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TEXT AND COLLABORATORS Pablo Codesido, Bea Felipe, Amadeo Viera, Liga Fesurfing, Team French Paddle, Julio Pérez, Duotone, Starboard, Nicolás Arnedo, Up Suping.

PHOTOS Desde el Mar, Albert Laborda, James Panter, Amadeo Viera, Laurent Nevarez, Oscar Verchili, Majo Pellicer, Coolhot Watersports, Patrick de Saint Ours, Guy Roges, Dimitrie Bidet, APP World Tour, Leco Salazar, ISA, Esther Duato, Julio Pérez, Patro Mc Laughlin, KGUARD, @hortensiodiasclaros, Dani Keral, Viajar a Galicia, Lluis Riaola, Quique García, Maro, Starboard, Up Suping.

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PHOTO COVER Laurent Nevarez.

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Edito Surely you have ever heard about “a roller coaster of sensations”, “a storm of feelings” ...right? And I’m sure you’ve felt this more than once. And don’t you think that the Stand Up Paddle can feel it too? Everything that grows, evolves and has its appeal, is a magnet for extremes. It can be both wonderful and scary. But he has the ability to generate so much pleasure and gratitude that he can even stand up for himself; although it wouldn’t be the same without the people who feed it. The ¨SUPers¨ have that naturalness that characterizes this sport, that union and emotion that you only feel with the sea as a setting or a swamp in the middle of nowhere. We make loneliness feel sheltered, and noise achieves freedom. This mag a rollercoaster of the great ones, where your emotions can go up and down quickly, meeting riders who are in their great moment after many years paddling. Where going out to paddle in a simple reservoir awakens your curiosity and you end up knowing its fateful history or see how someone with functional diversity poses real challenges with SUP. And the hugs with masks and reunions at this year’s events…what a storm of feelings! Where paddliing 720 km puts you to the test on a human level, or where a 40 knot wind at your back makes your whole body vibrate. Ladies and gentlemen…Welcome to Up # 34!

Desde el Mar

Índex 10 Lucas Simoncelli 18 Lyon SUP Race 24 Tous 34 SUP Race Bahía de Málaga 42 Loire 725 54 Leco Salazar 64 Up to the Foil 76 Material 82 40 Knots Downwind 92 The Doctor´s Spot 96 Manel Amat 108 Citrosol SUP Race Gandía 112 Inner Sea 118 SUP Dog

The record´s man

Laurent Nevarez

The young rider has grown along with the Stand Up Paddle in recent years. And together, they have reached this great moment...




EuroTour. Desde el Mar. Albert Laborda

Hello Lucas! Tell us a little about yourself: where are you from, how long have you been paddling and your hobbies. Well, I’m from Mallorca and I’ve been paddling since I was about 7 years old, but really We were learning to paddle and playing with the boards until we were 12, which is when we started training more seriously. That’s right, we know that you have started rowing from a very young age. How have all these years of learning and living with rowing been? I started playing with the inflatable boards and surfing from time to time and without realizing it we got a balance and a control that helped us to handle the rigid boards. At 12 I started training with the Sic 12.6 and it was not until I was 14 that I started to row with 14.0 And surely the great values for a sport that Laura and your father have taught you will have been very important to you. Truth? Yes. I have learned that you always have to play fair and even if they are not cheating, not make plays that are not correct, specifically in competitions. I have also learned to trust my teammates when competing.


The Port Adriano team has been and continues to be a benchmark as a club. How were your growth and the adventures that you have lived with them since childhood? Since we were little we travelled a lot around the peninsula. Then, we went to France and the US 3 times, which made us have unforgettable experiences. The races can go better or worse but those trips help you to always improve

In 2021 competitions you have achieved great results paddling alongside the best at the national level. How have you found yourself in Iznájar and Torrevieja competitions? In Iznájar I felt much better than I thought since I had never been on the first train before and also I had not competed for more than a year and it turned out much better than I imagined and in Torrevieja unfortunately many of those who came to Iznájar and cannot be compared. What do you like the most about Stand Up Paddle, and specifically the SUP Race and competition? What I like the most about this sport is that I am in contact with the sea and that I am with my friends and being able to travel to new places and be able to put everything I have been training to the test during this time.


Desde el Mar

What are your favourite conditions for paddling and your preferred location? Unfortunately, where I train there are usually not many waves but the more waves there is better and more fun. What I like the most are the buoy training with sprints since I sometimes get bored over long distances.

What other sports do you do to combine SUP training? I do not practice any seriously, apart from paddling we also do gymnastics and I like to play with the bike but I do not do it at a high level nor do I consider myself a rider. You already have experience in national and international events. But which other greats would you like to go to? I would like to do the Molokai and for the Pacific Paddle Games to return and coincide with a race where I can do a technique with big waves. It has been a wonder for us to see you grow up in the world of Stand Up Paddle from so young and surely this has only just begun. How far can SUP go in your life? Do you have some goals to meet? I would like to be able to go to a SUP World Cup and I still do not know if I will try to dedicate myself to this in the future but I do not rule it out.

A.Laborda J.Panter

Thanks to... I would like to thank my father and Laura for training me and my training partners for continuing to bite me and motivate me because if I had to train alone I couldn’t. 14


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SUP - Wing Foil (Rec)

SUP - Wing Foil (Pro)


Surf - Foil (Rec)

Samuel Véducheau

Surf - Foil (Pro)

Alex Bicrel



• Front Wing (8 different wings) • Rear Wing (5 different wings) • Mast (60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 cm) • Fuselage (70 and 85 cm)





Liga Fesurfing CMS

Oscar Verchili

More than 150 riders offered a lot of excitement and sportsmanship in the waters of Valencia. The CMS2021 Fesurfing League has started in a big way!



After several months without competition, together with the desire to meet again and the registrants for the Lyon SUP Race SUPSKULL days prior to the event, they presaged that the morning of Saturday, April 17, was a great show for all the people in La Marina de Valencia…and so it was! A total of 157 participants kicked off the CMS2021 Fesurfing League, our beloved Mediterranean SUP Race Circuit that augurs a great year of competitions throughout the Mediterranean and the interior of the country. The Marina of Valencia was the ideal setting for all these participants, in a new format for many of them where they had to compete between 2 and 3 rounds in their respective categories. The sum of their points decided the final classifications of the same. The event began with a Promo category for participants who wanted to taste the competition, under a cool morning that grew hotter as the event progressed. Divided into 2 heats, the competitors were making different distances to the circuit, where the categories SUB8, SUB10 and SUB12 once again demonstrated their strength and the emotion they offer to the people and family members who cheer them on.

The SUB14 and SUB16 have performed super entertaining heats with a lot of action in the buoy turns and in the final sprints before reaching the finish line after completing the 1000 meters. The Amateur category has been the one with the most participation, where they had to make great efforts to complete the 3 heats. Without a doubt, this year great riders will be forged in this category and they will make the great leap to the premier category at any time. The U18s and the Elite category have literally flown over the waters of La Marina during the Lyon SUP Race SUPSKULL, having some greats times of competition considering that it is the first competition of the season in the Mediterranean. Thanks to Tomás and the entire Supskull team for organizing. To the Clubs, families and competitors for the great behaviour and civility they have shown in La Marina, taking into account the current situation of the pandemic. To the smaller competitors for making this sport great and to the Pablo Ugarte Association, this test has been supportive in the fight against childhood cancer. Come on Julen!

Majo Pellicer. Nicolás Arnedo

Tous 24

+1.25 +5.38 +3.26 +0.03 +0.97


If there is something that I always like to do for Up Suping, it is to narrate SUP

experiences in fantastic places on our planet. In Up#33 I narrated my icy sensations of paddling in the Ebro swamp in Cantabria with a lot of snow, but under an incredible sun that generated a very pleasant temperature to paddle. You can see it here.

Taking advantage of my trip to attend the first SUP Race competitions in the

Mediterranean and Andalucia, I did not want to miss the opportunity to paddle in some other curious place in the eastern area. My friend Majo Pellicer told me that there was a place that she had been wanting to go to for a long time and just half an hour from Algemesí, in the Valencian Community. I did not hesitate for a moment, and the best was yet to come. The Tous Reservoir.

Getting there is relatively simple, going first to the town that bears his name and then following the CV-5412

road to the reservoir parking lot. We arrived, and I, without having a clue of the history behind this unique place, excitedly unloaded the boards and we jumped into the water. I do have to say that Majo had told me something that formerly there was a town in this place, and that you could still see remains of it, such as the bell tower of her church. Even more, motivation came to me when I paddled with each stroke on its crystalline waters, perched on a spectacular valley sheltered by mountains and large areas of bushes. And a wonderful sunny day, although with threatening clouds in the distance ...

The reservoir collects the waters of the Júcar river, which originates in the province of Cuenca with its mouth

in Cullera. The first thing we did was to cross it from one end of it to the other to get closer to one of its islands. When skirting it, we contemplate in its highest part the ruins of a castle. By the time we went, I deduced that the water level was quite high. Total silence was only interrupted by our talks and the sound of the boards breaking the water. Echoes retained by those masses of stones decorated by bushes.

+1.75 +3.49 +4.40 +0.28 +1.07


But if I’m honest, I felt a strange calm. A slight breeze in-

terrupted the odd thought that came to my mind as I paddled. Anyway, I went back to where I was and concentrated on enjoying the journey with Majo. We see some kind of construction in the distance on another edge of the reservoir, and after a few hundred meters paddling upwind we come to it. We really didn’t know what it was… a little house? tower? No idea ... but taking advantage of the water level we had, we skirted it with great curiosity.

II was still hallucinating the clarity and greenish tones of the

water. Amazing. We take advantage of the gentle downwind to return to the parking area. But halfway through we had to do a portage, since a spit of earth and stones separated us from the rest of the way. Here the fauna of this area caught my attention: not far away we had a group of fawns, if I am not mistaken, they were attentive to our steps.

+0.75 +4.69 +2.32 +0.88 +7.02


In the background, we can see the dam that houses this reservoir, with a modern and curious design. But I

preferred not to get too close to that monster of cement and stone. We continue to enjoy skirting the eastern area of the reservoir where we could see remains of old constructions. At that moment, many doubts about all that came back to me. But little by little we decided to return to the parking lot, since the weather forecast predicted heavy rains in the afternoon in mountain areas and inland throughout the community. And so it was, because after having eaten some salads on the banks of the reservoir, the climate changed completely and thunder began to take over the area along with dark clouds. But how peculiar this place will be, that even with these conditions you cannot stop contemplating it. Seeing how the rain came from the interior and crossed the mountains, it was like seeing a stormy day on the islets of some remote island in Indonesia, or as Majo said… ¨It seems that I am in the north of Spain¨… Anyway, we had to run and freaking out with the views.

