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McDoNALD'S AMERICAN CUP ................... 21 Kerri Strug and John Roethlis-berger won the 1996 McDonald's American Cup in Ft. Worth, Texas. The USA men swept the field taking first through fourth all-around in preliminaries and winning every event!

McDONALD'S INTERNATIONAL GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS ................... 24 The McDonald's International Gymnastics Championships utilized a male gymnast, female gymnast and rhythmic gymnast. The trio from Belarus made up of Andrei Kan, Svetlana Boguinskaia and rhythmic gymnast Eugenia Pavlina won the inaugural event.

BUDGET RENT A CAR GYMNASTICS INVITATIONAL ............ .......................... 26 Strong ]2erforman~es~)' both the men and women in the__ Budget Rent a Car Gymnastics Invitational at the Miami Arena helped Team USA win the title over France on April 6.



Kerri Strug is a five-time World Championships Team Member and a 1992 Olympian. Most recently she won the 1996 McDonald's American Cup. We talked to Kerri about her training and future goals.

To BEAM OR NOT To BEAM ...... ..... ...... 1 2 That four-inch wide, six-foot long apparatus known in gymnastics circles world wide as the beam, stands in the way of many gymnasts, yet brings out the best in many others. Read how other gymnasts have dealt with this apparatus. Above right: John Roethlisberger with coach Fred Raethlisberger Above: Kerri Strug with coach Bela Karolyi

MACREADY ..... 40

John Macready is ready for the challenge that lies ahead in the next few months prior to the Olympic Games. He hopes to make his dreams come true by eaming a spot on the 1996 Olympic Team.

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Steve Whitlock

by Lisa Kennedy

USA Gymnastics Board of Directors Chair: Sandy Knapp; President: Kathy Scanlan; President Emeritus: Mike Donahue; Amateur Athletic Union: Mike Stanner; American Sokol Organization: Jerry Milan; USA Trampoline & Tumbling: Wayne Downing; American Turners: Betty Heppner; Jewish Community Centers: Lori Katz; College Gymnastics Assoication: Roy Jolulson; National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches for Women: Gail Davis; National Association for Girls and Women in Sport: Dr. Mimi Murray; National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges: Yvonne Hodge; National Collegiate Athletic Association: Chris Voe lz, Lou Burkel; National Federation of State High School Associations: Susan True; National Gymnastics Judges Association: Harry Bjerke; National High School Gymnastics Coaches Association: Jolm Brinkworth; Special Ol ympics, Inc.: Kate Faber-Hickie; U.S. Rhythmic Gymnastics Coaches Association: Suzie DiTuUio; U.s. Association of Independent Gym Clubs: Lance Crowley; U.S. Elite Coaches Association for Men's Gymnastics: Peter Kormarul; U.s. Elite Coaches Association for Women's Gymnastics: Tony Gehman, Roe Kreutzer; U.s. Men's Gymnastics Coaches Association: Marc Ya ncey; U.S. Sports Acrobatics Federation: Bonnie David son; Young Men's Christian Association of the USA: Rick Dodson; USA Gymnastics National Membership Directors: Men's: Jim Holt, Ray Gura; Women's: Julia Thompson-Aretz, Mark ""eber; Rhythmic: Alia Svirsky, Ute Alt-Carberry; Athlete's Advisory Committee: Kary n Lyon Glover, chair; Cluis ""aHer, vice chair; Kristen Kenoyer '<\'ood land, sec; Tanya Senlice Chaplin, Kim Zmeskal, '<\'endy Hilliard, Peter Vid mar, Conrad Voo rsanger; USOC Athlete Representative: Michelle Dusserre-Farrell.

USA Gymnastics Executive Committee Chair: Sandy Knapp; Special Advisor to the Chairman of the Board: Roe Kreutzer; President: Kathy Scanlan; Secretary: Mike Milidonis; Vice Chair Women: N ancy Marshall; Vice Chair Men: Tim Daggett; Vice Chair Rhythmic: Candace Feinberg; FIG Women's Technical Committee: Jackie Fie; FIG Rhythmic Technical Committee: Andrea Schmid-Shapiro; FIG Men's Technical Committee: Bill Roetzheim; At large Members: Jim Hartung, Joan Moore-Gnat; Athlete Directors: Tanya Service Chaplin, Kary n Lyon Glover, Peter Vidmar; USOC Athlete Representative: Michelle Dusserre-Farrell; President Emeritus: Mike Donahue. Unless expressly identified to the contrary, all articles, statements and views printed herein are attributed solely to the author and USA Gymnastics expresses no opinion and assumes no responsibility thereof.



USA Gymnastics is excited to introduce a brand new membership targeted to recreational gymnasts, parents, former gymnasts including a special USA Gymnastics Member or officials, and anybody Newsletter in your magazine several times a year, with information and features targeted else who is nuts about specifically to parents. All this for only $20! gymnastics! There are We developed this new membership program because we wanted everyone with an many other changes in interest in the sport of gYIlmastics to be a part Membership taking place of USA Gynmastics, the national governing body for our sport. Finally, you have a way to at the same time. keep up on all the top gynmasts, results of the

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TEAM MEMBER If you plan to compete in USA GYIlmastics sanctioned events, you still need to register as a Team Member (formerly called an Athlete Member). Register through your club by September 1st to ensure you don't miss a single issue of USA Gymnastics Magazine, especially the explosive post-Olympic issue due out in September! If you were a registered athlete this year, we'll be sending a renewal form directly to your home. All you have to do is check to make sure all the information is still correct, then bring the form into your club. The clubs will have lots of extra forms in case you don' t get yours in the mail, or you haven' t been a competing athlete before. MAY/JUNE 19 96



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Nutrition Readiness ~ ideo


Lou Retton stars on this video about proper nutrition. It covers such topics as eating diSorders, good nutrition, and nutritional ~ests

Mental Readiness Video

Conditioning Readiness Video

This video discusses how to create a positve mental atmosphere for athletes. Mary Lou Retton also gives suggestions for body image, strong seU-esteem, and personal control.

The third video in the series, this newly produced video highlights the importance of proper conditioning in gymnastics. (available mid 1996)




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It should be clear by now that there's a place for everyone at USA Gymnastics. Whether you are a recreational gymnast, a parent, a judge, a coach, a club owner, a competitive gymnast on the way up or ready to "retire," or just plain love to watch gymnastics on TV-there's a membership just for you! MAY/ JUNE 1996





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Kerri Strug is 18 years old and has spent 14 years of her life in the sport of gymnastics. She has a long list of accomplishments including making five World Championships Teams and being the youngest gymnast on the 1992 Olympic Games Team . She's won an Olympic bronze medal, and three World Championships medals-two silver and one bronze. She's also ranked seventh in the World from the 1995 World Championships. Strug is one of the most seasoned veterans on the USA National Team. With all of these accomplishments Strug is still going strong and looking for more medals to add to her collection. We spoke with Strug after her McDonald's American Cup victory and here's what she had to say: Describe a day in the life of Kerri Strug. I go to gym from 7:30-11 :00 a.m. Ido therapy until about noon. Ieat lunch, do errands, read, visit with Kim Zmeskal, or hang out with my mom if she's in town. I try to take an hour nap and then I go back to the gym from 4:00-7:30 p.m. After practice I eat dinner, make phone calls, read, do crafts (paint t-shirts, make flower arrangements, wreaths, etc.), or whatever, and then I go to bed. What about school? I signed with UCLA but I have deferred enrollment until the fall of '96 so I can train for the Olympics. I'm looking forward to competing in college. The collegiate program is very competitive. Three girls on my team (UCLA) do double layouts.

What makes you continue to train and want to compete at the '96 Games? Iwant to compete in two Olympics because not many gymnasts do that. It's also nice that the Olympics are in the U.S. The U.S. team will have the support of the fans and everyone will be behind them. Is there an advantage to having the Olympics in the U.S.? Yes, there is definitely an advantage to having the Olympics in the U.S. For one thing you don't have to get used to a time change. You also don't have to get acclimated to everyday things like food, hotel, weather, etc. I'll be especially used to the weather in Atlanta because it's hot and humid in Texas too. In 1992 you were the youngest on the Olympic Team and this year. if you make the team you'll be one of the oldest. How do you feel about this? This time around I'll know what to expect. I have a lot of competitions behind me and I hope to compete to the best of my ability. What advice will you give your younger teammates? I'd tell them that they have to think of the Games as another competition. I would say, "We're prepared just do the best that we can." I

What do you tell critics who say you are too old for the sport? It's obvious that the sport is changing. Amajority of gymnasts in the sport are older. It's a mental thing. My physical ability is the same as it was four years ago. You just have to know that you can do it no matter what your age-look at Svetlana Boguinskaia, she's 23 years old. Has your coach. Bela Karolyi , changed since 1992? Yes, Bela and Ihave both changed. Since I'm older we communicate more. He knows that I'm doing gymnastics for myself. I'm trying real hard to succeed. I want to do well and make the Olympic Team and be the best that I can be. We have a good working relationship. What are your thoughts on the USA Women's Team in Atlanta? We have a lot of depth. It will be real hard to pick the seven girls on the team because there's a lot of talent out there. Hopefully everyone will be healthy and we'll have a great chance to do well. It seems like everyone thinks Romania is going to win and that makes me mad. I think we have to wait and see what happens. The U.S. team keeps improving. At the last few World Championships we haven't had all of our top athletes. Hopefully by Atlanta everyone will be healthy and we'll show the world where we stand.

â&#x20AC;˘ By Michelle Dusserre-Farrell, R.D.


Oday's athletes understand the importance of good nutrition for optimum athletic performance. How would you like to be responsible for making sure that all of the foods (which include 1.2 million pounds of beef, 115,000 loaves of bread, and nearly 3 million gallons of water, just for starters) get delivered to the athletes that will be winning medals at this summer's Olympics?


Quite a task, but not one too big for the Aramark corporation. Having been the company to bring food to athletes, volunteers and spectators for the last 9 Olympic Games, Aramark has made it their job to make sure athletes have what they need for the athletic performance of their lives. Tita Cherrier, corporate spokesperson for Aramark, believes that Aramark has an extremely important task. "We feel that we are a part of the athletes' performances," says Cherrier of Aramark's quest to make the meals and the food experience they provide fun, helpful and a taste of home. With such wide international tastes that will be a part of the Olympic Games, Aramark has come up with what they call a World Menu. This World Menu has been developed through the 28 years of experience (starting with the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Garnes) that Aramark has with the Olympics. This menu includes foods that may sound foreign to Americans but are staples to the diets of international athletes. Cherrier says that mizo soup, tobuleh, curry and fish for breakfast are big USA


international requests . Over the years the international menu has changed quite a bit, with more reques ts for fruits, cereals, breads and chicken. Requests for fried foo ds have decreased, while requests for vegetarian meals have been on the rise. Hard at work right now are several dietitians who are testing approximately 550 recipes that will be used during the length of the Olympic Games w hich start July 19 and end August 4. Part of Aramark's plan to help athletes with their meal planning includes setting up a nutrition booth in the Olympic Dining Hall. Staffed by registered dietitians, athletes can receive one-on-one informa tion regarding the amount of calories, grams of fat, protein and carbohydrates they are eating. In addition, nutrition literature will be available in French, English and Spanish allowing the athlete to become more involved with the plalU1ing of their meals . Aramark estimates that the amount of food to be prepared in Atlanta will be about 1'/ 2 times the amount served in Barcelona in 1992. However McDonald's, now a food service partner of the 1996 Olympic Gan1es, will also be feeding hungry athletes. With six restaurant locations in and around the Olympic villages, and with the international popularity and recognition of McDonald's, it will be a popular draw to athletes. Traditional McDonald's foods such as the Egg McMuffin and Big Mac will be available, but McDonald's will expand its menu to include items such as a salad bar~ fresh fruit, yogurt and bagels. McDonald's has also printed a brochure Nutrition Facts for Athletes, which will help athletes to do some of their own meal planning during the games. With the world of food at their fingertips, and with the help of Aramark and McDonald's, athletes in Atlar1ta will be able to design a medal-winning meal plar1 to beat any other. MAY / JUNE 1 996




NOll' ~OU CAN llI: A ~E1lfuER OF USA GYMNASylCS! ~



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NorTo BEAM Some live for the moment. Some close their eyes and pray to stay on. It is the ever so famous balance beam that can make or break a gymnast in a matter 'lml'Ir;I~~t of seconds. By Kristen Augspurger

he four-inch wide, six-foot long apparatus that stands in the way of many gymnasts, can bring out the best in some of the most fearless competitors. Every gynu1ast at some point has been afraid to get up and perform tricks on the balance beam. We asked some beam experts across the counhy how they get over their fears and what it takes to be successful on this event. Ali Greenler, a gymnast from Cincinnati, Ohio, says ~_~ at times she is afraid w hen trying new tricks on the balance beam but not for long. "The way I get over my fear is to stay calm and think through what I am doing," said Greenler. When in competition on the balance beam, Greenler concenh'ates on pointed toes and showing off to the judges. "I am confident when I do m y routine. I try to be the best I can be and get the highes t score." Jessica Stevenson, w ho is from Louisville, Kentucky, trains for her competitive tricks by blocking her fears out and being aggressive.




