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Nico Arnedo.


Antonio Serrera, Pablo Codesido, Santiago

Mencías Calderón, Lander Ipenza, Antonio Morillo, Spain Wingfoil League, Michael Jenkins, Michael Williams, Beau Nixon, Járan Rodriguez, Eco SUP, BCN PaddleSurf. Nico Arnedo, Up Suping.


Pablo franco, ICF, Mario Entero, Chris Stadler, GWA, APP World Tour, Antonio Herrera Trujillo, Michael Williams, Carlota Parras, Gwen marche, Eco SUP, Edu Vidarte, Jvilca, BCN PaddleSurf, Nico Arnedo, Up Suping.


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Starboard International

Rider: Daniel Hasulyo

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Stand Up Paddle
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UP#41 edito

“Those kids who sit up with their eyes wide open. Without respect to the schedule or the customs and to those that for their good, it is necessary to tame¨. These words by Serrat will ring a bell for more than one, who has marked more than one generation thanks to his music. In my case, it was like that and it is something that, inevitably, I have been remembering in each event that I have attended since the beginning of this year. Although we already know the presence of the future of SUP in our country, we may not know, in some cases, what the culprits of this exciting moment are feeling inside.

The older we become more sensitive, that is inevitable. What I never imagined is that Stand Up Paddle and its possibilities would awaken such magical moments together with them. Boys and girls, it doesn’t matter what age, because each stage is different. They look you in the eye and ask you for help, whether they are 8 or 16 years old. They laugh and cry with almost uncontrollable emotion because this sport is taking them to magical emotional extremes. They tire them, they make them think. It educates them and activates them in life...


And we? What are they doing to us? Like fathers, mothers, uncles, sisters, etc... These little ones arouse great feelings, doubts and emotions that are not easy to overcome. There comes a time when the material spent, the hours of travel and getting up early does not matter as long as you see them row and enjoy with their companions. Whether at an event, on a SUP campus or at a summer school. They even make us doubt when they are facing an immense lake, or the sea and its waves. They also doubt, but they are the ones who must react, and we are behind in what they need. They listen to our cries of encouragement from the beach while they are paddling, looking for us with their heads down, but always concentrating on not losing their balance.

¨Nothing and no one can prevent them from suffering, that the needles advance on the clock. That they decide for them, that they make mistakes, that they grow up and that one day they say goodbye to us¨...But until that moment arrives, let’s continue to hug them every time they get off the board with the oar in hand. Ladies and gentlemen…Welcome to Up#41!

Nico Arnedo
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Close your eyes, take a brief look into the past, open your eyes...Tell us what you have seen or felt inside yourself.

Whenever I remember the past or my childhood, many memories come to me of how I started to do this sport, of how much my friends and I enjoyed it. If I had to highlight an important moment in my career, this would be the change I made, without realizing it, from taking it as a game or a hobby, to becoming my sport. It gives me the feeling that this precious memory will remain with me forever. SUP has made me evolve as an athlete and as a person, until reaching what I am today.

What do you think are the main factors that have helped you become the great athlete you are today? We know about the great work of the “Port Adriano” team and your colleagues.

As I have always said, for me the key to being a good athlete is, apart from having the desire, to always be surrounded by people who make you feel good and who support you in everything. For this reason, I believe that what I am today has been thanks, above all, to the team at Port Adriano. Without them, I don’t think I would have gotten this far. For me, the whole team plays an important role in my life. From my teammates and friends, who always support me and help me to continue with enthusiasm, going through two of the fundamental pillars in my life, Laura and my coach Manolo. They have been the ones who have guided me since I was little and have made me evolve to the point where I am today. Thank you so much guys.

John Carter. Pablo Franco ICF. Up Suping Up Suping
John Carter

Of all the competitions you’ve done in recent years...Which ones have marked your evolution as a competitor and why?

There are many competitions that I have done during my career as an athlete, and all of them have always had something special and have been incredible experiences, always surrounded by my team. But I think that two of the most important competitions in my life, and that have marked my evolution, have been the two ISA World SUP Championships. On the one hand, the World Cup in El Salvador where I competed as a junior. It was the first time that I was able to compare my level with people from all over the world. And the other was in Puerto Rico, because it was my first international race as an Elite.

Tell us about your sensations with the recent NSP boards and your connection with this great world brand.

I started using the NSP boards a year ago. The first time you indeed have to get used to them, but in my case the evolution was very fast. After I had been using them for a while, I realized that these boards were very suitable for my needs, since I needed a narrow and light model. Also, the more I trained, the more comfortable I became with them. At first, I always opted for the Ninja 14x20, which is a well known board for flat water, but there are indeed other very interesting models that I have been able to try and I have felt very comfortable. On the other hand, as for the NSP team, I have always been treated very well and I have felt that they care about me and my needs. The truth is that I think I have found the brand that defines me and that suits me, I am very happy to be part of this team.

Pablo Franco

This sport demands a lot of time from your life. But surely you have other hobbies and some activities to disconnect a bit from paddling...

It is true that, being a competitive sport, I have to dedicate a lot of time to train it and I also combine it with the degree I am studying at the university. But as you say, always have to have time for other things. In my case, thanks to SUP, I have been able to discover surfing. I have also done it since I was little, but always as a hobby, and I think that surfing helps me a lot to disconnect and enjoy, both alone and with my friends. Another activity that I disconnect from and that I usually do in summer is scuba diving. In addition to these hobbies, it also helps me a lot to go out with my friends and have a good time.

How would you describe your character, both paddling and out of the water? What do you think are your virtues for SUP?

I consider that I am the same person outside and inside the water. I would describe myself as a very ambitious girl since I like to be clear about my goals or objectives and I always try to achieve them. Also, I think that one of my virtues for SUP is how competitive I am, thanks to this I always try to give my best. Although this does not stop me from enjoying the sport. I think that this ability to adapt is one of the most important virtues I have.


What note do you give to the national Stand Up Paddle events and how would you rate their treatment of riders?

Honestly, I couldn’t say a note, it’s very complicated. About the treatment, I have been competing in this sport for many years, since I was quite little, and I have never had any problem, quite the opposite. I have always really enjoyed all the national events and I have felt comfortable. Although it is true that I also enjoy visiting the world, and whenever I can I choose some international race.

You are already a point of reference of the SUP Race all over the world and for many girls younger than you, and who have been paddling very hard. What supportive message or advice would you give them?

The truth is that time goes by very quickly and I still see myself as one of them, but it is true that I have been paddling and competing for many years and these experiences have made me learn a lot year after year. One of the pieces of advice I would give you, is that the most important thing about doing a sport is that you like it and, above all, that you enjoy doing it, that you share it with the people who give you the most and with those who support you in your decisions. For me, the key is to always be surrounded by positive people who motivate you and with whom you have a great time, and I think that, from there, the rest takes care of itself.


After completing 2022 with the ISA World SUp Championship and your magnificent results in Puerto Rico…What do you ask of 2023?

What I have achieved in 2022 has been for me something inexplicable that, of course, I would always repeat. So, what I ask of this 2023 is to continue living incredible experiences thanks to the competitions. And you can be sure that I will try to do my best in each one of them, as I have done so far.

Thanks to…

First of all, I have to thank the entire Port Adriano team, my teammates and my coach, because without them none of this would be possible. I thank you for guiding me, supporting me and always enjoying my side. I would also like to thank my family, for supporting me and pursuing my career. But above all, to my mother. Thanks to her I have started with this sport and I have always continued with enthusiasm. Finally, I want to thank the NSP brand for trusting me and for allowing me to be on their team.

Pablo Franco


The 4th edition of the World SUP Festival was a spectacle, hosting EuroTour and App World Tour competitions in the same weekend


The World SUP Festival is one of those great events for all SUP Race fans around the world. And its 4th edition has been very special, with hundreds of “SUPers” taking over Santa Pola and turning it into an international city.

In addition, for this edition, the great Dani Parres and his entire team offered us a great show never seen anywhere in the world, with the classic EuroTour Long Dis-tance competition from Tabarca Island, and an exciting App World Tour Sprints race. A weekend that no one will forget, enlivened with many activities, brand expo and music for the public.

On Saturday, April 29, hundreds of riders got on the “tabarqueras” to travel to the iconic Isla de Tabarca, the starting point of the Open and Elite races of the EuroTour competition, which was their 3rd stop after Ceuta and Seville. The Mediterranean conditions always put competitors on alert, having to show all their skills...and this edition was no exception.

The japanese Ttakuji Araki was the first to cross the finish line in the men’s general, while the rider Nuria Chiquero continues to show great solidity wherever she com-petes, achieving first position in the women’s general.

The Open category paddled 7 km from Tabarca to the Levante beach in Santa Pola.
Mario Entero. Up Suping Up Suping

No doubt, the eyes of the whole world were on the Elite category, with great interna-tional references present in Santa Pola. With an approximate distance of 12.5 km, both this category and the SUB18, put in a magnificent performance, fighting against side wind and crossed bumps. Keeping the balance was not easy at all!

In the female category, the spanish Esperanza Barreras had managed to distance herself from the rest of the riders during the first kilometres, but she did not have it easy in the last leg of the race, where her opponents had closed the gap against the galician rider. Finally, Esperanza managed to revalidate the title at the World SUP Festival, ahead of Alba Frey from the Canary Islands and the young italian Cecilia Pampinella.

