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Pedro Gutierrez, Pablo Codesido, Pedro Llames, Gilles Reboisson, Yago (Erik Piaf), Gerován Abreu, Nicolás Fayol, SUP Open League Chile, Up Suping.

Photos: James Panter, Desde el Mar, Brisa Drones, Gilles Reboisson, Sean Evans, T-Land Resort, APP Worlds Tour, 808Photo, Ben Reed, Terrene Black, David Rojas, Mayola Dijksman, Georgia Schofield, Edwin Westra, Mike Wortle, Danny Bouwes, Pablo García, Wasp, KC Foto, Fabián Sánchez, Mariyam Niuma, Félix Blackauville, Northwind, Nicolás Fayol, Clarisse Labussiere, Argaski Mahatu, Andrés Adriazola, Rodrigo López, Backflip, Up Suping. Cover / Back Cover: Río Tara, Montenegro. Photo: Gilles Reboisson

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Edito The most important for SUP: Search, objective and result. Think about it, they are three words that make a whole. The search lights the spark inside you to find the reason why you will go out and paddle every day. A walk, a competition, some waves, a routine. The objective will give consistency and body to what you have chosen, a meaning and a route that you can not leave until you know what your limits. The result, the end of the journey. This will determine whether or not the above steps have been correct. Acceptance also plays a fundamental role and in any case, you can start over. Up # 19 will envelop you with these three words. You will meet people who, with love and constancy, have managed to

arrive at the result marking a continuous route that originate their own happiness. You will see that sometimes all this you will find outside among trees, cliffs and in open sea. But of course, no search, there is no result ... We want to dedicate this “Edito� to all our readers and to the new ones that will be added, that have made Up Suping get settled in these three words to take another step that will see very soon. Are you ready? ... Welcome to Up # 19!

Gilles Reboisson

Contents 20 Terrene Black 26 SUP Waves Tenerife 36 SUP 11 City Tour 42 Tara SUP River 56 Olwen Guascone 62 V Wolder SUP Race 72 Kilarny Spain 24hs. 78 Material 84 Janneke Smits 90 Maldives 100 Alejandro PĂŠrez 108 SUP Whales 114 SUP Injuries 124 Photos Iceland

¨Lincoln Dews in concentration mode¨

Ben Reed

s u p m i x

The sportsman Daniel Parres (1968) returned from Hawaii very

in Windsurf to the mythical Jaws wave in Hawaii, and introducing

satisfied with his first experience on the epic Crossing of the Bones

Kitesurf in Spain, has participated in this cultural and sporting

Channel linking the Hawaiian Islands of Molokai and Oahu to a SUP

event and has been very satisfied with the experience and its

table. There have been 2 spanish people, Daniel Parres the best

result (he got the 32nd position of more than 150 participants). An

rated and Bélar Diaz, who have faced the 54.45 kilometers of which

error of calculation in the material that he used made it 7 hours

could be considered the hardest test of SUP and one of the most

that he invested in crossing the 54.45 km of his race. 7 hours

important nautical sporting events in the world: Molokai2Oahu.

without getting off the board or stopping rowing, reaching a top speed of 25’2 km/h. During those 7 hours he sailed for a while with

After a prayer in a circle of all the participants begins the journey

a herd of about 10 huge dolphins, but did not see any shark.

that goes through the so-called ka’iwi channel. From this channel, it is said that with its more than 32 miles long and 701 meters deep is

“It’s been a tough experience, but I’ve learned a lot for next year.”

one of the most treacherous in the world, by the wind and waves

After 6 hours paddling around a very rough sea, even with all

that enter the open ocean. The tragic death of surfer Eddie

the boats making waves, Parres arrived at China Wall, where the

Aikau in that channel, in 1978, has helped to mitigate his energy

waves break and rebound further complicating the situation and

and the risks of his journey.

the last 2 kilometers had to overcome them with a wind against of about 20 knots. However, Daniel Parres is already training to finish

Daniel Parres, almost 20 years after being the first spanish to meet

the Molokai2Oahu 2018 in less than 6 hours¨. 14

Australia continues dominace to win historic fifth ISA World

Bronze Medal from Terrene Black, and repeat Gold Medal

SUP&Paddleboard Championship Team Gold. Coming into the Final

performances from Lachie Lansdown and Jordan Mercer in the

day of competition in Vorupør, located on Denmark’s northwest

Paddleboard Technical Races, they had gained the lead and

coast, Australia held the overall lead in the team points ranking.

never looked back.

Their fate was in their hands, as a win in the Team Relay Race would cement their Gold Medal position at the top of the podium.

Closely following Team Australia in what was the most tightly

Team Australia jumped out to a lead in the Relay Race that only

contested competition for the Team Gold Medal in the event’s

grew larger lap after lap, earning their fifth Team Gold Medal in

history were Team France with the Silver Medal, Team New Zealand

the event’s six-year history.

with the Bronze Medal, and Team Hawaii with the Copper Team Ranking 1º. (Gold) – Australia 2º. (Silver) – France 3º. (Bronze) – New Zealand 4º. (Copper) – Hawaii 5º. USA 6º. Brazil 7º. Denmark 8º. Italy 9º. Japan 10º. South Africa

Team Australia’s quest for Gold started at the first leg of the World Championship in Copenhagen. They got off to an amazing start with dual Gold Medals in the Paddleboard Distance Race from Lachie Lansdown and Jordan Mercer. As the event moved to the northwest coast known as ‘Cold Hawaii’, Team Australia briefly trailed in the overall team points ranking behind Team France, but after SUP Surfing Gold from Shakira Westdorp and Silver from Harry Maskell, a SUP Technical Race 15

s u p m i x

Start a new event to organize again the first competition of STAND

... In addition, this year we also want to bet on the return of the

UP PADDLE in Andalucia, Tarifa, and may in Spain. Faithful to the

SURF modality, due to the demand of local and foreign surfers

spirit and philosophy surfer, coexistence, respect, solidarity, fun

who ask us to return. So, we will return to be the OPEN SUP & SURF

and love for this sport will be the dominant note in this competition.


It is our biggest “goal” when organizing our events. Before a year of absence for different reasons, this year we want to grow in organization

In a very short time, we will present to the press and the different

to get the atmosphere of the last year in Spot “the Bunker”, and

media, the definitive poster of the competition and the different

we call everyone to a new weekend of coexistence, competition

supports of RR.SS that we are creating to keep you informed at all

and good vibes.

times of all the details of the event. Through them, you can learn how to register and all the technical details that will be published

This year we want to emulate the first competitions, as we did in

by the competition committee, the schedules, the characteristics

the last (2015), which will open an extended period of time from

of the heats, etc. For us, it is important to underline that this test is

October 2017 to March 2018, except for the three weekends of

a totally amateur test, in which we seek to participate in any way,

the Christmas holidays, to waiting for the best swell to do the contest

whatever level it has, that is not a test within any circuit because

in “The Bunker”, local spot that we love and that made us enjoy

it is not our philosophy. Our philosophy is to always spend it well

the V OPEN SUP, although we expect to have other “options”

in our sports, so you should know that to register you only need to

like Hurricane Spot or Balneario if the conditions were not optimal.

give us your best smile. 16

Sunday October 8th took place the 7th and last Alpine Lakes Tour 2017 stage in Chanaz tiny and pretty village between Lake Bourget and the Rhône River. (France). 135 participants from 8 countries. The long distance was a round trip from Chanaz up to Conjux (on Lake Bourget). 80% of the course was on the canal and 20% on the lake. As usual on the Alpine Lakes Tour the beauty of the landscape and the event’s atmosphere were as important as the competition part. Samuel Carbillet (just 18, France) and Micheline Hautecorne (Switzerland) won the long distance (14’ category).

Alpine Lakes Tour Saviéres Full Results/Video CLICK HERE



Vorupør. Sean Evans


David Torralva. Iván (T-Land Resort)

Tenerife. Brisa Drones

Suances. Suping Tara SUP River, Montenegro. GillesUp Reboisson

Up Suping

APP Tour. 808photo. Ben Reed. T.Black

Very good time for this girl who does not stop to reap success. Lover of the sea, addicted to SUP...

How did you start your life as “ocean addict” and your beginnings in the Stand Up Paddle? APP Tour


I’ve always lived by the ocean. I started surf life saving when I was 6 years old and my love for the water and ocean snowballed from there. I also work as a professional lifeguard and I was first introduced to stand up paddling by a colleague. I was instantly hooked.


What does it feel like to have been World Champion for selections on repeated occasions? It gives me so much pride to compete at the ISA world championships for team Australia. Travelling as a team and having their backing throughout the entire event is so special. It makes me race that much harder as I don’t want to let the team down. To come away with a bronze medal in the technical race, a gold in the relay and gold for the overall champions this year in Denmark.