From the time I put a board in the water until I got out of this reservoir, it was clear to me that there was something special about this place and that it should have a place in our digital magazine. Then I began to learn a little more and I got many surprises ... It turns out that we were rowing on the ruins of the old town of Tous that had already suffered several floods in the 19th century due to the swelling of the Júcar river. When the construction of the reservoir began around the middle of the 20th century, this town moved about 13 kms. away for the construction of the Tous dam, from the old town that is almost completely flooded. These are the ruins and constructions that we saw while we have been rowing. But everything does not end here... 29

The name of Tous continues to be linked to suffering, when on October 20, 1982, the provinces of Valencia and

Alicante suffered one of the worst floods in their history. And after intense rains that broke true accumulation records in the area, the dam was completely overwhelmed with the impossibility of opening its floodgates. It collapsed, causing a flood that devastated the regions of the Ribera Alta and Baja. Many flooded populations, more than 40 dead and agriculture totally destroyed with millions of dollars in losses. A real catastrophe.

+4.22 +1.66 +2.51 +0.99 +3.77


Perhaps if you had known all this information before going to this reservoir, right now you would be reading

another type of article. However, I wanted to save this for last because it really was. Sometimes the wonderful thing about knowing our land and everything that surrounds it is the history that it can hide and that we do not know. Once again, SUP can be your best ally in discovery, knowledge and adventure. You never know what you can have under the waters you row, submerged stories, unique moments for an entire civilization.


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T. 627 037 062 / www.surferscastellon.es Carrer Astrónomo Frances Aragó S/N Playa del Pinar Grao Castellón, 12100. España

The ideal complement for SUP has arrived, sunglasses that float and do not get lost Can you imagine the security that comes from having the complete peace of mind of not losing your sunglasses while doing your favourite aquatic activity? Well, you can stop doing it thanks to AWA Sunglasses, the latest novelty for lovers of paddle surfing and other water sports. The lightness of its designs allows a key buoyancy when it comes to recovering them, which, in addition to helping you save, prevents you from having to worry about issues unrelated to the practice of your modality.

What problems can be caused by exposing your eyes directly to the sun? Focusing exclusively on health, you should be clear that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light increases the risk of suffering from eye diseases and other annoying problems. A threat that is multiplying, as the American Academy of Ophthalmology warns, in the case of surfers, skiers, fishermen or anyone else who spends a lot of time in the sun in environments where water and snow predominate. The reflection of UV radiation on these elements intensifies, even when the sky remains cloudy, the damaging effects on vision, and can cause problems such as eye fatigue, fever caused by irritation of the eyes and even headaches and migraines But there is also the risk of suffering more serious ailments, among which are:

. Photosensitivity or decreased ability to adapt to changes in light. . Actinic conjunctivitis, which consists of an inflammation characterized by swelling and redness of the eyes and can lead, if not treated in time, to painful keratoconjunctivitis. . Eyelid or retinal burns. . Pinguecula, a yellowish growth on the conjunctiva or pterygium, a fleshy one composed of blood vessels and more serious in nature, as it can affect vision. . Cataracts, a pathology that takes place in the lens and is caused by the opacity of this structure.

Safe sunglasses, the best allies for your eyesight while doing water sports or bathing Regardless of the season of the year in which we are, the best allies against eye injuries are sunglasses whose lenses guarantee optimal protection. At AWA Sunglasses, a Spanish company based in Segovia known for manufacturing frames that float on water, they only use polarized lenses with a hydrophobic coating and a treatment to harden them. Differential details allow you to focus on your next nautical manoeuvres without worrying about losing them or worrying about suffering from vision problems.

However, despite being an ideal complement for those who practice water sports, they are also extremely practical for bathers who prefer to have fun in a more relaxed way. If you are one of them, either on the shore of the beach or in the pool, you will appreciate not having to dive to collect them if you drop them. In addition, its resistant lenses are more difficult to scratch in these hostile scenarios that favour the irruption of small accidents. In terms of ages and styles, the 17 AWA Sunglasses models are designed for all kinds of tastes. Another of its advantages is its comfort, to which its low weight of 15 to 18 grams contributes, allowing them to reach a lightness that prevents the formation of marks on the bridge of the nose. And they have not forgotten those who suffer from myopia, since they have the possibility of graduating one of their designs up to 5 diopters.

A new concept originating from a very real event To better understand the founding germ of this innovative line of sunglasses, what better way than to go to the personal experience of its founder and CEO, Esther Fernández. Specifically to the health problem in which she was involved, years ago, when she has detected a pinguecula caused by an excess of solar radiation. After recommending the permanent use of protection against UV rays, she considered the risk that such a supplement would be damaged by saltpetre, sand, sun creams and other aggressive external agents typical of the bathroom environment. In the absence of special specimens with sufficient resistance or with a buoyancy that would allow them to be easily recovered in the water, she decided to remedy the situation herself. It was then that she began visiting different international fairs in search of some floating material and hydrophobic solutions that could be added to the lenses. Finally, she found a low-density polymer that remains on the surface of the aquatic environment and made improvements in the strength of the materials. And the rest of the story, you already know. The only thing left is that you choose your favourite model and protect your eyes in any season of the year with AWA Sunglasses.

The Liga Fesurfing SUP Race Andalucía Costa del SUP continues its road in 2021 with a high level of participation in the first round of the Spanish Long Distance Cup.


Liga Fesurfing Costa del SUP

Up Suping. CoolHot Watersports

Last Sunday, June 20, more than 70 riders gathered at Los Álamos beach to attend the 5th SUP Race of this great league in southern Spain. In addition, it started the Spanish Long Distance the spanish Cup Surfing Federation.

The facilities of the Cool Hot Watersports club in this enclave of the Malaga coast were key for the proper development of the event, where the wind was the protagonist from less to more intensity throughout the morning. As is customary in this circuit, we highlight the high participation of the smallest riders and the Popular category, creating more love for this sport. Being the first round of the Spanish Cup, this attracted riders from other parts of the Spanish geography as participants of the Mediterranean SUP Race Circuit and from the Canary Islands, as well as the andalusian community. The SUB8, SUB10, SUB12 and SUB14 categories had very good conditions and with accessible routes so that they could enjoy a pleasant competition. However, the wind tightened much more during the participation of the rest of the categories. The athletes knew how to face the wind with total adaptability and we have even been able to enjoy sections of pure downwind, generating a great show from the beach.

The distance of the Elite and SUB18 categories was reduced due to the intensity of the wind and for the safety of the riders. We have to highlight the spectacular performance of the young rider Sergio Toledo, climbing to the top of the podium in both categories. The female rider Marina continues to reap great results in her category, mastering this type of conditions very well as well as the rest of the participants who have completed the route to be completed without any mishap. They enjoyed a nice downwind and reached the finish line with happy gestures on their faces. The Cool Hot Watersports team has carried out this SUP event with great success and they are already a benchmark in SUP Race events in Andalucía. Also thank the rest of the clubs of the Liga Fesurfing Costa del SUP for their participation and wanting to live another great reunion at the next stop of this circuit on Saturday, July 24 in Isla Cristina at the Discover Huelva SUP Festival, also scoring for the Beach Race circuit of the Spanish Surf Federation.



In the Iznájar reservoir in the heart of Andalusia, located between the provinces of Córdoba and Málaga, this first round of the FESURFING Andalucía Costa del SUP league was held on Saturday April 24th. This year a total of 105 athletes attended. In addition to the ¨SUPers¨ from the entire Andalusian community, participants from different parts of Spain attended such as; Valencia, Madrid, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands. Highlight among them the participation of the double world champion Esperanza Barreras.







Elena Reguera





Jose Postigo

The Loire, the last wild river in Europe; a crossing from the east to the west of France from the volcanoes of Auvergne to the Atlantic Ocean.


Team French Paddler 725 km Team French Paddle

Patrick de Saint Ours. Guy Roges. Dimitrie Bidet


At the initiative of Alain Morvan and co-organized by Philippe Marchegay, organizer-creator of the Dordogne Intégrale, the Loire 725 wants to be the European cousin of the mythical Yukon River Quest Canadienne SUP event. The Yukon was cancelled in 2020, its 2021 edition is only reserved for Canadians, it becomes a sweet dream for Europeans. Likewise, as an echo to the French, unofficially, in June 2021 the beta edition of the Loire 725 was born, for around fifty guests accustomed to long distance SUP. A crazy bet with a simple objective: to go down the Loire de Roanne to Paimboeuf in SUP and this regardless of the type of boat. A unique field for everyone: with an authorized navigation time from 6 am to 10 pm, a maximum of 7 days to do the 725 km. of the course with or without assistance, a finish line to cross on Friday June 25 at 10 pm and a GPS tracker to allow real time location. Once all this is integrated, there remains a question for our companion: opt for full autonomy or establish outside help. With an initial project to participate in the Yukon 1000 in 2020 postponed 2 times and with an exit in our program for July 2022, the team quickly opts for the Loire. A beta version of a great race, for a total autonomy for 7 days. The Loire 725 is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, test your board, the disposition of your chosen adventure gear, the compatibility of men.

Small logistics point: Solutions had to be found to have all the necessary equipment and keep it dry. For this, the team opted for 2 big waterproof bags: . One of 85 litre fixed on the back of the board to store: the camping equipment, freeze dried ration and other food, emergency kit, repair kit, spare paddle and also a solar panel to recharge the batteries for the equipment media, GPS, etc... . And another of 40-liter bag attached to the front of the board for daily needs (bars, gels, waterproof clothing, video equipment, GPS plotter and water refill). In short...40 kg of load per person. 43

End of all the preparation and great news, Nicolás and Samuel will be accompanied by comrade Benj Vaurs, also registered for the event. It is quite natural that they will re-form the MAI 2019 trio at DI 350 that they had faced together as the 3 musketeers. It is as a result of this adventure that Sam and Nico formed the team of French ¨SUPers¨ selected to participate in the Yukon 1000. They left Murs Erigné where Samuel lives, arriving in Roanne after a 7 hour drive (a big thanks to Antoine Blin for the shuttle service). Download and preparing boards, team optimization and talks with other participants. Uncertainty and illusion, many feelings intertwined in their minds, the fact of being the forerunners of a future project also contribute a little more to this adventure race (forever the first). The last meal, two or three beers and a general briefing at the foot of the departure dam would conclude with a great day where you can feel the excitement of a day before departure for this somewhat crazy project.

