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Edito Over the years we have created a magazine, or rather, a family with great hearts. Each and every one of those who makes Up Suping come true, have their important sentimental touch, strength and pleasure to live every moment in this life. At the end of the day, with the Stand Up Paddle the same happens to us: we talk about a sport that activates the senses to 100% and more than a few magical moments or nice memories...That’s why sometimes we like to insist a lot that you enjoy every moment of this sport and everything that surrounds it: a crossing or competition, the family atmosphere, the friends and eat something ... and many more activities. It’s so big, sometimes it’s infinite.

Once again we have dumped all our strength into a new number made with great care and varied. And we also learned to work in this way thanks to our collaborators, hugging our dear friend Argazki Mahatu very strongly and thanking her for the wonderful life she has given to Daniela. A great duo, pure energy that they had to physically separate to remember each other forever. And because: “you do not take pictures, you tell stories�...we love you... Welcome to Up#24!


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Caterina Stenta


The Italian rider has closed a great 2018 and is eager to start the new season of Stand Up Paddle Up Suping

Schofield. Sean Evans. Jimenez. Carter PWA

How are you at the end of the SUP 2018 season? Hi Up Suping‌very good! This end of season with a podium in the ISA Worlds has given me more motivation for the coming season and a little more confidence in myself to continue following my dreams and my goals. Sponsors do not always support well and evaluate my work, and this success has helped me to know what I am value and what I want. We have seen you enjoy the Euro Tour and other events such as the PPG. Have you been given much more experience during this year? Yes, this year has been my first international year. I have participated in 6 stages of the Euro Tour and the PPG. In each event of the Euro Tour I have been learning about competitions and about my body. I learned something more and my result improved and ending up in Hossegor where I felt very well. The PPG has taught me a lot also in competing among the waves. International competitions are very good training where you learn the most. I’m looking forward to next season!

We want to congratulate you for your participation in the ISA World SUP & Pad-dleboard Championship in China. We’ve seen the exciting Technical Racing heats live where you’ve had fight strong and a great ending...right? Yes, I thank you for your support and encouragement after the races! In the first heat of the technique inside I wanted to finish in the first 5º positions and go directly to the final to save me one more race since I still expected the sprints, the long distance and the team relay. To be 6th and sat out of those who passed to the final gave me a down, and suddenly I started even to doubt the repechage heat. After crying hugged my friend Susak who gave me a lot of confidence, talking to some friends like Fiona Wilde, Laura Quetlas, those of my team, always giving me strength...I listened to my music and thought only of making a good start and giving everything. I managed to win the repechage heat and reassure myself for the final. And how about the waves? In Wanning we saw you compete with a lot of ease and with good waves... Well, so much ease really not...(laughs). I haven´t trained SUP surf much this year and I have noticed it in the water. I could surf but I didn´t feel very comfortable. I want to surf a bit more this winter, play with the board and the finds, and get more surfing too.

You come from the world of Windsurfing and compete all over the world. Has this helped you to grow as a Stand Up Paddle rider? Is it physically very positive to couple these two sports for you? I think that coming from windsurfing has made me start with an advantage. This sport requires a lot of strength of arms and core, that’s why I’ve already started quite pre-pared. I also think that the more sports in the water are done, the more knowledge is acquired about the ocean, the waves, the wind, more skills are obtained when standing on a board. I think windsurfing helps me in the balance, knowing how to surf in a downwind, strength...but I was missing the whole training part of a resistance sport that I am learning now. It is positive to do both, to be a complete aquatics rider, but it also requires a lot of discipline, since it is difficult to find time for both ...and to train in a race when you can surf in waves is not so easy!


Sean Evans

Carter. PWA

Are you very demanding with yourself? We have always seen you with a lot of concentration and determination in search of your goals... It may be, yes I demand a lot from myself, but I think it is the key to keep improving.


How is your training place in Italy? What are your favorite places to enjoy a ses-sion of SUP Race or SUP Surf? In Italy I do not usually spend a lot of time, because I live in the north in a pretty cold city with zero waves, that’s why I usually spend my winters outside. Until recently I lived in Catalonia where I trained near Barcelona, now I’m spending some time in Italy. Right now I just got out of a workout where I’ve frozen! Here I live near the sea, but you have to be very eager to get out in winter, luckily I have little time left to go to the heat in South Africa and then the Canary Islands. To train in SUP race, the best for me are the competitions, because most of the time I train alone and that is when I am finally in a competition that I can compare with the others riders. For Sup Surf I like the Canary Islands! How do you see and define the atmosphere that exists among all the SUP girls that compete throughout the world? I started only two years ago, and I immediately liked the SUP race environment among all, boys and girls. The girls have welcomed me well and there is always a good com-petition between them. The girls with more experience have motivated me since the first competition, they have always congratulated me on the results and they have inspired me to continue improving. The truth is that the atmosphere of SUP is one of the factors that have made me change this sport little by little. Being less subjective than windsurfing in waves, where the judges, the waves, the style of each one count; I feel there is less competition among the riders here.


Sean Evans

What other hobbies do you have? I get left little time for other things apart from SUP and Windsurf, between trips, com-petitions, and training...this occupies almost all my time. Now I have made two weeks of vacations and I have gone back to ski mountaineering and it is my first sport that I started with 3 years. I love to climb the mountains with the skis and go down in fresh snow, I think that if I would not compete in SUP and windsurf, I would live lost in the snow. And besides the sport...mmmm...reading, running, surfing ... All that I like is sports.

What has been your favorite moment since you do SUP? Do you have a memory that you have stored in your mind? Well, surely the medal in China has been until now the favorite moment, also because it was with my team and the support of all the other guys and the federation, it is something that in the individual competitions there is not.

Participating in the PPG and entering the final directly to the first test has also been something that has moved me. I still remember the moment when I saw my name on the screen of the first ones that went directly to the final and I was super happy. The whole trip in California has been incredible! I also remember the sprints in Hossegor, the downwind in Santa Pola, Bilbao, all Euro Tour has been a very nice experience ... probably also because it was the first time.

Thanks to‌ Thanks to all those who support me, to my sponsors, RRD, Blackproject, SUP24-7, Marina San Giusto, to the girls who motivate and inspire me, to the Italian national and to all my friends inside and outside the SUP!

Carter. PWA


ISA. Up Suping

Jimenez. Sean Evans

Being able to attend any Stand Up Paddle event, for a medium like Up Suping, is a pleasure. The environment that surrounds him, the air of competition and camaraderie, the good organization, friends, family...are many things. We have learned a lot from the first event, until one day we see ourselves with the possibility of being present at a SUP ISA World Championship. And this is like touching the sky with your finger! A challenge, where you surround yourself with great professionals and to be with the best of this sport internationally. Has been fun for us to have witnessed our first World Cup, the ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship 2018 in Hainan, China. Below we show you a summary of the ISA chronicles during the different days of competition and a selection of pictures that we have selected with a different point of view, after several weeks of this great event have passed...

OPEN CEREMONY . 1st SUP SURF DAY Nearly 200 athletes from 26 nations around the globe participated in the Opening Cere mony at Riyue Bay on Friday, inaugurating the competition with the ISA’s unique Parade of Nations and Sands of the World Ceremony. To give the visiting national teams a taste of the local culture of Wanning, the competitors and spectators were treated to a traditional Chinese martial arts Wu Shu display and a local Bamboo Dance performance. The competition kicked off in the afternoon with the Men’s SUP Surfing, providing an exciting start to the event in chest to head high waves at the renowned left point break of Riyue Bay. USA’s two-time SUP Surfing Gold Medalist Sean Poynter was the standout of the day, earning the highest wave score (9.43) and highest heat total (17.60). Brazil’s Luiz Diniz, the defending Gold Medalist, also was a top performer, following Poynter’s heat total with the second highest of the day, 17.30. 26

2nd SUP SURF DAY The defending Women’s World Champion Shakira Westdorp (AUS) continued to impress with the highest score of the day among the women with 12.67. However, Westdorp placed third in her second heat of the day, falling into the Repechage where she will have to take the long path if she is to repeat as World Champion. France’s Caroline Angibaud, an ISA Silver Medalist, closely followed with the second highest women’s score with 12.43. USA’s three-time ISA Gold Medalist Candice Appleby advanced through the first two rounds of the Women Main Event on Saturday: ¨It’s really great to see the ISA going with gender equality as far as participation goes,¨ said Appleby. ¨There are so many amazing racers and surfers in our sport, and the level just continues to increase. My goal is to see Team USA take the Gold. I have individual Golds, but I want to take it for the team.¨ Australia’s Harry Maskell nearly reached perfection with the highest wave score of the event, earning a 9.5 out of 10 in the Round 2 of the Men’s Main Event. USA’s two-time Gold Medalist Sean Poynter earned the highest heat total for the second consecutive day with 17.10. Team Brazil has fielded a strong contingent of SUP Surfers in the event, featuring two past ISA World Champions, Nicole Pacelli and Luiz Diniz. 27

3rd SUP SURF DAY After three days of SUP Surfing action at the 2018 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship, the stage has been set to crown the event’s first ISA SUP Surfing World Champions in Asia. Brazil’s Luiz Diniz and USA’s Sean Poynter are the past ISA World Champions that have reached the Men’s Main Event Final. They will be joined by Australia’s Harry Maskell and Brazil’s Caio Vaz, both looking for their first ISA Gold. Nicole Pacelli of Team Brazil, the 2013 ISA SUP Surfing World Champion, has advanced onto the Women’s Main Event Final along with New Zealand’s Stella Smith, Spain’s Iballa Ruano Moreno, and Japan’s Yuuka Horikoshi: “I am really excited to make it to the final day,” said Iballa Ruano Moreno. After falling into the Repechage Rounds the previous day, Australia’s defending SUP Surfing World Champion Shakira Westdorp bounced back with vengeance and earned the three highest heat totals of the day among the women with 14.33, 14.27 and 13.37 in her Repechage heats. 28

4th SUP SURF DAY Westdorp’s Gold Medal performance was an unprecedented third in a row, putting her in a league of her own in the history of ISA SUP Surfing: ¨I am so stoked to win¨, said an emotional Westdorp. “I had to go the long way through the Repechage, but it paid off in the end. “It’s great points for our team to earn this Gold. As captain, this is my goal to get us off to a great start.” Australia’s Westdorp continued her unstoppable run through the competition and notched a pair of 7 point rides to continue her dominance atop Women’s SUP Surfing. Japan’s Horikoshi made a critical error and interfered on one of Westdorp’s waves, which resulted in her second wave score being halved, leaving her in Copper Medal position. Spain’s Moreno challenged Westdorp for the Gold, but came up short with the Silver Medal, her second in the history of the event. New Zealand’s Smith followed with Bronze.