In the men’s category, the japanese Shuri Araki got away from his opponents shortly before making the first turn in the western area of the Isla de Tabarca, monopolizing the race until halfway through. The prevailing conditions favoured great experts such as Noic Garoiud and Clement Colmas, excellent athletes of the sea and the ocean in all kinds of situations. The french put pressure on the young japanese until the last moment when Noic pushed strong and managed to pass him to cross the finish line first. Shuri would do the same in the second position and Clement in the third, offering us a real show until the last minute.


In the afternoon, the Kid’s competitions were held, with the great promises of this sport at a national and international level.

The routes were marked out in the waters of the Levante beach, surrounded by the public present and their families. In addition, we were able to enjoy activities, board tests, music and much more in the event area.

On Sunday, to end the World SUP Festival 2023, the Sprint competitions of the App World Tour returned to the Alicante area, after the same event last December. An M-shaped circuit, with three buoy turns and a few small waves both at the start and at the finish line. Was more than enough to offer a great show.

The youngest opened the competition morning, where we must highlight Araki Ka-nara, Anitz Ibarloza and Laura Recio who show us their Stand Up Paddle passion. And as the day went by, in different qualifying heats, everything pointed to seeing the specialists of this modality at the top of the podium.

The Americans Connor Baxter and Fiona Wilde crowned the Sprints of the first stop of the App World Tour.

Connor was pure perfection in every heat played, winning the final ahead of Noic Garioud, Shuri Araki and Clement Colmas. And Fiona, after her sporting break after her shoulder operation, she comes back stronger than ever, taking first place ahead of Melanie Lafenetre, Juliette Duhaime and Caroline Kuntzel.


The World SUP Festival once again demonstrated why it is one of the great world events of Stand Up Paddle. Its organization, place and environment have no compar-ison. From Up Suping we want to thank Dani, Sonia, brands, collaborators and the Parres Watersports team for making this festival a reality. In particular, the volunteer team who always smile from ear to ear, phenomenally treat everyone, making a great effort to keep the WSF on its feet. And without a doubt...next year more and better!

atest technology

Fast dry technical recycling great comfort ultr a soft touch l

3D Keeler was born from the idea of creating the most revolutionary fin on the market. We decided to work on a new concept and studied all the fluid theorems to be able to achieve a stable keel that would also give us natural speed.


3D Keeler is a technological revolution within3D printing, it is a set of technologies that allows you to create objects without the need for molds, based on digital files. The 3D printers used are the most modern of the market, they are intelligent machines because they are capable of printing prototypes quickly and accurately.


The design, engineering development and manufacturing process make the 3D Keeler the fastest fin in the world. It offers a versatile and balanced fin in terms of sensations, maneuverability and stability.

Their versatile movements in the water are superior to any fin on the market, since they provide a plus of speed and unprecedented control.



SUP y gastronomy

The last edition of my umpteenth descent of the Sella river in Asturias made me think again about what I want to tell you. Every year, I go down this river with my 28¨ inflatable board enjoying the surroundings and hoping not to get thrown into the air after running aground on one of the many stones that appear in the rapids that run along the river, especially in times of little water flow. And this year has been no different. But, when I was back home, a new reflection arose. After the descent there is always something indisputable: the asturian food cannot be missing, year after year. And this has been a constant in the multiple trips that I have already enjoyed. I still remember my first competitive event, in the prehistory of the sport. I went to the Bikingo Eguna in Hondarribia, a classic and fantastic event where there are and that still survives among so many competitive offers.

Pablo Codesido Chris Stadler. Pablo Codesido

Perhaps that’s where my true gastronomic tour began, because whenever I’ve gone, between my chest and back I’ve gotten a good txuletón that honestly I don’t know if it made me perform better or worse. I think I came last, but for the first time I understood that the result was not as important as being able to enjoy the magnificent places of this old Iberia. And it is that I cannot forget my portuguese brothers with their rice dishes, cataplanas, cod…that have always accompanied my trips to Portugal, where eating is cheap as well as good. And this good habit has spread beyond the peninsula, a french raclette after a good GlaGlarace in the Alps, or a good Italian ice cream, as a dear family of superior friends recently told me, where their little ones were already in a position to emit the “guide to the best ice creams on the SUP route.”

When I started paddling, when I was very mature, one of my goals was to have an excuse to continue travelling and get to know more places and cultures, their people (many already friends) and, of course, the cuisine that characterizes any of the towns you visit. Thanks to many of these superior trips I have been able to continue enjoying delicacies such as the murcian vegetable garden, the andalusian gazpacho, the cantabrian squid rings, the potatoes with canarian mojo, the balearic stew, the Valencian paella or the Catalan escalade, and this is just a small sample of the enormous offer that surrounds us. Well, in these words, I’m missing Galicia.


And it is that, dear friends, we galicians are convinced that we are in the Olympus of good food. Maybe we could discuss the position, but surely in the top three. Seafood, meat, fish, sweets or bread, yes, bread in Galicia is a religion. If you think that your physical condition is not ideal to take your gear and come to compete in one of the galician events, think about what awaits you after a good paddling here. Luxury gastronomy in an incomparable landscape. Where the rain is an art and God lay down to rest.


I can’t say goodbye without putting on something serious and without telling you about the healthy part. It goes in the profession and of course, in the philosophy of this section. Nutrition in the athlete is essential, nutritional balance is part of performance and good health. Even when it comes to suffering injuries, and it is so in both elite and amateur athletes. The energy our cells use to create a powerful and efficient stroke comes from the food we eat every day. A healthy diet should be part of our daily habits. But this is not incompatible with enjoying the gastronomic part offered by the places you go to enjoy with your board. The good thing about our sport is that it can make you happy both in and out of the water..


The Spot SUP Pirineos team did it again. It´s not easy to gather more than 100 people in the middle of winter to go out paddling, but the SUP Pirineos Festival has great convening power. Its third edition was highly anticipated by many ¨SUPers¨ from different zones of Spain, and even by a big group from France, who came to the Sobrarbe region to enjoy SUP, the coexistence and the environment of this wonderful place.

Up Suping

This edition of the SUP Pirineos Festival began with a spectacular welcome dinner and music at the Hotel Restaurante Revestido, in Escalona. Being one of the first SUP events of the year, with long talks and impressions about the current situation of the sport. And, of course, they talked about everything that the environment of the Pyrenees would offer us in the coming days, among the familiar faces of this sport and also welcoming new participants to this great festival.

On the second day of this event, different Stand Up Paddle races were held in the Mediano reservoir, on a cold morning with Monte Perdido as a great spectator. The excellent organization of Spot SUP Pirineos and its entire team ensured that everyone was comfortable, enjoying the reservoir and living in the middle of nature.

3km and 6km races were held, with obvious routes for athletes and spectators who came to the event area. The water, above 7ºC, did not impede athletes of all levels to row in the reservoir. These races were not competitive, but they were ideal so that many “SUPers” could see their current level.

There were also sprint races and Dragon races, thanks to the Red Paddle boards donated by the collaborator Windparadise. There were great moments of fun, both for the athletes and for the general public. The conditions of the reservoir were ideal for this type of activity that the SUP Pirineos Festival develops in each of its editions.


After an intense morning of sports, and enjoying a picnic in the open air to regain strength, activities resumed in the town of Aínsa with a skate and paddle land journey, ideal for combating the cold and showing great skills on the asphalt.

The cinema was also a participant in this event. The SUP Pirineos Film Festival presented a series of shorts at the Aínsa Cultural Center, all of them made by clubs that attended this festival, and where the participants could vote and choose the one they liked the most. The SUP is even on the big screen!

And this great day ended with the awards ceremony, barbecue dinner and rock concert in the moat of the Historic Center of Aínsa, with a gigantic bonfire offering warmth to all attendees.

For the last day of this SUP Pyrenees Festival, the weather offered a wonderful sunny morning for a pleasant journey in the Mediano reservoir. All SUP lovers met once again in these crystalline waters, with the organization of the event marking the route of the ride and, in addition, offering information about the area: history, flora and fauna of the place, water activities, anecdotes, etc. A wonderful way to take a break from all the activities of the weekend and relax before heading home.

Every minute lived in the Sobrarbe region is saved to remember, since many anecdotes happen in this corner of the Pyrenees and, above all, the great moments of conviviality. This festival is ideal to start a new year full of trips and experiences with Stand Up Paddle as a banner. It has been a magnificent third edition, and without a doubt, many are already thinking about the 2024 edition. Thank to Windparadise, Red Paddle, SUP One, DJ Robert, Samuel, Globe, Salty Crew, Fabric Board, Cervezas Viera Ordio, Aínsa City Council, Sobrarbe Region, Decathlon, Hotel Restaurant Revestido and Up Suping.


And a storm that ignited the passion of surfing

Hi Taka! Present yourself to our readers and tell us how you started 2023.

Hello! I’m a Japanese pro surfer. My traits are that I can ride on many kinds of boards, as if I were a professional for each surfing discipline. I can make not only world-class hang ten in longboarding, but also air in shortboarding and SUP surfing. Fortunately, the year 2023 started with good surfing at the WSL Longboard Asian Regional Qualifier in January and the Shortboard Qualifying Series in March. This year, I would like to focus on overseas competitions.

You are an authentic man of the sea, and we want to know how your connection with surfing and its modalities arose.