DAY 1 . 119km 6 am, downstream from the Roanne Dam, 19 boats and 21 participants. It is effervescence, it is not easy to carry the boards with all the equipment. They tested fins designed by Benji for the occasion, little water before the start that was enough for Sam to break it...Departure at 6:10 am almost having crossed the first quick stop for a keel change. In the end, a 5 minute stop, but no one was in sight. It is not a big problem. The first kilometres continue with the clear lack of water. Therefore, they were unable to maintain the planned 10km/h. After a few miles, Sam caught up with her Canadian friend Shara Dubeau, who accompanied them before finally falling behind. Every day a goal, the first was the Digoin canal bridge, at kilometre 65. The initial goal was to arrive at midday, that is, 10 km/h on average conceivable in certain rivers but not in this one. It is 1 pm and there is no bridge, but a pâté sandwich sitting on their boards to continue moving forward. In addition, during this break, they started a small routine to take an energy bar, gel or fruit compote every 15 km. Finally, at 2:45 p.m., they passed the Digoincon canal bridge where the waters moved our boards at will…the reason for a small refreshing dip.


This first day was marked by the abundance of algae, which made progress a bit difficult, especially that of Sam who with a straight fin was forced to stop several times to remove them. A beautiful and warm day, mountainous countryside landscapes, grazing cattle, haystacks, herons, terns, many dragonflies and above all the surprise of seeing lots of stork nests. But what most caught their attention was the remoteness of everything, the absence of a bridge for miles. The winding Loire...magnific... At the end of the day, little by little Morgan Caira, another great autonomist, arrives. Around 8 pm the sky becomes cloudy, the rain comes and the thunder will accompany you during the last 2 hours of descent and then when sleeping. Finding the ideal place to sleep is not easy, especially when it rains. The idea of looking for a slightly more sheltered bridge is gaining ground but unfortunately there is none, so at 9.45 pm a small beach on the left bank on the inside of the curve would be the point to rest for the 4 of us in the rain, which fortunately was not too strong. And under the relentless assault of mosquitoes. First freeze-dried meal before returning to their respective stores to get some sleep. Nicolas and Samuel find themselves in the tent set up quickly and almost skin to skin. At this moment everyone becomes aware of the effort that has been made (120 km) and especially of what lies ahead.

DAY 2 . 117km

/ 236 paddled

5 am upstairs. Breakfast and freeze dried coffee. Dismantling the camp in a little rain. 6:10 Morgan was more active and leaves 15 minutes before the team. Nico yells at him: “See you at night”. But 20 minutes after departure, his strength begins to fail. This is not the way, the organisms have not recovered from the effort of the previous day. But the current is a little faster, it brings joy to the heart and the first hours were quite good. The first target of the day was the Decize dam. They would arrive around 10 am and there they would meet Morgan. At that moment Benj made a stop at the bakery while Sam and Nico begin to transport the material, first the bags and then the boards. When we got back on board 30 minutes later, the rain broke loose and the wind that came from behind the day before was blowing much more strongly. They would fight for 30 minutes before it finally calms down. Between that and the portage, the team left a lot of juice there. The kilometres pass and they reached the Nevers bridge where Philippe Marchegay (organizer) explains the portage. They exchange a few words and set off again. 40 minutes later they arrive at Pico de Allier, a highly anticipated moment because the Allier’s water supply should have increased their average. Actually, the guys felt it, but it wasn’t a treadmill either, they only gained a 1/2 km/h. The next stop was Charité sur Loire, where Patrick De Saint Ours, a friend of Nico’s, waited for them with a supply of drinking water. Nico also ordered some French fries and Coke. When they got to Charité, Patrick waited for them with his family and a cart full of food and a pack of water. French fries and Coke went in very well, as did pumpkins and water supplies. After 8:00 pm, they set out again accompanied by Patrick, who suggested that they guide them to the Pouilly sur Loire campsite, a dozen kilometres downstream. The sun was present again, the light was extraordinary, the shutdown and the supplies have taken effect. Patrick explained to them the intricacies of the Loire currents on this route that he knows like no one else. Arrived in Pouilly, access to the campsite was impossible, they would sleep on a small nearby island. Sam and Benj decided to go to bed immediately without eating around 10 pm. Nico set up things up for the next one and ate some hot dogs with the rest.


DAY 3 . 114km

/ 347 paddled

At 5 am Nico made coffee, breakfast, and lunch to give Sam and Benj a little more time, not very early in the morning. The 3 friends dismantled the campsites and enjoyed the magnificent colours of the sunrise. They go to the water around 6:40 a.m. with the Belleville Power Station as their first target. The first kilometres were pleasant, seeing Saint Satur in the distance, a magnificent town nestled in a small valley. They reached Belleville in the morning, the stop was short. The next step was the Briare canal bridge about 30 km paddling, a small island downstream of the latter served them to eat pasta accompanied by some chips and then pass through the town of Gien. Nico literally falls asleep on his board… a 15 minute nap for everyone! A few minutes later, Micheline Hauchecorne overtook them (they would meet again a few kilometres later). Then came the Dampierre dam. A short portage where Sam and Benj took their boards together without unloading them to save time. Nico, for his part, tried to pass a stretch to the right of the river. Bad idea: he falls and drifts, the rest help Nico, collect the equipment and resume their journey. A few miles before Sully Sur Loire, Benj warned Nico and Sam of his decision to end their adventure. The adventure was not what Benj expected and his body was on edge. A big hug, delivery of supplies that Benj had, and Sam and Nico continued. These stopped around 9:30 pm after a 114 km paddling. They set up camps, prepared food, and even Benj was at the centre of the discussion, but no hard feelings or another discomfort. Benj made his choice and the 2 friends fully accepted it. At that moment the adventure changed completely.


DAY 4 . 109km

/ 356 paddled

6:20 am. After dismantling and preparing everything, SAM and Nico left for this fourth day of SUP. Fog and reduced visibility accompanied the start of the day; which played a trick on Sam who will start his day with a fall on the rocks, fortunately without injuries. 10 am, the passage of Orleans by the docks, steps moved with white waters. From here, the next 250 km were waters already known to them, thanks to the preparation for the Yukon just 1 year ago. The kilometres went by: castles, hot air balloons, vineyards and other rural landscapes animated the descent, where they began to find long straight lines of water. Starting at 1 p.m., the rain and storms were intense. 4 thunderstorms in 3 hours put our 2 friends to the test. In the middle of the afternoon, they had an unusual meeting with Anaëlle Marot in a kayak to the port of the Beaugency plant. The rain was a constant from the beginning, they wished it would stop so they could dry off a bit. On this fourth day, the mind attacked a little, and when the mind is attacked, the relationship with time is very different. Hence the need to deal with the day with energy bars and other gels.

Around 6 p.m. they received water supply in Lire Kayak near Blois, more precisely in Vineuil. At that moment Micheline, whom they had passed at the end of 3 days, redoubled them. Micheline made a stop at Chaumont Sur Loire while they continued 10 km to find a more welcoming rest area. They quickly set up camp and again a crazy night with more rain and wind

DAY 5 . 118km

/ 578 paddled

Departure around 6.30 am. It took his bodies a good hour to get moving properly. The goal of the beginning of the morning was Tours, Sam evoked the passage of the famous stone bridge that passes under the fourth arch on the left. There, about ten meters away, they were instructed to go under the first arch, but Sam wants to go through a real whitewater road with waves. The second roll would be fatal for him swimming at 10 in the morning. Nico comes out unscathed despite a good laugh that came close to making him swim as well. The person under the first arch was the former president of the Tours kayak club and he knew Sam. 1 km later, Sam’s in-laws were at the river’s edge with a sign and flags. This enlivened the hearts and gave them more strength. The kilometers passed. Food and the ritual of the 15 min., nap around 3 pm. Later they passed the famous but gruesome Chinon Nuclear Power Plant at the end of the day. After the bec de Vienne and the magnificent village of Montsoreau, Saumur arrives. Sam appreciated the architectural spectacle as much as I can and Nicolas remembered the kebab he ate at Saumur last year. But this time there was no time for tourism. They stopped near Thoureil, where a team of fans joined them in the old town with sandwiches, chips, supplies of water and a little comfort, with batteries recharged for the day or days to come. The nights were warm and they even dreamed of reaching the finish line the next day at the end of the day.


DAY 6 . 116km

/ 694 paddled

Departure around 6:10 am. Warm-up between Thoureil and Les Ponts de Cé. As they passed under the bridge, Nico and Sam were encouraged by Antoine Blin and Pierre Lumeau (kayak instructor at Les Ponts de Cé club). The hardest part for Sam will be not turning left to navigate Louet and head home to find his family. Alain Morvan, organizer of the regatta, would also come to meet them by boat at the end of the morning, to exchange a few words. Those words came in handy. Then they began to dream of the change of tide after Ancenis and of ending the same afternoon thanks to the current of the ebb tide. At that time they believed in it. More encouragements under bridges and on the riverside, where they saw Sam and that has been noticed (thanks to Anne, Dimitri and Pierre Alexandre). In Oudon, by motorboat, Mathieu from LA came to cheer them on, well known as the white wolf in this part of the Loire. And at that moment they think about giving it their all...mistake. After Oudon, they found themselves in an area where they had several falls... and so did morale. They had a current against it, they did not understand it but still they continued. The arrival in Nantes was with Sebastien, a local ¨SUPer¨ who was to receive them (thanks to the GPS trackers) Headwind without current and trouble resting. Joëlle Terrien went to meet them and gave them an accommodation plan in Trentemou, stopping the crossing around 9:30 pm in front of the yacht club. They set up their tent in a public garden and shared a comforting beer with Joëlle, she announced that tomorrow the tide should be very watery. As an anecdote, Joël made the entire Loire alone and in complete autonomy in 2012, a true adventurous forerunner with SUP. They slept tired but happy, ready for the remaining 32 km with the right tide and speeds that should be of another nature.


