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Daniel Parres, uno de nuestros riders nacionales mas experimentados, esta impartiendo clinics de Sup por toda España. Aquí tienes la informacion de las próximas fechas Clinic sup race 26,27,28 enero de 2018 en Sevilla Clinic hoenalu 2, 3 ,4 de febrero de 2018 en Marbella Si estas interesado en asistir u organizar uno en tu zona, puedes contactar con el a través de este correo daniel@parreswatersports.com Precio por persona 3 dias 230€ plazas limitadas






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Nicolás Arnedo Delia Moyano info@upsuping.com

TEXT AND COLLABORATORS Pedro Gutierrez, Pablo Codesido, Nicolás Fayol, Amadeo Viera, UCS, SMS, Daniel Parres, Antonio de la Rosa, Manuel Toral, Up Suping.


PHOTOS J. Puente, James Panter, Desde el Mar, Albert Laborda, Sebastien Romflé, Edu Vidarte, Sean Evans, Antonio de la Rosa, Jekica Jesih, Marcus Hansen, Daniel Parres, Toni Rodriguez, Onexe, Manuel Toral, Shakira Westdorp, Gwen Marche, Rafael Sirvent, Naish SUP, Iván Fernández, Hoenalu, Rubén Salvador, Leo Nika, Moutsakos, Wolder SUP Race, Vicente Selma, Marina Loayza, Amadeo Viera, Ben Reed, Up Suping.

PHOTO COVER Albert Laborda.

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Edito This time we have been delayed in leaving online, but surely the wait will be worth it. There are already 20 editions that we have published and as always we want to thank all our readers and advertisers for making this work a reality. Best of all, every magazine published is different and very exciting for everyone who makes this magazine. We believe there will be Up Suping for a long time ... Another reason for joy is the good acceptance and reception that Up # 19 has had in its English version. This has made us take another step more internationally. News and changes made with knowledge always bring good results. We do not the same, you have to experiment and acquire more knowledge. Discover all our potential.

Our last days of work were complicated, because our friend and collaborator Jose Puente die. Sadness and pain that made it difficult to concentrate in front of the computer. We can not forget the good vibes he transmitted when he fought every day to fight for his life. So, we want to dedicate this number to Jose and we opted to think that wherever he is, he will continue to take the best of the photos with that quality he always had...Welcome to Up # 20!

Jose Puente

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What will be your next move?

Desde el Mar

s u p m i x And working the following objectives: • Safeguard the interests of the entire community that includes surfing, longboarding, stand up paddleboarding and bodyboarding • Promote our sports and their disciplines • Plan and manage surfing in Catalonia The most immediate changes are the improvement in the communication of everything that happens about sports news and the entity itself through the new website www.fsurf.cat, which will be operational shortly, as well as the profiles on Facebook and Instagram. We advance a couple of important things that are sure to interest you: • As of January 1, 2018, they will offer federation licenses as well as accident and civil liability insurance, which will be valid and recognized by the Spanish Surf Federation (FESURF) and the federations attached to it (Cantabria, Galicia, Asturiana, Canaria and Andalusia). Going to the water safe is something important for Begins 2018 and also starts a new stage of the Unió Catalana de

the tranquility of all.

Surf (UCS). Renewed energies, fresh air and a lot of desire to work for a plural community that does not stop growing in Catalonia

• They are having the first contacts to create circuits of surf,

and that demands answers to communal needs.

longboard, bodyboard, wave paddle surfing and SUP Race competition, they are also open to proposals and requests from

In mid 2017 and after an election, the UCS has a new board of

clubs, entities or private companies interested in making an event

directors to take charge of the entity with a very clear philosophy

of the circuits, for more information you can contact us through

that is based on these foundations: Seriousness, Transparency,

the email to info@fsurf.cat. We hope to present you the calendar

Globality and Commitment.

of the tests shortly. 12

On April 14 and 15 we will have a new edition of one of the most popular and fun events in Spain: the SPS Sella SUP River 2018. This event has a great attraction where competitors descend the well-known Sella River in Asturias. The number of participants interested in attending will increase, so we advise you to inform yourself and register in advance at the following links: . REGISTRATIONS: www.rockthesport.com/es/evento/sellasup2018 . INFORMATION: www.supmarathonseries.com/sella.htm Up Suping will be present one more year as official media partner of the event and we are waiting for you all in Arriondas, Spain. Do not let too much time to register. 13

Alpine Lakes Tour

Open SUP&SURF Tarifa


HANSEN A young promise of the SUP Race that during 2017 has laid the foundations of a road full of successes. Up Suping

Jekica Jesih. Marcus Hansen

Hi Marcus...How and when do you start competing in SUP Race? I started SUPing in 2011. I was living in Auckland at the time and it seemed like a great way to keep fit. Racing is really popular in Auckland so that attracted me to the sport as I like to compete. What do you do professionally and what are your hobbies? Last year and the beginning of this year I was working for my Dad at his sawmill in Whangarei. My background is in sailing so I am doing some coaching to earn a bit of money. I try to live as low cost as possible so I can use my time and energy for developing as a paddler and I am focused on seeing how far I can progress within the sport. Regarding my hobbies, I like to cycle, ski, sail and read. Hanging out with my girlfriend is nice too. 16

“New Zealanders love outdoor activities and water sports, so Stand Up Paddle is very popular” Tell us about Whangarei and SUP culture in New Zealand. Is it growing like in the rest of the world? Whangarei is a nice town in NZ which is growing fast. I went to school there and I am currently living there at my family home. It is perfect for SUPing as you can get all sorts of conditions depending on where you go. New Zealanders love outdoor activities and water sports so SUP is very popular. When families head off to the beach for the holidays a SUP board is becoming a popular item to take. The racing scene is big and there are so many events it’s crazy.

How was the 2017 Euro Tour competition season for you? I really enjoyed the Euro Tour. I saw so many cool places and the racing was very competitive. It is quite intense with a race almost every weekend. You go through plenty of highs and lows and I enjoy the physical, mental and logistical challenge of the Tour. I am looking forward to the 2018 Euro Tour.

How do you feel using the NSP tables? Does it meet your needs to compete? There is a good number of boards in the NSP range. So no matter what the race NSP can provide the ultimate board. This is great as you never feel disadvantaged by your equipment. A lot of thought goes into each board and you can notice this on the racecourse.

And of course, we would like to know about your experiences at the ISA World SUP Championship in Denmark and at the Paris SUP Crossing this year.

Do you have a training and nutrition plan to maximize your performance? Tell us about it... Yes, I have a coach, Vincent Guillaume, who schedules my workouts. This is really helpful as I do not need to worry about my training plan and I can rely on Vincent to get me in top shape for my competitions.

The ISA worlds is always an awesome event. There is a great team spirit within the NZ team and it is a great feeling to be truly representing your country. The racing is intense and well organised.   Paris is an experience. It’s cold and the racecourse is special with all the famous sights along the way. Unfortunately, I had problems at the start but I’m happy to have caught up a bit by the finish.

I have worked with nutritionists in the past which have helped me develop good habits. I enjoy making my own meals and finding healthy food wherever I go.


