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1 & 3: University Hall sod turning, 1969 2: March for autonomy following the inaugural Convocation, 1968 4: Moses at Expo ‘67 Main photo: The west side provided a blank canvas for the U of L, 1968

It’s been a half century in the making. This year, we celebrate the University of Lethbridge’s 50th anniversary and all we have accomplished together. Our university began as a vision held in the hearts of many southern Albertans. Over the last five decades, the U of L has evolved into one of Canada’s topranked universities and leading research institutions thanks to the combined efforts of generations of faculty, staff, students and alumni, and the generous support of those who share our vision. When we look back at the history of giving at the U of L, it is clear: The University of Lethbridge would not exist as it does today without your support. One of our very first gifts, 300 acres of land from the City of Lethbridge, differentiated the U of L from the very onset. Thanks to two subsequent land donations by the City, our Lethbridge campus now spans more than 500 acres and truly exemplifies how a university and community can grow and prosper together. Moses, the iconic sculpture that adorns the staircase in the Centre for the Arts, was gifted to the U of L by the House of Seagram Limited in 1967 thanks to the valiant efforts of Dr. Van Christou (LLD ’84) and his family. Moses is the first piece in our renowned art collection, which now numbers more than 13,000 objects and is regarded as one of the most significant collections in Canada. These are just two examples of the many gifts we’ve received over the years that have set us on the path for the future. In the pages that follow, we take a look at how 50 years of giving have shaped our student environment, academic programs, research culture, connection to community and campus development. On behalf of the students, faculty and staff at the University of Lethbridge, thank you for your generous support of our university. The impact of your giving will be seen for generations to come. Sincerely,

Michael Mahon, PhD President and Vice-Chancellor


Our motto is Fiat Lux, which means let there be light. It’s a phrase that refers to the illumination that comes from research and learning. We create, inquire and discover, and inspire our students to do the same. From our extraordinary campus and facilities, to student services, academic programs, small class sizes, incredible learning experiences and cultural celebrations, donor support has helped create one of Canada’s most engaging student environments. Moreover, your support is at the heart of access to education. By supporting student scholarships, you make a university degree a reality for deserving students.

Rugby community comes together to advance Horns Rugby Coaches, friends and 25 Pronghorns alumni, including Amanda Riley (BMgt ’10), who leads the Women’s Rugby Alumni Association; Ashley Steacy (BSc ’15), Olympian and former Pronghorns Female Athlete of the Year; and J.J. Ondrus (BSc/BEd ’04), one of the original members of the Pronghorns women’s rugby team; have stepped forward to show their support and help raise funds for the Rugby Alumni Annual Giving program, which has been established to help ensure the longterm stability and success of the U of L Pronghorns Women’s Rugby program. “The Horns Rugby Alumni Association believes in connecting and celebrating our alumni and supporting current athletes,” says Riley. “By donating to the rugby alumni giving program we are able to achieve both goals. The Horns rugby program once provided all of us with the utmost opportunities, both academically and athletically, and therefore we are giving back where we can in order to provide current and future Pronghorns the same experiences.”

Blue and gold, true and true Without question, Knud Petersen is one of the U of L’s biggest fans. Whether he is cheering on the Pronghorns, supporting U of L events and announcements, volunteering for Operation Red Nose or lending his time to the community, he’s an ever-present advocate for the University and an invaluable southern Alberta resource. A member of the U of L Senate and the 2006 recipient of the Senate Volunteer Award, Knud is a dedicated University supporter who has made many gifts to the U of L and has established The Petersen Family Rugby Award (2016) and The Petersen Family Soccer Award (2004). The awards support U of L Pronghorns Women’s soccer and rugby players who have demonstrated outstanding skills in their sport and in leadership. “Between training and studying, there are a lot of demands on student athletes. By providing for some student scholarships, I hope to help foster lifelong community leaders in physical education. The benefits of staying physically active are obvious,” says Petersen. “It’s very rewarding for me to see student athletes after they graduate, go into the community and make a positive impact.”

Impacting the future of nursing


Surgeon Dr. Harold Prokopishyn practised in Lethbridge for nearly a half century. He was credited for helping shape the Department of Surgery at the Lethbridge Regional Hospital and was well respected by patients and colleagues alike. He had a great deal of respect for the nurses he worked with every day and the important work they do in the health-care system. When he passed away in 2016, he designated a portion of his estate to create a scholarship specifically for nursing students at the U of L. The first scholarship will be awarded in 2017.

It’s hard to imagine the U of L today without the University Library. It’s the place where students gather to study, meet and research, all while taking in the U of L’s incredible views. It’s core to our students’ university experience. In 1992, the U of L Foundation received a $100,000 donation from Lethbridge residents Rex J. and Jean S. Tennant towards the construction of a new library on campus. The gift, which was presented at the founding meeting of the U of L Foundation, got the new organization underway and inspired future gifts in support of the library construction.

Southern Alberta Ethnic Association supports student scholarships Completing a post-secondary education is never easy, but the challenges can be even greater for students who are new to Canada. The Southern Alberta Ethnic Association (SAEA) is helping to make the journey a little easier for U of L students. “Members of the SAEA are well aware of the plight of first generation immigrants when it comes to participating in post-secondary education,” says Dr. Surya Acharya, SAEA president. “We are also well aware the success of our country and community depends on a well-educated and well-trained workforce. By establishing the Southern Alberta Ethnic Association Award, we hope to help immigrants and/or their children by providing scholarships as well as work toward creating an equitable, welcoming and inclusive community.”

In fall 2016, more than 8,600 students from around the world called the U of L’s campuses in Lethbridge and Calgary home, a record enrolment for the U of L. Also in 2016, the U of L ranked as one of Canada’s top-three undergraduate universities in both the annual Maclean’s University Rankings and RE$EARCH Infosource Inc. listings.


RBC supports innovation and entrepreneurship The U of L’s AGILITY program and Faculty of Management received a major boost in 2016 thanks to RBC Foundation. Their $750,000 gift supports programs and initiatives in the Faculty of Management and a new family business and small business stream of AGILITY, a program focused on helping students develop skills in innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Students will benefit with work integrated learning opportunities through co-operative education, gaining valuable skills, confidence and knowledge that will better prepare them to enter the business world. “For us, this is about more than just a donation – it’s about creating opportunities for young Canadians to learn, grow and thrive,” says Mark Brown, regional vicepresident, RBC. "Education is a cornerstone of enabling youth to reach their fullest potential today and, ultimately, creating social and economic prosperity tomorrow.” Heil Innovation Challenge Award Entrepreneurship and innovation go hand in hand with liberal education and have the potential to promote resilience and open minds as students search for solutions to everyday challenges. In celebration of innovation, liberal education and the entrepreneurial spirit, Howard and Suzanne Heil established the Heil Innovation Challenge Award. An award of $5,000 will be given to the winning team of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge competition and provide seed funding to further their ideas and strategies proposed in the competition. An award of $3,000 will be given to the team that is designated the runner up. “As we both have post-secondary education, we have always placed a high value on education,” says Howard Heil. “Additionally, we have an interest in the practical application of learning. After becoming aware of AGILITY we saw a great marriage between both the pursuit of learning and the application of it.” Investing in the future By supporting water and flood plain forest research, student scholarships, the Aboriginal Student Orientation program, as well as providing positions for co-op students and U of L alumni, ConocoPhillips Canada has invested in the future of our University and the future of our province. Most recently, they made a significant gift to the Faculty of Education Indigenization project, an Alberta K-12 curriculum update and inclusion of age-appropriate curriculum on residential schools, treaties, and Aboriginal peoples’ historical and contemporary contributions to Canada. This is a collection of lessons and resources designed to help pre- and in-service teachers incorporate FNMI content in their teaching across subjects and grade levels. FROM THE ARCHIVES: During the U of L’s 25th anniversary year in 1992, the Lethbridge Judo Club paid tribute to Coach Yosh Senda (LLD ’89), who was a respected leader and legendary supporter of judo. The $5,000 donation was in support of the U of L’s proposed program in Japanese studies. Now 25 years later, the U of L offers a robust Asian Studies minor, including Japanese courses, exchanges with seven universities in Japan and a study tour of Japan.


