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1.610 .


. 9633




Na~y 11'1. Zip Pullo~er 100%nylon with tofieto lining, front embroidered Reebok logo, bock screened USA Gymnastics logo #13121·T19 ADULT (S, M, L, XLI



LooL: for more offi<:ial mer<:t.andise on pages

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rder an page 44

'996 FUTURE STARS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS & MEN'S NATIONAL COACHES WORKSHOP . . . ...... .. .. .. .. . 1 4 The first ever Future Stars National Championships was held at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. The program is used to identify talented athletes and to select the Junior Development Team. Th e a nnu a l Nati o n a l Coa c h es Work s h o p wa s al s o throughout the event.

AMY CHOW . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . 18

FEATURES TALENT OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM ......... . ... . ....... . . .. .... . . . ... .. .. 8 Top gymnasts ages 6-8 and 9-11 make up the TOP's National Team. The top 9-11 year aIds participated in a national training camp in order to increase their abilities and knowledge in the sport.

THE JOHN HANCOCK TOUR OF WORLD GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONS EXTENDED .. . ... . .... .. ......... . .... . .. ... ..... 1 2 More cities have been added to the John Hancock Tour of World Gymnastics Champions. The tour was such a hit, with overwhelming success in each of the 34 cities, that tour promoters, gymnasts, coaches and everyone involved decided to extend the show.

II "


, II "


Amy Chow may be a woman of few words, but her actions certainly speak louder than words. She won the silver medal on bars at the 1996 Olympic Games, making her the first Asian-American gymnast to medal at an Olympic Games. USA Gymnastics talked to Amy about her current and future plans.

THE "YOUNG AND RESTLESS" Top JUNIOR GYMNASTS ........ . . . ...... ... ........... . .. . . .. 25 We've been hearing all about the 1996 Olympic Team and the successful showing in Atlanta, but, behind our successful seniors, we also have some very talented juniors who are eager to make their mark on the gymnastics world. Read all about Vanessa Atler, Johanna Shoemaker, Jason Gatson and Brett McClure.


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Kathy Scanlan Editor

Luan Peszek Designer

Julie T. Jones


Men's Program Director

Ron Galimore


Women 's Program Director

Kathy Kelly Rhythmic Program Director

Nora Campbell

By Kathy Scanlan

Education and Safety Director

Steve Whitlock USA Gymnastics Board of Directors Chai~: Sandy Knapp; President: Kathy Scanlan; President Emeritus: Mike Donahue; Amateur Athletic Union: Mike Stanner; Constituent Me~bers: American Sokol Organization: Jerry Milan; Amencan Turners: Betty Heppner; College Gymnastics Association: Roy Johnson; National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches for Women: Gail Davis; National Association for Girls and Women in Sport: MariJyn Strawbrid ge; National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges: Yvonne Hod ge; National Collegiate Athletic Association: Chris Voelz, Tom Dunn; National

Federation of State High School Associations: Susan True; National Gymnastics Judges Association: John Scheer; National High School Gymnastics Coaches Assoc iation: John Brink wor th; U.s. Association of

Independent Gym Clubs: Lance Crowley; U.S. Elite Coaches Association for Men's Gymnastics: Mark Williams; U.S. Elite Coaches Association for Women's Gymnastics: Gary Anderson, Roe Kreutzer; U.S. Men's Gymnasti cs Coaches Association: Marc Yancey; U.S. Rhythmic Gymnastics Coaches Association: Suz ie DiTullio; Young Men's Christian Association of the USA:

Rick Dodson; USA Gymnastics National Membership Directors: Men's: Ray Gura, Jim Holt; Rhythnuc: Tamara Dasso, A lia Svirsky; Women's: Linda

Chencinski, David Holcomb; Athlete


Tanya Service Chaplin, chair; Chris Waller, vice chair; Kristen Kenoyer Woodland, sec; Michelle Dusserre-

FarreU, USCX: athlete representative; Wendy Hilliard, Vanessa


Plu ym,




Voorsanger, Kim Zmeskal; Associate Members: Jewish






Olympics, Inc.: Kate Faber-Hickie; USA Trampoline & Tumbling: Wayne DOlVning; U.S. Competitive Sports Aerobics Federation: Howard Schwartz; U.S. Sports Acrobatics Federation: Bonnie Davidson.

USA Gymnastics Executive CommiHee Chair: Sand y Knapp; Special Advisor to the Chairman of the Board: Roe Kreutzer; President: Kath y Scanlan; Secretary: Mike Milidonis; Vice Chair Men: Tim

Dag?ett; Vice Chair Rhythmic: Candace Feinberg; Vice ChalI Women: Joan Moore Gnat; FIG Executive

Committee Member: Jay Ashmore; FIG Men's Technical Committee: George Beckstead; FIG Rhythmic Technical Committee: Andrea Schnlid-Shapiro; FIG Women's

Technical Committee: Jackie Fie; At Large Members: Jim Hartung, Susan True; Athlete Directors: Tanya Service

Chaplin, Wendy Hilliard, Peter Vid mar; USOC Athlete Representative: Michelle Dusserre-Farrell; President Emeritus: Mike Donahue. Unless expressly id entified to the contrary, all articles, statements and views printed herein are attributed solely to the author and USA Gymnastics expresses no opinion and assumes no respons ibility thereof.


President of USA Gymnastics

Many clubs are reporting enrollment increases of 10-25%, with a few experiencing enrollment increases of 30-40%. In addition to enrollment increases, coaches are finding that team members are more dedicated, committed and fired up than they were prior to the Olympics.

ith the impact of the women's Olympic Gold Medal, the men's spectacular climb from ninth in the world to fifth at the Olympics, and the success of the Jolm Hancock Tour of World Gynulastics Champions, enrollment at clubs across the country is booming!


Many clubs are reporting enrollment increases of 10-25%, with a few experiencing enrollment increases of 30-40%. In addition to enrollment increases, coaches are finding that team members are more dedicated, conunitted and fired up than they were prior to the Olympics. One member club owner in Ohio reported, 'We saw a significant increase in our beginning level gymnastics program in all age groups, but one of the biggest things we noticed was an increase in enthusiasm among our competitive gyrrmasts." A club owner in Arizona said, '1 think the gold medal team is great. TIleir gold medal has made boys and girls more enthusiastic about exercise and gymnastics." And a club owner in Massachusetts observed, "The gold medal women's Olympic team has done a lot to discredit the negative media attention because of the healthy look of the gyrrmasts." USA Gynulastics membership has increased, with the boys experiencing a 5% increase from 1995 to 1996 and the women a 7% increase. With the nwnbers increasing, gymnastics being more visible and popular than ever, and Olympians leading the way as role models, I hope that you all feel a surge of pride in being gyI1Ulasts. Not only is gyrrmastics one of the world's most demanding and difficult sports, it is

also a sport that requires incredible dedication and a commihnent to excel. TIle devotion and dedication you leam in the gym is most often transferred to school and work life - where gymnasts can abnost always be found at the top of their class or the top of the workplace team. And, each and every athlete who is a member of USA Gymnastics knows they are on the USA Team! By pushing each other to be better, we all do better, including those at the OlympiC pumacle. I attended one of the last stops of the 1996 Jolm Hancock Tour. The show was as fresh and wonderful as the opening performance. It showed the grace and power of artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. The crowds cheered and gave the gynulasts a standing ovation. After the show was over, Dominique Dawes and Sharman Miller asked me if the Tour was h elping gymnastics . I told them-definitely YES! Enrollment is booming. Gymnasts are re-dedicating themselves to the sport. And most importantly, all of our members are taking renewed pride in being gymnasts.

So, I hope you will join me and others in talking about gymnastics. Let your friends know and encourage others to join you in this wonderful sport. JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1997

, GYMNASTICS Competitive gymnasts BENEFITS:

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• Secondary insurance coverage at sanctioned events • USA Gymnastics magazine • Decal • Apparel Discounts • Membership card


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Competitive coaches, judges and professionals in sport BENEFITS: • Free safety recertification • Technique and USA Gymnastics magazines • Rules and Policies book • Free FIG supplements with original purchase of FIG Code of Points • Liability insurance at sanctioned events • Discounts on Congress and various c1inics,courses and seminars • Apparel Discounts • Membership card

Recreational gymnasts, parents, fans and former gymnasts BENEFITS: • Member Kit • USA Gymnastics magazine • Apparel Discounts • Membership card

Club must show proof of insurance, have a minimum of one Pro Member on staff and the owner/director must be a member BENEFITS: • • • •

Lobby banner Member Club certificate Right to use logo in marketing materials Eligible to earn rebates on General Members from club • PDP I Materials • Club newsletter • Complimentary or discounted products and services

Right: TOPS coaches Below: National TOP Team members




TOPS 6-8 YEAR OLD TEAM The following is 0 li st of the 6-8 year old Notional TOP Team members. These athletes were selected from 600 athletes that tested regionolly. They gualified a coach from their club to participote in the National TOP Training Camp held in Tulsa, Okla ., Dec. 4-8 . These coaches worked closely with the USA Gymnastics National Team Coaching Staff and National Sports Science Staff on methods of developing these fine young gymnasts .

NAME Courtney Adams Katherine Bahner Anna Ball Kelli Bates Stephanie Bevan Alison Bloom Brooke Borsa Julie Burkett leah Conn Shawntae Cline Audrey Copeland Tara Croix Heather Cropley Melissa Cummiskey Alyssa Docay Allison Dama Kristy Dougan Jessica Dover

Sabrina Fanceschelli Anoya Fermin Kori Fitzmaurice

Brittany Foley Virginia Fox Jessalyn Gale Shayla Garcia India Greer Danielle Hannah Kendall Harlan Britney Hortnell Alana Henderson Tanya Ho Anty Huynh Hayley Jensen Tawni Jones

Shano Karp Kimberly Klafczynski Jessica Knickrehm Melissa Konderik Marie Koudela Kelsey Kowalski Courtney levering Lauren louis

Kelsea Marble Cassidy McComb Chelli se Memmel Lauren Morris

Kristyn Moskal lauren Munck Marcie Newby Kyle Nooe Cleona Oliver Stephanie Onerecker Carley Patterson Michelle Phillips leann Pietruszka Jaclyn Polk Ashley Priess Erica Ratcliff lindsay Regan Natalie Riley lauren Riley Kathryn Ringer Nicole Sontomauro Maria Scaffadi Staci Ann Shalkowski Isso Shimamoto

Koche Speight Kiersten Spoerke Sarah Stottlemyer Kaitlyn Van Horn Spencer Vogel Erin Wax lina Weber Katie Woodward linzi Wotring Crystal路 lee Ying


7 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 6 7 8 7 7 8 8 8 7 8 8 8 7 8 8 7 6 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 8 8 8 8 7 8 8 7 6 8 8 7 7 8 7 8 8 6 8 8 7 7 7 8 8 8 7 8 8 8 8 6 8 8 8 8 8

(LUB REG. (ITY East Cooper Gym 8 Sullivans Island, SC Kippers 3 Ardomre, OK Hills 7 Gaithersburg, MD NASA 2 Port Orchard, WA Shields Gymnastics 7 Bridgewater, NJ Twisters 6 West Islip, NY 7 Allentown, PA Parkettes Mega Gymnastics Evansville, IN 5 Top Flight Gym 5 Independence, KY Glendale Gymnastics 7 Belpre,OH Gigi Gymnastics I Tucson, AI 7 Forest Hill, MD Harford Gymnastics Dynamic 1 Perris, CA Stumpf's 6 Clarence, NY Airborne Gymnastics 1 Union City, CA Great lakes lansing, MI 5 Cats Southington, 6 Classics Gymnastics 5 Akron,OH Charles River Gymnastics 6 Roslindale, MA Desert Gymnastics 1 Victorvi lle, CA Scamps 4 Zion, ll Arizona Sunrays 1 Phoenix, AZ Kips 8 Hattiesburg, MS Charles River Gymnastics 6 Dedham, MA Jo's Olympic Action 1 Mesa, AZ 1 Tucson, AI Gigi Gymnastics 1 Vacavi lle, CA Gymagic Cypress Gymnastics 3 Houston, TX Salem, WI Scamps 4 Exper-Tiess St James, NY 6 Gymagic 1 Elk Grove, CA Texas Star Gymnastics 3 Houston, TX 1 Travis AFB, CA Gymagic 1 Henderson, NV Green Valley Marvateens 7 Chevy Chase, MD Thome Gymnastics Strongsville, O H 5 Champions 3 Edmond, OK Arizona Sun rays 1 Phoenix, AZ 7 State College, PA Nittany Gymnastics Gym Spot 5 Glen Ellyn, Il Dallas Gymnastics 3 Dallas, TX Rebound 7 Keyport, NJ Infinote Bounds 3 Plano, TX Green Valley 1 Henderson, NV Saltos/M&M Gymnastics 4 West Allis, WI 7 Fredericksberg, VA Paragon Gymnastics GTC of Rochester, MI Rochester, MI 5 Rebound 7 Cliffwood Beach, NJ 7 Va. Beach, VA Ocean Tumblers Charlotte International 8 Charlotte, NC Harris Gymnastics 3 San Antonio, TX Champions 3 Edmond, OK Elite Gymnastics 8 Baton Rouge, LA 1 Sacramenta , CA Gymagic Thome Gymnastics Strongsville, OH 5 4 St Peters, MO Team Central Midwest Acd. of Gym 5 Winfield, Il Diablo Gymnastics 1 Danville, CA Parkettes Easton, PA 7 Southern Ind. Gym New Albany, IN 5 levittown, PA Bensalem 7 7 Rebound Middletown, NJ Greenlawn, NY New Image Gymnastics 6 laFleur's 4 Sussex, WI Rebound 7 Metuchen, NJ Ai rborne Gymnastics 1 Los Gatos, CA Desert Gymnastics 1 Apple Valley, CA Classics Gymnastics Brunswick, O H 5 Yuma Gymnastics 1 Yuma, AZ Richland Gymnastics lexington, O H 5 Gigi Gymnastics 1 Tucson, AZ Gymnasiono 8 Zachary, LA Hills 7 Bethesda, MD GTC of Ohio 5 Monroe,OH Partettes 7 Orefield, PA 7 Hazlet, NJ Rebound


continued next poge


for a Free Catalog: P.O. Box 1444 CO 8015~1444 USA 275-5999 Toll Free 303-9 7 12 303-937

These a thletes participated in the 1996 National TOP Testing held in Rochester, NY. A ll of the a thletes showed dramatic improvement aver the past year. Everyone appears to be doing their homework . They participated in a National Train ing Camp held in Tulsa , Oklahoma , the week of December 4 through 8 , 1996.

