usa-gymnastics.erg/tec.htm) . Our new membership software will allow us to update the names daily. Currently, we update every Thursday. If you have access to the web site and need to check a number, please try there prior to calling our membership department.

.CD.....................................('---.. T--E-C . -HN--I--a...u....E-,--V....O-L--U--M--E....).....7-,#~8~--""""')



The 1996-97 season was our highest ever for membership. Membership numbers are:

Professional Membershi~s

Women Men Rhythmic Women/Men Women/Rhythmic Women/Men/Rhythmic General Gymnastics Total Professionals Instructor Members General Members Member Clubs



8,926 1,290 217 1,175 1 190 2 11 ,887 716 4,293 496

8,983 1,275 249 949

% Change

120 N/A


11 ,640 37 158 N/A

If you're serious about • gymnastics, you need • serious • gymnastics softYlare.

Membership Overview Team







Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Rec/Op Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Elite Unknown Subtotal

7,016 21,379 10,858 1,947 714 7,291 3,119 1,781 208 586 54,899

5,726 20,677 10,915 2,310 382 6,742 3,118 1,772 317 52,536

Class 7 Class 6 Class 5 Closs 4 Closs 3 Closs 2 Closs 1 Elite Unknown Subtotal

2,396 4,005 1,879 1,052 531 363 378 213 135 10,952

1,612 4,038 1,887 964 484 336 371 250 19 10,132

Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Elite Unknown

419 392 185 196 113 37

344 354 173 150 103 49 5 36

% Change

is the only complete

modular gymnastics program developed

• Processes more information than any other p ram on the ay.

by gym owne managers andjudg



for gym owne managers and judges, with many

of re and software modules.

customizable features.

8.09% Replace those clumsy flip displays and runners!

John Hancock

.World Gymnastics Champions

Knapp added, "We are pleased that the Magnificent Seven is once again united and will have the opportunity to receive the appreciation of American gymnastics fans in what promises to be a highly successful tour." In addition to the women's team, Mihai Bagiu, John Macready, John Roethlisberger, Kip Simons, Chainey Umphrey, and Blaine Wilson, all members of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Men's Team, will perform on the tour. Also making special appearaJlces are World Champions Kurt Thomas and Kim Zmeskal, Olympian Jessica Davis, and 1996 All-Around Olympic Medalist Lilia Podkopayeva. The Tour is sanctioned by USA Gymnastics and a portion of the ticket sales will be contributed to USA Gymnastics to support gymnastics in America. The tour is produced by Bill Graham Presents and Jefferson Pilot Sports, in conjunction with John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. Each performance is a two-hour live exhibition featuring routines on the uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise, parallel bars, still rings, pommel horse, and rhythmic gymnastics. Each tour date will also feature exhibitions by local gymnasts.

The John Hancock Tour of World Gymnastics Champions will once again utilize USA Gymnastics Member Clubs' preschool gymnasts to participate in the shows. Loree Galimore, USA Gymnastics Club Services Manager, will contact Member Clubs in the area of each city to participate. If you're not yet a member dub, but would like the opportunity to have preschool gymnasts in the show, (0111-800-345-4719 today and sign up as a Member Club!

Magnificent Seven Together Again for the John Hancock Tour of World Gymnastics Champions The John Hancock Tour of World Gymnastics Champions is BACK! Sandy Knapp, USA Gymnastics Chairman of the Board, announced that all seven members of the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal winning women's gymnastics team (Amanda Borden, Amy Chow, Dominique Dawes, Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu, Jaycie Phelps and Kerri Strug) will be together for the Tour. This marks the first time that the team has performed together since their historic gold medal efforts at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

CD..................................... <...___

Q_U_E;.:.,_V_O~LU;...;M;.;.E;.....;.I...7.:..;'#...,;8;......_ ___

...,;T;.,;;E..;,C..;,;,H..;,;,N... I

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Civic Center Civic Center

C'-_ _ _T;..;;.E..;..;,CH.;..;.;N..;..;IQ;..;;.U~Ef...;V;..;;.O...;;.;LU; . ;.;M.;.; .E. . ;.1~7f~#.;,..8 _ _ooJ}···· .. ····················· .. ······· (])

TIP FOR T HIRING S of Queen City Gymnastics

ith unemployment low and our sport growing, getting good teachers is tougher than ever. I have compiled a few tips to help you learn the secrets behind consistently good hires.


IT> Become an expert in hiring

If you treat the hiring process as a necessary evil, you will accumulate a team of people consistent with that attitude, lazy and indifferent. In addition, you will be sending a message to all others in your company who have hiring responsibilities that it is okay to treat hiring with minimal enthusiasm. True, we Gym Club Owners are busy with other aspects of our business, but for our future's sake, we must find a way to treat hiring as the #1 priority that it is.

Act today for tomorrow's needs If hiring only pops into your mind when you have an immediate need, then inevitably you will be forced to make last minute, poor hiring choices. Keep some phase of the hiring process in motion at all times because it takes too long to get the hiring freight train rolling from a dead stop when you lose a key person.

Make hiring systematic At Queen City Gymnastics we have a ' prospect system' whereby any staff member may initiate the hiring process of any 'prospect.' A 'prospect' makes three visits, assisting a master teacher during class and then goes through a 12 point evaluation. Based on this evaluation and the company's needs, the person may become a Teacher in Training. Anyone over the age of 14 years is eligible.

Put a Teachers in Training system into place Teachers in Training does not cost the company money, it makes the company money-directly and indirectly! An energetic and intelligent 'assistant' (even with no or minimal experience) can probably allow you to increase your teaching ratio by at least one, and probably two students, generating far more revenue than the hourly cost of the assistant. Put a "TnT" in every class, increase your ratio to nine or ten, make money, and train a stable of new teachers all at the same time. Valuable.

CD..................................... (. . ____T....E_C;.;.,HN;.;.,I....Q..,U_E..., ....V_O_L_U...,M_E....1...7_,....# 8~_ _ _)

Recruit, recruit, recruit Relying on 'conventional' sources of advertising such as newspaper or help wanted notices is a fool's game. It is too passive. Today, you must be an active recruiter. Of who? Of everybody-the friendly dental receptionist; the great assistant at the vet's; your child's caring preschool teacher; the interesting coach you met at the last meet. You must become a networker and actively recruit. To make m y point, of the 54 people employed at my Gym Club, 41 were not searching for a job at the time we hired them! These are ' pure' recruits. Besides these pure recruits, we have some 'blended' recruits. Only two of the 54 did we hire through conventional means (classifieds, etc.). Into m y personal data base I enter the name and phone number of every possible future candidate I may meet. If I am looking for a new employee, I simply hit a query or find for' gym coach' and it spits out dozens of candidates I have met over the months or years.

Develop a Jrecruiting mentality' throughout your entire organization If just one person in your club (YOU) thinks 'recruiting,' then you are giving away perhaps 80% of the value of this method. (Of the 54 people employed at Queen City, I was involved in initiating the hiring process in less than 20 %. Other Queen City people 'hired' the rest.) Some people wonder: why do Queen City employees go to the trouble of recruiting? Simple: because it is good for the company and what is good for the company is good for the individual. That is 'just the way we do things at Queen City: It is our 'mentality: Note: I 'mentality' did not happen by accident. It was established through conscious effort and I suggest that you devote the same effort to developing this 'mentality' in your organization.

Recruit clients Your clients have already proven their loyalty to your organization, plus they know your operation. You already know far more about their character than you could ever learn from a brief interview. For example, 36 of our 54 employees are clients! I can't imagine where Queen City's business would be without them!

Take inventory and take action Ask yourself, if you were ambitious, responsible, mature and a great communicator, would you want to work for your company? If your answer is anything less than an enthusiastic 'heck yes,' then you have internal issues to address before you can expect to hire the best. Principled, exciting, responsible people are attracted to principled, exciting, responsible companies.

Become a detective when it comes to references


Rely on resumes only as part of the screening process, not as part of the decision process. References are far more valuable. Follow up on all offered references but, more importantly, during the interview, learn to listen for 'unofficial references' from the candidate's past and follow up on them without fail. With coaches, also ask for names of former gymnasts' parents and follow up.

Hire the character, train the skill Never, never, never sacrifice character for teclu1ical knowledge. Doing so will cause institutional pain every time. Hire the character, train the skill.

Metzger is president of Queen City Gymnastics CenteJ~ In c., located in Cincinnati. He also is founder of The GymClub Owners' Boot Camp, a five-day total immersion workshop which teaches leadership, marketing, administrative and organizational strategies and systems to help GymClub Owners build s trongel~ more profitable businesses. Boot Camps are held in June, November and March, with the next Boot Camp scheduled November 20-24. With over 325 Graduates since 1991, Boot Camp has literally changed the face of this wondelful industry. For more information call Jeff at 513-489-7575 .

(..._ _ _ _ TE_C_H_N_'_Q_U....;E,_V_O_LU_M_E_1_7.;..'_#8 _ _ _ _ _>·········· .. ·......

.............. ., Trainin, 'or Preseh~~lers By Patti Komara

. ,ou've got to make the class fun for all ages in gymnastics classes, from the start of the warm-up to the ending activity. One sure way to make a class fun is to warm-up with a circuit. This way all the students are active right away. It makes the class look productive to the parents, warms the kids up, and gets them right into gymnastics. There are various stations that can be used as are shown in these photos. I recommend numbering the stations in numerical order, allowing a station for each child. Play upbeat music for one minute while all the children are working. Stop the music and instruct the gymnasts to go to the next numbered station and begin that activity. It's fun to do this activity near the holidays. For instance, play Christmas music and have the numbers on cut-out green felt Christmas trees. Do the same thing with orange pumpkins and "Ghostbusters" for Halloween. Be creative and make it FUN!

one st,at,ion can be where t,he t,eacher helps, such as PaUl spoUln, front, support,

Patti Komara has produced more than 50 Videotapes to help teachers instruct beginners in gymnastics. For

cart.wheels over t,he rope

information on her tapes, lesson plans, and books, call 219-865-2274 or visit her web site

速 ..................................... <",___

...;,T..;"E,;.CH;.;.;N;.;.;I.Q.U..;;,E.:.,'...;,V..;;,O..;;,L,;.U_M..;"E....;1,.;,7.. , #;;.,;8;...._ _ _)

hoppinG over t.he jllmp ropes



t.he p.r.Uet.s

workinG on fine mot,Or skills on t.he bllsy block

jllmpin, in t.he hoops

ATTENTION GYMNASTICS PROFESSIONALS: We would like to hear what has worked well in your gym or business. Perhaps you have a great booster club fundraiser, or an innovative way to recognize outstanding gymnasts in your gym, or a new drill for a certain skill, or a new conditioning exercise, or a way to make the media stand up and take notice of your program. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it. For your efforts, we'll give special mention to your club, business, or service at the bottom of the article. Please submit your ideas with photos to Technique, USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fax to 317-237-5069.

>.................................... 速

(...._ _ _ _T_E_C_H_N_'Q_U_E... , _V_O_L_U_M_E_l_7_,_#_8_ _ _ _

EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF OVERTRAINING By Dick DeSchriver, Ph.D. vertraining is defined by Kraemer as, "excessive volume or intensity of training, or both, resulting in fatigue" (which is due also to a lack of proper rest and recovery). Overtraining is more likely to occur in those sports in which there is a relatively high endurance component; however, the problem is not limited to those types of sports. It can surface in any sport where intense effort is sustained over a period of time. Overtraining can adversely affect performance, resulting in the athlete not practicing or competing up to his/her talent level. The astute coach may be able to avoid this (even at its earliest stages) by careful attention to the following behavioral signs which accompany overtraining: A decrease in enthusiasm for practice or competition. A shift in an individual's mood pattern, characterized by increased irritability, nervousness and anxiety. An inability to concentrate and maintain attention. A diminishing interest in schoolwork. Inability to recover from hard practices within a 48-hour span. Loss of appetite. Inability to sleep properly. Of course, these symptoms can be associated with other conditions which may be bothering the athlete,


such as family problems, changes in social relationships, substance abuse, etc. When some or all of these signs appear, it is important to determine in a non-threatening manner what is causing the problem. The best advice for the coach or trainer is to listen to the athlete, for they know best how they feel. If overtraining appears to be a present or future problem, there are several steps that can be taken to help the situation: Introduce novelty into the practice schedule or workout routine. Novelty brings new challenges which help to rekindle enthusiasm. Reduce the intensity and/ or duration of practices. Provide additional periods of rest so that the athlete has more time to recover. Accentuate the amount of positive feedback provided to the athlete. It is absolutely essential that the individual remain confident about his/her ability to perform. The coach and the athlete need to look at overtraining as a serious but correctable condition which, if left unattended, can result in poor performance. If addressed early in a systematic manner, performance may be affected only minimally, with the prospect that the athlete will fully recover both physiologically and psychologically in a reasonable amount of time. Reprinted with permission from the Sport Supplement, Volume 5, Number 2, Spring 1997.