"I tell myself I can do it and then I just go for it," said Stevenson. "When I am competing, I don't hold anything back. I go for everything 100 percent of the time." Amy Chow, a member of the United States senior national team is known for her amazing tricks on the balance beam. She takes every step to be perfect. "When I am on the balance beam, I say to myself

the corrections that I've heard from my coaches," said Chow. "Reciting my problems helps me correct my mistakes." Amy's tips for improving on the balance beam: Be confiden t, have total concentration and always strive for improvemen t. All of the gymnasts agreed that the balance beam is a challenging event and can be a lot of fun if the challenge is accepted. MAY / JUNE 1996


NOlUmllee with blue Mini OoisyPlinl. Yl, AS-Xl IMllA 515.95 Mini Ooisy print boxeJS with motrhing logo. YM, Yl, AS-Xl IMJ1 B515.95

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I Flip gym bog in white, pink, ond purple convos with shoulder shop. 13" xB" #A\J5A 512.95 Flipping gym bog in blo(k nylon, white design, with shoulder strop. 10" x lB" IMJ5B 514.95

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A must for gymnasti cs fans, this lively biography describes Shannon's struggle to stay on top despite burnout, an aging body, a frightening stalker inci-. dent, and contl ict between parents and coaches. The book features action photos by Steve Lange and personal stories shared by Shannon, her family , and . ._ _..._ . . . . . coach Steve Nunno.

J--r JI.J The National Gymnastics Foundation

This autobiography - now availabl e in paperback-tell s the grippi ng story of the most famous and controvers ial gymnastics coach of all time. Bela Karolyi pulls no punches as he comments on everything from po litics and biased judging to his risky defection from communist Romania in 1981 and his return in 1993.

DONORS The National Gymnastics Foundation will touch a multitude of lives and turn dreams into glory wirh rhe help of rhe donors listed in rhis issue and rhe many orhers who will join us in rhe monrhs and This great hardback book for children is loaded with colorful photos of Olga from the '72 Olympics to the present. Its 64 easy-to-read pages recount Olga's fascinating story, including her Olympic triumphs and tragedies and the terrifying Chernobyl nuclear accident that caused her to leave her homeland for America.

S hannon Miller: America's Most Decorated Gymnast by Krista Quiner is $11.95 + $2.00 shipping. Feel No Fear is $13.95 + $2.50 shipping. Olga Korbut: Olympic Gold! by Wayne Coffey is $14.95 + $2.50 shipping. Parents: these titles are great for school book reports' Booster Clubs: books are perfect for fundraisers' Write for info about discounts on orders of 5 or more.

Other titles available through The Bradford Book Co.: Kim Z meskal: Determination to Win by Krista Quiner is $9.95 + $2.00 shipping. Dare to Dream, a hardback autobiography by Tim Daggett, is only $15.95 + $3.00 shipping. A Healthy lO! by Karolyi's team phys ician, Dr. Jack Jensen, is $16.95 + $2.50 shipping. Katarina Witt: Olympic Gold! (an illustrated book for children age 7+) is $14.95 + $2.50 shipping. ~- ----------------- ---------------New Jersey residents: add 6% sales tax to your order. ____________________________ Street Address, _______---::______-=_______ City,_ _ _ _ _ _ _.,-State_ _Zip._______ Country Amt Enclosed. _ _ _ __ Title(s),__---,.,..-__----,--------------To order, mail a Us. check or money order to : The Bradford Book Company· P.O. Box 283 • East Hanover, NJ 07936 Allow 3-5 weeks delivery

years to come. The Foundation wishes to recognize rhose donors who have supported its effortS from December, 1995 through March 15, 1996. We also want to acknowledge rhose individuals our donors chose to salute wirh rheir contributions. Support for The National Gymnastics Foundation: • Builds scholarship programs to encourage gifted athletes • Develops grassroot program models to help kids grow • Strengrhens international relationships rhrough world education and competition • Addresses the challenges rhat can affect rhe mental and physical healrh of gymnasts. We rhank you for investing in the future of gymnastics ... for rouching so many lives ... and for turning dreams to glory.




For more information about The National Gymnastics Foundation, Inc., please call Michelle Sherbun, Executive Director, at (317) 237-5050, ext. 253.

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Panel of Olympians- Form er USA Gymnastics Olympians including Peter Vid mar (Men's Olympic Team, 1984), Nancy Thies Marshall (Women' s Olympic Team, 1972), and other gymnastics Olympians. Panel of Paren ts- PaLents_ ol curLenLQLlormer~ational Team Members or J.O. gymnasts. Panel of Sport Scientists- Members of the USA Gymnastics Sport Science Advisory Panel including Dr. Dan Benardot (nutritionist) and Dr. Joan Duda (sport psychologist), and guest, Dr. Aurelia Nattiv (physician) . NOTE: The Sport Science Panel members will not conduct presentations, but they w ill serve as responders.




The 1996 Congress presents a unique opportunity because it is conducted in conjunction with the 1996 USA Gymnastics Olympic Trials. Besides the normal attendees, there will be numerous "fans of gymnastics" including the parents of many young athletes involved in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Programs.

As the parent(s) of a gymnast, we request: _ One ticket ($10) _ Two tickets ($15) to the 1996 USA Gymnastics Parent' s Session on June 28 from 2:00-4:30 p .m . Please return this form to:

Attn: Jennifer Gallahue Lee, USA Gymnastics Suite 300, Pan American Plaza, 201 S. Capitol Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46225 For advanced sales, payment must be postmarked by May 31, 1996 ($10 ea.). After May 31, you must purchase tickets for this session ON-SITE ($15 ea.)

• Your ticket(s) order will be mailed to this address MAY/JU NE 1 996



Boston, Mass . • June 28·30

FORMAT The Session will be moderated by Nancy Thies Marsha ll, USA Gymnastics Vice-President fo r Women an d Chair of the USA Gymnastics Task Force on the Female Athlete Triad. The first hour w ill be d evoted to the Presenters sharing their personal experiences about the role that their parents played during their gymnastics career or the role they played (as parents) in sup porting their children. Several of the for m er Olympians are now parents them selves of children participating in gymnastics or other sports. The second half of the session will follow a question and answer format.

WHO CAN ATTEND? This session is offered for the parents of gynmasts involved in women' s artistic, men's artistic, or rhythmic gymnas tics programs. (In terested USA Gymnastics National Congress registrants may attend this session without additional charge.)

CAN ATHLETES ATTEND? No. For this first USA Gymnastics effort at providing inform ation to parents, we request that all attendees be parents of athletes. Please plan for the su pervision of your young gymnasts and oth er children so that this can be a session devoted to parents.

Name Moiling Address' ______________________________ _ City ____ _ _____ _ ______ State _____ _ Zip ______ _ Day phone _ __ __ _ __ _ __ ___ __ Night phone __________ _ PAYMENT INFORMATION: Make check/ money order payable to USA Gymnastics Amount enclosed

$ __________ _

Charge to: _VISA ~~N~




__________________________________ _

Exp. Dote: _________________________________ _ Signature (required) USA


R.aaON PATTIRNS Galina G. Burns Coach at Rhythmic Gems in Glenview, Illinois

achieve good ribbon technique one should begin with the ribbon stick grip. Hold the stick as if you are writing or drawing with a pen or pencil. The end of the ribbon stick should be hidden in the palm of the hand. Place the palm face up with the end of the stick in the middle of the base of the palm. Lightly wrop the little and ring fingers around the stick. The stick will naturolly lie between the middle finger and thumb. place the index finger on top of the stick, making the ribbon stick on extension of the index finger and ultimately, on extension of the whole arm. The student is ready to Big ribbon patterns (swing, big circles) =Shoulder learn small ribbon techniques. Medium patterns (medium circles, figure 8 circles) =Elbow Small patterns (snakes, spirols) =Wrist

When moving the ribbon across the body (as in spirals or snakes) slightly bend the elbow. Bend the elbow when performing pirouettes. On all other patterns try to keep the elbow straight. But, on small patterns, make sure that the arm is not stiff and rigid, but relaxed.

Nothing is wrong with an inward spirol, but it is easier for a beginner to start with an outward spirol. Eventually, the student must be good at both.

'I ~') ~

Cut a hole in a piece of cardboard or plywood 18-24 inches wide. Stand the board on end. Use only the ribbon stick, no ribbon. Place the ribbon stick in the middle of the hole and use the edges of the hole as a template. Try this method slowly then gradually speed up. Don't forget to r:?' 1 use the wrist, NOT THE ElBOW. Make sure the wrist is down. I / T o learn snakes, separote two chairs and tie a rope between them about '~ two feet off the floor. Face the rope and try to move the ribbon up and II down using the proper motion. For horizontal snakes place two folded mots two feet apart and attempt the snakes between them. For a horizontal I snake above the head use a folded mat and the wall. Move the stick from II /' ..-!. II the wall to the mat and back as if pointing a ceiling with the ribbon as your brush. First point the ceiling then the wall, then the floor.



12 ... /

submit your conditioning ideas to the Reebok Coaching Corner, c/o USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. GYMHAlrlCI

/.::'0l7( I

-,' 1-.,,/

To improve small and big ribbon patterns try the following: Use two ribbons simultaneously. Try to execute the same pattern with both hands, i.e. vertical snakes or vertical spirals. Next, combine simple patterns with both hands such as circles and small patterns (snakes or spirals). Finally, try opposite patterns. One hand doing snakes, the other spiro Is. Eventually, add simple dance steps such as skips, woltz and chasse.


Iii' "". ~. '.llb ~ :ilt.'


:!til \


~-. ....



The Perfecl 1O.

SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Send your name and address along with a check or m,o, in US lunds payable to Inlernational Gymnast. $26 for 1 year (10 issues); $44/2 years; $60/3 years. (Canada & Mexico add $3tyr. ; Canada add GST; olher foreign add $5/yr.) VISA/MaslerCard accepted . 1st issue mailed wilhin 6-8 weeks.

International GYMNAST, P.O. Box 721020, Norman, OK 73070· Tel: (405) 447·9988




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The womens compulso~y



ill play 1?9

imes during the Olympic


MAY / J U NE 1996

Gymnastics Awards Book

The Proudest Way to Display Your Achievements Comes with 5 ribbon pages and 1 medal page. Filler pages available. Specify girls or boys edition.

• Track your success from meet to meet The team

The first round of rhythmic individual competition will consist of 40 competitors (the 40 gymnasts will compete two routines on August 1 and

two routines on August 2). The top 20 gymnasts will advance to competition on August 3 and compete all four routines. The top 10 competitors will advance to competition on August 4 and will compete all four routines to name the individual all-around champion for rhythmic gymnastics. Nine rhythmic groups will compete two routines on August 1 and the top six groups will advance to finals and compete two routines on August 2. MAY / JUNE 1996

The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games will sell more than 700,000 shirts during the Olympic Games alone.

competition for men's

• Display your awards for family and friends • Eliminate misplaced ribbons and medals

Score Book

and women's gymnastics will be competed first, followed by the allaround, and then the individual

events. The

Parents: Agymnastics Score book makes it easy for you to follow your ~hilds score during a meet. It also allows easy from meet to i in your pocket, large enough to track teammates scores as well. rr:;ame - - - - - - - - - , Address----------

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top 36 all-


around from


the team

Awards Book


will advance _ _ _ _ _ _ _...... to the all-

Boys _ __






Ribbon Pages


Medal Pages


Score Books


'Shipping , Handling, Insurance

around finals (limit of three


per country). The top eight in

Display books only 1-$2.50, add $1.50 for each additional book. Filler pages '-5 - $1 .25, add 1 0 ,~ for additional pages.

each event from the tea m competition will advance to the event finals (limit of two per country).