The men ' sand women' s collegiate competitive seaso n will be in full swing in January. Support co llegia te gymnastics by a ttending competitions at colleges in your area. Listed belo w are s ome terrific meets to see: COMPETITION Southwest Cup James Madison Invitational Pennsylvania Collegiate Champs. Ivy League Championships Santa Barbma Invitational NECollegiate Champs. Lobo Invitational ECAC Open Championships Michigan Invitational NCGA Championships PAC 10 Championships SEC Championships Atlantic 10 Championships Big 10 Championships Big West Championships ECAC Championships Eastern Intercollegiates EAGL Championships National Independent Champs. Mountain Pacific Sports Fed. Sun Devil Invitational NAIGC Championships NCAA Regionals

USA Gym. Collegiate Nationals NIT Championships NCAA National Championships




Feb. B Feb. 8 Feb. 28 Mar. 1 Mar. 1 Mar. 2 Mm. 8 Mar. 8 Mar. 14 Mar. 21 -22 Mar. 22 Mm. 22 Mar. 22 Mm. 22-23 Mar. 22 Mm. 22 Mar. 22-23 Mar. 23 Mar. 23 Mar. 28-29 Mar. 29 Apr. 4-6 Apr. 5

Arizona State James Madison Univ. Penn State Univ. Yale UC Santa Bmbaro Springfield NewMexico William &Mory Michigan U. of Wis. -Lacrosse Univ. of Ariz. Univ. of Georgia George Wash. Univ. Univ. of Minnesota Cal State Fullerton Univ. of Pennsylvania Temple Univ. Univ. of North Corolina James Madison Nebraska Arizona State Texas A&M Univ. of Mich. Univ. of Utah Ohio State Univ. of Kentucky Boise Seattle Pacific Univ. of Iowa

Apr. 10-12 Apr. 12 Apr. 17-19

Univ. of Florida




10 11 10

Cincinnati Gym Acd. Buckeye Twisters Dallas Kingstown Tul sa World Gymagic Rebound Rebound Elite Queen City Gymcarolina Airborne Airborne

A lice Baucke N icole Bergeron Erin Blackstock Alise Blackwell Kerri Blumer Heather Booth Ashlee Bradley Rebecca Breitholle Jessica Brogden Theresa Caselle Melissa Chon Courtney Cowsert Janae Cox Lauren D' Ambrosia Jolynne Dantzscher Michelle DeGraaf Kristen Dill Jacey Draper Brittnay Eiseman

10 10 11

9 11 10

11 10

11 10 10

11 11 11 9 9



9 10


11 9 11




Suzanne Hui



Amanda Hulbert Raimey Iselin Kassandra Kanalas Ashley Kella Corrie Knepp Jillion Kornen Jade Kvach Toisio Laumann Stephanie Litman Siobhan Lu ce lae Magiros Sarah Marrs Jessica May Katie Mild Adrienne M ills Megan Ortego N icale Ourada Chelsea Plourde Morgan Rezac Emi ly Riddle Gino Rinaldi Lauro Rings Kotrina Romero Jessica Saucedo Hali Saucier Jordon Schwikert Onie Shimamoto A lissa Smart Chelsie Smith Jennifer Sob uta Kaitlin Stafford Emily Stebbins Cecilia Stonlemyer Kate Sturdivant Keri Lee Sullivan Christina Thoms Valerie Town Courtney Turco Michelle Turner路Goldsmi th Kristal Uzelac Luci Vance Denai Vogel MistyWaae Ashley Warzon Holly Weber Lindsey W illner Jennifer W itkowski Stacy lickl Kati e lilm Hea ther lito

1 7 7 8 5 8 1 1 3 5 7 1

3 1 4 2

Kellin Harrison


Southern Indiana Rebound Charter Oak


Krafft Academy Olympus Saltos Hawaii Elite

Alyissa Hasson Katie Hennrich Heather Hite


Harri s

REG. CITY 5 Hamilton, OH 5 Columbus, OH 6 Pla inview, NY 3 Dallas, TX 6 North Kingstown, RI





For the women's colleges the University of Iowa was left off the Division I list and the A ir Force Academy was listed as a Division II program but should be a Division I program.



Sarah Fong Keri Fryoux Lauren-Ashley Garan Amanda Gavron Amber Griggs Katie Gracki Katie Hammond Carly Han sen Sadie Hansen Kimberly Horman

Last issue we ran a listing of colleges that offer gymnastics programs. There were a couple of mistakes that we'd like to correct.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

NAME Julie Abaray Jessica A lbert Doreen Baram






10 10

11 11 11

9 10

9 11 9 11

Arena American

Fit路n Fun Frederick Olympus Idaho Falls Prestige Granite State Stumpf's Team Central Glendale Harris

Metroplex Puget Sound



11 9 11 11 10

River City Los Vegas Flyer> Rebound Cedar Rapids SCEGA


Harri s

10 10


Gymnastics Nevada North Stars Team Central Gymnastics Unlimited Twin City Twisters Southern Indiana Dallas LaFleur's Gymnastics Nevada Olympus Gymnastics Unlim ited GTe of Rochester Buckeye Elite Ocean Tumblers NASA Gym Cots West Airborne Olympus Gigi Moss Gym Academy Rebound West Volley Yuma Gymnastics Nevada University Gym Center



9 11 10

9 10

9 11 9 9 11 11 9 11 11 10 10

11 9 9 9

8 6 7

3 7 7 1 2 7 6 6 4 7

3 3 2 3 3 1 7 4

1 3 1 7 4

8 4 5 3 4 1

1 8 6 5 3 7 2

1 1 1 1 6

11 11

Rebound Korans

7 1 1 1 8 8 7 7

7 10



10 10 10

9 9 10 9 9 9 9 10 11 11

Parkenes Gymcarolina Saltos Gymnastics Unlimited LaFleur's Harford Exper-tiess West Volley Charles River Cots Rebound

7 8 4

8 4 7 6 1 6 6 7

Tulsa, OK Sacramento, CA Union Beach , NJ Sayreville, NJ Baton Rouge, LA Loveland, OH Durham, NC Son Jose, CA los Gatos, CA Son Antonio, TX O tisco, IN Middletown, NJ Palmdale, CA Santo Claro, CA Tulsa, OK South Jordon, UT Sussex, WI Honolulu, HI Baton Rouge, LA Yonkers, NY Chadds Ford, PA Tulsa, OK Gaithersburg, MD Frederick, MD Sandy, UT Idaho Falls, ID Ephrata, PA Manchester, NH Williamsville, NY St Louis, MO Parkersburg , WY Son A ntonio, TX Garland , TX Sumner, WA Son Antonio , TX linle Rock, AR Los Vegas, NV Hazlet, NJ Robins, IA Murrieta, CA Son Antonio, TX Reno, NV Parsippany, NJ Florissant, MO Orange Park, FL Anova, MN Greenville, IN Irving, TX Germantown , W I Reno, NV Murray, UT Jacksonville, FL Rochester, NY Gahanna, OH Son Antonio, TX Va Beach, VA Gig Harbor, WA Los Vegas, NV Los Gatos, CA Draper, UT Tucson, Al Maynard, MA Holmdel , NJ Felton, CA Yuma , Al Reno, N V Carnesville, GA Lilburn, GA lincroft, NJ Springfield, VA Kensington, MD Whitehall, PA Raleigh, NC Madison, W I 0 . 1', FL Sussex, W I Bel Air, MD Holbrook. NY Son Jose, CA Shurborn, MA Hamden, a Leonardo, NJ


199 7

JF 1. Flannel boxers in shades of blue, green and Ion. YM, n, AS, MI, AUL$ IS.9S JF2. 4 Female Figure5 rwvy lee with while design. Tee. YL. AS, MA, Al, XL$IS.9S

JF3. Flennel boxers in shodes of blue, green and Ion. YIA, n, AS, MI, AL, XL$ I S.9 S JF4. 4 1.lale Figures navy lee with while design. Tee. Y~ AS, MI, AL, XL $ I S.9S

JF6. Blue. green flonnel boxers. YM, n,AS, MI. Al. XL$IS.9S JF7. Navy Shaclowshirt with while design. Tee. Yl, AS, MI, AL, XL$1s.9S Swea!>hirt. AS, AM, AL, Xl $23.9S

Jf8. Grey Honnel boxers with red, green, navy. YM, YL,AS, AM, AUL $I S.9 S JF9. Molching Walkover white lee with red logo. n, AS. AM, Al. Xl $1 S.9S

_- -


~ '" ~




JfIO. Women's lIels~whiteslirtwithrOO;IJock. Jfll. Men's life Is ~white shit with bkre;lM. Tee. Y~ AS, AM. ~ XL$I6.9S Sweotshirt. YL,AS, AM, ~ XL $23.9S

Jf 12. leiter white lee with navy 8. yellow design. AS, MI, Al. Xl $17.9S Jf13. (Not Shown)Leller white mug, 10 01. $7.50 Jfl4.INot Shown)leller COf decal, stotic cfing. $1.50

JFI7. New! IIeaIie Baby IloIrootioo l!! lvIonkey in 100lord. $8.9S JFI8. funy Cot in Ieoturd. $9.9S

Jf19. Relive your fovome O~mpk momen!> with Alfanta~ Magnificent Seven. $2S.00 JF20. America~ Greatest Gymnasts a 1996 commemorative videa. $22.9S JF21. Gymnasffcs Greatest Champions, highlights from the '96 notionols. $2S.00 Jf22. ABC's Gymnasffcs Greatest Slurs with Bart Conner, Nadia, Cathy Rigby.. $2S.00

JF24. Gold-ploled booded choker. S9.9S Q! Gold-ploled Beam Q! Bars necklace. $8.9S JF2S. Smoll sport wotch. Red vin~ bond, block design. $11.9S JF26. Gold-ploled Beam Q! Bars earrings. $9.9S Q! posl dongle earrings. $12.S0

JFl6. Assorted neOn pens and pencik. 8 for $3.9S

JF1 S. A. Sims 8. Stripes Red 2801. bottle. B. 4 figures. White 21oz. bottle w i purple design. C. Words. Tmnslucenl 2801. bottle wi rOO cop. SUOeach

JF23. Saunchies! While with block design. Navy, royal, foresl green, pinkQ! purple with while design. $4.S0 eam

JF27. Women's Aedal Q!JF28. Men's Flairblock tee with while design. Short sleeve lee, n, AS, AM, AL, XL S17.9S Long ~eeve lee, AS, AM, AL,XLS21.9S Jf28. (Not Shown) Gymnast's Journalin Aerioldesign. SUS

30% discount on orders over $250.00, beam and sale items excluded. ~------ - ---- -- ----- -- -- -- ------------------------------------------------------ - -~ ------




JF29. 8ft. Corpeled wood floor boom. Well boleoced. S12S.00 ~us shipping. (all for shipping cost before ordering.

Cartwheels 999 Independence Ave. Suite C-7 Mountain View. CA 94043


SUBTOTAL CA resident. 7.75% tax

Order Now! Call (415) 965-9615 (9 A.M.-5 P.M. PACIFICTIME, MON-FRI) Q! fax (415) 965'9618, Q! send in this coupon (use separate sheet of paper if necessary). We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check, Q! money order.


999 Independence Ave. SuiteU Mauntain View, CA94043 Phone 415 965 96 15 Fax415 965 9618

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Exp. Date

·U.S. To To To


Shipping costs:

$10 $50 $100 $100

$3 .50 $4.95 $6.00 $9.00

â&#x20AC;˘ By Luan Peszek

J 0 HN

If you missed the first 34 stops of the John Hancock Tour of World Gymnastics Champions you Kurt Thomos and a young gymnast from the crowd. may be able to catch one of the added shows. DATI That's right ... Monday, Jon. 6 Wednesday, Jon. 8 more cities have Thursday, Jon. 9 been added to the Saturday, Jon. 11 schedule in Sunday, Jon. 12 January and Monday, Jon. 13 February 1997. The Wednesday, Jan. 15 tour was such a hit Friday, Jan. 17 Saturday, Jan. 18 with overwhelmSunday, Jan. 19 ing success in each Monday, Jan. 20 of the 34 cities, that Wednesday, Jan. 22 tour promoters, Thursday, Jan. 23 gymnasts, coaches Tuesday, Jan. 28 and everyone Wednesday, Jan. 29 Thursday, Jon. 30 involved decided Friday, Jon. 31 to extend the show.