Candice Appleby (USA) was the top performing woman, which earned her a spot in StandUp Paddle’s debut at the 2019 Pan American Games. Team Australia, Spain and Brazil all finished the day with two athletes on the podium. In the Men’s Final the Brazilian teammates Vaz and Diniz paired up against Australia’s Maskell and Spain’s de los Reyes. Maskell and Diniz traded off the top position, however Diniz’s combination of 8.5 and 9.5, the highest total of the event (18.00), propelled him into the pole position to earn his second consecutive Gold Medal. Vaz ran into problems during the heat when he broke his board and had to rush to the beach to swap it out with only 5 minutes remaining. Vaz recovered and made it quickly back out to the lineup, but never found a wave that could improve upon his Bronze Medal position, leaving Maskell in Silver position and de los Reyes in Copper position. 29

1st DAY TECHNICAL RACE Three ISA SUP Gold Medalists, USA’s Connor Baxter, Denmark’s Casper Steinfath, and France’s Tituoan Puyo, took the top qualification spots in the Men’s Semifinals: ¨The course was really fun¨, said Baxter. ¨We got downwinds, upwinds, a surf break, and a beach run. It’s really technical. The competition has gone up and up every year. All the nations are getting more serious about SUP and training their teams, so the Finals tomorrow will be packed with talent. A win tomorrow will not only be a Gold for the team, but also a spot in the Pan Americans. It’s not just a personal Gold Medal, there is much more at stake¨. Steinfath’s time of 32:19 was the fastest of the day, giving him a strong push heading into finals Day. USA’s Candice Appleby, the 2015 ISA Technical Race Gold Medalist, finished the day with the fastest heat time for the women with 36:51. Australia’s Shakira Westdorp, who won an unprecedented third con-secutive SUP Surfing Gold Medal on Monday, won the second Women’s Semifinal and Japan’s Yuka Sato won the third Semifinal. Great Britain’s Marie Buchanan put on a gutsy performance after stepping on an urchin during the SUP Surfing rounds. Despite her injury, Buchanan managed to finish fifth in her SUP Technical Race Semifinal to qualify directly to the Final: ¨I’ve been hobbling around after stepping on an urchin¨, said Buchanan. ¨The adrenaline definitely got me through¨. Notably, Team Iran and China made their first SUP Racing appearances in the history of the event today in the Women’s and Men’s SUP Technical Race. None of the Chinese and Iranian athletes qualified for finals day, however their participation marks a water-shed moment for the growth and development of SUP in Asia 30

2nd DAY TECHNICAL RACE Hungary’s Daniel Hasulyo claimed the SUP Technical Race Gold Medal. USA’s Connor Baxter, who was trading off the lead with Daniel Hasulyo for a large part of the race, fell behind in the surf zone on the final lap and finished with the Silver, another great result for USA USA’s Appleby and Australia’s Terrene Black battled neck and neck for the lead in the Women’s SUP Technical Race Final. Appleby ended up nudging into the lead and earned her second Gold in the discipline. Australia’s Shakira Westdorp, who recently took the SUP Surfing Gold, earned the Bronze Medal and France’s Olivia Piana earned the Copper The Boys and Girls Junior SUP Technical Races kicked off the string of finals this morning, with USA’s Ryan Funk and Jade Howson respectively winning the Boys and Girls Finals. Both athletes finished with convincing leads, giving a glimpse into the promising future of SUP Racing in the USA. New Zealand’s Oliver Houghton earned the Boys Junior Silver, Australia’s Sam McCullough the Bronze and France’s Noic Gariou the Copper. On the Junior Girls side of the race, France’s Melanie Lafenetre earned the Silver, Denmark’s Caroline Küntzel the Bronze, and Italy’s Laura Dal Pont the Copper. In the Men’s Paddleboard Race. Having overcome a fall on the first lap, Lansdown trailed USA’s Hunter Pflueger on the final stretch, but was able to pass Pflueger with the help of a small wave when heading into the beach towards the finish line. New Zealand’s Daniel Hart followed with the Bronze and South Africa’s Jadon Wessels with the Copper. The women’s Paddleboard Technical Race was one of the most closely fought through the first half of the race. Australia’s Grace Rosato, who was replacing an injured tentime ISA Gold Medalist Jordan Mercer, had big shoes to fill and did not disappoint. Rosato managed to pull away and earn Gold in her ISA debut followed by Spain’s Judit Verges with the Silver, Denmark’s Katrine Zinck with the Bronze, and USA’s Kailyn Winter with the Copper. 31

SPRINTS Brazil’s Santacreu, who earned the SUP Sprint Bronze in 2017, continued his string of first place finishes through the qualifying heats and didn’t let up in the Final to earn the Gold: I am so grateful,” said San-tacreu. “All my training worked really well. My team knows how to encourage me. Their support fully played a part in my Gold Medal.” New Zealand’s Trevor Tunnington followed with the Silver, USA’s Connor Baxter with the Bronze, and France’s 16 year old Noic Gariou with the Copper The Women’s SUP Sprint Final finished off the day of action, with France’s 2017 Silver Medalist Amandine Chazot matching up against Italy’s Caterina Stenta, USA’s Jade Howson, South Africa’s King, Australia’s Terrene Black, and Japan’s Yuka Sato. King built a decisive lead and crossed the finish line in first place to the cheers of her team on the beach: ¨I’ve put in a lot of time and a lot of training. I am so stoked. To win Gold in the Sprints is a dream come true. Silver, Bronze and Copper positions were too close to call with the naked eye, but upon further review Italy’s Stenta prevailed with the Silver, USA’s Howson with the Bronze, and Australia’s Black with Copper 32

LONG DISTANCE Australia’s Booth, the 2016 Gold Medalist, and USA’s powerhouse Connor Baxter separated from the pack early in the SUP discipline. Booth eventually dropped Baxter, never taking his foot off the gas to build a commanding lead and finish ahead of the field to earn his second ISA Distance Gold. Hungary’s Daniel and Bruno Hasulyo along with Brazil’s Vinnicius Martins started a draft train to move into medal position, passing France’s Titouan Puyo and USA’s Baxter. Bruno Hasulyo, the 2017 Gold Medalist, finished with the Silver, Martins with the Bronze and Daniel Hasulyo, who won the Men’s SUP Technical Race earlier in the week, with the Copper. The Men’s Paddleboard Distance Race, which took to the course shortly after the Men’s SUP, was closely fought until the last lap. A pack of the top five leaders stayed neck and neck, drafting off each other’s wake to conserve energy. On the final lap USA’s Pflueger broke the pack and sprinted ahead to the Gold Medal. The 2017 Gold Medalist, Lachie Lansdown, finished next with the Silver Medal. South Africa’s Jadon Wessels earned the Bronze and Spain’s David Buil the Copper. Olivia Piana got off to a blazing start in the SUP race and by the second lap had built an unsurmountable lead ahead of the competition. Piana, who has earned five ISA Silver Medals in her career, finally was able to break through and earn a Gold. Australia’s duo Black and Westdorp fol-lowed with Silver and Bronze, a strong result for Westdorp who also earned the SUP Surfing Gold, and Japan’s Yuka Sato earned Copper: ¨It’s a dream to finally come through with the Gold¨, say Olivia. The Women’s Paddleboard race was even closer than the Men’s with Australia’s Technical Race Gold Medalist Rosato trading off the lead with Spain’s Judit Verges and USA’s Kailyn Winter. Rosato managed to regain the lead and earn the Gold for Australia, a discipline that no other country has ever won. Verges earned the Silver for Team Spain, barely sprinting ahead of USA’s Winter who earned the Bronze. Denmark’s Katrine Zinck earned the Copper Medal 33

TEAM RELAY. CLOSING CEREMONY Team Australia continued their reign atop the sports of StandUp Paddle (SUP) and Pad-dleboard to earn their sixth Gold Medal in seven years at the 2018 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in Wanning, China. The Gold Medal for Australia extends their win streak to three in a row and represents a historic first Gold in the event’s history to be awarded in Asia: ¨We really wanted to win the relay and we came out today and put the nail in the coffin,” said Australia’s Team Captain Shakira Westdorp. “We have a lot of fun and put the hard work in the water. We are great friends and you can’t manufacture that. I think that is why we keep on winning the overall team points.” USA earned the overall Silver Medal, their best finish since earning the Gold in 2015, Team France earned the Bronze, and Team Spain earned the Copper. The final day of competition at Shenzhou Peninsula featured the Relay Race, where 14 nations competed in a four lap course that features a man and woman each from the SUP and Paddleboard disciplines to comprise a team of four. Each athlete took a turn in the relay, navigating around the buoys before sprinting up the beach to tag their teammate into the race. Team Australia emerged victorious, followed by USA with the Silver. Bronze came down to a final, thrilling sprint between New Zealand’s Trevor Tunnington and Denmark’s Casper Steinfath. Tunnington edged out Steinfath by fractions of a second to take the Bronze for his nation, leaving the Copper for Denmark. ISA President Fernando Aguerre said: ¨The ISA is fully committed to growing the sport of SUP and we will continue pushing for the sport’s inclusion in the Olympic Games, hopefully as soon as Paris 2024¨. 34





Success of participation in the second edition of this event, hosting the II FES Spain Speed Championship, the X and XI stage of the SUP Race 2018 Mediterranean Circuit and many more activities Up Suping

Maria José Salazar. Esther Duato. Sevilla SUP Festival. Up Suping

The Stand Up Paddle has returned to reign in Seville. The bridge of Triana and its surroundings have been the great stage of the magnificent spectacle that all the lovers and riders of this sport offered to all public. The good taste of the mouth that left the previous edition last year, presaged that Augusto and all his team would go for it´s second edition. But that’s not all…


After the suspension of the II Spanish Speed Championship in Aranjuez, the people of Central de SUP and the organizers of the Sevilla SUP Festival got down to work in order to carry out this speed championship in Seville together with the activities already prepared, such as the XI Circuit of the Mediterranean Race of SUP Race 2018. Adding all this, we was waiting a spectacular weekend of SUP...and it was!

