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TEXT AND COLLABORATORS Pablo Codesido, Pedro Gutiérrez, Beatriz Felipe López, Enric Sola, Isaac Hernández,, Girls On SUP´s, Aure Medina, SUP Rental Hamburg, Up Suping.

PHOTOS Argazki Mahatu, Desde el Mar, Albert Laborda, Emelie Masson, Fred Bonnef, Georgiasphoto, Mayola, Lara-Gia, Enric SOla, Luis Bericua, Girls On SUP´s, ICF, Lucas, Iswer, Alexia Kiefer, Ivan (Pana) , SUP Rental Hamburg, ISA, Toni Forqués, Up Suping.

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Up Suping

Edito But how proud we are of Stand Up Paddle! Perhaps this sounds exaggerated, excessive ..but seeing the air that this sport has offered us in recent months, it deserves any pleasant adjective. Without going any further, and as you already know, outdoor sports have broken records of participation, sale of material, teaching, etc...and, of course, the SUP not was less. You could see it coming...have you seen how the beaches and rivers were full of boards? How many new people have done it and how many will end up getting hooked? Stand Up Paddle has once again given another great stretch and now we have to enjoy it, after all, it is still good for all of us. But what we are missing are many events that have not been possible this year, and obviously, it takes its toll on the content of our magazines, although we always look for alternatives to offer you a wonderful reading.

We do not stop thinking about all the organizers who work many months so that the ¨SUPeros¨ live an unforgettable weekend, who leave their homes and discover new wonderful corners of the planet. Friends who by organizing an event support tourism and local commerce, colleagues who also go rowing who are being harmed. We only ask all of them for patience, because everything that this year could not be done, the next one will be done with twice the passion. This issue of Up Suping stops for all of them! Ladies and gentlemen‌Welcome to Up#30! Desde el Mar

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¨Water ... as I wish you¨ ... Desde el Mar

Up Suping


Up Suping

Possibly this text is the continuation of the article “Even Stronger” of our previous issue. Yes, I think it is because when a spark awakens something new in many people it does not seem to stop…right? From the beginning of summer until today, we have done nothing more than say the same phrase: “There are a lot of new people paddling”. Then it happened that the spark turned into fire, and now it is a volcano that erupts the desire to take the board and the paddle at all hours in the body of all the ¨SUPers¨… It is already more than confirmed, the Stand Up Paddle is not allied with the fucking virus. Our sport proves to be very strong and healthy, gathering more responsibilities than mistakes. And I am convinced that this is due to the naturalness that characterizes us, our way of being, our passion and dedication... our heart. Hasn’t it happened to you this summer that when you saw new people paddling with inappropriate material or in the absence of wearing a leash or other accessory for their safety, you felt angry and desperate to saw such a situation? Well, that’s what I mean. To that which turns on inside you, fearing that this sport will be stained and something will happen to that person due to a serious mistake. Although it sounds weird, that is wonderful. It means that you want the Stand Up Paddle, you don’t need more. A strange sensation, I don’t really know how to define it, the one we feel not having the rhythm of trips and participation in SUP events as in other years. How would you define it, what do you miss or do you need? Those personal relationships, technical talks, hugs, greetings, testing equipment, competition and a host of things...that I think we will take more strongly when all this stabilizes. Undoubtedly, it is something new that all the ¨SUPers¨ are going through, it is still a different direction as well...

And I do not know if it is because of the SUP boom in recent months or because the market for this sport has seen an open window and has thrown itself into the wild, I choose to think both things, that some of us have more clearly the direction we want to take in this sport. Let me explain: as you already know, the material is constantly changing for a correct evolution, making changes that benefit us when it comes to wanting to achieve great results if we want to paddle with better times, agility and performance. It is a clear path to follow for many ¨SUPers¨. But on the other hand, there are athletes who are becoming aware of enjoying Stand Up Paddle and not suffering, I mean above all to obtain material that although it seems aesthetically wonderful, does not offer positive results to this person.

is something that I love to happen because for many years I have seen people suffer with very narrow boards thinking that they would be faster that way, I have seen riders to leave Stand Up Paddle world due to these circumstances, especially because they have also been misinformed and/or educated in this sport. So, it seems that there is an understanding between all the ¨SUPers¨ so that the direction of each one is the most correct taking into account their objectives. Above all I see it with the race boards, depending on the use you want to give it, you will look for the most correct measure, be it 25.5¨ or 20.5¨. But please... don’t have material to suffer! There is so much to choose from, don’t look for the photo or the pose, go for comfort and enjoyment. It is preferable to have more than enough litres, you will always be on time to go down until you find the right board for the benefits you are looking for. I say for the last time...Do not suffer!


And this adapt it to all the existing modalities within the world of SUP. You already know that there are many, I even know that this year you have tried a new one and you have been hooked. They are all different, they have their science and you will never stop learning. The sea, lake, river or swamp will never be the same every day you visit. I recommend that you try it in all its conditions, that you feel it and say to yourself: What do I do today? What material do I use? How do I enjoy this day? You will get the answer for sure. Personally, I think SUP on a national and international level has taken another step this year. But he has sooooo much more in the breech. He is attentive, growing according to our lives, looking for the correct current that will always bring him to fruition and since it is a year with few events, he is taking air to explode again very soon. You don’t want to take any wrong steps, because this has already happened with other sports and they have suffered great ups and downs. What is fashion, posture, interest, etc.? Everything that works correctly in this life unconsciously leads us to it, it is that simple. If you are new to Stand Up Paddle, you have everything to grow in this wonderful world of paddling. It’s your best moment. And if you’ve been in this for a long time…you also have everything to keep growing! It will be up to you where you want SUP to be placed in your life. The course, that course is up to you. .



Emelie Masson. Mayola. G.Schofield. Lara-Gia.


A pleasure to have you with us Petronella! What a strange are you living it? Thanks for inviting me for this interview. There we go!! This year flipped every-thing upside-down. In March we went to Fuerteventura for three weeks, to pre-pare ourself for the sup race season. But only after three days there was a lockdown in Spain due to COVID-19. So that was a big change of plans. Back in Holland we had luckily some more freedom and it was possible to go on the water and proceed our training schedule. Because of COVID-19, and ‘working from home’ there was relatively a lot of time to train. Unfortunately, this was for a short period. In Haarlem we have a Sup and functional training school and we offer private and group lessons. We weren’t expecting at the start of 2020 Sup would reach new heights of popu-larity! So for us it was with the Sup school a busy time. A bunch of Sup lessons for all sorts of groups combined with my work and to complete my training rou-tine, wasn’t always easy. Next to my sport career I’m working three days a week as a (sport) teacher at the Police Academy where I teach self defense, shooting lessons and physical and mental training. I have a bachelor degree in sport and physical education. The dedication to train also when I was busy didn’t go away. I was really happy that the Dutch Championships and Sup11CityTour took place to measure my progression. Can’t wait for the next season! I miss the races, people and travel-ing so much.

Congratulations on winning the SUP11 City 2020 in your category, and there are you already many editions participating in this event. What makes it so special to you? For me is the Sup11CityTour is a ‘mindset’ race, full of contradictions. Blue skies and sunshine or stormy headwind and driving rain. It’s the same with your feelings during this race...from defeated, tired and empty to really happy, strong and full of energy! It’s a real hard but most of all an exciting challenge!! Many things come together to make it an unforgettable experience every year: hundreds of participants and athletes (it feels like a sup reunion), countless spectators and volunteers in the amazing SUP11crew, a well run organization, and of course many podi-um spots in this competitive race.




Tell us how were your beginnings in this sport and your evolution until you com-pete all over the world... It all starts with the Sup11CityTour in 2012. I was paddling 1 day in a team. I had no proper training or experience, but I directly fell in love with the sport! It brings you closeby nature and the feeling of freedom on the water is so special. In 2014 I found a good, experienced trainer (Ricardo Haverschmidt) and started with professional training.2016 was the year that I became the Dutch Champ, which I have stayed till now! Mistral International came on my path at the beginning of 2017. I’m thankful for being a Mistral teamrider, they’re giving me the best equipment and support. In the same year I have competed for the first time in the EuroTour events. This tour I appreciated because it is organised by local SUP schools and accessible to everyone. Besides that, the atmosphere is friendly, respectful and also competitive during the events. It’s a real challenge for me to stay close with the Pro ladies every race. The battle keeps me sharp and fit. I’m happy to stand next to strong women who motivate me to be better. There is a lot to learn, every year I’m getting more dedicated and a bit stronger. And also important, I know better how to play the game...haha!

You have also participated in an ISA World SUP Championship in Denmark. How was the experience of representing your country? It was my first big event and really special for me. It makes me proud to repre-sent my country. It was cool to make this trip with a small team from Holland. Spending time outside together and sharing a session on the water makes everything better. There are some moments I will never forget: the opening ceremony with all the nations and flags singing and dancing through Copenhagen, seeing all the top racers in real life, the street foodhallen and the struggle on my 12´6 board.



