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Edito We are not going to lie to you: this has been one of the most intense numbers we have published. And we speak on behalf of each of the collaborators, editors, photographers, advertisers, and many more. After those happy weeks that we will never forget when thinking about Up#30 and its creation, a mix of great sensations was breathed. High voltage for rowing more than ever, for expelling all the contained rage and with the mission of living with better purposes. Accustomed to publishing SUP events, this time we had to go up another notch and give our readers even better content. But as the days went by, this number began to write itself‌

We took advantage of the impulse of the new ¨SUPers¨ and wrote for them, we refreshed our minds with the young promises and as always, we travelled in the memories of adventurous riders through the world. And in the end, we managed to get the number 30, almost nothing. Has the Covid-19 changed us at all? And the SUP beat the virus? The only solution to these questions is to turn the page and enjoy. Ladies and gentlemen ... Welcome to Up#30!

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We longed to return... Albert Laborda




After the intensity of the Covid-19, the Stand Up Paddle enters fully into the activity and minds of many people Nicolás Arnedo

Albert Laborda. Fred Bonnef. Up Suping

Hard weeks that we have had to endure the “SUPers” from all over the world. Moments of wide uncertainty, where at times our selfishness to feel the paddle in the water surpassed any qualifier to the phrase “health is the most important thing” ... “Now, tell my head that it does nothing but think about going out to paddling ¨. There was even that consumerist movement that most of society has been incorporating into their routine for decades, and nothing has happened. Weeks of authentic blockades, of constant depresions for fans of SUP events who saw all their travel plans, competitions, etc. We had started a 2020 with a lot of strong, it was not fair. But in the end, it wasn’t all that bad. I think we have learned several things. New conclusions were presented in our lives, even new challenges. SUP would undoubtedly help to generate new steps, very firm and with determination. And as soon as we were able to get back into the water, something shocking happened. It is logical and habitual that every year we see new followers of this sport, its evolution is based on that; but this time it was more forceful. Perhaps because the gyms and swimming pools were closed, or because the good work that we paddlers, companies and media related to Stand Up Paddle are doing is paying off ... it has made us see new “SUPers” ... many! Hence to the title of this article “Even stronger”. Because the Stand Up Paddle overcomes epidemics and everything you put on it. Because it contributes so much that it will never stop growing and being in our lives. Now, we know that the work of those who sell SUP material and their commercials is essential to attract new audiences. And ours? Do you know everything you can and I recommend that you contribute so that we are many more? We are another great piece of this puzzle that unites the picture that many people already draw in their minds.

For this reason, I would like to describe some ¨tips¨ or advice that we must have as authentic ¨SUPers¨ towards the people who are starting out in this sport, and that of course our contribution will come in handy. 10 years ago when I started padling, I was very lucky to receive a lot of the following information, and at the moment I have this sport in my veins:

1º. Give him a welcome and take him to the world of

Stand Up Paddle

As soon as you see him preparing his quiver in the parking, or in the water paddling, show him a smile and greet him with pride. Surely you already do. It is a way to give a “welcome” to this crazy world of SUP. And from there try to enjoy the session and if any talk comes up, much better.

You have to show him the essence of this sport, how familiar and close it is, the great atmosphere generated from a small group to a massive event. We are, in short, a great community; I don’t think there is a better hitch than that. I remember that after the first day I paddled, thanks to Pedro Gutierrez, I started looking for videos on the internet. I wanted more information, of all kinds. And that is the ¨search for knowledge¨, that a person new to the world of SUP should feel to get hooked every day more.

We can also talking to him of the different medias of information that exist about this sport, nationally and internationally, web pages, social networks, etc. Groups of people who habitually go out to paddle through different places, some reunions, etc. The important thing is that you have the feeling of being in a new world and that fun is guaranteed.


2º. Healthy and sporty value There would be so much to describe here that the pages of this issue would not reach us. How much does this sport help our body, our mind, our being. Soon, as soon as it finds security the new ¨SUPero¨, will begin to vibrate at every sunrise or sunset from its board, in each silence broken by the sound of the paddle hitting the water, in each surfed wave, etc. You have to describe all this and more, because then you will find even more values in SUP and it will offer you a lot of happiness. That tired body late in the day but with a smile from ear to ear...priceless! Perhaps when a child or teenager discovers the Stand Up Paddle, he finds the same sensations as if the same thing happened with other sports. It is most likely. But when you are already old, and have enough experiences kicking balls or going for a run, and suddenly you come across this sport that can even get you into the competition sauce ... it is a brutal high! SUP will also offer new partners, and even over time make great friendships (I attest to this) and a long etcetera of great moments that are never forgotten.

3º. Advice in practice Like us in the past, the new ¨SUPero¨ will begin to give his first rides with basic knowledge. We are at a time that many of them have not gone through a SUP school or advised by a qualified instructor, due to the current boom of these sport after weeks of confinement. It really is something that worries me, but we can always indicate to this new rider an anomaly that we see it develop: if it carries the board or the correct paddle, lack of security measures, etc. It will also depend on the SUP modality that you develop and the place where you practice it. We must always remember that this new partner will have less knowledge than you, do not forget, and your confidence in helping him while standing at the table will be very important. And always, when in doubt, recommend you go to a specialized SUP school to learn much more. Keep in mind that monitors are gaining more knowledge today than they were years ago, with clinics proliferating almost everywhere in the world.

4º Advice about material In the beginning, the vast majority used modest and easily accessible material. What’s more, right now a lot of SUP material is being sold and especially inflatable boards, which are ideal to start, given that schools have opted for this format for teaching and practicing it. You should help him in case his evolution is null due to a material that is not adequate, being clear and honest with him. Sometimes it is best to share the material so that it can obtain other sensations, and above all that are of security. If the board or paddle you carry can help him, do not hesitate to lend it to them; surely when he return it to you, he already thinking of making progress on this matter. And of course, beyond offering you our experience and information regarding the material, always recommending a trusted store with excellent advice, where you can find how and if possible, also in person. It is very important that the ¨SUPer¨ can change materials, since what it has used will give option to new followers of this sport. 16

5º. Different environments I have always said that SUP must be practiced everywhere. As hours are added on the board and with the confidence already established in body and mind, other waters must be crossed. Other swamps, rivers, coastal areas, surfing waves and much more. In the eyes of this new rider will come great images that he will remember forever, and for this he must also experiment. One never knows where he will paddle in a few years, what material he will use, combine different modalities, etc. Do you remember when you hit the brain thinking if the board would float the same in a swamp as in the sea? If the board, the paddle or the fins should be different?..because they are things that should go through the head of a ¨nobel¨ in this sport to experiment. New sensations, learn to adapt, find the point of the Stand Up Paddle. It’s very important.


6º. Travel Wow! And how we like to travel. Meetings, events, competitions, vacations and endless excuses to carry our equipment and get lost outside our usual environment. When the ¨SUPer¨ discovers that sensation to carry the board in the car (and of any material), the family, accessories, the camelback to the top of fresh water and / or mineral salts, comfortable clothes...it´s amazing. And it is not only for riders who up a race or allround board, but also wave lovers travel enough to ride the best waves, or be present in competitions.

I am not going to tell you everything that is discovered traveling, but in the environment of the Stand Up Paddle we learn a lot in each outing. Talking with other fans is essential for exchanging impressions and meeting new friends. At the end of the day we are like a family, and many doors and opportunities open up in the world of SUP when you hit the road. So take the take the car and invite anyone you see paddling to know the insides of this sport.

7ยบ. Combination with other sports The possibilities of combining different sports disciplines and hobbies, along with Stand Up Paddle, are endless. This is another great tool that you can communicate to the newcomer to SUP, which generates great benefits to our body. The body must have action, work different muscle groups, sharpen perception and contact with the environment. Surf, windusrf, kite, skate, climbing, swimming, and a host of sports and hobbies that will benefit this practitioner to the fullest. In addition, his evolution in SUP will be even more progressive and will increase his wellbeing.

8º. In family Although it is true that for many the Stand Up Paddle also serves to disconnect a little from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, accompanying each stroke with family and friends is a great plan. The new ¨SUPer¨ will discover the pleasure of enveloping loved ones in a new way of seeing the world from the water. Emotion, enjoying the surroundings, walks, organizing a picnic and many other alternatives to enjoy a great day of SUP.

9º. A pleasant routine Surely it has happened to you from working, locked in a work meeting or away from any aquatic area and you are thinking of leaving everything and going to paddle...right ?. Well, do not miss the opportunity to remind each person who enters this adventure. He will feel, like us, that adrenaline work 100% when we approach our playground; downloading the material at full speed to feel your feet in the water and that this can happen every day of your life...


In a short time the Stand Up Paddle undoubtedly becomes something necessary to feel and live everything that I have commented previously. And many of us have felt it during the confinement of the virus. Now we must make way for, perhaps, a new generation of “SUPer” who have been paddling hard and it is up to us to stay in this world. For the evolution of this sport, for the clubs, schools, shops, brands, media ... and for those who will come! 20

Fede is one of the great European riders who always see you with a smile, enjoying the atmosphere at sporting events. And he has received us in the same way in our magazine!

Federico Espósito Up Suping

A.Laborda. J.Panter. @Georgiasphoto. @mayola.phtgrphs ph_outdoorsportsfestival. Espósito


How did your connection to water sports start until Stand Up Paddle came into your life? I started a few years ago when in 1997 I got closer to windsurfing. Since then, water and sports have been a fundamental part of my life. A sports career dedicated to the Olympic class of windsurfing, participation in the London Olympiad in 2012. After many years of sailing, I started on SUP advice from a friend. In the end, the training sessions were not enough and it was necessary to put yourself to the test with other riders… 22

And how have you been through the confinement of the Covid-19? Italy has been one of the most affected in the world, we wish that you and the family are all well. Have you missed water sports a lot? Luckily we are all well in my family, thanks for asking. Yes, Italy has been one of the most affected countries in the world and it has been a very difficult season. It was not easy at all to lock myself up at home, he calculates that the first two weeks I had to do a total quarantine because I travelled to Italy during the lockdown from Spain, so I could not even leave the house to make the purchase at the supermarket. The hardest part has been the lack of contact with water and with the board, I did not think I could miss a board and a paddle that much. Luckily I did a lot of sports at home, I was also able to build a kind of simulator to stay still at home.

Do you think that many more new people do SUP and all its modalities after the pandemic? I think that people are enjoying the freedom that they have always considered “normal� ... now more than ever they have to take advantage to do new things! CARPE DIEM! Paddle Surf can be one of these experiences. I have a windsurf and SUP school, and for now, we have 25% more courses than in previous years. I think people are getting closer so they can enjoy beach life in another way. 23

We have seen you at some events throughout Europe and always enjoying it. How did you dare to compete and how is the atmosphere among all the riders? I started in 2015, I was looking for an alternative form of training to complete my physical preparation during the Olympic windsurfing campaign. SUP was perfect and hence the first competitions. What I liked the most from the beginning was the calm climate between the riders, a very positive and friendly atmosphere. It looks like a giant family that meets every weekend in different places in Europe and the World!

Tell us about your experience in the Italian Stand Up Paddle Selection. In my opinion, the federation is doing a good job with the riders. In addition to the classification of the national circuit, international competitions (EuroTour, APP and others) are taken into account. Little by little, we are going in a direction where the most prepared and experienced riders can have a place in the team that represents the country during the World and European championships.

