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August-September / 1973/ 75垄

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A one in ch layer of speciall y f ormul at ed cushi on ing mat路 erial is lamin at ed i nto the b ea m t o give grea t er co mfort and protect ion d ur i ng long hours of train i ng.








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PUBLISH.: ANNUAL HIGH SCHOOL REPORT: High Schoo l Gymnastics is grow ing by leaps and bound s, not just in number but in quality with more and more H igh Schools fielding except ional yo ung teams w ith emph as is on techniqu e and the All-Ar o und perform er. In man y areas th e coac hes were so busy with th eir teams nobody had tim e or th oug ht to send in State repo rt s for this our Annual H.S. Edition ... Al l we ca n say to yo u that didn ' t make it this tim e is keep up th e good work, we m iss yo ur report and hope you w ill be w ith us next yea r. Fo r thos e th at did mak e it we are sure you w ill enj oy all th e work GYMNAST Associate ed itor, Di ck Crile y did in ed iting and puttin g all the repo rt s in order (took many hours away from hi s surfing tim e in H awa ii ), and the fin e job ou r new Art Directo r Rich Kenney did in putting it to press. CAMPS AND CLINICS: In th e summer of '73 th e Gymnastic Camp and C lini c programs also reac hed a new high in the number of ca mps and attendance. In thi s edition we have ju st brought yo u a brief look at the reports and photos that have crossed ou r desk. Th ere were many, man y more and all across th e country starry eyed yo ung gy mn as ts are looking forward to the coming co mPJ~titiv e seaso n with enthusiast ic anticipation because of the strides made in th ei I' ow n personal performan ce as a result of their attendance at a su mmer Gymn as ti c Camp or Clini c. PHOTO CONTEST: As we w ere late in getting noti ce out for the announced GYMNAST USSR-USA Tour Photo Contest it did not give many photo graphers a chan ce to plan ahead and as a result we did not receive enough res ponses to warrant publishing a Photo Contest report o n th e Russian Tour .. . However, we are making pl ans to resume a Rea d er Photo Contest similar to those run some yea rs back in the MG w ith first, second and third pl ace awards along with honorabl e mention for runn e rs up. Few Sports lend themselv es to the Photo / Artist as well as Gymnastics, so take off yo ur lens cap, put on the telephoto (85mm & 135mm are great for isolating th e gymnast on the apparatus away from th e bac kground ), d o n' t fo rget th e film and start shooting. Full contest details with rul es and pri zes will be announced in the ne xt edition .. . But don ' t wai t, start shooting now as the early ent rants have a better perc entage chanc e of winning . Thi s will be a regular feature of the GYMNAST with pri zes for each ed ition along with Specia l Annu al pr izes for th e " Best of the Yea r" photo award. COMING UP: With the O c tob er edition of GYMNAST we wi ll be bringing yo u an indepth ph o to report of th e recent World University Gam es in Moscow, Russi a featuring th e top co ll eg iate Gymnast 2 of th e W o rld ... Th e November edit ion wil l contain our regu lar feature artic les, Report s, In st ruction and Resear ch along w ith highlites of our annual Santa Monica Gymfest, Arizona Big Surf Gym Meet, the first annual "Gymfest West" in Hawaii and a lot of ca tchi ng upon results and data that came to us late or w e did not have spa ce for ear li er (Jr. Olympics, Sr. Olympics, late HS reports etc.) ... December wil co ntain first notes from the Annual Coaches Congress that will b e held on Nov. 2, 3, and 4th in St. Lo uis ... And if all goes as now planned January wil l start off a whole new year for GYMNAST w ith the long sought , hoped for, mission imposs ibl e drea m of an ON TIME print in g and mailing schedule. (Thank s to our new Art Director Rich Kenn ey) .. . Ha ve a Happy Hand sta nd.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume XV / Number 8-9/ August-September 1973




ON THE BEAM, Barbara Thatcher

8 VIEWPOINTS, Dick Criley 9



73 HIGH SCHOOL REPORT, Compiled by Di ck Criley




CAMPS AND CLINICS, Dr. Doug Bartz, Margi e Combs, Je rry Fontana, Jim Roy ce, Mar13 it Treiber


INTERVIEW: Japanese High School Team, Frank Endo


NEWS 'N NOTES, Re nee Hendershott

30 THE NINTH Grossfeld





INSTRUCTION: Vaulting Drills, Jim Turpin

38 CALENDAR, Renee He ndershott

Cover: Matt Levy , 1973 New York State Hi g h Schoo l AII- Around Champion.

Publisher: G le nn Su ndb y, Assoc iate Editors: Di ck C ril ey a nd Re n ee P. Hend e rs ho tt , Research Editor: Dr. H.J . Bi es te rfeldt, Jr . Technical Contributor: Jac ki e Fi e , Art Director: Richard F. Ke n ney, Staff Writer: Ba rba ra Th a tc he r, Contributors: Dr. Doug Ba rt z, M a rgi e Co mb s, Fra nk Endo , Je rr y Fontan a, Ab ie Grossfeld, Kitt y Kjeldsen, Jim Royce, Marg it Trei be r, Jim Turpin . Photographers: Jo hn G. Berto ty, La rr y Bil hartz, Walt Greenberg , Mark Pol lock a nd Ke it h Rey n o ld s.

GYMNAST' magazine is published by Sundby Publications. 410 Broadway , Santa Monica , Ca. 90401 . Second Class Postage paid at Santa Monica , Ca . Published monthly except bi-monthly June. July. August and September. Price 75¢ a single copy. Subscription correspondence. GYMNAST • P.O. Box 110, Santa Monica , Ca . 90406. Copyright197;JC all rightsreserved by SUNDBY PUBLICATIONS , 410 Broadway , Santd Monica. Ca. All plJotos and manuscripts submitted become the property of GYMNAST unless return request and sufficient postage are included.


I' ve d ecid ed th at Se pt ember isn' t a parti cul arl y good mo nth fo r news. Th ere we re n o majo r ch ampi o nship m ee ts thi s mon th and mos t o f th e ca m ps and clini cs have bee n ove r for wee ks. But it is a good m o nt h for loo kin g ah ead beca use for gymnasts and many coaches Se pt ember marks th e beginning of sc hool and co nseq uentl y th e beg innin g o f a new seaso n.




I' m no t makin g any pr edicti o ns abo ut co ll eg iate tea ms thi s yea r (a t leas t not th is ea rl y) beca use seve ral o f them have th e po ten tial to take th e NCAA Cham pi o nship Tea m Titl e includin g 1973 NCAA University Division winner, Iowa State University. Coached by fo rm er Michigan (University of) gymn as t Ed Gagnier, th e tea m o nce aga in has ve ry ca p abl e gymn asts filli ng th e all-aro und slots, Mark Graham, Doug Fitzjarrell, and Bob Roth . Graham and Fitzjarrell's wea kes t eve nt app ea rs to be po mm el ho rse and ve ry co nvientl y th at is o ne o f Roth ' s bett er eve nt s. So th e Cyclones co uld aga in be ri ght up th ere.


Kim Chace "On The Beam" girl of the month and now also a "married lady" .

rJi'{ Gfhe




Wa tch fo r th e Wolverines . Th ey co uld be up am o ng the to p thr ee to o thi s yea r. Th e Wolverines are naturall y fro m th e University of Michigan and coac hed b y Newt Loken. Conference: Bi g Ten, Goal: A no th er NCAA Tea m Titl e, Chances of Obtaining Goal: Goo d. Th e tea m ca me up w ith a cl ever id ea o f having pos tca rd s mad e w ith pi ctu res of team members o n th e fro nt. A nd also th e id ea o f se llin g seaso n ti ck ets for gy mn as ti c meets. N ice way to pro m o te an int erest in co ll eg iate gy mn as ti cs in th e co mmunit y.




A no th er co nt en der co uld b e Indiana State University. Th ey fini shed third in las t yea r 's NCAA ' s and no t o nl y app ea r to be stro nger but bi gge r too . Th e to tal n umber of all -aro und

Barbara Thatcher

co mpetit ors on th e list was seven in clud i ng Rick Danley (a fin ali st o n hori zo nta l bar in th e 1973 NCAA 's). Seve ral sp ec iali sts w ill also be back thi s yea r to add po int s to th e tea m to tals, no tabl y Ed Slezak (1973 NCAA Po mm el Horse w inn er), Kevin Murphy and Bill Carney.













Have n 't hea rd m uch abo ut Penn State but I did find o ut th at a Nittany Lion is a mo untain li o n and Penn State is loca ted in th e N ittany Va ll ey. Th e lege nd b ehind th e n ame is a littl e too lo ng to in clu de h ere but interestin g. In Cidentl y next year's (ac tu all y th is year's) NCAA's w ill b e held at Penn State. So if yo u wo uld like to go co nsid er startin g yo ur ve ry ow n Pennies For Penn State Fund. Sh o uld be a fantasti c mee t. Wh o loo ks goo d o n th e W es t Coas t? W ell Cal Berkeley (University of California) fo r o n e. But th en Cal always loo ks good . Cal m ay lose a du al mee t o nce in 'awhil e but th ey 're sure hard to bea t w hen the Pacific 8 (th eir confer ence) Championships ro ll aro und . But ano th er real challe nger co uld be Stanford. Thi s is Steve Hug's las t coll ege seaso n and Ted Marcy is a superb sp eciali st and wi th a few more co nsiste ntl y good per fo rm ers th ey co uld b e to ugh. A s fo r Southern Illinois University (SIU) and th e University of New Mexico (UNM), tw o tea m s I was impressed wi th las t seaso n, it 's hard to say. Thi s is Gary Morava's las t yea r at SIU and Jim Ivicek's last yea r at UNM so th ose two perfo rm ers alon e sho uld be exceptionall y good . Bo th gain ed a littl e m o r e co mpetiti ve ex p eri ence thi s summer by be in g o n th e World University Games tea m , and fo r th e las t two yea rs have d pl aced am o ng th e top six in th e all-Mo un d at th e NCAA's. A nd sin ce I menti o ned SIU and UNM I mi ght m enti o n th at an alumnu s o f bo th , Hutch Dvorak is th e new h ea d gy mn as ti cs coac h at Houston Baptist College. In fa ct he is th e ve ry first gym nas ti cs coach fo r th e Huskies, w ho in th eir iirst seaso n o f co mp etition p lan to co mpete in th e Mid-West, Rocky Mountain an d Odessa Opens, and h o pefull y by nex t yea r in even bi gge r, hi gh leve l co mp etiti o n. Bes t o f luc k . Eno u gh of co li eges ...... (Howeve r I sure wo ul d lik e mo re info rm ati o n o n wo men 's co ll eg iate gy mn as ti c p rog rams.)







Kim Chace marri ed ? Th at's w hat I hea r fro m Fl o rid a. Rum o r also h as it th at Ludmilla Tourischeva w ill also be marri ed fairl y soo n. Thi s mu st be th e year fo r Olympians to ge t m arri ed. An yway bes t w ishes fo r mu ch happin ess.

Ch e ryl Diamond (McKeesport Turners). 6


by John G Berlo t)'

I go t th e above in fo rm at io n fro m th e Fl o rida newslett er, w h ic h is o ne o f th e seve ral newslett ers we receive regul arl y. If yo u 're interes ted in wh at 's hap penin g in so m e o f th e o th er states here are th e addresses o f a few new slett ers we receive: Florida: Jack Miles, Edi to r P.O. Box 10373 Ft. Laud erd ale. Fl o rid a 33305 California: Cheryl Wagner, Edit or P.O. Box 5141 Fr es no , Califo rni a 93745

New Jersey: Norma Cannito, Publi sh er 100 Li on shead Dri ve-Ea st Wayne , ew Jersey 07470 Minnesota: Dan Cragg, Editor 3231 Regent Ave. N. M inn eapo li s, Minnesota 55422 Texas: Brian Schenk, Editor 5100 Old Manor Rd. Austin , Texas 78723 If th ere are any more out th ere we 'd be more th an hap py to print th e addresses. Ju st sen d us J co py.










Well fo r all yo u Olga Korbut fans I now hav e the add ress of th e littl e Soviet su p erstar so ge t yo ur stati o nary, envelo p es and stam ps ready ca use here it is: Oljge Korbut, Grodninskii Pedagogi Cheskii Institute, Grodno, U.S.S.R. And that ma y be a tough o ne to type bu t it 's eve n harder to say. On e lad y I've bee n hearin g alo t abou t lately is Cheryl Diamond of th e McKeesport Turners. Penn sy lva ni a hi gh sc hoo l champi on and a freshman this yea r at Southwest Missouri State University, Cheryl also won th e all-aro und titl e at th e National Turnfest hel d over th e summer. Onl y this all -a round was a l ittle unu sual. No t on ly did Cheryl compete o n gym nasti c apparatus but th e 50 ya rd d as h, the softba ll throw and th e standing broad jump were also inclu ded as part of the all-around . You might say th at Cheryl had to go to great lengths to w in thi s all-around titl e. In a previou s co lumn m enti o ned th at wou ldn ' t it b e nice if so m ed ay in stea d of gymn ast ics during half-time at basketball games the re wo uld be ba sketball durin g eve nt rotations at meet s. W ell it 's happ ened. Dr. Eric Hughes wro te that during hi s team's (the University of Washington ) tour of Japa n, New Zealand and A ust ralia in 1966 th ey sto pp ed in Intercargil, New Zealand to give an ex hibiti o n. About half way through th e ex hibiti o n th ere was to be a brief intermi ss ion and much to th e tea m 's surprise w hen they left th e floo r, two of New Zea land ' s lead in g basketball tea m s ca m e out on the court and pla yed a short game. Ah if on ly Amer ica wo uld follow New Zea land 's good exa mple.










Can Steve Hug do it again this year?

The GYMNAST caption qui z (Ap ril-M ay) ha s bee n answer ed . Bryan Schmid, a se ni o r at Eastern Montana College is th e arti st who did the beautiful mural s for th e NCAA Championsh ips in Eugene, Oregon. His mura ls were rea ll y impressive and th e photographs of th em added a grea t deal to th e NCAA Report . Thinkin g about moving to Hawa ii ? W ell a women \ gymnast ic coach is urgent ly nee d ed to take ove r es tabli sh ed classes in th at tropi cal parad ise. So if yo u 're interes ted co ntac t Mrs. Dee Leatherman (808) 839-7509. A nd hurr y. Ye s a sho rt co lu mn I kno w but remember that September isn ' t a ve ry newsy mo nth. And yes, I know th at most of m y co lu mn thi s time is devoted to m en 's gymnast ics . But I th ough t I'd give yo u a loo k at th e teams before th e season sta rt ed and no t after like last year. A nd so eve ryone have a happ y seaso n and let m e know about it. (And pl ease so mebo d y se nd me th e results of th e Mid-West Open thi s year) Th ank yo u.



will this be Jim Ivicek's and UNM's year to win? (Needed a picture and we have lots of Jim plus I liked this one.) 7

11~"'llttilltS** It happen s eve ry yea r. We make th e sa m e pl eas to ge t th e hi gh school res ult s in for our late summ er ro und-up . Thi s year, in Jun e, Glenn Sundb y as ked me to pr ep are a li st of th e top hi gh sc hool gymnas ts on each event and in the all- around. Th e all-around , we mi ght b e ab le to work o ut , but the indi vidua l eve nt bit wa sn 't pract ical. Why? First of all , we didn 't recei ve enou gh results. Th e rest of th e co untry doesn 't want to read abou t Indiana and Illin o is, an y more th an th ey used to b e enthu sias tic about Southern California. Second ly, too li ttl e information about indi vidual gy mn as ts. Somet im es ther e would b e a newspape r clipping about th e top allaround man , but littl e o th er th an a sc hool nam e for th e in dividual even t men . Third . Scor es across the coun tr y still are not comparab le. Grant ed, jud gi ng ha s imp roved trem end ous ly since we first start ed preparing a hi gh schoo l edition , but it still need s stand ardi zing. A lso , so me states use both opt iona l and compu lso ry exe rcises, while o th ers use on ly opt ionals in th eir state mee ts. It is diffi cult to know w hether a 9.4 is ju st th at or a co mp o sit e of a 4.0 and a 5.4. We 'd lik e to kno w more abo ut how th e sco res are arrived at. So, I'll leave a co mpil ation of th e to p high schoo l gy mn asts for th e future. It is oft en a matt er of hi sto ri cal r ecord th at so m eo n e fin ished in th e to p three in hi s stat e, but co ll ege coac h es do a lo t m ore recruiti ng than o n ou r report s alo ne. I d id hea r from on e coll ege coac h that h e eage rl y sca ns our repo rts each yea r, hoping to learn w heth er a gi ve n gymn ast is a se nior, juni o r, sophomo re or w hat. Perh ap s we ca n carry thi s information in th e future if it is provid ed us, or if th e m ee t w rit e-ups ca rry thi s info rm ation. Photograph s are sti ll ou r big thin g. W e still wa nt action pi ctures, pr eferabl y clea r and un clutt ered by backgro und di stra ction s. Richard Kenney our new m an in th e layo ut ro o m, hopes to crea te hi s own rin g of co ntac ts about th e nat ion to report on th ese va ri o us result s and champion ships . I w ish him good lu ck. On e ot her co mment which I think is pertin ent ... A s I we nt o ve r each se t of in com in g result s, I was surpri sed at how many states ca rry trampo l in in g right up to th e State Champion ship leve l. In fact , th ere w ere more w ith trampolin e th an w ith out. Wh en th e NCAA is read y to recogni ze the sport agai n, th ere wi ll be tramp o lini sts avai lab le. I received an int eres ting letter from Hal Fr ey, Regiona l Tec hni ca l Dir ec tor for th e W es t und er th e USGF M en's T echni ca l Committe e. He offered th e thought th at th e Techni ca l Comm itt ee oug ht to be in vo lved in th e se lecti o n o f coac hes and managers for team s tourin g overseas. H e added, " I also fe el th at th e wes t regio n is ove rlo()k ed in this area. If yo u ha ve any feelin gs along th ese lin es, I sugges t you let Mr. Cum iskey (U SGF Techni ca l Dir ec tor) and m yse lf know or it wi ll be two more d eca d es b efore we have a w es t region coac h goin g ove rseas ."


1968 (O C) 1968 (O C) 1970 (?) 1970 (?) 1970 (Com) 1970 (Com) 1971 (O C) 1971 (OC) 1972 (OC ) 1972 (OC) 1973 (USCSC) 1973 (USCSC)

Jack Bec kn er Bill M ea d e Ed Gagni er Jerry Wright Gen e Wett sto ne Bill Roetzhei m Armando Vega Di ck Aro nso n Abie Gross feld Eri c Hu ghes Ru sty Mit ch ell Ji m H owa rd

Calif. III. Iowa Calif. Penn a. III. La. Ma ss. Conn. Wa sh. N. Me x. Wi se.

It seems to me that H al wa s jumping the gun a li ttl e bit , but I dutifull y inqui red of Frank Cumiskey what was th e statu s on se lec tion of men coac hes. Frank rep lied that th e USGF had o nl y been in vo lved in the se lec ti o n of coaches sin ce th eir recognition by the FIG and th at mo st co ac hing se lecti o ns were made by o th er bodies. He gave me a li st of coac hes that he co uld reca ll who had trave led ove rseas, notin g that in six years th e re had bee n no rep ea ts. The above r ecord sho w s th e West co ntribut ed thr ee, the Ea st three, th e Mid-west two , and th e Mid-eas t six coac hes. Th e


Coach, O lympi c Tea m Man age r, Ol ympi c Team Coach, World U ni ve rsit y Gam es Mana ge r, World Universit y Games Coach, World Game s A ss t. Coach, World Gam es Coach , Pan Am Game s Manage r, Pan A m Gam es Coach, O lympi c Team Manage r, Ol ympi c Team Coach, World Student Gam es M anager, World Student Gam es

Ol ympi c Co rnmin ee (OC) named most of th e coac h es, th e Na ti o nal Comm iss ion (w hen th e AAU and th e USG F were give n equa l vo ice o n th e matt er o [ o ur n ationa l teams) named the la st World Games officials, and th e U nit ed Stat es Co ll eg iate Spo rt s Council (U SCSC) , a w in g of th e NCAA , n ames th e official s for th e World Stud ent Gam es. The reco rd hardl y shows USGF di scr imination or a lack of wes t reg ion part icip ati o n. Ac tuall y, th e USGF w ill on ly have any rea l say -so in th e namin g of th e coach and manag er for the Wor ld Gam es as th e oth ers are eith er O lympi c Committ ee o r USCSC ac ti viti es.

----------** CHINESE GYMNASTICS (Translated for the GYMNAST from

l~p )/? )



:fll 1\ rg

by Jo hn Keng and Dick Criley)

Editor's Note: A far different ph ili sop hy of gymn as ti cs is exp ressed by th e Chin ese than we find in ot her gymn as ti cs cultures. In co mpari son w ith th e tr emendou s dri ve of th e Japanese, th e relaxed dpproach of th e A meri ca ns, and th e po li tica l cu lture of R.u ss ian trainin g, the Chin ese see m to have adopted gym nasti cs as a sport for it s own sdk e. Thi s art icl e repr ese nt s a distill ation o f two articl es app ea rin g in th e Dece m ber, 1972 iss u e of a ma gazin e on Chin ese Spo rt Culture. The Hu-Nan Gi rl s Provincial Gymnastic Team, Lik e mo st art icles, thi s o ne wa s preface d by th e say in gs of Chairman Mao. Two sloga ns we re of int eres t w hi ch urged stri ct trainin g to meet stri ct requirement s. Ther e was a n ew girl s gymna stics tea m orga ni ze d in the home town of Chairm an Mao. When the girl s organi zed , th ey were take n to see hi s former hou se and to lea rn so mething about hi m . Th e object wa s to inspire th em and to help them to se t th eir goa ls. Th ey also trave led to va riou s pla ces in th eir va ll ey to learn so m e hi story and some thin g o f th ei r ancestors and pe rsonal hi story. Th is wa s con sid ered an im porta nt fir st step: to becom e edu ca ted in th oug ht , rat h er than th e bod y.

rh e qua lit y of trainin g was empha sized over qu antit y. Each girl was asked to exe rcise grea t di sc iplin e to m as ter th e ve ry bas ics. Eve n th e ba ckward ro ll had to b e don e ju st ri gh t. Wh en lea rnin g to va ult , th ey trained w ith th e horse at 120 ce nt imete rs in stead of 110 so th at th ey co uld ga in m o re height o n th eir appro ach an d thu s exce l on the vault it se lf. Th e girl s cred it ed th e th o ught s of Chairmdn Mao w ith help ing them to learn a som ersau lt w ith 720째 of rotation . Most of th em co uld p erfo rm it w ith 360째 of rotation , and with in d short per io d th ey o ve rca me th e diffi cu lty of 720째 . Inured as th ese girl s we re to hard work , th ey strove to Ie;rrn eve rythin g that th eir teachers kn ew. It p;rid off wit h victory in th e top comp etition s. National Gymnastics Competition, 1972, The sit e of th e 1972 Nat io nal Champ ionships of the Peoples Republi c of Chi na was in th e southwe st part of Chin a in th e autonomou s region o f th e Jaun trib e. Among th e t eams takin g part we re the Hi - Lun-Ch in g Girl 's Gymna sti cs Tea m , Shan-H ai Tea m , Hu- Nan Girl 's Tea m, Lib era tion A rm y Team , A n - Hui Team , G i-L in Tea m, Chiang-S i Bo y's Tea m , Li a-nee Team and Chia ng-Su Tea m. "Wo rk H ard for Revo luti on " and " Gain th e Peak o f Gym nas ti cs " are two sloga ns which Chin ese gymna sts kee p ever in mind. Yet , in compe titi o n, th e competitors n eve r see m to mi nd who wi ns, but th at he has done hi s bes t to reach n ew reco rd s o f perfection. Thi s was th e co mm o n purpo se of all parti cipant s in th e Na tion al Co mpetitio"n s. Throughout th e per io d of this national meet, gy mna sts co uld be see n h elping each other to lea rn and to p erfec t th eir movem ent s. For exa mpl e. a gi rl 's tea m from Hi -L un -C hi ang

Photo suhmitted by Mr. Wang Chia-tung

Prov in ce in th e IH.>rtil edst ildd il1dd eljudt e trainin g spa ce . Tea m s fr o m two oth e r pro vin ces, Gi -Lin Tea m dnd C hian g-S u Tedm vo lunt ee red th eir ow n trainin g sit es . In ano th er exa mpl e, Ya ng M ing Min g o f Shan-H ai Tea m , th e to p all-around gymn ast , . was also tire less in ass istin g oth ers to lea rn hi s skill s. Thi s, d es pit e h av in g to comp ete durin g th e sa m e tim e. It wo uld see m rath e r stran ge to a W es te rn gymn ast , but th ese C hin ese gy mn as ts wo ul d rath er lea rn so m e n ew skill at th eir Na ti o nal Champi o nship s th an take a fir st pl ace. Yo un g gy mn asts lea rn from o ld e r gymn as ts th e pro p er thou ght s and co rrect way to do a skill. Th e o ld er gymna sts see th e trainin g o f yo un ge r gy mn asts as part o f th e ir res po nsib ilit y. Simil arl y, am o ng th e coac hes, th e old e r o nes pass alo n g th eir ex p e ri ence to th e yo un ge r me n, w ho, in turn , show res p ect to th e ir se ni o rs. With all thi s exc hange of info rm ation , it is a littl e w ond e r th at th ey ca re no t w ho w in s fir st pl ace. Th e ave ra ge ag e of th e co mp etitors is low, but th ey w ork hard and are not afr aid of diffic ult y. M an y of th e m have alrea d y ac hi eved a good reput ation. Th e girl s fro m th e Hu- Na n Prov in ce receive d es p ec ial no te. All o f th e six could d o full tw istin g som ersa ult s w hil e three could also do d o ubl e tw ists: W a ng Sun-Chun , 14, Tan Shan Inn , 14, and Hu C hain g-Hu an, 10. In th e few sho rt yea rs th at th ey have train ed , th ey have throw n away tradition al sm all steps and ac hi eved a g reat r eput ati o n . Thirt y-o n e yea r o ld Li a Jun-Ti an, fro m th e A rm y, is an ex p e rt on th e rin gs. In t he 1972 comp etiti o ns, h e is supposed to have c rea ted so m e new moves, ve ry diffi cult , w hi ch earn ed him th e to p m arks o f th e co mp etiti o n . A m emb er 0 1 th e wo m en 's tea m fro m A nHui Prov in ce too k it upo n herse lf to lea rn a new

and ve ry uillicult m ove o n th e ba lan ce bea m . A ft e r injurin g six l inge rs, she fin all y learn ed how to d o th e move. (U nf o rtun ate ly, we are no t to ld w hat thi s mo ve was .) As pr ev io usly m enti o ned , th e to p girl s tea m was th e tea m fr o m Hu-Na n w ho have d epart ed fro m traditi o nal trainin g m ethod s sin ce th e Cultural Revoluti o n . Two o th er g irl s tea m s Li aNee and C hi ang -S u train ed ve ry hard o n th e bas ics and sho wed a ve ry ni ce style. Whil e th e trainin g sys te ms we re no t th e sa m e, th eir ac hi eve m ents we re bo th ve ry hi gh . Th e Chin ese journ al no ted th at new reco rds we re se t, but minimi ze d thi s, say in g th at th ese simpl y m ark ed a new beg innin g po int fo r an o th er stage o f gy mn as ti c grow th. Self- criti cism is ano th e r as pec t o f Chin ese culture. It was no ted th at b ett er tran siti o n is neede d betwee n strength and sw in g ele m e nt s o n th e rin gs . Th e g ir l' s fl oo r exe rcise nee d ed to develo p b ett er d ance m ove m ent s. H ard trainin g to m ee t stri ct requir em ents is th e sloga n b y w hi ch Chin ese gy mn ast s mu st wo rk . By d o in g so, th ey ho p e to raise th e nati o nal stand ard s o f gy mn ast ics hi gh er in a sho rt pe riod o f tim e.