Ben Reed

808 photo

Congratulations!! 2nd place in the M2O of 2017. How do you prepare for the best Downwind event on the planet? Thanks you! This was my 5th crossing and preparation gets a little easier each year. But as I also compete in much shorter races it can be difficult planning my training schedule. I discovered this year that I could rely on my base and not need to do so many long paddles. Typically I plan my training schedule 6 months out. I try to downwind whenever I get the chance and I also put a lot of focus on leg cardio with either bike riding or running.


The female SUP level of competition growing up. How is the atmosphere between all girls in each event? It’s amazing! I have made so many wonderful friends from all over the world with sup racing. Most of the girls are quite considerate of one another out on the course. This is necessary for buoy turns and also drafting. Of course, things can get a little tense on the start line but you’d be amazed at how friendly most of us are. The depth in women sup racing is only slowly growing so it is important we each support and look out for one another. APP Tour

APP Tour

How is your tour of the APP World Tour this year? We have seen your great performances and surfing very good waves! The APP World Tour format really suited my strengths in racing. I’m good in short technical races especially if there are waves. We have seen excellent photos of you doing Paddle Surf. What kind of waves are right for you? The best thing about SUP is being able to ride waves in all conditions. It can be tiny but is still so fun on a SUP. Of course, I love 3ft plus and glassy conditions for surfing but I can still froth out in the tiniest of waves.

APP Tour

How is your day? What do you do and what are your dreams? My day usually starts with a paddle session, followed by breakfast and then straight to work. If I am not training and I am not too tired I like to surf. After work might be a gym, cycle or yoga session. I am currently living my dream. Travelling the world racing. I like to make the most of every new place I go to and explore. I hope to keep travelling to exotic locations where I can also surf. 23

What was the toughest and most demanding competition you ever played? M2O is definitely the toughest race I compete in. It is the most physically, mentally and emotionally demanding of any race I do. Every year I question why on earth I put myself through the torture when I’m out there but within a few hours after the race I’m already psyching up for next year. The love the whole journey of it and I love spending that time in Hawaii preparing for it.

We assume that you take great care of your body to always be in top form and enjoy the SUP.... right? Of course, maintaining optimal health is a priority when your an athlete. I follow a really clean diet. I like to eat simply with salads and some fresh protein. It can be difficult to always find the right food when your travelling but I have gotten better at it. 24

I also believe rest and recovery are really important. Simply sleeping is a cure in itself. But I always ensure I have rest days and if I’m feeling off I don’t push myself. There are also regular physio and massage appointments.. Do you think the growth of this sport is the correct? What things do you have to find out about SUP? I think the sport will continue to grow healthily. As long as we have the right people putting on events and supporting newbies. I hope that I’m inspiring younger girls to have a crack at racing. Now that I’m quite experienced I would like to be doing more clinics. Taking ladies groups, introducing kids to sup and also teaching speciality skills like surf and downwind.

APP Tour

Thanks to…. My family for following and supporting me in my new direction in life. My sponsors who without their help I would not be where I am - ECS boards Australia, Quickblade Paddles, VMG Blades, PSE supplements, Zhik, Maui Jim and Jolyn costumes. All the sup crew from back home who cheer me on.

808 photo

Spain Championship SUP Surf 2017

D. Rojas

Iballa Ruano, Oscar RuĂ­z and Oihan Aizpuru are the new SUP Surf Champions of Spain 2017. Up Suping

David Rojas. Up Suping

The long-awaited appointment for the lovers of Stand Up Paddle Surf in Spain became a reality. Its place would be on the beach of Las Americas in Tenerife, but due to problems and errors other than the organization of Sports Club Tenerife and Sports Club Over Sea, it had to be canceled on Friday, June 16th. Competitors and organization were forced to collect the material and the event was postponed the next day by going to the beach of El Socorro taking advantage of the presence of a Championship of the Circuito Canario de Surf. 26

Riders, family and companions showed up on the beach with the desire to live a real show at a national level. The competition was developed in the points of the right zone of the beach where the waves were optimal for the practice of this discipline, varying by moment in the different tides. Canary and peninsular competitors were able to stand and face these conditions without any problem, demonstrating why they are the best in the country.

D. Rojas

The first heats opened the championship with excellent scores by FĂŠlix Palmero, Jaran Rodriguez and Moritz Mauch, and Olwen Guascone squeezed every surfing wave to the max. The canarian girl Iballa Ruano, currently the two time champion of Europe, would spend his semifinals with his quality to which we are already accustomed, with the rest of his team also getting a pass to the final with Alazne Aurrekoetxea. D. Rojas

The youngest of this championship would be very difficult for their opponents heat after heat, especially the performance of the andalusian Fernando Perez wit 15 years old, showing a lot of quality and a promising future. As are Ohian Aizpuru and Juan de los Reyes arriving at the end of the event thanks to their demonstrated power in each maneuver performed. The cantabrian Oscar Ruiz would do the same, having surfed throughout the day with great quality and selecting the waves very well Finally, in the female category, the canarian Iballa Ruano would once again become Champion of Spain after making a magnificent heat with very precise and radical maneuvers. Nicole Boronat would get a well deserved 2nd place, followed by Alazne Aurrekoetxea and Esperanza Barrera. The final of the men’s category has been very exciting. The younger Ohian Aizpuru and Juan de Los Reyes, squeezing their strength, gave power to each wave chosen.

D. Rojas

D. Rojas

The canarian Mortiz Mauch would do the same but looking for his best wave, while Oscar Ruíz found a few rights waves that allowed him to perform a very fluid surfing, with precision and quality. This was worth to him to obtain high scores on the rest and thus to be able to consecrate Champion of Spain, with Juan de Los Reyes in 2º position. Mortiz Mauch would take 3rd place ahead of Ohian Aizpuru. In the SUB18 category Ohian Aizpuru was proclaimed champion, ahead of Juan de Los Reyes and the youngest Fernando Pérez in 3rd position.

D. Rojas

D. Rojas

D. Rojas

D. Rojas

D. Rojas

D. Rojas

D. Rojas

At the end of the championship, riders and family went to Siam Park to celebrate the first competition of Spain in an artificial wave (Siam Park Expressions Session Trophy), where they would qualify the most radical maneuvers. For most participants, it would be their first time in this type of wave and the experience for all of them has been incredible. Over a few hours, the right wave of Siam Park offered a lot of spectacle and excitement, the hours passed and they ended up practically surfing at night with spotlights. The competitor of Fuerteventura, Pablo Valencia, was the one that proved to be the most radical and take the first place. A “Technical Race� was also conducted with the children of the SUB14 team at the Second Reef school in Gran Canaria where competitors were paddling in a buoy circuit with smaller waves.

This event has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of Sports Club Tenerife, Club Deportivo Over Sea, Deportes del Cabildo de Tenerife, Deportes de Arona, Patronato de Turismo de Arona, Ayuntamiento de los Realejos, Federación Española de Surf, Federación Canaria de Surf, Starboard, Mystic, Bic SUP, Hotel H10 Conquistador, Hotel Zentral Center y Hotel Villa Cortés. With the collaboration of Kalise, Fuentealta, Spexy, Fast, Comeztie, Libby´s, Photography DR y Up Suping.


Up Suping

Mayola Dijksman. Georgia Schofield. Edwin Westra. Mike Wortle. Danny Bouwes

No one will forget the 9th edition of the SUP 11 City Tour, where the weather has been the protagonist and the real rival for all competitors. Rain, lightning, wind, hail and cold. But all this was overcome thanks to the virus that is spread among all those who have been attending this event for years, a virus that exposes the most sportive and emotional side of each competitor. The organization also has a great fault that the SUP 11 City Tour never disappoints and continues to grow. We are already excited about what the 10th edition will bring us in 2018. Meanwhile, we leave you with these wonderful images by the photographers, a great job considering the inclement weather.

Mike Wortle

Mayola Dijksman

Mayola Dijksman

Mayola Dijksman

Mayola Dijksman

Edwin Westra

Mayola Dijksman

Edwin Westra

Edwin Westra

Mayola Dijksman

Dany Bouwes

Mayola Dijksman

Mayola Dijksman

Edwin Westra

Edwin Westra

Edwin Westra

Mayola Dijksman

Exploring The World’s Second Deepest Canyon by SUP Board

Gilles Reboisson

It was the desire to discover a country where no one has ever set foot, dreams of venturing into unknown and forgotten destinations that drew one of France’s whitewater SUP pioneers to the Balkans this spring. For many, the Balkans provide the perfect combination of European culture and accessibility with remote wilderness and unknown territory, their lands home to many rivers awaiting exploration. The Tara River Canyon in Montenegro is no exception. Nicolas Fayol led a team of whitewater paddlers and professional SUPers to explore the second deepest canyon in the world, self-supporting five days and 150 kilometres by SUP. French whitewater sup pioneer Nicolas Fayol was in search of a place within Europe to run a multi-day whitewater SUP mission with a taste of exploration and beautiful scenery, yet still easily accessible.