Thank you for the words. I started surfing when I picked up a sponge board that had washed up on the beach, near my house after a storm. I didn’t know it was a bodyboard, so I rode it like a surfer, standing up on it. A surfer who saw it lent me a ‘real’ surfboard and I made my surfing debut. Surfing is hard to get good at, and it is a continuous process of trial and error.

In such a never-ending quest, I found myself hooked on surfing. A few years later, someone recommended me to enter a local competition. I won with a series of perfect scores in the competition, so he encouraged me to take up surfing seriously. After a while I decided to try to become a professional surfer.

App World Tour. Taka Inoue
App World Tour 37

App World Tour, ISA and much more…Taka, the past year has been very important for you!

Yes, it surely was. I had never competed in an international SUP competition before, so I tried last year. It was a very important year for me, as it was a series of world firsts; we three siblings represented the country at ISA and took part in APP, placed high, with my sister winning the triple crown of World Champion.

What does it feel like to be competing with the greats of the world SUP?

So stoked. It is a great experience to surf with the world-top talented surfers. You can learn a lot, and of course it’s fun. So, I’m always looking forward to competing with them.

What do you think are your best skills when you do longboarding or SUP surfing? What are your favorite maneuvers?

My specialties in longboarding are levitating hang ten, drop knee roundhouse cutback, and my favorite maneuvers are roundhouse cutback and ‘wittcopter’. As for SUP surfing, my specialty is ‘Inobaubau’ layback, and my favorite maneuvers are the roundhouse cutback reverse 360 with switching the paddle and pop shove-it. In shortboarding, my specialties are airs in general, and my favorite maneuvers is layback blow tail reverse.

World Tour

Due to the distance and sometimes due to simple ignorance, we do not have much information about surfing and SUP in Asia. Tell us about the level of these sports in that site of the world and what are your favorite spots.

I’m afraid the level of SUP surfing in Asia is not so high. Surfing itself is still under development in Asia, and the same is true for SUP. SUP racing is popular in Japan, but unfortunately SUP surfing is not so popular. I believe that the level will not go up unless SUP becomes more popular and more people do SUP. I have never experienced SUP surfing in Asia except in Japan. One of my favorite spots is Jinzun Harbor in Taiwan and I think it’s good for SUP surfing. I’d like to try SUP surfing there once.

We see that you travel with your family, which also enjoys Stand Up Paddle. That must be very important to you!

Yes. My style of traveling with my family is good for me, especially for competitions, as I feel right at home. Competitions are nerve-racking, so I try to reduce stress as much as possible in other situations. When you work with others, you need to be concerned about them and get nervous and reserved. With family, to the contrary, you don’t have to. You do not even need to say anything to get through. Besides, I enjoy spending time with my family. Surfing with my sisters, for example, having party wave, is a very good time.

How are the previous moments before a competition? Do you have a diet and rest plan to perform at your best?

I have no special plan or routine before a competition. As for foods, I pick up ones that are not too stimulating and easy to digest, but basically not so strict. About a rest, I try to get good rest before a competition, but I have quite a lot of things to do and most of the time I don’t get much rest.

What would be your greatest sporting success?

World Champion in three disciplines: SUP surfing, longboard and shortboard.

Thanks to...

My family, friends, supporters, sponsors, all the things.

App World Tour


The first thing I always do when I get up is look at the sea forecasts on a couple of web pages, Windguru and surf forecast normally, and the tide table to assess which beach I can have the best conditions at the time I’m going. I do this even on days that I don’t surf.

Lander Ipenza Up Suping

If I’m not close to the beach to see the waves, I usually look at a webcam to see the state of the sea, especially if I have doubts about which beach to go to and save myself from going around a lot. Although sometimes it is unavoidable...

I prepare my material:

If I see it clearly, I normally put a single board, if I have doubts I put two. I always carry 2 leashes in case one breaks. I wear a suit if I need it and of course, and very importantly the paddle. Finally, I check the keels before entering the water that they are tight.


On the beach:

Before I get into the water, I will always look at how it is and see where to get in easier, since with a SUP, depending on the beach, it is more difficult to reach the point than with other boards.

Once I have it clear, or not...I change and stretch a bit to avoid some injuries. I don’t usually do it much…I can feel the desire to get into the water. I get into the water and all I have to do is enjoy the season!!

When I go out, the most important thing is that I rinse everything with fresh water and go for some sugar…almost always chocolat!!

The best SUP surfer is the one who has the most fun!!



Xavi Corr Crowned GWA Leucate Freestyle Champ

FreeWing Dream Team rider Xavi Corr unlocks new possibilities with the recently released AIR v3 scoring the first perfect 10 at any GWA Freestyle competition and takes home a joint first place. The young Spanish rider from Tarifa stole the show, launching some big scoring front flip and backflip manoeuvres, however it was the innovation multiplier which GWA committee introduced at this event to encourage new tricks that he utilised to his advantage and get the edge over his competitors.

Xavi achieved these phenomenal results riding on the new AIR v3, the allround performance wing that has now showcased that it is an incredible freestyle wing, allowing Xavi to unlock new tricks on its debut freestyle event.

Crowning the winners at the GWA Wingfoil World Cup in Leucate, France

Despite the crew and athletes remaining on standby, the wind did not materialise for the final day of competition in Leucate. The course was set, the riders were ready, but the conditions were unsuitable for competition on our final day in France. This means that the Surf-Freestyle finals were unfortunately not run, meaning the final results would be a joint first place for the two finalists, Alan Fedit (France) and FreeWing team rider Xavi Corr (Spain) and a joint 3rd place for Balz Muller and Axel Gerard.

Freewing GWA

Double Podium for FreeWing Team at GWA Cape Verde

FreeWing x Starboard Dream Team riders Benoit Carpentier (France) and Zane Schweitzer (USA) have exploded on GWA World Tour with spectacular wingfoil surfing never witnessed before. The duo placed 2nd and 3rd on the podium respective in the new “Wave” format the first GWA Wingfoil World Cup dedicated to pure surfing, staged on the world-renowned Ponta Preta break on Cape Verde’s Sal island.

The FreeWing riders defied limits on the debut of the new AIR v3 our latest all-round performance wing raising the bar and pushing both themselves and their gear to the very edge. Neither athlete left anything on the table, risking everything in the bombs breaking on the rocks.

SUP Surf World Champion Benoit impressed the judges with his effortless and silky smooth style, and kept spectators on the edge of their seats by getting supercritical.

3 x Ultimate waterman Zane Schweitzer delivered impressive performances with his characteristic powerful surfing style, despite super consistent performances, the Maui-based waterman just lost out to his team-mate Benoît Carpentier in an epic clash.

Freewing GWA

Donato Freens and Esperanza Barreras showed a high level of SUP Race in the first edition of the Battle For Hércules in Ceuta.

Up Suping EuroTour. Up Suping


agnificent first edition that, in addition to hosting the first stop of the EuroTour, put the city of Ceuta in the spotlight of all SUP Race fans worldwide. 48

Spectacular reception by the city of Ceuta and the organizers of Battle For Hercules towards all athletes and SUP and Surfsky lovers. It is something that we want to highlight in this text, since we highly value the great effort made so that all athletes feel at home.

Astrong Levante wind received these ¨SUPers¨ a few days before the event, which gradually subsided to carry out the competitions in optimal conditions in the waters of Ceuta, with La Ribera beach being the centre of the event.

On Saturday, April 8, the SUP Race and Surfsky competitions were the main protag-onists. The youngest and Amateurs, made different routes according to their categories. What they did have in common was paddling between the Royal Walls of Ceuta, in a moat that joins the two bays of this city; being very colourful for the curious who walked through this tourist place. The competitors had to paddle with the remains of Levante, with an uncomfortable wind and waves that subsided throughout the day.

Great results of Alicia Bizcocho and Lucas García in SUB10, Bea Bizcocho and Edu-ardo Mira in SUB12, Oscar Alba and Nuria Chiquero in SUB14, Rubén Cantoral and Elia Ugeda in SUB16. All of them are winners in their respective categories, demon-strating the great level that this sport bases. The Amateur category highlights the first places of Beatriz Canudas and Carlos Trivino in inflatables, Maria Mercedes Batidor and Javier Cantoral in rigid.


he Elite and SUB 18 categories had planned to carry out a downwind of the west side, but due to the prevailing conditions on the day of the competition, they had to opt for a different route: leaving from Recarga beach, bordering the entire Santa Cat-alina peninsula to later paddle on a slight lateral downwind to the rock of the Bull, returning to the finish line on the Ribera beach. Undoubtedly, the most tense moments of the tour were at the crossroads of the current that joins the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and the rebounds from the cliffs…a spectacle of nature that put all athletes to the test!

n the women’s category, Esperanza Barreras and Duna Gordillo were exchanging first places for many kilometres, demonstrating once again why they are the fittest competitors in the world. Finally, the galician rider adapted perfectly to the side conditions and took advantage of Duna, getting first place ahead of the rider from Mar Balear rider. The canarian Alba Frey would get the third position, maintaining her high level of competition after a spectacular year in 2021 for her. In SUB18, Alexia Soto from Alicante would take first place ahead of Ainhoa Rivas and Chiara Vorster.


n the men’s category, after a spectacular starting line, the international rider Bruno Hasulyo led the first kilometres of the race together with Aaron Sánchez and Christian Anderssen. But after passing the peninsula and in the direction of Roca del To-ro, an incombustible Donato Freens joined the head of the race along with Christian and Aaron. And while the young dutchman was looking for a different line concerning his opponents, a fall by the dane rider, was very well taken advantage of by the spaniard, overtaking him and managing to gain more advantage to get closer to Donato’s wake and position himself next to him in the last final meters of the race. After an intense sprint to the finish line, Donato crosses first ahead of Aaron, with Christian Anderssen coming up behind them. In SUB18, Donato would repeat first place, Iván de Frutos achieved second place and Augusto García third.

