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Volume VI

No. 6

CONTENTS GUEST EDITORIAL ___ __ ______ ___________ ______ _____ ___ Charlie Pond CHALK TALK ___ __ ______ ______ _______ _____ ______ _____________________________ RESEARCH AND FITNESS _______ _______ ____ __ Dr. James Bosco USGF DIRECTORS REPORT ____________________________ Frank Bare GYMNASTIC GIMMICKS ____ _______ ___ __ ______________ __ Bud Beyer NAT'L. AAPHER CONVENTION __ ___ __ ________ ________ _____________ GYMNASTICS IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION A. B. Fredericks RHYTHMIC EXERCISES ________________ ____ Barbara Saltzsieder FINAL JAPANESE OLYMPIC TRIALS _________ .Jim Tanaka U.S.A. OLYMPIC QUALIFYING TEST __ ____ ____ ___ ______ _____ ____ BALLET FOR GYMNASTS _________________ _______ Grace Kaywell HELPFUL HINTS __________ ________ _____ ____________________ .J im Farkas GYM FITNESS _______________ __________ ___________ Margaret Korondi WHAT'S THE SCORE~ ____ __________ ____ _____________ .Jerry Wright TRAM POll N I NG ___ ___ ________ _____ ______ ______ _____ __ Jess Robinson GYMNASTIC CLASSIC ____________________________ A. B. Frederick BOOK REVI EW __ _____ ___ _______ ______ ________ ___ ______ A. B. Frederick QUESTIONS AND POINTERS ____________________ Art Shurlock

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CO V ER : Summertime and triple flyaway ime at Santa M onica Beach Pla y g roun d, Ca l iforni a.


Publi sher GLENN SUNDBY -




Education Editor

Re search Editor


"1J •



pulJl l ~ hcd

~"' NI'"


( A W O IINI ...

hy AlllCrlC o n Ph ysica l Fitness Rc srorch' I nst itut e,

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M Ulli ca,

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m Ollthl y

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SHOCKED! ! ATTENTIO N ... COACHES, GYMNASTS AN D ALL I NTEREST ED IN TH E FUT URE OF GYMNASTI CS. The MODER N GYMNAST . . . "o ur ma gazine," . .. " our research evidence," and " our source of knowledge, pictoria l and editorial" COULD BE LOST TO US THROUGH " OCR" acceptance of " let Glenn do it, he always has and I guess he always will" . Yes, " good ole Glenn " has continued to keep the MC rollin g through personal dedicati on and sacri'fice. I don't see how Glenn can continue ind efinitel y under these condition s so I am sure future planning on his part must include the possible termination of our " bible of Gymn astics". Good will, best wishes and prai se he has by th e file full , but this is not enou gh. Wh at he needs is finan cia l supp ort to match th e praise for his ability to put this wonderful pub lication together. HOW MA NY OF YOU WILL Ji\S( -RE THE H iTURE SUCCESS OF THE MODER!\ _ GYMNA ST AS T SH ALL NOT O\f LY ATTEMPT, BUT DO!! On walkin g into hi s office Jul y 2, 1964, I observed him hard at work assembling his next editi on giving un selfishl y of his time and energy workin g late into the nights in order to get the new editi on to press . Tn askin g him for a r ound figure as to number of subscripti ons thinkin g to m yse lf that ar ound 20,000 would be given as an an swer , it was a PHOFOLTND SHO CK to hear him say, " oh , ab out 4,500". J n lookin g at my own state, Illinois, there were 442 subscriptions. Tn a state with the , trongest system (personal opinion) and number of gymnasts in the nati on (around 10,000 ) my shock and disbelief of thi s fa ct on ly faced the question of just how and wh y could this occ ur. With high sch ool -leaders like Joe Gia llombardo , Gay Hughes, R~ n Wald en. Bill I\ oetzheim , Vic Lesch, Bi ll Ba 1lester and th e some 60 odd other coaches, how is such a thin g possible ? I am perhaps more guilt y than m y fellow coaches in that complacenc y and neglect and the knowledge " good ole Glenn will always go on as before " lulls me to other chores like coaching a T eam to beat Michi gan , Iowa , Colorado, Ari zona, Hal Frey of Calif., \Vettstone of Penn State, and a sma II school in south ern Illinoi s who ha s the presid ent of the I inited S tates Gymna stics Federation as it's Ath leti c Director. HOW ABOl-T TH ES E f ACTS : California with 768 leads the nation foll owed by !\ew York with 452, and Illinoi s with 442 a poor third in the nati on when it should lead by at least two th ousand. Th e li st goes on and on with poor results in every state to pra cticallv i\ O-SHOW in some states like Mississippi , Arkan sas. and Alaska with onl y two sub,cription s each. Talk, prai se, and adu lati on of T he Mod ern C ymna st is great and fin e, but some type of acti on must be taken and in order to INSl lHE TI-lE ITTniF PlBLlCATIOi\ A:\D HELEAS E OF THE BEST GOLD Ai\GED GYI\lJi\A STI CS MAGAlli\E Ti\ THF~ WORLD , I am goin g to guarantee Glenn 100 (one hund red ) subscription s for 1964. Every member of my team shall subscribe and private groups of gy mna sts in the area wi ll fill out MY QlTOTA quickl y and easil y. I perso nall y am goi ng to attempt such assistance of m y associates a nd fell ow coaches as is necessar y for Illinoi s not only to lead the (I. S. in s ubsc riptions but to ha ve more knoweldge of gymna sti cs in our country and the world as a result of the wri ters and th e resea rch they have d one to provide us with a SPORTS PUBUCATIOi\ S ECO:\D TO i\ Oi\ E. WHAT AIU: YOl CO !'\ C TO DO ??? BELlEVE ME IT IS N EEDED i\ OW'!! TOMOHHOW MAY BE TOO LATE . Let's show Glenn Sundb y that we appreciate his efforts these many years. Act now ' . . . coaches visit your librarian and request at least one wee s ubsc ripti on for use of students. Do you realize subscription problems wou ld be elim in ated if just one subscription came in from ever y hi gh sch ool and university in th e U.S.A. having gymna stics programs . . . . Charlie IJond , G)rmnastics Coach , Uni. 0/ Ill.

A TRIBUTE T he world oi h ealth and Jjhysical iillIe ss has lost 'olle oi it's fin est persollalill:es with the passillg oj o/!r 10ll g till/(' irielld, Ray Van Clee/ all .I'lay 26, /964. Jri e ex press ollr dee pesl sy-lnpathies 10 his wiie Virginia alld his /amily. Ray was past Oly mpic traill er io r th e weight Ii/ling team alld owned and operated Ihe " Gal e way 10 H ealth " Gy m ill Sail J ose, Cali/orllia. Th rough th e years R ay has beell a proli/ic alld all thoralali ve writer all healih , slrong mell alld ie al s of slrellglh Ihr ollghollt th e world. H e lVas also a cllrrelll call tributor alld I'a sl asso cial e edil or oi Sirellgih all d Hea lth magazille.





The Sa n Fran cisco. S tate Gi rls Im'itali l,lIl al M ee t wa s h eld ~a turda y, April 25t h , a t San Fra nc isco. S tate Ca ll ege. The m ee l was div ided int o. beg inn er , int er med iate_ and ad van ced levels in Juni or High Sc ha aL Se ni a r Hi gh Schaal, a nd Call ege 'fevel wo m: en. Frida y night befar e th e campe titi a n th e jud ges and ca ach es attend ed a judgin g cl ini c h eld a t Ih e U ni ve rsity of Califarnia i n Be rk eley . Th e di sc uss ion wa s led by .In ez Caon w hil e Kalhy S h e ll y sh awed film s a f "'ve ral ruulin es a t va ri o us skill leve k Th e judges di sc ussed Ih e majo r paint " lu luok far in a " ten poinl" routin e, viewed George

th e fil ms of each ro ulin e, sco red, r e-ev aluated the m, a nd re-viewed th e f ilm . Thi " re inforced th e judges in w hat to look for in th e e ig ht evp nt s to be judged the followin g day, Th e main th e me o f th e session was that judg in g sh ould be co ndu c ted on a wa rldwid e cantinuulll . Thi s way, eac h ca mpetil or ha s a p lace a n the contin uum a nd kn aws h aw far she h as to go. to. r pach O ly mpi c ca libe r. Thraw n ou t wa s th e un reali sti c view of ~ i v in g a beg inn e r a sco re in th e 70's 0. 1' 80's, whe n trul y th e sca re b elan~s in the 30', . Al so. thi s m e th ad eliminat es th e hea rtbrea k af th e co mpe tit ar rece ivin g an 80 in easy ca m petit ia n and a 30 scare in ma re d i ff ic ult ca m pe titi on . I t wa s fe lt tha t if a co mp e tita r were acc urately judged acc o r din~ to oly mpi c ca mpe titi a n. she ca ul d more eas il y slat e he r improvem e nt from m ee t 10 mee t and year to. ye ar. Afl e r Ihe mee t Sa turday, th e judges un a n im a usly agreed Ihat us in g thi s m e th od o f a wa rld w id e canti.nuum gave th e m a clea re r pe rs pec ti ve o f th e ir r ole as judges and m ore con fi dp nce and ease in jud g in g th e meet. Bill

S'o uth ern Illinoi s U ni vers it y stud e nt s have c hosen as th e ir " Mos t P op ular F ac ult y _\{e m be r," Wi lli a m lVl eade, head gy mna sti cs coac h. In seve n ye ars at Sa uth ern . lVl ea d e ha s direc led S aluk i team s to 59 vic to ri es in 81 dual mee ts aga in s t t he to ug hest co m pe tili a n in th e _Vlid west. U nd e r hi s g uida nce, S lTJ h a5 beco lll t" a n ation a l gy mna sti cs p OWf'f pl acin~ seca nd in NC AA ch a mpi onshi p ca mpelilion for three yea rs in a r aw. pri or to wInnIn g; th e 1964 ch a mpi a nship. a t L",

A n g; el f'~ . M eade . born in D elroit , !V[i c h. , is a g radual e a t P e nn S tate w he re he was a call eg iat e lumbl e r. H e rece ive d a ma sters d egree f ro m Ih e Un ive rs it y o f North Ca ra lina whe re 11<' ('"a c h ed "Tar H eel" gy mna sti cs tea ms frulII 1949 10 1956, winnin g 22 and los in g 19 pri o r 10 comi n g to S [U . 1n A pril , 1963, ]vlead e was elec ted fir st pre s id e nt o f th e n ew ly-fo rm ed a ti ona l A ,;-

Hery, First World's Pr o fe ss ional' Tr ampoline Champi on


sac iat ia n o f Call eg iat e Gym n asti c Caaches. in Pitt s burgh. Fo ll owi n g hi s g raduation from P e nn S tate. Y[('ade se rve d three ye ars in th e Navy. H e married th e fa rm e r J aan l'v lartin . T h e co upl e has an ll-yea r-old son . W illiam Martin. FIRST ANNUAL WORLD'S PROFESSIONAL TRAMPOL INE CHAMP ION SHtPS GROSS IN GER HOTE L, IN THE CATSK IL LS, NEW YORK, TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 1964 Eight contestonts v ied f o r the championship title in a double elim ination, man-aga i nst- ma n

scoring lose Each


two pair

motches of


Each contestant had order

conte~ l anls



off er ed


eliminated. a



lO-to-12 optio nal t r icks and maneuver s in each ma t ch. The sequences were judged on five factors: J ) deg r ee o f difficulty; 2) f o rm ; 3) contro l ; 4 ) he igh t; and 5) o r igina l ity . THE CONTESTANTS:

Ronnie Munn of Johan nesburg, South Africa, now an Amer ican resident ser vi ng in the U.S. Army. 23 yea rs o ld. Fo rmer Wo rl d's Amateur Tramp o line Champi on and 1959 Pan -A merican Games T rampoline Champi o n. Joe Tim o f Amarill o,· Texas (Amer·ican-born o f Chinese extrac t ion). 28 y ears old. Runner-Up in the 1959 NCAA Trampo l ine Champ ionsh ips. An All-American Tr ampol ine and Gym nastics Star. Now runs Q karate and judo i nst ru ction schoo l. Wears the coveted k arate " blac k be lt " . Steve Johnson o f Den v er, Colorad o, 24 y ears o ld. NCAA National Ama teur Cham pion in J 962. Also a skilled tum b ler and g y mnast . N ow emplo y ed as 0 high sch ool teacher. Larry Martin o f Ottawa, Canada , 21 ye ars o ld . Heads the Canadian Amateur T rampo li ne Associat ion. Employed as a pro fess iona l d iver. George Hery o f Los Angeles, Ca~ iforn ia and Iowa C it y Iowa. 28 y ea r s o ld. Runne r - Up in b ~ th the 1964 NCAA Not ional Champi onships and the National Fede ra tion Tr ampoline Cham pionsh ips. Recently t o u r ed German y as a mem be r o f a special United Sta tes Trampo l ine T eam. Just graduated fr om Iowa Universi t y. Pat Winkle o f Lo ndo n , Eng land. 27 years o ld . British Tramp o l ine Ch ampion 1960. Emplo y ed by the Nissen T rampoline C om pan y to give exhibit io ns in schoo ls. Richard McFarland o f Amarill a , T exas, 21 yea r s ol d. Fo rmer Junio r National Tramp ol i ne Champion. Now t o urs with th e Ha r lem Globe Trot ters giving trampo line exhi bit io ns be tween hal v es of b asketball games. Jerry Luschak of T oronto, Canada, 28 y ears old. Fo rmer Can adian Nat io nal Trampo line Champ ion. N ow emp loy ed as a ph ysical edu cation instruct o r , YMHA in T o ro nto. Th e entire competition was filmed by CBS TV for sh owing o n "Sp o rt s Spectacular".

COMPET ITION RESULTS First place was won by' Geo rge He r y who was presented with a new Fo rd "Mustang " au t omobil e. He was undefeated with 4 wins and no losses. Second Place: Steve Jo hnso n; Thir d Pl ace: Ro nny Munn; Fou rth Place: Jerry L uschak; Fifth Place: Richard McFar land; Six th Place: Pat Winkle; Seventh Pl ace: Joe T im; Seven th Place: Joe Tim; Ei ghth Place: Larr y Ma rtin . •

RESEARCH AND FITNESS by James S. Bosco, Sa n J ose State College

This is the Jourth oj a senes oj ar· ticles dealing with gJ'lIuwstics and m oto r Jitn ess . Six articles in this area have plann ed. These will be Jollo wed bJ' a series oj articles in the area of cardiovascular Jitness. R eaders are urged to submit reports or comments directlJ' to the Research and Fitn ess edit or . Ca rl W. Landiss "Influences of Physica l Ed ucation Activities on Moto r Ab ilit y a nd Ph ysica l Fitness of Ma le Fresh· m en" . Th e R esearch QuartlJ', 26 :295·307, October, 1955. PL"RPO SE Th e purpose of the stud y was to co mpare eight selected physical educa · ti on a ctivties in their deve lopment of ph ysica l fitn ess a nd moto r ab ilit y in the stud ents participating in th ose ac· tivities . iVIETHOD The auth or m easured 103 1 ma le co llege freshmen wit h the Tra inin ~ Ph ys'ica l Fitness Test of the Army Air Force 1300 ya rd shuttl e run ; pull ups; sit up > I and the Larso n Test of motor ability (ba seball throw fo r dis· ta nce; pull ups; ve rtica l jump ; ba r snap I. Ana lysis of data indica ted tha t im· proved physical fitness ratin g was equall y we ll atta ined b y th ose stud ents who pa rti cipated in conditionin g and b y th ose participatin g in tumblin g. gym nastics; whereas swimming, tennis a nd box in g a re least ap t to in crease th e student" s score on the Ph ysical Fit· ness Test. It was furth e r f ound that th e g ro ups pa rticipa tin g in wrestlin g a nd tumblin g·gy mnas tics m acle the most sig nifi ca nt gai ns on th e Larson test o f motor a bi lity. The least im· provement aga in was in the tennis, s wimmin g and box in g groups. T um· blin g:gy mnastics ranke d equa l to ca n· d iti onin g in development of Ph ysica l Fitness a nd equal to wrestlin g in m o· lor.ab ility; lI·hile IIrestlin g a nd co ndi· ti on in g each ranked hi gh on onl y one o f th e two tests. Th e tumb Iin mn as tics (T ro up was the on ly one evidencin g ~i gnifi cant ga in be tween initial and post test

mea ns for each of the ind ividual test items of both measures used. The other 7 gro ups fail ed to record a significant gain between the pre-test and the posttest means in a t least two or more a f the test items. The results would seem t o indicate

th at the co urse using combined acti vities of tumbling and gy mnasti cs best developed a ll phases of fitn ess and motor ab ility tested. The da ta a lso indi ca ted that tennis, swimmin g a nd boxin g least tended to de velop " those abilities.



Ac tivity

He an

Physic al Fitness Test S.D. Gai n


Larson Motor Abi lity Test Mean S.D. Gain C. R.

Wres tling ... . . . .. ..• . • .... •



3. 16



594 . 31

46 . 0 1


5 . 47

Conditioning . • . .•.•• . • .. •. •



3. 88



588 .60


27 . 00


Tennis . • . ..•... . .. . . •.. .. •.


30 .16

3 . 57

2 .29

2 . 53


54 . 12


2 .06

Volleyball • • ••. •• •• •••• • •••


29 .60


3 .57

4 . 46





Swimming •. • • •• •• • • ••• •• • .• .



3 . 19






1 . 25

We ight training • •• . • • • • . •• .







43 . 01



Tumbling-gymnastics . ••• ••• •


29 . 88

3 . 4~

5 . 80

4. 98

598 . 17





3 . 12




13 . 33

1. 3 7

Boxing •• . . • ••• • ••••••••.• • •




Activity Mean

Baseball Throw for Dis tance S . D. Gain C.R.


S.D .

Pull - ups Gain

C.R .

Wre s tling •••••• . • •• •• • ••.• •


177 .94





2 .45


Conditioning • • ••••• •• •• ••• •



27 . 23






3.88 1. 43

Tennis • .• • ••••••••• • ••• •• • •


177 . 00





3 . 00

0 . 31


Vol1eyba 11 ••• ••••••• • ••• •• •


178 . 83


6 . 42

1. 52


2 . 46

0 . 51


Swinlnlng •• • ••• .••• • •. • • • • ••




- 0 . 19





0 . 00

2 . 09

We i gh t training . •• • • • • • ••••



20 . 07


1. 34


2 . 25


Tumbl1ng-gymnas tics ••• • ••• •


174 . 92


8 . 41

2 .33



1. 30

2 .17

Box ing •• ••••• • • • ••••• • •• • • •




4 .5 1

0 . 82


2 . 61

-0 . 28


Bar Snap S . D. Ga i n

C. R.


Activity Hean

Vertical J\mlp S.D . Gain



Wrestl i ng • •• • • • •••••.•••• ••••


20 . 04


0 . 60


54 . 28




Conditioning • • •• •• • •••• • •• •••


19 . 36



1. 61



3 . 52


Tennis • • •• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• • •••








3 . 12


Vo lleyba 11 ••••• •• ••• • •• • • • • ••


20 . 43

2 .10


3 . 24

54 . 83

8 . 71

2 . 73

1. 86

SwiIImlng •• •••••••••••• •••• •• •


20 . 17

1 . 92


2 .51

53 .94


3 . 14

2 . 00

We ight training • • • .•• •• ••••••






54 . 87

7 . 14

0 . 39


Tumb ling- gymna s tics • •• ••• • •••






54. 08

7 . 77

5 . 70

3 . 58

Boxing • • •• ••• •• • •• • • • ••••••. •



2 . 05






2 .01


Act i vity Hean

300- Ya r d Shuttle Run S . D. Gain

C. R.


S . D.

Sit-ups Gain

C. R.

Wrestling • •• •••• • •• • •• • •• . . •


53. 88

2 . 21

1. 35

3 . 38

5 1.66

14 . 97



Cond i t i oning ••••• • ••• •• • . •.•


53 . 48





13 . 73

22 . 16

6 .66

Tennis .• . • • •••• . • • • • •• ••• • . •


53 . 67

2 . 25

-0 . 06

0 . 85

53 . 92

18 . 27


3 . 13

Volleybal l • ••• .• • ••••• • ••...








11. 19


SW1lmning •. ••• •••• • •••.• • • • • •




-0 .40


49 .56

19 .23

7 . 34


We i gh t training .. . .......... .






51.1 5

13 . 85



Tumbling-gymnas tics • •. • • •• . .








18 . 75


Boxing •• •• •• •••• •• ••• • • • ••..


53 . 61

2 . 66

0 . 85














Z'i'tee,to'td- 1<epo'tC' THE UNITED STATES GYMNASTICS FEDERATION Los Angeles City High School Commissione.r Guy Wrinkle presenting winning troph y to the Los Ange les High <;choo l T eam.

THE U .S.C.F. PRESS, began operating m late May and the May-June USCF Ne wsletter was the first item off the presses. Since that time we ha ve completed the first portion of an examination for gymnastics officials. The examination is desig ned to help stimulate the trainin g of gymnastics officials and also offer area or local organizations the equiva lent of an "open book" examination for new or potential judges. In time we will be conducting official exami nations to qualify judges for area or national cha~1pi on ­ ships. Registration blanks (for membership in the 1 SC F) are also now available if clinic directors or meet mana ~e r s wish to make use of them at gymn astic events. .,.:.






THE 1964. F'AHRBACH-SCHUSTER TR AMPOLINE CHAMPIO NS H[PS will again be hosted in Sa lzgitter-Lebenstedt. Cermany, thi s comin g September 19th. Thi s year, on ly the highest cla ss of tramp olinists will be competin g for th e coveted FAHHBACH-SCHLTSTER CloP which was won last Fa ll b y Dann y lVI illman representing the CS.G.F. We've been invited to send a team aga in thi s yea r and we hope to send more than one representative to this ~reat a nnual event h osted b y our fri end s in Germany. * * * * * ~~ TH E 1964. COLORADO HIGH SC HOOL CHAMPIONSHI PS . .. were h osted by Aurora Central Hi gh School a nd host coach DO\' ROBI NSON won the State H. S. Cymnas tics Championsh ips for 1964-. The meet ( which T was in vited to see) was a great one! The conduct of the meet "was exce llent. ' The Colorado Coaches Association must evidentl y stress form anel appearance because the meet was marked wi th clean, nea r-perfect performan ces in virtuall y eve ry event. It wa s m y pleasure to visit again with Commi ssioner of the Colorado H. S. Acti vities Association , MR . GLENN WILSON. NIr . Wilson, also a member of the U.S.C. F. GO\"erning Counci l (representing th e r\a ti onal Federat ion of H .s.'s) was justifiably proud of th e performan ces he witnessed. * * * * * THE 1964 LOS ANCELES CITY CHAMPIO NSHIP , hosted b y Sa n Ferna nd o Va lley State College. It was m y good fortun e to be'able to witness thi s excellent meet and a h ats off to Coach BILL V INCENT who used the bea utiful fac ili ties of S. F.V.S.C. to the best possible advantage "in hosting thi s meet for the L.A. Hi gh Schools. Coach John Muir of L.A. High School won the hotly contested championship 8

that was marked by great performances in every. event. City High School Commissioner GUY WRINKLE was present to watch his program reach its seasons highlight. THE l -NIVERSITY OF NEVA DA , and host Coach and Director of Athletics "Art" Broten worked hard to conduct the Western Regio nal Women 's Cham pi onship (USFC) and drew entries from California an d Neva da. Thirty fi ve fine yo un g performers in two divisions, one of which utilized the 1964 Olymp ic Comp ul so ries for women. It was a pleasure to see this group at work and teach ers and coaches representin g colleges, high sch ools, recreation departments and YMCA's all pitched in to make the event an exceptionall y fine experience for the yo uthful performers. ~~





MISSOUIU . . . is now forming up the IVI TSSOC HI CYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION . .. and b y ea rl y October we'll tr y to give you names, add resses and other information concerning this newly formed association which has as it's express goal the promotion of gymn as tics . . . especially with respect to making the activi ty avai lable to large num· ryers of youngsters. T hey have no immediate plans for competitions . . . but wi ll begin with basic gy mnastic clinics and coaches sessions. We're happ y to hea r they ha ve that specific goal and even happier to have them in existence. ~~ ~~ * * ~~ i~ MRS. CRACF: KA YWF:LL . .. indica tes she is planning to conduct a "BALLET for Gymnasts" special session in West Palm Reach. Florida late this Summer. For furth er information writ~, MHS. C HACE KAYWELL, ;) Tanglewood Court, West Palm Beach, Fla. Grace was kind enough to teach thi s class fo r us at last years Western Clinic and she is abso lutely great. She also was invited to Norma n, Ok lahoma for the D.C.W.S. :\ati ona l In stitute on C irls Spo rts where she was th e hit of the program . . . and as our C S .C.F . Rallet Consultan t she is el oing a grea t j ob. If yo u can make this session " . . we guarantee it will be worth eve ry minute of your time an el every oun ce of yo ur effort. r






SPECIAL l\OTE: " LOST"' . . . in the L S. Mails: FILM: (lOO fee t of co lor of the 1964 Michigan Hi gh Sch oo l Gymnastics Meet, cond ucted at Hillsdale H.S. in Hillsdale, Michi gan. If fo und p lease write to : James R. Inman . . . Director of Athletics, Hillsdale HS, Hillsdale, Mich.

Above: Co lo rad o All-Ar ound High Schoo l, Bob Fi scher.



Scenes fr om

Th omas


lJSGF ' s Weste rn Women's

Coach Don Robinson with from Aurora High School.