You also don’t miss the most attractive SUP race events in Spain. What is it that attracts you to our country? What is your favourite place to compete or go on a paddling trip? I love Spain! The people are really friendly, warm and generous and the sun is shining almost everyday! Also the lifestyle is something that we can take as an example: siesta, various water activities, taking time for tapas and wines, and passionated people. My favorite places to compete in Spain are San Sebastian, Bilbao, Fuengirola (because of the lovely people from Paddle Surf Fuengiroal) and the Costa Blanca Paddle Games. What does Stand Up Paddle offer you unlike other sports? For me, SUP offers freedom to challenge myself mentally and physically while also enjoying the peace as well as the battle with the elements of nature. I believe that other sports can help to make me stronger, fitter, flexible and more focused. It’s so cool to do different sports and to be an allround athlete. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult that I have to choose... I love crossfit, mountainbike riding, running, climbing, snowboarding and a lot more! Unfortunately I know too that if you want to be a better paddler you have to spend most of the time on the water. The evolution of the SUP material and the way of paddling are constantly evolving. How do you adapt to it and how do you see the growth of SUP as a competi-tor? In terms of materials, I believe in the developments of Mistral. I’m testing new materials and give feedback. Mistral is expressive, visible and in demand at the moment. It gives me a lot of energy and opportunities to see that the Sup sport in general is growing. I’m stimulating people to go on the water and enjoy the battle with themselves and the elements of nature. During the lessons I learn them something about technique, tactics and safety. Giving people attention and let them try different kind of techniques and boards thats one way to get them involved with Sup. The next step can be to bring them with you to a small race event or tour to challenge themselves. My expectation is that a part of the recreational suppers take the sport more serieus and will take part in some race events.



What kind of competitions are your favourites? Flat race, beach race, downwinds, etc ... I like flatwater and downwind paddling the most. Actually I’m in for all kind of challenging races and experiences. Spending time outside and enjoying as many moments as I can on the water is important to keep me fit and happy!

Do you usually have a training plan and maintenance in your diet? I don’t believe in diets. The clue is keep on moving, the way you ‘fuel’ your body and a strong mind, that’s what I believe. I love all kinds of food and I like to spend time with friends and family while we eat and drink. Sometimes I know and feel directly that it was to much, cookies or wine, than I’ll put on my running shoes and go for an extra session in the gym or outside. As an athlete, you ask a lot of your body and mind. Sufficient fresh and varied food is therefore essential. Every day I make sure I eat enough fruit and vegetables. The Vitaminstore supports me with some supplements. On a daily basis I’m using multi vitamins, magnesium and bcaa for better health, energy, recovery and performance!

We imagine that you already want this year to go fast and better times come without Covid-19. Where in the world would you like to go paddling when we can travel without problems again? Costa Rica!! With the ‘Pura Vida’ way of life a tropical dream came true when I visited Costa Rica two times in the recent years. Surrounded by jungle and ocean it is a beautiful and peaceful place I never want to leave. Frans Polynesia, Tahiti, is also one of my favorites. In 2017, I participated in the Ironmana festival. An unforgettable one, so thankful for this fantastic experience. Let’s hope for more dream locations and paddle adventures in the upcoming years!!





Enric Sola

This Catalan circuit is getting lively, and clubs are already appearing that with the mandatory security measures in times of pandemic, are launching racing proposals so that Catalan riders can vent their desire to measure themselves in the water. And so it has been, on Sunday September 13, an appointment marked on the calendar and where the Badalona Windsurf Club has put all its desire as an entity to be able to offer a day...but it was a GREAT day.

Many of the riders still remember the 2019 race, where the waves of just over a meter and the wind did their thing, so for this 2020, and in a complicated time meteorologically speaking on the Catalan coast, the consultations to the Weather forecast apps were really important. And what day! A temperature of more than 25 degrees, a radiant Sun that promised warmth, few clouds on the horizon, and a sea in “flat water� that would delight the most powerful riders. We have to celebrate the courage of the Badalona club since this year 2020 there are many clubs that either due to logistics or municipal impediments have not been able to celebrate their days due to the Covid-19 situation and after the good experience of the double day of Empuriabrava, there was a desire of more.

The local City Council gave the pertinent authorizations, as long as the top managers of the club could guarantee prevention measures, and facilitated the race to take place. So, from the first moment, the organizing club indicated, by all possible means, all the rules that had to be followed in order to participate, and the riders came to the appointment with the lesson learned, but above all, they strictly complied with it. One more demonstration of SUP athletes, and their awareness of the practice of a safe sport that has been promoted so much by the National Federation, the regional federation, and all the players involved in one way or another in our sport, displaying a responsibility maximum to continue doing SUP.

The riders were going to find a hard circuit, which was going to test their ability to sprint on the starts and on the buoy turns. A T-shaped circuit, with start line on the beach to sprint out to sea through the channel reserved for navigation, and the first buoy to starboard, where parallel to the beach it heads towards a new buoy to the south that, once reached, forces a 180 degree turn to port and head north. After about 750 meters, a new 180 degree port turn buoy will return the riders to the navigation channel to reach the sand, but not before meeting the last buoy of the length and turn to starboard facing land. There a portage in front of the club’s facilities, and back into the water. A true test of resistance, since the categories were included in the following: “Popular”, where any fan can go out with his board and feel the adrenaline of a SUP test, in a 3 km route, taking 2 laps of the circuit. “Amateur”, where already more experienced and new riders wanting to test and demand more, would complete 6 km with 4 laps of the circuit. “Elite”, where the best riders on the Catalan coast were going to measure themselves, in a 9 km, 6-lap circuit. A real physical challenge due to the conditions, and mental, since tactically there were many points where to attack in the race.

From 8 am., the all ¨SUPer¨ family was summoned for the pertinent procedures of collecting the bib, parking of boards, reunions of riders, and they’re a total of 51 boards gathered, ready to compete again in a such a fantastic day. We have to highlight the magnificent organization of the club, where the spaces were spacious, comfortable for everyone, and the agility in the checks, made everything run completely normal, the new normal for these events. At 9.45 am, riders meeting for the race briefing, and everyone was attentive to the explanations of a circuit that, as we have already said, was presumed demanding, and they did it with distance between them, with masks that are mandatory, and with a great effort on the part of the organizing club, since the riders were more dispersed, it forced them to have to raise their voices to be able to reach everyone.

We do not forget the little ones. At 10:00 am, the youngest, authentic protagonists in the water, were starting out, and we saw that the youth of this part of the Mediterranean is already beginning to teach ways of riders wanting more. Eight participants, seven boys and a girl who, with their 500 meters race, made a hobby among the adult riders, and gave an authentic display of resistance and desire to win, which left us speechless, delighting all the people who witnessed this magnificent batch with the youngest of this circuit Ángel Guerrero in first position, Jan Foraster in second, and Finn Sayol in third have covered a podium that each competition becomes more animated.

And it was time for the adult riders. At 10:30 o’clock, the start was carried out in 3 batches, the elite category being the first to leave, followed by the amateur category 1 minute later, and the popular category another minute later. And once again the riders gave an example of how seriously we take the practice of our sport and protection in times of pandemic, since all had the mask on until just before taking their exit, by protocol and by personal responsibility, each with the others. Another example where the ¨SUPeros¨ are once again a reference in the world of sports.

In the elite category, we were able to enjoy a spectacular race, in the men’s category with riders such as Tomás Vizcaíno, Xavier Madevall, Albert Folch or Marc Foraster, among many others, who showed everyone present what it is like to endure the pressure of sprints, delight in the buoy turning technique and apply the necessary power to not lose sight of each other. And of course, Tomás Vizcaíno from the SUP Barcelona club, one of the best riders on the scene, imposed his SUPera law, leaving the rest of the riders behind and winning the test with more than 3 minutes of advantage over the second classified. In the female category, we celebrate that they present themselves to the longest tests, since there is a huge potential, and encourage the rest of the girls to try new distances. In this case, Eli Llargués from Club Náutico Bétulo, who has joined our sport and we celebrate it with great illusions, made it clear that he has come to compete. Landing ninth overall (16 boards) and just over a minute behind his predecessor in the race. We will be attentive to this rider in the future, we assure you.