The AGILITY program provides creative spaces, programming and funding to help students develop their budding ideas.

The pace of change is accelerating. No one can predict every shift or every change, but we can provide a clear path to success no matter the circumstance or changing environment. Thanks to your support, we are able to provide our students with practical, in-demand skill sets, while imparting the ability to continually learn, grow and adapt through a system of teaching and learning that is comprehensive and experiential.


Over the last 50 years, the University of Lethbridge has built an outstanding record of research performance, and is one of Canada’s leading research institutions. Thanks to your support, our faculty and students bring new light to problems and possibilities. The results of these efforts extend well beyond our campuses in Lethbridge and Calgary, and impact communities across Alberta and around the world.

Growing knowledge Potato farming is key to the southern Alberta economy. In 2015, an unprecedented collaboration between the potato industry and the University resulted in the creation of the U of L’s first Research Chair in Potato Science. Thanks to the Potato Growers of Alberta, McCain Foods, Lamb Weston and Cavendish Farms, who made a $1 million investment over five years, Dr. Dmytro Yevtushenko joined the U of L in 2016. One of only a few researchers dedicated to potato science in Western Canada, Yevtushenko is coordinating his research programs with the needs of local industry and will bring his research into the classroom. “Potato growers are interested in a new generation of young people who will graduate from university and come to farms with knowledge of potato science,” says Yevtushenko, who has a broad range of research expertise, including development of potato genotypes with wide-spectrum disease resistance and largescale production of virus-free seed potatoes in vitro. Among other projects, his research plans include studies of factors affecting the physiological age of seed potatoes and speeding up the potato breeding process using innovative methods. Bringing new light to neuroscience Each day, researchers in the U of L’s Canada Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience (CCBN) advance what we know about the brain. Long-time U of L supporters, the Wigham family, help make this possible. Their donations have led to an upgraded animal MRI system, a new state-of-the-art confocal microscope, and a suite of software and hardware for neuroimaging workstations.


Dr. Matthew Tata, Chair of the CCBN, explains the impact: “The upgrade allows us to run our 4.7 tesla animal magnet at its full field strength, which dramatically improves both image resolution and also reduces the time for data acquisition. The confocal microscope has become a core tool for several labs, and the neuroimaging workstations have become a critical part of our new human MRI imaging centre, which is a partnership with Radiology Associates. We use the workstations to visualize the raw data that comes from the scanner. This ability to visualize and study the interconnectivity of human brain regions is a recent breakthrough in neuroscience and is expected to cause a big leap forward in our understanding of brain and mental health diseases.” FROM THE ARCHIVES: In 1991, the U of L Water Resources Institute and Agriculture Canada’s Lethbridge Research Station received a $1 million grant from the Nat Christie Foundation of Calgary to study the effects of climate change and global warming on agriculture in Alberta. The joint research program between a group of 12 physical and socio-economic scientists led to a number of projects that shed new light on climate change. Today, the U of L is recognized for its research in this area.

Dr. Dmytro Yevtushenko and U of L students dig into potato research.


The University of Lethbridge exists as it does today because a dedicated group of citizens believed southern Alberta warranted its own university. We are a community built around people. With more than 1,200 employees, 8,600 students on campuses in Lethbridge and Calgary, and 41,000 alumni, we are a community of inspiring lights, making important contributions around the world and committed to giving back to the communities we serve. Education changes the world When the Syrian refugee crisis erupted last year, U of L students Jamie Lewis, Elise Pundyk, Farah Rajan and Taylor Myndio were compelled to act. They joined efforts with other students and formed a World University Service Canada (WUSC) committee at the U of L. In only four months, they elected an executive and raised the $26,000 they would need to bring a refugee student to the U of L for one year, a process that generally takes years. In fall 2016, Abdullah Mouslli, a Syrian living in Jordan, began his one-year studies at the U of L. “For me, it’s a life-changing chance,” he says. Senate award celebrates students It’s been 10 years since Chancellor Emerita, the late Dr. Shirley DeBow (LLD ’08), established the Senate Award in celebration of the U of L’s 40th anniversary. Since then, more than 176 donors have stepped forward to make 382 gifts to support the award. As a result, 32 students have received the Senate Award. As part of the U of L’s 50th Anniversary, current Senators led by Chancellor Janice Varzari (BN ’90, MEd ’02) are committed to seeing this grow and to recognize more students. Remembering John Gill Raising funds for scholarships and building friends along the way were always very close to the late John Gill’s (BA ’94) heart. For the last 10 years, the U of L Alumni Association has proudly hosted the annual John Gill Memorial Golf Tournament in his memory. To date, the funds raised through this tournament provide six $1,000 student awards each year. The final tournament will be held in 2017, the tournament’s 10th anniversary and the U of L’s 50th anniversary, with the intention to endow this fund and continue these student awards in perpetuity.


Alumnus inspires the next generation of students Throughout his time as a student at the U of L, alumnus Terry Whitehead (BA ’94) made the most of his university experience. He was involved in student government and served a term as Students’ Union president (1990-1991), wrote for the Meliorist, and hosted a show on CKXU. “My time at the U of L was a very formative period in my life. My education and campus involvements shaped my world view and inspired me to be a life-long student. The liberal education I received has been invaluable in my professional career, both in the not-for-profit sector and in the corporate world. I’m very grateful for this gift,” Whitehead reflects. Since graduating, Whitehead has remained connected with the U of L. He’s an active alumnus, including serving as the 2017 Chair of the Calgary Alumni & Friends Concert, and is a long-time donor. He has initiated and funded the Play Right and Striking Prose creative writing prizes, Historicity prize, Liberal Education Essay prize and Fiction at Fifty. He supports Whetstone and Abbondànza, and he presented the idea and co-funded the commissioning of the U of L’s 50th anniversary song, Let it Shine On. Through his giving, he has connected alumni and friends, and inspired the next generation of students. FROM THE ARCHIVES: In 1977, then Lethbridge Mayor, the late A. C. Anderson, along with Simpson-Sears, donated a Steinway Grand piano to the U of L. The piano was heard in an inaugural recital featuring U of L music students and faculty. Today, the Faculty of Fine Arts is renowned for its outstanding facilities, including the recently updated University Recital Hall with state-of-the-art acoustics. Each year, the University welcomes thousands of community members to campus for memorable recitals and performances.

Abdullah Mouslli didn’t want to become one of the lost generation whose life and future was limited because of the civil war in Syria. Thanks to a determined group of U of L students, he spent the 2016/17 academic year studying at the U of L.