DAY 7 . 32km

/ 725 paddled

Nantes Paimboeuf. Departure at 6 am, the first on time in 7 days. They were motivated like never before and excited about the idea of reaching the goal. But surprise at 6 o’clock the tide still doesn’t help them. They began paddling at 2 to 3 km/h in a port environment with the impression of being very small as they passed the docks and boats. They passed under the Cheviré bridge and much later the ferries (boats used to transport cars from one shore to another). In one of them, they are encouraged by people who follow the race around 8 am…this gave them tremendous energy to finish. Time did not pass. They were enjoying their last moments together in the water, but even that seemed endless. Finally, the sea change occurred gradually and became visible on the large beacon buoys. They rowed at 14 km/h despite the 20 km/h headwind. This wind would not even increase its strength until reaching the finish line and even with more waves. They were already feeling the influence of the ocean in the estuary and paddling to the left bank. They did not see the arrival, they did not even know what the Paimboeuf lighthouse is like…. But they already felt the end of the adventure, slalom between the boats on board and liberation...finally the lighthouse, the people arriving to receive them, the noise, the humans

Arrival at 10:50 am Sam and Nico raised their arms in the air. They touched down and hugged. 7 days of SUP adventure… the Loire 725 was completed. They did it! A small group of friends were there to welcome them, a beautiful moment to share, and a feeling of success and pride in showing this in the eyes of all those present. Photo with all the finishers before returning to real life. Finally, the team wants to thank with all its heart their kind families and fans who pushed them to the end and of course their sponsors without whom nothing would be possible: Fanatic SUP. Starboard SUP. ION. Mulebar. Zulupack. Petzl. Sunslice. Opus Project A&CO. Smith Les Pieds Dans l’Eau. Trippez. Dollo Paddles. Jorcani Sports. Now thinking about the Yukon 1000. July 2022. 52


Up Suping

App World Tour. ISA. Leco Salazar

Leco, welcome to Up Suping! How are you? How did you start 2021? I’m preety good, stated 2021 surfing and tranning, surfing and training since they opened the beaches again.

How and when was your beginning in this sport and your evolution until today? My dad is a surf legend down here and I always lived on the beach, so it was natural for me to become a surfer and competing. Despite there aren´t competitions in recent months, have you continued doing SUP and other sports? Pretty much, surf and SUP when there are waves and paddle when it’s flat and I run a lot too.

2019 has been a spectacular year for you with great results in international competitions, especially that bronze medal achieved at the ISA World SUP Championship of El Salvador. How have you experienced those exciting events? I was well trained and with great boards which gave me confidence. How would you describe your style? What kind of maneuvers and results are you looking for? Does not matter what type of wave, but I kind of like rights with 6 feet, i love backside maneuvers and barrels. We have also seen you show off in the waves with a longboarder style. Do you like ¨LongSUP¨ and its growth all over the world I do it a lot in Brazil, the waves on my beach are not very good so longSUP fits perfectlly. Tell us about Stand Up Paddle in Brazil right now: it´s potential for this sport and the increase in young and old riders that can be seen in many places. To be honest years ago u saw more SUP people in the water, people look at SUP more as a holiday recreation, they don’t take it too seriously right here.. 55

What are the waves in your country and in the rest of the world that you most enjoy riding? Quebra-mar, Maresias and sunset.

What brands support you? Quebra-mar, Maresias y Sunset Beach. ¿Qué marcas te apoyan? I changed my sponsorships, except my board sponsorship (New Advance) and my fins (PAVANI) And besides SUP and waves…What other hobbies complete Leco’s life? I run training and eat healthily All that remains is for all this global Covid situation to disappear, prepare the boards and return to action throughout the world...right? PLeaseeeee!!! Thanks to... Thanks you brother... 56


SUP RACE Fesurfing

Esther Duato. Up Suping

In San Juan beach, Alicante, the second stop of the SUP RACE Fesurfing CMS League was held on May 16, 2021. The SUP Leagues of the Fesurfingare the only valid official events to be able to participate in the Spanish SUP RACE Championship of exclusive competence of the Spanish Surf Federation. The race was developed under the Beach Race modality through routes with different distances according to each of the categories, which included the corresponding portage on the beach.

In the men’s category of the Elite race, the podium was made up of first place by Rafael Sirvent (Club Deportivo Parres), followed by Salva Mora (Central de Sup), with Daniel Parres (Club Deportivo Parres) finishing third. In the women’s category, Victoria Ryzhova (Be Watersports) came in first place, followed by Cristina López San Román (Leclercq Sup Team) and Majo Pellicer (Posidonia). We highlight that among the more than 190 participants in the event there were 86 athletes from the subcategories, which shows that Stand Up Paddle is having an important sporting growth that the Spanish Surfing Federation will continue to protect as the only Federation with SUP competitions. A great day for Stand Up Paddle that took place in the festive atmosphere of the surf community. In addition, it had the important intervention of Santi Cantó, a member of the Sup Committee of the Spanish Surfing Federation, and the journalist Nicolas Arnedo, who contributed to materialize the sporting development of the event.






Do you want to participate in a SUP race but you don’t know which one to go to? Enter our ¨Hoenalu SUP Calendar¨ and plan your next getaway. Click on our logo and you will access it directly!

UP SUPING Stand Up Paddle

You already know the Foil and how it works. But do you know where it is being practised every day? In this mag of Up to the Foil we show you a wonderful place in southern Spain that meets all the conditions to fly between mountains over the waters of the Guadalfeo.

Julio Pérez


Rules Dam Dear readers, like many of you, I too have joined the practice of this new and addictive sport, Wingfoil. No, I have not lowered my SUP boards from the roof of my car as some might think, that is untouchable, I assure you. Both sports complement each other and even more so in this spot that you see me commenting on in my stories and publications. It is the Rules Dam, well known in the national windsurfing scene.

The Rules Dam was built between 1993 and 2003, between Granada and the Costa Tropical, on the edge of the Lecrín Valley. It is located on the Guadalfeo river, collecting the fluvial waters of the Sucio, Chico, and Seco rivers, among others. In addition to the runoff from a good amount of the Contraviesa ravines. You will notice that you are very close when you cross the highway bridge that runs over its waters by car. Take the steering wheel tightly, it is advice. To get there, if you come from the Granada highway, towards Motril, take exit 175 towards the A-346 towards Vélez de Benaudalla / Orgiva / Las Alpujarras. At the roundabout take the 1st exit towards Órgiva, continue 1.7km and when you see the bridge on your right, take the first dirt road that you will see on your left, it is an unpaved path, in which you must go with caution. And you will have arrived.


On the banks of the dam, the Granada Windsurf School, a pioneer in the practice of windsurfing in this spot, since approximately 2011, conditioned the environment respecting the environmental regulations and permits to teach classes of this sport. Manuel Ruiz, the Boss, will be delighted to assist you But it was in the month of May, when the AWA Nautical School based in Motril-Playa Granada and with the help of its manager José Tfrà © n, has been incorporated, taking care of the Wingfoil courses and I assure you that the demand is exaggerated. Today there was a waiting list of up to 50 people. The magic that makes it possible for Rules to navigate almost every day of the year (especially for Wingfoil) is due to the fact that the dam is funnel-shaped and creates a Venturi that makes wind conditions extraordinary, in certain areas of the reservoir. . In fact, the distance to cover from shore to shore is not much, but enough to end up with your arms outstretched a meter, if the wind gets harsh. There is very little wave normally, which allows you a good learning and practice of infinite maneuvers, but in some areas you can take nice bumps to start downwind.

The long neoprene is fundamental and very thick if we talk about winter, imagine these waters that come from tributaries of the Sierra Nevada snows. But short suit in the warmer months, you won’t have any excess I usually carry the SUP board when I have to train physically, the paddling upwinds in the direction of the dam are groundbreaking, I can assure you that you feel all the wind in your body and advance with 20 cm. of wave it becomes complicated and hard. Of course, with the rest of the energy that I have left, I assemble my Wingfoil equipment and enjoy...It does not fail! Negative points: Parking, especially in the warm months. Positive points: the wind, #rulesnofalla and the locals. Good sporty and very healthy environment. (nobody leaves trash) discover, and if you come with time, take a walk around Las Alpujarras, they will catch you very close and you will surely return. And finally, you know that you can count on me if it is about undownind, with SUPo with Wingfoil. You choose. The coast is a 15-minute drive from the dam. Julio Pérez. Local downwinder ……


Hi Olivia! Please tell us a little about who you are and where you are from… Hi! I was born in Plymouth, England but have lived in the USA for the past 17 years and currently reside on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii. I am a student, obtaining a Master’s in Public Health and am interested in infectious disease epidemiology. I have been kitesurfing for 9 years and wing foiling for less than 1 year. I grew up sailing so I have been around water sports since an early age.


Living full time in Maui is a lot of people’s dream scenario. How often do you get out on the water and these days, what do those sessions look like? (wing, kite, surf, etc)

I feel extremely lucky to live here! Living just a minute’s walk from the ocean, I make it a point to get out onto the water every single day, even just for a quick session. I either kitesurf, wing foil, surf, foil surf, swim, or free-dive, depending on the conditions and/or the season. During the winter I usually get up early in the morning to surf Ho’okipa and kitesurf during the day. During the summer I try to dawn patrol longboard the south side of the island and then return back to the north shore during the day for a wing-foil downwinder, wing-foil jump session, or a strapless freestyle kiteboard session. Every day is different!

Like with many of us, you’ve more recently jumped firmly onto the Foil Wing band wagon. What inspired you to get into this new sport?

I saw how much fun people were having with the new sport and decided to give it a go myself. Ken Winner lives just down the road from me. He was making many prototypes and asked if we wanted to give it a go! I’m always up to try something new, so was keen to try out the wings.

What was it like for you to learn how to do it? It was quite frustrating, and I gained many new blisters on my shins… I started out on a 95-liter board and a 3-meter prototype Duotone boom wing. Patri Mclaughlin and I went to the windsurf beach on a very windy day and learned to maneuver the wing on this big board. I already knew how to surf foil and kite foil, so this made it a bit easier for me to ride the board. We rode this big board once and then went down to a 45-liter board. We are really lucky to have a long coastline on Maui to do downwinders. We park a car downwind, then drive upwind about 5 miles and start there. Patri and I were both new to the sport, so we went on downwinders together and were cracking up the whole time. It was a fun learning curve. Tell us about your progression… I think it was easier to learn than kiteboarding, but that was probably because I already had knowledge of the wind and how to ride the board with a foil. I think if I had some background knowledge of how to windsurf, it would have made it even easier. I started out on a 95-liter board and 3-meter wing, then went to a 45-liter board, then a 35 liter board, and now I consistently ride a 25 liter board and 4 meter wing. As I gained more confidence in my wing skills, I dropped down in board volume to increase the maneuverability. I think the biggest breakthrough for me was when I learned how to ride a smaller board with straps that I was able to sink. Riding on the big board was relatively easy for me. Progressing to a smaller board was the hardest part. It took quite a long time to feel stable on the 45-liter board, especially when going from kneeling to standing up. Doing many downwinders definitely helped me with this, because I could try over and over again for about an hour without having to walk back upwind. I also had no background in doing downwinders and riding the ocean swells. When getting on a bump, I struggled to keep the nose of my board down and half the time I would fly out of the water from too much lift. It was a big breakthrough when I learned how to ride these bumps more effectively and has since been a lot more fun to do downwinders.