Jaycie Phelps


CITY Konsos (ity, Missouri Madison, WISConsin Peoria, Ilhnois Evansville, Indiana Louisville, Kentucky


Freedom Hall

Dominique Dawes

Columbus, Ohio Rochester, New York

Sf. John Arena (tentative)

Shannon Miller

War Memorial

Dominique Moceanu

Kemper Arena Done County Expo Ctr. Peoria Ovic Center Roberts Coliseum

Amanda Borden Amy Chow

Hershey, Pennsylvania

HersheyPark Arena

Jaycie Phelps

Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston Ovic Ctr.

Jessica Davis

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dean Smith Arena

Baltimore, Maryland

Bahimore Arena

Fairfax, Virginia

Putriot Center

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Coliseum

Lilia Podkopayeva

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Sports Complex

Mihai Bagiu

Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland Center (tentative)

John Macready

Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola Civic Center

John Roethlisberger

Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee Civic Center

Sundoy, Feb. 2

New Orleans, Louisiana

Kiefer UNO Lakefront Arena

Tuesday, Feb. 4

Son Antonio, Texas


Friday, Feb. 7

EI Paso, Texas

Special Events Center

Gregg Curtis

Sunday, Feb. 9

Albuquerque, New Mexico

University Arena

Kurt Thomas

Monday, Feb. 10

Salt Lake City, Utah

Delta (enter

Friday, Feb. 14

Reno, Nevada

Lawlor Events Center

plus local gymnasts in each city

Kim Zmeskal Jennie Thompson

Kip Simons Chainey Umphrey

The male and female gymnasts perform group and individual routines with loud, upbeat music and lighting. It's very entertaining and something you don't want to miss.




1 997



. . . . on

~:wor1ishop '.for

d j.ff~ie·nt


te~lu1~<;al ·c~rt.c~ms, .'

men.. Look for the lecture' .

:.,:;.,.~: trsa:7gY.¢r:tast.ics:org ,·. ',' .-" , , .' '.. , . .

:;j~t\j:;jq·:i:i;,~c~'1e~'f:U1~artcJ:Jtn.~ft:1'Y.'lJ,tllJ.g 'Wf, p·k:PJ1<.I',f'lt '-'Jut,Ll e u'


V" l',l

~~,' ~dti~a ti~h:. C~~giafulati~~s t{) ',' . ".. ,' ' . . " .

g',pl~omam! •



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. ' . ' . .' .,. ' '0"



" .- : :.·.~.i :":;..'. J )~::N .U A'R: ':; f' ~ ~':R :4 A. ~ ·y:.i 99''7. :, ' ..... :.'

7.00 6.45 7.85 5.95 7.75 7.10

9.15 9.15 6.70 &.95 3.80

9.00 9.50 8.50 8.50 0.00 8.50

USA GYMNASTICS MEMBER CLUBS NORTH DAKOTA Red Rive< Vol~y Gymnoslics dub, Grond f1lrlr, Western Siors Gymnoslics, WiltlSlon

MONTANA Billil19' Gymnmtlcs I<hool, Inc, Bilnl19'

OREGON We<15id. Gymnmtics kodmey, Inc, Tl90rd Iolem YMCA, Iolem

NEIUSU Omoho I<hool of Gymnoslics ond DalKe, Omaho ~alle Volloy Gymnostics, Scollsbluff Omego School of Gymno<tlcs, Popillion Pion"r Gymno<tl" A,odemy, Uncaln

NEVADA Rhythmi( Amstl( (ompony, (orson City \pefKe Gymno<tlcs & DalKe Co., los Vegas

COLOUDO Gymnostics UnlimHed, Inc., Nor1hg~nn Chatfield Gymnmtics, Ul1Ielon Grond Jundion Gymnostics, Grond Junction


San taCruz GymnoslicsCenler, Sanlo Cruz Sonia Moni{o Gymnoslics Cenler, Inc., Culver City U.s. Gymnastics Training (enler, Laguna Hills Desert Heol Gymnosliu, Palm Deserl Wesl Volley Gymno,li( S,hoal, (ompbell


MIlIa &,mnasIcs; MIlIa

AI. Aeriok Gymnosli", Glendole The Ul1Ie Gym of Chondler, Chandler U.S. Olympion Gymno<tlcs, Inc, Chandler Aomes Gymoo,li" Arodemy, Phoenix Bordoys Gym Time, Tempe

o.a's ..... ~ ....... .... MArouad &,n.IIu, .... hSllrsofliplllnlics anoIlltm,hOty

. . . . . 6ynIiaIIksScholl, . . . . .

nus Iokol Korel HO'Ificek Borovsicy, Ennnis World of Gymnostics, Fl. Worth Fonloslic Gymno<fi", Boerne

• HAWAII Hawaii Gymnasti(s Acodemy, Honolulu KonoAeriols, Koiulo -Kono Ponlheon S,hool of Gymnosli", Hila



Is your club on the map yet?

Foye', Gymno<OO Slar" Auslin Mory Jone', Gymnoslics Training (enter, Corpus Christl AuoTex Gymno<1icsConroe, Conroe

AuoTex Gymnosti", Georgetown Dene's Gymnastics, Houston

IICA Super (enler, Sugarland The Arodemyof Arli,li( Gymnastics, Son Anlonio

Tex.. Eosl Gymnoslics, Tyler FB( Gymnoslics, (orpus Christi Houslon lUusio"" Houslon Gym Katz, Ion Morlo< Oooble 'H' Gymnmlics, Bowi< Basel', All Sior Gymno<tlcs & Cheer, Spring 00"" en roi" 00110< Rowien Gymoo'li" dub, Rowfen Tumbling Tops Gymno<tlcs, Inc., San Monos Allen Gymno<lics Academy, Allen Oni', Gymnoslics, HOIISlon



MINNESOTA GlealOOI GymnOllies School, Eagon Rhylhmic Gymnolli" (enler RUlse, Hew Hope TAGS SOUTH, Apple Volley TAGS EDINA, Edina

INDIANA DeVeau'l School 01 Gymnastics, Inc., Filhers lakeshore Gymnastics, (heslerlon Horizon Gymnastics Cenler, Valparoiso Terry Spencer's World 01

Gym Bin, Bemidji Ripl Gymnollies & Filn", (enler, Inc, SI Paul Midwest Gymnastics (enler, Shoreview Ho~h Shore GymnOlIi" AslOdolion, long lake Olympic GymnOlli" A"demy, Plymoulh (rown GymnOlli", Sliliwoler


Indionopolil Donee Moves and Gymnastics, loloyelle Indiana Gymnastics

Troining School, Bloominglon Glorio's GymnoSli(s, Boonville OdonGymnOlli" A"demy, Odon

WISCONSIN Weslosho Gymnosli<s aub, Burlinglon Modlown Twislers Gymnosli<s, Mo,lIOI1 East Side Turners/ 11K., Milwaukee

NEW YORK lono'IGymnasli" (Iub, Inc, Flulhing Americon Dreams Gymnostics Acodemy, Watertown Formingdole Gymnasli" (enler Inc, Formingldole Riverside Gymnastics, Riverhead While Ploinl Tumblelles/Tumblers, While Ploinl Girllln"rporoled 01 Schenedody, Schenedody Ilorihern Delowore, Morgorelville Galaxy, Orongeburg GymnOlliesCiIy, (o~londl Manor Sullon Gymnastics & Filnesl (enler, Inc, IlewYork New Generolion Gymnasli", Brooklyn Slroup's Gymnoslics, Jomestown Delnicky Americky Sokol, Aslorio Long Illond Gym-Hesl, Yaphank PE NNSYLVANIA Gymn~ies pjlll, Inc., Kingslon (olumbio A"demy, Bloomlburg The GymnO\lies Troining (enler 01 Roches, Penlield Somerton Gymnostics, Feasterville BuHoloGymnoslies BLeD_S_Gymnaslics, Levilown Olympic aub Inc, Buffalo PolIsvilie Gymnosli(Training Center, Royal A"demy 01 Arts PolI"ille & Onemo, Brooklyn Hillony Gymnaslics & Donce, Inc, Slole(oliege Gymkhana, Inc, PUIsburg Gymnaslie (enler 01 !he leh~h Volley, Allenlown r Hortheosl Gymnoslics A"demJ, arte11-lnk:e_ _ __

MASSACHUSEns AII-Slor Gymnaslics (enler Inc, Ho_Billeri" Berklhire Gymnasli", r,lIslield Gymnaslics Unlimiled, Inc, Wesllord No~hOOII Gymnaslies (enler, Wilminglon The Gym Nesl, Inc, Slow No_Andover School 01 Gymnostics and Donee, No. Andover KOlhy (orrigon'l School 01 Gymnasilcs, Rocklond Gymleslollhe Berkshirel, Pillllieid

Masl Gym (enler, Weslboro All Around GymnOllics, Amesbury McKeon Gymnaslics, Hopedole No~h Siors Gymnaslics 01 Hew England, No~h Andover Young World, Quincy Gymnasli" and More, Woburn Tumble TIme GymnOllics, Inc, Po(osset

New Englond Gymnaslics Troining Center, Hudson Spedrum Gymno~tits Atodemy Inc, Londonderry

:=::=:::-;;::::=-, Gheorghe Hook,," Ghilo Gymnoslics,

1OW1 IIodt Haft, .......... Meha firers. 11K., lies IIaiDes SillUlland6ymaasla ...... Siaul (Iy c.nI&,nIds AmIIInIr. c.nI UrtaaIaIe 6,...asIks Q6, IkfaIdaIt

Gymnaslicl AI Brenlwood "X...Commons, Brentwood

&wpn GymnasIa Cenllr,1aIano "


ISLAND ~TS, Cheshire

Kids In Motion Gymnosti(s, New Conoon A"demy 01 Gymno~ic, Rock Hill No~hern Middlesex YMCA, Middlelown Thomes Volley Gymnaslics, Inc., Norwich

6ynms1Ia.1Icri! Wales Cuded1n16ynms1Ia. c.w.

Arising SlolI Gymnosli<S, Sl.Joseph All Slar Gymnolli<S, SI. Chor'" All Americon GymnO\li<s, Sl.loui<


Gymnostics Siudio, Selbyville Diomond, New(Ollie

RiloBeouliev Center, Coventry E~BoyGymnaslics

(enler, Brillol RI GymnOllies Village Inc, EostProvidence

NEW JERSEY (ronbury Gymnaslies A"demy, Sokol Bohimore, Mercerville Boltimore SilverspringGymnostics ModilOn Area YMCA, Madison and Filnesl (lub, Silver Gorden Siole GymnOllics Spring Troining Center, Forked River Hilll Angell, Solori Gymnaslies Acodemy, Goihhersburg Belle Mood A(PR Gymno~ics, Middlesex Gymnaslies A"demy, (hurchville EaslBrunswick ColumbioGymnostics, Devlin GymnOllics Inc, Woll Elli,,"CiIy Worldwide Gymnaslics, Gorrell Gymnollics dub, Old Bridge Oakland

Body M"honi" Dohon (obb Chollengers, Moriello Peach Siale SPO~I (enler, Foyellevme Smyrno Roundobools, Smyrna Douglosville GymnO\lies ond Cheerleading, Douglosvme (o~er"ille RecTwis1ers, (0~ers~11e


Vorsily Gymnosiics & S~ Gym, Decalu

Thomos Gymno~i" Troining (enler, Rock Hill

flORIDA Univer",1 GymnO\lies, Miami UnHed Gymnoslies, locksonville Broodwoy Gymnoslics, Winlersprings Pine Hilk YMCA Sunlwislerl, Orlando Americon Twisters, Pompano Beoch

(hompion Gymno~ics, Morgole Dance Ar" (enler, Inc Rhylhmic, Boca Rolon Olrus Gymnaslies, Cryslol River Gainesville Alhlelic aub, Gainesville Emerald Cily GymnO\lies, ro~ Wohon Beach



Funtostics, Sorosoto Price'I WorldoIGymnollies, Kissimmee Medolill AII-Slor Gymnaslics, Pinellas Pork Gold (0011 Gymnollics,lnc, LokeWorlh Apollo School 01 Gymnollies, Clearwater filii (0011 Gymnaslics, locklOnvilie Inlernolionol Gold Gymnaslics, Tallahassee On Your Toes Gymnostics Center, Miami Twister Gymnostics Acodemy, SacoRoton



MiMBiRCWB o 1996




Amy Chow is a woman of few words, but her actions certainly speak louder than words. Chow, from San Jose, Calif., made history at the 1996 Olympic Games, when she became the first Asian-American gymnast to medal at an Olympics. In addition to winning the team gold, Chow won the silver medal on bars, her favorite event. We caught up with Chow and asked about her current schedule and future plans. Here's what she had to say: How has the John Hancock Tour of World Gymnastics Champions been going? Good. We finished in November and we start 24 more shows in January and February ]997. What's the best and worst part of the tour? The bus ride is the best part because we all get to be together and hang out. We eat dinner and watch movies like Now and Then, Tommy Boy, and Cutting Edge. Some people like the scary movies, but not me. There are two VCR's, one up front and one in back, so we can watch two movies at the same time. The worst part of the tour is all the traveling and being gone a lot. What's a normal day like on the tour? After a show we depart the city at about]] :00 p.m. and arrive in another city around 3:30 or 4:30 in the morning. We go in the hotel, sleep a lillie, and then go to the mall, do a book signing tour, or just hang out. Then we go to rehearsal around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. and the show starts at 7:00 or 7:30 p.m. Then we do the same thing the next day. We usually go home on Monday and start the whole thing over on Thursday. Do you get to see many sites in each city? Usually we don't get to see much. We did get to go to the Mall of America in Minneapolis. In Atlanta we all went to Siggers, a beauty salon, and got our hair and fingernails done. It was fun. We heard you injured your ankle while on tour. What happened? I broke it doing a standing full on beam at the Sacramento tour stop. The next weekend was the