The new generations are taking control of this sport at a high level, and Ceuta has offered an excellent setting for it. The following day, a technical competition was held on the beach of the event on authentic flat conditions for it, with a great sunny day and enjoying the prevailing atmosphere. Impossible to finish better the first edition of Battle For Hercules.

Total thanks to Fofi, Alex, Martin, Ro and the entire team of volunteers at the event. It has been a magnificent weekend in this spectacular city with a brutal potential for Stand Up Paddle. The Battle For Hercules is here!


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Do you know which paddle to choose?

It is the most personal element of the entire SUP team. From the knob to the blade, made with different materials adapted to your needs. Remember that a good, flexible and light paddle will help you get started in this sport more easily, using less energy than if you use a heavy or too stiff paddle.

Adjustable paddles are ideal for beginners, families, travellers, or anyone who wants a paddle that does everything. Discover the types of shafts, handles, blade measurements and much more at

Do you know how to surf big waves?

No matter what level you have, you should always approach the sea with humility and respect, gather all the information you can and always take into account your possibilities and limitations, as well as your physical condition at the time.

Observation and correct placement begins as soon as you arrive at the spot. Material to use, important manoeuvres, trajectories in the wave, advice before falls and much more in

What board to use for downwinds?

There are board models with different designs to offer you different sensations in this SUP modality: with a lower center of gravity, narrower ones that are faster, more surfier, etc.

The most common size for downwind boards is 14 feet for their versatility and manoeuvrability. But the 12.6-footers are very interesting for lightweight people who need more manoeuvrability in the water. Find out what type of paddle to use, fins, leash and much more at

The Starboard Generation is the board that has been a sensation in the SUP world. The specialized magazine SUPBoarder stated that “every SUP lover should have a Generation” but of course, not everyone has a place to store a 12’6 board, so Starboard has developed the inflatable version of this awesome board to be able to store it in anywhere and transport it without problems.

The CocoFlax Performance Touring, like all NSP Cocoflax boards, exemplifies NSP’s commitment to recycling and sustainable manufacturing. With an unmatched percentage of green materials sourced from local farms, CocoFlax boards are some of the most eco-friendly boards on the market right now. The 14’0″ has over 330 liters of volume and two separate storage areas. With less width than the 12’6″ it makes an excellent longdistance tourer that you will be able to paddle for days on end.

Model Volume Thickness Width 12’6” 341 L 6” 30” Model Volume Width Weight 14’0” 332.1 L 30” 15.52 Kg 12’6” 316.8 L 32” 14.69 Kg


The Radz Hawaii AR83 Carbon Fiber SUP paddle has a construction that combines a carbon fiber shaft with a fiber blade. It has a water dropshaped blade design that makes it a very versatile paddle. The AR83 paddle surf paddle is an excellent option to have a light, quality paddle with good features at a more reasonable price.


Within the possibility of manufacturing a fully customized SUP, we have the LONG BEACH model, an allround board specially designed both for taking routes and enjoying nature and for starting to surf small and medium waves. Its generous volume in any of its measurements will give you excellent stability and ease when catching waves. Also available in a smaller volume version for those more experienced SUPers. A table that cannot be missing from your quiver!

525 gr. Carbono Fibra 41cm x 18,5 cm
MATERIAL Weight Pole Paddle Shovel
Model Volume Thickness Width 9’4” 131 L 4” 1/4 30” 9’8” 161 L 4” 11/16 31” 10’2” 166 L 4” 11/16 31” 9’0” 90 L 3” 5/16 26”




The design, engineering development and manufacturing process make the 3D Keeler the fastest fin in the world. It offers a versatile and balanced fin in terms of sensations, maneuverability and stability. Their versatile movements in the water are superior to any fin on the market, since they provide a plus of speed and unprecedented control.

The material used for its PRO fins is a special high-tech polyamideflexible enough to give shape, texture and resistance. One of the qualities of the materials studied was the search for buoyancy in the water in the event of a collision loss. The material used in the Keeler PRO 3D keels is highly durable and strong, slightly flexible and with a specialporosity in all its designs.


KGUARD VanityCase allows you to store your items, keep them protected from sun, sand and water, and carry them along. The KGUARD VanityCase has four bands that allow it to be attached anywhere with the help of a carabiner or a rope.

• Ideal for wet and saline environments.

• Longlasting life.

• Resistant.

• Design suitable for outdoor activities and water sports

• Weight: 185 gr.

• Height: 25 cm.

• Width: 16 cm.

• Depth: 8 cm.


This classic beach style of floating sunglasses is available in distinctive designs, it is polarized and cat.3 lens will protect you from the sun. If you like a classic frame with a pop of color, this is your style. For its timeless approach to be your ally every summer. You can choose between the 4 different designs: palm and parrots, retro style, blue color and mustard color. Thanks to the patented technology from AWA Sunglasses it keeps them afloat.


• 4-layer crew neck.

• Reinforced seam covers on neck and shoulders.

• Side seams.

• Glued sleeve.

• 1x1 rib collar.

• Main fabric interior bias on the neck.

• Wide double stitch on cuffs and hem.

• Single stockinette stitch.




The FreeWing AIR v3 has been fully upgraded for all-round performance and pro-level freestyle. The medium-aspect wing ratio together with short strut delivers a compact power balance making the wing more maneuverable in tacks & gybes, and minimizing wingtip contact with water. A firmer canopy tension provides consistent power delivery and excellent flagged-out stability, while also offering a wide wind range. It also offers more stability and lift from the canopy in maneuvers, making tacking and gybing a dream.


The ENSIS SCORE with rigid handles impresses with its easy handling and direct power. The perfect combination of stability, power and forward drive will have you flying before you know it. The wing is perfectly balanced and feels light in your hands. The rigid frame and high tension of the couch provide great power even in very light winds and excellent stability in stormy conditions. The rigid handles, using the ENSIS Click Fix mounting system, are perfectly positioned on the strut and offer a comfortable, ergonomic grip for direct steering. From discoverers to professionals, perfect for all types of rider.

Model Wing Span 3m2 266 cm 3.5m2 287cm 4m2 297 cm 2.5m2 243 cm 4.5m2 315 cm 5m2 332 cm 5.5m2 349 cm 6m2 3330 cm 7m2 340 cm Model Wind Range 3.5m2 14-40 kn. 4m2 12-35 kn. 4.5m2 10-30 kn. 2.8m2 +20 kn. 5.2m2 8-25 kn. 6.2m2 7-18 kn.


An exercise in pure hydrodynamics reducing drag by optimized release and maximum speed sub foil also means less drag when riders touch down, allowing them to relaunch quickly and smoothly.

The nose features a refined double concave hydro hull transitioning to a flat rocker with chined rails that are cut away one-third above the rounded cut-away tail reducing surface area and drag. Despite the reduced length, the fuller outline and rail maintain volume to assist starts and recovery in rough water and combined with the bottom, the take-off is as smooth as silk and gives riders confidence to push hard.


The AXIS Research Team ART 999 looks and feels like nothing else. On the water this wing blows your mind! The ART 999 sits at the forefront of wing design and development, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for a foil. The incredible speed and glide of this wing, coupled with effortless pump and efficiency, enables you to ride the smallest lump way further outside the surf zone than ever before. What separates this wing from the pack is how well it turns, rolling effortlessly between turns comparable to a surf wing. Despite these high-performance features of the AXIS ART999, it is a surprisingly user friendly wing. The stall speed is incomparably low, giving even advanced beginner to intermediate riders an accessible platform for learning to pump and rapid progression.

Model Volume Width Weight 5’0” 68 L 24” 5.44 Kg 5’2” 81 L 251/2” 5.94 Kg 5’4” 94 L 27” 6.5 Kg 4’10” 55 L 221/2” 4.94 Kg 5’6” 107 L 281/2” 7.00 Kg



The Starboard brand innovates again with an inflatable board for practically everything you want. Yes, as you read it, the new Generation marks a new path for this model of Stand Up Paddle board within this great company. Although, indeed, other brands had already experimented with an inflatable that was versatile, comfortable and economical; the Generation falling in love wherever it goes.

First of all, we are talking about 341 litres and almost 11 kgr. of weight...it’s a big board! Although it deceives a lot when you see it stored in your backpack, you will find a 12’6” x 30 and suitable for all levels, since it offers great stability and reliability. A board that can be easily used for those who are just beginning in the SUP world, and even for the most expert, it is an all-rounder.

Both in choppy and flat conditions, it glides impeccably, amazingly absorbing side bumps, denying any instability movement to the board. Its nose is surprising, with a slight inclination to cross all kinds of waves and favouring the possibility of surfing with it. And the rail reinforcements included in the board are very effective, in addition to the sharp edges on the sides of the tail, since they give it extra speed. It is quite noticeable in bumps during downwind and surfing!

As in all Starborad 2023 inflatables, the Generation also stands out for its incredible finishes, the comfort of the pad and all the elements built with high-quality material. It generates great reliability, and it is what we all look for when investing in the SUP. I don’t want to forget about the inflator: this year they have surpassed themselves and it is one of the best on the market, due to its finishes and construction; in addition to the comfort when using it.