Regiona l Championship 01

Univers ity of




Co lo rado



E . F. "Bud" Be ye r


H OW T O T EACH LAR G E NU MBER S TH E BACK H AN DS PRI NG By E. F. " Bud " Beye r Direc tor of P ro moti on and A dve rti sin g fo r th e N isse n Co rporati on, 930-27th Ave nue S. W ., Cedar Rapid s, Iowa 11\ ft c r Se pte mb er I , Assoc iat e Professo r of Ph y,; ica l Edu ca tiun in th e De partm ent of Ph y" ica l E du cati on , H ealth & Rec rea tio n witlt th l" S tat e Uni ve rsit y of jew York Col lege a t P latt s burgh , Pl att s bu r "h, Ne w Y"rk I .Vlany of 1I ~ in our teachin g caree r have ""I had 11ll" pl,'as ure of d ea lin g with peo pl ,' who a n' a lI'eadl' hi g h school cham pions or dea lin g w ith onl y small numbe rs of hi g hl v " IH>c ia li zed ~y mn as t s . It is fo r these peop le tha t t h i" a rt iclp Ita " been writt en. Th~ prohl " 1ll i" how to h andl e lar!!e numher" (If yo un g~ t e r~ whf' 11 man y of th e m are ready for t Iw bac k hand s prin g all at one tim e. Th e first a ss umption is that you are cog"i za nt of th .. nec,'ss it y for buildin g up th p entire mu sc ulature and th e spec ial ori entation , that go with the learn in g of th e head~ prin g, carlwlH'el, roundoff, fr ont hand sprin g.

,'1.路. ' VI' will abo as"lllne the yo un gster ha s iea rn " d th p donk ey ki ck or snap d own and that th .. a hd o minal mu sc ul a ture. leg lllU Sc ul a tun路. a nd arm mu sc ulature, a n ' equ a l to t 111' ta "k pused h y tlIP back ha nd s prin g skill. \V.' will now move step by ste p: F. In F illu strati on we see on e of th e most important thin gs we mu st co ns ide r. W e mu st consid er th e fl exibilit y of th e peopl e who are !-, oin g to k a rn th .. back ha nd s prin g. H ere. 11'" noti e,' a vas t diffe rence in bod y ty pe uf th e youn g m an and the youn g lady in the photograph . Th e g irl , as you ca n eas il y see , ('a n p(, rfor lll th~ g~ n e ral arc of th e ba ck h a nd s prin g with e a s~ . Th e boy should be g ive n fl e y exe rcises so th a t he can lIl a nipul a tf' hi , a rm s with g reat e r ease th a n i ~ ~ h ow n in thi s pho tog raph. S uffi c ient fJ.' xibilit y in thi ; Iw ndin g the na h positi on should be o bt a in ed 'so th a t th e h an ds a re directl y und er th e sho ulders with th e kn ees bent at a bo ut the a ngle the youn g lad y has th em bent. Th e boy, as YO li "".'. h as hi s arm s at any a ngli and hi s wri sts a re th ere fore bent at a rathe r da ngerou s a ng le. Thi s th en is ste p number one. lh, c(' rtain th at you obtain fl exibi lit y thro ug h till' s tre tchin g exercises s uch as was sho wn in pa s t articl f's of Mod ern Gymn ast in m y column , Gy mn astics G immi ck s. III

Now yo u lak e th e ent ire g roup, a lon g one !路d!!" of t he ma t as shown in G and te ach 11 lt'1ll how to s it prope rl y uff ba la nce su th a t th t'y mU Ft fa ll hac k wa rd s if th ey do no t j ump. In H illu stra tion , we sec they have com pl etf' d th e jump and that th ey ha ve mo ved backwa rd - a long th e m a t. Noti ce that the " il' l on th e extreme far ri CFht has allo wed hl'r hod y tn droo p forwa rd a~d ha s no t tak en off properl y. Th e fa cl that she s ti ck s out lik e a sore thumb is a mpl e proof that w e ('a n t!'ach la rl!e numb ers and see errors vl-' ry qui ckl y


a l arge gr oup .

In illu stra ti on T we see th e pro per pos iti on 'w ith perfect posture to beg in th e back ha nd s prin g. H er e, of course, we ge t into a ll so rt s of a rg ument s beca use man y peo pl e wo uld like tn s tart with the a rm s at the s ide . Th e nnl y r easo n [ pre fe r the arm s up in front is th a t I fee l it is a good loo kin g , tart for a sin g le stunt and seco ndl y I beli ev~ that th e arm s ca n be dro pped from thi s pos iti on to l,!e t th e backw a rd swin g and th e re forf' we a re more lik e ly to ha ve th e r ela xed should e r th a t wi ll produ ce th e kind of f1 f' xibilit y th at we see is necessary for th e hand s prin g and whi ch is illu stra ted by 1111' i( irl in illu stra ti on F. I,; illu stra ti on J we se,' th e me th od for " pottin g th e pe rfo rm er. No te tha t th e near ann of the perform er goes entirely aro und th e wai st with the fin ge rs ac tu a ll y gras pin g th e wai st. Thi s d oes two thin gs. It teaches tlw s potter to s pot on th e arm in stead of out o n th ~ palm of the hand whi ch is a far e: r e at ~ r work load , It a lso all ows the s pott er io have be tt er control of the perfo rm er beCa lb., yo u can pull 'I perform er into th e proper s itting pos iti on with thi s partic ular , putting methud , The second hand is down on thl' lower po~ti(Jn of the thi gh. K . Illu stra ti on K shows the first part of a s low moti on rendition of th e back hands prin g. The performer sit s down slowly and care full y with th e two s potte rs takin g th e entire we ig ht on th e ir near arm. The pe rso n wh o is se lected as the perform er , 11<I uld have the ir head up chest up and reta in perfect torso upri ght posture throug hout thi s pa rt of th e m ovement. It is at this point that th e beg inn er usually bows forwa rd whi eh is an extremely bad fault. Not e that til(' perfo rm er ha s not been allow ed to s it very dee pl y and also that the knees a re over th e fee t and th e should ers are over t he hips. Thi s is a tru e off balan ce sittin g pos iti on. Th e arm s are back ready for the

t hrow a nd th e h ead will go with the arm ,;. A lso note th a t th e back knee o f th e s po tte r is th e one u po n whi ch the spott er kn eels. T hi s preve nt s the pe rformer fr o m hittin g th e kn ee of either one of the s pott ers. In L we see the go in g into the back bend po r t ion of th e fli p-fl op. At fi rst we d o n ot a ll ow th e pe rfo rme r to d o much jumplJlg. We iu s t ease them int o th e back bend pos it ion so they kn ow how to look for the m a t and ho lY to reach for the mat w ell in und e r the bod y. Thi s a ut omati cPoll y will brin g us tn th e next pos ition . M. In illu strati on M we see th a t the hallll " hal'f' co me in und e r th e he ad and sho uld er" a nd th a t th e an g !.> of th e wrist is a sa f,路 a ngle heca use th e perf urm er ha s thrown tl} t' a l"l1\ o' we ll in und e r the cent e r of grav it y of th e bod y. Pl ease note that th e pe rfo rm e rs head is up. The chin is a wa y fl" om th e che" t. It is fro m this pos iti on th a t tlw sna p down o r donk ey ki ck is pe rfo rm ed and. it is r e rfectl y possibl e to drill th e entire ~ r(lup on thi s parti cular part of the movement just as we drill ed th em in illu stra ti on G a nd H in the pro per s itting procedure a nd jumping procedure. It ca n easily be seen that we can then di vide a ll our people up int o threes. As in and 0 we can k eep at lea st six sq uads of three or eig hteen peo pl e bu sy a t one tim e on th e ba ck handspring. The coac h can have th em a ll go at on e tim e and if he s ta nds back fa r enoug h it is amazin g h n lV ade pt we ca n beco me at pickin g o ut th ose who are doin g the movement incorrectly. A no th er m eth od is to walk quickly from on e end of th e mat to the oth er havin g each g roup go throug h th e flip-flop . They th en , of co urse , will chan ge around so that Oll e o f the s pott ers becomes a perfo rm er and th ~ ma ne uve r is re peated with the coa ch walkin g down the lin e criti cizin g each pe rformer. The yo un gs ters pick up this id ea ve r y qui ckl y an d if yo u keep it goin g a t a fast pace, yo u will be s urprise d how ra pid Iy th ey w ill ge t back int o pos iti on r ea d y fo!" yo u to look a t the m ove ment a ga in if yo u wa nt it re pea ted. Thi s has been used success full y. I t d OL" ta ke a g rea t deal of o bser vin g powe r on th e pa rt of a coa ch but it is a fea sible m eth od of teachin g th e back hand s prin g to la rge numbers of yo un gster s at th e sa me tim e. Yo u are, of course, al so teachin g spotting to a la rge numb er of youngster s at th e sam e tim e, These yo un gster s will be yo ur futur "







lea de rs '0 th a t yo u have a n eas ie r ti me o f it later In case yo ur class tTe ts even l a r ul' r th a n it is a t present. . e r I wo uld we lco me criti cis ms a nd suggest ions r e~ ard in g thi s m e thod . If yo u a re a do uht er a nd yo u.ha ve so me qu esti ons, wo ul d yo u pl ease dro p me a lin e and I ' ll be hap py


[0 anSWf' r yo ur q uesti ons. P lease do no t th row thi s as ide as an ine ff ecti ve m ethod un less you try it a nd d iscover th e pro bl ems an d writ e to me regardin g the probl ems. Thi s me th od ca n be and has been successfull y used to teach yo un gste rs down to th e age o f a bo ut 8 路years. I t wo rk s fa r bett er


from 11 yea rs up de pendin g on the coordin atio n an d se nse of r espons ibility of th e ~ r o up s of yo un gste rs w ith w hi ch you are wo rkin g. A ll g ro ups differ a nd yo u mu st. o f co urse , be th e judge of w hi ch g roup ca n be tau ght in thi s mann er.




Washington, D.C. Upper left: Gymnastic coaches on hand for the convention. Scenes from the ex': hibitar 's hall and final banquet with guest speaker Stan Musia l pictured directly above.



GY_\I NASTl C PRESEN TATlO NS AT TH E AA PHER CONVENTlON 79th A nni ve rsary Con vention of th e A meri can Assoc ia ti on for H ealth , Ph ys ical Ed uca tion a nd R ecreat ion Washin g ton , D,C. I1Iay 1964 Th e AA HPER Convention , held for th e first tim e in Was hin g ton , was_ as usual. ve ry broad in sco pe w ith m any new kind ~ of sessions takin g place. You r ed itor w as fort unat e enoug h to be able to attend and parti cipat e in a few of th e sess ions devo ted to gym nastics a nd othe r meetin gs of sec· ti ons with a close r elation ship to o ur spe· cialt y. Winter Spo rts Section - Di vision oi ,H en's Athletics (Gymn astics) , At leas t 400 attended thi s mee tin g. It is int er es tinp: to n o te that a good numb er o f the'e were women . Partic ipant s wer e ask ed to mak e 200 cop ies of th e ir hand o ut s and th e~e , promp tl y di sappeared. Georp:e Szypula was I he program mod era , to r and made p:ood hi s prom ise to k ee p th e s peake rs wi thin th e ir all ott ed t im e lim it s. H e ha d a sli p:ht pro bl em on hi s ha nd, , in ce each of th e s pea kers had top ics w hi ch mi p: ht eas il y ha ve u sed up th e hour or mo re allotted. Promotion oi an Invitational High School Gymnastic ,'Heet By Ro be rl S tout In th e fa ll of 1961, a clini c was held at th e P e nnsy lva nia S ta te Uni versit y. On e of th e top ics d isc ussed by gy mn as tics teache rs of Ihe s la te was " a S ta te Champio nship _\I ee t". A t th a t tim e th ere was mu ch di s· a!!reement as to th e even ts to be co ndu cted (~ol1le wa nt ed sw ing rin gsl so me w ant ed rope c limb , tra mpol in e, e tc. J • .'.Iany of u s fe ll a l th e tim e th at we would h e m ov in g backwa rd if we we re tu hold the m ee t and give in to the whim s of ever y sec ti on of th e s tal e. We felt that \'ve n ee ded a littl e tim e to propaga ndi ze th e Int ernati onal Even ts and th e F.J.G. co de of po in ts . So the idea incubated. In th e s prin g of 1962 , Gene We tt ston e, coach at P enn S tate Un iv. bep:an aga in to probe th e possibiliti es of holdin g th e mee t. H e announced th e m ee t and bel!an to develop a mailin g Ji st. E ve ryone was as ked to se nd in nam es of off icials. coaches, and schooh who had an int eres t in the acti vity· of gy mnas ti cs . Grad uall y, th e li st g rew . .'.[r. Wettsto ne th en di vid ed th e s ta te into fo ur secti on s. a nd asked th at n ames from eac h sec ti on be placed in no minati o n for m embership on an executi ve co mmitt ee. A n election was co ndu cted by mail and an exec uti ve co mmitt ee was chose n. Thi s co mmitt ee de termin ed policy, and IIII'. W e tt ston e se r ved as a n Executi ve Secretary coo rdin a tin g th e deve lo pm ent of th e m ee t and han d lin g th e th o usand s of details. Th e Ex ec uti ve Co mmitt ee decid ed to h old Ol ympi c eve nt s onl y a nd t o dete rmi ne tea m sco rin p: according to N .C.A.A. scorin g. A lso ta ken int o cons ide ra ti on was the contribu·

WILMINGTON 8, DELAWARE t ion each team mad e to th e m ee t; su ch a s, at tendan ce, ~H e parati o n , and beha vior. J\ Ii int erested part ies we re k e pt inform ed periodi ca ll y by m a il as to the d evelop ment o f rules and poli cies. A t th e sa me tim e a prog ram of edu ca ti on was conducted throu g h th e news lett ers. Th ese n ewsle tt ers se t th e tone of the entire m ee t by e mphas izin g par· t icipa t ion, costum e, s ports man ship , com parin p: sta nd ard s. lea rning internati ona l rul es, and safety. A fina l newsletter gave up-todat e inform a tion on eve ry d etail of th e mee t. I n th e mea ntim e, th e Ex ec uti ve Committ ee dec id ed that co mpul so ry exer cises, w ith the option of re peatin g as permitted by th e F.r.G. , would tend to slow up the meet and to di sco ura ge parti cipation. At thi s st,we :10 one kn ew h ow many cont estan ts th ere wou ld be. In ord er to prom ote safBt )' and enco urage outstandin g fo rm and exec utio n .'.Ir. Wettstone prepared a film se llin p: fo rth " sample" exe rcises. Thi s film emphasized form and executi on and is in it se lf a valuable teachin g sa id. Thi s film mad e the r ound s from clini c to clinic. and fro m school to school. It is diffi c ult to meas ure th e learn in g that took III ace as a r es ult of view in g th e film. As the entry li st gr ew tim e beca me a ·pro bl e m. Th e m ee t co uld not be he ld in th e mo rninp: as man y of th e co nt es tant " li ved s ix hours o r m ore away. Th e m ee t co uld not ex tend int o the evenin g beca use th e fin als of th e E aste rn int e rco ll eg iate C ha mpi ons hip s were to be held at' that l ime, a nd th e parti c ipant s in th e I-li !!h Sc hool mee t we re to !!ain admi ss ion - tn th e eve nin g mee t -as pa rt' o f th e edu ca ti ona l va lu e of th e wh ole weekend . _\fr. We tt s tone mo ved th e '; tart in!! ti me up to noo n and used a ll availab l ~ fl oo r s pa ce. With s ix boys' eve nt s and fou r I!ir l,, ' even ts. he dec id ed to run fi ve eve nl s at a tim e. H e utilized three sets of men jud !!:e, for men's eve nt s and two se ts of wo n; e n judp:es fo r th e wo men 's event s . F.l.G. rul e,; were .fo ll owed (fou r judp:es a nd a su periu r j ud!!e. and th e two middle sco res -w ere k e pt within the presc rib ed range I' . In order that no t im ~ wo uld be wa sted liromp te rs we re bu sy !!elt in g co nt es ta nt s r ea d y to co mp ete '0 that no tim e wo uld be los t wa iling for co nt es tant s to chalk hand s and a p proa ch th e a pparatu s . in th e eve nt a co nt es tant was not suffi cient Iy r es ted hi s nam e wa, placed dow n Ih e li s t ab out s ix place;-. Thi s did not affect hi s sco re as th e o rd e r of cO lllpetition wa s de termin ed by d ra w, At th e co nclu s ion of th e fir st fi ve event s . awa rd s we re .,nade to th e fir st fil'e pla ce w inn ers in each eve nt. A band wa s prese nt a nd th e ce remony was carried out bea uti· full y. Tlw sa me pr oce dure too k pla ce at th e conclu s ion of th e mee t. Th e a ll-around awa rds were al so mad e at thi s tim e, but th e tea m award s were m ade in th e (, I'e nine: a t th e s tart of th e Ea s lern Jnte rcoll eg ia t'c final.. A t that tim e, with th e e ip:ht j;iece Pe,nn "y lva ni a 5 ta te Blu e l3and pla yin g, th e

runn er-up coach es we re presented followed by th e winnin g tea m in uniform a nd their coach. Th ey were presented to a n ove rfl ow c rowd of 5500 s pec ta to rs. Thu s, a fittin p: reco gniti on wa s paid n ot only to th e win· ners but a lso th e fi ve hundred sixt y contes-iant s who ca lll e fr om a ll part s of ,the , la te . Ea ch cont estant r ece ive d a commemorati vC' badf!e. a souvenir pro gram. and fr ee admi ss ion to th e Ea"te rn Finak We we re su rpri sed that 33:; bo ys drri w d . but were s hocked to see 225 p: irb. Th e s po rt is g row ilw for !!irl s at a fa ster rat e th en fo r bo)'s . Th ~ re al~e plan s und e r way n ow t o have so me d istri ct "c ree nin!! in th e futur e in o rder to kee p th e mee t ~t a s ize whi c h ca n be ha ndl ed m ore eas il y. As one look s ba ck. it see n'" tbat th e fol· low in i( prin c ipl es played an imp o rtant part in makin !! the mee t a success. 1. Plan" de mo crati ca ll y ( Ex ec uti ve COIllcitt ee) 2. Ha ve res pons ibilit y ce nt e red In on e person (Executive Sec retary ) 3. Deve lo p an ex tensive mailin g li st 4. K ee p' th e co mlllunicati ons co min g peri· odica ll y for info rmalion a nd Illoti va t ion (News lett ers) 5. Ha ve a cl os ine: dat e f or entri es 6. Get enoll!!h q~;a1ifi e d offic ial s 7. Use fillll s and oth e r teachin i( aids to edu ca te and mot ivat e 8. Ha ve approp riat e recognition for a ll parti cipa nt s and awa rd s for o ut stan d in g ones 9. S tress e xec uti on and perfec t form

Appliciltion 0/ FIG R ules ill J lldging High School G),lnllastics Th e head coac h of p:ymnast ics at T e nwl e ni vers it y. Ca rl Patterso n, chall enged th e aud ience 10 use a sys tem of judg in g base r! on th e HG r equirements but m od ified in s uch a way to suit th e n eeds of gy mnas t s of th e hi p: h sch ool leve l. W e hope th at .'.Ir. Patt erson will elaborat e a bit on his SUg!!es ti on a t some lat er date in th e 'H .G. S~ m e of th e ba s ic cons id erati ons o f hi s present a· t ions . we re : 1. Hip:h school gy mn asts sho uld n ot b e requil'ed gen erall y to includ e a "e" part in the ir exe rcises . 2. S in ce th e hi?:h scbool part ieipant will ha ve p:enerall y less strength a nd enduran ce th an an old er perfo rm er, hi s to tal numb er of r equired part s should be cut down . 3. Empha sis in th e high sc hoo l perform, an ce sh ould be pla ced on form and e xecuti on w ith diffi cult y added as it is ma stered. 4. Pro posed number o f pa rt , fo r a ll event s a. Ei p: ht part exercise b. S ix part s (A); two part s (B ) c. A ll oth e r r equire me nt s a s outlin ed in th e FIG rul es wo uld be re tain ed and d ismo unt s wo uld be judged in rela1ion to th e diffi cult y of t h e modifi cat ions . d. No mudifi ca tion of long horse va ultin o' rules e. U~der thi s system Ih e hi g h sc hoo l gymnast ma y potenti ally sco r e a ten. Thi s woul d be unlik ely were th e re!!ular FIG rul es r e ta in ed. 5. Diffi c ulty s ho ul d not be in se rted until it is mastered. Seve re deducti on s should be mad e for th e p:),mnast w ho "wo rk s over hi s head ." All Elelllentary Tumbling Program, Be lty l\I eyer of th e Chi ca go Publi c School s co ndu cted thi s sess ion wh ich wa s definite ly one of th ose which wo uld have r etain ed th e audi en ce's attenti on for a much !!:reater pe riod of tim e. Th er e is not s pace a ~ailabl e at this time to cove r all of Betty's material


but we thou ght we mi ght follow -through on just on e 0 f th e thin gs cover ed . . . the forward roll. Alm ost eve ry n ovi ce is introdu ced to the forward roll durin g the very earl y stages of trainin g. It is also very inter estin g to note th e similarity of method used by th e master teacher in a cti on. The forward roll in many o f its variou s form s is also used in Olympi c fr ee cal istheni cs. For exampl e, in the T okyo free calisthenic ex er cise co mpul sory for men, th e forward roll or a evry close rela tive is required. Two rolls are found in the women 's complllsory. By menti onin g the forward roll th e r ead er should in no way interpret thi s to mean that it should precee d the introduction of the backward roll. As a matter of fa ct many ma ster tea cher s present very strong arguments for the backward roll to be taught a head of th e forward roll or in many ins ta nces th e two stunts have been taught co in cid entally. H er e's on e progression for your notebook . . . the forward roll by Johnn y Gymnast. ( umb ers r efer to those und er " Johnny" on the opposite page.) 1. H ow many ways can you r oll ? If at th e beg innin g of a session wh ere roll s o f various types are to be tau ght, thi s simpl e qu es ti on can evoke numerou s physical responses from an y novice group. In one class of ele mentary children, a t leas t twent y different kind s of rollin g movement s were n oted. 2. ( Fig. 1 to Fi g. IB ; Fi g. 1 to Fi g. 3 ) On command group goes from l y in~ position to sittin g tuck or pike. 3. I Fi g. lA) Simpl e rollin g .. on back . . . forward and backward 4. I Fi g. 2 to Fi g. 2B ) A ft e r teac hin g proper hand place ment, g roup att empt s to roll back to " pretzle bend " I Fi g. 2B). Usin g th e " budd y" syste m at thi s point and applyin g lift at the point in Fi g. 2B indi cat ed by th e arrow, one pa rtn er may assist anoth er ba ck to th e kn ees. Actually ma ny chilo · ren will find that th ey can r oll backward to th e kn ees un assisted, h e n c~ th e re mark above about fir st introdu c in g th e backward roll. 5. I Fi g. 2 to Fi g. 2B to Fi g. 5 and back to Fi g. 1, Fi g. 2 or Fig. IB). Th e ex· tension sh own in Fi g. 5 is a skill whi ch should be introdu ced ve ry earl y in th e gy mn as ti c prog ra m. It will he a key move ment in man y s tunl s learn ed lat e r. NOTE: It sh ould be cl ea r to th e read e r by now that th e numbe r (Jf- com binati ons of " Johnny " fi gures shown are limitl ess. Wh y not c ut th e m out a nd pl ace th em on indi vidual card s. Th e chall enge of att empt in!! a vari ety of co mbin a tion s will be we lcome by children of all ages and ability. 6. I Fig. 3 to Fi g. lA and ba ck to Fi g. 3 ). Thi s pa rti cular move ment has man y rh ythmi c ad a ptation s. F or example the children mi ght sing on e of their favorit e so ngs as a g roup whil e go in g ba ck a nd forth. 7. I Fi!!. 6 to Fi g. 1A and back to Fi g. 6). Parti c ular note should be mad e of the chiJd 's abilit y to regain hi s fee t with(J ut pu shin g off th e mat with th e hand s. This will depend on the child 's bein g abl e to ge t int o a ti ght tu ck th e re by in cr eas in g th e mom entum. 8 . I Partn e r hold s ''' budd y'' in a wh ee l harrow position . . . Fig. 7) Pri or to usin g thi s s tunt the in stru ctor should care full y note those of hi s class who cann ot walk in the wh eel barrow po14

sition at least the length ot a mat. If th ey cannot, thi s will indi cate that supportin g strength is. la ckin g and th e continuati on of thi s progress ion might be dan gerous for the weak er children. W e have seen children wh o' ha ve been told to atte mpt a standard forward roll , s udd enl y collapse thu s brin gin g their we ight to bear on th e head or neck. .' • Whil e holdin g the legs .of hi s partner and standin g between th em, he pu shes th e perform er sli ghtl y forward. The " roll er" then du cks the head as shown and fl exes the elbows a nd roll " to th e mat fini shing in anyo ne of sev eral position s. 9. (Fig. 8 to Fi g. lOB to a fini sh posi· tion ) . Note that this is the first tim e th e child actually does a r oll forward from feet to fee t. Th e legs are straddl ed as far as possible. Th en by fl exin g th e arm s the center of gravity is moved forward causin g him to tumbl e for ward to th e ba ck. The arrows in Figs. 8 and 8A show where lift might be applied to suppl ement a " power fail ure. " A ft er thi s is ma stered th e traditional forward roll may be done. Please r emember that many children will not need to go throu gh all of th ese steps and may actually be capable of good forward rolls from th e firs t. 10. Fig. 9 to Fi g. lOB to fini s h) . If the ins tructor has been workin g on th e hand stand pos ition, children may now be abl e to r oll out. The " budd y" system is used again until confid ence is gain ed. The spott er simply stand s to on e sid e gras pin g th e l egs and th en provid es a liftin g acti on whi le the head is du ckin g. Actuall y th e back exte nsion roll may be lea rn ed by simpl y puttin g togeth er Fi g. 2B to Fi g. 5 to Fi g. 9 with the help of 11 s pott er wh o is standin g in alon g th e side of th e perform er. We call thi " kind of a move ment an " In s tant Hand stand. " 11. I Fig. 10, lOA and lOB). Thi s i s a di vin g for\vard roll. In thi s stunt the bod y will be momentarily fr ee of any support. 12. Forward roll fini shing with legs straddl ed (Fig. 8) 13. F orward roll with strai ght l egs and legs j o in ed fini shin g as in Fi g. 11. 14. Di ve roll pass in g throu gh "swan " position. I Fi!!. 121. Th ere a re tw o va ri a tion s of tl~is roll in th e men's Ol ympi c com pul sory for fl oor ex er cises. 15. By usin g th e " lohnn y" fi gures in variou s oth er combination s, th e r eader will discover scores of ori g inal rollin g combination s. We recomm end that thi s creati ve approach be used with classes wh eneve r th e opportunit y present s it self. Creative T echniques and Multiple Use oj th e Trampolin e M.G. Edu cation Editor, A.B. Frederi ck s poke and <i emon s trated on the subj ect of c rell ti vity. Tn parti cular he menti oned a techniqu e which led a group to di scover l11ulti"l" uses of the trampolin e. So me of th ese have already been reported in the M.G. ("Brain storming the Trampolin e" Mod em Gymnast Oct. 1963) . On additi onal use of th e trampolin e was demonstrat ed in conn ection with the rapid learnin g of a front somersault di smount from th e parall el bars. Th e equipm ent for learning the stunt is arran ged as shown below. Th e height of the parall el bars is approximately on e foot above th e bed of th e trampolin e.