Call Tiffin for Summer Camp Specials on Landing Mats, Training Mats and Floor Ex Foam Email:

0 ..................................... (~----:T~E~(~HN~/~Q~U""E-,~V~O-L~U"'M-E-1--7-,-#8----)


IR-O TRAK & AIR-O BOARD FOR AFER, HAPPIER GYMNASTS Master New Skills Faster and Reduce Injuries with Our Low Impact / High Repetition Training Equipment. AIR-OTRAK: 18" high open-ended frame 6' wide and up to 80' long Only $3400 for 40' Trak!

AIR-O BOARD: Meets FIG height specs Built-in "safety zone" Only $600

Beds for both the Board and the Trak are made of Blue Poly' and will look great in your gym. All for the lowest prices on the planet! Call now for more information.

We also manufacture BUN GEE PITS, RESI-SPRING PITS, and, of course, Trampolines. Our Trak is the best system on the market and at the lowest price. Compare before you buy! ***FINANCING AV AILABLE***

"Making It Safe & Fun"

TRAMPOLINES UNLIMITED, INC. 1.800.287.7071 or 1.888.782.9511 e-mail: Web:

older and healthier? By Van Anderson, The Physician and Sportsmedicine, Vol . 25, No.3, March 1997 Reprodu ced with permission of McGraw-Hill, In c.

Few who watched women's gymnastics during the 1996 Olympics will forget 18 year-old Kerri Strug's agonized face as she "stuck" the landing of her final vault. Her vault helped the United States win its first-ever gold medal in team competition, but also injured Strug's ankle, and renewed concerns about the effects of elite gymnastics on young women's bodies.

In a recent rule change, the International Gymnastics Federation, the group that governs international gymnastics competitions, responded to the persisting concerns in this area. As of January 1, 1997, FIG raised the age eligibility by one year, so that female gynmasts now must turn 16 the year they compete at the senior international level.

An Aging Debate The age of female gymnasts has been an issue in the sport for 25 years. Jackie Fie, who helped found the American women's gymnastics program in the 1960s and is president of FIG's women's technical committee, recalls that the age threshold was 14 in the 1970s and changed to 15 in the 1980s. The present limit, she says, has been discussed since 1988 and was actually approved by FIG in 1994. Fie, who lives in Jefferson, Iowa, says the change was prompted by many concerns, including the musculoskeletal development of young competitors, lengthening gynmastics careers, preventing burnout, and in order to redirect the image of the sport positively for the public, spectators and m edia. The health issues in women's gymnastics were noted in an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine on the eve of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. It cited the female athlete triad as one problem, but also described" the accumulation of minor physical insults that can result in permanent injury or deformity. These injuries include stress fractures; growthplate fractures; wrist and elbow injuries; spinal injuries such as scoliosis, spondylolysis, and spondylolistesis; and reflex sympathetic dystrophy." Michel Leglise, a member of FIG's executive committee and chair of its medical commission in Paris, says that musculoskeletal problems were important considerations in the rule change. "The period w hen (gynmasts) are at the top (as competitors) is also the time when their growth is not finished, and the cartilage is not completely structured; it means a certain fragility for the articulations," he stated in a letter to The Physician and Sportsmedicine. "We know that one m ore year for the maturation of the skeleton is appreciable."


"We've done a lot in the last 4 years to enhance the wellness of our athletes so that they're able to last as long as they have," said Nassar. As evidence, he notes that 5 of 7 U.S. women gymnasts in Atlanta were of high school age or older, and 3 were repeat Olympians. Aurelia Nattiv, MO, says the age change may have psychological benefits, especially regarding body image issues. Nattiv, a team physician for gymnasts and an assistant professor in the division of family medicine and orthopedic surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles, has been helping develop the Athlete Wellness Program for USA Gynmastics, the governing body of American gymnastics. She says, "For years the picture of the elite female gymnast was the pencil-thin, prepubertal, smaller ideal," which promoted eating disorders among gynmasts. Increasing the age and expanding the wellness program, she hopes will help "foster healthier gymnasts by creating a more realistic body figure" as the ideal for girls at all levels of the sport.

Will the Change Help? But Bert R. Mandelbaum, MO, thinks a I-year change alone is not enough to make a significant difference in the health risks for gymnasts. " If you went to 17 or 18 years old, you might see a sizable difference," he says. Mandelbaum, physician for US Soccer and orthopedist with Santa Monica Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group, says gynmastics injuries are often less a matter of age than of training hours. "About half or more of the injuries occur during practice, and we know that gymnasts who train more than 16 hours per week are at a higher risk of problems, including physical and psychological burnout. " Larry Nassar, D0, medical services coordinator for USA Gymnastics and fellow at the Michigan State University Sports Medicine Clinic, in East Lansing, Michigan, believes that FIG's age change will help reduce injuries because gymnasts will get more training before reaching the highest levels. "We won't be pushing so hard for our athletes to become elite level gymnasts at such as early age," he says. "It should increase their longevity." Nassar says that gymnasts can expect a long,


~~I~:~l~~I.e.~ .. 速

} ........................


healthy career if they master basic skills and train to prevent ankle, wrist, and back injuries through exercises like those used in the USA Gymnastics national training program.

Nattiv notes that an advisory board under the aegis of the USA Gymnastics Athlete Wellness Program has been assigned to promote wellness education and develop a national referral network of specialists in "athletic training, nutrition, psychology, and medicine that will be available as resources for gymnastics clubs and coaches." .

Mandelbaum and Nattiv agree with Nassar's assessment. Mandelbaum sees" an increasing move afoot to make coaches, parents, and athletes aware of essential training and competitive factors." Nattiv notes that an advisory board under the aegis of the USA Gymnastics Athlete Wellness Program has been assigned to promote wellness education and develop a national referral network of specialists in "athletic training, nutrition, psychology, and medicine that will be available as resources for gymnastics clubs and coaches." References: 1. Tofler, IR, Stryer BK, Micheli], et al: Physical and emotional problems of elite female gynmasts. N Engl J Med 1996; 335(4):281-283.

2. Claessens AL, Malina RM, Lefevre J, et al: Growth and menarcheal status of elite female gymnasts. Med Sci Sports Exerc 1992;24(7):755-763. 3. Claessens AL, Veer FM, Stijnen V, et al: Anthropometric characteristics of outstanding male and female gynmasts. J Sports Sci 1991;9:53-74. 4. Theintz GE, Howald H, Allematm Y, et al: Growth and puber tal development of young fema le gynu1asts and swimmers: a correlation with parental data. Int J Sports Med 1989;10(2)87-91.

The U.S. women's gymnastics program has taken considerable criticism regarding the sport's effects on competitors' health, Nassar says. After the 1992 Olympic Summer Games, he says, the media criticized the program for" pushing the girls beyond their maturity level to perform skills that may have been injurious to their bodies." Nassar believes such criticisms are unfair and cites research that supports the wellness and normal physical development of elite gymnasts. He also sees positive trends in recent years. "We've done a lot in the last 4 years to enhance the wellness of our athletes so that they' re able to last as long as they have." As evidence, he notes that 5 of 7 US. women gymnasts in Atlanta were of high school age or older, ~ and 3 were repeat Olympians. USA Gymnoslics pholoŠDove Black

ÂŽ ..................................... (. . _____T:.;E:..(:.H:.:.:.:N~I.:Q~U:.;E:..l,:.....:V..:O:..L:.U::..:.:.M:.:E:.....:l..:7_"~#:..:8:..__ _ _....J)

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No Investment! and ... No Risk! PLUS ... In addition to receiving consignmen t merchandi se at wholesale prices, yo u' ll be ab le to purchase all GK products including team appare l at our low wholesale prices too.

P.O . Box 16400 Reading, Pennsylvania 19612 Phone: 1. 800.345.4087 Fax: 1.6 10.376.9633 E-m ail : gkeli Web site: www.gk-e li OFF I CIAL



USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program


eter Kormann, USA Gymnastics Men's National Team Coordinator, sat down with two-time Olympian John Roethlisberger at the Men's National Team Training Camp, in Colorado Springs, Colo., to discuss his training and success. Roethlisberger, 27, finished seventh allaround at the 1996 Olympic Games, the best U.S. finish in a non-boycotted Olympics since 1932. He won his fourth National All-Around title at the 1995 National Championships, the first gymnast to do so in 29 years. He won back-to-back McDonald's American Cup titles in 1995 and 1996, the first male to do so since Peter Vidmar in 1983 and 1984. He was selected "Athlete of the Year" for 1990, 1992, 1993 and 1995 by his national teammates. Roethlisberger is a three-time NCAA champion, as well. Roethlisberger comes from a family of Olympians. His sistel~ Marie, was a member of the 1984 women's Olympic team, serving as the alternate, and his fathel~ Fred, was a member of the 1968 Olympic team. Roethlisberger is coached by his father and trains at the University of Minnesota, where he received his degree in international business. USA Gymnastics hopes this interview may give coaches insight into his success.

Interview by Peter Kormann Article by Luan Peszek

0 ..................................... (....___

...;.T..;.E..;,.CH..;.N..;.I...;.Q...;.U..;.E.:...,... V... O..;.L..;,.U.-,M..;,.E...;1..;.7.:,.,#;;.,8;....._ _ _)

KORMANN: Since the Olympic Games are long past and you've had some time to reflect, what was the most exciting moment? ROETHLISBERGER: Probably walking out on the floor for the team finals-the crowd as excited as it was and the situation we were in. Also, being in the all-around finals, having a successful competition and having my dad there. KORMANN: You've won four National Championships, you've been to the Olympics twice, you've been on four World Teams, what is driving you now? ROETHLISBERGER: I've never won a medal at the Olympics or World Championships. I think that's the biggest factor now, specifically a team medal, and especially since we came so close last summer. That's my biggest goal. Individually, I still have the desire to be successful and I'd love to win an individual medal, but I think if it was just an individual competition for the next three years, I probably wouldn't do it. I just really want to be part of a team and help the team. KORMANN: What's a typical day of training? ROETHLISBERGER: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are my hard days, where we have two practices a day. At Minnesota we work out in the morning from 7:30-10:00 a.m. and then 1:30-5:30 p.m. Wednesday and Saturday we work out about 3 hours, somewhat light. Sundays we usually have off. KORMANN: What was the hardest period of time you've trained? ROETHLISBERGER: Leading up to the 1996 Olympic Games. I didn't have classes since I'd already graduated from college, so I could train harder. The year-anda-half before the Olympics was intense. KORMANN: One of the things I admire about you and your gymnastics is how mentally tough you are. Is there something you do mentally before you go up? How do you maintain so much control? ROETHLISBERGER: Most of it is from training. I try to train my routines as many times as possible and, if possible, overtrain. I also mentally prepare in each event. I'll rehearse it in my head after practice, in between practices and leading up to competitions. I always have one thing I tell myself before each event, like for horse I'll say" aggressive hands" or" swing fast." Parallel bars I'll think "stay tight." It helps me focus. I try to do exactly

in practice what I do in the meet. When I get to a meet I imagine that I'm in practice. I try to take some pressure off.

KORMANN: We all know, as you get older it gets harder to learn new skills. What do you think is the hardest skill you've had to learn? ROETHLISBERGER: Vault has been the biggest obstacle for me. I did a tucked Kasamatsu in 1992 and right around that time I tried to do it layed out. I've wanted to compete a layout Kasamatsu in every single Championships since then and I could never do it. This year might be my year to do it. So, it's been 5 or 6 years with the same trick. KORMANN: You never gave up on it? ROETHLISBERGER: No, most of the time it takes me 500, 1000, more than a 1000 times to get a trick. That doesn't bother me. I'm willing to do it as long as my body will take it and I'll learn the trick at the end of that time. KORMANN: What's been your most frustrating injury in gymnastics? ROETHLISBERGER: I've been pretty fortunate. My sophomore year of college I broke my left ankle in three places, right near the begirming of the season. I had to sit out arid watch and couldn't help my team. Also, in high school, I was 16, and landed on the high bar and broke my sternum. I missed my chance to make Junior Nationals. I've had nagging shoulder and wrist problems here and there, but nothing too bad over a long period of time.

KORMANN: When you broke your ankle and had to watch your team compete, what did you do about your training? ROETHLISBERGER: I did everything I could do without being on my ankle. I did a lot of pommel horse, a lot of parallel bars, a lot of upper body strength. I did everything I could to keep my body in shape and be prepared for when my ankle did heal so that I could jump in as quickly as possibly on all the events. KORMANN: So you used it to your advantage? ROETHLISBERGER: Yes, definitely. It gave me an opportunity to work on some things that were weak for me like parallel bars and pommel horse. KORMANN: What do you think USA Gymnastics should be doing to help you? ROETHLISBERGER: One thing that's happened a little more in the last couple of years is that gymnasts have taken the initiative, and USA Gymnastics has helped out, with getting athletes together to train. Whether it's a couple of guys like Blaine and I going to OSU, or it's the national team going to the USOTC, I think it's very helpful. Each of us has great programs where we train, but it gets monotonous. It's good to have someone push you. Also, it's good to hear another coach say the same thing your coach has been saying. It just may sink in when you hear it from another voice!