You are also a professional Kitesurfer and avid surfer, how does this new sport fit in amongst all of your other activities? I wouldn’t say that wing foiling has replaced kitesurfing or surfing for me. Sometimes just kitesurfing flat water during the summer becomes monotonous, so adding in wing foiling has definitely been a bonus. I don’t kite waves or surf any less due to my new interest in wing foiling. It just gives me that third activity to do daily, which has been amazing since I love to keep moving! It has also helped to keep me active during the summer which I think is definitely preparing me for a winter of kitesurfing. Wing foiling is definitely helping to improve my prone foil surfing skills, as I have learned to pump more effectively.

Tell us about the Foil Wing scene in Maui? Wing foiling has become popular on Maui for all age groups. I have had ocean athletes in all disciplines asking if I could help them learn. I am also constantly being asked about gear and where to get it. Just this past week about 5 different random people have asked me about gear. There are a lot of surfers on the island and the surf has been pretty bad this summer. Maui is always windy every day in the summer so there have been a lot of surfers that are picking up winging to stay busy and to learn something new. There are also a lot of older windsurfers and kitesurfers that are learning to wing foil since it is such a natural transition. There’s interest coming from all angles. There’s a harbor in the center of the island that is a really great place to learn. Every time I go there, there are more and more people out. There’s a bit of a crew down at the harbor of wing foil fanatics. It is great to see a sport emerge that people are so excited about.


What’s the access like in Maui? I believe all beaches are open to wing foiling on Maui right now which is awesome. There are two main beaches people learn at –the Kahului Harbor and upper Kanaha Beach Park.I think we will maybe see some problems between surfers and wing foilers this winter at Ho’okipa when the waves return. So far there has not really been any waves on the north shore this summer so there hasn’t been much interaction. When the waves come back you will see wing foilers going out at surf spots, so there is a possibility the surfers might get mad if the wing foilers get too close. Surfers definitely have priority! Who’s in your Foil Wing Crew? Are these the same friends that you kite with or a whole different scene? It’s a mix of kiters and non-kiters. There has been a fun little crew that has consistently wing foiled Sugar Cove in Maui most windy days this summer. It consists of Annie Reickert, Ridge Lenny, Jeffrey Spencer, Finn Spencer and me. They are all incredible foilers in all disciplines (standup, surf, etc.) so I definitely look up to them for help. I know that Ridge and Jeffrey know how to kite but I have never kited with them before. I have been teaching Annie to kite this summer and she is killing it! I did a ton of downwind wing foil runs with Annie and Ethan Koopmans this past summer, there was a point where we were going every day. Ethan is also a really good kiter.

Do you see yourself ever competing? If any competitions arise in the future, I could maybe see myself competing. I’d need to learn quite a few more tricks, haha. I think if I have to choose between competing in kitesurfing and competing in wing foiling then I would choose kiting, but I am definitely open to competing in winging!

What’s the latest thing your working on? I am working on doing a 360 but so far have had more faceplants than successes. I am also continuing to work on laying out my raleys. What’s your biggest goal at the moment? My biggest goals are to become comfortable riding waves with the wing this winter and to expand my trick repertoire.



The new Aluminium 3.0 mast and fuselage setup is a massive step forward in performance! It’s not only incredibly stiff and direct, has an optimized drag behavior and is almost 20% lighter compared to the previous Fanatic masts and fuselages – it also has a new trim adding playfulness without compromising ease of use. Available in four mast lengths of 60cm, 75cm, 82cm and 90cm. Two fuselages of 68cm “advanced” and the adjustable 78cm “all-round” cover all Wing, Prone and SUP Foiling. The 90cm is the dedicated Fuselage for Windsurf Foiling. The 3.0 fuselages are compatible with Aero & Aero High Aspect wings as well as the new Flow wings with updated mount.



The new Starboard Hyper Foil V.2 Lite Tech 2021 is the economic version of the Hyper Foil Starlite that stands out for its durability thanks to the construction used by Starboard. For this season, the Tiki brand has decided to manufacture the Hyper Foil boards also in the brand’s most accessible technology, the Lite Tech, so that those who want to have a good quiver of boards, can choose several options without facing a large outlay. The Hyper Foil is optimized for downwind, pump foiling and surfing. Tuttle plate and box arrangement options allow for universal foil mounts on all Hyper Foils.


BLACK SERIES The High Performance Speed (HPS) wings are FAST. Designed for the ultimate in performance, but yet still usable by most levels of riders. Since the HPS wings use their own foil section with less camber and narrower chord, we developed a special fuselage that will accommodate all the HPS and future performance front wings. This is a new generation of front wings made for FAST performance riding, while it’s still stable and predictable with enormous amount of glide and great turning. AXIS B-Series 1050mm HPS Carbon Wing

AXIS B-Series 980mm HPS Carbon Wing

WINGSPAN: 1050 mm / 41 inches MAX CHORD: 170mm MEAN AVERAGE CHORD: 123mm ASPECT RATIO: 7.55 ACTUAL AREA 1502 square cm CAMBER (as % of CHORD): 2.5 VOLUME: 1665 cubic cm / 102 cubic inches

WINGSPAN: 980 mm / 38.6 inches MAX CHORD: 160mm / 6.3inches ASPECT RATIO: 7.49 ACTUAL AREA 1323 square cm CAMBER (as % of CHORD): 2.5 VOLUME: 1379 cubic cm / 84 cubic inches


SUP FOIL PRO This new generation of SUP Wing Foil boards draws inspiration from the engineering of the latest Americaʼs Cup foiling boats. By adapting key concepts to the specific shape requirements of SUP foil, we greatly improve performance at the low end. Off the board, allowing you to get up and navigate quickly with minimal effort. These improved shapes on the SUP Foil Pro provide a totally new experience for intermediate to expert level foilers with a more pronounced stringer for greater directional boost. You will have enough buoyancy and stability to stay comfortable when not leaning on the foil.

M AT E R IA L www.sup.star-board.com

STARBOARD LIMA PREPEG 2021 Its long and narrow blade, like its predecessor the Bolt, is indicated for competitions and for rowing long distances. The concave design is located in the part of the blade where the power is concentrated, so that it guides the water through the blade, controlling the wobble and increasing the flow rate of the same. The edge that defines the concave starts from a rounded shape at the tip of the blade, gently separating the water. Later it becomes sharper to direct the path and stabilize the blade in the water, transmitting all the power in a single movement. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.


FANATIC SUP ALLWAVE A Paddle Surf board with which there will be no wave that escapes you! SUP Fanatic AllWave boards are made to surf all kinds of waves easily, thanks to great maneuverability combined with a good start, which makes this SUP a very good option also for walking and touring the coast. Lenght 8’8’’ 8’11’’ 9’3’’ 9’7’’

Width 31’’ 31.5’’ 32’’ 32.5’’

Volume 135 ltr. 145 ltr. 160 ltr. 175 ltr.

M AT E R IA L www.nspsurfboards.com

ALLROUNDER The Elements Allrounder is your ultimate allround SUP board: you will perfectly combine surfing waves and / or simply gliding on calm waters, this makes this board suitable for the two most practiced disciplines of Stand Up Paddle. Its raised nose will allow you to hook any type of wave and with its double concave bottom it will provide speed and smoothness in turns. Definitely a great Allrounder! Lenght 9’2’’ 10’0’’ 10’6’’ 10’11’’

Width 29 3/8’’ 32’’ 32’’ 32 1/4’’

Volume 29.5 ltr. 169 ltr 187.7 ltr. 186.1 ltr.


RIDE 10’6” PINK EDITION SE It is the best-selling board in the world for its stability, versatility and very easy to use. Thanks to its size, it covers a tremendous range of users, from boys and girls whose physique allows them to handle an adult table to people of very different weights and with variable physical conditions. . It has been designed to float and slide easily in flat water thanks to Red Paddle Co’s own MSL technology that manages to make boards that are stiffer and lighter at the same time. Lenght 10’6’’

Width 32’’

Volume 240 ltr.

M AT E R IA L www.spsurf.com

FEEL THE SUN LIMITED EDITION Enjoy tables with exclusive designs. In addition to being beautiful, enjoy a stable and easy board for everyone. You can go alone or accompanied, its measurements allow you to share your rides with whoever you want, yes, well synchronized.It is the ideal complement for your boat. Sport, fun and design in the same “toy”. Lenght 10´8¨

Width 32’’

Thickness 5 ’’


MUNDAKA Mundaka is a casual style design designed for those who are looking for sunglasses with a sports wear line. With their ergonomic frame made of polymethylpentene, they are very light, which makes them the perfect complement for nautical and / or aquatic sports. Thanks to the exclusive patented technology of AWA Sunglasses, all its models stay afloat. Among its characteristics: Polarized. Floating Hydrophobic. 100% UV protection. Revo blue category 3 lenses and UV400 protection, made of TAC polycarbonate.

M AT E R IA L www.sup-one.com

BLUE TANK TOP . Simple stockinette stitch. . 100% spun and combed cotton. . ECO recyclable. . Sizes M and L


PUNCTURE REPAIRER Zero Marine is a revolutionary liquid that seals air leaks caused by punctures and porosities in water inflatables such as inflatable Paddle Surf boards in a matter of a few minutes.

You can see its operation and application in the following video ->


by Nicolás Arnedo KGuard

First of all, tell you that the photos you will see here are not ours, since we had a mishap with our camera on the day of the test; so we have published some wonderful images that the brand has provided us. Any element that makes our lives easier when it comes to being able to carry what is necessary when doing Stand Up Paddle is more than welcome. On this occasion, I present to you KGUARD, a spanish brand that is starting its journey in the aquatic world with two excellent products that will come in handy when carrying your electronic key and your mobile phone.