What do you think are your most important qualities in SUP? And which ones should you improve? I think I am an all rounder and have skills for all sorts of different races. However, I am working on specialising my skills for the Euro Tour races for 2018. Every session I am trying to improve my technique and rhythm on the board along with a few other weaknesses I have identified over the past year.

¨The 11 City Tour I did in 2016 and (for some strange reason)...I’m excited to do it again! ¨ What places in the world would you like to know and be able to paddle peacefully with your quiver? Unlimited boards and learning about using a rudder on downwind runs is something I would like to explore. I have never been to Hawaii so that is certainly on my list to do at some point. Completing the Molokai 2 Oahu race is something I would like to do in the future. What are your goals for 2018? It is Summer in NZ at the moment so I am excited to complete another NZ season of SUP racing. Then my main focus is the 2018 Euro Tour races where I am looking to improve on my 2017 performances. Then the 11 City Tour which I did in 2016 and (for some strange reason) I am excited to do again!

Thanks to... The NSP team who support me and my goals. Also for there super fast boards. The NZ SUP community who are always interested and support what I am doing. The Sach family for looking after me while I am in Europe. Lastly, my parents who are always there to give me a helping hand

FOIL Daniel Parres (Parres Watersports)

This material is already fully in the world of Stand Up Paddle. Have not you tried it? The ¨waterman¨Daniel Parres tells you everything so you can enjoy SUP foil. Daniel Parres Daniel Parres, has more than 30 years of experience in the teaching of water sports. During his career as a prowindsurfer, sponsored among other brands by RED BULL as well as competing in the World Circuit of all his disciplines, he achieved great challenges such as being the first Spanish to surf the mythical wave of Jaws in Windsurf. With the arrival of Kitesurf, he was in charge of promoting and standardizing it in Spain, promoted the first events and imposed teaching standards in that modality. Promoter of the SUP in its first years in the national territory, giving courses and organizing sporting events. The foil was launched in 2013 with the Kitesurf modality. In 2014, together with two engineers, we worked on the development of a high performance kitesurf foil, de-veloping new models for these claims. In 2016 in Hawaii, the new tendencies of the freeride foil were tested and they started to try new and easier for Windsurf. 22

Sensations Initially, I was a bit sceptical because I always felt that I was going to lose the feeling of the sea and the waves under my feet. The surprise was when I started flying and discovered other types of sensations. The slide was different, but I still felt the sea, the water pressure and the speed that went up through the wing. Physically it is not so aggressive, although you have to do isometric pressure and that tires you. It’s a strange feeling between calm and adrenaline. I was surprised, and the perception of the height watching the bottom, without splashing or drop of water was like flying on a magic carpet.

Functionin of the foil It’s like the wing of an aroplane, or like a kite. Depending on the speed we have will have more lift. Everything will depend on the profile of the wing: . The wider, from the leading edge to the trailing edge, slower and more sustained. With less speed, it could fly but it will not allow us to continue accelerating to a point. . The narrower or less distance between the part that attacks the fluid to the part where it leaves, it would be faster and we would need more speed to sustain ourselves. But once in the air, it could accelerate much more. The thickness of the profile also influences: the fatter, the longer the fluid takes to be in the profile, it helps to be slower and with more lift. The opposite happens if you have a finer profile. The distance between the front wing and the rear wing: the more distance, the more direction and stability is maintained, but it is harder to carve or turn. With all this, we can understand seeing a wing what can bring us. Then we must determine what things we could better one or the other, or for what weights. 23

The length of the mast influences: with a shorter one of 50cm you have less vertigo sensation and in case of doing an “overfoil “(it is when the wing comes out of the water and cavitates, it stops having rhythm of sustentation and it falls again immediately, until recover and fly again) with the short when this situation happens you are more likely to save it by falling down and you can save the fall. If it is longer than 70 you have more control since you have more room to maneuver but when you get out of control you fall head over heels and you are likely to fall in front of the foil.

Initiation I started to try it many years ago with kitesurfing. Then it was a race foil and had little lift. Many falls. But with what I learned, the first days it is best to try it being carried by the boat, using a board that has good buoyancy and learning to feel the wing that you carry under your feet. Get used to new sensations. When you start to be carried by the boat, you will carve without flying. There is a sliding similar to skating. Once adapted to these sensations, you have to look for the correct placement, a very wide opening. The back foot just above the neck of the foil and the one in front well ahead. At the beginning, it is the best.

As soon as we have speed, we will feel that the foil will come out of the water a bit and we will feel a sensation of vertigo. The feet must be well placed, otherwise, the foil will get out of control. With that foot well forward, we will encourage the “dolphin� movement to cause it to fly and come down again; exercise that will be done progressively until seeking more speed. We have to get our gesture up and down, so and again. Little by little, control of the board is achieved. You have to look at the details of the postures, leg flexes, etc. As we fly, we will carve to the wave trail. And once dominated, we have to get out of the wake, let go and do the dolphin movement to maintain a bit of speed, we will feel more qualified for the second phase.

Phase without board with autonomy Once this is achieved, we go to the action in the waves. You have to know how to surf or catch waves that break a bit at the top, you do not need more than 2 feets. Give us a little push. You have to paddle, pump, posture, and look for speed. Take the foam and push us, with the weight well forward. Always have control of the table. You always have to look for that wave that generates an initial push. As you progress, you will look for something more vertical, which will offer more speed. In the wave, when making take off, you have to put the weight in front in order not to make the board rise in the first acceleration; and once the control is guaranteed, it will be possible to fly. At that time the table will have a lot of speed. During acceleration, you can look for the most comfortable side of the board to stay on. The turns will be wide and very similar to those of the Longboard. Initially, they will be open, controlled, going up and down.

Material Ailerons The stability that can occur if the curve is down and the back up, or both down or up, influences when generating energy with the movement of a “dolphin”. With wider or narrower wings, you get more speed. Play with the design of it depending on its use. Have some basic rules and what we should take into account if the waves are big or with a lot of force. There are more details that influence and combinations than all who specialize in foil for all types of waves, will have several combinations of wings.

Paddle It is not necessary to use a longer paddle. The ideal is to be on the board as low as possible with the rowing that we use regularly, forcing us to push and with the paddle always crouching. In the movement of a “dolphin” when you do the upward movement, you have to expand your movement up and stretch...and down, is when you do the paddling. With which, you do not need more height in your rowing. The support of the same will always be on your natural side since it is not usually a situation where you go changing the rowing from one side to another of the table. The one that commands here mainly is the wing, not the support of the rowing. 26

Security. Entry and departure to water The hardest thing will be to enter the sea with waves ¨onshore¨ and a lot of wind. The best option will always be a direct channel to the wave area. To transport it, one hand picks up the handle and on the other hand the fuselage, which is what unites the front wing with the one in the back. We would be located in the foil part. In this way you can get to the water without problems with the foil up, controlling it at all times. If it is an area where you can not walk and there is little depth reef type, you can enter perfectly swimming with the board upside down and with the front foil if the waves are not big. You always have to assess the situation. Once depth is achieved, we stand up and paddle. When a wave arrives, it would be the same as with a board without foil, but if it has a lot of strength it will tend to fly, so you have to quickly put the weight in front. The good thing about falls is that the foil with the energy of the wave tends to keep advancing both forward and laterally and it will go away from us. Faced with a bad fall, it is always best to protect yourself, but these low speed profiles are not usually very aggressive. To leave, we would turn around and we would do it with a normal surfboard. The falls will always be minimal if you have your foot in the centre and well bent and crouched. If this is not in place, the table will tend to move and these are the most complicated falls.

