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Who are some of your influencers while growing up? Wow! There are so many groups, such as TLC and Salt and Pepa. I listen to New Edition, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Monifah, Tony Toni Tone, Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child. Of course, all the greats! The list goes on and on.

Tocarra, you are not only involved in music, correct? Correct. I have a multitude of other endeavors that I’m also actively involved with.

You are also a businesswoman who is the Executive Director of a prevalent non-profit organization in your hometown called Still, I Rise. You also recently released a book titled How to Start a Nonprofit Organization. Can you tell us a little about your organization? Absolutely! Still I Rise is an organization that we cater to the youth and young adults, and adults as well. Some very great people and I founded this organization several years ago. We assist individuals in becoming self-sufficient and teaching them the skills of how to be better citizens in society. We offer programs such as Health and Wellness, Arts and Culture, Entrepreneur and Leadership, Financial Literacy, and so forth. During our health fair towards the end of each year, we also feed a multitude of individuals and give winter outerwear and accessories to over 400 people. Wow, that is great! I heard that you also volunteer for many other local organizations in your community and you also help NBA legend Isiah Thomas with his toy drive where he gives back to the youth every year. Yes, Isaiah is fantastic! He does this nearly every year. We go out there and have fun and give back to the Westside community – where he grew up. He’s a terrific person! That is amazing! Speaking of celebrities, many people may not know that you hung out and interviewed some significant individuals before you got into the music industry? Yes, I did a lot of journalism work. It’s interesting because I have a master’s degree in Public Administration. Wow! I’m learning something new and exciting about you every time. I utilize it And I think it makes me a better person and heightens all my endeavors and the business aspect of everything that I get involved with. I used the knowledge or writing skills that I acquired and began to work on other media platforms and interviewed individuals such as Nelly, K Michelle, Ja Rule, Monifah, David and Tamela Mann, Jeff Foxworthy, Tommy Davidson… and I‘ve been in the company of Scarface, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and so on, where we would go out and do our work and have fun.

What advice would you share with upcoming females who are striving to break into the music industry? Be yourself! Be who you are. Don’t let modern-day trends or those in the current limelight dictate your character or your style. Pursue your vision because it is a part of your path or journey, not because of financial riches involved. Follow your dreams and don’t give up on what you believe in. Stay focused. Study your craft. Never take no for an answer when you believe in something strongly. Also, make sure that this is what you want to do, and no matter what the challenges are, don’t veer off your path.

Can we expect more music from you in the future? Absolutely!

Where can your fans and listeners find out more about what you are doing? Check me out on Instagram at @TocarraMusikWorld and twitter @TocarraMusik. I’m also on Soundcloud at

Tocarra, would you like to add anything in closing before we end the interview? Yes, I thank you for the interview. I want to thank all my fans and listeners for supporting me and staying with me on this movement. We have a lot of great things coming. I would like to give a big shout out to Earl Robinson and Comprehend! Stay tuned.

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Underground Hip-Hop November Issue 19  

You already know what it is we got all the news and artists from the Underground and the mainstream. Check it out asap.

Underground Hip-Hop November Issue 19  

You already know what it is we got all the news and artists from the Underground and the mainstream. Check it out asap.