During the day of Friday many competitors would come accompanied by family and friends to per-form the checking of the different competitions, representing various points of the spanish geography; more than 200 ¨supers¨ would approach the waters of Guadalquivir river...spectacular! Due to the rains of the first part of the day, the organization was assembling the whole area of the event in the afternoon while some riders from paddling through this beautiful and picturesque city.

On Saturday, time gave a truce and facilitated a lot of things to make the Seville SUP Games that included the Championship of Spain of SUP 2018 Speed of the FES and the X test of the CMS 2018, very well organized and prepared by Central SUP and the support of the organization of the Sevilla SUP Festival team. And with important sponsors such as SEK International Sports Academy, Grau Asociados-Derecho Deportivo and Etel Comunicación SL.

The modality of “speed” is very attractive, for competitors and for spectators, where these daring riders must cover 200 mtrs. at full speed from the start to the finish line. The waters of the zone of the event were ideal for the realization of these SUP modality, where there are no currents and the waves of the boats are minimum; also very close to the shore to the delight of the spectators where they did not stop encouraging the riders.

Programmed in different categories, the riders who will have the best times will win the round. All of them offered us a lot of spectacle, especially riders from the SUB10 to the SUB18 category, where these future promises of the SUP paddled as if there were no tomorrow; making a lot of effort without ceasing until crossing the finish line. They had to perform several “photo finish” due to the equality between them. Above all highlight the good atmosphere generated by children and adolescents, that is already normal in many events throughout Spain. This sport unites many people and generates great friendships. 38

After the first hours of the II Spanish Speed Championship, a break was made to continue the final heats during the afternoon. But before, the organization of the Seville SUP Festival performed some races of “SUP Race Amateurs� for all those who wanted to participate by paddling in different categories. The result was a resounding success, with very high participation with a mix of competition and fun...the essential for the riders of this sport that all event organizers wish to have, and thus put the SUP through their veins. Great work of the whole organization.

After lunch, the speed championship resumed with its last heats to contest with a lot of emotion ahead. Slight gusts of wind made an appearance during the afternoon, but it did not make the competitors much harder. Rafa Sirvent was the big winner of the day, being the fastest in the championship (56.9 seconds) and was winning his category. We were surprised by the performance of Victoria Ryzhova, Elite in the women’s 14’ and being the fastest (01: 16.1 sec.) Sheila Sirvent and Jacobo Fernández García managed to climb to the top of the drawer in 12’6¨. We want to highlight the great participation of the international canoeist Javier Reja Muñoz in SUP adapted. A placer to see him paddling with us and we hope that this category has more participation in the future...Bravo!

And as we have already mentioned, this weekend was the culmination of the Seville SUP Festival with the XI test of the CMS 2018, an excellent long distance organized by the team of Augusto and the collaboration of Central de SUP; supported with sponsors such as Red Bull, Coca Cola, Schwepees, Desperado, Covey, Eusa, City Sightseeing and Starboard.

On early Sunday we could breathe the air of competition from very early, a fresh but pleasant day for competitors, bearing in mind that we are in a city that when the heat is strong can be oppressive. It was wonderful to see people in the water coming from different circuits of SUP race from all over the country, like the Mediterranean or the Costa del SUP among others. They had to make different tours: 12 km., 6 km. and descending depending on the category; with flat water of scandal and bordering the river bank to offer a great show to all the public in the area...just like the day before in the speed championship.

The passers-by of the Triana bridge stopped their passage a few minutes to contemplate the image of the day with all the “supers� collapsing the width of the Guadalquivir river channel seconds before the start of the competition, leaving a minute difference between each category. The route was a straight line and the riders made turns of buoys to change direction and were crossing between them: amateurs, juniors, elite, etc. This generated shouts of encouragement and support among all of them. And as expected, all eyes were focused on the competitors of the Elite category who from the first minutes were very concentrated dosing efforts and with the very high rhythm of paddling (especially in the first 10 positions). The girls of the 12’6 category also took a great pace and very close together the competitors of the first 5 positions

The last 3 kms. of the competition were the most exciting, when Rafa Sirvent and Jose María Avila gave 100% of their “everything” to the finish line; where the rider of Parres Watersports could dis-tance himself from the Central of SUP rider in the last final meters and thus get the victory. Rafa once again showed us all his potential. Avila got the 2nd position ahead of James Van Drunen after a big dispute for the 3rd place along with Diego Sousa that finished in 4th position in male Elite cat-egory. In the girls, Afrodita Ruso gave no option to anyone and got the 1st position with a great performance, without missing the great work of Victoria Ryzhova and Gloria Torrijos crossing the finish line in 2nd and 3rd position correspondingly.

And another great moment of excitement on the part of competitors and the public was in the arrivals to the finish of the category 12’6, which always gives us great surprises in all events...a category that can not miss. In the women’s category, Sheila Sirven took the 1st position, and the riders Jaquelina Aramberri and Majo Pellicer offered a show fighting for the 2nd and 3rd place until the last meter of the course. Finally Jaquelina won to Majo for a second. Something similar happened in the boys, where Antonio Morillo and Nando Gómez after many kmtrs. paddling practically together, crossed the finish line with a second difference. The Cádiz rider got the 1st position against Nando, arriving in 3rd position Manuel Hoyuela 2 minutes later. Impressive performance of all of them, future promises of the national SUP.

After enjoying a few hours of relaxation, talk, food and drink after the competition, the awards cer-emony of the XI stage of the SUP Race 2018 Mediterranean Circuit was held with large participa-tion also of visitors and users of the Lonja Market of Sevilla. 42

A great pleasure to have attended this event, which we had noted on our agenda this year due to the very good comments received from the previous edition. And of course, he did not disappoint, with his impeccable organization and dedication on the part of Augusto and all the team of Club Windsurf Isla Cristina. And if we add to this the work of the Central de SUP team in the speed championship, we closed a weekend touching perfection. The zone event was incomparable, in the middle of the city and with so many options. And before ending this report with all those who have made this event possible, from Up Suping we want to thank you for having had our presence and our work, thanks to whole SUP family for the support received and we hope next year come back‌.Big event! Collaborators of the Seville SUP Games and Seville SUP Festvial: Seville City Council, Tourism of Seville, Spanish Surf Federation, Lonja del Barranco Market, Triana Canoe Club, SUP Race 2018 and Up Suping Mediterranean Circuit.



Chasing California Gold

Casper Steinfath. Naish International

How long could the path possibly keep winding? It felt like hours had passed. Up and down the wild terrain we walked with our gear. In reality it was probably not hours, but rather a short collection of minutes. The fresh airborne scent of pine and the tranquil forest sounds guided us along the dirt path as our pack of Danes troded onwards. “My feet are killing me. Why soo many hills in California?� my cousin Freddy exhaustedly exclaimed. A squirrel darted across the path just in front of us. He hardly even noticed our presence and instead continued to curriously inspect some of the downfallen debris from the nearby trees. Fascinated by our new furry friend, cousin Freddy quickly lost focus on the path ahead and his tiresome state. 44

Inside myself, I knew that this was probably not the golden picture of California Freddy had been expecting. It was certainly not a matter of survival for us, but this distance trail in the forest of Northern California was far from the warm sandy beaches and blue skies of Los Angeles. Another hour passed. The mood of the group grew darker. “We’re here!!” Freddy’s girlfriend Pernille yelled from up ahead. Where the forest came to an end a small secluded cove and water came to view. The perfect spot to launch and get onto the water to explore one of the golden sides of California.

Since arriving in California 3 weeks earlier it had been one hell of a roller coaster ride. Competing at the Pacific Paddle Games was just the first step in this west coast saga. After finishing the hectic World Tour racing in Dana Point we set out to conquer the legendary Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco and beyond. Back home in Europe people dream the typical California dream of visiting Hollywood and driving a convertible car along the coast while watching a magical sunset and blasting Chili Peppers tunes. A beautiful dream, but after spending nearly a decade surfing and adventuring in this golden state, I knew that there is so much more substance than just the shallow popular picture. That’s why our roadtrip took a different turn and my mission became to give my friends another perspective by going into the wild and what better way to do that than with our surfboards and Naish toys.

Quickly the energy in the air changed as we exited the deep forest and found ourselves in a beautiful little cove. I could sense the excitement from my companions. While this for me was just another day in the office and another adventure among many, I could also see the pure stoke on my friends’ faces from being in a totally new environment. The view of the vast waterway was breathtaking and the setting absolutely stunning. Yet, it was the huge smiles on my cousin’s face that took my stoke level through the roof and had me goofing around as a small kid. We quickly readied our boards and danced into our wetsuits and began our assault on the frigid waters

As my board hit the water I felt a big weight lift from my shoulders. Even though only a temporary release, I knew to enjoy it. For over 2 weeks we had not just been adventuring around California. For me it had been 2 weeks of mental anxiety and some major pressure. I had my mind set on competing in the 3rd annual Red Bull Heavy Water in San Francisco where I would be looking to defend my Title from 2017, when I won the race in huge 15 foot surf. Winning the wildest race in our sport was nothing less than amazing, but it also left some strong marks as I had been pushed far outside of my comfort zone in achieving the gold medal. Now the questions remained: Would a massive swell arrive within the next week for the event and could I possibly defend my title from last year? My mind was all over the place when facing these questions. I love competing but I also longed for a temporary escape. That is why this impromptu hiking and paddling adventure with my cousin and his girlfriend was so appealing. No abstract worries, just the joy of wandering through the wilderness in search of a good place to paddle. And we sure found that!

As we exited the silk smooth water of the remote cove I could see my cousin beaming with energy and excitement. It looked like he was ready to take on anything the world could throw at him. “I’m ready, let’s paddle to Norway, cousin”, Freddy laughed. I knew that feeling of beeing on top of the world and ready to take on anything. In that moment we shared this feeling.