Maintenance The main problem logically is the blows that can receive, but also leave a lot of time the screws put. It is convenient not only to wash it but also to loosen the screws and put them back on, or even put a lithium cream that helps avoid corroding. Otherwise, it has normal maintenance. At the end of its use, it is also convenient to put the cover on the wings to avoid getting hit while you dismantle the rest of the foil. 27

The adventurer Antonio de la Rosa traveled more than 3.500 km. from Fuenterrabía in Guipúzcoa, to Portbou in Gerona to complete the turn to the Iberian Peninsula in SUP.

Toni Rodriguez

Antonio de la Rosa

Toni Rodriguez. Edu Vidarte. Antonio de la Rosa

The adventurer Antonio de la Rosa has become the first person to make the return to the Iberian Peninsula in SUP, after 141 days paddling. He arrived in Portbou (Gerona), the end of the expedition, after traveling over his table more than 3,500 kilometers of coastline since he left on June 7 of Fuentarrabía (Guipúzcoa). During the voyage the ¨vallisoletano¨ faced with more than 40 kilometers of rowing, which in some cases reached up to 64 km, in which he spent an average of 7 to 8 hours a day. His days were divided into two phases, a first of 25 to 30 kms., And another second after eating and resting, which in the last days was reduced by the reduction of hoursof sun.

It was a terrifying experience, flying all around. I was lucky to find myself on the ground, I prefer not to imagine what would have happened if I had surprised myself by paddling. “

Antonio de la Rosa has toured all the coasts of Portugal and Spain belonging to the peninsula, in a challenge in which he assured that “The boss was the time”. He added that: “The problem was the frontal winds; On the other hand, when they were going in the same direction, my body acted like a candle and helped me to move fast. With the lateral winds, I could afford to paddle sideways, although I was progressing slower”.

As the kilometers passed, so did the physical fatigue, of the almost four months on the table only 20 days did not go to sea due to weather, time that the adventurer took the opportunity to compete SUP competitions near the area where he was. “I finished rowing, I watched the winds and the next day I faced more of the same, but always with optimism and desire,” he recalled.

The time was responsible for the biggest shock of the athlete. He said that “A few weeks ago when I was in Torredembarra, near Barcelona, there were out of all forecasts winds from the sea to land of up to 180 kilometers an hour.

¨The ports gave respect, there all precaution is little. My board and we were insignificant before the magnitude of the ships that constantly come and go¨

Sportsman by nature and compiler of experiences for concern, during his “Tour of the Iberian Peninsula in SUP”, he lived hard moments that showed his desire for daily improvement: the complicated step through Estaca de Bares, the vortex more to the North of Galicia; the cliffs of San Andrés de Teixido, almost 30 kilometers in which there was no place to stop; the theft of two of his tables in Porto; the confiscation of another of them by the Portuguese maritime police that he was later able to recover; its difficult passage through the Strait of Gibraltar or through the busy Port of Algeciras. “The ports gave respect, there all precaution is little. I and my board were insignificant before the magnitude of the ships that constantly come and go. You stand in front of them attentive to check their direction, so you go in the opposite. And crossing fingers waiting for you have seen, “said the athlete. 30

Edu Vidarte

Toni Rodriguez

The images of the towns and coastal cities of the peninsula will be indelible from your mind¨.

This expedition also takes the affection of the people from all areas for which he stopped and all SUP lovers who wanted to accompany him by sea with their boards in some sections. The images of the towns and coastal cities of the peninsula will be indelible from your mind.

He is already focused on 2018 and on new challenges, the rowing hours on his Stand Up Paddle board have given him a lot of thinking. “I will return to Rovanieni to compete in Lapland Extreme Challenge, the most extreme challenge of human achievement in Finland. In 2017 I could not finish the 900 kilometers of the route because of the freezing of three of my toes, but I can not wait to get it next year. Also, I’m thinking of crossing Europe by bike with my partner, “says the extreme athlete.

During his strenuous days on his SPS he was always accompanied by his Sea to Summit waterproof bag, where he carried a Leatherman multitool, his positioning device via satellite for emergencies; a cordino; an aquatic front and money. Everything necessary to face any circumstance that arises at sea. 32

Unos buscan ganar carreras, otros buscan ganar a la razón. 100% carbono

Antonio de la Rosa


Vuelta a Penísula Ibérica 3500 Km


The 5th edition of this great event took the island to part of the best SUP national riders. During two days it was possible to see all the arsenal of modalities available in this sport.

SUP CHALLENGE WAVES&RACE Waves, technical races, long distance races and elite. A sample of images to see the great potential of Fuerteventura.


Edu Vidarte. Onexe

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte

E. Vidarte




ยกAquapac draw!

These are the winners of our draw of 4 watertight and submersible covers of the Aquapac brand. Thank you very much for participating and enjoying the premium! Ivรกn Fernรกn

dez Ali Cicero

Joel Tamarg


Francisco ร


STAND UP PADDLE alrededor de los Picos de Europa


Manuel Ángle Toral Fernández

“Stand Up Paddle Surf alrededor de los Picos de Europa” is a visual guide to SUP in the surroundings of the Cantabrian Mountains. It is a publication that was born from the need to show the incredible places that we enjoy for the practice of this emerging sport that is literally exploding in the peninsula today. It is a book that offers all the information necessary to prepare your SUP routes and gives a vivid importance to the images, which are the result of the team effort of Manuel Toral and his companions, in the exits that took place during the years of compilation of the material.

All this brilliantly led by Ediciones Cordillera Cantábrica, which is an editorial specialized in mountain guides and with its experience in this field managed to develop an outstanding project that opens a new way of publication in Spain. Throughout the next issues of Up Suping we will degrade the chapters that make up the book, giving extra information and sharing images thanks to the symbiosis that is being generated between both publications, which from ¨Stand Up Paddle alrededor the Picos de Europa¨ we hope that be as long as possible. So after this brief presentation, we hope you with new updates on the book and with unpublished material, we recommend you not to miss your usual appointment with Up Suping.

A visual guide for the practice of SUP in different natural spaces around the Picos de Europa.

More than a guide, a gallery of unrepeatable moments, captured in high quality images.

ยกEste es tu libro! GET IT ONLINE HERE!

Santander bay. Up Suping


Asturias. M. Toral

Asturias. M. Toral

Liencres. J. Panter

She is the current two-time world champion of SUP Surf, we got in touch with her and she gave us this wonderful interview.