Make checks payabte to Sterling Sports, P.O. Box 536, Sterling, MA 01564. Be sure to include shipping and

~a~ng cha~. _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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SCHEDULE (Dates & Events Subject ta (hange or (an(ellation)

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KnoXVille, TN Budapest, HUN Boston, MA 80ston, MA 80ston, MA

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he u.s. started the Olympic year off right, dominating the McDonald's American Cup in Ft. Worth, Texas, at the Tarrant County Convention Center, February 29-March 2. After the men's preliminary round of competition Jair Lynch was MAY / J U NE 1 996

in the lead followed by his three U.S. teammates John Roethlisberger, John Macready and Blaine Wilson. Macready said, "We've all upgraded all our routines since the World Championships in Japan. I think it showed tonight." Although Lynch won the preliminary competition, Roethlisberger came back strong during finals and won his second McDonald's American Cup title. " 1 was very optimistic about coming here tonight," said Roethlisberger. "This meet served as a trial for my new routines and I'm glad I hit them."

Macready and Wilson were unable to advance to finals due to the two gymnasts per country rule. Both athletes looked great and have made upgrades to their routines since the 1995 World Championships. The U.s. men swept every event title with Lynch winning three events. Lynch won floor with a 9.587 and vault with a 9.60. Lynch and Roethlisberger tied for first on pommel horse with a 9.612. Wilson won with a 9.737 and parallel bars with a 9.537. Roethlisberger won high bar with a 9.737. The winner of each event was awarded $1,000 towards their training funds. USA


Lynch said, "This event is very important. It's important to do well competing with Valeri Belenki and Andrei Kan, they are two of the top gymnasts in the world." In response to the U.s. men dominating the all-around and each event, Olympic Coach Peter Kormann said, "I was extremely pleased. The men have upgraded their optional routines and the McDonald's American Cup was a good step in the right direction."

n the women's side, Kerri Strug's experience paid off as she dominated both preliminary and optional competition. Strug is probably one of the most seasoned international gymnasts in competition today having competed in five World Championships and an Olympic Games. This win for Strug was her first all-around victory at an international event since the 1990 Jwuor Pan American Games. She said, ''I'm really excited



about my performances. This is a great way to start 1996. It really helped my confidence." Another seasoned performer from Belarus, Svetlana Boguinskaia, who now trains in Houston, Texas, at Karolyi's Gymnastics, took second all-around. Two-time Olympian Boguinskaia said, ''I'm so excited I was second. Last year was not good for me because it was my first time competing in a long time. This year is a good beginning." 1992 Olympian Oksana Chusovitina from Uzbekistan took tllird in the all-around. MA Y !JUNE 1996

Coach Bela Karolyi and his athletes have won the McDonald's American Cup a total of 11 times. Karolyi said, "It's ironic that 20 years ago a young Nadia Comaneci won this event and now what everyone is calling the 'old ladies' are up here in the spotlight. Kerri is 18, Svetlana is 23, Oksana is 20, and they are all 1992 Olympian.s. It is great to see these athletes up here and I think not only do they win but the sport of gymnastics wins, too./1 Defending McDonald's American Cup Champion Kristy Powell took eighth all-around. She fell twice on floor which dropped her in the MAY / JUNE 1996

rankings. She said, "I felt like I was running in one place and not getting anywhere on floor. I felt slow on both tumbling passes./1 Powell was sidelined for several months due to injury in late 1995. The 1996 American Classic was her first big event back to competition and she finished fourth all-around. Andree Pickens from Cypress Academy of Gymnastics in Houston finished eighth all-around in preliminaries, but due to the two athletes per country rule in finals, was unable to advance. However, Pickens looked great debuting a double twisting layout Yurchenko on vault

that earned her the second highest score on that event. She also attempted a front handspring double front mount on floor, and although she nailed two in warm-ups, she fell short in the competition. During the preliminary round of competition which determined the event winners, Strug tied for first in beam along with Boguinskaia with a 9.775. Strug and Powell tied for first on floor with a 9.775. Boguinskaia won vault with a 9.687 and bars with a 9.800. Event winners received $1,000 towards their training funds.

Results on Pdge 29! USA

GYMNAsr.esl ll


I Kerri Sirug 2 Oksano Chulovilino 3 SYellono Boguinskoio 4 Joanna Juarez Roura 5 Krilly Powell 6 Son Lon 7 Alexandra Oobrelw 8 Andree Pickens 9 Yvonne Tousek 10 Julio Korollilevo II Orelie Troscompl 12 Sorato Carvalho 13 Niko ell Krausz 14 Joanna Hughes 15 SYellono Zelepukino 16 Yuuki Ohholo 17 Ana Oeslelono 18 8rendo Magana 19. Giordano Rocchi


VT 9.625 9.500 9.687 9.400 9.312 9.612 9.350 9.625 9.425 9.075 9.362 9.312 9.150 9.350 9.400 9.300 9.100 9.062 9.012.

UB 9.750 9.750 9.800 9.575 9.450 9.300 9.475 9.600 9.1 50 9.575 9.300 9.200 8.800 8.950 9.400 8.875 9.250 8.975 7.900

BB 9.77S 9.700 9.775 9.575 9.600 9.575 9.650 9.475 9.425 9.175 9.450 9.550 9.525 9.300 9.150 9.325 8.575 8.225 9.100



9.775 9.750 9.100 9.625 9.775 9.625 9.575 9.025 9.475 9.625 9.150 8.975 9.400 9.225 8.800 8.550 8.650 8.900 8.575

38.925 38.700 38.362 38.175 38.137 38.112 38.050 37.725 37.475 37.450 37.262 37.037 36.875 36.825 36.750 36.050 35.575 35.162 34.587


I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 13 15 16 17 18 19


Joir Lynch John Roelhlilberger John Mocready 810ine Wil,on Valeri Belenki Llio Giogodze Sigeru Kurihara Andrei Kon Adrian lonwlesw Oleg Kizmin Diego lizardi Kril Burley Ortzi AWllo SebOllien Oorrigode Francisco Lopez Chen Zhenyu Raoul Abdelouohob A. Mommari Valery Goncharov


9.587 9.175 9.475 9.537 9.025 9.275 9.325 9.050 9.500 9.150 9.225 9.100 9.150 8.675 9.325 8.825 8.675

PH 9.612 9.612 9.425 9.400 9.425 9.275 9.325 9.125 9.487 9.400 8.500 8.625 8.875 8.900 8.850 9.375 8.100

SR 9.387 9.625 9.587 9.737 9.637 9.075 9.600 8.950 9.125 9.500 9.325 9.075 9.075 9.125 8.725 8.925 8.950 9.125

VT 9.600 9.350 9.500 9.562 9.475 9.425 9.300 9.375 9.325 9.200 9.350 9.550 8.850 8.800 9.175 8.325 9.200 9.300 0.000

UB 9.812 9.662 9.712 9.450 9.075 9.625 9.362 9.750

BB 9.750 9.737 9.737 9.687 9.612 9.075 9.200 9.675



9.837 9.650 9.587 9.700 9.712 9.687 9.625 8.575

39.130 38.687 38.635 38.055 37.861 37.836 37.824 37.706

PH 9.587 9.687 9.562 9.250 9.025 8.900 8.775 9.700

SR 9.700 9.400 9.075 9.250 9.575 9.500 9.637 9.125

VT 9.325 9.375 9.612 9.475 9.300 9.200 9.250 9.450

PB 9.625 9.025 9.525 9.450 9.637 9.512 9.450 8.675

8.m~. 1l5_8.3] 5



PB 9.275 9.487 9.450 9.537 9.512 9.462 9.100 9.175 8.675 9.500 9.050 9.250 8.975 9.100 8.775 8.750 8.350 8.050_ 9.375

HB 9.625 9.737 9.450 8.925 9.425 9.450 9.275 9.412 8.825 8.150 9.425 9.075 9.000 9.325 9.000 9.387 8.575 8.L50_ 6.675


57.086 56.986 56.887 56.698 56.499 55.962 55.925 55.087 54.937 54.900 54.875 54.675 53.925 53.925 53.850 53.587 51.850 50.125 43.925


I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Kerri Sirug SYellono Boguinskoio Oksano Chulovilino Alexandra Oobrelw Yvonne Tousek Joanna Juarez Roura Son Lon Krilly Powell


VT 9.731 9.638 9.599 9.218 9.462 9.449 9.637 9.706


I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


John Roelhlilberger Joir Lynch Llio Giogodze Andrei Kon Valeri 8elenki Oleg Kuzmin Sigeru Kurihara Adrian lonwlescu


9.587 9.650 9.300 9.375 9.275 9.350 9.325 8.925

Junior rhythmic athletes Kassy Scharringhausen and Tara McCargo along with their coaches Marina Davidovich and Efrossina Anguelova made the trip to Sydney, Australia, March 13-17, for the 1996 Australian Championships . This was Scharringhausen's first international event and McCargo's second . The Australian athletes in the competition competed five events. The U.S . athletes, following the FIG format, competed four events-rope, hoop, clubs and ribbon. When the same event scores (rope, hoop, clubs and ribbon) were comparea-wllht he U.S-:clfl1letes, SdiarringFiausen took third with a 33.70 and McCargo took fifth with a 33.55 . Scharringhausen made all four event finals and McCargo made three. Although neither medaled in an event they did an outstanding job at the Australian Championships, where they gained invaluable international expe'" rience in the site of Sm NEY 200 the 2000 Olympic Games for rhythmic gymnastics.




HB 9.787 9.750 9.600 9.437 9.300 9.475 9.375 9.300


57.611 56.887 56.674 56.237 56.112 55.937 55.812 55.175

Right (from I to r): Eirossina Anguelova, Kassy S(harringhausen, Taro M(Cargo, Marina Davidovi(h

PRIZE MONEY III Place AII·Around 2nd Place AII·Around 3rd Place All· Around 41h Place All· Around 51h Place All· Around 61h Place AII·Around 71h Place AII·Around 81h Place AII·Around lsi Place in each evenl


5,000 3,000 2,000 1,500 1,000 750 500 250 S 1,000

Note: Kerri Strug and Krilty Powell are both maintaining their NCAA eligibility, therefore, did not accept the prize money. MAY/ JUNE 1 996




TEAM I. Romanio


78.412 2. France 77.537 3. Ukraine 76.387 6. USA 73.825 ALL路AROUND 1. lavinia Milosovici ROM 39.1 87 2. Gino Gogean ROM 39.050 3. Cecile Conqueleau FRA 38.725 12. Theresa Kulikowski USA 37.100 15. Aleda Ingram USA 36.725 21. Soni Meduna USA 33.987

By Kristen Augspurger

Gymnasts Alecia Ingram, Theresa Kulikowski, Soni Meduna and Elizabeth Reid represented the u.s. at the Trophee Massilia in Marseille, France, on December 2-3, 1995. Coaches Tom Forster, Rick Newman and Debi Walk made the trip along with judge Pam Bileck. In the team competition , the sixth with a score of 73 .825.


finished in

In the all-around competition , Kulikowski was the top U .S. competitor finishing 12th. Ingram placed 15th and Meduna was 21 st.


1. Svellana Tarasevich 2. lavinia Milasovici 3. Gina Gagean BARS 1. lavinia Milosovici 2. Elivire Teza 3. Gina Gogean 6. Theresa Kulikowski BEAM I. lavinia Milosavici 2. Elvire Teza 3. Cecile Canqueleau 7. Aleda Ingram FLOOR 1. Gina Gagean 2. lavinia Milosovici 3. ludivine Furnan 10. Theresa Kulikowski


9.906 9.825 9.819


9.863 9.850 9.800 9.750


9.725 9.525 9.388 9.138


9.900 9.838 9.713 9.275

In the event finals , a U .S. gymnast placed in the top lOin three of the four events . Kulikowski placed sixth on bars and 10th on floor. Ingram placed seventh on beam .


JAMIE DANT%SCHER WINS TITLE By Kristi Krafft, iudge and delegation leader The U .S. sent a strong junior women 's delegation to the 1 996 City of Popes Competition in Avignon , France , March 21-24 . Charter Oak Glider's Jamie Dantzscher took first place with a score of 38 .438 . Dantzscher is only the second U.S. gymnast to win the City of Pores Competition; the first was Kim Zmeska in 1989. Cypress Academy's Kinsey Rowe earned sixth all-around with a 37.275 . Charter Oak Glider's Vanessa Atler took ninth with a 37. 150. Dantzscher took second on vault using a Yurchenko 1/2 layout and a piked Tsukahara for an average score of 9.469. Dantzscher nailed a double twisting double back dismount for a 9.725 and the gold medal on bars . Atler earned the silver medal on bars with a 9 .675 using a clean routine with two Tkatchevs and a double layout with a full twist dismount. Both Dantzscher and Rowe fell on beam placing fourth and fifth , respectively. Dantzscher hit on floor using a double Arabian , front full punch front, and triple twist to score a 9.70 and earn the silver medal. Atler took fifth on floor with a score of 9 .387 . In addition to the U.S. other countries competing included Austria, Bulgaria , Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain , Holland, Hungary, Italy, Romania , Spain , and Sweden .