Founded on traditional Blackfoot land, our iconic campus is central to who we are. When University Hall first opened its doors in 1971, its radical design set the University of Lethbridge apart in architectural and academic circles alike. Since then, campus has grown significantly thanks to the generous support of donors, adding new state-of-the-art buildings throughout the decades as well as a campus in Calgary. As we look to our next 50 years, the Destination Project and revitalization of University Hall will shape the future of our university and southern Alberta. 10

Student support shapes campus

BMO supports science outreach

Since the U of L’s inception, students have helped shape the institution’s future. Students play an active role on the Board of Governors, Senate and General Faculties Council. Students have also made substantial financial contributions to the development of campus, including the Students’ Union Building, the University Library and the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport and Wellness.

Knowledge sharing, between professors and students as well as to the broader southern Alberta community, is a key component of the Destination Project. In 2016, BMO Financial Group donated $1 million to help fund the construction of the new state-of-the-art science building.

Symbol of gratitude George Gemer was an educator and coach of track and field and fencing at the U of L for 47 years. Out of gratitude for the opportunity, he and his late wife Carole Gemer conceived, designed and donated a statue that will be installed and commemorated near the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport and Wellness in the U of L’s 50th Anniversary year. Sparking excitement for science



Science will literally be on display in the new science and academic building, thanks to a group of former staff and faculty members and current faculty members who have generously donated a periodic table that will be an interactive focal point. The life-sized periodic table will contain museum-grade samples of the elements themselves that are individually illuminated in cubes and will show how the elements are used in everyday life. Retired faculty member, Dr. Douglas Dolman and his wife Theresa, who also worked at the U of L, are looking forward to seeing how the donation will inspire future scientists. “The building will be such a wonderful investment for the future of science in southern Alberta,” says Douglas Dolman. “I hope that by seeing the many extraordinary elements on display in the periodic table, it sparks something special in the young minds of those who visit the building.”


The BMO Financial Group Theatre will serve as a key space for teaching and community outreach. “We are very pleased to partner with the U of L on the Destination Project, which will undoubtedly enhance the University and experience of students in the community for years to come,” says Susan Brown, senior vice-president, Alberta and North West Territories Division, BMO Bank of Montreal. “We have a longstanding relationship with the school and remain committed to investing in programs that will help the advancement of future leaders in the field of science.” FROM THE ARCHIVES In 1990, more than 100 Hutterite colonies in Alberta came together to support the third floor construction of Turcotte Hall, which at the time was to house the U of L’s then School of Nursing. The gift was in support of health care and to help the U of L train the next generation of nurses. The donation was unique as it was the first time a donation of its kind had been given to an educational institution.

PHOTOS FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Inset 1: University Hall construction Inset 2: Markin Hall Inset 3: The 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport and Wellness Main photo: Destination Project construction, the boldest and most significant development for the University since the original construction of University Hall. The new science and academic building will bring together faculty and students from across science disciplines, promote and enable curricular innovation, help students achieve their academic goals and foster a community of science at the U of L and across southern Alberta. It will open in 2019.


“The scholarships I have received have been tremendously helpful. They removed some of my financial burdens, allowing me to focus more on my studies and extracurricular activities such as co-op, volunteer experiences and international exchanges. I extend my most sincere thanks to all the donors who have made these scholarships a reality for me.” – Leeann Klassen


In 2016, more than 2,700 donors made more than 6,500 gifts to the University of Lethbridge. More than 3,600 of these gifts were to student awards, and 902 donors gave a gift to the U of L for the very first time. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to increase education opportunities for students, advance research, strengthen our community connection and continually develop campus. On behalf of all of us at the U of L, thank you for your belief in education and research, and your generous support. The full 2016 donor listing is available at

“I have been extremely fortunate to receive many scholarships while at the U of L. These scholarships have truly given me the opportunity to focus on my schooling as my job so that I can devote more time to my studies and less time panicking about paying rent or school fees. It also gives my family more financial stability, which makes me much more comfortable knowing they are okay. Scholarships have also made me so much more confident in my abilities and make me want to succeed for the donors who generously funded the scholarships I received. My sincere thanks to the donors for giving me opportunities I may not have had otherwise and no other in my immediate family has had before me.”

“The scholarships I received enabled me to focus on my education and my athletics without having to work a job on the side to pay for my living and athletic expenses. Thank you to the donors who are helping me reach my goals.” – Amaka Ashkofu

– Blair Yoxall


Your generosity, combined with that of hundreds of others, enables the University of Lethbridge to increase education opportunities for students, provide necessary resources for research and build state-of-the-art facilities.

The following recognizes our lifetime donors and the many dedicated individuals, corporations and organizations that generously supported the University of Lethbridge in 2016.

Thank you for sharing our vision.

LIFETIME DONORS Anonymous (25) 1st Choice Savings and Credit Union Ltd. Agrium Inc. Evelyn Aimis Al Azhar Shriners (Lethbridge Shrine Club) Alberta Blue Cross Alberta Health Services AADAC Alberta Lottery Board Alberta Natural Gas Alberta Real Estate Foundation Alberta Society of Professional Biologists Alberta Wheat Commission ALCOA Foundation Christopher Allen Illana Aloni AltaGas Ltd. Gisele Amantea AMOCO Canada Anderson Exploration Anderson’s Medical Dental Pharmacy Ltd.


Estate of Teresa Andrus Arthur J.E. Child Foundation APEGA AstraZeneca Canada Inc. ATB Financial ATCO Group Courtney Atkinson Lottie Austin and George Evelyn Avail CPA Walter Bachinski Mowrie Baden Lawrence and Wilma Barany Randy Bardock Troy and Karen Basarab BDO Ron Bell Reginald Bennett Bennett Jones LLP Raj Bhogal Reginald and Lita Bibby Black Velvet Distilling Company BMO Bank of Montreal BMO Financial Group

Estate of Myrtle R. Bodie Peter Boyd BP Canada Energy Company Roland Brener Bridge City Chrysler Jacqueline Brien Irwin Browns Erwin Buck Burbridge Farm Ltd. Bill Burden Burlington Resources Canada Ltd. Wayne and Jasmine Burton Niki and Brent Button Feike and Margaret Bylsma C.S.T. Consultants Inc. Bill and Elsa Cade Calgary Flames Limited Partnership Calgary Foundation Eric Cameron David and Vivian Campbell Rick and Ellen Campbell Canaccord Capital Corporation

Canada Life Canada Safeway Limited Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Canadian Council for the Arts Canadian Pacific Charitable Foundation Canbra Foods Ltd Hartford Cantelon CanWest Global Foundation Janet Cardiff David Carpenter and Cheryl Arelis Ian Carr-Harris Carthy Foundation Rosemarie Castelli Catwalk Salon Spa Cavendish Farms Corp. Cenovus Energy Certified General Accountants of Alberta Certified Management Accountants of Alberta