We paddled along the coast for what felt like an indefinable amount of time. It could have been minutes or hours. We could not keep track. The sensation of paddling and gliding across the mixed surface of water while goofing around was a feeling very special to me. Something that reminded me of those long summer days in Denmark, when we as kids would play on our SUPs and tour up and down the Cold Hawaii coast. The difference being that the coast of California is full of so much dynamic life in both its biology and geography. For days we had been playing around. Going on small hikes into the wild. Some days we hiked to chase waves, other days it was just to catch the glimpse of world seemingly forgotten from modern society. I loved every moment away from the noise and high pace of the big city. As the shadows grew longer we ventured back to camp filled with memories of adventure. Bodies tired and smiles Big! I remember Freddy standing in the middle of the bay at sundown screaming his lungs out cause no one was around. The echos travelled far and wide, yet no one heard him or myself when I joined in. Sometimes you have to wonder off the grid to find the gold...and so we did!

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Up Suping

Sean Evans. Albert Laborda. Onexe

We had the opportunity to interview you at the ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championhsip in China after having achieved that copper medal. Tell us how those days of competition were, from the start to the great final, with that giants SUP Surfing world riders. For me the trip to China has been incredible, to be there surfing with the best SUP surfers of the world was the best, the days of competition I remember them with tension, I wanted to be among the top 10. Suddenly I pass repechage round and I see myself against Caio Vaz, Sean Pointer and Riki Horikoshi. I also managed to pass that round and to enter the final of my first ISA World Cup. It was an incredible experience to be able to compete and surf that final with all my idols.


You have had a great evolution. And that it is both sporting and personal to get these wonderful results...right? I have worked hard to compete at that level, and it´s the work of many people that have led me to that end. On a sporting level, I do believe that I have improved by seeing all those incredible surfers, talking to them, working every day. I see myself better than other years and I continue to see the same child who wants to learn and motivated to continue improving.

Let’s go back a bit to the past. Barbate, waves and good weather. Ideal for the enjoyment of Stand Up Paddle... and how did this sport enter in your eyes? Since a boy I was surfing with a short board, until several friends of the Barbarte Surf School gave me a SUP board and I saw it quite strange, very big...until I got more into the world SUP and saw that some boards are similar to of surfing and I was hooked completely.



And how were the first sessions of SUP Surf in your usual spot? Was pretty good, I saw me very well on the board, very similar to surfing. I looked pretty good catching faster waves and with potential to improve my surfing. Do you think that all world this modality has evolved with more radical, precise and demanding maneuvers? Of course, and I think that’s the beauty of this sport, there is always something new that we can do. Nowadays the SUP Surf have your own maneuvers, the waves are just as demanding as in a Surf competition. When you see Luis Diniz doing 360º with the SUP board, you understand that there is no difference between SUP and Surf; just a paddle and the board with a little more volume. 52

How do you organize your trips, studies, training, etc.? It´s a bit complicated to organize all the trips, competitions, training sessions of many hours, but I try to take it easy. I try to surf the whole morning, then in the afternoon I go to the institute, 2nd grade of bachelor and when I leave the institute I go to a train-ing room where we do physical exercise, and several times a week I try to go to the swiming pool to and practice apnea.


How would you define your surfing style and what qualities do you want to improve? When I was little I’ve been watching to Tom Carroll, Cheyne Horan...a lot of classic surfing and now watching incredible surfers like John John Florence, Gabriel Medina, etc...I try to mix everything learned and take it to Stand Up Paddle. And there is always a lot to improve, practice new turns, improve the skills on the board, improve in the competition. I want to improve always every time I am in the water and I think it is essential to improve. Onexe

Surely you have in mind some SUP Trip in the future with perfect and powerful waves. Indo, Australia, Hawaii..? Tell us your dreams! Of course, I would love to travel the world and surf it´s waves to be able to compete on a global level to do the contest of the APP World Tour and the ISA world events. And I would love to travel to Indonesia to surfing waves with very long barrels, and above all see the world and swim in all the places where there is a wave, and not stop learning...that’s my dream.


You are in a very sweet moment and with a great future ahead. How do you organizing this 2019? I´m in a very happy moment of my life, I am fulfilling what I have been dreaming for a long time. This year I would like to be able to do the APP World Tour, the ISA World Championship, the European Championships, and national championships. I would love to be able to do them all, I am always open to proposals to help me make this dream come true and fight for world titles.


Thanks to… Thanks to you Nico for having me here again, it is a pleasure answer your interviews. Thanks to my sponsors: Fanatic, Diputación of Cádiz, Products of Almadraba GADIRA, WetWater Sports for always helping me and having the confidence that they have deposited in me, thanks to my family and all the people of Barbarte who always give me strength. Thank you very much and happy year!


COLECCIÓN 2018/19 . LICRAS TÉCNICAS ADAPTADAS PARA EL PADDLES SURF (transpirables, secado rápido, costuras adaptadas especialmente para remar, protección 50 UPF. FABRICACIÓN 100% ESPAÑA)




Majo Pellicer

Albert Laborda. KDF. Crono 4. Mº José Salazar.

I start telling what the Mediterranean Circuit is, I will explain who I am. My name is Majo Pellicer, although many people know me, there will be many others that do not. Professionally I dedicate myself to the world of “Stand Up Paddle”, where I focus on the “SUP Race” modality. My favorite circuit is the Mediterranean Circuit.

The Mediterranean Circuit, is “our home”, and I say our because this circuit is possible thanks to all the support of the clubs, and the riders that are the most important, since we believe and support this circuit. As I said, the RIDERS form the fun-damental pillar of this circuit. I consider myself fortunate to have seen this circuit evolve from the beginning until now; watching 50 riders compete in a test and now see 200 now in the water. That excites me, as more and more children are competing and enjoying this sport.

That evolution is due to the perfect organization of the events, which every year are improving and take care of all the details so that the riders feel at home and everyone leaves happy, which is the important thing finally. Circuit tests are conducted throughout the mediterranean coast, from Castellón, passing through Valencia and ending in Alicante. They usually do a single test, being long distance in which the test consists of between 10km. and 15km, or beach race, which is another very technical test, is shorter but consists of many buoy turns in the balls and often with waves. Also some clubs add the test “sprint”, as the same word says it is a race of 200 meters.

For me, the most beautiful thing about this circuit is the great family that we have created. And that makes every weekend of competition is incredible and that makes us want to return to see us another weekend, enjoy and do what we like most is to paddle and have fun. I am lucky to have met great riders and great people. These people have gone from being companions to being like brothers, from being idols to being friends...as a family. This gives me to understand what is this sport, and what this circuit tries to have as a goal: to transmit to all the people who start, that the best of this sport are the friendships and respect that we have over the competition.





MATERIAL MANA 9´8¨ 2019 www.b3proshop.com

• Length: 9´8¨ (294 cm) • Width: 34¨ ( 86 cm) • Thickness: 4 7/8¨ ( 12,4 cm) • Volume: 200 litros • Finds: GSX US Box Center 10.5 • Weight: 13,6 kgm.

The Mana are perfect boards for beginners and those looking to increase their surfing skills. With its ideal design for enjoying the waves, these boards are incredibly stable and easy to manoeuvre with waves of medium or small size. Versatile and easy to store, they are the ideal option for those looking for an easy session. The shape of the bottom in V and its powerful rocker, provide a great ability to turn, while the extra wide contour offers the confidence and ease that any rider needs for speed and ease, whether it is surfing or doing a simple ride.



With the new KUNDAKA GUAM model, we keep improving and developing our range of SUP RACE boards. With the latest technology in materials (full carbon) and with the joint work of engineers and riders, we have designed a new board for the most demanding athletes. We found a new shape with which we have gained stability thanks to its redesigned hull and its more efficient cover. This has allowed us to reduce his width from 24’5 to 23 without losing stability. We have also taken care of the level of details and finishes improving decoration and handles. All this leads us to present the KUNDAKA GUAM, a versatile, stable and fast board.



14´ 14´´ 12´5¨ 12´5¨

24´5¨ 23´ 24´5¨ 23¨

MATERIAL COCO ALLROUNDER 10´ www.nspsurfboards.com

• Lenght: 10´ ( 305 cm) • Width: 33¨ ( 81 cm) • Thickness: 4 1/4¨ ( 10,8 cm) • Volume: 169 litros • Finds: 2x M3 + 1x Coco Fin 8¨ • Weight of the rider: up to 90Kg

The ultimate allround SUP, and not just for the eco-conscious: a perfect blend of fun wave performance and flatwater paddling glide makes this board an impressive option for paddlers who want it all. This board is built with NSP’s patent-pending CocoMat technology, meaning it contains raw coconut husk fibers from naturally sustainable plantations. Proven outline with semi pointed surf style nose with moderate nose lift, a forward wide point for stability and easy paddling.


VOODOO II The Voodoo is the board that dares with all kinds of conditions. Specially designed for riders with some experience in waves, with a fast and powerful “shape” that allows you to attack the wave from the base making the turns as vertical as you wish. Without a doubt, it is the ideal table if you only want a single board for the waves.

MATERIAL www.sup-one.com

LYCRA TECHNIQUE BLANES UNISEX Garment especially adapted for mobility at sea. Elastic, tight and tactile Soft for your long trips and training. • UPF 50 solar protection • Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL • Composition 91% PES 9% Weaved EA 2.0 DRY CLIM • Manufactured 100% in Spain


348 . MOBILE WATERPROOF COVER / GPS 100% waterproof and submersible case for mobile phones with up to 6.1 “screen (Samsung Galaxy, HTC and the like) & GPS. Inside the case everything works as usual. • Perfect view of the screen • Handle buttons and touch screens through the case • You can talk and listen without problems • Take pictures and record movies • Receive and send messages • WiFi, Bluetooth...

MATERIAL www.spsurf.com

SPORT 10´2¨x 34´x 5¨ The SPORT is the board prepared to hold almost everything. Ultra stable, which will facilitate the delivery of classes, and the big degree of satisfaction of the students. Ideal for: • Rider all levels up to 130 Kg • Schools, clubs, charters, events • For intensive use throughout the season • Length: 10’2 (310 cm) • Width: 34¨ (86 cm) • Thickness: 5¨ (12 cm)

• Volume: 120 Liters • Board weight: 9 Kg • Weight of the rider: up to 130Kg.

You can see our magazines in: www.upsuping.com


Up Suping



Up Suping

NSP PUMA PRO CARBON 2019 The NSP Puma is the most recognized model of the brand, especially for its versatility and its ability to adapt to the different conditions we can use. It can be an efficient table in flat water, face a downwind without problems and even allow us to surf waves easily in the spot. It is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy each session. The Puma is chameleonic and adapts to whatever the circumstance. It is also the only NSP board that does not have a deep bathtub, so it is more comfortable to handle if it is difficult for you to up to the boards.