San Jose show and I was disappointed because I wanted to perform in my hometown. I had to wear a boot for about three weeks and then I had to tape or wear a brace for a few more weeks. I'm planning on competing in the Reese's International Gymnastics Cup in January so I'm hoping it's 100% by then. Tell us about the new move on bars you competed at the Olympic Games. Is it named after you now? Yes, it is called the Chow II. It's a full twisting front stalder. Is there a Chow I? Yes, it's a back stalder one-and-a-half twist on bars. It was named after me when I competed it at the ]994 World Championships. When we spoke with you about a year ago, you did not yet have your driver's license because there was no time. Did you finally get one? No, but I did finally get my driver's permit. I practice a lillie bit. I hope to get my drivers license before next fall. What's your next big competition? The Reese's International Gymnastics Cup in Anaheim, January 25th. It's a nice format and I'm looking forward to it. They're pairing us up with another gymnast from the U.S. to form a team. It will be televised on NBC Sports. When do you start school at Stanford University? Are you still going to train in gymnastics? Next fall. I probably will train while I'm at school. I'll still be close to my home gym so I'll probably continue to train at West Valley Gymnastics. I can't compete in college gymnastics because I decided to turn professional, What are you planning to study at Stanford? Biology. I'd like to be n pediatrician. I've wanted to do this for a very long time. I like working with kids and I like science. What advice would you give young gymnasts who want to win an Olympic medal like you? Work hard, believe in yourself and have fun!

INTERESTING FACT When Amy was 3 years old her mother tried to enroll her in ballet The ballet school would not take Amy at such a young age so. instead. she started gymnastics_ The rest is history!



SCHEDULE (Dates & Events Subjeclto Change or Cancellation)

JANUARY 1997 FIG Continental Judges' Course (M) FIG Continental Judges' Course (W) USA Gymnastics Brevet Judges' Course (W) Reese's International Gymnastics Cup (M/W/R)

2-5 8-12

15-19 25

Albuquerque, NM Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN Anaheim, CA

FEBRUARY 7-8 14-15 14-16

Rhythmic Challenge (R) USA Gymnastics Winter Cup Challenge (M) USOC Executive Committee & Boord of Directors Meetings Revco Buckeye Classic (W) 14-16 27-Mar 1 American Cup (M/W) International Rhythmic Exhibition (R) TBD

Downers Grove, IL Banle Creek, MI Philadelphia, PA Columbus, OH Ft. Worth, TX Chicago, Il

MARCH 2 14-16 21-22 22-23

Int'l 3-on-3 Gymnastics Championships (M/W/R) American Classic (W) Internotional Team Championships Jr./Sr_(M/W) Levell 0 Stote Meets (W)

Ft. Worth, TX THO Gncinnati, OH Various Sites

APRIL 4-5 4-5

5 5 5 10·12 11·12 12 12·13 17·19 17·19 26·27

Rhythmic East!West Championships (R) American Challenge - Notional Elite (WI NCAA Western Regionals (MI NCAA Eastern Regionols (MI NCAA Regionals (WI USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (M/WI Rhythmic East !West Championships (R) USA Gymnastics NotionoIlnvitotional Tournament (WI Level 10 Regional Championships (WI NCAA Notional Championships (MI(Universily of lowal NCAA Notional Championships (WI (University of Aoridol 10. Championships (RI

1997 NBC SPORTS TELEVISED EVENTS feb. 8 2:30-4:00 p.m.



Jon. 25

Mar. 1 4:00·6:00 p.m. (1 hour T8AI feb. 27-Mor. 1

American (up Tarrant (ounly (onvention (enter Arena fort Worth, Texas

Mar. 8 4:30-6:00 p.m.

InternationoI3-on-3 Gymnasti<s (hampionships Tarrant (ounly (onvention (enter Arena Fort Worth, Texas



Reese's International Gymnosti<s (up Anaheim (onvention (enter Arena Anaheim, (olilornio




Mar. 2

April 12 (M) April 19 (WI

Mar. 21 -22


Aug. 17 (W) Sept. 13 (M)


Aug. 13-16

International Team Chompionships USA vs. China vs. Russia Gndnnati Riverlront Coliseum Gndnnati, Ohio (aca-Cola National Gymnasti<s Championships McNichols Arena Denver, Colorado

TBD Sacramento, CA Albuquerque, NM West Point, NY Various Sites Seattle, WA THD Iowa Gty, IA Various Sites Iowa Gty, IA GoinesviUe, FL Walnut Creek, CA

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hether packed in a brightly colored lunch box sporting a favorite action hero, or in a simple, brown paper bag, school lunches should contain nutritious foods kids like. Sounds simple, but for those who pack lunches day after day, it's not easy. That's probably because there is so much to consider, such as: • What combination of foods make up a "healthy" lunch? • Are they simple and easily packed? • Can they remain safe without refrigeration until lunchtime? • And most importantly, will they be eaten? The Food Guide Pyramid, a tool which outlines daily food choices for a healthy diet, consists of five different food groups, arranged according to their recommended number of daily servings. Combined with serving size guidelines, the Pyramid illustrates the basics of healthy eating-balance, moderation and variety. Here are suggestions for nutritious, kid pleasin' school lunch foods based on the Food Guide Pyramid. Try to include a serving from each of the five food groups in every

lunch. Keep in mind, though, that the Food Guide Pyramid is a general guide. No one eats perfectly all the time. What you eat over several days is more important than applying the Pyramid guidelines on a strict meal-by-meal basis. Remember too, all foods can fit into a healthful diet if eaten in moderation. An occasional sugary snack or high-fat food is okay to include in a school lunch. Rather than forbidding foods, children should learn how to include all types of foods in their diet. The daily number of servings shown for each food group is based on a daily calorie count of 2,000-2,200, which is about right for most children. Calorie needs are influenced by a child's age, sex, size and activity level. It's important to provide children with at least the lower number of indicated servings each day.

Reprinted courtesy of: Creative Data Services, 13748 Shorehne Court East, Earth Qty, MO 63045.


'-../ Food Safety Tips Some of the school lunch foods suggested here need to be kept cold during the hours before lunchtime. Here are some tips: An insulated lunch box or bag keeps food colder much longer than a paper bag. An ice pock or frozen juice box con also help. Place in a small plastic bog to prevent"sweating" on lunch box foods. Freeze those foods you con such as fruit-flavored yogurt, cheese stick, chunks of natural cheese and sliced meat sandwiches. If desired, add mayo or salad dressing before packing in the lunch box.



Fats, Oils, Sweets

Meat Group

Contributes carbohydrates and fat. There are no recommended number of servings because these foods contribute mostly calories and few nutrients due to their high fat and sugar content. Examples include: gelatin, salad dressings, margarine and butter, candy, soft drinks, ÂŁrun drinks, iel~ and mayonnaise. Such foods should be used in moderation.

2 servings (for a totol of 6 ounces) for children. Contributes Protein, Niacin, Iron, and Thiamin (81). 2 ounces sliced meat (chicken. turkey breast. lean ham and lean roast beef are the best choices) 2 tablespoon peanut butter (fruit preserves. honey or sliced fresh fruit give a new iwist to the traditional PB & J or simply stuff in celery sticks.) 1/3 cup peanuts

Milk Group . :.~ :-\ 2-3 servings for children. '. Contributes Calcium, Riboflavin (82) and Protein. Most schools sell 8 ounce cartons of low fat milk. Low fat chocolate milk may also be available and is an acceptable choice. Other food choices from the milk group include:


Fruit Group 2-3 servings for children. Contributes V'lfamins Aand C. Many whole fruns also provide dietary fiber. These popular, fresh ÂŁruns from the produce department are easy to include in school lunches: 1 medium apple 1/2 cup cantaloupe chunks 12 grapes 1 medium banana 1 small pear 1 medium orange

2 ounces low-fat cheese 8 ounces of yogurt (A multitude of kid pleaSing flavors abound.) Take note-rnany "kiddie yogurts" come in 4 ounce containers.

TIps: Apple wedges, dipped in orange juke, won't brown. For easy eating, quarter an orange, reassemble seclions and bag tig~ (to minimize V'lfamin C loss.)

Other fruit choices include: cup raisins 1/2 cup canned fruit in juice 1/2 cup applesauce cup 100% fruit juice 1/4

Vegetable:¡. . . Group


3-4 servings for children. Contributes Vitamins Aand Cand Dietary Rber. Fresh and crunchy vegetables are the obvious school lunch choice. Choose kid favorites like: 7-8 baby carrots 7-8 celery sticks 3 broccoli florets 3 cauliflower florets Pre-cut vegetables in the produce department make it easy to include these important foods in a school lunch. Consider including fat free dip or salad dressing for vegetable dunking.


.: Bread Group 6-9 servings for children. Contributes Carbohydrates, Thiamin (81), Niacin and Iron. Whole-grain breads, cereak and crackers are the best choices because they provide more wamins, minerak and fiber than those made wnh refined flour. Try geffing at least 3 servings dai~ from whole-grain products. Although using ~iced bread for sandwiches is a popular way to provide two servings from the Pyramid's bose, this group offers an assortment of foods sunable for lunches. So shoke up the sandwich routine by including one or two of the follOwing products in your next school lunch: 1/2 bagel 5-8 small crackers

1/2 bun or 1 small roll

Small mum" 1 ounce ready-to-eat Cereal 1 tortilla (spread with peanut butter and jelly and roll or use as a wrap for sliced meat) 4-inch pita bread

Other snacks in the bread group: 9 animal crackers 2-3 graham crackers (create sandwiches using peanut butter for increased kid appeal). 9 3-ring pretzels or 2 pretzel rods 3 rice or popcorn cakes 2 cups of popcorn (shake on cinnamon or grated parmesan cheese for a different twist.) 7 vanilla wafers

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By Luan Peszek


he "Young and Restless" describe the U.s.'s top junior gymnasts. They are full of talent, energy, enthusiasm, and eager to make their mark on the gymnastics world. We've been hearing all about the 1996 Olympic Team and the successful showing in Atlanta, but, behind our successful seniors, we also have some very talented juniors! USA Gymnastics would like to introduce you to four top juniors on the U.S. National Team.

Vanessa Atler, the 1996 Junior National Champion, will turn 15 on February 17. She's from California and dreams of making the 2000 Olympic Team. Johanna Shoe111aker, 14, is the 1996 Rhythmic Junior National Champion. She's from North Potomac, Md., and also has a goal to make the Olympic Team in 2000.

Jason Gatson, 16, trains in Colorado Springs, Colo., and won his first international competition in 1996 during the USA vs. Canada dual event. Brett McClure w ill turn 16 on February 19. He's from Mill Creek, Wash., and is the 1996 Team 2000 Champion in the 14-15 age group. Let's meet each of top junior gymnast. .. and fino out wbat lie.r aheadfor USA GYlllna.rtic...!

VANESSA ATLER Hometown and current residence: Canyon Country, Calif. Birthday: February 17, 1982 Age: Turns 15 on Feb. 17 Club: Gliders Coaches: Steve and Beth Rybacki School: learning Post Year in School: 9th grade Began Gymnastics: 1987 USA GtJlltnastic.r: How mw when iJiJ YOLL get your .rind in !J1JI1UUMtic.r?

Atler: I started when I was 5 because I wanted to be a cheerleader. I saw cheerleaders on TV and I wanted to do that too. But, once I started gymnastics, I loved it so I stuck with it. I started with gymnastics class at Aerials, then moved to Gymnastics Unlimited for three years until I was a Level 5, and then I moved to AV Twisters for about three years until I was a Level 10. I came to Gliders about 2 1/2years ago to be an elite. Aller continued on poge 30 JANUARY/FEBRUARY

199 7

JOHANNA SHOEMAKER Hometown and current residence: North Potomac, Maryland Birthday: June 3, 1982 Age: 14 Club: Rhythmflex Coach: Catherine Yakhimovich School: Montrose Christian School Year in School: 9th grade Began Gymnastics: I began artistic gymnastics in 1987 and switched to rhythmic gymnastics in 1992 USA GynuUMticJ-: How dU) you get J"tarted in artistic gymnaJ"tiu mUJ why dU) you J"witch to rhythmic?




Shoemaker: When I was younger I was always bouncing around and my grandmother decided to put me in gymnastics a week before I turned five. Later on, I decided I didn't like artistic gymnastics and I wanted to quit. My coach called Catherine (Yakhimovich) and told her about me. Catherine asked me to give rhythmic gymnastics a try. I did, I liked it, and I'm still doing it.

USA GtJmnaJ"ticJ": You J"taJ-ted rhythmic gymnaJ"ticJ" in 1992 and took 10th all-around aJ" ajlUzior at the 1994 Rhythmic National ChampiofU'hipJ". By 1996 you were the Junior National Champion for rhythmic gymnaJ"ticJ". How dW you climh up the ladder J"O quickly?