ROETHLISBERGER: Yes, I think sometimes you don't even realize you need a break. But if you hit one of those periods where you're not getting anywhere, it's good to rest up, and then when you come back, you're that much more fresh. KORMANN: Describe what makes a great coach in your opinion. ROETHLISBERGER: A coach who doesn't expect his gymnast to get a skill on the first or second try but who realizes you have to put in the time in the gym day-in and day-out. KORMANN: What piece of advice would you give to coaches to help their gyrrmasts succeed? ROE TH1I SBERG ER: Coaches should tell their gymnasts there is no substitute for hard work and, along with that, the guy who works the hardest is going to be the most successful. I've seen hundreds of unbelievable talented guys fall by the wayside because they didn't know how to work hard. If yOl.: work hard, I promise you, no matter what happens, you will be happy with your gymnastics career-whether that means you are an Olympic champion or a collegiate gymnast. If you work hard, you'll never regret your gymnastics career.

KORMANN: Most guys who do gymnastics go through a period of time where they get stale. They are not making any progress. What do you do? ROETHLISBERGER: I've definitely had those times. One thing you can do is take some time off. Whether it's just working out a couple of hours a day or taking a week off. Although, I don't think I've ever run into a time where I've needed to do that because of the scheduling. Other things you can do is train with a friend at a different gym or bring in a visiting coach. Also, do some crosstraining like biking or swimming-something that will keep you in shape, but not gymnastics. KORMANN: We have a lot of young guys out there working probably harder than you, and certainly harder than I did at that age. So they hit peaks and valleys and sometimes the harder they work the more they plateau. Do you feel this is true?

速 ..................................... ~-~........----~---~...................~~--~--



KAT Registration and Schedule KAT Schedule Denver, CO Lake Harmony, PA San Jose, CA Cincinnati, OH

August 13 September 5-6 September 6-7 October 2

National Congress Region VII Congress Nor-Cal (Region I) Region 5 Mini Congess

Name ______________________________________________________________________

Social Security # ____________________ Birthdate _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State _ _ _ _ _ Zip __________ Telephone (Day)

(Night) ___________________________

Course Location - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Date - - - - - - - - Organization Represented ____________ Job Title _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Local Newspaper

Fax _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Current USA Gymnastics Member # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (*required for discount) *USA Gymnastics individual membership: Instructor or Professional only

Prerequisites (can register if in progress): - - - - Rookie Coaches Guide Test lor PDP Levell ____ Four hours observation/or Grandparent (via resume) Registration: ____ $140 member (Instructor or Professional) - - - - - $160 non-member Form of Payment:

o Check


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o Discover


Name on card _________________________________ Number _________________________ Exp. Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Card holder's signature _____________________________________ Printed name of card holder --------------------------------------------------------Please make checks payable to USA Gymnastics KAT Workshop.

Mail registration form and payment to: USA Gymnastics KAT Pan American Plaza 201 South Capitol Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

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(.... _ _ _..;.T,;.,EC.;..;.H.;..;.N..;.I..;;,Q..;.,U.;.:E,_V.;..O.;..L;..;U ..;.M.;.;E;.....;.. l 7;"';'__ #..;.,8_ _ _



USA Gymnastics Announces New Membership Options for General Gymnastics Steve Whitlock, USAG/GG Development Director Marsha Spears, USAG Membership Beginning immediately, USA Gynmastics is accepting memberships in the General Gymnastics (GG) program area in the Professional and "Team" member categories for the 1997-1998 season. This represents distinct advantages for clubs with "performance teams" and display groups that regularly do GG activities: You will be able to "sanction" your GG events such as displays, exhibitions, and state/regional GymFests. The sanction will provide consistency in the event and other important benefits, such as liability and medical insurance. Your group's participation in events such as the annual National GymFest and the World Gymnaestrada will be simplified-no more effort to complete the pages and pages of waivers and releases that have been necessary for each GG participant in these activities over the past few years. You will once again be able to do exhibitions and shows with your GG group at other USAG sanctioned events such as J.O. competitions (men's, women's, rhythmic). A growing GG membership base will provide future justification to the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors for recognizing GG as a new and viable program activity. Your GG participants will be eligible for all of the associated USA Gynmastics Membership benefits described below in the Professional and "Team" member categories.

Professional Membership Target:

Competitive coaches, judges, GG group leaders, and other gymnastics professionals who participate in USA Gymnastics sanctioned competitions and/ or General Gymnastics activities.

速 ..................................... <. . ___


This membership is required to participate on the floor of any USA Gynmastics sanctioned event. Benefits:

Enjoy a one-year subscription (10 issues) to the official technical journal of USA Gymnastics, Technique magazine, and also a one-year subscription (6 issues) to USA Gymnastics magazine. NOTE: Both of these publications will begin to report more information regarding GG in 1998.

Free safety recertification-once you have obtained your initial safety certification. (Clarification available.) Rules and Policies for selected discipline(s). NOTE: The first GG Rules and Policies will be prepared for distribu tion in the fourth quarter of 1997.

Free FIG supplements with original purchase of FIG Code of Points. The right to participate in sanctioned meets and GG activities. Liability insurance at sanctioned events. Discounts on Congress and various clinics/ courses/ seminars. USA Gymnastics Professional Membership card. This card entitles you to a 10% discount off all gynmastics apparel and novelty items sold through USA Gynmastics Member Services. Voting privileges for program positions, including Membership Director of the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors. NOTE: In the GG program area, there are currently no electected positions. The GG program will be managed by members of the General Gymnastics Advisory Panel (GGAP) and the USAG GG Development Director until such time that the USAG Board of Directors formalizes this new discipline. Costs:

$75 for one discipline (Men's, Women's, Rhythmic, General Gynmastics), $20 for each additional discipline

....;T..;,E..;.,C-.H-.N'....Q....U..;,E.:..,. . ;V..;,O. ;,L. ;.,U_M..;.,E....;1...;.7.:. , ... # 8_ _ _ _ _)



Examples of various Professional Membership VVomen's Men's Rhythmic General Gymnastics VVomen's & Men's VVomen's & General Gymnastics VVomen's, Men's & Rhythmic VVomen' s, Rhythmic & General Gymnastics

costs: $75 $75 $75 $75 $95 $95 $115 $115

Instructor Membership Instructor Members will be permitted" on the floor" of GG activities, but MAY NOT be the sole person responsible for the group-there MUST be a Professional GG Member in attendance. N ote: In structor M embers can not be on the floor of men's, women 's, or rhythmic sanctioned events.

Team Membership Target: Competitive gYllli1asts, all levels, for VVomen's, Men's, Rhythmic and General GYlru1astics (GymFest) participants.

Requirements: Team membership is required to participate in any USA Gymnastics sanctioned event.

Benefits: Secondary insurance coverage at sanctioned events. USA Gymnastics magazine. Receive complimentary issues of the official magazine of USA Gymnastics,








featuring personality profiles of U.S. gymnasts, training tips, coverage of major competitions, information on gymnastics camps, the latest in merchandise, and more! N OTE: Team members only receive those issues that are published on or after their membership start date through 7/3 1 of the current season.

USA Gymnastics Membership card. This card entitles you to a 10 % discount off all gymnastics apparel and novelty items sold through USA Gymnastics Member Services. Member decal. Cost: $35.00

NOTES: 1. Upon original registration, athletes/ participants may register in the Team categories of Men's, VVomen's, Rhythmic, PLUS GG at no additional charge. For example, a VVomen's Program "Team" member can also indicate their participation in the GG category. 2. During the season, a "Team" member can call USA GYlru1astics Member Services and "add-on" another category. For example, a VVomen's Program "Team" member who has competed for the first half of the season can call Member Services to add the "GG Team" category to her membership in order to participate in a summer GG event such as the National GymFest AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Curriculum Poster Reward System

. . GYMNASTICS . . o Proven Effective in Buil£iing Enrollment Retention PR







Provides a SAFE and Progressive Teaching System o Sets ACHIEVABLE Goals


Motivates Parents and Students Keeps Records of when Skills are Passed o Valuablefor Measuring Teacher Efficiency





Jeff lulla is a member of the USAG Preschool Committee and co-author 01 the new Kinder Accreditation for Teachers (KAn Drogram., He is also a National Safety Certi,fier for USA GymnastiCS, a semmar presenter for the S Assoaation of Independent sties. He owns two successfu gyms in Southem

Upon enrollment every student receives a Poster TO TAKE HOME. The whole family can monitor the student's progress and share in the excitement as stars are awarded for skills learned. Includes training videos, curriculum cards, award certificates and more.

Jeff Lu/Ja wiU be speaking at the NATIONAL CONGRESS in Denver, REGION 1 CONGRESS in San Jose ami the USAJGC SemiTUlTS in Las Vegas • KAT course (Denver & San Jose) • Preschool Teaching Progressions (Denver, San Jose & Las Vegas) • Adverlising on the Internet (Denver) • Public Relations ami Adverlising (San Jose & Las Vegas) "Hope to see you there" O/lH'II(~r 1.ic('II\('t/




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The Friendly City Dean Capelotti Member of the General Gymnastics Advisory Panel emb:rs of the USA Gymnastics General Gymnastics AdvISory Panel returned from an information meeting in Goteborg, Sweden, the host city for the 1999 World Gymnaestrada (WG). Goteborg is also known as Gothenburg by English speakers. During our trip, we toured all of the proposed WG performance venues including Ullevi Stadium, which will serve as the site for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. We were excited to learn that the U.S. delegation is invited to participate in a special segment of the Closing Ceremony. We expect to involve about 200 of our delegation members in this memorable event. Garnia Ullevi Stadium is another outdoor stadium where the Large Group Performances will be conducted. For the first time, the U.S delegation will present a combined group performance with nearly 300 participants. Work has already started on the choreography for this 20 minute display. The indoor small group performances


Goteborg is a city where Americans will feel quite at ease. The people are friendly and courteous, and the English language is seemingly understood by all.

will be in exhibition halls that are part of the Svenska Massan (convention center). Our visit also included Goteborg city tours-after all, with more than 25,000 participants, an event such as a WG really embraces the entire city. In 1999, gymnastics performances will be featured in parks, plazas, shopping areas, school yards, public buildings and beaches. The organizers even plan to have a "gymnastics" street. Goteborg is a city where Americans will feel quite at ease. The people are friendly and courteous, and the English language is seemingly understood by all. The city is compact with all the WG venues within easy walking distance-everything is no more than a 20-minute walk. Goteborg is a clean town with old world charm. Kungsportsavenyn, often shortened to Avenyn, is one of the main tree-lined boulevards. It has many restaurants, sidewalk cafes and clubs. City center streets are alive with music as many bands play for the strolling patrons from the main eateries. For those with weary feet there are trolley cars to take you about the city.


Fish lovers will be satisfied as Gi::iteborg is known in Sweden as the fish city for its wide variety of fresh fish. For those who like American fast food, there are several McDonald's and Pizza Hut's. The local res taurants offer a wide variety of food from traditional Swedish dishes, to pizza, and other ethnic favorites. For a quick snack, there are small food venders everywhere. Gi::iteborg has numerous canals and parks, making it a delight to the eyes as you tour the many city scenes. In the summer months, the city's northern latitude provides long hours of light (it never really seems to get dark-just about three hours of twilight) . Both locals and tourists enjoy the added light late into the evenings. For those interested in late night activities, there are numerous discos and clubs open until the wee hours. We found that one of the best ways to see the sights is to take a canal tour of the city. The "Paddan" boats give you views of the city not available at street level. Our tour (that lasted about an hour) was given in English, Swedish and German. Gi::iteborg has more park space, per capital, than almost any other city in Sweden-most of the parks have large grassy areas with giant stately trees that make a pleasant place to take a little break and just relax. Tradgardsfi::ireningen is one park near the town center that grows hundreds of varieties of roses, offers a tropical garden in a beautiful glass greenhouse, and has a butterfly house. Gi::iteborg is one of Sweden's major harbors, handling goods from all around the world. In the harbor is the world's largest maritime museum, the Gi::iteborg Maritima Centrum. Here you can board numerous ships for a tour of maritime history. Some of the showcase ships include the only remaining restored monitor (civil war Iron Clad

warship), the submarine Nordkaparen, the destroyer Smaland and a number of other civilian ships. The museum is adjacent to the town square where the USA delegation will hold a 4th of July "Welcome to Gi::iteborg" party to start off all the fes tivities for Gymnaestrada week. From the harbor area, there is a variety of scenic and day cruises to the nearby archipelago w here beautiful beaches are found for " bathing." Liseberg Park is at one end of the venues and is Sweden's largest amusement park. Liseberg is a fun park with rides for all ages. There are 30 rides to enjoy, plus numerous restaurants, game areas and stages. The "Hang-Over" is for thrill seekers. The " Liseberg-Turm"a rotating observation deck-provides a panoramic view of the entire city. Other rides include a roller coastel~ Ferris wheel and others that get your stomach rolling. The "Participant Credential" for everyone attending the World Gymnaestrada will provide free entrance to Liseberg-however, you will need to pay for rides separately. The U.S. delegation will join Great Britain, Australia and Canada in the "English Speaking Countries National Evening" in the Lisebergs Hallen (the main performance hall at Liseberg). All in all, Gi::iteborg is an ideal host city for the 11 th World Gymnaestrada in 1999. The USA delegates will have an enjoyable time in this friendly city.