In the male Amateur category, a magnificent Albert Sanz from the BlueSalt club won the test, in a super tight way, since from behind he was chased by 2 riders from the Suricata Surf club, Omar Sayol and Carlos Palacín, who already maintained those positions until the podium. The female amateur categories were dominated by the rider Kathrin Kempa, and gave no options to Elsa Auger from Club Vela Blanes, or Maro Sánchez from SUP Barcelona, or the rest of the competitors, winning first place in the race, followed respectively by the rest of riders. The popular category once again made it clear that, even to the newest riders, this sport is incredible, and we have to congratulate Francisco Guerrero in the men’s category, and in the women’s category Patricia Folch of the Molokai Club for her first positions on this day in Badalona. We want to show our gratitude once again to all those involved in the realization of this race, since it has been a very difficult year in all parts of this country to be able to practice our sport in competition, and the Badalona Windsurf Club has shown that With good work and good management, it is possible to continue enjoying the competition calendar. Riders, see you at Garraf



Luis Bericua



For more than two years now, Anja and Julia, have been traveling together as “Girls on SUPs” in Bavaria and around the globe with and are already taking over 20,000 people on Instagram on their adventures. “Girls on SUPs” - the name is program. Whenever they can, the inflatable boards are packed in the car and they head for mountain lakes. But not only in Bavaria are breathtakingly beautiful lakes - also around Austria offers a stunning scenerie! There are so many beautiful lakes around Salzburg. Choosing one is a diffcult task. We weren’t travelling together in Austria this time, as we usually do. Julia and her boyfriend were travelling the lakes together – Anja’s board partner-in-crime was her boyfriend Christoph. We decided that each of us would show you the one Salzkammergut hot spot that we enjoyed most.

a trip



Girls On SUP´s

Julia and her boyfriend Rob: Mondsee

It was not an easy decision, but in the end I chose Mondsee. Awe-inspiring mountains, the greens of nature all around and the blue-green water make this lake the absolutely perfect spot for Stand Up Paddleboarding. And the best thing is that our camp site was directly on the lake. We had front row seats and could hop on our SUP’s and paddle around at any time of day or night for those three days. And that is exactly what we did. We have really fallen in love with this outdoor life, so close to nature in our camping van – parking directly on the water or in the mountains. Mondsee lies in Upper Austria at the foot of the Drachenwand mountain, which is amazingly impressive with its raw, steep, beautiful face, especially if you can enjoy the perfect view of the over 1100 meters high mountaintop from out on the lake. We were really lucky to have great weather that first evening. It was really warm and the gorgeous sunset lured us out onto the water. The occasional strong wind blew out of the south and so we decided to explore the south side of the lake. And it was more than worth it! The experience of paddling in the soft evening sunlight with the view of the Drachenwand and its neighbour the Schafberg was absolutely priceless. And we had it almost completely to ourselves. 35

There was just one small sailboat still out on the lake. Even on other days, we only ever saw just a few other Paddlers. It is most likely more crowded in the summer vacation months, but no matter how crowded the camping site or beach bar get, one can always find peace and quiet out on the lake. We didn’t have as much luck with the weather the next two days, however. Mother Nature showed us everything from sunshine, clouds and rain, to wind, thunderstorms and hail. But that is the great thing about life in the van, parked directly on the waterfront. With a constant eye on our weather apps, we took advantage of every small break in the rain to get out on the water, in surf leggings and sweatshirts instead of bikinis and shorts. These two days we paddled north. Straight to the town called Mondsee: Along a small wooden bridge that belonged to a golf course, past lily pads, log cabins and tall reeds that lightly danced back and forth in the wind. It is exactly this closeness to nature and the neverending exploration of new terrain, that excites me so much about paddle boarding. Even after paddling the same lake for uncountable times, one can always find new and exciting hidden corners.


Mondsee is definitely more than it seems when driving by on the express way from Munich to Vienna. It is definitely worth it to take the exit and make a stop. Those who have a Stand Up Paddleboard with them will most certainly love it and most definitely return.

Anja and her boyfriend Christoph: Traunsee

What a cool place! I do have to admit that I find myself saying this quite often when I visit new spots with my SUP, but I couldn’t stop myself from being over excited when I got to Traunsee. It would be tempting to crown each lake as the most beautiful spot due to its clear blue water. However, it wasn’t the color of the water that inspired us on Traunsee, but that this lake was just what our adventurer souls needed. We were also travelling in our van and we camped at a sort of gathering place for all sorts of water sport athletes. Kitesurfer, windsurfer and Stand Up Paddler sat together on the shore in the evenings. Even a few hikers and climbers were there. Every one of them hoping for perfect weather conditions on the next day. A glass of wine combined with a view over the entire length of the lake - a total of 12 kilometers - made everything just perfect. Then it was time for bed... In the van, because our mission was: Sunrise! That meant getting up at shortly after four the next morning: Why does the sun always have to rise so damn early? Oh well, that’s the way it is. We found a perfect parking space, pumped up the boards and there they were: the first warm sun rays carefully streaming over the huge Traunstein mountain.


The almost 1700 meters high rock face falls almost vertically in the water directly before us. From down here, we can only imagine what good climbers those guys from last night must be if this rough giant was their goal for today. We thankfully think to ourselves: “Good that it is them and not us!“ And off we glide onto the mirror-like surface of the lake. We gain access to the lake over a stairway that leads us through a gate made of trees and branches that couldn’t have been painted more beautifully. There is nobody here besides us – that is the true magic of sunrises. We glide along, sometimes not speaking for minutes at a time, because it is so quiet. We paddle south in the direction of a peninsula near Traunkirchen, that seems to have been taken directly out of a fairy tale. The Maria Krönung Church sits peacefully high atop the steep cliffs and some meters above it is the Johannesberg chapel. Beautiful! The perfect post card picture. Making sure we stay fit, a strong headwind blows against our faces as we paddle the way back. We reach the comfort and safety of our van and now it is the wind surfers’ turn to explore this beautiful lake. Traunsee – the lake of your dreams!


And this is our backyard: Wörthsee (Munich area) When you see Wörthsee for the first time, you can hardly believe your eyes. Turquoise blue water like in the Carribbean with summer temperatures making it perfect for swimming. And it is only a good half an hour distance from Munich. We are very proud of our dear home lake and always look forward to visiting it again on our SUPs. After paddling our rounds, with drink in hand, enjoying the sunset on the shore, we know: No matter how far we travel and how hard it sometimes is leaving those beautiful places, it will always be good to be home.

Playa del Gurugú - Grao de Castellón





Up Suping

The FESurfing Spanish SUP Surf Championship had been postponed to the last day of August, going through a shaky summer, doubtful and quite uncertain when it comes to sporting events in general. The Somo SUP Surf Championship event was one of the many affected by the pandemic. Now, these great riders could only do one thing: keep training and enjoying the waves, and be patient. Luckily, and thanks to the great management of Fesurfing, the Galician town of ValdoviĂąo would welcome us with the SUP Waves modality; returning this championship to the peninsula Iberica after several years in the Canary Islands. Although this championship did not obtain a great participation, it did delight us with good conditions and a lot of quality of surfing on the waves. Taking into account that this modality opened the Spanish Surfing Championship and with the las last punch of storm that had brought a lot of waves to the Galician coast, a few hours were enough to get all the possible juice from the waves that were about to be reduced to nothing. We have found an event with excellent security measures, the best we have seen so far, and obviously, this gave a plus to athletes who only had to concentrate on performing a great performance. .

The first ¨SUPers¨ to enter the water did so under a very cool but sunny morning, with waves hovering the past half meter, clean and in very good shape. It was the Open category who started the judges’ tasks, with an intractable Oihan Aizpuru… it was a pleasure to see him again with that great style! The cantabrians Oscar Ruiz and Manuel Hoyuela also gave us great manoeuvres, and not far away Antonio Morillo, very focused on his waves and who made things difficult for the Spain coach of SUP Olas, who went from Heat 3 for 0, 10th pts. of difference… watch out for the Juniors! Without a doubt, we already knew that we would have a lot of excitement until the end of the day ..

The current champion and 5th in the world, Guillermo Carracedo, performed together with Oihan the highest scores of the competition. Although it was Manuel Hoyuela who would achieve it with a 16.93 pts. in one of the semifinals of the U18 category.

And of course, the girls also made us vibrate from the shore with their great participation! The best has been to see new faces in this modality and with a long career ahead, with competitors from the Canary Islands, Galicia, the Basque Country and Cantabria. After some exciting semifinals with Iballa Ruano scoring great scores, we were able to see a great final where the canarian would once again revalidate her title of Champion of Spain ahead of Alazne Aurrekoetxea, both belonging to the current National Stand Up Paddle Team. The 3rd position also went to the Canary Islands with the young Alexia Kiefer and in 4th position Esperanza Barreras, current SUP Race World Champion who also enjoys the waves‌Bravo girls!