The variations with respect to 2018 are in the model 14’x26 “, which has less rocker than the previous year and with a redesigned bottom to improve maneuverability in surf conditions. In addition, the new Puma 14’x24.75 “is included, which completes the void that existed between the 23.5” model and the 26 “model. In the 12’6 “models variations have been suffered on the 22” and 23 “models, which have seen their rocker reduced to benefit the lighter riders, and the 23” has lowered half an inch thanks to this redesign with compared to 23.5 “last year, maintaining the same stability but improving its speed a bit more, especially in flat water.

It has its origin in the technical races with a start at the beach, so it is designed for a comfortable start from the sand, an efficient wave step, paddling in sections with flat or choppy and frontal wind, lateral or in favor, and finally face the exit of the water surfing the waves. In fact, all the Puma ride the keel NSP Surf Race 20, the shortest of all, to hurry the arrival to the beach without hitting the bottom and at the same time being able to stand up quickly at the start to paddling as soon as possible. This model also has the new design of EVA rubber pad, FCS insert for accessories, Gore valve for board ventilation and front leash plug in case we prefer to hook the leash in this position. 68

NSP NINJA PRO CARBON 2019 The NSP model for flat water is called Ninja, a true warrior in the water and a rocket when the conditions are ideal to exploit its full potential. If we think about the flat water boards of only a few years ago, they have little to do with the Ninja and the models of other brands that are being manufactured for flat conditions. The inverted nose and the recessed deck are the main characteristics of the flat water boards that are raising the speed in Stand Up Paddle considerably. In the Ninja, the recessed deck for a low center of gravity, an element that considerably increases the stability thanks to the lowering of the center of gravity. It has widened and raised the tail to improve stability too, as well as to have more surface and better support in the buoy turns. This design in the stance area makes it incorporate the AVS system that includes four drainage holes for rapid evacuation of water that could enter the deck. All these elements in the design of the Ninja, make it possible to handle narrower measures than in previous seasons. For this year NSP brings us four measures in the Ninja range, one 12’6 “x23.5” and three different widths in the 14 ‘: 14’x21 “(234 liters), 14’x22” (239 liters) and 14 ‘x24 “(255 liters). The Ninja is a board that you should at least use once, to check in the first person how the speed increases with this type of inverted nose boards so striking that they act as a knife on water. In addition, thanks to the improvements of the design in terms of stability, we can use narrower tables that allow a better technique of paddling, less delay of the board, greater cadence and greater inertia, to be able to row more time on the same side. This model includes a new high-quality pad in EVA rubber with a wonderful grip and to match the aesthetics of the board. A leash plug in the front area in addition to the traditional tail. On the deck, we have an insert with FCS screw to put the camera, the GPS or any object safely, and below the Gore ventilation valve, which allows the board to “breathe” without absorbing moisture. 69

“I want to be a world champion and I will fight hard until to get it. I need some time, but I feel I can do it¨


Schofield. Jimenez. Vitry

Hello Martin! Tell us about yourself so that our followers know you a little more: where you live, what you do, when you started doing SUP, etc... Hi! I am so stoked to do an interview for a Spanish website, I am sorry I can’t do it in spanish because I wasn’t attentive enough in High School…Anyway, my name is Martin Vitry, I am 19 and I live the life I have always dreamed of. Everyday I am in the water between trainings for SUP race and surfing or foiling. I live in the South of France in Sanary with my parents and I am travelling most of the time everywhere in the world to race or just because I want to surf there. Another year earlier I was living in the North of France, Luc, since I was born and it was really cold in winter so SUP was the best sport to do. My father understood that super early and push all the family on a SUP in 2010. Seriously, it’s the best and funniest sport to do when you live somewhere freezing. You are above the water with good sensations. While racing you are getting hot as you were doing a jogging. And when you surf if you fell as soon as you stand again on the board you warm up. Now I am lucky enough to chase the sun and warm water every winter to train better and surf. Two years ago I went to New Caledonia and last year in Maui. I fell in love with this island and I have good friends over there, it’s so fun.


You close a great 2018 being the European SUP Race champion, traveling all over the world, participating in the ISA World SUP&Paddleboard Championship in China...What a great year! Thank you ! Yes I am really stoked about that. I made big efforts with my training all year. I started it in Hawaii with my friends Ryan Funk and Connor Baxter and after I keep up the pace. I was really involve at every races so I am happy to ended up with some great results. I am looking forward to do better the next season.




Your evolution in the SUP is amazing in recent years. What motivates you to continue growing as an athlete and competitor? The races. I love the races, I have always been a competitor and I love challenge. Challenge myself at every races against the best in the World push me a lot. Everyone are getting ready and do their best with training, nutrition and material. The sensation of feeling good during a race is crazy. I want to be a World Champion and I will push hard until I got that. I need some time but I feel I can do it. All the friends you make along the way is so good too. You share the same passion with peoples everywhere around the world and it’s always a good time. . How is the treatment and teamwork of the French Surfing Federation with all the SUP riders? They take care of us like real high level athletes. We have coachs, doctor, photographer... Always in perfect places to stay and feel good anywhere, we are in the World. They have a real interest in us and our sport so we can just thanks them for everything. At each ISA races we have no expense to do. Everything is on the French Federation. I think we are the only team to have that treatment. To be in the French Team is a real challenge during the year because the level is high and it’s a good opportunity.

How about the selection riders you’ve had this year? Carpentier, Piana, Puyo...I’m sure you’ve learned many things from them! Yes a lot, I am glad I can spend time with them. They were my idols when I was young and it’s thanks to them I wanted to do SUP as a full job. Olivia’s world title gave goosebumps and hope. With passion and determination you can achieve what you want.

How was your participation in the Eurotour 2018? We also do not forget your experiences in USA events. It’s was fun ! It was the first time I did many events and really taking planes everyweek to go where the trailer went and I had good times. I want to do almost the same next year because the new schedule looks sick. I love the events in USA because the emulation is crazy the weekend of the race, they do it well.

In addition to the SUP Race you practice and enjoy other modalities of Stand Up Paddle? I surf a lot. When there is waves I do my training early in the morning to be done and then I spend all the day in the water surfing with my shortboard or my SUP. I have new foils now I really want to be better at it. I will practice that a lot this winter. Looks so fun in DownWind. Beside the SUP trainings I love to run and workout on the beach. Where do you usually train and surfing good waves? It depends of where am I in the world...(laughts)

What do you think are your main qualities paddling and competing? I don’t really know, maybe my passion, determination and all the training I do. Also I am always watching the best to learn from them. I spent a lot of time in the water and I need it so it can be a factor.

2019 comes full of events, trips and many experiences...What is your planing for this year? I just booked my plane ticket for Maui so I know yet I am going there for a month. Hopefully the Paddle League schedule will be out soon to know better if I am doing it or APPWT. It’s not really clear yet with the World Tour but I wish they will find arrangements. It would be better for athletes and fans. And of course the French races and the Euro Tour races who give me the most desire. Also do my best to stay in the French Team and defend my European Title and improve my 5th place at Worlds.

Thanks to… I want to thanks SIC for the best race and surf boards, Quiksilver for the perfect clothes, Quickblade for the best paddles, Blackproject for the best fins, Howzit for the funky equipment and SideShore Surf Shop. I want to also thank my parents, my friends and my girlfriend for all the good times when I am in France.

¨Travels is not an expense. They are an investment in oneself¨

DUBAI Amadeo Viera

...And it’s been 6 years since, for work reasons, I spent a few months living in the “model city”, Dubai, and how I enjoyed my lay days doing SUP. And this fall it happened again! Although again the working life this time took me to the desert, to a city where, ironically, there is one of the best wave pools in the world. Where even some test of the Stand Up World Series was done and from where the point closest to the sea, or “navigable” site, is a little more than 2 hours by car. So I could not resist the temptation to go back to those places I lived and paddling a few years ago, and on one of those free days I went there. Rent SUP material in Dubai is really easy: city focused on tourism, just go to any of its tourist beaches to find somewhere to do it. Beaches with incredible surveillance services, beacons, showers, access, parking, outdoor gyms... beaches where sand and water, although transparent and clean, is “soup”. They are very well maintained, and none of this is not what I remembered from my previous stay. My first morning I had free to use it to travel to Dubai to do SUP and remember to paddle those places out of the ordinary: paddling in front of the archipelago in the form of “mapa mundi”, surrounding the most luxurious hotel in the world and perhaps the most photographed sites: the Burj Al Arab, which is accessed only by a bridge; it is on an artificial island. Ode has that palm-shaped island (Palm Jumeirah) nearby and is possible to reach it by padling... Just another beautiful and unique way to visit Dubai.

SUP River en el Noguera Pallaresa Join Fanatic / Ion’s riders Gerd Serrasolses, Nico Fayol and Thomas Richard, paddling down the mythic Noguera Pallaresa river in Catalan Pyrenees. Gautier Boudat

In Western Europe, the Noguera Pallaresa has become a classic river to run for kayakers, here is born commercial rafting in Europe in the 80’s. Summer working season is ending and the need of paddling is growing every day despite the dryness of our rivers in France. One day I receive a calling from Nico Fayol: « What’s up buddy ? What are your plans next week ? I have a plan to SUP on a juicy river, the mythical Pallaresa on the other side of Pyrenees in Catalunya. - Ok bro I’m in !

We drove down to Sort city, located 80 km South-West of Andorra. The river has its source in the Val d’Aran, a few meters from the source of the Garonne and flows for 154 km to the south before flowing into the Segre and the Ebro before ending in the Mediterranean. In Sort we met the local and international kayaker Gerd Serrasolses from Fanatic Spain and Gautier Boudat our official photographer. Due to the massive snowfall last winter, thaw has been generous and water levels stills pretty high even in September in Spain ! We decide to paddle down, step by step, the 60 km class II-III-IV whitewater from Llavorsi to la Pobla de Segur.