1997 IIFuture Stars"

Program Update Date: June 18, 1997 This document supersedes the update released May 15, 1997 and will serve as the clarifications/changes document for the 1997 Junior Developmental Team Program for the Future Stars Nationals . The only change from the May 15 update is in the 12-year-old pommel horse routine which has been modified. Questions regarding this update or the program should be addressed to Dennis McIntyre, Men's Program Manager at USA Gymnastics.

General Changes: 1. For 1997 the Future Stars Championships will be

divided into two age groups. The two age groups, the number of athletes who will be named to the 10-11 National Development Team and the number of athletes who will be invited to the Development Team camp are: Age Division 10-11 year olds 12 year olds

# To Team 30 20

# To Camp 15 10

The age determining date and rules will remain the same. 2. The qualifying scores and rules to National Future Stars Championships will remain the same for both age divisions. 3. On pommel horse & vault the routines will be different for the 10-11 and 12-year-old divisions as indicated below.

Specific Event Changes/Clarifications: Floor Exercise: No changes Pommel Horse: 1. The 10-11 division will use the pommel horse routine, without pommels, as it is listed in the 1997-2000 Junior National Team Program Book. 2. In the 10-11 division, a tape line will be placed across the horse at the second pommel. This tape line will indicate when the gymnast has finished his 3/3 longitudinal travel. The judge will begin to count the gymnast's back loops when the athlete has placed both hands beyond the tape line. 3. The text for the 10 - 11 Division pommel horse routine is inconsistent with the official video tape. In the video tape part #9, the side support circle has been omitted. The text is accurate.

4. In the 10-11 Division, the deduction for not attempting part #1, % longitudinal travel, is 2.0 points. 5. The routine for the 12-year-old division at pommel horse has been changed and is listed on page 27 in the form that the routines appear in the Junior National Team Program manual.

Still Rings: The text for the Still Rings routine is inconsistent with the official video tape. In the video tape part #6, inlocate, has been omitted. The text is accurate.

Vault: 1. 10-11 Division-no changes 2. The vault for the 12 year old division will be a hand spring pike open vault with a 90Qpike at the hips in the post flight. Deductions for lack of pike in the post flight are as follows:

o deduction 60Q- 74Q medium deduction 45Q- 59Q large deduction less than 45Q deduct 1.0 All other criteria for the 12-year-old division pike-open vault is the same as for the handspring vault listed in the Junior National Team Program manual. Parallel Bars: 1. For both divisions, the deduction for not attempting part #3, giant swing to support, is 2.0 points.

Horizontal Bar: 1. In part #1, cast (stem) with 112 turn to mixed grip, the gymnast may go to support (backuprise) in the stem without deduction. 2. The text for the Horizontal routine is inconsistent with the official video tape. The video tape is accurate. Please correct the text by adding: part #3A, Front giant. The routine will now read ... Forward swing in mixed grip and change to double undergrip at the top of the swing, front giant, front giant, 3/ 4 front giant and hop to double overgrip .. .

Strength: no changes Flexibility: no changes Regional Evaluations: Regional evaluations should be scheduled to be completed by no later than October 18, 1997. Check with your State Chairman for details concerning your Region's Future Stars Evaluation.

National Future Stars Championships: The National Future Stars Championships/Workshop is scheduled for November 13-16, 1997 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. A tentative schedule follows. Host hotel and a final schedule will be

ÂŽ ..................................... <....___....T_E....CH...N...I_Q_U....E_,_V....O_L....U....M_E....1...7.:,.,#;...8~_ _ _)


released at a later date through the Regional Chairmen and will appear in Technique Magazine and on the USAG Web Page. Tentative Schedule: 11/13 Open Training at USOTC from 2:00-8:00 pm Coaches technical meeting 8:00 pm 11/14 Session 1, 10-11 year old division - morning Session II, 12-13 year old division - afternoon 11/15 Clinic sessions for participating athletes, coaches and parents Athletes and parents finished by 5:00 pm 11/16 Workshop continues until 12:00 pm for coaches

Official update: 6/18/97 per Dennis McIntyrejUSAG

II. Pommel Horse -12-year-old division On Pommel Horse set at 32" ± 1" minimum:

Note: This routine is written for clockwise circle pelformance the exercise may be reversed. Description

Special Performance Criteria

1. From stand in the middle with hands on the

pommels, jump to Czechkehre (moore) finishing in rear support 2. Two and

112 circles

3. Kehre out to end of horse 4. Cut right leg back and immediately reach left hand to opposite pommel and move to front straddle support in the middle 5. Change right hand to regular grip and execute a Simple Swiss. (Cut left leg forward while moving the left hand to the right pommel. Then move the right hand back to the left pommel finishing in stride support facing the opposite direction with the right leg forward.) 6. Cut left leg forward, cut right leg back, cut left leg

back, cut right leg forward 7. Scissor left 8. Scissor right

112 circles Move left hand to right pommel (112 Stockli B) to 113

9. Cut left leg forward to 2 and


11. Two loops facing out 12.

112 back loop to stand facing out longitudinally

Official update: 5/14/97 per Dennis McIntyrejUSAG

NObOdV Knows The

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u.s. Olympic Trials Awarded to Boston USA Gymnastics announces that through the efforts of the Massachusetts Sports Partnership and the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, the 2000 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials and Congress will be held in Boston, Mass. At a press conference held in Boston, July 15, Rod Davis, USA Gymnastics Vice President of Sponsor and Broadcast Sales, said, "The 1996 U.s. Olympic Gymnastics Trials held in Boston were the most successful in the history of the event. Based on the positive feedback from our athletes, coaches and membership, we are pleased to award the 2000 Trials to Boston."


1997-98 Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior Olympic Technical Handbook For Coaches and Judges This is a must-have book featuring all of the new rules for the Level 5-8 and Group JO Program #1303 $10.00 Call 1-800-345-4719

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"The 1996 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials held in Boston were the most successful in the history of the event. Based on the positive feedback from our athletes, coaches and membership, we are pleased to award the 2000 Trials to Boston." John Hancock, an official Worldwide Sponsor for the 2000 Olympic Games, announced that it will be the host sponsor of the 2000 U.s. Olympic Gymnastics Trials. "Giving back to the community is important to John Hancock," said Stephen L. Brown, Chairman & CEO of John Hancock. "This type of venture, in particular, tends to be a win-win for all involved. As an Olympic sponsor, we're proud to play an active part in supporting the talented athletes that will go on to represent our country at the 2000 Games in Sydney." Scheduled for August of 2000, "the Trials and Congress will use five Boston hotels and result in more than $16 million in economic impact for Boston and Massachusetts," said Patrick B. Moscaritolo, president of the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau. "On top of that spending, Boston's visitor industry will benefit from national television exposure and national media coverage."

H;.;. ;N;.;. ;I;. ; Q;. ; U~E.:. ,...;.V~O~L..;.,U;.;.;.M..;.,E..;1..;.7.:,.,#;;..;8;..-._ _--')


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International Gymnastics Federation Rhythmic Code of Points The FIGjRSGjTC has analyzed the questions asked by judges during the various Judges' Courses, including those asked by mail, and as a result, we feel several judges, and even coaches, are confused about norms regarding the problem of statism and the conditions required for the performance of acrobatic elements, as well as about the norms regarding normal coordination (between body and apparatus) during the difficulties (norms which were already included in the previous Code). In order to avoid unnecessary discussions during competitions, the TC thought it might be helpful to clarify the following points. Usually the relationship between body movement and apparatus handling must be as strict as possible.

I~ NO!

~ I'"



B) Norms valid for difficulties with apparatus element of "throw" or "roll" 1) The body movement difficulty may be performed during the throw or during the roll:

A. Norms valid for difficulties in general, therefore including the isolated Basic B Difficulties: 1) The apparatus element and the body movement difficulty may start and end together:



2) The apparatus element may start slightly before or slightly after the beginning of the body movement difficulty, and end at the same time:

2) The body movement difficulty may be performed during the catch, or the pick up of the apparatus:

\ ....



3) The body movement difficulty may be performed during the flight of the apparatus, but immediately after the throw (only for the throw):

3) The apparatus element may start at the same time and end slightly before or slightly after the end of the body movement difficulty:

.. or immediately before the catch (only for the throw) :

4) The apparatus element may last slightly longer or slightly less than the body movement difficulty:

Therefore, an apparatus element performed before the beginning of the body movement difficulty, even immediately before, or after the body movement difficulty, even immediately after, is not valid:

0 ..................................... <. . ___...;T..;,E....C....H-.N...,'Q...,U_E.-,...;V...;O...;L....U.-M....E_l_7..:.,....# 8_ _ _ _ _)



C. Norms valid for the difficulties Band C "Special Cases" 1) 1st Criteria The catch and the passing through an apparatus, or only the catch (in the case of ball and clubs), must be performed during the flight of the jump or leap:

1) If the apparatus makes a technical movement during the preparation for a difficulty (immediately before) and is then static during the difficulty or body movement: the penalty to statism is not given and the difficulty remains valid:


2) 2nd Criteria The apparatus element (passing, throwing, catching) must be performed during the flight of the jump or leap: III \


3) 3rd Criteria The apparatus element must be performed during the pivot.

... ...

1..~·· .......... · · . ····~. I------~ .. 1 I-" .I . I . I.

2) If the apparatus is static during the performance of a body movement difficulty and makes a teclmical movement immediately after (during the exit movements of the difficulty): the penalty for statism is not given and the difficulty remains valid:

I-----~t·~ ..

J-oIII ....

Only a very small time delay at the beginning and/ or at the end of the pivot will be tolerated :






D. Norms valid in order to avoid the penalty for "statism of apparatus," and for a difficulty of body movement to be valid-this is a marginal situation which obviously does not concern the isolated Basic B Difficulties, since these require a perfect coordination with the compulsory apparatus element:

... ...



., .,

4) 4th Criteria The apparatus element must be performed during the body movement difficulty (or the elements plus the difficulty = ball)

... Only a very small time delay at the begim1ing and/ or at the end of the pivot will be tolerated when it is a boomerang throw of the ribbon:

. . . . . . . . . . ·~.


E. Norms valid in order to avoid the penalty for "lack of coordination" between the apparatus and the acrobatic element-this is a marginal situation which obviously does not concern the isolated Basic B Difficulties, since these require a perfect coordination with the compulsory apparatus element: 1) If the apparatus makes a technical movement immediately before the acrobatic element (or a combination or a series): the penalty is not given:

1·~. · · · · · . ·. . . ·~··I. . . . . .


f - - - - - -..

2) If the apparatus makes a teclmical movement immediately after the acrobatic element (or a combination or a series): the penalty is not given .


J-oIII ....


. . . . . . . . . . ·~·1


... ... ... ('----:T=-=E~C"!"='H"!"='N~,Q~U~E~,~V=-=O"":"L"!"='U":":'M"'='E-:1:-=7~,": "'#8~--~}""""



NO~ ~O(J


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USA GYMNASTICS JUDGES' COMPENSATION PACKAGE FOR WOMEN'S ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS (Effective August 1, 1997 - July 31, 2001) Consistent w ith the provisions of the Amateur Sports Ac t of 1978, the United States Olympic Committee has designated USA Gymnastics as the national governing bod y for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. As reflected in its Ar ticles of Incorporation and its conduct under those Articles, USA Gynm astics' responsibilities for governing the sport of gymnastics include the regulation of matters relating to the training, testing, certification and assignment of judges for gymnastics competition conducted or sanctioned by USA Gymnastics. This Compensation Package is d rafted fo r each quadrem1ium. The only changes to the document w ithin the quadremuum w ill be an automatic raise in per d iem of $5 .00 per day, a $2.00 increase in the hourly rate for Brevet, Elite, Level 10 and Level 9 judges and a $1.00 increase in the hou rly rate for Level 5/6/7 /8 beginnin g August 1, 1999.

JUDGES' RESPONSIBILITIES: · Perform their function as a judge of the Meet according to the USA Gymnas tics Rules and Policies, memberslup policies and the USA GYllmas tics Code of Etlucs. · Individual judges shall be limited to judging, evaluating and scorin g the competition. · Individual judges w ill be bound by the terms of the individual contract agreed upon for that particular meet. · Responsible, according to all appropriate laws and jurisdiction, for all financial reporting and identifica tion of payments/reimbursements received to the appropriate agencies (i.e. IRS). · Sign and return the contrac t to the Meet Director.

