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the business of porn

CONTRIBUTORS let ter from the editor Hello my good readers. First off, let me apologize for this issue of UrbanSocialites being almost 3 months late. We needed to reshape, replan and refocus where I was coming from and how my business can benefit. In this age of constant-instant, keeping up with the steady influx of information that we are bombarded with on a daily, hourly even minute basis can be a job in itself. Tweet-ing, IG-ing, Tumble-ing, FB-ing, Facetim-ing etc, our brains are capturing and processing data bits at the remarkable rate of approximately 1,000 bits per second. No IBM computer can do that… We use our brain constantly, for everything, even when you think you are not using it like in sleeping, the brain is still computing, calculating and storing information by the millisecond. However most times, the brain goes under-serviced for months at a time. We feed our bodies, go to the gym regularly and wear the latest fashions all to give the illusion that what’s under all that is as close to perfect as we can get. But in a society dictates right from wrong, we tend to base our calculation on the worlds warped guidelines. As a result, some of us have been tricked into thinking they are doing the right thing. Consider the fact that mass media plays a vital influence on what we consider perfection. Therefore, when we measure our self esteem, body image is often referenced. Granted, we are all susceptible to this media frenzied, hypnotic trance. Myself included. But after a long trance I finally woke up and smelled the bacon (actually my roommate was cooking.) I realized that most of the things I thought I was doing for myself , was in fact being done for another reason. To look a certain way, to drive a certain car, to be a certain way appear to others in a way that I hoped they would find favorable. Then I realize, I wasn’t living my full life. I wasn’t making myself happy. So last month, I

asked some of the staff at UrbanSocialites, what they thought was the most bodacious things that a person could do to make themselves stand out? The answer… Tattooing. Nowadays, every kid in Junior high school’s got a tat somewhere. I even considered getting a sleeve or two. But where do tattoos come from? Who started this trend and why is everyone and their mama tatted up? In this issue we took the long way home and we stopped to talk to everyone along the way. We needed to take a deeper look into this whole body image, self conscious way of thinking. In doing so, it opened all sorts of doors. From Sexuality in the African American Church to how doing Pornographic films can make you feel better about yourself. Super (Porn) Star, Hot Rod himself speaks up about what it’s like to be one of America’s (and actually around the world) hottest, black actors and how people react when they see him in person. We need to be aware that the values we hold, the beliefs we harbor and the decisions we make are based on our assumptions, our experiences, our education and what we know for a fact. We rely on mass media for the current news and facts about what is important and what we should be aware of. We trust the media as an authority for news, information, education and entertainment. Considering that as a publication that is accessible to men and women of all colors, races, age and status, we are a powerful influence. We definitely wouldn’t want to take the chance on then, we should know how it really works. editor in chief Ramses Frederick

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HOME THAT INSPIRES YOUR GUESTS 10 Nicholas Mayberry & Dexter Taylor BODY PARTS 12 Juan & Gee IMAGERY OF LGBT 14 Raymond R. Duke POWER COUPLE 18 Kordale & Kaleb THE TRUTH ABOUT TATTOOS 20 Julie Genser MODELS INKED 26 





The biggest thing is to let your voice be heard, let your story be heard.

By Curtis Davis

dwayne wade

Sports legend Dwyane Wade, affectionately known as “D-Wade,” has established himself as one of the nontraditional style ambassadors in the NBA arena.

Wade has upped his wardrobe game and is one of the best dressed figures in sports today. He has (what some were calling“Metrosexual”) a fashion-forward style sensibility which has people

in the fashion industry taking notice. Having style is one thing, but having class will get you a lot further and Mr. Wade has consistently proven that along with his outwardly dapper appearance, he has a

 much deeper motivation. His superior athleticism and prowess on the court speaks for itself yet Dwayne Wade continues his focus on being a role model to all people, particularly those of future generations. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Wade’s World Foundation, which provides educational support in the focus areas of literacy, health and fatherhood, continues to push initiatives to youth living in underserved communities, primarily Chicago, Milwaukee and the Southern Florida region. Wade is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of fatherhood. In

2011, he was appointed to President Obama’s Fatherhood Task Force. What else is there for this man to do? You guessed it. Dwayne Wade made the New York Times best seller list and Best Selling Author for his autobiography A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball. Urban Socialites takes our hat off to you Mr. Wade, you are truly most deserving of this small honor. You sir are an Urban Ambassador.

HOW YOUR HOME INSPIRES YOUR GUEST By Nicholas Mayberry & Dexter Taylor

never want to create confusion about the purpose of a space. Confusion does not inspire!

Your home is a direct representation of your personality and things you are drawn to. When guests enter your home they will instantly be made aware of your style through the items you have acquired. So, the goal is to make sure you fill your space with decor that speaks to who you are. Your home, when decorated well, can be great inspirations to people you decide to welcome in. Personality One way to inspire guests is to push your personality to the forefront. Select items that tell guests who you are. You can accomplish this through the accessories and artwork you choose. These items are like finishing touches and tell a story about the home owner. Accessories also speak to

where you have been. Many homeowners pick up artwork and accessories from travels to create a space that says they are well traveled and maybe even adventurous. So allow your personality to inspire your guests. Activities Another way to inspire guests is to showcase the activities performed in a particular space. Whether you like to entertain or lounge around, your guests will take something away from your home they find interesting. They may love the layout out of your family room or how open your floor-plan is for entertaining. The key is to make sure the activity you want to convey actually matches the decor and layout of the space. You

Uniqueness The more unique the space the more inspiring it can become. When you fill your home with things that are rare; your invited friends will have no choice but to draw inspiration. Many times uniqueness evokes conversation and conversation in-turn will inspire your guests. Collect items you may have never thought about before and stretch your comfort a little. Your guests will enjoy the stories that come along with found or repurposed items. Stories about where something comes from always create energy and your guests will take inspiration to do the same in their home. Color The last way to inspire guests is through color. Known for it is natural mood altering qualities, color can speak. Color can set the mood or change the dynamic of a room instantly. Guests will either be drawn to or turned away from your color scheme, due to it being a very personal choice. Play with color schemes and create an atmosphere that guests will appreciate and ultimately be

Your home is a direct representation of your personality.


inspired by. Inspiration usually happens when you select colors outside of the standard combinations. Again, you want to expand yourself and also allow your paint to inspire your guests to create a similar energy in their space. The home is a place where you spend multiple hours of time. Allow your personality to show through and speak to who lives in the space. As we discussed, there are several ways to create a home that inspires your guests: lead with your personality, effectively display the activity, collect unique items and bring it all

alive with color. Remember, a well dressed home that incorporates any of the ideas above will definitely inspire any guests that enter your home. Pictures shown are items we found at Ligne Roset Atlanta, which inspire guests. Please visit www.ligne-roset-usa. com

body parts By Juan & Gee

I’m so fat. I’m too skinny. I want to be more muscular. I want to lean out a bit. It seems as though society as a whole has adopted an insatiable obsession with body image. We’ve embarked on a quest for physical flawlessness that is most likely so

unrealistic that it can sometimes be counterproductive to our physical and emotional wellbeing. From being too tall or not tall enough, to having flawless skin and an impeccable set of pearly white teeth, society has fallen victim to the picture of perfection thrust upon

us by the billion dollar health and wellness industry and in turn has learned to devalue normalcy and perpetuate systematic self-loathing. This phenomenon is especially rampant in the gay community. We persecute all things that fall outside of

Once we learn to accept ourselves everything else will fall into place.

The body image is so critical to a person`s very sense of self that distortions in it can have significant effects that can either enhance or impair one`s general sense of well-being. What’s more is that this skewed image is oftentimes so elastic that it can change as an individual’s circumstances, moods, and surroundings change. 13

the Adonis figure. We detest imperfections rather than celebrate our differences. We continuously tear each other down rather than build each other up. The worst part is the fact that not only do we needlessly condemn each other, we are self-deprecating community to boot.

What we fail to realize or rather, refuse to acknowledge, is that body image is merely a perception – and the meaning that we assign to that perception should be based on our personal values, not someone else’s. We must first begin to work from the inside out with the unequivocal love of self. It’s a proven fact that self-esteem is directly linked to how we interact with others in professional, social, and especially our romantic settings.