CGA Alberta Research and Education Foundation Pierre Chamberland Don & Nadine Chandler Charlton and Hill Ltd. Chartered Accountants’ Education Foundation Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta Christian Chouinard Winston Wing-Tat Chow Family CIBC-Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce City of Lethbridge Pamela and Joseph Clark Clear Sky Radio Inc. Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd. CoCo Pazzo Italian Cafe Ronald Coleman Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta Community Spirit Grant Program ConAgra Foods Ltd. Dennis and Catherine Connolly ConocoPhillips Canada Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd. Estate of Dr. James Coutts Jim Coutts Harry and Mildred Cox Levi Cox and Ryan Juss CPA Education Foundation John Crabb Chris Cran Jean-Charles Crombez Elizabeth Crone Crop Life Canada Alberta Council G. Sidney Cross DA Electric Ltd. Dayna B. Daniels John and Myrna Daniels Davidson and Williams LLP Bart and Cynthia Davies John and Karen Davies Davis GMC Buick Ltd. Nicholas de Grandmaison Sonia de Grandmaison Rene Despres Devon Canada Corporation Doug and Teresa Dolman Estate of Arthur and Annie Dorigatti Estate of Leopoldine Dorner Dorot Foundation Hilda and Gerhard Driedger Tom and Emmy Droog Duncan Industries Inc. Dave Duckett David Duffin

Robert Dufresne William Eakin Gordon Eberts Elements Physical Therapy and Acupuncture Ltd. William Elichen Ellison Enterprises Ltd. Ellison Milling Company Peter and Carol Emerson EnCana Cares Foundation EnCana Corporation Enercon Water Treatment Ltd. Estate of Islay Erickson Enn Erisalu Ernst & Young LLP Paterson Ewen Ivan Eyre FWBA Architects Fairmont Foundation Terry and Sheila Fenton Estates of Keith and Hope M. Ferguson Rick and Rita Filanti Finley Family Jacqueline Flanagan Flanagan Foundation J. Bruce Flatt Clair and H. Elaine Forestell Elizabeth Forrest Patrick Forrest Howard Forsyth Bill and Stefanie Forward J P Foster and Family Foster and Sons Jewellery Ltd. Graham Fowler and Catherine Perehudoff Fowler E.C. Fredericks Ferrari Westwood Babits Architects Guy Gagnon Galt School of Nursing Alumnae Society Urs E. Gattiker James Gellman Genus Capital Management Inc. Gershon Iskowitz Foundation Joe and Bertha Ghert Alan Gibson and Pat Sarsfield Glastech Glazing Alberta Ltd Mira Godard Gold and Gold Productions Government of Alberta William Gracey Graduate Students’ Association Gary Gray Great-West Life, London Life, Canada Life Peter and Olive Green Bert W. Griffin Martin and Sonya Grypma

Myron Gushlak Paul Hacker Frederick Hagan Einard and Kay Haniuk Gregory Hardy William Harker and Dereka Thibault Estate of Alice Harper Lyle Harrison John Hartman Estate of Cora Hastings Douglas Haynes Howard and Suzanne Heil W. Vaughan and Marilyn Hembroff Helen Henderson and Dennis Neufeldt Ben Heppner Heritage Educational Foundation M.P. Hess M. Gudrun Hesse Peter Hide James Hill and Karen Reid Barb and Eric Hillman Bob Hironaka Home Oil Horns Hockey Alumni Association Estate of Harley Hotchkiss Family of Richard Martin Howell Laurence Hoye Estate of Lila Huber David W. and Shirley Hughes Ruth M. Hummel IGM Financial Inc. Imperial Oil Foundation Liz Ingram Linda Intaschi and David Silcox Investors Group Financial Services Rita Irwin Avrom Isaacs Judy Jaeger Geoffrey James Jim Pattison Broadcast Group JK Group / Teck Resources Limited Albert Johnson Terence Johnson Kent Jones Gordon and Elizabeth Jong Emerich Kaspar Garry Kennedy V.E. Kenwood Kay Kerr Mushtaq and Catherine Khan Robert A. Kimmitt and Family Knowledge First Foundation Christopher Kostyniuk KPMG Foundation

KPMG LLP Blaine A. Kunz Wayne and Rhonda Kwan Chantal Laberge Claude Laberge Louise-Marie Laberge Lafarge Canada Inc. Laidlaw Foundation Lamb Weston, Inc. Alain Lamoureux Lantic Inc. Dan and Karen Laplante Cindy LaValley Mona LaValley Leslie Lavers Lethbridge Community Foundation Lethbridge Community Lottery Board #75 Lethbridge Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ltd. Lethbridge Iron Works Company Limited Lethbridge Public School Local 41 ATA Lethbridge School District No.51 Lethbridge Senior Men’s Soccer Association Ken and Kathy Lewis Jacques Libersan A. Lielmanis Leon Liffmann Kenneth Lochhead John and Maybelle Lockhart Shannon and George Lomas Syd Lovell Lowther Consultants Limited Estate of Dorothy Lundstad William MacDonnell Allan MacKay Landon MacKenzie Glen Mackey Ian MacLachlan and Diane Clark Alex and Norrie MacMillan Memorial Gordon MacNamara G. MacNeil Liz Magor Mike and Maureen Mahon Allan Markin Dale and Colleen Martin Martin Bros. Funeral Chapel and Crematorium Ltd. Vincent Martino Richard Masson Jennifer Mather Val and Flora Matteotti McCain Foods (Canada) Billy McCarroll 15

McDonald Auto Group Estate of Phyllis Mary McDonell Catherine McGilly-McCoy Bruce McKillop Guy and Tracy McNab Edward and Linda McNally Allan McWilliams Melcor Developments Ltd. E.F. Anthony Merchant Metis Education Foundation an affiliate of the Metis Nation of Alberta Dan and Gail Michener Robert Michener Edward Mikhail Mathilde Miller Walter Joseph Mitchell MNP LLP Molson Inc. Michael & Joan Monaghan Monarch Broadcasting Ltd. Monarch Corporation Kim G.C. Moody Mike Morrow Cherie Moses Mountainview Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ltd. Muttart Foundation Douglas Myhre N G Campbell Holdings Ltd. Nat Christie Foundation National Salvage Co. Ltd. Eric Newell Nexen Inc. Norlien Foundation Nova Gas Kevin and Katharine Nugent Toni Onley Mary and Martin Oordt Edward Orchard David Ornstein Lyndal Osborne Seamus and Judy O’Shea Ludvik and Danica Pahulje Majda Pahulje and Malcolm Lowings, Michael Lowings, Katherine Lowings Pahulje Enteprises Ltd. Palix Foundation Parrish and Heimbecker Limited Bruce Parsons Warren Pashkowich Lorne Patzer Graham Peacock and Wendy C. Rollins Pembina Pipeline Corporation


Pen-Bro Holdings Limited Penn West Exploration Penn West Petroleum Limited Harry Penner and Irene Klassen Penner Patricia Pennock Jim and Hazel Penny Estate of Kathleen Pepper Dale Percy William Perehudoff and Dorothy Knowles-Perehudoff Anil and Sheri Pereira Z. Perler Knud Petersen Petro-Canada Potato Growers of Alberta J. Christopher Pratt Pratt & Whitney Canada Estate of John Digby Prentice John and Connie Prentice PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Joe Prins Estate of Harold Prokopishyn Provident Energy Stephen Pustil RBC Financial Group through RBC Foundation RBC Royal Bank Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc. Iris and Ted Richardson Richardson Oilseed Ltd. Ricoh Canada Inc. Robert J. Turner Professional Corporation David Roberts John Roberts Art Robinson Rogers Broadcasting Limited Robert and Minda Rogerson Roloff Beny Foundation Fred Romanuk Richard Rooney Catherine Ross David Ross Royal Canadian Legion Alberta - NWT Command Royal Host Hotels and Resorts Randy and Jane Royer Terrance and Maureen Royer Earl Rumm Estate of Victor Ruryk Jared Sable Ron and Joyce Sakamoto Mark Sandilands Kevin Sassa Tony Scherman Scotiabank