Sean Evans. Ben Reed. Shakira Westdorp

The Stand Up Paddle runs through your veins. How important is this wonderful sport in your life? I love the ocean and going surfing everyday! When SUP started I jump on one and had a blast and took it up from there. Its another element of surfing that keeps things interesting and keeps you fit, that’s for sure! Ben Reed

What do you feel to be the current two-time world champion of SUP Surf? How have you lived the Fiji and Denmark championships? Yeah, sometimes I still can’t believe it. It has been a successful couple of years for me. For Fiji I was so determined to win because I had come so close the previous 3 years, and being at Cloudbreak, I felt I had an advantage. When I won I was so stoked, but I didn’t know I was going to go back to back. I didn’t SUP a lot before Denmark and was just surfing heaps. I think it really freshened up my SUP skills. Once I got to Denmark the fire in me started burning and I was ready to take the title again. Its a dream come true for sure! What are your favourite maneuvers and what kind of waves are best for you? Favourite move would be a big forehand gouge. Getting a barrel is nice to but a bit harder on the SUP. My favourite waves are lefts! Love going left!! How is the environment with the other competitors of the APP World Tour and other events? We see that there is a lot of feeling! It’s a pretty good environment. I have made some lifelong friendships with girls and guys from around the world. It’s awesome to see everyone at the event. There is some healthy competition, everyone is there to win but I think any hard feelings are left out in the water.

Ben Reed

Ben Reed

We know you have a great friendship with Iballa. Do you enjoy a lot when you are together somewhere in the world? Iballa and I have grown to be great friends and have travelled a bit together now, and it comes from competing together at the first ISA event in Peru. She is the reason I started competing on the APP tour and made me believe I could compete against the girls. I love hanging out with Iballa, we have a lot of fun, laughs and get good waves together. She showed me around the Canary Islands this year and I loved it! Can’t wait to go back.

What other sports and hobbies do you do?

I pretty much surf, SUP, paddle and drink beer. Love being in the ocean every day! Salty and sunburnt! I also like to try craft beer and often go to beer festivals. Going around the globe is awesome to try different waves and beers hahaha.

Six times champion of Australia and you know very well the spots of your country. What are your favourite waves?

Yeah was so stoked to recently win my sixth Australian title, the competition gets harder every year. We have so many good waves in AUS. The South Coast of NSW is a real gem for waves, uncrowded perfection! I live on the Gold Coast though so lots of crowded right point breaks. U just gotta have some adventure and I normally find fun waves with not to many people around.

What is your opinion about female SUP all over the world? Amateurs, competitors, at events, sponsors, etc

There is definitely more growth in competition for female and everyone’s skills in racing and surfing have improved a lot since the start. We have been a bit behind financially at the beginning. Events are now starting to pay equal prize money which I think is great. We have to pay the same for flights, accommodation, etc and we train the same amount of hour and have the same amount of drive to win as the guys. Its fun to compete. U don’t have to be an elite athlete, just get down to your local race and do it to race your friends or to improve yourself and it’s a fun way to keep fit and healthy.

Ben Reed

Do you remember what was the best wave session you ever had? You know, those that are recorded in your memory... Buff…eso es algo difícil. He tenido algunas sesiones increíbles en casa cuando está pequeño, yo sola en el agua y mis mejores amigos afuera haciendo el tonto. La mejor sesión de la historia fue en Cloudbreak en la previa del mundial ISA. Las olas bombeaban perfectamente e hice un muy buen surfing. What do you think about and how do you prepare minutes before competing? I like to watch the waves and see what the judges are scoring. I try to keep everything as normal as possible to stay calm and not let nerves/ pressure creep into your headspace.

Ben Reed

Sean Evans

What are your goals for 2018? Goals for 2018......My major goal is to win the ISA again. Also to try for an 8th Qld title and 7th Australian title and Would love to make a little SUP surf movie. Thanks to… Thanks to my sponsors, Starboard and Quickblade. Stoked to have 2 of the best SUP brands in my corner and the support they give me. Also, thanks to all my surf buddies at home and the boys at work who are always swapping shifts with me so I can go away all the time to achieve my goals.

MATERIAL www.b3proshop.com















www.redwoodpaddle.es www.waspsurf.com

BIG PRO 8´3¨/ 27, 3/4¨


NAISH CARBON 85 VARIO Carbon 85 Vario rowing is one of the 3 Naish models that we have received to test in this and the following numbers of Up Suping. It has a weight of 590 gr., Which has surprised us due to its flexibility and stability. It is very comfortable, ideal for all kinds of activities such as surfing or surfing, especially for those who start in this sport...since its lightness will make them improve the tech-nique of paddling more easily.

It has a paddle with a surface of carbon and glass that gives it more strength than it seems, especially in the waves. It has very good thrust and is very comfortable to change hand, as well as to pose on the wave. Aesthetically the whole set is very beautiful, preserving the Naish style. We also liked the handle, its grip coating makes it comfortable and lightweight. And one of the things that have amazed us the most is the new anti-twist system that they incorporate, where they have a channel in which they mark the right height for each user. In addition, it has a very secure grip. The height regulating seal is resistant, it aligns very well and offers total impermeability. We can not forget the buoyancy, it is ideal. 58

REDWOOD ÉLITE CARBON INNEGRA We present a great rowing, where the Redwood brand informs us that Innegra is more resistant and more flexible than carbon.

It has a round pole and from the first stroke, a lot of resistance and comfort is felt throughout the rowing. It is very flexible although the sensation is harder. It has been great for us to make long crossing, which is where we need an adequate rhythm of paddling and that the body does not have so much overload. The entrance and exit of the shovel in the water is very fast, and safe. And aesthetically it is very elegant.

In the waves, we have also found a great rowing, where the shovel supports the pressure you want to put when you paddle to catch the wave. Thanks to its resistance, we have avoided falling into the water more than once...we repeat, it offers a lot of security.



The waves of the Somo beach once again consecrated the Stand Up Paddle Surfing Champions and other mo-dalities of this sport in Europe. Desde el Mar

Up Suping

Albert Laborda. Desde el Mar. James Panter

On October 14 and 15 at Somo Beach we had a new edition of one of the most important Stand Up Paddle Championships in Europe: the V EUROSUPA SUP SURF CHAMPIONSHIP. Once again, the waves of this well known beach in the north of Spain did not disappoint, as did the competitors from different parts of this country and Europe.

A. Laborda

The first day of competition began with the SUP Race division where competitors had to surf the waves with boards of this modality. The conditions of the sea were the ideal, competitors and pub-lic enjoyed much of this novelty, where the cantabrian Tino Aja got the first place. The inflatable tables also have their participation in this event thanks to the support of the SPS brand. This category returned to offer much emotion as in the previous editions and Sergio GarcĂ­a was the winner, making excellent maneuvers in the different hits in which he competed. With a classic and elegant style, the navarrese RomĂĄn Frejo delighted us with his first place in the Long SUP division category, where the origins of this sport are mixed with the fine style of the Longboard.

Up Suping

J. Panter

Desde el Mar

J. Panter

J. Panter

A. Laborda

A. Laborda

Desde el Mar

But the best came with the young categories, the future generation of SUP Surf. In the central hours of the day and with excellent sea conditions, the SUB14 division and Juniors division put the entire attending public on their feet. The youngsters come stomping, with big maneuvers and risk-ing to the maximum in each wave surfed. The revelation of the championship, the spanish IĂąigo GĂĄndara was the champion in SUB14, where he would also achieve a great competition in Men division. The young Marina Loayza would do the same in SUB18 women division and Juan de los Reyes in SUB18 men division. Very well each of the participants of these categories, ensuring the growth of this sport in Spain and Europe. A great show.

A. Laborda

In the last hours of the competition, the quarter-finals of the Women division and the Men division trials were held. These have had to work hard because the tide was lowering and the waves began to have a considerable size. The day ended with the awards ceremony of the other categories.