Vanessa Atler Gliders Beth & Steve Rybacki Canyon Country, Calif. February 17, 1982 Jamie Dantzscher Gliders Beth & Steve Rybacki Palmdale, Calif. May 2, 1982 Kinsey Row e Cypress Debbie Kaitschuck and Deana Parish Houston , Texas April 22, 1982


Junior athletes Alexis Brion and Kristen Stucky along with their coaches Deena and Jim Walker and James Chudy traveled to Budapest, Hungary, March 23-24, for the Hungarian International Gymnastics Championships. In the all-around competition both Brion and Stucky hit four out of four routines. Brion scored 38 .05 for fifth all-around and Stucky scored 37.912 for sixth all-around . The average age of competitors in the competition was 17 years old, much older than Brion, 13, and Stucky, 14. During event finals Brion scored a 9.375 on vault for 10th while Stucky scored 9.287 for 12th. On bars, Brion tied for fourth with a 9 .625 and Stucky took seventh with a 9.55. Stucky tied for sixth on beam with a 9.50 and Brion took ninth with a 9 .45. Brion tied for sixth on floor with a 9.60 and Stucky tied for eighth with a 9.575. MAY / JUNE 1 996

KALAMATA CUP KALAMATA. GREECE MARCH 16-17 The USA's Jessica Davis, from Gymmarin Pacific, took 16th all-around in the Kalamata Cup in Kalamata, Greece, March 16-17. She scored 9.35 for her rope routine, 9 .15 for ball , 9.25 for clubs, and a 9 .225 for her ribbon routine to total 36.975. Natalie Lacuesta from Rhythmic Gems finished 30th with scores of 9 .20 rope, 8 .35 ball, 9.10 clubs and 8 .95 ribbon for a total of 35.60. Ukraine's Elena Vitrichenko won the competition with a 39.625 followed by Russia's Amina Zaripova with 39 .575 and Bulgaria's Diana Popova with a 39.550. Jessica Davis

AMERICAN CLASSIC TULSA. OKLA .â&#x20AC;˘ FEBRUARY 9-11 - -..-...-.,. I-O-R- N-A-T- I-O N A

Alexis Brian

ALL.AROUND RESULTS I. Simona Amonor ROM 38.762 2. Mirelo Tugurlan ROM 38.700 3. Adrienn Vargo HUN 38.575 4. Lyubov Sheremeto UKR 38.275 S. Alexis Brion USA 38.0S0 6. Kristen Stucky USA 37.912 7. Adi Peer ISR 37.637 8. Golino Torok UKR 37.500 9. Adriono Tonkovicovo SVK 37.462 10. IIdiko Balogh HUN 37.259 II. Zsuzso Abrohom HUN 37.212 12. lIena Meneghesso ITA 37.175 13. Anno Mirgorodskoya UKR 37.025 14. Ruscha Kourtl AUT 37.000 15. IIdiko Drogoner HUN 36.837 MAY / JUNE 1 996

Kristen Stucky


November 18, 1982 Virginia Beach, Virginia Gymstrada Gymnastics Jim Walker and Deena Baker Salem Middle School 7th Floor


February 27, 1982 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Salta Gymnastics Jim Chudy Our Redeemer Lutheran 8th Beam

Nicole Lyme 2. Whilney Cashwell 3. Annabelh Eberle 4. Caroline Fluhrer 5. Sarah DiPasquale 6. Tamara Diles 7. Krislen Uransky B. Tami Harris 9. lindsay lines 1O.lindsay Canerly 11. Mary Skakul 12. Nicole Romano 13. Cassie Cosgrove

Cincinnali Gym. Acad. Ocean Tumblers Gym Nevada Cascade Elile Porkelles Pugel Sound Gymslrada Ocean Tumblers Slarlires Ms Gym. of Dreams Indy School Porkelles Gymcarolina


70.940 70.020 70.00B 69.950 6B.B90 6B.682 6B.51B 6B.070 67.150 67.140 66.050 65.380 65.080

Competed National Elite Testing and Optionals.



1. Mary Ann Espasita 2. Giselle Boniforli 3. Jennifer While 4. Michelle Hess 5. Brilnee Bawden 6. Amy Ringo 7. Annie Campbell B. Alisa Beckerman 9. Tiffani While 10. Emily Prichard II .Aulumn Jeffries 12. Kalie Hornecker 13.Alexis Norman 14. Rhanda Rabinelle

Hills American Twislers KrafN Academy Buckeye Olympus Xlreme Team Leading Edge Narlh Slars NASA Pugel Sound KrafN Academy Illinois Gym Inslilule Karon Deserllighls

36.650 36.050 35.B50 35.700 35.225 35.075 35.025 34.B75 34.800 34.650 34.250 34.075 33.925 33.700

Competed Optionals only.





PEACHTREE INVITATIONAL JUNIOR DIVISION AGES 12 THRU 14 38.925 Dynamos 1. J. Thompson 38.525 Dynamos 2. A. Ingram 38.100 Dynamos 3. M. Kim 38.075 Dynamos 4. S. McClung 37.600 Dynamos 5. J. Pigg 37.575 Dynamos 6. A. Fraim 37.350 Cypress 7. K. Rowe 37.100 Dynamos 8. M. Rollins 37.075 Dynamos 9. 1 Dixon 36.875 Dynamos 10. C. Webb 36.B75 Dynamos 11. S. Baker 36.475 12. M. Baimbridge Cypress GymCarolina 36.175 13. E. Cathcart TeamCentral 36.100 14. L. Klein GymCarolina 35.925 15. C. Cosgrove GymCarolina 35.600 16. M. Wydick GymCarolina 35.600 17. C. Klonne CO Aerials 35.375 18. K. Streicher Team Central 34.575 19. A. Taylor 34.200 Elios Gym 20. L. Lopez Atl. School 34.000 21 . A. Tucker CO Aerials 33.300 22. K. Claussen Docksiders 33.250 23. A. Petrocelli Elios Gym 32.200 24. M. Garza Elios Gym 31.975 25. F. Martinez SENIOR DIVISION 15 YEARS OLD AND UP 38.225 Cypress 1. M. Flammer CO Aerials 37.900 2. S. Singer 37.250 Cypress 3. K. Dyson Atl. School 37.250 4. M. Taylor Elios Gym 37.225 5. D. Lopez GymCarolina 37.200 6. E. Chell 37.200 Cypress 7. A. Pickens Atl. School 35.950 8. K. Descalpoulis Atl. School 35.925 9. J. Ebdon Team Central 35.550 10.1 Lamb Docksiders 35.525 11. K. Gole Team Central 35.150 12. A. Chapman Team Central 35.025 13. L. Nichols Docksiders 34.500 14. A. Langendorf CO Aerials 34.050 15. L. Krempley Docksiders 33.750 16. N. Bracciale Oocksiders 32.275

~ I7. S. J.~1




OPEN Cami Singer Annie Campbell Sidney Field KimYoung

Calorado Aerials Leoding Edge, WA Emerald City, WA Colorado Aerials

LEVE L Meadow Wright Sarah Fisher Michele Creamer

9 Arizona Twisters 36.050 Northshore Center, LA 35.950 35.600 Parkettes

LEVE L 8 Hannah McLeod Phoenix Gym. Acad. Jamie Williams Arizona Sunrays Katie TIllotson Arizona Sunrays 8 NOVICE Arizona Sunrays Pam Schmidt Athena Schuck Phoenix Gym. Acad. Tara Anderson Arizona Sun rays

37.700 37.450 37.300 37.225

36.025 35.550 35.325 34.850 34.175 34.025

LEV E L Jordanne Dente Lisa Lanzo Lauren Reid

6 Starfires, AZ Desert Devils, AZ Starfires, AZ

36.000 35.450 35.775

LE VEL Ashley Moron Kristin Hall Patty Moran

5 Desert Lights, AZ Desert Devils, AZ Flames, AZ

34.900 34.550 34.200

TEAM RESULTS OPEN SESSION Colorado Aerials 112.050 Parkettes 111.825 Ricochets 11 0.275 Arizona Sunrays 109.675 LEVEL 9 Parkettes Arizona Twisters Parkettes

106.400 105.800 104.725

LEVEL 8 Phoenix Gym. Academy 107.400 Arizona Sunrays 105.850 Spokane Elite 103.325 LEVEL 8 NOVICE Arizona Sunrays 103.800 Phoenix Gym, Academy 101.275 Starfires, AZ 96.975 LEVE L 6 Arizona Sunrays Starfires, AZ Desert Lights, AZ

142.775 142.525 142.025

LEVE L 5 Desert Lights, AZ Flames, AZ Arizona Sunrays

138.150 137.400 135.350

199& REVCo BUCKEYE CLASSIC GYMNASTICS COMPETITION ALL -AROUND Cypress Academy (Houston, TX) 1. Andree Pickens Brown's Gymnastics (Houston, TX) 2. Mohini 8hardwaj Cypress Academy (Houston, TX) 2. Monica Flammer Cypress Academy (Houston, TXI 4. Kaitie Dyson Cypress Academy (Houston, TX) 5. Annette Taylor

39.125 38.575 38.575 38.200 38.025

VAULT 1. Mohini Bhardwaj 2. Aileen Oiaz 3. Kendall Beck 4. Ashley Stewart 4. Michelle Hess

Brown's Gymnastics (Houston, TX) Brown's Gymnastics (Houston, TX) Cypress Academy (Houston, TX) Cypress Academy (Haustan, TX) Buckeye Gymnastics (Westerville, OH)

9.775 9.650 9.550 9.500 9.500

BARS 1. Mohini Bhardwaj 2. Andree Pickens 3. Monica Flammer 4. Melinda Baimbridge 5. Ashley Stewart

Brown's Gymnastics (Houston, TX) Cypress Academy (Houston, TX) Cypress Academy (Houston, TXI Cypress Academy (Houston, TX) Cypress Academy (Houston, TX)

9.775 9.750 9.700 9.675 9.650

BEAM 1. Mohini Bhardwaj 2. Melinda Baimbridge 3. Marie Fjordholm 4. Aileen Diaz 4. Marline Stephens

Brown's Gymnastics (Houston, TX) Cypress Academy (Houston, TX) Brown's Gymnastics (Houston, TX) Brown's Gymnastics (Houston, TXI Cypress Academy (Houston TX)

9.775 9.700 9.575 9.525 9.525

FLOOR 1. Mohini Bhardwaj 2. Marie Fjordholm 2. Kelly Christensen 2. Randi Lynn Liljenquist 5. Anna-Liese Acklam

Brown's Gymnastics (Houstan, TX) Cypress Academy (Houston, TX) Oesert Devil Gymnastics (Scottsdale, Al) Desert Devil Gymnastics (Scottsdale, Al) Camberley Gym. Club (Cambereley, UK)

9.750 9.625 9.625 9.625 9.550

MAY / JU N E 1996


35.800 33.500

JUNIOR B 1. Stefonie Pouley Gold Medol 2. Kimmy DeGrondchamp GTC Clallicl 3. Jennifer Poppalordo Tumbling On

35.600 35.075 34.200

SENIOR A 1. Krilty Kreinbrink Gold Medol 2. Alhley Geril Woodltock 3. Amando Allen GTC Clallicl

36.400 36.350 35.525

SENIOR 1. Jenny Sommer 2. Andreo Ruhe 3. Nicole Billl

B Gold Medal Gold Medol Boy Volley

37.075 35.925 35.875

LEVEI:S 9/ lo/ ELITE JUNIOR EVENT FINALS VAULT 1. Koro Reighord 2. Jennifer Pappolordo 3. Kimmy DeGrondchamp 4. Jaime Milel 5. Stefanie Pouley 6. Chriltino Minehart

Mt. Pleolant Tumbling On GTC Clollicl Worren Gold Medol Gold Medol

9.400 8.950 8.925 8.900 8.725 8.500

OPIN DIVIIION/TIAM 1. Cypress Academy 154.075 2. Cypress Aladerny 151575 3. Brown's Gymnaslks 4. Cypress Alademy 5. Desert Ile짜il Gym.