I’ve been using this new paddle from NSP for a few months now and I’m very happy with it. My choice is the 26, thinner to grip comfortably. I’ve always liked small paddle paddles, and this one is great for all kinds of conditions.

I use the same paddle cut at two heights: one for long distances and another to combine open water and sprints. The pole has a wonderful flexion, a very stable blade when it comes to paddling and perfectly adhering to the water thanks to its design. It is very light, and both the 76, 81 and 86 models will offer you a very solid ride, also helped by a super grip that adheres very well to the hand.

Instigator & High Roller

NSP is excited to announce the latest additions to our dedicated surf SUP line. Shaped and designed by Alain Teurquetil, the High Roller and Instigator breathe new concepts and functional design into NSP’s dedicated Surf SUP range. Both models come exclusively in SLX Flax, a lightweight construction ideal for hardcore wave rides.

The High Roller continues the longboard SUP philosophy, allowing SUP riders to perform all the classic longboarding moves, on a high-performance SUP board designed to win. Equipped with a classic 2+1 fin setup, the High Roller comes in two different lengths, and five widths, making sure dedicated longboard SUP riders can choose their ideal High Roller, regardless of size or conditions they like to ride.

The Instigator is an exciting new take on hardcore Surf SUP shapes by Alain Teurquetil. Immediate standout features are its squash tail, and hard tail edges, but the Instigator also benefits from a deep single concave, nose-to-tail and a slightly curvier rocker line, complimented by an outline that’s heavily influenced by performance shortboards.


The first day of competition there was a solid west that forced the Technical Team to develop the Surf Freestyle modality in its entirety, a great role for the U16 juniors who made things difficult for the professionals and more veteran riders, highlighting the role of the Junior World Champion SUB14 Nathan Berguer from Tarifa reaching the quarterfinals, together with the youngsters Ancor Sosa, Riveer Moor and Marcos Ortíz Bey.

The final was played by Lucas Roguet and Jerome Cloetens from Tarifa together with the 2022 Spanish runner-up River Moore, and Ancor Sosa from the Canary Islands, where Jerome Cloetens beat River Moore for first place and Ancor Sosa beat Lucas Roguet for third place.

In women all the leading role was for Nia Suardíaz from Tarifa showing signs of her great form, since she leads the GWA World Cup with a first place in New Zealand and a second place in Cape Verde. She had no rival in any of the modalities and she is proclaimed Champion of the Spanish Cup in Surf Freestyle and Surf Slalom.



After a long extended breath due to covid entering our existence, the Longboard SUP Revolution Cosmic Experience after much discussion was given the green light. Michael Jenkins the founder of the Longboard Sup Revolution movement, Scotty Mckercher owner of the Internationally acclaimed Sup brand Smik and Jonni Morrison Decker owner of the Sanur based business the Rip Curl School of Surfing teamed up to organise and run the International Longboard Sup competition in Sanur, Bali. The event took place over the Easter weekend over four magnificent days from the 7th to the 10th of April 2023.

LSR LSR 2023 2023

The LSR is a movement and fb page that started 6 years ago in Australia to promote and add the 10ft longboard sup division to all sup competitions throughout Australia and now has become a sup community around Australia and the World. The LSR group now has over 6500 members. The event was the dream of the Longboard SUP Revolution creator Michael Jenkins and it became a spectacular reality with the joint efforts of Jonni Morrison Deaker and legendary waterman Scott McKercher.

Michael Jenkins. Michael Williams. Beau Nixon Michael Williams

The swell forecast leading into the event wasn’t looking too favourable, we had the tides, we had the correct wind direction but the waves looked to be 1ft plus on the first two days of competition with a slight bump in the swell size and period for the remaining two days. Fortunately Serangan done its magic and the correct calls were made working the tides to run three heats of the first round in small but contestable conditions on day one.

The Cosmic Experience event was made up of four official divisions Elite Mens and Womens, Weekend Warriors Mens and Womens and an unofficial crowning of the over 60’s world champion which was won by Western Australian Richard Wain.

Some of the big international names to enter were current APP World Tour Champion Benoit Carpenter, current ISA World Champion Zane Schweitzer, Former Australian National Longboard champion Beau Nixon and Former APP World Tour Champion Iballa Moreno made the trip as well as many National and State Champions from Australia, Wes Fry, Kai Bates, Skyla Rayner, Brea Wright, Steve Morley, Trafford Harris, Trevor Tunnington and Wayne Dean.

Proceedings kicked off with a beautiful Balinese blessing ceremony and really highlighted how significantly special and fortunate we were to be in the Islands of the Gods at the very first inaugural dedicated SUP Longboard international event after the 2020 non-event was cut short by a world changing circumstances.

The Weekend Warrior divisions made up of international competitors from about 15 Countries around the World with majority flying in from all states around Australia. A highlight was seeing the local Balinese longboard sup surfers going for it in their heats and really pushing for the finals.

The daily routine was to meet up at Rip Curl School of surf for the days information, followed by the local Balinese Jukung boats being loaded up and making the short trip out Serangan. There is something really special about heading out to surf via an old Balinese outrigger boat especially in a competition setting like the LSR Bali event. The natural high and energy flow, the laughs and smiles, the anticipation of what the waves will be like, the backdrop of the mountains and the ocean, the smells to the dry heat, it truly was a cosmic experience. Once you came around Oka point, the excitement grew now you can see the waves breaking the closer you get to the wave. The judges and media pontoon anchored in the channel with the contest boats ferrying competitors back and forth during the entirety of the competition, it is truly a remarkable thing to be a part of. The Indonesian Surfing Association provided the Contest Director, and Judges, all scores went live right around the world using the Live Heats platform.

Day two witnessed the elite women in the water first and they certainly got the pick of the waves from the whole day, twenty minutes of non-stop 2ft peaky walling right handers swinging in on the reef made way for some great SUP longboard surfing, next up the women’s weekend warriors heat followed by the weekend warriors men’s. The tide began to fill in and we headed back for lunch and the tide to drop to conclude the last of the first rounds of all divisions, three heats were surfed after lunch with the waves turning on for the the elite men’s, the dropping tide really helped define the waves on the reef and some quality surfing was on show.

Day three, same glorious routine with a hint of a little more swell, we approached Serangan to see the swell had certainly kicked up a notch and the energy of all competitors was all time, the waves were in the two to three foot range with the odd bigger one pushing through, today was the day and the call was made several times during the heats to just continue all the way through to finish all semi-final heats as to have the last day the finals day.

The event was lucky to secure photographer Michael Williams, he cameto Bali prepared with new camera gear and was in the hot seat shooting water photos for up to 6 hours straight with a quick swim to the boat for water and the occasional rest. Michael took hundreds of fantastic images and videos and was instrumental in documenting SUP Longboarding history in the process. Michaels photos accompany this article.

Some very impressive and incredible Longboard sup surfing was witnessed by all the crew, the vibe and the energy was surreal, Benoit scored the perfect ten point ride. The judges were literally blown away by the magnificent surfing they were seeing and judging. All of them commented how impressed they were as they had never seen such quality sup surfing before.

Day four, finals day. Today we had the luxury of really picking the best times to run the finals with the tides and once again the crew nailed it, later start, same swell size with winds a little more cross shore but still perfect for SUP Longboarding and highly contestable for all divisions.

Weekend Warrior Women’s were up first and with all finals being thirty minutes opposed to the twenty minutes in the heats it allowed for a little more strategy, the ladies all picked of some great waves and the trophy went to Queensland’s Dimity Faulkner after a 3 heat total score with Bali’s Bonne Gea coming second after leading the first two rounds, third place Madelaine Rayner from the South Coast Of NSW, Australia with Kylie Kay from Drift Hideaway Kuta Lombok taking fourth position.

Next up, Weekend Warrior Men’s. The tide was dropping out and the waves were starting to stand up on the reef a little more the surfing was on right from the hooter with this final being a bit more scrambled than the previous, it was a more of the crew picking off as many waves as they can and letting luck play its part, all luck aside Starboards Trevor Tunnington came away with the trophy followed by South Australian Trafford Harris in second, third place was Drift Hideaway owner Wayne Dean with another Starboard member Ollie O’relly slotting into fourth.

The elite men and women were about to hit the water for the final time of the competition. The waves were only getting better with the tide really running out and the elite women were putting on a really great performance of stylish SUP Longboarding with Iballa Moreno taking the last round and trophy by 0.17, scoring 16.33 over Australian Champion Skyla Rayner 16.16, Brea Wright took third on the overall heat scores with local girl Lorraine Lapus rounding off the final placings.

The Last SUP longboard surfing of the event was about to kick off with the elite mens hitting the line up. The tide was perfect and certainly the best of the conditions we had seen all day, the reef was breaking in 2 different sections with the inconsistant peaky right A frame running all the way through to the boats, they were still illusive but really coming into play now and clearly became the Current World Champion Benoit Carpenters strategy with a big opening score of 8.50. Australian Wes Fry and Zane Schweitzer both goofy footers were in a constant paddle battle for the inside right hand runners which just seem to be running away from them as they pushed themselves deeper and deeper they both eventually got what they were looking for both locking in 9.0 point rides to open up. Australian Kai Bates played the patience game nailed a 9.5 on his second wave before going a little quiet and before coming back in the last ten minutes of the final.