A. Laborda

A. Laborda

The second day of competition dawned with great and powerful waves. The participants of the Round 1 Men’s Division were the first to enter the water. They had to correctly select the waves to surf and risk in each of them. The heat of the environment was also the protagonist throughout the day and the quality of the waves improved greatly as the hours passed. We again highlight the per-formance of the young Iñigo Gándara and his andalusian teammate Fernando Pérez, managing to reach the quarterfinals fighting with the favorites of Europe.

A. Laborda

J. Panter

A. Laborda

The semifinals were the most exciting of the day, with high scores for the participants and where you had to wait until the last moment to know who the different hits were. The final saw 3 Spanish riders and 1 French riders, where Ohian Aizpuru took first place ahead of Oscar RuĂ­z, Frenchman Clement Roseyro and Guillermo Carracedo. Great victory on the part of one of the riders of the Spanish National Stand Up Paddle Team.

Desde el Mar

A. Laborda

A. Laborda

A. Laborda

A. Laborda

The Women division category was no less than the previous one, where the girls tried their best against the waves of Somo. Canarian Iballa Ruano would win again in this event, showing why it is the best in Europe in SUP Surf. It would be followed by the Basque rider Alazne Aurrekoetxea, Marina Loayza and Beatriz PiĂąal. This category has also had a great growth in terms of the level of its participants with respect to other years and very wrapped up by the attending public.

Up Suping

Desde el Mar

J. Panter

The day ended with the awards ceremony of these categories, thanking the support of those who have made this event: Escuela Cántabra de Surf, Federacion Cántabra de Surf, Ayuntamiento de Ribamontán al Mar, SPS Surf, Federación Española de Surf y Up Suping Magazine.

A. Laborda


A. Laborda

mi first competition

sup race Pedro Gutierrez (SUPCantabria) Edu Vidarte. James Panter. Albert Laborda. Gwen marche. Up Suping

After having spoken in our previous numbers of the necessary items for the sport practice of SUP, stand up paddle, paddle surf or paddle surfing, I have decided to see in the last competitions that I have organized or directed, to make a couple of articles about the first things that we have to take into account when we participate in a competition, either as an amateur or as a federated athlete/competitor. We will start with the modality of RACE that is the one that most people move internationally, because it is the easiest to develop for many reasons, such as: the basis of the discipline (simply paddle on a board), the environments to be developed waves or whitewater rivers are not in every corner, but places with water that you can sail with a SUP board and many more competitions (generally a race event is cheaper and simpler than one of surfing). I will try to do it as schematically as possible, serving both an amateur and a regular competitor. The only difference is that the first will have to be removed or must request or require the organization to be registered in a day accident insurance, while the second will have to be in possession of a federal license or private insurance of the association to which the test belongs


PREVIOUS STEPS (PREPARATION PHASE): The first thing we need to know are the different steps we have to take to formalize our registration. In the absence of a standardized method, each organizer will develop the pre-registration phase in its own way, from the simplest, such as sending an email, to the most complicated, which can be done through an online platform on the Internet. So what we have to do is inform us of how to carry it out, because sometimes there is even a deadline and from that moment it can not be done or there may be a maximum number of registered, so when it is reached we would not have right to participate. Remember that it may be the case that the payment is in advance via bank account (transfer or payment TPV) or the day of the event in cash. Gwen Marche

The second thing that we have to take into account in this phase is to consider all the information of the test, that is, schedules, routes, distances and conditions of competition. We will program our routines according to the test and even the material that we will use. It is not the same to prepare for paddling at the beginning of the day than at noon, that after eating, it is not the same to paddle with cold, with heat or humidity, so all these things will be fundamental in the previous study of the competition. In addition, it will be important to know how long the race can take us, since depending on that we will have to prepare our career strategy and optional elements that we must incorporate into our team. For this, it will be essential to know our objective in the test, it is not the same to set a playful goal, to go with a personal challenge or a podium option, as this will greatly condition our preparation prior to the event. Gwen Marche


As for the conditions of competition, we must have maximum emphasis on the security elements that we must carry, such as the most normal, leash or PDF, or other not so usual, as watertight bags to carry the phone or helmets for possible blows in technical races. Fundamental to know so as not to take us surprises on the day of the race, since we could not compete if we did not incorporate it into our team. We will also have to look at the optional supplements that are not obligatory but that the organization suggests that we use them to assess if it is something that can benefit us when making the race.

J. Panter

Edu Vidarte

Another thing that we can not ignore is the rule book or regulation of the test if it belongs to a circuit, since it reflects the rules, penalties, sanctions and all kinds of information necessary to bring our participation to a successful conclusion. in the race.

To end this phase, I tell you that it is good to put more in the team than regret in the place of the event that we are missing one thing or that we could have used another garment that day, so my advice in this regard is that you are attentive to the climatological predictions for the place of development of the test, but being foresighted to any last minute changes. Council of this phase: “Better safe than sorry later�.


COMPETITION DAY: Generally, we have information about the approximate times of the development of the test, that is, they indicate the time to perform the check-in, the moment in which we have to confirm that we are present and with the intention of doing the test. Sometimes, it will simply be to give our name, in others, it will be necessary to pay or to pick up the welcome pack, it will depend on how the process of pre-registration to the event has been. Subsequently, we must know the time of the briefing or meeting,

that is, the meeting prior to the departure where they tell us how it will develop. Fundamental to be aware of if there has been any change in the previous information that had been provided to us. Before or after or in the middle of the two actions previously described, there may be a delivery of numbers or another recognition system as a number that identifies us and differentiates us from the rest of the participants, as well as a measurement of tables to be classified by categories.

A. Laborda

A. Laborda

My advice is to arrive with time the day of the test so that you take all these steps calmly without neglecting your usual routine to start the race with guarantees. Keep in mind that apart from doing everything we have to do formally in the protocol of the competition, we must prepare our material, perform our correct feeding and hydration without neglecting our warm-up necessary to attend the start of the race to our 100%.


One of the things that not many people do at the end of a race is to immediately verify the position they have been in and be alert to possible penalties. The technical direction of the race takes about half an hour to get the official results once the last participant has finished crossing the finish line, at which point the process of possible claims would begin. I say this because once the deadline for this, we would no longer have the right to challenge the results or incidents that occurred during the race unless we did it before the Sports Court to which it belongs but that would take us much more complicated procedures of performing.

POST-EVENT: This phase will depend on whether it is an isolated event or belong to a circuit, because if it is the latter, we must observe if we have assigned the correct points to the position where we finish the day of the race. Another action to be taken in this phase is to perform a self-criticism with ourselves, performing an analysis of what our previous objectives were and what the actual results were. A. Laborda

CONCLUSIONS: Finally, tell you that you can include many more things in the previous, during and post event, but these are the minimum that you have to take into account in my humble opinion to attend a race test, obviously we could have gone much deeper in each one of them, but it is not a matter of making a manuscript, but a text that will help us in our first participation in a SUP racing test. In the next issue, we will delve into the discipline of SUP surfing, where we will focus on the judging section and the day phase of the competition, since the pre and post are similar to those treated in this other discipline. SURFING, RESPECT, ENJOY & LOVE. KEEP SUPING.



