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Faculty of Management Bachelor of Management


MANAGEMENT CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION Anderson Hall 154 University of Lethbridge 4401 University Drive Lethbridge AB, T1K 3M4 Phone: 403-380-1810 Fax: 403-329-2112 Blog: Twitter:

Co-operative Education and Internships

How can you find out which career path is right for you, gain relevant experience and earn competitive wages – all before you graduate?

Did you know? • co-op students secure jobs sooner and command higher starting salaries than other graduates • we currently work with more than 100 employers from across Canada and around the world • many companies now use co-op as their primary recruiting tool

Co-op is more than just finding a job. It’s finding your career. It’s discovering what you want to do after graduation and how to get there. Co-op placements bring you paid, full-time work with top employers in your field of study. A great transition from university to the professional workplace, co-op also helps you network with experienced professionals and gain insight into your career before you graduate. This career-related experience really gives you a competitive edge. CO-OP ADVANTAGES • relevant employment opportunities with quality employers • career development workshops and mock interviews • one-on-one career development assistance • ongoing support throughout your work term • assistance with self-initiated work terms • volunteer opportunities that help build your skill set

COUNTLESS OPPORTUNITIES What interests you? Where would you like to work? Co-op positions are available in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Fort McMurray; throughout Alberta and Canada; and around the world. They’re available in every sector: energy and resources, manufacturing, government, financial services, tourism, small business, not-for-profit, public accounting, technology and more. It’s possible to complete multiple work terms of four, eight and even 16 months, so you can explore several interests. I’M INTERESTED. NOW WHAT? Come and see us early in your studies. Employers recruit months in advance and there is competition for the choicest positions. Also, qualifying for the official co-op designation (recorded on your parchment) requires completion of three work terms.

“You gain competence and

“I definitely have a context

“You get to test out different

understand what is needed

for everything I’ve learned. In

jobs and different careers to see

of you when you’re in the real

the courses I’m taking now, I

if they’re a fit for you. It gives you

work environment. A lot of the

have real-world examples and

a competitive advantage. When

skills you learn right off the

I can utilize those in my tests

you go into interviews, you

bat in entry-level positions are

and presentations. Because

have job experience, you have

applicable to other industries as

you’re in a state of learning, you

practical examples, you have the


have more one-on-one time

methodology and the processes

with influential people in the

that go along with those jobs.”

Alex Luu co-op: Investor Capital New York, NY

company. That was something another employee may not have the opportunity to do because they were not in that direct learning relationship.” Kayley Fulton co-op: Compass Group Canada/Amec Fort McMurray, AB Conroy Ross Partners Calgary, AB

Greg Brodner co-op: Syncrude Fort McMurray, AB


Co-operative Education and Internships Bachelor of Management It’s possible to complete multiple work terms of four, eight and even 16 month...

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