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NAISH CARBON 85 VARIO Carbon 85 Vario rowing is one of the 3 Naish models that we have received to test in this and the following numbers of Up Suping. It has a weight of 590 gr., Which has surprised us due to its flexibility and stability. It is very comfortable, ideal for all kinds of activities such as surfing or surfing, especially for those who start in this sport...since its lightness will make them improve the tech-nique of paddling more easily.

It has a paddle with a surface of carbon and glass that gives it more strength than it seems, especially in the waves. It has very good thrust and is very comfortable to change hand, as well as to pose on the wave. Aesthetically the whole set is very beautiful, preserving the Naish style. We also liked the handle, its grip coating makes it comfortable and lightweight. And one of the things that have amazed us the most is the new anti-twist system that they incorporate, where they have a channel in which they mark the right height for each user. In addition, it has a very secure grip. The height regulating seal is resistant, it aligns very well and offers total impermeability. We can not forget the buoyancy, it is ideal. 58