People with high self-esteem know themselves well, tend to feel more in control of their lives, and are comfortable in the skin they’re in. They’re realistic and find healthy relationships with partners that like and appreciate them for who they are – NOT for who they want them to be. This should be one’s ultimate goal. After all, how can you expect to find someone who loves you for you, if you don’t? Once we learn to accept ourselves everything else will fall into place. The cliché “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” exists for a reason: it’s the truth. Why not behold the beauty that you possess instead of striving to be something that you’re not?


Shaping your identity...what you see may not be wha t you get.

Mental images, a set of mental pictures produced by the memory or imagination or conjured up by a stimulus. How we view ourselves and others is directly linked to imagery, and often times its sole reflection comes from a place in consciousness where we have stored those pictures, ideas and yes Mr. & Ms. Conceptions about people, places and things or allowed someone else’s imagery to be stored there. In

relations to some individuals in our black LGBTQIA populations its culture, subculture and subpopulations this imagery is a clear, concise and complete barrier to us healing us, how we relate to one another, and our choices of sex partners, mates and what we like versus what we prefer. We like what we like because its what we know or are told its best for us, when we have a preference its born out of the different

things we have experienced.  Let’s explore imagery from a place of influence, how we perceive a thing in our minds, can lead to how we achieve it and make it manifest in our everyday lives. How many times have we encountered a very beautiful person , by societies standards and imprinted social norms, only to deduce that the individual is rather ugly due to their personality and disposition. No fats, no femmes or oldheads..is often

the mantra of those posting invitations to their affairs or to their beds (affairs) and once they succumb to age and gravity, they wonder why they are not desired(in their mind) because of the past energy they put out. Is this to say that somewhere somehow someone lead you to think less of others and more of those who may look like you, having no knowledge of them. Imagery and the barriers we post in the name of imagery show up differently in different people,

for example, I was in a car with four friends, out of my window I caught someone’s eye, they in turn caught mine, we exchanged smiles, and then nods, and waves, instantly my friends berated me, ”don’t be hollen at that chile, he walking!” I immediately thought, “What if he just wanted to walk today or catch the bus, and left his transportation at home,” the image in the minds of my friends tell them that if one is walking, at the bus stop, or sitting on the passenger’s side

of their best friends ride, their undesirable and not the one for me, the irony there is that beside the driver and owner of the car we were in we were all passengers??????? I recently spoke to a group of LGBTQIA youth at a local high school, when I asked how they pick their mates, one young lady said, “I always look at their shoes first,” their shoes I said, “Yes if their shoes aint right they aint right for me!” I wondered to myself who or what placed that imagery in her head that unkempt shoes makes one less desirable as a person, friend, sex partner and/or mate. The faculty of imagination is an innate aspect dare I say gift that man incarnates into this dispensation with, but left to its own devices it has proven to be dangerous, spiritualized it becomes a tool that helps to influence unconditional love. Imagery has for far too long influenced how we as LGBTQIA people connect and or disconnect with people, places and things, what groups we join, the people we call friends, the clothes we wear, events we attend and whether or not we introduce people we meet to our family, friends or those in our social networks. Imagine being told, “You know I love it when you fuck me, you are good enough to fuck me but we can’t be lovers.” Many a LGBTQIA person (s) suffer from

a side effect of imagery, it’s called internalized homophobia, at least that’s what they are calling it thus far, I hate things about how I see myself, so when they show up in you, I project that self-hate onto you and the images that come up in my mind cause me to run from that which I haven’t worked on within myself. This has been my 39 cents plus tax…….2 cents just wasn’t enough. ARTWORK BY AYMERIC GIRAUDEL


POWER COUPLE KORDALE & KALEB 4C: Consideration, Compromise, Companionship; Commitment. How has same gender loving defined your relationship? Same gender loving has somewhat defined our relationship on an outside prospective. To us, it’s just love; this time around it is real and genuine for both parties. How has religion made your relationship a success even if it has it’s conflict? Religion doesn’t play a role in our relationship; we have our faith but it doesn’t have a sway in how we love one another. Do you feel it’s important to make some aspect of your relationship and family public territory? Yes, we do feel it’s important to make some aspect of our relationship and family public territory.

Why? Well, we want people to know it’s okay to love whomever they want despite their gender, beliefs ethnicity, etc... As long as you and whomever you’re with is happy, nothing else should matter! Of course it’s great to have family support but you shouldn’t allow that to be the definitive reason in what you two decide to do as one. In your modern family how does daddy and daddy play a role in your children lives? In our family, “Daddy is Daddy” and “Kaleb is Kaleb.” With that said, the children know who their biological father is and they know that Kaleb is a great role model/ father-figure for them. We as their parents try to set a great example for them to grow and be responsible productive people in this ever changing world. What is the most important attribute your partner brings

to the relationship? Kaleb: My partner Kordale brings GREAT money managing skills and responsibility. Kordale and I consider each other more than just lovers, he’s my friend, confidant and my business partner. Kordale: I believe that Kaleb has taught me how to “ground” myself with his excellent skills of teaching me how to compromise and showing me how to love. What were some of the biggest initial challenges you faced in bringing your financial lives together? Whoa! Some of the biggest challenges we faced we’re making decisions together as one; true compromise. We came from being individuals to one complete unit. How do you incorporate your individual goals with a working relationship? We work on our goals as a couple first; coming to a major consensus. However, we do have individual goals that we have set for ourselves that we try to attain individually. Do you believe that relationship counseling is essential prior to a partnership commitment? We both believe in counseling prior to a relationship and during; everyone needs someone to

Consideration, Compromise, Companionship & Commitment

talk to. During counseling, we able to learn things about each other that wasn’t discussed and or looked over because the two of us are constantly growing; we’re making it a point to grow together and not apart. How do you maintain a strong and continuous


relationship after irreconcible differences? When the two of us fight, we always think of that moment the two of us fell in love; back to the basics. How can your relationship influence other that committed relationship works? Our relationship can

influence others that committed relationships work by demonstration. By no means is our relationship perfect; however, with trust, companionship, consideration, compromise and LOVE; you can’t lose. The two of us want to influence other gay people that love can happen in any shape or form as long as you believe in it.

the truth about tattoos

By Julie Genser

A frighteningly growing number of teens and young adults around the world are injecting dangerous chemicals under their skin in the name of art and self-expression. A trend that started growing in America and Europe in the early ‘90s, tattooing soon became so popular that 36% of Americans aged 25-29 had at least one body tattoo by 2003. The numbers have undoubtedly risen in the four years since; tattoos are now well-entrenched in the mainstream. Even the media regularly glorifies tattoo

culture, as evidenced by reality TV shows like The Learning Channel’s Miami Ink and LA Ink, and Inked on A&E, as well as frequent magazine sightings of tattoo-sporting celebrities like Paris Hilton, David Beckham, and Angelina Jolie, and print ads featuring tattooed models and athletes, like Calvin Klein Underwear’s Fredrik Ljungberg (who, by the way, had a severe allergic reaction to his tattoos and had to have a lymph gland removed). What’s formaldehyde and antifreeze doing in your

skin? Tattooing is an art form that has been used for centuries by tribal societies in religious rites and as a natural part of life. At first banned and then appropriated by Western culture, tattoos have recently developed as a decorative art of self-expression; used by some to celebrate events, memorialize a departed loved one, or as a show of commitment to a life partner. There is one thing for sure: all tattoos have a story. What’s not so clear is exactly what we’re injecting into our skin for art’s sake.