The odd left hand peak was swinging in from out wide and Zane found himself in position to really capitalise on some running lefts allowing him to go to the nose and really use his rail to finish off his chosen waves strongly, We were all enjoying the front row seat of some of the world’s best SUP longboard surfers and especially Wes Fry’s backhand attack smashing out some off the lip solid manouvres. The lead was a see sawing affair with all finalists now starting to get their wave count and high scores locked in.

Kai finally got what he was looking for and seem to find the gems under the noses of everyone, Wes slowed down towards the end of the heat, Benoit was still waiting for the wave of the final and why wouldn’t you after securing the first 10 point ride in the semi-final and first one ever all for the event, but it never came and Zane Schweitzer continuing his rhythm and pick the scores taking out the elite men’s final with a two wave score of 19.30 winning by 0.43 over little Aussie legend Kai Bates 18.87, Wes Fry picked up third with 18.34 and Benoit Carpenter scored 17.20 to take fourth place for the event.

We also ran a Team event, the winner being the Smik Team followed by Team Starboard, NSP, Local brand sup brand Infinity and team Deep. Trophies were all beautifully hand made Balinese Shadow puppets including a sup board and paddle designed by Ima who works as a graphic designer for Jonni’s Rip Curl School of surfing.

Overall, what made the event so memorable and different to a lot of events is that it wasn’t all about the competition. The competition was merely the reason to get everyone together who shares the common interest in longboard sup. The stoke was extremely high.

There were group dinners with over 70 plus people, groups heading out to surf, people hanging out at bars restaurants and cafes. Everyone was included and we all felt part of a community. We had such diversity, surfers aged from 22 years old to 79 years of age, we were all in this event together and it was a Cosmic Experience for all those that attended the event.

The event was such an amazing experience and a world first for SUP Longboarding on an international and Australian domestic level, a warm and big thankyou to everyone involved, the organisers, competitors and sponsors. A big thanks goes to all our sponsors LSR, Smik, Starboard, Quobba Fins, Drift Resort Kuta Lombok, Prama Hotel, Rip Curl School of Surfing, Rip Curl and the Standup Paddle shop, Freemantle WA, Priority Sup Bali, and the Indonesian Surfing Association. The Cosmic Experience will be back Easter 2024, we are looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces from this year’s event and all the new crew who want to get hooked on a new Cosmic Experience.


Ainhoa Rivas

Well Ainhoa, to start the interview tell me, how did you start in the world of Stand up Paddle?

It was mere coincidence, my mother gave me a Decathlon board and decided to take me to learn. Our usual friends get together and we all sign up together to train every Friday and Saturday. We had a great time and we were looking forward to Friday. Thus, little by little, we began the road in this sport.

How was your first race? Nerves?

Well, the truth is that it was quite chaotic, we had been there for two weeks and Lolo, who was training us at that time, had the idea of taking us to compete at La Herradura beach. When we arrived, we were all quite nervous, since it was very windy and waves, but we still got in and managed to finish the race.

When I got out of it, I said that I would not compete again and I spent some time training and going to see my teammates at the events. Until I got excited again, and from there until today.

I understand that you go to the competitions with your parents, tell us, how did your relatives support you when you decided to get into this booming sport?

My parents always go with me and support me unconditionally. My family from Salamanca are always the direct ones, they are attentive and they try to come down every time they can to see me compete. And without forgetting my paddle family and friends forever.

My parents supported me from the first moment by giving me good training, buying me the material I wanted, allowing me to go to competitions no matter how far away they were, taking many hours of travel and investing in me. And of course, the indisputable moral support, which is always helpful.


This year you are a junior and have a spectacular SUP level...what objectives do you have in mind for this season?

My goal this year is to the Spanish Championships, do some more testing of the EuroTour and try to go to the European with the Spanish team. And already going to the ISA World Cup would be a dream. All this learning every day and trying my best to keep moving forward.

How do you manage your studies with this sport? They are compatible?

It’s quite complicated, to be honest, since training to compete at a high level and looking for results takes up a lot of time, but by organizing yourself and taking advantage of every free space you can combine it perfectly. I am studying for my first graduate in health sciences. What I do in class is try to do as much as possible so that, when I get back from training, it’s just studying a little or just reviewing, and thus having all the remaining time to train, go to the academy...

How has your sports progression been in this sport? Which modality do you like the most and why?

I think I’ve made quite a bit of progress. Before I hardly trained at all and I took it as a joke, it was more of a hobby with the team, but when I started to take it more seriously, training more days and better, you can see the progression both physically and mentally. This last part is important, this sport is not just physical. The mental part plays a fundamental role in the preparation.

The modality that I like the most is long distance races. As I’m not very explosive paddling, I prefer to hold a pace and do kilometres. Although I have to admit that for about two years I’ve been taking a liking to beach races. Although they are shorter, they are very funny and you never know what will happen, the ones I have done have gone quite well.


What aspects have you improved in the field of Stand Up Paddle thanks to OR training?

I have improved in everything. I started with technique, since I had very little, and we continued with the bottom, aerobic...and above all, catch waves and learn to enjoy them.

In general, it has made me grow and improve in all areas. Having a team makes you work much harder, you learn to be in a team and to communicate and even though it is an individual sport, it is much easier to train in a group.

What plans do you have for this sport?

Enjoy every moment, learn along the way and, of course, improve and try to go as far as possible in the competition.

Thanks to...

I have a lot to thank my parents first. Without them, it would have been impossible. To paddle surf Fuengirola, for my beginnings and for that great family that we are. To my town of Salamanca, who supports me unconditionally along with my family. To Álvaro Porras, Claudia, Gema...to my family from the north. To paddle surf Manilva, to Nico who gives me the opportunity with this interview, to Mr. Oscar Ruiz, who would not be here without him, to Espe Barrera and my team, who teach me and help me on this path. And a special mention to my great-grandmother Luisa, you are the one who rows with me the most. Thanks to each person that I meet on the path of SUP who encourages and motivates me to continue every day a little more. Thank you all.


Last Saturday, April 1, the first test of the Canary Islands Beach Race Championship and Stand Up Paddle Spanish Cup of the 2023 season took place, with the participation of fifty athletes from all over the Canary Islands and the assistance of high-level riders. from different points of the peninsula. This year it has had riders from Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

The test was organized by the Club Náutico Fuerteventura, whose representative, Jaran Rodríguez, director of the Buenaventura SUP & Surf School, highlighted the importance of carrying out this type of test because “the Stand Up Paddle Race is a discipline that has a lot of youth in the Canary Islands and it is important to encourage events to continue training and preparing the Canarian academy and the already consolidated riders who train in their respective clubs throughout the year¨.

Jaran Rodriguez Gwen Marche

After the third consecutive edition, the success in wave conditions is repeated with a series that reached a meter and a half, giving the riders long surfs and a hard fight to pass the breaker, demonstrating the good conditions that the municipality has for the practice of this discipline.

¨For yet another year we can say that we continue with 100% effectiveness in wave conditions to give a good Beach Race show. We are very proud to have once again launched a BEACH RACE format on our beaches and we hope that we continue on this path so as not to forget that it is the queen discipline of Stand Up Paddle Race¨.

The participants had to do two heats, in a 1.5 km buoy circuit, avoiding the strong surf on the beach with 14´ boards and surfing to the surf buoy, which gave a nice fight and shows for the audience.


In the elite men’s category, the winner was the local Ben Moreham after a hard fight with the Italian rider Paolo Marconi where there was an exchange of positions during the completion of the two heats, first and second respectively, and in the end, it was necessary to resort to the total time for the tiebreaker and see who was proclaimed champion of this edition. Third place went to Jaran Rodriguez, winner of the first edition and organizer of the event. Jaran, also climbed the Elite Master +40 podium taking first place. Second place went to Bélar Diaz, veteran and promoter of Paddle Surf at an international level, who fought with another of the tireless promoters and pioneer of this discipline in the Canary Islands, Eduardo Díaz, who shows great talent in surfing with 14´ and taking the third place in the drawer

The women’s category was one of the most spectacular, with important position changes throughout the tour. The winner was Alba Frey, the current Speed Champion of Spain and the Canary Islands, demonstrating her magnificent form to start the international season. Alba Frey, the winner of the first edition, makes us see that the Beach Race is her favourite discipline and with great talent in the races to represent one more year the Canarian team in the Spanish championship for autonomies for another year in the modality Beach Race.

In the afternoon, the organization transferred the event to the Bay of Puerto del Rosario, specifically to Playa de los Pozos where the youth and amateur categories belonging to the Canary Islands circuit were held. The bay shelters the trade winds all year round, being the perfect place for the safety of the youngest as well as being accessible and close to the capital city. The atmosphere on the beach and the maritime avenue is the best setting for the closing of the event.


So, the capital of Fuerteventura acquires an important commitment to the future due to its magnificent water sports field for doing all kinds of stand up paddle modalities.

Thank you for the organization of Club Náutico Fuerteventura and Puerto del Rosario City Council, especially the Department of Tourism, Sports and Beaches, sponsors, toilets, lifeguards, members of the Buenaventura SUP & Surf School team, the person in charge of security and clubs attending the event. See you next year.