Shoemaker: With the encouragement and help of my coach. Also, the encouragement of my teammates. I train about four hours per day, five days a week. USA GynvlaJ"ticJ-: What do you like about rhythmic gynvlaJ"ticJ-?

Shoemaker: The whole thing. It's fun. Everyone knows everyone else in the sport. We get to interact with everyone. USA GynvlaJ"ticJ-: What were you doing during the 1996 Olympic GanteJ mUJ dU) it inJ"pire you?

Shoemaker: I was trying to watch it nonstop at home_ It inspired me. I realized I need to work harder to make it to the 2000 Olympic Games. USA GynvlaJ"ticJ-: Tell me about your coach.

Shoemaker: Catherine is nice. She's from Russia. Sometimes she's really strict, but she cares a lot about her gymnasts. USA GynvlaJ"ticJ-: What are your future goal.r?

Shoemaker: I'd like to be the senior national champion and go to the Olympic in 2000. USA GynvlaJ"ticJ-: Tell me about J"chooL

Shoemaker: I go from 8:30 -3: 1S each day. My favorite subject is science. I want to be a first grade teacher when I get older. It seems fun and I like teaching little kids. USA GymnaJ"ticJ-: Tell me about your family.

Shoemaker: I have parents, one older brother who is 16, one younger brother who is 12, and a younger sister who is S. My brothers play basketball and my little sister just plays around a lot. She has rhythmic equipment and basketballs that she plays with. USA GtJmllaJ"ticJ-: What do you like to do in your J"pare time, II'hCll you're not in the gym or in J"chool?

Shoemaker: Hang out with my friends, swim, or just sit at home and read a book or something. JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1 997

JASON GATSON Hometown: Mesa, Arizona Current residence: Colorado Springs, Colorado Birthday: June 25, 1980 Age: 16 Club: U.S. Olympic Training Center Coach: Ron Brant and Vitaly Marinitch School: American School (home study) Year in School: Junior Began Gymnastics: 1986 USA Gymnastics: How anfl wby dUJ you get ,Haded ill gymllastic.r?





~ ~


~ ~


Gatson: I was at home jumping oft the fireplace. My mom took me to the doctor and asked him what to do with me because I was so active. The doctor suggested she enroll me in a gymnastics dass. So at 6 years old I started taking a dass once or twice a week at a dub in Texas. I moved to Arizona when I was 7 and started training with Mike Naddour. USA Gynuuutics: Wbat do you like about gynuuutics

Gatson: I just love the sport and it has taken me pretty far. I've been on the Junior National Team for quite a few years and now I'm training at the OTC. I like competing especially. It's a rush when I compete. It makes me feel real good. USA G1JllUUUtics: Wby dUJ you nwve to USOTC in Colorado Spring.r?

Gatson: My coach, Mike Naddour, and I talked about it for a couple of years and we finally decided it was the right time for me to move to Colorado Springs and train at the Olympic Training Center. USA Gynuuutic.r: Wbat'.r the hest and wor.rt thing about living away from bonze?

Gatson: I miss my family, but I get to go home once every month or two to visit. The training, coaching and gym atmosphere are the best things. , USA GyI1Ula.ftic.r: What were you doing during the '96 Olympic Gal1U.f?

Gatson: I was sitting in my dorm room at the training center and watching the Games. The thought crossed my mind many times that I wanted to be there. It motivated me to work harder and go for my goals.

USA Gymnastics: What are yourfuture goal.r in the .rport?

Gatson: I'd like to make some World Teams and the 2000 Olympic Team.

USA Gymnastics: What do you thinlc of the new COde?

Gatson: It's tough. I'm going to work on all the skills I need for the code and try to put them all together. USA Gymnastics: What advice do you have for YOlLllfJ kUJ.rju.rt .rtarting in the .rport?

Gatson: Train hard and never give up.


Intere.rting Note About JiLfO/L' His brother, Brandon, was a member of the dance group IIFour Boys and a Babe ll and has appeared on Star Search, Arsenial Hall Show, Great American Workout with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many commericals. In fact, Jason's brother and mother are moving to los Angeles from January through April 1997 for the pilot season in hopes that Brandon will land an acting job! USA


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BREIT MCCLURE Hometown and current residence: Mill Creek, Washington Birthday: February 19, 1981 Age: Turns 16 on Feb. 19 Club: Cascade Elite Gymnastics Coach: Wayne Kerr School: Jackson High School Year in School: Sophomore Began Gymnastics: 1990 USA C,Jl1lluwtlc,,: How tUld why dUJ you get "tm·ted ill gYl1uuutic.r?

McClure: When I was 9 years old I was watching the Goodwill Games which were here in Seattle in 1990. My family and I decided to go to gymnastics because we'd never seen the sport before. I saw Lance Ringnald on floor and decided that was cool and I wanted to do that, too. I came home and started trying flips off the stairs. My parents said, "lets get you into a class," so, I started at Cascade Elite. A friend of mine from soccer went there, too.

USA C,JllUuutiCJ: Wbal do you like to do Ul your "pare time?

McClure: I dan't really have any spare time, but if I do, I like to relax, watch movies with friends and listen to music. USA C,JllUuutiCJ: Wbal is yow' "chedule?

~ ~

Vj ~

McClure: I get up at 6:00 a.m. and go to school from 7:15-12:30. My school ~ lets me out early so that I can train longer hours. I go to the gym fram 1:30-7:30 p.m. and Saturday I go to ~ gym from 2:00-6:00 p.m. USA Gyl1uuutiCJ: Soww" like a bu.nJ "cbedule!

McClure: That's what it takes, hard work!

Interutillg Note A bout Brett:

Vj Vj

In the future, after college, Brett plans to join the family business, McClure and Sons, Inc. The company builds industrial plants.

USA Gymlltwtlc,,: Whal'" yow-javorite thin.g ahout gYl1uuutic.r?

McClure: I like the sport because it's challenging. It's the most difficult sport there is. It takes a lot of time and dedication to learn the sport.

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USA GYI1lIla.!"tiCJ: Tell me about yow' family.

McClure: I live with my mom and dad. I have two brothers who are 17 and 21. One brother, Dustin, plays golf and tennis, and Les wrestled and played baseball in high school. My dad owns his own business and mom is a secretary at the business.

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USA C,JllllULftic.r: Whal m'e yow' goal.r in. gYl1uuutic.r ?

McClure: I want to make it to the 2000 Olympic Games. USA GyI1UULftlc": Whal did you thin.k of the '96 Gmllu?

McClure: I thought they were great. It gave the national team motivation that the U.S. is catching the rest of the world. The U.S. men's team opened the door a little bit and now it's up to us to go through it. USA C,JllUuutic.r: Whal will it take for the U.S. mell'" team to medal?

McClure: Determination. We're trying to get as many international opportunities as possible in the next four years so we can gain experience and compete with the rest of the world.

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(Vanessa Atler continued from page 25)

USA GtJl1UZa.rtic.r: Why dWIl't YOIl get lizvolved witb tellnis?

USA GY"UULJ'tic.r: I.r GlUJer.r /ar /rom your hOMe?

Atler: Yes. It's about an hour drive one way to get to the gym. My parents take me. Sometimes they'll go watch a movie or hang out and sometimes they'll go home if it's a long workout. They really do a lot for me. I told them if I ever get rich I'd buy my mom a tennis court and my dad a new car. USA GtJI1UULJ'tic.r: What do YOlllike MOlll: gYl1lna.rtic.r?

Atler: It's challenging. I mostly like the competition and performing in front of an audience. I love when they clap with me as I perform. I like it when they're proud of me and I'm proud of myself.

Atler: I don't like tennis. It's too frustrating for me. USA Gyl1l1la.rtic.r: I'm .rw·e YOIl were watchlizg tbe gYI1lIULJ'tic.r competition at tbe OLYl1lpic Game.r. Where were YOIl and how dW YOIl react?

Atler: We were at the gym working out and we had a big TV so we could watch the competition. When Kerri (Strug) fell on her first vault we couldn't believe it. We didn' t think the U.S. would win. We knew it was close between the USA and Russia. When she landed her second vault we were all cheering and screaming. It motivated me a lot! USA GtJI1UULJ'tic.r: What are yow-jllture goal.r?

USA GtJI1lIla.rtic.r: What wa.r it like competillg liz the evellt, USA v.r. World, with .rol1le 0/ the OlYl1lpiall.r?

Atler: It was unbelievable. My mouth was wide open. They were really nice to me. Dominique Moceanu said, "come over and talk to me." We talked about school and stuff. USA GyI1lIla.rtic.r: Speaking o/.rchool how do YOIl/it that ill to yow' bll.f1J training .rchedllle?

Atler: I go to Learning Post School, which is an independent study school. I go every Wednesday for two hours and they grade my work, give me tests, and hand out assignments for the next week. I also go to Canyon High School for French class. I'm training about 30 hours a week, now. USA GtJl1UZa.rtic.r: What do YOlllike to do /or/lIJl whenyoll 're out 0/ the gym?

Atler: I like to play baseball, basketball and Monopoly with my brother, who is 16. If I wasn't in gymnastics I would want to play baseball. I really like it. USA GtJIIUZa.rtic.r: Tell l1le a little MOllt your parella.

Atler: My dad is an electronic technician for the post office and my mom is a tennis instructor.

We're a step ahead of our competition.

Atler: I want to go to the 2000 Olympics. I'd like to win a medal too, but I think just being an Olympian is an honor. I also want to get a college scholarship. I'd like to go to Stanford so that I can stay in California. USA GtJl1ZIla.rtic.r: Do YOIl have a role IIwdeL ill the .rport?

Atler: My coach, Beth Rybacki, because she went through a lot to make the 1980 Olympic Team and then there was the boycott and she couldn't compete. Beth is just really incredible, I saw tapes of her. She can still show us how to do stuff and she does it great. USA GtJlll1la.rtic.r: What'.r yow' other coach, Steve Ryback~ Like?

Atler: He's really cool. He's almost like a dad. He understands how we feel. He jokes with us and is funny. He's always happy and upbeat. We like being around him. He's an awesome coach. Intere.J"ting Note A boul Vane.Y.m:

"I was in the California earthquake of 1994. I was sleeping and I was the first one to wake up when the earthquake hit. I had socks on and when I started running I slipped and fell. Our family slept out in a tent for a week afterwards because of the aftershocks. It took us two hours to get to gym the next day because of all the freeway damage,


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The Magnificent Seven: The Authorized Story of American Gold is a book which tells the story of the gymnasts' extraordinary journey to a victory which electrified the nation. The book presents an exclusive, up-close portrait of each of the gymnasts. It is illustrated with over 100 full -color photographs, many of which have

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1 Circle portion 4 Prohibit 7 Way to shove 12 Zodiac sign 13 Khan 14 knot:marrled 15 Matadors 17 Back street 18 Choose 19 Mayday:Abbr. 21 Charged atom 22 Laboratory heater 24 Sea 25 _ WHELAN 26 Observe 27 Unusual 29 Cossack 31 Serious 35 Farewell:Heb. 37 Afflnnatlve 38 Applaud 41 Metal container 42 Shed blood 43 Burglarize 44 Owns 45 Child 46 Occasion 48 Investigated 52 KORMANN 53 Auricle 54 Gun grp. 55 Curves 56 Perch 57 Jewel

1 Height:Abbr. 2 Old car 3 Investigator 4 CONNER 5 Past 6 Arab leader 7 Greek letter:PI. 8 _ Abner,cartoon 9 Contradict 10 Cinema name 11 YOUNG 16 Clean-up org. 20 Prayer 220rganlzatlon:Abbr. 23 Afternoon social 24 Castanet 25 Indoor sports facility 27 Cheer 28 BEACH 30 Teaspoon:Abbr. 32 Losing hair 33 Hurricane center 34 Type of wine 36 Girts 38 Thin pancake 39 Adores 40 Assists 42 Offer 44 Stoves:Abbr. 45 THOMAS 47Bom 49 Mai ,cocktail 50 Poetic prior to 51 Obstruct


1 997

WOULD YOU LIKE TO WIN AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF THE BOOK? Simply write one paragraph describing how the Magnificent Seven has motivated you, and the lucky winner will be mailed a copy of The Magnificent Seven: The Authorized Story of American Gold, autographed by six of the seven gymnasts. The runner-up will win a copy of the Dominique Moceanu: An American Champion book. We must receive your paragraph by March 3, 1997, to be eligible for the contest. The books will be mailed to the lucky winners on March 24, 1996, and we'll publish the winning paragraphs in the May/June issue of USA Gymnastics. Send your paragraph to: USA Gymnastics magazine, Pan American Plaza, 201 S. Capilol Ave., Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225.