149.775 149.325


MAY/J UNE 1996

UNEVEN BARS 1. Stefonie Pouley Gold Medol 2. Chriltino Minehort Gold Medol Boy Volley 3. Tiffoni Berro 4. Kimmy DeGrondchamp GTC Clollicl Warren 5. Jaime Milel 6. Jamie Bohledo GTC Clollicl

9.100 8.950 8.900 B.B50 8.500 7.250

BALANCE 1. Ann Wolker 2. Chriltino Minehort 3. Stefonie Pouley 4. Tiffoni 8erro 5. Alicio Turek

BEAM Olympic Acad. Gold Medol Gold Medol 80y Volley Woodltock

9.100 9.050 8.750 8.575 8.475

FLOOR EXERCISE 1. Chriltino Minehort Gold Medal 2. Stefonie Pauley Gold Medal 3. Ann Walker Olympic Acod. Tumbling On 4. Jennifer Poppolordo 5. Kimmy DeGrondchomp GTC Clollicl Boy Volley 6. Tiffani Berro

9.275 9.125 B.950 8.900 8.750 B.500

LEVEL 9/ lo/ ELITE SENIOR EVENT FINALS VAU LT 1. Alhley Geril 2. Krilty Kreinbrink 3. Shonyn Loncalter 4. Jenny Sommer 5. Toro Rhoden 6. Michelle Wolker

Woodltock Gold Medol Ooklond Gold Medol Boy Volley EOlt York

9.325 9.250 9.200 9.100 9.000 8.950

, Gl( (Iassics qualiliers , \\'lIs Nlayor Kenneth Snell r't~ 8ahleda and Rachel Smith Rochester I. berl DeGrandchamp, amle Amanda Allen, Kim Y Senior A Sorah Dome Senior B Meredith Wollh

Northern MI Boy Volley

8.950 8.750

BALANCE BEAM Junior A Domoril McColio Bromoleo Junior B Anne Wolker Olympic Acad. Senior A Notolie Halhimoto Ealt York Senior B Michelle Wolker EOlt York

8.600 9.100 9.325 9.125

FLOOR EXERCISE Junior A Jozmine Childrell Gym World Junior B Anne Wolker Olympic Acad. Senior A Notolie HOlhimoto EOlt York Senior B Michelle Wolker EOlt York

9.050 9.000 9.250 9.050


1. 2. 3. 4.


Chaylo Hill Jozmine Childrell Becky DeWinter Domaril McCollo

Gym World Gym World Shenderey Bromalea

34.60 34.225 33.650 32.900

U N EVE N BAR S Junior A Morgan Harril Gold Medal Junior 8 Kotie Corter GTC Clollicl Senior A Kylee Lynch Northern MI Senior B Kote Shorphorn Northern MI

8.700 9.000 8.825 8.450

BALANCE BEAM Junior A Carolyn Maxfield Gold Medol Junior B Kyle Duce GTC Clallicl Senior A Moria Oerezinlki COllie Gym Senior B Rochoel Korpinlki Gym World

8.400 8.700 8.700 8.100

FLOOR EXERCISE Junior A lindloy VYle Woodltock Junior B Kotie Corter GTC Clollicl Senior A Kylee Lynch Northern MI Senior B Kate Sharphorn Northern MI

9.025 9.050 8.800 9.050


JUNIOR A 1. Morgon Harril Gold Medal 34.350 JUNIOR B Woodltock 33.B75 2. lindlay VYle 1. Anne Walker Olympic Acod. 35.700 33.400 3. lilo Bornord Midland 2. Koro Reighord Mt. Pleolont 35.375 1! l--O~." II"\II.. k" Ii- - -r.. IA-/J,"I. I- - -Q ?nn--~1 . Jamie-Bohledo - -GTC C101Iics---35;000- -J-U-N-I-O-R- B 4. Soroh Shilila Gym World 34.350 1. Leio Longhoff Midland 35.525 5. Alexil Feor Gym Americo 33.775 2, Kyle Duce GTC Clollicl 34.900 6. Gobby McKie Gold Medal 33.300 3. Kotie Corter GTC C1allicl 34.850 BALANCE BEAM SENIOR A 1. Jenny Sommer SENIOR A Gold Medal 9.350 EOlt York 36.025 1. Kylee Lynch Northern MI 34.275 1. Natolie Halhimoto 2. Amonda Allen GTC Clallicl 9.050 Gym World 34.250 2. Soroh Dome Northern MI 35.450 2. Kotie Miklul 3. Alhley Geril Woodltock B.850 Boy Volley 3. Amy Coppa 33.500 3. Kelly Duce GTC Clollicl 34.450 4. Andreo Ruhe Gold Medol B.850 5. Krilty Kreinbrink Gym World 33.800 Gold Medal B.775 4. Andreo Pork SENIOR B 6. Natolie HOlhimoto Ealt York 5. Alhley Burnzynlki Boy Volley 33.000 B.650 Northern MI 33.725 1. Kote Shorphorn Greoter Kolomazzo 33.000 5. Corrie Garceou Gym World 2. Rochoel Korpinlki 32.600 FLOOR EXERCISE 3. Mindy Williaml Gold Medol 31.900 1. Alhley Geril Woodltock 9.475 SENIOR B 2. Notolie HOlhimoto EOlt York 9.375 EOlt York 35.875 1. Michelle Wolker LEVEL 8 TEAM 3. Rochel Smith GTC Clollicl 9.375 2. Erico Homilton Gold Medol 34.400 1. Gold Medol (Findley, OHI 103.525 4. Toro Rhoden Boy Volley 9.375 3. Robyn Alfrey Olympic Acod. 34.300 103.150 2. Midlond (Midlond, Mil 5. Nicole Billl Boy Volley 9.175 4. Crilty Nojero GTCClollicl 34.125 3. Gym World (Clevelond, OHI 103.000 6. Jenno Heitmeyer Gold Medol 8.900 5. Wendy Johnlon Greoter Kolomozoo 33. 900 4. GTC Clollicl (Rochelter Hilll, Mil 102.925 LEVEL I DIELITE TEAM 5. Woodltock Gym (Ontorio, Canodol 100.750 LEVEL 9 TEAM 1. Gold Medol (Findley, Ohio I 110.725 1. Gym World (Clevelond, OHI 105.35 2. GTC Clallicl (Rochelter Hilll, Mil 105.425 2. GTC Clollicl (Rochelter Hilll, Mil 103.575 3. Boy Volley (Boy City, Mil 103.850 3. Gold Medol (Findley, OHI 10D.7S 4. Tumbling On USA (Logronge, III CORRECTION FROM LAST ISSUE: Wyatt 4. Gym Americo (Ann Arbor, Mil 5. Ooklond Gymnolticl (Bloomfield HiIIl, Mil Sweet from Greater Kalamazoo won 5. Boy Volley (Boy City, Mil 6. Woodltock Gymnolticl (Ontario, Canodal 6. Olympic Academy INework, OHI first place on high bar with a score of 7. Northern MI (Troverle City, Mil 3.5 at the 2nd Annual Boy's Winter LEVEL 9 EVENT 8. EOlt York (Ontorio, Canodal Classic in Rochester Hills, Mich. CHAMPIONS 9. Greoter Kolomozoo (Kolomozoo, Mil VAU LT Junior A Jozmine Childrell Gym World 9.125 LEVEL 8 EVENT MEET DIRECTORS: Send official Junior 8 Koro Reighord Mt. Pleolont 9.325 results and pholos Irom your competitions to CHAMPIONS Senior A Natalie HOlhimoto Ealt York 8.950 USA Gymnastics, Rising Stars, 201 S. Capitol VAULT Senior B Michelle Wolker EOIY York 9.025 Ave" Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. B.875 Junior A Kiana Stringfield Midland We'll publish high school, collegiate, local, Junior B Leio Longhoff Midlond 9.050 UNEVEN BARS state, regional and invitational competitions. Gym World Senior A Kotie Miklul 8.900 Junior A Choylo Hill Gym World 9.000 Sorry we are not able to return photographs. Junior 8 Jamie 80hledo GTCClollicl 9.100 Senior 8 Kote Sharp horn Northern MI 8.225 USA


MICHELLE GORKA SPOKANE, WASHINGTON I'mMichelle Gorka fromNorthwest Gymnastics in Spokane, Wash. I've beenin gymnastics since Iwas 8 and nowI'm9. My coach is Lena and I'ma Level 4 gymnast.

TARA MAGER AURORA, COLORADO Taro, 9, is a first year Level 5 gymnast. She trains at American Gymand is coached by Andrea Waters. Taro has been in gymnastics less than twoyears. In her first competition season she took first place on floor in eight out of eight meets. Taro is looking forward to training Level 6 with her coach, Andi, whose enthusiasm and encouragement make competing fun .

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA Autumn is 8 years old. She led the team of Gym Cots West from Los Vegas to Level 5 State Championships. She won the state championships in vault and bars, wassecond in floor, and third in beam. She also won the all路around title. Autumn is coached by Cassie Rice and Laura 8arger.

Name __________________~~==~------------------Address ______________~~--___=_--------------------Ci ~ ----------------~--~-------------------------

State _ _ _ _ __ Check one:

Credit Ca rd:

Zip ______--'_

Phone _______________ D Paren t

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CMd # ________________~~~--------------

Cardholder name _____________________________


TYLER WILLIAMSON FOREST, CALIFORNIA Tyler is an 8路year-old Closs 6 gymnast. He trains at U.s. Gymnastics Training Center and is coached by Tim Klempnauer and Rich Quinn. At the 81ack Jack Invitational in Las Vegas, Tyler wona gold medal on vault and was fihh all-around.


CHELLSIE MEMMEL NEW BERLIN, WISCONSIN Chellsie, 7, has mode the USA Notional TOPS Team 6· 8 year·old division for the second year in a row. She was finally age eligible to compete in a Level 5 & 6 meet and won with on all·around score of 35.05. In her first competitive season she took first all·oround in five of Ihe seven compelilions she enlered. She's coached by Kelly Zimdars and is in the second grade at Wilson Elementary School.

Don-t Let Anlcle Pain Stop You ••• From Being Your Best


!!fiIrIS I EM

many wrist supports.

However, it cannot weaken the ankle since full range of . ankle motion can occur. It caus~d allows the gymnast to train longer and harder with less pain in his/her ankles and is particularly useM when learning new skilts. tf the gymnast needs to restrict ankle motion, the ankle is first taped and the NASSAR SYSTEM is then applied over the tape.


Can prevent ankle pain by tumbling, vaulting and •• , dIsmountIng The NASSA. SYSTEII

i::;:x,MuC~re) ATlI.ET1CUEDlCAl


The NASSAR SYSTEM is currently being used by levels 5.10 and elite gymnasts in each of the 50

tIC. " "

states and in 5-continents. There is a 30 day money

back guarantee. The gymnasts can try the support, see if they like it, and return it for a full refund if they feel it is not beneficial.

KELLY FONTENOT LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA Kelly will turn 18 on May 23. In the month of May she will grad· uate fram high school, complete 10 years in gymnastics, com· pete in her final meet, and retire from the sport. She is a Level 8 gymnast and is coached by Keith and Tommy Miller at Gymnastics, Etc. She has won numerous awards including 1995 Level 8 State 8ars Champion, 1994 Level 8 State 8eam Champion, etc. She plans to attend college and pursue a degree in Physical Education and eventually hopes to teach physically and mentally challenged children.


is recommended that two NASSAR SYSTEMS be purchased,

one for each ankle. They can be cut to fit any size.

$15.00 per NASSAR SYSTEM Plus postage and handling (Mich. Residents add 6%sales tax) Postage and handling charges for 1·10 NASSAR SYSTEMS add $2.10 (U.S. currency only please) Contact us for infonnation about the 33%discount available for ordelS of 11 or more Make checks payable to and mail to:

ATHLETIC MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, tNC. 33951 Glouster Circle. Farmington Hilts, Mt 48331

LAURA MIKESKA PLANO, TEXAS Laura, 9, is a Level 9 gymnast. - LasHeason-Laura-went-fromLevel 6 to Level 8 and become the Level 8 State Champion and won all four events. Laura was selected to participate in the TOPs program where she got to travel to New York and Oklahoma. Lauro trains five hours a day, six days a week, and is coached by Brion Simmons and Cindy Dove.

TIFFANY GARRETT PHOENIX, ARIZONA Tiffany, 13, started gymnastics at age 3 1/2 at Deveau's School of Gymnastics in Indianapolis, Ind. She is currently a member of the Flames Gymnastics Team in Phoenix, Ariz. She is coached by Bud Longford. At the Level 8 Optional State Meet, Tiffany was chosen by the coaches and judges as the most improved gymnast in 1995. She is currently working towards Level 9 Optional and hopes to compete it this season.