Llavorsi - Rialp: whitewater paradise (11km) The first section is the classic whitewater of Pallaresa, 11km class III-IV rapids from Llavorsi. This village is also the start point of every rafting companies of the valley, the put in is on the left bank at the confluence of the Riu de Cardos, which double the flow of the Noguera Pallaresa, that’s good for our fins. Let’s go for a short warm up by inflating our 3 Rapid Air boards, in 11’ for Gerd and Nico who are carrying stuff, in 9’6 for me…Perfect weather: warm and sunny but the water is quite cold, let’s wear our Ion wetsuit and knee pads then we are ready to ride! The firsts kilometers are quite easy, perfect to get back to SUP paddling, rapids are deep we can forget our fins and paddle without the stress of breaking something. It’s so good after months of waiting. ¨La lavadora¨ is the first class IV rapid, the stream speeds up and turn on the right in a big volume of water, waves and finish with a massive rock in the middle forms a big whole you won’t play in it…Let’s follow each other, spread your legs, bent your knees, have a strong stroke on your paddle and let’s go guys! Then we arrived next to a small parking on the left bank, Gerd announce ¨now guys, let the party begins¨, here are the strongest rapids of the section, perfect whitewater. Paddling here is so cool and continuous, you can play everywhere surfing waves, stop in strong eddies…It’s also sketchy, we didn’t count the swims…This river is totally surrounded by nature, there are no dirty factories, electric lines crossing the river but just a few caws and horses running these green fields down massive cliffs. Sun is shining the whole day, that’s so good.

Rialp - Sort (4km) The section between Rialp and Sort isn’t the most interesting part: flat water and small rapids but the view is still beautiful. Watch out the dam after Rialp, we walked it on the left. Slowly we arrive down Sort’s whitewater course.

Bassin de Sort: urban water park Sort is the most important city of the valley thanks to tourism (ski in winter, rafting and whitewater activities in summer). It’s also the kayakers basecamp of the valley, you can see boats, paddles and stuff everywhere in the city. Locals built a whitewater course crossing downtown. We finished the day playing in the course: boater cross, wave surfing…We decided to camp next to the river , drink beers and eat some tapas in a local bar. Tonight the Barça is playing, the sidewalk is on fire!

Sort - Gerri de la Sal: Le Pastis! (13km) The firsts 8 kilometers are very easy before the famous Pastis Rapid, class IV IV+ depending water levels, it makes us nervous at the top… You can’t see anything from the side, just a massive and boiling whitewater, big and sharp rocks. The line looks simple: entry on the right, paddle through the first wave, boof a big hole then come back in the middle paddle to have maximum speed and boof the second hole. Gerd goes in first, we look at him attentively, he begins with a nice line but failed in the middle of the rapid, it’s going so fast! Ok so now it’s our turn, I follow Nico and we falled after a few strokes…¨It has been a long time I didn’t swim like that¨! affirm Nico. ¨Ok guys let’s do it again, we must get back on the poney! The second run was good for each of them, let’s continue the descent.

Gerri de la Sal - La Pobla de Segur: Collegats Canyon (16km) This is the last whitewater part of the Noguera Pallaresa river, one of my favorites, well known for crossing the Collegats Canyon, a famous spot for rock climbers and it’s multiple canyoning courses. This is a breathtaking immersion between 2 huge colored cliffs, we paddle under the rock de l’Argenteria: a magical waterfall with flashing green moss on orange rock. 1 km later the gorge opens again to recover the classic Pallaresa style until the end: the lake of la Pobla de Segur.

The Noguera Pallaresa is definitely a river to discover in SUP paddling, rapids are so funny, the environment and weather is perfect for a 3-4 day trip. The best period to have good flood is between June and september, summer (july and august) is the top season for rafting companies, the river can be full of people. We’ll come back for sure! Riders: Nico Fayol, Gerd Serrasolses, Thomas Richard Pictures: Gautier Boudat Partners du trip: Fanatic, Ion, Water Well, Altitude Eyewear

mi first review Pedro Gutierrez (www.supcantabria.blogspot.com)

In this issue of Up Suping we will review the different publications of “My First”, with lots of information for those who are taking their first steps in Stand Up Paddle. And of course, for those who have been paddling for longer, it will serve to remember certain aspects of this sport and all its elements. We will show you brief information about each spanish publication and you will be able to access the complete article with a single “click”, traveling through the previous issues of our digital magazine. SURFING, RESPECT, ENJOY & LOVE. KEEP SUPING.


MI PRIMERA TABLA . UP#13 Como no podía ser de otra manera teníamos que comenzar hablando de las pautas a seguir para la compra de nuestra primera tabla de SUP. Tenemos que tener en cuenta muchas variables como para que la vamos a utilizar, el tipo de construcción, el material del que está hecha, el tamaño y la forma que más se adecua a su fin, además del precio, debido a que no es un producto barato. Las respuestas a estas preguntas tan básicas nos ayudarán a la hora de obtener una tabla que se adecue a nosotros y a lo que buscamos.

MI PRIMER REMO . UP#14 El accesorio que nos diferencia del resto de modalidades del surfing, es sin duda alguna el REMO, por lo que generalmente a los que venimos del mundo de las olas más nos cuesta entender y adquirir. Así que vamos a intentar en este artículo establecer unas pequeñas pautas a seguir para la compra de nuestro primer remo de SUP, que para mí, es el artilugio donde más tenemos que invertir, ya que es el complemento más importante de nuestro quiver

MI PRIMERA QUILLA . UP#15 Si pensamos que el mundo de los remos es amplio y variado, no os podéis ni imaginar el de las quillas, ya que existen mil modelos, marcas, tipos y colores, todo al gusto del consumidor, siempre digo lo mismo en este aspecto, realmente para un “supero” de nivel medio-bajo, como podemos ser cualquiera de nosotros, es muy complicado apreciar la diferencia de esta parte tan importante de la tabla en unas condiciones de olas de playa, pero siempre podemos notar su agarre dependiendo de cómo las instalemos o el sistema que utilicemos. Es probable que en Race sí que lo podamos apreciar algo más el usar un tamaño u otro. 85

MI PRIMER LEASH . UP#16 En los próximos números, vamos a hablar de los elementos de seguridad que debemos llevar cada vez que desarrollemos una actividad vinculada al stand up paddle. En este artículo, comenzaremos hablando del leash que seguramente sea el complemento más importante de nuestro equipo y que no puede faltar nunca en nuestras sesiones.

MI PRIMER PFD . UP#17 Uno de los elementos de seguridad más importantes que existen en el mundo salitrero es sin duda alguna los PFDs, Personal Floatation Devices, o lo que vendría a ser “dispositivos personales de flotación”. En este artículo voy a intentar deciros o explicaros porque es tan importante su uso en nuestra disciplina deportiva a pesar de no ser muy utilizado en nuestro país.

MI PRIMERA TABLA PROPULSADA . UP#18 En el presente número, os voy a hablar de un revolucionario sistema de tabla propulsada de stand up paddle made in Spain. Aunque no os lo creáis encaja perfectamente dentro de los sistemas de seguridad de los que estamos hablando en los últimos números y os iré explicando en el artículo el por qué pienso esto de este innovador artilugio.


MI PRIMERA ROPA . UP#19 Uno de los artículos necesarios para desarrollar nuestra actividad deportiva y que sin duda alguna es donde más variedad existe es la vestimenta, ya que influyen muchos aspectos externos a nosotros, desde el para qué (modalidad), el donde (entorno), hasta en qué condiciones climatológicas (frío, calor, lluvia, etc) lo vamos a utilizar, e incluso los personales, debido a que para gustos los colores y todos tenemos diferentes preferencias o manías.

MI PRIMERA COMPETICIÓN SUP RACE . UP#20 Tras haber hablado en nuestros anteriores números de los artículos necesarios para la práctica deportiva de nuestro querido SUP, stand up paddle, paddlesurf o surf a remo, he decidido viendo en las últimas competiciones que he organizado o dirigido realizar un par de artículos sobre las primeras cosas que tenemos que tener en cuenta cuando participamos en una competición, ya sea como aficionado/amateur o bien como deportista federado/competidor.

MI PRIMERA COMPETICIÓN SURFING . UP#21 Tras haberos hablado en el número anterior de los pasos a seguir en una prueba de race, ahora toca desgranar las cosas que tenemos que tener en cuenta a la hora de apuntarnos a un evento de stand up paddle de olas. Para ello, voy a seguir el mismo esquema utilizado para la otra modalidad, ya que así podréis comparar una con otra, y más que nada porque tienen muchas similitudes en los aspectos generales, por no decir que son exactamente iguales.



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¨When I get on the board, I am transported to happiness¨ Marina Navarro

How and when did Stand Up Paddle enter your life? I met this sport in 2013. By chance, walking along the beach in Torremolinos, where I live. I saw a boy paddling with a SUP on a sunny day with the sea completely calm. And at that moment, the SUP enter in my life. That same day I already asked at a school and bought my first board, which was of SUP lessons. 92

It was a submarine, but I already had my board. Well, we bought two since I started and progressed with my partner. I’ve always liked sports, and doing it at sea is something that can not be explained...you have to live it. You feel the energy, the silence, and sound, the smell. Something that started as a hobby, is now a passion. We quickly went to the waves, with Cadiz as a reference. And here we spent the evenings paddling with friends in those glassy days waiting for waves to jump in Malaga. These trips became long exits with the boards of waves and waves at sunset. Until my friend Pelu appeared, in 2014 with the first SUP Race board that I saw: a Naish board...that was an F1 car! And we already got all the passion of this modality.

We saw you last year participating in the Costa del SUP circuit. How do you see the growth and participation there and in other events in Spain? The Costa del SUP circuit has been essential to advance and progress in the SUP Race and throughout Andalucia, as we didn´t have a circuit to participate and train as in other areas of Spain. We only had some contest and very amateurs, with very short distances. We started later, but results are already being seen in these last two years of the circuit. We have a very fresh atmosphere, all participants and the organization we know and the good atmosphere that is experienced in each test makes it very special. We have more participation, even from other areas of Spain come to our circuit, that means it is of good quality. This year will be called and will be Circuito Andaluz Costa del SUP, giving it the strength of a firm circuit. In the rest of competitions in Spain I see a lot of level, they have circuits with many contests for years and that helps them to train more and better and to be more demanding, like the Mediterranean Circuit. Participating in the rest of Spain makes us see everything we train to be at the level of this sport in this country. 93

Tell us how was your participation in the Baiona Spain Championship...You’ve done really good! Thanks Nico! Well, in principle I was not going to participate (laughs), it was my friend Keko who called me a few days before. How we are the andalusian representation, because I’ve been champion of Andalucia for three years, and this year with Fernando and Enrique Pérez, Antoñito Morillo...and he said to me: Hey...that you’re not going to go? No way! And at that moment, I thought, come on, let’s go to Galicia! I had no ref-erences to this race, only that they were one of the best in Spain. I went with the thought of meeting people and doing my best. I got a very good impression and the Sub-Championship of Spain in 14¨. Very happy with the environment of the contest, the organization and how well it is eaten in Baiona. Mmmm...the cod that we had dinner with the Morillo family!! (laughs) Baiona, a town that I recommend your visit. Who are your references in SUP Race? Well, at the national level, it is obviously Laura Quetglas and Susak Molinero for their trajectories. But I follow with interest all my friends of the national circuit. Internationally I follow a large number, I like to know how they do it in different tests. I would highlight Fiona Wylde because she also loves the waves and Seychelle, winner of SUP 11 City 2018.