In both cases, I really liked the presentation of the product, with a very simple package and with very clear instructions on its content and how to use it. In addition, it offers you different tips for its maintenance and in the different places where you can leave this silicone bag tied, which is ideal for the saline environment. I loved the KGUARD bag for the electronic key. It is different from other watertight bags, if it is true that you have to stretch the upper part of it and insert the key at the same time. It seems a bit complicated, but it is not; as soon as you get used to it, it’s super simple. It comes with a ring and a rope to tie it, and I assure you that during the test not a drop of water has entered. I have kept it in the pocket of the swimsuit and in a pocket of the hydration vest and always tied with its rope.


You also have the option of wearing it around your neck, that’s for everyone. And to remove the key is simply to remove the ring and voila. But I repeat, the product comes with very clear instructions for use for this. It is hardly bulky, you don’t really feel that you are wearing it. Highly recommended and also for the whole year! And with regard to the bag for the mobile phone, you already know that it is advisable to go rowing with it if you are going to make crossings to the open sea or long distances to use it in case of an accident, since its operation is practically the same as the Electronic key bag. Although at the moment it has the capacity to house small mobile phones such as the Iphone mini, Galaxy S10e and the like, its measurement is 160mm x 80mm inside, and so you can take it into account with the measurements of your phone. Remember that it is a very flexible silicone and the brand is already working on expanding this product for larger mobile phones.

KGUARD offers you one of the products that the ¨SUPers¨ are demanding the most to store and carry your most valuable belongings while you are in the water paddling, or even if you are on the beach walking along the shore, taking photos or near the water. In this way you will not get any scares, the KGUARD bag will protect you.




Up Suping

@hortensiodiasclaros . Up Suping

The proliferation of clubs and groups that do SUP are what keep this sport alive. They are constantly growing, some more than others, depending on the area, and among their objectives is always to live great experiences. And this is the case with the Hoenalu Team.


For a few years, the Hoenalu online store has had a group of people who love SUP and different watersports, spread throughout Andalucía and other regions of Spain. And there was a great need for a meeting, since last year they could not plan any adventure due to the resounding presence of the damn virus. But luckily the pandemic gave a break and the Hoenalu Team was able to meet again from June 24 to 27 in Tarifa to live some authentic days of pure downwind with Fred Bonnef, a master in this and other sports modalities. And with Florian Macía supporting all the logistics and brain with Fred so that all the members of the team feel very comfortable. And of course, Up Suping didn’t want to miss it.

The truth is that the weather has favourably accompanied us to learn much more about this modality. With 3 days of water and a total of 5 SUP sessions, the wind went from high to low during these intense days. But of course, no one will forget the first day. That great day announced a powerful lift, where the Hoenalu Team would face winds of more than 35 knots. And taking into account the different levels of knowledge in the downwind practice of the whole team, Fred decided to make 2 short crossings from Arte Vida to the Valdevaqueros dune. The first of them was very important, since we got knowledge of the different readings of the wind and the sea in that area, to later work our trajectory much better, so that the whole group felt safe. A clean downwind, ideal for all levels. The arrival at the beach and collection of material has been very important since the strong wind could blow the boards in any carelessness. Very important here also the knowledge that Fred in this type of circumstances to reach a safer area. And after a nice meal at a local beach bar, it was possibly the best moment for many riders of the team of the whole weekend.

The wind had increased its power in the afternoon. Nerves on the surface and wanting to see what ¨Eolo¨ would prepare for us in there. It was throwing ourselves into the water and broad smiles began to be seen between all of us. It was 30 minutes of pure fun, of living a super fun downwind with 40 knot winds that perfectly aligned the waves and bumps, to perform different techniques that Fred had previously taught us. They were perfect conditions to have made a longer downwind perhaps to Bologna, but everyone’s safety comes first and it is best to stay with the desire to continue the next day. We couldn’t have started this downwind camp better.

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On the second day the east wind dropped a lot in intensity, but all with the hope that a downwind from Los Lances beach to Bolonia would allow us to continue enjoying the good taste of the previous day. A bright sun to enjoy a new adventure, another master class from Fred before hitting the water. A wonderful journey where, although the wind did not help to have a powerful downwind, it was ideal to continue putting into practice different techniques and readings in this modality. The truth is that everything adds up. Indescribable the last kilometres to the beach of Bolonia, with crystal clear waters that were only clouded by the shadows of our boards. We spent the rest of the day on this beach, recovering energy and enjoying the surroundings. As the wind disappeared almost completely, in the afternoon Fred offered us a SUP Race clinic and paddling technique in general. Obviously, each one of his advice is very useful for all of us; in addition to the spectacular day we had. The nights were shared with a good beer and delighting them with local food. The one on Saturday was the busiest, with a Tarifa already entering the summer season and with many people in its streets. Honestly, having held such a meeting a week later would have caused some logistical and scheduling problems.

Up Suping

On the third day, the ¨Pontiente¨ wind promised some action. Although some ¨SUPers¨ of the team were already accusing the fatigue in their bodies, except for the youngest...none of them hesitated to jump into the water to enjoy the last hours in Tarifa. On this occasion, the plan was to skirt the Valdevaqueros dune to Punta Paloma, to then correct the course and be benefited from the downwind in the direction of Arte Vida. And although the Poniente was rather soft, what we learned in the previous downwind was noticeable, since we have all been applying different techniques in the kilometres that we had ahead. And once again, a sunny day on the beach to enjoy Tarifa and its surroundings. We could classify this type of camp as a success. Because in addition to learning and/or perfecting your skills in the downwinds, and in one of the best places in Europe to do it and with Fred Bonnef, it is important to gather opinions and experiences among SUP practitioners. Also, thank the presence of the photographer @hortensiodiasclaros and Fanatic SUP for their collaboration. In this case, Hoenalu prepared this wonderful camp for all his riders, and we are sure that many more will come open to anyone who wants it. Stay tuned to their social networks and from Up Suping we recommend 100% this type of experience.



Finisterre Pablo Codesido

Dani Keral. Viajar a Galicia

The story said classical historian Lucio Floro says that in 137 BC. General Décimo Junio Bruto, commander-in-chief of the Roman legions that conquered northern Portugal and Galicia, stopped on the promontory of the cape to contemplate the sunset, amazed at how the star king disappeared into the abysses of the immense infinite sea. This is how the Romans called this land Finis terrae, the end of the earth, Finisterre. Now there are hundreds of pilgrims who, after reaching the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to embrace the saint, then continue their final journey towards the coast to reach the Finisterre lighthouse, wherein an act full of symbolism, they end up abandoning the fate of fire the boots that had accompanied them, and everything here is mythical, magical, full of “meigas” and “saudade”, a Galician word that only the soul can understand.


After a terrible pandemic, with summer on top and doubts about what to do, today I recommend a trip not to forget. Finisterre and the A Costa da Morte area have everything a good ¨SUPer¨ could wish for. As many of you will know, A Costa da Morte refers its name to the numerous shipwrecks that have occurred throughout history on these Galician northwestern coasts, but it could also be called Costa da Vida and is that the sea in Galicia is something different.

Centring our point of arrival in the Finisterre town hall, a visit to the town and the lighthouse is unavoidable. The entire small bay is a quiet place where you can paddle, preferably with northeast winds, the Playa da Langosteira, Sardiñeiro and Estorde are very calm and allow a family SUP. Although if you are lucky enough to arrive on a day of flat sea, and slow northeast, you can get your board and even get to the very end from the Langosteira beach that is on the south side, where the town is and where more flat conditions you will find. On the way to the cape from the beach, you will be able to cross with small fishing boats after passing the protections of the port and you will later contemplate the cliff that forms up to the very tip of the cape, which is about four kms away. depending on where you start from. The most daring who reach that point will be able to see that geographical accidents like this delimit the behaviour of the seas, so when the tip of the board appears to the north, things get more complicated, and no matter how calm there is always true movement will surprise us. Few days allow such an adventure but if you can do not hesitate ... it is the end of the world. I, in my audacity I have already done it, but as a prudent doctor I have stayed in the aftermath of the Centolo, an islet already on the north face continually lashed by the sea. The Galician coast continues to be privileged for the practice of this sport, from the hardest in the open sea to the flattest in the interior of estuaries and inlets, it is very difficult to have a day where you cannot paddle.


Surely the most surfers are waiting for their time, well, yes, it has arrived. Galicia continues to be a place to discover and A Costa da Morte presents waves of the most diverse characteristics. A must visit near Finisterre for those who want waves, it is the mythical beach of Nemiña to the north, perhaps the most frequented, and further south the immense beach of Carnota and Muros. Without a doubt, enjoying the excellence of Galician beaches is something worth discovering for yourself.

I assure you that with accommodation and food there will be no problem. To sleep numerous rural houses, camping and small hotels. To eat Galicia, value for money few places in the world, and really, I say it with knowledge of the facts. In Finisterre the sea bass in the area is unmissable, seafood is not mentioned (the doubt offends) and for carnivores, Galician cow. 92

In a year where competitions are beginning to proliferate, today I have allowed myself to write to you again about health, and it is that this way of doing sport is extremely healthy, for body and mind. Ask the Phoenicians, since legend has it that they built a small temple there to the sun, or to the very Tenth June Brutus. When enjoying the sunset from the lighthouse or Mount Facho, they discovered something transcendent that hooks, something mystical, I can only tell you that you experience it, that your gaze is lost with infinity while the sun embraces the sea. And watch out for the more adventurous ¨SUPeros¨, if you paddle to infinity, towards the sun, at that time of sunset, you could discover a new world.

Pablo Codesido Specialist in Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery

www.drpablocodesido.com @PabloCodesido


¨There are impossible things ... but not as many as we can imagine¨


Up Suping

Albert Laborda. Lluis Riaola. Quique García. Maro

SUP came into your life and it has come to stay…How it all started? One day I was walking through Barceloneta and the Espai de Mar venue caught my attention, I went in to ask for information, they treated me very well and I arranged a class. It was a group class where the only person with functional diversity was me, the instructor was Helena Ribas, a very good professional who, in addition to teaching everything related to SUP, also spreads her enthusiasm, joy and passion for the sea. She and the other people who took the course gave me such good vibes that she encouraged me to continue in this sport. In my case, I do not need any special adaptation, if the paddle is shorter, to my measure... also the paddle of a two-meter person is longer. This allows me to go anywhere and be able to use the same material that is commonly used.