Robert Scott Brian Scully Yosh and Florence Senda Dean and Natalie Setoguchi A.W. Shackleford Robert and Mildred Shackleford Max Shafir Kelly R.H. Shannon Stan Shapson Shell Canada Limited Miriam Shiell Shoppers Drug Mart Muriel Shortreed Ron Shuebrook T.Gordon Sim Sandra Simpson Simpson-Markinch Charitable Foundation Leo and Phyllis Singer Melissa Singer Rick and Brune Sinneave Estate of Mary T. Skelton Ches and Betty Skinner Stephen Smart Society of Edmonton Demographers Southern Stationers Limited Raymond and Ingrid Speaker Bill and Shannon Spenceley David and Jo Spinks Evelyn Springer Maxine Stephens Stephure Family Leila Sujir Sun Life Financial Roger Swierstra Syngenta Canada Inc. James and Tanya Szarko T & E Ventures Inc. Alice E. Takács A.D. Taliano Talisman Energy Inc. TD Bank Financial Group Teck Coal Limited Teck Resources Ltd. Telus Communications Inc. Howard and Sharon Tennant Rex and Jean Tennant David Thauberger The Ralph Klein Foundation The Spenceley Group The Wood’s Homes Foundation Tim Rollingson Professional Corporation Claudio Tocchio Robert Tocchio TransAlta Corporation

TransCanada Corporation TSX Venture Exchange Robert and Carol Dawn Turner Estate of Jim Twa U of L Foundation Douglas Udell United Way of Greater Toronto University of Lethbridge Alumni Association University of Lethbridge Faculty Association University of Lethbridge Students Tony Urquhart Val Matteotti Ranches Ltd. Peter Valjas Thorpe Van de Mark Dave and Marilyn Van Gaalen Della Van Gaalen Tony and Lorraine Van Leuken Cor Van Raay Van Raay Farms VRP Farms W. Garfield Weston Foundation Nancy and Paul Walker Ian Wallace Maxwell Ward John and Barbara Warren George Webber Simon Weinberg Wesbridge Construction Limited Edward White Terry Whitehead Estate of Ida Wiens Darol and Evelyn Wigham Ron Wigham Wigham Resources Ltd. John Will Mary Shannon Will Lela Wilson Val Wilson Warren Wilson Mark Wiltshire Wind River Glass Ltd. Clive Wulwik Anne Wyse Xerox Canada Ltd. Maurice Yacowar Yamagishi Family Ronald and Kathryn Yoshida Robert Youds George A. and Kathleen Young Young Parkyn McNab LLP Young’s Securities Limited Tim Zuck Irving Zucker

FIAT LUX DONORS Anonymous (42) Palmer and Lise Acheson Rheta and Andy Anderson Estate of Teresa Andrus Estate of Islay Arnold Courtney Atkinson Estate of John Babick John Beattie Estate of C.B. Beaty Estate of Rolof Beny Peter Bergen Cheryl Binassi Estate of Myrtle Bodie Martin and Sylvia Brice Geri Bronson David Schwass and Darla Bruns Janet Campbell Alex and Norrie MacMillan Memorial Jim Coutts Harry and Mildred Cox Estate of Arthur and Annie Dorigatti Estate of Leopoldine Dorner Estate of Bernd Ebel

Estate of Islay Erickson Estate of Keith and Hope Ferguson Finley Family Eugenia Friebe Roderick and Marie Gaunt Darcy Gonci Estate of Stanley John Gregory Ken Hakstol Estate of Corrine Hamilton Einard and Kay Haniuk Mat and Anita Hanrahan Estate of Alice Harper Estate of Cora Hastings M.P. Hess Estate of Clarence L. Hill Kal Holloway Estate of Margaret Ann Hornsby Estate of Harley Hotchkiss Estate of Lila Huber David W. Hughes and Shirley Hughes Andrew Hurly and Elizabeth Saunders Estate of Sydney Wayne Jackman

JP Christopher Jackson and Raymond Robertson Estate of Walter Jessop Mushtaq Ahmed and Catherine Khan Pam Lavers Ken and Kathy Lewis Estate of Dorothy Marie Lundstad Kathryn MacFarlane Richard F. Mallory Dawn Lorraine McBride Estate of Phyllis Mary McDonell Estate of Robert J. McDowell Dan and Gail Michener Estate of Maurice Mitchell Peter Mortimer-Rae Estate of Louis Moser Aaron Nakama Mary and Martin Oordt Estate of Martin Oordt Estate of Kathleen Pepper Knud Petersen Estate of John Prentice Constance Prentice

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Guy and Tracy McNab Carly McNaughton Kevin McNaughton Michelle McNulty Richard McNutt David and Gaye McVean Karen McWhirter Amy Mecht Ruby Medicine Crane Brennan Meek Neana Meeks Leanna Meers Carol Megaw Natalie Mehew Melcor Developments Ltd. Muriel Mellow Scott Melvin Will Melvin Mauro Meneghetti Men’s Soccer Program U of L Golf Tournament Meridian Manufacturing Group Carol and Dan Merkle Gordon Merrick Wanda Merrifield Philip and Kaye Merrill Rod and Barbara Merrill Angela Merriott Tina Merx Tom Messick John Metcalfe Lorraine Methot Lisa Meyers Denton Michelson Shantelle Middelkoop Cam Middleton John Middleton-Hope Margaret and Sean Miles Steve Miles Brendan Miller Brian Miller Douglas B. and Anne Miller Karen Miller Marylln Miller Brian and Jonina Millis Peter Millman Gwyn Mills J.Laurie Mills Josephine Mills Kevin Millward Robert L. Milton Courtney Minor Gayle Mischuk Md Mishu Melissa Mitchell Susan Mitchell Shaundra Mitchener Tamara Miyanaga MNP LLP Fan Mo Scott Moe

Leinani Mogensen Majid Mohajerani James Moller and Andrea Hlady Carmen & Sharon Mombourquette Lyndsay and Tony Montina Brett Moore Jacob Moore Wayne and Jean Moore Lily Moradel Jaime and Shawn Morasch Tim Mordden Cara Morgan Keith Morgan Lara Morgan Goldie Morgentaler Abby Morning Bull Sidney Morrell Chuck and Pam Morris Francesca Morris Nancy & Greg Morris Robert Morrison Ella Mortemore Scott Morvik Jordanne Moses Jackie Motokado-Bryant MPE Engineering Ltd Katie Mucha Jackie Mueller Musawwir Muid Laura Muirhead John Mulder Gerry Muldoon Amy Mulholland Brian Mulholland Greg Muller Mike Mulroy Becky Munroe Anthony Murphy Mary Anne Murphy Ryan Murphy Laura Murphy-Burke Erasmus Okine and Christine Murray Murray Chevrolet Cadillac Carmen Murrin David Mustapha My Family Dental Darren Myers David Myers Laura Myers Teri Myhre Ryan Myles Mike and Christina Myndio Kyle Nakagama Katie and Shig Nakagawa Maureen Nakama Lyndon Nakamura Livian Nandwa Lukas & Kacie Neamtu Fallon Nedza