Is SUP easily compatible with the rest of the sport you practice? We see that you adapt perfectly. Yes, Olympic windsurfing is a very physical sport, especially when there is little wind… you have to paddle hard if you want to achieve your goals. Something very similar to SUP, but instead of having a paddle you have a 9 and a half meter sail. Tell us about the brands that support you in this adventure and the material you use. 3 years ago I started a collaboration with JLID who are the European importers of Infinity and QuickBlade. The boards are very fast and surely everyone knows QB for doing one of the best oars in the world. At the moment the combination that I prefer the most is Blackfish dugout 14’X21.5 “and QB trifecta 86.Other brands that are supporting me are: “Garmin” with the best heart rate monitors, “Bagnoskiuma” and “Circolo Velico Costa Est” with Travel, and SUP ONE with technical clothing



Do you do a lot of training to compete and be together with the most powerful riders? Do you usually demand a lot of yourself physically and mentally? Actually my job (coach of the Olympic windsurfing team) takes a long time, but I try to cut an hour each day to be able to paddle. Obvious that with so little time I do almost only interval training, mentally and physically I think it is the hardest training that can be done in SUP. I think this gives me an extra when there is a final sprint or a shoulder to shoulder fight with another rider.



Do you share SUP with family and friends to enjoy a nice ride or a wave session? My friends have all learned to do SUP, so every time they come to visit me at the school we take a walk to enjoy some talks during a crossing in company. Surely Italy has great places for Stand Up Paddle. What are your favourites? Which do you recommend? Well, surely my house is my favourite place, so if you go through Tuscany there is a city called Piombino‌ you are welcome there! There are also very famous places like Capo Mannu and Chia in Sardinia, the Mondello beach in Sicily or if you are looking for something more particular you can go to Lago di Garda in northern Italy, I assure you that paddling between the Alps is unforgettable.


After a very different 2020...Do you plan to travel again soon? What plans do you have? Surely yes, I will go to Puerto de Santa María, Spain, in a few days to continue with the Olympic preparation of the Spanish team. I have a little complicated subject of competitions, I will try to go to all the events that I can but it will not be easy to coordinate work and sport this year. Thanks to‌. I would like to thank my family and my girlfriend who always support me. To the sponsors who help me do my best, and to all who have shared or will share with me the starting line! Ciao everyone!






VITA Surfboards was born in 2018, as a result of a small workshop to manufacture, repair and sell Surfboards called Asturboards. Based in Gijón, Asturias, VITA is a young and vital brand that manufactures personalized surfboards in different ways

In the production process, they include the latest technologies and the most cutting-edge materials on the market, obtaining as a result simple, functional and high-performance designs that will make you only think about enjoying your day of surfing. In addition to its technologies, the added value in terms of personalized assistance, closeness and customer service is provided by its team, dedicated to making the process something unique.

The creation of the boards goes hand in hand with his shaper Sergio “Sublime” who with 21 years of experience behind him in the creation of boards, has learned this profession in workshops in Australia, Hawaii and worked as workshop manager in one of the largest board workshops in Europe located on the Basque Coast. 28

One of the outstanding aspects of the VITA workshop is the possibility of personalization and customization boards, especially in terms of SUP, which does not seem to be deeply rooted in the country yet. Head over to their website to understand their philosophy and get hooked on their designs!

I have my downwind located on the coast of Granada, between the town of La Herradura (Almuñécar) and Salobreña, Spain.First I have to say that my route companion is always my friend, Paco Magaña, a friendship started and forged from the beginning with this tour


When the west wind enters and the intensity does not matter, although it gets tough in this zone, we have a very studied downwind and with more than 60 entry place according to my records since we did it for the first time 6 years ago.


It all starts at the beach in Marina del Este, (well known for its love of bottle diving), right next to its marina, in the beautiful setting of La Herradura and from where it takes the exit for the legendary circuit test from SUP Coast. Although the entrance to the water is sheltered by some beautiful cliffs, the adrenaline is raging because we know what will be in store for us if the day is like the usual ones: thick sea, with long and deep waves in its valley, constant wind and a good distance to continue.

Once in the water, we usually divide the route into three parts with its rest to catch our breath and group together to comment on the route we have left, because, although the wind does not usually change, it has already given us some surprises and we have to make decisions that they affect logistics and security. 31

The first part, of a kilometre approximately, makes us row uphill, with wind and a lateral wave to save the rock of Almuñecar and its rebound, but once this is done, it places us in a clean downwind in descent with the logical moments of correction of heading, but with the objective very visible about 12 km., the Peñón de Salobreña and the arab fortress that crowns its beautiful town.

The second and favourite section of Paco, is located closer to the coast and parallel to the Aquatropic (water park), its slides are highly visible from the water. He has a habit of getting down to this point to catch some more playful waves while I stay higher with my caos. We will take about 5 km. and stop to get back together, take a nibble on the banana and hydrate. About 8 km. ahead, for me is the best, the wave goes down a little, not much, and the wind is with you, with the feeling that the paddle is blown out of your hands, due to the containment that the cliffs do and they leave us always to port until reaching the destination. 32

There are times when you are very far from any safe exit and if things get worse in the middle of this sea you have to calm down a bit and see the options, that’s why the second stop, which always gives us the option of shorter the route and going out through the Pozuelo, a beach with a surfer atmosphere, of course, you will then take a taxi to go for one of our cars.

Normally we have not had problems, but it is not a downwind when it is serious to come to try, on the other hand, if you catch it on weak days between 10 to 15 knots, it is super fun and intuitive and helps you as much or more to improve than the Hard days. The arrival beach is in Salobreña and always looking for the eastern face of the imposing Peñón de Salobreña. You always have to do it on its eastern side, since the immense rock (the Rock) disadvantages the arrival and you leave with hardly any wave and what is more important without breaking anything. Always go out here. The sea breaks with an industrial washing machine type force on this entire coast and you can damage “something”. 33

It is a very nice downwind, always accompanied by incredible views of Sierra Nevada and Las Alpujarras and sometimes dolphins or other darker ones are visible. Medium level. High if conditions tighten, but sure if you know the spot. Try to contact us, it will be more fun.

Logistics: like any downwind, your cars on departure and arrival or someone to pick you up. Hotels, campsites and places to eat well or spend the night with the van there are many. Security: Neoprene, lifejacket, colourful if possible to locate us quickly, leash, mobile with a shared location in real time, hydration, I carry a nautical flare and as a last addition, on strong days, a folding emergencypaddle, does not occupy anything on top of the board, it is also orange and is used for signs. Boards: Sic Bayonet is our first choice. Starboard Allstar and Sprint the following.

Well, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, we also have another downwind in the area for Levante days, but this one for another occasion. @juliokiter . FB: Julio PĂŠrez Comba.Rider Parreswatersports. Team Hoenalu, Up Suping , SUP One. JULIO KITER DOWNWIND


Meritz has created this support to take care of your board. It will not rub against the ground or fill with sand when you get out of the water. It also serves to support and place the keel more comfortably and is perfect for rinsing it and for water to drain easily. It can be transported comfortably folded and includes an elastic rubber to secure the closure, being aluminium it only weighs 3.5kg.Up to 2 boards can be placed, always with the keel out. You can choose between 5 colours of paint with dark grey rubber. You can personalize the rubbers with your name or a logo. (Ocean blue, Sunset orange, Wakame green, Flamingo pink, Tuna red)

The SUP ¡ PORT structure is made of 30x30 aluminium profile and the supports for the boards are 3mm thick laser cut aluminium. It is lined with 12mm eva so that the table support is soft and cushioned. Thermoset powder paint is resistant to minor bumps and scratches. Incorporates polyethene blocks for when it is used on firm ground (it is recommended to sink it a little if it is placed in the sand). Always take into account the terrain and the wind, do not leave the boards unattended. www.meritz.es


Julia Castro

Sara Martin @saamartin


My name is Julia Castro and I was born on the Fuerteventura island 26 years ago, I am the oldest of 5 brothers and I usually dedicate myself to kitesurfing on the island or travelling the world competing also on wakeboarding. I don’t usually have much time to enjoy being at home, but this famous world pandemic forced me (like everyone else) to anchor me in one place: Fuerteventura. Dear readers, I am not going to lie to you; on this island there is warmth all year round, if there is no wind there are waves and, if there is neither wind nor waves (how strange it is) you can always go mountain bike, throw yourself in the sand of a paradisiacal beach or climb a volcano long since extinct. Or, if you have a friend with a sailboat, you can go to the opposite island for a SUP ride. Well okay, you don’t need to have a friend with a sailboat, on the Corralejo pier you will find several companies that will take you to and bring you back to the island of Lobos. Although if you want to save money you can always do the approximately 4km. that separate Corralejo from the Isla de Lobos in SUP.

I spoke with my friend Kevin to be able to go visit the island with some friends and once there, take a route. We sailed for a while and anchored a few meters from the pier, I had brought two inflatable Fanatic boards (two Fly Air Fit 9 ‘) ... I brought them in a backpack!

This concept seems super great for things like that, a surprise trip to the island in front, I take my backpack without thinking if I am missing other items because everything I need is already inside it and in the same boat I can inflate the board. I put the keel at 30 �, I put a leash on it, you throw it overboard and ...to paddling!

I made several routes to take my friends ashore and then I circled a piece of the island to get to the famous “muellito”. Wow, the perfect spot for your Instagram photo: turquoise water, dark rock that goes together with a couple of fishermen’s huts that have been on the islet for many years and friends. I taught my friends the basics of paddling, turning and braking and we met some children who were on the island and they were also curious about “sweeping the water” and they came with us. We had a good time enjoying splashing with them and teaching them to learn to glide through the water. I love to see how children genuinely enjoy the water.

After spending a good time in the mill it was time to go back to the ship. I paddled to the ‘large’ dock and there I met the passengers to row them to the sailboat. A simple but super fun day!

If you are reading this ... you are more than invited to come and visit Fuerteventura. We are waiting with open arms!




There’s a reason Naish has established itself as a leader in stand up pa


local surf spot, Naish has a board that is built using the best materials

we have created a complete line for users of all abilities and discipline


The Best Choice for Your Style All-around • Touring Race • Inflatables Surf SUP • Foilboards

addling. From decades spent in the water and the shaping room,

es. Whether you are racing on the world tour or just cruising your


s to make each minute on the water the best it can be.

Naish.com Aerial Video Maui



Gustavo Arrojo: Nalu 10’6” X32 GS; Bernd Roediger: Nalu 10’6” X32 GTW





Exclusive interview for Up Suping of the ISA President

¨For SUP, the sky is the limit¨




Up Suping

Bielman. Evans. ISA. Aguerre

Hello Fernando! A pleasure to see you in our magazine, we hope that you and yours are all well after the hardest days of the Covid-19. How are you doing this season since the start of the pandemic? Hi Nico, thanks for asking. Hope you are doing well during these trying times. Well, as you may have heard, I have been out of the water for quite sometime due to a broken leg that I suffered from a skateboarding accident. As soon as I was getting back into surfing shape, this pandemic emerged and surfing has been banned in Argentina for over two months now, but all is well. Not surfing is just a minor problem compared to what many around the world are facing today with the coronavirus, poverty, racial inequality, etc. I am happy to do my part and follow the recommendations of the ex-perts so we can work in unison to slow the spread of the virus.