¨For many of our generation, the Balkans is a place of mystery, a great unknown of our familiar European continent. The names of Serbia, Bosnia, and Yugoslavia resonate strongly as territories that stand somehow apart from the rest of Europe, close but different, due perhaps two years of recent war¨.

After poring over maps, Fayol lit upon the Balkans, a region in Eastern and Southeastern Europe that takes its name from the nearby mountains. The Balkan Mountain range stretches from the Serbian-Bulgarian border to the Black Sea, encompassing many countries including Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, and Montenegro. Of all the rivers the Balkans has to offer, the world famous Tara River Canyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Montenegro, caught Fayol’s eye. While kayakers had run the canyon for years, SUP paddlers had never made a complete descent. Nico knew he found gold and began to set plans for the Tara River SUP project in motion.

Once Nico had his dream river, he needed to put together the perfect team. Mario and Manuel Stechers, German twins known as the “Stecher Twins” in the SUP community, were a perfect fit. They had made a name for themselves by working towards their own goals of paddling as many lakes and rivers as possible and trying to surf all the river waves in Europe. A third German, Valentin Illichmann, complemented the twins. A young gun dominating water sports, from windsurfing to SUP through kite and surfing, Valentin is part of a new generation of water sports athletes pushing the limits in all areas. Stéphane Pion, an experienced whitewater kayaker, adventurer and outdoor filmmaker from France also joined the team. To ensure the team’s safety, Frenchman Gilles Reboisson, though more accustomed to polar expeditions, would follow the team in a kayak and take pictures.

Of littoral Croatia, we remember the panorama of its islands and the beauty of its coastal towns. We had heard of the breath-taking scenery of Yugoslavia, and tales of Montenegro’s popular touristic attractions. In the1980s, tourism was in full swing in Montenegro, the treasures of the Adriatic coast as well as Durmitor Park very popular. It is here that Nico and his SUP team sought their adventure, for in the deepest valley of Durmitor Park flows the Tara River, its turquoise waters nicknamed ‘The Tears of Europe.

1,300 meters, making it the second deepest canyon in the world, and the deepest in Europe. While the river is popular with kayakers and rafters, most companies running short day-stretches rated class II-III, it had never been descended by paddleboard. Located in a wild nature less than a day’s drive from France and Germany, it is the perfect location for Nico’s mission. Nico proposed to descend the entire river between its confluence with the Verasa and the border with Bosnia Herzegovina. The trip would be a multiday self-support descent down 150 kilometres (94 miles) over 5 days.

he river winds its way through Europe’s longest canyon. This canyon, just over 80-kilometers long, reaches depths of 45

Often times the hardest part of a trip like this can be the realization and organization. Luckily, we had the solid logistical support of the ethnic village and rafting base Grab Camp to help us. We were able to prepare all our equipment there and they drove us to the river. Most days on the water we paddled between 6 and 8 hours a day; on our longest day, we traveled 37 kilometers (23 miles). Happily the first two days on the water were a good opportunity to warm-up and combine our skill sets to make a strong team. While Nico, Stephane and Gilles (the Frenchies) are kayakers used to whitewater expeditions, Manu, Mario and Valentin were unfamiliar with many of the gestures and signals used to communicate on the river. Stephane and Gilles shared communication and safety methods, while Manu, Mario and Valentin gave pointers on SUP technique.

After a few days on the water, we arrived at the entrance of Devil’s Canyon. We knew that if we committed, and chose to attempt a descent, we would not be able to exit the river or call for outside help for the next five kilometers. Five kilometers of which we did knew nothing about, other than its whitewater kayak rating: class V. We decided to establish a bivouac, giving us time to fully consider our approach before making a final decision about how to proceed. Once camp was set up, Nicolas and Mario cautiously approached the canyon. Without multi-day supplies loading down their boards, they were able to stop on the bank just before the gentle flow turned to whitewater torrents. The volume and difficulty of the rapids in Devil’s Canyon are on the edge of what many consider possible on a SUP. One of the challenges we faced was considering paddling these rapids with roughly 25kg (55 lbs) of gear on our boards. We had hoped to be able to bypass the biggest rapids if necessary by portaging along the bank, but as Nico and Mario dismounted and tried to scout the first few rapids on foot, but the riverbank soon became too steep to walk further, making it clear that it would be impossible to portage if needed. After regrouping, we decided to activate our joker and call in Miro, a local raft guide who could drive us around the next seven kilometers. We headed upstream, finally locating Miro after a difficult ascent of the two kilometers of the river separating our campsite from a vehicle access point. Miro was relieved by our decision, explaining that the previous week a team of Russians attempted ‘Devil’s Canyon’ with catarafts and had serious problems.

We put in seven kilometers further downstream, and days fell into the routine of multi-day life. Paddle, enjoy the scenery, paddle, set-up camp, marvel at the beauty of the Tara River Canyon. The turquoise river is perfect for SUP. Even the gentlest current was still strong enough to for the team to cruise downstream. Most of the rapids are fairly short and easy, though some needed to be scouted from the bank. The range from gently moving current to steeper sections with some class IV rapids was a good balance for everyone

We arrived earlier than expected to our goal ‘Camp Grab’ on day four, where a delicious meal awaited us. We enjoyed. The border between Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina was still a few kilometers away. If everything went well, the following morning we would go back upstream a little ways and paddle down the rafting section all the way to the border. After sleeping in a t y p i c a l M o n t e negrian little hut we woke up in great shape. The day started with breakfast before a 45-minute drive back to the start of the rafting section to put back on the water. One hour of paddling later we arrived at Camp Grab. It was lunchtime and six small vodka shooters awaited us. A storm rumbled above our heads, breaking the sunny skies for the first time. It was time to get back into the water. About an hour later, we paddled past the bridge marking where the Tara continues its way from Montenegro into Bosnia.

We spent five wonderful days on a turquoise river with a perfect team. We were happy to have successfully descended the Tara River on SUPs, and hope that many others will experience this kind of adventure, on this river or others. SUP is particularly suited to multi-day trips. As our mission on the Tara showed, as long as you prepare and plan for your trip, and are aware of the skills and safety needed for white-water navigation, many rivers become open to new adventure potential.

¨Yonder gloomy Tara floweth turbulent/ Rolling it with trees and stones,� proclaims the Serbian epic poem The Marriage of King Vukasin. We hope that it will continue its path through the Balkans undisturbed.

My security

Nicolás Arnedo. Up Suping

I still have latent memories of my first experiences with Stand Up Paddle and of course the material we used. For that moment I only had the paddle and the board, and little else. The journeys were beginning to be longer, sometimes even at night. My wife was always aware of the time when I returned to land to stay calm, to paddle a river or the sea. That’s when I really asked myself: What if something happened to me? And luckily the growth of SUP also brought us a lot of information as far as security is concerned. First I used the bag to put the keys of the car or house, water and a coat in case the cold fired during the ride. Subsequently, I got a waterproof case to carry my mobile, this gave me absolute peace of mind. Even if I did not have a waterproof camera, I had the option of stopping and carefully taking a picture of the moment with the phone. Today I’m wearing one of Aquapac’s belt pouch, where I carry all the material I told you about before. With this, in addition to a leash and the optimal physical abilities to enjoy this sport, I feel the full certainty of having the fundamental elements to act before any adversity. Our family and friends are always waiting for us ashore. And without forgetting those who are also with us in the water, we can help you in case of any incidence thanks to the material that we carry on. They are also an excellent solution, in my case, when I am working on different events on the beach; I can use the phone and my camera without fear of getting wet. We already have all kinds of solutions to be safe while we practice Stand Up Paddle. Apply it ... for you, for your family and friends, and for the rest of your companions.

Liencres. James Panter


David Torralva. Ivรกn (T-Land Resort)

Suances. Desde el Mar

Tara SUP River, Montenegro. Gilles Reboisson


Indonesia . Pablo GarcĂ­a

Olwen Guascone




Guascone SUP Surf is growing in Cadiz and its athletes are already strong nationwide. Olwen is one of them...


Up Suping

David Rojas. Wasp. KC Photography. Guascone. Fabiรกn Sรกnchez

We really liked your performance in the Spanish SUP Surf Championship. How did you experience this event in Tenerife? Well fun...and the Siam Park event was a lot of laughs. I think everyone had a great time. I also do not take the competition very seriously, I will not lie, is an excuse to travel to know new places and of course go with friends and surf.