Lluis Riaola


What benefits has Stand Up Paddle incorporated into your life? For about 20 years, I have not done sports on a regular and competitive basis. I am going from a sedentary life to a sports-active life. The benefits are evident and progressive, greater muscle toning, joint improvement, weight reduction, more agility, more balance…. Between 1983 and 1990 I did whitewater canoeing, participating in the Spanish Championships, where I was the only person with functional diversity and, as I like to say, there was not the last one ... he was having a great time. I also did sailing participating in the 1992 (Barcelona) and 1993 (Boston) World Championships and the 1993 European Championships (Groningen). And in alpine skiing, I was the first person to compete in Spain in the seated category. With the help of some friends, I built the first two ski chairs I had. From 1986 to 1996 I participated in the Championships of Spain, Catalonia, the Pyrenees Cup, as well as the 1992 Paralympics (Albertville) and 1994 (Lillehammer), and the 1990 World Championships (Winter Park, Colorado) and 1994 (Lech Vor Alberg, Austria). After so many years of inactivity, the benefits of resuming sports activity are innumerable, both physically and emotionally. I recommend to everyone the regular does of any sport and if it is Paddle SUP better.

How have you adapted to paddling, positioning, balance and vision while on the board?


In relation to paddling, I use the knowledge acquired in my canoeing days, but I have a tendency to use too much repaleo (paddle technique) and to paddle mostly on the left side, these are aspects that I have to improve with the technique. As I have no legs, my centre of gravity on the board is lower which gives me, in principle, greater stability. At the same time the paddle is shorter so the stroke length is shorter so I have to increase the cadence, but hey, each one paddling as best he can with the tools he has. Regarding the placement, I try to be as centred as possible for a better balance of the board, although I also play with moving forward or backward as required by the state of the water.


We have seen that you have a very practical system to get on the board and have security at all times... Safety in sport is an important issue. In the different boards that I have had, the first thing I do is try to go up from the water, depending on how they are I use one technique or another. In the SPS Explorer, I go up the back where I have installed a rope that facilitates the manoeuvre, being able to do it alone, I have tested it even with waves and this system is effective and gives me total confidence and autonomy. It is advisable to go paddling accompanied but, sometimes this is not possible, in case of going out I have only started to wear a life jacket, let’s not forget that the sea should not be afraid but I do respect it

Lluis Riaola


And what material have you been using these years and right now? I have always used SPS material. I started at Espai de Mar with rental equipment, first a 10.2 x 34 ”x 5” Sport, then the Evo 10 x 30 ”x 4” and a 3-piece fibreglass paddle. In the 2020 season, I became an SPS raider with the 11.6 x 31 ”x 6” Touring board and R85 carbon paddle. In the 2021 season, SPS continues to support me with the Explorer 14 x 32”x 6” board and R80 carbon paddle.



You participate in SUP Race competitions. How does paddling feel to you in that situation? How do you manage those emotions? This is a sport that I do on equal terms with other people. In competition it does not matter if I have no legs, or if I am 61 years old, the important thing is a technique, paddle speed, breathing, balance, concentration... that is to compete, play sports....and do it in a fully inclusive way. There are two competitions in which emotions have been on the surface and at the start, I was crying with joy, hope and an amalgam of emotions.


In September 2019 I participated for the first time in a SUP Race competition, I had not participated in a sports competition for 20 years and I also had the pleasure of being accompanied in the race by my “trainer” Helena, side by side, paddling to paddling, I will always remember. The second competition I participated in was the Gla Gla Race, in January 2020, I went there alone although in Talloires I met quite a few paddlers and I would especially thank Carlos. Outside temperature of 1ºC and the water at 4ºC, luck that there was a radiant sun, hundreds of people participating in one of the coldest tests that are made, a beautiful alpine landscape, it was incredible and I plan to repeat when they do it again in person. It is an experience that I recommend even to people who are cold.


We know that you have a great challenge ahead: the SUP11 City Tour…Woowww! How are you preparing for one of the huge competitions on the planet? It is a challenge that imposes a lot of respect on me, 220 km in five days. You have to be physically and mentally prepared, the ability to resist, suffer, and overcome is put to the test. For physical preparation, I follow a fifteen-week training session in which at the beginning the speed is worked more and each week the distance travelled increases. Weekly I train 3-4 days in the water and I complement it with two days of work in the gym.

In addition to physical preparation, the weather conditions must also be taken into account, Friesland in ¨SUPttember¨ is a region in which almost all meteorological phenomena can occur on the same day, sun, rain, wind, cold...that is, you have to go prepared for everything. The organization is working to improve accessibility in accommodation, rest areas, etc. And that my only concern is rowing, I have to thank you for your involvement and collaboration.

Where do you usually go rowing and what kind of conditions do you like the most? Normally I train in the sea in front of Barcelona, the city where I live, a skyline that I like a lot but not very clean waters, from here I take the opportunity to appeal to paddlers to spend some time collecting part of the many plastics that float on water, let’s remember that we only have one planet. In principle I like upwind better, it reminds me of the conditions of whitewater canoeing. I have rarely tried the downwind and I still feel insecure, but I will persist, my friends tell me that when you get the hang of it, it is one of the best sensations there is.

Do you accompany SUP with other sports? Does your body require specific training to paddle? Currently, to complement SUP, I practice Crossfit with Limited Edition athletes (LEA) non-profit organization that works to promote adapted functional Fitness regardless of the person’s condition. I also do machine cross-country skiing sessions at home. It is about taking advantage of what I have and making up for what I lack.

Manel, it is clear that in this life nothing is impossible...right? I am of the theory that there are impossible things, but not as many as we can imagine. If there is a will, determination, interest, desire, enthusiasm, resources, almost everything can be done. In my case there are sports that I can practice without any type of adaptation (SUP, swimming, sailing...), others I need specific equipment (skiing, whitewater canoeing...) and others I don’t even think about it (high jump, long jump...) although if I put my mind to it, something could be done. The message is that if someone with functional diversity wants to practice a sport, to do it, it may not be easy, it may be necessary adaptations or specific material, it may need some assistance, but it is worth a try. 102

I would like to make a consideration regarding discrimination, which exists and which, in my opinion, has been increasing in recent years. To give an example, an institution that is supposed to be exemplary, has six changing rooms and in each one of them has a shower that was originally adopted, but due to a design error, for years, the adaptations have been breaking down and disappearing, without replenishing them or intending to fix it. It took me six months to put at my disposal a shower chair (worth just over € 40) and in all that time I had to shower on the floor. And this is not the only example that I can give. Institutional discrimination due to neglect, laziness, incompetence or other reasons also exists ... And we are in the 21st century.

Thanks to… Helena Ribas, my trainer, throughout my sporting life I have had some coaches, but Helena is and will always be my trainer. Cesc Bas, from SPS, trusted me from the first moment, giving me the material I need. Espai de Mar, to all the people who work there and to those who have shared courses and outings to the sea, they conveyed enthusiasm and good vibes to me. Sonia Tapioles, from Makai, for her social commitment. And to many people with whom I share my love for this sport, Mercé, Natalia, Marina, Alba, Marta, Anna, Meri, Barbara’s, Ramón personal assistant, Marcus, Sergi, Iker, Alf, Tomás, Albert, Francesc, Aketza, Iraide…. and I know that I leave many

Unlock yo r Freedo



Albert Laborda



Albert Laborda

VI SUP Race Citrosol Gandía The Liga Fesurfing Circuito Mediterráneo de SUP Race closes its first stage of competitions of the year in Playa de Gandía. Liga Fesurfing CMS

Up Suping

Last Sunday, July 5, the 6th edition of the SUP Race Citrosol was held in Playa de Gandía where almost a hundred competitors have paddled under intense heat. We highlight the design of the race courses, which was very attractive and colourful for all those present on the beach.

Last Sunday, July 5, the 6th edition of the SUP Race Citrosol was held in Playa de Gandía where almost a hundred competitors have paddled under intense heat. We highlight the design of the race courses, which was very attractive and colourful for all those present on the beach. The spectacular organization of the Gandía Surf team and all its collaborators made the develop-ment of the event perfect, from first thing in the morning attending to the competitors during the checking, until the awards ceremony. Being one of the scoring events for the Mediterranean Circuit SUP Race Fesurfing League and completing its first half of competitions in 2021, this event would be of great importance so that riders can continue to add experience and great results.

The sea conditions early in the morning were ideal for the little ones, the SUB8 and SUB10 categories, to jump into the water, opening the day of competi-tion. Subsequently, the SUB12 and SUB14 catego-ries where the level of these young riders is notice-able every day. The conditions and funds of this beach, cause small waves to be generated, which generated moments of fun for all of them before reaching the finish line. Once again, the SUB16 and Popular categories are back, bringing to-gether a large number of participants, demonstrating that this sport continues to grow at a competitive level as well. At this time, the wind increased its presence and from here the riders had to adapt to the different upwind and downwind zones, dosing efforts ..adding the in-tense heat.

The SUB18 and Elite categories closed the morning of the VI SUP Race Citrosol Gandía competitions. Something more than 8 km. more than enough travel for the riders considering that the heat and wind continued to rise. By having a very attractive route and one of the buoy turns in front of the event area, the public was able to enjoy with emotion each lap that these ¨SUPers¨ made. We highlight the high performance shown by Salva Mora, winner of the Men’s Elite category ahead of Daniel Parres and Andrés Marinez. In the Women’s Elite category, competitor Majo Pellicer was the first to cross the finish line ahead of local rider Loles Albiol. And in SUB 18, Vanesa García and Teo Ugeda were the winners in their respective categories.

The first stage of competitions of the Liga Fesurfing Circuito Medi-terráneo of SUP Race 2021 closes with great happiness, breaking par-ticipation records in many of its events, and with our competitors and family being an example of behavior in the face of the pandemic in each event. Thank Citrosol for supporting this event every year and promoting our favourite sport. To the entire Gandía Surf team and other collabora-tors. Also to the clubs of our circuit for their participation and looking forward to the next event on September 5 in Oliva. Now it’s time to en-joy the summer!



INNER SEA Love not the same as love yourself Desde el Mar. Up Suping

Beatriz Felipe López

We all know that doing some do of physical activity causes our body to secrete a series of substances that lead us to wellbeing, to feel happy, to be active and even to generate a great sensation of pleasure. Without the need to learn master theories, we know that sports practice becomes a great tool that strengthens our self-esteem and contributes to self-satisfaction, but...How does your level of self-esteem influence athletic performance? Even if you have never heard it, the level and the way you love yourself affects all aspects of your life, and in SUP it was not going to be less. Take note because I am going to reveal some secrets to you so that you can start paying attention to them.