-: 1. ,- ,


~ ___. ..


.L.. • .



(., "\ ! \

-. ,



T o p Vi ew 1. Gy mnas t should have a good s win g In s upport. 2. On a backward swin g, gy mna s t pu shes to sid e toward s mat du ckin g hea d to land on th e ma t on top of the tramp. 3. Sam e as (2) b'ut with an a tt em pt to land in a seat drop. 4. Sam e as (3) but with an a tt em pt to regras p. 5. S win g ba ckward and off to th e sid e and atte mpt to do a front somersault to a squ a t sta/ld on th e bed. 6. Tak e a way th e trampolin e. Gy mna st should now be able to perform the stunt to a mat on th e fl oo r. On the fir st few att e mpt s, a s potter stand s on th e sid e of the parall e l bars and to th e rea r of the s pot wh er e th e gy mnas t will di smount. Th e s pott er in thi s position simpl y takes the hips of th e perform er as he co mes off a nd !! uid es him to th e ma t. . 7. In a sh ort peri od of tim e, t he gy mn as t should develop a ni ce hi ~ h piked so mersault. 8. If progress with out th e · tra mpolin e is retard ed du e to fault y techniqu e. fea r. e tc.. th e wh ole process usin g th e tra mpolin e should be re pea ted. Pilol. S ectioll 011 Kin esiology Tw o of th e g ia nt s of ph ys ical edu ca ti on combin ed to make thi s session one of th e most inter es tin g on th e con ve nti on program. Dr. Thomas Cureton s poke on the topi c, " Mechanical Anal ysis of Motor S kill s" whil e Dr. P e ter Karpovi ch spoke on the topi c, ".Vl e thod s in Kin es iological Research." Th e form er s peak er teaches at th e Uni versity of Illin ois and the la tt er is en ga ged in r e,ca rch at S prin g fi eld Coll ege. S in ce so me o f th e ori ginal cin ema torgraphi c studi es were done in the gymna st ic area, the progress of thi s section should be welcom ed by tea che rs of gy mnasti cs. M .G . Resea rch Edit or, lim Bosco, studied un de r both of these men. W e h ope th a t m a ny o f th e recent s tudi es in gymna s ti c cin emat og raph y will be analyzed for practi cal a ppli cation s for M.G. r eaders. For exampl e, Abi e Gross feld did a . cin ematogra phi c a nalysis of th e und er bar so mersault on th e pa rall e l ba rs at th e Uni ve rsity of Illin ois. Both th e U. of Illin ois and S prin g fi e ld Coll ege have se t th e pace in this bra nch of r esea rch. We ha ve al so learn ed from Dr. 10hn M. Coope r of th e University of South ern California that he has been d evelopin g so me revolutionary techniques in c in ema togra ph y whi ch we will re port on later. Cin ematog raph y is a name appli ed to stud ies of sequ en ce photos in an atte mpt to ananl yze ce rtain s pecific move me nt s found in athl etics and phys ical edu cati on. A ver y recent pra cti cal me th od of evalu a tin g human pe rformance, a nd by the wa y whi ch i s now utili zed by th e M odern Gymllast, is th e G R A PH -CHE CK S EQ U E NCE CAM ER A whi ch uses o rdin a ry P olaroid film. S in ce the result s are a vailabl e imme di a tely throu gh the use of this cam e ra , it should be o f tremend ous valu e to co aches and teachers.

Th e Teaching 0/ Nenrolll.nscnlar Relaxation J . E. Norri s and A. Steinhau s W e mention th e presentati on of thi s paper for several reasons. First, we predict that du e to the fa ct tha t mod e rn livin g is a great producer of many kind s of tension, th a t th ere will be in th e ve ry nea r future a grea t deal of emphasis on th e teachin g of relaxat ion by all phy sical educators. Secondl y, as of thi s dat e, th e M.G. staff, Th e Am el'ican P hysical Fitness R esearch In stitut e and th e Foundation for Sc ientifi c Relax a ti on are co mbinin g eff ort s to produce a practi cal chart on th e techniques of ten路 sia n control. Dr. Steinh au s has bee n wo rkin g in cl ose coo peration with th e F ounda ti on for Scientifi c Rela xation in Chi cago as has yo ur M.G. Educator Editor. Miss Bernardin e Lufkin of th e Foun dation is currently preparin g a re port on th e direc t values of te nsion control in gy mnastics. Most of the r esear ch don e in thi s fi eld can be traced back to Dr. Edmund Jacobson who ha s studi ed th e tension di sorders of peopl e for fift y years_ He is the author of at least three major books on th e subj ect and has contributed co untl ess articl es to almo st eve ry major professional medi cal journal. W e are proud to be associated in som e small way with Dr. Jaco bson. Me eting of the National l nstinte on Girl's Sport s Mrs. Sara J ernigan pres ided over this meetin g and r eported man y prom isin g developments as a res ult of th e National Institut e on Girl 's Sports wh ich was held last November at the Uni versity of Oklahoma. ( For the most complete r eport ava ilabl e see Th e i\llodern Gymnast, January 1964 ) . Mrs. J erni gan anno un ced that AAHPER will publish proceed in gs of the In stitute and that they should be available in the Fall of 1964. Th elm a Bi shop, In stiute Implementati on Chairman , showed the g roup the initi al ed iti on of the In stitute J ournal. The cov er pi cture is of Ern es tin e Russell Carter pe rforming a hand stand on the balance beam. The J ournal contain s repor ts from in dividua l stat es a nd oth er " How W e Did It" t ypes of material. F or th ose who have a fur th er int erest in th e J ournal writ e : Dr. Thelm a Bishop, W omens' G~mna s ium , Mi chi ga n State Uni versity, Ea st Lan sin g, lVli chigan. Work shops and clini cs have grown out of th e In stitut e. Mrs. J erni gan re port s th a t th ere ha ve been 56 in th e gy mnasti c area. 65 in th e tra ck and fi eld ar.ea and 27 in whi ch element s of both track and fi eld and gy mnasti cs we re presented. Future In stitut e plans in clud e additi onal editi ons of th e In stitute J ourn al as well as a.nother In stitut e sess ion . As plans are developed as to th e time and place of the Seco nd National In stitute on Girl's Spo rt s, we will report on the m in th e M.G.


~l -~-y-庐

" Stan The Man" Gym.nast (Also played a little ba se ball with th e Cards !) Stan M usia l, Special Consultant to the Pres id ent on Physical Fitness, spoke at th e final general session of the AAHPER conven ti on. By now, Stan 's early trainin g in gymna sti cs is well known but th e fa ct that he has re peat edly mention ed it will do much for th e curre nt r evival of gymnastic trainin g in public schools throughout the Un ited States. In a r ecent issue of Boy's Li/e (April 19641 Stan says, " Gymna sti cs and cali stheni cs provid e the syste mati c body-buildin g that gam es don 't. Th ey do more for <:0-

" J ohnny" ord inati on, too, in my opinion , but I'll sti ck to what I know . . . th e strength a nd stam ina I fortun a tely acquired earl y becau se of turnverein trainin g in my boyhood." " Take tu mbling, Abi lity to abso rb a fall and boun ce up uninjured is a great asse t to an athl e te. Curiously, in my entire pro-

fess ional baseball career , coverin g a quarte r of a century, I wa s hurt really onl y once leavin g my fee t, a nd that tim e, late in the 1940 seaso n at Daytona Beac h, Fla., my s pik es ca ught in th e outfi eld gra ss so that 1 land ed unnaturall y on the point of my le ft should er. "


RHYTHMIC EXER CISES Barhara A. Saltzs ied er PART II

Th e first two articles of this seri es in· vol ved the use of light hand apparatus in th e performance of th~ exercises. It is tru e th a t ball s a nd ropes are fun but it must be stressed tha t th e import a nt part of a ny e x erc i s~ program is movement a nd its e f· feet upon the s tud ent. Thi s se t of exercises, th en, is to be performed without e quipm ent. Th e fundam ental s of rhythmic exer cises ha ve been di scussed in earlier articles o f this series. Without an under st and in g of purposes and techniqu es the foll owing mao te rial will be of little value, so it is sug· gested th a t the read er r eturn to those a r· ticl es appear in g in the April , 1964 and May·Jun e, 1964 iss ues of Th e Modern GYIn' nast before proceeding furth er. For thi s se t of exercises, th e a uthor h a s se lect ed a n overture from a Broadway sh ow for acco mp an im ent. Th e va ri ety of mu sical p ieces se t together without stops allows grea t freedom . in the selecti on of typ es of move· ment s. The mu sic is th e Overture from Irma La Douce as it appea rs in the Columbia Maste rwork s album , OL 5560. I t is a lso avai la bl e on S tereo OS 2029. Ther e is a four co unt introdu cti on for which th ere is no exer cise. Exercise 1. Music: Di s·done, " A" t he me; 32 counts. Pu rpose : Warm up ; exercise feet, ankl es, and legs; ge neral body control. Desc ripti on: Two qui ck , li ght, r elax ed jumps 1, jump t o strid e to standin g, arm s stretc hed d ownward , and hold 2. R e pea t fift een times, 3·4, 5·6 . . . 15·16; 1·2, 3-4 .. ' 15·16. Tea chin g hint s: Count " on p and two and . . .". Em phasize maximum r ela xat ion duro in g li ght jumping. Arms, head and should ers should be loose. The held pos ition shoul d sh ow l ~lax i mum s tretching of th e trunk up· ward and the arms and should ers d ow n· ward. Ther e should be marked co ntrast between the stretching and the r elaxati on.

Exerclse 2. Mus ic: Dis·donc, "B" th eme and repea t of "A" theme; 24 co unts, plu s 2 co unt endin g. Purpose : Freedom of- move ment and r eo la xati on in sh oulder . Descripti on : Swi ng th e arms forward and ba ckward in opposition three times startin g with the le ft arm swin gin g forward 1·3, pu shin g from th e fl oor, r each forward with th e left arm 4, re peat on op posite side 5·8. R e peat entire exerci se two tim es 1·8, 1·8. End by lowerin g arm s to sid es, tw o co unts. T eachin g hints : The arms should s win g fr eely rather tha n be lowered and rai sed . A im fo r a free r elaxed type of movement. T ension can be noted if the stud en t fai ls to let her hand s pass close to the body as they swin g. In order to avoid hunchin g and ten sion in the should er when swin ging back· ward , rotate th e back arm so that the palm faces outward, (i. e. away from the nody). Swin g th e arms to should er height in back as well a s in front. Th e ba ck arm should swing directly backward a nd not s ideways. ... .-Transition. Music: Introduction to Our Lan guage of Love; 8 counts. Purpose : Str etch throu ghout entire body. Description: Circle both arms by s tre tch · in g slowly foi'ward , upward , backward , downward and end with arms in forward reachin g positi on. Exe rcise 3. M usic : Our Lan gua ge of Love -"A" theme; 32 co unts. Purpose : F lexibility a nd relaxa ti on in neck and back. Description: Sw in g th e arm s backward and forward whil e relax in g th e n eck and up· per back (hi gh relax ed bobb in g I 1·2, r eo peat lettin g the entire ba ck r ela x so that th e trunk fall s forward , d ownward a nd th e hand s brush n ear the fl oo r as th ey swin g ba ckward (dee p relaxed bobbin g) 3·4. Re· peat entire exer cise 5·8. R epea t entire se· 'lu en r.e from th e beg innin g 1·8, 1·8. End with arms reachin g forward, h ands at shoulder height. T eachin g hints : In bobbin g th ere should be maximum relaxati on. "G ive" in th e kn ees. Sw in g th e a rm s free ly usin g the m to h elp th e trunk drop downward and swin g u p. Le t the total move ment be co nti,nllous so

th at the end of one movement beco mes th e be/Z inni ng of th e nex t one. Le t th e head and neck rema in loose. Pra cti ce lettin g the trunk fall forward , d ownward with out the arm sw in /Z until th e class ca n give in to gr av it y with out fear of fallin g over. The n add th e a rm swing graduall y, encourag in g d evelop· me)ll o f a large, free move ment. E.xercis e 4. JVl us ic : Our Langu age of Love - " 13 " th eme ; 16 co unts. Purpose : Trunk t wistin g and , id e ·bend · in ~.

Desc ri pt ion: Twi st the' trunk to the le ft whil e swin gin g the le ft arm ba ckwa rd 1. re turn to st artin g position by swing in g th e le ft a rm forward 2, holdin g the arm s for· ward with palm s facing one anoth er, bend trunk sid eways, left two tim es 3·4, r e pea t to oppos ite sid e 5·8. Re peat entire exe rc ise 1·8. Teach in /Z hint s: Durin g the trunk t wistin g wa tch th e r ea r arm and try to turn th e trunk so th a t th e should er s chan ge direction b y nin ety deg rees. Always swin g arm s to should er he ight. K ee p th e fee t toge the r and fac in g forwa rd . W hen bendin g sid eways th e hand s wi ll assume a positi on in whi ch one hand is a b'ove th e other. Try to bend far e nou/Zh S9 th at thi s chan ge of pos iti on of th e ha nd s is a result of th e bend and not o f hun chin g th e should er or of moving the arm s.

Exercise 5. Mus ic : Our Lan gua ge of Love Re pea t of "A" th eme; 16 count s, plu s a short interlud e; 4 counts. (20 co unt s) Purpose: S houlder and uppe r ba ck s tre ng th and fl ex ib-ility; s id e bendin g. De cripti on: Circle arm s slowly down· ward , backward a nd upward until th ey are ex tend ed d irectl y over head 1·4, bend s id e, wa ys le ft a nd rai se up aga in 5·6, bend side· ways ri ght and rai se up again 7·8. Con tinu e slow circl in g of arm s forward , downward , ha ckw ard a nd upward until th ey are over· head 1·8, bend sideways le ft a nd raise u p aga in 1·2, bend sid eways ri ght and rai se up aga in 3·4. T eachin g hint s : Wh en th e arms are stretched ove rh ead th e upper arm s should be close to th e ears. A im for m ax imum s tre tch. W hen circlin g, let the whole b ody



ta ke pa rt in th e action. Loo k back and wa tch for the ha nd s to appea r from behind. " G ive" in th e kn ees and pu sh out of th e fl oo r. Bl end a ll the part s together int o one co ntinu ous move me nt rath er than hav in g sha rp a cti ons. Tran sition. Mu sic : In trodu cti on to The \V reck of a Mec ; first 10 count s. Purp ose : Chan ge position. Descripti on: Drop th e arm s d ownwa rd 1-2. Co me to hook sittin g positi on with t he arm s a round th e legs and th e head a nd neck relax ed 3-10. T eachin g hint s : Let the a rlll S g ive in co mpl ete ly a nd sudd enl y to th e pull of grav· it y. Show sharp- contras t between th e ~ tre t c h e d positi on and co mpl ete rel a xa ti on. Find a grace ful , simpl e way of co min g to a ~ ittin g position - and have the e ntire c lass move toge th er. Tran sition. i\[u sic : Introducti on to Th e \V reck of a Mec; last 4 co unts. Purpose : Pre paration for beg innin g of exe rcise 6. Desc ripti on: Rock back until th e fee t com e off th e floor ,and a balan ced , r elax ed pos it ion is assumed . Exe rcise 6. Mu sic : Th e Wreck of a Mec; 16 co unt s. Purpose : A bdominal s trength Descr ipti on: Stre tch left a rm a nd leg di· agonall y sid eways, forward , upward 1, r eo pea t with th e ri g ht arm and leg 2, hold 3, return to sta rtin g positi on 4, holdin g tu ck positi on, roll onto ba ck a nd return tll sUirtin g pos iti on 5-6, hold and r elax 7·8. Re l}eat-· entire exe rc ise 1-8. T eac hin g hint s : Le ave th e Je ft arm a nd leg ex tencled while stretchin g the ri ght a rm and leg. Kee p th e back flat and th e head up whil e s tretchin g th e legs out. Clas p ' the ha nd s ove r th e legs whil e in th e tuck pos iti on .'1'0 relax , simpl y le an back whil e m a in ·

FINAL JAPANESE OLYMPIC TRIALS Report by Jam es Tallai.-a Th e final Olympic try-out for the Japan ese Olympic squad was held at the T ok yo Gymna sium on Jun e 27 th and 28th , 1964. Com· petition wa s ver y keen am ong th e mse lves. Seve ral major breaks by veteran s cost the m \ Gold a positi on on the tea m. A IH ARA Medal winn er in the 1960 Games) did not mak e th e squad , the team is that good! H A Y ADA is the man to watch (n ew member ). His Rin g work is great. E N DO - is better than eve r and will be makin g an all out eff ort 'to win the All· Around ( he ha s a very good chan ce) Veteran , ONO js losin g to his teammat es, he isn't ge ttin g weak er , but th e team members are gettin g bett er. TSURMI - is out to beat his teammate EN DO, a very con sistant gy mnast (n ever saw him break). MITS UKURI solid worker , on an y given day Mits ukuri , T s urumi , H ay ada or Yamashita could be seco nd to End o. YAMASHITA - like Hayada was not a member of the 1960 team. If it we re not for hi s break on the Sid e H or se he co uld ha ve moved up to 3rd , a ver y smoo th worker. Th e Japa nese team will be makin g an all out e ff ort to win. Th ey a re flawl ess in th e execution of th e co mjlul sori es. Th e top G gy mnas ts have n o weak event. Th e judges we re hard and mos t criti ca l and th e m ee t

was co nduc ted in the way it will be durin g the Gam es. The final team consists of 9 members for both men and wom en includ in g 3 ba ck ups in case of injury. Some in ter es tin g points of note am o n ~ th e mens' co mpe titi on wa s - T surumi 's full twi stin g hecht from th e Horizontal bar, man y used a bac k off with a full twi st on th e P a r· all e l ba rs, a lso stre ili cut cat ch on the P ba rs a nd a hi gh cast mount to imm ediat e Stald er shoo t on th e Hi Bar. Tn th e Japan ese woman 's final s, Ke i IKEDA pl aced firs t, Toshik o A TH AR A second , Ki yuk o ONO third ; Kink o CHIBA fourth , Hiroko T SUJI fifth and Tanik o I i\ . K AM UR A sixth.


tainin g th e gra sp .







Z ....I





l: Z





Endo , Yukio T surumi , .Shuji Hayada , T. Mitsukuri , T. Yamashita , H. Ono , Takashi



57.70 57.30 57.15 57 .30 57.25 57 . 10

°u ... e>. -

I 2 5 2 4 6

... ":J:'"0 ...c



9.70 9.50 9 .50 9 .40 9 .60 9 .50

9 .0 5 9. 55 9 .60 9.70 8.95 9:50




... ":J:0

" '"........ .....









9 .80 9.70 9.80 9.40 9.55 9.50

9.5 5 9 .50 9.55 9.5 5 9.80 9.50

9. 80 9 .65 9.70 9.60 9.60 9 .60



....I I-






...Z '"0 l:






....I l-



Tran sition. Mu sic: Int erlude; 5 co unts. Purpose : Preparati on for exercise 7. Descripti on: K ee pin g th e fee t fl a t on th e fl oo r, slid e th e fee t forward away fr om th e hips until th e kn ees are at about a nin e ty degree an gle. Place the ri ght hand on the outsid e of th e le ft kn ee and raise th e le ft a rm forward. Exe rcise 7. Mu sic : Di s-d one, di s-d one; 38 co unt s. Purpose : Upper tr unk twistin g. Description: Twist the trunk lef t whil e swin gin g the left arm backward 1, r eturn to s tartin g position by swin gin g the arm forwa rd 2, re peat twice 3-4, 5-6, r elax forward over the kn ees 7-8 , r epeat on opposite sid e 1-8. R epeat entire exer cise 1-8, 1-8. Twi st a nd swin g on ce to th e left 1-2, on ce to the ri ght 3-4, circle both arm s downwa rd , backwa rd and u pward and let them f a ll down wa rd to relax over th e kn ees 5-6. T eachin g hint s : Start the first swin g on th e las t loud note as the inte rlud e hlend s with the melody. Sit tall. Focus on the hand thoru ghout the arm swin gs. Althou gh thi s exer cise may seem, at fir st glan ce, to be a re pea t of exe rcise 4, noti ce the sharp limit a ti on placed upon th e ran ge of m oti on when th e s tud ent is placed in th e s ittin g pos iti on. Th e trunk twi stin g is locali zed in th e upper trunk . Be sure that th e stud ent s rea ll y twi st throu gh the trunk and do n ot mere ly s win g th e arm back and forth. Th e should ers should r otate nin ety degrees from th e sta rtin g po sition. In order to avo id hun chin g th e sh c4.Ild er , rotate th e a rm so th a t th e palm faces away from th e body. These exerc ises are avail a bl e for r ental on 8 mm bla ck and white film. Renta l: $2.00. Address r equests to Barbara A. Saltzsiede r, H earst Gymnasium. Un iver sity of California , Be rk eley 4, Cal ifornia.

Endo , Yukio

" 4


~ :J:

9 .80 9 .65 9.60 9 .60 9 .70 9. 70






57 .70 5 7.55 57.75 57 .25 57.20 57 .20




l: 0



115.40 114 .85 114 .90 114.55 114.45 114.30

114.50 1 t 4.05 114.00 114.15 113.50 113.45

7. Aiba , Yohihiro -226 .80; 8 . Aihara , No buyuk--225 . 75; 9 . Kat o, Takes hi-224.70 ; Shoki-224 .30; 11. Naga sawa , Ysuo- 223.70; 12. Watana be . Masa yuki- 222 .30.







E '"0e>.









229 .90 228 .90 228 .90 228.70 227.95 227.75

2 2 4 5 6

10. Noka yom a,

USA 1964 QU A LtF Yt NG TEST FOR OL YMPtC TRIALS These Gt.mna sts have q uatified fo r the finat t riat s to be hetd in New Yo rk in tate August. Pictured te ft to right : M. Sakamot o; G. W eiss; A. Vega ; G. Bohrmann; M. Cohn; D. Tonry; A . La scari ; A. Grossfetd; J . We rner ; J. Beckn er ; M. Jacobson ; A . Shurl ock; F. Orl o fs ky; G. Buckn er; T. Seward ; R. Mit chell ; ' R. Barak; S. Co h n; S. Sakamo to; (no t pictured L. Banner ). Photo by John Cr,?sby.


1964 QUALI FYI NG TEST FOR OL YMPI C TRIALS May 7 -9, 1964 ALL-AROUND FI. Sd. H. Place Horse Rings VII. Name Ex. I Saka m oto, M. 18.90 18.60 18.85 18.65 18.35 19.00 18.90 18.75 2 Weiss, G. 3 Vega , A. 18.75 17.25 19.10 19.00 4 Grossfe ld, A. 18.65 16.05 19.05 18.40 5 Shu rl oc k, A. 18.50 18. 15 18.35 18.05 17.80 17.90 17.95 18.50 6 Tonr y, D. 7 Mitchell , R. 18 .55 17.50 18.75 18.80 18.40 18.20 18.85 17.70 8 Seward , T. 9 Barak , R. 18.25 15.70 18.45 18.45 10 We rner , J. 17.75 17.70 17.60 18.15 11 Or lo fsk y, F. 16.45 17.25 18.70 17.70 '12 Beckner 13 Lasca r i, A. 16.95 17.00 17.05 18 .05 14 Cohn , M. 16.35 18.45 16.75 17.60 17.20 17.20 18.10 16.95 15 Cohn , S. '16 17 Buckner 17.75 14.05 18.00 17.85 17.80 16.70 16.95 18.15 18 Jacobson 19 Sakamoto, S. 18.50 15.85 17.95 18.30 20 Bohrmann , G. 17 .60 15. 80 17.55 18. 35 Amerine , J. 16.90 14.20 17.95 16.20 , 21Name and score missing fr om result s recei v ed at FI NAL SCORE SHEET


Pller . Ba rs 18.80 19. 15 19.30 18.59 17.40 18.90 18 .40 18.80 18.80 18.45 18.15

}9.15 18.55 18.55 19.10 18.95 18.30 17.05 17 .05 19.25 17.95 i7.70

Total 112.95 11 -2.70 111. 95 109.80 109.40 109.35 109.05 109.00 108.90 107 .60 105.95

18.85 18.05 17.70

17.25 17.45 16.80

105.1 5 104.65 103.95

17.50 18 .05 16.90 16.5 5 16.75 15.60 16.95 15.75 17.10 17.15 M .G. office .