The Open final was spectacular. There was a time when any rider could have taken the title. All surfing in a big way and destroying waves that barely reached half a meter. Much credit to the riders. And as the minutes passed, the Basque Oihan Aizpuru, who had been stomping in the previous heats, was unable to face the great performances of Guillermo Carracedo and Oscar Ruiz, remaining Champion of Spain and runnerup respectively. Ohian would take the 3rd position and the young rider Manuel Hoyuela the 4th position. A final where we have seen a whole range of ages, styles and projection, forceful manoeuvres in the critical zone of the wave and aerial that were not completed for very little. There was no wave finished in the same way and we liked that a lot. Great present and future!

And to finish this Spanish SUP Surf Championship, the Juniors were not less. The cantabrians riders Antonio Serrera and Ricardo de Pablos will take a great memory of their visit to Valdoviños after competing in many heats and getting on the podium obtaining 3rd and 4th position respectively in SUB18. And those who gave us a lot of show were ¨Zipi and Zape¨, friends and competitors… Antonio Morillo and Manuel Hoyuela. The one from Cantabria had the title in his hands for much of the heat, but the Caños de Meca rider got the best of him to beat him a few minutes from the final honk by less than 1 pt. of difference, which earned him to be Champion of Spain in this category.

We want and must highlight the great performance of the rest of the competitors, and the effort to attend this great competition, both them and friends and family. A great example of coexistence and safety that we have been able to witness, once again thanking the Spanish Surf Federation for taking good care of us, for its 20th anniversary and for carrying out this important competition for the national Stand Up Paddle. Now we just have to cross our fingers and be able to enjoy the SUP Race in Santa Pola. From Up Suping we also appreciate the support of all of you for sharing our work done in ValdoviĂąo on social networks and other online platforms.





Utopia Pablo Codesido

ISA. ICF. Up Suping

It is time to talk. The definition of our sport is already a complication in itself: paddleboarding, stand up paddle, stand up paddling, standing surfing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) for Anglo-Saxons, paddle surfing or, among us, “dry SUP”. But we all know that the foundation of this sport is still that of a surfboard that we propel by paddling standing up. Point. The modern precursors of this sport were avowed surfers, Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama ... They started with oversized boards and organized stand up paddleboarding events, but also racing as a novelty. Competitions very objective, where the first to arrive won. The range of possibilities that this sport faced then proved to be multiple. If we were to make a simile with the bicycle, we could present practitioners of various types: from touring bicycles that access small weekend tours, mountain bike madmen, associations of longdistance road sufferers, triathletes and of course, professional cyclists who climb monstrous mountains with bikes worth more than some automobiles.


In our case something similar has happened, not everyone wants to face a wave, and we can see ¨SUPers¨ in lakes, rivers and any water surface on which to slide, in fact, the more docile that surface is, the more practitioners starting. Fantastic. But suddenly it is necessary to regulate the rules that govern this sport and give it an adequate legal-administrative framework, and that is when the Federations emerge. From the first moment, it has been the Surf Federation that has included SUP as a discipline among its competences and they must be given such merit. But the extension of our sport to “flat and waveless” surfaces led the Canoeing Federation to include this sport among its competitions. The race boards understood as a kind of hybrid between a surfboard and a C1 or K1 canoe have led to the great debate. I think I am not lying if all of us who have been in this world for years recognize the origins of this sport in surfing, and that competitions such as the Beach Race or the Downwind are the true essence of this sport at a competitive level, not a general one. But what happens when the SUP race competition is held on a large lake with hardly any waves, is it surfing or is it canoeing? ... well I think it’s SUP above all...


What we ¨SUpers¨ are clear about is that as in other disciplines we need a certain order and regulation, since as we have said on other occasions, meetings, competitions and training courses make this and any other sport great. And that’s where the Federations come into play. I quote Royal Decree 1835/1991, of December 20, on Sports Federations, which in Article 1 defines them as “... private, non-profit associative entities with legal personality and their own assets independent of their associates. […] Spanish sports federations are public utility entities ... ”In a few words and as the law explains at length, they are in charge of promoting and ensuring sport, 53

since they also receive subsidies from the public purse (logically) for this purpose. It is also reasonable that the more federated the more important to the institution. The debate on the suitability of the Federation competent in SUP has been going on for years, Surfing or Canoeing, and regardless of who was right, what I have clear is that the great victim has been the athlete. And I say it as affected. For years I have seen how the Federations have fought for the competition of this sport.

Most of the nations around us have recognized surfing as competent, but countries as important as Germany have given this competence to canoeing. In the case of my land (Galicia), the Galician Sports Justice Committee has ruled, granting the powers to the Surf Federation. Then reality comes, and the competing practitioners have found a Sea Kayak League where SUP is accommodated with half a dozen Race competitions a year in flat water while they have been very scarce in this modality (Race) in its surfer counterpart (which has done relatively frequent competitions in our version “SUP surf”). But we are not here to blame anyone and from here I must thank both federations for taking SUP into account and organizing great events within their means. Of course, I must say that my feeling (and I speak as a subscriber) has always been the same, sorry, but in either of the two federations, I have always felt that we are a secondary speciality. We have suffered ignorance of it, discrepant competition rules, various federative files, obligation depending on the case of belonging to a club without SUP speciality to participate, a feeling of a criminal when participating in events without the approval of the law, coincident competitions. ..etc etc. This has caused more and more “private” events to appear, and it could not be otherwise, more or less organized circuits with common rules to abide by. Our sport does not have an inferiority complex. We want to enjoy without bureaucratic problems, continue doing a wonderful sport.


In this mix of facts, something has happened in my positive opinion, because we all already thought so. Recently, the TAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) has issued a ruling regarding the international competitions of our sport. In short, it has decided that the activities and decisions related to the participation of SUP in the Olympic Movement belong to the ISA (International Surfing Association) and therefore to the National Surfing Federations, although it does not prevent competitions from being held in other areas, which implies that the ICF (International Canoe Federation) and therefore National Canoe Federations, continue to carry out competitions. So everything that affects the possible participation in the Olympics (regulations, competitions ...), with the importance that this has for athletes, sponsors, commercial houses...pass to the governance of the Surfing Federation (ISA), but it does not prevent any case that the ICF organizes competitions (remember the ICF World Cup in Portugal suspended by court order). And it is logical for the good of all of us who compete, either against others or against ourselves. As a personal anecdote, I will tell you thaWt once the sentence was released, a lawyer friend involved in the Sports Justice Committee in Galicia contacted me and told me “the Olympics belong to surfing, you see Pablo, the TAS agrees with us”, shortly after made a prominent member of the Galician Canoeing Federation telling me “what was that about us not being able to do competitions? You see Pablo, the TAS does not agree”. Well, the TAS is right.


Surfing is an inherent component of this sport, I have always defended its priority due to its unequivocal roots, although any form of sport should not be prohibited for the good of the athletes, and of course, the competent Federation should play its role and put to SUP where it deserves. There is the key, that the Federation that organizes do it thinking about the athletes, about the ¨SUPers¨. That is why I encourage you from here to come together to share certain issues such as unified competition rules or compatible calendars. If this conflict has brought something good, it is that in recent years we have seen the competitive attempt of the ISA and ICF to make the world increasingly attractive and organizationally demanding. Hopefully it also happens locally.

The SUP explosion is international, and it seems unstoppable. And you just have to see the exponential growth of this sport in terms of riders, material sold...etc. That is why a utopian idea has always hovered in my head, but at the end of the day feasible. After all, that has been said, and although it is somewhat paradoxical, forgive the daring, but a certain revolutionary spirit still runs through my veins. Maybe some important personality of this sport will ever try and jump into the wheel, poor TAS: why not a SUP Federation of its own? 56

Pablo Codesido Doctor specialist in Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery



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Guillermo Carracedo Campeón de España 2020 Sup Olas

Oscar Ruiz

Subcampeón de España 2020 Sup Olas

Alazne AurreKoetxea

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Manuel Hoyuela

Subcampeón de España Sub18 2020 Sup Olas

flow 70, remo 100% carbono nacido para las olas por


Mayola. Lucas. Idwer. Sandra. Lara Gia


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Alexia Kiefer

From the Canary Islands comes a new promise of SUP Surf Hi Alexia! Congratulations for your 3rd place in the SPANISH SUP SURF CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 in Galicia. How about those days in Valdoviño? Thanks a lot! I was quite nervous about being my first SUP competition. Lots of new people and an unknown spot for me but all super good. I really liked Valdoviño, the incredible waves, the very friendly people and the delicious food too. I loved. Like many ¨SUPers¨, you come from the world of windsurfing and competing worldwide. Tell us that passion you have for this sport and when did you discover SUP... I started windsurfing when I was 10 years old, my father taught me and my little brother to sail and from the first moment I really liked it. The sea, the speed and especially the waves hooked me right away. In Gran Canaria, in winter there is usually not much wind, but there are good waves. So on windless days, I would surf and SUP. I quickly realized that what I liked the most was Paddle Surf. At the beginning with a very big but fast board, I decreased in volume and entered bigger waves each time.


