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Perfectly crafted LEDs give elegant accessories like this chandelier a sustainable touch.

The family lived in pure sun-powered bliss throughout the entire year

without even a hiccup in the delivery of energy to their home.

stayed on in the family room while the kids enjoyed gaming in the game room downstairs. They had experienced plenty of outages with PG&E due to fallen trees at their previous home, but there were no such experiences here. The lights throughout their 4,000 square foot home stayed on throughout the winter with plenty of energy to spare. To keep the house warm, they used their upstairs and downstairs wood stoves, utilizing the wood fuel surrounding their house; not only did it provide warmth throughout the winter months, but it also gave Gary plenty of exercise during a time when most people remain sedentary. Over the last few months, Gary and Simonne have hosted a number of gatherings at their home and each and every one of those get togethers has left their guests in awe as to how they can power an entire home of that size without PG&E, and not just power it, but do so without compromising the normal daily energy usage that they grew accustomed to at their old home. The lack of compromising is so shocking in fact, that two of his patients have already talked to Lance,

Be Green at Home & on the Go

Mrs. Myer’s Cleaning Products

Woodzies Sunglasses

Orange Twist Stationery

Many people believe natural cleaning products don’t make the mark, however Mrs. Myer’s products pack a mean punch against any household chore. All products are at least 97% naturally derived and made from essential oils. Plus, each product has an amazing scent!

Sunglasses are a must-have in Chico (Hello, 108 degree weather!). What could be more fun than glasses that camouflage into the environment around you. These Woodsies are made from all natural bamboo and pine tree wood. They come in an array of styles and for every pair sold, a tree is planted!

Created by Chico local, Claire Jauregui, Orange Twist is a quirky line of stationery perfect for everyday note taking. There are also cards in the line that would accompany any present beautifully. All of it is green: soy ink, biodegradable packaging, and 100% recycled paper! What could be better?

Available @ Collier Hardware

Available @ Trucker

Available @ Home Ec


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