Olwen Guascone

D. Rojas

You won the La Fontanilla Championship last year and also competed with Sean Pointer a few years ago in Tarifa. Great sensations ... right? Well, I was very lucky in Fontanilla and won by 0.30 points. if I remember correctly. But getting out of the water and listening to the megaphone that you have left first is incredible. Smile from ear to ear. Knowing the ¨pros¨, in this case to Sean Pointer, it was unforgettable to see him in person. His surfing and being with him in the water .... what am I going to tell you! K. C. Fotografías


Olwen Guascone

How is the SUP in Cadiz? What are the points where you usually enjoy your sessions? If you come the best is in winter, and everything is lucky, as everywhere. If you have a good week ... you fall in love. A great advantage compared to the peninsula is the good temperature, I do not get more than a 3/2 wetsuit. Unfortunately for the work, I have with business hours I’m a bit limited in time, but people know that I squeeze it as much as I can. If the tide is not at its best or there is a bit of wind, I do not wait, I go to the water without thinking about it. I usually get a lot in Rota and at home in El Puerto de Santa Maria. We see that you use Wasp Custom Boards. Tell us what your benefits are and what you bring to your surfing. I have evolved a lot with these boards. One per year, improving and changing measures according to my taste. They are the best, they are made with much love.

What other sports do you practice regularly? Surfing, windsurfing and kite depending on conditions. The point is to be as long as possible with a toy in the water.

D. Rojas


Olwen Guascone

What international riders do you usually look to evolve your surfing? Who do you feel most identified with? When I was little Robby Naish and Laird Hamilton, and now Kai Lenny. What is your favourite maneuver and what other things do you have to improve? For learning a thousand and improving millions. My favorite maneuver...the infinite tube!! What do you think about the current situation of SUP Surf in Spain and its competitions? It is evolving in great strides. Increasingly they enjoy this sport and very young competitors stomping very hard.

Fabiรกn Sรกnchez


Olwen Guascone

To conclude ... What would you say to the ¨paddlers¨ to visit and go surfing those wonderful waves of the south? Let them come with patience looking very well at the conditions part. If you have good luck, there are many places to surf or take walks. Thanks to…. Thanks to my family and friends for putting up with me. My usual excuse, why I do not stay with them: ¨I can´t.. there are waves¨!!




¨The Stand Up Paddle has offered a great show in Suances where all the competitors have had a tough battle against the inclement weather. A lot of intensity and emotion in a new edition of this event in Cantabria.¨

J. Panter

Valentín Salas (Desde el mar). James Panter.

On September 16 and 17, the 5th edition of the Wolder SUP Race Suances, a Stand Up Paddle championship that this year designated the Spanish Champions of SUP Race 2017. The weather forecasts were not very favorable to carry out the courses agreed for the On Saturday, the organization chose to change them for the safety of the competitors. This was done in the area of La Concha beach, which was very attractive to the entire audience



J. Panter

A total of 164 participants from different parts of the country fill up the waters of Suances from early in the morning in different categories. The “warriors�, the youngest ones, made a great effort in their stipulated

Desde el Mar

J. Panter

routes against the hardness of the climate; always guarded by the entire security system of the event. Many smiles and samples of joy were seen in the faces of them when crossing the finish line. Some true heroes.


Desde el Mar

Desde el Mar

J. Panter

In the afternoon it was the turn of the adults, where they competed from the fans of this sport to the most experienced. It was wonderful to see all the competitors from the top of the cliffs of Suances, paddling in areas of flat water, moving water, downwind and also surfing the waves. A combination mix that generated an authentic Stand Up Paddle show. 64


Desde el Mar

Desde el Mar


Desde el Mar

Desde el Mar

Desde el Mar

The weather conditions worsened with strong westerly winds that complicated the correct practice of the same and the organization had to neutralize the race with few laps to the circuit of the most experienced. We must highlight Rafael Sirvent, winner of the category of 14¨, Susak Molinero in 12’6 female and Pablo Herrera

in 12’6 male without forgetting the rest of riders who have endured in the competition until the last moment and those who have succumbed to ¨Maturrango¨. All authentic champions. The day ended with a spectacular dinner of twinning and delivery of prizes of the Long Distance. 66

WE LOVE MATURRANGO On Sunday, one of the most attractive modalities of Stand Up Paddle was played and much loved by all the competitors who have been attending this event for years: the Beach Race. A technical and demanding race where competitors must take a tour near the beach crossing waves, turning buoys and surfing the waves with the SUP Race boards. It is a challenge and very attractive to the public. The surf conditions had improved compared to the previous day, although the wind was present.The youngest riders were the first to leave with some routes adapted to their level. The evolution of these “warriors� is very high in this modality, where they learn a lot of technique and strive with their competitors. The popular and fans also enjoyed the breakers at the beach of La Concha with a lot of claw where in this modality of SUP you never know the winner until the last moment.

J. Panter

Desde el Mar

Desde el Mar

WE HAVE EVERYTHING! Live music . SUP School Surf Shop. Surf Food. Natural juices Coming soon Surf Hotel ...

And of course on the first line of the beach! 942 970 202 - 609 688 401 . Suances . Cantabria

WE LOVE MATURRANGO The most experts had it a bit more difficult, at a time of the morning where the wind was very intense for the competitors. The organization reduced to one the number of laps to dispute. The most intense moments were experienced in the buoy closest to the beach, where riders make authentic maneuvers to turn their boards and not crash into each other. The waves also did their job, where positions could change in a matter of seconds. Navarrese Román Frejo was the winner in 14¨, Susak Molinero and Pablo Herrera repeated the podium in 12’6. Desde el Mar

J. Panter

Desde el Mar

J. Panter


J. Panter

Desde el Mar

J. Panter

Desde el Mar

The day ended with a spectacular paella for all competitors and the awards ceremony of the Beach Race; with draws of material donated by the different collaborators of the event. Great work of the organization led by the SUP Suances Club, with its security plan made during the weekend for the competitors and the pleasant comfort they always offer their public and collaborators. Stand Up Paddle is still evolving.



Do you want to attend an event or participate in a competition, but you do not know which one to go? Enter in “Holenalu SUP Calendar� and plan your next getaway. Click on our logo and you will access directly!

Up Suping

James Panter

On July 1 in the town of PedreĂąa in Spain, we had a new edition of Kilarny Spain 24hs, the second test of the Triple Crown 2017. After the success of the participation of the Dordogne Integrale in France, we expected a great participation of international riders to score in this format of competition that will culminate in Holland with the SUP 11 City Tour. To all these, they would be accompanied by many other competitors from all over Spain, participating in both individual and team modality.

The competition started late due to the strong wind from the west that prevented the tour in optimal conditions. It had to wait until 18:00 pm of the first day of competition so that the competitors could go to the water, having to row the route in the night tour for the safety of all and with 6hs. less competition.

Some riders started this new edition of Kilarny Spain 24hs. with much energy and strength. They emphasized the competitors that would go to the first positions of the general and the different teams by relays, paddling with a much higher intensity not to lose even a second of time. The wind was lessening as expected during the first few hours of competition and it should be noted that the organization did a great job in the area of entry and exit to the water so that competitors have no obstacles and can leave their boards comfortably.

When the night made an appearance, a new visual spectacle began. The lights that carried the tables thanks to the company Navisafe offered a wonderful image for the whole course of competition; something more striking unlike other years because of the great number of competitors in the water. This is accompanied by the silence and tranquility that the night offers, only interrupted by the sound of the paddles impacting on the water. The French Florent and Darrieumerlou were ahead in the standings but not far from the spanish riders Martorell and Blanco. The dutch girl Smits also stood at the top of the women’s category, and the Relay teams of SUP Club Suances and SUP Central gave everything from meter to meter for first place.

At 6:30 am on Sunday, the day tour was open where they enjoyed their ride without discomfort by the wind that had lashed the day before. After many hours doing the same circuit, it was psychologically very positive for all the participants, making more than 6 kms. by return with a wonderful landscape of the Bay of Santander and environs. It was incorporated to the route the participants who had decided to rest more hours during the night and to give the best of itself during the day.

During the last hours before finishing the competition at 12:00 pm, the classification could change a lot; this made the competitors express their remaining strength to ensure the best possible position. Finally the french rider Donde Florent was the winner in the general, second was his compatriot Olivier Darrieumerlou and third the spanish Miguel Martorell. Janekke Smith would do the same ahead of Carolina Seth-Smit in females and the team SUP Club Suances took the victory in this category ahead of SUP Central after a great fight throughout the competition.

We would like to congratulate the organization and each of the competitors who participated in this event of resistance from France, Spain, Costa Rica and other countries. Of course, the sponsors and collaborators that make this event possible to grow every year, being very attractive for many SUP lovers; participating in search of their limits or simply for fun and company.