A far cry from their tribal predecessors made with dyes from the natural environment, many of today’s tattoos contain an unknown conglomeration of metallic salts (oxides, sulphides, selenides), organic dyes or plastics suspended in a carrier solution for consistency of application.3 In the European Commission’s report on the health risks of tattooing, they note that close to 40% of organic colorants used in permanent tattoos in Europe are not even approved for use on the skin as a cosmetic ingredient and just under 21 20% of the colorants studied contained a carcinogenic aromatic amine. Many of the chemicals found were originally intended for use in writing and printer inks, as well as automobile paints.4 These inks are injected deep enough into the skin that often tattoos will not even be destroyed by severe burns. In America, the FDA regulates some of the ingredients in cosmetics worn on the skin, and vitamins, drugs and food additives ingested into the body, but it does not regulate these toxic inks we put under our skin. Their official stance:

“Because of other public health priorities and a previous lack of evidence of safety concerns, FDA has not traditionally regulated tattoo inks or the pigments used in them.” The FDA also does not require ingredient disclosure on the inks—they are considered proprietary (trade secrets)—and so tattoo inks may contain any chemical, including those known to be mutagenic (capable of causing mutations), teratogenic (capable of causing birth defects), and carcinogenic (capable of causing cancer), or involved in other biochemical reactions in the body that might take decades to appear.3 Surprisingly, the FDA does not list cancer in their list of potential tattoo risks, citing only infection, removal problems, allergic reactions, granulomas, keloid formation, and MRI complications. The job of testing and legislating the use of tattoo pigments in permanent cosmetics is left to the state. In California, specific ingredients are prohibited and the state will even legally pursue companies who fail to disclose tattoo pigment ingredients to the consumer. They recently brought suit against nine pigment and

ink manufacturers for inadequate labeling.

to know for sure what is in tattoo ink. Added to this, each color and each brand of ink has completely different ingredients, according to a 2005 study out of Northern Arizona University. The carrier solution itself might contain harmful substances such as denatured alcohols, methanol, rubbing alcohol, antifreeze, detergents, or formaldehyde and other highly toxic aldehydes.3 The oldest pigments came from using ground up minerals and carbon black. According to Wikipedia.org, a wide range of dyes and pigments are now used in tattoos “from inorganic materials like titanium dioxide and iron oxides to carbon black, azo dyes, and acridine, quinoline, phthalocyanine and naphthol derivates, dyes made from ash, and other mixtures.” Currently popular is Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS plastic), used in Intenze, Millenium and other ABS pigmented brands.

What’s in a tattoo? Without full disclosure of ingredients, it is impossible

The price of ignorance. Although allergic reactions to permanent tattoos are considered rare given the number of tattoos applied yearly—in the neighborhood of 5

million9—they can occur, along with scarring, phototoxic reactions (i.e., reactions from exposure to light, especially sunlight), and other adverse effects. Many people have reported reactions to the intensely colored plastic-based pigments. There are also pigments that glow in the dark or in response to black (ultraviolet) light. Some of these pigments may be safe, but others are toxic and even possibly radioactive.9 Plastic-based inks (e.g., glow-in-the-dark ink) have led to polymerization under the skin, where the tattoo pigment particles converged into one solid piece under the skin. Allergic reactions have occurred with some of the many metals put into tattoo inks, nickel being one of the most common metal allergies. Others have reacted to the mercury in red cinnabar, to cobalt blue, and to cadmium sulfite when used as a yellow pigment. Some inks were found to have high levels of lead, some contained lithium, and the blue inks were full of copper.7Allergic reactions may occur infrequently with permanent tattoos, but the long-term health effects are

There is one thing for sure; all tattoos have a story. What’s not so clear is exactly what wer’re injecting into our skin for art’s sake.

still unknown due to the lack of regulation, testing, and long-term studies. In contrast to the low incidence of reported allergic reactions to permanent tattoos, however, certain temporary Henna tattoos have been very problematic. Henna tattoos that contain the dark brown dye para-phenylenediamine (PPD) can cause a delayed allergic reaction and subsequent PPD hyper-sensitization that may permanently prohibit one from using sulfa drugs, PABA sunscreens, benzocaine and 23 other anesthetics, and hair dyes. Fragrance sensitization may occur, and in some cases, the reaction will include skin necrosis, scarring, and hypo-pigmentation. Analysis of henna dye used on persons who reported allergic reactions has shown the presence of toxic chemicals from hair and textile dyes, in addition to PPD. The question of toxicity is multifaceted; there are others factors that may exponentially increase the serious health risks associated with tattooing. When alcohol is used as part of the carrier base in tattoo ink or to disinfect the

skin before application of the tattoo, it increases the skin’s permeability, helping to transport more chemicals into the bloodstream. Alcohol also works synergistically with mutagens, teratogens, and carcinogens to make them even more harmful, increasing the chance that they may cause mutation or disease, both at the site of the tattoo and systemically. Other health risks. In addition to allergic reactions and the unknown long-term health effects from the metal salts and carrier solutions that make up tattoo inks, there are other health risks involved. Skin infections, psoriasis, dermatitis and other chronic skin conditions, and tumors (both benign, and malignant) have all been associated with tattoos. Due to the use of needles in tattoo application, there is also the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as tetanus, herpes simplex virus, staph, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, and even Syphilis. And those with tattoos might not be able to get a life-saving MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) test if they need one—some hospitals and testing locations will refuse to do an MRI on people with body tattoos due to the

metal particles in the tattoo, which may cause a burning pain during the test.

If you plan on having your tattoo removed, you should be aware that some of the pigments used (especially Yellow #7) are phototoxic and may break down into toxic chemicals in the body when removed with UV light or laser, common techniques used in tattoo removal. The toxic end-products eventually wind up in the kidneys and liver, adding to your total body burden. Think for yourself. In an ideal world, the ‘trade secrets’ clause that allows companies to put profit over public health would be disallowed for all products used topically, transdermally, or ingested into our bodies. However,

in the absence of federal regulation to protect the consumer from unqualified tattoo artists, unhygienic tools and application methods, and highly toxic inks, the best advice for the youth of today is abstinence from tattoos. At the very least, one should find out if their state has any regulations on tattoo inks, and always ask to see the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for any pigment or carrier used to see basic health and safety information for the ingredients involved. Skin tests should be performed prior to tattoo application to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Although certain tattoo ink

ingredients may be plant-based or otherwise considered safe and non-toxic, the truth is that no long-term studies have been performed confirming that they are safe to inject as a permanent cosmetic. Bottom line: don’t trust the government, tattoo ink manufacturers, or tattoo artists to give you accurate and complete information on the toxicity of the pigments and dyes being used—at least not just yet.


Photography: Karen Detrick Fashion Director: Curtis Davis Stylist: Sandrine Fouhlhoux


Leather Pants & Harness: RUFSKIN Belt: Gucci Shoes: Vintage

Alex: Jeans: RUFSKIN, Arm Bracelet: TAVIA SANZA, Boots: ARMANI Kitty: Dress: FLIRT, Shoes: CHRISTIAN DIOR, Gloves: Stylist Rod: Jeans: Robin’s Jeans Proverbs: Jeans: RUFSKIN


Dashauna: Panties: WACOAL, Corset: SCREAMING MIMI’s, Necklace: VSA, Bracelet: TAVIA SANZA : Alex: Jeans: RUFSKIN, Arm Bracelet: TAVIA SANZA, Boots: ARMAN


Photography: Karen Detrick Fashion Director: Curtis Davis Assistant: Fenise Craddox Stylist: Sandrine Fouhlhoux Hair & Grooming: Riny King Make-Up: William Marshall

Shot on Location: Harlem, NY *Special thanks to Hassan. Models: Bobby & Alex @ Red/Citizen Models: Proverbs@ B2B Mgmnt Miss Kitty @ www.misskitty.com Deshauna, Rod Orlanda (Hot Rod)



Photographer: Seth London Fashion Director: Curtis Davis Fashion Editor: Daniel Williams

Shearling: Skin Graft Tshirt: Christian Dior Jeans: Robin’s Jeans Necklace: Hadria


Leather Jacket: Skin Graft Tops: Duckie Brown X Perry Ellis Pants: Phillipe and David Blonde Sneakers: John Varvatos Converse Hat: New Era Glasses: Gucci

Jacket & Draped Turtle Neck: Elliot Evan Jeans: Robin’s Jeans Sneakers: Nike


Denim Jacket : Levi’s Shirt: Ermengilda Zegna Belt: Zegna Velvet Slippers: Del Torro Bowtie: Sean Jean Watch: Nooka

Leather Jacket : Skin Graft Shirt: Ermengilda Zegna Tshirt: Duckie Brown X Perry Ellis Pants: Phillipe and David Blonde

Photographer: Boris Shabovta Fashion Director: Curtis Davis Fashion Editor: Daniel Williams Groomer: Kiara Bethune Models: Yunis @ Red Models George @ B2B Mgmnt










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small car

Size doesn’t always matter.

12.0 cu.ft. maximum cargo volume 61.4 “ exterior body width 74 “ wheelbase 51 “ front tread 55 “ rear tread 14.4 ‘ turning radius 2,247 lbs. GVWR .29 drag coef ficient 41.2 “ front legroom 39.7 “ front headroom 45.4 “ front hiproom 48.0 “ front shoulder room 45.4 “ front hiproom 45 cu.ft. passenger volume 7.8 cu.ft. interior cargo volume 4.53 axle ratio 8.7 gal. fuel tank 34.0 mpg city fuel economy 38.0 mpg hwy fuel economy

2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Starting MSRP $25,000 - $28,000

106.1 “ exterior length

60.7 “ exterior height


art & music She knows the streets & they surely know and respect her.