MEET DIRECTOR'S RESPONSIBILITIES · Follow the USAG Rules and Policies for sanctioned events. · Will not pay fees that exceed the USA Gymnastics Judges Compensation Package for payment of judges at any sanctioned comp etition. · If so designated by the State/Regional Boards, the USAG Meet Director MAY utilize the NAWGJ as the contracting body for officials for USAG Sanctioned Meets. · Compensation w ill be paid directly to the individual judge. · In the event that the USAG Meet Director fails to comply w ith the terms of the sanction or the USAG Rules and Policies, judges may, refuse to perform any judging obligations. However, all/both parties should m ake every immediate attempt/ effort to resolve any disputes, in keeping w ith the best interest of the athletes involved. No such ac tion should ever be taken that would jeopardize or compromise the safety or well being of the athlete. · The Meet Director will be bound by the terms of the individual contrac t agreed upon fo r that particular meet.

I. CONSIDERATIONS: A. Judges should report 30 nUnutes prior to march-in for local and invita tional competitions, unless otherwise specified by the Meet Referee. A $5.00 fine w ill be deducted fro m the check of any official w ho does not report 15 minutes prior to march-in.

B. Reporting time for those competitions requiring video analysis m ay be up to on e (1) h our prior to m arch-in. The reportin g time w ill be specified by the Meet Referee. A $5. 00 fine w ill be deducted from the check of an y official w h o does not report as per the contract. C. Fees are paid based upon the contracted march-in time until the judges have submitted their scores. Judges are responsible to check each individual gynmast's score/ average at the time of submission, not the official computer print-out. D. A portion of the hourly rate may be broken into halves, not less. Round off to the nearest half hour (i.e., 9:01 to 9:14 w ill be considered as 9:00; between 9:15 and 9:29 w ill be considered as 9:30). E. The above fees w ill be applicable for all USAG Sanctioned Events unless otherwise specified in advan ce by the USA GYllm as tics President. F. This Judges' Compensation Package is in effect for all USAG Competitions, as specified. G. If judging begins before the m aximum allotted break time h as elapsed, judging time begins.

II. TRAVEL A. N o mileage w ill be paid for the first 30 nUles except to those carpooling, wherein there would be no deduction of 30 miles. In order for the rider to be paid mileage, he/ sh e must drive a milumum of 30 miles round trip to meet the carpool. The standard IRS ra te (31 cents per mile for 1997) w ill be paid to the driver. Riders fees are not paid . An increase in the IRS mileage fee w ill only b e recognized and used w hen the increase is a full cent. Less than a cent increase w ill not be recogluzed. Plane, train or bus travel exp en ses as stated on the contract shall be paid in full by the Meet Directo r. The total mileage cost sh ould not exceed the cost of an airline ticket to the same location. B. Round trip travel expenses to and from the airport, tolls, airport p arking, taxi or limousine service as sta ted on the contact shall be paid by the Meet Director. These expen ses must be listed on the contract and be ap proved by the contracting official in order to be compensated by the Meet Director. Only standard and cu stomary expenses w ith accompanying receipts will be reimbursed in the actu al amounts. C. It is requested that judges consider carpooling w henev er possible. If a judge chooses not to carpool for any reason, nuleage w ill not be paid to that judge unless pre-arranged w ith the contracting official and the Meet Director. D. In the case of a competition spanning over two or more days, if lodging is provided to the judge by the Meet Director and the judge chooses to return home and drive back the second (and successive) days, round-trip mileage w ill be paid only once, unless pre-arrangements h ave been made w ith the contracting official and the Meet Director. E. No other expenses (such as babY-Sitters, car repairs, car rental, reimbursement for lost salary, or other normal work related expenses) w ill be paid.

('----:r:-:'f"':'(':":"HN':":"/":"":Q:"'!'U~f:-,~V~O~L':":" U ":':' M"':"E""":1:""::7:,~ # S::----"""'""'I)· .. • ................................




III. LODGING If a judge must stay overnight prior to, during or following the competition, lodging must be provided and paid for by the Meet Director. The form of accommodation must be specified in the judge's contract. Accommodations should be based on double occupancy (two beds).


No per diem w ill be paid for competitions that require the judge to be at the meet site for less than 3 hours, unless round trip mileage is 100 miles or more. These rates are determined regardless of departure or arrival time to the judge's home. Per Diem compensation should be paid to the judges at a rate of: $15.00 Diem - When on-site responsibilities are at least 3 hours but less than S hours. (Time begins w ith reporting time to include meetings and competition.) $30.00 Diem - When on-site responsibilities are S hours or more. $15.00 per meal (up to a maximum of $30.00 per day) is assessed for any meals not provided by the Meet Director. B. OVERNIGHT MEETS All meals not provided by the Meet Director are compensated at a rate of $15.00 per meal to a maximum of $35.00 per day. Meals provided by the Meet Director should be nutritional and not just concession type food. Judges with dietary restrictions should bring their own food.

V. MODIFICATIONS If any conditions on the contract are altered, it is the responsibility of the Meet Director to contact the individual judge(s) and the CONTRACTING OFFICIAL and provide that information to BOTH.

VI. CANCELLATION If the contract obligations are not fulfilled by either party because of extenuating circumstances, no mandatory penalties will be applied to either party. Example: Inclement weather (which would prohibit traveling) Grave illness

Failure to comply with the contractual agreement will result in the following: A. On the Meet Director's part: A minimum of 7 days notice is required for cancellation of officials. If cancellation of officials occurs less than seven days prior to the meet, the Meet Director is responsible for payment of 3 hours per judge and any nonrefundable expenses incurred. B. On the Judges' Part If a judge fails to appear without notifying the Meet Director, a penalty of 3 hours and any non-refundable expenses incurred by the Meet Director will be paid to the Meet Director by the judge.

VII. HOURLY MEET FEES Judges w ill be paid an hourly fee, according to their rating, with a minimum payment of two hours.

Rating Brevet Elite Level 10 Level 9 Level 5/6/7 /S Level 7/S Level 5/6

Hourly Rate $27.00 $25.00 $23.00 $20.00 $17.00 $16.00 $12.00

If Actual Judging Time is:

The Allowable Time Break is:


2 Hrs. or less 3 hrs. 4 hrs. 5 hrs. 6 hrs. 7 hrs. SIns. 9 hrs.

1 hr.

1V2 Iu·s. 2 hrs. 2V2 hrs. 3 hrs. 3V2 hrs. 4 hrs.


VIII. CHAMPIONSHIP MEET FEES Judges shall receive daily fees according to ratings. The Daily Rate applies to all meets for more than four hours - up to eight hours of actual judging time. Half Day competitions (up to 4 hours of actual judging time) will use the Half Day Rate. A. JUNIOR OLYMPIC REGIONAL AND EAST/WEST

CHAMPIONSHIPS Rating Daily Rate (Shrs) Brevet $160.00 Elite $150.00 Level 10 $140.00 Level 9 $130.00 LevelS $120.00

Half Day (4hrs) $SO.OO $75.00 $70.00 $65.00 $60.00

Time over eight hours w ill be compensated at the regular hourly rate. B. NATIONAL MEET FEES J.O. Nationals, National Gymnastics Festival & Classics Rating All eligible

Daily Rate $150.00

Half Day Rate $75.00


C. Regional Elite Meets will be compensated at the regular

hourly fee with a minimum payment of 3 hours per day. D. State Meet fees may be negotiated by State Boards and the contracting official, but Caru10t exceed the basic fee schedule.


rO. meets only)

A Meet Referee/Chief Judge shall receive an additional $10.00 fee per day for ONLY USAG State, Regional National Championships. No dual compensation is given if the Meet Referee also serves as a Chief Judge. The Meet Referee shall be paid the hourly fee for the time during which she/he is conducting official Meet Referee reponsibilities.

X. INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY When inclement weather exists (weather which delays or prohibits safe travel for the judges), the Meet Director is responSible for the judges' lodging and meals. Judges will be accommodated with minimal expense and could be lodged in private homes with food provided. Hotel/Motel rooms are compensated ONLY if approved by the Meet Director.

0 ..................................... <...___...;,T..;.E...C ..H ..N ';...;Q;...;U..;.E.:,.'. .;,V. ;.O. ;.L...U..M...E.....1...7..,:..'_#8;....._ _ _)






















5-6 $24.00








2 1/2
































41/ 2



















$93 .50

















5 1/2


6 6 1/2 7








71 /2







$90 .00


$216 .00

$200 .00






8 1/2
















9 1/2








Judging Time

Break Time

2 or less 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

0 1 1 1/2 2 2 1/2 3 31/2 4

Local 3 - 7 1/2 8 + Hrs.

Per Diem $15 $30 Mileage $.31

IRS rate

Overnight $15/Meal or Max.of $30/Day after the first 30 miles RT

See package for carpools mileage.

Meet Referee/Chief Judge Fee(J.O. only) State & above Championships: $10/ day All fees are based on a minimum of 2 hours (except for Regional Elite Meets). State Meets: Hourly Rate or as negotiated by the State Boards. J.O. Regional & EastfWest Championships:

J.O. National Championships


Daily (8lu's)

Half (4hrs)

Daily (8hrs)

Half (4lU'S)









Level 10



Level 9



Level 8



Time over eight hours will be com pensated at the regular hourly rate. Regional Elite Meets - Hourly Fee - Minimum 3 hrs per day.




USA GYMNASTICS RHYTHMIC JUNIOR OLYMPIC GROUP PROGRAM Nora Campbell JUNIOR OLYMPIC GROUP PROGRAM · The purpose of the Junior Olympic Group program is to encourage rhythmic clubs to teach the rhythmic group aspect to rhythmic athletes and to provide a compulsory program to assist coaches with group development. · It is recognized that the process of developing a large and successful Group Program in the United States will take time. Because very few rhythmic programs have large numbers of athletes in any given age division and/ or skill level it has been necessary to design competition rules that facilitate club group development. These rules are listed below and have been established for 1997 and 1998 J.O. Group Competition. · Junior Olympic Group Competition is encouraged at all competitions. · The 1997 Group Championships w ill take place October 11 and 12, 1997 in A tlanta, Georgia.

• LEVEL There w ill be four levels: begimling, intermediate, advanced, ad vanced /elite. The level at w hich a group w ill compete is determined as follows:


Begimling level: Two or more of the gymnasts are Level 6 e.g.: 6, 6, 6, 7 = begilming level Intermediate level: Two or more of the gynm asts are Level 7 e.g.: 6, 6, 7, 7 = intermediate level Advanced level:


Two or more of the gymnasts are Level 8

· The purpose of the FIG Elite group program is to encourage coaches of rhythmic programs w ith a higher number 9/ 10 athletes to begin FIG elite group programs and to d evelop groups that will eventually lead to elite/international USA group performance. Elite Group Competition w ill take place at National Championships.

1997-98 Junior Olympic Rhythmic Group Rules

e.g. : 6, 7, 8, 8


advanced level

Advanced/ elite level: Two or more of the gymnasts are Level 9 and/ or 10 e.g.: 7,8,9,9


advanced/elite level

NOTE: When there is an even split (e.g.: 8, 8,9, 9) the level of competi tion is determined by the HIGHER level athletes. EQUIPMENT

AGE DIVISION There w ill be three age divisions: children, junior, senior. The age division is the AVERAGE age of the team members as determined by how old each gymnast will be on December 31st in the year of competition. Children division: Junior division: Senior division: E.g.:

Average age between 9 and 11 years Average age between 12 and 13 years Average age 14 and up A group con sists of gymnasts age:

10,10,11, 12


avg. 10.3

-children's division

9, 10, 11, 12


avg. 10.5

-children's division

10, 11, 12, 12 = avg. 11 .5

-junior division

10, 10, 13, 14


avg. 11.7

-junior division

10, 13, 13, 14


avg. 12.5

-junior division

12, 12, 15, 16


avg. 13.75 -senior division


® ..................................... <. . ___

The size of the equipment is determined by the age division according to equipment regulations in the Rules and Policies . Ribbon: Children

minimum 4m





Advanced/ elite


MULTIPLE GROUPS If a club enters more than one group into a competition a maximum of two athletes from that club can be entered into a maximum of two gro ups.


All groups must enter the rhythmic floor exercise event. Each group may choose the ribbon event, the hoop event, or both. The Rules and Policies for the Junior Olympic Group Program will continue to be revised annually according to the growth and needs of the program.

8~_ _...J)

..;1..;,E..;,(;,;" HN ;,;"I;..;Q;..;U..;.E,:,. ' ..; V..;O..;L..;, U.;,;,; M..;,E..,;1..;.7..1.'.;;., #

RHYTHMIC GROUP CHAMPIONSHIPS (Please type or print information below)

The 4th Rhythmic Group Championships will be held October 11 -12 in Atlanta, Georgia. All dubs ore encouraged to spend the summer training in Group work. Group Categories J.O. Beginning level (level 5/6 skills) J.O. Intermediate level (level 6/7 skills) J.O. Advance level (level 8+ skills)

Compulsory RFX, Hoop, Ribbon N OTES: Junior Olympic Groups may compete 1-3 rou tines. A ll r O. Groups must compete the RFX routine.

Compulsory RFX, Hoop, Ribbon Optional RFX, Hoop, Ribbon

For additional rules and policies see the 1996-1997 edition of the Rhythmic Rules and Policies, the J.~. Rhythmic Technical Handbook ond the January, 1997 issue of Technique.