103.20 103.05 102.95 102.00 99.50


M en's Ind iv id ual Cha m pi onship Events

Pa rall e l Ba rs : A. Vega , Qua lify, 9.65, Final , 19. 15; G. We iss, 9.575 , 19.075; A. Lascari , 9.425 , 19.075; R. Ba rak , 9.40 , 18.90; D. Tan ry, 9.45 , 18.85; T. Seward, 9.40 , 16.40. Side Horse : R. Mill s, Qualify, 9.725 , Fina l, 19.675; G. Weiss, 9.50, 19.10; A. Shurlock , 9.075 , 18.725; T. Seward , ·9.10, 18.35; Wm . Buck , 9.025; 17.975; M. Cohn , 9.225 , 15.725. Sti ll Rin g s : A. Vega , Qualify , 9.55, Final, 19.20; A . Gross feld , 9.525, 19.125; R. Mitchell , 9.375; 19.025; G. Weiss , 9.450; 18 .85; T. Seward , 9.425 ; 18.625; F. Orl ofsky, 9.35 , 18.65. Tra mpolin e : W. Miller , Qualif y. 9.80, Finpl , 19.40; J. Younge, 9.45, 18 .90; D. Jacobs, 9.05 , 18 . 10; T. Clarke, 8.95 , 18 .05; J . Longhouser , 8.50, 17 . 10 . Ho ri zon ta l Bors : R. Barak , Qualify, 9 ,625 , Final , 19.425; A. Shurl ock, 9.475 , 19.175; A. Grossfeld , 9.55 , 19.00; A. Vega, 9.275 , 18.825; G. Weiss, 9.275, 18.775; J. Beckner, 9 . 175. Lo ng Horse Vaul !: A. Vega , Quai lf y, 9 .50, Final, 19. 17 5; R. Mitchell , 9 .40, 18.95; G. Weiss, 9.375 , 18.700; D. Tonr y, 9.250, 18.500; P. Voas, 9.225, 18 .500; R. Ba rak , 9.225, 18.275. Floor Exercis2s : R. Pascale , Qua lify , 9.475, Final , 19. 125; A. Vega, 9 .375 , 18.925; R. Mitche ll , 9.275, 18.925; A. Grossfeld , 9.325, 18 .775 ; A. Shu rl oc k, 9.25, 18 .65; S. Sakamoto'·, 9.25, 18.55. Tumbl ing : R. Mitchell , Fi na l, 9 .60; P. Voos, 9.00; K. V·inyard , 8 :80; J . Werne r, 8 .25; J. Amerine, 4.00 . • Sam Sokamoto-Mo kot o Sakamoto , did not compete in


Nome Place 1 Walther, M. 2 Grossfeld, M. 3 McClements, D. 4 Corrigan, K. 5 Tieber , A. 6 Sontgerath, Gail 7 Metheny, L. 8 Daley, G. 9 Fuchs , D. 9 Speake, J. Rabun, C. 11 12 Gleason , K. 13 Moonis, B. 14 Bowers, C. 15 Galleher , B. 16 Dunham, J. 17 Schaenzer, D. 18 Averyt, B. 18 Nag y, M. 21 Camp , C. A. 22 Hyland , A. 23 Willis, J. 24 Babuska , E. 25 Russell, B. 26 Da vis, M . 27 Crist, P. J. 27 Dunham , J. 29 Klauser, J. 30 Valachos, C.

Hrs Vlt. 18.75 17.90 18.90 18.75 19.05 18.75 18.25 18.70 18 .50 18 .80 18.60 17.95 17.55 17.70 18.45 18.15 17.20 18.70 17.00 17.85 17.40 18.30 16.25 17.60 16.50 17 .50 16.35 17.30 17.45

Pilei Bars 19.20 18.95 18.85 19. 10 18 .55 18.45 19.45 18 .50 19.45 18.70 18.40 18.55 18.60 17.65 15.90 17.50 18.10 17.40 16.10 17.60 17.40 17.40 ! 7.50 17.20 17.25 16.50 18.35 15.25 15.95

Bal Beam

18.85 18.95 18 . 15 18.35 18.15 18 .70 17.75 18.20 16.35 17 .20 17 .40 17.45 17.00 17 .00 17.80 16.65 16.70 16 .45 17.60 16.75 15.90 15.35 17.10 15 .95 16.15 15.40 15.65 16.30 16.45

FI Ex.

19.15 19.30 19.00 18.55 18 .80 18 .55 18.40 18.15 18.85 18.45 17.40 16.95 17.05 17.70 17.75 17.30 17.55 16 .15 18.00 16.15 17 .50 16 .50 16.50 16.45 16.95 17.00 16.05 17.10 15.80

Total 75 :95 75.IU 74.90 74.75 74.55 74.45 73.85 73.55 73.15 73.15 7 1.80 70.90 70.20 70.05 69.90 69.60 6 9.55 68.70 68.70 68.35 68 .20 67.55 6 7.35 67.20 66.85 66 .40 66 .40 65.95 65.65

Ffnol Score Sheet Wom en's Individual Championship Events

Floo r Exe rc is2s : M. Grossfeld, Qua lify, 9.650, Final , 19.450; M. Walt h e r , 9.575 , 19.275; D. McClements, 9.500, 19.200; D. Fuchs, 9.425 , 18.925; A. Tieber , 9.400, 18.750; K. Corrigan , 9.275, 18.675; G. Sontgerath, 9.275, 18.525. Sid e Ho rse Vault: A. Tie ber, Qualify, 9.525 , Final , 19.275; J. Speake, 9.400, 19.0; D. McClements, 9.450, 18 .95; K. Corrigan, 9 .375, 18.875; M. Walther, 9.375, 18.875; G. Sontgerath, 9 .375, 18.775. Tumbling : J. Wills, Qualify, 9.25 , Final, 18.55; G. Mc Fadden, 8.55, 16.85; B. Averyt, 8.50, 15.95; J. Speaks, 7.75, 15.65. Balance Be am: M. Grossfeld, Qua lify, 9.475 , Fina l, 19.125; M. Wa lt her, 9.425 , 19.075; G. Sontgerath, 9.350, 18.900; K. Corrigan, 9.175, 18 .575; G. Daley, 9.100, 18.500; A. Tie ber , 9.075, 18.475; D. McC lements, 9.075, 18.425. Unev e n Parallel Bars : D. Fuchs, Qua lify, 9.725, Fina l, 19.525; L. Meth eny, 9.725, 19.325; M. Walther, 9.60, 19.30; D. McC lemen ts, 9.425, 18.975; M. Grossfeld, 9.475, 18.825; K. Corrigan, 9.55, 18.75. Trampolin e: J. Wi ll s, 9.55; T. G. Peterson , 9.10; B. Avery t , 8.90; A. Bynum, 8.25.

BALLET for Gymnasts By Grace Kaywell 3 Tanglewood Court fT' est Palm Beach. Florida

THE STR ADDLE SPLIT It is very important to get the prope r s tre tch to the mu scl es in volved in the action. Every gy mnastic teacher kn ows th a t th e mu scles a ll work antagoni sti cally to each other. I n other wo rd s, wh en we have on e. muscl e stre tchin g or contra ctin g, we ha ve a r elax at ion of the ant a!!on isti c mu s· cle. If in tryin g to perform a '~ traddle s plit th e athle te simply lets both legs go out to th e sid es w itho ut thinkin g of the muscl es in vo lve d, yo u can ge t into difficulty. B y plac in g the ha nds in front of th e bod y for support , the gy mnast often all ows the fo ot to turn forw ard for bett er ba lan ce. But co nsider what thi s is rea ll y do in g to yo ur stretch. Th e mll scl es on the s id e of th e


fuo t are 5tre tcliinp: w hi ch proclu ces pi geo n tues . In so doing. the perone us long us i, len s in g to h«ld thi s s Uj) port , thu s r e lax in g th e sart oriu s s li g htl y, whi ch is th e ve r y mu sc le we want ed to gi ve th e max im ulli ;; tretch, a loli g with the pec tin e us whi ch flexes hip , adduct s a nd r otat es thi g h o ut wa rd. We a lso wa nt to stre tch th e g rac il b. Thi s m uscl e fl exes a nd add ucts kn ee a nd add ucts th e thi p:11. There for e to ge t tIl(' bes t stre tch fo r a straddl e s plit w e ha ve foun d that ball et ba rre is ve ry helpful. Th e gy mn a.t h olds onto th e ba r a nd let, ti,e bod y dow n with legs again s t the wa ll. Thi s is additi ona l co unt er·stretch. Th e beaut if ul lin e o f th e fee t ca n be o btain ed. If yo u cann ot hold th e hips stra ig ht and int o th e wa ll, ge t so meo ne to exe rt ju st a littl e

press ure so th a t th e legs to.uch th e wa ll i'l front 01 yo u. E rn es tin e Ru sse l Ca rt e r dem onstra tes thi s in th e ph otop: ra ph above . No te th e phot og ra ph of the men' , c la s;; ta ken a t the W es tern C lini c in Tu cso n. i\ ri zo na last Chr istm as. F ell ow at hl e te i" t'x prt in!! pressure on .th e hip s whil t' C ra ce Ka yweil in stru c ts. W lfen th e legs gu o ut to th e s iel e. th e tenso r fasc iae la tae con tra cts and th e au · du c tor longus s tretches. T o ge t th e maxi mum s tretch va lu e in volvin g · th e pec tin pu" and psoas magnu s (flexes and fo tates thi g h out wa rd : fl exes thi p: h on pelvi ",; abuu cts a nd f1 exe " lumba r s pin e I. sit on th e floor pu ll yo ur hee ls up th e c rotc h kee pin g th i· soles uf th e fee t tog(' th e r. Yo ur tea che r o r fell ow ~ y l1lna ~ t ca n exe rt pres~ ur t' on yo u r kn ee" and some tim e, ca n press th e entin' we ig ht of hi s vr he r bod y nn tlti", area til force th e turn o ut soo ner. \Vh en kn e," ca n rearh th e fl oo r yo u ha ve a lread y devplo pnl a gud turn ·o ut fro m th e hips . To s tretch eve n furth er. lift th e hee ls off th e fl oo r with both hands. as de monstrat ed hy p a ul a C ri st in th e a bove ph o to. Explain the m usc le in volve ment to your stud ent s . W hen th t'y und en; tand thi s. Ih ey can practi ce s tr (-' t c hin ~ awa y from tilt' in : stru ctur's wa tc hful ('ye . Paul a C ris t de mons trat es " th e frog s tretch", whi ch is a no th e r way of loosenin g up th e mu scles in volvin g t he hip joint. allow in g for grea te r turn ·ou t.

H elpful hints by "Jim" Farka's, Instructor 01 Physical Education, 01 The Milwaukee Turners, Wisconsin


H ow to spot a " Giant Upper-arm Roll Backward" ? The backward Giant Roll on the Parallel Bars is one of th e important basic exercise elemen ts for beginner gymnasts. Its lea rnin g provides the key to man y related mo ves also in other events, yet we find very few beginner gymnasts who devote time and effort to lea rn this essential skill. The reason ?- Painful discomfort durin g the lea rnin g period. Although the sensiti vi ty of the upper -a rm disappears within a relatively short time, it is nevertheless present and quite pronounced during the ea rl y stages. of learning thus it di stracts concentration fr om technical details. The most severe skin laceration occurs when the hands ~re off the bars and the body is in moti on. If the r oll is correctl y done th e release of the bars and the subseq uent regrasp takes place within a short time, durin g which the legs themselves remain relatively motionless (Fig. 2 &: 3 ) .A beginner, how ever, will tend to release the bar too ea rl y and, bein g quite lost durin g the roll, will regrasp the bars too late when th e legs have alread y passed the bars on their way do wn. This ca uses the painful exposure which forces them to take un conscious defensive motions thus further spoiling their positions. Here is where spotting can enforce the proper kinesthetic sensations and timing and can almost completely eliminate the painful exposure b y controlling the rotation until the performer himself is capable to do so (Fig. 4) .

HINTS: a) As in all situati ons. when s potting over th e bars is a ttemp ted , stand on an eleva ted platform (va ultin g box , etc. ) to avoid po ssibl e arm inj uries ( Fig. 1). bl Stand so th a t the perform er wo uld roll towa rd you a nd ass ist him by graspin g his thi ghs. Thi s ass istan ce sh ould be g in as soon as the hips of th e perform er have progresse d above the bars, where con trol becom es more difficult for him . ( Fig. 2) . c) El evate his thi ghs until t he legs and back r each a verti ca l position , at the same time verball y ur ge the performer not to r eo lease hi s grasp too earl y, ra ther continue pressing down on th e bars and keep hi s chin close to the chest (thus avoidin g earl y extension) . (Fig 2). d) When the body a lm os t rea ched a vertical positi on I De pend in g on s peed. Soone r if the speed is grea t ; later wh en the r oll is slow ) th e s potter sh oul d s top the motion of the legs and co mmand the performer to complete ext ension from th e hi p-and ba ck路 j oint s. This extension is started by a last pu shin g of th e arm s aft e r whi ch the ha nd s release the bar; th e head is throw n backward a nd th e a rm s move sid eways formin g a ri gid axle on w hi ch th e roll ca n be completed around th e c ircu mfer ence of th e upp er路arm I Fig. 31. e 1 Th e r oll aro un d th e upp er路 a rm must be compl eted whil e th e legs are still hi gh over th e bars, and a solid re gra s ping o f the bars mu st be sec ured be fore th e desce nt of th e body r eaches the level of the bars. The ea rlier th e regras p is made the sh ort er is t he painful expos ure. F or thi s r easo n the s po tt e r should delay' th e desce nt of the body to g ive more tim e for the learn er to find t11 e bars a g a in ( Fig . 4 1. After the bar is regrasped the s pott er may re lease hi S co ntrol. W ith this spottin g tech niq ue, plu s a few lead-up ex erc ises, on ly 311 a mazi ngly short tim e is required to teach thi s esse ntial sk ill. At th e sa me ti;n e prot ec ti on can be provided for the beg inn er aga in st th e di scoura g in gly un comfo rt able earl y e xpe ri en ces.
















EXER CIS I N G is necessary nol only wh en yo u are overweighl and flabb y, bUI eve n if yo u have a so call ed perfec t fi gure, Yo u should be acli ve to k ee p yo ur fi gurl' firm ed, Bei n!! aclive is also imporlanl for heallh reaso ns, By lack of ade quat e ph y:, j, ca l act ivity our int ernal o rg:a n ~ wi]] n ll l fun cti on perfectl y, so different di so rd e rs m al' occ ur, ( Bad circulati on of th e bl ood vessek weak heart, di ssord ers in ner vo us s),s le ilL sliffn ess and pain es pec ia ll y in Ih e ba ck e tc. 1 F nr good healt h a nd ni ce appearan ce. be, ~ id e be in g ac ti ve it is. ve ry important 10 have a well balan ce d di et! H al'" so me fnud t rom each food gr oup. 1. Th e da iry produ cts. 2 , The meat and fi sh group, 3 , Fruit s and vege tabl es , 4. Brea d and cer eals groups. You must also tak e wate r by it se lf (,r in tea. co ff ee e tc. Of co urse co unl your ca lo ri es, ac rording to how ac ti ve yo u - al t' tak e 900, 1200, 1500 or 1800 calories Jail v. F ew ex ampl es for ca lor ie r equiremenl ; : Calori e/ hom' S it.tin g 15 Sta ndin " 20 Di s hwa s]ling 60 Clea nin g ho use 80·120 Writing 20 Walkin g 2 mph 200 4 mph 350 Runnin g 800-1000 Cycling 5 mph 250 Dan cin g 200·400 GY.\l NASTlCS 200·500 S wimmin g ( brea st and back slroke I 300·650 crawl 700·900 S kiin" 200·400 Th~ most effec ti ve diet is a li fe tim e habit of intelli ge nt low ca lori e eatin g whi ch be· co mes sec ond n a ture in far less tim e than yo u wo uld think! Low cal ori e rec ipes will fo ll ow:

A . Sa/ad: Green Mo/d. Serves 6. 29 ca l. per ser ving, 1 env. Kn ox unfla vo red ge lat in e 1 Ibl. s poon sugar 1 teas poon salt 'Is teas poon pe pper 1 '71 e u ps wa te r, di vid ed 14 cu p vin egar 1 t bl. s po on le mon juice 'I,. cup chopped scal li ons 1 (' up shredd ed r a w spinach 1 CUll c ho pped celery I!J' cup shredd ed raw ca rrot s. 1. Mix ge latin e, 5ugar, salt and pe pper th oro ughl y in a small sau ce pan. 2. Add % cup wa ter. Pla ce ove r low heat a nd 5tir unlil ge latin e is dissolved. 3 . Remu ve fr OI11 he at and s tir in rc main in ~

wa ter. vin ega r and lemon juice. 4 . Chill un ti l Fli g hlly thi ck ened. 5. Fuld in sca lli ons. , ,,inach. cele ry and ca rrOls. 6 . Turn int o a 3 c up m old o r indi vidual m olds and chill unlil firm. 7. Unmold and serve with m ayon n ai se or salad dress ing;. Ga rni sh wilh tomatoes and oli ves. B . Je/lied chick ell loaf. (Se rves 4, 150 ca l. per "cryin g. approx. )


1 pac k. aspara gus c uts a nd tips Hollan daise style 1 pack. unfl avored gela lin e V, cu p cold water '71 cup hot wa ter 1 chi cken bouillon cub e 3 tbl. s poon c1H'pp ed swee t pickl e reli sh De fro st a ~ para g u s cut s and tips Hollan· dai se slyle by boilin g 6 minutes accord in g to pa ck. direc ti on. Coo l. Sof ten gelatin e in cold wa ter apd di sso lve wi th chi cken bouil· Ion cube in hot wa ter. Co mbin e with as· parag us H olla nd a ise unci cool until mix lure be!! in s to thi c ken (md se l. F old in chi cken '-and pi c kl e reli sh. P o ur inl o small mold. rin sed in cIJo l wat er a nd chill thoro Ul! hl y. Unm old on a bed of wa te rcress. _\l old ma l' Iw dt'curatl'd with bits o f ca rrol and l'l!!! whit e cut 10 re5e mbl e fl owers. P rac li Cl' th e foll ow in g exe rcises se par~te l y, la le r co nnect Ih em smoo thl y. and yo u wi ll ~t'I a ni c,' co nlinu o us lilli e rOulin e. Doin g Ih e exe rci5t's in a se que nce i" mu c h more fun . Ihe s"me lilll(' yo u wi ll get more benefit o ut (If I he exe rc is inl!, be~a u se yo u ~vi ll not res l be tween th e d iff erenl exerc ise5. 1. S it on Ih t' f1 no r w ilh feC i e xt end t'd in fr onl of you. bend forward and touch toes 4 times. 2. Roll li n yo ur back, li ft legs and hips, Iry 10 lou ch Ih e fin a l' Iw hinri YOllr head with fee t. kee p a rm s on th e fl oo r bes id e body . Wh en doin!!: th c \\'hole ruutin e do Ex .!. and Ex. 2 . alt ernal e ly 4 tim es . 3. \Vlwn d oin !! Ex. 2 th e fourth lim e. dn nol fini s h il in ori !!inal s illin g pos i· Iion. bend vo ur lef l kn ee a nd ste p on il keep in!! ri !!ht Ie!! stra igh l. he l" \\' ilh hand " bes id e yo ur body and fin ish Ih e move me nt in a le fl leg squat pos ili on. r ig ht leg eX lended to Ih e fra n I. 4. Stal'l fro m Ex. 3. fini s hin !! pos iti on . tak e

:- trai p:ht

ri g ht





move ment 10 th e ba ck. s imultani ous ly Ira ns ft'r wt' i!! ht In Yo ur han ds whi c h YOU have 10 pl ace' in fronl of y o u~ bock I Ldl Ie!! squal. ri g ht "I ra i!!hl leg i" eX lend ed 10 tllP ba ck 1 Bo unt't' Iwice. Ih an ,,,i lh a JUIllP c han ge till' posi t ion of th e lel!'. aft e rwa rd hring le ft "Irai !! ht leg to th e fr onl. rel ea,,;· wei !!hl frolll hand s. S. S it ' d own. "Irai ght en bOlh fee l. lif: arlllS ove r hea d. a r ch. Ih <'n continu e by repea tin g th e whol e ro ut in e . Do il se vera l tim es wil houl stop!


1. Preparation, First Position , arm s in fr ont of chest. 2. Second Position. 3. Third Posi tion , one a rm above head, other at side as in second pos ition . 4. Fou rth Positi on, one arm above head, ot her io fr ont of chest as in . first position.

ARTISTIC GYM NAS TICS Suggested teachin g m ethod . A well balanced devel opm ent of th e mU ;;' cles is ve ry imp ortant. Do the sam e exe rcises from several different s ta rtin g pos i· ti ons. Do it with heel s o n th e fl oo r. on toe" and with ' different s peed and rhythm. S tart to teach all e xerc ises on th e fl oo r. This i~ the position wit h the best balan ce. and leas t r es istan ce. Continu e in kn ee positIOn and l a te r in standin g positi on: fir st with support. th en free. All exerci ses in st andin g pos iti on should be don e first standing on both fee t. lat e r yo u may tea ch exerc ises don e on one leg . Ha ve girl s perform the m fir st on flat fee t, th en s tandin g on toes. Ex er cises in moti on should be taught last. In stru ct th e g irl s to be very care ful with stretchin gs. Doing th em too vigo rou sly m ay lead to a ccid ents. After yo u ha ve pull ed or strained a mu scl e or sinew, yo u ha ve to wa it a lon g tim e for perfect recove ry. For best results repeat the exercise sev· eral tim es and practi ce at h Oljle as home work . It is advisab le to approach the sam e muvement with different pre pa rat o ry I lead up) exercises. Th e tea chin g should be done throu gh: 1. Explanation. 2. De mon s tration. The explanation and de mon strati on could be don e at th e sam e tim e or foll ow ing each oth er. 3. Dictation Thi s is m ostly don e with already known movements, and with more ad vanced , experien ced s tud ents. Mus ic is imp ortant in thi s tra inin g. It makes it ea sier to und ers tand th e exerc ise. The accent can be shown cl early. It is a ],30 more fun , and you will automati call y im· prove if yo u foll ow th e rh ythm and beats. Th e first part of Artisti c Gymnasti cs con· tain s th e

PREPARATORY EXERCISES 1. Co rrect POSTURE. 2. Ann pos iti on s, arm exercises. 3. Trunk exer cises. (Abdomina l. bark mu scl e imprQvin g ex. b end in g:. turn· in g and twi stin g exercises. ) 4. Leg exercises. (Bas ic position s. ~)ar exercises. )

Leg exercises with out th e bar as : fl exibil it y a nd stren gth improv in g ex . simpl e pre parat ory ex. for ste p". turn s, jumps, leaps. leg and kn ee li ftin g. jumps, l eap s a nd co mbin a ti on>, .

I. CORRECT POST URE. Correct po sture is most important in a r · ti,sti c and modern gy mnas tics. eve n as it i" in eve ry day life. What is th e right way tt) hold yo urse lf ? · F ee t co uld be held in two different pos itIOn s ( both are co nsid er ed ri ght) 1. parall el to ea ch oth er or 2 . heels are buildin o- a 90 ' a ng le . The weight should be di stribu'lt'd evenl y along the whol e sole. Kn ee", arc ~ traight a nd turn ed out a littl e. Thi gh, a re lense d and pull s th e kn eeca ps up. Th e s pIne sho uld be af cl ose as possibl e to a ve rtI cal I.lin e) pos iti on. " Tulllmy" has to be fl a t and pu ll ed und er th e ribs, sh ould e rs dow n. should erblades locked. Neck has to be pu ll ed a littl e to th e back. but w ith out let t ing t he chIn dow n. .