Interview by Curtis Davis

Photographed by Boris Shabovta Stylist: Sandrine Foulhoux

We’ve all had the thought at one time or another, “hmmm, I bet I could be great DJ… Everybody likes my taste in music.” But along with many a fleeting thought, you came to your senses when the next jam came on and you hit the dance floor again. But for DJ Miss Saigon, that fleeting thought seemed to be more of a recurring vision until one day she put the needle to the record and let the drum bass go like this… Beautiful, talented and extremely well rounded, meet Miriam, AKA DJ Miss Saigon. Not only has she spun for some of the worlds

Photographer: Boris Shabovta Fashion Director: Curtis Davis Stylist: Sandrine Foulhoux Hair: Rodnei Ferbi Groomer: Kiara Bethune Make-up: Reginald Raphael Shot on location: Brooklyn, New York

never ordered two “Loosies” and Welch’s grape soda through the bulletproof glass at 2:00AM after the club, then you just haven’t lived… At least not in New York! This is the place where all things are possible. Where you can become a star. Where music and art go hand in hand and one couldn’t breath without the

biggest recording artists, live on stage, but she’s even been on stage and in a few videos herself. You may remember her, that fly Asian chic in the Biggie Smalls, Puffy Video on the yacht back in the early 1990’s. Yup that was her. The original “video girl” before it became a fulltime job for some others. Many years later and many career paths along the way, Saigon is a true Harlem chic. The type of girl who has Diddy’s number in her phone. She knows the streets and they surely know and respect her. Most recently Saigon has been a mainstay amongst the DJ’s

of the New York City “Gay” club scene. Doing parties for The Hott Boyz, Secrets, The Rooftop jam in Brooklyn and Langstons, as well as several girls bars like Chocolate bar and Nannies, DJ Miss Saigon may just have found herself a new niche. The boys love her and so do the girls. We caught up with DJ Miss Saigon out in Brooklyn where friend and fellow artist/musician Josama Palarma just finished unveiling his latest works called “The Bodega” a full scale remnant of one of Brooklyn’s famous corner stores, nighttime order window and all. If you’ve



other. This was my first experience doing a double, interview that is… I guess it was sorta-like a 3-some… But it was such a great interview and shoot with Miss Saigon and Josama. She was on time, and extremely pleasant. We met up over at stylist Sandrine’s new duplex condo in Bed-Sty. Anxious to break in

her new backyard, instead of catering the lunch we did a good ole fashioned cook out. Cold beer and hot chicken while working, what else could you ask for? It was mid July when we shot so the weather was beyond perfect. While getting her hair and makeup done, I threw a few questions her way.

For me, its about documenting the message for future seeds.

to the hip-hop style element. When I decided to take dee-jaying seriously, I already knew how a hot party was supposed to be so I applied that same principal to my work. UrbanSocialites: Why choose an Asian influenced name? Saigon: I thought Miss Saigon (from the Broadway play Miss Saigon) was such a hard and feminine name at the same time, so I thought it would be perfect for me since I am a Filipino Asian with NYC swag.


UrbanSocialites: So tell me, what makes a DJ hot? Saigon: To me, a hot DJ is someone that knows how to rock a party. It is someone who can feel the energy of the crowd & use that to inspire them on song choices, turntable-ism. It doesn’t hurt if they look good doing it too. UrbanSocialites: You have done lots of things from

video girl to fashion brand management, where was DJ Miss Saigon through all this? Saigon: As Miriam the “Flygirl”, I was running the streets & clubs with ballers, hustlers & entertainers. So by default, I was absorbing all that raw NYC street energy in my persona. Working in the Urban fashion industry for designers such as Maurice Malone and April Walker also exposed me

UrbanSocialites: Not to name drop, (but yeah I really am…) but uh… can you drop a few names… on the kids. Who have you worked with as a DJ? Saigon: [laughs] Not to name drop, but uhh… I’ve worked with Eve as her personal show DJ. We traveled all over together. It was pretty awesome. I’ve also worked with Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Fergie, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Ne-Yo, Pras Michel (The Fugees), Russell Simmons, Wyclef, Adam Levine, Akon, Flo-Rida, Amerie, Serena Williams, Anna Kournikova, and the legendary party man himself, former President Bill Clinton… Just to name a few. Urban Socialites: Daaaamn Saigon…. You get’s it in don’t you?…

Then it was time to go. I took the opportunity on the ride over to the set to throw in a few questions his way about his art and music. UrbanSocialites: What does Josama mean? Josama: “God will increase Lion” It’s actually JOS-eph A-nthony MA-dera all in one name. I sign a lot of my work RIP JOSAMA. The RIP is Renaissance or Revolution In Progress just to throw people off cause they say a dead artist is a wealthy one. I’m not much into last names.

On Miss Saigon: Shirt: Blank NYC, Pants: Toure Designs, Hat: Paisley Necklace: Tavia Sanza, Chanel Ring: VSA, Bracelets: Ettika, Belt: Vintage

~ We were just about done with hair and makeup when in walks the artist Josama Palabra. It is clearly no secret, the man is stunning. He has one of those uniquely beautiful faces that stick out in a crowd of 2 or 200. A former model himself, Josama has this laid back swag like if Snoop and Queen Latifah had a son, he’d be slow walking, slow talking, smooth as butter with a you can try it if you

want… attitude. I couldn’t tell if he was excited or not being asked to be a part of the shoot. I know it’s old hat for him since he’s traveled the world modeling with Request Management, one of the top agencies for men in New York. I actually met Josama on the set of a photo shoot for KING Magazine about 11 years ago. After greetings around the room, he smoked, ate, got groomed for the shoot and then smoked again.

UrbanSocialites: Why did you start painting? Josama: Soul searching. I really didn’t know I was going to fall in love with painting the way I did. It’s the one way I can really exorcize my demons while giving back and learning all at the same time. For me it’s about documenting the message for future seeds. I love how classic it is, the original art form, before the digital age of photography and. It’s like sculpting. And actually, it is learning how to sculpt that really helped me to understand painting. UrbanSocialites: Before you start any piece of work, what is the one thing you must always do, or that you must always have with you, almost as a ritual so to

speak? Josama: Might be the cliché thing to say as an artist but a blunt is ritual [laughs] its a lifestyle thing. It focuses me and really helps me to go in. I’m a product of the so called “ADD/ ADHD Generation” and self medicating has helped keep me from going off the deep end as well as inspired my body’s of work by being so detail oriented, it hyper focuses me. Also I love playing with popular nostalgia and sometimes lost but not forgotten imagery. Living in this information age, I take full advantage of having a computer or phone on deck. It’s good to have Google or 47 Bing at my fingertips. Keep the medicine bag full of magic handy. ~ We arrived at the set on the corner of Grand and Lexington in Bed Sty, Brooklyn. The mural was amazing, photographer Boris Shabovta went ahead to set up the lights and prep the set so that we could just start shooting right away. I pulled up my truck and rolled down the windows to let some music provide that street element we needed for this one. It wasn’t long before we had a crowd around us. There aren’t very many photo shoots taking place on the corner of Lex and Grand… While Saigon tried to get her “Twerk” on,

On josama: Shirt: Imagery Foundation, Pants: Levi’s, Hat: New Era

Josama fell immediately into character, nailing pose after pose. The shoot lasted about 1 hour before the neighbors started to complain about the music and the cops started circulating. It was time to pack it up and be out. We headed back to Sandrine’s condo where we finished the rest of the interview. UrbanSocialites: How do you feel being embraced by the LGBT community?