Up Suping

Desde el Mar. James Panter. Rafael Sirvent. Up Suping

Current Champion of the Mediterranean Circuit and Champion of Spain ... Great year Rafa! This year has been fun and full of surprises...And we closed it better than ever satisfied with that championship of Spain in Elite 14 ‘! Tell us how your evolution has been from the first event of this year to the last. Every year we have always gone from less to more from the beginning to the end of the season, but this year has been different. The first part of the season I continued my studies at the institute, and the arrival of summer and the power to focus thoroughly on training has allowed us to climb a great step. Now the goal will be to start the year well...and finish it even better. In Up#18 we interview your sister Sheila. Undoubtedly, the SUP runs through your veins...How do you share this sport with your family? SUP and a lot of dedication are what runs through our veins! Always my sister and I are very competitive, and we support each other in competitions, training and even at home. Desde el Mar


The Stand Up Paddle is open to many experiences, activities and modalities: waves, race, foil, etc...Which ones do you like the most? I like all modalities equally since each one gives you different sensations and according to what conditions, I practice one or the other. It all comes down to being connected to the sea. Although lately, for its novelty and all the new sensations it provides, we are very hooked on SUP Foil. What have you been learning these years paddling with national and international riders? What are your strengths? I have learned a lot from national and international riders, and I am still learning today. Whether it is knowing how to be, how to behave in certain situations...that cold blood when making decisions during the competition. Daniel Parres and the whole club are doing a great job of adventure and promotion of this sport. How are the coexistence and experiences that you have in each event or trip that you go? The coexistence and experiences that we have in each event that we go are a marvel! I love being able to meet new places and new people. And being able to do it with the Parres Watersports club is always a plus. J. Panter


Desde el Mar

What are your favorite spots to train or enjoy a wave session? My favorite spots to train are Santa Pola and Arenales Del Sol, either to train, practice all kinds of sports or have a good time with friends. What is your training rhythm and what diet do you do to have a good fitness to competing? My training routine during the season is to combine gym and water from Tuesday to Friday, and the weekend only water (it does not matter what sport). How do you see the progress of the youth categories in Spain? What opinion do you have about the different circuits and tests that are done in this country? The progress of the youth categories promises a lot! Is it so proving to have a very high level and keep going up. According to the circuits and tests that are made in Spain, I think that they are a very effective way to promote this sport and bring it closer to all people. We repeat, 2017 has been amazing to see you paddling ... What are your goals for this year? My goals for this year: to repeat the Spanish Championship, to play a good role in the EuroTour and to pursue the possibility of representing Spain in the ISA world championship. Thanks to… Many thanks to all those who have supported me and to this day they continue to do so. My big family, especially my parents who put a lot of their part for us, the best friends I can have. Of course Daniel Parres and “Parres Watersports” for believing in me from minute zero. Santa Pola City Council for putting your bit and so you can take your name to the top. To the best brand: “Starboard” for continuing to trust me. To ION for equipping me. To the best fins of the moment VMG and finally to QuickBlade for their oars. Up Suping

Christmas ride. J. Panter


Naish SUP

Lights between caves. M. Toral

Are you a true Stand Up Paddle addict? Do you consider yourself a “freak” for this sport? If you have this characteristicst and some more, you are a true “Crazy of SUP”.

Y Z A CR P U S F O Up Suping

James Panter. Pana. Henalu. Ruben Salvador. Leo Nika. Moutsakos. Wolder SUP Race. Natas 90

1º. BLISTER AND CALLOSITY IN THE HANDS Surely you remember those slight blisters that came out after your first SUP sessions. At first, everything is fun, but as you accumulate hours of SUP in your body, those blisters become callosity...and they are there forever. They will be your friends, an accumulation of skin that although it does not seem it, will protect you. In some cases, when you spend a season without paddling, they relax and even disappear. But once you resume activity, they bloom again like any spring flower. And who does not like to show wounds of war after many hours paddling?...Blisters and callosity will be your best tests!

2º. DIFFERENT BOARDS, PADDLES AND ACCESSORIES Yes, we know it, the material costs money...but for a ¨Crazy of SUP¨ there are no limits and he will always try to have the best material, in sports level and because it fits very well with the wetsuit and the swimsuit. He never conforms, he wants to evolve and not always the aquatic and meteorological conditions are the same. With which, it has to have different models of boards, paddles and accessories. But the situation grows and grows when he sacrifices many sessions to find the right material, even interrupting the sports action to change the material over and over again. And until I find the best, this does not stop. In addition, it is very likely that the head keeps working and thinking, at home and elsewhere...The important thing is to know the variety is important, and above all always true to his style.

3º. ADDICT TO VIDEOS AND SOCIAL NETWORKS To learn, enjoy, observe, improve, protest, dialogue and much more you need a social network. That’s where he full info new’s of SUP and can determine what his next move will be. Here a lot of information moves, and he must know everything he can; without forgetting that he also teaches his power in this sport, whether amateur or professional. The videos, the best invention. No doubt he has adopted many lovers of this sport because some images can be very important and the Stand Up Paddle is full of magical moments. And as this sport grows worldwide, webcams and broadcasts of live events proliferate, becoming something sacred for the crazy man. In this sport it is very well recorded with a water camera paddling...you are very handsome!

4º. RELOJES Y GPS This is something present today in many sports and could not miss in the SUP. Reading of routes, schedules, planning of training, lost calories, cardio and more utilities in a small device in the wrists of almost all “supers”. But then the “crazy of SUP” focuses on two different points: in which he shows his skills and results in social networks, and in which he does not do it but he has everything written down in a notebook. Or saved inside the watch files. But the important thing is to have that precious jewel that knows everything; and then, in summer, the sun’s mark will be seen, which corroborates that he is in control and keeps abreast of all his advances.

102 92

5º. VANS / BIG CAR We share this point with the surfers, although the SUP has bigger...the board (laughs). Many of the SUP Surf boards can be comfortably carried inside a van, but some of the SUP Race boards have to be carried out of the car. In this case, it would be worth any vehicle, we have already seen many Mini’s loading with 14¨ boards. However, the “crazy of SUP” must have a lot of material to know what to use, he needs more space in his vehicle. The paddles in their covers, leashes, shakes and other foods, wetsuits, etc...better well placed and orderly.

But...what if the conditions are not ideal for the practice of SUP? He will always need space for a surfboard, kite, skate, rollstick, bodyboard and other gadgets to take advantage of time. And in many cases, the family is present. So more space, more fun...

6º. SAND DUNES If you are one of those who wet your quiver in the sea, this will sound to you. Sand in the car, van, garage, house (and we refer to all corners), tupper or bag where you leave the suits and clothes used, ears, arms and body rest...and much more. The “crazy of SUP” can collect 350 tons of sand per year, and this could help to fill many beaches after the storms. The sand is part of your being, but be very careful that sometimes it is uncontrollable. We know what some of you are thinking: “I always clean everything”. And it is true, there are also those who clarify their quiver without leaving a trace of sand, all very clean and neat. On another occasion, we will talk about those who paddle in rivers and swamps.