As a surfer, I miss the waves as much as anybody. I’ve lived my whole live in and around the ocean. It’s a key part of my happiness. I find myself daydreaming about the day I can return to the waves, but in the meantime it has been uplifting to see the collective action of people around the world, taking action to protect those who are most vulnerable in our societies. 49

How would you describe your love for Surfing, the sea and everything that surrounds it? A lifestyle, an adventure from your first surf waves, jobs and currently ISA president ... right? My life has revolved around surfing ever since I caught my first wave as a child. Anyone who has surfed can attest to the exhilaration, joy, and power that it provides to all who ride waves, for me it is no different. Surfing is absolutely a lifestyle. It’s a culture, music, environmentalism, art, and unity. In the water, it doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, black, white, tall, short, or whatev-er, we are all equals. These qualities are what attracted me to surfing and what has ultimately led me to continue following a path in life around the sport from putting on contests in Argentina as a young man, to founding Reef, to running for President of the ISA, to achieving Surfing’s Olympic inclusion.

¨I had dedicated more 10,000 hours to ISA¨

Without a doubt, the International Surfing Federation is a very important piece in your life. What feelings do you have after these years of work and dedication with great results? Yes, for the last 26+ years, I have dedicated my life to the ISA and its mission: To make a better world through surfing.través del surf. It’s been a long, arduous, and joyous paddle over the last quarter century. Our ever-present goal has been to achieve Olympic inclusion, but that is just a piece of the puzzle to use the sport to enrich the lives of people around the globe. At the ISA we crown World Champions in all disciplines of Surfing, award scholarships to youth in need, train and certify surf instructors, coaches, and judges and empower our National Federations to work on the grassroots level. We have lobbied and campaigned for Surf-ing’s inclusion in the Olympic Movement, as well as other multisport events, including the Pan Am Games and the Youth Olympic Games, which have both added Surfing to their programs.

In 2016, when we finally were welcomed into the Olympic family, I was overcome with a range of emotions: Happiness, relief, excitement, pride, and honor. I had given so much time and energy to see the Duke’s dream through that it’s hard to explain the flurry of emotions that I had. My brother did the calculations for me, that I had dedicated over 10,000 hours to the ISA and if you think about that in surfing terms, it means I gave up around 50,000 waves for this mission! I have to say that it was worth each and every one. 51

We have been following your work with Stand Up Paddle with emotion for several years. What do you think about the evolution of this sport, its modalities and all its possibilities? Stand Up Paddle is an amazing discipline, born from surfers, that showcases athleticism, endurance, youth, and high performance. It’s been incredible to watch how it has grown year-over-year. Since holding our inaugural SUP World Championships in 2012, we watched the sport blossom before our very eyes, reaching new athletes in all corners of the globe. In 2017 we saw a record 42 nations from all five continents of the globe gather in competition, and in 2019 we saw the sport make its biggest debut on the Olympic stage via inclusion in the Lima 2019 Pan Am Games (both SUP Racing and Surfing). For SUP, the sky is the limit. Based on where we have seen it go in the past decade, it seems inevitable that it will soon be knocking on the door of the Olympic Games.


¨ ISA proposed that SUP be included in the program of Tokyo Games 2020¨ SUP’s interest in other federations not linked to surfing has been very intensive in recent years. How is the ISA facing this situation and claim for its governance? Yes, as you know, the ISA has invested enormous resources, time and passion into the growth of SUP world-wide over the years. And, as a result of the sport growing in popularity it has caught the attention of other federations looking to take advantage of the years of work that we put in to gain benefit for themselves. 52

It pains me to see this situation play out, because ultimately the athletes are the ones who pay the price. The reality is surfers created the sport, the sport falls within the culture of surfing, and SUPers consider themselves surfers. There is no need to dive into too much detail because the case for SUP’s governance has been presented to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne and we are expecting to hear their decision soon.

The dream of watching surf in Tokyo is already a reality. Can you imagine getting to see the Stand Up Paddle at some Olympic Games? Why not dream?...the ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship are a success! From the early origins of StandUp Paddle, I have always known that it would be appealing as an Olympic discipline and a sport for the new age of the Olympic Games. SUP has a truly global participation, ever-growing gender equality, accessibility to anyone who lives near a body of water, exhilarating action, and youthful appeal , all qualities that would add great value to the Games. 53

Many of your readers might not be aware that the ISA proposed SUP to be included on the program of the Tokyo 2020 Games, but only shortboard surfing was selected. That said, SUP has achieved lots of big milestones in the Olympic Movement with inclusion in regional multisport games such as the 2019 Pan Am Games, the 2017 Central Amer-ican Games, the 2012 and 2014 Bolivarian Beach Games, and the 2013 Bolivarian Games. We will continue to lobby for the sport’s inclusion, as we have done for many years, until the possible becomes inevitable.

How do you see the future of surfers both in competitions and in free sessions? It seems like a lot of work is going on all over the world! A rising tide lifts all the boats. On the cusp of Surfing’s Olympic debut, the sport is about to receive more global attention than it ever has a thousand times over. This increased interest and exposure in surfing will benefit all surfers, from competitive surfers, to free surfers, to the grassroots movements around the world. And you don’t have to look far to see these positive impacts already taking place. The support system of Olympic inclusion began almost immediately through increased funding from National Olympic Committees and national government who now unders the medal potential and legitimacy of the sport. In addition, we were given access to Olympic solidarity development programs which the ISA has run in countries such as Angola, Panama, Fiji, Guatemala, Cape Verde, and the Dominican Republic to continue to nurture the grassroots. We’ve seen more countries growing and developing the sport than ever before, directly due to surfing’s Olympic inclusion. Countries like Sene-gal have fielded NOC-funded teams to compete in the ISA World Surfing Games for 3 54

consecutive years, Iran sent their first surfers to compete on the global stage, and a Chinese surfer won an ISA heat for the first time in 2018. Surfing is rapidly becoming a truly universal sport. The list goes on, but you don’t have to look far to see the reverberating effects of Olympic inclusion all around the globe, and this is just the beginning.

Is the Surf community strengthened after the passage of this virus? The union make force...right? Through solidarity, we will beat this virus, and when we do, yes, we will be as strong as ever, if not stronger. The surfing community is stronger together – something that we put on display at each ISA World Championship through the Sands of the World Ceremony. For those who haven’t seen it, each delegation pours sand from their nations into a container to symbolize the peaceful gathering of nations through surfing. Sand in those containers can include countries who are at war, but in that moment it does not matter. We are all part of a global community, showing that sport can bring peace.


When you travelling around the world, surely you must know magnificent spots. What are your favourite waves?. What culture are you most amazed at? I have been very fortunate to surf some of the greatest waves around the world, but for me, each wave is just as precious as the last. My favorite wave is the one I am surfIng at any given time, whether at my home break of Windansea in San Diego, on the beaches I grew up on of Mar del Plata, Argentina, or on the renowned points of Bali, Indonesia.

Besides surfing…do you practice other sports? What are your hobbies? I don’t practice any other sports. I used to snowboard, but after an accident I decided it was best to leave it alone. I train to stay healthy and fit. I do some pilates, but really I am no good at other sports. What message would you send out to the world for people to practice and play with the waves? What are they going to find in the sea? There are countless lessons to be learned in these difficult times, but I would like to make sure that we never abandon hope. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We will eventually all return to the sea, and the waves will be there, waiting for us, just as they were before. Life will be more beautiful than ever and our passion for waves and clean oceans will be stronger than ever.

EL PERELLONET . VALENCIA 633 947 090 www.supskull.com


Digital Magazine / Website Stand Up Paddle





www.upsuping.com info@upsuping.com

Up Suping



Up Suping

How does a SUP trainer and coach manage the growth of this sport? Training, effort, studies, etc. We recommend reading this article to the youngest.

trainer OSCAR RUĂ?Z coach Up Suping

B.Reed. S.Evans. Desde el Mar. OR Training. Up Suping

How are you Oscar? A lot to think about as human beings behind the hard stick of being locked up for a season by a pandemic...right? It has been a hard few months where we have all made a break in our busy and fast lives. We have seen loved ones suffer even di ...and where we have realized the importance of small things. We have all stopped. Spending more time with the family, time to read...in short, time to think and to look back and reconsider our lives. 58

A lot of time dedicated to studies, a practitioner of various sports disciplines, training and coach of Stand Up Paddle, etc. How do you describe the current moment of your life? All my life I combine sports like Surfing, Swimming, triathlon, snowboarding and student life at Economicas. I was lucky to work 8 years as Coach and National Snowboard Coach. I needed to know the why of things to get the best out of my Athletes, so I combined my work with the Degree in Sports Science, postgraduate degree in High Performance, Master in Education and endless courses...

Up Suping

Today more focused on water sports I am still motivated and updating myself day by day in different aspects: . On the one hand as a SUP Selector with the FESURF. . On the other hand, after these months of hiatus they have made me launch a project that I already had in mind: OR Training...a project to train SUP race athletes and SUP waves both in person and online but with the philosophy that it is a training group and that every so often we get together doing rallies, in which athletes can nourish each other since I consider that Stand Up Paddle is an individual sport that should be trained in groups. This keeps you from studying, recycling and applying innovative training systems and techniques. 59

On the other hand, I continue teaching as I like to transmit and share everything that is learned. I teach courses, seminars, SUP surf clinics with Iballa Ruano and Race with Esperanza Barreras. In summer I continue in the school that I have with Beatriz PiĂąal Pro Training Cantabria, then winters in Fuerteventura and now also in other interested schools or Clubs.

Starting a little from the first paddles of a SUP fan...What step should we take to make it hook and its sports practice is not stationary? SUP, like all sports, must have a pyramid structure: . Schools with certified instructors with a safe and rewarding initiation. . Clubs with an IMPORTANT role as a base sport, since it creates social ties so that it is not just a summer sport. Training groups, technification, teams, small social and popular races. . Autonomous Federations. Technical, regional and regional circuits, training. . National Federation. 60

We assume that everything has its stages in order to perform at its best in all the Stand Up Paddle modalities. What processes must the athlete carry out to achieve objectives? The first thing is to be guided by a true trained sports professional and not by a good athlete. The second thing is that this professional respects the different physiological ages of growth and that he trains attending to the different sensitive stages. The first principle of the Art of Training is individualization. I see many parents who want champion children and I am totally against early specialization: . Until the age of 14. Games ... Coordination, motor skills. . From 14 years to 18-20. Technique. Multidisciplinary work (Surf, SUP waves, race, swimming, running...) focused on improving the absolute value in Liters per minute of the VO2Max (Objective: Fun) . Young athletes who have already passed adolescence: Technique work, understanding training and improvement of ventilatory thresholds, mainly the 2nd threshold. Objective: Maturation, tactics, strategy. . High Performance Athletes: Improved effort economy, understood as the amount of O2 we need to move for each km we travel. Maximum performance objectives with minimum effort. Training makes sense if you individualize the loads.

Desde el Mar

Are there moments of rush, slump or frustration in the ¨SUPer¨? How do you manage this situation from your role and what should the athlete learn? A coach has to earn the athlete’s total confidence and has to be chosen by the athlete. I am a coach that I really like to know the mental and emotional part of the athlete. I speak with him, but above all, I listen to understand him. I work it on a day to day basis and during the weeks leading up to important objectives so that it comes off of internal fears and so when the key moment arrives the athlete already knows what he has to do and goes safely. You have to create real links and then manage, plan, transmit values and get the best out of them.