Saigon: I love it. It feels good when they come up to me in the DJ booth & tell me how they feel about how I’m turning it on the one’s and two’s. UrbanSocialites: Do you find the music to be the same for straight and gay? Saigon: It’s about the same, however I play more dance type songs for gay parties. Straight hip-hop parties are pretty rough & ratchet. I try to mix it up depending on the

The more layers you add the more life you give it and I feel that goes with one’s personal growth and journey as well.

crowd, but definitely playing more RiRi & Bey at gay parties. UrbanSocialites: But even at a so-called “Gay” spot, you still keep it hood. I mean you have to since you are like rocking the turntables at one of the toughest spots in BK. Saigon: [Smiles] Yeah, gotta love Langstons. It’s so real & raw, which is what hip-hop is about. And the fact that it’s a gay hood crowd, it’s even more fun. ~

As Josama sat quietly listening to Saigon’s answers and rolling another “El” I turned the questioning to him. UrbanSocialites: We know that you are a multi-talented artist. You recently participated in an artist/ model event in Brooklyn where you not only displayed some of your amazing work, but you also performed. Tell us about that. Josama: It was a real cool experience to show my work alongside 41 other talented

artists and it was an all around good vibe. My home girl Monica Watkins put it all together and she did a great job bringing everyone under the same roof as artists. Then I rocked the mic with my brothers Hieroglyph and Thesaurus. It was like pure magic. For me, I think that art and music go hand-in-hand. I haven’t had a solo show in over a year but you can bet that at my next show I might just perform a few songs. It is funny how a song I wrote called “80’s Babies” was the driving force and

inspiration behind some of the paintings I showed at the event. UrbanSocialites: You have an obvious connection with music as an emcee yourself. If you had to describe your music with a few colors, what would they be? Josama: A melt down of all colors, even the ones our primitive human minds cant imagine yet in this monochromatic system. UrbanSocialites: A lot of artists say a work is “never finished” do you share in that same artistic infinity? 49 Josama: Isn’t that the truth! I never know when a piece is finished. It never is cuz you can just keep adding layers forever. The more layers you add the more life you give it and I feel that goes with ones own personal growth and journey as well. But you can fuck it up at a certain point so the thing is to know when to stop and on to the next one. UrbanSocialites: Do you do private work for people in their homes? Josama: Yes most def. I paint walls ceiling floors and even your pets and family members if the job called for it!

UrbanSocialites: We just shot you with DJ Miss Saigon in front of one of your murals in Brooklyn, New York on Lexington and Grand Aves, describe the feeling you had when you were standing there being photographed with all the people watching? Josama: It was surreal standing with 2 masterpieces, DJ Miss Saigon and the mural. I was having flashbacks from the modeling days [laughs] those where fun times. I’ve shot with lots of beautiful women, But Miss Saigon is not only beautiful, but she has been doing her thing musically for years, so it was an honor! UrbanSocialites: You shot with Josama, a dope artist. Although 2 different genres, how did you relate to him and his work when you were on the set together? Saigon: Josama is so talented. It was the first time I saw his work & I was in awe. The fact that he turned a corner, boarded up, “Post No Bills” type wall into a work of art was inspiring. I could relate because it reminds me of what I do when I turn a local hip-hop party into a “best time of their life” night for someone. That feeling is Priceless.

UrbanSocialites: What are you guys currently working on? Saigon: I am currently working for an artist/producer. His name is Rico Love, and he has produced songs for Usher, Beyonce, David Guetta, Kelly Rowland, T.I. etc. His new ep Discrete Luxury is out on iTunes right now, and the songs are crazy. Josama: Always building, creating and planning for my future. I have several shows lined up for the new year, both lyrically and visually. My plan is to combine the two so I can stimulate your ears, your eyes and your mind. UrbanSocialites: Will you paint an UrbanSocialites cover for us in the near future? Josama: Yeah that would be dope ...talk to me I’m ready! UrbanSocialites: Do you want to travel the circuit and do more lgbt events? Saigon: Absolutely! I am open to all opportunities. UrbanSocialites: For the novice DJ’s out there just learning to rock the 1’s and 2’s, what advice do you have on how to you save a dying party? Saigon: FREE DRINKS… ha.. ha..ha.. Nah I don’t know. I’ve never had that problem!


By Doug Houck

As children, most of us were taught not to look at dirty magazines found in grocery stores, rubbish bins, or under a log in the back woods. Unfortunately, our learning was often head knowledge only; our eyes and minds still searched for sexually stimulating pictures. Is “out of sight” really “out of mind?” Campaigns have been waged and won to get supermarkets and deli’s to remove certain pornographic magazines from direct public view. But have we won the battle? What is pornography? Degrading pictures of women and men? Pictures of people without their clothes? Printed tales of sexual adventure? A statement on the public toilet wall? It is all of this, and more. Pornography is the visual image which allows and encourages a desire to look upon the naked body of another - whether of the same or opposite sex. Furthermore, the use of pornography is selfish in nature, used to excite oneself sexually. It may be overt, or more likely, covert. It grip is compulsive. One peek leads to the desire to see more and more. Habakkuk 2:15 states, “Woe to him who gives drink to his

neighbors, pouring it from the wineskin till they are drunk, so that he can gaze on their naked bodies.” The prophet doesn’t even suggest that sexual intercourse will take place, he only refers to the gazing on the naked body. Observe two things about this verse: 1)Its definition of pornography, and 2) the close alliance between alcohol and pornography.

Alcohol and Pornography It is important to note that alcohol is frequently used to prepare a person for seduction. When he or she has had something to drink, it is much easier to talk them out of their clothes. Secondly, it is often necessary for the person who wishes to do the seducing (especially if the intended act is outside the traditionally accepted forms of heterosexual adultery) to

One peek leads to the desire to see more and more.

also be inebriated. Homosexual clients report: “When I prostituted, I also had to use drugs ... If I ever returned to the gay lifestyle, I would have to remain drunk. There is no way I could handle my guilt.” 51 It’s understandable that a drink is often taken before the family man slips out to a porno shop. During the business trip, a drink will make it just a little easier to indulge in that video or illicit act. Avoid alcohol, especially when you are vulnerable to sexual temptation. As Christians, we have learned how to view pornography and still maintain our distance from it at the same time. Few, if any, of us subscribe to Playboy or Penthouse. Yet many have Newsweek, Time, or newspaper advertisements laying around the house. Have you ever looked at the bathers or underwear ads just for the sexual titillation? That, men

and women, is pornography. The kind of pornography that you can indulge in while others are in the same room as you. It is necessary to begin looking at pornography in broader terms than simply pictures of naked or semi-naked bodies. Any image, picture, statue, advertisement, writing, etc. whose purpose is to sexually titillate is pornography. Thus, pornography includes not only underwear and bathers ads, but also the ads featuring the fashionablydressed Gentleman’s Quarterly men and the men photographed for the Chippendale’s, Up Front and Buns calendars. Body building and teen magazines and various magazines for women also feature models who are displayed and clothed in a potentially pornographic manner. It is the pictures taken from these sources that are frequently found

decorating the walls of flats and bedrooms of Love In Action clients. These pictures are found inside of the locker doors in many (Christian) universities, too. The advertising industry is using the exploitation of the body more blatantly than ever before. Intimate physical details are no longer being airbrushed out of photographed models; such details are even being drawn in on newsprint ad models. Many men report using these same pictures as stimuli for their masturbation fantasies. Pornography is designed for one purpose: to arouse, to titillate. It is used to sell almost everything, including alcohol, automobiles, and sex appeal. Pornographic images indicate that one is sexually attractive if ..., or one is successful if ... And pornography distorts. If I don’t have ..., I’m not successful, I’m unattractive, I am a failure. It is important

The act of admission has a powerful affect of breaking the secrecy cycle.

to note that this dynamic feeds the root of envy in the homosexual person. Are there Christians who are addicted to pornography? Most certainly. The Christian person typically tries to hide his Christianity while pursuing these activities. A number of years ago, a colleague stated, “I won’t place Christian bumper stickers on my car because I don’t want to have to scrape them off should I want to slip into a pornoshop.” A pastor in Seattle told a university group, “If I could remember my Bible or Shakespeare as well as I remember all the porno I’ve seen, I’d be a very powerful Christian.” Leadership magazine carried an article a few years back, written by a pastor who used pornography compulsively. A salesclerk at a video store recalls the man in a cleric’s collar who rents X-rated films. If our Christian leaders are involved in pornography, what about the rest of us? In an age of the video recorder, cable television, and the selling of mailing lists, pornography has very easy access into our homes. A married man, white collar worker and former pastor, stated that his wife learned about his homosexuality when he left the sales receipt for a couple of porno films where she would find

them. The video recorder has made pornography easily accessible for the suburban family man. He doesn’t have to go downtown and worry about his car (or the bumper stickers!) being seen. He only needs to run down to the local deli. It is even more accessible to the businessman; hotel chains like Holiday Inn have the films available in each room. Push a few buttons, the film is there and a charge

automatically appears on your billing. The Solution To Pornography We need to create an environment within our churches where men and women who wrestle with pornography or other sexual problems can talk about their struggles. One of Satan’s biggest allies is darkness, secrecy. A person must be able to admit their shortcomings without the


fear of rejection, chastisement, or bewilderment. The act of admission has a powerful affect of breaking the secrecy cycle. This is one of the keys in support groups using the “anonymous” format, such as Sexaholics Anonymous. Confession to God is very important. Get counsel from your pastor, an elder, or a counsellor who will help you take a detailed look at the sin. As you confess -- that is, agree with God

about your sin -- you also need to repent. To repent is to turn from, to go the other direction. When dealing with pornography, it is a decision that often must be made continuously. Don’t stop repenting -- even if it is the 8,472nd time. A thorough separation from the pornography is necessary. This calls for a complete house cleaning. Get rid of any kind of magazine, video, or other pornographic stimuli

within your home, car, boat, or other possession. Get rid of the VCR and television if you must. Watch out for covert pornography in Newsweek, Time, and National Geographic, and beware of the ad booklets included with the Advertiser. They are not as innocent as they may appear. Take stock of your video collection; many PGR and R-rated videos contain pornographic scenes (implicit as well as explicit.) Be honest about why you are keeping and viewing some of the videos you have. If pornography does not seem to be your problem, God may still be calling you to clean your house of its subtle forms. God may be calling you to support someone who does struggle. You may have to hear some things which make you uncomfortable. But if Christians are going to find freedom from pornography, they need the support of those within the church. Be a part of that loving, accepting community.