The Navia River born in Busnullán, Piedrafita de Cebreiro (Lugo), at more than 1000m. high and travels 158 km. before flowing into the Cantabrian Sea in the Asturian town to which it gives its name, Navia, thus becoming one of the most important on the Cantabrian side. Throughout its route, it passes through various municipalities and acts as a natural border between Asturias and Galicia. Its exuberant beauty, with waterfalls, canyons and natural balconies and crossing the habitat of different animal species, make this river a natural emblem of the area. But, how not to make a path, path or crossing in the fundamental and indispensable element of this valley? Water

The great path of the Navia


In 2019 we saw it clearly and our Eco SUP club organized the Spanish endurance championship in the Doiras reservoir, a test of which we keep pleasant memories and we believe that its participants too. On numerous occasions, we have rowed its three reservoirs and its final part where the waters become a river again to flow into the sea. But this time it was different. It was not a journey like others to row without worries, discovering every corner, every tributary, stopping to contemplate the waterfalls or the slate walls that once enclosed farms and now contain dammed water. This was something more demanding, a real challenge for us. We wanted to paddle the Navia Integral, the Great River Path of Rio Navia, in a single day.


Joining the three reservoirs and their mouth is something that, a priori, no one had yet done on a stand up paddle board, and we sensed why. Long drives on the precarious roads in the area can make connecting the end point of one reservoir with the beginning of another a real torture. A support person is essential. In our case, thank you, Raquel.

The accesses to the water must be reopened, in some cases, due to little traffic and excess vegetation or they are nonexistent. In addition, it is necessary to control the dammed water levels, since it can greatly limit navigation and access to shipments. Due to the steepness of the relief, the weather conditions are changeable, and on the same day, it can be cold, rainy or burn with the sun.

And what about the wind...that surprise factor can push you downstream in freshwater downwind mode or directly make you have to take shelter in a bend to avoid going more backwards than forwards. The wind is stubborn in the Navia basin and its orography causes it to change direction a thousand and one times, as well as being strengthened in narrow passages due to the Venturi effect.

To all these external factors, we can add those typical of a journey of these characteristics, that is, although the distance is not excessive, it is necessary to be minimally prepared, fed and hydrated. Planning is essential.

The adventure should start early to have the greatest margin of time and light to try to finish. This forces you to spend the first night in the area the night before. We take the exit in Riodeporcos, Ibias – Asturias, limited by the level of the first reservoir, Grandas de Salime, and the accesses to the water. One of the few houses in the same village is a rural accommodation, but if the prices do not suit you, you can stay in Grandas de Salime or A Fonsagrada, which are 30 minutes from the exit and offer you a multitude of tourist options.

The morning is cold and cloudy, and although we know that we will have everything, we must be prepared. Once the clothes, food, hydration and boards are prepared, we prepare to look for the shipment. There are several alternatives and none is ideal, a lot of unevenness or closed vegetation, but we managed to access the water, not without some bramble snags and stinging nettles. Now yes, the waters of the Navia River welcome us and we finally release tension with the first shovelfuls.

The first kilometres pass between chats while we enjoy the exuberant vegetation, occasionally keeping an eye on the nose of our board and cutting the flat water that is only altered by a slight southerly breeze. The herons take flight in our wake and some clueless trout get the scare of their lives.

Little by little, the kilometres fall, rowing on the natural border between Asturias and Galicia. Now we row in Asturias, now in Galicia... and so on. The first half of the Grandas de Salime reservoir runs with hardly any human life. Just some hidden and abandoned house, one of those that some foreigner or hermit has occupied to live as before, isolated, without light or modern comforts other than a solar panel and the company of their animals and their environment.


Halfway to this reservoir, we re-enter Galicia and find the first “modern” human nucleus, Nogueira de Muñiz, which surprises the visitor with a modern jetty with a small boat moored and, in front, a small busy town, Foxo, one of those that I have told you about. A real worldly pleasure to row between these two villages and ways of seeing life. Between the past and the present, there is only life, WATER.

We continue along the “lane” and at a good pace, and almost without realizing it we reach the end point of this reservoir, the Pénjamo pier. Although there is about 3 km to the reservoir dam, this is the only easy landing point, also used as a river beach, fishing port and jetty for the boat that crosses Villarpedre and the Oro River.

It has been 18 km in about 2 hours of enjoying paddling with no more setbacks than a floating trunk with which to stay alert and keep your eyes on the water. It’s time to change clothes, load boards, eat, hydrate, and start the journey by road to the starting point of our second reservoir, Doiras.

We drive about 35’ to the Pelorde bridge, Pesoz - Asturias, and the first thing we do is get off to see how the shipment is. We haven’t been here for a long time and we fear missing the machete to open the way. Luckily this is not the case and we descended well with the boards, but the Agüeria River, a tributary of the Doiras reservoir and where we embarked, is low. You have to take down the boards between the stones, but between two there is no problem. Already in the water, we started the march with some strong gusts of wind, this time in our favour.

The Doiras reservoir is more canyoned than the Grandas de Salime reservoir, narrower in some sections, with high slate and quartzite walls that cause the winds to change direction and become stronger. So it was. In the first half of the reservoir, the wind hit us from all sides. At each turn, at each bend in the channel, the wind rotated, changing direction and reaching 25/30 knots at times, which physically strained us. Luckily, after passing the Illano suspension bridge, the channel widens, diluting the force of the wind and channelling it in our favour.

In the end, so much concentration not to fall and so much struggle against the crosswind, above all, made the time fly by and, when we realized it, we were already at the Doiras dam after 16 km in just 1h50’. Again, it’s time to change clothes, load boards, eat, hydrate, and start the journey by road to the next boarding point in the Arbón reservoir.

Castrillón Bridge is where we started. A beautiful recreational area next to the river is crossed by a small tributary stream where the locals cool their cider and beers. In summer it is the area’s river beach. A magical place, both in winter and in summer, which is also used as a small boat mooring. We begin to row the penultimate stretch of our journey.

If something characterizes this reservoir, it is its leafiness, which makes the vegetation invade the water, blinding us with incalculable green tones. Numerous trunks still emerge from the bottom of the flooded basin, so we cannot get lost for a moment or the dip is assured. We enjoyed rowing, although with some discomfort in our hands caused by the humidity of the downpours that from time to time cool us down and from the more than 12,000 strokes that we have taken.

10 km later we arrive at Serandinas. A beautiful town with good access to water, and the starting point for many water activities in the Arbón reservoir. There you can find Kaly and her shelter from him; a great connoisseur of the area, its waters and its ravines, as well as being the only active tourism company that offers this integral journey of the Navia by canoe and in several stages.

From there, the reservoir reopens and there is only 7 km left until we disembark at the Arbón campsite, the end point of our journey through dammed water. Now there is only one section left where the waters of the Navia once again become the river that it was at its source to flow into the Cantabrian.

We decided to leave the Porto pier to carry out this last testimonial section of 4 km and end our journey in Navia. We could have embarked upstream and increased the rowing distance, but we are going with rigid boards and we don’t want to risk or touch a dry hole.

This last section is special, not because of its beauty since the landscape becomes industrial and too humanized, but because we are filled with enormous personal satisfaction at having achieved our little challenge. Shovel by scoop we savour it intensely, even more so when we reach our final destination (Navia) and colleagues and teammates from the club await us.

After 54 km of crossing, 6h20’ on the board and another 5h of transfers between access points to the water, we can finally say that we have completed LA GRAN SENDA DEL NAVIA, the INTEGRAL NAVIA.

PLAYA DEL GURUGÚ GRAO DE CASTELLO' Patrocinador oficial de: @solerototombeach

The international Seville SUP Festival

One of the classic SUP Race events in Andalusia, which usually takes place in October, brought its date forward to attract many more international competitors. The Sevilla SUP Festival 2023 brought together more than 170 participants, being the second event of the EuroTour circuit this year, as well as scoring for the Fesurfing and Costa del SUP Spanish Cup. The second edition of the ¨City of Seville Mile¨ was also held, a competition for any of the participants registered for the event, paddled the route of one nautical mile.

A long-awaited event for many riders, who had a wonderful almost summer day and excellent conditions for a Stand Up Paddle competition. As usual in this event, the walk along the river and the Mercado del Barranco facilities were chosen by the athletes to prepare their material before jumping into the water, creating a fantastic atmosphere that could be perfectly observed from the iconic Triana bridge.

Thank the support of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Andalusian Government, Seville City Council, Covey, Coca-Cola Heineken, Awa and Makalu. Organized by the Isla Cristina Windsurfing Club with the collaboration of the Triana Sports Club.

Up Suping Carlota Parras. Up Suping

¨My name is Felipe Morillo, I am 12 years old and I live in San Fernando, Cádiz. My favourite sports and hobbies are football, surfing, SUP, bodyboarding and foil. I started surfing at the age of 3 with the help of my father, at 5 years with SUP and at 8 years I had my first competition in Fuerteventura, winning in my category. This opened the doors for me to have my first sponsor.

I took a break from SUP for a while to dedicate myself to fishing, but now I have taken up the board and paddled again with more enthusiasm than ever. I like SUP Surf because it is easy to reach places with fewer people, where short surf boards cannot reach. In addition, I take the opportunity to surf more waves and perform all kinds of manoeuvres.

Up Suping Edu Vidarte. Jvilca. Up Suping

I like big waves, but not too rough, I prefer them to be solid and accessible. In Cádiz, I like to surf to the left of the apartments, the Lighthouse at high tide and Camposoto. All very fun waves for me. Antonio Morillo Sr. has suggested that I also start with the SUP Race, to do training when there are no waves.