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Score Book The following Membership Statement has been adopted by the Board of Directors of USA Gymnastics: Membership in USA Gymnastics is aprivilege granted by USA Gymnastics. That privilege can be withdrawn by USA Gymnastics at any time where amember's condud is determined to be inconsistent with the best interest of the sport of gymnastics and of the athletes we are servicing. The following former professional members have had their membership with USA Gymnastics terminated and will not be allowed to renew their membership: CharlesTheadare Bales MN VinceBrawn SC l arry Dut(h ME William Alexander Etheridge TN Ri(k Feuerstein CA Joseph Fountain MD Roy larry Gallagher PA Robert Allen Garner (Bob) TN Ricardo "Chico" Goddard NY Robert Deon Heod KY Frank Hohman, Jr. PA Milos Hro(h CA John S. Moore WV William Munsinger MN William M. Pormenler Fl John H. Row DE Steve Shirley MO Blake Sleven Starr UT Mark Swih Fl Freddie EugeneTafoya, Jr. CA Brent TroHier WA Steve Waples IX lyl Christian Wildenberg MN

BRITISH COLUMBIA GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION SUSPENSIONS USA Gymnastic; has been nolified that the British Columbia Gymnastics Association has permonently suspended membership in the BCGA for the following individuals: John Hendersan, Komloops, BC, Canada DonMathey, longley, BC, Canada Wayne Andrews, Courtenay, BC, Canada

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Meet three young ladies who all won the Illinois State Championships last competing season (March 22-23, 1996). They are from leN to right: Brehan Smarinsky, who won the all· around Level 8, age 11. Next is Kelly Dougherty, who also won the Level 8 all·around for her age group (age 10), and Nicole Shubalis, age 12, won the Level 8 all·around in her age group. These girlstrain at Illinois Gymnastics Institute in Addison, III. Illinois Gymnastics Institute also won the team competition.



1-(800) 668-0043 Office: (970) 668-3777 • Fax: (970) 668-0405

Sixteen·year.old April Radovich, a Level 10 gymnast, led the Cuyamaco YMCA team to the YMCA National Championships, June 27-29, 1996 in Toledo, Ohio. April placed first in the all-around, second in vault and floor, and was named an AIIAmerican. April also placed second at the CIF Championships in San Diego County, California, and was named most valuable gymnast for her high school, Granite Hills. April is coached by Debby Lenz and Diane Wavrik.

ERIC HARLAN BILLINGS, MONTANA Eric, 11, competed as a Class VI gymnast last season and is working on his Class Vskills for the upcoming season. He trains at Billings Gymnastics School and is coached by Tom Streets. Eric's team, a terrific group of boys, took first in the state meet and Eric placed first on pommel horse, his favarite apparatus.

Jeanmarie, 10, started gymnastics at the age of 2 at Bucci's Gymnastics. She finished her LevelS USA Gymnastics season as a vaulting champion scoring a 9.50 and is a member of the 1996 first place team in the Upstate New York Team Cup Championships scoring a 36.85 in the all·around. Jeanmarie is moving to Georgia and will be competing Level 6 for Georgia Gymnastics Acodemy in Suwanee, Georgia. She is currently coached by Nick and Bonnie Bucci and will soon be coached by 1988 Olympic Team Member Hope Spivey-Sheeley.



DOMINIQUE CURCI Ml PLEASANT, PEN NSYLVANIA Dominique, 11 , is a Level 6 gymnast who took first in the all-mound and first on beam at the Western Pennsylvania Sectionals_She also took first in the all-around and on beam at the Pennsylvania State Meet. She took second on bars at both events. She will compete Level Bin 1997.

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POnsVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Heather, ]0, mode history when she was the first gymnast to score a ]0 at the annual Keystone State Gomes. Heather's perfect score come on vault. She also won the Level 5 all-mound gold with a 37_00. Coached by Bmboro Kost-Lonergan and Sandy KostSterner at the PoNs ville Gymnastics Training Center, Heather has on older sister, Kerro, who also excels on vault. Kerra, on optional gymnast, was the state champion on vault and also won the vaulting gold at the Keystone State Gomes.

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NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA Stephanie, ]] , took second all-mound at the AAU Florida State Championships in the Girls Level 4/ Elite (foss, ]0year-old age group. She also took first on beam. Stephanie also took first all-around at the 1994 AAU Florida State Championships in the Girls Level 2/ Elite Closs, 9-yeor-old age group and first on beam and floor_She will compete as a Level 5, ]]-yeor-old age division, this year. Her cooeh is Sumoast Gymnastics owner, Arnold Gwinn.

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STEPHEN SONGHURST NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA Stephen, 7, finished first all-mound at each of his gymnastics meets including: all the state qualifiers, the Gospmilla Invitational, Florida State Finals, and the AAU Nationals in Omaha, Neb. He will be competing in USA Gymnastics Closs VI this year. His coach is Joy Woods.

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STATIONARY DOUBLE LEG SHOOT THROUGH Start with the back of the ankles on the kipper and hands in the overgrip position on the bar. From this position, with no swing, roll the kipper up the back of the legs by extending from the hips. DO NOT shoot post the gluts. Then drop the hips back to the pike position and repeat.

2. KNEE KIP Hang from the knees on the kipper, hands in the overgrip position on the bar. Pump the knees back and forth creating a small swing. On the bock side of the swing, simply pull down on the bar and shoot the legs the rest of the way through the kipper, finishing in a front support position on the bar.

3. SWING KIP Starling in the stationary shoot through position, (os seen obove) creole asmoll swing. On the bock side of the swing, simply pull down onthe bor ond shoot the legs through the kipper, finishing in 0 front support position on the bar.

4. DROP KIP Starting in the support position with the kipper in place behind the legs, push the hips back, creating a deep pike. The kipper will roll down the legs to the ankles and a small swing will develop. On the back side of the swing, simply pull down on the bar and shoot the legs through the kipper, finishing in front support position on the bar.


1) The closer the kipper is adiusted to the bar, the easier the kip becomes. The kipper, however, should always be far enough away from the bar so that the gymnast can easily fit . all the way through. 2) When performing any one of the skills above, do not let the gymnast place the kipper above

the gluts on to the lower back. If this happens, the gymnast could slip through the kipper and possibly hit his/ her face on the bar. This is most probable with the front hip circle and a spot is always recommended. 3) A two-hand spot is always recommended for

anyone learning how to use the kipper. 4) Using straps and the kipper in combination will allow the gymnast to practice longer without the hands burning or ripping.

5. CLEAR HIP CIRCLE From a front support position with the kipper in place behind the legs. In sequence push away from the bar, drop the shoulders bock and sit on the kipper holding a hollow position. The kipper will oct as a swing and a cleor hip circle will be occomplished.

6. FRONT HIP CIRCLE From a front support position with the kipper in place behind the legs. Drop the shoulders forward maintaining an extended body. The kipper will end up behind the legs under the gluts and help the gymnast back to the front support position. The slip grip action is important, and a cooch's spot is necessary until the gymnast con complete the skill by his/herself.

COACHES: Please submit your conditioning ideas to: Reebok Coaching Corner, c/o USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaia, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. USA



World Renown Coaching Staff - Alexandre Alexandrov Home of 1992 Olympic Bronze Medalist Wendy Bruce & 1988 Olympian Brandy Johnson USA National Team Members 1980-1996 Brown 's Gymnastics Houston -' Training Facility of 1996 Olympians Svetlana Boginskaya and Eileen Diaz



Brown's Gymnastics. Orlando, Florida June 22nd - June 27th

Brown's Gymnastics. Houston, Texas July 13th - July 18th

Brown's Gymnastics, located in Orlando, offers the largest and best equipped gymnastics school in the East! We have two gymnasiums and auxiliary gym totalling 23,000 square feet. Our gyms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are fully air-conditioned. Camp Staff includes National & International Renown Coaches . Dorms accommodate two gymnasts per room and the meals offer abounding varieties served in smorgasbord style.

Brown 's Gymnastics of Houston offers the largest gymnastics training center in the USA wi th 52,000 square feet of brand new equipment fo r men and women. The facility is fully airconditioned and offers 15 Uneve n Bars, 38 Bea ms, 4 Floor Exercise Areas, Mult ipl e Tumble Tracks & Trampolines and 7 Vaults. Our Camp Staff consists of Nationa l & International Renown Coaches. Rooms accomm odate six gy mnasts and meals will provide a wide variety of choices for gy mn asts.

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1996 SENIOR PACIFIC ALLIANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS The 1996 Senior Pacific Alliance Championships took place in Kuantan, Malaysia, in November 1996. The U.S. sent a men's, women's and rhythmic delegation . The U.S. women won the team competition and were represented by Mohini Bhardwaj from Brown's Gymnastics in Houston , Texas; Theresa Kul ikowski from Colorado Aerials in Colorado Springs, Colo.; Kristen Maloney from Parkettes in Allentown, Pa.; and Katie Teft from Twistars in Grand Ledge, Mich. The U.S. women's coaches included: Alexander Alexandrov, Rita Brown, Jack Carter, Tom Forster, John Geddert and Donna Strauss. Bhardwaj won the all-around competi tion with a score of 38.800. Teft took fourth with a 38.100 followed by Maloney in fifth with a 38.025, and Kulikowski tied for sixth with a 37.860. Bhardwaj won vault with a 9 .644 and Teft took fifth . Bhardwaj and Teft tied for the bronze medal on bars with a 9.762. Bhardwaj took second on bea m with a 9.575 and Maloney took seventh . Teft and Bhardwaj took second and third, respectively, on floor with scores of 9.70 and 9.687. The U.S. Men's Team, coached by Fred Turoff, consisted of two veterans and two up-and-coming gymnasts including Garry Denk from the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Steve McCain from UCLA, Aaron Cotter from the University of Iowa, and Kenneth Sykes from Temple University. The men took fourth in the team competition following China, Japan and Australia. Cotter, who was on his ~rst intema~onal assignment, was the highest allaround ~nish for the U.S. in ninth place. Denk finished 12th, Sykes took 13th and McCain did not compete rings due to a sore shoulder. Cotter, Denk and McCain made event ~nals but the highest ~ni sh was Denk's fourth on Roor exercise.

JR. PAN AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS DECEMBER 1996 By Connie Maloney The 1996 Jr. Pan American

CATANIA CUP Juniors Gai l Kachura from Capi tal Gymnastics in Centrevi lle, Va ., and Robin Phelps from Cincinnati Gymnastics in Cincinnati, Ohio, competed in the 1996 Catan ia Cup in Catania, Italy. The event was extremely competitive with five 1996 Olympians competing in the event. Kachura, 15, fin ished ninth a ll-around with a score of 37.85 and qualified for vaulting final s where she placed fourth with a 9.450. Kachura is coached by Tatiana Perska ia. Phelps, coached by Steve Elliott, had some uncharacteristic falls and scored a 34.90. Italy's Martina Bremini took first all around with a 38.80. Second place went to Belarus' Elena Piskun with 38.65, and third place was Romania's Alexandra Marinescu with a 38.350. Ita ly's Laura Montagnolo won vau lt (9.663), Italy's Adriana Cri sci won bars (9.80), Piskun won beam (9.775), and Bremi ni won floor with a 9.85. Sandy Th ielz served as the judge and delegation leader for the U.S. team.

C h ampionships event was held December 5-8 in Guatemala City. The level of competition for all three disci plines was at a n alltime high, a s attested by the success of the Brazilian women, the Cuban and Canadia n men and the Canadian rhythmic a thletes.

USA DELEGATION Women: Melinda Baimbridge and Lindsay Wing from Cypress Academy (Houston, Texas) and coached by Debbie Ka itschuck; Carri Nagle from Parkettes (Allentown, Pa.) and coached by Jack Carter; Eli se Ray from Hill's Angels (Gaithersburg, Md .) and coached by Kelli Hill. Judges included Maria De Cristofaro a nd Connie Maloney. Men: Paul Ha mm from Swiss Turners (Waukesha, Wis.); Ja mie Natalie from Prestige Gymnastics (Hokessin, Del.); Sterling Richards from USA Gymnastics World (Woods Cross, Utah.); a nd Kris Zimmerman from Buffalo Grove Gymnastics (Buffalo Grove, 111.). Coaches included Kelly Crumley from Buffalo Grove Gymnastics and USA Gymnastics' Men's Program Manager Dennis Mcintyre. Judges included Jon Boulton and Ernesto Vazquez. Rhythmic: Kate Jeffress and Johanna Shoemaker from Rhythmflex Gymnastics (Rockville, Md .) and coached by Catherine Yakhimovich; Tara McCargo from International Rhythmic Gymnastics (Jacksonville, Fla .) and coached by Efrossina Anguelova; and Kassy Scharringhausen from Atlanta International Rhythmic Gymnastics (Atlanta, Ga.) and coached by Marina Davidovich. Judges included Ellen Nyemcsik and Norma Zabka. Kathleen Hickey Kane accompanied the group as the Athletic Trainer.


The rhythmic delegation, cooched by Lana Lashoff, included seniors Lauri Illy and Natalie Lacuesta from Rhythmic Gems in Glenview, III., and junior Danielle Lord from Creative Rhyth mic Gymnastics in Portland, Ore., who was on her first international assignment. Lard, the youngest competitor in the event, finished seventh a ll -around in the junior division and made a ll four event final s placing eighth on rope, sixth on hoop, fourth in clubs a nd fifth in ribbon . For the sen iors, Illy fin ished eighth a nd Lacuesta 10th all-around . Illy made three event fin a ls placing eighth on rope, tied for sixth in ball , and seventh in clubs.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


101.70 99.80 99.10 98.60 94.10 92.50 97.40 85.00 81.50 75.70

(Top 3 listed, plus U.I. finishesl ALL-AROUND

1. 2. 2. 6. 13. 21.

UIA CAN CAN Johanna Shoemaker UIA Kassy Scharringhausen UIA Kara McCargo UIA

Kate Jeffress

Emily livingston Julie Lomb"o

34.200 34.100 34.100 33.400 31.800 30.800


(oach Wuling Stephenson and Danielle Lord

1. 2. 2. 5.