2. BASIC ARM POSITIONS. · Preparation. Arm s are sli ghtly curved and fr olll of th e body. P a lm s fa cin O" inward . · J.It positvan. A rm s are sli g htl~' curve d JJ1 front of yo ur c1~ es t. ( Wh en liftin g YO H!" arm s from pre paratIOn s to 1st positi on, pre· tend yo u are ho ldin g a ba", ke t betwee n yo ur hand s.) Palm s fa c in g inward. 2nd position. Arlll s exte nd ed to th e s id es . sli ghtl y below th e should er level Sl ightl y c urv" at th e elbows. 3rd ,nsition. On e ann is ra ised over th e head , th e oth er arm is in seco nd pos iti on (to th e s id e) E ither arlll m ay be lifted. 4th position. On e arm is oyer head as in thi rd positi on . oth e r arm is forward in fr on t of chest in fir st pos iti on. Eith er al"ln ma y he ove r th e head . 5 ~h position. Both a rm s a re ove r head sli g htl y curved. Arm s arc framin g th e fa c(· . Th ese arm pos it ion s are ad a pted fr a il! ball e l. bUI becau se o f th e different n eed in al t 1st IC gym nast ICS ,-vc m ay 1II 0d ify t h elll. Yo u can c h an~ e th e pOSIti on of jo ur palm s. th ey can fa ce an y direCt ion a cco rdin !! to th e


is al st) reco lllm end ed that you hold yo ur thumb in yo ur palm , oth erwi se yo u will find your fin ge rs s pread out. F ew exer cises to h elp yo ur grace ful arm move ment s wi ll foll ow : 1. Arm '! in 1s t pos iti on. pal ill S fa c in!! do wnward . Lift le ft wri ",t up . ri ght dowl;. Tn a r elaxed rh ythmi cal way chan ge th e w ri st pos iti on several tirn e~. Thi s exerc is.(.> will improve th e fl ex ibilit v in Your wri ", t. Do tllP exe rc ise in Sth po", iti on ' too. 2. "fak e c ircles with your le ft lower arm. a rm is close in front of th e body and r eo laxed all the tim e . Do th e c ircl es \I' ith yo ur r ight a rm t Ot) . (lmproves elbow fl exib ilit y a nd contra]) . 3 . Lift left arm over head. lead th e mov('· lII ent with th e elbt)w. H old it for 4 co unt ", . th en relax and drop you r ar m. R epeal it se"e ral tim es alt ern a tin !! le ft and ri !!hl artlJi". (Tm pro v('s ", h o uld ~r fl exib ili tv.) 4 . S tand with fee t apa rt. bend forw a rd fro m IVa i",!. Turn at th e waist 14 turn. lift lef t a rm and mak e circl es in a horizontal direc ti on. Do 16-32 circles. alt ernat e to th e ri if ht s id e too. C



pr ev i o ll ~ or th e foll ow in g: m ovc lll'c nt n'· quire ment. First learn th e ba!' ic a rm IW!'i ti on!'. th e n if" throuifh yo ur le g exe rci!'es and just hold yo ur arm" still in th e proper pos iti on acco rdin g to th e pt)s iti on of yo ur lcg. Fll r mo", t beg inn er, il is ha rd to hold th e ir an"'" >li ll whil e work in g with th e ir fee t It


IIWHAT'S TH E SCORE?" By Jerry W right

San Francisco State Coll ege " WHAT'S THE SCORE" Th e Olympic team prospects at it glance: Most Consistant: Makato Sakamoto, Greg Weise, Art Sh urlock, Larry Banner, Armando Vega . . . Th e other spots would ap路 pear to be left for a battle between- Ab ie Gross feld , Don T onry, Ron Barak, Rusty Mitchell, Tom Seward, Jay Werner and Jack Beckn er (if. he is still co m petin g ) . . . Dark horses-Fred Orlofsky, Mark Cohn , Mik e Ja co bson, lVlarshal Claus, Gary Buckner, Glenn Galis and ?????? OlD YOU K OW THAT: Th e Long Horse was divided into 9 zones unti l 1912. when it was chan ged to 7 zones, remammg thus unti l 1960 when it wa s changed to the prese nt 5 zones. CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIP SOUTHERN SECTION OF THE C .I.F. Report by John Dragi The f inest gymnasts in th e C. I.F . section of Califor n ia were gath ered together at Baldwin H igh Schoo l on May 15 , 1964 fo r t he annua l Gy mnastic Championships . This outstanding

meet was

witnessed by a n ove rfl ow crowd o f

gymnast ic enth u siasts . T h r ee p re limi nar y meet s

were necessary to screen out the top gymnasts from over 60 high schoo l teams. Baldwin Pork High School successfull y r etained t he t ea m Championship fo r t h e f ourth consecutive yeo r and ter minated t he ir sea son

which extended t h eir unbeaten st r ing to over 65 stroight v ictories without 0 defeat . Baldw in Par k placed in every event . winnina fo u r it1-

d ividual champi onships and totafing 47 po ints as compa r ed t o the runner up score of 22 po ints . Three defending champ ions out of f our ret ained thei r crown: they were Fred Siebum of EI Rancho oga in won the Side Ho rse event with a 9 . 4 overage over Mike Freriks of Pasadena '!Pho posted a 9.3 overage; Richa rd Pasca le of Montebello (cu rr ent NAAU champion) successful ly defended hi s crown from Richard Elkin of Baldwin Park by .3 of a point; Walt Hilleger o f Baldwi n Pork comp let ely dominated the Para ll el for the second st raight yea r with t h e highest overage scor e of the nig h t 9.6; and Lorry Zamora of Baldwin Pork lost hi s title on the Horizontal to his teammate Jim Chapman by .3 of a point . High lig hts of t he meet were : Steve Pinedo of EI Roncho edging Ll oyd Neisler of BP on the rope with a very fast time of 3 . I to Ll oyd's 3 .2. Bob Teel a sophomore f rom Ba ldwin Pork w inning the ring ev ent by over a poi n t with excell ent cross -ma ltise a nd giant swings, W a lt H ill eger performing a Bock somi to 路 hand t o a Stuetz to hand on Par al le ls, and Fred Siebum 's ease in performing a v er y diff icu lt Side Ho rse routine ending in a Russian moore dismount. Richa rd El ki n of Baldwi n Pork ou tclassed a ll tumb lers w ith his sty le and controlled executio n. Fred Siebum 's needed a second place vict ory on the lost event to win the high point trophy over Elkin a nd w h en -the scor es were flashed and points to t a led Fred h od won the tro ph y. The ca liber of t he rout ines were excellent os indica t ed by t he judges scores. All wi n ning rout ines wer e in th e 9's, ran ging fr om 9.2 t o 9.6 overage. Outstanding judges were Jerry T odd , John Jones, V ince Motola , and Laszl o Sasvar y. MEET RESULTS Tumbling : R. El kin, (BP), 9 .3 ave .; E. Miller, (ER), 8 .8; G. Greenfie ld, (Mu), 8.8; B. Coulter , (Gan), 8.7; P. Kersey, (M il ), 8.65 ave. Rope : S. Pinedo, (ER), 3.1 sec.; L. Neis ler , (BP), 3.2; J. Kno ll , (B P), 3.3; R. MaGee, (Mu), 3 . 4 ; D. Hooper, (Wil), 3 .5. FX : R. Pascale ,( Mo'nt), 9 .45 ; R. El kin. (BP), 9 .3; D . Burton , (Mu), 9.0; E. T oth, (B P), 8.8; P. Kersey, (Mil) 8.8. LH : G. Wu ll sc h loger, (Mu), 9.25; R. Pasca le. (Mont), 9.15; R. Elkin, (B P), 8 .9; P. Parr , (Pas ), 8.9 ; C. Tutt , (Mi l ), 8.85. HOR : J. Chapman , (B P), 9.25 ; L. Zamora , (BP), 9.1; J. Morr isey, (Wi l ), 9.0; M. Ramirez, (Co l), 8.9; S. Pinedo , (ER), 8.8 . SH : F. Siebu m, ( ER), 9.4; M. Freriks, Pas), 9.3 ; M. Wo lters , (A lh ), 9 . I.; D. Kittre ll , BP), 9 .05 ; Yack o ( Lak), 8 .85 . PB: W . Hilleger , (BP), 9.6; F. Siebum , ( ER), 9.15; J . Chapman , (BP), 9.1; A. Ower , (Pas), 8.8; Kersey (Mi l ), 8.6. RINGS : B. T eel, (BP), 9 .35; F. Siebu m , (ER ), 8.7; L. A lfaro, (P), 8B.6 ; J. Morr isey, (Wi l) 8 .35 ; B. Bettinger , (Pas), 8 .35. . .. . HIG H PO IN T : F. Siebu m ( ER), 13 p t s.; R. El kin , (BP), 11 Y2 pts.; R. Pascale, (Mont), 9 pt s.


TEAM STANDINGS Baldwin Pork, 47; EI Ranch o, 22 Y2; Mu ir, 13 Y2; Pasodena , 10; Montebello, 9 ; Wilson , 5Y2; A lh a mbra , 3; Californ ia , 2; Ganesha , 2; La kewood , I. WINNING ROUTINES FREE EXERCISE 1964 Richard Pasca le o f Mont ebello a senior Stuetz layb ack to sit, Valdez to handstand , R.O. FF Full twist , immediate bock walk over, 2 fr ont hondsprinqs to swed ish fo il . turn to

C IF te a m chomps f r om Baldw in Park : L. T o R. ; J. Champman, L. Zamora, B. T eel , W . H ill eger , oJ hn Draghi (coach) and L. A l faro . Fred Siebum f r om Eag le Rock , High Point Winner .





splits, stift arm press to handstand, ro ll dQwn , R.O. FF high a rabian roll , leg lift Y2 turn , Ru~ian dive ro ll, Japanese sp l its, bent arm press to hand, R.O. FF Pike Dismount, 9.45 . TUMBLING 1964 Richard Elkin of Baldwin Pork a senior I. R.O. FF B, FF Double T wist. 2 . Fr hand sp Fr hand sp Fr hand sp Fr. 3. RO FF Full FF Full FF Ful l, 9 .3. SIDE HORSE 1964 Fred Siebum of EI Ranc ho a senior Highs on neck, 3 loops on neck , hop , kher e in, russian m oore, immediate hop, immediate moore, break t o scissors' 3) h ighs, d own hi ll f rc mlet, loop , r ussia n moore d ismou nt , 9.4. PARALLELS 1964 Walt Hilleger of Baldwin Pork a seni or Co st to fu ll arm support, roll fo rwa rd, high stradd le cut, swing to handstand , Bock somi to hand . st uetz to ha nd , stuetz layback, f ront uprise, swing pirou v ette, underba r glide, bock cos t , swing handstand, bock off, 9. 6 . HORIZONTAL BAR 1964 Jim Chapman of Baldwin Park a senior Uprise f lange, immediate hop hands, re verse giants, come thr u shoot to inverted giants, sta ll bock k ip t urn out, kip to reve r se giant , change one hand to m ixe d g rip , f lank vau lt , rev erse kip german giant, kip to handstond f ro nt Y2 tw ist dismount', 9 .25. RINGS 1964 Bob Teel of Baldwin Pork a sophomore Bock lev er , pu ll t o cross, pull up to suppor t , hollow bock press t o h andstand giant to handst and , lower down t o ma lt ise, ro ll ou t t o f ront lever, pu ll to cross, pull up, lower down to o l ympic cross, tu rn through back lever , snap rise to momentary suppor t, lower back to dislocate high st radd le dismount , 9.35. Steve


ROPE 1964 of EI Rancho 8 str ides 3 .1


sen ior

LONG HORSE 1964 G. Wullsch lager of Mui r a sen ior Giant H andspring in piked pos ition , Straig h t o rm han dspri ng , 9.25 . LOS ANGELES HIGH SCHOOL RETAINS CITY CHAMPIONSHIP By Bill Vincen t Los Ange les H igh School led by Kanati AlIen retained its city champi o nship in gymnos-. tics on June 5, at Son Fernando V olle y State College before a crowd o f about 3,000 fans. A llen, t he four even t (long horse, free exercise, pa ra ll e l bars, horizontal bar) h igh point man f or L.A. was edged out for high point honors f or the night by Dove Thor of Resedo High School. Al len tota led 16 with a first on hig h ba r and two seconds on fr ee ex er cise ond para ll el bars. Thor captured th r ee fi rst s on free exerci se, side ho rse , and par a ll el bars fo r 18 po ints. In th ird p loce was Dar Robinson from Po ly High with 11 points . Los Angeles w it h 30 poin t s was f o ll owed by Poly w ith 25 5 ( 6 , Reseda with 25, and Westchester with 20 . The Son Fernando Vo lley Schools d ominated the v icto ry stand all night. Allen wos the o n ly non-Volley winl'ler on the high ba r. 8Qb Skemp (Von N u ys) who h as been clocked sever al times pr evious to t he meet at 3 .0 's was slowed to 3.2. He was tied for first place by L. A .'s Greg Williams in what wos p robabl y the upset of the meet . Williams hod never climbed 3 .2 before. Chri s T eeter of Po ly, ov erage':: 9.35 on t h e long horse f or the fi r st in that ev ent . H is vaults were ex ceptionally well perform ed as he edged out thi r d hig h point man Robinson . Th or tu rn ed on th e fo r m in the sid e ho rse . on ly b reaking slight ly once or twice whi le performing a very diff ic ult routine , to sco r e 9.35 f rom the judges . Second went t o Carlos Hernandez of Wi lson at 9.0 . The top perform ance o f t he' nigh t was Th or's f ree exercise r outine . H igh l ighting t he stunts was a beautiful high Arabian dive roll fo i l-wed cl osely by hiah d oubles on the floor . The entire routine was pe rf ormed wi t h v e -y littl e sound on t he h ardwood f loor. T he judges reworded him with a 9.5. It wos Thor aga in on parollel bars foll owed cl ose ly by A ll en. Dove's overba r stutz was hig h and w it h good f orm, but Kanati fol lowed close ly with some n ice stunts of his own . Several of the other competitors performed some v er y difficult stunts (front overbar catch swing t o handstand ), but the y locked the general poise and form of Thor and A ll en. On t he hig h ba r it was A l len a ll t he way. Dur ing his inLocate giants , when he was passi n g

over the top of the bar , h is knees were t ouching his nose. The remainder of the routine was letter perfect for a 9.45 from the judges. Ed Gunny (Westchester), a disappointment on the parallel bars, followed Allen in second place on the high bar. Gunny' s dismount (0 bock fl ip from a handstand on t op of the bar after bock giants) was one o f the bes t of the meet. Gory Freedman of Pol y Hiqh and Bill Morgan o f University H igh tied f or first on rings. Freedman 's rear uprise to a cross L was as solid as you can get , whi le Morgan 's toe point and maltese scored points for him the y tied at 9. I. Gunny' s m ount (straight arm pull to cross pull out ) brought the crowd to its feet , but the remainder o f th e routine failed to measure up. Rob inson tumbled neat and clean to capture first with 8.95. Others we re throwing more difficult stunts but foiled t o put on the closs of Rob inson. Sandy Bassist of Westchester attempted a double bock but overspun and hod t o roll out of it. I t was probably the best Los Angeles cit y路 ' meet y et (except for Sakamoto in 1963) as the general lev el of performance was exceptionall v high. Many college coaches were in attendance taking note of the top g raduates. Most of these performers wi ll certainl y be seen in the college meets of the future. 路 Th ere a r e about 40 high schools in the Los Angeles schad I system that field gymnastic teams or approximate ly 1,200 competing gymnasts in the LA area (t his does not include the CIF schoo ls, Santa Monica , Beverl y Hill s, Long Beach etc.). The 120 meet finalists qualified thru league el iminations and three separate cit y semi-fina ls to reach the All-City Meet. WINNING ROUTINES Floor Exercise: Dove Thor-Flip-fl op to sp lits , straight arm straight l eg press t o handstand , lower to feet straddle 路 stand, round off f li p fl o p Arabian div e ro ll , Swedish fall to Japanese split, straddle " L", press to handstand, step out handspring , handspring to sit , leg circles to high doubles extend to va ldez t o handstand , step ou t roundoff 2 flip f lops to back sam mie.

Side Horse: Dave Th or-Stockli to moore to stockli, hop, kher e in, one high doub le break into scissors, pick up high doubles, trom let down , one high double, three loops , olympic off. Pa r allel Bars : Dave Thor-Peach to " L", straight arm straight l eg press to handstand, overbar, stutz, peach layawa.y, front Llprise, moore , cost to upper arm support , stradd le cut, swing to handstand , layout bock o ff. Horizontal Bar: Kanati Allen-O lympic cast to suck-thru, in locate giant, disl oc ate giant (eagle ), hop-flange, one-and-a-ha lf pi rautte to vault catch , kip to front giant , Takemoto , fl yaw ay. Rings: Bill Mo rgan-bock kip t o ma ltese , straight body pull t o back lever , pull ou t t o cross " hold" , il L" cross hold , press out , hollowback t o handstand , giant to handstand , lower t o o lympic, straight body pull t o bock I.".,er pull t hru to o lympic (in other direction ) hold , turn t o cross , st raight body pull , disl ocate t o full twisting flyaway. Long Hors e: Chris Teeter- Giont bick and a Hetch. MEET RESULTS Rope: Bob Skemp and Greg Williams, 3 .2; Scott Mc i nty re ; John Ausbon; and Ed Cour t . Long H orse: Cris T eeter; Dar Rob inson; Ron Lopez; AI Rollins and LaBar Er w in. Sid e Horse: Dave Th or; Carlos He r nandez; And y Hommel ; Joel Tepp; and Larry Buss. Floor Exercis e: Dave Th or ; Kanoti Allen; Br ian McKinney ; Garry Diamond and AI Rollins. Parallel Bars : Dov e Th o r ; Konati Allen ; Bill Sales; Chris Teeter; and Rudy Fl ore s. Horizontal Bar : Kan路oti Allen ; Ed Gunny; Steve Chatton and Mike Gaffane y; Gary Diamond. Rings : Bill Morgan and Gary Freedman ; Manuel Carrasco and Ed Gunny; Ro n Lopez. Tumbling: Da r Robinson; Jack So yster; Ken D olson and Norm Kussman; Lorr y and Sandy Bassist.

Bill Morgan fr om University High

Kanati A ll en, Los Ange les H igh

Scenes f rom L. A. City High Schoo l Champ ionsh ips

TEAM SCORES Los Angeles High, 30; Poly, 25; 5 / 6; Reseda , 25; Westchester, 20; Gardena, II; T aft, 9; Cleveland, 6 ; University, South Gate and Van Nuys, 5 V2. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA INVITATIONAL GYMNASTI C CHAMPIONSHIPS by Don A llin , Gymnastics Coach , Berkeley High Sch ool Seventeen high schools from the north Coast , Oakland , and Son-Juoquin Sections of t he CIF qualified more than fift y cont estants f or thiS two day t ournament. The A ll -A round Championships were held at Aragon High School, Son Mateo on May 13 .. In th is meet Berk eley High School ' s co- captains Paul Mayer and T om Bru ce outdistanced a field of twel ve to capture first and second


Parallel Bars I. Pete Bradle y, Madison West; 2. Rog er Plekutowski, Milw. Boys Tech ; 3. Craig H opper , Madison East. Floo r Exerc ise I. Denn is Smi th , Granvi lle; 2. Cur t J ohnson , Madison East; 3. Ron Simandl , Mi lw. Custer. Hpri zo ntal Bar I. Pete Br adley, Madison West ; 2 . Mike Sasich , Mil w . BOiS Tech; 3. Curti s Johnson, Madison East. All-Around I . Curtis Johnson, Madison East ; 2. Pete Bradley, Madison West; 3. Fred Hanneman , Mi lw. West. NEW YORK STATE HIGH SCHOOLS SECTION 5 CHAMPIONSHIPS

Nor t hern California Inv ita t ional Chomps with 484 and 467 paints , respectivel y. Paul Ma y er was de f end ing cha mpion. In the finals an May 15 at Ber keley High Sch ool , the t op twelve contestants fr om these sect io ns vi ed f or t he individual h on o rs in eight ev ents. Berkeley' s f ou r some o f Paul Ma ye r . Tom Bruce , Jules Bianchi , and Bill Fujimo t o co m bined talent s to captu re the title f or th e f ou rth st rai g ht y ear. SUMMARY All-Around: Paul Moyer, Berkele y; Tom Bruce , Berkeley; Steve Pleau , Encino . Long H orse: Paul M a y er , T o m Br uce , Bruce Farle y, Pacifi ca. Paralle l Bars: Paul Moyer, To m Bruce , tie : Jules Bianchi , Berkele y and Da v e N iemand, Skyline. Horizontal Bar: Jules Bianchi, Ber kele y, D oug Gentry, Encino; T om Bruce. Free Exercise: Paul Maye r , tie: Tom Br uce and Jim Peterson, Co llege Park. Still Rings: Jim Kepley, Carlm ant; tie: Stan Houck , Pacifica and Terry McCade, Fremont. Trampoline: Reo Anders, Co l lege Park ; Doug Gentry, Ran dy K rGI. Sid e Hors e: Doug Lonnbe rg, Frem o nt ; T orn Bru ce, tie: Bi ll Fujimo to , Berkeley and Jo e Neason, Sk y line . Tumbling: Paul Mo ye r , T om Bruce, Ther o n Tak aki , Pol o Alto. TEAM SCORES Berkele y, 160 Y2; Enc ino, 71 Y2; Mt . Diab lo, 30; H a mstead , 29; Pacifico , 26 Y2; Fremont , 24 Y2 ; Hill sdale , 24Y2; Skyline, 24 ; Co ll ege Pork , 22Y2; Aragon , 20Y2; Polo Alt o, 18 Y2; Ca rl m on t , 18; Mills 13 Y2; Son Mateo, 6 Y2; Ygnaci o Volley , 4; Capuchin o, 3 ; and Son Carl os, I. The N o rthern Calif ornia Gy mnast ics Officia ls Association prov ided eight excellent judges f or thi s meet. T hey were James Bosco, Roy Dav is, John Gi lmo re, Irv Faria , Frank Ho iland, Clai r Jennett , H o wa rd Moo rman , and Je rr y W right .

f ornia ' s Bruce Worsham wh o did a fine job t o win t he still rings on rings that must have been 25 to 30 feet long and probably felt l ike they were 50 feet. MEET RESULTS All-Around : Paul Moyer , 47.10; Rich Chew , 45.72; Lonn ie Kapp , 45.40; Ro y Go ldba r , 45.27 ; Lorr y Topping , 42.75. W IS CONSIN STATE GYMNASTIC TOURNAMENT Granv ille re ce ived st erner competiti on this year but won a sec ond stra ight State Gy mnast ics Tou r nament title. The Bra v eland Conference school tallied 61 p o ints in a ll-day compet ition held at Gr anv ille H igh School on Marc h 14. Ru nnerup was Madison East with 50 po int s while Milwaukee Boys Tech finished thir d with 39 p oi nts. T here we re 15 sch oo ls-out o f 20 enteredwhich sc o red p o ints. Madison West and Milwaukee Custer deadloc ked for f ou rth with 37.5 po int s while Milwaukee Bay V iew regis tered 30.5 , Eau Clair e Memor ial 29 and Eau Cla ire N orth 27.


MEMPHIS GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIP Girl's Di vis ion: Second Presb yter ian Church Team , 12 2; Idelwild Pre sbyteria n Church Team , 75; T . Walker Le w is Y.M.C.A. T eam , 13. Boys Di visio n: Boy' s Club, 121 ; Stratton Y.M.C.A., 1 19 Y2; Pre sbyter ian Da y Schoo l , 59; Second Presby terian Church Team , 50Y2; M ason Y.M.C.A., 32; Idlewild Presbyterian Church Team , 10. Ov er~A II Team Points: Second Presbyterian Church Tea m: 186 Y2; Boy' s Cl ub, 127; Stratton Y.M.C.A. ; 119 Y2; Presb y terian Da y School , 6 7; Idlewild Pre sbyterian Church Te am, 95; Mason Y.M.C.A., 63; T . Wa l ker Lewis Y.M.C.A. , 13. All - A round Winners Boys

Gir ls

12 & u nder Dennis El eogral11 Babette Ehemann 13-14 Rodger Henr y Grav er Deluca IS-Up

T oni Gantt

L ibby Wilson


CHICO STATE COLLEGE I NVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Sh o wing once again tha t he is o ne of N o rth ern Ca lifo rnia ' s finest gym nasts as well as an excellent fut u re Ol y mpic p rospect, Berke ley HighSch oo l's Paul Moy er dominated the Chico I n vi tational A p ril 4 at Chico, Cali f or nia. Paul captured the All-a round wit h a low 7.8 a verage (the entire evenings sco re s were a b it on the low side as a re sult of some ve ry strict judging-as well as quite a bi t of questio na b le judging) . In addition t o captur ing the all - a round, Paul won gold medals on the Long H o rse and in tumbling and fl oor exerCise. Roy Hadley sho wed we l l in winn i no the paral lel ba rs and the high bar and Sta nfo rd g raduate stu den t s T om Oster land and B ill lawler emerg ed vic t o rs on th e t r ampoline and side h o rse respec tfull y. An added n ote of congra tul ations to Cali -

The section 5 championsh ips were held on Saturday, April I I, 1964 at the Rocheste r T urners Gy mnasium and we r e dominated by Glenn Wilson (where hav e I heard that nome be f o re) of Eastridge. Wilson captu red ev er y event except the long h o rse whe re Wayne J enerson edged him with a fine piked handspring. Wilson also captured two special events , the high b ar and still ri ngs n o t counting in the t eam score because this was the first y ear the two ho d been competed in . Mad ison Hig h School finished on undefeated season by winning the Cit y Interschola stic L eague Championships and t opped the sectionals by 20 points ove r runner-up East High. A ll- Around: Wi lson, Eastridge ; Je n er san , Madison; T ijou, East; For bes, Madison; M cNamar , Ea st; Porker , W est. CLASS B RESU L TS Closs B is f o r teams compe t ing on a lim ited basis and closs A is f o r teams who c ompete on a league sch edule . Sho re and share alike was the sto ry here as Fo x o f Irondequo it and Sa uter o f Iron dequoit were the only gymnasts to win more than one event as they won two each. Fox t he Al l -A round and still rings and Souter the high bar and parallel ba r s. Other Class B champions were Grov es o f Rush o n Side H or se, Henry of Greece the Free Exe rc ise, Holmes of Rush the Lo ng H o rse, and Sp icer o f Haverling the t umbling . A II ~A round: Fo:<, I rond equ o it ; Henry, Greece; Eckwell , Greece; Spicer , Hav erling ; Krenzer , Rush ; Ste ff an, Rush.

Granville High School Gy mna stic squad INDIVIDU AL TUMBLING RESULTS I. John Sto neman , Granvi ll e; 2. Dennis Smith, Gra nvi lle; 3. Ron Simaldl, Milw. Custer. Still Rings . I. Geo rge Mountcastle , Milw. Bo y View; 2. (tie ) Cu r t Johnson, Madison East , and Pete Bradley , Madison West. Trampoline 1. D . Hanson, Eau Claire Memor ia l ; 2. M. l osma rk , Eau Claire Memoria l ; 3. lo rry Smieia, Eo" Cla ire North. Sid e Horse I . V. Wilers , Eau Caire Memor ial ; 2 . Chuck Senn, Granvi lle ; 3. T om Fern, Eau Claire N o rth .

Approxima tel y 85 boys and girls represe n t ing 18 junior high sch oo ls, YMCA's and acrobatic schools fr om throughout the state competed f or indiv idual h onors in 15 different gymnastic even t s a t the Univer sit y of Connecti cu t in the first sta te gymnastic champ ionships ever hel d in Connecticut. The championships were joi ntl y sponso red by the newly organ ized Connec ticut Gymnastic Asso ci a tion and the Deportment o f Ph y sica l Education of the University o f Co n nect icu t. Future state championships a re scheduled f or elementary sc h oo l boys and girls and senior high sc h oo l boys and girls. State Champion s in the boys d ivis io n were; Fro nk D ' Amico on H orizontal bar; Bill Nickerson o n th e side h or se; John Enck on the long h o rse ; Scott Pennoyer on the parallel ba r s; Paul Lev erone in f ree exercise; R ick Crowle in tumbling; and Brad K i ng on the trampo line. State Champions in the gir ls division were : Robin Read in all-around , V aulting, and tumbl ing; Joan ne Terr y on b alance beam , and free exer c ise; l es lie Jo hnson on the trampol ine and " andy" Field on the unev en ba rs. An" interesting sidel ight of the m ee t wa s produced when Nancy LeFe v re o f Leland P. Wilson Junio r High School in Windsor, susp ec ted ther e was an err or mode when she was aworded th e thi rd place meda l f o r t he uneven ba rs. Aft er th e meet she rep ort ed the error to her coach who then reported t o the meet di-

rector. W hil e it was u npl ea sa nt to sepa rat e her fr om th e m edal , this h ad t o b e done. H oweve r , a new a w a r d was cr ea ted . She w a s' awa rded a go ld medal f o r d em on st r at i ng outst andi n g sp o r ts manship. .