Sean Nelson Shawn Nelson Wendy Nelson Beverly Nemeth Dianna Nephew Jim Nesbitt Nathan Neudorf Matthew Neufeld David Neufeldt Adam Neumann Janice Newberry Erin Newell-Lupien Oanh Nguyen John Nibler Brian & Lorene Nichols Family Brock Nickel Yvonne Nickel Kaitlyn Nickerson Cregg Nicol Yimin Nie Brad Nielsen Jeffery and Amy Nielsen Jeff Nielson Niemeyer’s Oilfield & Industrial Supplies Inc. Niemeyer’s Welding & Machining Ltd. Stephan Nieuwoudt Nikkei Cultural Society of Lethbridge Beverly Nikolaisen Geoff Nikoleychuk Tory Nilson Sabrina Niro Fraser Donald Nishikawa Robert Niven Mark and Brenda Nixon Christie Nobes Lori Noble Norbridge Pharmacy (1981) Ltd. Brittany Norman Francis & Cybele Noronha Phil and Freda North Travis and Beata North North and Company Logan Northcott Jared Novak Janine Nowacka Bryce Nugent Janay Nugent and Jason Moulton Mary and Ryan Nugent Lynden Nummi Nyrose, Mckenzie, Alexander LLP Clay Ober Dallan Oberg Wayne O’Connor Shayne O’Day Karl Odland Kayli O’Donnell Ryan O’Donnell Samuel Mantey Ofori Dei

Larry Ogilvie Emiola Olalekan Omobolaji Olayioye Teresa Oldenburger Kevin Olesen Bradley Olson Dave Olson Arlene and Ken Olynyk Omega Flooring Ltd. JJ Ondrus Rod and Tracy Oosterbroek Order of the Eastern Star - Laurel Chapter 43 Order of the Royal Purple No. 287 Kim Ordway Organization of Residence Students Doug Orr Kara Orr Leslie Ortlieb Jim O’Shea Seamus and Judy O’Shea Mark Oskam Wayne Ostby Carmen Ostero Randy Otis Megan O’Toole Our Lady of Assumption Elementary School Carolyn Ouwerkerk Jon Oxley Ryan Ozar Bradley Pace Pacific Health Options Brad Pack Coreen Packham Shauna Pahl Pahulje Enterprises Ltd. Nicholas Paladino Adrienn Palinkas-Bellett Robert Palmarin Erin Palmer Paul Pan Ketan Panchmatia Shuo Pang Judy Pansky Roberto and Jodi Paoletti Nicholas Paquin Della Paradis Paradise Canyon Country Club Inc. Brian Paranica Parascak Family Chiropractic Shayne Pardiac Susie Parenteau Darin Park Ashley Parker Gavin Parker Parkland Industries Ltd. Lillian & Trenton Parks

Evelyn Y Parsons Craig Paskuski Bridget Pastoor Nancy Pastoor Erin Patching Catherine Pate Colin Paterson Glen Patterson Michael Patton Lorne & Diane Patzer Wes Paul Helen and Ron Paulence Susan Paul-Trechka Richard Pawlak Todd Pawsey Debbie Payne Lorna Peacock and David Gowland David Pearce David Pearson Aspen Peatry Peavey Industries LP Brett Pekar Wayne Pelletier Pembina Pipeline Corporation Jeff Pendrel Harry Penner and Irene Klassen Penner James and Claire Penner Lorraine Pennington Penny Coffee House Peter and Glenna Pepneck PepsiCo Beverages Sheri and Anil Pereira Tom Perks Carol Perrett Courtney Perry Jill and Harold Perry Steven R. Perry Michael Persinger Peter Overwater Oilfield Construction Ltd. Knud Petersen Jordin Peterson Teresa and Doug Petriw Todd Petro Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Shane Petry Alex Pettis Devin Phalen Patti and Paul Pharo Bev Philipp Andrew Phillips Barbara Phillips Reverend Erin Phillips Shannon Phillips Chelsea Pickett Penny Pickles Carol Piea Carla Pierson

Dustin Pierson Jacquie Pierson Kathy Pierzchala Rene Pighin Kelly Pike Quintin Pike Becca Pinder Blake Pipke Rosemary Piquette Aspen Pitre Chuck Pitre Darcel Pittman Marlene Pittman Quentin Pittman Trevor Pittman David Place Colleen Poff Logan Pohl Dwayne Pohranychny Dominique Point Du Jour Krista D. Polley Lauren Pollock Spencer Pommells Diane Pommen Victoria Ponomar Kayla Pontarolo Brad Ponto Irene Pool Potato Growers of Alberta Marilyn and Ron Potter Gary Poulsen Lisa Powell Richard Pratt Pratt & Whitney Canada Chris and Lisa Prawdzik Precision Drywall Sharon Prenevost Estate of John Digby Prentice Jacqueline Preyde and Michael Stingl Marion Price Andrew Primeau Natalie and Bruce Primeau Sean Prindle Estate of Harold Prokopishyn Pro-Line Silkscreen Inc. Jozef and Theresa Prozniak Dale M. Ptycia Erika Publow Harleigh Puga Leighton Purcell Keith Pushor Debbie & Robert Pyde Michael and Sheila Pyne Quest Support Services Inc. Sarah Quinlan Curtis Quinton Matthew Quon Jay Radke Marion Radke Karyn Rafa

Jason Ragan Melanie Ramchuk Leanne Ramsey Jenna Rasmussen Susan and Soren Rasmussen Clare Rattai Jose Rauda Paige Rauda RBC Financial Group through RBC Foundation Adriana Reay William Reay Rebound Health Centre Ltd. Ashelyn and Derek Redman Logan Redman Levi Reed Daniel Reeder Kevin and Paula Reedyk Karen Rees Veronica Reeves Reflex Supplements Erik Reid Jim and Melissa Reid Johanne Reid Lisa Reid Melissa Reid Robert Reid Kyle Reindl Peter Rempel Brenda Rennie Garth Renyk and Paolina Seitz Charles and Carolyn Reum Charles Reum Ashley Rewers Sandra Rhodey Clayton Richard Richard A. Low & Company Richard Buck Professional Corp. Richard G. Harder Professional Corporation Tyler Richardet Brad Richardson Douglas Richardson Iris and Ted Richardson Valerie Richardson Richardson Oilseed Ltd. Michael Richmond Ricoh Canada Inc. Alyssa Ries Catherine Rigaux Amanda Riley Cathy Riley Matt Rimmer Andrew Ritchot Matthew Ritchot Sam Rizvi Deb Robb Bob & Colleen Roberts Doug Roberts Justin Robertson 25

Brian Robinson Dallyn Robinson Michael Robinson Wendy Ann Robison Kateryn Rochon Clifford Rockerbie Duane and Pamela Rockerbie Phillip Rockerbie Lesley and Lyle Rode Harold Rodriguez Allison and Shane Roest Tegan Rogalsky Cindy Rogers Ken and Christine Rogers Judi and Tim Rohovie David and Carol Rolfe Mike Rolfe Sharon Rolfe Mark Rollag Romulus and Remus Italian Canadian Club Brennen Ronovsky Daryl & Janet Ronsky Leanne Rose Graeme Roset David Ross Doug Ross and Christine Jensen-Ross Joshua Ross Rotary Club of Lethbridge Rotary Club of Lethbridge Mosaic Blair and Janice Roth Lara Roth James Rouleau Marc and Catharine Roussel Douglas Rowe Scott and Heather Rowland Karen Rowles Lawrence Rowles Dennis Rowley Royal Canadian Legion Alberta - NWT Command Royal LePage South Country Real Estate Services Ltd. Mike Rubouih Frances Rude David Rudkevitch Randi Rumpel Runners Soul Inc. Runners Soul Race Association Estate of Victor Ruryk Anthony Russell Leroy Russell Elly Rutherford Peter Ryan Dan and Anita Ryder Allan and Kelly Rypien Edward Saavedra Anne Sabo