It seems essential to be present with the riders you train and/or select at the big sporting events...right? Should the trainers always be accompanying their pupils? The presence of the coach in major events is fundamental since he is the person who understands all the sensations that go through the rider’s head. I am a coach but I have been a competitor all my life and this makes you have total empathy when it comes to knowing what your athlete feels. Coaches have to create self-sufficient riders in any situation so that they are the ones who solve the situations. Depending on each athlete and the situation, the coach will act taking a more active or passive role, many times with the simple presence the necessary tranquillity is already given to the rider. What sensations flood your body when an athlete you support achieves its goal? And then get it…what’s next for the rider? I always say be humble and don’t make excuses. If you achieved the goal, be proud and look to move to another level. If you lost do not make excuses and do what is in your hands to change it from that moment. Making a podium is difficult and winning is almost impossible, so when you get it you have to enjoy it, value it with serenity and humility. When an athlete is down because of a bad result, the job of the coach and his environment is to raise him up and encourage him. When an athlete is up, the function is to lower him and look for new challenges. Could you tell us some of your great moments as coach and coach of the sports you have done? Well, I am fortunate to have had impressive athletes and to have been present in great achievements: . In my time of Snowboarding 2 Junior World Championships with Regino Hernández and Lucas Eguibar . One of the ones I remember most fondly for what I wanted and desired for the title was when Iballa Moreno became SUP Waves APP World Champion in Gran Canaria in 2018


. Last year was amazing with several SUP Spanish Championships: Manu Hoyuela Champion Spain Beach Race SUB 16, Ben Morehan Champion Spain Beach Race SUB 18, Izaskum Martin Champion Spain Long Distance SUB 18 and Erica Revil Champion Spain SUP Olas SUB 18. . And the latest is the 2 incredible SUP Race World Championships (Long Distance and Beach Race) by Esperanza Barreras at ISA 2019 and the World Sub-Championship by countries in El Salvador.



After everything we have read so far, give us your opinion of the Stand Up Paddle worldwide: sports situation, evolution or setback, competitions, clubs and shops, etc‌ At a competitive level, I see a clear professionalization of it. Both at a sports level, materials, techniques, training methods, and specialization by disciplines. This means that we all get down to business, coaches, schools, clubs, federations and athletes. Surfing will be Olympic for Tokyo 2021 and I want to dream that Stand Up Paddle will be soon. Thanks to‌ Millions to my parents and siblings for teaching and transmitting to me all the values that the world of sports gives since childhood, with those trips to the snow and those family surfing championships. To all those friends from Somo and Cantabria where I have spent and spend the best moments of my life. Now that I am in Fuerteventura to this host family that opened its arms to me...and of course, to those Athletes who trust me as a coach to make the best of them.



100% carbono, ligeros, fiables, resistentes. Es la hora de subir de nivel, siente el carbono desde 235€


M AT E R IA L All our SUPs are customizable and adaptable to the needs of the surfer. www.vitasurfboards.com

SKIFF Our most performance SUP. You will take your surfing to the next level in all kinds of conditions. You can customize it from 70 liters.

High Width Thickness Volume 7’5’’ 28’’ 4 ¼’’ 96.15 7’7’’ 28’’ 4 ¼’’ 98.62 7’9’’ 28 ¼’’ 4 3/8’’ 104.29

DUGOUT It will allow you both to surf your first waves and make small crossings, as well as to do a calm Surfing without giving up manoeuvrability. An perfect all around!

High Width Thickness 8’2’’ 29 3/4’’ 4’’ 8’4’’ 29 7/8’’ 4 ¼’’ 8’6’’ 30" 4 ½"

Volume 105 . 93 115 .43 125.02

M AT E R IA L www.spsurf.com

R-80 PADDLE Exclusive SPS paddle, Carbon Composite in a matte finish, non-slip mast and oval pole. Its 80 paddle makes it a truly special paddle. Designed to gain agility in manoeuvres, and to gain cadence in paddles, surfing waves will never be the same. But not only is it good for waves, but it can also be used by juniors as a paddle or race paddle, having an 80 paddle will make it easier for you to move the paddle, and you will notice that the effort will be less than with the “adult” paddles.


BLITZ CARBON The Blitz is a race board to compete in tough conditions, with downwind or choppy, up to flat water. This board is the best option for riders looking to face any competition with guarantees, regardless of sea conditions. The new Blitz has some changes in shape, such as a nose that penetrates the upwind better, its width has been reduced by half an inch to make it faster, and it maintains the same stability and even greater than the previous model thanks to the increase of volume.

High 14’ 14’

Width 25´5’’ 23´5’’

Weight 11.70 kg. 11.10 kg.

Volume 314 lt. 289 lt.


The life jacket is an essential accessory for safety in the Stand Up Paddle. It is recommended to always carry it, and mandatory in some areas (we recommend that you consult the regulations). This Mystic model is perfect for people who paddle a long time as it is super comfortable and has a hydration bag to drink while you row. It has a zippered pocket in the front area, with space to put a mobile for example, and in the back, it has another zippered pocket as well.


The S25 Wing Surfer is the first of the Wing Surfer generation and its design propels you straight into a great future. What hasn’t changed is the philosophy of pure, simple, pump and start design. But the changes made to the new Wing Surfer are many and address the demands of a rapidly growing new sport. The new Wing Surfer is still an incredibly simple, pumpand-run design, but now it offers more size, power and performance, allowing you to take the sport wherever you want to go. Sizes: 2.8 / 4.6 / 5.3 /6.0 / 7.2 (Very soon)


M AT E R IA L www.meritz.es

It can be transported comfortably folded and includes an elastic rubber to secure the closure, being aluminium it only weighs 3.5kg. Up to 2 boards can be placed, always with the keel out. You can choose between 5 colours of paint with dark grey rubber. You can personalize the rubbers with your name or a logo. (Ocean blue, Sunset orange, Wakame green, Flamingo pink, Tuna red)


MÓVIL & GPS 100% waterproof and waterproof case for mobiles with screen up to 6.1 ”(Samsung Galaxy, HTC and similar) & GPS. Inside the case, everything works as usual • Perfect view of the screen • Manage buttons and touch screens through the case • Pay “contactless” - NFC • You can talk and listen without problems • Take photos and record movies • Receive and send messages • WiFi, Bluetooth...

Razor Race Pro Paddle by Tomรกs Sรกnchez

A new brand of paddles arrives in Spain and the world SUP that will make a difference. In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to test the paddles of the G-Power brand and I can say that from the first stroke I have been surprised by its performance. They have their headquarters and factory in Poland where they have been manufacturing oars for different sports for many years with Olympic and world champions in various disciplines.

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Apparently the shovel in size M seems small, it is the second in size of the four available (XS, S, M and L), although the reality is different. When you start paddling you realize that the smallest surface is perfectly compensated with a distribution of volume throughout the blade, along with grooves that allow you to catch a good amount of water and print power with each stroke. Unlike other paddles that also bet on a greater volume on the paddle, G-Power achieves the right balance to avoid the feeling of an excessively rough and less reactive paddle. On the contrary, my sensations the first time I entered the water were those of a very agile and comfortable paddle. With increasing cadence the feeling of fatigue is minimal and holding that paddling frequency is quite easy, something very important at the end of a race.


Its lightness and the blade design make it possible to face the buoy turns with more aggressiveness and a plus of speed. The effectiveness in the starts or sprints has led Claudio Nika to be proclaimed world champion of speed in the last ISA World Cup. As for the different handles, three different knobs are offered, one in a “T” shape, one with an ergonomic “T” shape and a third more oval. The oval knob (the one I have tried) fits perfectly in the hand, offers good comfort and allows a good grip. As for the pole, it is already prepared with a grip that allows you to avoid the dreaded slips when the hand is sweaty or wet and provides a secure grip.


Remo Razor Race Pro by Tomás Sánchez

TEST The paddles I’ve been testing is the Razor Race Pro with intermediate flex pole (there are three hardnesses available) and the extendable Razor Race Pro with the stiffer pole. To do a comparative test with my usual paddle, I decided to use the extendable oar with the stiffer pole and the M-size paddle. Although it could seem, that being “a two pieces” could penalize me, I preferred to use this because it adapted more to my characteristics. I was carrying out interspersed series over several days, between which I changed paddling and tried not to make them excessively long to be able to compare a larger sample and always doing the same route. My expectations were not very high as it was an extendable paddle, and since my usual paddle (of a well-known brand and model) had given me good results, but the results in the GPS, which was the most objective data I could count on They were quite surprising. The average speed was always a little higher using the G-Power paddle at the same or lower stroke rate and applying the same intensity. The data I obtained after several days and multiple series left me in no doubt.


CONCLUSION A light and comfortable paddle in the water that will surprise everyone who has the opportunity to try it. In addition to offering a guaranteed design, in the new season, there will be oars in innovative colours and graphics. It also offers the possibility of customizing it so that you can have a single paddle cut to size from the factory. I am very happy to be part of the G-Power team and in a few days, I will have the pleasure of receiving and being able to release my new paddle.




We started this section talking about technical material, we bring you the collection of fins of the BlackProject brand, well known for carrying international riders of the stature of Connor Baxter, Seychelle and Fiona Wilde. Hawaiian brand created in 2010 by Chris Freeman and Tom Hammerton, two English windsurf lovers who eventually decided to move to Maui, the cradle of water sports, to fulfil their dream of working and living windsurfing and SUP. Obsessed with performance and speed, they work with the best riders in the world to improve the performance of their products and be the most innovative with the technologies used. They are manufacturers of fins and paddles, now we are going to talk about the collection of fins for SUP and the differences between them in the different aquatic environments.


We start by talking about the RAY model, the largest model. These fins are designed to generate great stability due to its dimensions while giving us incredible control of trajectory, thus causing not having the need to change so much paddling side to correct the desired trajectory and thus achieve an efficiency of paddled incredible despite its dimensions. A fins to consider for long distance races in the open sea, with rough seas even in inland waters such as lakes, for long crossings.

We continue talking about the TIGER model. A fins ideal for when paddling in flat water or in technical races with a lot of buoy turn. Due to its dimensions, it is a fin that gives us a lot of speed, but at the same time a lot of ease to turn in the buoys. Even to catch waves, due to its dimensions it makes the board very easy once you put the weight on the tail to turn on itself and be able to easily steer the board. Due to its dimensions, it is somewhat more technical and our stability control will be less and it is necessary that our level of balance is higher. I usually use it in times of currents in the Tagus river. To have ease in the currents and to be able to direct the table with ease.



Now, we are going to talk about the MALIKO model, the fins designed especially for the Downwind, as a whole, it is a mixture between the Sonic model that we will talk about more ahead of the RAI model. It is not as large as the Rai and its angle of attack is 10 degrees greater, thus making a large keel, but at the same time every surfer to be able to enjoy a downwind with great ease of handling the direction of the board and its touch fair stability. If I did not have any keel of this brand, it would undoubtedly be the first one I would buy for its versatility at sea.