In what places do you usually paddling or training? Tell us about your favorite paradise to enjoy this sport... I am lucky to be born and live in Torremolinos, I usually train on the beaches of Playa-mar, Álamos and Carihuela all year round. Here I began to practice SUP accompanied by my companions of Enjoy Suping, a group we did to organize and participate in competes. For waves, we have spots, the best in Malaga, but not with the regularity of ses-sions we would like. And for SUP Race we usually have optimal conditions and sun all year round with very good beach bars that make us a meeting point and drinks at the end of the sessions: like La Playa Summer Club, in Los Álamos, with a great kitchen brought by my friend Roland. Torremolinos is my paradise, and yours! How do you see the level of female SUP in Andalucía? This sport is complicated by the logistics involved, by the price of material, etc. In Andalucia it has started recently. We are not many girls, but last year we have advanced a lot, although there is still a way to go. I think I have opened the way to the female SUP Race in Andalusia for girls who are just starting out. Thanks to schools like Surfway, Nalusur and others there are very young girls who start and participate in the circuit with great enthusiasm. I know that for some girls I am their reference and praises me a lot and motivates me to do well. Each year the level will rise. What was the biggest experience on your board? Uff...with just to be on the board already transported me to happiness. Maybe the first time I went to an international competition, Bilbao World SUP Challengue, with little experience but great enthusiasm paddling with the pro riders. The Santa Pola EuroTour for me was also a great experience. A test full of difficulties that gave me a lot of experience. I learned that you have to train more and better. And the Spanish Championship in Baiona was also a great experience.

We know that you like the SUP Surf. Do you usually travel in search of adventure and good waves? Well, SUP Surf it´s cool!. Every rider should combine it, since it gives you sensations that help you in all SUP modalities and to know more about the sea. In Malaga there are few waves, I think that’s why I got into SUP racing, it’s another way of going to the sea. We have Cadiz at very little, so we usually go to look for good waves. And when we have more days we usually go to Portugal, Morocco or the north coast especially, one of the spots where I am more comfortable: Zarautz. I have always found good waves and good people. My most long and exciting trip was Sri Lanka, combining waves and experiences. I hope to continue traveling and discover new places through the waves.

Have you felt the evolution of the SUP material since you started paddling? Has evolved a lot, the weight of boards that makes them very competitive and more fun...because they have more benefits such as the acceleration, adaptation to the sea, stability with little and top speed. All this I have noticed a lot with the brand that I value: NSP. Currently, I compete with the Puma model and soon will get the Carolina 14x 22.5. I have tried it and from the beginning I was very surprised by its weight and stability. It will be my board for this 2019. The paddles have evolved a lot too, now the tendency is to lower the area, although that depends a lot on the rider


What events would you like to go this year? I will focus mainly on the Circuito Andaluz Costa del SUP, some EuroTour contest...Santa Pola...I don´t miss it! And if the work allows me, some more. And the Spanish SUP Race Championship. I would also like to participate in some wave contest like Fuerteventura and the GlaGla Race, although this year I will not be able to...and I would like to paddling in the SUP 11 City sometime.

Thanks to‌ Paco, is my partner of fatigue, joys and training on the board. He supports me, he corrects me and helps me to progress. And to God for giving me so much patience to endure it, I did not know that I had that quality (laughs). To all those who make possible the Circuito Costa del SUP, Alvaro of Paddle Surf Fuengirola, Lolo of Surfway, Florian of Hoenalu, Jose of Nalusur, Pedro of Coolhot and their work teams, and the companions who participate in it. A Enjoy Suping, with all of them I alive, I learn and enjoy this sport. Hoenalu and NSP for their support with the current material. And to you Nico, for your magazine adn dedication for the SUP. Thank you very much for your great effort! Greetings to all, see you in the water. And remember...always enjoy Suping!



Amadeo Viera

Hortencio Días Claros

After a long year of waiting, a season that was disastrous in the south of Spain in terms of quality and quantity of waves, and with a summer season that, as is well known, brings the time of winds to the tarifean coasts and cero waves...on Saturday 15th of 2018 it was finally able to make one of the “deans” of the SUP Surf championships in Spain.

After some weeks, in the middle of December approached a swell that made it conducive the event, and so convened was. Stand out the high number of surfers Juniors, almost equal to Opens surfers, which brought us the ¨positive note¨ of the championship since, with them, the andalusian surf we know is still alive.

As we got closer to the weekend, the meteo parts were changing, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but we knew that Saturday 15th would dawn with a nice morning of waves and north wind, although with cold, it also usually brings a glassy sea and beautiful conditions for surfing...and so it dawned!

The event started, as we have said, with good conditions, alternating Surf and SUP heats but, as this is Tarifa, and here the forecast are rarely reliable. As it was approaching noon, the west wind was present, which caused the sea to begin to descend by the low tide. The next day was approaching with a south wind storm, which would make the sea rough and dangerous, so, on the initiative of the surfers, it was decided to finish the VI OPEN SUP & SURF TARIFA on the same Saturday

RESULTS VI OPEN SUP & SURF TARIFA SURF JR,s 1º Alejandro Montañez. 2º Alejandro Gómez. 3º Pablo Gómez. 4º Álvaro Campo.

SURF OPEN 1º Alejandro Montañez. 2º Borja Cueto. 3º Antonio Gamero. 4º Javier Donoso.

SUP JR,s 1º Antonio Morillo. 2º Felipe Morillo. 3º Marc Alonso.

SUP OPEN 1º Rafael Morillo. 2º Antonio Morillo. 3º Sergi Alonso. 4º Francis Biliet.

We don´t know if this was the last year of ¨Open tarifeño¨, because this event was born and lives of the impulse and feelings that we have the small group of friends that organize it, an event that is financed thanks to those faithful sponsors who believe in us every year, and that only and exclusively is organized to create and spend great times with friends. Because what motivates us is “the satisfaction of doing things well”.


HAS A CHAMPION!! Andrés Adriazola ¨SUP Open League¨

Outdoor Surf

After four contest, the SUP OPEN LEAGUE CHILE, the young Gabriel Salazar was champion of Copa Kokua 2018, who at fifteen, is emerging as one of the promises of SUP Surf in Chile. Gabriel managed to stay in the top four of the ranking, most of the championship accompanied by the national team also selected Franco Bono, recently arrived from China where he represented Chile in the ISA World SUP Cup with the experienced chilean riders Mario Pepe and José Manuel Álvarez.


With a dynamic championship and full of good waves, the league has managed to consolidate itself as the main circuit of chilean SUP Surf, open not only to national riders, but to anyone regardless of nationality. In addition, 2018 in the absence of other championships, the league accepted the challenge of incorporating in a single category women and men, managing to contribute relevant figures that would later form part of the national team: we refer to Carla PĂŠrez and MarĂ­a JesĂşs Lagos, Chilean representatives, together with Gabriel Salazar at the Pan-American meeting held in Lima, Peru, at the beginning of December 2018. In general, the performance of chilean competitors has been increasing, and it is increasingly common to see radical and power maneuvers, in waves previously consecrated only to experienced surfers.

With a long coastline and quality waves throughout Chile, by 2019 the league is beginning to think in devising the fourth circuit and opening up to new points of competition. In the quest to do things every time better and to generate an increasingly attractive space for competition, the league is working on developing a competition format that allows, from March onwards, contest on different beaches in our country. For this, it works to raise the resources and auspices that allow maintaining the continuity of the circuit.

The SUP in Chile is moving quickly, there are few interested in practicing this discipline and the presence of local brands such as KOKUA has contributed to this development and have been an impulse for more sea lovers to be motivated to try the pleasure of tame a wave on a board and paddle. Under all this atmosphere and thinking about all those waves that we still need to dominate, the league goes forward in 2019, under the same goal that saw it born, which is enjoy the beach lifestyle and contribute to the development of SUP. 105

LESIONES P U S L E EN Pablo Codesido

Up Suping

It’s healthy the SUP competition? The question that leads us to today’s topic could be generalized to many other sports. It’s healthy the SUP competition? The answer is not entirely easy and many variables come into play. It is clear that it depends on what or who we compare ourselves with. Sticking to the SUP, the first thing we know is that they have more risk of injury to competitors than a recreational ¨super¨. Be careful, because we have not yet added the “professional” concept. The competitor spends more hours practicing and training and that in addition, the requirement of their activity is greater, therefore, the risk of injury seems to be also greater. Let’s establish three groups of people in rela-tion to the SUP: the pros, the competitors by hobby and the amateurs ones. The first group training many hours, spend a lot of time in the water and therefore have more risk of injury, it seems obvious. The second group is difficult to define because there we are many people who like SUP and we compete as a hobby but be careful; there are those who to train almost pro and there are those who do it in an absolutely irrational way, and perhaps the most numerous group of people affected. We are talking about most of all of us...who is the real pro?, people with their work and occupations that takes time from anywhere to enjoy their favorite sport and also likes to do their competitions trying excel. 106

The problem is that her training plan, diet, hurry...etc, are not always adequate and generate a series of problems that good planning doesn´t produce. Who did not say: “today I should paddling a few kilometers”, and finally he has full of paddling to the top and generating injuries, or worse (or better ...), that has reached the beach and the waves have separated him from his goal. This in professional sports does not happen. In any case, enjoying is always the first thing, but always in a safe way. The recreational ¨supers move in a fairly safe environment but watch out for the beginners. The unknown person always affirms: “as he must suffer the back”...without knowing that curiously the upper train injuries can be more frequent and that such obvious things as the length of his paddle can affect his type of injuries. I have also seen a lot of injuries in that rider who makes the jump to competition and begins his self taught preparation. For all this, good medical advice is that you have technical advice: every time there are more coaches, clubs, schools...that can help you. Another peculiarity of non professionals is the type of competitions that are accessed. Starting with tests in the open sea or waves can give some displeasure that another, the progressivity in the type of competition is also important to avoid injury, and set goals at the beginning of the season will help us a lot.