Would you like to be tncluded In the Faces In the Gym stdlon? Send a recent photo and a paragraph of Infannation to: USA Gymnastics, Faces In the Gym, Pan AmerIcan Plaza, 201 S. Caphol Ave., Suhe 300, Indlanapalis, IN 46225. MAY / JUNE 1 996

Phatos can be black and white or color. Sorry, photos cannat be returned. We'D select a few entries for publication In the magazine each Issue. Hurry and send your entry today. We're all waiting to meet youl




Nationa' Gymnastics Foundation continued from page 14

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John and Denise Deloach, Jr. honor Troy D. Deloach Robin Dearling and Gary Ackerman honor Mark Russo Gregory and Sandra DiCocco Sid Drain honors Frank Cumiskey Steve Elliott honors the USA Gymnastics TOPs Program Ryan Elrod honors Valeri liukin Endocrine and Diabetes Associates, Inc. honors Monica Frager Michael C. Donahue Agustina Eng honors Nathaniel Eng Candace Feinberg Kathy Feldmann honors Gordon Feldmann Kathryn Ferguson lindsey Ferris honors Joe Gura and Tom Glunt David A. Fischer, M.D. Gary and Kris Fluhrer honors Frank Lee A. B. Frederick honors Ernst lindermann Marianne Freedmon honors Charlotte Freedman Mork Friedman honors Elizobeth Friedman Keith and Jodi Fryoux honor Keri leigh Fryoux Eric and Kate Fulcomer honor Tony Rossi Jeonne M. Funatake Danielle Fusaro honors Jan Martin Peter and Denise Gannaon honor Monique J. Manley Alexander V. Giczy honors Tim Collins Stacey Goldman honors Chuck Brewster Vicky Goltz honors Shellen Goltz Helena Greathouse Julie Griswold honors Trenton Haston Candy Hartmann honors Christina Hortmonn Matt Heine and Parents honor Constantin Petrescu Paul and Rebecca Henrion Jamie Herbst honors Jay Fleischman Wynne Hernandez Kathleen Hickey Kane Babsi M. Higgins honors B. Dale Compton-LeBlanc Gory and Margaret Hodges Mark and Susan Hutchinson honor the USA Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Courtney Jordan honors Keith and Tommy Miller Ed Karacek Robyn Kettering honors Rachel Kettering Sun Y. Kim honors Erika Martin Robert and Stacey Kirk honor Robbie Kirk Kenneth and Leona Kitting Joy Kleiman honors the Buffalo Grove Gymnastics Center Sandy Knapp Theresa Kosanda honors Leonard Clemmer John and lee Ann Kronforst Rudolf K. Lang honors All Gymnasts Donna leahy Sue leonelli honors Judy Smith Newt Loken

Rachel lower and Family honor John Figueroa Karyn Lyon Glover Christine and Edward Malloy Nancy Marks honors laura Marks Barbara and Edward Martin honor Elizabeth Martin Beth McCloskey honors Tracey l. Callahan Molnar laura and Michelle McAloon Mary and Timothy McCord honor Meghan McCord Angela McWhirter honors Melanie Weisfenning Merchants Travel Marla Messing Frederick Meyer Dominic and Celia Miglionico honor Sandy Reissig David and Carol Miller Kathy Misko honors Meng Fei (ChineseTeam) Robert and Hilda Mitchell honor Walt Diaz Pat Mlynarski Connie Montgomery honors Mallory Montgomery Jim and Jackie Morris Jessica Mullin honors Shannon Miller Gene Muto and Bonnie Bashaw honor Audrey Muto and Julissia Gomez Hoylene Noble Betty Noss Don Ohannes Jeffry Olsen Angela Okzewski honors Catherine Yakhimovich Renee Oppedisano honors Tara Dinitto Ray Overmann William and Barbara Palmer Philip Patzkowski honors Dominique Moceanu Katie Pepper honors Coach Angie leJeune J. Mark Peterman honors J. Benjamin Peterman Ann Dunn Peters honors Michael Malzek Mary Jo Pietruszka Mary ond Morton Pincus Evelyn Porte Joanna Quinn honors the Northern Virginia Gymnastics Academy Fred and Barbara Rankin Michelle E. Reohr honors All Youth James Riffanacht honors Kristen Riffanacht Cathy Rigby McCoy Melinda Rohan honors Rick Vincent, Cheri Shipp and Tammy Miller Catherine River and Steve Tesmer John Roethlisberger Bill Roetzheim Kenneth and Denise Rosato honor Donna Rosato leonard and Shelly Rossmoore honor Ray Rossmoore Mary Rudloff honors the Domagalski Family Roland Ruppert honors lisa Rupperl Donald Rushmer, Ph.D. honorsJulia Plummer Jackley Caroline W. Salas honors Emily G. Salas Martha Sandel Martho Sontiago

Rose Ann Sayler honors Andrea Schmidt Kathy Scanlan honors Burt Flickinger Karl Schier honors Robert Young Andrea Schmid·Shapiro Roy and Elise Schultz honor Ryan Schultz Debbie Schmidt-Fuhs Steve Schoenbaechler honors Edward l. Schoenbaechler Michelle Sherbun honors the Seiler Family Katie Sherman Wayne Siegmund honors Abie Grossfeld Brad Smith honors Bill Sands Sport Graphics Steve and Barbara Squires honor Robert Squires Patty Stotzheim honors Doug Byrnes Jennifer Swain honors Paul Padron Jack Swarbrick Duone and Veronica Taylor honor Alexandra Taylor Mitchell Taylor honors Mike Burns Nancy Thies Marshall Tumbl Trac (Doug Davisl Margit Treiber Susan True John Van Aalten Alicia, Marisso, Nicole Vela-Bailey honor Joe Rapp James Vercammen honors Curtis Wilson John Vidmor Thomas and linda Marie Vorrasi honor Eric Vorrasi Ray and Randi Wall Holly Watts honors Jim Culhane Gymnastics David and Susan Will Eleanor and Glenn Wilson Helen Wong Peter Wood honors Coyle Wood Taro Yamaguchi Amanda Younkin honors Julie Durham Normo Zabka honors Mildred Prchal Elisabeth Zarbo honors Stephanie S. Calway

IN MEMORY OF ................ ......................................



Irv Bedard remembers Dell Bedard, Sr. Gail Davis remembers Erna Wachtel Kathy Finley remembers Anna Fesla Cameron and Paula Gabbard remember Betty Jane Gobbard Michael and JoAnne Gipson remember Christy Henrich Igor Kolpakchi remembers Nina Kolpakchi Claudia Miller remembers Christy Henrich Charlene Nelson remembers Traci Nelson Don O'Connell remembers Dr. Richard and Judith Hewitson Helen Schifano Sjursen remembers Dorothy Dolton Sandra Thielz remembers Erna Wachtel Peter and Donna Vidmar remember Doris Vidmar Donna Watters remembers Patty Bennett Anonymous donor remembers Tom Moloney MAY!J UNE 1 996

Delta Air Lines. The Official Airline ~ of the 1996 ~ · Games. m 01ymplc

Atlanta 199&

This SWllmer, 11,000 ath letes from 197 countries w ill come together in Atlanta. Along with thousands of coaches, judges, media people, families and spectators. Smoothing the way for them wi ll be the 58,000

We're BringingThe World Together.

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Gary Warren

Houston, TX, March 18-24, 1996


With the beautiful backdrop of the Sam Houston National Forest, 22 athletes and 32 coaches and judges from nine different countries participated in the second annual Pan American Gymnastics Union (PAGU) Training and Educational Camp. Provided by the USA Gymnastics Women's Progrom and hosted by Bela and Martha Karolyi at Karolyi's Camp, March 1824, the Camp brought together representatives from PAGU member countries to share information on various gymnastics training techniques and to meet in an informal atmosphere. Members of the USAG Women's Program National Coaching Staff (Muriel Grossfeld, Geza Pozsar, Tammy Biggs, Steve Elliott, and Artur Akopyan) conducted daily training sessions for the athletes and coaches, while linda Mulvihill provided sessions for judges attending the camp. Technical sessions for the coaches were conducted each evening by Steve Whitlock, Kathy Kelly, and Gary Warren-covering such topics as nutrition, the USA Gymnastics J.~. Compulsory Program, the structure of the USA Gymnastics programs, preparation of a four-year PAGU competition and troining calendar, and periodization. The countries that were able to participate included Argentina, Brazil, Barbados, Canada, Ecuador, Honduros, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Several of the athletes attending the camp were in training for the World Championships in Puerto Rico.

ELIGIBILITY INfORMATION HOTLINE Not sure about how many high school math credits you need to be eligible for Division I gymnastics? Just got the An scores back, are you eligible to make the college gymnastics team next fall? Haven't a clue on the process of transferring from a two-year to a four-year school? These are just a few of the many questions prospective student-athletes face everyday. The NCAA, with the help of its corporate sponsor Sprint and Telemedia, will provide these answers and more through a new 800 number. By simply dialing the new NCAA Hotline at 1-800638-3731, students, parents, coaches and counselors can get the answers they need through a series of recorded messages. The call is free and the information is priceless for any student-athlete



who plans to pursue a college education while participating in athletics. "This is just one more continuing effort of the NCAA to raise the public's awareness of the new initial-eligibility standards that will be taking effect," said Jerry Kingston, chair of the NCAA Academic Requirements Committee. "I encourage high-school students, parents coaches and others to use this hotline in order to better understand the often complicated rules associated with eligibility." After dialing the number, callers will have access to four categories concerning freshman-eligibility requirements, recruiting information, two-year or four-year college transfer information, as well as an opportunity to order free publications on these subjects.


Victor Prisk takes full advan tage of his dorm room at Iowa State Uni versity in Ames, Iowa. When Iowa State Universi ty dropped its men's gymnas tics program in 1993, Prisk refused to give up his gymnas tics career. Instead, h e and his father designed a ring rig to fit in a dorm room. "I worked stren g th at school and went home to Chicago every other week to swing," said Prisk. "Mark Diab, former Iowa State gymnast, coach ed me a t Premier Gymn as tics Acad emy. It's a long drive but it's n ice to swing on familiar equ ipment." Prisk is considering competing for Michigan State next year while in medical school. If the finances work out he said he'll be doing the two things he loves the most- studying medicine and performing in NCAA gymnastics. MAY / JUNE 1996



~ym-Rasts ~callfor

USA GYl1U1astics announces "USA Gymnastics Online," the organization's World Wide Web site. USA GYl1mastics Online debuted in conjunction with the 1996 McDonald's American Cup and the address is: http://www . usa-gymnastics. org/usag/ The USA Gymnastics WWW site includes information about USA GYl1mastics, the history and description of the sport, athlete biographies, national team rosters, a calendar of upcoming events, preparations for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, and many other features. USA GYllli1astics Online w ill be updated frequently and proves to be a definitive resource for keeping up-to-date on current events in the world of American gYl1U1astics. Starting with the 1996 McDonald's American Cup, the site provides detailed information about USA Gyllli1astics competitions and events, competition results, and competition highlights.

lIDlD1lTIMES For: Grips+Apparel+ Accessories

Coaches & Clubs #callfor ByGMR EQUIPMENT


At selected future USA GYllli1astics events, on-site USA GYl1mastics Online reporters w ill provide round-by-round commentary, score updates, and answers to questions from online par ticipants. Visitors to USA GYl1mastics Online can enter drawings and contests for freebies, with winners chosen on a monthly basis. In the near fu ture, the site will include many other informative and exciting features including sponsor information, USA GYl1U1astics d epartmental information, USA GYl1mastics merchandise, etc. Check it out!

J984 Olympic Silver Medali M' was married 10 Mall farrell sl rchelle Dusserre The couple resides in Colon dDecSem.ber 30, J995. ora 0 prmgs, Colo.

4679 HUGH HOWELL RD. TUCKER, GA 30084 1- 800-241 -9249. FAX: (770) 491-3026

Music For * Gymnasts Used by

US National Champion




VARIETY 3 i '"

(619) 426-0068 1984 Olvmpic Gold Mledalist T~t~::rg;~, 1995. . d D Deanne aler on was marne to r" . West Springfield, Mass. lhe couple resl des In



50 Great New Pieces from Barry Nease Contact:

FLOOR EXPRESS MUSIC P.o. BOX 2200· FRISCO. CO 80443 (970) 668·3777



I love to eat breakfast at a restaurant up in FAVORITE the mountains. I also enjoy snow skiing. but we (the U.S. Olympic Training Center gymTHING nasts) haven't gone this year due to training TO DO for the Olympic Games. I also enjoy hiking in -_..... the mountains.