NEW COLLECTION designed in Barcelona


8’5” x 28“ x 4” 9’ x 29” x 4”


9’8 x 36” x 6”


10’ x 30” x 4”


10’8 x 32” x 5”


10’5 x 34” x 5”

TOURING EXPLORER 11’6 x 31” x 6”

14’ x 28” x 6”


12’6 x 28” x 6” 14’ x 26” x 6”


12’ x 20” x 6” 12’ x 19” x 6”

fPara cualquier tipo de consulta:

16’ x 32” x 6”


14’ x 58” x 8”


18’ x 59” x 8”





K100 LIMA 78







BLADE 7´9¨/ 27, 1/2¨

BRUSHED 12´6 X 26¨ 79

my first clothes Pedro Gutierrez (SUPCantabria)

Up Suping

One of the articles necessary to develop our sport activity and that undoubtedly is where more variety exists is the dress. It influences in many external aspects for us, from what for (modality), where (environment), to what climatic conditions (cold, heat, rain, etc.) we are going to use it, and even personal ones, we have different preferences or hobbies. We will try to disengage all the types of clothes that we can find in the market for the different modalities or disciplines of stand up paddle, besides trying to give advice depending on the season of the year in which we are.

SUP SURFING: For SUP Surf, the most used clothing is the wetsuits, it isolates us from the cold and protects us from possible cuts or blows. The first thing we should know is the thickness they have. Usually, the suits have two numbers on the sleeves or inside. For example 3/2, 4/3 or 5/3. The first indicative is the measurement in millimeters of the chest and back, while the second is the extremities. Obviously, we want to have less in legs and arms to be able to have greater freedom of movement gaining agility.

The variety of wetsuits is very wide, having different models based on what they cover, for example, they are full or long (they cover the whole body), short (they do not have cloth from the elbow to the wrist, nor from the knee to the ankle), long John y short long. Without forgetting that we can find neoprene pants and jackets. We can also differentiate the surfing suits by their closure system. In this aspect we have mainly three models: the classic suit with the vertical zipper in the area of the back, or a horizontal zipper in the chest area, or else the one that is becoming more fashionable lately is that of not having zippers introducing you by the neck through an opening of the upper part of the suit. The latter are the ones used for waves currently because less water enters. Another way to differentiate them is whether or not they are sealed, that is, if they have some type of rivet in the seams that makes water entry even more impossible. For winter or cold water, this is essential, although we can al-ways use the suits with batteries that warm you in the most vital or necessary areas of the body.

As for the care of them, it is essential to rinse them with fresh water after the session and even occasionally with cleaning products specific to the neoprene that you can find in your usual store. We should also try not expose them to the sun in order not to deteriorate them.

To finish this discipline, tell you that it is possible to surf the waves using only swimsuit or even combining them with jackets of neoprene, lycras or cotton shirts depending on the water tempera-ture or solar radiation.


RACE AND CRUISES: In these disciplines, we have a wide range of possibilities, since besides being able to enter with the aforementioned neoprene suits, we can use any complement that we want, depending on the environment, the conditions of the sea and the tastes of the athlete we will see all kinds of clothes in water.

In my case, for example, what I advise is that if in winter you go by sea you use some accessory that contains neoprene in case you fall into the water, instead with lighter temperatures, it is preferable to go comfortably to gain agility and even have less likely to become dehydrated.

At the moment it is fashionable the garments adapted of other sports. At present, in autumn and spring with wind, but in areas of interior, I usually wear windbreaker jackets special for our sport that alternate different materials and include cycling jersey type pockets to put your stuff. They are comfortable and useful, as well as easy to balance, if I use it in areas of risk of falling I put it on the long John, but if I use it in areas I know I will not fall into the water, what I usually do is put on a mesh pant. In cooler days I wear a technical shirt underneath that it is a good option to wear it alone in the hottest days along with a swimsuit or mesh.

RIVER: Although it is the discipline that less practice, I am aware that the best clothes that exist to develop it are the dry suits. They are highly recommended for challenging whitewater. In my case, I always wear the thickest neoprene 82

suit I have, but I would not mind having one for its comfort and functionality. If you have never seen one, I recommend that you see those of the brand Supskin, they have as spanish rider Ramon Blanco, a real specialist and pioneer of this discipline.

CONCLUSIONS: As you see, we must have a large closet to store all the necessary clothes to enjoy to this sport. My advice is that you do not complicate much, at first acquiring something versatile, functional and that serves for everything a little. Those who come from the surf world, we are more reluctant not to abandon the wetsuits, instead, those who come from other sports, you usually cover other types of clothing more suited to what you used to use. The most important thing is that you go well protected, avoid frost, burn with the sun or dehydrate. PROTECT YOUR LIFE. SURFING, RESPECT, ENJOY & LOVE. KEEP SUPING.

Zoco Gran Santander - Peñacastillo Santander - 39011 - Spain Telf.: 942322525 / 606267855

¨ More than 6 years of experience in Stand Up Paddle. Boards, inflatables, paddles, covers, protectors, backpacks and waterproof covers, technical wetsuits¨.

Go Surfing

J. Panter

A true winner of the most demanding Stand Up Paddle competitions in Europe.


James Panter. Smits

Hi Janneke! A pleasure to know you in the Dordogne Integrale. Please, introduce yourself to our readers... Hi, my name is Janneke Smits-Van Leeuwen. I am 34 years young, married with Bas and mum of Iris (7) and Lente (5). We are living in Gouda (well known from the Gouda Cheese), in the Netherlands. In 2013 I started my own SUPschool, Jaba SUP. I am organizing city trip through the city centre of Gouda and on lakes arround Gouda and Nieuwkoop for all kinds of groups. In 2014 I had the opportunity to buy a webshop for SUP-boards, paddles and other SUP gear. Since then I had a SUP-school and a webshop. In 2016 we’ve started a SUP-instructor course in cooperation with the Dutch Water-sports Federation to educate SUP-instructors. So I can say that my life is pretty much focused on SUP.

How were your preparations for the Triple Crown events this year? For the SUP11city tour, I was able to follow a training schedule in the summertime. The main goal for the training schedule was the Long distance race during the ISA world championships in Denmark. I hope it will also pay off for the SUP11city non-stop.

My preparations for the Dordogne Integrale and the 24hrs Kilarny in Spain were ac-tually not so good. My father was very sick and we spend as much time as possible with my family/father together. I paddled máximum 50 km on my board during the whole winter season. So…that’s not much. But…I was able to train 2-3 times a week for CrossFit. Because is training with other people it was easier for me to motivate myself to go to the CrossFit box instead of training on the water by myself.

J. Panter

Talk please about SUPNL circuit and competitions in Holland. We see that the progress of the Stand Up Paddle there is important!! The Dutch SUP competition is growing every year…not very hard, but it’s still growing. This year we have 4 races for the Dutch Champion title. You have to race at least 3 out of 4 races for the points. The biggest SUP event in the Netherlands is the SUP11city tour. It’s like a virus. Once you’ve been infected, you want to come back every year. It’s one big family for a whole week, living, paddling, battling, and most of all having a great time together. 86

You have also participated in some Euro Tour events. Do you prefer this type of fast or long and demanding competitions like the 11 City Tour or the Kilarny Spain 24hs? In 2016 I participated in a few Euro Tour races. The format is very nice, but it cost a lot of time, money and traveling to join as many races as possible. The Ultra long distance races are different. It’s necessary to plan the whole races regarding your food, drinks, clothing, lights, resting moments,etc. For some races, you need a support team to help you with the food, drinks etc. The ultra long distance races are more challeging because of the mental and physical aspects. On the water, you will have a competition with the other athletes but for me, the most important thing is just to complete the race (and then off course finish as good/fast as possible).

J. Panter

It’s not all about competing in this sport. Do you usually go out to paddle with the family and looking for moments of relaxation and fun around the area where you live? Yes, I go out with my family and friends to travel, paddle, swim, walk, cycle and having quality time together. Our girls really love to play outside. Paddling, climbing trees, geocaching, swimming, name it… they love it! My kids start paddling this summer and they learn very quickly, so nice to see!! I am sure that’s what counts in life, making good memories with the people you love. Money doesn’t make me happy. Having a good time with family and Friends does!

J. Panter

How complicated is the practice of the SUP in Holland during the winter? Last few winters it was not complicated to practise SUP in Holland. The Winters were not cold enough to frozen the lakes and other paddles spots. But when we will have a cold Winter, it will be complicated to train during wintertime. Then we will have to use the indoor swimming pools for example or find some alternative training options. What are the benefits of this sport and its modalities? The benefits of Stand Up Paddling for me?? Because of SUP, I’ve met beautiful people. Some of them became very good Friends. I must say…in general, people who practice SUP are more relaxed, they are grateful and they want to explorer new places/waters and enjoy nature and life in a very pleasant way. Besides that, SUP keeps me fit and healthy. And when you feel fit and healthy, I think it’s easier to feel happy! 88

J. Panter

What will be your favorite SUP Trip? Where place in the world will you travel with your quiver? So Far… I really enjoyed the Dordogne Integrale because of its beautiful scenery. Next year I hope to visit Iceland and travel through the fjords with a sailing boat as the accommodation for that week. From the boat, I hope I can do as much SUP trips as possible beside the ski trips. But…to be honest, I hope to visit much more (dream) locations by/on a SUP board!