7º. NEOPRENE AND SWIMSUITS COLLECTION Due to the position that is adopted to practice this sport, the body is totally exposed and visible at all times, not as in other aquatic modalities. And you have to be fashionable, of course, which is similar to surfing. But the availability of bright colours and more striking is primordial to it, important if you make long crossings in the open sea or if you are cruising a few waves. The swimsuits and short wetsuits are usually the most used, but always have several models so that they are always dry and in good condition to avoid friction in certain delicate parts of the body.

8º. HEALTHY FOOD VS. BEER AND BURGER This is already a more complex case, because they can even be both. Here the rider can deviate to the extremes. In several cases a healthy diet accompanied by sports supplements is her day to day, taking everything under a strict control. And on the other hand, the one who enjoys some cold beers after having paddling under the summer sunsets and a spectacular burger to take away the hunger...How hungry! Of course, this one is never alone. The ritual is to do it in company with other “supers” and to relate the battles experienced in the aquatic session of the day; either with a beer or a shake in the hand. 94 104

9º. GO TO DIFFERENT EVENTS AND COMPETITIONS And it is not because of participating, but because of the good atmosphere that is breathed. The congregations by lovers of this sport are always pleasant, whether or not there are competitions. In them, you can see many models of tables and paddles, even the best on the market. And of course, the “crazy of SUP” cannot miss!! He can go in search of his friends, see material and even try it. Start making numbers in your head until everything fits and in a few days he has a new quiver.

In other cases, he already has everything and is passionate about competing. Here he also enjoys a lot, exceeding each kilometer and learning from the best. And he always carries with him something that identifies what region or club he comes from, be it a sports garment or stickers on the board and paddle. And the 3rd time...fundamental in every event.


10º. LOCAL RIDERS But first of all...good vibrations! Because this “crazy of SUP” has known to have its place in the point although bigger table and surfing more waves than others (it does not always happen that). And he has a good time, lets a few waves pass to the rest so that everything flows and the session can be more pleasant. Also, if you take more “supers” to the spot, look for other waves so there is not much crowding. It takes care of its environment, it worries so that the respect among all is mutual and always ready to chat when it is necessary. Even some “supers” invent rare words that will then remain in the minds of many...”Maturrango” for example!.


11º. ALTERNATIVES TO SUP As we have already said, you always have to have all kinds of fun material at hand. Many of the Stand Up Paddle riders come to practice other sports, and many related to water. He does not give away time, he knows that if he can´t go to the water, he has to amortize that time that he has struggled to get. Moreover, it takes longer to decide which material to choose than to choose the clothes to wear. Nothing is enough, everything is necessary and important. Nowadays, thanks to the information available to him, he knows that many other sports can be physically adapted, being able to perform transition exercises and much more.

12º. SUP IN FAMILY AND FRIENDS Due to its easy adaptation, Stand Up Paddle is a sport that can be practised by anyone. The only thing that is needed, is to have the desire to enjoy and have fun, objectives that the “crazy of SUP” always have in mind. Do not hesitate to get home after a good session and tell your family how well it has happened...and to all scream! With a huge smile, fully invoked by their gods and absorbed by this disease. He takes his family to practice it, and most of the time he gets it. Woman, children, dog, cat and endless possibilities.

In addition, he is very astute at the time of trying to take some of his friends. He tells a good story, a couple of photos with his water camera and he already has company for his next voyage. And so will the rest of the friends be added. They will share talks, laughs, adrenaline and learn to love nature.


¨Pyrénées Béarnais¨

Wild Adventures in the

¨Pyrénées Béarnais¨ Nicolás Fayol

Sebastien Romflé

At the end of October, my German friends Valentin Illichman and Paulina Herpel made a small stop in Béarn on the road to the German Surf Championships in Portugal. It was an opportunity to offer them an immersion in the heart of our playgrounds, between lakes and rivers. 3 days in the heart of Béarn for a wild mission full of twists.

¨Pyrénées Béarnais¨

We start our trip from Lake Bious-Artigues, and we can see many different landscapes alternating between undergrowth, plateau, path in a mountainside and rocky path. It will take us 3 hours to arrive on the lake, paddle on the back. We have to be honest, our bag boards are full to all our equipment and it’s a little bit harder than on the classic way or hiking… Once we were there, and after a Pyrenees little snack, goat cheese, and ham from the valley, we inflate the board and enjoy the session in a Glacier lake, in the middle of a landscape who make us speechless, between rock, peak on “Jean Pierre” (Nickname of the Ossau Peak)

Paddling the Summit.

We really have the feeling that we paddling in the heart of the mountain, and we just feel connected and in harmony with the elements. At the end of the session,

Direction in Ossau Valley for a paddle session on

and after packing all ours stuffs, we simply walk back

Ayous’s lakes; more particularly on the lake of

with a big smile and just fell happy to made it! On the

Gentau, mountain lake, and to overlook the peak of

way back, we stopped in a cave to taste cheese, and

the south of Ossau, our famous peak, high of 2887 m.

take a piece of it for the next day!

¨Pyrénées Béarnais¨

The varying nature of the river along its course offer us some little waves and little rapids and more flat area. On the start of the river, we have to walk to pass the electrics dams of the river (be careful, there are dams are really dangerous, so stay away from them). After 35 km we stop just down the castle of Lass, just after Navarrenx. A field is waiting for us and we decide to

2 days in the river ¨Gave d’ Oloron¨ The second stage was to go downriver for 2 days from the city of Oloron-Sainte-Marie to Sorde (Known for his abbey), almost all the river. The meeting is in Sordes, and the waterman Alexandre Grégoire join us. We fix our board and went to Oloron to start our trip. As every expedition, we must think of every detail. We do a full list of what we need, and not forget the food! (Wine, cheese, duck …), then we share all the needs on all the boards. The weather is a little less kind than what we expect, but it’s exactly the local weather, and we feel comfortable with it! We paddle 8 km. and do a little break to eat and lucky us the weather is going better.

stay there for the evening, and then lunch time! . After a fresh night, we are back on the water with the mystical atmosphere due to the low temperature, and a 12°C water who made a cloud just above the water. After few kilometres, the sun comes up and the cloud disappears. On this part of the river, we really enjoy the little rapids and take the time to enjoy the landscapes. (Between Navarrenx and Sauveterre) Lunch break around noon, just after the city of Sauveterre de Béarn. And then back on the water, the river becomes flatter, and sometimes you will found gravels on one part of the river. 5km till the end, and we take an arm of the river calling « little Amazonia », the change of scene is complete!! Finally, we arrived and did 9hs. to make 45km. on this 2º day! Well done!

Marina Loayza

“For me it is a great honor to represent my country being so young, and a great responsibility and pressure to compete against older women who have more experience and strength� 104

Up Suping

Desde el Mar. Marina Loayza

How have you known Stand Up Paddle and who taught you how to practice it? José “Jarita” Gómez taught me in Peru, in 2014. He is a friend of my parents and he offered to teach me, I was not so bad and started competing a year later.

We have seen you competing in Somo at the European SUP Surf Championship 2017 and we really liked your performance. How has this event been for you? I really liked the atmosphere that exists in the competitions in Spain, like the organization and the camaraderie of the whole world. It was also exciting to get to know me here in Spain because I am also from here, I was born and I lived here until I was five years old.