Rhythmic Group Entry Form Local Organizing Host: Chattooga Gymnastics 4005 Canton Rood Marietta, GA 30066 (770)924-2832

Meet Director: Dates: TImes:

USA Gymnastics October 11 -12, 1997 length of competition will depend upon the number of entries. Tentative finish time is 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 12 Host Hotel: TBD Entry Fee: $160 (Checks payable to USA Gymnastics or by credit cord) Entry Deadline: Entries must be postmarked by Monday, September 15, 1997 Entry Fee: $160 (Checks payable to USA Gymnastics or by Credit Cord, see below) Team Name, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Club Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Phone (, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ City ______________________________ Level of Competition: Events: Athlete Names

_ Beginner RFX



Intermediate _Hoop

Member #'s



Advanced Ribbon



Adva need/Elite

Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian


2. ____________________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________________

4. __________________________________________________________________________ 5. (AIt.) _____________________________________________________________

Please provide the following information: Head Coach,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Pro. Membership #________________Safety Cert. Exp.________ Asst. Coach _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Pro. Membership #

Safety Cert. Exp.________

Meet Entry Forms and Entry Fee must be postmarked on or belore Monday, September 15, 1997 Additional inlormation will be sent upon receipt 01 entry,

Signature of Coach _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ Entry Fee: $160

Check: _ _ (Payable to USA Gymnastics)

Charge: 0 VISA 0 MasterCard 0 Discover 0 American Express Exp. Date: _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Card # ______________ ________________Amount: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Signature of Cord Holder _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Printed Name of Cordholder _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Mail Entry Form and Fee to:

USA Gymnastics, Nora Campbell 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 (317) 237-5050




Office Use: Date Rcv'd- - - - -Amount: - - - : - - - - - - - CC approval:_ _ _ _ ___ Check #:

(,.---~T:-=E~("!":" H "!":" N~ , Q:-:U~E~,~V:-=O"":"L"!":"U~M~E~1~7~,~ # 8~--""""} """ """ '"

••• ••••••••••• •• •••••



Looking for Ways to Make a Pli fit for Your Club? ~ USA


USA Gymnastics has launched a nationwide Wholesale Program to benefit club owners. This program allows gym club owners or booster clubs to purchase official logo-licensed products at wholesale prices and re-sell to their students at retail prices, thus earning profits for their program. USA Gymnastics Club Service Manager Loree Galimore is heading up the project and answered some questions regarding the program.

Q: How much are these products and what is the markup?

A: The products' average range is from 40 cents to $28 and your club could add 100% markup on each of the items. Once you receive the order form, it will show you a price list of each item, a suggested retail price, and the profit you can make.

Q: When will the program begin?


The program will be launched at the USA Gymnastics Congress in Denver. Also, a mailing will be sent to all Member Clubs, or clubs who have registered athletes, in mid August. Clubs can begin ordering products right away by calling Snap Promotions at 1-800-711-5338.


What kind of products are being sold through this wholesale. program?


There are 10 categories of products being produced. Some of these products include gymnastics jewelry, hair accessories, backpacks, duffel bags, grip bags, key chains, pencils and pens, zipper pulls, hats, water bottles, travel coffee mugs, stadium cups, etc., all with the licensed USA

Q: Why is USA Gymnastics launching this new program?

A: The reason we are launching this program is to help club owners earn money! An objective USA Gymnastics has is to benefit USA Gymnastics Member Clubs who will receive a 20% discount off the wholesale price when ordering products. We are also interested in putting unique gymnastics products in gyms across the country and promoting USA Gymnastics!

Q: How much does USA Gymnastics make on this program?

A: USA Gymnastics is making a minimal 10% off the net profit in order to cover advertising costs and administrative expenses. There have been criticisms in the past about USA Gymnastics not helping the gym club owner We're trying to do just that with this program.

速 ..................................... < . . ___

#; . ~ ;8 _ _--,)


Q: Do I have to purchase the products in advance?

A: Yes, but there are many options from which to choose when purchasing the products. The first order must be paid in ad vance and, after the first order, you may establish an account.


Q: What happens if the products don't sell?


This is always a risk you will take, however, if you're concerned that you won't be able to sell the products, order in small quantities. Your gymnasts are going to buy gymnastics-related merchandise, why not buy it from your own gym! Also remember you can always use these products as volunteer gifts, giveaways or award recognitions.

Q: Have the products been test marketed on gymnasts?

A: Yes, and many products were not included in the wholesale program because the gYlml.asts didn't like them. We went into many gyms throughout the country and showed the items to gylruLasts and club owners to get their response. We included both males and females, a wide age range, and all levels, in our survey.


What are the positives of this wholesale program and what are things T need to consider before placing an order?

A: Obviously, the positives are that you

(Oinpuisory Text

USA Gymnastics Women's, Men's & Rhythmic Compulsory Programs. 1996-2000 COMPULSORY BOOK fOR WOMEN #1111 ...........$35.00

1997-2000 MEN'S AGE GROUP COMPULSORY PROGRAM BOOK '1202 .......$29.95 1996-2000 RHYTHMIC COMPULSORY BOOK #1302 .... .$29.95 J.O. HandLoo" for Judget!l and (oaÂŤ:Les

The technicol rules and regulations for the J.~. program. This manual follows the Code of Points format and includes all the changes and adaptations of the Code for the J.~. level. Text is complete with examples of bonus, etc. #1117 ................. :$20.00

FIG (ode of PoinIs

can earn money. Things to consider: you will have to obtain a retail license if you don't already have one; you should have a visible area to display your products; and you should designate someone to handle the sales.

The official international competitive guideline book with skill difficulty ratings. WOMEN'S

Q: Can individuals call USA Gymnastics to place an


order or ask questions?

#1101 ................$44.95

MEN'S #1201 ..............$44.95 #1301 ............$44.95

A: No, only club owners or booster clubs interested in

(oDlpulsory Video le."elsl-6

ordering products from the Wholesale Program can call Snap Promotions at 1-800-711-5338. USA Gymnastics does not answer questions or take orders for this program, this is done directly with Snap Promotions.

Skills, sequences and drills on all events plus dance.

Q: Can professional members/ coaches/ gymnasts order these wholesale products from Snap Promotions?

A: No, only club owners or booster clubs can place an order. On the order form you must place your retail license number to verify that you are a club owner or booster club. If you didn't get the opportunity to pick up a brochure and view the products at Congress, call Snap Promotions at 1-800-711-5338 for more information.

#2105 .. ......$35.00

WODlen'sJ.O. (oDlpuisory Music: (asseHe #2109 ......$7.50 WODlen's J.O. (oDlpulsory


#2110 .. ...$15.00


aR page 40 DR CALL 1-800-14S-4119

VIDEOS & BOOKS RI..yllunh: Le~els 1-~ Inslrudor's Manuai

Rhythmic Gymno;tics

Complete with glossary of terms, th~ book identifies skill groups and body posHions thot beginning students learn in the student workbook. Combinotions are for hoop, RFX, rope and boll. 1993: USA Gymnast;cs: paper; 91 pp


111304 ••••••••••••• ••• •••••••••• • ••••••• ••• •••••••$15

RL,ihmi.: Le~els 3-4Inslrudor's Manual This monuol includes definitions and great illustrations. Each combination includes what to look for in RFX, hoop, rope, boll, clubs and ribbon. 1993: USA Gymnast;cs: paper; 97 pp #1306 •••••••••••••••••.••••••••••••••••••••••••••$15

1991 International TeftIII~

Rhylluni.: Le~els 1-~ Student's Handhook

Senior Women's Competition Video

Student's book leading them through RFX, hoop, rope and boll combinations. 1993: USA Gymnastics; paper: 85 pp


video contains all of the Senior Women's Compemion from the International Team Championships in GncinnaH.

. #1305 •••••••.••••••• • • • •••• •• •• • ••••••. $5

RL,tLmi.: Le~els 3-4 Student's Handbook

112960 •••••••••••$19.95

An easy to understand format for students Ylorking through levels 3-4. Includes a records chari so they can record their accomplishments ond progress. 1993: USA Gymnast;cs: paper: 87 pp 111307 ................... .... . ....... . .. $5






______________________________________________________________________ _


















I I I I I I I I I I I I I t






*DOMESTIC SHIPPING & HANDLING SI5 AN DUNDER ADD S5 STr0TS40--, l.DIrs6 540.01-S60 - - -ADO $7 560.01-580 ADD 58 S80.01-SI00 ADD 59 - srOo:or:-mo - -------riTIDST2 - SI50.01-SW- - A - DD 51-6OVER 5200.01 ADOSTB" INTERNATIONAL- PLEASE CALL FOREXACT SHIPPING RATE






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VIDEOS Order an page 40 DR CALL 1-800-345-4119 performed here for the very first time.

members only.

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Magi«: Musi«: Days Disneyland. All performances are included.

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Saries Description:

2 tope set

The Day In The Gym series features training footage from clubs across the notion. Each video focuses on a level of training at a gymnastics club in the United States. This series shows candid, unrehearsed views of Iypical workouts.

#2704 ..... .... ...... $19.95


Elite le~el - Cindnnali Gymnadi«:s A«:ademy Featuring an Elite level workout from Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy with Olympic coach, Mary Lee Tracy and Olympic Gold Medalists, Amanda Borden and Jaycie Phelps. 2 tape set #2705 .. . .. . . . .. . . . .. $29.95 Le~el 8 - Cindnnati

Gymnasti£s A«:ademy 2 tape set #2473 . . . .. . . ........ $24.95 Le~el6 - Arizona

Sunrays Gyrnnadi«:s #2456 . . . ... . . ...... . $16.95

GENERAL GYMNASTICS 1996 U.S. National G,.....Fest Anaheim, CA. Gymnaslics really is for everyone at GymFesl! These topes include every performance from Gym Fest plus the Opening Ceremonies and the Gala Showcase. USA participants of Gym Fest were joined by the fantastic and creative, FLIP Acrobatic Club from the country of Siovinia. The USA National Group Routine that will be used at Gymnaestrada in 1999 is a highlight of the Gala Showcase,

WOMEN'S Atlanta 1996 T edmi«:ai Video-Women's Team Oplionals* Features all teams from Allanta as well as individual athletes competing for other countries. Including the gold medal win· ning USA, RUS, ROM, CHN, BlR, UKR, FRA, GRE, AUS, HUN, JPN, ESP. 6 tope set all events #2950 ............... $49.95

Atlanta 1996 Tedmi«:al Video-Women's AIIAround* Features all competing athletes. Including the gold medal winning Lilia Podkopayeva (UKRl, S. Miller, D. Dawes and D. Moceanu (USA), G. Gogen, l. Milosovici and S. Amanar (ROM), D. Kochetkova, S. Chorkina and R. Galiyeva (RUS), Mo Huilan (CHN), S. Boguinskaia and Y. Piskun (BlR) and athletes competing from other countries. This video available to USA Gymnastics members only. 4 tape set all events #2951. ... . .... . ... . . $29.95

Atlanta 1996 T edmical Video-Women's E~ent Finals' Features all competitors, including: Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR), S. Miller, A. Chow, D. Dawes and D. Moceanu (USA), G. Gogen, l. Milosovici, A. Marinescu and S. Amanar (ROM), D. Kochetkova, S. Chorkina and R. Galiyeva (RUS), Mo Huilan (CHN), S. Boguinskaia and other athletes. This video available to USA Gymnastics

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Petrova (BUll, l. Loukanenko and T. Ogryzko (BlR), as well as athletes from ESp, FRA, CAN, GRE, ROM, GER, ITA, CHN, JPN, POL, CZE, HUN, AUT, GEO, BEl, FIN and LTU. This video available to USA Gymnastics members only. 4 tope set: all events #2954 ... .. . ......... $29.95

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1995 Pan Ameri£ao Garnes Straight from Mar Del Plata, Argentino: Men's Preliminaries and finals. See the U.S. men's team triumph! Camcorder footage taken from the stands. #2247 ...... . ....... . $19.95

PLEASE NOTE: "All USA GymnastiCS videos are designed to be used for educational purposes by gymnas· tics coaches and judges. All videos are produced w ith commercial equipment by amateu r videographers unless otherwise stated. Our OlympiC technical videos are presented from one camera angle and show the entire exercise without cues, close-ups or other effects and enhancements. Except for wome n's flo or exer·cise. the videos do not have sound. The Atlanta technical videos are available for purchase to USA Gymnastics members only.


Rhythmic Junior Olympic Program Committee Meeting

Get It Going Programs: There have been m any excellent a pplicants for the 1997 Congress g rant program. Tluee regional congresses have been identified for programs this year. Future plans call for a Get It Going summer camp in 1998 w hich will be open to all GIG attendees from previous years. The foc us will be to take the instructional teclm ique level u p a notch or two. Over 100 people have gone tlu·ough the program.