Finally, we are going to talk about the SONIC, the most surfer fins of all the BlackProject brand models. At the volume level, it is the smallest fin of the ones mentioned above, but it is the thickest, with a thickness of 1.6cm. Thus making a very resistant keel even though it is very light and is ideal for use in beach race races due to its short length, its 45º angle of attack and great manoeuvrability both in buoys and waves. We were able to test it on a 14 foot by 23 ”One SUP Evo2 board and the manoeuvrability of the board was excellent without losing stability during turns to position ourselves correctly when riding waves and in turn to catch them. 76

FEATURES AND INFORMATION Performance Comparisons Advanced Paddlers Weedy water Choppy water Downwind (lightwind) Recreational Downwind Channel Crossing

RAY 8 7 10 5 5 5

Level Depth(cm/in Area (cm3 / in2) Thick (cm / in) Size (cm / in) Attack angle Construction Weight (gr / oz)

RAY intermediate / advanced 24 / 9.45 283 / 43.9 1,5 / 5.9 17,5 / 6.9 35ยบ Ultrilight Carbon LiteCore 200 / 7.05

Level Depth (cm/in Area (cm3 / in2) Thick (cm / in) Size (cm / in) Attack angle Construction Weight (gr / oz)

MALIKO intermediate / advanced 21 / 8.27 223 / 34.6 1,4 / 5.5 16,5 / 6.5 45ยบ Ultrilight Carbon iteCore 175 / 6.17

TIGER 9 7 8 5 5 5

MALIKO 10 10 10 10 10 10

SONIC 8 10 7 8 8 10

TIGER advanced / professional 20 / 7.87 216 / 33.5 1,4 / 5.5 16,5 / 6.5 35ยบ Ultrilight Carbon LiteCore 150 / 5.29

SONIC advanced / professional 18 / 7.09 214 / 33 1,6 / 6.3 18,5 / 7.3 45ยบ Ultrilight Carbon LiteCore 150 / 5.29

Undoubtedly a brand that has been on the market for a few years and has become one of the best, due to its great variety, quality and resistance in its materials, without a doubt a brand that you should not miss seeing its products and not only for its fins but also for its paddles that we will talk about in later Up Suping issues.



EVOLUTION EVOLUTI ON Isaac Hernรกndez (Be Waters)

KDF. Calota Parras. Up Suping

Where do I paddle today? Basic concepts to choose your Paddlesurf route. It is very important to know the minimum concepts of meteorology to avoid having an unnecessary scare on our board. Where should I paddle today? Is it safe to leave at this time? Do I know the place? There are a thousand questions that we must consider before putting our board to float.





It is highly recommended to know where our beach is oriented. If you are a beginner, the best thing to do is look for quiet bays, deltas, estuaries, etc. FLAT AND UNCHANGED WATER IS OUR FRIEND Today we are going to talk about the wind in a mundane way:

WIND SPEED We are addicted to calm in the beginning ... but ... IT SOUNDS TO CHINESE WHAT I SEE IN THE weather forecast!!! We are going to put similes with our daily lives to try to be clear about the concepts. . Winds between 0 to 6 knots (0 to 12km/h): The sea is calm or very little ripple. You practically don’t notice the breeze. Very safe practice . Winds between 7 to 12 knots (12km/h to 22km/h): In the sea, you can already see some white solitaire on the horizon. You feel the breeze much more from the shore and there are some waves on the shore. If we paddle the wind in favour we will go very fast but, going back will be quite hard.


. Winds from 12 knots: With initiation material, it is quite laborious to advance to the wind. It is advisable to look for a sheltered place such as a jetty, port or area covered by the wind. If not, it will not be a totally fun session in your first days or months of practice. 79




It is very important to know where the wind comes from. This makes a drift effect on our board, that is, it pushes us where it blows. Have you ever seen a beach umbrella or a Nivea ball fly away? Well...

We are not going to put cardinal points to the wind since, as we have spoken before, each beach will have a situation. Some will face south, others north, etc. We will talk about what will happen in general terms with the different directions of it. . ON SHORE: It is the wind that comes from the sea to the land. It is the safest to practice since, in an emergency, it will bring us to the coast without any complications. Bad conditions, it usually brings some waves on Up Suping

most beaches...

. SIDE SHORE: It is the lateral wind, that is, looking at the sea, we will notice one side or the other of the face. These winds usually leave the waters calm, even so, it depends on each beach. The most important thing is that, if we enter the water paddling in the wind, the return will be hard. It is highly recommended with side winds to start the session against the wind so that when we are tired, the return is a walk of roses . OFF SHORE: Terrestrial winds, that is, they blow from land to sea. It is undoubtedly the most dangerous wind since, before a failure, we will drift offshore. It is also the most deceptive. Upon reaching the beach we will see the calm sea and it could seem like a perfect session until we see the problem on the spot. 80


EVOLUTION EVOLUTI ON In all these directions we can put their diagonals, that is, SIDE ON, SIDE OFF. The best thing is to know our beaches to know which winds are the most recommended. If not, it is best to ask local people who can recommend us.


SUP TEAM www.bewatersports.es

There are countries that always stand out or make themselves known and others that remain hidden, hidden, making little noise, as if wanting to go unnoticed in the international sphere. Albania is one of them, it only appears in the newspapers when misfortune or tragedy strikes. But for the curious / adventurers it turns out to be a gem, as we flee from the large crowds. Our sickly selfishness makes us search for destinations where we feel alone, where we do not have to share scenarios with hordes of tourists and heavy without borders. If we add to this visit in November, you ensure an enviable exclusivity. Investigating and turning the drawer of the lost paradises I found, how could it be otherwise, a hidden treasure. That gem is called Vjosa or the Last Wild River in Europe, the last watercourse that descends uninterruptedly from the Balkan Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. A river without prey or rush. This already deserved an expedition.


Antonio Robledo Zapa

Getting to Albania from Spain is not easy, there are no direct flights. We find the most romantic way to get to a place. We took a flight from Valencia to Bari (Italy) and from there we took a boat, which would take us all night to Durres (Albania). We carried the inflatable boards in backpacks, along with the rest of the material. The expedition was made up of Guillermo Rabadán and Carles Pardo guides from Kalahari Aventuras, Fabio Beli an Italian friend professor in worldology and a server, who tells this story, Antonio Robledo Zapa.

Upon arrival, we hired a van and headed south near the greek border. We arrived at Butrinto, near Sarande, today only the remains of what was the mythical greek city are preserved. In the morning we inflated the boards and we got into the channel that connects a coastal lake with the Ionian Sea. In it, a certain current was appreciated until it reached its confluence with the sea, on the left we had the fortress of Ali Pachá the lion of Tepelen, a famous Ottoman despot famous for his cruelty. In front of the Corfu island. The sea was like a mirror and invited us to cross the strait of just 5 km. until you reach the greek island. Before making the decision, we meet in conclave and consider the consequences of this unplanned decision. We knew that a storm would come in the afternoon and that this could turn into hell, we considered all the possibilities and put it to the vote, unanimously we decided to cross the Corfu strait despite everything, “we saw it so close”. Our boards were much slower river than those used at sea. But we looked strong. We reached the Greek coast without much effort.


I do not know the time it took us to get to the other shore, but we had finished much lower than where we started, we got together and we had to paddle near to the coastline until we reached the canal and paddle with the current against. Night fell and we had to paddle tortuously in the dark with heavy rain and windy gusts. It was 6 hours without stopping paddling for a second, at the end we arrived at the hotel where we had started. The good people were about to set out on our quest. That night it didn’t stop pouring rain, that night we slept well.


. Not even two minutes passed when a light breeze rose and challenging clouds appeared on the horizon, without much thought we decided to return to the Albanian coast. The breeze instantly turned into a wind and the sea plain curled, we decided to go as close together as possible, the air turned the sea into stronger and stronger waves, the spray began to come out of its cusps and the gusty rain pushed us through the channel north, we stopped paddling standing up and got down on our knees. The hell that we had contemplated before making the decision to cross, was present, we had to paddle with the wind against us and always on the same side. We could not stop rowing, the wind, the rain and the waves pushed us to where we did not want to go, we had not reached the middle when we are already exhausted from so much effort, but we could not rest, the storm separated us, we were no longer together, our knees hurt and we got up to stand up paddling, the surface of our body was like a sail pushing us badly.

I put you in the place: Albania is a country with certain peculiarities that make it very special. Those of us who dream of displaying a map see in this country a region of the world that is well worth a visit. Among many other things, Albania has been the only officially atheistic country in the world. Until the 90s it was considered the most orthodox communist country that existed on the other side of the curtain. The dictator Enver Hoxha saw the rest of the countries as too soft, breaking relations with the rest of the world, closing their borders and becoming a hermetic autarchy. Obsessed with security, he built more than 700,000 bunkers, today some used as houses or warehouses. After its democratic opening, religion was released. Islam and Orthodox Catholicism coexist harmoniously in full tolerance, innumerable mixed marriages coexist indifferent to the creed. Bektashis are the country’s religion, it is a Sufi branch of Islam that allows you to eat pork and drink alcohol. 60% of the population is Muslim and you will not appreciate veils or any trait that identifies their belonging to Islam. Before arriving I expected to find a country that was backward and very poor in its forms, but nothing more wrong. It is a clean and orderly country. It is also considered the main exporter of marijuana in Europe, although consumption is not seen anywhere.

The morning after the untimely night the river flows had increased considerably. Recovered from the odyssey, we go to Siri kastĂŤr, a well-known spring where water flows from a very deep hole with waters of magical blue and green tones due to the karst area of the place. We had fun with the boards going down a short section, animated by a fast simple, very entertaining and quite controlled. The place is very beautiful and the colour of the turquoise waters invited us to descend it several times. After making contact with the whitewater, we headed towards Permet, the night came over us and before arriving on the road, we could see the plethoric river, which was overflowing. The promise to see an affordable river it translated into relative concern. After a hearty breakfast, we contacted Roberto a rafting guide who did not understand very well that of descending the river on a standing board. We just needed him to point us to the boarding and disembarking of the section

At first, he was suspicious, but he soon realized that we were people from the river, colleagues. The flow had dropped considerably and in the daylight, the demons disappeared. He warned us of the numerous drosages (dangerous underwater caves) on its sides, due to the visor-like rock formations. Fabio would transfer us and Roberto was encouraged to accompany him, in fact, he was seen enjoying our descent. Corporatism among hookers is inevitable. The Vjosa is a grade 3Âş in the difficulty of whitewater, its channel offered various lines/navigation paths, it was pleasant for us to descend, I felt a special sensation, knowing that those waters that we crossed, did not present any human obstruction until their encounter with the sea, something unprecedented in old Europe. We left the Vjosa behind, but before we went to some natural hot springs where we had to go over a beautiful Ottoman bridge, there we found some deserted pools where we could relax pleasantly despite the sulfur smell.

After that, we head to our other great objective, the Osumi canyon. This river can only be descended in thaw, but the autumn rains gave us the possibility, they were 9 km. of white rock walls. A slit in the landscape dug through more than 3 million years. You could spend adjectives on your description, but it would certainly come up short. This time the 4 of us went in, although the day was not excessively cold, down there the heat was rather scarce, the deep walls housed narrow corridors of more than thirty meters with a separation between them, not more than a meter and a half wide. Occasionally tall waterfalls threw water into the canyon forming fantastic curtains of water that simulated bridal veils and gigantic ponytails.

