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Ernie Mariononi instructing cLass

COMPETITION FOR BOYS 16 AND UN DER AND 11 A lD UNDER By Ern) e Marinoni, Meet Director Boys 16 and und er : These boys will soo n be Rich Impson of makin g Gymnastic history Pheonix won the All-Around and was ver y impressive in winnin g Side Horse, P_ Bars, Lon g Horse and H. Bar; Paul Mayer, 11 year old from the Berkel ey YMCA' who won Tumbling and FreeX and was second in Side Horse, P_ Bars and High Bar is another boy to wateh. Don Dunfield from San Jose placed 3rd in the All-Around; Kent U mbarger was 4th All-Around and Tel McQuisten of the Berkelev Y and Don McAlister of Madera ti ein g for 5th AU- Aroun d with McA lister winnin g first place in the Trampoline and a secon d in Free-X. Warren Beers placed first on the Rings and Steve Parr, P erry Robbi son, Ron DeWi tt, Mel Dunheld and Randy Wentzel were .also among the place winners. Boys 11 and under: In the boys 11 and under we ha ve boys not on ly capabl e of repla ci ng our present old er boys, but even surpassin g them. We must reali ze when we get our boys into better work habits we will be an even stron ger World P ower in Gymnasti cs. In thi s class we had Mike Event prace winn ers in the boys competition


Sullivan from the Berkeley YMCA who won 5 events. Mike just had his 11th birthday and is headed for the "68" Olym pi cs. Howard Hardie also of Brekeley won first in High Bar and Side Horse (Mike took second in th ese events) . Howard is a real worker with real work habits that make Champions. As soo n as we will a dmit to ourselves that Champi ons a re made (thru hard work and intelli gent guidan ce) not born , we wiII achi eve the goa l of World and Olympi c Champions from Ameri ca. We ha ve just picked out a few of the outstanding performers but others such as place winners: Kurt Edwards, Jim Beli love, Kevin Moore, Steve Boatwright, Steve Kromorowski, Gery Bishop, Jeffery Wentzel, Russell Hull and Dann y Connor will be at the top one da y with a little more of that 01' tr y and Hard Work. These meets for boys were judged by th e older Co l lege and Adult Gymnasts who did a grand and inspiring job for the yo un gsters. There were 27 boys entered in this meet which gave them very good ex perience in a well run competition. Ha vin g seen many of thees boys for several yeal's it amazes me what these Clinics do for them and we wou ld like to thank Sam Balie and the U. of A rizona for the pri vilege of bein g part of thi s Clinic. WOMENS GYMNASTICS AT THE FIRST WESTERN GYMNASTICS CLINIC By Bud Marquette First of all may we ' say " Hats Off" to Sam Bailie and Frank Bare, co -chairmen of the Clinic, for a tremendous job, well done. The Western Gymnastics Clinic has come and gone - but the memories will indeed lin ger on. Ma ny new friends were made and old acquaintan ces renewed. Approximately 100 girls and young women alon g with their coaches participated in the women 's di vision . Most all were newcomers on th e gymnastic scene. Thei r quest for know led ge and actual workouts were wonderful to watch . Sincerity and devotion in their learnin g was some thin gs we ha ven't seen in a lon g time. Over 240 boys and girls working out in the huge U niversity gymnasium and upon entering one would hardly

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Modern Gymnast - January 1962  

Modern Gymnast - January 1962