June 20 & 21, 1997 New York

Susie DiTu llio - Called to order: 7:15plll

Roll Call: Tamara Gerl ack Joyce Chaplin Gwen Hilliard Susie DiTullio Lyrme Miller (rep. for Kim Wickham) Judy McElroy Anelia Relenkova Michelle Larson Brooke Buslmell Jackie Jones N ora Campbell (non-voting) Cindy French (recording secretary)

Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 (Chair) Region 5 Region 6 Coach Representative (Reg. 1, 2,3) Coach Representative (Reg. 4,5,6) A thletes Representative Judges Representative Rhythmic Program Director Rhythmic Program Assistant

I. Office Report Rhythmic Club Directory: Regional Chair 's were asked to go tlu·ough the directory and contac t each club checking address and phone numbers, add new clubs, and d elete clubs that no longer offer rhythmic programs. Coaches who are professional m embers should be identified w ith a * before the nam e. The Rhythmic Club Directory is used as a USOC funding m arker and is submitted every year to show program grow th. Corrections and chan ges need to be submitted by Septem ber 1, 1997. Competition Financial Reports: A number of state and regional m ee t directors did not submit fin al reports. Data from these reports are needed in order to make Rule and Policies decisions. 1998 Competition Schedule: Work continues to secure sites for JO Championships, East/ Wes t, and Championships. Tentative Regional Championships dates: Region 1 - 21-22

Region 3 - TBD Region 4 - 28-29

AAHPERD/ USOC: Rhythmic gymnastics has been named "adopt a sport" for 1998. This entities USA Gynmastics to organize a one hour session at the Na tional Convention. Campbell is working with AAHPERD to identify all regional and state convention dates and key tates will be earmarked for program presentation in 1998. Compulsory Routine Changes: Each choreographer was asked to review routines and make chan ges based upon feedback from coaches and judges. The changes are minor and were published in the June (#6) issue of Technique. These routines will be in effec t through August of 2001 . Safety Certification: Aug 1, 1997 - coaches and judges mu st be certified for all state and above competitions Aug 1, 1998 - all professional memberships must be safe ty certified Recruiting judges: Challenge is given to everyone to recruit judges, particularly retired athletes. Bes t judges to have are fo nner athletes. Personal contac t is need ed .

Booster Club Handbook: Campbell called for vo lunteers to serve on an ad h oc committee to develop a form at for a Rhythmic Booster/ Parent Club Handbook. Hilliard and Gerlack volunteered to submit a name.

Region 5 - 28-29 Region 6 - 28-29 Regional Chair's are requested to present finalized venue and date for 1998 Regional and State competition at Congress meeting.


High School Athletic Program Development: Campbell met w ith the athletic committee of the Pan ama City, Fl school district. Panama City is a 3 school district. They will inaugurate a girls high school rhytlunic athletic competitive program in the Spring of 1998. This will be a test program for future development around the country. Representatives from two other school districts were in attend an ce a t the meeting and w ill be ac tively working to also inaugurate a program in the Spring. Because a large number of participants is a primary goa l of the high school programs, the high school rhythmiCprogram w ill be group only. The competitive space w ill be enl arged so that eight girls w ill form a group, USA Gynmastics w ill organize skill clinics for the selec ted coaches, d evelop compulsory routines that wi ll be taught to the coaches, and train judges. The athletic committee of the district w ill work to develop the structure of the program, awards system, etc. The program w ill be closely monitored and reviewed follow ing the 1998 season. The district w ill identify coaches by the begilming of August and fund their way to the Congress.

Program Service Awards: Regional Chair 's were asked to submit nam es of m embers w ho sh o uld receive 5, 10 and 15 year awa rd s at the Congress.

Region 2 - 3/ 28


JO Training Camp: with developThe OTe's have priori tized space and usage assigml mental programs at the bo ttom of the list. Because of increased usage by elite tea ms of all sports, there is no ava ila bility d uring the summer of 1997 fo r a Rhythmic JO training ca m p, and the same situation w ill be true in future yea rs. Each Region is enco uraged to organi ze its ow n training camp.

Congress: There w ill be a Regional and State Chair meeting scheduled in order to di sc uss administrative details related to co mpetition organiza tion, re porting, etc.

Directory: It is the Regional chairs responsibility to update the state direc tory.

Elec tions for Regional Chair of 1,3,5 will be conducted during July. Gwen Hilliard aImounced her retirement as Chairman of Region 3. Everyone expressed a big thank yo u to Gwen for her valuable service to the Rhythmic Program over the yea rs.

TE...;(...;H...;N..;.I.;..Q.;..U~E'.....;..V.;..O.;..LU.;..M~E...;1..;.7.:..,_#8.....;.. _ _--.J}···· .... ···························· ®

(...._ _ _ _


II. Rules and Policies


Correc tions to be made in the Rules and Policies:

0.5-0.9 Green ribbon Note: No score w ill be given lo wer than 0.5.

pg 19 III, A - "A m eet direc tor must be a professional member and .. " pg 22 VI, A. Even if the level 7 athlete is using the comp ulsory m usic for her optional routine, she must supply her own music.

Yellow ribbon

Mo tion - J. Jones Seconded - S. DiTullio

Novice Division Created for an age not a skill ability level. Novice d ivision athlete may not compe te fo ur events. Stated clearly in R&P and on entry form. No change made to the R&P. In Fall newsletter remind coaches that an athlete in the novice division can only compete in three events and only up tlu'ough the State competition .

PASSED - UNA IMOUSLY S. DiTullio w ill contact A -I about the quality of the ribbons and rosettes.

Pg 30 V.E. II Level 5 must submit their line up prior to the competition (Meet directors should add to their information the request for order of competition for Level 5)

PASSED - 9-1 To form an Ad Hoc committee responsible for soliciting sugges tions from coaches and judges regarding the direc tion of the 2001-2004 compulso ry program, w ith regard to the events, number of athletes on the floor, etc. That will go into the plan fo r compulsory development. A proposal will be presented to the JOPC 1998 meeting.

Page 30 F.1. add regional board determines ... take out Meet Director and host organization. Page 31 f.6 take off - "prior to the event". Page 32 .C.3 Add: "computer may be used for a draw" . (Regional Chairs should personally contact State and Regional meet directors to insure that draws have been done correctly) Page 32 D. 2. A. Revise: (Level 6) 3. The gynmast is required to use the prescribed start position. The subsequent floor pattern is optional. Line deductions will be taken only in the case of m ajor errors. Page 33 VIII. E. ... a gynmast. .. and w henever possible the same club shall not .. Page 33 VIII.A. A computer may be used to do a random draw. Delete an appropriate witness must view draw. Page 34 D 3&4 Recommendation: Whenever possible at Regional meets to have four judges per panel for the optional routine. Pg 39 I B. Equipment can be ... at any USA gymn astics sanctioned event. Motion to add to the Rules & Policies page 20, III. I. that, "the regional board may set an additional rebate of up to $5 per registered participant." Motion - S. DiTullio

Seconded - M. Larson

Motion to accept forming Ad Hoc committee. Motion - G. Hilliard Seconded - J. Chaplin PASSED - UNANIMOUSLYAd Hoc Committee will consist of Tamara Dasso (chair), Anelia Relenkova (coaches rep.), Michelle Larson (coaches rep.), Brooke Buslmell (athletes rep.), and Jackie Jones Uudges rep). Motion - "Include Duet(Trio program in group format up through State competition with the time being from 1 min-2 min." Motion - J. Jones Seconded - S. DiTullio PASSED - UNANIMOUSLY Motion to revise the qualifications for Regional Chair pg 65 4.04 B as follows: "Candidates for Regional chairman must have been an active USA Gynm astics professional member for a minimum of four years and have a working knowledge of the Junior Olympic Rhythmic Program." Motion - G. Hilliard Seconded - J. McElroy

Motion - Pg. 58 XIII B. "Increase fee structure for judges"

PASSED - UNA llMOUSLY Motion to change Page 31 F.6 - "Entry fees are non refundable. With a validated medical excuse, an athlete is entitled to a 50 % refund." Mo tion - G. Hilliard Seconded - J. Chaplin

LevelS Level 6 Level 7&8 National Brevet

$18 ($6 per hour) $30 ($10 per hour) $36 ($12 per hour) $ 45 ($15 per hour) $ 60 ($20 per hour)

Motion - T. Dasso


Seconded - J. McElroy

III. Award System


Motion to eliminate the certificate awards

Motion to adjourn: J. Jones

Motion - T. Dasso

Meeting adjoul'l1ed - 6:00pll/

Seconded - M. Larson

Respectfully SlIb/llitted,


Nora Call1pbell

Mo tion to accept Level 5 award system: 4.0-5.0 Blue ribbon


Motion - B. Buslmell


Seconded - J. Jones


Motion - "The FIG leotard rules be applied to Levels 5-8"

Rhythmic Program Director

Red ribbon

Cindy French

White ribbon

Recording Secretary

速 ..................................... <...____

H;.;. ;N.;. ;I. ; Q;. U~E.:.. ; , _V~O~L.;;.U.;.;.;M.;;.E...;1..;.7",,-,;;.,#8;......_ _.....,)


• lUI ::li:::ue • WdllleU • IJU::llllUII dVdlldUle • UUy UII::> • ::leI! Uldl' lUI ::>dll::l • WdilleU • IJU::>llIUIl dVdlldUl1::I • uuy till::> • ::>1::111 lilt

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FOR SALE SOFTWARE FOR DUMMIES! SCORE MASTER, the most w idely used system in the U.S., scores the largest meet in the U.s., The Gasparilla, with over 2,500 competitors. This score keeping system is very easy-to-use and has an on-line tutorial. Supports: mens/womens, individualjteam, artistic/rhythmic, comp/ optional competitions. It can graph scores over an entire season. Comes with a step-by-step user guide and a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee. For more information contact: Mark Mahoney, PO. Box 31421, Charlotte, NC 28231-1421, phone (704) 333-7005, or web site: www· scoremaster. com (software demo, info guide and user listing on web site). CLASSMANAGER SOFTWARE. For Windows 95 and Macintosh. Mac or Windows graphical interface with mouse control and on-line help, NOT a DOS program. System records all vital family information, class registration, schedules, team placement, instructor data, and schedules, class assignments, birthday parties, etc. Maintains all tuition accounts, prints invoices and receipts, and a complete history of all payments and classes taken. Can include a built-in word processor for sending out customized letters for membership campaigns. Call for pricing: Atlantic Associates, 410 Boston Post Road, Suite 3, Sudbury, MA 01776; (508) 443-0560 (voice) or (508) 443-7351 (fax) . SCORER'S TABLE is a Windows based parent friendly program designed to simplify preparation and scoring of USA gymnastic meets. A simple click of the mouse assigns competitor sessions and numbers . Event placement, AA, team and super team are just a mouse click away. The Scorers table program has been used successfully at several large invitational and state meets . Use this program and you will reduce your meet preparation time by at least 50% . For more information contact, MEJE Corp., 113 McHenry Rd., Suite 165, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, (847)913-0765.

POSITIONS AVAILABLE GYMNASTICS' COMPULSORY COACHjINSTRUCTOR. Well established Massachusetts Gymnastics School is looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated teacher and coach. Teaching Monday-Saturday beginner to intermediate level gymnastics skills. Coaching requirements: Must be U.S .A. Gymnastics professional member and familiar with the new Level 4-6 Compulsory Routines. Salary commensurate with experience. Please send resume or call: Tom Bonacci @ AllStar Gymnastics Center, 92 Chelmsford Rd., N. Billerica, MA 01862. (508)670-2523.