What was it that attracted you to Stand Up Paddle and waves? The feeling of entering a wave while paddling standing up is what I like the most and what attracted me the most to SUP. I also really like being able to see the bottom of the sea and the fish from the board. I find it fascinating. Surely you take advantage of the excellent conditions that the Canary Islands have to do these sports‌right? Yes, I am very lucky to live in Gran Canaria where many times I have optimal conditions to practice water sports. In summer it is perfect for windsurfing and in winter for SUP. On days when there is neither wind nor waves I usually go to the skatepark...

Being used to windsurfing, was it easy for you to adapt to board and paddle? It really didn’t take me long to learn SUP. I think that through windsurfing I had a lot of balance as well as experience with the sea and waves. Above all, I was no longer so scared to get into bigger waves.

And with respect to your SUP mates...Who is your favourite? Who do you see to learn and improve your surfing? Before going to Galicia I only knew Iballa from the girls who compete in Stand Up Paddle. To improve and learn new techniques, I only watch videos on the Internet. I pay a lot of attention to her style, she is fluid and radical. She is certainly my idol. What manoeuvres or skills do you think you should work on to perform much better on the waves? The first thing I have to work harder is the rights waves. On the beaches that I frequent, the waves are on the left, which is my favourite side. I would also like to visit the beaches where they usually do the competitions to know each wave. What is your impression of Stand Up Paddle worldwide and more so in the female category? I am very young and I have little experience to comment on evolution and more worldwide. Stand Up Paddle is an incredible sport. Every year there should be more girls who compete, especially in Spain because we have many beaches and good weather. 69

How is the support of your family and friends in your lifestyle as an athlete? They sure are very important! Since I was 12 years old, I have competed internationally in different modalities. I am very lucky that my family has given me this opportunity. Many hours, kilometres and equipment have been necessary for me to be able to do what I like the most in optimal conditions. I am also very grateful to my friends, although I spend a lot of time travelling and training. They do not separate me, on the contrary, they support me and motivate me. I try to take them with me to the sea to teach them. More than one already practices surfing regularly and thus we spend more time together.

You are very young and with a great future ahead of you. Do you have big plans with SUP Surf in your life? The truth is that I did not expect to achieve this result in my first competition, since I am mainly dedicated to windsurfing. I loved the atmosphere in the competition. I finally met the other girls, all of them charming...a unique experience. From now on I want to focus more on SUP waves and participate in all the competitions that I can. 70

Thanks to‌ I am very grateful to Iballa Moreno and Óscar Ruiz for the trust they have placed in me, my family for always being there and you for giving me the opportunity to present myself in your magazine. Thank you so much. Junior Windsurfing World Champion 2019. 8th of the Windsurfing world 2019 absolute category. Junior Windsurfing World Champion 2018

Up Suping

Great participation, responsibility and security in the 5th edition of this great event in Andalusia

Discover Huelva Festival



We begin this note with the verbatim words of the organizer of the event Augusto García:

¨ It was not easy to take a step forward and there were many reasons that held us back, but there were many others that encouraged us to launch this 5th edition of the Discover Huelva SUP Festival, which was also the Spanish and Andalusian Cup of the Spanish Federation of Surf. With the satisfaction of having done everything in our power and given the difficult panorama we currently have, we have shown that with responsibility and commitment, projects of sports like this can be carried out in a safe way. With a detailed security protocol designed for this event, suppressing all the promotional activities that characterize it and focusing exclusively on sea activities, in the end, in a discreet and simple way it has been possible to celebrate. Highlight the exemplary behaviour of all participants in compliance with the program and, of course, the gratitude to the companies that collaborate with this Championship, Brandt, Starboard, AWA Sun Glasses, Hotel Estival, Turismo de Huelva, Usisa, Covey, communication from Up Suping, the essential support of the Sports Service of the Isla Cristina City Council, Isla Cristina Maritime Rescue and of course the Windzone Sailing School and Balbuena Navegación¨ Yes, a different beginning, but we did not want to miss Augusto’s wise words after this year’s Discover Huelva SUP Festival was held. One of the main reasons why we went to Isla Cristina, in addition to doing our job as a means of communication to offer you the best information on our part, was to support Augusto taking that step forward as he says. We did not hesitate for a moment, we knew that things could be done very well and the ¨SUPers¨, as always, at the height of any circumstance.

Really, little more to add to Augusto’s words, because we already know a great effort that goes into made a competition because with this situation it has much more merit. And we will only add one more thing: it has been an event that, due to its adaptation to the current reality, can clearly serve as a reference for subsequent competitions. The Spanish Surf Federation, collaborators, sponsors and competitors can relax...that in this way everything can go forward, in addition to our responsibility and attitude. And on a sporting level, tell you that 61 riders were the ones who gave life to the 5th edition of the Discover Huelva SUP Festival, with very stipulated schedules and routes and guaranteeing the safety of everyone. On Saturday morning the youngest had their great moment, where the promises of Andalusia showed us their evolution and competitiveness. It is wonderful to see them grow and enjoy themselves in the water. They were crying out to get together to paddle and be able to measure themselves against each other ... The conditions were of a very calm sea with hardly any wind and zero waves. They have all done it phenomenally, highlighting the evolution of Alicia and Bea Bizcocho, locals from Isla Cristina (You can see their interview in Up#30 here).

After a break and looking to lengthen the hours of the day so as not to congregate again to have more space and safety for everyone, at around 6:00 p.m. the next competition was held with the Elite category. Start and finish from the water as in the morning competition, but this time the wind offered us a soft downwind for everyone to enjoy. The picture of the start line was wonderful, you have the photos here to prove it, because although it was not a massive number of participants, the light of day and the illusion to compete again, made the seconds before the start honk was magical. Fernando Pérez from Cádiz was a rocket. Stratospheric, because after a great start achieving a very high rate of paddling and cadence, he became unstoppable. He governed from end to end the 5 km. of the course, becoming the champion of this stop of the Cup of Spain and Andalusia. Fernando is already among the largest in Spain, and if he continues like this, he will also be in Europe. We also had strong emotion with Augusto Jr. and Javier López ¨Tato¨, who practically paddled together to the buoy to catch the downwind, where the latter fell and lost positions, being overtaken by Augusto García. Finally, the young 14 years old rider Augusto Jr. got the second position, ¨Tato¨ recovered and got the third position. The overall level of all the riders was fantastic, the confinement has not taken such a toll and it shows that somehow they have been doing exercises to stay in shape. Now it only remains to get the rhythm of the competition.

On the girls course, Marina Navarro gave no options and year she won this competition for the 5th consecutive‌spectacular! Once again the fight for second and third place has offered us a lot of show between Ainhoa Rivas and the return of Isabel Valverde. After a great dispute, the downwind part of the course favoured the young rider, getting second position and Isabel third. We have missed other riders and we hope to see them all together in future events, because it will surely become very interesting at a competitive level, taking advantage of the great rhythm of the youngest girls in Andalusia. There is no time to blink, they are paddling very hard. And of course praise the rest of the competitors who endured the upwind and downwind of the course, giving a lot of life to this category.

After a break on the beach, complying with the safety regulations established by the organization, the medals were handed out under a strict protocol of distancing and respect, with the presence of the local authorities who, with great emotion, were able to enjoy a sporting event in its shores many months later.

From Up Suping we not only want to thank Augusto for having carried out this competition, knowing how hard it is to not be able to have made the ¨Amateur and promotion¨ categories to this sport, in addition to many other activities. But the reality is that, and above all is our health. We also thank all the competitors and attendees for their great behaviour. And also to those who, out of respect, decided not to go to Isla Cristina, in order to gain more strength and enthusiasm, and to see us again very soon. Respect above all, it is something that the ¨SUPeros¨ carry in our blood. As we said last year after our visit to Isla Cristina… “we will return”. Take care of yourself and see you in the water.


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CORACLE Do you want to lose measurements without losing comfort? With its shape, our Coracle model will allow you to have a balance between the manoeuvrability of a shortboard and the stability of a larger board. You will fly in small waves or flat wave conditions!


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• Ideal paddle for: Surfing, crossing. • Knob: ergonomic soft Eva. • Pole: round. • Length: 220 cm. • Weight approx: 420 gr. • Paddlesize: 70 inch2-452 cm2. • Edge protector: ABS.

But it is not only good for waves, it can also be used by juniors as a race or ride paddle, having a 70 blade will make it easier for them to move the paddle, and they will notice that the effort will be less than with the “adult” paddles.

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Pedro Gutiérrez

SPS. Naish. Fanatic. Up Suping

In this new issue, we are going to re-inaugurate, within the material section, a section for the basic tips for getting started in our sport. When we published this section in Up#14, we never imagined that it would have great success, and due to the demand for new ¨SUPers¨ all over the world, we have decided to return to ¨My first¨… with brief changes in its texts to update the information provided. We want to thank all the readers who wish to share this section with all the new adventurers to Stand Up Paddle and thus find it more comfortable to adapt to this sport.