You've probably heard of tennis superstar John McEnroe and foot路 ball great Jim McMahon. But have you heard of gymnastics up路and路 comer John Macready? You probably will soon because Macready is ready to make his mark! Macready, 21, is from los Angeles, Calif., but currently trains at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. He got into the that they liked his style. That is his strong poin!." Brant added, "Up sport at age 5 along with his older brother. Since watching the 1984 until now it has been hard for him to be consistent because we conOlympics on TV, he's had a dream to make an Olympic Team. He's tinue to change and add difficulty to his routines in order to make hoping that his dream will come true in 1996. him competitive. Now he just needs to work on consistency. Sa far things are certainly going Macready's way. He took third all- Work is something Macready has had to do his whole life. At age 5 around at the 1996 Winter Cup Challenge and finished third all路 he was diagnosed with dyslexia, the impairment of one's ability to around in preliminaries at the 1996 McDonald's American Cup. read. He has worked through this setback and has gone on to colUnfortunately, due to the two-athletes-per-country rule, Macready lege to study communications!liberal arts. could not advance to finals at the American Cup because teammates "I have gone through a lot of tutors," said Macready. "They taught John Roethlisberger and Jair lynch were first and second. me in different ways to read. I have reading glasses and I try to Macready credits his current coaches Ron Brant and Vitaly Marinich read a lot which helps." for his success, as well as his former coach Steve Butcher at South Macready attended the University of Colorado since 1993, his first Cal Gymnastics in San Diego, Calif. Butcher said, "John made a very year at the Olympic Training Center, but sat out this semester to focus big decision when he was 14 years old to move away from home on training. He plans to continue his education after the and family and train with me in San Diego. In 1991 he made the Games. He would like to break into the entertainment Junior National Team for the first time. John is physically gifted. He industry, perhaps as a commentator in radio has great form which has become his trademark." or TV. He (omes by this naturally since his Macready said, "My mom insisted Igo with Steve and train and Ihave mother is an actress and his father is a pronot regretted it since. It was probably the best move I've made. ducer/director. Training in Colorado has also proven to be a great move for me." Macready is ready for the challenges that Coach Brant said, "The thing that stands out about John is his style lie ahead in the next few months prior to of gymnastics. This is what continues to get him recognized. At the the Olympic Games and hopes to be a 1995 World Championships coaches came up to me and mentioned member of the '96 Team.


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POSITION AVAIlABLE Brown'sGymnastics seeking full-time ond part-time experienced coaches for our recreational and team programs at Brown's Gymnastics of Houston and Brown's Gymnastics of Altamonte Springs. Brown's Gymnastics offers the largest and best equipped facilities in the USA. Administrative positions also available. Send resume to: Brown's Gymnostics, 740 Orange Avenue, Altamonte Springs, FL32714.

What moves faster than a champion gymnast doing a triple-back? A ticket to the



Gymnastics Trials in Boston.

GYMNASTICS DIREOOR/ INSTRUaORS. Top ACA accredited girls summer camp located in beautiful Oaklond, Moine. We ore looking for mature, highly motivated Director and Instructors, applicants for Director position must be over 21 years and have extensive gymnastics experience and background, instructors must be 19 years or over and have experience in teaching all levels and abilities, CPR and First Aid certification would be an advantage. Largest indoor gym of any camp in Maine, outstanding facilities and equipment. Excellent salary travel allowance, room/board. Contoct Charlolle McGregor/ Mark Harrison l-800-MATOAKA. 50 GYMNASTICS POSITIONS. Coaching/Program Directing in prestigious children's summer camps in NY, PA and New England. Be available 6/ 18-8/ 18. Top facilities. Free room, board, travel. Top salaries. Call Arlene: 1-800-443-6428; (5161 433-B033. Choose from over 40 camps! GYMNASTICS INSTRUaORS NEEDED IMMEDIATElY. Energetic, organized, and positive teochers needed to teach preschool through Elite. Full time and part time positions available at all three locations in northern Virginio. Several positions available. Special need far male coach. Please send resume to Milan Stanovich, 5581 Guinea Road, Fairfax, VA 22032. Coli for more information: (7031323-0088.

BABY ANSWERS Who is she? Kerri Strug Who is he? Jair Lynch


FULL TIME COACHES NEEDED. Live in the beautiful Napa Valley. Looking for experienced coaches to teach all levels. We have 400+ students with strong preschool, girls and boys programs. Salary commensurate with experience. Send resume to: Paul La Grua, 2750 Jefferson St., Napa, CA 94558, (707) 224-5140. BOYS TEAM COACHED NEEDED. Club with Class 6to Elite boys, and LevelS to 10 girls needs coach to work with Class 6-4 boys, preteam and recreational classes. Strong spoiling skills and desire to learn to train more advanced girls and boys required. Our gym is a designated National Team Training Center. Salary and benefit package. Located in upstate New York near Albany. Call (518) 7853481 and send resume to World Class Gymnastics Academy, 630 Columbia 51. Exl., Latham, NY 12110. OPPORTUNITY. Lanco Gymnastics Training Center is seeking a fulltime experienced coach. Lanco offers the finest equipped and a fully air conditioned 12,000 sq. It. first rate facility. Be part of the fastest growing team in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Applicants must have experience with USAG optional levels through elite, dedication and a true love for the sport and willing to teach class children, preschool and up. Husband/wife team a possibility. Must have strong credentials. Salary commensurate with experience and benefits. Send/fax resume to: Lanco Gymnastics Training Center, olin: Dawn Singleton, 449 Haverhill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601 3519, fax (717) 560-0319. COACHES NEEDED. Growing team programs as well as growing recreational programs. Only enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced coaches need to apply. Needed: Developmental/Compulsory Coach, Preschool Director, Boys and Cheerleading Coach, Girls Recreational Coach/Director (Levels 1-3). Part time and full time positions available, salaries commensurate with experience. Please call Gus at River City Gymnastics Inc. (901) 388-3737, or (901) 372-2448. Our gym is dedicated to making gymnastics fun and progressive at every level. May send resume to: 7995 Stage Hills Blvd., Memphis, TN 38133. POSITIONS AVAILABLE: FULL AND PART TIME. New 14,500 sq. It. gym with separate preschool area. Great teaching facility. Looking for motivated, competitive coaches for girls and boys gymnastics. Coaches will also work in our growing preschool and class prog[(]l11IJllgh level, superior glJIlIitBy_mnastics is o~goal. Please reply to: Zero Gravity Gymnastics, 6 Delay 51., Danbury, IT 0681 0, (203) 792-1045. San Francisco 8ay Area. Girls team Levels 5-9. Do you coach with your heart instead of your ego? Diablo Gymnastics is seeking a dedicated, compassionate person to continue our 30 year tradition of excellence. We promote a positive atmosphere-the health and self-esteem of our gymnasts is our first priority. Vault, bars, gener01 spoiling skills needed. Part time or full time (full time includes benefits). Please respond to: Michelle Klimesh, (510) 820-6885, or fax (510) 820-9388. Coaches/Instructors. Openings available beginning June 1996. Join our enthusiastic, warm, friendly staff of teachers and coaches. Full competitive program for boys and girls and innovative class program. 16-year old program in 12,500 sq. It. facility located 30 miles south of Atlanta. Salary commensurate with experience and responsibilities. Serious inquiries only. Send resume to: Newnan School of Gymnastics, 4 Shenandoah 8Ivd., Newnan, GA 30265. GIRLS HEAD OPTIONAL COACH AND COMPULSORY COACH POSITIONS AVAlLA8LE IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. Established 17 -year old program, in 12,000 sq. It. facility, 45 minutes north of San Francisco has full time, benefited positions available to qualified applicants. Seek child-centered, caring, high-energy individuals with good organizational abilities. STRONG SPOTTING SKILLS A MUST FOR OPTIONAL COACH. Send or fax resumes including salary requirements to: REDWOOD EMPIRE GYMNASTICS, 434 Payran St., Petaluma, CA 94952. (707) 763-5010, fax (707) 763-5542. TEACH in a successful non-competitive gymnastics business. Experienced professional must love teaching kids with a focus on fun. Degree in P.E. or Child Development preferred. Excellent pay, medical insurance, and vacation benefils. Send resume to: Fun & Fit Gymnastics, 1919 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506. HEAD COACH WANTED. New program (l 1/2 years old) in southern New Hampshire. Experienced MALE COACH needed to spot/train/coach Level 8-9-10 gymnasts. Agreat opportunity for MAY/JUNE 19 96

anyone interested. Call Tim Madore at NEW ENGLAND GYMNAShand spoiler. Duties include: developing lesson plans, all paper work associated with team and traveling to meets. We are looking TICS TRAINING CENTER, home of the 1996 Levels 5 & 6 State Champions and 1996 Niagara Cup Levels 5 & 6 Champions. for a nice but firm individual who likes kids! (Hot heads and knowPosition needs to be filled ASAP. Call (603) 880-8482, or fax (603) it-ails need not apply.) Must be able to work well with others and 880-1800, or email: NEGTC@AOL.COM or send resume to: NEGTC, communicate with staff and parents. Good salary and benefils and One Wall 51., Hudson, NH 03051. great working atmosphere. Call (301 ) 254-2943. We are looking for developmental coaches as well as a team coach GYMNASTICS POSITION for recreational classes, developmental and to join our rapidly expanding club. If you are willing to become a competitive team. Requirements: working knowledge of part of a hard working, enthusiastic team, we would like to hear International Elite Training techniques, national and international from you. Think about coming to the heart of New England to judging code, care and prevention of athletic injuries or sportstherenjoy a wonderful lifestyle. Send resume to: Northern lights apy. Amasters degree in Physical Education or Sports Pedagogy, Gymnastics Inc., 17 Olcoll Drive, White River Jcl., VT 05001. and at least ten years experience as gymnastics head coach. Wages will be SlOper hour at 35-40 hours per week. Job order #568565. LOOKING TO RELOCATE? Experienced full and part time instrucAll applications should be sent to: Jobs & Training Division, c/o tors/ coaches needed for preschool, closs and team programs, girls Terence LeManna, Vermont Department of Employment and and boys. 23-year old club near resort area offers competitive Training, P.O. Box 488, Montpelier, VT 05601-0488. salary and health benefit for successful applicanl. Hiring for summer or fall start. Send resume to: DGA, Inc., 200 Bateman St., Well established program ready to grow into new facility is seekSalisbury, MD 21804, or call (410) 742-2053. ing instructors/ coaches of experience for any combination of gymnastics-tots through Level 8 Girls and Class 5 Boys. Salary AMAZING OPPORTUNITY! Girls Competitive Team Coach opening. commensurate with teaching ability, experience, education. Join Are you the person we need? Team coaching opportunity in a dedour staff of professionals with extensive experience. Send resume icated, positive program seeking excellence-Levels 5-10/ preto: Champlain Valley Gymnastics, 21 Berard Dr., So. Burlington, Elite, 130+ team members, well respected program-a system that will support you and encourage your professional developVT 05403. ment-seeking strong Beam and Floor coaching skills. Excellent EXPERIENCED FEMALE COACH NEEDED. Strong communication skills salary and benefils program. Send resume to: Greenville necessary. Knowledge of compulsory and optional choreography Gymnastics, P.O. Box 17857, Greenville, SC 29606, phone (864) on balance beam and floor exercise events essential. Dance back297-5589, or fax (864) 297-0373. ground a plus, must be a POSITIVE MOTIVATOR. Conveniently locatGIRLS COACH. Excellent position available for motivated individed near the ocean and the mountains in the beautiful TRIAD area ual. Major emphasis for all level girls teams with some class of North Carolina. Salary and benefits dependent on experience. instruction. Excellent salary with paid vacations, major medical Phone (910) 665-0662, fax (910) 665-0773. and dental. Must have a B.S. in Physical Education, Education, or PRESCHOOL GYM MANAGER/ INSTRUITOR IN NYC. Are you looking similar field. Beautiful New Hampshire location. Call Judy Shenk at for a great work atmosphere? Do you want to be part of an excit(603) 889-8092, or send resume to: Gymnastics Village, 13 ing family gymnastics school in the process of expanding? Do you Caldwell Dr., Amherst, NH 03031. enjoy managing people, empowering and training instructors? Do HELP! Our dedicated, enthusiastic, professional coaches are you enjoy teaching preschoolers? Are you skilled in sales and time stretched to the limit! We need more of same to accommodate management? If this is the career you are looking for and you are rapidly growing enrollment. Beautiful, new 15,000 sq. It. facility highly motivated, outgoing and experienced, call (212) 799-2145. with state-of-the-art equipment located in Northern Kentucky, just across-the-Ohio-River from-Cincinnati~Team-coach-needed with- -I experience at all levels-preteam through Level 10. Incentive I lANEOUS program to reward those Willing to go the extra mile. Excellent MISCEL team program, very congenial staff and fantastic boosters. Our WHAT CHAMPIONS ARE MADE OF... High-tech nutritional products only problem is that we're all overworked. If you'd like to be part that give them the compelilive edge. Olympians John of our solution, send resume to: Five Star Gymnastics, 1405 Roethlisberger and Scoll Keswick swear by this nutritional proJamike, Suite 11 , Erlanger, KY 41 018. Call orfax (606) 647-0660 gram. They have experienced an increase in their stamina, energy, with inquiries. clarity, strength and the ability to recover more quickly from injury. GYMNASTICS INSTRUITOR/COACH needed immediately for brand Researched and developed by a team of international Ph.D's, these new, fast-growing program. Come work with us in a family en viproducts are manufactured at an FDA-licensed, pharmaceutical ronment. Must be enthusiastic, positive, and reliable. Full time and grade facility. Athletes, gym owners and entrepreneurs can also part time available. Pay based on experience. Send resume to: earn a substantial income distributing these products. Call for the American Stars Gymnastics, 625 Corporate Circle, Salisbury, NC facts: (612) 924-2485. 28147. (704) 633-2326. ATLANTA SUMMER GAMES. DO YOU NEED ACCOMMODATIONS IN Head Coach/ Director for a comprehensive recreational and ATLANTA? WE CAN HELP! Great Manors, Inc., has over 5000 propcompetitive program. Must have coaching experience with erties available, all within a 40-mile radius of downtown, many women's USAG Levels 5-10 gymnasts as well as the ability to very close to Georgia Dome. We are a locally-owned, licensed real oversee progressive classes. Must be able to manage and train estate and hospitality brokerage specializing in hotels, apartments, people effectively, be positive, professional and hardworking. condominiums, bed and breakfasts, private homes and estates. We Opportunity for career advancement based on job performance. offer wide range of hospitality services and facilities, including Salary commensurate with experience. Please send application, ground transportation, housekeeping, tickets, business support serresume, and three references with phone numbers to Board vices, etc. Only brokers with experience during previous Games. President, Dale Anderson, 1602 32 Avenue 5., Grand Forks, ND For free information package call: GREAT MANORS, INC., 1-80058201. (701) 746-2797. GUEST 96, (404) 315-0011 (fax), or hllp:/ Need a change? Come South to beautiful North Carolina just 20 great manors/ minutes from Charlotte. Established gym is opening a brand new To pla(e a dassified ad: $75 every 90 words. 13,000 sq. fl. facility in June and needs coaches. Looking for enthusiastic, dependable, knowledgeable coaches, full and part Deadline: July j August-May 16; time, to work with recreational classes as well as some team. September jOdober-July 16. Send ad with pay路 Salary and benefits commensurate wilh experience. Send resume ment to: USA Gymnasti(s, Classified Ads, Pan to: Cabarrus County Gymnastics, 175 Furr Ave., N.W., Concord, NC Ameri(an Plaza, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300, 28027, or call (704) 784-3111. Indianapolis, IN 46225. COME GROW WITH US! Washington, DC area gym is expanding Ads submitted without payment WILL NOT BE and looking for a head coach for its girls competitive team, Levels ACCEPTED. 1-9. Must be experienced at coaching all levels and be a good




