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MESSAGE FROM THE CIRCLE COORDINATOR By Brooke Supple Hello Sigma Circle Alums! Greetings from College Park! Hope all is well wherever you are! It was a confusing winter with a little snow and ice sprinkled among some 60 and 70 degree days. We are hoping for a beautiful spring as the campus begins to bloom! It has been a busy spring so far for ODK. We selected our awesome President Jacob Veitch as the Col. J. Logan Schutz ODK Leader of the Year. He will compete at the national level this spring. We had a spirited selection meeting in February discussing almost 360 applicants. We selected a robust group of - 42 undergraduate members, 5 honorary and 2 graduate students. Early March was also exciting with two ODK lecture events. On March 8th, the Drury G. Bagwell ODK Lecture co-sponsored an exciting panel on Athlete Activism and Social (In)Justice moderated by Professor Kevin Blackistone (University of Maryland), and included Diane Roberts (WUSA9 Sports), Dave Zirin (The Nation), Ben Carrington (University of Southern California), Grant Farred (Cornell University), and Damion Thomas (Smithsonian Institution). On March 12th, we were fortunate to host an advanced screening of the movie Chappaquiddick featuring a Q & A with ODK alum and producer Mark Ciardi. It was an exciting opportunity to meet a true leader in the creative and performing arts and to learn about an important event in our political history. We are fortunate to be able to use our lecture series programs to celebrate and highlight our five pillars. Thanks to all who continue to support ODK through their time and generous financial gifts. We had a successful Giving Day at UMD on March 7, 2018 and ODK alums were some of the leading gift participants! Also, please save the date for the 20th anniversary of Maryland Day on April 28th, 2018 from 10:00 am4:00 pm – as always, join us at the ODK Fountain to watch adorable children collect commemorative 20th anniversary floating turtles. And, don’t forget to join us this Fall for our annual Homecoming Leadership Reception on Saturday, October 13th. Mark your calendars!

Samantha Levy Events Coordinator

David Niezelski Officer At Large

Spring 2018 Executive Officers

Uday Misra Historian

Doron Tadmor Officer At Large

Jacob Veitch President

Jessica Yau Public Relations & Communications Coordinator

Dr. Brooke Supple Circle Coordinator

Cece Ukejianya Vice President Matthew Swetz Philanthropy & Community Service Coordinator

Sam Koralnik Membership Coordinator Trey Mason Digital Communications

Dr. Dean Chang Faculty Advisor

THE LEADER ODK Sigma Circle |2

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT By Jacob Veitch ’18 With the new year comes a new opportunity for ODKers everywhere to step up and lead - and no doubt they have! The Sigma Circle remains vibrant, undertaking transformative initiatives this year to improve the experience of each and every member and applicant. Together, our Executive Board is working hard to deliver on this great promise, ensuring the next 90 years of the Sigma Circle are just as good as the last! This Spring, we are welcoming 49 new members - 5 honorary inductees, 2 graduate student inductees, and 42 undergraduate student inductees - to the Sigma Circle family. These new inductees include Maryland’s best, each a changemaker in their own right. As we approach the close of another great academic year, our Executive Board has been hard at work developing new programming and initiatives for our members to ensure that our organization is not just bigger, but also better than ever before. ODK events are already in full swing this semester, bringing back ODKlassics while also treading new ground. We kicked things off with our first-ever ODKrushes Gift Exchange and ODK Assassin game. These activities, channeling our playground days, have forged new friendships between members! Meanwhile, ODKlimb at Eppley is making a return, and an ODKickball Tournament will incorporate both current members and future applicants! ODK Happy Hour and an ODK-9 dog therapy event will round out the year, providing students a brief reprieve ahead of final exams! Setting out to empower members and enable greater cooperation between ODKers, we are proud to have implemented the official ODK Directory and ODKonnections program this semester. Thanks to the ODK Directory, students can read up on fellow members and easily contact each other to make an ODKonnection. ODKonnections promote internal networking, bringing Sigma Circle changemakers together to foster new relationships and collaborative leadership! Finally, our Executive Board has set out to transform the ODK application and applicant review process. Having formed multiple working groups, we are working on the first major application update in decades. This new system will reduce ambiguity for applicants, and increase consistency in reporting. Such revisions will allow greater objectivity at every stage of the applicant review process. We could not be more more excited for the deployment of this new application later this year! For the last 90 years, Omicron Delta Kappa’s Sigma Circle has been the premier student group at the University of Maryland - and it will continue to be so for many, many more! We are now laying the groundwork for a new and improved ODK, and I could not be more grateful for your continued interest in and support of the work we are doing!