M Y F IR S T B O A R D How could it be otherwise, we had to start talking about the guidelines to follow for the purchase of our first SUP board. There are many readers of our magazine and even my blog who consult us on this matter, since there are many options on the market that pose a real challenge when choosing the board that best suits one. We have to know many variables such as what we are going to use it for, the type of construction, the material from which it is made, the size and shape that best suits its purpose, in addition to the price, because it is not a cheap product. The answers to these very basic questions will help us to obtain a board that suits us and what we are looking for. Let’s start disengaging each of those variables.

purp o se? The first thing I usually ask my consultants before moving on to the following points is...what will be its use? If it is going to be a board that is only going to be used for cruising or just to catch waves or both. It is a very important starting point to get an idea of where to go. We will focus on the usual, we want it to take enjoy in flat water and start in small waves very from time to time. It is what beginners demand the most.

in fla ta b le o r rig id b o a rd ? Currently, this is another important variable that we should know, it is usually my second question, since depending on the type of home and/or vehicle we have, the option to choose may be one type of construction or another. Generally, inflatable boards are less expensive than rigid ones, but there are more things to consider when buying a board than its prices, such as its strength, stability or durability. Possibly, the biggest advantage of the inflatables apart from the price is the storage, because they are kept in a backpack adapting very well to our needs if we have limited space in our vehicle or we live in a building without a garage or closed storage room. Inflatable boards are improving by leaps and bounds: they are tougher, because the more rigid a board is, the easier it flows through the water, so manufacturers seek to get them to the same level as a conventional board and with many more benefits. This rigidity allows a better transfer of energy from the ¨SUPer¨ to the water increasing the efficiency in each stroke. On the contrary, the two disadvantages that inflatables have compared to rigid ones are that they are prone to punctures if we do not take care of them, that is why they come with a repair kit, and that they have worse stability. Normally, the rigid ones have better balance than the inflatables or that is what I have observed in all these years teaching initiation classes or baptisms.

With the new Stand Up Paddle boom during these months, it would not be surprising to see rigid all-round boards reborn, since they have greatly reduced their weight by incorporating better materials; and without forgetting that by improving the shipping system worldwide, it is more accessible to have material from other international manufacturers.

w h a t size to ch o o se ? Rather than focus on the length and width of the board, since usually the shorter and narrower the boat the more unstable it will be, first to all, I would be concerned about the volume, that is, the litres needed for the board to support my weight. As a general guideline for newbies, add 40 to your weight. In my case.

The theory says that I am comfortable with 120 litre boards; as I have verified it in all the tests that I develop throughout the year; supping I go well between 110 and 130 litres. Once I have this contribution, I already look at the length and width of it. My advice will be linked to the use that will be given to the board. If it is only for medium crossings I would go to a longer board, around eleven feet, on the other hand, if I want it for small crossings and start playing in the waves my advice would be between 10 and 10’6, on the contrary, if I only want it for waves it wouldn’t go below 9 feet at first. It is clear that the ones that are cool are 8 ‘and below, but I see those more for exposure in your usual store/school or for the expert rider of your beach than for the option of our first board. It is essential not to make mistakes in this advice, because if we go over the top they will have to quickly change the table looking for something more in line with their level, size, weight or discipline to develop and if we fall short you can frustrate them by abandoning our sport.

m a te ria ls? The materials and the construction method is what really determines the final price of a board. The better the materials, our board will be stronger and lighter, which in the end is what will decide us for one purchase or another: its resistance to shocks and its weight when transporting it to the water. There are several different materials in the construction of a board, so I will give you order by cost (from expensive to cheap) or strength (from harder to softer) or weight (from lighter to less), since those factors they are totally bound: carbon, bamboo, fiberglass, epoxy, polyurethane and PVC (inflatable).

p rice ? It is usually the main handicap that beginners have, since they consider a small budget, but in the end, it is not so important, because there is always a SUP board that adapts to the needs of the buyer attending to the aforementioned premises that are fundamental when it comes to getting the first purchase right. My advice is always to test before purchasing because of the high cost they have, but sometimes it is not possible and we have to launch into the adventure it when giving good advice so as not to make a mistake in a first choice of board. I hope that these humble tips will guide you when it comes to acquiring your first Stand Up Paddle board, after having hooked up on an initiation or clinic class or going out rowing with a friend, since they are not useful for someone who is already an expert in the field. The most important thing you have to ask yourself is what I want it for, where I am going to store it or take it and what I want (resistance, stability, durability and/or lightness). And remind you that you will always have a school or store in your area with great professionals who can advise you on this your first acquisition or go to the numerous sporting events that take place throughout the peninsular geography where there is usually a table test. KEEP SUPING.

Up Suping

Toni Forqués. Mario Macía. Albert Laborda. Up Suping

From Marbella appears a future ¨waterman¨…. Although it really already is!




Tell us how old you are, where you are from and how SUP came into your life. Hi Nico! Well, I’m 11 years old, I’m from Marbella, Andalusia. I started SUP at my father’s school, Paddle Surf Marbella, when I was 4 years old and I really liked it. My first paddle was a wooden paddle from a boat and then they made me one made to measure until I had my first real paddle when I was 6 years old. Which is when I had my first SUP board. 86


You are a real waterman! You take advantage of the aquatic environment 100% by doing some sports and enjoying a lot...right? Yes, I am very lucky to have a lot of material and thanks to that I am testing everything. SUP in all its modalities is my favourite sport, but I also practice quite a bit surf, surfskate and windsurf and lately I have been hooked a lot to foil with waves and I have started with wing foil this summer as well.

And what are the Stand Up Paddle modalities that you like the most? As there have been no competitions, I have left the race a bit this year and right now what I like the most is Foil in surfing, and I want to learn and improve in this discipline in the coming months because I would like to do downwinds with foil as far as can. 87

------------------------Up Suping



We know that you also like the competition. Do you learn a lot from other riders and teammates? What I like most about competitions is meeting friends again, I made good friends with people from the Mediterranean Circuit, the SUP Talent group and the Costa del SUP. To my friends ¨SUPers¨ Andalusians I see them from time to time but I have not seen the people of Alicante and surroundings for a long time. I have been competing for many years, although I am only 11 years old and in all events, you learn something because each competition is different, with different conditions and mates who can give you more or less cane and you get little advice every weekend. It´s cool! Above all, the most important thing is that although we compete in the water then when we go out we are all friends. I have very good friends on SUP.

How about the daddies? Do they help you with the material, travel and give you a lot of support? Well, I have to thank my parents very much because luckily they have a shop and a SUP school, and they are always giving me things to try. Also, they always take me to all the events, to trainings, clinics and all that. And I have had the help of companies as well and some brands that have helped me with material so I am very lucky.

Tell us about the places where you usually go paddling, surfing waves or doing downwinds ... Well normally my daily spot is in Marbella, it’s called Victors Beach, which is where we usually surf. This summer has been my favourite foil spot. Although we also go to other places such as Cabopino or the entire coast of Marbella in General and in the area of Tarifa and Caños de Meca we go from time to time to catch waves. Downwinds...I have not done many this year, about 5 or 6 and they have all been in Marbella. It remains in my memory what I did in December 2019 in Tarifa at a clinic that my father organized with Fred Bonnef. I hope to repeat it soon and be able to make my first downwind foil in a few months! ... 89


------------------------How have you been learning everything you know about Stand Up Paddle in these years? Have you had the help and teaching of monitors, family, clinics, etc ...? Well, I have learned with my father about everything and in competitions a little from everyone around me. I did quite a few SUP clinics with people like Rafael Sirvent, Jurgi Zulaika, the Hasulyo brothers or Fred Bonnef, among others. What are your best memories you have of events or competitions where you have really enjoyed this sport? I have a great time in all the events, but in 2019 I stay with the SUP Talent meeting in December and with the Antonio de la Rosa test in Ă guilas, both for the atmosphere and how much fun I had with my friends.

And how far do you want the SUP to take you? How do you want your future to be? Well, right now my goal is to improve a lot in foil that I want to learn well because I love it and continue competing to have fun. 90



Thanks to...

Thanks to you first for the interview and to my parents for the help they always give me, taking me from one place to another. Also, thank Hoenalu for all the material that they always leave me as they are my main support in terms of hard material. To Team Hoenalu who always cheer me on and to my friends ¨SUPeros¨ in general. And also thank different SUP brands that always have a detail with me such as SUP ONE for the kits, Black Project for the paddles, Starboard and SIC for the race boards, Fanatic with my foils, ION for the technical clothing and accessories, Müller Property and Aloha College of Marbella also with travel help, SUP Talent for the support in 2019, Costa del SUP for supporting the sport in Andalusia and all those who at some point have helped me or continue to encourage me. This year we have not been able to compete and the mind is on something else, but I promise to return to attack soon!