' BASIC TUMBLING' by Don Tonry, Gymnastic Aides, Box 475, Northbridge, Mass. 12 min. B&W Sound. $60.00 REVIEW by Dick Criley Thi s film is d es igned fo r P.E. m aj o rs in P. E. co ur ses in gy mn asti cs. Bes ides show in g se qu ences and pr og ress io ns in bas ic tumblin g,

th e film d em o nstrates how to o rga ni ze a large gro up fo r cl asses. Th e fi lm o p ens w ith seve ral goo d tumblin g sequ ences in slow m o ti o n . Int erest is add ed b y th e ca m e ra ang le - -ove rh ead--a nd tll e mu sic. Th ese sho ts show w hat a tu m b ler mi ght ho p e to ac hi eve. Th e film tri es to p icture si tu ati o ns in w hi c h a kn ow led ge o f tumblin g, or at leas t, how to fa ll , mi ght be use ful. W hil e th ese are o b vio usl y se t up and eli cit so m e good lau ghs, th e idea th e re is that lea rnin g tum b lin g is good fo r yo u . Fro m he re we are taken int o wa rm-up drill s, fl ex ibilit y exe rcises, and th e bas ic b ody pos iti o ns: tu ck, pik e, and Id yo u \. Th e tum b lin g m oves are th e bas ic roll s, ca rt w hee l, hea d sprin g, and fro nt hand sprin g . Slow m o ti o n se qu e nces all ow th e viewe r to exa min e ar m , hea d , and leg ac ti o ns. Af te r po rtray in g th e i ndi vidu al sk ill s, t he film sh ows ho w th ese mi g ht b e put toge th er int o simpl e se qu e nces. Thro u gho ut th e film an in fo rm ed narrato r gives a lo t of goo d hint s and in stru cti o ns. U n fo rtun ate ly, at路 tim es, th e mu sic co m es o ut a bit str o ng, butth at is m y o nl y cr iti cism. Th e film uses a rea l PE cl ass so it is obv io us to th e viewe r th at a w id e range of abiliti es ca n be taug ht to tumbl e. Stud ent s can id enti fy w ith th e stiff fell ow w ho has a ro ug h tim e w ith th e b ac k brid ge o r th e p ik e sea \. Th e fa ncier tumblin g is d em o nstr ated by m em be rs o f th e Ya le U ni ve rsit y gy mn as ti cs tea m an d by Don To nry, him se lf. A good way to u se thi s film wo uld b e to reshow it a cou p le o f tim es durin g th e se m es t er as stud e nt s m ove alo ng in th eir m as tery o f th e skill s. Repe titi on is a mu st if o n e is to pi c k up all th e visual and ve rba l id eas thi s film o ff ers.



1 ReOion One

Region 1 - Connecticut, Maine, MClUQChusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Isi4nd. Vermont.

CONNECTICUT HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTIC REPORT Fo r th e first tim e in Connecticut High School Gymnastic history two sepa rate championship meets were held. Five tea m s were selected to compete in th e Tea m Championships, h eld at Darien High Schoo l on March 10. Tea ms we re selected according to th eir dual meet reco rds and ave rage team sco re. The two top tea ms, Greenwich and D arien , bat tled for the top spot. In what was one of th e tightest m eets of the championship's history, Greenwich Hi g h School defeated Darien 100.85 to 99.15. Oth er tea m sco res we re; Wat erford , 72.35; Hamd en , 61.45; and East Lyme 53.95. On M arch 17, the Individu al Champion ship s we re h eld at Hamden Hi gh School. Ove r 60 boys qualified for the meet by ha v in g averaged a pre-set standard sco re in three or more dual meets. Each co mpetitor was required to perform both co mpul so ry and option al routines. Results: ' AA: Mi cky Vitti (D) 46.00- 37.80=83.80, Don Marsde n (G) , W alt Dorrell (D), Mark Ra cca ro (H). FX: Don Marsden (G) 9.20-8. 10=17.30, j oe Battino (D), Vin Anaya (W). HB: Bill Wales (G) 7.80-6.80=14.60, Micky Vitti (D), Marsden . PH: Dou g Hannum (D) 8.05 -5 .55=13 .60, Ed Skewes (W), Carl Badger (G). R: Greg Go ldbarth (G) 8.95 -8.05=17.00, Vitti, Grant Evans (G). V: Bill LeFevre (G ) 8.90-8.75=17.95, Mike Cerotte (W) , Andy Holmes (D) . PB: Walt Dorre ll (D) 8. 10-7.35=15.45, Vitti , Lin co ln Walworth (D). Winning Routines: FX; Don Marsden Greenwich - RO , ff, whipback , ff. , fu ll ; straight leg dive roll, kickback to sp lit , straight arm press w ith straddl ed legs; step down to back wa lk over to lun ge; front handspring, front sa ito, hea dspring, Swedish fa ll , turn to sp lit ; forw ard ro ll , cradl e kip w. Yl twist ; cas t up to moment ary straddle ." L", bac k ro ll ex t ension , step down with turn to dive ca rtwh ee l, ff , to lun ge; turn , RO, ff , back sa it o.


HB: Bill Wales, Greenwich - Cast, back upri se, ba ck hip circle, drop kip. Cast back gia nt, giant , free hip to handst and , giant. Blind change , front giant, g ian t, pirouett e, bacK g iant, blind change, front giant, piked reverse flyaway . R: Greg Goldbar(h,-Greenwich - Straight bod y, straight arm pull to in verted han g, dislocate, shoot to handstand, lower straight arms to " L" cro ss, pull through back lever, kip to " L", straight bo dy, bent arm , pr ess to han d stand , lower straight arm s to cross, disl oca te , f ro nt uprise, layaway, double bac k sa it o. PH: Doug Hannum, Darien - Keh re i n, li b., rev erse scisso r, I.b., c ircle, circle, kehre o ut half ci rcle to front support. R.O ., L.a. , tra ve rin L.B. , R.O. , forward scissor right , sc issor left , scissor right , hop down , turn and re-ent er R.B. , L.B. , circle, circle, tra ve l down , circle, loop off. V: Bill leFevre, Greenwich - stoop vau lt , handspring. PB: Walt Dorell, Darien - Peach basket to n straigh t arm support, " L , doub le leg cut and catc h, " L" , straight body, bent arm pr ess handstand, drop cas t to upper arm support , ba ck upri se, doubl e leg cut and catch , layaway, n ba ck roll , push out to " L , straight arm, straight leg press to handstand, pirouette, piked bac k saito di smount.

VERMONT STATE HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIP REPORT March 24, 1973 by Marilyn Sheldon Green Mountain College Girls' Team Scores: Essex jun c tion 88.90; South Burlington 83 .05, Burlington 72.55, Harwood Union 69.10, Woodsto ck Un ion 59.95, Brattleboro 57.85, Union-32 57.65, Lak e Region Union 47.50, Ott er Va ll ey 42.40. AA: Sandy Smith (Essex jun ction ) 28.45; j anet Lyn ch (Bu rlin gton) 23. 10; Pe ri Chi ckering (Union-32) 22.75. FE: Eve lyne Ger m ai n (So uth Burlington ) 8.3 . B: Ev elyne Germai n (South Burlington ) 7.95 . UPB: Mauree n H ennessey (Essex junction ) 8.2. V: Pam Rich ard s (Essex junction) 6.80. Boys' Team Scores : Northfield 77.96, Essex juncti on 70.22, South Burlingto n 67.93, Randolph Union 57. 13, Brattl eboro 53.94, Whitingh am 52.05. AA: Bri an Holt (Northfi eld ) 26.16; Mike Hoi sington (Ra nd o lph) 22.95; Mike Tra cy (Whitingham) 21.6. lHV: Richard Maxham (Nort hfi eld) 7.8. PH: Rene Kirby (South Burlington) 5.35. SR: Brian H ol t (N) 5.75. HB: Bri an Holt (N) 3.95 . PB: Rene Kirby (SB) 4.3. FE: j oe Dukett e (Northfield) 5.35.

Greenwich High School, 1973 Connecticut State Champions, Front L to R: Tri-Captains Bill Enos, Greg Goldbarth, Bill LeFevre_ Second row: Gideon Fo'u ntain, Dave Wales, Bill Wales, Kent Bradford, Grant Evans, Don Marsden, Coach Dick Canfield, Third row: Ed Thulin, Brian McKenna, Bill Moore, Carl Badger, Marty Mclean, Bruce Clark_

Vecc hi o (Cicero ) 7.2. PB: Hu ck Gab riel (W es t Ge n e, ee) 8.8, W. Sum merha ys (RH ) 7.5, Rick Sud da by (Ba ld w in sv ill e) 7.05 . V: Ga ry Lu m[ ey (Kenm o re Ea st) 8.65 , Ri ck Summ er hays (R H ) 8.60, Wah lberg 8.55. R: j o h n Be ll a (L) 8. 1, Bob , Burc h (H) 7.9, Ted D eSa lvato re (G. A rcadi a) 6.35 . Tu: Rud y A lfo nso (Go rt o n ) 7.6, To dd Bea ney (RH ) 7.55 , Russ jo nes (V an Renssa[ae r) 7.25 . Tr: Bri an Shee ha n (Ro me) 6.55 , j ack Clark (Swee t ho rn e) 5. 1, Jo h n Rade[[ (RH ) 4.45.

(Be[[e Ve rno n) 67.68. UPB: Ch eryl D iam o nd (M ) 18.20 ; Co l[ et te Hi za[ (Hemp field ) 17.13 ; Lo ri Ku nka BV) 17.08. B: Regin a Ca rson (BV) 17.55 ; Cheryl D iamo nd (M ) 17.45; Deni se Vale (Hend erso n) 17.35 . FX: Cheryl Di amo nd (M) 17.65 ; Daw n Shro gren (C) 17.60; Co lle tt e Bi za[ Pat Charmkh ae [ (H em pfield ) 16.85 . V: (Pl ymo uth W h ite Ma rsh) 18.10; C heryl Di amo nd (M) 17.90; Daw n Sh rog ren (C) 17.70.

:1 RegiOn Three

Region J - Aiaoama, Wash . D. C, Florida. Georgia, Kentucky, Virgin;", West Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina., Tennessee, So uth CaroliPUL

ALABAMA STATE HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIPS May 4-5, 1973 Lee High School, Huntsville Duncan MacKenzie - Maine All-Around Champion.

Maine High School Championships by James J. Connolly President, Maine Gymnastic Coaches & Officials Association Gymn as ti cs in Ma in e continu es to impro ve ! Sco res are generall y hi gh er. Ro utin es are more adva nced . Mo re tea ms are cap abl e o f hi gher leve l co mpetiti o n. I n mos t w ays thin gs are lookin g up. Gymn as tics, as a sport, ha s received littl e more reco gnitio n, and sp ect ato r interest is st il[ neg li gibl e, in spit e of mark ed increase in th e numbers o f tal ented indi vidu al p erform ers and good team s. O xford Hill s, Bidd efo rd and So uth Po rtland ranked highest in dual competition , w ith O xford Hill s c laiming th e league champion ship w ith a 7-0 reco rd . In th e annu al St ate m eet spon sored b y th e St ate o f M ain e Departm ent of H ea [th , Ph ys ica l Edu ca tion and Rec rea tion , South Portland w on six of seve n indi v idu al championships, includin g th e new event - th e All-Around. MAINE STATE BOYS RESULTS All-Around Champion: Dun can M dck enzie (South Po rtl and ) 34.25: V: 7.75, FE: 6. 20, PH: 4.40, HB: 4.70, PB: 5.50, SR: 5.70. 2nd place All Around: Tim Bern ard (Rumfo rd ) 30.10: V: 8.00, FE: 5.20, PH: 2.95 , HB: 4.85, PB: 4.00, SR: 5.10. V: St eve Stilph en (5 . Portl and) tl.bO. FX: Dun ca n Mack enZi e (S. Portl and ) 6. 20. PH: Stiph en 5.40 HB: Venso n Simmon s (Georg es Val[ ey) 5.10. PB: M ack en zie 5.50. SR: M acken zie 5.70.

:I RegiOn TIO

Region 2 - Delaware, PennsylVtmia, New

York, Nelli Tersev . MGryiand.


YORK STATE INTERSECTIONAL GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS March 9-10, 1973 Monroe Community College, Rochester, N.Y_ Dion Weissand, Meet Director Sectional Standings: Sec. 3 - 104.81; Sec t. 5 90.83 ; Sect. 1 - 81 .07; Se ct. 6 - 72. 51 ; Sect. 4 65.86; Sect. 2 -54.93. AA: M att Levy (Fa ye tt ev ill e Manilu s) 37.15 ; Paul Simon (Willi am sv i[l e South ) 36.70, Terry Ge novese (Rampo) 34. 35 . FX: Simon 8.5, Levy 7.75, j ack Bull oc k (Li ve rpool ) 7.6. PH: Pat Den ero (H enninge r) 8.70, Phil D eRose (H ) 7.95, Willi e Summ erh ays (Ru sh - H enri etta) 7.3 0. HB: Chu ck Ve ni sh el (RH ) 8.15, Todd W oh[b erg (Y orktow n) 7. 35, j oe

Report by Kathy Kuhn, Meet Director

Terry Genovese - 3rd All-Around, Winning Routines: Tu: Rudolfo Alfonso (Gorton): Front hand sprin g, front f lip step o ut, RO , bac k hand sprin g, back hand sprin g, back with ful[ tw ist. Front saito st ep o ut, RO , b ac k hand spring, back la yo ut st ep o ut , V2 turn , RO , back hand sprin g, ba ck saito. RO , back handsprin g, w hip bac k, back hand sprin g, back hand sprin g and arabi an. Tr: Brian Sheehan (Rome Free Academy): 2 Ji4 front , barani-ball o ut, 314 bac k, ful[ tw ist co d y, full tw ist back, barani, ba ck, 1 314 fro nt w ith V2 tw ist, co d y, barani , back, doubl e bac k. FX: Paul Simon (Williamsville South): Flip-f[op, jump jack-knife to front lyin g support , hand spring front saito stepout, hand sprin g head spring, Ru ss ian jump to split, pu sh up to a straddl e stand , straight-straight press, to hand stand, VB pirou ett e, RO , ff, whip back, ff, lay out ba ck saito, for w ard rol[ , ff, to front lyin g suppo rt. Two leg' circ les to stand , RO , V2 turn high di ve roll , cra dl e to hand stand, step for ward into sc iss ors, kick to scal e, Vl turn RO , ff, back sa ito w ith full tw ist. HB : Chuck Venishel (Rush-Henrietta):O[ ympi c cast, jam disloca te, bac k upri se; fr ee hip hand , back giant, blind chan ge, rea r vault, ho p kip , front giant, pirou ett e, giant , double fl yaway. PB: Buck Gabriel (West Genesee) : Glid e kip , in sid e cut ca tch, cast suppo rt , cut ca tch " L", stiff- stiff pr ess, cas t ba ck upri se, and cat ch [ay bac k, fro nt upri se, sw in g pirou ett e, stutz to upper arm , front upri se, front o ff. V:' Gary Lumley (Kenmore East): Hand sprin g. PH: Pat DeNero (Henninger): Back moo re, tra ve l dow n, doubl e loo p, reverse sto ck[i , bail ey, moore, d o ubl e Sw iss, ba ck sc iss ors, two front sc issor s, travel dow n, wa lk around , loop w ith hal f tw ist. SR: John Bella (Liverpool): Di sloca te, di sloca te , sho ot handstand , giant to hand stand , " L" cro ss, back kip to " L" , holl ow ba ck pr ess to hand stand , ba ck [eve r, di slocate, hi gh doubl e, cut-off. • •

1973 GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL STATE MEET NESHAMINY, PENNSYlVANIA Barbara Knothe Th e indi vidu al eve nt scores are th e to tal of th e Co mpul so ry and Option al sco res. AA:Ch eryl Di amond (M cKeesport) 71. 20; Da w n Shrogren (Con estoga) 68.70; Lori Kunk a

Th e sec ond St at e Hi g h Sc h oo l Ch ampi o nships fo r girl s was spo nsor ed b y th e Al abama Hi gh Sc ho ol Ath[ eti c A ssociation and included competition in two di visio ns-juni o r high (g rad es 7, 8, 9) and se ni o r hi gh (grad es 10, 11 , 12) . Th e USGF-DGWS interm ediate leve l co mpul sori es we re used fo r both di vision s as we l[ as o ption al routin es in each of th e four Ol ympi c eve nt s. Th ere was also o pti o nal co mpetiti o n for tumblin g and tr ampo line . Th e Na ti o nal Federati o n of Hi gh Schoo ls Ru[ es we re used to govern th e co mpetiti o ns. Approx imate[y 90 gy mn as ts repr ese ntin g 15 juni o r hi gh sc hoo ls and 13 se nior hi gh sc h oo ls to ok pa rt in th e two -d ay co mp etiti o n. Host team, Lee High Scho ol w on th eir second strai ght St ate Ch ampion ship in th e se nior hi gh di vision w ith loca[ ri va l, Gri sso m High , a cl ose second. A nni sto n A ca d emy wa lked away w ith th e junior high di vision , a full 21 points ah ea d o f second pl ace Grisso m junior tea m. The outstandin g indi v idual perform er o f th e meet, howev er, w as Anita Th o mas of Sylaca uga Hi gh Sch ool, w hose tea m pl ace d third in bo th se nior and juni o r. di visions. A nita took fir st pl ace m edals in th e a[[ aro und, free exe rcise, balance b ea m , and va ulting w ith a second pla ce on th e bars, Thi s also was a rep ea t p erform an ce, as she was all around champion in 1972. Th e follo w ih g r es ults re fl ect total s o f compul sory and o pti o nal sco res for team, al[ around , and th e fo ur O'lympi c eve nts. Tumb[ing and trampolin e sco res are for opti o nal routin es onl y and did not count in t ea m scor es . Senior Division Team: Lee (L) 159.10; Gri sso m (G) 155.65 ; Syla cau ga (S) 151.60; Butl er (B) 144.25 ; Vesta via Hil[s (VH ) 141 .30; john son (J ) 86.4 5. AA: Anita Thoma s (S) 59 .85 ; Patri cia Snodgrass (L) 56.90 ; Beve rl y Bro w n (G) 50.30. FX: Thom as 15.85; Libby Robin son (S) 15.20; Car p i Da vis (V H ) 14.70. BB: Thoma s 14.55; Sn o d grass 13.20; Beve rl y Frierson (G) 13.00. UPB: Snodgras s 14.75; Th o mas 13.70; Brown 13.65. SHY: Thomas 15.75; Sandra W as hin gton (L) 15.20 ; Snod grass -14.40. TR: Nan cy Durh am (Gad se n ) 4.1 5; Debbi e Battl es (Eto wa h ) 3.55 ; joan Rob ert s (Gad se n ) 2.5. TU: De ni se Bu rg ess (Etowa h) 6.6; Pam Robin son (But[ er) 6.05; Teia Fordham (J ) 5.8. Junior Division Team: Anni ston Aca d emy (AA) 156.65 ; Gri ssom (G) 135.00; Sylac au ga (S) 121.70; Whites burg (W ) 105.20; Champi o n (C) 78.45 ; Morga n Count y (MC) 59.8 5. AA: Toni St apl es (AA ) 54.50 ; Am y Nash (Huffm an) 54.10; Tamm y 11


Lee High School Gymnastic Team, Alabama State High School Champions, L to R: Martie Gillespie, Mona Cannon, Becky Payne, Patricia Snodgrass, Sharon Tehan and Sandra Washington. Moore (AA) 53.25 . FX: Nas h 15.10; Am y Arnt s horse, parall el bars, and rings; whi le tea mm ate Sam Gi lmor e, th e state's be st bl ack gymna st, (G) 14.55; Winni e j ones (AA) 14.45. BB: Moore ran away w ith hor izo ntal bar honors. Miami 13.75; Stap les 12.75; Nash 12.75. UPB: Staples 14.45 ; Moore 11 .90; j ones 11.85. SHY: Na sh Springs ' Mike Rutkin wo n va ultin g w ith a hi g h 14.50; Kell y Pod y (5) 14.15; Marti Griffith (G) Yam as hita. 14.05. TR: Michell e Cooper (Huntsv ille) 5.7; A ll th e coaches and fans ag reed th at this years ' m ee t was the best run eve r and th at Ly nn McKenzie (D isque) 4.85; Te rr y Naughton (Disque) 3.75. TU: Cooper 5.7; Charlene Ave ry gymnastics in Flor id a has grea tl y improved over (C hapman) 5.45 ; Emily Craven (Chapm an) 4.8. th e pa st few yea rs. • • Results: , , , Team: M iam i Ce ntral (MC) 128 .19; M iami Springs (MS) 122.13; Miam i Killi an (MK) 109.66. AA: Kurt Thom as (MC) 47.75; j ack H eacock (MK) 40.10, Sam Gi lmo re (MC) 39.95. FX : Th o mas 7.80, H eacock 7.40, Mike Rutkin (MS) 7.35. PH: Th omas and Brian Nor iega (Hia lea h ) 6.20 (tie); Gilmor e 5.90. HB: Gi lm o re 8.60, Th o m as 7.95, Kirt De rin ger (MS) 7.75 . PB: Th o m as 8.05; David A rthur (Palmetto) 7.50; H eacock 7.40. V : M ik e Rutkin (MS) 9.00, Derin ge r 8.85; Marc Tecosky (N.M iami Beach) 8.70. R: Thom as 7.35, Rutkin 7. 00, Heacock 6.55. Winning Routines FX: Kurt Thomas: Ru ss ian front stepout, RO , ff, full tw ist, Vl turn to Swedi sh fall ; turn to straddl e stand , straight arm press; hand sprin g, front so mi e, handspring; piro uett e turn fo rward roll , tt to hand stand ; RO , ff , Arabian; l apanese jump to suppo rt , doubl e leg circle s; RO , ff, bac k sa it o dismount. PH: Kurt Thomas: Doubl e leg, sc hwabe nflanke, Swiss ho p, kehre in , Ru ss ian Moore, tramlot , reve rse scisso rs, 2 front Kurt Thomas, Florida H.S. All-Around Champion. scisso rs, sid e li ft down , loop V1 turn. Brian Noriega: Drehfl ank e, direct traml ot, tramlot , GREATER MIAMI ATHLETIC CONFERENCE reverse scissors, 2 front sc isso rs, sid e l ift down, GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS loop, loop with Y1 turn . NORTH MIAMI BEACH SENIOR HIGH HB : Sam Gilmore: Cas t to finn es temm e, back February 22-23, 1973 upri se, fr ee hip to hand stand , giant, direct Report by Don Gutzler The 1972 -73 G reater Miami Athletic change, giant, stoop to dislocat e, eag le, eag le, Confere nce Gymnastics Ch ampi o nships were hop out to giants, reach und e r to flank va ult , he ld at North Miam i Beach Sen ior Hi gh School. kip , gi ant, giant , f lyaway dismount. Through a se ri es of qualifyin g meets, the top PB: Kurt Thomas: G li de kip to reverse stradd le three sc hool s in th e stat e met hea d-o n for th e cut , cast, ba ck upri ~e LO hand stand imm ed iate team champ ionships . Led b y defending all- piro uett e, bac k toss, stut z, cas t back upri se, straddl e cut , reve rse stut z, straddl e cut to " L", around champion Kurt Thom as, third yea r sc hool Mi ami Central outdistanced th e strong st raight arm press, reve rse pirou ett e, back sa it o Miami Sprin gs and defend in g cha mpi o n M iam i w ith Vl turn dismount. Killi an. Central, whose l ea m co nsists o f o nl y all - V: Mike Rutkin: Yamash it a. SR: Kurt Thomas: Di slo ca te shoo t to aro und m e n rather th an speciali sts, claimed f iv e of si x fir st p lace awards and first and third hand stand , lowe r through to bac k lever, kip to " L" , hollowbac k press to hand stand , fall all -around hon o rs. During indi vidu al finals, Thom as, a junior, fo rward to back upri se, drop and d isloca te, took first in all-aro und , free exer cise, sid e dislocate, doubl e ba ck sa ito dismount. 12


Foll ow ing are th e res ults of th e Ke ntucky State High Scho o l m ee t. W e ha ve two Reg ional Qu ali fy in g meets f ro m wh ich four tea m s and th e top e ight individua ls in each eve nt from each region co mp ete. Th e girl s co mp ete in DGWS-USGF Inte rm ediate Compulsories and boys th e juni o r O lympi c Compu lso ri es. Trampolin e and tumbling are sp ecial eve nt s. Tea m sco re is fo un d by addin g th e top thre e sco res in each eve nt, com po and opt ion al. Boys: Team: Bryan Station (Lexi ngt o n ) 301.45, Tat es C reek (Lex in gton) 273.65, lroquor 's (Loui sv ille) 240.40. AA: Ri ck Adams (Thomas j effe rson , Lo ui s.) 105.5, Ray Pay ton (Durrett , Louis.) 101.5, Pat Bowles (St. Xavier, Loui s.) 91.8. PH: Rick Adams (Tj ) 19.05, Ray Payton (D ) 16.3, james Sharp (BS) 15.6. PB: j am es Sharp (BS) 17. 15, Ricky Adams (TJ) 16.95, Tyrone Bond (BS) 16.85. HB : Thoma s Dunn ( BS) 16.55, Ra y Pay to n (D) 16.5, j am es Sh arp (BS) 16.45. R: jam es Sharp (BS) 19.15, Ri ck Ad ams (TJ) 17.05, Sam Rutl edge (HS) 16.9. FX: Ro bert Brown (B5) '18.2, Dav id Gorham (B5) 17.95, Ray Payton (D ) 17.25. V: Robert Brow n (BS) 19.8, Ri ck Adams (TJ) 19.05, Ray Payto n (D ) 18.4. Tu : Robert Brown (BS) 8.5, D avid Gorham (BS) 8.4, Terry johnso n (I) 6.5. Tr: Rex Littl e (BS ), Tyro ne Bo nd (BS), Robe rt Brown (BS). Girls: Team: Moore Hig h Schoo l (Loui sv il le) 190.55 coac h Caro le Li edtke, Lafa yett e (Lexi ngton) 187.6, Tates Creek (Lexi ngton ) 187. 1. AA: Lind a Ne lso n (M) 71.7, Tina Suth erl and (TC) 66.0 . Rhonda Wild e rso n (Paris) 65.25. Bars: Linda N e lso n (M) 18.05, j ane t Burckle (J efferso ntown) 17.5, Rhonda Wilk erson (P) 17.0. V: Lind a Nelson (M) 17.95, Kath y Flan ary IL) 16.85, Kell y Ga lb raith (Bourbon) 16.45. Beam: Linda Ne lson (M) 17.80, Tina Suth e rland (TC) 16.95, ju dy Steinl age (Sen eca) 16.45 . F: Lind a Nelso n (M) 17.9, Val eri e Buchanon (L) 17.15, Rhonda Wilk erso n(P) 16.7. Tu: ti e for fir st Kathy Flanary (L) and Sall y Wa lk er (Se neca) 8,.35, Nora G eog haga n (Say re) 8.1. Tr: Sonja Co mpton (Doss) 5.75, Bre nd a Yo un g (Do ss) 5.1 , D eb bi e Sm ith (But ler) and Darl en e Barker (So uth ern ) 5.3. GEORGIA STATE HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTIC MEET March 23-24, 1973 Tucker High School Stan McCallar, Meet Director Georgia sw it ched to th e pra ctice of awa rding tea m po ints for places won in th e State m eet. Thi s gave Lak es id e a sa fe margi n o f v ictory, th ank s to f ir st pla ces o n pa rall el bar s, hori zo ntal bar and th e all-aro und , all cred it ed to j eff Morrison , th e ir all-around man . A ve ry close race for seco nd saw Briarcliff edge o ut Tu cke r, th ank s largel y to two men among the top six finishers in th e all- aro und. Results: Team: Lak es id e (L) 56.0; Briarcliff (B) 44.5 ; Tuck e r (T) 43.5; Sequoyah (5) 38.5; j efferso n (J) 21.5 ; Peac htree (P) 12.0; Woodward A ca d e m y (W ) 8.0. AA: j eff M o rri so n (L) 40.30; Bobby Sea le (5) 39.10 ; Eddie McCormick (B) 35. 20. FX: Sea le 16, 20; D wa in Griffith (T) 15.50; Dav id Powe ll (P) 15.40. PH: Raymond Wh it f ie ld (J ) 12.85; Mark Keega n (T) 12.25; Morrison 11.00. R: Morri so n 16. 25; Sea le 15.00; Mark Ga lati (W) 14.85. V: Sea le 17.20; Pete A lexa nd e r (B) 16.50; Sco tt Chestnutt (St. Mountain) 16.35. PB: M o rri so n 16.65; j erry Morrison (L) 16.40; Steve Cowan (Co lumbia) 15.30. HB: M ark Keegan (T) 14.55; Griffith 13.45; McCormick 11 .60. Tr: A lexa nd er 15.40; Phi l Manson (B) 14.1 5; Dwight Standrid ge (J) 13.75.


