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Faculty of Management Master of Science

Graduate Studies MSc (Management)

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Four-year Bachelor’s degree in Business, Management, Commerce or a related field with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (based on 4.0 scale) on the last 20 university-graded courses. APPLICATION DOCUMENTATION Official Academic Transcripts Curriculum Vitae Three Letters of Reference Letter of Intent GMAT Score (minimum 550 with 4.0 in the Analytical Writing Section) Official TOEFL or IELTS scores (if required) ADMISSION DEADLINES March 1* or May 1 for September start date Spaces are limited. MSc (Mgt) encourages early applications *International students are encouraged to apply by March 1 to allow sufficient time for the processing of study permits/student visas

FUNDING SUPPORT • MSc(Mgt) Graduate Fellowships – Canadian residents: $9,600 • MSc(Mgt) Graduate Fellowships – International students: $19,200 • MSc(Mgt) Thesis Fund: $750 • Graduate Student Travel Award: $500 • Scholarships and student finance opportunities also available

The Master of Science (Management) degree program offered in the Faculty of Management focuses on current management paradigms, research methods and questions. The MSc (Mgt) program develops scholars who have a solid understanding of research paths in their discipline, are skilled in the research process, and contribute knowledge to management scholarship. Our graduates are prepared to enter and succeed in high quality doctoral programs or to pursue careers where research skills and scholarly knowledge are valued. The program is an intensive, thesis-based, researchoriented program (minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 24 months) designed to provide students with the knowledge and hands-on experience to conduct rigorous and scholarly investigations into issues facing organizations and business management. Research results are published in international, peer-reviewed journals and presented by professors and graduate students at national and international conferences. In addition to substantial financial support, all MSc (Mgt) students have access to their own workspaces and up-to-date software. The program is offered on a full-time or part-time basis at all three campuses: Lethbridge, Calgary or Edmonton.

MASTER OF SCIENCE (MANAGEMENT) majors ACCOUNTING: Focuses on creating and evaluating information for financial decision-making by investors, creditors, management, government, unions and others. The MSc major in Accounting is designed to develop students’ abilities to critically assess accounting theory and research and to undertake their own research in the field. Students will be exposed to various research methodologies for analyzing and interpreting data. FINANCE: Focuses on the study of financial markets, financial instruments and investment decision-making, and analyzes alternative methods in obtaining, managing and using capital. Finance incorporates basic economics, accounting and statistics in simple and complex mathematical models to simplify and study the complete economic reality of financing business and investments. Our recently-launched flagship trading room (Centre for Financial Market Research and Teaching) allows students to experience the micro-structure of financial markets and risk management through trading and investment activities, using real-time financial data and current market information. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT & LABOUR RELATIONS: Students can concentrate their studies within one of three areas: Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour and Labour Relations. The field as a whole examines the workforce and explores effective ways to manage people.

INFORMATION SYSTEMS: Focuses on managerial and behavioural issues associated with information systems and technology, including system development, decision  making, operations and supply chains. The IS major prepares graduates to pursue careers in consulting or to bridge to doctoral programs. INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT: The program is designed to develop the conceptual and analytical skills needed to formulate effective international management strategies and policies to benefit all of an organization’s constituents in today’s globally competitive environment. It is also designed to familiarize students with the cultures and comparative business practices of countries in which multinational firms actively trade and invest. MARKETING: Focuses on the science of customer orientation and marketing strategy. One area of special interest to the faculty is social marketing. This includes nonprofit marketing and the application of marketing techniques to solve social issues such as raising awareness about health issues or motivating people to recycle. POLICY AND STRATEGY: Focuses on for-profit and not-forprofit organizations and their industrial and institutional environments, organizational ecology, inter-organizational networks, organizational and institutional change, strategic choice and implementation, top management team dynamics, corporate governance and other subjects. Students will acquire a variety of skills that will allow them to critically evaluate theory and research about organizations and their environments and to undertake their own research in the field.


For admission information and to apply, visit:

Lethbridge Campus Markin Hall M4048 4401 University Drive Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K 3M4 Phone: 403-380-1819


Faculty of Management Master of Science FUNDING SUPPORT • MSc(Mgt) Graduate Fellowships – Canadian residents: $9,600 • MSc(Mgt) Graduate Fel...