Luis Bericua

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Before reading on, take a few minutes to think about your workouts. Can you tell me how you are learning to improve? What type of learning are you using? A priori knowing this seems silly, but when you know the formula you are using, it can help you minimize frustration or even know which tool or tools you should use at all times.

FAIL TO ADVANCE We have always heard that “we learn from mistakes “ and although the phrase holds a lot of truth and wisdom, I did not find it funny to hear it at certain times. Maybe because they told me when I least needed it.


After trying my best and failing a hundred times to achieve my goal, hearing this phrase was devastating. My efforts and achievement were not valued. It was quite the opposite. After exhausting myself, getting frustrated and fighting to achieve my goal, I had a “whoops� on top of me. Does this sound familiar to you? You have to know when to use it. Obviously, this is not always the case and we have to know that learning by trial and error is the most fundamental form of learning that humans and animals have. All current workouts are based on this theory. Much rehearsal, many repetitions, endless corrections to re-rehearse and repeat until the goal is achieved. And then rehearse and repeat again to ensure excellence. It is essential to make mistakes in order to discover the way, but what if we can use other learning to improve and complement those training sessions?

LOOKING FOR A MODEL Another learning from which much of our knowledge, is that which comes from observing what others do. It is called learning by modelling or vicarious learning. Through the observation of another person, we can internalize specific actions or movements, assess other options or know the consequences without being involved in the execution. 95

But you may have noticed that throughout the day or during a training session you can observe a multitude of behaviours that you never reproduce, and that is that to create learning, it is not enough just to observe, but it has to capture your attention somehow arouse your interest and your motivation. In addition, studies show that when the person being observed is perceived as similar or as someone of prestige who is admired, learning occurs faster. A clear example of this are the childrens who imitate the behaviours of their referents, their parents.


It is so important to observe how to know who to observe


One of the most common ways in which this technique is applied in sports is through the viewing of videos, whether they are videos of oneself or of other riders. Although this technique may seem like it can be done in any way while watching, it is not as straightforward as it sounds and requires some planning. So, take note:

Be clear about what you want to work on because you will not reach the goal if you do not know where to go. Setting goals or making a list of things you want to learn or improve will help you focus your attention when you are observing. Prioritize. If there are several things to work on, it is important that you give a logical and scaled order, either by importance or by difficulty. You can also mark sequences of the same action. Observing in detail step by step allows a better internalization of the action. When making the list, keep in mind that no one would think of learning to tie their shoes without first knowing how to put them on.

Do not judge. When we start to observe other people, we tend to criticize, comment or assess how they do it. All this worsens if we are ourselves observing. We lose the detail of what we want to observe to look at “how bad I am in the videos” “look I’m clumsy” “they sure think ...” Being clear about what things you want to focus on in your model will make it easier for you to break away from all those thoughts and focus only on your goal.


Describe what you see. As you observe, or once the observation is finished, verbalize what you have just seen, how you have done it, what things you have seen that have caught your attention and what details can help you in your evolution. It is a way to boost learning. Take a moment to rehearse. Yes, yes, it is time to practice but not in the water. To allow the body to make everything it has just observed its own, it is recommended to reproduce that movement or action on which you are working. You can also repeat each movement while observing the reference person.

Here imagination is required and knowing how to put ourselves in the shoes of the other person. But if you want more powerful results you can introduce the visualization technique that we saw previously.

NOT ALWAYS LESS IS MORE I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the expression “the more sugar, the sweeter”, because with the modelling technique it is similar. The more you watch, the more times you watch that video and work conscientiously on it, the more it will make it easier for your body and mind to join in your evolution. Go putting this technique into practice that I will bring you more soon.

Beatriz Felipe López Psychologist and Coach 97

After the event held in Badalona on September 13, another event arrived in this unusual year. The host club was Hacia El Sup in Garraf and Roberto Garcia at the head, together with the Garraf Yacht Club, where they offer us an ideal environment for the Stand Up Paddle..


VI SUP RACE GARRAF The previous week was a week of continuous review of meteorological reports since the Squall Alex arrived, it did not affect us fully like the Cantabrian sea. The forecast marked Southwest wind and some wave generated by the wind. Two days before we had the long-awaited waves on the Catalan coast, but as they came they left. The Garraf does not disappoint and the cliffs that run along the coast were going to give the riders work with the rebound, which mixed with the wind and the sea made us have “Maturrango� conditions in the purest Cantabrian style

The event was carried out with all the security protocols in the times that we are, taking the temperature when checking, masks, greetings with the elbow, it has already become a common stamp and that we are all aware of. The 1.5 km circuit with 5 buoy turns, where an upwind-downwind with two buoys in the upwind was sought so that it would not be so hard, would become an endurance test where the 60 riders some came from the Valencian Community, they had to demonstrate the mental and physical capacity to be able to finish the race.

At 10:30 am, the children started where they showed that there is a lot of competition between them, and that little by little the quarry is being made. The podium was configured by Jan Foraster in the first position, Finn Sayol in second, and MatĂ­as Alsina in third and Estel Ariza in the fourth position. Given the conditions of the beach that days before the sand disappeared, the start would be made from the water with the riders seated. An angry sea meant that the sprints up to the first buoy had falls from the first meters in all categories, this already led to a tough race where the legs would be decisive. The length of the second buoy would become the first obstacle since the side wind only allowed you to paddle from one side to be able to maintain the trajectory to the buoy, seeing that it was the most critical point and where many of the riders began to abandon, it was made the decision to shorten the circuit by avoiding this second buoy, from the safety boat the participants were informed.The wind rose with more force making an appearance of the mini waves, it turned the circuit into a real ordeal, where the riders had to try even harder.

In the elite category, Iker Barbarubio from Sup Barcelona took the lead that he would not leave it until the end followed by Miquel Roige from the Molokai Sup Center and a Xavi Marina from the Club de Vela Blanes, who in his first appearance this season on the circuit is giving all. In the female category, it was dominated by Eli Llargués from the Bétulo Nautical Club, followed by Tere Orive from Sup Barcelona and Desiree Sanchez from the Molokai Sup Center who made her debut in a circuit test, she could not finish the test but left very good feelings.

In the male Amateur category, Albert Sanz of the BlueSalt club rose in the first position followed by Carlos Palacín of the Suricata Surf Club and Carles Alsina of the Kay Paddle Race Club who squeezed his Naish Maliko to the full. The female amateur categories were dominated by the Molaki Sup Center riders Laura Gil in first position and Marta Ivars in the second position, closely followed by Sabire Serap. The popular category won Diego Moreno from BlueSalt, followed by David Ariza from SUP Barcelona and a fantastic Manel Amat from CPVB who again made it clear that there are no limits!! Olga Ponce from BlueSalt won the female category, followed by Barbara Casamor from CPVB and Mariana Dubra from BlueSalt.

It was a tough physical and mental event and from here to thank all the participants who got to the starting line, SUP is not only flat water. Unfortunately, the circuit this year has been affected by the pandemic that is hitting us and only 3 of the 7 planned tests have been held, thank you all for continuing to bet on the oldest circuit. From the Catalan Surf Federation we continue working to be able to celebrate the Catalan championships in all modalities.



Argaski Mahatu


EVOLUTION EVOLUTI ON Isaac Hernรกndez (Be Waters)

Albert Laborda. Up Suping

Paddle Surf miths It is very important to know the minimum concepts of meteorology so as not to have an unnecessary scare in our board. Where should I supping today? Is it safe to leave at this time? Do I know the place? There are a thousand questions that we must take into account before setting our board to float.





Everything is relative. You are going to enter the sea but remember, THE SEA YOU DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AFRAID OF IT, BUT YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO RESPECT IT. Do you know where the wind comes from? The currents? What to do if you lose your paddle? There are many variants that we have to take into account, not just stand up and paddling.

IS VERY BORING Yes and no. Is swimming or running boring? Well, everything is relative! Is it comparable to running down the longest avenue in your city seeing only asphalt to running through the centre of Paris? SUP, like any sport, has many variables. It is highly recommended to do it accompanied but without a doubt, what makes Paddle Surf unique is being able to doing it in unimaginable areas. Did you know that there are SUP races in the Alps? River descents? Routes through emblematic cities? That is not boring for anyone!





Maybe yes or maybe not…SUP Schools have different boards. The bigger they are, the more balanced you generally have. We go back to the importance of learning in a specific centre to be able to enjoy a variety of table models.


YOU MUST HAVE STRENGTH TO DOING No way! The paddles are made of carbon and weigh about 450 grams…like a couple of apples. If conditions are optimal, moving forward is very, very easy. Think that summer schools have interns from 5 years old.