~lleIIion fIIr

Reti0" <I - nlinois, Indiana, MichigtJrt. OltlO, MinMJota, Wiscontits, Iowa.

INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION STATE GYMNASTIC MEET March 3, 1973 Warren Central H.S. by Tom Hadley, President of Indiana High School Gymnastic Coaches Association The seve nth annual Indiana Hi gh School Athlet ic Assoc iatio n (I HSA A) State Gymna sti cs Meet was held Satu rda y, Ma rch 3, 1973 at W arren Central H.S. Meet Dir ec to r, Jack Gary, noted th at th e 1,700 spe ctato rs was o ne o f th e largest turnout s in th e mee t 's hi story. Participating schoo ls increased from 16 in 1972 to 21 fo r this yea r. The hi gh po int of the entire mee t was a fl oor exe rcise routine turn ed in by Chris Dolson , a junior at Ben D av is. Dolso n 's sco re was th e highest of th e meet, 8.8. Co lum bu s Nort h wo n th e Champ ion ship w ith 95 po int s. Jeff ersonv ill e was second w ith 72, Pik e w ith 46, and Co ncord and Anderson ti ed at 31. John Hi nds, coac h at Columbus H ig h, was cited b y th e Nationa l Federation of High School Ath leti c Assoc iati ons for h is wo rk at th e nation al leve l in d eve lop ing hi gh sc hoo l gymnast ics. Ken Sto ck ton , of Col u mb us North , was th e r ecipi ent of th e Me ntal Attitude Awa rd for hi s posit ive spirit during th e Stat e Meet. Results: Team: Columbu s No rth (CN) 95; Jeffe rso nv ill e (1 ) 72; Pik e (P) 46 ; ti e bet ween Co ncord (C) and Anderson (A ) 31. AA: Mauri ce Barrett (1) 37.45; Mike Gilpin (P) 36.65; John U nderwood (Wa rr en Central ) 36.1 0. Strip FX: Chris Dolso n (Ben Davis) 8.8; Pat Euler (CN) 8.35; Pat Whisler (C) 7.7 . PH : Terry Essig (C) 7.95 ; Robe rt Coffy (1) 7.5 5; Garry Beas ley (CN) 7.4. R: Mark Schi ll er (1) 8.4; Larr y Br own (CN) 8.25; Na th ani el Edge (CN) 7.7. V: Eul er 8.65; Barrett 8.25; Ri chard Craig (P) 8.2. PB: Greg Hill (CN) 8.1; Dave Sm ith so n (CN) 7.45 ; James Cartmel l (Crown Point) 6.9. HB: Randy Smith (A) 7.3; Gi lpin 7.1 5; Daniel Lin der (C P) 6.9. Tr: Ken Stockton (CN) 8.5; Mark Foster (J ) 7.9; Ken Conner (Wa bash) 7.45. Winning Routines: Strip FX : Chris Dolson (Ben Davis): I-RO, ff, double twist; II -Russ ian front step o ut, RO , ff to knees, ff off knees, sp li ts, press handstand ,

Mark Schiller, (Jeffe rsonville H.S.), Indiana Ring Champion.

p ir ouette, step down ; III- Ru ss ian front step out, front handspring , str aight body fall to prone position , reve rse turn o ut, back ex tension ro ll to handstand, step down; IV- RO , ff , full. PH : Terry Essig (Concord): Back moo re, circl e, Russ ian, tra ve l down , German , ba ck stock Ii , ci rcle, bab y sw iss, co ns ecuti ve regular leg sc issors, leg circle, reve rse sc issor, circle, tra ve l down, German , wa lkaround dismou nt . R: M ark Schiller (Jeffersonville): Elevate to handstand, reg u lar g iant, ba ck ro ll to L, p lanche, L cross, back kip, lowe r do w n to inl ocate, ba ck upri se to handstand, cross, d islocate, di sloca te, doubl e back. V: Pat . Euler (Columbus North): Fro nt handspring fro m the neck . PB: Greg Hill (Columbus North): Cast support , stra ddle cu t, L, straight- st raight pr ess to hand stand , stutz, cast, straddle leg cut, swi ng hand stand , peach , front uprise, sw in g handstand, ba ck off. HB: Randy Smith (Anderson): Hop change to undergr"ip, kip , ' y., giant, stall to f lank va u lt, ki p w ith undergrip to immediate pirouette, giant , b lind change, giant, p iro uette, gra nt, full twisting flyawa y. Tr: Ken Stockton (Columbus North): Pike barani out f liffi s, back, full, double ba ck, rud o lph , ba ck, double ba ck, rud o lph , doubl e twisting ba ck, bara ni, back, rando lph .

1973 ILLINOIS HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATION GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS PROSPKT HS March 16 & 17 Hinsda le Centra l wo n it s fourth stra ig ht champions hip, ou tdi stanCing Elk Grove 120 poi nts to 110. Th ese two tea ms we re fo ll owed clo se ly by Hersey, Ro llin g Meado ws and i~ il es North. Th e Hin sda le Ce ntral Red Dev il s w e re paced by Steve Shephard o n Fl oo r Exe rc ise, Chuck Walt ers an d Curt Roge rs o n pomme l horse, Jim Erwin on para ll el bars and Do ug Wood on rings . The seco nd p lace Elk Gro ve Grenad iers were lead by Scott Phillip s (vo ted o ut standin g se n i o r gy mn as t b y th e I.H .S.G.C.A.) on p ar all e l b ar s, Bob Siemianowski on pomm el horse, th e trampol in e trio of Steve To rge rsf' n, Da ve Had ley and Dave Khoshaba and fin all y by Jack H enry on still rin gs. Thi s me et was one of th e mo st exciting beca use th is yea r th ere we re three tea ms w ho co uld ha ve taken th e crown. Hin sdale Central, El k Gro ve and Hersey all sco red in th e high 140 ' s durin g the dual m ee t season. Second on ly to th e team champ io nsh ip for exci tement was the batt le fo r all -aro un d honors. Mik e Godawa of Rolling Meadows put o n a da zz lin g di spl ay o n th e fi ve event s ami ca me up w ith a sco re of 41 .20 pt s. He also took a third on ho ri zo ntal ba r, a third on parall el bars and a third on still rin gs. By th e way , M ik e is

Hinsdale Central High School, fourth consecutive year as Illinois State Championship team. 13

o nl y a ju n io r. Ve ry cl ose beh in d at 40 .75 pt s. was t he fresh man p heno m eno n fr om N il es W es t, Bart Co nn ors. Bart also w o n parall el ba rs and was se co nd o n ho rizo ntal ba r. Ro un d in g o u t th e top t hree w as Kell y Harm o n of W hea to n Cent ra l, also a j unior. Results: Team: Hin sda le Cen tr al (HC) 120.0, El k G ro ve (EG) 11 0. 0, Hersey (H) 97.), Ro llin g Meado ws (RM ) 93.5, N il es N o rth (NN) 90.5, New Tri er Ea st (N TE ) 80.0, N il es W es t (N W ) 69. 0, Yo rk (Y) 67.5 , Evan ston (E) 64. 0, H o m ewood Fl o ss moo r (HF ) 51.5. AA: M ik e Goda wa (RM ) 41 .20, Bart Co n no r (N W ) 40.75, Kell y H arm o n (Whea to n Ce ntral) 38.45 . FX: Cu rt A ustin (Y ) 9. 05, To m Gard ner (Co nan t) 8.80, Larry Patt is (NYW) 8. 70. PH: Bob Siemi ano ws ki (EG) 9. 00, Ch uck W alters (HC) 8.90, Joh n Ebe rl e (Th or nw ood ) 8.50. HB: Tom Pearso n (N TE) 8.85, Con n er 8. 70, ti e fo r thi rd amo ng Eri c Eri c kson (E), M ike Krav it z (N N) , Kim Klock e nga (G lenbard N o rth ) and Goda wa all w it h 8.45 . PB: Co nnor 9. 10, Jim Wa lk er 8.90, ti e betwe en Go dawa and Bruce Beiersdorf (N TE) 8.65 . R: Steve Sossm an (NN) 9. 10, Do ug Wood (HC) 9. 00, God awa 8.80. Tr: Dave Dani el (Y) 8.85, Ma rk Fo rd (G len b roo k So uth ) 8.75, Scot t Barclay (O ak Park) 8.60.



GIRLS STATE GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIPS East Lansing H.S. Allan Rule, M eet Director

se lec ted to give spec tato rs t he bes t poss ib le v iew o f h igh schoo l gymn as ti cs . The m ee t was t hen staged to cat er to spec tato r comfo rt and a fas t mo vin g affai r. I f yo u r sta te is loo ki ng for a sure fire way to im p ro ve and p romo te gy m na stics - t ry an in vitat io nal! H ere are som e id eas fo r invit ati o nal fo rm at s th at are bei ng use d i n th e state of M ic hi ga n an d are co ntribut in g to th e grow th and p o pu larit y of gym nas ti cs . Th e all aro un d an d bes t spec iali st in vitati o nal and th e all star in vit ati o nal. A ll of th ese have give n a new li ft to o ur co m pe ti tive season and a chance to d ispl ay gymn as tics to th e p u b li c in th e b es t po ss i b le way - w it h great ro utin es. RESULTS Team: Taylo r Ken nedy (TK) 52.7 5, A ll en Park (A P) 45 .00, Ann A rbo r Huro n (AA H ) 43.45, Clarencevill e (C) 39.60, No rth Farm ing to n (N F) 38.45, A nn Arbor Pi o nee r (AA P) 38. 15, Har ri so n (H) 33 .30, Tay lor Cent er (TC) 32.95, Trenton (T) 31. 65 , Fl at Ro ck (FR ) 31.30. FX: M ark O ' Valley (TK ) 8.4 , A rch ie Varad y (A P) 7.7 5, Har ley Dann er (AA H ) 7.55. HB : Do ug Dom urat (A P) 8.0, Ji m M it chell (TK) 7.85 , Dan ner 6.4. PH: Howard D iam o nd (CV) 6.6, Rock To lin sk i (TK ) 5.7, Steve Se rmack (A P) 4.6. PB: Bo b Ma li cke (TK) 8.0, Di am o nd 7.0, Mark Imm o nen (AAP) 6.35. R: Jim Mclau ghli n (TK), Dann er 7.3, Ga ry Strickl and (TC ) 6.3. Tr: Tim Hu ghes (TC) 7.8, Steve Rim ar (TK ) 6.95, N ew t Lok en (AA P) 6. 05. Tu : Terr y M ill es (TK ) 8. 2, Dann er 7.45, Ji m Patterson (N Fl 7.15. Jim Mitchell (Taylor Kennedy H.S.) second on hig bar.

Taylor Kenned y repea ted as State Ch am ps in th e seco nd M ichi ga n State Gymn asti cs Ch amp ion sh ip s fo r girl s. A m y Ba log h, a 17year o ld se n io r, le d th e way by capturin g th e vau lti n g and un eve n ba r eve n ts. The (ll ee t w as cl ose, ho wev er, as Tay lor Ke n ned y ed ge d o u t Ea st Lansin g by 0.42 po int s, 123.02 to 122.60. A lso co ntributing to Taylo r Kenned y's laurels was Sa ll y Ba ber, a seni o r, w ho w o n th e tram po lin e eve nt. For Ea st Lansin g, A nn W eave r ga rn ered th ree titl es: t u mblin g, free exe rci se, anu th e allaro un d. In sec o nd p lac e i n th e all -a ro un d was M ax in e Cecca to of Birmin gham G ro ves . Ma rt a Scharrenl;> erg of Li vo ni a-Clarencev i ll e took th e remain in g ti tle - bea m . O ver 200 g ymn as ts took part in th e mee t, representin g 35 sch oo ls. Results: Team: Taylo r Kenn ed y (TK ) 123.02, Ea st Lansin g (EL) 122.60, W yom in g Roge rs (W R) 107.59, Hill sda le (H ) 92.21, Tro y (T) 85.50, No rth Farmin gto n (N F) 80. 36, Luding to n (L) 79.37, Fruitpo rt (F) 77.38 , A lp ena (A ) 71. 86, Li vo ni aClarencev ill e (LC) 65 .62. AA: A nn W eave r (EL) 29.03 , Ma xin e Ceccato (BG) , A m y Balo gh (TK) 28.67. BB: Ma rth a Scharrenb erg (LC) 6.95, Cat h y Ril ey (A) 6.80, Bec ky Fr eu n d (W R) 6.55. FX: W eave r 8.50, Ba log h 8.10, Rob in Ickes (TK) 7.77 . V: Balo gh 8.87, W eaver 8.83, Marjo ri e Powers (H ) 8.23. UPB: Ba lo gh 7.15, Ma r cia Pl ace (H) 7. 00, D ebbi e Fri ed ri c h (G rand Rap id s, Ott aw a Hill s) 6. 80. Tr: Sa ll y Bab er (TK) 7.50, Tied for seco nd we re Debo rah O 'Ji bw ay (TK) and A li so n Do mm er (LC) 7.00 . Tu : Weave r 8. 00, Cin d y Lindh o ut (W R) 7.30, O 'Jib w ay 7.20.

Huro n third w ith 114.56. Kenn ed y gy mn as ts ci aimeu three titl es - fre( exercrse, p a.rallel bars, tumblin g - w itl neighbo rin g Taylo r Ce nter a fourth trampo lin e. A nn A rb o r Huro n h ad a d o ubl E w inn er in H owa rd D ann er, a junior, w ho won th e rin gs and all- aro und. Results: Team : Taylor Kenn ed y (TK ) 153.28, A nn A rbor Pi o nee r (AA P) 121.46, A nn Arbor Huro n (A A H ) 11 4.56, A ll en Park (A P) 113.74, No rth Farmin gto n (N F) 104.82, Alp ena (A ) 99.77, Li voni a-Cl arencev ill e (LC) 97.74, Taylo r Cente r (TC). 97.22, Trento n (T) 96.39, Fl at Ro ck (F R) 87.06, Farmin gton Harriso n (F H ) 86.85. AA: Harl ey Dann er (AA H) 35.30, Mark O 'M alley (TK ) 34. 65 , Steve Rim ar (TK ) 31.80. FX : O 'M all ey 8.8, Terr y M ill s (TK ) 8.55, ti e b etwee n Ja y Sh o re (AA P) an d A rchi e Va rad y (AP) 8.1. HB: Do ug Do murat (AP) 8.15, Jim M itch ell (TK ) 7.75, Gar y Stasle (A P) 7.65. PH: H owa rd Diam o nd (LC) 5.9, Paul Hamm o nd (AA P) 5.85, O 'M all ey 5:75. PB: Bo b Ma lic ki (TK) 8.45 , O'Ma ll ey7.8, Rim ar 7. 55. R: Dann er 8.2, O 'Ma ll ey 7. 15, Jim Mclau ghlin (TK ) 7. 05. Tr: Tim Hu gh es (TC) 8.45, Ken Th ompso n (LC) 7.4 5, Tim Co nnor (TK ) 7.0. Tu: M ill s 8.65, D ann er 7.7, Jim Patterso n (N F) 7.4.


1973 NORTH FARMINGTON INVITATIONAL GYMNASTIC MEET Th e se co nd No rth Farmin gto n In vitati o nal fo r ev ent speciali sts pro ved o nce aga in to be o ne o f th e hi ghli ght s of M ichi ga n High Schoo l gym nasti cs . Ten sc hoo ls we re in vit ed to se nd th eir b est man in eac h ev ent. Th e result was fo ur n ew in vitati o n al reco rd s, good sp ectato r turn o ut , and pr oof th at M ichi ga n gymn asti cs is ga inin g no ti ceab ly in q ualit y. Th e in vitatio nal w as beg un o ne year ago fro m fund s given in m em o ry o f a for m er N o rth Farmin gto n gymn ast and th e fo rma t wa s 14

Mark Immonen (Ann Arbor Pioneers).


BOYS STATE GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIPS Hillsdale High Fo r th e tou rth st ra ight yea r, Tay lor Ke nn ed y ass ert ed its gymn as ti c p rowess to cap t ure th e M ichi gan Sta te Hi gh Sch oo l Gymn asti c Champi o nshi p s. Coa ch Rog er Be ch to l's charges rol led u p 153.28 po int s, 25.13 mo re th an last year w hen th ey to pp ed N o rt h Fa rmin gto n. Thi s yea r, A nn A rbo r Pi o nee r was a d istant seco nd w ith 121.46 and A nn A rbo r

OHIO HIGH SCHOOL STATE GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS REPORT 1973 W ayne Hi gh Sch oo l lea d b y all-aro und w inn er D ave Eby, w ho wo n three events , ca ptured th e Ohi o St ate High School Gy mn asti cs Champi o nship held at th e U ni ve rsity of Da yto n Fi eldh o use February 23-24 befo re a crowd o f approx im ately 3,000 peopl e. Taking seco nd b ehind champi o n Wa yne' s 274 de fendin g stat e champion po ints was Mi ami sburg w ith 205 point s fo llo w ed by th e thi rd pl ace tea m Franklin w ith 145.5 points. Eby, a W ayne se ni o r, too k all-around honors fo r the seco nd co nsecuti ve yea r w ith a ve ry fin e all-aro und sco re o f 50. 30 followed b y Yo un gstow n U rsa lin e's se ni o r, Mike Dubos, w ith a 44.05 score and in third place was M iami sburg's se ni o r, Jo hn Go od, with a 41 .25 sco re.

After th e Frid ay pre li min aries, o nl y the top seve n gym nas ts adva nc ed to th e Sa tu rd ay ni g ht in d ividua l fin als and co nclu sion of th e tea m champi ons hi p. Th e follo w i ng is eac h eve nt 's top thr ee in d ividua l p ldcings, sc hoo ls, scores and th e w in ning routin e. Results: Team: W ay ne H.S. 274 pt s., Miam isburg H .S . 205 pt s., Fran k lin H .5. 145.5 pts. AA: D ave Eb y (Way ne) 50.30, M ike Dub as (Yo un gs tow n Ursa li ne) 44.05, j oh n Good (M iami sburg ) 41. 25. LH: Dave Eby (Wayne) 8.8, john Good (M iami sb urg) 8.7, M ike D ub os (Y. U rsa li ne) 8.675. FX: Dave Eb y (Wayne) 8.575, Roland Bi scoff (Way n e) 8.0, Ma rt y M ill e r (Way ne) 7.35 . PH: Eld en Hos kin s (Fr anklin ) 6.95, Da ve Eb y (W ay ne) 6.675, A lan Barn e tt (M iam isburg) 6.25. HB: Den ni s Moore (M iami sburg ) 8. 125 , Ke vin Ireton (Fairmont West) 7.2, tie between Paul Lu sk (Way ne) and Irvi n Kene rl y (Fran k lin ) 6.9 . Tr: Ri ck Bort h (Fairmo unt E.) 8.2, Matt Hi eb (Fa irmount W. ) 7.825, j eff Koni ch (C uya hoga Fall s) 7.675. PB: Dave Eb y (Way ne) 8.7, M ik e Dubo s (Y . U rsa lin e) 7.825, Mike Hall (Miami sbur g) 7.775. SR: Lowe ll Fran tz (Fairm ou nt E.) 8.75, Mike Dubos (Y. U rsa line) 8.725, Da ve Eby (Way n e) 8.3. Winning Routines ; LH: Dave Eby (Wayne) 8.8: Yamas hita (far e nd ). FX: Dave Eby (Wayne) 8.575 : RO , ff , doubl e full , y, turn Swed ish fall step aro und . RO , ff , arab ian front , hea dspr in g Swedi sh fal l turn sp lit s, p ress straight arm hands tand. RO , arabian di ve roll, chest roll , sin gle leg circle, fro nt lun ge, Y sca le, RO, ff, pik e bac k. PH: Elden Hoskins (Franklin) 6.95: German wa lk around, back sto ck li in , double moore hi gh li ft fro nt sc isso rs pu ll o ut to reverse sc isso rs circle m oo re, back sto ckli o ut sw iss hop to loop of f. HB: Dennis Moore (Miamisburg) 8.125: Reve rse kip , Germa n " turn kip, f ro nt giant stoop in , 2 eag les hop o ut , imm ed iat e front sta ld er, gian t pirou ett e bac k giant , back stald e r back giant (2) , flyaway. Tr: Ric k Borth (Fainnount E.) 8.2: y, in , ~, out fliffu s, rud ol ph, b ac k so mi e, d ouble back , lull twis t, back so mi e, doubl e tw ist, back so mi e (2 ). fr o nt one and thr ee qu art ers rudolph out. PB: Dave Eby (Wayne) 8.7: Cas t k ip to suppo rt . sw in gin g pirou ett e, stut z hand stand , back to ss hand stand, cas t kip , back u prise str addl e cu t L press hand stand , stut z, layaway fr o nt u p ri se , front off. SR: Lowell Frantz (Fairmount E.) 8.75: Pull to cross, d isloca te shoo t hand stand front gia nt lowe r to reverse kip "L ", ho ll ow back press hand stand , lowe r to reverse kip to cro ss . di slocate d ou bl e b ack d ism o unt.

Wayne H.S. - Ohio High School Gymnastic team Champions - Coach Jack Morgfield. Dave Eby, Champion.



Thi s com petition was he ld o n Saturday, Ap ril 7th at th e New Dubl in Hi gh School n ea r Columbus. Th e top five wome n f rom each of th e di st ri ct meets in th e int e rmediate and advanced divisions co mp eted thi s yea r inst ea d of havi ng all th ose w ho had sco red above 5.0 as in th e pa st. Th e co mp etiti on was ve ry goo d on th e w hole w ith a number o f girl s showing good style and fu ll difficulty. Lori Haas o f Lakewood Hi g h took first pla ce all-around honors w ith a comp ul so ry plus opt ional tota l of 66.35 . j an ie Gabe l of Dublin Hi gh was seco nd w ith 60.35. Dianne Men ze r and Lo rrain e M arik we re third and fourth w ith sco res of 57.48 and 56.20. Th e int e rmedi ate girl s did not compete in th e all-aro un d. Cindy Torf ner of Badin spo rt ed a 15.90 on va ult. Suz i j oh n so n of Wadsworth wo n th e un evens w ith 14.50; W e nd y Wertz of Hilliard ca ptured th e b ea m event w ith 14.05 and De bbi e White of Worthington scored 15.05 o n th e floo r exe rci se eve nt. Among th e 20 j udges we re seve ral we ll known indiv idu als: Ern a Wa chte l, Carol yn Bowers, and Re nee H efJde rshott.

Lori Haas, 1st place All-Around - Uhio.


H.S. Ohio

H.S. All-Around

Results: Advanced Division: AA: Lo ri Haas, j ani e Ga bel, Di ann e M enze r. BB: Gabe l, Haas, Me nze r. FX: Gabel, Mimi Rohr, Haas. V: Haas, Gabe l, Debb ie Bahre. UPB; Haas, Mar ik , Menzer . Intermediate Divi sion: V: C ind y Torf ne r (Badin ) 15.90, Lauri e Schult z (Li berty) 15.75 , j ani ce j am es (Sandy Va ll ey) 15.35. UPB: Su zi j o hn so n (W ad swo rth ) 14 .50, ju dy Kl os te rm an (B) 12.40, Barb Bo etz (Boardm an) 10. 55 . FX: Debbie Whit e (Wo rthin gto n ) 15. 05, Dian e Marik (Boa rd m an) 14.45, Cin dy Helt erich (B) 14.35. BB: Wendy Wertz (Hilli ard ) 14.05, Cind y H ett e rich 13.22, Mary Tut as (B) 12.95.

•• WISCONSIN STATE GYMNASTIC MEET HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS, 1973 Jane Wi sse Marshall Hi gh Schoo l lea d by j enn ifer Freidel (coached by M ic hel Loom is) beat defendlllg champion Milwaukee Cust e r to W ill th e WI AA 3rd annu al State Gymn as ti c Meet. . Th e tournam e nt se ri es invol ve d 11 8 sc hool s com petin g at 10 secti ona l sit es. Two gi rl s in each eve nt Ihen advan ced to state. There we re two leve ls of co mp etiti o n - D GWS inl e rmediate com pul so ri es and o pti o nal ro ut ines. Team po ints were awa rd ed on a 10-8-6-4-2 ba si s for op tion als and 5-4-3 -2-1 for co mpul so n es . Co mpl ete res ult s fo ll ow : Team: Marshall 39; Milwauk ee Custer 32; G reen Bay Preble 27; Neena h 22; Ho m es tea d 21. Opt. AA : Laura Dal api azza (MC) 29.13; Sa rah Brown (GBP); Lauri e Murph y (N) . BB: j ennifer Fr eid el (M) 7.33; Lauri e Murphy (N); Cind y Dall ap iazza (MC). FX: j ennif er Freid e l (M) 7. 87; Tin a Su lli va n (H ); Mary Klelll sc hmidt (M) . V: Laura Dallapiazza (MC) 7.8; G e m Co rn e ll (Kenos ha Tre mp e r); Laura Reg ne r (Brown D ee r). UPB: Sarah Brown (GB) 7.73; D ebbi e Rathm an (S D ); Laura Dall ap lazza (MC). Compo AA: Becky Kick (M) 22.40; Vicki Irwi n (Cadott ); jan e Anderson (BD ). BB: Lynn Grassin (H) 6.33; Lori Grande (Racllle Ho rli ck); Sue Guerin (H). FX: Holl y Hu g hes (H) 7. 17; j en Gorke (Wau sa u) ; j an e Kil sdo nk (Rac lll e Park ). V: j ody Miklosze wicz (M il w . Bay View) 6.1 87; Rita Lec hl eitn er (Stan ley Boys); Sa ll y H yde (Man ito woc). UPB : ju dy Fuerste nb erg (C) 7.10; Debra Dahl (C); Pau la Vandenheuvel (GBP) .

•• 15

sc isso rs, o n revers e sc isso rs, doubl es, tr avel down , lo ops , sc hwabenf lan ke, walk-aro und to loops, sc hwabe nwende off. HB: Tim LeFleur: Starting w ith reve rse gr ip , stemm e to hand sta nd , giant , jam to two eag le giant s, hop o ut , giant , pirouette, come into ba r, under cast half turn , str add le regrasp , kip, ca st, free hip to hand stand , back giant , direct change, giant , pirouette, back giant, flyawa y with full twist. PB: Bill Niedermeyer: Cast support, sw in g to hand stan d, pirouette, high st ut z, drop cast w ith half turn , front upri se L, stradd le press to hand stand, back toss, stut z, cast to upper arm hang, b ack upri se cu t-ca tch, layaway front upri se, sw ing pirouette, back off. SR: Tim LeFleur: High d o ubl e di slocate, shoot to hand stand , backwa rd gia nt, lowe r down to back kip to front lever, inl oca te, back uprise to L, hollo w ba ck press, fro m hand sta nd , gian t to full twisting dismount.


MINNESOTA STATE GYMNASTICS MEET Marc.h 16-17, 1973 by Dan Cragg, RobbiDsdale High School

Tim leFleur, Champion.