COACHjPRESCHOOL COORDINATOR. Needed immediately for established preschool, progressive gymnastic and competitive team program. Must have teaching/coaching experience and be able to work with 2 yrs.-High School. Top pay and a great staff to work with. Must be a team player I Please send or fax resume to: Carol Stream Park District, 849 Lies Rd., Carol Stream, IL 60188 or (630)289-1972 (fax) Attn: Shawn. GIRLS' TEAM COACH: Full time position available for energetic individual who can coach class levels through Level 10 in New Orleans area. This individual must possess the ability to coach all events but specifically beam as well as some choreography and must be able to spot. Resumes should be mailed to Elmwood G ymnastics Academy, 1200 S. Clearview Parkway, Suite 1200, Harahan, LA 70123 or call Jay at 504-7334496. COACH FOR LEVEL 1-10 GIRLS. Qualities needed: strong spotter on bars, tumbling and vault; good technique; positive, motivated and energetic; must be able to teach recreation classes. Call or send resume to Feigley's School of Gymnastics (Bridgettes) at (908)561-8888 or 4475 So. Clinton Avenue, South Plainfield, NJ 07080. BOSTON. Sports, theatre, shopping, you name it, we've got it! Located two miles from Boston. Winthrop once voted the safest town in the nation. Experienced gymnastics instructors needed. Enthusiastic, organized and reliable persons needed to teach pre-school through level 9. Full or part time available. Please send resume to Peter Gobiel, Winthrop Gymnastics Academy, 190 Circuit Rd., Winthrop, MASS. 02152. PRESCHOOL DIRECTOR, TEAM COACHES. Eastern National Academy is expanding into another facility and needs coaches. We are looking for directors for preschool and general program. Team coaches qualified in choreography and dance at a high level and knowledgeable in the compulsory division. ENA is in a perfect location for any lifestyle, we are located centrally between the metropolitan New York area and the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains. First Aid/Safety Certification a plus. Salary commensurate upon qualifications and experience. Contact Rich at (201) 835-1665 or fax resume to (201) 8356225 or email us at: ena@ena. com GYMNASTICS COACH-ATHLETICS. Southeast Missouri State. Full time-12 month position. Primary responsibilties: Practice and contest management Recruiting and scheduling events continued

>·.· .. ···.···· .. ····· .. ··· .... ······· ®

C,,____T_E_C_H_N_'_Q_U...;E,_V_0_LU_M_E_1_7.;..'#_8_ _ _ _


· for · for · for · for



tJVVf .... V I I

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UV\.A.lll,.•U ••n v


sale· wanted· position available· buy this· sell that· for sale· wanted· position available· buy this· sell th sale· wanted· position available· buy this· sell that· for sale· wanted· position available· buy this· sell t sale· wanted· position available· buy this· sell that ·for sale· wanted· position available· buy this· sell th sale· wanted· position lab buy this· for sale· wanted· position available· buy this· for sale· wa ~.!.!.!.=~..-p c)sition available· buy this- for sale· wanted· position availabl uy this· for sale· wanted· position available - buy this· for sale • wanted· sition available . b this· for sale· wanted· ositio

Budget management Fund raising, promotion, and community service Academic oversight and encouragement Developing summer camps and clinics Required qualifications: Bachelors degree Evidence of commitment to student-athletes Demonstrated record of successful collegiate coaching Strong interpersonal and communication skills Demonstrated record of NCAA rules compliance Demonstrated understanding of and strong commitment to a customer service orientation and cultural diversity Preferred qualifications: . Masters degree Minimum Compensation: Commensurate with education and experience. In addition, the University provides an excellent benefits package. Application Deadline: Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until position is filled. To apply, send a letter of interest addressing all position requirements, a current resume, and the names and telephone numbers of three professional references to Debbi

Cecil Robinson, PersOlmel Officer, Pesonnel Office, Southeast Missouri State University, One Universi ty Plaza, Cape Giradeau, MO 63701. Hearing-impaired individuals may contact the University at 573-651-2383 (TDD Service). For information, regarding position specifications, contact Lana Richmond at 573-651-2993. Southeast Missouri State University, an NCCA Division I and Ohio Valley Conference membel~ is a comprehensive regional state university located in Cape Girardeau, currently enrolling 8,500 students. Cape Girardeau is located on the Mississippi River midway between Memphis and St. Louis w ith an area population of approximately 65,000. AN EQUAL OPPURTUNITY, MjF, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER

To place a classified ad: S75 every 90 words. Deadline is the 10th of each month for the next published issue. Send payment to: USA Gymnastics, Classifieds Ads, Pan American Plaza, Suite 300, 201 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225. Ads submitted without payment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. USA Gymnasti(s reserves the right to vary format.

Technique is received by more than 12,000 USA Gymnastics professional members, a d vertise your open position h ere for great results! Call Luan Peszek at 317-237-5050, ex t. 246.

HOT FAX! USA Gymnastics Seeks Director of Member Services

(rlOA GYMNASTICS USA Gymnastics, the National Governing Body, for the sport of gymnastics in the United States, is seeking a DIRECTOR OF MEMBER SERVICES. The position is responsible for the development and implementation of member services. Duties w ill include: management of the centralized Member Services Department and of the Publications and Merchandise Departments; developm ent and oversight of the m embership managem ent information systems; and m anagem ent of the budget, p ersOlmel and long range planning for the Member Services Division.

An undergraduate degree and related m embership experience is required. Knowledge of gymnastics is desired. For more information, please request a position specification from: Kathy Scanlan Presid ent USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 317-237-5050 phone 317-237-5069 fax



Deadline Date: September 8, 1997 for receipt of applications

, ® ..................................... <...___

..;.T.;,. E..;., CH ;.;..;N ;.;..;I;..;;Q;..;; U;..;; E.:.,.'..;. V;..;; O;..;; L.;;.U.;.;.;.M.;;.E...;1..;.7""";#,;..;8;......_ _--')

~\1J~UlJ~ SJ~~J~~J~J~~ Updated: 15-July-97 DATE # OF DAYS

[NOTE: Oates and events subject to change or cancel/ation] DISCIPLINE





AUGUST 1997 317·237·5050 317·237·5050 or educate@usa· 317·237·5050 317·237·5050

13 14

4 3


John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships USA Gymnastics National Congress

Denver, CO Denver, CO

Jeff Olsen Steve Whitlock

20 22

12 3


Sicily, ITA Orlando, FL

Kathy Kelly Steve Whitlock




World University Games FIG General Gymnastics "Group Performances" Course USA Gymnastics National Gym Fest

Orlando, FL

Steve Whitlock

28 31

4 8


Junior Olympic National Team Training Camp Artistic World Championships

Colo. Spgs., CO Lausanne, SUI

Connie Maloney Gary Alexander

317·237·5050 or gg@usa· 317·237·5050 317·237·5050

Region VII Congress GAT Convention Region I Congress· (Nor· Cal) International Jr. Gymnastics Competition Junior Pacific Alliance Championships

E. Stroudsburg, PA Austin, TX Santa Clara, CA Yokahamma, JPN Colo. Spgs., CO

Steve Kass Cheryl Jarrett Chere Crowhurst Gary Alexander Gary Alexander

512·251·2439 408·238·7245 317·237·5050 317·237·5050

SEPTEMBER 1997 5 5 5 11 25

3 3 3 8 8


OCTOBER 1997 2 4 5 11 11 17

4 2 1 2 2 3


Region V Congress National TOP Testing West USA vs. Germany Jr. Dual Meet J.O. Group Championships National TOP Testing East Region VIII Congress

Cincinnati, OH Reno, NV Colo. Spgs., CO Atlanta, GA Rochester, NY St. Petersburg, FL

Jeff Metzger Gary Warren Ron Galimore Nora Campbell Gary Warren Debby Kornegay

18 20

1 2


Various Sites Berlin, GER

Dennis Mcintyre Gary Alexander

22 24 25

5 3 2


Berlin, GER Boxboro, MA Berlin, GER

Nora Campbell Kathy Feldmann Gary Alexander

317·237·5050 617·784·5830 317·237·5050

27 28 31

6 2 3


Regional Future Stars FIG Symposium· Development of Jr. Talent for Artistic & Rhythmic Gymnastics Rhythmic World Championships Region VI Congress FIG Symposium·Structures & Schedule of FIG Competitions PAGU Junior InterClub FIG Executive Committe Meeting USOC Board of Directors Meeting and Olympic Congress

513-489·7575 317·237·5050 317·237·5050 317·237·5050 317·237·5050 205·951-0184 or 317·237·5050 317·237·5050

Houston, TX Berlin, GER Orlando, FL

Gary Alexander Gary Alexander USOC

317·237·5050 317·237·5050 719·632·5551

National Gymnastics Foundation Board Meeting National Future Stars Championships USA Gymnastics Executive Committee Meeting USA Gymnastics Board of Directors Meeting

Indianapolis, IN Colo. Spgs., CO Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN

Michelle Sherbun Dennis Mcintyre Julie Bejin Julie Bejin

317·237·5050 317·237·5050 317·237·5050 317·237·5050

National TOP Training Camp

Tulsa, OK

Gary Warren


Reese's Gymnastics Cup


Jeff Olsen


USA Gymnastics Winter Cup Challenge Rhythmic Challenge

TBD Colo. Spgs., CO

Ron Galimore Nora Campbell

317·237·5050 317·237·5050

VISA American Cup International 3 on 3 Gymnastics Championships

Ft. Worth, TX Ft. Worth, TX

Jeff Olsen Jeff Olsen

317·237·5050 317·237·5050

NOVEMBER 1997 7 13 21 22

1 4 1 2





JANUARY 1998 24



FEBRUARY 1998 13 14

2 2


MARCH 1998 5 8

3 1


-.J}······· .. ··· .. ·············· .. ······ ®

(...._ _ _...;T;.,;;E..;,C..;.;,H..;.;, N.;., I Q;;;..;.. U E;;.,_ :. V .;..O.;;..;;..;LU;;. ;M.;.;. ; . E...;,1.;.,7.:..; ' #;,.;8;.... _ _

Bulk Rate U.S. Postage

PAID Permit No. 7B67 Indianapolis, IN

1997 SAFETY CERTIFICATION SCHEDULE Updated 7-JULY-97 Minimum age for Safety Certification is 18 years. Pre-Registration required at USA Gymnastics. Fax to 3/1-237-5069 with Credit Card Payment or mail registration with payment.

AUGUST 1997 13



Denver, CO; 1:00-5:00 p.m. Course #1for current recertifications At USA Gymnastics National (ongress Contact: Tina Sunier 317-237-5050 ext. 238 Course Dir.: Ed Konopa Denver, CO; 1:00-5:00 p.m. Course #2 for newand expired certificotions At USA Gymnastics National Congress Contact: Tina Sunier 317-237-5050 ext. 238 Course Dir.: Sarah Jane Clifford Denver, CO; 9:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. new and renewals At USA Gymnastics National Congress Contact: Tina Sunier 317-237-5050 ext. 238 Course Dir.: Betsy Sprague

(ary, N(; 11 :00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. The little Gym of Raleigh locol (ontact: Bill or laura Black 919-481 -6701 Course Dir.: Randy McCoy 8B8-225-5761 22 East Stroudsburg, PA; 10:00-1 :00 p.m. International Gymnastics Camp locol (ontact: Bruno Klaus 717-629-0244 Course Dir: Phil Frank 609-786-3977 24 Redwood City, CA; 1:00-6:00 p.m. Paragon Sports Tech Services Course Dir: Steve Scott 415-368-7747 24 Raleigh, NC; 2:00-6:00 p.m. 5400 Atlantic Springs Rd Course Director: Don Davis 919-790-9400 17




Santa Clara, CA; 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Nor Cal Mini Congress Santa Clara Marriott local contact: Chere Crowhurst 408-238-7245 Course Dir: David Moskovitz



: Participation Registration Form I I

: : :I : :

Minimum age for safety Certification is 18 years.

Name: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Soc. Sec. # Birth Date _ _ _ _ _ __ Address: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - City: State: Zip: _ _ _ __ Telephone: (H) (W) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Course Director: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ Course location: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _ _ _ _ __ Organization represented: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Professional or Instructor #: -----------------Current Safety Exp. Date: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ I I Form of Payment: 0 VISA o MasterCard 0 Discover o American Express I I Name on Card: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ I I : Number: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ :L _________________________________________________ Exp. Date: / Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ _


lake Harmon, PA; 6:00-10:00 p.m. 1 lake Drive Course Dir: Billy Bob Taylor 304-344-3279 Knoxville, TN; 1:00-4:00 p.m. Knoxville Training Center locol contact: Boog Potter 423-5BB-2502 Course Dir: Billy Bob Taylor 304-344-3279 Santa (lara, CA; 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Nor Cal Mini Congress Santa Clara Marriott locol contact: Chere Crowhurst 408-238-7245 Course Dir: David Moskovitz Gig Harbor, WA; 12:00 noon-4:00 p.m. NASA Gymnastics locol contact: linda Smith 253-851-7061 Course Dir: leigh Eaton 360- 577 -627 4 Topeka, KS; 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Capital City Gymnastics Club Course Dir: Wes Gedney 913-469-5554

• All malerials (including Ihe Safety Handbook) for 3rd Cycle courses are provided 01 Ihe course and are pari of Ihe course fee. • Cerlificalion is good for four years. • To achieve Safely Cerlificalion, Ihe parlicipanl musl be 01 leasl 18 years of age 01 Ihe lime of Ihe course. Please make checks payable, in full, to USA Gymnastics Safety Certification Mail registration form and payment to: USA Gymnastics Safety Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 South Capitol Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46255 or Fax to 317-237-5069 ~






East Brunswick, NJ; 9:00 a.m.-1 :00 p.m. Middlesex Gymnastics Academy; 33 McGulrest local contact: Howard Bernstien 732-249-6422 Course Dir: Phil Frank 609-786-3977 Denver, CO; 1:00-5:30 p.m. Site: TBA Course Dir: Betsy Sprague 303-750-3356 Edison, NJ; 2:45 registration, 3:00-9:00 p.m. course Henderson's Gymnastics; 216 Tigley lane Course Dir: Cathy Finkel 201-586-1808

OCTOBER 1997 TBA Copley, OH; 1:00-5:00 p.m. Westside Gymnastics, 1347 Sunset Drive Course Dir: Kim Domagalski 330-745-8903

Cost: Pro-Member with Current Safety Certification wishing to recertify .... no charge Pro-Member with expired or new Safety Certification .... ... . ..... $50.00 Instructor Member ............. $50.00 Non-Member or General Member . .. ... ... ... . .. $100.00 * You must have your USA Gymnastics number on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount.

You may not register for a course to recertify any earlier than 8 months prior to your expiration date. No on-site registration. You must pre-register no later than 10 days prior to the course.

Technique Magazine - August 1997  
Technique Magazine - August 1997