What do you feel representing Peru internationally? Tell us about your experience in the ISA world of Denmark! For me, it is a great honor to be able to represent my country being so young, and a great responsibility and pressure to compete against older women, with more experience and strength. Many take me ten years, and even a few it seems to me that they could be my mothers! In Peru, I have always gotten used to competing in Open, since there are very few athletes in SUP Race to make different categories.

Who are your favorite international riders and why? The first Mo Freitas, I really like his versatility, he’s very good at SUP Race and SUP Surf. He has very good style and technique of paddling and is one of the first along with Kai Lenny. And in Denmark, the final sprint was spectacular with which he won the technical final. The second is Kai Lenny, very good too (representative of the modalities that I mentioned earlier).


We have also seen you paddle on SUP Race boards. Do you like it as much as SUP Surf? It is very different. The race is very exciting, and it is much more sacrificed, hard, intense than the SUP Surf. The latter is fun, but it does not appeal to me as much as the Race. In a race and in a workout, mind control and discipline are very important and determinant in the final results, while in SUP Surf it is all more relative.

Mention your favorite waves from Peru and Spain. In Peru my favorite wave is Chicama, Punta Rocas and La Isla that bust in front of my house on the beach of Punta Hermosa, 45 km south of Lima. Here in Spain: Somo and Suances because there I won my first championships.

When it comes to learning new techniques and qualities...Do you usually talk to a coach, experienced riders, watch videos and the internet? Yes, I see the videos made by the coaches, who are experienced surfers. I consult many doubts to my teammates to not confuse me at any time. And I watch videos of top surfers.


We have also followed you on the internet watching the Pan American Games 2017, where you were the youngest of the girls and you have also been in 5th position...You will be very happy! During the whole race, I was seventh, behind the Mexican Alejandra Brito. I was the only woman to leave with a wave without falling, it’s something that excited me a lot. How is your life in Barcelona? Where do you usually go out to row? With my father, we travel a lot and when we are in Vilanova I La Geltrú, which is where I live, I usually paddle with him to Sitges; always aware of the conditions that may exist in the Mediterranean.

Where will we see you in 2018? What is your “SUP planning”? Continue training with perseverance and where the good winds take me. In June you can see me in the Euro Tour, in Alicante and other tests. Thanks to... To Jarita, for getting into this (the SUP). To my father for having taught me to surf waves and have sown in me the seed of this sport. And to my whole family in general to endure my bustle.


SUP INJURIES Pablo Codesido

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Chest trauma: costal fracture.

It is not the first time I see cases of riders with chest trauma in any of the SUP disciplines. The direct impact on the rib cage on rocks, sand or a SUP table, in its different versions of violence, can result in a contusion / rib fracture, or in any of its different complications, which can be really serious. Personally, I remember one of those days with wonderful waves crossing the series. You all know what it means to be about to spend the foray of a wave of considerable size, that crest that begins to embrace you with desire to gobble it all, overcome it and get rid of the impact on your board, it’s a fantastic feeling. And it’s one of those spectacular maneuvers when done with expertise. It was not

my case. I reached the ridge to the limit, the nose of my board was vertical and to free the foam of the wave I decided to jump forward. Big mistake. The table evidently receded, the wave and the wind took care of the rest ... what a blow on the chest! The first thing you feel is pain, but what really overwhelms is the feeling of not being able to breathe, and more in a place surrounded by mountains of water. What happened in the thorax? Now we will see it.

The rib cage is formed by 24 ribs, 4 of them floating, with a lot of ligamentous joints and muscles in continuous movement so that we can perform a vital function: breathing. The rib cage protects organs as important as the lungs and the heart. A contusion in the thorax, even without a rib fracture, can produce a hematoma in the lung tissue or the chest wall that already causes pain and difficulty in breathing. That was my case. A few days of pain and ready. In general, this is the most frequent situation. But one of the basic manifestations of thoracic trauma is the fracture of one or several ribs. The most frequent injuries are from the 3rd to the 9th, the former are more protected by the clavicle. Remember that the term “fissure� sometimes we use to determine the possibility of a small fracture costal difficult to detect, because even radiographs are not always detectable in isolation when there is no displacement. When we have 3 or more fractured ribs, or broken bilaterally, things can be complicated, because it is possible that there is an instability (volet), and therefore difficulty at the time of breathing. But it can be much more complicated if the fractures damage the pleura and air (pneumothorax) or blood (hemothorax) can enter a cavity with negative pressure, which can again severely impede breathing, and in some cases require surgery. If you detect a situation in which after the blow there is difficulty in breathing, contact the nearest health services.

But do not be alarmed, most rib fractures are one or two units. In that case there are usually no problems and with a rest of about a month and a half under medical supervision we will begin to recover. As I said before, it is like a bruise on the thorax of great importance, but whose treatment is not very different from trauma without fracture. Many patients complain of pain in that time that seems to never happen, and that is to remember that it is an area in constant mobility, that is why analgesics are necessary. In addition, scars and repair tissue can be annoying in the long run, but it does not prevent you from returning to normal activity.

Regardless of the trauma suffered, in all these cases there is something that is fundamental: medical surveillance. Most of these processes are not serious but if they occur, detecting them on time is vital. The difficulty in breathing can favor infections that complicate things even more. Therefore resort to your doctor in case of any doubt. PABLO CODESIDO SPECIALIST DOCTOR IN TRAUMATOLOGY AND ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY.





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Amadeo Viera Ramos

. Aloha literally means “the breath of life”. It comes from “Alo” which means presence, and from “Ha” which means breathing. . Aloha is philosophy, treat others with motivation, love and respect. It is a way to achieve the breathing, the peace, of our body and soul. . Aloha is to create positive energy, live in harmony and share positive and lasting feelings and thoughts. But the “aloha spirit” is not only summarized in treating others, but also in the rest, in the environment, in the middle. It is in a way, as that samurai also said in the “Hagakure”, in their “Bushido”, in “looking for the path”.

And so we interpret from this windy and sunny corner of southern Spain, from Tarifa, our particular way of seeing and understanding our relationship with the sea through SUP. To how you get that “aloha spirit” one day any of those in which you leave home at night to any beach and enter the water with the illusion. Yes, illusion, to see how the sun rises over nearby Africa while we are stepping into this water, Atlantic or Mediterranean, it does not matter, because here we are lucky to have two seas in a surf session, and at the same time great SUP meditation session in some quiet corner.

To take advantage of the midday heat for another session of waves, or race, or a ride in waters that do not envy anything of the famous Caribbean or any other paradise. Because paradise as such does not exist in “this or that” place, it resides in each one of us, in which we want it to be. Because each one of us has our particular paradise, the one we have the obligation to care for and respect in order to enjoy it. In this also it is to feel the “aloha spirit”, in the symbiosis with the environment ... For a good lunch among friends, or just, as you prefer, with that improvised rice on the beach, taking water from the sea and seafood that we can “steal”. From that “siesta” to the sun ... may the imagination be free! That after sunset time will come, in the same way that we saw the sun to see how it disappears over the Atlantic infinite horizon while you have your feet and your soul back in salt water, sitting on your board breathing that mixture of smells that It overlooks the sea and the pine forests that surround us ... In short, being faithful to that “aloha spirit”, that with the passing of days will fill you with peace, love, motivation, satisfaction, positive energy... You only have to look for the place, the moment, the media do not matter if you do with enthusiasm and desire; everything arrives, everything flows...



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