ODK Directory and ODKonnections: Forming a Stronger ODKommunity By Uday Misra ’18

Omicron Delta Kappa contains some of the best and brightest Terps, comprising a variety of majors and backgrounds. Not only are they doing incredible things on campus, but also have some of the brightest personalities at UMD, and it would be a shame for these friendly, fun-loving people not to have the opportunity to form close relationships. As campus leaders, members enjoy their precious free time - it only makes sense for there to be a simple, efficient way for them to contact and get to know each other, both to make new friends and grow their networks. ODKonnections and the ODK Directory are two Executive Board initiatives that we hope will serve this purpose. With these two initiatives, we aim to formalize the structure of our student network, in both a social and professional context. ODKonnection motivates members to plan a casual meet up, whether it’s over coffee, a Washington, D.C. brunch, or a movie. Even though ODKonnections has been live for only a few weeks, we have seen the benefits already. Some members recently went to see Black Panther, others went to Starbucks, and a few watched the Super Bowl together! This is only the beginning - we hope to have a larger percentage of ODK get together more regularly, expanding on Happy Hours with dinners, hikes, trips to the climbing wall and more! Meanwhile, the ODK Directory - the White Pages of the Sigma Circle - has also helped students more easily connect! Members put their information, including their graduation date, preferred method of communication, and current campus organizations, into a spreadsheet that the entire society can access. From there, members who come across a student they have an interest in connecting with can do so very easily. Whether

Big Changes On the Way for the Application Scoring System

By Sammy Levy ’18

At new member selections, we are faced with extremely difficult decisions - defining what leadership means at the University of Maryland and using that criteria for selecting new members. Defining leadership is difficult, which makes creating a scoring system that measures leadership difficult, too. As time goes on and 3 | ODK Sigma Circle THE LEADER

another member is involved with SGA, a sports team, a fraternity, or a publication, it has now never been easier to start a conversation, make a new friend, and start working together. Members have already cultivated a collaborative and supportive culture thanks to this directory, and we are excited to see it grow ever-bigger in future years!

ODK Sigma Circle President, Jacob Veitch, makes an ODKonnection with new members at Orientation.

While these endeavors have already enjoyed some success, there is plenty of room for improvement. The Executive Board sees our initial steps as groundwork to build upon, as there are numerous ways to expand. For instance, we hope to include alumni in our Directory, shifting toward career-focused guidance and solidifying ODK’s position as a network for life. We already maintain some of the strongest alumni relations at UMD, doing our best to keep graduates informed through methods such as this newsletter, and bringing them back to campus for events, panels, socials, and more. A directory that all participating alumni have access to may be the ideal way to more firmly establish a bridge between current members and alumni, as well as expand each alumnus’ network. people’s thought processes evolve, the scoring system we use for ODK application should evolve, as well. We are working to digitize the process and make the new scoring system more objective, rewarding students for deeper leadership experience. Instead of spending hours scoring applications by hand we are working to create a computer system that will automatically score every application and make them easier for ODK members to analyze during selections. As the Sigma Circle continues its next 90 years, innovation will be at the forefront.

Spring Event Preview

ODKrush Gift Exchange

This semester, expect to spring into some exciting ODK events. After tapping our new members, we planned to have some awesome social events. To connect with both our alumni, current members, and new members, one event will be ODKlimb where we will scale 55 feet of wall to experience physical and social wellness. We plan to have a happy hour where we will eat some delicious appetizers and drinks. We also plan to organize ODKickball. Then, we will destress with some ODK-9s during finals week, consisting of the Guide Dog Foundation puppies who are being trained to become guide dogs on campus.

This year ODK members didn’t have to worry about not having a Valentine because they had the opportunity to sign up for ODKrush, our Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange! Members shared their favorite candies, snacks, chocolates and other fun facts in an anonymous form. Then, members were randomly paired with each other. These pairings were kept secret until our mandatory new member selections meeting, where the gifts were exchanged! The atmosphere was lively as students opened their gifts to discover chocolates, candies, and more - what great mid-selections snacks! The ODKrush Gift Exchange raised morale as we embarked on our six-hour selections journey and has led to many new friendships within the Sigma Circle! We look forward to seeing this and similar traditions continue at future selections meetings!

By Jessica Yau ’18

By Sammy Levy ’18

Celebrate 20 Years of Maryland Day at the ODK Fountain By Matthew Swetz ’18

ODK members are building rapport with new initiatives, like ODKlimb (pictured here) and ODK-9!

Our induction ceremony took place on April 8th in the Memorial Chapel, where we welcomed our new cohort of ODK members. To give back to the community, we plan to participate in the National Day of Service in April. We also plan to release ODK turtles back into the fountain on Maryland Day! We hope to see you all there!