WISCONSIN STATE HIGH SCHOOL BOYS GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS March 10, 1973 Waukesha High School Th e 1973 State Meet was for many reason s probabl y one of th e best eve r. Due to a chan ge of rul es regarding t o urnam ent parti cip ation that is more in lin e w ith national and intern ation al practice (ra w sco res and re al " team " co mp et ition ), more and better qu alified judges, and many exce llent gy mn as ts, and a wo rkin g co ac he s assoc iat ion, th e future loo ks goo d for better gymnastics in the sta te high schools. The batt le for the all-around title was reall y between two bo ys, Bill N ied erm eye r of Preble and Tim LeFl l;' ur (o ne of four gy mn ast brothers) of Greenfield. TwtJ powerful performances by Niedermeyer,in vau ltin g (9 .05 ) and parall el bars (8 .50) h elped him w in th e all-around wit h a 7.67 average, compared to LeFl eur's 7.45 average. In th e finals Lef leur and N iederm eye r accou nted for fi ve first pl aces o f th e six event s (that spea ks we ll for the AA). Team Scores: Green Bay Preble (G BP) 131.47; Homestead (H) 125.59; Greenfield (G) 123.55 ; Milwaukee Madison (MM) 121.25. AA: Bill Niedermeyer 7.67; Tim LeFleur 7.45; Pete Wittenberg (H) 6.69. V: Bill N iederm eyer 8.95; Bill Wright (M il. Jun ea u) 8.85; Tim LeFleur8.70. FX: Tim LeF leur 8.4; Gregg Kalkhoff (Mi l. Marshall) 8.2 ; Bill N ied erm eye r 7.95. PH: Mark Dani els (G) 7.25; John Mentz (MM) 7.0; Tim LeFleur 6.95. HB: Tim LeFleur 8.4; Bill 7.95; Mark Larse n (M il. N iede rme ye r Washington) 7.85. PB: Bill N iede rm eye r 8.4; Paul Cl emente (MW) 8.0; Ron Lessmill er (P) 7.05. SR: Tim LeFl eur 8.4; Ri ck Adams (MM) 8.05 ; Ra y Klein (Brook fi eld East) 7.95. Winning Routines : V: Bill Niedermeyer: Yamashita. FX: Tim LeFleur: Run, RO, ff, full tw ister; turn, RO , ff, b ack w ith a half twi st (p iked), hand spring, jump to handstand , snap down to split s, stradd le press to hand stand, dow n to stand , turn, run , front hand spring front so mi e, head kip out, step to hand sta nd w ith reve rse pirouette, d own to stand, run , RO , ft, full tw ister. PH: Mark Daniels: Starting at neck, jump to doubles, travel up th en down to croup , schwabe nfl anke, travel up, two forward 16

Th e Minnesota State Gymnastics Meet was held at Williams Arena on th e U ni ve rsity of Minnesota ca mpu s. Meet director was Fred Roethli r, coach at Minnesota. Through hi s leade rship and ' organization , thi s yea r's meet proved to b e one of th e smoo th es t run meets eve r. Minnesota adopt ed the " ra w score " sys tem thi s yea r for th e state m ee t, and for 6,000 spectators, it proved to be ve ry exc itin g. On Friday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m. th e first tea m champion ship sess ion began w ith a grea t amount of ant icipation and exc it em ent as to w het her th e d efe ndin g champion team fro m Armstrong High School co uld fight off th e ch allenges from sister school Cooper and a stron g team from Anoka. Anoka bega n the ni ght in phase o ne of sessio n one on the still rings showin g th ey we re ready to do battle w ith th e crest by sco rin g 22.30, led by junio r Steve Schwandt 's 7.85. Anoka led after phase o ne w ith a sco re of 62.20 fo llo we d by Moorhead w ith 44.75, St. Paul John so n w ith 43.55 and M inn eapol is Henry w ith 35.75. In the seco nd ph ase, th e four teams had been ran ked in the top ten all yea r lo ng, led b y number one ranked A rm st ron g. The o th er three tea ms we re Cooper, Alexander Ramsey and Fairmont. Cooper ca m e out f lyin g and co mpl etely dominated this sess ion w hil e th e Falcons from Armstrong appeared a littl e tight and nervous. Cooper's floor exerci se team of Bob Brown , Kev in Pepp e and Randy DeBruyn sco red 8.2, 8.1 and 8.7 respecti ve ly, to ga rner 25.00 points. Armstrong had th e bye o n round one and had to watc h as Cooper hit all four routin es o n the floor. Cooper then mo ved to th e pommel horse whe re they scored 20.05 points led by the eve ntual stat e champi o n, Pat O 'Rourke w ith a 7.2. Meanwhile, A rm stro ng floundered throu gh floor exercise, but still m ana ged a 23.35 due in large part to Greg Jo hn so n's so lid 8.55 performance. Cooper fini shed out th e eve nin g w ith two outstanding performances on th e still ring s by juniors Tim Baa rd son and D ennis Ripi cz in ski w ho both re ce ived 8.6 and h elped th eir team score 22.85 bringing th eir team sco re to 67.90. Armstrong sco red 18.45 o n the pommel ho rse and began sho w in g sign s of se ttling down. Fini shin g on one of their better eve nt s, th e still rings, the team scored a respectab le 22.95 behind Greg Jo hn son ' s 8.4. A rm strong 's team sco re for the evenin g was 64.75.

Greg Johnson, Armstrong H.S, - 1973 Minnesota State All-Around Champion.

Th e ot her two schoo ls in this sess ion both sco red we ll in floor exe rcise. Fairmont was led by Jerry Norma l's 8.0 and end ed th e ni ght w ith a tea m sco re of 54.40. A lexa nd er Ramsey got a 7.9 fro m Pat Timm o ns o n floor exe rcise and end ed w ith a tea m sco re of 53.50. On Sa turd ay, Ma rch 17 at 1 :30 p.m. the seco nd team sess ion bega n w ith tea ms work in g in reve rse order from the previous ni ght. Cooper, A rm strong, Ramsey and Fairmont we re in th e first sessio n. Cooper started w here it had left off the night before by scoring 24.4 on tumblin g wit h Randy DeBruyn sco rin g 8.B. A rm st ro ng, on the o th er hand , sta rt ed on th e parallel bars and aga in did not hit we ll. Greg John so n received an 8.15 w hich helped th e team to score 20.85 points. Things changed w hen th e gy mn as ts from Armstrong wo rk ed th e ho ri zonta l bar and tumblin g w h ere th ey were ve ry cons istent in sco rin g 23.15 and 24.4 respectively. A t th e sa me tim e, Cooper began to lalter somewhat, scorin g 21.35 on th e trampoline and o nl y 20. 55 o n th e horizo ntal bar. Going into the last even t, Cooper held a sli gh t .65 lea d. Both sq uads we re finishing on event s th ey had been successf ul o n all yea r. Cooper, o n the parall e l bars, did not hit we ll and finished w ith an eve nt score o f 21.3 to en d th e day w ith a tea m sco re of 155.0 (7 .5 average score per man). Mea nw hile, th e team from Arms tr o ng demonstrated an in spir ed performance o n th e tramp o lin e w ith Chuck Osborne 's 8.35, M ickey Johnso n 's 8.4 and Scott Erdmann 's 8.65 for an event sco re of 25.4 to bring th eir tea m sco re to 158.55 (7.55 · average p er man) an d w hat proved to be th e team champ io nship to coac h Harlo we Beyer and hi s Falcons. In pha se two of sess io n two , Anoka tri ed va li antl y to ca tch th e two leade rs w ith Jay Hogv ik 's 8.45 o n trampolin e, Bri an Bennett 's 8.0 on the parallel bars, Tim Lege r's 8.35 and Steve Sch wa ndt 's 8.1 in tumbling lea ding the way . But, it was to no ava il as A no ka finished third in th e meet w ith an exce llent team sco re of 148.80. Thi s marked th e fourth straight year the teams from A rm stron g and Cooper had fought it o ut fo r tea m laurels at th e sta te meet. Cooper wo n th e m ee t in 1970 and '71 w ith A rm strong w innin g in '7 2 and thi s year. Th e all-aro und champi o n was also

determin ed during the fi rst two sessio ns w ith se nior Greg John so n (A rm strong) winn in g w ith a sco re of 36.20 for th e five Olympic events (M inn eso ta does not ha ve va ultin g and doe s not cou nt trampo li ne or tumblin g toward th e all around). Johnso n was clo se ly fo ll Qwed by junior Paul Lid ee n (Brookl yn Cente r) who wa s also the stat e parallel bar champio n, w ith an allaround sco re of 35.25. In third p lace was Ri ck Cossette (Robbi nsdale) w ho mo ved up thre e positions from th e first sess ion to finish w ith a sco re of 34 .5. Saturday night at 7:30 th e indi vidua l fin als were held w ith the top ten individual s on each piece qu alifyi ng. Th e ca lib er of Minnesota gymnastics ha s great ly improved over the pa st few yea rs as ev id e nc ed b y th e high m arks needed to qualif y for the va riou s eve nt s in th e indi v idua l final s. With th e excep tion of th e pommel ho rse, a mid- seve n sco re or higher was needed to qu alify for the fin als. Especiall y good qual ity was see n in floor exe rci se, trampoline and tumbling with at leas t eig ht of th e co nt es tant s scor ing 8.0 or hi gher. Th e b est singl e performance was done by Paul Zaka ri asen (SI. Louis Pa rk) on the trampoline with a score of 9.0 in the pre li minaries and a 8.85 in the fina ls for a total of 17.85. The gymnasts on the sti ll rings also showed excellent tech nique and routines . Greg Johnson (A rm stro ng), the defending state champion on th e rings, used straight arm work, but had so m e trouble with his full twisting di smount to sco re 8.5 and 8.4 for a total of 16.9 and third p lace. Tim Baardson (Cooper) scored 8.6 and 8.65 for second place. Teammate Dennis Ripiczinski (Cooper) using straight arm work scored 8.6 and 8f for a total of 17.3 and the state championship. Results: Team: Region 7 - Armstron~. (A) 158.55; Region 6 - Cooper (C) 155.50; Region 4 - Anoka (An) 148.80; Region 1 - Fairmont (F) 136.25; Region 3 - Alexander Ramsey (AR) 134.10; Region 2 - SI. Paul John so n (SPJ) 110.60; Reg ion 8 - Moorhead (M) 106.20; Reg ion 5 - Minneapolis Henry (MH) 85.50. AA: Greg Johnson (A) 36.2; Paul Lideen (Brook lyn Central) 35.25; Rick Cassette (Robbinsdal e) 34.5 . FX: Randy DeBruyn (C) 17.15 ; Mark H end rick s (New U lm) 16.95; Steve Schwandt (A n ) 16.60. PH: Pat O'Rourke (C) 14.05; Bill Birosh (C) 14.00; Bob Waldron (Austin) 13.55. R: Denni s Ripiczinski (C) 17.3; Tim Baardson (C) 17.25; Johnson 16.9. PB : Lideen 17.25; Johnson 16.5; Brian Bennett (An) 16.35. HB: John Fjellange r (Pipestone) 16.55; Greg La rso n (A) 16.4; Bill Abelson (Park Center) 16.0. Tr: Paul Zakar ia se n (St. Loui s Park) 17.85 ; Johnson (Edina West) 17.10; Jeff Bi ea n (B loomington Kennedy) 17.05. Tu: DeBruyn 17.5; Mike Lev ie ri (A) 16.9; Gary Stinson (B loomington Lincoln) 16.5. Winning Routines: FX: Randy DeBruyn (Cooper): RO, ff, full , ff , Swed ish fall , leg ci rcl e to reverse prone; back extension to sp lit s, stiff-stiff pr ess to hand stand; RO, sid e flip, Swedish fall , turn to va ld ez position; va ld ez to hand stand ; front somie walkout, hand sp ring, front so mi e, forward roll, front somie; turn , RO , ff, back, ff , back. PH: Pat O ' Rourke (Cooper): Czechkehre mount on e nd, circle, k ehre in , c ircle, circle, Ru ss ian wende swi ng, circle, circl e, downhill travel to kehre in (tramlot), circl e, single leg c ut, front scisso rs (2) , single leg cut, re verse scissor, circl e, circ le, circ le, downhill trave l, 5chwabenflanke dismount. R: Dennis Ripiczinski (Cooper): Straight pull through inverted position, dislocate, di slocate, st raight arm shoot to handstand, giant swi ng forward , straigh t body back roll to cross, pull through back leve r, straight body inlocat e, rear upri se to L support, straight body press to handstand , J/4 giant, disloca te, doub le back di smount.

PB: Paul Lid een (Brooklyn Center): on the end of th e bars: Jump to g lid e kip , straddle cut leg c ut and catch to support, cast-catc h, sw in g pirouette, stut z, cast catch , double leg cut to L support , stiff- stiff press, back sa ito to sup p o rt , cast, gl id e kip , front som ie dismount. HB: John Fjellanger (Pipestone): St em me, gia nt (f ront ), stoop to ea gle s (2) , hop to front giant, stall to va ult, kip, front hip circl e wit h grip change, J/4 giant , hop cha nge to direct fr ee hip, pop, back giant, blind swi tch , front giant , p ir ouette, back g iant, und ersw ing to forward sa ito in tu cked position. Tr: Paul Zakariasen (St. Louis Park): H alf-in , half -out ; double twist ; double twist ; back somie; fliffis out ; double twist; double back somie; rud o lph ; back som ie; l- J/4 front somie in pik e po sition , rudolph. Tu: Randy DeBruyn (Cooper): 1. RO, ff, full , ff , back, back. 2. Front somie walkout , RO , If, back somie w ith Yl twist walkout , handspring front somie. 3. RO , ff , back, ff, back , ff , back, back, back.


••• RegiOn Five

Region 5 South Dc:a.ota. Kdnsas, Mis· N.&,u ... North. D"o'" OUU'O'"4



STATE HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS by Dick Swindler Vice President Kansas Gymnastics Association

The Kansas State High School Act iv iti es Association held two state championships in gymnastics this year because of the increase in participation by schools. One was held for schools with enrollme nt above 1,500 and th e other for schools with enrol lm ent less than 1,500. Competition was excellent in both meet s with Lawrence High School winning its 10th straight title and number 13 out of 14 years of competition. Their score of 133.71 (Usua l NCAA scoring plus all-around average) se t a new state record . The first winner of th e additional meet was Salina South scoring a fine 124.21. Following are the top three sco rers per event combining the two meet results as well as the routine thrown by th e number one gymnast li sted . LHV: Sean Williams (Lawrence) 17.40, John Stones (Tokeka Washburn Rural) 17.40, Ma rk Daniels (Law rence) 17. 15. FX: Terry Neustrum (Salina South) 16.90, Phil Gish (Shawnee Mission North) 16.45, Les Kerr (Lawrence) 16.35. PH: Hadley Warwick (Shawnee Mission East) 15.45, Kevin Reilly (Sa lin a South) 14.90, Kurt Schaake (Lawrence) 12.25. HB: D ave Dowd y (Sa lin a South) 16.10, Les Kerr (Lawrence) 15.40, Mark McCalmon (Shawnee Mission East) 15.40. PB: Jack Va lli s (Sa lin a South) 16.35, Dave Cro ugh (Salina South) 15.25, Dale Bahnmier (Lawrence) 15.20. SR: Tom Lud wick (Wich it a South eas t) 15.75, Bill Harris (Salina South) 14.95, Tom Hadsall (Shawnee Mission West) 14.65. AA: Les Kerr (Lawrence) 39.60, Mark McCalmon (Shawnee Mission East) 39.20, Tom Had sa ll (S haw nee M ission West) 38.30. Teams: La wrence, 133.71; Sa li na South, 124.21 ; Shawnee Mi ss io n Ea st, 120.33; Shawnee Mission West , 119.23, Washburn Rural , 119.05; Olathe, 119.04. Winning Routines: LHV: Sean Williams: (Junior) Tsukahara - 8.70. FX: Terry Neustrum: (Sophmore) Two steps to full twisting dive roll , jump in place with y, turn, jump back to momentary hand stand lowering to front support, flex hips to sid e splits. Straight arm press to hand stand. Lowe r to stand facing diagonal, Three steps to RO , ff, fu ll twistin g

back somer sa ult , back roll exte nsio n with YB turn lo weri ng to stand facing sid e, two steps to tucked front som ersault , forward roll to erect stand , kick to mornentary hands tand th en inl oca te should e rs to back support, imm edia te di slo ca te through momentary hand stand, step out with % turn , three steps to RO , ff, pik ed back dismount. - 8.55. PH: Hadley Warwick: (Se ni or) Dreflanke immedi ate trave l to end , sc h wabe nfl anke, ba ck stockli to sadd le, ci rc le, moore, circl e, break on back, left leg ove r to forward sc issor right , forward sc isso r left, forward scisso r right , left leg over left pommel, right leg back ove r ri ght pommel , rev erse sc isso r left, b reak back int o ci rcles, circle , travel to end imm ediate wend e dismount. - 8.00. HB: Dave Dowdy: (Junior ) Swing in ove r ~r i p , to undergrip fr ee kip to handstand , giant, roll hand s one at a time to eag le grip , two eagles, hop to under grip, giant, pirouette , gia nt , cross to o ne hand in eag le grip, onova ult, swing in overg rip, kip to support, place toe s on bar und e rsw in g and cast to front so mersault. - 8.05. PB: Jack Vallis: (Sophmore) Gli de k ip rever se stra ddle cut on e nd , cast catc h cut L. Hollowback. Cast to und erarm , backuprise strad dle cut , back stu tz, la yilway, front upri se sw ing handstand. Back toss dismount. - 8.35. SR: Tom Ludwick : (Senior) Dislocate shoot handstand. Back giant. Lower to iron cross. Inlocate, backupris e to L-support. Hollowbck. Drop to backuprise, ba ck roll to stradd le dismount. - 8.00.


NORTH DAKOTA STATE GIRL'S GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIP February 25-26, 1973 Seventeen teams co mpet ed in the meet. The winners are as follows: Team: Fargo South High 171.65, Di ck in so n High 160.25, Jamestown High 146.70. We ha ve thr ee divisions at out State Meet. Th e winners are as follows: Novice division: AA: Naida Lind say (Fargo South) 26.15, V: Kar li n Jesperson (Dickin son) 5.65; BB : Karen Zimerman (jam es town) 6.0; UPB: Nancy Pollo ck (Fargo SoUlh).6.5. I+. Mary Moores (Jam estow n) 5.0. Intermediate division: AA: Marcia Urban (Fargo South) 28.9; V: Barb Ziez ,(Fargo South) 7.05 ; BB: Marcia Urban (Fargo South) 6.9; UPB: Marcia ' Urban (Fargo South) 8:5; I+. Ann Rasmusson (Mi not) 7.83 . Advanced division: AA: Tra'I=Y Gunkleman (Fargo South) 33.15, Linda Basar ~ ba. (Dick in so n ) 32.25, Kath y Su lli va n (jamestown) 31.2; V: Tracy Gunk leman (Fargo South) 8.725; BB: Lind a Basaraba (Dick in so n) 7.95; UPB: Tracy Gunkleman (Fargo South) 8.65 ; FE: Lind a Basaraba (Di ck in so n ) 8.65.


o ... ce"k'red...


"",,"T. 17

t; RegiOn S~

Region 6 - ArJrcmsas, New Mexico, Texas.


HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS JOHN H. REAGAN HIGH SCHOOL, AUSTIN TEXAS April 27-28, 1973 Brian Schenk meet director Thirt y-seven high schaa ls were represented by 160 high schaal ath letes at th e seve nth Te xas Hi gh Schaa l Gymnastics Champian shi ps held April 27 and 28 at Ja hn H . Reagan High Schaal in Austin. L.D . Bell Hi gh Schaal af Hurst and Richland Hi gh Schaal af Fart Wa rth repea ted as state champi a n teams, w ith Austin Reagan as bay 's runner-up , and Amarilla Tascasa as g irl s runner-up. State campu lsary exe rcises were judg ed in th e Friday afte rnaan sess ian , and aptianals judg ed an Sa turd ay marning, determining team tat als, all araund ran king s, and tap six indi vid ual s for th e finals. Fallawing the grand parade at th e apening af th e finals, the mare than 1,000 spectatar s we re treated to. twa dauble bac ks an the flaar b y the bays, flipflaps an the beams, and sa lta s an the unevens b y the g irls. State Gymnastic Caaches Assaciatian Pr es id e nt Emil Milan af Hurst Bell was hanared far his se rvice to. the Assaciatian and Bill Cre nshaw of Nissen Carparatian received a pl aq ue far Gearge Nissen ' s cantr ibutian s to. th e develapment af hi g h sc haal gymnastics in Texas. Twa complete panels af wamen 's jud ges and twa camp lete p ane ls af men ' s judg es, including 11 natian all y certified judg es, were used , with a total af faur events ga in g on at ane tim e. Superiar jud ges included: Lauan ne Roge rs, Tulsa , Oklahama; Allen Crane, Fart Worth; Dick Swindler, La w r ence, Kansas; and Bob Manning, Law re nce, Kansas. Campulsary and aptianal sess ian s lasted about five haurs each, with abautl45 co mpetitors per eve nt. Fi ve reg ianal qualifying meets were h eld priar to th e State m ee t at Eul ess, Callege Station , San A ntania, EI Paso. and Abilene. Two tea m s, three all-arounds, and six indi vidual s per eve nt thu s qualified in eac h regian far hanor s at the state meet. Team m em ber s nat qu alifi ed far medals co mp eted in the sta te meet far tea m paints anly. Girls Results: Team: North Garland 164.2; Amarillo Tascosa 162.15; Austin Reaga n 160.6; San Angelo Central 158.75. AA: Dawn Helms (NG) 62.3; Raberta Mann (Haustan Westbury) 59.9; Chris Cawan (R ic hland ) 59.35. B: Helms (NG) 22.25. V: He lm s (NG) 24.95. UPB: Leslie El stan (AT) 22.2. FX: Li sa Martin (NG) 24.5.

Boys Results: Team: L.D. Bell , Hurst 264.8; Jah n H. Reagan , Austin 250.9; Central Hi gh , San Ange la 249.65; Caaper Hi gh, Ab il ene 232.5; Trinit y Hi g h, Euless 230.25; EI Paso. I sleta 162.85; Odessa High 149.6. AA: M ik e Wilsan (NG) 96.65; Danavan Sparhawk (AC) 96.1 ; Dick Hancack (AR ) 89 .8. FX: M ik e Wilsan (NG) 26.4. PH: W il san 20 .0. HB: Wil san 24.45. V: Dick Hancock (AR ) 26.3. PB: Dona van Sparhawk (AC) 24.7. R: Rick y Agui rre (SAC) 26.5.


., ReUion Seven Region 7 - Arizona. Coloraao, Montana, Utah, Wyoming.



Th e State m eet was he ld in Pr esca tt , A ri zo na. The m ee t ran ve ry slaw ly because af judging prab lems. But despite the judging and slaw ness a f the meet, th e gym nasts did autstandi ng jabs. In the team campetitian, Caranada wa n w ithaut much appasitian. Th e autsta ndin g performances af Gary Adrig , Dan Stanle y, an d a perfarmer wham I wa s mast impresse d w ith Frank Cardella , and th e coac hin g af Harve y Plant we re the reasans for th e easy team w in by Caranada a f Scattsdale, Ariz. Oth er fine perfarm ances were gi ven b y Jeff Everett, Chuck Steigall , Jeff Lagan , and Rick Bl yth. All in all it was a gaod yea r far hi gh sc haa l gymnastics in A ri zona. Results: Team: Caranada (C) 132.46; Tu csan (T) 118.82; Prescatt (P) 114.24. AA: Gary Adr ig (C) 7.35 avg; Dan Stanley (C) 6.63 avg; Dennis Ortiz (T) 6.41. FX: Fran k Cardella 8.65; Rich She ld a n (Pa lo Yerde) 8.3; Adrig 7.95. PH: Jeff Ever ett 8.05 ; Albert Kazal 6.7; Jeff Bleakney 6.55. R: Jeff Lagan 8.55; Rabert Patze 8.40; Stanley 8.25. TR: Ti e betwee n Jim Nelson and Tim Rabbins ; ti e between Rick Lyfard and Rick Wa ldeck . PB: Ortiz 8.10; Jim Ju ve ra 7.95; Cardella 7.70. HB: Rick Blyth 8.25; Adrig 8.05; Cardella 7.75. AAA


HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS STATE GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS May 4-5, 1973 Coronado High School, Scottsdale, Az.

Two divisianals are held a week befare the state me et-an e in Tu csa n, and ane in the Pha eni x area. Th e top five in each even t, and th e tap five all ara und s in each di v isia n advance to. th e state m eet. The team champian ship is decided by t he tatal of the sca res accu mul ated by each team ' s m emb ers who. have qualified. Th e w innin g tea m this yea r had 2 gi rl s qua lify in all faur

1973 Texas High School Gymnastic Coaches .Association All State Team. L-R: Donovan Sparhawk, Abilene Cooper; Dick Hancock, Austin Reagan; Ricky Aquirre, Central High-San Angelo; Raul DeAnda, Central HighSan Angelo; Mike Wilson, North Garland; Danny Morris, Hurst Bell; Caesar Garcia, Hurst Bell; Randy Hairston, Hurst Bell; Lisa Martin, North Garland; Roberta Mann, Houston Westbury; Chris Cowan, Richland High; Dawn Helms, North Garland; Leslie Elston, Amarillo Tascosa.


even ts, and 1 g irl qualified in twa events. Camp ul sory exercises were perfarmed an the fir st even in g, and ,aptional scares we re added to. th ese the n ext day. Results: Team: Saguaro, Scattsdale 160.60; Rincan , Tucsan 11 5.60. AA: Jeane tt e Christensan (R in can ) 66.85 ; Rabin Maish (Sag uaro. ) 65.85; Kare n C hri sten sa n (R in ca n) 64.15. FX: Sa ll y 16.70; Shell ey Bristaw Ha yt (Sag uaro) (Cara nada ) ; tie-Jeannette Chr istensan , Kitty Ken ned y (Su nn yslope). BB: Karen Chr istensan 16.75; Jean nette C hri stensan; Kitt y Kenned y . SHY: Robin Ma ish 17.70; Pam Le Van (Saguara); Debby Caaper (Catalin a). UPB: Jeannette Chr isten san 16.85 ; Rabin Ma ish; Kar en C hri sten sa n.


COLORADO HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS STATE GYMNASTICS MEET by Pat Druggan Bear Cr ee k Hi gh Schaal paced by juniars Ruth Dahnerand Ma rcia C heseb ro., dominated the Ca larada Hi g h Schaal Act ivit ies Assac iat ion Girls ' State Gymnastics m eet. Dahner and Chesebro placed first and seca nd respectivel y in th e advanced al l-around campet iti an . Raby Ragers af Baulder High Schaal led the int erm ed iate all- ara und e rs, fallawed by M ickey Shull af Bear Creek and Karen Perkins af Wassan. Bear Creek qualified eight girl s far the state m eet and all eig ht managed to take hame medals. The y captured a tatal af 19 places. Adams Cit y was secand in tatal places wit h fi ve. A tatal of 130 gymnas ts representing 50 sc hoa ls ta ak part in th e meet. Results: Advanced All-Around: Ruth Dahner (Bear Creek) 66.70; . Marcia C hese bro (BC) 61.95; Grace Francel (Pu eb lo. Central) 61.90. BB : Dohner, Debbie Gahagan (Adams City), Linda Minihan (Air Academy). FX: Dahner, Chesebro., Francel. UPB: Dahner, Robbie Brawn (Ga ld e n), Jack ie Bartley (Wassa n ). V: Da hn er, C heseb ro. , M inih an . Intermediate All-Around: Roby Ragers (Ba uld er) 59.70; Mickey Shull (BC) 57.55 ; Karen Perkin s (W) 57.55. BB: Ragers, Kathleen Haimes (BC) , C hri s Trowski (AC). FX: H a im es, Claudette Thamas (BC)' Carol Hancock (Lakewoad). UPB: Kim Keelan (Ab rah am Lincaln) , ,Bilrb MacKenzig. . (Fairview) , Missy Maare (L). V: Beth Burgesan (BC), Ja dy Dallas (Jeffersan), Jan Foresc h (Ca ran ada). 1973




In th e fifth annu al Mantana State Gymnastics Champianships, the Billings West Hi gh Schaal girl s grabbed their faurth title by accumulating 165.5 paint s, w hil e Kalispell finished seca nd w ith 152.5 points, and Billings Seniar Hi g h Schaal third w ith 148.65 paints. Juli e Peden (B illing s West) captured th e floar ex. titl e, w hil e the uneven bars, balance beam , and all-araund titles we nt to. Jan Madel (B illing s West). Cathy Searight (G rea t Fall s) taak th e va ultin g han a rs. In the men 's campet itian , Billings Seniar was first w ith 265.4 points, Kalispell pl aced seco nd w ith 237.9 paints, and Missa ul a H e llga te was third wit h 215.65 paints. Th e men 's indi vidu al ha nars were as fallaws: AII-Araund - Bruce H all (CM Russell) ; Va ultin g - Da ug Pet e rsan (M issau la Sentinel); Parallel Bars - Pete Naudit t (Missau la Sentinel); RingsPat Neil san (Ka li spe ll ); Side Harse - rim Dapp (Ka li spe ll ); Flaar Exercise - Bruce Cranstan (Billings Seniar); H a ri zon tal Bar - Les Smith (B illin gs Se ni a r).