One of my great idols here is my uncle Antoñito Morillo, he is very good in all Stand Up Paddle modalities and I like to see him. Also, I have friends, like Enriquito and Nico Morales, with whom I take the opportunity to go surfing.

Virtually my entire family is at Club Cangrejo Moro, and I am closely linked to its people and Los Caños. Every time there are waves, I take the opportunity to get into the water and enjoy this wonderful place. It is my habitat, and I am always linked to the sea.

I have surfed in Madeira, Portugal, some incredible waves. But I would also like to go back to Porgual but around the Supertubos and Nazaré area. And I would love for the national SUP selectors to see me one day and have the opportunity to represent La Roja SUP national team¨.


Great start to the Costa del SUP Circuit

Almost a hundred athletes attended one of the emblematic Stand Up Paddle events in our country at Lake Andalusia. The largest reservoir in this region has started Costa del SUP circuit, under a spectacular day for this sport with riders from different parts of all of Spain.

The Valdearenas Beach was in charge of receiving the participant’s thanks to the support of the Lago de Andalucía Nautical Station, the Alúa education centre and the Andalucía Trainer Sports Club, the town hall of Iznájar (Córdoba), Rute (Córdoba) and Cuevas de San Marcos (Malaga), in a unique space and fully respecting nature.

The andalusians Antonio Morillo and Ainhoa Rivas showed a great level in the first test of the Costa del SUP Liga Fesurfing 2023, winning in the male and female Elite categories. The Amateur and SUB 16 categories did not disappoint in Iznájar, completing a 5 km route and showing a great level. This magnificent event also offered a Popular race for those new to the world of SUP competition. On this occasion, a good number of participants were able to enjoy the surroundings of Lake Andalusia on a 3 km route and in the company of the SUB 14 category. And if there is one thing that ensures the future of this sport, it is the youngest, who offered a great show of sportsmanship and camaraderie, both in and out of the water; receiving the support of his coaches, family and friends.

Up Suping

Big success of the 2nd Campus SUP Race University of Granada

Last Sunday, April 23, the 2nd Campus SUP Race University of Gr anada was held in the waters of the Cubillas reservoir. A Stand Up Paddle event for the Costa del SUP circuit and, despite being placed on a difficult date for the calendar of these athletes, brought toget her a large group of riders who enjoyed a spectacular day of competition and coexistence.

There was a lot of desire to see the team from the University of Granada in action. A human team with a great infrastructure in this reservoir, already used to organizing large national sporting events, and with the idea of taking another leap from the SUP competition held last year. And they did!

Many athletes took advantage of the day on Saturday, together with their families, to enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Cubillas in the middle of nature and test the exhibition material that the Hoenalu team had brought to Granada. An excellent way to warm up and motivate yourself for what would happen the next day.

Lucas Correa won the first position in the men’s general and Ain hoa Rivas crossed the line unrivalled and in first position, but she decided to give up this position since she had drafted competitors in the men’s category. Finally, the first place went to Marina Navarro in the female category.

The category with the greatest participation was Amateur, once again confirming the growth of Costa del SUP, as well as the children’s categories. Of course, this event launched the UGR University category with Manuel Chica and Manuel Jesús López as university athletes. Thank the Sports Activities Center of the University of Granada, Rubén and his entire team. To the Balcony of Cubillas, to the Department of Sports of Albolote, SPS, Up Suping, Hoenalu, Coca Cola and products from El Valle de Lecrín.


We are BCNPADDLESURF and that is how the SUP adventure begins for us. We are passionate about this sport and especially the sea. Its combination of blue, grey, and green colours...accompanied by the blue of the clear sky, or with clouds that accompany it, is a perfect combination. Who doesn’t catch it?


We were born with the philosophy of adventure, respect for the marine environment, and above all being part of nature. As part of her, we must care for her and respect her as much, or more, as she does with us. We got on board a few years ago and the feeling of standing in the water is unique, you have to live it and enjoy every moment that we are in this wonderful world of the sea, seeing fish, dolphins, mantas, jellyfish, positions... Living marine nature to touch by hand is incredible.

It caught us so much that we believed we had a duty to share these sensations of being alive. It is what we try to convey to each one of those who accompany us on these incredible SUP routes, the pleasure of feeling in their skin the freedom and magnitude that this natural environment has. Each route that we do and organize from BCNPADDLESURF is done with great care and we take care of every detail to have them well planned so that they become unique and incredible experiences.


The possibilities that a SUP gives us are endless, reaching places that you can only access by water or moving from beach to beach is something fantastic. Just to give an example; What does a day at the beach on SUP mean to us? Imagine arriving early in the morning to see the sunrise from the water, and see in all its splendor when a new day awakens, it is a guaranteed spectacle with the play of colours orange, red, blue and white. These 10 minutes of absolute silence, listening to the sound of the water splashing on our boards while we watch the sunrise over the horizon, is a magical moment. After this wonderful moment, our paddle begins to work. We move to a beautiful cove, have breakfast in another and after a rest, and savouring this unique corner, we row again to go to another beautiful place. While we observe the entire coast that we are passing, we go together on the route and precious adventure equipment is made. We talk, we tell each other anecdotes, and almost always related to the experiences in SUP, lots of laughs and the occasional splash by mistake...

Fun is guaranteed with SUP, people enjoy it a lot. After each route, everyone leaves with a smile from ear to ear of happiness, this fills us up and gives us a shot of adrenaline to start a new adventure as soon as possible. We realize what this sport gives us. Happiness, well-being, health... because after a route you leave relaxed, without stress, calm, with a lot of peace and, above all, hearing the battles that each one has gone through with enthusiasm and wanting to repeat, is wonderful. The most repeated phrase once on land is “for when the next route”.

This is going to be our third season. Our goal has always been and is to provide the possibility of going to incredible places with SUP for everyone. The possibility that we offer you is to arrive at a previously specified beach and have your equipment put on the sand to row out from the first moment. Imagine preparing an excursion through caves, passages between stones with crystalline waters, and reaching corners where you can be alone with your friends and enjoy a unique place. This, and much more, we can offer you until you can be independent and have the necessary experience to be autonomous. Later we will talk about the autonomy of the SUP and getting to go out alone or with friends without the need for an expert guide to accompany you. We have been able to generate a community of 62 SUP loving participants, with whom we prepare routes during all months of the year, regardless of whether it is hot or cold.

You can enjoy SUP regardless of your physical condition, height, weight, blond, dark or bald...it is a sport that works the whole body and, without realizing it, you exercise areas that you normally do not do in other disciplines. Let’s talk about routes. Those unique places that we have on our coast give us so many games to do SUP.

When planning our experiences we have types of routes: short or long distance. For us, short routes would be between 5 and 7 km, and long routes between 15 and 20 km. Whenever a route of any distance is prepared, it is necessary to know the level and experience of each one of the riders. If, for example, we had 4 expert riders and another 4 without experience, we would always prepare the route with the inexperienced group in mind. Logically, safety comes first, if any mishap occurs it is easier to drag or help a rider to reach a safer place on land or to the starting point if the route is short and prepared for the characteristics of the group. Hence, the importance of knowing at what level each one is. Before preparing the groups we do a personal check and we talk to each one of them to guarantee the safety of the group. We don’t do races, that’s what the different organizations, clubs and federations do, here, on these routes, the main objective is to have a great time, see new places and above all have fun.

Regarding the materials or equipment, they always ask me the same question: what board do you recommend? There are several points to take into account when choosing a board suitable for our level and objective. We, for the activity we do, always recommend touring boards, ideal for routes, wide boards, very stable, with buoyancy capacity and long. They are very versatile boards, such as 11.0”x32”, 11.6”x32” or reaching 12.6”x32. These boards give us the possibility of being able to load them with waterproof bags, coolers and, above all, ease of covering long distances with little effort. For our coast, these boards give a lot of play when choosing a route.

When we talked before about being autonomous or when planning a route we have a very IMPORTANT point in the SUP and they are the weather forecasts. It completely conditions the organization of the route. There are mobile applications that can help us and, above all, the experience of a good guide is very important. Know the route, know the places to ensure a safe route and above all adapt the round trip times. Several natural events, winds, tides, waves and other inclement weather must be taken into account. Nature itself will condition us whether we can go rowing or not. Responsibility is very important. It is not easy to start paddling, it is always necessary to do it in the best conditions, or those that our level is capable of facing, without ever reaching the limit. Think that, normally, the routes are roundtrip. Winds, tides, and waves can change as planned or not; for this reason, it is essential to prepare a route well so that it is a unique and fun experience, and that it does not become a real nightmare.

There is a phrase that I was told as a child and I want to share with you:

“Never be afraid of the sea, you must always have respect for it”

We would like to emphasize a very important point that we should never overlook, and that is the safety that must always be taken on the SUP. There is always talk of accidents or dangerous situations of the activities involved in doing a sport like ours, or others such as Surfing, KiteSurf, WindFoil, etc..., from here we want to encourage new or regular practitioners of these sports to go to expert monitors and guides that guarantee the good practice of this playful activity. It takes place in an unusual environment and, therefore, few know about it. There are many clubs, schools, and qualified personnel that will make your experience an incredible adventure and we will enjoy SUP, which is life, it is nature, it is experience...in short, it is everything for those of us who love SUP.

UP SUPING Stand Up Paddle www.upsuping.com