Thanks to... I would like to use this opportunity to say Thank you to some very important people to me. First of all, my husband and kids. Having a wife and mom who is so much into SUP for work, sport, education and often away from home is not always easy. Also, my family (in law) who support me in what I am doing. And off course my friends who are always there for me when I need their help. I can’t do this without these fantastic people!!

MALDIVES Yago (Erik Piaf)

Mariyam Niuma (Ni)

Maldives is in the heart of Indian Ocean. Infinite, clean and perfect waves that make the North of the archipelago in the perfect place to surf. Our choice of the trip had been by land. After thinking about several options we decided on the island of Thulusdhoo, although Himmafushi is also a good choice. In Thulusdhoo you can find the wave of Cokes, possibly the most technical and powerful in the area. On the island opposite, you have Chickens, the best long left and with different sections, which makes this area in a place of excellent conditions with two waves of world quality almost without moving. Speaking of the trip, the best way to go to Maldives from Spain is the Madrid-Doha and Doha-MalĂŠ connection. With Qatar Airways flights are fairly cheap and with connections without waiting, which is always appreciated in this type of travel. The planes are impeccable and with spectacular interi-ors. With respect to the price, in summer they are around 800 euros.

To stay we chose the Hotel Season Paradise, on the beach itself at Thulusdhoo. It is very well priced considering its 4 star hotel services, activities, overflowing pool, good food, free wifi, and air conditioning. They also organize trips to other waves and exits to dive to the Coral Garden for a price that is between 25 and 40 dollars. Important: in the Season Paradise Hotel, there is a public relation of the South of Maldives called Ni, is a surfer and is available for everything you need. From arranging any trip, snorkeling, boat trips to other waves, forecasts and photoshooting or any-thing you demand from the Maldives. She makes everything easier for you. You can contact with Ni as @somewheresalty.

We leave from La CoruĂąa to Madrid. The perfect flight until arriving at Doha at 12.00 p.m., almost splicing without waiting for the next shipment to MalĂŠ also with Qatar. We arrived at the capital of Maldives at 9:00 am. with a suffocating heat. The wait at the airport was two hours and served to motivate us more to see groups of Pro Surfers and children who came with their monitors to per-fect their surfing.

On the way to Thulusdhoo on the speedboard, 25 minutes from the airport, we could see the waves of Jails and Ninja’s breaking. Smile from ear to ear on the faces, both Guillermo Carracedo and mine. The next day we went to Cokes to taste that wonderful wave, of its power and of its per-fection; and it did not disappoint us. We saw that the series already started to be quite big, which made us think about how the next few days would be with the entry of a fairly powerful swell, one of the biggest of this year. So we opted not to move from Cokes and Chickens, as it was perfect for those waves. We get up the next day thinking about the waves we would have or if it would be huge, but here the waves never go away. As we entered the water, there were some very powerful series, perfect tubes in Cokes and Chickens that Guillermo Carracedo took advantage of at the rightmost point with the approval and permission of the local surfers. For me, some bomb but at the most central point of the beach with my SUP board. There is something that surprised me, and it is the respect that all the surfers have to SUP here in Maldives. Everyone asked me about the measurements of the boards and showed me their love and support in the water, especially in such powerful condi-tions ... as if I were one more surfer.

Another surprise that gave us the entrance of the swell is that these days we had in front of our hotel waves that do not exist, unless they enter many big waves. It was something that Guillermo Carracedo already foresaw. I hoped that in those days they could break very funny waves, some-thing that we checked the next day. We did not resist to try it as you can see in the photo. Guillermo decided to baptize this wave as “Pepsi”, since it is attached to Cokes, a name that remembers that in Thulusdhoo is the Coca-Cola factory. It is the only CocaCola factory to use desalinated water. Pepsi is a wave of a right that originates in an inner reef of the beach, what makes it a good manoeuvrable wave and to make aerial. The stay was between mornings and afternoons of surfing. As night fell about six o’clock in the afternoon, we spent the rest of the day going for walks on the island and enjoying the sandy paths so we would not wear shoes. In them, we could see the customs and talk with the local people and come from other countries. We were able to spend the night in the pool on the hotel deck at 29 de-grees watching the star constellations. Dinner was always a must in “Salsas”, a small restaurant in the center of the island that prepares a delicious meal with super cheap prices and a spectacular treatment to all surfers who are going to taste their dishes. The following days, after the swell descent, we went surfing other waves that we wanted to try. We also organize to try other spots like Ninjans, Jail’ or Sultans. We decided to go to this last one be-cause the prediction was pretty good. On arrival we saw the perfection of that noble right that gen-tly opens up to the reef, splicing all sections in a very long right and holding all sizes. Our surprise was that there were only four people in the water with little level, which facilitated things to catch many waves. Over 30 in a three hours sessions.

We tried Ninja’s with a group of hotel surfers. There we met @surfishita the first surfer in India, ambassador of Go Pro and her boyfriend @ 2_sharp of which we became inseparable. Here we find a panorama similar to Sultans; almost nobody in the water, perfect and glassy waves to make carvings, cutbacks and some other rentry to perfect these maneuvers. We were so happy with this wave that we wanted to return more days to catch it with more size as we saw that it was good to do aerial with the right condition. So we did. We planned with Ni, the hotel’s relations, the day to return with perfect conditions for Ninja’s and is that we were lucky. When we woke up that day we saw that a strong monsoon had entered with very strong winds and all the sea super turned, which made it difficult to surf correctly. But the monsoon happened and from 12.00hs. everything remained calm and the sea perfect. Our smile was epic. We went straight to the boat. When we arrived we saw that there were perfect waves of 1.5 to 2 meters and a glassy never seen. Perfect waves, putting the last perfect section to fly and some air we could do. Both Guille and I burst Ninja’s. They were so perfect that it was impossible for us to leave that spectacular place.

Los últimos días en la isla nos lo pasamos cogiendo tubos pequeños en Cokes dónde disfrutas cogiendo

CLUB & SCHOOL alguna de las secciones de la ola. SURFING WORLD CUBELLES olas muy ripables y cuadrando algún tubo en

Desde el Club Deportivo Surfing World Cubelles queremos dar a todos los amantes del surf de la zona la oportunidad de participar y formar parte de una comunidad surfera basada en el respeto, la amistad y, sobre todo, ganas de pasarlo en grande, aprovechando las ganas de compartir la ilusión por aprender y enseñar. También queremos daros todas las ventajas que tiene formar parte de un club, como, por ejemplo, la opción de federarse, participar en la organización de eventos del club, disfrutar de descuentos y muchos más… La razón de este club son los socios, ellos son los que lo mantienen vivo. Todas las actividades y ventajas van enfocadas a él para su uso y disfrute… El club está abierto a todo aquel que le guste el surf o lo practique y que le interese la filosofía Surfera (Respeto al medio ambiente, PAZ y buenas olas) y que quiera involucrarse con nosotros. Disfrutamos de nuestra PASIÓN compartiendo nuestros conocimientos y enseñando. Nuestro objetivo es fomentar la práctica del surf y las diferentes modalidades del mundo del surf a todo el público, en especial al de Cubelles sin importarnos el contexto, la edad o el nivel The last days on the island we were catching small tubes in Cokes where we enjoyed catching very funny waves and de desempeño.

with some tube in the sections of the wave. We leave Maldives very eager to return to enjoy its wonderful waves and

El deslizamiento tablaother sobre cualquier superficie provoca una LIBERTADthat y people that make you feel very happy. But the obligations call us con in this part of tipo thedeworld, with the certainty

sensaciones completamente indescriptibles, por ello, amamos y practicamos los deportes de deslizamiento como el surf y el Longboard desde hace una década.

we will return to that paradise with many friends that we have now there.

En elany Clubquestions Deportivo Surfing WorldtoCubelles encontraras una divertida experiencia donde Any information you want from this trip or information about to travel Maldives, ask us: @guillermocarracedo


podrás disfrutar y conocer las diferentes SENSACIONES y modalidades del mundo del surf en un ambiente agradable y familiar.!!

Gerován Abreu (RedwoodPaddle Team Rider) Félix Blackauville

“Were to go when are no islands left to discover”. Joaquín Sabina (Peces de Ciudad).