Last April, the ODK Sigma Circle Fountain celebrated 20 years since its installation on McKeldin Mall. Dedicated in April 1997, the Fountain features more than 4,000 Sigma Circle members’ names, recognizing the members who built and shaped the campus we know today. In addition to members’ names, we also recognize Stewards of the Fountain - individuals and groups that have made significant donations to support the work of the Sigma Circle. They are recognized with name plaques underneath the benches surrounding the Fountain. There are currently 110 total Stewards of the Fountain, twelve of which have been added since ODK’s 90th anniversary celebration in September. Each year at Maryland Day, the Sigma Circle celebrates the Fountain’s anniversary with Fun at the Fountain. This year, to celebrate Maryland Day’s twentieth anniversary, the foam turtles swimming in the fountain will be gold rather than the traditional red and black. The foam turtles are possible due to a generous donation from ODK alums Bob and Susan Goldberg as well as the National Association of Realtors. Make sure to stop by the Fountain on Maryland Day, Saturday, April 28th, to see the gold turtles!

The ODK Fountain turtles eagerly await your arrival at Maryland Day on Saturday, April 28!

THE LEADER ODK Sigma Circle | 4

A New Generation Learns About Chappaquiddick

Dean Chang Named ODK Sigma Circle Faculty Advisor

On July 18, 1969, Senator Ted Kennedy drove his car off of a bridge on Massachusetts’ Chappaquiddick Island. The accident resulted in the death of passenger Mary Jo Kopechne, a 28-yearold campaign strategist who worked for Kennedy. The story was a headline making scandal. The ongoing investigation into the mysterious events forever altered Kennedy’s political legacy. The controversial story is the focus of a new major film produced by ODK alum Mark Ciardi ‘83.

The ODK Sigma Circle is pleased to announce our new Faculty Advisor, Dean Chang!

On March 12, 2018, Maryland students and alumni had the opportunity to attend an advance screening of the new film, produced by former Terp Ciardi. Mark is an American film producer and former Major League Baseball pitcher. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Apex Entertainment. Prior to Apex, Ciardi was the co-founder of Mayhem Pictures that had an overall first look deal with Walt Disney Studios for twelve years. At Mayhem, Ciardi produced films including The Rookie, Miracle, Invincible, The Game Plan, Secretariat, and Million Dollar Arm.

Dr. Chang is the Associate Vice President for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland. In that position, he leads the team at the Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which helps students and researchers cultivate an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit through design thinking, lean startup, and team-based experiential learning. Dr. Chang previously led the technology startup venture programs in the Clark School of Engineering and before that was CTO and VP Gaming Business of Immersion Corporation, a venture-backed, Stanford University robotics lab spinout. Welcome to the Sigma Circle, Dr. Chang!

Women Who Lead

ODKers had a chance to speak with Mark Ciardi after the on campus screening of Chappaquiddick.

Mark was a baseball player on campus and he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He was drafted in 1983 by the Milwaukee Brewers organization and was called up to the major leagues in 1987. He retired the following year due to an injury. The Hoff Theater was filled with interested students, faculty, staff and alums, who had the opportunity for a Q & A with Ciardi after the captivating film. Ciardi has previewed several of his films on campus and enjoys coming back to connect with current students. This event was an exciting part of our ODK Leadership Lecture Series. 5 | ODK Sigma Circle THE LEADER

In celebration of Women’s History Month, ODK hosted its first Women and Leadership Panel on April 2nd. ODK women and men had the opportunity to learn from and network with some fantastic ODK alumnae women from multiple career fields. The panel discussion and table top conversations featured: Sara Brooks ‘99, Dermatologist, Rockville Internal Medicine Group; Starr Chen ‘13, Web Developer | Community Builder, Excella Consulting; Amanda Fitzgerald ‘13, Human Capital Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting; Terry Flannery ‘85, Vice President for Communication, American University; Cara Hamel ‘15, Engineer at AcuTech Consulting Group; Becky Kenemuth ‘00, Assistant Director, Outreach and Recruitment, Women in Engineering, University of Maryland College Park; Rebekah Lemke ‘01, Branded Content Writer at Catholic Relief Services; and Sarah Niezelski ‘16, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting. Thanks to all who came out to learn from these amazing ODK alumnae leaders!

Congratulations Fall 2017 Inductees!

