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The Road to University

What does a university degree do for me? Research shows that employees with an undergraduate degree earn significantly higher wages over the course of their working lives than their non-degree colleagues. Start looking at program requirements early. For information on programs that have additional admission requirements, visit discover.ulethbridge. ca/lookingahead.

Where has all the time gone? You might be driving now. You’re almost old enough to vote. And you’re mature enough to start making some important life decisions. Now that you’re in high school, it’s time to start making some important decisions. The biggest and earliest decision you have to make is whether or not you will be continuing your education.

Is university right for me? If you are feeling overwhelmed with the many options facing you at the end of your grade 12 year, university is a great starting point. University is about choices. What makes university different from high school is that you can take the classes that interest you, from many different areas. If at the end of your degree you discover there isn’t any one career calling you name, that’s OK. That’s the beauty of a university degree – it isn’t limited to any one path; instead, it can take you anywhere you want it to.

What you need to get here: picking high school courses •

Keep your options open. If you are interested in science, take all three sciences. At the very least, try to take two, at both the 20 and 30 level

One fine arts course and any number of distinct second language classes in high school count as academic courses for admission

Take 30-1 level classes

Try pure math. While Mathematics 30-1 is not required for admission to the U of L, if you’re considering anything in the sciences or health sciences, you’re probably going to need it as a prerequisite for U of L classes

We can accept one grade 12-level CTS or option class when calculating your admission such as physical education, work experience, etc.

Environmental Philosophy Philosophy 2236

Managing Not-for-Profits Management 3710

Greenpeace Digital Culture & Society Sociology 3740


Taking ca of others


What are YO Video games Digital Games New Media 3300

Blowing stuff up


General Chemistry Chemistry 1000

Cross-cultural work study Management 4040

See how your interests match up with classes offered at the U of L.


Concepts of Health Nursing 1020

Creative Writing English 3800


Scientific Basis of Strength Training

are s

Kinesiology 2115

Pumping iron Guitar Hero

OU in to? Teaching Building robots

History of Rock in Roll Music 3200

Photography Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals of Photography Art 2004

Computer Science 3750

Orientation to Teaching Education 2500

Looking ahead You still have time to think about what you want to do, but we have some suggestions for if you have an idea of where you’d like to go.

If you’re interested in science:

If you’re interested in teaching:

One of Math 30-1 or 30-2 will likely required

30-level Biology, Chemistry, or Physics may be required depending on your program of interest

At the U of L, you receive a broad-based education degree that allows you to teach at all grade levels. Instead of selecting if you want to teach high school vs. middle school, etc., you select which subject(s) you want to teach

If you’re interested in social sciences (English, social studies, history, psychology, etc.): •

There are usually little to no additional admission requirements

If you’re interested in business: •

Math 30-1 is required for some majors, for other majors either 30-1 or 30-2 will work

If you’re interested in health care: •

One of Math 30-1 or 30-2 is required for everything except Addictions Counselling At least one 30-level science requirement depending on your program of interest

Requirements will depend on the subject you want to teach

* In year two there is an additional English

requirement. An 80% blended grade in English Language Arts 30-1 or a 75% on the English diploma exam will satisfy this, or you can take an English or Writing course at the U of L and achieve a B.

If you’re interested in performance, music, art, or new media: •

A portfolio or audition is usually required for admission

Courses in art, drama, or music are an advantage, but not required

This is a general picture of your future requirements. For detailed information on high school prerequisites by U of L program, visit

University Hall Residences

Apartment Style Residences

Dollars and cents Grade 11 Merit Award

Did you know you can receive scholarships in Grade 11? Students are eligible to receive scholarships based on their academic achievement. For averages ranging from 75%-79.9%, you’re eligible to receive $500. For averages of 80% and above, you’re eligible for $800. Deadline: June 30 | All you have to do is fill out an application form, available at:

Tuition and Living Costs

Board of Governors’ Scholarships Up to $2,000 is available to students maintaining an admission average of 75% or higher.

General Scholarships • •

March 15: Leadership and Entrance awards | Up to $5,000 | Separate application required June 1: High school academic awards for September entrance | Up to $1,000 | For students who have applied for admission after March 1 | No application required

Living at Home

Living away from Home

Shelter (Rent)















* Numbers provided by Canada Student Loans Residence Style

Cost (Fall 2011/Spring 2012 rates)

Traditional style dorm rooms (furnished)

$1,156 - $2,220 (per semester)

Apartments and Townhomes (furnished)

$2,220 - $3,692 (per semester)

Educational Costs These amounts are based on a typical course-load of five classes per semester (10 courses over the academic year) Tuition and Fees

$5,337 (2012/2013 proposed)

Health and Dental

$245 (refundable with proof of other extended health and dental coverage)

Books and Supplies

$1,250 ($125 per course)



See the world, enhance your degree By choosing the University of Lethbridge, you’re giving yourself access to some big-ticket opportunities to see the world. From international exchanges and studies, to co-op placements across the province, country, and globe – there are many opportunities for you to travel the world and enjoy unique experiences, while still keeping your costs low and furthering your education.

Co-operative Education Co-op placements are paid work experience in your field of interest. They range from four to 16 months in length and are an option available to all Arts, Science and Management students.

International Exchange Spend a semester or two abroad in one of the 21 countries the U of L is partnered with such as Australia, Japan, Germany, Korea and Mexico. You’ll pay U of L tuition, and be guaranteed oncampus housing abroad.

Learning outside the classroon Independent Study Independent studies allow students to participate and explore within their program area. There is a three-course sequencing guide, developed to help students first learn the necessary research and presentation techniques. Students will then participate in hands-on learning in the lab while assisting their professors or completing their own research.

Combined Degree Programs If you’re interested in more than one area of study, you may consider pursuing a Combined Degree program. This option typically takes five years, but you will graduate with two degrees. Completing two degrees at once will allow you to study two areas you are passionate about.

Connect with us The student experience: Connections It’s never too early to come for a visit. We can match you up with a student currently studying the program you are most interested in. You’ll attend a class or two; receive a campus tour and a free lunch! This program is available from mid-September to December 1 for the Fall semester, and from mid-January to April 1 (excluding Reading Week in February) for the Spring semester. To book a Connections or to book advising or a campus tour, just contact us! Recruitment and Student Life 403-329-2762

If you think you’re interested in the U of L, plan to attend our Open House in the fall, where we will show you all the services and departments on campus, as well as all of the interesting program options and experiences you can go through with your degree.


The Road to University Where has all the time gone? Research shows that employees with an undergraduate degree earn significantly higher wag...

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