Body language.

By MZ Scorpion

What is the essence of a sexual attraction? Body language. Which is the real art of attraction. We use it in every way to appeal to another person’s better nature. Today is just one of those nasty rainy days outside. You and your man are relaxing on the sofa watching TV nothing special. You gaze out the window and watch the rain fall while the rhythm plays on the glass like drum. You can smell the faint sent of the rain. You noticed you are becoming aroused. You lay there looking from the window to your man’s face with pleasure seeking 55 eyes. Leaning closer you place a soft kiss on the nape of his neck. He smiles, you take your hands and mirror his face as you bring his lips closer to yours. Ever so softly, you began licking the sweet mint flavor from his tongue. He is now becoming aroused. You stand in front of him and grab his hands pulling him to his feet. Whispering follow me as you guide him to the back door of the house. When you open it a rush of cool air of mist hits you in the face and you take a deep breath. He looks confused, what are you doing it is raining. Shhhhh, follow me. Lead him out the door on to the deck in the rain. Allow the water

to cascade over your body as you slowly remove your clothes. Your nipples are hard like lemon heads and the cool rain is tickling your women hood. He watches you with much pleasure, admiring your freedom andyour tasteful courage. You show him you are not afraid, you caress your body with the rain. He loves what you are doing and wants to join you. Turning your back to him as the water from your hair runs down your back. He reaches over to trace the water marks down the arch in your back causing you to surrender for excitement. He removes his clothes and the two of you gape upon each other, lusting, wanting, needing, to feel the sexual attraction. He picks you up and you wrap your legs around his waist. He licks the rain off your chin and down your neck to your breast. His hands on the small of your back; he penetrates your inner circle. The rain made for easy gliding. Your head fell back as you received all of him. With each thrust the moist sounds of juice and watch fills the air. The rain was now playing on both of you like a drum. And with each beat you pumped maximizing the rhythm. You hold on tight for the

ride as it feels like a tsunami when youboth explode. You yelled with gratification……… Are you ok as he look over at you staring out the window. You blink a few times realizing you just daydreamed about the best sex of your life…..So you say hey, wanna try something new?

cod liver oil, cure for acne

Fight oil with oil.

By Jenny Jonson

Since acne is an issue for people all over the world, there are many types of acne treatments, acne medications and acne products in the market. But most people are looking towards natural remedies for acne now, instead of the expensive products available in the market to get rid of this problem. cod liver oil, a well-liked health supplement is available as pills or capsules. It is derived from the codfish’s liver. And like most fish oils, this oil is extensively popular for being affluent in good fats. But, have you ever given a thought to its role in skin health care, more specifically acne cure? It might sound surprising, but health experts and dermatologists recommend a regular dose of this oil to prevent acne breakouts and clear up acne. So, let’s discover its healthy properties for skin. This oil consists of Omega-3 fatty acid in form of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These fatty acids, devoid of the risk of Trans fats and saturated fats, regulate the removal of toxins from human body. They have extraordinary anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics, which deject acne formation. Additionally, they control the creation of hormones known as androgens, which are accountable for

hyperactivity of sebaceous glands - this hyperactivity results in oily skin. Good fat is not the only nourishing ingredients of this oil; it also consists of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. The perfect proportions of Vitamin A in addition to Vitamin E in this oil make it one of the most outstanding natural remedies for skin care. Possibly, you would have heard that Vitamin E helps to retain your skin’s moisture and Vitamin A corrects scaly and dry skin. Further, these vitamins neutralize the free radicals, i.e. the unstable oxygen molecule, and protect your skin’s collagen and elastin structures from inflammation, because of oxidative damages. To put it briefly, this oil improves the elasticity, strength and hydration of your skin. With this, you will be able to follow a natural method to get rid of acne by equipping yourself with superb acne fighting nutrients. An excellent example, for explaining the role of all acne vitamins in curing your  pimples is Clearade acne treatment. It  helps you to get the correct dosages of specific vitamins, which d velop your skin oil metabolizing ability, to deter acne. Well, how much oil should be consumed? The suggested daily dosage is one capsule

or one teaspoon, which can give one 500 mg of EPA’s and 400 IU of Vitamin D. This cod liver oil is usually available as a liquid or a gel capsule. If you’re extremely taste conscious, you should swallow a capsule rather than consuming the liquid. Actually, the liquid is cheaper. And different flavored oils are making their way into the market in order to make this liquid form better in taste; lemon flavor is recommended generally. Prolonged use of the oil has not reported any side effects, but it’s advisable to be in contact with any dermatologist to ensure that you are on the right track.


Atlantic Cod by Chelsea MacClanahan

A healthy digestive tract A healthy nervous system

Summary of Benefits Based on opinions of Dr. Ben Kim.

A healthy cardiovascular system Healthy joints Strong bones and teeth Healthy skin


Do you need ways to improve your current health, stamina and well-being? If that is so then you could start to discover the amazing great things about boxing today? Here are some of the gains that you step out of trying that sport. Do you want undertake a complete body workout since you go on training for the certain sport? That is what boxing may offer. Other sports focus their own training only on some target parts of the body, but imagine all the heat and exercise routines that you should undergo to prepare your body for the training proper. You will be questioned to jump, skip, jog, do sit ups, roll the punches and begin working the air. These are almost the identical things that you also do in the event you will go and train in keeping membership health clubs along with gyms. Doing these boxing training exercises will truly give your body a lot of physical strength, as you are acquiring more defined muscles when you continue to train every day. You will not have a great number of clumsy moments when you train just for this sport. The increased strength you have from the exercise routines making you physically

better. This will make people move quicker than an average joe, also improves your strength, resistance, flexibility and reflexes. Crying is one approach to express a strong, negative emotion, but you can also do the identical when you kick and throw punches in the air. That is something that is possible when you begin training for this activity. You can use those negative feelings to improve the intensity of your own workout. You will just notice how doing this release of emotions forces you to feel lighter. These are the benefits of boxing related to your current emotions. This is something that will get worse understand what have an avenue to let your negative emotions out. Boxing also lets you be much in charge with yourself. Although you will be asked to be more physical as you train because of this sport, with all the moves, kicks and punches, you will realize precisely how it improves your self- handle as your training progresses. You can be calm and have more tolerance towards other people while trained not to just throw punches anytime you want to. This sport truly offers you the discipline to behave well in public

places as you already had an avenue to release your negative emotions throughout practice sessions. One of the big reasons while others turn to this sport should be to lose weight. Earlier, it was mentioned that you could definitely keep a better body by doing boxing, that’s true. But for other men and women, they initially see this as a way to shake off excess weight and ignore some unwanted curves caused by too much fat chemistry. This has been known by a lot of people when some famous superstars and personalities shared their experience in losing weight after they did working out with some celebrity boxing trainers. In essence, you will experience every one of these great benefits of boxing in order to see this for by yourself. You will see positive changes in the manner you look, think and feel. Also, you will advocate a healthier plus much more active lifestyle to your family and friends. These are the great items that this sport can offer in case you wanted to give it a try.

You can be calm and have more tolerance towards other people while trained not to just throw punches anytime you want to.