This past fall, the Sigma Circle inducted 63 new members into its ranks. The Fall 2017 class was a talented group with outstanding achievements in all five areas of campus. Congratulations are in order for these new accomplished Omicron Delta Kappa members: Alia Abdelkader Laila Abujuma Madeline Alizadeh Gabriela Alter Gary Ascher Zachary Azrael Katherine Bemb Dylan Cattie Allison Chen Wesley and Jo Ann Chin Kristen Confroy Elizabeth Crosley Harriet Dadzie Benjamin Dayanim Laura Dyer Norman Epstein Carolina Ethridge Rebecca Goodridge Jacob Gurstein Katrina Hauprich Stephanie Hutchinson

Ari Israel Georgie Jones Daniel Katz Jacob King Rebecca King Julie Knorr Stuart Krantz Shannon Larson Amanda Lee Jessica Lee Helen Liu Samantha Main Alexander Mangerian Daniella Mazel Jessica McWilliams Hallie Miller Victor Mullins Elene Nakas Jeffrey O’Neal Michael Pensabene Olive Reid

Christopher Ricigliano Jillian Santos Alyssa Schledwitz Karina Sharma Miriam Silton Brian Starace Doron Tadmor Robel Tesfay Jessica Ting Victoria Tully Katelyn Turner Haroula Tzamaras Maria Viera Cuellar Samantha Waldenberg Brett Weidemeyer Matthew Wheeler Sonya Williams Kevin Wittmer Derek Xiao Jeffrey Zhao Nathaniel Zumbach

Introducing the Spring 2018 ODK Class

On February 18, the current members of the Sigma Circle met to select the Spring 2018 induction class. From among the many highly qualified applicants, 49 new members were selected. Congratulations, Sigma Circle Spring 2018 Inductees! Elizabeth Arentz Rachel Blaszkowsky Kyle Brown Karenna Buco Elifnaz Caliskan Ashley Chang Timothy Chen John Consoli Lillia Damalouji Rosemary Davidson Daniel Page Maya Deane-Polyak Olivia Delaplaine Jacqueline Deprey Noah Eckman Kelsey Edwards

Alexandra Gilbert Molly Glime Carly Guiltinan Allison Herskovitz Eric Higgins Sarah Joseph Christopher Keosian Kevin Li Marilee Lindemann Julia Maier Jessica Martins Catalina Mejia Patrick Mikulis Nikhil Modi Rachel Moskowitz Chineme Obiefune

Katherine O’Reilly Ishaan Parikh Adler Pruitt Mary Robichaux Dana Rodriguez Yasasvhinie Santharam Ashley Schwanebeck Kathryn Shannon Emma Slattery Amanda Staub Ashwin Suryavanshi Megan Whittle Mitchell Wilson Mingkai Xu

New Look for The Leader! If you have received the The Leader anytime since the fall of 2005, you likely have noticed the royal blue title on the front page and the ODK key in the upper corner. The Leader is the semi-annual newsletter of the ODK Sigma Circle, and it was in dire need of a face lift. The new version you are currently reading features the new ODK national logo, more colors and a more contemporary look. Let us know your thoughts at odk@umd.edu. THE LEADER ODK Sigma Circle | 6

Alumni Spotlight By Trey Mason ’18

Emily Schweich ‘16

dence to succeed in a challenging world. I was privileged enough to have a strong role model in my mother, and I want to be that role model for girls and young women who may not have that support at home,” said Emily. If one is interested in finding out more about what these organizations are doing in the near future and how to get involved, please visit adelescircleofwomen.umd.edu, girlswhocode.com, and girlsontherun.com.

Ryan Kieft ‘17

Emily Schweich, a previous Omicron Delta Kappa officer, graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism, as well as a certificate in women’s studies. Emily is currently working with America’s Essential Hospitals, which represents hospitals that “fill a safety-net role in their communities,” where she works as a communications associate. “My favorite part of my job is telling the stories of the great work our hospitals do – from caring for trauma victims to launching population health initiatives to conducting groundbreaking medical research,” says Emily. “Health policy can be complex and full of jargon, and I enjoy breaking down complex issues so they are easily understandable.” In addition to her career, Emily spends time advocating for the advancement of women with Adele’s Circle of Women, Girls Who Code, and Girls on the Run. After receiving a scholarship from Adele’s Circle as a senior, Emily knew she had to join the group after speaking with several alumnae at the awards banquet. “It’s rewarding not only to support and encourage women students but also to gain mentorship, guidance, and career advice from the other alumnae members.”

Ryan Kieft (pictured left) enjoyed recognizing and working with leaders in ODK while on campus.

Ryan Kieft has gotten a quick start to his career. Ryan teaches elementary school instrumental music at four different schools across the Montgomery County Public School system. He is already looking at the next steps to advancing his career: “My career goal right now is to one day become a principal. Looking forward, my plan is to start with my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction (hopefully this fall), then once that is completed, begin taking courses to gain my Administrative Certificate.