Marie Saddleback Jeremy and Robin Sakamoto Ron and Joyce Sakamoto Anthony W. Salekin Anne Saliwonchuk Elyse Salman Jesse Salmon Tara and Maurey Salmon Steven Salt Jose and Jennifer Samayoa Alex Samia Jean Samoisette Richard Samoisette Beverley Sanders Mark Sandilands Trevor Sandum Bruce Sansom Heather and Gordon Santaga Bonny Sanvido Kevin Sassa Pat Sassa Brent Sato Naomi Sato Joe Saunders Kelly Sawler Lynne Schaaf Simon Schaerz Jeremy Schell Laurianne Schell Kim Schellenberg Jack and Alanna Schellhorn Jordan Scherger Annette Scherrens Crystal Scheu Schindel Law Office Kristy Schipper Kurt E. Schlachter Shaila Schlachter Wayne Schlenker Jen Schmid Mellissa Schmid Leslie Schmidbauer Cameron and Janelle Schmitt Valerie Schmold Donna Schneider Rhonda Schneider Daniela Schnetzler Scott Schnitzerling Ian and Terilynn Schofield Werner and Kathy Schrage and Family Margot Schuldt Elizabeth Schultz Evaline Schultz Rhoda Schultz Leo and Donna Schulz Irene and Gordon Schussler Marie Schussler Maureen and Randy Schwartz Jeff Schwarz

Scotiabank Calvin and Leah Scott Kathryn Scott Marvin & Billie Scott Salina Scott The Scott Family William Tice and Shelley Scott Scott Orban’s Just Sports Limited Ronald Scrimshaw Angie Seaman Sean Wilde Medical Professional Corp. Daren and Shannon Sears Kimberley Sears Gage Seavilleklein Dave and Linda Sebastian Heinrich Seefeldt Jennifer Seefeldt Dale Seeman and Marie Vander Linden Marie Seibel Jody Seidler Hamreet Sekhon Carol Sekiya Elsa and John Sekulic David Seleski Brent and Lorna Selinger Tanya Selirio Kyle Selke Bill & Sandy Semenyna Jessica Semmelrock Servus Credit Union Patricia Shackleford A N M Shamsuddoha Roxanne Shank Diane Shanks Diane Shapcott Norma and Noel Sharp Jason Shaughnessy Amy Shaw Karissa Shaw Stacey Shaw Taylor Sheahan Erin Shearer Naomi Sheehan Doug Sheen Janice Sheets Shell Canada Limited Shercom Industries Inc. Brett Sheridan Stuart Sheridan John and Constance Sheriff Lois Shields Cliff Shigemi Shooting Star Foundation Dean Shortland Krista Shortridge Joey Shouting Warren Shymko

Alan Siaroff Sam Siegal Trevor Siemens Darwin Siewert Sigma Rho Squared Engineering Silver Ridge Construction Ltd. Kirstin Simek Sandra Simmelink Favour Simoongwe Simpson-Markinch Charitable Foundation Marilyn J.E. Sinclair Ryan Sirovyak Patrick Sisk Quinn Skelton Lisa Skinner Aaron Slaney Shirley and Jonas Slanisky Mike and Bea Slavich Robert and Tara Slavich Sandy Slavin Karla Sletten Marc Slingerland Monica Sliva Cameron Slomp Taylor Slusar SmileSense Leslie Smiljanec Barry Smith Connie Smith David Smith Eleanor Smith Erin Smith Gary Smith Joanne Smith Julie Smith Justin Smith Marilyn Smith and Darrell Alexander Marvin Smith Michele Smith Pam and Gary Smith Quinn Smith Stephanie Smolenski Shauna Snooks Kristofer Snopek Barbara Snowdon Jared Solberg Jackie Solorzano Robert Soltes Pamela Somerville Steve Sommerstad Louis and Dorothy Soop MJ Sorensen Brittany Sorge Joan Sottie Peter Soupwell South Country Co-op Limited South Western Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association

John Southam Margaret Southern Southern Alberta Art Gallery Southern Alberta Ethnic Association Southern Alcare Manor Southern Irrigation Southwest Design and Construction Ltd. Southwest Steel Products Ltd. Linda Spaller Devon Sparrow Raymond and Ingrid Speaker Chris Spearman Doug Speelman Jennifer Speir Bill and Shannon Spenceley Amberley Spencer James Spencer Jennifer Spencer Mike Spencer Tom Spencer Ian and Karen Spiers Christian Sprinkhuysen Leanne Spritzer St. Augustine’s Anglican Church Bev Stadelmann Cameron Stadnyk Joleen Standish Chrissy Stanko John and Marjorie Stanley Mavis and Barry Stannard Stantec Consulting Ltd. Gerry Ste Marie Ashley and Sean Steacy Emily Stearns Sheila Stearns Corinne and Dale Steele Joy Steele Larry Steinke Ryan Steinley Sara Stella Matthew Stene Tina & Darrin Stene Phillip Stephan Connie Stephen Stephen F. Kwan Professional Corporation Nichole Sterate Sterling Mutuals Inc. Adrian Stetski Judy Stetson Ryan Stevenson Sharon Stevenson-Ferrari Jennifer Stewart Still Tippin Fittin Ted and Tania Stilson Robin Stock Shilpa Stocker Lionel Stokell Jennifer Stone

Ryan Stoochnoff Stranville Management Ltd. Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation Wayne and Erika Street Jenn Strom Pam Stubbs and Kenny Suggitt Group Ltd. Al Sullivan Brian and Colleen Sullivan Elisabeth Sullivan Elsie and Donald Sullivan Brendan Sulz Wayne Sum Sun Life Financial Suncor Energy Inc. Elke and Marvin Sundstrom Sunrise Poultry Processors Supplement King Lethbridge Supply ChainManagement Association Alberta Tanya Surette Vernon Surette Robert Sutherland Shelley Svidal Ken & Celia Svoboda Julie Swanson Anika Swart John Swendsen Rajat Syal Lisa Sygutek Connie Sypkes Faye & Taz Urano Nathaniel Tagg Bruce and Donna Tait Danielle Tait Dylan Tait Kendra Tait Alice E. Takács Darren Takasaki Carrie and Jeff Takeyasu Trent Takeyasu and Veronica Horn Aaron Tamayose Whitney Tamayose Harvey Tams Kari Tanaka Masaye Tanaka Christine and Don Tannas Dawn Tarnava Maureen Tarnowski Marie Tarrant Dick and Alice Tataryn Wayne & Barb Tate Fran Tatebe Masami and Rie Tatsuno Cheryl Taylor Lorraine Taylor Marlene Taylor Mitchell Taylor Allison Clark Taylor McBryde