Th e N or t hwest Gy m nastic Soc iety w a s o r g an i zed in 1909 and has s ince been f ostere d a n d pr eser v ed by the Tu rn er, Soko ls, athlet ic clubs , Y MCA's , and indiv idual s fr om h igh sc h o ol s, coll eges and univ ers itie s. The mo re recent histo r y o f the m ee t has b ee n c losel y guided b y Dr. Ralph Piper o f th e Un i v e rsit y o f Minnesota. This y ears meet , he ld on Febr uary 8 , 196 4 , w ith some 300 en tr ies in 4 di v isio ns , gave ev ery i ndi catio n that the meet is we ll o n it s way to an o the r 50 succe ss ful y ears. The Seni o r " A " class d iv isio n was d ominate d by t he Uni v ersity o f Neb ra ska and F. Alle n a n d D. Al ber s a s they w o n si x o f t h e nine e v e n t s. A l len the a l l-around , parallel bars, and tum b ling a n d Alber s the fl oo r ex eri cse. Tram po l in e, an d sj d eho rse. T he r emaining th r ee eve nts were taken by Gleaso n-H igh b a r, Eib ri nk - Lon g H o rse , and Arneso n-St ill Ri n gs. The " A " class Open div isio n was high l ig hted by the team depth o f Mankato State and th e fin a l a ll-aro und perf o rman ce o f A. Curra n wh o, in ad d i ti on to c aptu ri ng t he all-ar o und , w on th e Fl oor Ex ercise , side h o rse , an d pa ral lel b ars . Aiding the Mankato cau se wa s K. Kelle n w ith a first o n the t r ampo line , a nd C. Ox t entk o w ith a f irst in tum b li n g. O t h e r vi c t o rie s w er e re cord ed by R. L orenze o f LaC rosse on the hig h ba r ; and J. Nicho las- Unattach ed-on the still r ings. In a cl ose race f o r th e team title in t h e B Cl ass Open Division , North Dako ta Stat e (led by D . Di l lon) finished ju st ahead of LaCrosse State 9 8 to 9 2 % . Di l lon captured th e a l l -around , high b ar , and still r ing s. T. Beru be o f Be m id ji w o n t he fl oor ex er c ise and tum b l ing event s, w ith Nicker so n- unattached-ta kin g the T ra m p oline. Other go ld m eda ls w ere ta ken by J. D isher o f N o . Dako t a on th e sid e h or se , and J. Kal a me n o f L aCro sse on t h e Parallel ba r s. Lou is Rivet led M i nnapo lis Ma rs hall to a sweeping v ictory in the H igh Schoo l div isi on wit h v ic t ories in the all-aro und , trampo line , h igh ba r , a n d st i ll r ing s. Other impressiv e sco res we re re corded by D. Stende o f Roosev elt wit h a fi r st on t he pa rall e l ba r s, M. Soul is o f Roose v elt- f i rst place on the side h orse, J. Da tt a lo o f Mpls. N orth- w ith a fir st place in the f loor ex er cise , and M. H o well o f Unive rs it y High w h o scored a hi g h 9.2 in t he tumbling event. 3rd ANNUAL IOWA CHAMPIONSHIPS Th e Ceda r Ra pids Gy mnas t ics Club a n d Ced ar Rapi d s Gy mnastics team do minated the thir d a nnu al Iowa Champ ion shi p Gy mnas ti cs m ee t he ld at Coe Co llege . A t otal o f 270 part icipants competed in 7 40 ev en ts in the day -l o ng meet Patt y Smith o f Ceda r Rap ids Gymnast ics Clu b a n d Mark W ilco x o f Am es were awa rded the a l l a ro und titles in the sen ior div isio n. The CRGC wo n t he seni or di v ision w ith 86 Yo po ints. Cedar Rapid s So k o l was seco n d wit h 59V2 p o ints. Th e Ceda r Rapid s Gy mnasts cla ss wi t h 64 V2 poin t s. CRGC wo u nd up sec o nd in the elemenfary and junio r competiti o n . Hank Ry an was the on ly Cedar Rapid s representat ive to wa l k o f f w it h a f i rst p lace in Ames

Io wa

T eam

N ew Mexic o M eet: Upper l eft; Joh n Pru it , A l l-A round Champ; Unevens; Upper righ t : Duane Tatum t o p ri n g perf o r mer ; Ross John Prui t , Cath y Chavez a nd Las Cruc es coach Pauline W h ite. t he senior di v is io n . Ryan , com pet ing f o r th e Cedar Rapids Gy mnastic Clu b, took the tu mb l i ng tit le. T om Beusc h of Cedar Rapi ds w as t h e ou tst a n ding per f o r mer in the e leme n ta ry b r a cke t . Beusch cap t ured fir sts in th e fl oo r e x er c ise, t u mbling and t ra m pol in e ex e rcise. H e a l so won the all around title. Cedar Rapid s' Jeff W a lde r wo n the boys all aro und j u nior cr own . Do nna Chal m ers o f Ame s took th e sa m e h o n o r in the ju n io r gir ls. Ren ae Keoppel and Pam Iiten , a co u pl e o f Ceda r Rap ids Gymnas ts t ea m perfo rmer s won crowns in the ju nior girls d ivi sion . Renae swept th e balanc e b eam . Pa m captu red the tum b ling tit le .

N EW MEX I CO STATE H IGH SCHOOL GY MNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS Th e Pruit Bro the rs teamed up t o lea d Lovi ngton , N ew Mex ico to the New M ex ico State High Sch oo l Gymnastic s Cham pionsh ip boys d iv ision team tit l e. John cap t u red t he Al l- A r ound and Tr am p oline and Gene cap t ur ed the Lon g H or se, Free Ex e rc ise , and T um b l ing. Gene La rd and Bob Smith wer e larg el y respons ible f o r Fa rming t o n 's second pl a ce f i nish a s Gene captured t h e H o riz ont al Ba r a nd Side H o rse a nd finis hed t hird in the all-around and Bob won the Po rallel Bars and f in ished 2n d on t h e High Bar and 2nd in the All - Ar ound . The o ther sta t e ti tl e, the Still Rings, w as ta k e n by Duane Tatum o f Lov ing t on. Th e G irl s divisi on wa s dominated by Cathy Cha vez a n d th e L as C ruces team . Ca th y ca pt u red the a l l-arou nd, side h o rse v ault ing , fre e e xe rc ise , and b a lance beam a nd wa s run ner up in the unev en ba r s and t u mbling , and L a s C ruces cap t u r ed the te am tit le. Ot her st a t e cha mpio ns incl ud ed Libby Lee o f Lo v ing t o n o n t h e unev en ' s; Conn ie K ab ler of Ros well on t he tr ampo l ine ; a nd Cynd y St oabs of Farmington in tum b l i ng. MEET RESU LTS NEW MEXICO STATE GY MNA STI C MEET RESULTS T eam Sta n din gs: Lov i ng t on, (L ) Farmington , (F. ), La s Cruces (L .C.) A ll -A round : Joh n Pru i t , ( L. ); Bob Sm ith , ( F.); Gene Lard , (F). Lo ng Ho rse Vaulting : Gen e Pru it, (L. ); John Pru it ; J im Wa l t on. Still Ring s: Duane T atu m, ( L.); Gene Lard; J . K o r chi n isk i , ( L. C.) . Fr ee Ex erci se: Gene Pr ui t ; John Pru it; Bil l Ga rr ett, ( F). Para ll el Bars: Bob Smith; Gen e Lard; John Pru i t. Si de Hors e : Gene Lard; John Pruit ; Bill Ga rr ett . H ori zontal Bar : Gene Bard t , ( F. ); Bob Smith; John Pru it . Trampolin e: Joh n Prui t; Pat O' Grady, ( L ); Doug Jones. ( F) . T um bli ng : Gene Pruit; Bill Ga rr ett; Joh n Pru lt . GIRLS T eam St anding s: Lo s Cruces, Lovin gton F a r m~ ingto n . All -Aroun d : Cath y Ch a v ez, ( LC ); C yn th ia Carlto n , ( L); Ma ry Lou Haro ld, (L ). Sid e Horse : Cath y Ch ci v ez , Su e Fischer, (LC ); MaryLou Haro ld . Free Exe rcis e: Cathy Chavez. Cvndv

above Jea n Lee on the Bl ack, Lov ing t o n Coach,

S't oabs, ( F); Su e Fi sc h er; Conni e Blacka'rd ,' (L ). Balance Bea m: Cathy Ch avez, M ar y Lou Harold ; Dorot h y Jackson, A lamogord o. Un ev en Parall el Ba rs : Li bby Lee, ( L); Cath y Ch a ve z, Jani ce Ba ker, ( L ). 'T rampo l ine: Conni e Kabl er , Roswell ; Tumbl in g: Leona Ca mp , ( L); Cyndy St oabs. Cyntiy Stoads; Cathy Chavez; Sue Fi sch er, (LC). RESULT S O F TH E N ORTH ER N CAL IFO RNI A DGW S O PT I O N AL GYMNA ST I CS CH A MPIONSHI P (2 !;O entri es) Report b y A nd r ea Bo do Mo l n ar Those college, high 5chool onci junior hig h school st udents we re invi t ed to pa r ticipa t e in an o pt iona l m eet on Apr il 25 th at San Francisco St at e Coll ege who com pet ed on Janua r y 17 t h and 18th in t he f i rst No rth ern Ca l i f orn ia DGWS Gymnastics Com pulsory M eet , and placed tn t h e top t e n i n t h eir par ticul ar .,2ve nt or In a ll -a r ound, and th ose stu de n ts who won intramural or distr ict meets. Most of the entri es w ere b eginn ing a n d. inter med ia t e and on ly a fe w adva n ced. Bu t if gymnastics will continue to im prove as ra p idly as It has in th e last yea rs we will h ave q uite a feW advanc ed gym n a sts in t he n ear fu~ure. Thi r ty~t hr ee schools enter ed th e o p tional gymnast Ics m e et. T he new compulso r y ex ercis es f o r 196 4- 1965 are printed. Those Wish ing t o ob t ai n copi es of the compulsory r ou ti nes of 1964-1965 may write to: Dr. Benevl e Dex t er Consu ltant in Ph ysical Ed u cat Ion 8uceau of Health, Physical Educo t ion and Recrea t ion 721 Capitol Sacra mento, Ca l iforn ia a nd ask fo r "Gymnas t ics fo r Girls an d Wome n 111 Cali f orni a Schoo ls," developed f o r di stribution a t t he 31 st annual conference of t he California AssocIation f or 路Health, Physic al Educat ion and Rec re ation, M arc h , 1964 . The compulsory exercises were w r itte n by a com m ittee of college, high school and tunio r hl,9 h school teachers and the routines were t rie d out and t h ey can b e we ll used in ou r scho ol situation fo r uni t wo r k. Dates f or competi t io ns a nd officiating t rain ing and ratings a r e included in the pamphlet.

COLL EGE Universi t y o f Ca l i f or nia a t Ber k ele y (UC) Son Francisco St a t e Co llege (SFSC) A d van ce d: Uneven Pa ral lel Bar s: Barb a r a H eat h (U C); Sue Conrad (SFSC). V au l ting : Sue Conrad (S FSC); Barbar a H ea t h (U C ). Free Ex ercISe: Sue Conrad (S FSC). Bal ance Beam : Sue Conrad (SFSC); Barbara Heat h (U C ). IA II A rou n d : Sue Con r od (SFSCI. I nterme d iate : Uneven Parallel Ba rs: Ma rc ia Areva lo (SFSC), Cand y Mart in (SFSC ). Vaul ti ng: Candy Ma r lin (S FSC); Marclo A reva lo (S FSC ). F,ee Exercise: Condy M ar tin (S FSC ). Ba la nce Beam: Candy Mart lJ1 (S FSC); Marcia Ar eva l o (SFSC). All Around: Cand y M art in (SFSC). Begin nin g: Uneven Pa rall el Ba r s: Wen d y T y ler (UC); Pamela Berg (SFSC) Vaulting: Pen n y Wollen (UC); Carol Douglas (SFSC). Free Ex-


Trampoline: Robin Purd y (C); Teany Brice (S F D ); Kathryn Carver ( LV). All Around : Cind y Stanish (C ); Janice Glass (H ). Junior High Be ginning Cuptino (C ), Helms ( H ), Leg gett V alley (LV), Novato (N ), Ralston ( R), B. Ringen (BR), S. F. Drake (SFD ), J. Smith (JS ), West lake (W) Beginn ing: Une v en Parallel Bar s: Patt y Penner (H ); Pam. Hall (SFD ); Lo is Ch ynoweth (C ). Vaul ting : Patty Penner ( H ); Mindy Miler (Cl; Suzanne Bennet (Wl. Free Exercise: Debbie Hagler ( N ); Sondra Scott (C); Linda Langfo rd (C ). Balance Beam: L inda Langford (C ); Charlene LeG rande (W); Ellen T omek (C). Tumbl ing: Patt y Pen ner ( H ); Melodye Ha y er (C ); Sand y Paden (R); Joanne DeNardo ( BR ). Trampo line : Robin Purdy (C ); Teany Brice (SFD); Kath ry n Carver (LV) . All Ar ound: Linda Langfo rd (C); Mindy Miller (C); Margaret Maker (JS). WESTERN GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS AT BERKELEY


Areva ls

e,cise: Pat G"eisler (SFSC ); Pamela Berg (SFSC) . Balance Beam: Penny Wollan (U C ); Joanne Camilli (SFSC). Tumbling: Penny Wollan (UC) . T rampolin e: Rochelle Perucca (S FSC ); Marjorie James (S FSCl. SENIOR HIGH SC HOOL Adva n ced: Doris Nishinaka ( Leso Health Farm ) won each event except in tumbling whe re Peggy Wattles (M t. Vi ew) finished in fr ont. Senior High Int ermed rat e Carlmont (C ), S.F . Droke (SFD), EI Cerrito ( EC ), Ha y ward ( H ), Novato (N), Redwood (R), San Rafoel (SR), Terra Lindo (TL) Intermediate: Uneven Paral lel Bars: Byrd Lewis (S FD ); Jill Rushmore (C); Judy Silver (EC ). Va~l tin g: K ri s Lar son (TL ); Jean Si.lver (EC); Judy Si lve r (EC). Free Exercise : Paula Williams (C ); Barba ra Parcker (TL) ; Cheryle B!ane / (N). B'alance Beam: Joy Wurtz (R); Diane Politano (SR); Jean Silver ( EC ). Tumbling: Jean Silver ( EC ); Ca thy Ziegler (C); Barbara Parcke r (TL l. Trampoline: Mary Ram os (H); Sue Sampson (SFD ); Judy Silver (EC). All Around: Jean Si lve r ( EC ); Judy Silver ( EC ). Senior High Beginning Aragon (A ), Alhambra (A L ), Carlmont (C L Cla yton Vall ey (CV), DeAnza (DA), Del Vol le (DV), Harry Ells (HE), Mt . D ia blo (MD), Novato (N), Re dwood (R), Terra Linda (TL ), S.F . Drake (S FD ) Beginning: Uneven Parallel Bars: Zayna Machad o (A L ); Peg Robishaw (CV); Sue Sampson (SF D ). Vaulting:' Peg Robishaw (CV); Lin do Branscum (MD); Carol Ta y lor (A) . Free Exercise: Sue Gilmore (A); Kris Lar sen (TL ); Diane C ampagna (A). Balance Beam: Cheryl e Kran se (N); Lauan ne Rassett (MD); Peg Robinshaw (CV ). Tumblin,,: Charlene St ra dley (C ); Gardena Hood (DV); Liz Sel lers (MD). Tr ampoline: T o mmie Barnes (H E); Lynn Chinsky ( DA ); Nancy McGee (Rl. All Around : Peg Robinshaw (CV); Linda Branscum (M D); Jady Krul (MD). JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Junior High Interme diate A. Bankettes (AB), Cupertino (C ), Helms (H ), Redwood (R), B. Ringen (BR) Int e rmediate: Uneven Parallel Bar s: Ja nice Glass (H); Cind y Stanish (C ). Vaul tin g: Janice Glms ( H ); Jackie Gonzales (C); Cind y Stanish (C); Free Exercise: L indo Smith (BR); Janice Glass ( H ); A rdythe Hickman (AB). Bala n ce Be~rn: Priscilla Noe (C ); Lo is Chynoweth (C); Cind y Stanish (C ). Tumbling: Robin Purdy (C ); Cindy Stanish (C); Ar dythe H ickman (AB). Dori s Nishinaka


WOMEN All-Around: Car o ly n Hatker, Berkeley YMCA ; Joanne Hashimoto , A rden Hill s, Sac.; Ti na Gudge, Vadas, Sacra mento. Trampoline : Jud i Johnson, Acra; Sandy Astle , Encino Hi ; Judy Abbo tt , Arcade. Free Exe rcise : Joa nne Hashi moto . Arden Hills; Car o lyn Hacker , Berkele y Carolyn Y MCA ; T iny Gudge , Vadas. Vault: Hocker , BY; Joanne Hashimoto, A r den Hill s, Sac. Tina Gudge, Vadas. Unev~n Bars : Carol y n Ha ck." BY; Joanne Ha shimoto, A.H. ; Mary Hoag, BY; Doris Nishinako, Lesos Farm ; Lynn Evans, Encino. Beam: Dori s Nishinaka , Leso; Caro ly n Ha cker, BY; Jo anne Hashimo to , AH ; Kathy Finch , Arcade ; Lyn n Evons, Encino. GIRLS 12 to 14 A ll -A round : Nora Tru ss, Vadas; Karin Gal 101Vay,; W end i Cluff , Aer o Long Beach . GIRLS 11 & UNDER A II~Ar o und : Marlene Hurst , Arcade ; Bonnie McB ride . Berkel ey Y; Lisa Nelson , Acro. BOYS 12 to 14 All-Around champi on Mike Sullivan Berkele y YMCA; K en t Umbarger , Berkeley YMCA; , Kirk Edwards. Berkeley YMCA. BOY S 11 and UNDER All Around: Clark Jo hnson , Berkeley YMCA ; Ste ve Berkland, Sacramento Turners; Terr y Ab~ bat t . Arca de Club. WOMENS WESTERN REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP The Womens Western Regional Champion~ ship for 1964 was held at the Un iv ersity o f Nevada, ( Reno) with Dr. Art Bro ten as the hos t coach. (SCAT ) The Sout hern Calif. Acro- Team coached by Bud Marquette took t op honors in t he Tea m competition with 187 point s, Vada's Ol ympettes fr om Sacramento placed second with 143 points. In the 15 and over competition, Judy Tram mel (SCAT) was the t op score r in the AIIAround with first place s in f our events and Joann e Hashimo to o f the Arden Hills team was second with fir st place s in three ev ents . MEET RESULTS 15 AND OVER Free Exercise: Joanne Hashimoto , (AH ); Judy Trammel . (SCAT ); Susie Sing ren , (SCAT ). Side Hors e : Jud y Trammel , (SCAT); J oanne Hashi moto; C indy Jones, (AH ) and Cindy McCreary, (US E). Un ev en Parallel Bars: Joanne Hashimoto, Judi Trammel , May Haag , ( BY ) . Balance Beam : Judy Trammel , Joanne Hashimo to, Susie Sing ren. Tumbling : Joanne Hashimoto, Judy Trammel, Susie Sing re n. All-Around: Judy Trammel, Joanne Hashimot o, Susie Singren . Trampoline: Judy Trammel , Susie Singren. 12-14 YEARS Free Exe rcis e: Nora Tru ss, (Va ); Wendy Cluff , (SCAT ); Karen Galloway, (Va) . Side Horse : Ruth Wes tall , (US E); Nora Truss, (Va); Betty Smith , (US E). Un eve n Parall el Bars : No ra Truss , Karen Gallo wa y, Wendy Cluff. Balance Beam: Karen Gall oway and N ora Truss, Karen T oon , (Va). Tumbling: Wendy Cluff , Karen Gall ow ay , Mar lene Hurst , (AGC). All-Around : N or a Truss , Karen Galloway, Wendy Cluff" Trampoline : Wendy Cluff , Beverl y Baxter, (SCAT); Karen Galloway. Team Scoring : Southern Califo rnia , Acr oTe am (Lon g Beach ), 187; Vada ' s Olympettes (Socramento), 143; Arden Hills (Sacramento), 70; U.S. ETTES (Sparks ), 46 ; Berkeley YMCA , 27; Reno High School, 25; Arde n Gym nast ics Clu b ( Lo s Ange les ), 23. MINNESOTA STATE GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIP Report by W . I. Hutton The Gymnas tic Committee o f the Minneso ta Assoc iati on sponsored Q state g ymnastic championship meet on April 25th at the Johnson High Schoo l in 51. Paul . Minn. This meet was


Judy Hutton and Sue Eichorn the beginning o f a prog ram set up t o help prom o te and broaden gymnastic acti v ities, and was conducted as part of an Olympic De vel opment pr og ram in the state. Fo ll owing the meet, a cli nic was held where compulsor y rou tines t o be used in futu re sta te meets w~re d emonstrated. Prior to this meet , the only gymnastic activity o ffered on a statewide basis for both boys and girls was fl oor exercise. In this meet , we expanded the activities to include the following: balance beam, uneven parallel ba rs, side horse vaul t ing and floor exercise fo r gir ls; tumbling and f loor exercise f or boys. In order t o encourage part icipation at all lev els of abi lit y, there were three di v is ions f or each event. Ty ro for beg inners, N ov ice f or those who had not placed better than fourth place in p revious competition, and Elite f or th os e who ha d placed th jrd or better in previous competition. In addition , there were three age g roups for each eve nt; 1 1 years and under , 12 through 14, and 15 and o ve r . In spite o f the fact that thi s was the first all-a ro und meet in the state , there were over 100 ent r ies.

GIRLS ELITE CLASS Uneven Parallel Bors: Age 12-14: I st Judy Hutton , 2nd Robyn Topic, 3rd Kath y Gagne, 4th Carla Hu bba rd Age 15 and up: I st Sue Eichhorn , 2nd Cand y Ranall o, 3rd Karen Whitney , 4th Betty Anderson Side Horse Vaulting Age 12 t o 14 : I st Judy Hutt on , 2nd Terr i Thompson , 3rd Ly ndsay Stahel , 4th Car la H ubbard Age 15 and up : I st Sue Eichhorn , 2nd Karen Whitney, 3rd Bett y Anderson , 4th Cand y Ranall o Floor Ex ercis e Agge II and under ; I st Lesl ie H os sfeld , 2nd Janette Otterstad, 3rd Dawn Lundgren- C ind i Nelso n (tie ), 4th Am y H oldah l Age 12-14: I st Jud y Hutton , 2nd Robyn Topic , 3rd Lyndsay Stahel, 4th Kalh y Gagne Age 15 and up: I st Cand y Ranall o, 2nd Sue Eichhorn . 3rd Betty Ander son , 4th Charlene Reider Balance Beam Age I I and under: I st Leslie Hossfel d, 2nd Down Lun dgren Age 12-14: I st Judy Hutto n , 2nd Robyn T opic, 3rd Lyndsay Stahel, 4th Carla Hubba rd Age 15 and up : I st Candy Ra nal lo, 2nd Be tt y Anderson . 3rd Sue Richhorn , 4th Karen Whitney Girls Age 12-14 Individual AII - A round- Judy Hutto n Girl s Age 15 and up Indi v idual All-Ar ou n d Champion-Sue Ei chho rn . Girl s All -Arou nd Team Champ ionsh ip AwardElite Cla ss-Watson Sc h oo l , Bl ue Team


GYMNASTIC DUAL MEET REPORT By Jack ie Klein Uphues Southern Illinois Women's Gym na stic Club vs. Th e M idwest Gymnastic Association All Sta r Team On May 2, 1964 New Tr ier T own ship Hi gh Sch ool, Winnetka , Illinois wa s th e site o f the

second dual meet between the Midwest Gymnastic Association All Star Team and the Southern Illino is Women's Gy mnastic Club. The MGA headed by Bob Bohl, sponsored and organized the return match and Joe Giallombardo, head gymnastic coach for bays at New Trier High School, efficiently acted as meet director and announcer.






used to help defray expenses incurred by Midwestern







Champio nships at Kings Point, New York. The MGA All Star Team, coached by Mrs. Jackie Klein Uphues, 1956 Gymnastic Olympian, consisted of: Linda Metheny-Champa ign, Illinois , Judy Klauser Lucas-Flint , Michigan, Sharon Knedle-Milwaukee, Wisconsin , Pam Lorenzen-Mi lwaukee , Wisconsin, Barbara DuerkopWinnetka , I llinois, Janice Richter-Chicago , Illinois , Lynn Giallombardo-Wilmetle, Illi nois, Judy Reed-Blue Mound, Illinois , Donna Lucas -Flint, Michigan Ttle SI Team, coached by Herb Voge l (who was







Fino representing the MGA-for his o utstanding contribution


women 's gymnastics

ov er

the past few years), consisted of: Da le McClements -Seatt le , Washington, Gail Daley-Saskatoon , Canada , Donna Schaenzer-Milwaukee , Wisconsin; Janis Dunham-Flint, Michigan , Judy Dunham-Flint , M ichigan The talented SI Team , led by the All A r ound Winne r Do le McClements, consistently won four ~n d some ti mes five of the f irst six places

in each event and piled up 177213 points against 102 \13 f or the MGA Team. Linda Metheny of the MGA T eam scored 41 \13 points 路 al one t o captu re third in the All A r ound, first in the Fl oor Exerc ise and Unevens , and a tie for first in the vQulting.

EVENT RESULTS Balance Beam: Dale McClements , 19.3; Donna Schaenzer , 19.1; Gail Daley, 19.0; Janis Dunham, IB.9; Judy Klauser Lucas, IB.7; Sharon Knedle; IB.6. Uneven s: L inda Metheny, 19.(,; Gail Daley, 19.4; Dale McClements , 19.3; Judy Dunham , 19.2; Janis Dunham , lB. 7; Barbara Duerk op , 18,5. Vaulting : Linda Metheny , Dale McClements, 路and Gail Daley, 19.6; Janis Dunham and Donna Schaenzer, IB.9; Sharon Knedle , IB.6. Floor Exercise: Linda Metheny, 19.4; Dale McClements, 19.2; Donna Schaenzer and Gail Daley , IB .9; Judy Dunham, IB.6 ; Janis Dunham , IB.2. All - Around: Dale McClements, 77.4 ; Gail Daley , 76.9; L inda Me t heny, 76.2; Donna路 Schaenzer, 74.9; Janis Dunham , 74.7; Judy Dunham, 72.9; Sharon Knedle, 72.4 ; Jud y Klause r Luca s, 71.6; Pam Lorenzen , 71.0.