Emily livingston Kate Jeffress

Anohi loso Johanna Shoemaker


8.750 8.700 8.700 8.500

continued ;e;t;a:






• HOOP 1. Kate Jeffress 1. Emily livingllon 3. Loreno Garrow 8. Kassy Scharringhausen CLUBS 1. Julie Lombara 1. Emily livingllon 3. Johanna Shoemaker 8. Kassy Scharringhausen RtBBON 1. Kate Jeffress 1. Emily livingllon 3. Julie Lombora 4. Johanna Shoemaker


8.900 8.900 8.67S 8.000


8.800 8.800 8.750 8.400


8.900 8.900 8.700 8.650

WOMEN TEAM 1. BRA 112.4S0 2. USA 112.300 111.225 3. CAN 4. VEN 109.700 109.500 5. ARG CUB 106.775 6. 7. MEX 104.450 104.050 8. COL 9. GUA·A 101.350 10. CRC 89.950 62.425 11. DOM 12. ESA 60.600 13. CHI 34.025 ALL·AROUND 1. lindsay Wing 2. Elise Ray 3. Daniele Hypolilo 17. Carri Nagle VAULT 1. Lindsay Wing 2. Romina Mazzoni 3. Carly Dockendorl BARS 1. Elise Ray 2. Lindsay Wing 3. Shannon Johnlon BEAM 1. Lindsay Wing 2. Daniele HypolilO 3. Elise Ray FLOOR 1. Elise Ray 2. Romina Mazzoni 3. Daniele Hypolilo 4. lindsay Wing


38.425 37.875 37.850 36.000


9.668 9.549 9.531


9.625 9.512 9.4S0


9.600 9.525 9.512


9.587 9.S87 9.57S 9.450

160.650 3. USA 4. VEN lS7.875 157.400 5. ARG 155.375 6. 8RA 7. MEX lS4.SS0 8. GUA 122.850 104.200 9. COL 10. PUR 96.200 11. HON 82.550 12. ESA 65.950 41.600 13. PAR ALL·AROUND 1. Alexonder Jeltkorv 2. Johandy Oioz 3. Adonil Valquez 4. Jamie Natalie 10. Paul Hamm 13. Sterling Richards 18. Kris Zimmerman FLOOR 1. Johandy Dioz 2. Eri( Pedereini 3. Sterling Richards 4. Jamie Natalie POMMEL HORSE 1. Anlonio Cesor 2. Johandy Oioz 3. John Hoy 4. Paul Hamm 5. Jamie Natalie RINGS 1. Alexander Jeltkorv 2. Adonil Valquez 3. Ronald Gonzolez 3. JUllin Gerson VAULT 1. Alexander Jeltkorv 2. Johandy Oioz 3. GUllavo Do Fonle PARALLEL BARS 1. Jorge Hugo Giraldo 2. Adonil Valquez 3. Rob Popkin 4. Paul Hamm 7. Jamie Natalie HIGH BAR 1. John Hoy 2. Alexander Jeltkorv 2. Julio Gorcio 8. Jamie Natalie


55.825 5S.800 5S.500 54.475 52.875 52.350 51.650


9.200 9.175 9.150 9.050


9.450 9.275 9.225 9.125 8.975


9.375 9.350 9.250 9.250


9.387 9.375 9.337


9.325 9.225 9.150 9.100 8.300


9.400 9.3S0 9.350 8.475


165.87S 164.400

Below: Some of the U.S. delegation included front row I to r: Connie Maloney, Maria DeCristofaro, Melinda Baimbridge, Corri Nagle, Jamie Natalie, Paul Hamm, and Kalhleen Kane. Second row I to r: Elise Ray, Kelli Hill, Ja(k Carler, lindsay Wing, Debbie Kails(hu(k, Kris Zimmerman, Kathy S(anlan, Sterling Ri(hards, Dennis Mcintyre, and Kelly Crumley.

I Right: 1997 USA Gymnasti(s Junior Olympi( Rhythmi( group participants




BEGINNING 1. Challooga Siorl 24.3S Twenty-four Rhythmic Groups participated IT. Eybergen, K. I/o, 1. Medlin, A. S(hwortz, I. (ox) in the third Rhythmic Junior O lympic 2. Cholloogo Jeles 21.75 Group Championships, October 12-13, IK. Breoux, 5. Earl, C Horrigan, K. Smll) 21 .25 a t The Elite Sports Complex in Downers 3. Rhylhmi( Geml ' Rubys IK. Barnell, f. Menmff, S. Pelerson, K. Ruperl} Grove, III. The entries were d ivided into beginning, intermediate, advanced and INTERMEDIATE advanced / elite categories . Groups com- 1. RhYlhmic Edge B 27.10 1M. Bordos, A. Mossey, M. Nelson, R. Woodrum} peting in the beginning and intermed iate categories used the new compulsory 2. Rhylhmi( Gems· Emeroldl 2S.95 S. Allen, H. Kinzie, S. Meno, L. Neu(kronz} group routines; while the advanced and 3. Rhylhmi( Edge A 24.35 advanced/elite groups performed optionIL. Koppelman, K. WeI, M. Munros, R. Woodrum, al routines . A. Mossey} Each group, consisting of four athletes ADVANCED wi th the option of one a lternate, was 1. Elile Hormany 23.S0 If. Daniels, L. Holman, M. M(Menomin, B. Siegfried, required to compete a grou p rhythmic 5. Siegfried} floor exercise routine because the RFX is considered fundamental for the sport and ADVANCED/ELITE the athletes learn how to work in unison 1. Rhythmi( Gems·Diomondl 27.60 II. Illy, N. Loweslo, K. Lindwoll, A. Pawlicki, L. ungey} without the added d ifficulty and confusion of the apparotus. RIBBON In addition to the RFX routines, each BEGINNING 16.70 g roup was given the option of competing 1. Chollooga Rhylhms If. Byrne, I. (axe, B. Eybergen, T. Eybergen, 1. Giles) the group hoop event, the group ribbon 2. ChaHoogo lIIulians 15.85 event, or both . IC Byrne, S. Earl, M. Reinhard, K. Scotl} 15.25 USA Gymnastic Rhythmic Program Director 3. Rhylhmic Edge #2 11. DeFrench, R. Lorson, C Narrick, K. Tobin) Nora Campbell, was very pleased with the turn out for this year's event. "The compulso- INTERMEDIATE 25.45 ry group program was in an experimental 1. Rhylhmic Edge B stage at this competition and I am very excit- 2. Rhylhmi( Gems· Emeralds 2S.15 22.60 ed that so many groups took the plunge. We 3. Crealive Group IK. (heng, 1.(/ure, M. (rou(her, K. Low) will now be able to technically re-examine the routines and prepare videos for mer- HOOP chandise distribution in the 1997 season. I BEGINNING 19.40 encouroge a ll rhythmic clubs to introduce the 1. Cholloogo 510rl compulsory group program. It's a marvelous INTERMEDAITE 22.1 S oppartunity for students at a ll levels. The 1. Creolive Group younger, less experienced gymnast finds par- ADVANCED 17.60 ticular satisfaction from this event because of 1. Elile Hormony the team work involved, and the ADVANCED/ELITE groupadiv' 1. Rhythmi( Gems · Diomands 26.70 ity provides a great change of pace from the \... ''\... \...

fc fc f

~,~i~l rnf I:kt:;r:r~' 50 / , groups In 1997 "



The format of the '"""\.{ '"""\.{ '"""\.{ compelilion a llowed. - (,.J-:::::- (,.J-:::::- (,.J...each group to ,.--~.. '-'--~"'-'--~"l compete ...,... ...,...,...,...,


three limes. The

event wmner w as

determined by adding the three scores together.




"'1(--" "'1(--" "-



~(' ,/r', . . - -

/ 'r"'/ 'r' ''/





U.S's Andree Pickens and Kelly Parkinson, both from Cypress Gymnastics in Houston, Texas, traveled to Adelaide, South Australia, for the Australian Cup, October 13-20, 1996. Both gymnasts were coached by Deana Parish. Pickens took third all-around and qualified for a ll four event fina ls. She won the silver medals on vault and bors. Parkinson , on her fi rst international assignment, injured her back and was forced to scratch from the competition. Belarus' Elena Piskun won the all-around, followed by Russia's Oksana Ljapina. The men's all-around title went to China's Jian Shen, followed by Russia's Nikoli Krjkov a nd Eugeni Ghukov. The U.S. men did not send a delegation. Linda Beran was the U.S. judge and del egation leader.

Gymnasts Mark Booth fram Stanford University and Alecia Ingram from Technix in California traveled to the South Africa Cup for an international competition. Booth, coached by Taka Miyagawa, took second in the a ll -around and on floor and pommel horse. He won the gold meda l on parallel bars, tied for the bronze medal on vault, took fourth on rings, and tied for fourth on high bar. Ingram, coached by Rick Newman, earned the silver medal on beam. In addition, she took fourth in the all-araund and on bors and Aoor. Ingram placed Rfth on vault. The men's compennon was won by Hungary's SzyIvesz!er CsoIlany. The women's competinon was won by Russia's Elena Zamoladchikova. Carol Liedke was the judge and deleganon leader. Above: Mark Booth Right: Aleda Ingram




Karissa Chock (Rohnert Park Gymnastics in Novato, Calif.) and Kristen Stucky (Salta Gymnastics in Waukesha, Wis. ) earned their Rrst international medals at the Top Gym Junior Tournament in Charleroi, Belgium, Oct. 19-20. Fo urteen -y ear- Above: The U.S. teamed old Chock, with Canada and Israel to coached by Ben place third in the mixed Carr, took sixth in team competition. the a ll -around Gymnasts Irom Sweden (36 .988) and and Russia took lirst, 101ea rned the lowed by gymnasts Irom bronze medal on Slovenia, Belgium and vau lt. Fourteen- Romania in second. year-old Stucky, coached by Jim Chudy, earned fifth alla round (37.388) a nd won the bronze medal on beam. Joanne Gianni ni served as the judge and delegation leader for the U.S. team. The all-around competition was won by Romania's Maria Olaru, followed by Israel's Olga Menin a nd Russia's Ksenia Bogdanova.





lelt: Kristen Stucky


BABY ANSWERS Who is he? Jay Thornton Wh o is she? Mohini Bhardwaj JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1 997







Dear USA GYMNASTICS, I'm 11 years old and a Level 6 gymnast at Athletic Horizons in Chico, Calif. Here's a poem I wrote: Kristin Baty Chico, California

Dear DOMINIQUE MOCEANU, You are my ali-time favorite gymnast. I especially like your new floor routine you performed in the Olympics. It was cute. Are you stili going to compete in gymnastics after you're done going on tour? I would like to see you in the 2000 Olympics. Do you still keep in touch with the other members of the U.s. Olympic Team? How does it feel to be a


medalist goldyou do have toand givewhat to alladvice the

Dear DO I'm . MINIQUE to USe In Level 5. R'IghtMOCEANU Cr no ' eI Ihave utches bec ~::~'''i',,, ...'. 1inligament the 01 damage I aUsW haVe saw

. . gymnasts that are training for a spot on the Olympic Team? Lisa Durso Laure [ 5 pring s. New Jersey

. f the tour. Dear Lls~11 (ol1lpete a ter2000 . Yes, I w; will go to the Jayde, Maybe. Al1Ianda, AI1IYd I are an OlyI1lPI(s. Shannon an f fun 11f:~&ii" DOl1liniquewe have a lot d'se to kids the tour. I \ike giving a ~lyl1lpiC . 1110ke a future . st keep hav' trying I tell thel1l to ~ t they do. It Tea and enjoy wOld l1I eda\ist. I ing un at to be a go feels gre b happier. couldn't e



Dear Meghan Yes, it did hu;t When I hit my head hut I just got hack ' on and didn't w y ahout it hecause had to finish my routine. Yes I'm OK, and I h;pe you feel hetter too.



l.ifl:~~\lW:Wi~~Ul:f~~:~m:I!i1; ;:it~m}'~~1j:{tt~:{\~~mm~i~~~~lij~';j

Doesn't Ympics b You fall YOUr hea: hurt When ~~m. /: You OK? on the b JOU earn? Ahit . ~ Menhan Jo . re Greenvil/e. N":~h C ,..-.__ arolina


Dear DOMINIQUE MOCE.ANU, \::;i:;i':~;mj;;~路 ;!i; Vou are one of my f.avon t e mnastsI . You did rea y . " I ~~eat in the OlympicS. How IS 1''''':::''-'' it going back to public school? Does everyone treat you like a normal person or like an Olympic star? Good luck in the future. Anarea Wasilish en Port Reaaing, New Jersey


OeClrOOM Th INIQU IS Will b E OA~ e to corn et my second ES, like" P e. One d YeClr ",ou Oom' Cly I w'll . Your s Inique E I be think cores don't' ven if You Clre th show it I d o You eb ' gy~ get to b est. How ",nClst e the hClve b You Clre? 0 greClt Eve Cl rOther or' .0 You I tybOdy Clt Sister? OO~/ike You. my gYm SCl~S I ffana

Dear Briana, My coach, Kelli Hill, helped me to be the gymnast that' am today. Thanks for your nice comments about me. Yes, , ha'le one brother and one sister. Keep up the good work at the gym!