TD Bank Financial Group TD Canada Trust Teamwork Training Ltd. Yvan and Kathryn Teasdale Lynn Telford Feben Temple Howard and Sharon Tennant Sander and Sally Tettmar Joe Thacker The Benevity Community Impact Fund The Boutique at CYI Inc. The Rotaract Club of Red Deer Danny Thepsouvanh Douangta Thepsouvanh Kaitlyn Thibault Brent Thielen Lannie Thielen Shem Thiongo Joe and Lori Thom Fred and Terri Thomas Jamie Thomas Darren Thompson Daryl Thompson Florence Thompson Sarah Thompson David Thomsen Brian & Teri Thorlacius Frances Thorson Murray & Subashnie Thursby Wilma Thys Josh and Maria Thyssen Debra Tillery Jadis Tillery Blake and Kathy Tillotson Tim and Lue Tim Rollingson Professional Corporation Mark Tipper Courtney Titanich TJK Oilfield Services Jesse Todd Russell Todd Mary Elaine Toker Shawn Toker Dennis Toledo Tom & Joanne Joe Toone Coralynn Topping Brooke Torgerson Frarick Torrento Elaine Torrie Torry Lewis Abells LLP Vicki Tougas Train Oilfield Services Ltd. Beverley Trainer George Tran Transportation Charter Services Inc. Evelyn Tregidgo Frederique Tremblay

Jacques Tremblay Katie Tripp Dave Trockstad John Trofymow Joshua Troman Virginia Trotter Ivy Trumpour Margaret and Gerald Truscott Margaret Truscott Danielle Tsang James Tsukishima Wendy Tuchscherer Jillaine Tuininga Darryl Turner Lauren Turner Mary Turner Shirley Turner Tara Turner Terri Turner Beata Tymoszejko Gary Tzu Fred and Gail Umeris Lana Dee Unger United Farmers of Alberta Co-Operative Limited United Way of Calgary and Area United Way of Greater Toronto United Way of the Alberta Capital Region University of Lethbridge Faculty Association University of Lethbridge Faculty of Fine Arts University of Lethbridge Students’ Union Gerald Unrau Sandra Unrau Spencer Unrau Jim and Cindy Urasaki Val Matteotti Ranches Ltd. Eric Vallee Brayden Van Amy Van Buskirk Kathy Van Dellen Jitse van den Hadelkamp Rueben Van der Merwe Dave and Marilyn Van Gaalen Della Van Gaalen Eric Van Gaalen Van Liere Shaw Chartered Accountants LLP Rick Van Luyk Nicole Van Meetelen Wendy Van Nistelrooy Daram Van Oers Shari Van Rijn April Van Vaerenbergh Tara Vande Griend Jack Vanden Broek Marcel Vanden Dungen Amanda Vandenbeld 27

Carlie Vandenberg Jason VandenHoek Gerda and Adrian VanderFluit Dave Vanderlee Kevin VanderLinden Mark Vandervoort Suzanne Vandervoort Mitchell VanDusen Adrienne Vanhell Lynda Vankoughnett Kevin VanLagen Cory Varty Janice and Glenn Varzari Mary Varzari Erika Vasey Saurabh Vashishtha Heidi Veldman Veluw Dairy Ltd. Kathryn Vennard Ventus Geospatial Inc. Mike Verhagen Arthur Verhoef Roy Versteeg Lisa Vettese Gerard Veurink Kim Vherniawsky Justin Vigar Greg Vilk Kristine Villaluna Stacey Vinthers Meggan Violande Clarence and Liana Visser Serena Visser Viterra Quinto Vizza Kerri Volk Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd. Tanya von Doehren Amy von Heyking John and Sonya von Heyking Rosemarie VonGunten Randy Voos Rick Vornbrock & Darlene Ponjavic-Vornbrock Gary & Christine Vucurevich Jeffrey Vucurevich Bev Wahl Grace Wai-Wai Brett Walace Allan and Eva Walburger Shelley Walchuk Ali Walker Jane Walker Nancy and Paul Walker Denise Wall


Hayley Wall Herb Wall and Kristine Carlsen Wall Chantel Walowetz Hannah Walter Tara Walter Mark Walton Trevor Wandler Cathy Wang Wanping Wang and Bo Qiu Aleitha Ward Maxwell and Marjorie Ward Nathan Ward Shaun and Pat Ward Trudy Ward Jeramia Warington Mike Warkentin Shelby Warnock Trevor Warnock John Warr Barbara and John Warren Hayley Warren Edwin and Katherine Wasiak Doug Wass Tessa Wasylewich Sheila Wasylyshyn Donna Watchel Timothy and Bev Waters Jolene Watson Luke Watson Gordon Watt Wayne Burton Professional Corp Darren Weeks Brian and Cathie Weersink Lisa Weigel Kelly Weile Bill and Maria Weiler Cassie Weiss Kim Welby Steven Welliver Jean Wells Karen Wells Carson Wendel Wes Fournier Professional Corp. Gwen West Hazel and Russell West Marion West Westco Construction Ltd. Rick Weste Jessie Westers Dan Westhorn Margaret Westhouse Siobhan Westrop

Westwinds Management Solutions Inc. David and Sandi Westwood Tim Westwood Mace Wetter Shawn and April Wettig Michael Wevers Ian and Susan Whishaw Andrew White Jenn White Randy Whitehead Terry Whitehead David Whittle Matt Wiber Jeff Wickens Marie and Dennis Wickham Jeff Wiebe Melissa Wiebe Ute Wieden-Kothe Jill and Kendell Wiens Marlene and Rob Wiest Pati Wigelsworth Ron Wigham Sean Wilde Rhonda Wildeman Samantha Wilk Pat William Barrett Williams Carol Williams Karen Williams Linda Williams Lorne and Wendy Williams Mark Williams Meagan Williams Erin Williamson Kelly Williams-Whitt Jody Williscroft Tanna Willms Maxine Willows Dennis Wilson Jeff Wilson Jim Wilson Penni Wilson Leslie and Val Wingerter Ila Wingfield Stephen and Shelly Wismath Karina Witbeck Stan Witek Megan Wittig Ardeth Wittke Neil Wittmann Dieter and Margita Witzke Brian Wobick Betty Woelders Helen Wolfe

Arlene and Eugene Wolkowycki Brian Wolsey Chris Wolsey Matt and Rhonda Wolske Women’s Soccer Association of Lethbridge James and Marilyn Wong Mel Wong Louise and Keith Woodrow Patricia Woodward Diane Woolf Peter and Shelly Woolf Sean Wutzke Kent Wynder Amber Wyrostok Irwin Wyrostok Lynn Wyton Wei Xu Ye Xu Marc Yagos Craig Yamamoto Sara Yamamoto Sharon Yanicki Kristin and Chris Yarish Chris Yau Ponti Yau Lee Yeandle Linda Yeandle Linda Yellow Face Henry Yip Jenny Yonke Ronald and Kathryn Yoshida Carla Young Diane Young Emma Young Janet Youngdahl and Shoja Mazidi John and Pam Younk Rishad Zaman Misty Zanger Frank Zappone Jeremy Zaretski Ashley Zavisha Karen Zelman Spencer Zelman Adam Zentner David Zhang Zhang Lue Shanshan Zhao Jing Zhu Michael Zicand Jana Zoeteman Stephanie Zook Mariana Zullig

IN HONOUR OF Marlene Pittman Vivian Storr

IN MEMORY OF Manmeet Singh Bhullar Brook Biesenthal Leslie Dawn

Art Ferrari Ernest Lloyd Field Carole Gemer

Marmie Hess Ken Hurlburt Mrs. Madge McColl and Mrs. Elva Gallagher.

Elizabeth Merrick Frank Schaffer Gail Thacker

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