Lynn Giollombordo a nd Linda Metheny Scenes fr om

Iowa Spoceboll Tourn am ent

IOWA OPEN SPACE BALL TOURNAMENT Action was plentiful and competition keen du ring the Iowa Open Spaceboll T ou rnament held recently in the Nissen Corporati on gym,

Cedar Rapids , Iowa. Robert Be venou r and Basil Harris of Cedar Rapids upset the f ield to take the men's doubles

eve nt


Bern ie




Petit. Competition was also held in mixed d oubles, 16 and undh doubles and 13 and under do ubles. The accompanying photos depict some o f the highlights o f the T ournament. RESUL TS M e n's Doubles: Robert Bevenour , Bosil Harris; Bernie Malueg , Joe Petit ; Tom Freno , Dave Carpente r; Duke Lovel ess , Robert Fisher. M ixe d Doubl es: John and Conn ie Stilions; Pat and Betty Winkle; George and Ronette Hery; Ted Blake, London England and Annie Nissen. 16 and und e r Doubles : Dove Carpenter , T om Freno; Basil Harris , Mike Hauskins; Mike Hirleman, Mark Ripma ; Becky .Logen , T om M~lueg.

13 and Und er Doubles : Jeff Walder, Jay Nissen ; Jack Schneider, Mark Badger; Crai g Roseland, T om



Mart in ,

C indy


NISSEN OFFERS UNABRIDGED OLYMPIC CODE OF POINTS N i sse n C o r po roti o n ho s ju st tron s loted and p rint ed into En g li sh th e c o mplete, un obr i dged Fe d e roti o n Inte rnoti ono l e De Gym no st iq u e ( F I .G') Code of Po int s for men which wi II be u sed in th e 1964 O l y":'pic Go m es in T okyo, J apo n . Thi s com p lete wo rk was spec i al ly tran slated f o r N i sse n fr o m an o riginal Fre nch version by R icha r d Montpetit , a graduate stude nt at th e University o f Michigan and f e rm e r B i g T en A ll- A r o und Champi on. It i s complete in every detail and sup e rcede s any earlier vers i o n s. A limit ed numbe r af cop i es of th e n ew Code o f Pa i nt s i s available for $2.00 pe r c o py . T o orde r , se nd yo ur c h eck o r mo n ey e r de r t o Ni sse n Co r poration, 930-27th Avenue S.W., Cedar Rapid s, Io wa. Act now befo r e th e ir suppl y is ex h austed.


, ,


By Jess Robinson

Abe Elliot, director of physical ed ucati on and recreation and K enny S taub, superi vso r of phys ical education-coordinator of recrea ti on in th e Glendale Unifi ed School Di stri ct have done an admirable job o f ge llin g tramp olin es into schools in th eir di stri ct a nd o f initiatin g a nd ma intainin g an effecti ve tra mpolin e program _ Abe and Kenn y reali zed th e valu e o f using tr am polin es in a phys ical edu ca ti on progra m and des pite usual vigorou s protes ts fr om th ose who didn't und ers tand th e apparatus , purchased one unit on trial bas is for th e rec rea ti on program . That wa s ten yea rs ago. T oda y Glendale schools ha ve two travelin g tra mp olin es for e lement a ry sc hools. two in eac h junior and se ni or hi gh school a nd two at th e junior coll ege. a lo la l of 22 unit s. fn li ght of opp os iti on en co unt ered towa rd purchase of tha t first trampolin e A be and K enn y decid ed that any teache r sched ul ed 10 teach tramp olin e mu s t fir st a ll end a trampoline clini c. Thi s has been ' th e rule Ihroughout th e yea rs and th ey fee l becau se of thi s rul e th ey can boa st a perff'C I sa fet y record. Tn hundreds of th ousands of turn s ta ken in ten yea rs th e closest thin g t u an injury s uffered by s tud ents has bee n a so re mu scle or possibl y an occas ional brui se. Tra m pol in e progr am used in Gl endale ove r Ih e yea rs chan ge d occas ion a ll y as A be and K enn y are co ns tantl y looking for n ewe r me thod s of teachin g. It was at A be's r equ es t we gave point va lu es to fundam ental co mbin at ions. H e found we were us in g poi nt va lu ed ad,'ance tri cks t o train com pe titors a nd felt point va lu ed fundamental s wou ld enha nce th eir progranl. Now A be a sks th at we outlin e an easy me th od of judging fundam ental routin es, one Ih a t w ill allow stud ent s 10 jud ge ol he r stud ent s. J U DGI NG RO UTI N ES W hat A be asks is no easy ta sk. There a re several ways to jud ge co m pe tition but

Starting at lower le ft borderi ng ou r column th is issue is Wayne Mi ller performing a t riple twist ing doub le back somersault.

to .find a way for a n ovice to judge a ccura lely and fairly is somethin g else. Accepted mann er of judg in g throughout th e United S tates is according to F.T.G . Tul es whi ch sta te jud ges should allow 3.4 point s for diffi culty, 1.6 points for co ntinuit y, 5.0 for perfect SCOTe_ F our or fi ve judges art路 point s for performan ce, a t otal of 10 points us ually empl oyed for the task , hi gh a nd low score eiI'o pped and th e r emainin g aver aged. S in ce d iffi cult y, continuity and perfonnan ce a re contin gent on on e another it tak es yea rs of pra ctice be for e a jud ge ca n watch a routin e and co me up- with a n accurate sco re. E xperts quite oft en sco r e far apart so the n ov ice co uld hardly be ex pec ted to jud ge accurately foll ow in g thi , systenl. Last yea r in the Midw est, in an effurt to s implify th e above scoring sys te m, one of four jud ges jud ge d only difficulty w ilh 3.4 point s and another judged continuity a lon e with 1.6 point s. Th e r emainin g two judged 5.0 apiece for pe rforman ce, th eir scores th e n be in g averaged. R esults of thi s type of judg in g was r eport ed to work ver y well in dual mee ts but in champi onshi p m eets wher e all co mpe titors co mmand ed r equired diffi c ult y th ere seemed to be n o advantage ove r the reg ular judgin g m eth od. H owever, thi s brea kdown along with additi onal simplifi ca tion see ms to be th e answe r 10 our probl e m. If we s pecify amount o f point s allowed for stunt s and outlin e what is ex pec ted in th e way of co ntinuil y Ih en onl y th e performance of a r outin e r emain , to be judged. DIFFI CULTY S imples t meth od of d etermining diffi cult y is to use point r a ted fundam ental s (M.C. , Se pt. 1963) . Co mpe tit or s hould writ e out r01lti n e (a s show n beJowl and submit if

FUNDAM ENTAL ROUTINE-This routi ne is thought o f as four stunts: I. Airplane (Y2- t wis t to stomach). 2. Bluch (stomach, lf2- t wist t o stomach-not turnta b le ). 3. Swivel Hips (se a t , Y2 -twis t t o seat ). 4. Cradle (bac k, Y2 -twist t o bock ). In order t o maintain height in routine these f our stunts are separated by Jump-an dtu c k and jump-en d-pike. Routine is ended feetfull twist-feet. Point value o f thi s routin e is 1.6 Y2 o f a maximum routine allowance of 3.4.

to judge be fore compe titi on beglll s. Ju dge wa tches to see if rou tin e is perform ed a s wr itten a nd if so, scores it to nearest tenth of a pain!. If co mp etit or fail s to [a ll ow routin e as wr itten point s are allowed to t he e rror and all furth er point s are disrega rd ed. CONTIN ITY For our p urp oses the con tinu it y jud ge s hould a ll ow .2 point for each of th e fo llowin'" 1. S~at lan d in g; 2. S toma ch l andi n g; 3 . Back landin g or co rpse; 4. Half twi st ; 5 . Full twist ; 6. Form tri ck ; 7, Feet l a ndin g: e nd in g. Th e oth e r .2 po int s hould be g ive n for a we ll balan ced r out ine w ith a limit ed amou nt of re petiti ve m oves. The co ntinuit y judge sh ould not be influ e nced by · th e wri tt en routin e. It is possible for a performer to mi ss hi s first stunt , th er e· by rece ivin g no po int s [or diff icul ty, and ye t perform a r outin e with a ll mo ves n ee· c" ar y for a 1.6 continuit y rating:. PERFO R lVIANCE Unfor tunat ely th ere ca n be no cu t and dr ied \\'ay of jud g ing a pc rforman ce. For a pe rfect scor e of J.O th e cU lllpet it ur , }lOuld be nea t in appearance, stand a t a tt enti on be for e beg in nin g routin e, perfor m with co nfid ence , hi gh a nd und e r complete can· trol in ce nt er of trampol ine, h ave fla wless form ( part icul arl y legs toge th er in a ir and toes poin ted at all times), end routin e und e r control and ackn owledge judges · befo re exitin g. For each brea k in form o r oth er e rrur t here should be a .1 to .5 point ded u<:ti on .