IT´S ONLY FOR YOUNG PEOPLE? Quite the opposite! Possibly this sport has many more practitioners of what we call “ImserSUP” than you expect Up Suping

...It is a sport for all audiences. It has the adrenaline you want to put it, relaxation, waves...a thousand options!

EXPENSIVE SPORT There are so many ways to get started. SUP schools have rental or membership options that start at less than €5...nor does a gym fee cost so little.





The best example is the it cold in the snow? Clear! But, being equipped you don’t have anything, right?

We have wetsuits in the sea. What makes Paddle Surf special? That you are not really in contact with the water unless you fall. In sports like surfing, windsurfing, etc...the contact is more continuous. But to give you an idea, some riders general usually go out to train in the middle of winter in swimsuits or leggings.


SUP Rental Hamburg is a new Start-Up founded during the beginning of corona times in Hamburg, Germany. They are a team consisting of Noah, Mathias and Nadine, three founders whose goal it was to give the residents of Hamburg a cool, safe and fun summer. Sport played a huge role for all of the founders, including downhill, fitness, swimming, paintball and American football. As Hamburg residents of choice, they learned to love Hamburg over the past few years and Noah and Nadine looked at the AuĂ&#x;enalster, a big citylake, from their living room every day, observing the hustle and bustle on the water and got an idea. Stand up paddling, as they have thought, is the perfect combination of sport and fun as well as sightseeing, especially during the pandamie.


They thought about how to convert this into a business where a simple booking system and consumer satisfaction play the main role. Their long-time friend Mathias was quickly convinced of the idea. And so the company was founded. In the meantime SUP Rental Hamburg is cooperating with its business Partner Quatrro Fortuna, a surf shop in Hamburg. In case the customers are interested in buying a board, they can try it with SUP Rental Hamburg before buying them. They offer all kinds of courses and are building an international community with lots of people from all around the world living in Hamburg. The goal is to connect people who are interested in sports and meeting new people. If you are in Hamburg and want to try Stand Up Paddling they know the best routes and have the best secret spots for you. Just get in touch with them!

What can you expect from us? We are not SUP professionals, but provide you with new and high-quality boards including high-quality materials, offer you a central starting point directly on the Alster and have important and helpful tips available. Your summer is saved with us!


Alster Tours Here are possible tours on the Alster and the canals. Note that these are only recommendations based on experience and there is a lot to discover on your own on the water!

TOUR 1 Access is via a footbridge at the Eichenpark, at the footbridge directly on Heilwegstrasse on the Outer Alster. Parking spaces are available in Heilwegstraße and in the surrounding side streets. The length of the route is approx. 5.55 kilometers (approx. 48 minutes was the fastest lap, we think 60 to 75 minutes for beginners is realistic) - also note that driving with the current is always easier and faster than against the current . You start directly at the jetty towards the Krugkoppelbrücke and then keep to the right along the bank towards the Inner Alster. The Kennedy and Lombard bridges are then passed and the Alster fountain circled from right to left so that it is always next to the left hand (see picture). Then the bridges are passed again and the route leads you past buoy 4 and 5 on the right, but then on the left of buoy 6. Additional info: The route leads exactly along the route of the “long-established” Hamburg rowing clubs. It does happen that they feel privileged and sometimes call over. Please don’t let that impress you. The sailing boats on the Alster also have no priority. CAUTION with Alsterships, these generally always have right of way. They are also very quiet when approaching from behind, so keep looking around!


TOUR 2. aprox. 90 minutes Tour 2 - approx. 90 minutes The beginning is again at the footbridge on HeilwegstraĂ&#x;e in the Eichenpark. Here you first drive under the KrugkoppelbrĂźcke and then turn left into the Rondeel Canal. It can get crowded on the Rondeelteich, as it is a popular meeting point for various water sports. From the Rondeelteich, turn left onto the Glodbek canal and then turn right. You will automatically come back to the Alster and continue left to the Outer Alster. On this tour you can marvel at beautiful houses and gardens and get to know Hamburg from its relaxed side.

Tour 3. aprox. 120 minutes Here, too, you start again as with Tour 2 and drive into the Rondeel Canal, turn right at the first opportunity onto the Goldbek Canal towards Stadtparksee. Here you can do a big lap and have natural pure but also a real city feeling. Then drive back the same way you got there. Then there are different options for how to get back to your destination, e.g. again over the Rondeel Canal or over the Outer Alster if you turn left. 115

Aure Medina

Up Suping



One of the most widely used sports planning designs is the ATR concentrated load model. It is the most common model among sports coaches with a paddling component. There are many ways to combine strength, speed, and endurance cycles or weeks, all of which are valid but not all equally effective or fun.


Most of us who compete in SUP race do so by taking the fitness point of many different forms of short, medium or long term sports planning. Some of us train for sensations in a less organized way with hardly any planning and the most disciplined, with a coach, usually use sports planning by INTEGRATED MACROCYCLES. These are overlapping one after the other, playing with the appropriate loading and unloading levels in an individualized way, completing the total planning before the competition, training week after week with periods that we call microcycles. These Microcycles usually last one week. A series of Microcycles complete the Mesocycle and several Mesocycles in turn complete the total Macrocycle.

This other way of training more technical and in my opinion more specific, is much easier to organize and know what to do at all times. They are the famous and recognized A.T.R type workouts that facilitate the possibility of enjoying various peaks of form throughout the season. Training goals need to be realistic, achievable, and personal in order to keep you motivated.

As early as the 1990s, Olympic canoeing athletes from Eastern Europe used these A.T.R. At present they are still used with great results in swimming and canoeing for the different types of resistance of each of the sports specialities. It allows shorter interrelated training cycles, in addition to a higher quality of the loads performed.


They are more concentrated methods by load blocks when the optimal tops of shape require a greater periodicity, that is to say, numerous runs and some of them of high relevance. This format can be done repeatedly expressly with a duration of just a few weeks, repeating the 3 phases as many times as we want. Its nomenclature comes from these three great concepts: Accumulation - Transfer - Realization. In each of the three phases, what has to be done at all times is very marked, by blocks and by very well differentiated types of training. With a planning of 1 to 6 microcycles or weeks for each of the three phases.

Block or mesocycle of Accumulation. This period is ideal for working on maximum strength, general aerobic endurance, physical conditioning and CORE, the new technique that has been decided to paddle during that season and of the new oars. Most of these physical qualities are worked on in a watertight manner. It is about creating a Residual Physical Base on which you will continue to work on a good foundation.

It is one of the moments of this type of planning where more volume (km) and hours of training must be put in to correct defects or deficiencies that a rider may have. You can use mini-size paddles for frequency or huge blades for strength, weights with a tennis ball on the leash to gain resistance or even narrower boards to improve our balance.

Transfer block or mesocycle. It is time to start suffering with rhythms and work on resistance to specific fatigue. Ideal time to work on explosive strength and speed, lactic acid tolerance and work above the anaerobic threshold. In our speciality of Longe Race (10Km), the most used intervals are usually the 3 min blocks at higher aerobic power, above the race pace. The volume will gradually decrease as the quality and intensity increase


Realization block or mesocycle. We are already starting to enter the tuning phase, where the rhythm, speed and running technique has to be learned. It is time to work on competitive tactics and psychologically mentalize for the competition. Train here the beach start type outings and try the isotonic or ergogenic drinks that we will use in the race. They tend to be more technical and brief with the greatest possible transfer to the immediate objective of that next competition.

At the end of this block is when we will do the famous TAPERING or volume reduction with a specific diet in order to achieve the goal set and arrive with a good punch, tuned and full of good sensations in paddling and boarding. In the next issue of Up Suping magazine, we will continue to discuss in more detail this interesting precompetitive concept of TAPERING so that you can fine-tune your machines and muscle carburettors for the next competitions that we hope will be soon.

Aure Medina Amorrortu PProf. Physical Education High Performance Sports Master National coach different sports disciplines Bibliographic references Fernando Navarro Valdivieso (2010). Sport planning Issurin V.B (2008). Block Periodization Canoe-Kayak Paddlers 119

We wanted to end this new issue of Up Suping with some images that may not be repeated for a few months. How beautiful is summer on our beaches... right? We are already in “immersion” mode towards the coldest months of the year, but with more fire than ever after the great sessions... We know that there are many of you who protect and take care of your coasts, that “playground” that becomes something addicted and necessary for our body. And in addition to carrying the best of memories on your retina, you can also record it with a simple water camera. It doesn’t matter how they come out if they are high or low quality, what difference does it make! You already have the memory, no one takes that away from you, these are just images that we will see from another plane... Pana and Manu from Cantabria show it to us. Thank you ¨SUPers¨ for having enjoyed the summer, to those of Spain, Europe…and to all the rest of the world! See you on the water. .


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