Photographed by: Nathan Pearcy Model: Travis

hotrod: the business of porn Interviewed by Curtis Davis

I never took much of an interest in the life of a porn actor outside of what I saw on the screen. Like most men, I enjoyed it for what it was worth and after the big finish I quickly forgot about them until the next time. Of course, we all have our favorite scenes, you know the ones, the sure fire, go too scene when it just needs to be done and over with already. One person that might pop up in a few of those scenes is American born porn actor HOTROD. He’s one of the top African American actors in the gay pornography industry. Hailing from Washington DC. HOTROD is one of the most sought after actors working in gay porn today. Born January 4th, he is the middle child of 3 with a brother and sister. He describes himself as a “complex bag of skittles” with his mother’s looks and personality. His parents, who are still together after 28 years, never mentioned whether or not they know what he does for a living and he prefers it that way. I’d only seen HOTROD one time prior and that was at the photo shoot for the UrbanSocialites fashion editorial. For some odd reason, I didn’t pay that much attention to him. But I would soon learn the

porn phenomenon that is HOTROD. It was a hot day in August when we finally met at Havana Outpost, a trendy little outdoor spot in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I really dig the spot because the frozen Margaritas are a winner every time. I arrived about 15 minutes before him so I had time to set up. Havana is known for having long lines that extend out the front door and as usual, it was packed. The only spot available was right at the entrance. So there I sat. I ordered a frozen Margarita to settle my nerves. I don’t really know why I felt nervous, but I did. The blur of people in line for food and drinks was dizzying. So I tuned them out and prepped my questions. At around 7:15 I saw a silver sports car pull up. I couldn’t tell the make of the car or see who was driving; all I could see was the passenger. He sat for a minute talking to the driver before opening the door to get out. It was like time stopped. Like the old saying goes “Don’t believe everything you see,” I couldn’t believe my eyes. Emerging from that car was this beautiful man, Adonis-like with bronze skin covered with rhythmic tattoos all over. He stood about 6.2, slim but muscular,

thick eyebrows, full lips and literally dripping with sex appeal. It was like the black Brad Pitt walked into the Havana Outpost in BK. The entire room stopped as he walked past the line and up to me. He wore a multicolored, fishnet tank top that covered nothing and his fitted camouflage cargos did pretty much the same. Men, women, busboys, bartenders, security, everyone was looking at this brother. He walked up to me with his huge, full lipped smile and says, “Hi, I’m sorry I’m late. I’m HOTROD.” I barely heard the words because I was too busy lavishing the looks of sheer stun I was getting from everyone. He ordered a frozen Mojito and we sat there, on display drinking and talking for 10 minutes before I remembered I was supposed to be working. Oh yeah, that’s right… so I started with my questions to which he answered freely and openly.

URBANSOCIALITES: When you started in the adult entertainment industry as a professional model, did you do it solely for financial reasons or is it something you’ve always wanted to do? HOTROD: Well actually, I was curious and it seemed

There are no small roles, only small actors.


Photographer: Karen Detrick Hot Rod: Suit & Shirt: EDWING D’ANGELO, Shoes: KENNETH COLE, Glasses: SALVATORE FERRAGAMO

exciting. So one day when I was bored I started searching black, gay porn production companies online. I’ve had never really been a porn head, but I knew there were places to watch sex online. So I filled out some applications. Macho Fuckers was interested, but at 19 years old I had never been on a plane before and was too afraid to fly. But I remember Flavor Works and Coco Dorm because they responded in less than 10 minutes. I was accepted to both and chose Cocoa Dorm. U.S: And I guess the rest is history… HOTROD: [laughs] Yeah, I guess so. U.S: You are one of the most recognizable talents in your field because of your tattoos. How many do you have and do they all have significant meanings? HOTROD: I don’t know how many tattoos I have. But I say I’ve been there about 22 times. So now they all run together like a mural designed by me. I actually draw very well. In fact I’m working on a gallery showing and I’m developing them now you will hear more about that soon. I’m generally artistic. I really like music and I’m musically inclined. I own a guitar that I am learning to play. I write poetry, music but I don’t expect anyone to take it too

seriously. But maybe one day. I’m very artsy but I can’t dance or act… Well… LOL… but I love and admire professionally trained dancers. U.S: What makes your on camera persona “Hot Rod” such a hot commodity? Is it the tattoos and did you strategically work on this or was it something that just happened along the way? HOTROD: I don’t know. Perhaps it was the tattoos that people noticed first. But I’ve always been into tattoos. My first tattoo was a paw print on my inner thighs. Then people began to recognize me for the paw prints. Now I have 12 paw prints in sets of 4. I have a thing with numbers. I hate the number 9 because it feels incomplete. The number 10 feels complete. Nine feels like standing at the edge of a cliff. [Laughs] U.S: You are clearly the object of desire for thousands if not millions of people. Can this be a danger to you? Have you had any type situation? How do you deal with fans like that? HOTROD: I have only had a few paranoid experiences. Maybe I wasn’t sober, but I’ve woken up in strange places occasionally. Nothing too crazy has come my way though. I don’t accept all invitations. I am cautious about

who I surround myself with. I do admit I collect numbers. I’ve had a few stalkers. One person said they’ve waited outside my house. But I have fears of my own so I can’t entertain being fearful of other people. U.S: You would be considered “Self Employed” if and when you should decide to pursue another career, how will you explain your previous work and do you think this could potentially have a negative effect on trying to change careers? HOTROD: Yes I consider myself self-employed and have been for 5 years. I don’t plan to have to fill out another job application. My goal is to work for myself. I would never put that I was an actor. I mean if it doesn’t have anything to do with my job I wouldn’t. U.S: How do you market yourself and how do you determine what works best for you. HOTROD: That is my daily challenge. When I started I wasn’t serious. Now I have 3 brands that I’m working on. Working on organizing them in the most efficient and less stressful way possible. I’m releasing my website soon IamHotRod.com Also I have to coordinate my schedule for the strip shows and dances.

There are no small roles, only small actors.

back to regular old me. I guess HotRod is the sexual side of me. U.S: Do you have a favorite porn star? HOTROD: No, when I watch porn I have moods. I switch up whenever I do decide to watch. Sometimes it’s straight; sometimes it’s Bi, sometimes its amateur. I switch up too much to tell.

I never wanted to just be a porn star. I like to entertain, so I am experimenting with stripping. I have a favorite stripper Arquez right. I saw 63 him live and he was great. I wouldn’t say I’m the best in the game, but I do know how to entertain people. I don’t have to throw people around the floor. I prefer to be more of a sexual tease. It’s more like a male burlesque sort of show because I’m more of a performance artist. Erotic performance! But in the end I wind up naked. I don’t like to dance for tips. I don’t like to work for tips. It takes away from the art. U.S: How do you get into character before a live show? HOTROD: To prepare for a show I usually drink because I’m shy typically. My music is a big part of how I get into my zone. I choose my own songs. I edit my own music. I like my

music mixed very precisely. As long as I can feel the music I can get into it. It’s about my setting, my lights, my staging my atmosphere. But of course things don’t always go right so that’s when you throw back a shot of Petron and have fun. U.S: What does it cost to book you? HOTROD: Generally $2500 for a live club shows out of the country. Intercontinental my lowest booking rates are about $1000 U.S: How do you separate your work life from your personal life? Do you find it hard? HOTROD: Looks around. Pause. I do not always want to have sex. Work is Work. There is a difference. Most people don’t want to bring their job home SO once the cameras are off It’s over. Afterwards I’m