The descent did not entail much technical difficulty a priori, but it was deceptive, as the water collided directly against the bare walls of live rock, forming mattresses of water followed by a pronounced countercurrent. They had to be attacked with a decision and almost always dragged us against the walls suspected of being drossadas. In fact, one displaced me by throwing me and pushing me against the wall, when I saw that it was taking time to get out, I opened my eyes and saw it all dark, thank goodness it was only a few seconds, I kicked and quickly emerged. Gaetano, the boy who accompanied us on the transfer, told us that in spring the waters are crystal clear, a good reason to return.

Our journey through the rivers of Albania ended and we headed back to Tirana, where the last day awaited us. We decided to give ourselves a good tribute in the capital and after having a good dinner, we decided to have a few drinks around the city and he stayed in it, decision because curiously they did not let us enter the party places. I don’t know, they saw weird pints, we took it laughing. Well, it is what it takes to get out of iron communism, sometimes they are thrown to the opposite side.

In the morning we went to Durrés, where we had to leave the car and take the boat that transported us to Bari at night and from there we flew to Valencia. Upon our arrival we learned that the same night the earth shook strongly in Albania, it had suffered the largest earthquake in recent times 6.4º on the richter scale, with an epicentre in Durrés. Albania reminded us that it exists and that we exist only because something or someone lets us exist.

ALBANIA EXISTS SUP RIVER Playa del Gurugú - Grao de Castellón


BEA & ALICIA BIZCOCHO These young sisters from Seville already have a passion for Stand Up Paddle. Sports and family fun! Up Suping

Toni ForquĂŠs. A.Laborda. C.Parras. Bizcocho


What a emotion! You are the youngest “SUPer” that we are going to interview and we hope to do well. Tell us your ages, where you are from and when you started paddling. B: Hello, I am Bea, we are from Seville. Now I am 9 years old, but I started paddling when I was 5 years old. A: I am Alicia, I started when I was 4 years old, although since before we were going to dad’s feet at the board. The beginning of the first SUP days was easy or difficult? Do you like to paddle more in the river or in the sea? B: At first it was a little difficult, but as our father knows more, he has taught us many things. A: Paddling in the river is very cool, but now that I’m less afraid of waves, I like surfing in the sea more.

We know that you also like to compete. Do you get very nervous before each race? What is the best of Stand Up Paddle events for you? B: I don’t get very nervous, well...a little bit yes, at the start until the horn sounds, then I concentrate on paddling fast and it passes. Of the competitions what I like the most is having to paddle to the fullest, but I also love being able to see the friends that I make in the championships and who compete because we are encouraging each other. Of the competitions what I like the most is having to paddle to the fullest, but I also love being able to see the friends that I make in the championships and who compete because we are encouraging each other. A: I very much, especially since I am always the smallest and I lose, but I think that when we return this year at last, I will win in SUB 8! But I always have a good time even if I lose, I loved the events in Isla Cristina because they also massaged small riders. Ah! I also love meeting friends and then seeing them again at other beaches. Ah! I also love meeting friends and then seeing them again at other beaches! So about dad and mum? They help you with the material, the displacements and everything that is needed? A: Mama is the one who makes the best suitcases in the world! B: They behave very well and help us whenever we need something. Do you learn so much from other competitors, coaches and people who have been on the board for many years? B: Sometimes I look at Rafa Sirvent, my father and other competitors when they are in front... A: I learn from my sister because she knows more things than I do and also from my father who has been on the board for many years. And dad puts us many surf videos. And dad puts us many surf videos‌ 92

As good sisters...Do you share your material? Do you compete with each other when you go out to train or take a simple crossing? B: Sometimes... A: Sometimes I get angry and find it difficult to share the material, but when we go for a walk to pick up some waves or ¨coquinas¨ I like to enjoy. Every day there are more girls and boys your age doing SUP. What do you think the older ones should do better so that you have more friends in the water? B: I would love for there to be a SUP school in Seville for all ages, as there are in other places. In addition, you have to make more people know SUP, which is a lot of fun, not only competing and winning, also having fun just paddling. In the Guadalquivir river, it is very easy to start doing paddle, with the boats you can train stability and in the Triana Sports Center, our club, there are tables for everyone! A: Mom, can I erase myself from English? It just doesn’t give me time to do everything! English, basketball, school...And I want to go paddling! C.Parras

Toni Forqués

Who are your favourite riders? Who do you look to learn from the qualities they possess? B: In my father, he helped me get started with SUP and continues to teach me many things. Rafa Sirvent was my teacher in SUP Talent, we played games altogether and learned many tricks. A: I love Sheila Sirvent, because one day even though I lost in a race, she encouraged me because she is very good and she told me to keep going...that she was still not paddling with my age. 93

What new places would you like to go with your board and paddle? B: At first I have been weighing in Costa Rica because there is a very long wave that my father loves, but since there are crocodiles and sharks, I prefer to go to the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura to train with Esperanza Barreras! Don’t forget the coconut juice! I would love to try it, like in the movies. A: ¡Eso! Y yo prefiero ir a Hawái. Olitas, las playas, las islitas…Además podemos ir a un concierto de Bruno Mars We know that this is a bit of a strange year, but surely you are already paddling to the fullest and wanting to enjoy everything that the future brings…right? B: Well, look, we haven’t been able to paddle much with the online classes. We have gone a little. But when we can go to the beach more often we will surely give it our all. A: We went to the river for a couple of days and on the beach when we went there was a lot of sunset since early, so we couldn’t paddle very much. Anyway, I plan to paddle for the Isla Cristina championship!!


Thanks to‌. B: Nico, thank you very much for doing this interview. I hope that many children of our age are encouraged to do this sport, it is super cool! I want to thank my family for always encouraging me and my parents for being so patient and supporting us both. A: We really liked being able to collaborate. I want to thank Mom for having everything prepared for each competition and also Dad who always prepares the oars and boards and also for training us.

INNER SEA Beyond the physical Beatriz Felipe López

Up Suping

In times of pandemic that we were not used to, we have had to drastically change our entire routine, modify plans and postpone many dreams. Luckily, the human being is unique and you will have noticed that his (your) adaptability is amazing. When you believed that you could not endure without going outside or without touching the water, you have surprised yourself creating, reinventing and projecting for the return “to life”. The deescalation begins and as the phases pass, you forget everything you grew and built during confinement. All that you focused and dreamed between walls is diluted in proportion to the movement space you have.

You are not realizing but... Once again she is the great forgotten ones. 96

THE DREAMS We all have the ability to dream while we sleep. Sometimes we do not remember them, but other times they can be so alive that we come to feel them as if they were real, so much so that our hearts soar, we were startled or we found ourselves crying.

With all that the mind is, it turns out that when we dream, it does not distinguish the real from the imaginary, causing our physiological system to shoot as if it were living that situation. Why am I telling you this? Because knowing this power you can use it to put your mind to work in favour of your personal and sports improvement. How? Fooling your mind through visualization technique.

THE VISUALIZATION Visualization is a technique widely used in psychology to reduce stress and anxiety situations but also to improve resources and skills. Hence, in sports psychology, it is widely used. Scientific evidence reveals that through the visual recreation of action, the same brain areas are activated as when physically performed, even causing micro-movements of those muscles involved in the development of the real action. So it allows learning and improving without overloading the body and optimizing time. Fascinating...no?

Now you will understand that many psychologists say that of If you can see it, you can do it. This technique, as with real executions, is applied to incorporate new skills and improve those skills that are already possessed, but with the peculiarity that, by being able to recreate the situation, it is always done in the most successful way possible. This allows you to delve into the corners where a physical training does not arrive, eliminating negative aspects (fears, pressures, etc.) that cause you to block yourself and not advance. 97

THE BENEFITS OF VISUALIZATION IN SPORT The main success of this technique lies in the constant positive reinforcements that are established in the person and that restores great confidence in the rider. This quality that is established means that in real executions tensions are eliminated, giving more fluidity to the body, achieving the objective.


But beyond the increase in self-confidence, there are another series of advantages. Take note:

Increased motivation. When we remove all the blockages that lie within us we generate that energy that propels us into action. We are capable of everything because we are aware of all our possibilities.

Situation control. The possibility of recreating all kinds of scenes helps improve decision-making. These will be faster and more efficient. Control of anxiety, stress and emotions. Training in another dimension makes it possible to recreate over and over again events that cannot be carried out in regular training, such as the moment before a competition. Visualization allows us to anticipate stressful stimuli, learn to manage them and eliminate their negative consequences before the test. ncreased attention and concentration. The visualization of different environments and the emotions that are generated in them will considerably improve concentration on the task being performed since our mind recognizes these scenes as already lived. It makes it possible to train during rest periods. On many occasions, we try to reach our goal as if there were no tomorrow by overloading our muscles with strong daily workouts. The body needs rest to improve and that is when you can continue working. Visualization allows you to continue generating impulses but with less physical wear. Minimize training time. Look how difficult it is to get in shape and how easy it is to lose it, right? The frenetic rhythms of day to day limit our training time. Visualization brings the power to maintain shape as well as improve technical and tactical mastery in just 15 minutes! Remember that the same stimuli and the same learning process are generated as with real practice, although with less energy charge.


It favours the recovery of injuries. Yes, yes, what you read. Recreating situations mentally allows the muscles to not completely decay and continue to generate neural connections that will aid in physical recovery. Hence, in some rehabilitation therapies, 3D technology is used.

As I have written on other occasions, working the mind helps to boost your performance but a bodyless motor does not go as far as we would like, so it is essential to combine body and mind for the same purpose. Visualization is not a substitute for the physical practice, it is an enhancer.

THE PERFECT EXECUTION OF THE VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUE Imagine is very easy. All of us on occasion have seen ourselves achieving something very desired or facing someone. But visualization goes beyond recreating a simple image. It is about living and feeling as if it were 100% real, as sharp and sensory as if you were carrying it out bodily. For this, the 5 senses must be involved. Getting to distinguish the colours, the smells, the movement of your body and even achieving movements in slow motion without the intrusion of other thoughts, is a good indicator that correct execution of the technique is being achieved. It is a strategy that requires good technical mastery since it is a much more complex method than imagining a specific action. As always, the objective to be pursued must be adequately defined and start from a state of optimal relaxation for its proper functioning. With practice, we can all visualize, but if you want good results, have someone external to help you delve into yourself. Do not put it in the hands of anyone.

Beatriz Felipe Lรณpez Psicรณloga y Coach






If we talk about Stand Up Paddle, we say that it is a sport that can be enjoyed in any aquatic environment. Whether in the sea, rivers, ponds, swamps or lagoons. In this case, we are going to talk about inland waters, that is, freshwater more specifically from the practice of Stand Up Paddle in the community of Madrid. Ismael LĂłpez


The Community of Madrid is included in the hydrographic basin of the Tajo river, whose channel constitutes part of its limit with the provinces of Cuenca and Toledo, although a small territory to the north of the community discharges its waters in the hydrographic basin of the Duero river.


The Tagus River enters the Community of Madrid through Estremera, irrigates the fertile plains of FuentidueĂąa, Villamanrique, Colmenar de Oreja and Aranjuez, leaves Madrid through the vicinity of the Algodor Station and throughout its route, crosses the clays and plasters of the Tertiary from the Pit of the Tajo.

The Madrid hydrographic network is tributary to the Tagus river on its right bank, which collects a range of affluents with a predominantly North-South direction, taking its fluvial flow rates from its sources in the summits of the Sierra and is made up of the Jarama, Guadarrama rivers And Alberche as main affluents, each one having its corresponding sub-affluent.