;~ ReDiOn EiDhl

Region 8 - Alaska, California, Hcuvaii, Nevada, Idaho, OreJon, Wamington .

OREGON HIGH SCHOOL BOYS GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHi p March 2, 1973 South Eugene High School by Dick Foxal

Bear Creek High School Girls Team - Colorado.

Both compulsory and optional routines we re perform ed to refl ec t th e all-around and team sco res, and the indi v idual finalists were scored on a ba sis of an ave rage of the C&O and the addition of a seco nd optional performance. The girls co mpulsory routines were the DGWS Intermediate leve l, w hile the USGF Group II routines we r e the men 's compulsories. Girls: Team: Billings West (BW) 165.5, Kalispell (K) 152.5, Billings Senior (BS) 148.65, Butte (B) 126.35, Great Falls (GF) 126.15, Charles M Ru sse ll (CMR ) 106.1.AA: Jan Model (BW) 58.95, Debbi e Rose (CM R) 53.25, Cy nde Sanders (CMR) 52.9, Cathy Searight (GF) 51 .3, Kari Neuman (K) 48.95, Misty Lehman (MS) 48.0. BB:Jan Model (BW) 15.15, Meridee Cro w der (BW) 14.675, Te resa A xe (K) 13.7, Trici a Henderso n (BW) 13.6, Maureen Wallace (A) 13.025. FX: Julie Peden (BW) 15.95, Jan Model (BW) 15.675, Jacqui e Rom (BS) 15.2, Chris Schro ed er (BW) 14.55, Anna Miller (G F) 14.35. UPB: Jan Model (BW) 15.97 5, Cathy Searight (GF) 15.025, Cynde Sanders (CMR) 14.875, Jan Rohrer (K) 14.55, Kari Neumann (K) 14.225. V: Cathy Searight (GF) 15.1 75, Jan Model (BW) 15.025, Patt y Sidor (G F) 14.6, Cynde Sanders (CMR) 14.325, Carmin Marko (GF) 14.175. Boys: Team: Billing s Sen ior (BS) 265.45, Kalispell (K) 237.90, Missoula Hellgate (M H ) 198.25, Billings West (B W ) 198.25, Missoula Sentinel (M S) 190.2. AA: Bruce Hall (CMR) 84.8, Merle Mauch (BS ) 83.8, Jeff Arestad (K) 80.5, Curt Nagashima (BW) 78. 0, Pete Nauditt (MS) 74.75. V: Do ug Peterso n (MS) 17.55, Boyd Burnett (BS) 17.225, Merle Ma uch (BS) 17.125, Tim Cranston (BS) 16.875, Dan Neff (K) 16.4. PB: Pete Nauditt (MS) 14.1 , Berni e Lewis (BS) 13.925, Jeff Ares tad (K) 13.55, Curt Nagashima (BW) 13.4, Bo yd Burnett (BS ) 13.275. R: Pat Neilson (K) 16.25, Jeff Arestad (K) 15.425, Tim Cranston (BS) 15.2, Llo yd Howell (K) 15.075, Bru ce Hall (CMR) 13.075. PH: Tim Dopp (K) 14.925, Da ve Stang (M H) 13.775, Bernie Lew is (BS) 13.225, Denni s Reehberg (BW) 12.9, Dave Larso n (BW) 12.6. FX: Bruc e Cranston (BS) 15.4, Curt Littl e (K) 15.275, Bruce Hall (CM R) 14.75, Curt Nagashima (BW) 14.45, Dan Neff (K) 14.45. HB: Les Smith (BS) 15.725, Merle Mauch (BS) 13.85, Bru ce Hall (CM R) 13.75, John Moverly (GF) 13.7, Tim Kett erling (BS) 13.225. The 1973 Montana St ate H.S. Gymnastics meet was held March 2-3, 1973 at Billin gs West High School , Billin gs Montana. Meet Director was Ja cq u e Spaulding .


Billings West H.S. Girls Team - 1973 Montana Team Champions.

O ve r 2,000 p eop le pac ked into th e South Eug ene Hi gh Sch oo l gym to w itness w hat proved to be o ne of th e closest state gy mn as ti cs meets in Oregon 's hi sto ry. Aft er the four district meets, a to tal of eight teams q ualifi ed for th e sta te finals. Th e defending sta te champion , So uth Eugene lost it s district titl e to Churchill High School for th e first tim e in ten years but was bac k as district runn er-up to try and take it s 10th sta te title in 11 yea rs. Other team qualifi ers we re : Parkrose, D av id Douglas, Crant, Jackso n, McNary, anu Corva l!i s. After the first two events were co mpl e ted , th e top three ranked tea ms in th e sta te - South Eugene, Churchill , and Parkrose pulled away fr om th e rest of th e fi eld. Th e tea m titl e was n ' t d eci ded until th e la st routin e in the last event th e Still Rings. A respectab le sho w ing in the fa ce of Churchill ' s 1-2 finish in th e ring s enab led South Eugene to h~n g o n to victo r y by 13/ 100 of a point (135 .87 to 135.74) u ve r Churchill. Parkrose finished third in the co mpet iti o n w ith 128 .38. Th ere were many outstanding indi vidual performances in th e m eet. Churchill freshman, Jim Kelch , domin ated th e co mpetition by w inning th e alr-arounu and three eve nt s outright, tying sop homore tea mm ate Dou g Gra va tt in anoth er, and finishing seco nd in th e meet' s othe r two events. Park rose se ni o r Bru ce Nas hif ca me in seco nd in th e all-around and did an outstanding floor exercise routine in w inning tha t eve nt. Springfield 's Bill Ledbetter wo n th e va ultin g event. Mark To ya ma also turned in an exce ll ent performance w ith a third in th e all-aro und and second pl ace finish in parall el bars and hori zo ntal bar. Results: Team: South Eugene (S E) 135.87; Churchill (C h ) 135.74; Parkro se (P) 128.38; David Dougl as (DD) 114.17; Grant (G) 107.77; Ja ckso n (I ) 105.83; H.S. Reports continued on Pg. 22

Billings Senior High School Boys Team - 1973 Monta~a Team Champions.




A Clinic Report by Dr. Douglas Bartz University of Wyoming

Camps & Clinics CARA VAN OF CAMPS Thi s year Carava n o f Camps o nce again t raveled thro u ghou t t he South wes t regio n of t he co untry providin g hundreds of chi ldren and eve n coac hes w ith q u alit y in st ructi o n fro m to p coac h es and teac hers. Ru sty Mitchell , We nd y C luff, Dave Th o r, Tom H ein eike, Bo b Ch ild ers, Delene Darst, and Ca th y McG ratlin we re j u st a few o f the staff members w ho joi ned th e Carava n w h ich set up ca mp s in Sa nt a Fe, New Mex ico , Roswe ll , NM and Ca nyo n, Texas. On e o f th e hi ghli gh ts o f th e Sa nt a Festo p was th e " Elit e" ca m p, crea ted to p rov id e ve ry adva nced gy mn as ts an o pp o rtunit y to wo rk exclusive ly o n "E lit e" ski ll s. Th e low stu dent-in stru cto r rati o (3 to 1) all owed mo re in d ivid ual att en t io n.

The U ni ve rsity of Wyo mi ng, Eas te rn M o ntana State Co ll ege and th e Ro ck y Mo unt ain Schoo l of Gy mn as ti cs spo nsored three gymn as ti cs c lini cs, a wee k-l o ng ca mp, and t hree ex hibiti o ns du rin g a bri ef two - wee k period in Jun e. Afte r 100 ho urs o f gym nas ti cs and some 1,600 mil es o f trave l cra mm ed int o 14 days, I fo r o ne was r ea d y for a rest. Th e nu cleus o f o ur trave lin g staff ro ll ed into Larami e o n M ay 31 and found o ur fresh mo unt ain air cl ea n and in vigo ratin g. It was n 't until th e cl ini c was unde rway th at th e eff ect o f Laram ie's eleva ti o n was no ted. A t 7,200 fee t th e air is th i n and oxygen debt is easy to ob tai n. Th e Cowb oy State was ho no red to have at Stormy Eaton -- instructor, Caravan 01 Camps. th eir seco nd annu al gy mna sti cs clini c M ark Davis, fo rm er SI U stud ent ; Ne il Schmidt , Th e ca mp also o ffe red a coac hes wo rk sho p ass istant co ach at th e U ni ve rsit y o f Iowa; Su e on A u gu st 18th w ith in stru cti o n and lectu res by Sh aw, Eas tern Mo ntana State Co ll ege wo m en 's the sa me staff th at wo uld handl e t he p rog ram coac h, and seve ral o th er gymn as ts fro m acro ss d u ring t he seven days of ca mp . th e .co u n try. A two-day clini c for boys and a Enro llm en t fo r th e ca mp was m o re th an three- day cli nic fo r girl s drew ove r 130 d o u b le th at o f prev io us yea rs. parti cipant s fro m Wyo min g, Ne br as ka, and Ca mp direc to r was Hal Halvo rso n. Mo nt ana. Th e hi ghli ght o f th e clini c was a pu b li c ex hibiti o n by th e clini c staff and stu den ts. Gy mn as ti cs is still in it s in fa ncy in Wyomi ng. To see national ca liber ro utin es was CAMP GYMNAST an eye -o peni ng expe ri en ce fo r bo th spec tato rs and aspirin g yo un g gy mn as ts. To pin g o ff th e A bea uti fu l se ttin g, an exce ll e nt show to th e d eli ght o f eve ryo n e was M ark 's stud ent-t eacher rati o, and ve ry fin e in stru cto rs co med y rin g ro utin e and hi gh bar d ismo unt s-we re so m e of th e reaso ns for th e success o f thi s " Di d yo u see th at ? H e we nt aro und three yea r 's Ca mp Gymn ast held nea r Lake Bi g Bear tim es' " Perso nall y, I was mos t im p ressed b y th e in So uth ern Cali fo rni a fr o m Jun e 25-Jul y2. ,e nt husias m fo r learn in g shown by stude nt s and Spo nso red by GYMNAST m agaL ine the camp staff-gymn as ts wo r kin g toge th er. wa s un de r th e direc ti o n o f fo rm er UCLA A ll A ft er six d ays in Larami e, bags we re p acke d A m eri ca n A I Lub er and fea tur ed in stru cti o n b y and sleepin g bags ro ll ed for th e trip to Ro dn ey C. Hill , o n e o f th e 1972 wo m en' s M o ntana. In Billin gs we in va d ed th e ho me of Ol ymp ic coac h es. H is w ife D ebbi e also Jay and Sue Sh aw, two enthu sias ti c yo un g att en ded the ca m p and vol u n teered her tim e to coac hes dedi ca ted to th e pro mo ti o n o f he lp w ith mu ch of t he fl oo r exercise and gym nas ti cs at all leve ls. Th e q ua lit y o f ba lance bea m inst ru cti o n. p erfo rmance show n by th e clini c pa rti c ipant s in Billin gs indi ca tes th at loca l gy mn as ts ar e Nex t yea r t he o rga ni ze rs o f Ca m p Gymn ast bein g tau ght b y in stru cto rs w ho kn ow th eir ho pe to move th e ca m p back to Ca talin a Island bas ics and ho w to t eac h th em. w ith ex pand ed fac iliti es and eve n mo re On th e seco nd day at th e clini c seve ral staff in structo rs. • •


Tom Heineike and Cathy McGratlin, Caravan of Camps. Ph o to by l arry Bilharlz


FLATHEAD GYMNASTICS CAMPS A p p ro xim ately 150 c hildren fro m 10 stal es were en ro ll ed in th e .third annu al Fl ath ea d Gy mn as ti cs Ca m p h eld fro m A ugus t 19 to 26 nea r Flat hea d Lake in Wes te rn Mon tana. A m o ng th e 30 staf f m emb e rs we re O lympi an Lin da M eth en y, D ick M ul vihill , o ne o f th e 1972 wo men's Ol ympi c t ea m co aches and Sadao Hamad a, h ea d coac h at Stanfo rd Uni ve rsit y.


Rod Hill, lecturing, at Camp Gymnast, Lake Big Bear, California.

Soo n th e " Gym Gyps ies " loaded up , thank ed th e Shaws fo r th e ir ho spitalit y and headed for Steamboat Sp ri ngs, Co lorado. In Stea m boat Sp rin gs, th e camp was he ld at the Sca ndin avia n Lodge located next to so me of th e m ost bea uti ful ski slopes in Co lo rado. Th e camp was d ir ec ted by Vicki Rugh and j ea n ne Lodw ick. France s A ll e n, Un ive rsit y of Neb raska and Les ley Ogg , D e nver School of Gym nas ti cs jo in ed th e "Gy m Gyps ies" to ro und out th e staff. Th e week in Co lorado was e njo ya b le fo r all de spit e rain w hi ch hamp ered ou tdoo r acti v it ies o n th e la st two da ys . W ith so m e quick modifi catio ns of p lans, in stru cti o n we nt o n w ith o ut any loss of time. The g reates t amou nt of modifi ca ti on came in th e ex hibiti o n. But w here th ere 's a gy mn as t or two and an audi ence, the sho w w i ll go o n. Tumb li ng an d floor exercise p redom i nat ed w ith a di spla y of aerials, alternates, fal ls, double fa ll s and do ubl e back s. Th e two week tour o f Wyo min g, Co lo rado, and Mo nt ana b y th e " Gym Gyp sies " end ed w ith p lan s for expa nd in g nex t yea rs ac ti viti es . We wou ld li ke to add a co uple more cl ini cs in the Rocky Mounta i n area. Th ere 's no thin g lik e a " Rock y Mo untain Hi gh " .... Tr y it and yo u ' ll agree. Rocky Mountain School of Gymnastics Camp, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. members we re treated to an excitin g lun ch break. If yo u 've ever been to Bil li ngs, you 've see n t he hi gh rock cl iffs that surround th e to w n . Well , we had lunch on top of those rocks and th en rapp el led 80 fee t down th e cliff face. Th e trip ba ck up th e cli ff was eve n m o re " fun " w he n we m et a rattl e snake. He th ough t th e path be longed to him , but was foo led w he n it rain ed rock s for at least fi ve minut es . A porcupin e also chall enged o ur prese nce o n " hi s" rock s but soon gave up and we headed back to th e clini c, ju st a li ttle late. I think it was in Billin gs th at th e staff p icked up its ni ck nam e. Ri ch Kenney (w ho jo in ed us in Billin gs) and Mark we re talkin g abo ut tr ave lin g arou nd th e co untry, stay in g w ith va riou s peo ple, li vin g out o f knapsacks and putt ing o n clini cs ju st lik e a bun ch o f Gypsies, thu s ou r nickn am e - " Gym Gypsies " .


7th ANNUAL SUMMER INSTITUTE OF WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS Terre Haute, Indiana, July 17August 7, 1973 by Margit Tr eiber Ind iana Sta te U ni ve rsit y held it s seve nth ANNUA L SUMMER INST IT UTE OF WOMEN 'S GYM ASTIC S in Ter re Haute, Indian a, from jul y 17 - Aug ust 7, 1973 . Thi s ISU Insti tut e is h eld eve ry summer w ith a large attendance of wo m en' s coac hes co min g from man y states of th e USA. Th is year th ere we re 52 partic ip ant s co min g from as far as Hawa ii to Connect icut. The uniqu eness of thi s wo rkshop li es in th e fac t th at th e 72 hou rs of lec tures and d em o nstrat ions are co nducted by a se lec ted fa cult y of six o r seve n people all k now n as th e nat ion 's outstand ing speciali sts. Many top ics are taught by two diffe re nt lectur e rs giv in g a w id e ra nge of app roac h to coac hin g.

Th e Institut e is always att en d ed by teache rs who are tak in g it for g rad uate credit on th e Mas ter 's leve l (t h ree hours) and by coac hes who ar e n o t see ki ng credit , o nl y th e knowl ed ge o f th e spor t. Th e o nl y prereq ui sit e is to b e ove r 18 years o ld , as th e prog ram aim s to teac h coac hes, teac h ers, and jud ges instead of improv in g o n th e skill s of young gymna sts. Thi s ye ar' s fac ult y includ ed: Mrs. Delene Darst - FIG jud ge & USGF C hairm an fo r jud ges trainin g. Delene wo rk ed w ith th e t hree leve ls o f com pul so ri es fo r judging and coac hin g. Mrs. Margit Treiber - FIG jud ge and coac h wo rked o n th e jud gin g of o ption al ro utin es and o n th e o rga ni za ti o n of m ee ts. Miss Sarah Brumgart - Na ti ona l Modern Rh ythmi c Gymn as ti cs Champion of 1973 and d ance spec iali st in troduced Moder n Rh ythmi c co mpul so ri es and tau ght Gymn asti cs m ove m e nt and co mp os iti on for fl oo r exe rcise and beam. Dr. Glenn Wilson - G ym Master Co. Ta ught th e progress io n fo r tw istin g. Mr. Roger Counsil - ISU m en 's coac h. Tau g ht th e " diffe ren ces in tw istin g tec hni q ues and spottin g. " Mr. Tom Heineike - coac h from W ichita , Kan sas gave mu ch i nfo rm ation on adva nce tumblin g, ba r and va u Iti ng ma ki ng th e co mpl ex m oves simpl e for all. Mr. Fritz Reiter - Coach from Va n N uys gave biomechani ca l ana lys is o n superior mo ves and m any o ri gin al pro g ress io ns o n how to coac h and spot w ith th e str ength of the wo m e n for adva nced m oves. Turn ed frustrat io n int o fun! Th e In stitut e was vo te d by th e peo pl e in attendance as th e mo st o ut standin g wo rk shop of all tim e. Th e fee fo r a p erso n from out of sta te was $105. Th e superb ho usin g w ith food cos ti ng on ly $34.70 pe r wee k. Th e 1974 In stitut e w ill be held at th e sa m e tim e - approxima tely from mid -jul y to Augu st 7. Those w ho are inte rested in hav in g a mo st excitin g lea rning ex p e ri ence co nducted b y m as ter teac hers, o nl y for adults, and to h ave a fun fi ll ed tim e w hil e at ISU , co nt ac t: Marg it Treib er, Dir ector of In stitut e, 180, Women 's Ph ys ica l Edu ca ti o n D ep t. , ISU.


Indiana State University, 7th Annual Institute of Women's Gymnastics.


Camp Tsukara

. Camp Tsukara, East Troy, Wisconsin.

CAMP TSUKARA by Jerry Fontana Now in it s third seaso n, Camp Ts uk ara has bee n enjo yin g its mo st successfu l summ er ye t. Th e ca mp pr ogram run s w ith three sess io ns of three weeks , two weeks and three weeks. Campers ma y se lect any sess ion or co mbin ati o ns du rin g th e eigh t week program. With a capacit y o f 130 bo ys and girls some sess io ns we re fi ll ed as ea rl y as Ap ril. The pro gram emph as izes the all -a round event s w ith sp ecial co nsidera ti on towa rd s th e techni cal executi o n of indi vidu al skil ls. Modern d o rmit o ry facil iti es, exce ll ent food and a co mp lete ca mpin g prog ram add to th e pop ul arit y of Ca mp Tsu kara . GYI'nn as ti cs faciliti es in clud e a gy mn as iu m co mpl ete w ith an Am eri ca n fl oo r exe rcise mat, a minimum of three p ieces of apparatu s for each m en 's and women ' s eve nt s p lu s enough mat s, cras h pad s and landin g mat s to co mpl etely cove r th e o utdoor wo rkout area. Jerry Fon tana is th e Ca mp D irector. A for m er Nationa l C hampi on from Iowa State U ni ve rsit y, Mr. Font ana is pr e ~e nt l y th e H ead Gymn ast ics Coach at Evans ton Hi gh Schoo l, in Eva nston , Illinoi s. M i ke Jac ki , for m er A ll- Amer ica n from Iowa State is th e Assista nt Dir ec tor . H e is also the Educati o n D i rec tor fo r A me ri ca n A th leti c Equipm ent D ivisio n! AMF Inco rp o rated . The ke y to Tsukara 's success has to be th e excell ent sta ff th at is bro u ght togethe r each summer. Li st ed below are so me of th e people w ho have att ended Tsu kara in th e pas t.

MEN Bren t Simmon s - USA World Team Dave t3ut z man - USA Pan Amer ica n Ga mes Gary Mora va - NCAA Chamn in n

Jim Step henso n - Wo rl d U ni v. Games Team Bob D ic kson - A ll Amer ica n Ted Ma rcy - Na ti o nal Champ io n WOMEN Karen Smith - Na ti o nal Champion Sandy Philips - Wo rld U ni ve rsit y Game s Tea m D ebb ie Hall e - O lympic Tr ial Fin al ist Jill John so n - 1973 USA vs China Na ncy Thi es - 1972 O lympics Co nni e Israe l - Ol ympi c Tri al Fin ali st So me of th e ot her peop le w ho have att end ed are : Mark Graham , Iowa State U ni vers it y; Chuck Froeming, A ll Ame ri ca n; Ray DuPlessis, Universit y of New Mex ico; G in ger Temp le, So uth ern Illin o is Un ive rsit y; Kim Cosne r, South Eas tern Loui siana U ni ve rsit y; and Kat h y Stewa rt , M cKinl ey YMCA, Champ aign, III.


CAMP OF CHAMPIONS by Ji m Royce Th e " Camp of Champi o ns" , was loca ted i n th e Sang re d e Chri sto mo untain s ju st No rth wes t of Las Vegas, New M ex ico . There were 70 gy mn as ts in att end an ce and an exce ll ent staff of wel l known grea t gym nasts such as; Dana Shell ey (U ni ve rsit y of New M ex ico), Gary A lexa nd er (A ri zo na State U ni vers it y), Jon A itk en (U ni ve rsit y of New M ex ico), Da ve Chandl er (Un ive rsit y of New M ex ico), and m yse lf of co urse from th e U ni ve rsit y of New Mex ico and pa st assistant coac h at Ar izo na St ate U ni ve rsit y. Th e wee k was fun fi ll ed w ith tal ent ni ght s, dan ces, film s an d as many as eight hours of wo rk-ou t and in stru cti o n per d ay.

OUTSTANDING FACILITIES ENJOYED AT STONY BROOK GYMNASTICS CAMP at iona l Gymna sti cs Ce nt er s, In c. not o nl y has o n e hi ghl y su ccess fu l summ er Gy mn as ti cs Camp in Woodward , Penn sy lva ni a, b ut it now has a second eq uall y success ful ca mp in Sto n y Brook , L.I. , ew York . Th e ba sic phi losop hi es and educa tion al proced ures of th e two ca mps are the sa m e but th e fac iliti es are ve ry much d ifferent. Stony Brook is a 77 ac re ca mpu s co mp lete w ith a new athl eti c faci lit y co mpri sed o f an indoo r swim mi ng pool and two large gym nasium s. In addit io n th ere are four dormito ri es, a large din ill !; ha ll, tenn is co urts, field ho use and ath letic field s, all of w hi ch prov ide a beau tiful se tt in g in w hich ca mp acti viti es co ntinu e undisturb ed rain o r shin e. A we ll ba lanced prog ram o f gymn as ti cs and ex tra curri cul ar act ivit ies such as art s and cra ft s, wa ter sk iing, ph o tograp hy, trips to th e b each , mov ies and sp ec ia l eve nt s have made Ston y Br oo k an enjoya b le experience for al l the ·U.S. and fo reign gy m nast s w ho have parti cip ated. D i rec tor Ga ry Se ibert and Ass istant D irec tor D ick Basciano are ve ry p leased w it h th e ca mp 's success and att ribut e m os t of th e cred it to an outs tandin g job by th e ent i re stafr. All are lookin g forwa rd to nex t summer as Stony Brook Gymnast ics Camp becomes a trad iti o n.

•• •••••• ••••••• •••••• •••••• •••••• •••••

Stony Brook ca mpers, Stony Brook Ca mp, Lon g Island, New York. 24

Ed Isabelle Camp D i rector

Stony Brook indoor facilities,


GYMNASTICS COUNTRY STYLE By Margie Combs A ll Ph otos Gree nb erg.

b y:





Woodward Gymna sti cs Camp is locat ed in th e hea rt of Pen nsy lvania , surr ounded b y th e farm land s of Penn s Va ll ey. Originall y a farm it se lf, th e ca mp was designed and co nstru c ted

Mike Kasavana Program Director

in 1971, and became an ideal place fo r gy mn asti cs. Now in it s third se aso n, th e ca mp 's wee kl y enro llm en t ha s rise n to 200 campers. Th e teac hin g staff is composed of co ll eg iate co ach es and performers fro m various part s of the co untr y. CJmp directo r and fo un der, Ed Isabelle, is the ass ista nt coac h of th e Penn Sta te me n 's gym nas ti c team. The gym n ast ic program is dir ec ted b y Michael Ka sava n a, ass istant coac h of the '73 Wom e n 's Co ll eg iate champion s, the U ni ve rsit y of Massac hu se tt s tea m. Master staf f in stru cto rs in clud e Toby Towson, profess ional d anc er , Ma rgie Combs, co-ca ptain of the Un ive rsit y of Massachusetts team , Steve Lerner, o ut standing trampolini st from California , Bob Ko e nig, form e r Penn State gymn as t and Ol ympian Ma rshall Ave ne l', plu s man y mo re co ll eg iat e gy mn asts. A spec ial add iti on to th e sta ff is Jim Leo, rece ntl y returnin g from a year 's stud y of Japanese gy mn as ti cs at N ihon P.E. Coll ege . Bes ides th e perman e nt staf f, th e ca mper s receive cl ini cs and in stru ction from seve ral visit o rs such as Tom Pr ou lx, Bill Mitche ll , A nn e Vex ler , Bob Carg ill , Jon Pease ne lli , John Cu lb ert so n an d Bob Emery, all former gymna sti c co mp e titors. Imperat ive to th e eff icien t organ izat ion and ope ration of th e ca mp are th e bu sin ess man age r, M il es Reese , from Penn Stat e, the wa terfr o nt dir ecto r, Sue Graham from Bowl in g

Mike Kelley In stru c to r

Gr ee n Un ive rsit y in Ohio, and th e faci liti es dir ec tor , Tom Wel sh, from We stern M ichi gan Un ive rsit y. Classes and w orkout s continu e rain or shin e du e to com pl ete in door and o utdo o r workout areas. Other fac iliti es in c lu de a ba ll et studio , Ol ympi c size sw im ming pool, fu ll y equipped photo lab , vo ll ey ball area , ca feteria and cant ee n , and a ca mp store stoc ked w ith gym nas tic clothing , po ster s, and m agaz in es. Th e ca mp 's teac hin g ph il osoph y in vo lves an equal balance of ba sics and ad vanced sk ill s. Th e stru c tur ed morning cla sses ar e d evot ed to ba sic moves and progr ess ion s, w hil e th e open aftern oo n cla sses are fo r prob lem so lving and learning new m oves. D ail y clinics precede th e afte rn oon wo rk o ut s, covering su ch subj ec ts as routin e con stru ctio n, car e and pre ve ntion of injuri es, and tapin g proc edures. A lso avail abl e are co urses in Red Cro ss life savin g and gymnast ic spotting techn iqu es for w hi c h ce rtifi ca ti o n can b e obta in ed . Th e emph as is of Woodward Camp 's entir e program is g reate r bod y awareness and th e ph ys ica l con ditioning import ant to gymn ast ics. Throu gh the combined assets of it s staff, fac ili ti es, and acti viti es, th e ca mp stri ves to provid e th e surgi ng numb er of gymn as ts w ith a we ll ro und ed education and enjo ya bl e gymna stics ex per ience.