Dear KIM ZMESKAL, I absolutely, positively, completely, totally, without a doubt love gymnastics and you are my favorite. I'm not competing at high difficulty but I'm on the high school team . I like to make my routines original and I wondered if it bothers you when other gymnasts copy parts of your routines?

Dear lauren, I share your strong feelings for this sp~rt. Personally, I take It as a great compliment when other gymnasts Lauren Phillips incorporate skills !hat Deshler, Ohio I've used into the" L - - -- - - ---,,:-:-=-:-:-::::-----1 routines.

r~:-:::~~~.Jl~The Highest Star



GOing for the gold' Th h' Trying my best ( ' : Ighest star. Always falling ~hr;::.; too hard on bars). Starting over again: Thn~ tenth or two. \ __- --;;'7:''''T!;:rT G ~ , 15 time 50 h ~~;ZME5KAL:----J~~--==~_ lor ag the .gold· ~ear KIM ZMESKAL I will never ~' I Won't be beat! met mg new. I maim t 1 ' S t I am leel the grea t 5 hame ofd ~ 05 2 vear~ old e t ing for 5 oJ ~ and L II econd becom e,eat nast. SOmetimes I h a evel 8 gymong to be champion' F' es an old routine. . tics late because of ave to come to gymnasBut now I AM fi ,Jrst-the Queen. Were you able to e all my homework. How A db rst and have ~ h g tall h n elieve it or not I . eac ed that sta~ and still go to gy your omework done My Victory dinn ,won It on bars . Nikki Del/as mnastlcs? I er will be Ion d . M am who I am and I g an SWeet. an/ius, New York refuse to be b t By JiIIlan Elaine Wh ite ea .


Yonkers, New York

Dear Nikki, Growing up, my parents alwars stressed the importance of dOing well in school. I tried to get as much of my work done in class as possible to limit the amount I had to do after the evening practices: For a few years, I attended a Private school where most the classes were made up of ,ust my teammates. The teachers understood our training schedule and worked well with us.


What Does Gymnastics Take In gymnastics gymnasts flip and fly through the air. Gymnasts leap and tumble everywhere.

Gymnastics takes a lot of strength. We practice at very long lengths. Gymnastics takes a lot of dedication . Gymnasts need a lot of determination. I have 12 teammates on my team. My favorite event is the beam.

That is why gymnastics is the sport for me. I can't think of a better place than the gym to be. Dear Alina. I Slarled ~ years ol,l%;naslics When I (foss 1/1';' 'Ier ahOUI a e ~as 8 (foss l Tf 'Y (aa(h 1110vel or In .. ae (Ur,., l11e u." . was Inslil enllevel '0 01".... IIled Oller .L Syslel11 ,"'pl(S hUI (t. 'ae 1992 sal11e as ie ass 1/1 is at. very Sil11ila:;' ~ and (foss 7~Sllhe ;Xa(l/y rel11e~ evel9. I (an': UII/rnow I er l11y lOwe helow a 6 00 a (Ouple 01 :sl Store .. Aly fl· 'It Stores 4$ 9 h· . Ipra(lice 10 10. esl was a .ours 01jUsl Ur and a hal!

tfv: ~ays a w::t;:~/ic~/raining

ing l11e~urs a Wee/r an;o 0 hallel lional (ailed Pilat, a (ondilion_ . 7Ve hOurs es an addiWor/rlng ho. d per Week K. hearin'9l,.,o"" and il Was g.. eep '111 You. real


Dear JESSICA DAVI~, Level 9 . I'm I'm 13 years old and t "Dynamo.. training in BroOklynh~hm lC gymnastiCS sports Club. I lov~ r biggest fan. I'm ·· nko I m your k . 1996 I want to as coach Nataliya KInye . ou compete In . ompetanti I love my looking forwartl ~:::,~~sy How oltl were you whe;o~~~ ~ou have e you a coupI 1g:~~at IS the highest anti lowest :ek tlo you train? etl in Leve . times anti hours a w ever recelvetl? How many Alina Reznik Brooklyn, New York

Dear Sarah, Yes, I am still training. I'm at Hill's Angels in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and being coached by Kelli Hill. Unfortunately, I've had a few injuries so I haven't been able to compete. I was very prepared for American Classic in February but I sprained my ankle in warm ups doing compulsory beam. I'm looking forward to competing in the U.S. Classic (May 17-19 in Colorado Springs, Colo.) and hopefully the Coca-Cola National Championships (June 5-8 in Knoxville, Tenn.).


:.'So''a '0

he 191 6 I therine, ed at t asti(s. t Dear '? Nadia 'onta~o start gynt ne day (ontWat(hl~9 'nspired nte f ntine to on 't becaUse OlyntPI(S I s a drea.nt 0No I never qUI ery fruswaS alwa: OlyntPI(s. . 'uries are v pete at t e however, Inl be patient. f an injury, ust always otratlng. . You nt -D;;;w~~;-;;:;::=:-:---__ Dear MARY

Dear Jessica, , was 7 years old when' began gymnastics. Yes, sometimes' do miss it. But being a mother now takes up most of my time. Some of my friends were Dianne Durham, Paige Spiller, Tracee Talavera and Julianne McNamara.

I'm in the 8th LOU RETTON . . Heights Middle Sch I grade at Broomfield inSpired you to d 00 In Colorado Wh to go all th 0 gymnastics? What d ~ at nastics b e way to the Olympics,? D'd e ermined you Cath ecause of an injury'? . I you quit gymerIMe Mohan


Broomfield, Colorado

Dear MARY LOU REHON, I'm in rhythmic and artistic gymnastics. I have to decide which one I want to do soon. I'm almost 10 years old. All of my friends are in gymnastics. Nicole Sengstock is my coach and I th ink I will be better at rhythmic gymnastics. Any advice? Kelly Bauer West Allis, Wisconsin

Dear MARY LOU REHON I'm 11 years old and a Lev~1 8 mn . 1996. I train at Midwest TWis~~rs ~st. My f~rst meet was February 10, started gymnastics? Do you sometymnastlcs. How old were you when you were some of your best friends wh Imes miss .going to gymnastics? Who JesSica Denk en you were In gymnastics? South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

JOHN ROETHLISBERGER, Dear I' Class 4 Our I'm 15 years old and m In d ommel horse an gym Just got;In;~~ ~hink that I am too parallel bars. 0 nastics. old to do any good gym


Lance Marriott EI"'on, Missouri

Dear MIHAl BAGIU What is yo f .' ur avonte event'? M . avonte events a . y ri' re va ult and ngs. I m a 6th grade el horse student and a Class 5 Dear Ian, t is pontnt I gymnast. I go to lIy favorite even y best event. '" 't's also nt . hours a dMadtown TWisters . How bec?USe Illy hard, about Sl; is a great oes it feel being am ' gymnast? a.Jor


la n Cotter- Brown

Middleton, Wisconsin

train r~: dayS a week sOn~st in the day, .Sl to be a top gyntb n nty goal. feeling h Salways ee U.S. That a


ONS ' Dear Kif S~~effr;y ani.! ~ go to My name 1- itl Maryland. Do you ens Marvate n making the have any tipS 0 OlympiC leam'? Jeffrey McManu: Ian'" Chevy Chase, M r Y _ __

Dear Jeffrey, Have fun with the sport. I've been in gymnastics for 17 years and' would have never reached this level if I were not enioying myself everyday in the gym. I'm not sure anyone has the exact formula far making the Olympic Team but all you can do is go in the gym and try hard. 't takes many many hours in the gym of hard work and dedication.

Chalk Talk includes questions covering men's, women's and rhythmic gymnastics. Send your questions to superstars like Mary Lou Retton, Kim Zmeskal, Shannon Miller, or any of your other favorite gymnasts. You can also send U5 photo5 of your5elf or drawings you've made. Remember, we can't return pictures or artwork. Send your que5tions to: USA Gymna5tic5, Chalk Talk, Pan American Plaza, 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite :300,

Blac" & Red Stripe l ycra Mini-fop #21823-H70 (ASM-ALAI


Neon Red Demi-Iength Bi"e Short

Blad, Ri ....ed {oHon "nora" Jac"et #21828-49 (ASM-ALA)


(oordinoles wilh Ihe micro stripe tops! #21822-H22 (ASM-AXl)

(oordinotingB~rk (oHon Zip Veil (pidllred obovel (oordinoting81o~ (oHon Ribbed Ponl wilh drDWIlring waisl #21821-49 (ASM-AXl)


811 r--------------------------------------------------------------,




i\lkro S tripe Bra Top #21822-H70 (ASM-AXLI



ADDRESS _ _ ______ _ __ ____________ __ ____________ ____ _____ ____ _ _____ ____ _ _ CITY ____ _ _ ______ __ _____ __ _ _ _______ _ CHARGE:







Micro Stripe lycra Bi"e Short

ZIP EXP. DATE ___ _ ___ _ _____ _ __ __ _

#21821 -H70 (ASM-ALAI


















SISANDUllDER S15.01-S50 S50.01 -S100 OVERS100.01






~------ - - - -- - ------------------ - -------------- - ----------------~

_ _ _ _ _State _ _ Zip _ __




USA Gymnastics - May/June 1996  
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