In its descents towards its connection with the Tajo river, we find several reservoirs with great hydrological capacity, where you can practice our favourite sport, which we must be in shape if our intention is, paddle its entire surface. One of them is the Atazar reservoir with an area of 1070 hectares, bathed by the Lozoya river, it is the largest reservoir in the community of Madrid which is allowed water sports and is perfect for doing our favourite sport. In 2017 Antonio De la Rosa made a long distance race in the Atazar reservoir, where most of the most important riders on the national scene that year were.





If we talk about Stand Up Paddle clubs, in the community of Madrid as a benchmark we have to talk about Team Belle Sup, which includes Riders who regularly compete in competitions at the national level and currently includes the champion of Spain Amateur speed: Renato Pablos. Its headquarters is located in Aranjuez, at the entrance to the city the first thing that we will find before reaching the city is the Tajo River, just on the right hand side, we find the piragĂźera, a canoeing club where some of the olympic athletes and nationals of the canoeing team and also the headquarters of the Team Belle Sup.




+ +




From the same piragĂźera, we have more than 7km of easy navigation with great river width which makes the practice of Stand Up Paddle very easy and very accessible for learning.






In the thaw season, the waters increase their flow and in the upper part of the river above the Jardines de la Reina, small rapids of grade 2 and 3 originate, the club organizes descents from La Pavera beach, located approximately 7km from the PiragĂźera, which are very fun and with Race boards, you can reach speeds above 13km/h. They are only 2 km of rapids, but they are our playground. If we move to the Northwest part of the Community we find the Valmayor reservoir. The reservoir located in the municipality of Valdemorillo is the second largest in the community with an area of 755 hectares. One of the peculiarities of paddling in this reservoir is its views, since from the same water we can enjoy the Escorial monastery and the entire Sierra de Guadarrama.





R +




We move to the San Juan reservoir, located in the municipalities of San Martin de Valdeiglesias, El Tiemblo, Cebreros and Pelayos de la Presa, in the southwestern corner of the Community of Madrid. With an area of 650 hectares, it is the reservoir best known to Madrid residents because it is the only one that is allowed for recreational swimming and also motorboats. It is made up of 14 beaches, that’s why a very typical expression of Madrid is that Madrid does have a beach, even if it is freshwater. It is a reservoir with very easy access but too crowded for the practice of Stand Up Paddle, especially by motorboats, in summer. At its southern limit, we find the Picadas reservoir, in a much smaller reservoir of only 92 hectares, but which do not exist motorboats and for the practice of Stand Up Paddle is more conducive.





Unfortunately, the marina and its facilities closed in 2016 by order of Canal de Isabel II and currently there is no information if it is to be reopened. But having our permission papers in order, there are several areas to access since the Stand Up Paddle is allowed in its waters.




In addition, on it we can find a submerged bridge and depend on the level of the reservoir it will be necessary to change our paddling position to be able to pass under it. A very narrow reservoir, but of great beauty in the first foothills of the Sierra de Gredos bathed by the Alberche river.

Due to what we are suffering this year with the Covid19 the Tajo confederation is putting some navigation restrictions. Before going to Paddle through any river or swamp we should check if there is any type of restriction since every week the rules are changing and we do not take any scares when they can attract +attention or even report us. + We can consult in the following here.




Garbage Pablo Codesido

Ian Turnell. Pok Rie. Ryan Miller. Chore Waterman. Stock

Sometimes from the science zone, we not turn out to be explicit enough. Maybe it’s the public opinion, the media, politics or just a fad. When we speak of “climate change” we are referring to a variation of the climate on our planet that lasts for a certain time and that affects meteorological values generally in an extreme way, which can have very damaging consequences for ecosystems and their living beings, including us of course humans. In the history of this planet there have been numerous climatic changes, both abrupt and gradual, think of meteorites, volcanoes, but also physical gradual changes such as radiation from the sun or the relative position of other stars. What is currently happening is that this change, which is usually gradual in nature, for the first time in the history of Earth is mainly due to the human being. The term “climate change” is correct, but in addition to the factors of all life, an extremely dangerous one is added: us.


It seems that our main contribution to climate change is the extremely high emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2, methane ...) that translate into global warming, that is, increased temperatures. As you well know, this seems to have repercussions on the acidification of the seas, desertification, droughts, extreme precipitations, thaw, floods and the disappearance of certain species. But not content with this, we add new elements that can alter ecosystems, such as deforestation, the use of chemical elements in an uncontrolled way, or the constant dumping of plastics and waste, especially in the seas. Scientists begin to detect heavy metals and cancer molecules in many of the species we feed on and which are thought to have serious influences on our health, as well as inhaling polluted air such as that of large cities or regions around industries. pollutants. Today it is known that the sea is one of the main producers of oxygen, as are the jungles and land forests. It gives me the feeling that I am not telling you anything new. And is that my intention today is that you really analyze what is happening from your ¨SUPer¨ perspective...

It’s curious, but I remember certain characters and popular works from my childhood that without being too academic already warned of my message today. Many of you will remember the series “Once Upon a Time” from Spain, that fascinated me as a child and made me passionate about history, and how in its last chapter and comic volume presented the future of planet Earth as an immense dung without horizons. Also on social networks, a video of our best known naturalist “Felix Rodríguez de la Fuente” is broadcast where he foreshadowed a world full of garbage. Modestly I extend this same message to our beloved oceans and beaches, it is difficult today to go through any of them and remove the sand without encountering a plastic or a residue of the most infamous artificial nature.


If you have already analyzed what has been said, you will see that somehow climate change is translated by human GARBAGE. Emissions from factories, our exhaust pipes, our plastic consumer products, chemical and nuclear waste, landfills ... all “waste”, all “garbage”. It is paradoxical that all this has been the consequence of our desire for a “better world”. And while it is true that many are a consequence of technological progress and the science that has made us live in one of the most comfortable times in the history of humanity, it is also true that it is that same science that must control its undesirable products and solve pollution problems. Renewable energies, limitation of plastics, demographic control ... many are the pending subjects. All of this seems only controllable from high political spheres, where economic interests seem to be on the fringes of life. It is true that countries such as China and the USA that do not accept this reality are the main culprits, but we too with our small gestures are. That bag that falls to us when we paddle, material that stays in the waves, the laziness of not recycling...etc, also contribute little by little. Ask yourself, for example, where the boards and paddles that are no longer useful end up, how they are recycled or how they disappear buried in the middle of a mountain of waste.



The health of the planet and of ourselves is at stake. As citizens we must demand a global change in environmental policies and support for new technologies. Especially those of us who are in a position to do so because we live in countries with freedom of action. We are an organic part of the planet, but let’s not be trash.





Spring 2020

Argaski Mahatu

STAND UP PADDLE around the Picos de Europa


Manuel Ă ngel Toral FernĂĄndez

The Eastern Coast of Asturies, a door to another world. The Eastern Costal of Asturies, a door to another world. A strong greeting to all SUP friends who usually stop by this little corner, which Up Suping provides me to tell you about this wonderful world, always from the point of view that my camera lens gives me. This article was to be reserved to close the series of publications that I had been making about the chapters of my book, but taking into account that summer is here, the date of publication of this issue and this very particular situation that we have all experienced, I think that this moment deserves something special. And I say something special because for me and for many people I know, this area changed us, personally I changed the way of seeing the SUP and even nuanced, in a significant way, my perspective of photography, even if it had already been almost 20 years doing it when I first came to paddling in those parts. It is a coast of karst origin, which is why erosion is a total protagonist and shaping phenomenon of those cutting cliffs that are no less than the foothills furthest from the Picos de Europa: what a mix! For all this, the sinkholes, the caves, the crossings and all the different phenomena that we will find make our paddle an authentic experience for all our senses:

• We will taste the salt air with a special flavour, with a barnacle flavour, with a rockfish flavour, with a limpet flavour, with a hedgehog flavour, with a seafood flavour, with a taste of geological prehistory, with a mountain flavour... and that will leave us an indescribable final taste in the mouth. • We will smell SEA, yes in capital letters, we will smell algae, we will smell that nitrate, again, so ours that accompanies us in so many adventures, we will smell an emotion that will overwhelm us when turning at each end, when crossing that with the entrance of the waves becomes in a small challenge… we will definitely smell our passion. • We will hear the wheezing of the famous jesters, the singing of the birds, the breaking of the spumes, and we will even resent breaking such a melody with the “noise” (or so it will seem to us) of our oars entering the water. • We will see millions of colours, with their nuances, in the lichens, fungi and other organisms that colonize and give colour to the walls of the cliffs, we will see caves that, with the change of the tides or the lights or the meteorology, will seem places new, no matter how many times we enter.

• We will see landscapes a hundred times imagined by so many people, who visit the watchtowers that are the cliffs, but we will enjoy, we will live the adventure of knowing it from its bowels, from the authenticity of the root of its birth, from the purest heart of the coast. • We will touch endless textures...in a huge range, from the aggressive and cutting rocks to the most polished walls that the sea left as the marble of the finest manufacture, we will touch millions of years of evolution and moments of the unspeakable ferocity of storms, we will touch the evolution of the days that polishes the hardest rock. • And we will feel the rocking of the sea in the caves, as if we were rocked by the loving hand of a mother, we will feel the sun and the shadow, the wind, the heat and the cool, we will feel emotion, joy, admiration and even disbelief at what our eyes can see, but not our brains to completely process.

We will feel as we have never done in life, we will feel how our eyes deceive us by showing us some of the most beautiful corners that we will see in our existence and we will feel an immeasurable river of joy that collides with an impassable wall of uncertainty, since if we come to experience this that I can barely describe ... What will be the way that from now on any new adventure is nothing more than a vague and frustrating attempt to match what the Eastern Coast of Asturias can offer us?

A visual guide for the practice of SUP in different natural spaces around the Picos de Europa.

More than a guide, a gallery of unrepeatable moments, captured in high quality images.


YUKÓN 2021 Team French Paddler

LOIRA RIVER Road to Yukón 2021

At the beginning of confinement, we were thinking of a new trip that would put us back in the water. After some discussions with the team, we chose the Loire, the last wild river in France and Samuel’s hometown. This project would result in 48 hours. travel, 25 hours. rowing for 230 km. tours, 2 bivouacs, a sandwich and a kebab, 25,000 strokes and some pain.


80 KM. ORLÉANS - CHAUMONT SUR LOIRE 13 hours after loading our boards with 30 kg. of material, we left Orleans accompanied by Antoine Blin, Sam’s companion in the water and travel photographer. David, from the Loire kayak, was contracted to manage the water supply and joined us in the 60 km of the route. that leads to its base. The first shovel strokes were complicated, the 30 kg. of load made us lose our way and the rapids 500 mts. after the Quai d’Orléans they didn’t help us much.

Despite the headwind with gusts at 40 km / h., We moved at more than 10 km / h. The kilometres were adding up. Mandatory portage to pass the dam of the Beaugency power station, then we arrive at Loire kayak (Blois) David’s base. We reloaded our bags of water and left without delay to maximize our progress before night falls. 2 km. after the base, we find a small static wave in which a few ¨SUPeros¨ try to surf in the river. Nicolás does not pass them, it is a colleague of the year 2010. But the kilometre does not wait after a strong wag and some waves crossed for 20 km. to finish at 9:30 p.m. on the banks of Camping Chaumont Sur Loire. We set up camp and a first hot meal together. 23:30 pm. in the bed.