;-, '

Mike Kasavana, Prog ram Dir ec tor

Margie Combs, Women 's Prog ram D ir ec tor

- -"


I ",

~ .

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Jim Leo, In structor



Q. Welcome to America. Have anyone of you gymnasts ever been overseas for gymnastic exhibition or competition? A. No, none of us. Thi s is o ur fir st trip to America . Our d e legation c hi e f, M r. Ok amu ra, has b ee n in 1h e States seve ral tim es. (See M.G. Jun e -Jul y '69) Q. How was the team selected? A. We we re c h ose n from o ur Na tion a l Hi g h Sc hoo l Champion sh ips to re present diffe re nt a reas of Ja pa n. Q. From the information received from the Japan Gymnastic Association prior to your arrival, I noted that the No.1 or No.2 gymnasts are not in your group. Why were they excluded? A. Th ey Were se n iors that g radu a te d in mid M a rc h . We are a ll 11th grad e rs but after we return to Ja pan we w ill be senio rs, a nu we wi ll ha ve a no th e r yea r o f hi g h sc h oo l co mp et iti o n . Q. On your first day in the States, you visited Stanford University and saw Ted Marcy working .out on the side horse. What do you gymnasts think about his work? A. He's fanta sti c! He look s better th a n any Jap a nese gymnast. Pomm e l horse is o ur weak es t eve nt. How ma n y m o re a re th e re lik e him? Q. There are many gymnasts specializing in one or more events. Ted Marcy is probably our No.1 side horse gymnast in the cOI,mtry. How many hours do you work out daily? A. Three to lo ur ho u rs a ft e r sc hoo l. We a ll ge t hom e afte r ua rk . Q. You've been in America one day now. 'What is your opinion of this country? A. Yo ur freewa ys a re wi u e. Your ca rs a re big. Your ho m es, bu sin ess a nu shopp in g bu iluings are co lorfu l a nu bright. Se rvin gs of fo ou a t th e restaura nt s a re bi g . We ca n ' t ea t a ll of it!

Q. All of you gymnasts are wearing th e same athletic running shoes and uniforms. Did the Japan Gymnastic Association supply them? A. No , each on e o f u s had to bu y o ur own unifGrm a nd wa rm-up suit fo r thi s trip. Q. Mr. Kubo, as vice-president of your National High School Association, how many gymnasts participate in your National Championships? A. Fo rt y nin e pr efec ture (state) tea ms w ith four gymnasts p e r team. Two additi o na l gymnasts from each pre fectur e may parti c ip a te for a tota l of 294 gymnasts. Q. Do you have compulsories in the Nationals? A. Yes. All . tea ms mu st go thro ug h comp ul so ri es. It tak es two da ys to comp le te th e comp ul so ries. Th e n only th e top 16 tea m s proceed into th e optio n a ls. Altogether the co mp et iti o n tak es three da ys. Q. Does each team provide their own transportation to the Nationals? A. Yes, eac h sc hoo l finan ces the te a m for transport a tion , hot e l and mea ls. Q. Does a high school gymnast ever participate in the All-Japan Senior National Championships? A. Yes, a bout ten go to the Sr. Nationals but they mu st qualify and mu st kno w th e Sr. compulso ri es. Th ey wi ll be on a tea m represe nting their prefectur e. Q. Goto, after watching you during your first workout I noticed that you are very good on 26

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- '

L-R: Nobuyuki Kajitani, Hitoshi Aoki, Shunichi Matsumoto, Kiyoshi Goto, Yoichi Tomita, SakichiTanaka - Team leader, Ryosuke Kubo - Coach, Hirofumi Okamura - Delegation chief.

the parallel bars and high bar. You are sure to do well in the next National High School Championships. When did you start gymnastics? A. I started in junior hi g h sc ho o l a nd fir st competed at the age of 14. I was not good at th e tim e but I loved gy mna sti cs . In fac t, a ll five of us started in juni or high sc hoo l. Now in hi g h sc hoo l, I ha ve a good coac h . I want to w in the All-Ja pan Hi g h School Champion ship s thi s yea r. (C hi co, Ca lif.) Q. Mr. Tanaka, what is your occupation? A. I a m a gy mn as ti cs in stru cto r a t Takasak i Indu strial Hi g h School a nd I also am a ce rtified nati o nal judge. My tea m wo n th e Na ti o na l's la st seaso n. Q. Do you have a gymnastics program throughout the entire year or is it seasonal? A. I wo rk th e gy mna sts hard a ll yea r lo ng even thou g h o ur seaso n is from May to October. Summer vaca ti on is from mid-July to th e en d of Augu st, but we co mp e te during th at time. Q. How many gymnasts do you have on your team? A. Thirteen. Th ey co nsist o f Team #A a nd Tea m#B. Onl y fi ve compe tito rs are o n eac h tea m . Tea m #A is my stron ges t, but Tea m #B is use d w he n I ca n still defeat a wea ke r opponent. Q. How many competitions do you have in a season? A. Appro xi ma te ly six to seve n co mp et itions wh ic h in cl ud e Sta te, Reg io nal , and All-Japan. We co mp e te as a tea m a nd ma ny tea ms compete at th e sa m e tim e. All six Ol ym pi c events a re run Simult a n eous ly. Q. How many high school teams are there in your Gumma Prefecture and in all of Japan? A. The re are a ppro xim a te ly 20 tea m s in Gumma a nd ove r 1,000 in Japa n. Q. During your second exhibition here at Chico State University, you had the opportunity to actually meet, workout, and perform with an American college team for the

first time. What are your feelings about it? A. We we re surpri sed to see ove r 3,200 spectators co me to see us on a rainy ni g ht. We have never performed in th e eve nin g because all of our compet ition s a re he ld during th e d ay. The America n gymnasts are rea ll y fri e ndl y a nd kind . (Los Ange les) Q. Tomita, you had your first taste of competition here and yet you won the allaround championship against the Southern California All-Stars. What is your opinion of the competition? A. Th e a tm osphe re is wo nd e rful . In Ja pan w e co mpet e o nl y as a tea m and th e fee lin g of co mp e tin g as an indi vidu a l is quit e different. I cons id e r m yse lf lu cky. America n gym na sts are rea l fr ie ndl y eve n in d e feat , a nd I lik e th e ir spirit. You r specia li sts a re ve ry impress ive . After a n Ame ri ca n gymna st di smount s I was surpri sed to see th e ha nd sh a kin g a nd ba ck slappi n g th at goes on . I li ke th a t sp irit. Th at neve r happen s in Japa n. Q. How do you rank in the All-Japan High School Meet and what are your favorite events? A. La st August I ra nk e d third in th e All-J apan Meet. M y favorite events a re hi g h bar, sid e ho rse anu parallel bars. I sco re u 9.4, 9j, a nu 9.35 res pec ti ve ly. Q. Tomita, you are fairly tall for a Japanese gymnast. How tall are you? A. I am 5 ft. 8 in c hes ta ll. I was th e tall est gy mna st a t th e All-J apa n High Sc hoo l Me e t. Q. Are you on any diet of any sort? A. No, I am not. I' m not particul a r abo ut wh a t I ea t. I rea ll y like yo ur orange jui ce a nd ice c rea m . Q. How many meets do you compete in during a season? A. Within my own prefectu re (s ta te) I h ave fo ur m ee ts. In au uiti on, o ur 路team co mpet es in th e Na ti ona l Ph ys ica l Meet a nd th e All-Japa n Hi g h Schoo l C ha mpi o nships. I und e rsta nd th a t th e American gy mnas ts have more m eets. I fee l

thi s is good, and I too wou ld lik e more compet iti on. (In LJ enve r, Ju st b e to re a m ee t) Q. Mr. Tanaka, you have accepted to challenge, in competition, specialists selected from 47 high schools throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. Why? A. Sin ce we have already competed w ith five of th e co ll eg iate all-around gy mn as ts in So uth ern Ca lifornia, I fee l th at thi s w ill be an int erestin g mee t. It should b e a good exper ience for bot h tea ms. Q. Don't you feel that it is an unfair meet? A. No, I don ' t think so. Th e Amer ica n gymnasts wa nt to kno w how we ll th ey can do agai nst us. (In Den ve r, after the meet ) Q. Now that the meet is over and that your team has beaten the Colorado gymnasts by over eight points, how do you feel? A. Ev en th o ugh we wo n, I am no t complete ly sat isfied. W e had seve ral disappointing brea ks and mu st wo rk on th em. We did not w in th e side horse event , as our gymnasts must co nce ntrate on all six eve nt s. Th e A meri ca n spec iali sts can concentrate entirely on one event. Q. Tomita, all five of you gymnasts were invited to live in seperate American homes for three days. How did you like it? A. It certa inl y was a g reat oppo rtun ity and I will ne ve r forget it. The hom es here are bi gge r and bett er than the j apa n ese home s w ith man y lu xuri es . People h er e are easier to get alo ng with. Since we sp ea k ve ry littl e En gli sh, communicat io n was limited. But , we had a lot of fun. (Co lorado Sprin gs) Q. Matsumoto, you have just won the floor exercise, long horse and parallel bars events against the Colorado All-Star Team. Do you feel that you had a good evening? A. I didn ' t realize th at I d id so we ll. My teammates were tir ed and I was lu cky to pu ll throu gh. Ph ys ica ll y, I am not we ll. I have a so re leg and wr ist. (Ceda r Rapid s, Iowa) Q. Mr. Okamura, during the tour you have seen many of our specialists and all-around gymnasts in the high schools and colleges. How can we improve and what is your opinion? A. In general , your gymnasts are go od. We train our gymna sts to work hard er. Amer ica n gymnasts do not mak e full use of th eir upper portion of their bod y during sw in g mo ve ment s. The y mu st lear n to extend more and use less strength. Our execut ion requirement s fo r virtuosit y are stiffer th an yo urs. For exa mpl e, a giant swing on th e rings mu st be done w ith straight arms, and must not be spread outward on the sw in g. Arms mu st b e str aight and remain shoulder w idth to rece ive credit fo r virtuosit y. Double sa ito must be in a piked position instead of tu cked, e'tc. The jud ges must keep up with th e latest techniques alo ng with th e gymnasts. Since japan is small, the officials can get togeth er eas ie r.

Q. Do your gymnasts in the World and Olympic tryouts use the same Code of Points as published by the FIG? A. Yes, but our requirements are stiffer. In Competition I & III , two additional C moves must be executed in each to rece ive th e maximum 10 point sco re. (C hicago)

Q. Tomita, the largest crowd observing your performance was back in Chico. Do you have that kind of turnout in Japan? A. There are ve ry few spectators in our

pref ectural mee ts eve n th o ugh 10 to 12 tea m s ma y be competing. Ho weve r, we do get a good cro wd in o ur Na tion al m eets . Q. Aoki, you have been consistently good on the long horse with the Tsukahara vault (roundoff w/ pike back). How long did it take you to learn it, and what is th e highest score you have received for this vault? A. I lea rn ed thi s va u lt rea l fast and used it in co mp etition two wee k s after tryin g it. Two months later at a Na tional m eet I wo n w ith a sco re of 9.6. Q. Okamura, we have just concluded the U.S. tour here in Chicago. Your gymnasts have performed exceptionally well in eight cities throughout the States. Did you enjoy the trip? A. Yes. As the d elega tion c hi ef, I wa nt to thank yo u as our to ur guid e, and th e USG F for the kind in v it ation ex t end ed to us. Th is to u r has brought a bett er and closer relat ion sh ip between th e two co untries. Our gymnasts have spent seve ral da ys in A merican ho mes durin g the trip. Thi s has b ee n a wo nd erful ex peri ence w hi ch I' m sure th e gymnasts w ill never forge t. Eve ryo ne at each stop we nt all out to make o ur stay enjoyab le. Many new friends ha ve been mad e and I ho p e to see them aga in. Thank you.



Beat the Christmas rush - Join the NHSGCA -NOW!! Only $3.00 It now only cos ts $3 .00 to belon g to th e N HSGCA . Hurry b efo re infl ation forces u s to raise our dues! Send chec k to: Ed Cutler South Eugene High School 400 E. 19th Avenue Eugene, Oregon 97401

Frank Knu ckl es, I ndi anap o li s, In d. ; Paul Om i, La Grange, III. ; Mike Thompson, Co nco rd , Calif.; Ed Klanecky , Au ro ra, Colo. ; Ron jackson , A uro ra , Co lo.; Erl Tribb y, Portl and , are. ; j ohn Hind s, Co lu mbu s, In d. ; To m Chapman , In gles id e, III. ; Larry A ll en, Clovis, .M .. 3. Th e j apanese H igh Schoo l tour was disc ussed . It was stated that th ere was to b e a 50-50 split o f profit s after expe nses, w ith th e N HSGCA. Ho weve r, thi s was no't stipul ate d in the contract w ith th e USG F. So me association s indi ca ted that th ey lo st mo ney w hil e host in g th e j apa nese. Thu s far , th e N HSGCA ha s not received any money from th e to ur. 4. Larry A ll en repo rt ed th at th e on ly way to in crease the operatin g budget was to increase the memb ership . Th ere are currentl y on ly 60 ac ti ve m embers in th e N H SGCA. S. A fter mu ch di sc u ss ion , it was decided that th e object ives and fun ction s of the NHSGC A need ed to be defin ed. Wayne se lvia sta ted that th e associati o n se rved no fun ction. Considerab le di sc uss io n was devoteJ to thi S top ic, and it was reso lve d th at th e m ain fun ction s an d purp oses of th e association are: (a) Give th e hi g h sc hool coac hes a vo ice to th e UsG F through our vot in g po we r on th e UsG F co un cil. (b) To choose an A ll- A meri ca n Hi gh Schoo l Tea m. (See attached report ). (c) To pro vid e input thro ugh suggest ;ons relati ve to rul es to th e Na tional Federat ion of Hi gh Schoo l Ath letics. 6. It was di sc ussed th at th e dues o f $10.00 are to o mu ch fo r memb ership in the NH sGCA, sin ce tha t organ izat io n does not pro vid e ve ry many se rvices . It was m oved, seconded, and pa ssed to lo wer th e dues to $3. 00. Du es for 1973-74 w ill be $3. 00. 7. Ro n j ackson had a co mmitt ee repo rt on th e hi gh schoo l A ll- Amer ica n awa rd s. He sur veyed sco res from seve n states ove r a pe ri o d of seve ral yea rs, and t hen es tab li shed qual if y in g standard s for the A ll- A m eri ca n awa rd s. It was moved , second ed and passed to accep t hi s re co mm end atio n s and st and ard s for determining A ll-A m eri ca n awa rd s. Ce rtifi ca tes are to b e p rint ed and give n to each gymn as t w ho qu alifi es. (See att ached report fo r the standard s, and mo re info rm ation ). 8. Nominati o ns we re made and n ew office rs we re elec ted for 1973-74. Th e new office rs are : j o hn Hind s - Pres id en t Co lum bus No rth Hi gh School Co lumbu s, Indiana 47201 Ed Cutl er - Sec. - Tr eas urer So uth Eu gene Hi gh Schoo l 400 E. 19th Ave . Eugene, are. 97405 Paul ami - Vice- Presid ent Lyo ns Tow nship Hi gh Sc hoo l 100 So. Brainard La Grange, III. 60525 Resp ect ive ly sub mitt ed, Ed Cut ler, Sec. - Treas. ALL-AMERICAN AWARD

National High School Gymnastic Coaches Association Meeting Held April 7, at the Eugene Hotel, Eugene, Oregon. 1. Meeting ca ll ed to order by Larry A ll en, Pres. , at 9:10. 2. Members present : Don A llin , Berk eley, Calif.; Dal e Meddock, Free dom , Pa.; Di ck Foxa ll , Eu gene, are.; Ed Cut ler, Eugen e, are.; Fred Gain es, Elk Grove Vi ll age, III. ; Wa yne Selvia, W hee lin g, III. ; Frank Wal sh, Dalton, III. ;

Th e Na tion al Hi gh School Gymnast ic Coaches Association has esta bli shed an Al l- A meri can Award, based on ce rtain qu alif yin g standards. 1. Method of qualifyin g: To qualif y a gym n ast for thi s awa rd , a coach mu st submit an aver age score, ba sed on th e best 5 sco res fo r an optional routin e. (a) A t leas t 2 of th e sco res mu st be from a tourn ament of at lea st 5 or more tea ms. (b) An ave ra ge sco re mu st b e used. (A t least two judges) . continued on Pg. 34


Mrs. Renee P. Hendershott 17605 Fries Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 44107


Renee ~endershott_ Women s • • • • • •_


Co.ordinating_ ed,tor _ _ __

JUDGING CORNER Renee Hendershott USGF/ DGWS HAS NEW CRITERIA FOR THE RATING OF JUDGES OF WOMEN'S GYMNAST,ICS Effective june 1st, 1973 National Official 1. Min imum grade - th eo ret ica l exam in at ion: 90% 2. Minimum g rade - practica l exa minati on: 90% 3. Age 20 4. Durati o n - unti l D ece mb er 1976 (thro ughou t th e O lymp iad ). Must judge three mee ts pe r year o r a tota l of six meets wit hin a two-year p erio d to maint ain status. 5. Recommended m inimum fees - $'10.00 per sess ion, transportat ion , and $15.00 per d iem. 6. Qua li fied to judge any competit ion in ANY GEOGRAPH ICAL AREA (N EW DGWSGU IDE IS IN ERROR ) (C hecked thi s out wit h Shirl ey Bryan .. . new purple g uid e says a na,ti o nal judge can not judge " El i/e" level ! Wro ng!) Regional Official 1. Min imum grade - theoret ica l exam in atio n : 80% 2. Minimum grade - practica l examina ti o n : 80% 3. Age 18 4. Duration - until Dece mb er 1976 (thro ugho ut th e Ol ympiad) Must judge three meets per year or a total of six m ee ts w ithin a two-y ea r period to maintain status. 5. Recomme nded minimum fees - $7.50 per sess io n and tran sportation . 6. Qualifi ed to judge any competiti o n w ith th e exce pti o n of th e "E li te " d ivision in any geographica l area. State Official 1. Minimum grade - th eo retical exa minati o n : 70% 2. Minimum grade - pract ica l examination: 70% 3. Age 18 4. D'urati o n - until D ece mber 1976 (through ou t the Ol ympi ad) Mu st judge three meets per yea r or a to tal of six m ee ts w ithin a two yea r peri o d to maint ain sta tu s. 5. Reco mm ended minimum fees - $7.50 per' session arid transpqrta ti on . 6. Qualifi ed to jud ge any co m'pet iti o n w ith th e except io n of the " Eli te " division in any geog raphica l area. Associate Official 1. M ini mum grade - theoretical exam inati o n : 28

60% 2. Minimum grade - pra cti ca l exa min ation: 60% 3. Age 16 4. Dur ati o n - until D ecem b er 1976 (t hroug hout the Ol ymp iad) M ust judge three meets per yea r o r a tota l of six meet s w ithin a two-year period to m aintain statu s. 5. Qu al ified to judge an y sec tional or local co mp et iti o n w ith th e excep tion of the " El ite" div isio n. Apprentice Official 1. Minimum gra de - th eoretical exa min at io n: 50% 2. Minimum gra de - practi ca l exa min ation : 50% 3. Age 16 4. Durat ion - unti l Decembe r 1976 (thro ugho ut th e O lympiad) Must jud ge three meets per yea r o r a to tal of six meets w ith i n a two-yea r peri od to main tain statu s. 5. Qu alified to ju dge any loca l co mpetition wi th th e except ion of the " Elite" divisio n. The information was taken from th e new DGWS Gymnastics Guide (73 ' -75' ), now ava il abl e from th e AA HPE& R, 1201 16th St. N.W., Was hi ngton, D .C. 20036 at a cost of $1.75 per copy . Th e fron t of the guide is all new and very wo rth w hil e having . If yo u ha ve th e cla rifi ca ti ons to the compulsor ies th ere is nothin g new in th em that I ca n see. On e nice new feature is t hat each important part is underlin ed all through th e com pul so ries for eas ier stud yin g... and, of co u rse, rem ember th at names and addresses of co ntacts are always cha ngin g, so, eve n if yo u have the old purple guide, it wo uld be wort h yo ur w hil e to o rd er a new one. Th e stock number is 243-25392 and thi s gu id e wi ll be good til May 1975.

no .5 limit. B. Concern in g th e p enalt y of a .2 for p oo r body waves: Thi s pen alty is take n for every poo rl y executed bo d y wave in the routine. C · Bent arm s and bent legs : Ar e th ese co nsidered techni ca l er rors? Ye s, but they also affect th e st retch of th e w h o le body, so th ese errors are also amplitudi na l. Th ey are rea ll y o ne and the same. Many tim es th e two ca tego ri es o f technique an d amplitud e can be lum ped toge th er in one 3 po int ca tego ry.


EXCERPTS FROM JUNE ISSUE OF FIG BULLETIN From minutes of Stuttgart Meeting, jan. 31 Feb. 3, 1973 Executive Committee of FIG Beca use th e Ol ympiad is already so large, th e requ est to includ e Mode rn Rh yt hm ic Gymn asti cs as an Ol ympic spo rt was n ot granted. It is even being co nside red th at th e number of gy mnasts per tea m be red u ced (To be d iscusse d fU'rth er at th e O lympi c Congress at Sophi a thi s yea r). Anot her ques tion di scu ssed is w heth er the alt ernat e sho uld b e all owed to enter th e co mpetiti on once it has start ed . The minimum age for fem ale gymna sts compe tin g i nternatio nall y is to be k ep t at age 14. Minutes of Meetings of Women's Technical Committee •.. Stutlgart jan 21 -20, Notes on th e 20th Olympiad Vaulting: The repu lsi o n phase is still weak o r non -existe nt.


About new rating criteria " All persons already rated thro ugh th e USGF / DGWS judge's ce rtifi ca tion system w ill maint ain the ratings th ey have earned un t il the nex t O lympi ad. " Jack ie U. Fi e - Chairman USG F-WTC. " Perso ns already rated through th e old sys tem w ill not b e re rated usin g the new cr iteria ; i.e. , a person who did not pass th e exa m for eve n a loca l rat in g before w ill not be reco nsid ered for one of th e new " Associate " or " Apprent ice " ratin gs. Th ey mu st retak e th e exa m to be reconside red. " Shirley Brya n, Chai rman USGF -WC " All exa ms w ill now b e graded thro ugh a new ce ntral co mput er sys tem and results w ill be se nt back mu ch sooner." Shirl ey Bryan , Chai rm an USGF-WC.



Turn s: Po ssi bl e faults 1. Fall ing out of turn to supporting h ee l. 2. Com in g down to supporting h eel before co mpl etion of a turn . 3. Turning o n flat o f foo t. 4. Lack of co ntrol or plac em ent during turn. There is a .2 pe nalty for co mmi ss io n of any one of the above fau lts w hil e executing a t urn .. . o n floor exercise or o n bea m . If a gymnast co m es down to her 'heel during the turn and th en fall s to her nex t pos iti on wi th no co ntro l she w ill be dedu cted.2 for each fau lt (to tal of .4). Sh e w ill be deducted .2 fo r each fa ult sh e co mmit s durin g turns in her routin e. Th ere is

Beam: Too many ac robat ics. Th ese shou ld be rese rved for a floor exercise ro utine. A beam routine shou ld in clu de a minimum of acrobatics link ed w ith b alance pos itio ns, turn s, rh ythmic steps etc. Acroba ti cs are not on l y endan gerin g our gymn asts but make th e routin es j erk y and lack in g in ,c ont inuit y. Th e W. T.C. still wan ts th ere to be six gymnasts on each team eve n tho ugh it is being co nsid ered that th e number be red uced to fi ve. Th ey fee l that if it is reduced to five, all scores mu st be used. M ada me Nagy requ es ts th at th e padded beam be tr ied by all Federation s who wi ll be co mp eting in European Champ ionships in Lond o n. Th ere wil l be so me new va ults in vo lvin g twist s. Now it is necessary for a jud ge seek in g to

ea rn h er " Br eve t " to judge o nl y o ne int ern ati o nal mee t sa ti sfac to ril y. FIVE AMERICAN WOMEN EARN BREVETS CONGRATULA TlONS TO Erna Wachtel Delene Darst Karen Patoile Sharon Pirkl Gail Davis ADDRESS CH ANG E: M . Max Bangerter Secretaire general de la FIG Jaraweg 12 CH 3250 LYSS VALID AS OF 1974 There are two types of series: Simple ... whe n the repetition is of o n e element o nl y. Com posite ... when th e eleme nt s w hi ch form one se ri es d iffer fr o m each o th er. Floor Exercise On ly th e co mpo sit e se ri es of · elem ent s belong in g to va riou s gro ups of differ in g stru cture wi ll ha ve the va lu e of two superi o r difficulti es. If th e elem ent s belong to va riou s groups of th e sa me stru cture , th e se ri es w ill be acco rd ed th e va lu e of a sin gle superior difficulty . Two to three ser ies of acrobat ic difficult ies are req uired in a f loo r exercise. Beam Th ere wi ll be a decrease of t he durati o n of th e optional exercise, 1 minute 15 seco nu s to 1 minute 35 seco nu s. Th ere is so me d isag reement as to how m any acrobatic difficulti es sho uld be demand ed .. undecided . If th e gy mn ast does an acrobatic elem ent in a se ri es, she ca nnot rep ea t thi s element as an ;so lated element or th ere w ill be pe nalt y und er co mp osi ti o n. If an eleme nt of medium o r superio r d if fic ult y is rep eate d in a se ri es, it mu st be co nsid ered as one singl e superior uiffi c: ult y. Each exercise should incl uu e at least four medium an d two sup erior difficulties; at all even ts, th e gymn ast has th e possibi lit y of repl ac in g th e ave rage difficulti es by th e same number o f superior uifficulties. Ea ch exe rcise may incluu e on ly three se ri es (max imum ). Eac h se ries m ay includ e acroba ti cs of superior or medium difficult y. In an y case , the se ri es w ill ha ve the va lu e of one single superi or diffi cult y. A se ries of gymnast ic jump s wi ll also have th e va lu e of a sin gle superior difficulty. Links or repeated littl e hops are not conside red as se ri es. Th e se ri es is not co mpul so ry for exe rcises on t he b ea m . Th e so mm ersa ult group w ill not be tol erateu excep t as a dismount. " With 4 vo tes in fa vor and 3 aga in st, it is decid ed (reso lved) that you mu st be creu iteu with 3 diffi culti es beyond th e mount anu th e di smount, (to come into forc e in 1974). NOTE: Clarifi cat ion of these ueci sions anu other techni ca l material on page 45 anu 46 of the Jun e Bull etin wi ll occur at th e meeting of th e Women 's Technical Committee at th e Congr ess of Coaches in November 1973. Uneven Bars 1. No stops wil l be tolerated uuring the exerCise. 2. A dismount by tak e off from the fee t w ill n o t be to lerated. Penalt y : 0.4 point. 3. Fro m a tu ck ed or stanuing posi ti o n on th e low bar, a spring to a stretched inver teu support (handstan d ) w ill be an elem ent of M ed ium Diffi culty.