When asked about some of his favorite times at UMD, Ryan said that he had special places in his heart for his time with the Mighty Sound of Maryland (UMD’s marching band). He also mentioned Girls Who Code and Girls on the Run are two or- that he loved participating in selections to help seganizations which provide opportunities for girls in lect the leaders among leaders on campus, as well grade school to learn how to code and to become as the 90th Anniversary Celebration of the Sigma confident and healthy through running, respective- Circle last year. “It’s amazing how successful evly. “It is important to invest in girls from an early age eryone is and it just really encourages me to keep pushing for my goals.” to give them the opportunities, skills, and confi7 | ODK Sigma Circle THE LEADER

Alumni Highlights

Aaron Taylor ’04 has made the move to Columbus, Ohio, and bought a home with his family. Aaron is Spring 2018 in his third year as a professional photographer and Thanks to all of you who keep us informed of your is currently searching for a teaching position in Coactivities. If we haven’t heard from you recently, lumbus after teaching for 10 years in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. He is a stay-atdrop us a note. Submit online at home-dad to is two kids, and has written for several www.odk.umd.edu. photography and parenting websites. His family is Ann Kirwan Horton ‘91 is Executive Director of expecting their third child in June 2018! Strategic Partnerships for LHC Group, one of the largest post-acute care companies in the country. David and Mady Segal were honored by the UnitStill working from home, Ann also has her own com- ed States Military Academy, West Point, with the munications consulting business. She lives with her establishment of the David and Mady Segal Milhusband and two daughters in her childhood home itary Sociology Consortium, to serve as a forum for teaching and research collaboration among soin Silver Spring, Maryland. ciology faculty members at West Point, the Naval Shari Broder ’77, Wayne WIlloughby ’79, and Gail Academy, the Air Force Academy, and other instituSmelkinson Willoughby ’79 joined alumnus Gary tions. Last summer the Segals were inducted into Rome ’77 and his wife over the summer at their West Point’s Henry H. (Hap) Arnold Society, recoghome on Martha’s Vineyard. They all had a fantas- nizing their lifetime support of the Academy. tic time catching up and relaxing together. IN MEMORIAM Walter R. Beam ’47 passed away January 15, 2018 in Chester, VA. Walter was a former professor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and George Mason University, author of several books, and widower of Victoria Reese. Samuel W. Griffith ’65 passed away last September, in Durango, CO. Sam is survived by his wife of 36 years, Leonora Branca, and three stepchildren, William Wade (Susan) of Washington, DC, John Wade (Aileen) of Austin, TX, and Teresa Wade Malone (Eric Malone) of Durango, CO, and six step grandchildren, Max Wade, Nicholas Wade, Alanna Wade, Andrew Wade, Charlie Malone and Ben Malone.

Back row left to right: Wayne Willoughby ’79, Shari Broder ’77, Gary Rome ’77. Front row left to right: Eric Bryant, Claire Rush, Gail Smelkinson Willoughby ’77.

Laura E. LeMire ’81, ’83 passed away on August 23, 2017 after a two year battle with an aggressive form of breast cancer. The grace and positive attitude that Laura demonstrated during these two difficult years was an inspiration to everyone who knew her.

Eugene Hammond ’85 is teaching in the Writing Laura’s family, with the help of the Community Program at SUNY Stony Brook. College of Baltimore County Foundation, created Karen K. DeMatteo ’91 was elected to a three year The Laura E. LeMire STEM Scholarship Fund, to term on the Leadership Advisory Board of the Vice provide scholarships to qualified students enrolled President of Student Affairs at Bowling Green State in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and University last Spring. She meets with Vice Pres- Math) programs at the Community College of ident for Student Affairs, Dr. Tom Gibson, twice a Baltimore County. These scholarships will be speyear to review and advise any student programs cifically targeted to women and other under-repon campus. Karen is still on the House Corporation resented populations to encourage diversity in the board for Kappa Delta Sorority at the University STEM fields of study and to promote these groups of Maryland and attends many men’s basketball in STEM jobs. For more information, please contact odk@umd.edu games. THE LEADER ODK Sigma Circle | 8

John R. Fraser’79 and family.

Steve Carlson ’82 and friends.

Dawn Nichols ’92 with husband, Joe Schultz, and daughters, Eva and Emma.

Jason ’01 and Joana Ward ’01 with daughter.

Bob and Kathy Beardsley. 9 | ODK Sigma Circle THE LEADER

Bob Rossomondo ’77 and family.

Clyde Taber ’84 with wife, Shirin, and family.

Penina Riebman Scharf ’95 and family.

Bill Meury ’90 and family.

Mike ’91 and Rhonda Smith ’92 with family.

Amy Surette Schroeder ’89 and family.

Ken Brown ’93 and family.

Ron ’85 and Caryn Williams ’84.

Sherita Hill Golden ’97 and family.