3 5rOMfoctj 4




6 ~eAr_ 7

8 9 10 11


- -- -




13 IU:!. I{






rWl5 1 TO ]fOftA-1)I ~~

~~~ -

h (w/sr _ _ TO 5 TO "1f1-C.H ~---~


,U(({ ~~~-

PIKE ~~~-




~ TO 1~t=T ~E4r TO --TO Se/~r~


~nUl5r TO - - - -

flL< E

- -- - - ~~~-

Ye (WiST ~-----






.B Ac /.( FEET

TO - - - TO







the a mount of dedu ction accord in g to se ri ousness of error. In addition , th e judge should ment all y co mpare performan ce (disrega rd in g 'di[[icult y and con tinuity) before f!ivi ng score. A PLACE TO START . S tu de nt s using a bove m eth od of judg in g will not find it easy at fir st. It w ill tak e so me practi ce, trial and er ror, be fore scor es are co rrect but at leas t it is a pla ce to star!. Good l uck. :lULLER WINS Wayne :I-liller won the trampoline event a t th e A.A.U. nationa ls held r eecntl y in New York. Place w inn ers were as follow s : 1. W . M ill er, Lafaye tte, La. 2. J. Yon gue, La-. faye tte, La. 3 . D. J acobs, A mari ll o, Tex. 4. T. Clark, (AA U J UN IOR CHAMP) . 5. 1. Longhouse r, U.S. :l1. A. 6. K. Vin yard . Ama rill o, T ex. RE CORD OF THE MO lTH 51 Hand Bo unces- perform ed by T erry Wi nkl es, New Trier Hi gh School , W inn etka , lll . 'Ferry explain s it thi s way, "I did a front drop to a front cody to my ba ck to bailout to my hands and boun ced fift y-o ne tim es on my hands." UNUSUAL STUNT OR WILD RO UTl IE Cody with a Triple Twi st- perform ed at th e U niver sit y of Cali fornia by Tom Fa shin ell who is n ow a ttedin g R ochester j" Iedica l School in New York . T hi s i s anoth er st un t seve ral perform ers ha ve accom pli sh ed but no on e uses in a routin e to our kn owledge. (M ill man clai ms it is twice as hard as a cody with a Ph twist. )



~7 .' I







,iq ,01

--- ~




.; 10 ~~~

,30 ~~~

.If?; ---~

,09 f,6j~

~ .-;;tG:Z--'~~\-:-\i\ \

Gymnastic Ki1/e" iology by William S kars trolll, !\I,D, A ssoc iat e Professor of Ph ys ical Edu ca tion '" e ll esley Coll ege, W e ll esley, 'IIass , 1Th e Secon d Edition of this cl ass ic was publi s h ed in 1913 and was di s tribut e d by th t' A me ri can Ph ys ical Edu cation Assoc.) What are gy mnas tics? What i s the fun· dam ental purpose for activities of thi s kind " The c lass ic di sc u ssed b e low provides for us thro u g h it s aut h or a sound philoso phi ca l view a s he att e mpts to an s we r th ese imp o r tant qu es tion s. In preparin g thi s manual , S kars tro m weli t back as far as 'th e 1 700" a nd h ad as b ackg r o und man y of the essays of th e Fren c h and G erm a n doct o rs who we re initi a ll y int e res te d in th e process of IllO Vf' lll e nt .

The tho u i!ht s of S kars trolll , a pi o n ee r auth or. and lec ture r in th e field uf American kin('" iuluI!Y t th e s tudy of mo ve m e nt) , are nul u Uld a ted . W e mi gh t eve n proj ec t thai had hi s influ ence b ee n more wi.d e s prea d in his day , gy mn as li cs might have received in 19 1.) Ih e im petus n ecess ar y 10 a c hi evc for Ihi s e nlire area th e imp o rtan ce it s h o uld h a ve rece iv ed in Ih e phys ica l e duc ation CUrricululll.

A", we knuw , th ere was a gym-

I",,,tic d"cl in e in s te ad. S in ce we are expe rif' ll c in ~ t r e lll t:' nd o u ~

growth in gy mna st i c~ to-

day. Illu c h of wh al S kar" tl"Olll has 10 s a y will thert·fort, have Ill ('a nin l! in Ih e mudern program.

Fllr exa lllpie_ ~\'mna:,lic~

hi s

work in l! d ef inililln


is . ..

. - "Th e indi vidual 's s ati:rla e tion is not d epe n denl lin Ih e a cco mpli " hm enl o f s ome r es ult l'xlerna l to him se lf. bul a n hi s abi lit y III nlOve Ih e part s of hi s b od y, or hi " body as a whole. in ce rtain rh ythm , thro ugh or til ee rlain alti tud es o r pos ili o n s. r e quirin l! alway s prec is ion , of len s peed . occ a"ionall y enduran ce. Som e lim es ex t e rnal obj ec ls ma y be in vol ved a s in the c a se of fix ed i!vmna"ti c appartus _ but Ih e perfornlP r's effurt" arc n o t direc te d towards th ese; th ey "impl y se r ve as point s of C' upport or ful cra

to influ ence hi s own

l11 ove m en l s.


jn c n>a~e

Ih e ir "co pe. difficulty, I'a rie t y; e nablinl! hi m to c heck. in crt-'ase_ or c han ge th e direclilln of hi " nlOnl t' ntunl. 10 d i's lribut e th e wo rk in vary in g propurtion > t o d iffe re nt pa ri s o f hi s b od y." In hi" I'hilo"o ph). gymna s ti c" r eprese nl e d tutality in Illovement. Jt was not s impl y a " ix lI'eek unil bUI an int eg ral part or seclion uf Ih e (' urri c ulunl o f ,,11I;s ical e duca li o n , T o :-;ka r" tronl. athkli cs r e pn' se nted 1:1 :-:l'l'lI lldary a rea :-- a id. ''' GY llllla ::: lie


(If the training

curricululll. He i:-: preliminar y

II,,· ohj('l'ii l'(' ('o nlrol " o f athlt-lir s a nd

!.!:c1Jl1l' ~ .

~ka r :,lrotll':-: id l'a (If Ihe g:y mn as lic oh· j('ct il'e lI"a" 10 din' c l effor ls lo ward " equa l-



c le. to pr oduce a mo ve m e nt i s imp o rla nt. Kn owledge o f th e mu scl es ini· I ia tinl( t he movement is n ecessary to ove rco me a te nd e ncy to mi S- li se a5~o­ c iat ed mu sc le groups . Thi s w ill produ ce eco nom y of e ffort. ;,_ Fixation a. P ass ive fixation - Thi s may b e id e ntifi ed with free fl ow in g m ove m e nt s in whi c h man y mu s cl es take pari and il is \"C ry difficull to id e ntify s pec ifi c o ncs as wh o ll y r es po n sibl e . F o r cxa mpl e_ a frec sw inging a rm will fol low a path of least l"es is tan ce until il i" a t la,, 1 r e tard e d by th e n a tur a l res lricti on of bon e. joint s and mu ,,c le" a ll of w hi c h co n'lbin e 10 provide a t y pe of pass ive fixati o n. b. Act ive fixation - In thi s ty pe. th e indi vidual e xe rc ises d o minant co ntrol to m ai nta in th e body in s pec ifi c ways. :\ n y s tali c h o ld I;\ n "L" for e xampl e) is re prese ntati ve of a cti ve fixati on. Altenlion 10 prope r alil!nmenl and pos t u re is predom inan I. 6. Th e s upporlin g fun c i io n o f mu sc les S kar,; lrom d esc ribes th e two {un c li o n s tlf mu~cl es a s th e orl!ans o f s uppo rl a nd mo tion . "Th e kind of work b e"l s uil ed for th e improve m ent of th e molor function of mu scl es in vo lves co mpl ell' co ntra c ti o n al!ain s t con s id e rable res is lance . a ll l' rnalini! with co mpl e te

iza ti o n of developmenl a nd format ion of I!ood h abi ts of movement ,and carriage . With thi s I!cn eral o bj ec ti ve in mind attenti o n is g iven to weake r Illu scl e gro ups whi c h ma y be n egl ect ed in Ih e a thl e ti c proI! ra m . We of te n h ea r people say. ' -H e i s built fo r ba s k e tball.'·or "Wh a t a terrific pit c h e r." Th ese expr ess io n s point o ut t o u s that athlelics are hi gh ly s pec iali zed and as s u ch w ill not in and of them mak e up fo r Ih e Iy pe o f co ntribuli on that o n e mighl rece ive thro u l! h gym na s ti cs. In effect, Ska rs lro m is say ing Ihat if w e place a primary e m phasi s o n Ih e gym nas t ic area we are bo und tu clt've l o p be lt er ath le tes o f all kind s as a res ult o f s uch trainin g . Ska r st r om al so s poke of th e dan ce a r ea . H e m enli o n s that dan ce ac tiviti es are very c lose ly r e lat ed t o gy m nas ti cs s in ce th e re is a prim ary emp has is o n move m e nt o f all kind s. TIlt' difference h e not es i s that w hil e d a n ce follows rh yt hlll w ith move m en ts l ess def in ed than gymnas tics, the latt e r m ay be rh ylhmi c but a1ways wilh chan gin g rh y thm s wh ich are peculiar t o m ove m enl. Thi s definili un s ho uld be n o t ed by Ihose who are in a pos iti o n 10 influ en ce free exe r c ise fo r wo m en . Th e tre nd t owards d a n ce may t e nd



so me of th e pure gym na sti c

Va lll l'~

of thi s eve nt. T each e rs of gymna s ti cs w ill b e inl e res le d in one o th e r s tate m e nt b y S kars tro m. S pe ak in ~

U ll

ha vin g the tota l amo unt of Illlj~(,ll i a r

wo rk a s I!H'a t a s poss ibl e h e says . -- . . I he se lec t io n a n d prugress io n o f t he e xe rc ises are s uc h as to mak e th e m a lway s s uffi c ie ntly difficult and sever e, n o matte r how fa r adva nced Ih e pupil s may be. " Wl' find t oday th at m Oli vation of thi s kind ma y of len b e lacking and that so m e of o ur pu pil s are bo r ed wi th the " sa m e' old Ihin g ." Na tural break-down s o f abilily w ithin eac h gy mna s ti c cla ss session a re n ecessary tv in ,; ure that thi s unfo rtunat e t y pe of pre 'l' nt ation does n o t tak e place . In hi s s umm ary. th e foll ow in g p oint s are n o led : 1. The gen e ral ch a rac te r o f gy mnas lic" a . Equalization of grow th a nd dcvelopme nt

iJ. Fa vu rinu correc t anatomica l relations hips . c . In crea" inl! fun c ti ona l acti vit y o f th e uTea l vit al or (Ta ns d, ~\ mos l ef fi c i e~,t Hl(ent in m olo r edu cali o n e. Ca rria l!c and llI a na ge m t' nl o f hod y paris in relation t o on e anoth e r and the body a s a whole l"l' la lcci t o e xte rnal forces . III P os iti o n in s pace I kin es th es is) 121 R e lati o n a nd adjustment t o grav it y. in e rli a and mom c ntum . No te : Sec J an. 1964 .1/ .G.P. 18. 13) \\' e i!! hl di s lributi o n and balan ce ( '].1 J)ir~c ti o n , s peed and accuracy o f m Ol"e m c nt 1.5) Tilllin l( and proper di s tribution of effo rt f. "It s va lu e as a m l'a n s o f ex press io n. a fa c lor in th e s oc ial r e lation s of life . a nd as a ba s is fo r phy s ical e ffi c iency is I'ariously es timat e d and on Ih e II-h ole probably und e rrat ed." 2 . Definilion s of gY lllnas li c e xe r c ise Comple x move ment s mu s t be ca pable u f s ubdi"i s ion inlu s impl e r cl e m e n Is, each o f which llI ay be prese nt ed and executed as a cO lllpl e te m OVe l)le nl. 3. Lo cali za ti o n of 1lI 0VC Ill e nt Th l' t each e r s h o uld a lwa ys all e lllpt ttl dclerlllin (' Ih e poin~ aboul whi c h or from whi ch a

1ll 0\ L' 1ll t-" nt

occ ur!' .

Refill t'-

me nt. as co ncern " associat ed body pari " w ill prucecd from thi s ba" ic kn o wkd ge . 4. Loca liza li o n of mu sc ular contrac li o n Kn ow led l(e o f Ih c g r o up a c tiun of IlIU"-

relaxati on."

N OTE: Th e word "re laxa ti o n" brin !!:; 10 mind so me mat e ria ls whi ~ h art' c urre ntl y in Ihl' pre para lo ry s ta ge. So m e of thi s m ate rial relat es direc tl y to ~y m ­ na s ti c. and s ome o th e r to tilt' melhod u f r e laxa li on , "\,Ve pr ediel Ih at the It'ac hinl! o f r e laxali o n w ill beco m e ~ n e o f th e chief e ff o rt s of ph ys icad e dllc atur ~ in Iht' fUlure . A r ece nl book on kin es io lol!Y h as a chapt e r d evo t ed t o r e laxal ion. I Scot t I Look for the"" Jnate rial s in Ih e M.G . in th e n ea r future . Jt w ill r e pl"('senl "Ollle of Ih e bes l think inl! in lhi " n e" lect('d are a . U nfo rtllnal e l Y~ S kars lron; did n o t ha vt· phutoi!,."phi c Ih e advanta!!c of mud"rn e quipm e nt. 1;lOdc rn printini! lec hn olol!Y ,"' eve n


C'o nvcn iL' ll ce


~()f) d

gym nast ic

e quipment. Hi , manual i s r e pla ced toda y with a number uf exce ll e nl I,' x l". ' Voi e esIwciall y recu me ncl Ih e foll ow inl!s : Brun . .\larilln R" Effi cicnc r of H lllllall 1/0relll(,lIl. \\I . n, S uu;l'd e rs Co ,, ' Phi lad e lphia. Pa. 1960 SColl, .\ 1. O l aL y~ . Analysis 0/ Hlllllall .11 0lioll . !\ppl e tun-C e nlur y-Crof t;; , Ne w York 1. N . Y. 1960 86.00 Coope r. J ohn .\ 1. and Rulh B. Cla ssow . Kill esiolo,:),. C. V_ .\[o s by Co . .~t. Loui, . _\10. ]963 86.00



Bool.- RerielV C)"IlIlIaSlics for Girls- A cO lllpelilil;e A pproach of Teacher alld Coach Edi led b y Eri c Hu g h es wilh contribulion , from: Dorolh y _\l acLea n , Be tt y J ea n -"Iay cuck. _\ 181'1' SarvP I", C eorge Lewi s and th e Editor. R o nald Press (New York I 1963 . Pri ce - 55.00. Th ose o f you who are teac hin g gy mn as ti c unil s in Ih e seco ndary sc hool a s we ll as c lu b in s lru c tor s will be ab le t o USe Grlllllaslics for Girls a s a prog ram suppl e m ~nl Ih e da y yo u receive it. II " uniqu e fealu re is a se ri es of g rade d roul in es for e a ch o f the Ol y mpi c even Is 3:"

we ll as a chap ter on side horse v au lt in ~.

Roulin es


al so s Ul!ges te d

fo r

th e

t wo

s pec ia l eve nt s of tumblin g and trampoli ne. We kn ow of at least on e school whi ch has purcha sed tw o of th ese book s in order th at they be di ssected and placed on heavy ca rd· boa rd fo r use as charts. R out ill es a re s Ui!i!ested [or th e foll o w· inl! levels : '1. Beg inn ers ; 2. Low Int erm ediat e; 3. lnte nn ediate; 4. Low Adva n ced; 5. Ad · van ced. Th e boo k is well illu strat ed w ith photo·

I[raph s a nd lin e draw ings. A use ful appen· cil x con ta lll s var iou s kind s of form s used in co mpe t iti ve gy mna s ti cs and a check li st for both d u a l mee ts and to urnam ent s i" p,·e;" nt ed. . O,lt' final hi stori ca l not e . . . t he boo k '" dat ed Nove mber, 1963. T hi s was th e very mo nth a nd year the firs t Na ti onal In stitut e on Ci rl s' S po rt s was co n du c ted and o nt' of th e co ntributor s to th e book . :'I lary Sa rve r. had a vp ry a cti ve pa rt in th e i!y mn a. ti c " " ',,"c ts of th e In stitut e.

Gnnnastic Apparaill s Exercises ior Girls by Di a ne H. Babbitt and W en; er Haa s Rona ld P ress. New Yo rk. 1964. Pri ce83.75 . ' Th e European ap proach to gymna sti cs is ve ry ap parent in thi s n ew book from Ron ald Press. Dr, H aa s is ori gin all y from A ustria wh ere h e received the Ph.D, degree a nd wa s a profcss iunal gy mna st. We find for th e firs t tim e in an American bouk a description of variou s uses o [ th e S wed ish va ult ing bo x and a co mbin at io n u"c of severa l types of va ult in " dev ices. Th ese had previously been d o n~ by th e J apan e",~ and En gli sh as well as man y ped· al[og ica l mat erial s de ve loped in Germ a n y. . Sw in ~ inf! rin gs ar e used quit e fr equ entl y '" Germ a n y for g irl s and women. J\re th ey dangerou s') Yes . , but th e a uth ors arg ue for tlwir inclu s ion based on the fa ct th at til(:> !'w ill ~ing rin gs an-' a natura1 form of acti vit y whi c h ca n be thri lli ng, val ua bl e a nd >I imulating ph ys ica l exerc ise. A ll of th e " H,Veme nt " desc ribed in thi s secti on are



~ l!~4-


1~~\7-}it ~\,~?I

\/~2 ,-t!~~Iv",-~\I '''_ 1"'-\j






'" \, ,:

~ .......,






. ... .


~ ".







~ .~/'\ ~.~ t'~ .,i'

tion .

Wi th o ut d oubt. ,Hodem Tra ck and Field mu s t be ra ted as ' one of th e to p books in it s fi eld , To do as fin e a j o b in th e deve lo p· ment o[ a book on modern gy mna sti cs wo uld do mu ch to upg rad e performan ce , Th ere with it.

/y;rr~~ ~,~ ;j

_Wadem Track and Fi eld by J. K enn eth Do herty Prenti c·H all , In c., Eng lewood Cliffs, New J e rsey. 1964, (2nd Ed.) I t is a bit unusual fo r us to ve nture o ut · s ide o[ the rea lm o[ gy mn a sti cs but o ur in · clu s ion o[ this rev iew is d ue to a nu mber o[ rela-tionships w ith the au th or o[ thi s cla ss ic book , K en Doh erty wa s selected t o s pea k on the subj ec t of tra inin g a t the N ati onal In st i· t u te o n Girl's S ports last yea r and he did a c redi tabl e job, H e wa s heard by s pec ial· is ts in gy mna sti cs as well as tra ck and field . Dohert y's me thod, which is trul y the sum total o[ experi ence he h as ga in ed b ot h here and abroad , has lll any gy m na st ic ap· pli ca ti ons. In hi s book h e h as in cl ud ed cer· ta in aspect s of Ru ss ian trainin g techni qu es , :'Ilan y of th ese are ev id ence of th e hi gh rl'i!a rd th e Ru ss ian s have for prim a ry train· in g in gy mn as tics, For exa m ple, the g rea t high jumper , Valeriy Brum el , is al so a gY lll ' nast in the of[ season if s uch reall y e xi sts ill th a t co untry. At leas t on e of the major track a nd field eve nt s, the po le vault , is cred it ed ,to th e German s who int r oduced va ultin g in thi s co untry in th e late 1800s at th e nume rou s Turn ve re in s whi ch were es tablished, Gym· n as ti c exercises were particularl y noted in t he develo pm ent o[ the pol e va ult er. Ano th er rea sun for m enti oning thi s book is due to tir e great emphas is whi ch is placed un re laxat ion during a n at hl eti c perfurm an Ce , S in ce we ha ve predic ted th at tens ion con trol wili be a major res pun s ibility u l ph ys ical edu ca ti on in the nea r fut ure , we note Dr. Doherty's enthu s iasm iO n tlii " direc-

is n o c urren I

'IIV/J i(rf.(/~ ~/1(i:--~ \"

I !I/ ~=---

o f tir e s us pens ion type. Th e au th ors po int o ut th e e xtre me dan ge rs o[ su pport wo rk on swin ain O" rin as for crids Th ere ~ is" al so" a section . on th e use of pol es, ropes, Swed ish w in dow and stall bars. W e were es pec iall y i mpressed wi th th e lon g legged little s prite (See drawin g) w ho flit s about tbe book dem onstratin g m ore th a n eighty selec ted stunt s. T he introdu c· to ry chap te r is also excell ent. In thi s sec· ti on the a uthor s have attempted to a ns wer the man y qu es tion s s urrounding th e g ro w· in g emph as is o[ scho ol gy mnasti cs for g irls. Th e · book s houl d be a welcom e additi on to th e libraries of wom en who are teach · in g ph ys ical educa ti on and wo uld like to e xp lore the many possibiliti es of a va ri e ty of apparatu s as oppose d to s impl y u sing Ol ymp ic s tyled apparatu s , ED ITOR 'S N OTE: For those m ale p hys i· ca l educa tors wh o are seekin g a simil a r boo k for boys wo rk, yo u mi ght o btain a copy of the English book. A cti vities on P.E. A pparalll S by Edm un son a nd Garsta ng , Yo u may bu y a co py fo r 85 ,00 fr om S p~;,t sh e lf P ,O. Box 634, New R ochelle. N.Y.

P: Ylllna sl ic


l u co mp are

The drawings aboev ore fr om Nikol i Osolin's The Po le Vau l ter ( USSR Gov' t pri nting o ffice ) ,

Th e GYMN AST Official J o urnal of the Britis h Ama t eur Gymnastic Associa· ti o n, is now a full s ize 8 V2 "x 1 1" Publication , w ith a n ew p ri ce af : 6 iss ues fo r $2_00 50¢ a c opy , Se nd subscr ipt io ns to



Dear Mr. Shurlock: I' m very intere sted in the side horse . I have worked very hard on flanks ( donble leg circles) and loops, blLt I haven't been able to ge t th e hang of it. I' m wondering if you could show me thes e two movements by using the Gra ph -Check camera, so f can learn each trick step by step. Y our Friend, Dick Morimune , Concord; Calif . Dear Dick . . . Here ar e the seq uen ce photos you r equ es ted of d ou ble leg circles and loo ps .on the sid e horse. No te t he posit ion of t he shoulder s and hi ps in each phase of th ese movements. Particularly n ote th e slr etched out position of the body as it passes u nd er the left hand on the doubl e leg circles and t hat of th e should er lea n fo r ward on the loops. A.S .

Ab ove : Seq ue nce p h OTOS o f A rt Sh u r lock d o ing H igh Dou b le Leg Ci rcles. Below: A r t do ing Loops. Pho t os taken with GRA PH - CHE CK SEQUEN CE CA MERA.


Dear IVIr. S hurlock: Th e past seven m on th s I have spent trying to pe rfect a harder-than-average flo or exercise routine , but I have run across 'a problem that see ms impossible to ove rcome . In learning the split, and all the variations of it often use d in good floor exercise workouts, I seem to be approaching a barrier. Wi th g reat effor t and patience I work out. alm ost an hour before practice doing limbering exercises to stre tch th e legs, but the next two or three days I am so sore I can't contiJwe practicing. Is 'it tru e that some people jus t aren't mlJde for such extreme flex ibility? I have no trolLble doing advanced back bend and oth er stretching movem ents, bu.t the split seem s j ust too much. WO ldd you advise so me way to correct this ? Ve ry truly yonrs, Rob ert Fain, N acogdoches, T exas Dear Robert . . . Your problem, mos t likely is that yo u are doing th e stretchin g exer cises incorrectly. There should be no r eason for exces;ive soreness and stiffn ess foll ow in g fl ex ibility exer cises. In general yo u should n ot jerk or bounce in yo ur limb erin g 1110vement s. Rather , they should be move d int o slowly .and held at th e ex treme po si tion for fi ve to ten second s, then moved a way slowl y. This will allow for th e mu scl es a nd li gaments to be stretched out for a longer peri od of time and will a void mu scl e " pulls" or injuri es. Repeat th e exer cise allowin g fOi' a 5 to 10 second relaxati on period. In devel opin g the split s, slid e yo pr legs out slowly to yo ur extreme position , hold for 10 second s without movin g, then relea se tension evenly. Rel ax for 10 second s and r e peat sam e procedure fi ve 10 ten tim es att emptin g to stretch a littl e fa rther each tim e. Pra cti ce thi s exer cise e ve ry oth er day. Use thi s lechniqu e on all yo ur s uppl eness exer cises and you will find yo ur fl ex ibilit y power s in cr easin g tremendously. A.S . Dear Mr. S hu rlock, I am. a rin g enthnsiast and ha ve worked long and hard on th e iron cross eu ver. I ha ve developed it fairl y well but I tend to hype rexten d m y arm s, gi ving th em a bent look eve n though m y hands and shoulders are even with th e rings. I fi nd that路 cro ss pullouts are very diffi cult in this ex tended position and am w ondering if th ere is an j'thin g that can be don e to corre ct it. Also do you ha ve any sugges tions for developing a straight ann back kip ? I wo uld like to develop this move right into a maltese cross as a mO llnt but I never seem to get high enough to ge t into position. J will appreciate . an y suggestions and will endeavor to follo w th em. Sin cerely, Jim Hillhouse Colorado Springs, Colorado Dear Jim ... You are writin g 'to th e ri ght person wh en askin g about hy per ex tend ed a rm s. My elbow joints are as hyperex tend ed as an y gy mnast I ha ve ever seen. Th er e is no t mu ch yo u can do to overco me th e hype rex tension but you can d evelop a ver y ni ce loo kin g cross. Th e extre me bend at th e elbows does not mall er as long as yo ur shoulde rs are even with your hand s and thi s r equires more cro ss developm ent stren gth of whi ch much has been writt en in prev ioJs iss ues of the MG. Th e strai ght arm ba ck kip from an inve rt ed han g r equires a dri vin g powe rful leg ext ension al ong with a force ful ann press a gain st th e rin gs. Th e legs should be extend ed upward at a 60 掳 an gle, th e arm s should be ke pt perfectl y lock ed, and should be pressed out sid eward away fr om I he hips to eventuall y perform th e back kip mov ement to the maltese. A. S.

MAN TO MAN COMPETITION? Dear Gl e nn : III t h e April editi o n of th e M. G. r e p o rting th e Tra mpo lin e -Wo rld C h ampio n s hips it said "th e n ew m eth o d of tra mpolin e compe titi on was well a ccepte d b y b oth the offi c ia ls a n d th e co mp e titors, eve n tho ugh m a n y h " d preco nce ived ideas carri ed o v er fro m gymn as ti cs, di v ing a nd other s p o rts ." ' Ve we r e g u es t s of th e orga.nize rs , the ve r y fin e orga niz e r s b y th e way, th e E n g li s h. Th ey did a r eal fin e j ob h a ndling thi s eve nt. We h ad n o t b een con s ul ted a bou t t h e way this compe titio n wo uld b e h a ndle d. Th e r e was n o way , tim e t oo s hort et c, to c h a n ge it. A s a g u es t for thi s first compe ti t io n 've accep ted this way of conlp e titio n , eve n soo w e a b solu tely d o n o t a gree , a nd I am spea king m o r e or les s in t h e nam e of th e co n ti n e n ta l E uro p ean s. Thi s style o f co mpe ti t io n h as m a ny inj u s tices. Ju st t a k e y our \vo nd e rful t r a n1p olini st in t h e USA . Each o n e of t h e m was bette r t h a n a n y oth er tra n1p o lini s t s fro m t h e oth e r co untri es, but due t o thi s kind of oo mp e titio n , on e man did n o t m a k e t h e 3r d p lace, 3rd place w hic h h e wo uld h ave a b solu tely d ese r ved. ( NIa n y s inl il a r cases a lso occured in th e lower r a nk ) . A real r a nkin g li st is imposs ib le. Too ma n y in volunta r y t hings can h ap p e n. T hi s kind of co mp et it io n is o k fo r fi g hting

~ p()rts


te nni s,


cO -lni x ing


th e


w ill

s t a r t. \~re sa id "yes" in ord e r n o t to in te rf e r w it h t h e or ga niz e r s. B u t we \"o n 't accept s u c h a way o f compe titio n s in th e futur e a n d I a m s ure th e r es po n s ibl es o f th e t r aillpolin e s p orts ·a r e a war e of a ll th e n ega ti ve con sequ e n ces of thi s s t y le o f c,o mp e ti t ion w hi c h a r e fa r g r ea t ei· t h a n t h e a d,·a n Uq:;e, it mig ht off e r. Kurt B achl e r Bern , Sw itze rl a nd JOINED THE PARADE

Dea r M r. S undb y : T h e · State of Conn ectic ut has a t las t jo in ed t h e parade' The Gy mnas ti cs' ba nn e r w ill b e pro udl y di s played thro u g hout thi , s tat e with th e e ffo rts of a r ece ntly form ed o r ga niza ti o n- t h e C onnec tic u t Gy mna s ti c As"oc ia t io n . . ( CGA) Th e officers are: Exec u t i ve Dire ctor, J Ohl1 L. Brod e ur, Ha rtfo rd ; Secr e tar y, J o hn Hi c h wa, R e ddin g; T reas ur e r , Mary A. J a ron c zy k, H a rtfo r el. . Chairmen: East , B ill Swee n ey, G uilfo rd ; Sou t h Ce n ~ C.G :A. Officers

act iv ity

level. F o r

th e first tirn e a

to t a l

cf 1500 b oys a nd g irl s

c ompe t e d in gy mn ast ics thi s yea r in t w o ( 2) e le m e nta r y, thr ee (3 ) Junior Hig h, a nd t wo (2 ) Se ni o r H ig h Sc h ool Meet s. W ith t his n e'"

a nd a lnbi t iou s or g"a niza -

t i o l1, gY 111n as ti cs \v ill b e run o n a 811100 th e1' a nd w id e scale b asis. Th e r e \v ill b e 111 0 r e c linics fo r both s tud e nts a nd teach e r s a nd 1l1 0 l'e c0 111p e titi o n too . Ver y trul y yo urs, Ma r y A. Jaro n c zy k , Treas ure r

f en c ing ,

t ea m s po rts etc. B ut f o r a s p o rt, w h er e j udges h ave to evalu a t e th e lJer fo rnl a n ce of t h e at hl e t es it is a b s olu tely impo ss ible . It w ill h ave t o ch a n ge to sco ring and t o a s imil a r COlllpet it io n lik e in g Y111nastics . Thi s is in ev ita bl e, as o th e r w is e , if t h e E uro p ea n COll1e c loser t o th e A nlerican s a nd t h e best a r e cl oser toge th er a tre m e nd o u s

Eastern Illinois University Gymnastics Exhibition Team tra l, Di ck T e rr y, Milford ; No r t h Cen t rai, H ayes K ruger, W est H artfo rd. Agency Representative: Ray Corbin Consulta nts: D r. J a m es Baley , U ni ver s ity o f Connec tic u t; D r. D av id Fie ld, U ll iv'er s i ty o f B ridgep o rt ; D r. Al S cholz, Y a le U ni ver s ity . In th e p as t Conn ecti c u t gy mna s tics has b een lax a nd h as b een ca rrie d on in a low

D ear Gle nn: R eceived the lates t MG-excellent as u s u a l. A s yo u kno,," Massa c hu s etts h as had fo r the pas t s ix year s a dua l comp e ti t ive sch e dul e as well as a s tate c h a mpion s hip. H o w ever du e t o o ur ne gl ect we h a v e n ever sent our r es ults to MG. I kn o w it is a late date but c ould you fit i·n the following s o m e pla c e? Confe r e n ce C h a mpions hips, W e s t e rn Massa c hu s e-tts w on b y Minn ech a u g R e g ional Hig h of Wilbraham ; seco nd, Tec hnical o f Springfi eld . Bay State Co n f. 1. W e llesl ey; 2. Bra intree; 3. N e edha m. Middl e sex; Conf. 1. Winc h es t e r; 2. L exin g t o n ; 3. Melro se. ' N orth Shore C onf. 1. No rth R eading. Suburba n Conf. 1. New t o n; 2. . W e ymo uth. Indi v idu a l Titl es : This is a s tate m ee t. A ll-Aro und, Re ed, Bra intree H S; Floo r Ex., Mill s , W e ll esley HS; Sid e Horse , L e Clair, New Bedfo rd HS; B;igh B a r , Mill s; Par a ll el B ars, Bro w n, Needh a m HS . Mass ac hu sett s was an indiv idual s tate m eet, the n we h ave a tea m c hampio n s hip . T eam s a r e selected by r eco rd, t eam s m e t (ca libe r ), p e r ce ntage of \vin s, confer e n ce ch a nlpi,o lls hip s . W e u se FIG rules a ll th e way eve n in t eam sco ring fo r a s t a t e titl e . Judge, p oints c ount for s cor ing . . Mass . S tat e T eam Ch a mpio n s hip: 1. And over Hi g h (3rd stra ig ht y ear); 2. Bra intree; 3. Well esley ; 4. Win c hes t er ; 5. Needham ; 6. M innechaug . th e n w e ha ve a t ea-In chall1pio n s hip. T ea lll s Bo th s tate mee ts p ac k ed ca p ac ity c r owd s . In c id e ntally I n o ticed in th e la t es t lVIG th a t P e nn s yl vania lays .cl a im to h aving t h e fir s t s tat e Hig h Sch ool Wom e n' s C hampions hips. Massachu s etts has h a d a s t a t e Hi g h Sc h ool Wom e n' s m e et fo r four y ears (see M G July-Augu s t 1961) . On e of OUr produ c ts is Cath y Corriga n , 4t h in th e All-Aro und 1964 N AAU . Oh yes, Spring fi e ld Coll ege m e t the U ni v. of M ass . wo m e n in a dual m ee t coll e gi a t e ly . I s this a fir ,t? (Ma r c h 1964) . R eg a rd s, Dic k Aron s on Ne\ v

Eng'l a nd

G y rnn as t ic

Fed e rati o n

TOO GOOD Dea r Sirs : I h ave o nl y o n e c0 Y our l11aga zine is gettin g t oo good. Som eon e (a n o n gy mn ast ) has wa lk ed o ff w ith m y co py of t h e April issu e of th e M od e rn Gy mn as t. P lea se se nd 111 e ano t h e r co p y a nd b ill 11le fo r i t. E n c losed is a photog r a ph of th e E as t e m Illin o is U ni ve r s ity GY 1111U1 Sti cs E xhibiti o n T ea ll} w hic h r ece ntly fini s h ed its a nnual S prin g t o ur. Thi s t eam trave ls t o t e n hig h Sch ools Aa c h Spring a nd prov i·d es t h e stu -

d ents of t h ese sch ools w ith g limp ses and a n introduct io n t o a ll ph ases of gymn a st ics . For m ost of th ese s tud e n ts it i s th e fir st time t h ey h ave ever seen a n y t y pe of gy mn as ti cs. To qu o t e th e progra m: " Th e purposes of the E x hibitio n t eam at Ea,tern are threefold ( 1) it provid es a t y p e of physic al s kill w h ic h is n o t d ep e nde nt upo n th e s ize of th e indiv idu a l, a nd co n sequ e ntl y a ln ean s of parti c ipati o n w hi ch h o th b oys a nd girls m ay enj oy. (2) i t a fford s a n o ppo rtunity t o d e m o n s tra t e to hig h sch ool s tude nts a t y p e of a c ti v ity w hi c h e n courages the d esira bl e d evelopm e nt o f s tre n g th fl ex ibility, co - o rdina tio n, co u rage, a nd the art of g race ful mov em e nt. (3) th e t eam a ls o b y v is iting Illin o is hig·h schools ser ves th e r o le of goodw ill a mbassa dor fr o n1 E.I. U . and in so do~ in g hop es t o s h ow o ne phase o f th e ac t i vH ies s p o n s ored by th e U ni ver s ity." Th e t ean1 was '1r ganize d durin g the 1951- 52 sch oo l yea r a nd thi s yea r brou g ht gymn Rst ics to a n es timat ed 6000 p eopl e. Y o urs, R oger H ellin g·a C hi cago, Illinoi s :;:

MORE COLOR Dea r Gle nn, I h ave a li t tl e s u g ges tion to IVLJd e l'n

GY lunast a


m~ ke

th e

bit 1110 1'8 inte r-

es ting . I don ' t kn ow if it is t oo h a rd t o process o r t oo exp e n s ive-but did yo u eve r t hink of ad ding color photogr a phs of som e of t h e b ette r gy mnas t s (oth e r th a n th e pi c tures o n th e Coover a nd th e N isse n Me da rt a d verti sem e nt) ? I know I wo uld cert a inl y e nj oy see ing 'sOln e! Eli d e Pi ccioo tto L os Angeles, Ca lif. Ed. It has been a major milestone in the history of the M.G. to bring about 4 color covers in 1964 . . . we would like to do more and maybe someday we will be able to. However at the moment the cost is prohibitive.

But, if some

group, team, or

individual would like to have us print a color picture of their favorite gymnast and they would be willing to cover the cost of the color separation and processing a s a tribute to a boy or girl or team pic -

ture of national standing .. .. ·we would be p leased to include it in the M.G . (color separations range from $35.00 to $150 .00 depending on the size of the photo when it is pri nted.)

GREAT! Dea l' G le nn, Rece ived t h e MG. in Ro m e . I certainl y e nj oyed J e rI"Y ' V rig ht's rev iew of t h e ~CAA f ina ls. It was g r eat. Hats off to y ou f o r yo ur editoria l. I a gree o n e hun d r ed p e r cen t- i t's necessa r y t o ~ t and up fo r , vh a t yo u b e li eve . I t has ta k en a lo n g time in c oming but I think we' r e o n o ur " ra y. Th a nk s fo r th e d eca ls n ow m y CHr look s n littl e bri g h te r. Sin ce r ely , Di ck Fl ood Spa in, Sw itz erla nd , e t c . E uro p e




1:f 1:f

B 1:f 1:f



Bedard - A name long known in the f ield of gymnastics .

805 La PORTE MELROSE PARK, ILLINOIS P-59 GYMNASTIC PANTS. New imported lightweight knit fabric, made from imported yarns with elasticized weav· ing. Half the price of other imported pants! Zipper on side, and elastic waist· band . Crease sewn in . Special formed ankle cuff with elastic strap in off· white only. State waist and inseam measurement when ordering. Available in waist sizes 24" 26" 28" 30" 32", 34" and 36".' , , , Price prepaid.. .. ..... ..... $11.50


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snug. Availabl e in whit. only. no half sizes. S·6 SHOE . pr.· paid . per pair ......... , .......... $2 .40

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Zone _ __

LAMPWICK HANDGRIPS Soft· but· tough lampwick ma · terial provides protection and re lief from sor. . blistered Ind callous ed hands . Com· pl ete wi t h straps . LH ·HAND· GRIP. prepa id. per pa ir. .$1.50

. ORDER NOW BY MAIL! IMPORTED CHALK Finest imported . soft and li ght type preferred by gym· nlstists Ind Ithletes every· where . Ei ght 2·oz. bars to the lb. CM2 CHALK. per lb . plus postlge ................ $1.50

SEND FOR FREE CATALOG This 48,plge buying. referen~e "'_ . shows you where to fond every ::-~, hlrd ·to·loclte gymnastic item. --Sives you ti me. SIVIS you ~ money. •


250 W. Sixth St.. Sin Pedro. Calif. Send P·57 Pints. Size ______ . LH Handgrip. S·6 High Score Shoes . Size _ _ _ . _ OB Handgrip . _ CM2 Chalk. _ _ _ _ _ _ Ibs. _ Enclosed is






Send the Hand Guards to : (Please pr in t plainly) Name _________ .___________

_Money Order.



FREE EXERCISE FOR GIRLS A Beginning Booklet on Girls Free Exercise. Simp!e combinations. tumbling seque . . . ces dancing and connectinQ movements, ~rm movements, hasic bolle.t positions. and a com plete free exerc ise for begi nrer and intermediate qymnasts olso serves as a simpl e guide for instructors

ard coaches.

Th e illust ra ted book let was written by f ormer Olympic Gold Medals winner g ym~ ast MARGAR ET KORONDf. Se~d $1 for your copy! Mail toda y to : Marqaret Korondi 5623 Meridian Los Angeles 42, California Please send me _ _ _ copy(s) of your "Free Exercise for Girls" book let $ - is enclosed. NAME


The fmes t o il-around g ymnastic canvas shoes available toda y. Worn b y U.S. and Internat ional

Champions .

Ela stic

strop s

across t he top pr ovides for that perfect snug f it and appearance . Sales mode of long-wearing white rubber . O rd er some si ze as your stree t sh oes or d ra w outline of foot on paper for corre ct size. In white

oniy. All sizes . Proce is $2 .50 per pair . ppd .

.... $1.40 pr o ppd . LEATHER HANDGRIPS As illustr ated above: S. M & L. ONE PC . HANDGRIPS .. . $1 .75 pro ppd . CHAMPIONSHIP . .. ... $2.00 p'. ppd . HANDGRIPS

Street tojYLOtoj GYM PANTS ...... .. $14.25 pro ppd. City



ADDRESS CITY _ _ _ _ _ STATE _ _ __



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I Gm

LEATHER HANDGRIPS H.avy duty two · piece hand · grip with buckle Ind rivets. OB HANDGRIP. preplid . per pair .............................. $1.50


Extra! An easy common sence DIET is Yours at no extra cost if you order the booklet NOW !


-----------------GYMNASTIC SUPPLY CO., INC.







order for $ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

St'eet and Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ill ustrated book let " DIET a nd

Long·wearing leather sole . Heavy duty canvas top . 3" ·wid. elastic strap

Please send me _ _ _ _ pa ir of Nissen Tear - Free Hand Guards at $1 .94 per pair $ I .65 per pair when ordered by the <Jozen. ($19. 80 per doz.)

Please send me _ _ _ copy(s) of you r


." DIET AND EXERCISE" Fo r a slimmer, healthier body, combining new eating habits with activity. A fabou lous- easy and pleasant way 10 a nicer and happier You. Spec ial offer to subsc r ibers. Send SOc for our New Ill ustrated booklet " DIET and EX ERCI SE" by Margaret Korondi former Olympic Gold Medals winr:er gYJ'Y'I nost, Physico I Fitness exper t . Mail today t o: Margaret Korondi 5623 Meridian Los Angeles 42. California

Nissen Tear-Free 930 - 27", Ave. S_W_ Cedar Rapids, lawa

_ _ _ _ Zone_State _ _ _ _. State



.................... $22.50 ppd.

Meets all specifications.


Why Pay More ?..

It's completely unnecessary to pay higher prices when you can have the best equipment for less. Dollar for dollar, you get more from Porter! More and better features .. . more f un .. . more quality. And now, our popular 2000 line is available in attractive colo rs ... turquoise, brown , maroon, antique white bases, with white uprights. A special epoxy-polyamide finish provides a durable, maintenance -free coating . So why pay more- when you can have the best ... Porter ... for less. Meets Olympic specifications.

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Performance and Appearance ... a IN 155 E N I Tradition Sure Nissen gymnastic equipment looks great. Why shouldn't it with its bold, modern design and luxurious nickel chrome finish. But beneath this practical beauty is the rugged, dependable, proven craftsmanship that pays off where it counts-in championship performance. All in all, some impressive reasons why Nissen gymnas-

tic equipment is preferred by more gymnasts and coaches than all other brands combined. For additional information, write :

NISSEN CORP" Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52406 NISSEN-SENOH Tokyo, Japan


Modern Gymnast - July/August 1964  
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