U.S: How have you used the money that you’ve made to reinvest in “HotRod”? HOTROD: I have made a lot of money. When I started I never expected to get rich. But as far as the Adult Entertainment it pays my bills. I don’t want to get rich off it. I just want to be comfortable. I pretty much work everyday. I don’t find escorting money to be the kind of money I want. There are a few people I spend time with but no “Sugar Daddies” right now… But I’m always accepting applications. If there was someone who wanted to help me build my brand then maybe I can work with them. I’m not very good with people. I really can only have one close person in my life. So I’m not sure how good I would be at being the “Boyfriend” experience. U.S: But you have had a few relationships since your introduction into the business. Is this rare amongst

the actors? And if you date someone not in the industry do you find it harder to communicate? HOTROD: I mean usually you’re meeting these people for the first time on a sexual basis. Sometimes you click with a person who has that chemistry and I’ve had 2 relationships that lasted average of 2 years, which isn’t bad for gay lifetime. Porn is a very interactive job and you are working with people all the time. So you have that instant connection syndrome that only people in the industry would know and yea, sometimes you act on it. I’ve only dated outside the industry once and he ended up doing porn. LOL I take the blame for that. But Yahhh... Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. [Laughs loudly] U.S: What is a typical day like for you? HOTROD: Hmmm. A typical day for Hotrod…(pauses to think) 9:58 wake up, clear crust; 10AM watch Wendy Williams; 11AM check emails and send correspondence; curse out landlord on Mondays between commercial breaks; 12PM go to gym for two hours; 2pm plan my day, schedule work, shoots, meetings, dinner plans. I talk to a lot of people everyday. I really need an assistant living with me, [Laughs] Seriously, I have so

much stuff everyday and I’m really working on my organizational skills. It just takes patience. U.S: Well, what would you look for in an assistant? HOTROD: A brain... lol. Someone who is willing to be overworked and underpaid; someone who is willing to work and wants to do the job; someone who is pro HOTROD! U.S: Sounds like a tough job, any fringe benefits? HOTROD: I’d be a very fair boss! [Laughs] Well, for anyone looking for gainful employment and don’t mind the hard job of looking at HOTROD all day, sometimes naked, get your resumes together. I think you may want to find out all you can about this employer though because it sounds like you will need to be hard edged, straight and (not so) narrow, balls to the wall, nose to the ground, no holds barred type of brother that enjoys putting his back into it and doesn’t mind taking one for the team or (up the ass) every now and then. You should extremely passionate about what you do and willing to do everything necessary to stroke your boss’s really, really big ego. If you possess those qualities and more… Go get it. Good Luck!

For more information about HOTROD and his appearances and bookings, visit his website at www.iamhotrod.com I_am_hotrod@twitter Je_Suis_hotrod


sexuality in the african american church By Tre Alee

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so…” are some of the lyrics to “Jesus Loves Me” a song written by Anna B. Warner in 1860 that became and remains popular in many African American homes and Sunday school classes for urban youth. The song clearly expresses God’s love for his creation and does not exclude anyone from his unconditional grace. However, even though the song has been taught to African American children of all church denominations, it seems to contradict what some are being taught about God’s love. If his agape love has no limits, barriers, or conditions, then why are homosexuals often deemed as those who God despises? Unfortunately, the African American church also known as the black church is guilty of teaching this untruth more often than not through ungodly actions and words. The church in the form of a building is a place where like believers go to worship and praise God with the hope of receiving something special from him. But often times a broken soul enters the building to experience God’s presence, but leaves even more broken because of being gay or questioning his or

her sexuality. Many African American pastors and members feel that they have the authority to condemn homosexuals and banish them from God’s grace, love, and compassion. As a result, there are thousands upon thousands of homosexuals who denounce their faith and the church, which ultimately can lead to rejecting God. If by chance they remain in the church, they often hide their truth out of fear of being ostracized by the leaders and church members. It’s a heartbreaking truth that keeps a number of homosexual teens, men, and women bound and afraid of being seen in church or “seen” by God. Is drawing souls closer to God with love and kindness, gestures of the past? Has loving individuals beyond their circumstances or lifestyles become nonexistent in the African American church? Many members of the gay community would offer up a resounding “yes” to both questions and may continue to avoid church altogether. However, what is gratifying is that there are those who embrace their sexuality and have developed a personal relationship with God that is unconditional and sustaining. They realize that the church lives within

each heart and if the people sitting on the pews reject them, God won’t do the same. Even though there are numerous leaders, pastors, and members in the African American church who shun homosexuals, there are those who welcome everyone into the fold. For example, Rev. M. W. Walker and Pastor H. W. Seemore are two well respected pastors in Massachusetts, one Baptist and the other Pentecostal, who share similar yet different beliefs about homosexuality. Rev. Walker, the Baptist preacher believes wholeheartedly that homosexuals are to be accepted like everyone else and that homosexuality should not be considered a sin. Further, he’s a heterosexual pastor who believes that everyone, straight or gay, should have the same rights therefore he proudly marries gay couples. But as a pastor in support of homosexuality, he has been forbidden to return to certain churches because of his beliefs and actions. Nonetheless, Rev. Walker does not waiver in his point of view that everyone, regardless of his or her l ifestyle, should be treated with love. Pastor Seemore on the other hand believes that homosexuality is a sin that anyone can be deliv-

Has loving individuals beyond their circumstances or lifestyles become nonexistent in the African American Church?

ered from. Although he stands on his conviction that homosexuality is a sin, he does not condone homosexuals being rejected or treated any different in the church. His conviction is that everyone has a soul that should be introduced to God and everyone has a right to serve God no matter the lifestyle. Furthermore, Pastor Seemore’s youngest daughter is openly gay and he has professed that no matter what her life choices are, she’s still his daughter. “I love my daughter and I refuse to turn her or anyone like her away. If God didn’t turn me away, why should I 67turn one of his away? We all are deserving of God’s love,” Pastor Seemore declared. Is it impossible for other pastors to agree to disagree with the end result being that each person should be treated with love, acceptance and respect? Rev. Walker and Pastor Seemore both have two very different perspectives about homosexuality, but they arrive at the same conclusion – no person is exempt from God’s love. Homosexuality within the African American church and culture is a difficult lifestyle to swallow and one that brings shame or embarrassment to some. However, a bridge needs to be built to close the gap and

that bridge may simply be “agree to disagree” with understanding and compassion. In other words, those leading or affiliated with the church are free to believe as they choose about homosexuality, but how they treat those different from themselves is what will uplift or potentially kill a soul. Additionally, advocates and members of the gay community should also be careful not to condemn people who may not necessarily agree with homosexuality. There will be individuals who won’t agree but who will still show

gentleness, respect, and acceptance. Everyone has the right and privilege to believe as they choose, but as God so loved the world that he gave his life for every individual, he proved that his love is not conditional. It wasn’t based on race, creed, or sexuality, but it was based on him knowing that every human being is in need of unconditional love. This remains true for same gender loving couples in the African American church – there are no limits to God’s love.


The only label that matters is your name.

By Persona non Grata

Misunderstanding of terms can sometimes be really annoying, especially when you see that people from your community use certain terms incorrectly. One of the most common mistake  heterosexual but also the people from the LGBT community do is that they  take transvestites for transgenders (not to mention that they often see drag queens whose sole purpose is to entertain as gay or transgender, another annoying mistake). Although they were explained for so many times that there is a huge difference between these two terms, some of them seem not to understand and still use them just the way they want to. Hopefully this article will be an useful one! First of all, in order to make a clear difference between transgender and transvestites, it is essential to know the definition of these two terms. Transgender is a man or a woman that does not feel comfortable in his or her actual body, so they want to bring some changes that would eventually lead to their belonging to the opposite gender. They make a series of investigations and hormonal treatments that aim to lower the Testosterone level, and most of the transgender people

also use esthetic surgery. The most known esthetic surgeries when it comes to TG involves the remodelation of node and chin, breast implant and not least, the most important being Gender Reassignment Surgery. So, a TG is not satisfied with his or her biologic gender and they feel misfit. We`re done with the definition of a transgender person, now let`s switch to TVs. A transvestite is EITHER a MAN or a WOMAN who wears clothes of the opposite gender because this is what  turns them on or this is how they feel comfortable. I would like to highlight the fact that  transvestites DO NOT follow a hormonal treatment and DO NOT intend to change their gender in the future or have any other surgeries that would make them resemble to the opposite gender.  Moreover, they are HAPPY with their actual gender and they feel perfect just the way they are:  men wearing women clothes or vice versa. Drag queens are MEN that dress like women with the purpose of entertaining others. They are usually impersonating certain stars and parodiating songs or movie scenes. They use excessive make up also because they want to make people laugh and feel good. Drag queens are basically 

transvestites, the only difference between these two being that drag queens do not wear female clothes only because this turns them on or only because this is how they feel good, they do it for the audience and for the sake of the show. It is very easy to distinguish these three categories, all you have to do is to be aware of the accurate definitions and that`s all. One of the main difference between a transgender and a transvestite or a drag queen is that the transgender looks almost exactly like a genetic girl:  breasts, feminine forms and voice, while the transvestite and drag queen have manly features thatwill always betray their gender. The thing is that some TVs like to think that they are TGs (really don`t know why), and use this thing in order to attract straight males. To sum up, I hope that my explanations were clear and comprehensive, and all those who read this article will be able from now on to make the differences. If there is anything you did not understand or that was not clearly stated here, please ask me and I would be delighted to answer your questions.


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