Ryan Spiegel ’00 and family.

Bruce Winter ’84, Dawn Nichols ’92, and Dru Bagwell.

THE LEADER ODK Sigma Circle | 10

Alumni Spotlight: Catching up with Sigma Circle Presidents By David Niezelski ’18

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with our two most recent Sigma Circle president alumni, Sarah Niezelski ’16 and Samantha Bingaman ’17. We asked each of them a few questions about their time at UMD and in ODK, and also got to hear a bit about their careers and early post-graduation experiences.

Sarah Niezelski What did you study at Maryland and when were you inducted into ODK? I graduated in 2016 with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Economics and a minor in International Engineering. I was inducted into the Sigma Circle during the spring of my sophomore year. What have you been up to since you graduated last year? I joined Deloitte as an analyst in the Federal Technology Consulting practice. I’m currently supporting an IT legacy modernization project. We are learning about the business processes and needs of our clients, while also understanding their current software in order to design and build a new system better equipped to facilitate their work. We create plans for how to store data and construct a new system that is flexible and scalable to accommodate future change.

What have you been doing outside of your client work? At Deloitte we are encouraged to get involved in initiatives outside of our client work, and these opportunities have provided amazing experience and knowledge for me. This past year I was chosen for a fellowship called D2International in which I joined 29 other practitioners to partner with a sanitation company in India to empower the urban poor through access to sanitation, education, and other goods and services. I have also gotten the chance to work on middle school after-school programming through a local non-profit called After-School All-Stars (ASAS). Specifically, we host Career Exploration Opportunities to expose middle schoolers to the field of consulting and what it takes to pursue it as a career path. What is your favorite memory from Maryland and ODK? Some of my favorite ODK memories were made at our biennially-alternating regional and national conferences. The first conference I attended was the 2014 Centennial Celebration of ODK held at Washington and Lee University, the home of ODK’s Alpha Circle. I had a blast getting to know ODK members from across the country as we learned about ODK’s fascinating history and how the other Circles engage members and make new traditions. The following year we hosted the regional conference titled the ODK Drive-In. Despite winter weather, fellow ODK members joined us on campus for the conference and even hiked through the still snowy weather to see the fountain and take pictures with it! Speaking of the fountain, I would be remiss not to mention all of the fun times taking pictures around or in the fountain, fishing for turtles with friends and family on Maryland Day while enjoying the Dairy’s ODKrunch, and even floating in inner tubes with friends in the days leading up to graduation. What is one important thing you learned in your time on campus and through ODK that you have seen impact your professional career post-graduation? One of my favorite things about ODK is how it connects me with people who are passionate leaders in areas with which I am not very familiar. I quickly became friends with peers who spent their time on stage, on the basketball court, or behind the camera for a news story. The ability to partner with people who have different backgrounds and skills is a key part of both general lifelong learning and also the specific field of consulting. It was a privilege to have this experience in college with my ODK colleagues and friends.

Former ODK Sigma Circle President, Sarah Niezelski. 11 | ODK Sigma Circle THE LEADER

Is there anything else you want to share that we missed? I am thankful that being a member of the Sigma

Circle doesn’t end when we leave campus. I currently live, work, and play with ODK Terps daily, and this community has made an immensely positive impact on so many areas of my life. Events like Maryland Day and Homecoming mean so much more because I know I will be reunited with ODK friends and making new ones, too!

Samantha Bingaman What did you study at Maryland and when were you inducted into ODK? I graduated in May of 2017 with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy and a concentration in Marine Science. I was inducted into ODK my junior year, in the fall of 2015.

What is your favorite memory from Maryland and ODK? I remember on Maryland Day we played in the fountain with kids and families. The kids loved the little turtles! The other memory that sticks out was a few nights before graduation, when several of my friends and I found our way into the fountain really late one night. It was a pretty great last hurrah with my friends, and I got to spend it with some people I met and grew close to because of ODK. What is one important thing you learned in your time on campus and through ODK that you have seen impact your professional career post-graduation? I would say another big thing that I have seen come into play from my time in school is the ability to work with so many different people. Everyone has a unique style of learning, and seeing how different people respond to things and learn is fascinating. When I am working with kids now, some of them like to write, some are kinesthetic learners, etc. I have learned that everyone sees things differently, whether they are ODK members at Maryland or students throwing dirt in San Diego. What is the coolest thing that has happened since graduation - any funny stories? For the last 25 years we have not had any mountain lion sightings at the school, so we always tell the kids not to worry about that. But just last week we not only saw one, but it was the closest anyone in the school had ever been to one! It was crazy!

Samantha Bingaman and friends explore the outdoors.