4. A spri ng in o ru er to pass from a tu ckeu pos iti o n o r sta ndin g positi on from th e bar, lowerin g to a following element, w ill be cons id ered as a supplementary sw in g. Penalt y: 0.5 poinl. Vaulting Th ere w ill be new va u lt s compris in g turn s in th e n ew code . Th e two o pti o nal va ult s mu st diffe r from each ot her. During th e fin als at leas t o ne o f th e two va ult s shall includ e a turn (as o f '74)

Th e informat io n o n th e new va ults anu new method of judgin g va ultin g has no t b een made known ye t. It is expec ted to be publi shed eithe r in November o r b efo re th e World Games in ea rl y 1974. Th e USGF Tec hnica l Co mmittee wi ll m ee t in November and decid e ho w and w hen th e new va ultin g rul es w ill be appli ed in th e United States. Now if you do a back tuck som i o n beam yo u w ill not onl y be give n credi t for diffi cult y but yo u will b e penalized as we ll.

•• USAIGC REPORT FROM GRAHAM BARTLETT Vice President of United States Association of Independent Gymnastic Clubs

Renee He ndershott and Graham Bartlett

Th ere are now 100 pa id members of th e Un ited States A ssoc iati o n of Ind ependent Gymna sti c Clubs (USA IGC), w ith about 300 requ es ts for informa ti o n ove r th e summer.

Th e co nstituti o n is complete and has b een ratifi ed by th e m emb ership. Th e in suran ce program (thi s has b ee n a to ugh o ne) is finall y shap in g up . Other things are brewing too . We are in th e pr ocess of making a directory o f gy mn asti c cl ubs wh ich w ill in clude: nam es, ad dresses, coac h es phon e numbers an d inform ati o n o n th e girls and boys co mpet iti ve tea m s. Th e direc tories w ill go to all paid members o f th e USA IGC. (Editors Note: All of you people who complain that you have trouble finding competition for your teams ..• this sounds like a BIBLE for you to possess! Better join.) Mr. Bartlett reports that th e USA IGC will meet at th e USGF Congress and ~he n ew in surance w ill be ava il ab le th ere. Many new members ha ve been as king qu es ti o ns such as: D o yo u have exa mpl es of ex istin g gymn as ti c program s; how th ey run th eir cl asses per wee k ... th e levels and tim es? Th ey want to know how much tim e is spent o n warm-ups , tumbling , vaulting, bars, bea m , floor ex. .. tim e spent on working on co mpul so ri es and optio nal routin es. Conference organizat ion, how to start your own faciliti es, mon ey making, cost, in surance, etc. Info rm ati o n of thi s type is being co mpil eu for display at th e USGF Congr ess in November . M r. Bartlett point s out that thi s organization isn ' t set up jus t to do things for peopl e. It isn ' t a se rvice organization, but a SHARING o rgani za ti o n. Th e USAIGC is acting on ly as a ce ntral clearing hou se for ide a exchanges. M embers share id eas and get new ones in return . If yo u are an independent gymnastic c lub and wish to be a member of th e USA IGC se nd yo ur $'10.00 to: USA IGC To m H ein eike 540 N. Hydra uli c Wi ch ita, Kansas 67214

•• HUMAN INTEREST Thinking that he might be interes ted in gett in g involved in the Southfielu Association for Gymnastics (S.A.G.) program if he wa s still aro und , Jim Direnfe ld , president of S.A.G . (Mi ch.) se t out to locate J. Lattin , li steu in tne M ay, 1973 Y.M.C.A . Gymnastic Newsletter as th e 1938 M en 's Nationa l A ll-Around Champion from D etro it. Starting w ith the loca l telephon e directories and keeping in mind that this man woulu had to ha ve survived through WWII and all the years sin ce, Direnfeld thought he had gotten lu cky when he located a Joseph Lattin , C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant) , livin g right in Southfi eld , as the only J. Lattin in any of th e area directori es. A qu ick phone ca ll ascertained that although he was the right age, Joseph was not a gymnast. Howeve r, because thei rs is an unusu al fami ly name, he rememb ered th ere being a " Lattin " fam il y on the east side of D e troit during t he lat e 30's and early 40 's . Back to th e telephone directory, a seco nd ca ll to Fred on th e east sid e - and a reversal of form : Jack Lattin, the 1938 champion , is Fred 's co usin and yes , indeed , sti ll ali ve and w ell in Pho eni x, A ri zo na, at the age of 58, he st ill work s out dai lyon parall el bars in hi s ba ckyard so as to stay in shape FOR SKYDIVING!!!





- - - by Abie Grossfe ld, Coach - - - A U nit ed Stat es co nti ngent o f 199 ath letes repr ese ntin g approx im ately 20 sport s left fo r Israe l o n Ju ly 5. In Israe l we wo rked out at Barb o u r Cent e·r, th e si te of t he co mp etiti o n, fo r th e fi ve d ays p rio r to th e co m pe tit io n w hi ch bega n o n Jul y 12. (Onl y opt iona l exercises we re required .) Th e stag in g of t h e co m pe titi o n was we ll b elow th e standa rd of o th er intern ati o nal champi o nsh ip s eve n th o u·gh it was far superior to m y prev io us Macca bi ah ex p eri en ces . Th e main pro bl ems we re th at th e hall was too sm al l to adequat ely set up six eve nts at o nce and, t herefo re, ample wa rm up tim e o n so m e events was in sufficient (fo rtun ately it was ve ry hot). A lso, th e sca ti ng capac it y of 500 perso ns was far to small t o acco mm oda te th e ove rfl ow crowd th at was o n hand fo r eac h sess ion . A s for th e equipm en t, th e po m me l ho rse, parall el bars, horizo ntal bar and rin gs we re hand made in Israel w hil e th e flo o r exe rcisE area was an o ld , un even Reuth er area . Th e Reuth er boa rd was unpadde d w itho ut an abras ive to p ; however, th e So uth Af ri ca ns had th eir n ew styled pad d ed boa rd (f irst u se d i n M u n ich) shi pped to Israel w h ich arr ived in tim e for th e finals. (Thi s b oa rd is m ore cu rve d h igher and co nsid erabl y sp rin gier th an th ~ form er boa rd .) Mr. Iva ncev ic, Tec hni ca l Pr es ident o f th e FIG, was o n hand to co nduct a judg in g co ur se prio r to th e co mpe tit io n. A l l jud ges we re fro m Israe l since no o th er nati o n had any to offe r. Mr . Iva ncev ic acted as the meet referee and se rve d as the superi o r ju dge fo r all eve nt s in th e fin als. Ass ured ly, M r. Iva ncev ic's inf luence had mu ch to d o w ith th e ge n erall y h igh stan d ard of judgin g, and, I mi ght add t hat it was mu ch bett er th an I h ad ant ici pa ted. Ei ght ee n male gy mn asts re presen tin g six co u ntri es co mp eted, th e U nited St ates, Israel, So uth A fri ca, W es t Germany, Italy and France . Th e U n ited St ates was repr esented b y Ken Factor of Phil ad elphi a and M ich iga n State U ni ve rsity; Bru ce Kees hin o f Skoki e, Il lino is and th e U ni ve rsity o f Michi ga n ; Lenn y Kra vit z of Albu q uerqu e and th e U n ive rsit y o f New M ex ico; Steve Pos ner of Ma n hasset, N .Y. and th e U ni ve rsity of Califo rni a; Bru ce W aldman o f Sk o kie and th e U ni ve rsity o f Iowa; and Mark Watm an o f O ak Park, Illin o is and Ea stern Il li nois Un ive rsity. Prior to th e co mp etiti o n it was obvio us th at it was go in g to b e a cl ose cont es t b etwee n th e U n ited Stat es and a mu ch improve d Israel i team w hich has b ee n furth er enh anced b y Immi grati ng USSR gy mn as ts and coac hes. As it w as, th e USA em erge d victor by 2. 1 point s. Th e all -aro un d proved to b e a close co nt es t betwe en the top thr ee co mpet itors --Pos n er, Da nl Led er and Wald erman-- w ith o n ly .1 points seperating th em. In add itio n to w innin g th e all-around and ty ing for first in f loo r exercise, Pos n er to o k seco nd on h or izo ntal bar and th ird in va u ltin g. Dan l Leder, a ve teran o f t hree M acca bi ah s w ho fi rst comp eted in 1961 and wo n th e p arall el b ars in 1965, wo n three gold med als, on e sli ve r and o ne bro n ze m ed al. Leder, w ho repr esent ed W est Germ any and no w li ves and coac hes i n Co log ne, is actu all y an Israeli and fo rm erl y represented th em . Led er ti ed w ith


Pos ner for fi rst in floo r exe rcise. Bot h rece ived ide nt ica l scores in p reli min aries and fi nals. Gary Klass of Sou th A fri ca pe rfo nn eu a ro undoff flip flo p do ubl e back su ccessf u ll y in both th e p r elim s and fin als. H e also perf o rm ed a full tw istin g Ya mas h ita in va·ultin g and a d o u b le p i ked flyaway off ho ri zo nt al ba r. Gary is o n ly 17 yea rs o ld. Leder p laced fir st o n parallel bars but was p ressed by Kravitz to an o utstand in g pe rfo rmance. Lede r start ed w ith an exce l lent baske t to hand stand fo llowe d by an unu su all y lo ng, we ll executed ro uti ne. Krav it z p erf o rm ed af ter Led er and we nt o ut to w in . As it was, he h it hi s b est eve r- -an exce pt io nal perfo rm ance - w hich ea rn ed him th e sil ver med al. Th e o ld er of two bro th ers, Mi chae l Moya l o f Israe l, tied fo r fir st w ith Le der o n po mm el ho rse w ith a co nsistent p erfo rm an ce. Th e yo unge r br o th er, Y. Moya l, I th ink he is on ly fifteen, wo n va u ltin g w ith two so li d, flight y va ult s. Bruce Wa ld man d isp layed excep tio nal po l ish and co ntro l o n both t h e rings and ho ri zo ntal ba r to leave no d o ubt w ho was th e champi o n o n th ese event s. Th e 9.6 give n fo r h is preli min ary ho ri zo nt al b ar p erfo rm ance was th e to p score o f th e entire co mp etiti o n. On rings Fact o r and Lampro nt y of Italy fini shed in a ti e fo r seco nd. In all, th e U n ited St ates ga rn ere d five o ut o f eight go ld, thr ee silve r and two bron ze med als. A ft er co mpetit io n, o ur tea m was in vited to ex hibit at a ki bb ut z, Kfa r Gi lad i, n ear th e no rth ern bo rd er o f Israe l. Wh ile at th e kibbut z, we we re taken o n a to ur o f th e Gali lee and th e Go lan Height s w here we saw fo rm er Syri an installati o ns and remn ants o f th e six day war. A special d ay was se t as id e fo r th e ath le tes of all 27 parti cipati ng co untri es to visit th e ancient city o f Jeru sa lem . Th ere we visited num ero u s bib li ca l sit es includin g th e Wa il ing Wa l l and th e Do me o f th e Rock an d gaze d upo n t he spo t w here A braham was go ing to sac rifi ce hi s so n Isaac and w here Mo hamm ed ascen ded to heave n. Sp ea kin g fo r th e mem bers o f o u r tea m, thi s was a tru ly thr ill in g expe rience fo r all o f us. In clo sin g, I wo u ld like to th ank Issie W asse rm an, o u r manager, w ho se rved us we l l and helpe d m e on co unt less occas io ns, and a special th ank yo u to Co urtn ey Sh anken w ho grea t effo rt s mad e thi s ex p er ience a rea lit y. lH E 9th MACCA BI A GAM ES M EN'S RES ULTS ALL-AROUND 1. Posne r, USA 2. Led e r, Ge rma ny 3. Wa ldman , USA 4. La mp ro nt y, Ita ly 5. Moya l M ., Israe l Prelim Finals Floo r Exe rcise 1. Posne r, S., USA 1. Lede r D., Ge rm any 3. Klass G., S. Af ri ca 4. Nimrod B., Israel 5. Wa ld ma n B., USA 6. Levi n M. , S. Afri ca Sid e Horse 1. Moya l M ., Israel 1. Led e r D., Ge rma ny 3. Kravit z L., USA 4. Lam pro nt y A. , Ita ly 5. Wa ldm an B. , USA 6. Posne r S., USA Rings 1. Wa ld man B. , USA 2. Facto rk ., USA 2. La mp ro nt y A. , Ita ly 4. Pos ne r S. , USA

54.15 54.10 54.05 53 .45 53.20 l ota l Avg

9.55 9.55 9.20 9.10 9.25 8.90

9.45 9.45 9. 05 9. 10 8.90 9. 05

19.00 19.00 18.25 18.20 18. 15 17. 95

9.50 9.50 9.125 9.100 9.075 8.975

9.05 8.75 8.95 8.95 8.75 8.45

8.70 9.00 8.35 8.30 8. 00 8. 05

17.75 17.75 17.30 17.25 16.75 16.50

8.875 8.875 8.650 8.625 8.375 8.250

9.45 9.25 9.25 9.10

9.40 9.40 9. 40 8.95

18.85 18.65 18.65 18.05

9.4 25 9.325 9.325 9. 025

Ri ngs can' t.

Pre lim. Fina ls 8.80 8.60 8.90 8.30

5. Wisch ni a J., Israel 6. Wot man M. , USA Vaulting 1. Moyal Y., Israe l 2. Bar Lov, Israe l 3. Posne r S., USA 4. Lede r D. , German y 5. Lampro nt y, Ital y 6. Moya l M. , Israe l Pa ra lle l Ba rs 1. Lede r D. , Ge rman y 2. Krav itz L. , USA 3. Lampronty, It aly 4. Wa ld ma n B., USA 5. Wi schni a, Israel 6. Keesh in, USA Horizo ntal Bar 1. Wa ld man, USA 2. Posne r, USA 3. Moya l M ., Israe l 4. Kravitz, USA 5. Wa t ma n, USA 6. Moya l Y., Israel

l o tal 17.40 17.20

Avg. 8.700 8.600

9.20 9.30 9. 05 9. 10 9.10 8.85

9.15 8.975 9.15 8.625 8.40 8.35

18.35 18.275 18.20 17.725 17.50 17.20

9. 175 9.1375 9. 10 8.862 8.750 8.600

9.30 9.05 9.05 8.80 8.75 8.80

9.55 9.30 9.05 8.65 8.00 5.75

18.85 18.35 18.10 17.45 16.75 14.55

9.425 9. 175 9.05 8.725 8.375 7.275

9.60 9.45 9.20 9.25 9.35 9.00

9.50 9.30 9.25 9. 00 7.75 7.60

19.10 18.75 18.45 18.25 17.10 16.60

9.55 9.375 9.225 9. 125 8.55 8.30



o n Wo me n' s co mpetitio n at the Uni ve rsity of New Hampshire by Kitty Kj eldse n, Superio r Judge -

O n A pr il 25, 1973, th e French Na tio nal t ea ms arr ive d to th e " green lu sh hi ll co un try" o f New Hampshire fo r th e las t co mpet iti o n b efore ret urnin g to t heir ho m eland . Bo th team s see med ti red fro m th e hectic sch ed u le and d id not loo k fo rward t o ano th er gymn asti cs m eet. Bu t as soo n as t hey ent ered t he spacio us and bea ut ifull y deco rated gy mn asium at th e U n ive rsity o f New Hampshire, th e mo od start ed to change. Mee t director Lo u Datil io had go ne all o ut to mak e thi s a memo rab le occas io n. It seem ed th at th e w ho le sch oo l sto o d b ehind th e und ertaking and work ed hard in o rd er to make th e region s fir st Int ern ati o nal gy mn ast ic mee t a hu ge su ccess. Th e gymn as ium was decorated w ith flags and flowe rs, p rov id ed by th e Scho o l o f A ppli ed SCience . Th e French D epartm ent prov ided IIlt erpret ers, Ph ys ica l Edu ca tio n m aj o rs se rved as runn ers, flas hers and sco rers; loca l craftsmen provid ed silk screen in g and hand mad e pottery fo r gifts and awa rds, and th e Un ive rsity conce rt band was at hand durin g both ni ghts for p leasa nt mu sica l int erlud es as we ll as mu sic for marching and Na t io nal Anth ems of bot h co u ntr ies. Sin ce th e co mp eti t io n was a part of t h e Uni ve rsity's Go ld en Jub ilee ce lebrat ion , m an y o ff iCI als and stud ent s we re fo und in th e audi ence, as we l l as p eo p le fro m all ove r New England . Th e French co u ld not h elp but beco me in vo lve d in th e swin g of th ings, and, acco rd i ng to o b se rve rs w ho h ad see n th em in o th er m ee ts, put o n th e bes t perform ances of th eir to ur. Th e U n iteu States was represented b y Ya nkee Co nference gy mn asts (Yankee Conference incluu es all New En gland Stat e U ni ve rsiti es), w hi ch in th e case o f wo men mea nt th e girl s tea m from th e U ni ve rsity of Massachu sett s, rece nt w inners o f AI A W Na tiona l Champi o nship Hon o rs. Si nce th e French do not have co lleg iate co mp etition for wo men, th eir team was co mp ose d of you n g (14-18) girl s fro m differe nt p ri vat e clubs . On th e first eve n ing, th e girl s comp eted in vau ltin g and u neve n p aral lel bars. Sm al ler and


DEVELOPING SHOULDER EXTENSION .................••......••.....•••.


Obj ec tiv es: 1. To develo p the p rope r timing and should er shrug that is required in u pper bod y blo ck in g. 2. To deve lop shou ld er str ength.


VAULTING DRILLS by Jim Turpin Head Coach Almaden Valley Gymnastics Club 1971 All American Vaulter




Photos by Keith Reynolds

Th e gym nas t start s b y leaning forward (Pi ctu re no. 1) and then reac h ing out so as to be in a str etched position complete ly' of f th e grou nd (P icture no. 2) .

BLOCKING WITH THE FEET ...•....... ............. ~


ju st before th e gym nas t hit s the gro und w ith hi s hand s (Pi cture no. 3) h e should start ex tending h is shou ld ers so th at they fini sh the ir ex tensio n ju st as he hits th e ground.

Objectives: 1. To deve lop a light and quick I-]urd le. 2. To develop th e fee li ng of acti o n-reaction that is ca used by b lock in g.

lighter French gi rl s ex hibiteu so me exce ll ent performances anu ove rshauoweu th e co ll eg iate champ ions i n both events. Th e Un ive rsit y of Massachusetts, compet in g for th e first time unde r Inter nati o nal rul es wh ich req uired six A Ii A rounu perform ers anu made no allowances for spec iali sts, also lackeu in depth. At th e en d of the fir st da y, th e wome n's team score sto o u at 89.35 - 83.95. On th e seco nu uay, th e mature anu o ri gindl floor exercise and balance beam prese ntation s o f the Yankee Conference gir ls threaten eu to turn the tab les, but a six point lead was too much to overcome. I n ad diti on, Margie Combs, one of the University's top performers, was injured on the uneven bars and had to drop out of th e compe titi o n. Without a back -up score, th e lack of uepth o f th e American gi rl s became a decidin g issue. The final sco re o f th e Women 's m ee t stoo d at France -1 74.65, Yankee Co nference - 168.30. Indi vidu al A ll-Around ho no rs, howeve r, were captur ed by the Amer icans. Anne Vex ler, co mp etin g aga in st th e French for th e seco nu time, too k th e seco nd pla ce ho nors, anu ta lente d j ea nnin e Burger was fin all y ab le to put it all to gether, coming out on th e top. In genera l, the meet was beautifully organized . Congratulations to Lo u Dat ili o and all hi s helpe rs from the University of New Hamp shire. judges were: Mauame Michelle Thi eba ult , Sandra Thi elz, Loi s Carson, Debbie Furlon e and the author of this articl e. Coaches for the Yankee Co nference W o men 's Tea m were Virgin ia Eva ns anu Mi cha el Kasava na. Results of th e meet: Vaulting: 1. Audin (F) 9.20, 2. Hermant (F) 9.15, 3. La vachery (F) 9.05, 4. (Tie) Burger (YC) and Latorre (F) 8.85, 6. Combs (YC) 8.80. Bars: 1. Audin (F) 9.25,2. (T ie) Burger (YC) and Giutato (F) 9.10,4. H er mant (F) 8.95, 5. Vexler (YC) 8.90, 6. (Ti e) Latorr e (F) and Dauge (F) 8.60. Beam: 1. Vexler (YC) 9.00, 2. Hermant (F) 8.80, 3. Burger (YC) 8.75,4. Giuatato (F) 8.70, 5. Latorre (F) 8.30, 6. Armstrong (YC) 8.25. Floor: 1. Vex ler (YC) 9.15, 2. Lavache ry (F) 9.10, 3. Burger (YC) 9.05, 4. Audin (F) 8.85,5 . H ermant (F) 8.75, 6. Dauge (F) 8.55. All-Around: 1. Burger (YC) 35.75,2. Vexler (YC) 35.70, 3. H ermant (F) 35.65, 4. Aud in (F) 35.50,5. GiloJatato (F) 34.55,6. Latorre (F) 33.90.


Whi le tr ave ling down a row of mats th e gym nast w ill hop back and forth from hands to feet.





Execution: The perfo rm er start s by standing erect w ith hi s arm s at hi s side and hi s feet toge th er. Th e performer now raises o n hi s toes and lean s forward as in picture No .1 (T hi s acts as the forward mo mentum ). Wh en he feels that he ca n no lo n ger I ema in standin g, he takes a small step towa rds th e grou llu in front of him (Pi cture no. 2). Without stopp in g h e sho uld mo ve both fee t as low and fast as possibl e to th e m at in front o f him (P icture no . 3) . Upo n making co nta ct w ith both fee t th e p erform er should ex tend upward s tightening all parts of hi s body, and pull hi s heels ba ckwards (Pi cture no. 4). Thi s ac ti o n w ill ca u se the performer to turn over. ** The upper body direc ts w here yo u w ill go Do not lean Forward! Try to jump st raight up. ** When an obj ec t is stif f o r so lid (l ike a ti ghte ned body) and one end is moved (the feet force d ba ckwards) th e ot her end wi ll move in the opposite d irec ti o n. If th e body is loo se th en th e fe et pullin g backwa rd s w ill not cause th e bod y to turn ·over. Watch for these Mistakes: 1. The feet not mov in g fast enou gh toward s th e ground in front (Thi s may result in an incorrect blocking) . 2. Not hittin g th e grou nd in th e correct blo cki ng position 3. Arms li ft ed too hi gh (like a cheerl eade r). Lifting th e arm s too high w ill cause an arch and a top reacti o n th at is opposi te 'a nd which co unt ers th e bottom reac ti o n, thu s nu llif ying the turning ove r action o f th e dr ill. 4. Legs b ent too mu ch during th e hurdle.


Th e gy mn as t pushes off th e gro und in th e direction from which h e ju st ca m e (P icture no. 4) . As soo n as hi s feet hit the gro und he sh o uld repeat th e dri ll (Pi ctur e no . 5) so th at he does a series of hops from feet to hands to feet to hands etc. w hil e trave lin g i n a fo rward motion . GET OFF THE HA N DS AND FEE T AS SOON AS PO SS IBL E. Look for th ese Mistakes: 1. Being o n th e hand s too lo ng. This w ill ca u se th e shoulders to go ove r th e hands and th e gymnast w ill not be able to push ba ckw·ards. 2. No t reaching o ut far enou gh. Aga in th e sho ulders w ill go too far for wa rd ca usin g th e gym nas t to co llapse . 3. Waiting to pu sh off the gro un d until co nt act w ith the ground is made.








continued irom Pg. 19

M cNa ry (M ) 105.62; Co rva lli s (C) 102. 16. AA : Jim Kelch (C) 48.55; Bru ce Nashif (P) 44 .0; Ma rk Toya ma (S E) 43.60. V: Bi ll Ledbett er (S prin gfi eld ) 8. 65; Jim Kelch (C) 8. 625; Tim Ka ne (SE) 8.325. FX: Bru ce Nashif (P) 8.675; Jim Kelch (C) 8.4 75; Bill Ledbe tt er (5) 8.200. PH: Jim Kelch (C) 7.025 ; Larry Oli ve r (SE) 6.575 ; Tom Troc in o (SE) 6.050. HB: Jim Kelch (C) 8.675; Ma rk Toya ma (SE) 8.250 ; D o u g G ravatt (C) 7.90. PB: Jim Kelch (C) 8. 350; Ma rk Toya ma (SE) 7.650; Bru ce Nashi f (P) 7.600. R: (Ti e) Jim Ke lch (C) and D o ug Grava tt (C) 7.850 ; Bru ce Nas hi f (P) 7.525. Winning Routines: V: Bill Ledbetter (Springfield High School): Hand sprin g. FX: Bruce Nashif (Parkrose High School): RO , b ack hand sprin g, Pik e Arabi an, front hand sprin g, fo rwa rd ro ll , back handsprin g walkout to straddl e stand, straddl e press to hand stand , pik e d ow n, fr o nt so mersa ult, f ro nt hand sprin g, Swedi sh fall, turn bac k ex tensio n to hand stand , RO , back hand sprin g, back so m ersault full tw ist. PH: Jim Kelch (Churchill High School) : Cas t int o d o ubles o n end, Kehre in , doubl e, Moo re, doubl e, d oubl e, M oo re, do ubl e, fo rwa rd scisso rs, reve rse sc isso rs, into doubl e leg circle travel to Ol ympi c off. HB: Jim Kelch (Churchill High School): Cas t forwa rd , swin g ba ck to straddl e cut and ca tch, kip , forwa rd hip circl e to fo rwa rd gi ant, fro nt stald er, fro nt giant, pirou ett e, back giant, ba ck stald er, straddl e o n and off, back giant , fl yaway . PB: Jim Kelch (Churchill High School): Cas t sw in g piro uett e, Stut z, cast, suppo rt , ba ckupri se, straddl e cut and ca tch to " L", straight arm press hand stand , p ea~ h ba sket, layawa y front upri se, fro nt o ff . R: Tie for first: Doug Gravatt (Churchill High School): Doubl e di sloca te, shoo t hand stand , reverse Kip to " L", hollow bac k press, lower to ba ck leve r, di sloca te to support straddl e di smount. jim Kelch (Churchill High School): Doubl e disloca te, sh oot hand stand , fall fo rwa rd inloca te, bac kupri se to " L", press hand stand , fall fo rw ard ba ckupri se, lowe r to back leve r, d o uhl e di sloca te, fl yaw ay V2 tw ist di smount.

Dalles High School Team, Oregon State Champions.

OREGON GIRLS STATE GYMNASTIC REPORT by Marcie Pereia, The Dalles, Oregon Th e D all es Hi gh Sch ool girl s success full y upend ed champion s D avid Dou glas to w in th eir fir st state champi o nship, 130.5 to DD 's 85 .0. In third was Sh eld on of Eu gen e w ith 81.0; fo urth was Wil so n of Portland w ith 61. 5; South Eu ge ne was fifth wi th 60.0, and Jac kson o f Po rtl and sixth w ith 57 .0. Th e D all es al so pr od u ced th e All- A ro un d ch ampi o n, Ci nd y W acker, w ho was seco nd in 1972. En rout e to the A ll- A round titl e, she capt ured fir st pl ace on U neve n parall el Bars, Balance Bea m, and Va ult w ith a seco nd in Flo o r Exe rcise. HAWAII


STATE GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS March 23-24, 1973 University of Hawaii

Lorine Anderson, Women's Meet Director Brad Cooper, Men's Meet Director

Jim Kelch, 1st on pommel horse, Oregon.