£l,Ians Abilene Texas '

Dear Dominique Dawes, asts from Xtreme We are 13 year old gymn A' We J'ust wanted . . scottsdale, nz. GymnastiCS m favorite gymnast. th t you are our u on in Atlanta . you to knoW .a We were cheenng yo . . th bronze medal on I . s on wmmng e Cong ratu atlon Id medal with the team . . floor and the gOt & Stephanie Lester collyn I>r05 5el ; scottsdale, Arizona

Dear DOMINIQUE DAWES, I think you are a good gyml:n;~¥:li~;~~i~1 nast. I'm a gymnast, too. I heard your favorite food was


pizza. I'm sorry about your floor exercise routine in the all-around competition. I taped you in the Olympic Games. I watch it everyday. Where is your

Dear JarenH"III'S Angels, is. in is My gym, lid. My blrthday . h sburg, P' f VOnte Gait er 20 And my a II hatovember .' 'It is usua 'II N 't pizza tythe food isn buds want a b ever my tasted luck with th~ oys moment. ~oo d GymnastiCS.

Dear Dominique Dawes You are really cool I ' Wish I could go t . am 10 years old and I f 0 see the t y" o my favorite gym eam. ou re one balance beam on r:~ts. I saw you do the Andy Ehle . ou did ClWesome! Ft. Wayne, Indiana


:;;j;I~¥':~;~i:~1 gym in Maryland? When

n!~f;mt~~J~1 is your birthday? I'm 8

years old and practice with the boys team at Diamond Gymnastics. Jaren Brown

Wilmington, Delaware

Dear SHANNON MILLER, I'm 11 years old and train at Shawnee Gymnastics Unlimited. I have been in gymnastics since I was 3. I now train at Level 5. Even though my favorite event is beam I still am afraid to do some things on it. I love doing front tucks, back tucks, and roundoffs off the beam. What are your favorite things on the beam? I'm planning to attend the John Hancock Tour of World Gymnastics :1L!=L-_ __ - , Champions in Oklahoma City. I Dear Lacey, your My fa'lorite things to do on beam thought dance to are the Miller, which is a flip flop "Maca rena" was

quarter turn hop half turn, and my dismount a roundoH full-twisting double b~ck. 'like these two skills /, ..,,; .....;;, :: :1 the best because they are unique.


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Immediate opening for Coach/ Choreographer. Minimum 20 hours/ week. Level 5-10. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. Send resume to: Michigan Academy of Gymnastics, 5870 N. Hix Rd., Westland, MI 48185. Fox (313) 721-6445, or call (313) 721 -4001. HEAD GIRLS OPTIONAL TEAM COACH. Seeking enthusiastic and dedicated individual to coach well established, high level option01 team. Primary responsibility with Level 8-10, but some work with developmental team may be required. Experience in directing meets a plus. 12,500 sq. It. facility, in beautiful Colorado Springs with friendly family-oriented atmosphere. Medical benefits available. This is a full-time position with salary based upon certification, experience, and educational bockground. Send resume and salary requirements to: Stars Gymnastics, 3870 Mallow Rood, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, aHention: Susie. Phone (719) 598-6863. GIRLS AND BOYS TEAM COACHING POSITIONS AVAILABLE. We are located in beautiful suburban New Jersey, 40 minutes from New York City and 40 minutes from the Pocono Mountains. We are looking for on individual to coach recreational classes through competitive teams. We have a very strong girls team that competes Levels 5-10. Our boys team is fwo years old and in need of a head coach. Knowledge of girls and/or boys USAG programs a musl. We believe in a structured program developed around a positive, motivating and enthusiastic atmosphere. Send your resume to: David J. ReHig, c/o Rellig's Gymnastics Training Center, 19 E. Frederick PI., Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927, or email: Phone (201) 267-5611, or fox (201) 2678969. CHAPPAQUA, NEW YORK. Full-time women's coach needed to work in state-of-the-art 19,000+ sq. fl. facility. Work with all Levels 1 thru elite. Competitive salary commensurate with expe· rience. Please fox resume, cover leHer and salary history to: (914) 238-3568, aHention: Tommy Huray. COACHES NEEDED: GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR-Responsibilities include coaching gymnastics classes for children ages 6 and above. Must be energetic and love to work with children. Previous gymnastics experience required. TEAM DIRECTORResponsibilities include managing four girls competitive teams, Levels 4 thru 9. Excellent spoHing capabilities are required for this position. Gymnastics Unlimited has a new 13,000 sq. It. facility that includes a foam pil. If you are creative and energetic and would like the opportunity to help build a successful gymnastics school, then send your resume to: Gymnastics Unlimited, 49 Powers Rood, Westford, MA 01886, phone (508) 692-9907. CALLING ALL GREAT INSTRUCTORS! Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers is searching for experienced coaches interested in teaching kids of all ages in a completely NON-COMPETITIVE environment with a focus on fun. Port and full-time positions available. Great pay and benefits including medical (100%paid) and paid vocation (up to one month off per year). Experience and references please. If you're great with kids, we wont you! Send resume to: 1919 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506. Fox (818) 8453514, or call for on interview: 1-800-800-3162. Experienced Boys Coach and recreational gymnastics teacher wonted. Full or port time. Great working environment! Must be energetic and positive. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. Please submit resume with references to: Gymnastics Learning Center, 574 Lake SI., Shrewsbury, MA 01545, aHention: Marianne. Phone (508) 792-1551. RHYTHMIC COACH OR GIRLS ARTISTIC COACHES. Rhythmic Coach required for all levels through elite in on established program. Must have experience at these levels and ability to keep program growing. Girls Artistic Coaches needed for girls progressive pro· gram through level 1O. Choreography a plus. Possibility exists for both positions to be Program Director for the right person. Send resume with salary requirements to: Red River Volley Gymnastics, 1602 32nd Avenue South, Grand Forks, ND 58201 , aHention: Ron Lenz. All Star Gymnastics in beautiful Northville, Michigan, is looking for a GIR~S PROGRAM DIRECTOR and/or TEAM COACH for Levels 5-9. New facility located in a recently-renovated historical landmark with pits and in-ground trak. Looking for enthusiastic and motivated people who are interested in advancemenl. Our mollo J A NU ARY/ FEBRUAR Y 1997



• •


is "All Children Are Stars." Medical benefits available. Full and part-time positions needed. Please call (810) 380-5330 and ask for Gina, or send resume to: 235 E. Main St., P.O. Box 147, Northville, M148167. Email: GYMNASTICS GIRLS COACH/ CLASS INSTRUaOR. Immediate opening for coach of girls team up to Level 10. Must have knowledge of compulsory routines and requirements in optional levels. Position also includes recreational boys and girls classes. Full or part-time available. Pay and benefits based on experience. Safety certification necessary. Call or send resume to: Wilton Academy, 2248 Rt. 9 South, Howell, NJ 07731, attention: Julie. Phone (908) 462-2079. COACHES WANTED. Full and part-time coaches needed to work with team, preschool. and recreational classes. Applicants for team positions must have experience coaching both Optional and Compulsory levels. We offer top pay and benefits. Our facility is spacious, clean and bright. Our friendly and enthusiastic staff creates an excellent working environment. The gym is located just north of Dallas. Please send or fax resume to: University of Gymnastics, 1400 Summit, Suite D, Plano, TX 75074. Phone (972) 423-5709, fax (972) 422-9772. Applicants will be contacted to arrange interviews. COACH/ PROGRAM DIREaOR needed immediately for established preschool. progressive and team program. YMCA National Championsseveral years. Must hove four year degree and supervisory experience. Send resume or call: Cindy Ferguson, Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA, Bob Sierra Family Branch, 4029 Northdale Blvd., Tampa, FL 33624. Phone (813) 962-3220, fax (813) 264-4807. TEAM COACH. Experienced, energetic and motivated. Must be able to spot high level skills. Developmental through Level 10. Expanding to new facility. GOOD PAY and BENEFITS. Gymnastic World West, 1022 SE 9th Lane, Cape Coral. Florida. Phone: (941) 482-4440. ASSISTANT RECREATION PROGRAM COORDINATOR (temporary, full-time). Salary: $2,197/ mo. plus benefits. This position is directly responsible lor both the aquatics and gymnastics programs in Daly City (population 100,000). Position duties include: program development, staff recruitment, training and supervision and marketing of programs. Experience: twa years experience in a leadership role in both gymnastics and aquatics programs preferred. W.s.I. and USAG Certificotion preferred. Contact: City of Daly City, HR Department, 295-89th Street, #103, Daly City, CA 94015. (415) 991-8028. Twister Gymnastics seeking full and part-time COACHES/ADMINISTRATORS for growing team and recreational programs in sunny South Florida. Send resume with salary requirements to: Twister Gymnastics of Boca, 990 South Rogers Circle #7, Boca Raton, FL 33487. Fax: (561) 994-5214. BOYS TEAM HEAD COACH. Enthusiastic motivated coach is needed for aur 28-member boys team Class 7-Class 1. Coach must be able to handle optional team through to recreational classes. Helpful management and encouraging parents await. This is an opportunity ta work at the 6th largest health club in the nation with staff thot is positive and easy to work with. Please send resume with salary requirements to: Wimbleton Gymnastics, 6161 Shelby Oaks Dr., Memphis, TN 38134, attn: Pete Erickson. Phone (901) 388-4720. GYMNASTICS INSTRuaOR. The Gliders National Team Training Center needs full-time coaches for team and class programs. Looking for optional coaches with experience in vault, bars and tumbling that are ready to work as hard as our athletes. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. Send resume to: Charter Oak Gymnastics, 841 N. Dodsworth Ave., Covina, CA 91724, or fax: (818) 967-8838. COACH FOR LEVEL 1-10 GIRLS. Qualities needed: strong spotter bars, tumbling, vault. Good technique. Positive, motivated, energetic. Must be able to teach recreation classes. Call or send resume to: Feigley's School of Gymnastics (Bridgettes), 4475 So. Clinton Ave., South Plainfield, NJ 07080. ENTHUSIASTIC AND EXPERIENCED COACH NEEDED. Full/ parttime. We are looking for a creative, motivated, and a person who loves gymnastics and children. Developmental thraugh Levell O. JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1 997

Please send your resume to: Gold Medal Gymnastics, 1850 Manor Hill, Findlay, OH 45840. Phone (419) 425-4653.

SUMMER CAMP POSITIONS ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!! TEACH GYMNASTICS!! 250 Summer Camp Positions. Choose from over 200 camps/ Northeast. Instructors/ coaches needed to teach gymnastics. All levels needed. Fabulous facilities. Eight weeks. Have a professional recruiter identify the right camp position, salary and compensation package for you. Arlene Streisand's Summer Camp Services. 1-800-443-6428 or (516) 433-8033; fax (516) 933-7949. GYMNASTICS COUNSELORS. Experienced, qualified coaches and instructors, collegiate athletes, needed for CRANE LAKE CAMP in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. 2 1/2 hours from New York City or Boston. Wonderful program. Fantastic, friendly staff. New gym. Call or write Ed Ulanoff, 10 W. 66 Street, New York, NY 10023. 1-800-227-2660. GYMNASTICS INSTRUaORS. TRIPP LAKE CAMp, outstanding residential girls summer camp in Poland, Maine, seeks Gymnastics Director (must be over 21) and Instructors. Dependable, experienced teaching beginner through advanced levels. Knowledge of weight training and aerobics is essential. Position includes salary plus travel allowance, uniform, linens, room and board. Far application, information and interview call: 1-800-997-4347 or 1-800-580-6999. GYMNASTICS DIREaOR AND INSTRUaORS. Private summer camp for girls located in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts seeks Coordinator and Instructors for comprehensive gymnastics program for campers ages 7-15. Beginner-advanced classes. Brand new facility includes: tumbling pits, spring floor, beams, unevens, vault and traveling rig. Competitive salary, room and board, travel allowance. Contact: Action Camping, 17 Westminster Drive, Montville, NJ 07045, 1-800-392-3752. Program runs June 24 - August 22, 1997. EXPERIENCED GYMNASTICS INSTRUaORS. Exceptional private girls summer camp located in Maine seeks experienced, enthusiastic gymnastics instructars. Our well-established program provides instruction in all four Olympic disciplines. Outstanding equipment and facilities, lorgest gym of any camp in New England. Instructors position requires experience in dealing with all levels, ages and abilities. Current CPR/ first aid certification is advantageous. Great chance to meet campers and counselors from all over the world, and experience the magic we have to offer. Excellent salary, room/ travel/board included. For further information, contact 1-800-MATOAKA. GYMNASTICS INSTRUaOR. Cooed summer camp. Beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. Run program for 130 girls, new gymnastics building and equipment. Must have experience. Friendly campers and staff. Days off in Boston, Montreal, Maine seacoast. June 18 to August 16. Camp Walt Whitman UG, P.O. Box 558, Armonk, NY 10504, or call 1-800657-8282. SUMMERTIME POSITION. Private girls summer camp in Maine seeks qualified and experienced GYMNASTICS INSTRUaORS. Mature, fun-loving staff members who enjoy both teaching and coaching all levels of gymnastics. Top salaries plus room and boord. Our lakefront facility is magnificent, our site facilities are excellent. Contact Dan or Marcy at: (609) 424-2755, or fax (609) 424-7566. Email: mataponil

To pla[e a classified ad: $75 every 90 words. Deadline: MaHh/April-January 16; May / June-Mar[h 16. Send ad with payment to: USA Gymnastiu, Classified Ads, Pan Ameri[an Plaza, Suite 300, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225. Ads submitted without payment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

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