Your answer gives you away Just by reading or hearing the word self-esteem we know what it means. It seems that it does not have much mystery, but today I want to take you one step further. As you know, self-esteem is the value we make of ourselves. It is the appreciation that we have for ourselves as we are and depending on the eyes with which we look at ourselves, this assessment may vary. If right now they asked you how much you love, appreciate or like each other, most of the answers would be like “very much” “of course I love myself” “if I don’t love myself, who will love me?”. But all that glitters is not gold.

Our responses to other situations betray us by exposing the inside of our armour. What is your most frequent response when they say something nice to you? And when they say something negative to you? And if you are dissatisfied or wrong about something, whose fault is it? Believe it or not, these questions are linked to selfesteem and says a lot about how you see yourself. I bet when they highlight something good about you, you downplay it or maybe even deny it as if it weren’t with you. - !Good race! - No way!! I have not been able to follow the draft and in the buoy turn blah blah blah blah blaaaaa On the other hand, if what they tell you has to do with something unfavourable about you, it is received like a stab and you start to spin it without any meaning, generating great anguish. 113

But the most surprising of all is when something does not go the way you wanted or when you are not happy with something. In these cases, the most common is that the cause is another person or even the universe, but you...you will never bear the responsibility. Others will be the cause of your discomfort. These three examples reveal a bit of how you value yourself and make it clear that there is no greater saboteur in our life than ourselves. Think about it. Think about what you say when someone addresses you and ask why you respond like that.

Self-esteem in sport An important part of self-esteem is the recognition that the person makes of himself to face stressful or problematic situations. Before a competition, or even before a simple training, the rider adopts a series of attitudes and thoughts that will influence his performance. If the rider’s level of self-esteem is high, he will perceive competitions as a challenge, as an opportunity to excel. By evaluating themselves positively, they take on pressure better, adapt faster to new situations and because they recognize their strengths, negative comments from other people will be of little importance. On the other hand, for those riders whose self-esteem is low, their anxiety will skyrocket, negative thoughts will invade them and they will feel the situation as a threat from which to flee. If you think about it, this not only happens in sports, but the level of self-esteem also conditions our day to day. So...what would you choose for yourself?

Dualities Having high self-esteem power sports performance, but you have to be very careful because extremes are never good. Very low levels of self-esteem limit the person to face challenges. They never see the right moment and miss opportunities that they later regret. These athletes may abandon sports practice because they do not feel valuable. At the other extreme, we find those with high self-esteem who, due to their excessive valuation, do not prepare adequately or do not have realistic expectations of achievement. These riders, not being aware of their limitations or of the factors beyond their control, experience great frustration in the face of failure. That is why recovering from an unexpected situation will take a long time and their participation will be intermittent or they may even leave.

The perfect self esteem Imagine for a moment that you are tuning the strings of a guitar. If you pull too tight, the rope will break. If you let it slack, the string will not sound. Instead, if you exert the right tension, you will find the perfect sound. The same happens with self-esteem. If you go over you break and if you fall short you will not get to vibrate. It’s simple: a good self-esteem goes through recognizing the good and accepting the failures. 115

Where to start To start working on self-esteem, it is necessary to take a journey through the different stages of life, starting with childhood. This stage is considered the most important in the development of the person since in it values, beliefs and the way in which the world is understood begin to be forged. It has always been said that children are like a sponge because everything they see, hear or experience they internalize in such a way that they make it their own without being it. The messages that are received and the interpretations that the child makes with that irrational mind in the process of maturing will mark the path of the adult person. Innocent messages that are repeated like “wait” or “not now”, a longing for recognition by someone we love or overprotection are facts that forge self-esteem. They are experiences that we keep dragging along and discovering them can open a way to understand what happened, how they affect you and what to do next.

Desde el Mar

Let’s go through steps: 1º. Regardless of how old you are now, look around you, observe yourself and ask yourself: What things make you feel bad? What do they tell you that bothers you so much? When does it usually happen? 2º. Identify the sensations or emotion that invades you and locate the place in your body where you feel it. 3º. Find a quiet corner and relive that feeling you have identified. 4º. When you have it, take a trip back in time and look for those moments when you felt the same way. Travel to childhood What happened? Who was with you? What did you expect and didn’t have? 5º. With the person that you are now full of experiences and worth, try to reconcile yourself with that situation. Healing those wounds that have dragged on for a long time without being aware will gradually strengthen your self-esteem. But beware, it is not worth stagnating in the past, or looking for culprits, you only have to discover the origin and know that your experiences in the past do not mark your destiny.

Beatriz Felipe López Psychologist & Coach


Amadeo Viera Ramos

And it is that the topic of life surfer and his dog, in the end, is not that but a reality. A dog, a pet, a life partner after all, is the reflection of the human who feeds it, teaches it, loves it, feels it, shares moments, etc ... And, in this little beach scene surfer, supper or windsurfer in which we live (and I have been living and feeling it since I was a child on the beaches of Tarragona) ... It could not be otherwise! - Then, there is the issue that, for those who love this lifestyle, a dog will always be the best company, and I explain why: - He will not protest when you get up early and go, even at night, to surf. - Nor will it when the beach days become endless, those days when you surf in the morning, perhaps at noon, and wait for the last swim at sunset. He won’t complain about being so late either! - He will not complain when you get frustrated because waves did not enter your usual spot / s, and you hit one of those days that has happened to all of us going around from spot to spot, looking at which one “works” for that session. you already had in mind and it was annoyed ...


Everything will always seem good to you: it will not matter whether it is choppy, whether it is windy or not, whether there is current, whether the wave is left or right and these are left or right. - If it is cold he will shiver, but he will not complain. - If it is hot he will seek shade, and he will not complain either. - If you get hungry, thirsty, tired, etc ... you will “look for life” but you will not complain either ... And whatever the day, the days, the weeks, the months, you will always be happy and happy to see you come back from the water because, deep down, they share your soul, your lifestyle, your ways, etc ... if you are one of those that began to take them to the beach and make them enjoy and integrate into the world. And, in the end, that old popular saying that “dogs look like owners” turns out to be true in the end.

SUP WORLD CHAMPIONS answer the most commonly asked questions on What do I need to know before buying a paddle board? Connor: What are you going to do? Are you going on a surf? Are you going to be on an open ocean? If you are interest-ed in doing some races you are going to be looking more for a 12’6” or a 14”. Surfing, we’ve got a whole line of Pro boards ranging from 6’ up to 10’. And that’s the first step you want to take. If you know what kind of category and discipline you are interested in then, you will be able to tune in specifically on that category. Daniel: Before buying a paddle board, you need to make sure there is a Tiki logo on it so, you can’t go wrong. Then, you need to know the location where you want to use it

Is Paddle boarding difficult? Connor: No! It’s actually one of the easiest water sport to teach and to learn. I’ve taught people from having no water skills in 10-15 minutes, get them a nice, big, stable board and get them to feel comfortable by starting on their knees, paddling around and getting used to the technique and the strokes and then, they tend to stand up and feel comfortable on their feet. So, no worries. Easy. You can get it done. Daniel: Paddle boarding is really easy, there is no age limitation, you can start at the age of 2-3 years old and finish at 100s. I have been paddling with all kinds of people in any kind of water and I can invite anyone to try it. It’s one of the easiest sports to start and it’s a lot of fun to practice so, just get out there and do it.

How do you paddleboard for beginners? Connor: The biggest advice I give to new people coming into paddle boarding and all the beginners out there is to first grab your paddle and look at the scoop. It looks like a spoon, that you would use to eat cereal with. Quite a lot of the time people tend to have the paddle twisted around backwards. If this is the case, you would actually feel it in the handle, the handle would not fit nicely into the palm of your hand and the rage should be pointing away from you so, pointing towards the nose of the board.


Daniel: My best advice is to bring your friends along. Never go out and paddle by yourself. It’s always more fun to do things together and especially for safety. If you have someone with you that may have paddled before, that will make things a little bit safer. Always wear a leash. You can start on your knees if you don’t feel comfortable standing up. Take it step by step.

How do you use paddle board paddle? Daniel: You grab a paddle with your top hand on the handle and your lower hand on the middle of the shaft. Some people like to grab the shaft with both hands but that’s a little bit wrong. Make sure you have the top hand on the handle and another hand on the shaft. Once you get this positive, you can reach forward, and put the whole blade into the water and start pulling the blade toward you. And once you get this movement going, you will see that the board it going straight.


Do you wear shoes when Paddle boarding? Connor: Great questions haha. When it’s cold, of course, you’ll need booties. Not necessarily shoes so, they are made out of wetsuit material. Shoes will get wet and heavy and if you fall off a paddle board, you will have a difficult time swimming so, I will suggest booties only. Daniel: Personally, I prefer not to wear shoes. If it’s really cold, wear booties to keep you warm. I’ve seen people wear running shoes, wakeskate shoes so, it’s really a personal choice. Personally, I prefer to have direct contact with the board and feel the board on my toes and heels so, I prefer not to wear any but that’s a personal choice. So, go and try. See what you prefer to do

Is Paddle boarding harder than kayaking? Connor: Yes and No. You are standing up so, you have way more sense of balance that you’ll have to take into consideration. Whilst kayaking, you are sitting down so, paddle boarding is to a certain degree harder. Having to paddle on one side and switching it, in my opinion is a lot easier. The double blade kayaking paddle needs a very technical technique. However, on a SUP you can step on the tail to turn a lot quicker and easier than typical kayakers can. Daniel: It’s a little hard to compare because in one, you are standing on a board and in another, you are sitting. I feel like it depends on where you want to do it. But overall, I would say that possibly on a large board, paddleboarding can be an easier step on to the water. If you want to go on rapids, you want to start sitting down so, definitely, kayaking is going to be easier

What is better, kayaking or Paddle boarding? Daniel: Umm, that’s a good question. I prefer paddle boarding... SUP.... Stand up paddling.... It’s a lot better.


What should I wear to stand up Paddle boarding? Connor: For all the parents wondering if their kids can jump on there with the water wings and the flotation on their arms, better to get a life jacket because the big bulky arms are going to make it very difficult to paddle. Sunscreen, lycra and leash. Those are three things I bring with me before I get even to my paddle or board. The lycra saves you from getting rashes on your chest and stomach area. The leash is the most important because that’s going to connect you to the board. And sunscreen to protect you from the UV rays. Daniel: It’s good to be protected from the sun so, wear a hat or sunscreen. I usually wear long sleeve lycra if it’s really sunny or topless if it’s warm enough. So, wear what makes you feel comfortable and depending on the temperature. Be ready, be protected, and be comfortable


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