Thi s was th e third St ate Ch ampi o nshi p spon so red by th e Hawa ii Gymn asti cs A ss ociation (HGA) as part of th eir d eve lopmental prog ram. Th e di v isio ns we re 8th grad e and below, 9-1 2 grade, and a se ni o r ca tegory for all th ose o ut o f hi gh sc hoo l. Th e USGF-DGWS interm ediate co mpul so ri es we re used b y th e girl s, but th e bo ys use d H.G.A. compul sori es ex cept for th e se niors w ho used the NCAA exerci ses. Th er e was no tea m comp etition. Gymna sts represe nting three pri va t e sc hoo ls, on e publi c sc hool, two pri vate club s, on e YMCA, and th e U ni ve rsity o f Ha wa ii and unattac hed military gy mn as ts took part. In th e junior hi gh girls co mp etition , 8th grader Keri Baird of Pun ahou ca ptured fir sts o n all four eve nt s and th e all-aroun d w ith a tot al of 57.72. In th e 9-1 2 d ivisio n, 9th gra der Andrea Arthur ea rn ed firsts on fl oo r exe rcise, b alan ce bea m and va ultin g w hil e ca pturin g th e A A titl e with a 61 .67 to tal. H er tea mmate fro m Pun aho u, M ary Beth W o ng wo n th e uneve n b ars. Th e male ent ry li st was th e lo nges t in th e short hi sto ry o f th e champi o nship s w ith 38 indi vidu als in th e thr ee ca tego ri es. lo lani 8th grader, Jeff Chu ng sco red 60.70 in th e AA w hil e Kamehameha's Jay Kau ka ed ged o ut Pun ahou ' s

Pat Ga nn o n 74.66 to 73 .85 fo r th e 9-1 2 titl e. W ith o nl y two AA entri es in th e se ni o r di visio n, th ere was hardl y a co nt est as U ni ve rsit y o f H awai i freshm an, D ave Ro th , sco red 70.70, easil y o utdistancin g defendin g se ni or A A ch amp, Gene Ca rranza, w h o to taled 63. 06. On e o f th e hi ghli g ht s for th e H awa ii Cfowd was th e pr ese nce of KHET (th e pu b li c televisio n stati o n) w ho taped th e ro utin es during th e o pti o nal comp etiti o ns for rebroa dcas t. Th e sho ul d pr ov id e an edu ca tion al show ex peri ence fo r th e comp etito rs w ho we re un awa re th at th eir o ff-th e-fl oor antics are ob serva bl e, no t onl y t o th e audi en ce in th e gy m but also to th e TV audi ence . (Perh aps if more gy mn asts across th e co untr y were subj ec ted to th e sa me sc rutini zin g eye -- th ere w o uld b e a lot more di sciplin ed co ndu ct. ) Results: Boys Jr. Div: AA: Jeff Chung (Iol ani ) 60.70, Darryl W o ng (Kamehameha) 52.70, Jon A ll en (Kok o kahi Gy m Tea m) 51.16. PB: Chun g 11.85, A ll en 10.35, W o ng 9.90. HB: Chun g 9.50, Wo ng 9. 25, A ll en 9.10. V: All en 11. 25, Ch u ng 11.10, Reynold s Barn ey (Central YMCA) 9.85 . FX: A ll en 9.91 , Rand y N gum (K ) 9.80, Dan M argulies (CY) 9.40. PH: Chun g 8.8, N gum 7.9, Won g 7.1. R: Chun g 11.50, A ll en 10.55, W o n g 10.45. Boys Sr. High: AA: Jay Kauka (K ) 74 .66, Pat Gann o n (Pun ahou ) 73 .85 , Ro bin Uyeshi ro (I ) 71.48. PB: J. Kauka 13.70, Uyeshiro 13.55, Philip Swa in (K) 12.50. HB: Jo se ph Won (P) 13.65, Gann o n 13. 25, J. Kauka 13.00. V: Uyeshiro 13.35, Swa in 12.90, Gan non 12.85. FX: J. Kauka 12.16, Eri c H arada (P) 11.53 , Ga nno n 11.40. PH : Ray Di eck en (P) 11.85, Dave M archett e (KGT) 11.55, M ark Ya makawa (I) 11.05. R: Ganno n 14.45, Uyes hiro 13. 90, J. Kauka 13.40. Senior: AA: Dave Roth (U H ) 70.70, Gen e Carranza (UH ) 63.06. FX : Kell ey Phillips (UH ) 17. 21 , Ro th 15.50, Ca rran za 13.26 . PH: M ark Imh o ff (U H ) 12.65, D an Timm (unatt) 10.45, Ro th 10.35. R: Ca rl M ed ei o ros (K GT) 10.25, Jim Kaa napu (U H) 10.10, Ro th 9.95. V: Phillips 16.40, Ro th 14.30, Ca rranza 14.25. PB: Carran za 10.75, Ro th 10.65. HB: Ro th 9.95, Phillips and Carran za 7.55. Results: Girls Jr. High: AA: Keri Baird (Pun aho u) 57.72, Gi gi Vivas (P) 43. 57, Barbara Ver ga gni (Kok o kahi Gy m Tea m ) 31.95. UPB: Baird 13.99, Do nn a Ma h (P) 10.59, Bo nnie Won g (P) 10.36. FX: Baird 15.23, W o ng 14.00, Vi vas 13.80. BB:

Baird 14. 23, Vivas 9.16, Kiki Ro ll es (P) 8.23. V: Ba ird 13.87, Vivas 12.28, Tyler Dacey (P) 10.57. Girls Sr. High: AA: A n drea Arthur (P) 61.67, Nanette Thomas (Kamehameha) 53.73, Ma ry Beth Wong (P) 45.22. UPB: Wong 16.1 9, A rthur 15.46, Thoma s 13.96. FX: Arthur 16.40, Thomas 16.32, Jackie Schnack (P) 14.97. BB: Arthur 13.43, Th omas 11.65, Cathy Laht i (KGT) 10.22. V: A rthur 16.38, Petr a Lau (K) 16.32, Kay la Hopk ins (K) 14.23. Senior: UPB Cat hy Fa ss ler Hawai i School of Gymnastics) 8.96. BB : Fassle r 3.76. V: Fa ss ler 12.50.


48TH ANNUAL LOS ANGELES CITY HIGH SCHOOL INDIVIDUAL GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIPS Friday, May 25, 1973 Cal State Coll ege at Los Angeles By Chris Takimoto Fort y-fi ve of th e city' s finest gymnasts were competi ng for in dividua l honors in th e 48th Annua l A ll-City Hi gh Schoo l Indiv idua l Gymnastic Championships. Th e city team champions hip was already decided thr ee days earli er on Tuesda y, May 22, whe n Ve nice Hi gh School , coached by M r. George Ro se, wo n the ir seco nd co n secuti ve Los Angefes City gymnastic titl e, edgi ng Monroe High School w ith an outstand in g score of 159.24 to 153.74. Ve ni ce Hi gh also qualified th e most gymnasts for the indi vid ua l city meet. Ou t of th e 45 total compet ito rs, Ve ni ce placed nine men , whi le Monroe qualified six, Kenned y and Ca rson followed w it h a tota l of five competito rs ap iece. The excell ent qualit y of this yea r's compet iti on became q uite evident in the battle for top all aro un d gymnast. Last year ' s all around champion, Ronald Be ll (Ve nice), fought off Raul Roda s (Li nco ln) to retain hi s all-city al l arou nd titl e by 1.10 points. B ~ II had an excel lent point total of 49 .50, an average of 8.25 per event, w hil e Rau l Roda s (Lin co ln ) totaled a score of 48.40 for seco nd p lace. Doug Day (Monroe) ca m e in there w ith a total of 46.9 points. Be ll , who ho lds the top three all around sco res in the cit y, had an outstand in g evening placing first o n the horizontal bar, tyin g for first on t he para ll el bars, taking seco nd o n free exercise, and fourt h on the rin gs. Othe r firs t place co mp eti tors we re Alvaro M iranda (Lin co ln ) o n t he long ho rse, Raul Rodas (Lin co ln ) on free exe rcise, Harold Maghe (Ca rson) on the pommel horse, Rick lacov in o (Veni ce) on the parallel ba rs, and Cha rl es Martin Sherwood (Ven ice) on th e rin gs. Ve n ice High School clearly dominated the cit y in d ividu al champions hip s taking fo ur first places ou t of th e seven possibl e, thu s, comp let in g the second leg of the Los Angeles Cit y Gym nastic Tri p le Crown . The Tripl e Crown consists of three major ach ievements: wi nn i ng the L. A. City team title, dominating th e city indi vidu al m eet and finall y w innin g the L. A. vs. CIF (Ca lifo rni a Intersc ho lastic Cit y Federation), Sout h ern Sect ion meet. AA : Ronald Bell (V) 49.50; Raul Rodas (L) 48.40; Doug Day (M) 46.90. LH: A lvaro M iranda (L) 8.95; Glenn Jo nes (Was hin gto n) 8.75; Mike Washlake (K) 8.75. FX: Raul Rodas (L) 9.10; Rona ld Bell (V) 8.50; Steve Mar tin (Chatswort h) 8.30. PH: Harold Maghe (C) 8.65; Peter Gau lke (V) 8.60; Charl es Rodg ers (C) 8.05. HB: Ronald Bell (V) 9.0 ; Robert Casey (U) 8.75; Dan Thordarson (M) 8.6. PB: Rick lacovino (V) 8.70; Ronald Bell (V) 8.70 ; Raul Rodas (L) 8.3 . R: Charles Martin Sherwood (V) 9.1; Jerry O 'Dell (Birmin g ham) 9.0; Dan Thordar so n (M) 8.75.

EL CAMINO REAL HIGH SCHOOL WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA EI Cam in o Real H igh Schoo l in Wood land Hill s, California , ha s man y reasons to be proud of th ei r gi rl s gymnastic tea m. First, as a team effort, the girls have amassed many titl es and seco ndl y, many ind iv idual champio ns em erged for th e 1973 season. Coached b y M rs. Norma Fenwick , th e EI Camino Rea l team was und efea ted in all pract ice mee ts, all pre- seaso n meets, all sch edul ed seaso n m ee ts and earned th e fo ll owing ti tles: 1. West Val ley League Champ ions 2. Class 11 A ll Los Ange les Cit y Champions 3. Southe rn Ca li fornia H igh Schoo l Team Champ io ns Individual Champions .... EI Camino Real High School Individual titles and achievements to: 1. Lisa Rix, Age 15 1973 Sout hern Ca li forn ia In vit ati ona l Champ ion: 1st A ll -A round , 1st Ba lance Beam, 1st Free Exercise, 2nd Uneven Parallel Bars; 1973 Los Ange les City Class II Champ ion: 1st Floor Exe rcise, 1st Ba lance Beam, 3rd U neve n Para ll el Bars; 1973Califo rni a Sta te Class II Champio nshi ps: Compu lsory division , 5th Floor Exercise , 8th Ba lance Beam ; Optio nal division, 6th Balan ce Beam, 7th Fl oor Exe rci se. Recipient of EI Camino Real Hi gh Schoo l number one all-arouml gymnas t award. Rec ipient of Hel ms At hl et ic Fo un da ti on - citi zens sav ings awards for: Los A ngeles City Class II Balance Beam Champ io n, Los A ngeles City Class II Floor Exe rcise Champ io n. 2. Susan Graff, age 16.1 973 So uth ern Cal ifo rni a I nv itational Champ ion: 1st U neve n Parall el Ba rs, 2nd Tumblin g; 1973 Los Ange les City Champio nship s, 1st Uneven Pa rall el Bars - Class II , 2nd Tumbling. Recipient-of EI Cam in o Real Hi gh School High Scorer Individua l event award , r ecipient of Helms Ath letic Foundation - Citizens Savi ngs Awa rd for: Los A nge les City Class II Uneven Parallel Ba rs Champ ion. 3. Laurie Wilkins, Age 16. 1973 Southern Ca li forn ia In vitatio nal, 4th Va ulting, 4th Uneven Parallel Bars, 7th Floor Exerc ise; 1973 Lo s Ange les City Champ ionsh ips, 2nd Va ul ti ng, 3rd Floor Exe rcise; 1973 Ca lifornia State Champ io nship s, Compu lso ry Di vision, 8t h Free Exercise. 4. Dori Baum, Age 17 : Los Ange les City Champ io nship s, 4th Balance Beam. 5. Desiree Stapler, Age 16: Los Angeles City Champ ionsh ip s, 6th Balance Beam. Class III Individual Awards Dayna Gooch, Age 16: Los Ange les City Championships, 4th Vau lting. Crystal Mitchell, Age 17: Los Ange les City Championships, 4th Ba lance Beam. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS May 19, 1973 Th e Northern Cal iforn ia hi gh schoo ls use the olympic eve nt s on ly and stress the all -a ro und. This past yea r all compet itors were requ ired to perform th e 15-17 age group Juni or O lympic co mpulsories and thi s score was added to th eir optiona l sco re to determ in e winners . There we re seve ral o ut standing freshm an entries in t hi s yea rs meet from th e Santa Clara Gym nastics Clu b and th ey wi ll certa inl y raise the level of the meet in the yea rs to co me. Team: Sky line High School 306.80, Ygnacio Va ll ey High 304.18, Encina Hi gh School 278. 12, Homestead High 277 .93. AA: Mat t Ho lm (H) 100.30, Greg Han se n (5) 95.20, Jeff Hansen (5) 91. 65. FE : Stua rt Domier (F r emont) 17.75, Kris Wright (5) 17.55, Matt Holm (H) 17.40. PH: Don Smit h (Y) 17.20, Greg Hansen (5) 16.45, Matt Ho lm (H) 15.75, tie w ith Mark Lawson (Hill sda le) 15.75 . SR: Kr is Wr ight (5) 17.65, Tim

Jen kin so n (D) 16.85, Matt Holm (H) 16.65. V: Tim Delmar (Mt. Diablo ) 16.70, Todd Hutch eo n, (Sa n Carlos) 16.60, Joh n Campbell (E) 16.45, tie wi th Matt Ho lm (H) 16.45. PB: Malt Ho lm (H ) 17.60, Greg Han se n (5) 17. 15, Jeff Hansen (5) 16.20. HB: Gregg Low ry (Y) 16.65, Matt Holm (H ) 16.45 , Greg H ansen (5) 15.65. SECOND ANNUAL CIF SOUTHERN SECTION VS. l.A. CITY GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIP MEET By Chris Takimoto Th e seco nd annu al CIF So uth ern Sectio n vs. L.A. Cit y gymnast ic meet, this yea r' s eq ui va l ent to the Ca lif orni a state champ ionship, was h eld Frid ay, Jun e 1, at Ca l State Fullerton. In the team competi ti o n, Ven ice Hi gh School defea t ed Lakewood High Schoo l by a sco re of 149.708 to 141.99 to successfu ll y the the South e rn Ca liforn ia gymnast ic Triple Crown . The sco res of th is meet, including the scores of th e indi vid ual compe titi o n, were as fo ll ows : Team: Venice 149.708; Lakewood 141.99 Individual AA: Ronald Bell (V) 8.108; Jim Taylor (LBP) 7.52. LH: A lvaro M iranda (L) 8.75; G. Jones (W) 8.65; Bill Searles (Wes) 8.40. FX: Bill Searles (Wes) 8.65; Raul Rodas (L) 8.60; Rona ld Bell (V) 8.50. PH: Jim Mart in (LWD) 7.90; Charles Rodgers (C) 7.60; Brett Marchi (LBW ) 7.05 . HB: Robert Casey (U) 8.75; Ronald Bell (V) 8.70; Bill Slover (S H) 8.5. PB: Rick lacovino (V) 8.45; Ronald Bell (V) 8.4; Bill Tombrello (Wes) 8.30. R: Cha rl es Ma rtin Sherwood (V) 8.75; Dan Th o rd arso n (M) 8.50; Elliot Schn ee (LWD ) 8.45. NORTHERN



Yreka High School bounced back after a fa ir seaso n and won th e Northern Ca lifornia Finals for hi gh schools for the · eighth co nsec uti ve year. Th ey also won the ope ns aga in st all outsid e compet iti on, such as junio r co ll eges, and those not present ly com pet in g o n an y universit y o r co ll ege team. The finals and ope n s this year co nsisted of only th e six Olympic even ts. We had many people req uest th at the ot her three eve nt s, rope climbing trampoline and tumbling be incl ud ed next year in both th e high schoo l and open eve nt finals as trampoline and rope climb in g are crowd p leasi ng events. The final score for the hi gh schoo ls: Yr eka 108.47, Eureka 105.48, and other schoo ls trai lin g w ith 98 . In the open champi o nship, Yreka 108.47, to al l ot her co mpetito rs·l06.95. In the h igh oc hool finals and opens, Joh n Hasemeye r captu red two fi rst p laces, in f lo or exercise, with a score of 8.26, and va ulting w ith a sco re of 8.40 . Jim Lawso n also captured two first places, the horizo ntal bar and rin gs but on ly by a te nth of a point. Hasemeyer and Lawso n are both sen iors . Ron Thom, a juni or, from Yreka took the pommel ho rse title and Jim Va nce of Eureka was first on parallel bars. Yreka's team was made up of on ly three seniors, one junior, w ith the rest being sophomores and freshmen , agai n Yre ka Hi gh School had the toughest sched ul e o n the West Coast, as th ey travel up and down the sta te for their co mpetition . They meet the top teams that ca n be found for their sc h ed ul e. About 75 boys try-out fo r the team and in a sin gle d ual meet Yreka w ill have 18 to 22 boys compet in g. Results of Northern California High School Finals: FX John H asemeyer (Y), Max Schoell erm an (Y), Jim Lawson (E). PH Ron Thom (Y), M ike McCabe (E), Tim Mu rph y (Y). V H asemeye r (Y), Jerry Clark (Y), Norm Tucker. HB Lawson (EJ, Dan Hawk (E), Kiv en Jo hn so n (Y) . pPB Jim Vance (E), Ra nd y Ne lso n (EJ, Hawk (E) . SR Lawson (E), Clark (YJ, Ne lso n (E).



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(c) Score sh ee ts, or photo stats of sco re shee t wit h th e signat ure o f a judge and athl et ic d irec tor m ust b e subm itt ed with th e average sco re. Na ti o nal Fede ration rul es and (d) int erpretati ons w i ll b e ba sis for ro utin e sco res. 2. Th e stand ards for each eve nt are: Lon g H orse 8.80 Floor Ex erc ise 8.60 Side Ho rse 8.45 Hi gh Bar 8.45 Parall el Bars 8.40 Still Rings 8.45 Tr amp o li ne 8.80 A ll -a rou nd - 47.00 o r a 7.80 ave rage fo r all o f th e eve nt s con tes ted in th e all-aro und . 3. Send sco res befo re Ju ne 10th to: Ron Jackso n Aurora Centra l Hi gh Schoo l 1050 Newa rd SI. A urora , Colorado 8001 1

1972-73 RECIPIENTS OF THE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIA TION HIGH SCHOOL ALL AMERICAN J....J.... GYMNASTIC TEAM J....J.... )( X CERTIFICATE X X long Horse 1. Bru ce Nashif, Parkrose H.S. (O regon) , Coach Ed Tr ib by. 2. Paul Tomi ch, Aurora Cent ral H.S . (Co lo rado), Coach Ro n Jackso n.

Free Exercise 1. M i ke D eWitt , Ch erry Cree k Senior H.S. (Co lo rado) 2. Marc Messe rvey, A uro ra Cent ral H .S . (Co lora do), Coach Ron Jackson. 3. Bruce Nas hif, Park rose H.S. (Oreg on ), Coach Ed Tribby. 4. Mark O 'Ma ll ey, J.F. Kenn ed y H.S. (Michigan ), Co ach Rog er Bec htol.

Pommel Horse: 1. John Golbeck, Ar lin gto n Coach Tom Chapm an.

H. S. (Illin o is),

2. Dave Ogla ska , Proviso We st H.S. (Ill inois), Coach Clarence Jo hn so n. 3. Geoff Ri ede r, A rlin gto n H .S . (Illin ois) , Coach Tom Chapman. 4. Curt Rigers, Hin sdal e Centra l H .S. (Illinois) Coach Nei l Krupi cka. 5. Bob Siemi anowski, Elk Gro ve H .S. (Illino is) , Coach Fred Ga in es. 6. Chu ck W iggi ns, A urora Centra l H .S. (Colorado), Coach Ron Jack son.

Horizontal Bar: 1. Jo hn A rends, Lyo ns Townsh ip H. S. (Illino is), Coach Paul Omi. -2. Tom Beso ng, Ambrid ge H .S . (Pe nn sy lva ni a), Co ach Dale M eddock. 3. Jim Kelch, Ch urchill H.S. (Orego n ), Coach D ick Foxal. 4. M arc Messe rvey , A urora Cent ral H. S. (Colorado), Coach Ron Jackson . 5. Scott Ph il lips, Elk Grove H. S. (1Iiino is),Coach Fred Ga ines.

Parallel Bars: 1. Tom Beso ng, A mbrid ge H.S. (Penn sy lva ni a) , Coa ch Dale M edd oc k. 2. Bart Co nner, N il es West H.S. (Illin o is). 3. Mik e D eWitt, C herry Creek Senior H.S. (Co lorado). 4. Jim Kelch, C hurchi ll H.S. (Oregon), Coach Di ck Foxa l. 5. Bob Mali cke, J.F. Kenned y H .S. (M ichi ga n ) Coach Roger Bec htol. 6. Jim Walk er, Wh ea to n No rth H.S. (Illin o is), Coach Dave Dona ldson .

Still Rings: 1. Larry Besong, Ambridge H. S. (Penn sy lva ni a), Coa ch Da le M eddock. 2. Tom Be song, Ambridge H.S . (Penn sy lva ni a;, Coach Dale M edd oc k. 3. Jim Blush , W es tmin ster H. S. (Co lo rado), Coach Buz z C lark. 4. Todd Kuoni , Gl enbard W est H. S. (Illin ois), Coach Bl aise Blas ko. 5. Brian Sied lecki , Downers Gro ve No rth H .S. (Ill i no is), Coach Dan Swetman . 6. Dave Wood , Hin sda le Cen tral H.S. (Illin o is), Co ach N eil Krupicka .

All-Around: 1. Tom Beso ng, A mbri dge H.S. (Pennsylva nia ), Coach Da le M eddock. 2. Bart Co nn er, Ni les West H. S. (Illin o is) 3. Jim Kelch, Churchill H.S. (Oregon) , Coach Di ck Fox al.

"* "* "*

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Gymnastics &Academics? Walnut Hill School of Natick, Mass. is introducing a gymnastics program taught by the staff of Woodland Gymnastics. Opportunities unmatched in other schools; solid college prepuratory program, a strong arts program including expert ballet and modern dance training, combined with gymnastics. Students who want quality instruction, academically or gymnastically, write for brochure .

George Wheeler, Co-Director, Woodland Gymnastics High School Coach of four college Instructors: All-Americans Will St. Cyr, Ken Henderson, Floor Co-Director, Woodland Gymnastics Exercise and Vaulting Champion Former N.E .A.A.U . Former Nationally Tumbling Champion Ranked Gymnast. Former Coach, Experienced, Wellesley H.S. Successful Instructor. Gymnastics Team Headmaster:

Earle C. Batchelder, B.A. McGill, M.Ed. Harvard

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INTERNATIONAL 1973 Nov. 2-4 USGF Co ngress. Ocl. 26-28 European Cham pi o nshi ps for two best gy mn asts from each Fede rati o n ... Lo ndo n. Nov. 8-13 FIG Co ngress in Ro tterd am, Ne th erl ands (D elegat e co me fro m 12-13th ). Nov. 15-18 Mod ern Rh ythmic Gym nasti cs Wo rl d Champi onshi ps in Ro tt ,;,rdam, Net herl ands 1974 March Wo rld Ch amp io nships, Trampo line in Jo hann esb urg So uth Af ri ca . Ocl. FI G Co ngress poss ib ly in Tu nisia. Ocl. 19-26 World Championshi ps in Va rn a. 1975 Ocl. 15-21 Pan A me ri ca n Ga mes (3 3 co untri es possib ly w ill co mpete) Sa nti ago, C hil e. Gymnaest ra d a in Be rlin 1976 Sepl. FIG Co ngress in Mo nt rea l, Ca nad a and th e Ol ympi c Games. USA NATIONAL 1974 Jan 25-26 M ag no li a Ope n (Straw berr y ope n moves fro m SE Lo ui siana U to SW M ississippi Jr. Co ll ege in Summit, M ississippi ) o ne o f best run , re lati ve ly hi gh level meets yo u w ill see an yw here in the so uth. Jan. & Mar. Q ualifi yin g Ro und s fo r USGF Eli tes (C hampion ship of USA) These m ee ts w ill be subj ect to simil ar regul atio ns as in 1973 and th e qu ali fy ing sco re w ill be retain ed at 70.00 (8.75 Ave rage) . Th ose w ho d o not achi eve th e 70.00 tot al as in 1973 w ill revert to th e Jr. or St. Na ti o nal , YMCA, DGWS, o r AAU and attempt qu ali fica ti o n. The USGF -WTC reserves th e ri ght to raise th e necessa ry po in t to tal of 70.00 need ed fo r qu alifi ca ti o n into th e 1974 Elite Champi o nships. Such change, if desirabl e, w ill be ann o unced no later th an Janu ary 1, 1974. *.. Not ifi ca ti o n fro m M rs. Jac ki e U. Fi e, Chairm an o f USGF -WTC o n Sept ember 7th: " Th e Techni ca l Co mmitt ee has d ecid ed to all ow all gym nasts th at co mpeted in o r were qu ali fied fo r th e 1973 Elite Champi o nships to ent er th e Janu ary and Ma rch q ualifying meets. " Feb. Co mpulso ry Trainin g mee ts in four geog raphica ll y locat ed ce nt ers (Elite Progra m ). Lale Feb. A ll USGF State Meets to be held by thi s tim e. Mar. Seco nd Qu alifyin g Ro und for Elites. Mid Mar. All USGF Reg io nal M eets to be held by thi s tim e. (On e mo nth to work fo r Regi o nals). Mid Apr. USGF Jr. N ati onals ( o ne mo nth to wo rk on Ol ympi c Co mpul so ri es fo r pros pecti ve qualifie rs to pe rfo rm at Sr. Na ti o nals.) Apr. 19-20 YM CA Na ti onals in Seattle, W as hin gto n . Apr. ? A IWA Int erco ll egia te Na tion als in Sac rament o , CA Hosted by Sa cram ento State. Apr. Compul sory training meets in four geographi ca ll y loca ted ce nt ers (Elit e Prog ram). Mid-May USGF Sr. Na tionals (prosp ecti ve qu alifiers fro mJr. and Sr. Na ti o nals perf o rm Ol ympi c Co mpulso ri es in an att empt to qu alify fo r Elites. June USGF Elit es.. Se lecti o n of W ORLD GAM ES TEAM . 1975 YMCA N ation als o n A pr. 18-19. 1976 YMCA Na tion als o n A pr. 9-10.




I W ant Gold is th e first fi cti o nal nove l ever d on e about th e spo rt o f W o men 's Gymn as ti cs . I n thi s wo rk , th e auth o r has tri ed to show as many o f th e tr ia ls and tribulati o ns as p oss ib le, it takes fo r all athl ete to make an Ol ym pi c Tea m . As th e sto ry states man y tim es, th e sport o f Gy mn as ti cs is p oss ibl y th e m os l beautiful athl eti c end eavo r a girl ca n go into, b ut as th e sto ry also brin gs ou t po litics, favo riti sm e tc. , ca n m ake it o n e of th e u glies t end eavo rs a girl ca n go into. LeeA nn Bea umo nt is a dedi ca ted, hard wo rkin g girl w ho wa nt s to repr ese nt h er co untry in th e Ol ympi c Games. Sh e is w illing to give th at ex tr a bit o f her life in o rd er to reach thi s goal. Sh e lea rn s th at athl eti c ability is no t th e onl y thin g it w ill take to make th e tea m. It is a hard lesson , o ne th at has se nt man y a go o d athl ete to th e sid elin es, b ut LeeA nn is m o re th an a goo d A thl ete. She is th e exce pti o n, th e o ne in seve ral milli o n.


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You're right, Jimmy, but the experts call it quality. The American UP8-344-SS uneven tension bar was selected for use in nearly every major gymnastics championship this past year. American has a complete line of gymnastics equipment for every level-from beginner to international competition. Write for our free American catalog of gymnastics apparatus, physical education equipm(;:lnt, trampolines and portable bleachers.

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Profile for USA Gymnastics

Gymnast Magazine - August/September 1973  

Gymnast Magazine - August/September 1973