We wake up early at 6:15 am. with a little dew and morning freshness. Coffee storage and loading of boards. 7:15 am. and the show must go on. Hot air balloons greeted our morning efforts. Very quickly our hands reminded us of the efforts of the previous day. The light was incredible, the silence and the slide gave us a fantastic morning.

LOIRARIVER The calculations were already in our heads, at midday we would be in Tours. You have to maintain the average, make the correct decisions of the trajectories, etc. In this little game, everyone has their choice with more or less success. We are 3 experienced riders and we know the Loire. We always had the opportunity to discuss each option. 12:30 am. We return to the city, disembark and search for a bakery...A small photo in front of the Ferris wheel and the digestion of the jump in the Loire. The kilometres passed more or less quickly depending on the mental state of each one. A break in BrĂŠhĂŠmont, terrace with views of the Loire ...What more do you want ?. This area offers excellent views of all its castles. The sunlit tower is beautiful. Each castle is different.

We advanced to the limit and our objectives were being met. (There is more to see what Saumur took for dinner). A good kebab and a cold beer, then we went for the last kilometres. Eventually, we found a sandbank on the left bank.



We woke up at 3:12 a.m., clearly a mistake. The 3 exalted on our quilts. Screaming screams and agitation around. We listened carefully and realized that it is close, but it was not dangerous ... back to the Morpheus’ dreams. 6:15 am. the alarm clock rings, the cry of a heron was heard. Express breakfast, material storage. A short day with 46 km. in the program. The sky was grey, the end was smelled. The first rowing strokes are always difficult, the rain came, we talked, Sam and Antoine know the memory area. We count and estimate the remaining kilometres...The cities are united with the “famous straight lines of the Loire”, we can see the church bell tower, we can see it but it is 10 km away... These straight lines shape your mind. Then we fork at Louet, Samuel’s hometown, 7 km away. We would have arrived.

A great trip for preparation, manly friendship, nature, wild beauty. 65,000 shovel strokes and some blisters. The Yukon route is underway, the next step you will discover in the next publication

Galicia is on fire! In the last edition of Salitre Fest 2019 we saw a new Stand Up Paddle club that captivated us. Now we have spoken to them again, and we have received this wonderful text that we wish to share with all the readers of Up Suping.

Thank you very much Guille and all the SUP Mera Club!

Hi Nico! First of all, we want to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Up Suping family. We are aware of the great effort you make every day to give visibility to the sport we love, in addition to the work of commitment with Clubs and brands that serve as a motor so that all this continues to grow. By telling you a little about who we are and what we do, we could go back more than 20 years ago when Pablo and I, Guille, began to fall in love with water sports and with the enormous satisfaction felt by being in such direct contact with nature. We do not care what the mode and the conditions are, we can squeeze a few hours of windsurfing in the A CoruĂąa estuary, a wave session in Costa da Morte, a few miles swimming in open water, or a good paddling in the river and sea. Our main aim is to take advantage of and give visibility to the more than 1.500 km of Costa Gallega. This idea is undoubtedly the one that guides the path of SUP Mera. We frequently regret that the sea is not a more active part of our lives and, from the Summer Schools, and the Club where adults and children train all year round, we want to change that comfortable mindset that takes us away from the water; especially in the winter months ... Galicia is sea, we are sea! Curiously, both Pablo and I have played basketball professionally even though we are a little more than 15 years apart; lucky for him...hahaha. We are aware of the importance of effort and hard work to achieve goals. We have spent hundreds, thousands of hours in sports halls, sweating and repeating each movement until we are able to perfect it, but the sea has never ceased to be an essential part of our lives and a refuge in which to relax and disconnect.

Let’s not talk about us, what is SUP Mera... In 2013 we began to discover what Stand Up Paddle was, but it was in 2015 when Pablo picked up the phone and told me that we could open a Summer School to introduce this sport in our lives. We started from the bottom, very low ... with just 6 Starboard All Round boards, a small umbrella on the beach, and eager to see smiles at the end of the sessions; we believe that was what motivated us, and continues to encourage us to move forward today. We soon decided to start classes for children and create a commitment to make each week an impressive experience to take for the whole winter (many children spend the winter away from the sea, even those who can enjoy it turn their backs on them). So, not only did we paddle, we hiked through the wild Seixo Branco, we dived with the little ones to discover the seabed...we try to face each day as a new adventure. Mera is a small town 15 minutes from the city of A Coruùa that every summer is filled with visitors and tourists eager to enjoy the beach and the sun. Its excellent shelter situation at the entrance of the estuary allows you to paddle calmly every day of the year but, in addition, we can stick to some good downwinds, or catch waves in less than 5 minutes. We have a secret spot where you can bring your race board and catch a wave of more than 2 minutes !! You will have news about it soon...hahaha In 2016 we attended a clinic in Baiona with our friend Coque Araujo, from Waira, and we decided to start in the SUP race modality. We write down everything learned, we investigate hours and hours, and we professionalize the sessions at school; adapting them to each user and obtaining very good results at all ages. Little by little, year after year, we have continued developing our teaching system and expanding the available activities: night and sunset outings with the emblematic Tower of Hercules as a companion in the descent of the sun, visits to the Castle of Santa Cruz, routes through the huge Seixo Branco caves, technical classes, water yoga sessions...But we have always given special importance to grassroots sports, to our children who are the future of sports.

To this day, we continue to be surprised to see how hundreds of kids between the ages of 5 and 18 go to schools every summer, excited to give their first steps and keep progressing. Every morning, the monitors put on their work overalls and dozens of children discover a new sport that turns out to be most gratifying and complete. In addition, as we all know, paddle surfing at a competitive level becomes hard, requires preparation and sacrifices, even the winter here in Galicia sometimes tries to make it a little more difficult, but as we usually say: if the desire and the heart are ahead, there are always alternatives. To the kids in the Team, we say that the results of the effort will come. We trust that this will be the case and, when the current situation returns to normal, they will be able to release all that energy accumulated in the Galician Circuit, which was to start this summer and which we were going to host one of the tests, and in other mythical events such as the Salitre Fest or the Maturrango de Suances in which we are not afraid to die trying (unaware of us ...) Last year we premiered in competition with the Iberian Stand Up Paddle Championship, Salitre Fest. Perhaps it was a somewhat late decision, but it came to us as impressive energy shot that we have been managing this winter. The children of the Club prepared themselves a few weeks before the event with All Round material, newcomers to the race and without any experience in individual competitions. We managed to get hold of two second hand 12.6 boards days before the competition and we made it. We are aware that participation was less than in previous years due to the denseness of the national calendar, but achieving third place in the Spanish Club Championship was the perfect incentive to bet on the Team. In addition, some of our boys managed to get on their first podium. Ana led the Sub14 distance, Pablito the Sub12, Victor obtained a second position in the Sub14 sprint ... Something unthinkable for us, of course, but, as I said a moment ago, a turning point. That been left behind, and throughout the winter we have set our goals by working very hard every week in all possible conditions; being very clear about what we wanted to achieve this year 2020. In the sessions we worked on all the fundamental aspects of the base, we improved the technique, the coordination and the understanding of the sea, we managed to understand how the body and the material work and behave, and we accompanied With video sessions each of the work phases, but fundamentally, we understood that this is an individual sport in which the training group is essential. The SUP community is impressive, and our team is very united.

As a coach, I can see an impressive quality jump in all of them. I think they have great potential, and of course, a lot of aspects still to be improved. They have understood perfectly how this works, and have acquired a discipline of work and respect for the group that is paying off. For example, as a complement to their workouts, they themselves proposed to run once a week and until March we have also met out of the water. I was raised in a collective sport, but the atmosphere here is different, I couldn’t compare it to anything.

As something anecdotal, one of the most striking aspects of our Club, and which was really difficult for us to implement, was that of academic demand. Some will know the basketball movie Coach Carter; to summarize it briefly, it is about a coach who comes to a team made up of troubled teenagers with a losing dynamic and is subject to continuous criticism for prioritizing studies before sport. Well, in SUP Mera we have opted for this methodology. We know that it sounds strange and that we may seem freaked out ..., but we know very well what it means to combine training with training, and we are convinced that there is time for everything (currently I am studying a Master in Direction and Management of People and this It is helping me a lot when managing the group)

An athlete must be disciplined and demanding in all facets of his life. Before starting the season, our boys have signed a symbolic contract in which they agree to keep their studies up-to-date and to pass 100% of their subjects. It has not been an easy task, sometimes I have had a private teacher ... and the monitoring and support of each athlete has been essential, but despite having some temporary loss due to low performance, we have achieved a favourable result and ALL They have improved their grades and have passed their academic year. We do not set aside those who do not perform, we motivate and help them to also improve at school and be more responsible. As I mentioned a few lines ago, children are the central axis of our Club. Our effort and commitment throughout the year is with them.

During confinement, we have not stopped a single week of preparing. We have connected 3-4 times four times a week to stay active with physical exercise routines, we have attended the Miquel Roige Clinics to continue our learning, and we have enjoyed hilarious video sessions. We even got together to discuss the previous issue of Up Suping and they learned the importance of differentiating between being lively and motivated hahaha. We are a family and we want to continue growing together. Although we did not record the return to the water after the confinement, we can confess that there were some tears. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t dreamed of running again with the board and seeing the group together again in the water. The truth is that the announcement of postponement and cancellation of events has been a tap in our hope to measure ourselves and discover what the results of the effort are, but we are confident that soon everything will return to normal, and we continue preparing for that second competition. Let’s not forget that we are still newbies...

I wanted to take the opportunity to add that one of the most commented topics lately is the lack of evidence in the North. We dream of a Circuit like the Mediterranean where we can enjoy the encounter of our entire community, and I honestly do not understand why it is such a complicated task. Of course, the support of various sponsors, brands and aid is essential, without them the task is practically a suicide, but conditions in the North are exceptional. Different, yes. Hard, too. But the diversity of conditions and the wealth of the Coast should be the perfect incentive to carry this Cantabrian project forward. Don’t you want to know who is the King and Queen in the North ?? hahaha I think it’s time to take the next step. We need to compete to continue growing.

The same goes for Sup surf. Here we have my namesake Carracedo who is a national and international reference, and that children see as a demigod ..., it is evident that we have to take a step forward also in this section. For example, from the Club we gather the world past to see Espe and Guille in El Salvador; that passion of the little ones is the one that needs firewood to continue growing, and in the North, we have some of the best waves to get new onesriders, what are we waiting for? From the Club, we have started the children in Sup Olas, and we intend to resume training in this discipline very soon. I could continue telling anecdotes and comics but I think I have already exceeded the count. Being able to actively participate in the SUP community is a privilege and again we want to thank you for this opportunity, Nico. We are at your complete disposal in what you need, and we blindly believe in this sport. Mandåmosche unha aperta enormous dende Galicia. Let’s see if you visit us soon and we will teach you more about all this, and we also take a cool bath in one of our paradises ... We will wait for you!! www.supmera.com


Do you want to assist an event or compete in a competition but do not know which one to go? Enter our ¨Hoenalu SUP Calendar¨ and plan your next getaway. Click on our logo and you will access directly!


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