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Prevent needless slips and falls by using t he f ines! imported gymnast ic powder cha lk . Exclus ively used by the Oly mpic Champ ion Japanese Team. Use direct from the 2 lb . bag . Try it and you will o rder for more .

6 Ibs . 18 Ibs. 60 Ibs . -

RATES 1 cart on ..................... 75c lb . . 3 cartons..... . .............. 70c lb. 10 cartons ..... .... .............. 60c ·lb .

CHALK BOX, f its 2 lb. bag. Finished in m u lti-color for long lasting beauty. Special at p .50.


Thi s is the im ported gymnastic can vas shoe warn by the W o rld and Ol ym p ic Champi o ns . Top edge is bound with canvas for that ·wear-eve r s trong construction . Do uble duty elo sti c straps across the top provides for that pe rfect fit and appearance. So le made o f lo ng"wearing white rubbe r. Shoe app roved for wome n . Ord e r same size a s your street shoe o r draw outline of foot o n paper for correct size. ·In white o nly . Sizes: Kids, 12-5; Adults, 6 - 12 . . Only $2 .50 pair, postpaid HANDGRIP made o f pliant but very s trong Japanese leather. Perfectly desig ned to give safe ty and pro tection to those hands . Identical handg rip wo rn by Melbo urne and Rome · horizontal bar Go ld Medal winn er. Sizes: Small, Medium and Lorge. Onl y $1.4 0 pair, postpaid Immediate deli very. .1 0 %· team discount for 12 pairs shoes or handgrips.

Three 2- lb. bags to a ca rt on. Prices are F.O.B. Los

Angeels, Cal if.

NEW PRODUCTS JAPANESE GYMNASTIC BOOKS (with Engli sh supplemental sheets) "HORIZONTAL BAR" & "PARALLEL BARS" pamphlets. Each pamphlet has same 350 actual photos of sequence movements. Recommended for spec ia list. By Takemoto. $ 1.00 each ppd "SEQUENCE ILLUSTRATED GYMNASTICS" Excellent pamphlet or charts covering pyramids, doubl~s tumbling, horizonta l bar, rings, side horse, paralle l ba rs and long horse . By Homma & Endo. Only $1.50 ppd. "GYMNASTICS ILLUSTRATED," 365 pages on a ll Olympic apparatus for men . Suggested . for all-around gymnasts. By Takemoto. $3 .95 ppd. "ILLUSTRATED WOMEN 'S GYMNASTICS" 224 page on balance beam, uneven parallel bars and side horse vaulting By Ta kemoto. $395 ppd "HORIZONTAL BAR," 176 pages of out standing drawings, illustrations, ond photos of lop gymnasls in the world performing intermediate and advanced movements. By Ha mada, Ta kemoto & Kona. $4.50 ppd WR ITE FOR FREE BROCHURE

STRETCH SOCKS $1.85 pro ppd. 1001'0 Nylon, white in color. R.ecommended for ringmen. Fits sizes 6 - I I LEATHER GYMNASTIC SHOES $4.25 pro ppd. Identical shoes worn by OLympic Champions. Elastic straps across top for that snug fit. White leather. State shoe size NYLON & WOOL GYM PANTS Expertly designed and tailored . Permanent pleats sewn down front of pants. Zipper on side. State waist and inseam measurements. Naylon (white) pants $12.95 pro ppd. Wool (cream) pants $16.50 pro ppd.

Profile for USA Gymnastics

Modern Gymnast - January 1962  

Modern Gymnast - January 1962