We also know that SUP Race is more harmful than SUP Surf. The latter usually produces more acute injuries, for example a fracture, but it is the SUP race that generates the most muscu-loskeletal injuries in the long term due to an effect of continuous repetitions on certain musculoskeletal and joint structures. That competitors have more risk of upper side injuries such as the shoulder is something proven. Anyway, we must say that the general state of health that provokes SUP race modality is fabulous, because we know that this sport is fantastic for your cardiovascular, mental and metabolic system, which is something that we must take into account, and it is true that many of the pseudocompetidores maintain some level of fitness thanks to the motivation that produces a future competition.

In summary, as ¨super¨that I am, I like to get wet. I like competitions because they generate a tremendous world of friends and positive feelings. They are not obligatory, one can go to meetings, contests, or paddling only for the pleasure it produces, but I recognize that tickling that they produce and that makes us improve is an incentive to continue paddling. Sometimes they disappoint and make you retreat by putting yourself in your place, but also generate a motivation to improve each day a little more. It is important that the organizers try to include and make everyone feel comfortable. If you allow me a little advice: try that your biggest rival is yourselves and the environment that surrounds you. Remaining the last in a SUP race is a triumph if your goals have been met, the most important is enjoy, and the next, to achieve a healthy physical shape. PABLO CODESIDO MEDICO ESPECIALISTA EN TRAUMATOLOGIA Y CIRUGIA ORTOPEDICA.





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Iballa Moreno Ruano and Juan de los Reyes new SUP Surf Champions of Spain Almost a hundred riders met at Majanicho beach to compete in the Spanish Championship of SUP waves. In the hard conditions of wind and waves, Iballa Moreno Ruano and Juan de los Reyes they showed a great surfing. In the category of Open Female SUP, the canary girl would impose its surf to certify the great state of the form in which it is. After the sub-champion title o the world that he achieved in the ISA world cup, Iballa returned to Spain to win the national title. For his part, Juan de los Reyes also made clear the great moment he is living. The fourth place in China and a first in the Spanish Championship

SUP IN THE “WATERS THAT SHINE” OF ESTEROS DEL IBERÁ Adventure and connection from the largest wetland in Argentina to the world. Unique for its landscape richness and for being a reservoir of fresh water vital for the planet. Rochi y Joaco


people anticipates a way of being: friendly, trustworthy, affectionate people. It is accentuated in its typical dishes that offer with pride include roast, ¨mate¨, regional dishes, chipa (cassava bread and cheese), and dulce de leche. In his taste for his music and dance: the chamamé, the myths, the legends, the idioms of speech, the gaucho costume and the great devotion to the catholic faith especially to the Virgencita de Itatí and the cult that they profess their saints, like the Gauchito Gil with its altars on the road that is distinguished by kilometers by its red color and other folkloric expressions that denote a unique identity, nourished by the fusion between the Creole and the Guarani. “Corrientes tiene Payé”, as it is told to the mysterious magic of this land in the Guaraní language.

It is a cultural and gastronomic itinerary unique in the world, which crosses fields of abundant vegetation, natural wonders and patrimonies of humanity, myths and traditions of a people that takes root on the basis of pre-hispanic cultures, jesuit legacies, guarani , gauchos criollos and european settlers. For all this, its green landscapes and friendly towns, this region takes us to the origins of one of the oldest and typical argentine customs.

We enter walking to the virgin forest, a family of caraya monkeys welcomes us, they are the masters of the jungle, we are atonic before their skills, they skillfully move between the branches of the tall trees and in pairs, the black and bigger male, the brown female and her little calf. They are not aggressive, nor very friendly, if they bother our presence they will let us know by bombarding with their feces. We came out graceful, we took one and a thousand photos. None reflects accurately the vast, the endless of that place.

With enthusiasm, we prepared the equipment and we started the SUP trip through Laguna Ibera, we paddling between floating islands and camalotes with diverse floating plants like the water dish (vicotira regia), aguape and water poppies that give rise to the phenomenon of the dammed, authentic floating islands that make the place more fascinating.

The richness of life underwater is enormous. There is so much to see above and under her. Among a real floating garden we spot yacarĂŠs, capibaras, herons, chajaes and other waterfowl. Our bodies are taking the forms of the estuary through Yoga postures or and hearts are thrilled to appreciate them in freedom in their natural habitat and at very close range. It is an incredible opportunity to enter this world from the water and in silence. In silence, life explodes with a freshness and commotion that move every part of our body.

Sunset in Iberá, nature once again gives us one of the most beautiful scenarios of the place, an imposing ball of fire submerges in the infinite estuary, slowly announces the end of the passage, our body and mind relax, there is no fight, no worry, no doubt.

There is no separation nor is there an ‘I’. There is only unity, we are immersed in the experience of Sup Yoga, in the presence of a serene conscience, appreciating the extraordinary nature that surrounds us both externally and internally. We remain silent, attentive...in silence...smiling...in silence... appreciating.. With the expanded heart we return to the mainland, to nourish ourselves with a delicious chipá guazú (corn cake) characteristic of these lands. Now, between flavors of Guarani cuisine with heart and soul full of nature, we are going to rest. Sleeping in the estuaries has a particular charm. There he does not hear honks, engines, braking or sirens, but the “song” of the jungle by the local choir: frogs, crickets, thrushes and the sound of the nearby water, and through the intense glow of the fireflies, the night with his mantle becomes present.

Sunrise over Laguna Ibera and everything wakes up slowly, the diversity of flora and fauna in Esteros del Iberá is so magical and comforting, that it opens our eyes to the natural world around and fills the heart with enthusiasm to go out to meet it. We prepare the breakfast: mate, some bananas, nuts and chipá. Our adventure continues 43 km towards the south, towards the Uguay portal (Uguay means “bottom with water” or “small corner”), an old site of Iberá, from which you can access Laguna Fernández. To get there we crossed by dirt roads, pastures, and mountains of espinillo, cows grazing, families of carpinchos that splash in the ponds, and we were with Don Pascual Molina, resident of the place, authentic guacho of the place that blesses us with his affectionate greeting and good wishes of Gauchito Gil. To access Fernández lagoon we took a narrow canal about 2 kms. long through the estuary, the sounds of the abundant birdlife is almost all that is heard on the ride, rushes, ferns, laurels, ceibos, the rose of the marsh and a family of capybaras that hides in a pasture. A Martin fisherman attentive to his next prey dives in front of us, while a small river wolf advances to us in the canal, walking several meters with us. Perhaps our way of slipping through the water is somewhat familiar, since the fusion between the descendants of native peoples and european immigrants, emerged the creoles of iberá, who have used and continue to use the canoe ¨botador¨, which consists of a small boat where they are standing pushing it with a long pole as a means of movement. After almost an hour of crossing, we reached another small pier in the middle of that humid geography, where we made a stop to relax, enjoy the silence and the immensity, waters and pastures extend to infinity, three caiman are witnesses of the stillness that surrounds us.

We recharged and a few meters we accessed the majestic Fernandez lagoon, and to continue paddling in crystal clear water that allows seeing the underwater vegetation and even small bank of fish, it is challenging to try to translate into similar words this experience The yacarés are seen, like good reptiles, have cold blood and, consequently, they leave the water and tend to sunbathe and warm up. Thus, it is easy to approach to photograph them. We listened ecstatically, once again, the silence of nature although with little desire to return, we returned to face the channel back to earth, with the certainty of returning, because as we said, Corrientes has Payé!

But in addition to this real fauna, we have another, the legendary one, that drags myths, beliefs and long-established legends. Is that nature and our culture are embodied in a multitude of legends that populate the hills, estuaries and streams correntinos. Thus, we will know that the steps of the Lobizón follow us, while we listen to the moans of the Crespín or the flutter of nervous birds in the presence of their king, the Caburé. All this, while we spy that famous elf on the coast, the Pombero. A journey through water and land, with the sounds of nature within a unique landscape of changing colors and shapes, mysterious and secret, in a region surrounded by legends and superstitions that still endure, is a unique opportunity to meet and enjoy one of the most exceptional places in the world; the mystic of the waters that shine of the Ibera. We have traveled and recognized the nature and culture of Iberá. But, we also know that there are many eyes that are watching us. They are looks that expect something from us. Therefore, those of us who visit this place can not only enjoy it. We must also take care of it.

That is why SUP YOGA CAMP motivates us to promote CARE OF NATURE, for this, in addition to actively participating in NGO´s such as Wildlife Foundation, Aves Argentinas and Fundación Humedales, we bring you in a comprehensive and pleasant way a direct experience with life and its biodiversity, discover and feel the nature of the coastline of our country, taking care of natural resources and revaluing its cultural heritage, having Nature as a teacher with the aim of: • Know the main coastal water mirrors, such as the Esteros del Iberá in Corrientes, the rivers and streams of Iguazú in Misiones and Entre Ríos. • Recognize its importance both regionally and globally. • Understand the importance of building and achieving a harmonious development of man in his natural environment. For this, in our activities we integrate a recreational, meditative and sporting part combining: - the recreational and balancing practice of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) - the practice of cultivating the union and harmony of YOGA - the practice of developing strength and flexibility of PILATES - the art of walking in nature with full attention to what is happening in the present moment of the trekking AWARE, so learn the art of living in harmony with oneself, learn to live and respect others, and together we can know and appreciate our natural environment, being able to enjoy it with respect and consciousness. The eyes of nature are watching us. Let’s take care of it to return to see its sparkling waters, listen to its music, enjoy its perfume, witness the miracle of the life that inhabits it. Our thanks for having read us here, to the Up Suping magazine for your interest and to Rio Boards for your support us. Do you want to know about our next adventure? Want to visit us? Write to us to receive more information to supyogacamp@gmail.com, see you soon chamigo!

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