This is one of those recurring phrases that invite you to discover new horizons, although there are few horizons to discover. But...who has never wanted to feel like a real explorer and emulate the mythical Cousteau, Captain Cook or Marco Polo himself? Imagine for a moment arriving in Indonesia in the early 70’s and seeing break all those impressive clean waves, and only you and your board. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be possible, unless you have a DeLorean and call yourself Marty McFly, obviously, that would change everything. But let’s get to the essence of the adventure. They say that a trip is enjoyed three times: when we dream it, when we live it and when we remember it. Buy tickets, make stops, boards for one side, boards for the other, the language barrier that jumps on the basis of wanting to understand, boat, motorcycle or walking ... food; no spice, no hot ... say as you like, it will always be spicy! We like to imagine that we arrived at a beach and we are the first to tread it. That wave that breaks perfect, smooth and round, has never been surfed and only when you begin to believe yourself an explorer will you begin to enjoy the trip.

Redwoodpaddle. Pablo

Kiko. Esti Estreno

The culture, the religions and the day away from your home make you experience new sensations, new smells, flavours, and time, suddenly, it goes to another rhythm. All this makes you constantly out of the so called “comfort zone�, taking risks and startles away from the routine. A feeling that a priori can be stressful, but that when you learn to manage it gives you the opportunity to grow emotionally and culturally. This is the magic of surfing, wherever you go in search of waves, you just have to open your mind and let yourself be carried away by the adventurous spirit. There are several trips that have taken us to Indonesia. We have been lucky enough to try wonderful waves, solitary, mythical and creepy perfection. But we have also had to deal with mass waves and even have the bad luck to catch a calm sea, without a ripple on the horizon. And so, giving good account of the experiences lived, goes Felix Blackauville with his camera, from inside or outside the water, but always creating snapshots that portray our raids.


PÉREZ Up Suping

Northwind. Desde el mar

How and when did you start to practice SUP?

I started 7 years ago with my father. One day when he already had the SUP incorporated into the Northwind school he give me a board and I went with him through the Cubas river estuary and from that moment I started to paddling. When my father went to the competitions with the Club organization, I went in the water and I started to SUP.. You live in Cantabria, Spain, a paradise for this sport and its different modalities. In what places do you usually walk and surf?

Yes, the truth is that Cantabria has different places to practice this sport. My favorites are Somo and Laredo, as you have different options for paddling. For example, in Somo I have the estuary of Cubas and the beach. Laredo I really like especially to catch waves when Somo is very out of date. What do you like about the Stand Up Paddle?

What I like about Stand Up Paddle is that it is a sport that most people can practice and that you can be with friends enjoying and being relaxed. You can paddle quietly with flat water, like catching waves or getting off a river. We've seen you at many events s ince you w ere younger. How d o you l ive competitions? Do you get nervous or do you usually rest easy?

The truth is that yes, I get nervous. But the competitions are not just going to win, you have to go enjoy and have fun with the riders. I like to take it more as an adventure, as a journey and not as a competition; that way you keep the illusion and keep enjoying. 100

The atmosphere between colleagues and friends in competitions is wonderful. You are like a big family ... right?

Yes, because getting along well with friends is a very important thing since in competitions we are always together. It’s a shame that there are no more boys my age. Talk t o us a bout t he N orthwind C lub and the team o f friends who enjoy Stand Up Paddle ...

Well, I always have a great time when we stay to do SUP, because apart from surfing waves, crossings, technical exercises ... then out of the water are laughs and good vibes. Also, always in the water, you look at them and you always learn things from each other. In short, each one brings you the best of yourself and that is very positive.

Desde el Mar

Who are your favorite riders from Spain and the rest of the world?

I like many. At the national level, I look at all those who are in the top: Jurgi, Román, Paulino, Laura, Pau, Ramón, Oltra, Parrés, etc. And at an international level at SUP Race, I was in Casper Steinfath and at SUP Surf in Mo Freitas. But if I have to say a name that’s Kay Lenny. SUP waves, SUP race, surf, windsurf, kitesurf, foil, giant surf, Hawaiian rowing ... do everything and very well. It really is a phenomenon and I usually follow their adventures in social networks. What was the crossing or the wave session that you remember the most to date?

The one that I liked more was the crossing that the Northwind Club did by the Sickles of Duratón in Segovia. I am left with the landscape surrounded by vultures at a very low altitude above you, was a pass, besides having a great time in group that weekend. Hopefully, they will organize another one at the same site or similar! 101

How do you see the evolution of the young riders and what do you think it takes to get more boys and girls to practice this sport?

More people are seen practising this sport, but what would be necessary would be more popular races and crossings for people who are starting in this sport. And as for young people, what I said before, I would like to row with more boys and girls my age. Unfortunately, we are very few.

Thanks to….

I would thank my parents because without them nothing would have been possible. To my father because he is the one who has given me all the material and teaches me day by day. My mother also, who has sacrificed herself so that I can be in the water or going to competitions. Of course, I want to thank all those who have formed and form the Northwind Club because in each session and “stay” you learn a lot from them. And finally to “Naish Spain” for providing good material to Northwind and then I and the rest of the Club can enjoy. Ah !!! And thanks to Up for remembering me having so many people that could be in this magazine.


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Brisa Drones. Up Suping

Taking advantage of our visit to Tenerife to cover the Spanish Championship of SUP Surf and the SUP Race Championship of the beach of Los Cristianos, we do not hesitate in the invitation of the team of Sports Club Tenerife to carry out one of its most popular activities and go to paddling with them and enjoy a wonderful day by the waters of Tenerife before returning to the peninsula.

When a simple crossing, it unexpectedly becomes one of the best experiences in SUP Under a wonderful sun, we make our way through the blue waters of this coast, in the distance we see the island of La Gomera and behind us the imposing Teide. A real wonder, since the day was lent for it. It is undoubtedly one of the great activities that every lover of the sea can do and within reach of the whole world. We did it with a support boat to take photos and for safety.

After a while, one of the guys from Sports Club Tenerife sees movement in the water very close to us ... fear! But no, we are in an area where it is usual to see cetaceans and dolphins. And indeed, we are surprised 2 groups of ¨mulares dolphins¨ ... Totally unexpected!

They swam as if our presence pleased them. For an instant, you had two dolphins very close, and a moment later four appeared to your left jumping. Very high emotion of the situation. Of course, we paddled softly so as not to disturb them even though they were quite fast. We enjoyed a bit more of this experience and soon decided to continue paddling in search of more adventures.

We moved a little farther out to sea. Everything looks different from the water, it’s something I’ll never tire of saying. And that relax, without the audible presence of all annoying noise of the city. Moments of calm and peace, ideal to slide on this beautiful sea.

Suddenly, we heard a loud sound...fuuuufff! We turn, and we see huge cetaceans swimming slowly near our boards. Immediately we are informed that they are ¨pilot whales or tropical calderón¨ to be exact, in the southeast of Tenerife there is a population of more than 300 specimens that are possible to see them throughout the year, oscillating between 4 and 5 meters in length and up to 3000 kg . of weight. We continued to paddle little by little to see how they acted, and it was a surprise to see how they let themselves be seen without any problem.

We paddled gently beside them. There were two that appeared and disappeared from the water. But what surprised us most was to see a family. A couple with their offspring, who believe it or not, would sit still and show us their majestic tail ... as if it were a game. Spectacular! Suddenly they caught air, disappeared and you saw them under your board with that water so transparent ... and you thought ... please do not rise to the surface! (laughs). We enjoyed ourselves as children, time passed us very quickly.

Suddenly, our friend Sergio Perez de Brisa Drones unfolds his dron from the support boat and manages to capture some amazing images. In the middle of the sea, alone, with these beautiful cetaceans playing freely. Spectacular. Until the whales decide to end the visit and retire to rest, while we still did not give credit. Between smiles and emotions, we decided to return closer to the coast to continue the journey, from paddling with large sea animals to paddling under the spectacular cliffs of Guaza Mountain (428 meters above sea level), one of the most representative exogenous volcanic domes of the island and the lava flows derived from its eruption. This area is a protected area where more than 5 types of seabirds nest.

Brisa Drones

To end this experience, we ended up swimming in a natural cave produced by the erosion of thousands of years in this cliff. Once back on land, we ate peacefully and talked to the Sports Club Tenerife monitors about the experience and now we understand why it is so popular this crossing that they organize throughout the year.