What have you been up to since you graduated last year? Over the summer I was a lifeguard in Ocean City, Maryland, but now I am an environmental educator at an outdoor school in San Diego, California.

Is there anything else you want to share that we missed? If anyone is at all interested in opportunities within environmental education, we always need more passionate educators in the space. It can be a wonderful experience for a gap year after graduation, and I have found it to be a great introduction to the professional world of environmental science. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Can you tell us more about the school? How does it work? The school is a part of the San Diego public school system. Students have the opportunity to take a week out of their regular curriculum to live in and learn about the environment through our program. For many of these 6th grade students, the program is the first opportunity they have to live away from home, so not only are we teaching them about the environment, but we are also teaching them how to be self reliant throughout the week they are with us. THE LEADER ODK Sigma Circle | 12

ODK 2017 DONOR HONOR ROLL We are so grateful for all of our alumni and friends who support the Sigma Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa. Thank you for all of your continued involvement and support.

STEWARD OF THE FOUNTAIN SOCIETY Phil Aronson Dru Bagwell Susan & Brian Bayly Kyle Beardsley James E. Bond D. Stuart Bowers Sue Briggs Kenneth Brown Zimri Diaz Devin Ellis The Honorable Gordon England Terry Flannery William Fourney Eric S. Francis Michael Freiman Susan Wachs Goldberg & Bob Goldberg Barry Gossett Lance Governale Marc Greenberg Alden Gross Jeff Hathaway Rick Jaklitsch The Kenny Family Kelly Kish Nick Kovalakides Kevin Kruger Phil Livingston Founders Circle (Gifts of $1,000 or more) Mr. Philip S. Aronson Dr. Drury G. Bagwell, Jr. Dr. Brian S. Bayly and Susan L. Bayly, Esq. Mr. D. Stuart Bowers Dr. Kenneth G. Brown Dr. Linda M. Clement and Dr. Peter A. Clement Mr. Devin H. Ellis Dr. Teresa M. Flannery Mr. Eric S. Francis and Frann G. Francis, Esq. Mr. Barry P. Gossett Dr. Lance S. Governale and Dr. Karyn M. Entrop Governale Mr. Marc S. Greenberg, C.P.A. and Mrs. Wendy L. Greenberg Mr. Jeffrey A. Hathaway and Mrs. Paula C. Hathaway Dr. Kelly A. Kish Mr. Nicholas J. Kovalakides Dr. Kevin W. Kruger and Mrs. Lisa Hanson Mr. Philip B. Livingston Mr. Gary W. Lonergan 13 | ODK Sigma Circle THE LEADER

Lisa & Paul Mandell Deven McGraw Joan Meixner Hillary & Doug Mintz Ann Tatsios Mowrey Dawn Nichols ODK Executive Officers 2012-2013 ODK Executive Officers 2014-2015 ODK Executive Officers 2016-2017 James Osteen Khalil Pettus Caroline Carrick Pisano Philip Rever James Rychner Joyce & Phil Schneider Mark Sobel Marc Solomon Bob Stumpff Brooke & Matt Supple Lee Thornton The Honorable Joseph Tydings Joana & Jason Ward Joel Willcher Gail Smelkinson Willoughby & Wayne Willoughby Bruce J. Winter Julia Young & Eric Young Terry & John Zacker Mr. Douglas S. Mintz and Mrs. Hillary C. Mintz Mrs. Dawn Korryn Nichols and Dr. Joseph R. Schultz Dr. Elizabeth M. Nuss Mr. Khalil M. Pettus Mrs. Dana J. Rice Mr. Robert T. Stumpff Dr. Brooke L. Supple and Dr. Matthew L. Supple Mr. Jason A. Ward and Mrs. Joana C. Ward Mr. Wayne M. Willoughby and Mrs. Gail S. Willoughby Princeton Review of MD, Inc. and TPR Education, LLC The Honorable Joseph D. Tydings Leaders Circle (Gifts of $500 or more) Mr. Raja R. Ayyagari James E. Bond, Esq. Mr. Carlo Colella and Mrs. Sally S. Colella Mr. Ralph W. Crosby Mr. Richard T. Koffenberger and Mrs. Linda A. Koffenberger Ms. Deven C. McGraw

Mrs. Robin L. Portman and Mr. Thomas J. Portman Mr. Bruce J. Winter Supporters Circle (Gifts of $100 or more) Mr. Dirk L. Allen Ms. Doyeon An Mr. Thomas C. Antisdel Mrs. Laura Head Atkinson Mrs. Jennifer T. Bain Mr. Ralph D. Bennett, Jr., FAIA Ms. Alexandra K. Boukhvalova Dr. Sue Briggs Mr. Andrew B. Cahoon Mr. Wesley M. Chin and Mrs. Jo Ann D. Chin Mrs. Karen K. DeMatteo Ms. Amanda L. Fitzgerald Mr. Michael D. Fontz Mr. John C. Ford Mr. Robert M. Gagnon, P.E., SET, FSFPE and Gagnon Engineering Corporation Mr. Gene M. Garner, II Jared B. Goldberg, M.D. and Ms. Justine Young Michele B. Golkow, Esq. Ms. Catherine M. Hamel