We could not finish our visit to Tenerife better. They were great days of SUP, talks with friends and the new ones we have done. We have to thank and much to all Sports Club Tenerife, Sports Club Over Sea and Tourism Tenerife for giving us all their support and time. We will be back! Brisa Drones

SUP INJURIES Pablo Codesido

Up Suping

Slater’s injury: metatarsals and something else. The WSL (World Surf League) championship this year in J-Bay (South Africa) brought us again, another moving news. If a shark recently attacked Mick Fanning, this year his majesty Kelly Slater suffered a serious foot injury in a free surf session that will leave him out of the water for a few months. The sequence, like the whole process of your injury can easily be followed on the internet. The wave, a magnificent right is surfed by perhaps the most masterful of all time, pure class, but when the final impact occurs, under the foam, Slater appears injured, with a pain that makes it impossible to walk, crawling to the shore as it could, difficult and dangerous situation. And it is that the sea does not distinguish from kings… From the first moment, a certain severity was predicted, foot very swollen and painful, with certain deformity. The medical services of the championship after a first evaluation and a simple radiography warn the fracture of two metatarsals of the foot, namely the third and fourth. They seem very displaced, and several questions begin to emerge: immobilization, surgery, how long ...? Very adequately, the injury is evaluated in the second instance by traumatologists (my guild, that’s what we’re doing ...). There is a slight anomaly in the simple radiography also at the base of the first metatarsals and after carrying out new tests, Lisfranc lesion is also evidenced. Kelly is going to need surgery. And indeed, several plates and screws to stabilize this injury. Several months will keep Kelly out of the water. 114

What are we talking about? The first thing we should know is the basic anatomy of that area of the foot, the metatarsals are those long bones that precede and originate the fingers. Obviously, we have five, look at the figure. They are articulated with different bones of the midfoot and with the phalanges of the fingers. We will not go into details, because the anatomy of this region is complex. My intention is to convey to you that injuries due to foot trauma in our sport are frequent. Remember also the trauma of Kay Lenny in Jaws that we put a photo of. We can all suffer it, although it is much more frequent the more violent the wave or fall. A direct trauma with a stone or something blunt that we do not see can cause a metatarsal fracture, perhaps not as spectacular as that of Kelly Slater but enough to have us without paddling in a long season.

If we detect the fracture of one or several metatarsal traumatologists we will see the degree of displacement of them. If it meets the criteria of displacement, it will be operated to return the anatomy and facilitate the union of the bone and recovery, as in the case of Slater. When these criteria are not met, which is the majority of the time, we use orthopedic methods and immobilizations. Not all metatarsals are treated equally, the fifth for example has special characteristics. In the case of Slater, there is also a Lisfranc dislocation, which is a displacement due to ligamentous injury of the base of the first and second metatarsals that, if not corrected, can lead to instability and chronic pain in the foot.


It is not my intention to bring you here a treatise on traumatic foot injuries, but I do make some small considerations. If you have a traumatic foot injury, the first thing to evaluate is the degree of swelling, deformity and pain. The compartments of the foot are small and there are severe cases in which the pressure of inflamed tissues can put at risk the viability of the foot itself. Therefore, it is appropriate to go to your doctor as soon as possible to start treatment and determine the need for medical tests or consultation with the specialist (Traumatologist). Keeping the foot high to facilitate the drainage of this inflammatory fluid is the most basic measure, as well as not waste time.

After the emergency, the big question in cases like Kelly’s is how recovery will be. Long, it is indisputable. The foot is a tremendously conditioning element in sports. The surgery should facilitate the consolidation of damaged bone and joints. There will be a period of immobilization and a long period of rehabilitation. No doubt it will not be easy, but it is possible. But even in those cases without surgery it is also very important that we follow correctly the medical indications because it will be decisive for the recovery to be correct and we can keep on surpassing, surfing and enjoying our passion. PABLO CODESIDO SPECIALIST DOCTOR IN TRAUMATOLOGY AND ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY.




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Every year at the beginning of June, the river supers meet at Vail in Colorado for the Go Pro Mountains Games. This a new second opportunity for Nicolas Fayol to go back and spend 10 days there for contests, river surfing, a discovery of mountains lakes, river rafting. Nicolás Fayol

Clarisse Labussiere. Nicolás Fayol

The Go PRO MOUNTAIN GAMES are more likely to be the biggest competition of river SUP in the world. About a hundred of participants coming from the whole continent is present and some very famous paddlers like Izzy Gomez, Annabel Anderson or also Chuck Patterson are there too. The competition takes place on Saturday with the Yety downriver sup sprint: a 2/3 class course and 3 miles time trial. In the men category, the Japanese Masayuki Takahata (aka yaku) is the fastest and gets ahead of the american superstar Spencer Lacy from Badfish with 1.08 seconds and finally, wins his first contest over 6 participations. Mike Tavres, one of the SUP legends finishes his race in 18 minutes and 57 seconds. Dan Gaverne finishes in the 4th place and Nico in the 5th. In the women category, Annabel Anderson from New Zealand wins the race in 7 seconds ahead of the number two olympic slalom kayak champion in Athens (2004). Rebecca Giddens, Hiroko Sasaki (from Tokyo) end up on the podium too. Brittanie Parker, one of the most active river supers couldn’t participate because of a post-op convalescence but she came to support her friends.

Next day: Yeti Sup Surf Cross. 300 meters river with doors to go through, groups of 4 people at the departure, the following 2 members go for the second run. The race takes place in the middle of the event, so it attracts a great crowd. It’s one of the hits of these days. The atmosphere is fantastic, electrical, the athletes figures in the water are tremendous and the public is amazingly loud and supportive. Despite the space accreditations, it’s even getting difficult to get a good spot to watch the races.

Nicolas is selected for the final with Mikes Tavares, Dan Jackson and Bradly Hilton. Nicolas finishes in the second place with half a second ahead. This is great revenge after his defeat 2 years ago, at that time he fell in the water 2 meters from the line. Mikes Tavares wins the race and Dan Jackson, four times world champion of freestyle kayak is 3rd. In the women category, Natali Zollinger wins the race, Camille Swan is second, and Keiko Yoshida is third.

After 4 days of competition, our team goes to Glenwood Springs to surf on the most beautiful waves of the region. This wave is very special because it has 2 types of waves over both sides. On the left side, the water is flat, less rough, ideal for fitness Sup. On the right side, the water has a powerful wave ideal for experienced supers. On the spot, kayakists, surfers and supers intensively go for runs, The Badfish riders, Mike Tavares and Miles Harvey keep doing their extreme figures. Later on, we discover the many grandiose national parks and the wonderful landscapes as the desert of Moahb and Mesaverdes Parc.

We finish our trip on the lake of Valecitto, one of the most beautiful stretches of water, surrounded by the forest of San Juan National Park, also known for his bears. We camp 2 days in the middle of nature by one of the lakes.

On the way back we stop to sup on the waves of the Whitewater Park of Durango. The surroundings have recently been fitted out to make it a try pleasant area in the middle of the town. The spot offers facilities to sup or does kayak.This is my second trip to Colorado and I came to the same point as last time: Colorado is definitely the place to be for the river supers!

Indonesia Argazki Mahatu

Iceland Argazki Mahatu


Andrés Adriazola. Rodrigo López. Backflip

The SUP Surf has taken force in Chile, the level of penetration of the sport has been important, that is why in 2015 a group of Sup Surfers from the central area of the country decided to give life to a Stand Up Paddle Surf Championship. The primary idea was and continued to be that of contributing to the development of this discipline, each day more present in the main points of our country. The first thing we decided was to give the league an open character, allowing the participation of national and foreign runners, who frequently visit the Chilean coasts. This is how we have received important visits from Peru, such as Jose “Jarita” Gomez, Peruvian champion of SUP Surf in 2014 and Tamil Martino, Gold medal in the 2014 Bolivarian Games. Both runners demonstrated with solids their scrolls about the Chilean wave, which allowed them to take the first place in the respective dates in which they participated.

R. López

A. Adriazola

The first year of competition showed us a great level of our runners, the good conditions of waves allowed the development of four entertaining dates that ended up crowning as Champion Mario Pepe, a rider of Concón, Chile who with constancy and good maneuvers has been a constant animator of these two years of competition. Mario, currently team raider of the Kokua brand, is preparing his participation for the third league championship. 128

The girls have also animated our league and we counted on the participation of Paulina Valdes, Chilean national of the modality. For the second year of competition, motivation not low and local competitors continued to animate the league, it is important to note that among the usual competitors are the Chilean nationals of the discipline Sup Surf and Sup Race, such as Claudio

A. Adriazola

A. Adriazola


This 2017 we are on the verge of our third championship, this year in the hands of the Kokua brand, the 2017 Kokua Championship has been shaped, which will have its first date at the end of August. We hope to continue growing, we have the motivation of the runners and of all those who want to join the League. The invitation is underway and the Pacific Ocean is in action, so we are waiting for all of you to join and the Sup Open League Chile family.

Puntareli, Felipe Pizarro and John Suazo, the first present in the 2015 world championship, in Sayulita, Mexico and the last two enlisting his trip to the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship, to be held in Denmark during the month of September of this year. But the second year had a champion and this was Jose Manuel Alvarez, after a year of competition he managed to add the necessary points to stay with the throne of the second championship. 129

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