Mr. Gregory D. Hollen Mrs. Michele Barone Hunn Derek K. Johnson, M.D. Mrs. Rebecca Lea Kenemuth Mr. Robert Kenny and Mrs. Louise Kenny Mrs. Brooke S. Kenny and Mr. Edmund J. Kenny Ms. Christine O. Kenny David S. Klein, M.D. and Stages of Life Medical Institute Ms. Jacqueline R. LaFleur Dr. David J. Lovell Mr. Timothy P. Lynch Mr. Ronald F. Mace Mr. Paul S. Mandell Mr. John F. Martin, Jr. Mr. David M. Niezelski Ms. Sarah E. Niezelski Mr. Miles Ross Patterson, Jr. Mrs. Joan W. Patterson Kayleigh N. Pettit, Esq. Dr. Don C. Piper and Ms. Rowena W. Piper Nicole R. Pollard, Esq. Mr. John E. Prevar and Mrs. Pamela J. Prevar Mr. Praneet S. Puppala Mr. Robert T. Ratcliff and Mrs. Calliopi S. Ratcliff Dr. Michael J. Raupp Mr. Adrian M. Remsberg, Jr. The Honorable Adrian Remsberg and Mrs. Peggy H. Remsberg Mr. Robert F. Rossomondo and

Mrs. Lisa Rossomondo Mr. Pranav Saha Mr. Robert B. Schaftel Dr. Nancy P. Solomon and Mr. Jonathan M. Solomon Mrs. Betsy W. Thomas Mr. Jacob M. Veitch Dr. Lois T. Vietri Mr. Fred B. Wachter Mr. Pedro E. Wasmer Ms. Ruth A. Watkins Ms. Rebecca A. Weir and Edgar V. Weir Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. Alexander R. Wilson Mr. Martin L. Zerwitz and Mrs. Deborah F. Zerwitz Ms. Kiera E. Zitelman Members Circle (Gifts of $50 or more) Ms. Martha Baer Paul T. Barrett, Ph.D. and Barrett and Company, LLC Mr. Henri D. Bartholomot Mr. James L. Beard Dr. Kyle C. Beardsley and Mrs. Jessica Beardsley Mr. Neal I. Bellet Mrs. Lisa D. Berglund Mr. Lance W. Billingsley Dr. Marc S. Bresler Ms. Elizabeth M. Brown The Honorable Joseph V. Colaianni Mrs. Renee Edelen Cruciani Mr. Ernesto Cuesta

Mr. John A. Drager Mr. Stephen D. Dubnoff Mrs. Eleanor H. Fields Mrs. Sally W. Fischer and The Honorable Robert F. Fischer Mr. Christopher D. Frye Mr. Jay P. Gilchrist Dr. Andrea J. Goodwin Mr. Ryan C. Greene Dr. William G. Johnson and Mrs. Cynthia S. Johnson Mrs. Tracy Kiras Mr. Stephen S. Leslie Mr. Ronald F. Mace and Mrs. Sally A. Mace Ms. Roz C. Moore Ms. Wendy J. Moyer Mr. Walter L. Phillips, Jr. Timmy F. Ruppersberger, Esq. Mr. James J. Rychner Mr. William J. Scott Miss Raakhee Sharma Mrs. Tara S. Singer Mrs. Betsy A. Stock Mr. Fredric W. Vogelgesang Mr. Joseph T. Yost Dr. John D. Zacker

Support the ODK Sigma Circle with a Corporate Sponsorship! Sponsorship benefits include: * Opportunity to network with ODK members and alumni as well as UMD campus leaders * Speaking opportunities * Recognition at the ODK Sigma Circle Induction Ceremonies & Receptions * Tabling at signature UMD events with access to thousands of UMD students * Inclusion in e-communications, social media, and printed materials * Logo exposure and brand awareness * Invitations to ODK Sigma Circle events and programs Thank you to all the Terps who supported the University of Maryland’s Giving Day! On March 7, 2018, ODK alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty and staff came together to raise critical funding for our scholarships, awards, lectures, and programs.

Please contact us for more information: Ed Kenny edkenny@umd.edu | 301-405-0322 Roz Moore rozmoore@umd.edu | 301-314-3694 THE LEADER ODK Sigma Circle | 14

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