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STEP 1 – University Application Apply online at Fall Application Deadlines December 15 March 1 June 1

Extra Scholarships Early Admission Scholarships Fall Deadline

Spring Application Deadline: November 1 Tip: Apply early and submit all documents and portfolio (DAA Majors). Your portfolio is required before a decision can be made on your application.

STEP 2 – University Requirements High School requirements: Must have a combined average of 65% in English 30-1 (or equivalent), three academic classes and a fifth course that can be academic or non-academic. Details at: Transfer student requirements: Must have a 2.0 GPA. Post-Diploma requirements: Must have a 2.5 GPA. June 15 November 15

Fall Document Deadline Spring Document Deadline

Transcripts must be forwarded to the U of L from all high schools and post-secondary institutions you attended. Through ApplyAlberta, applicants authorize the U of L to request transcripts on their behalf from Alberta Education or publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta. Applicants attending private institutions in Alberta or educational institutions out-of-province must arrange to have official transcripts sent directly to the U of L Registrar’s Office and Student Services. Submitting interim transcripts may lead to early admission. If English is not your first language you must meet the English Language Proficiency requirement.

STEP 3 – Music Requirements Majors Music Digital Audio Arts Music Major Students in a BMus (Music) take courses in music performance called Music Studio. Before registering in Music Studio you must pass an audition. We recommend all music majors audition before their first semester to ensure they do not unnecessarily extend the length of their program. Although first year students and transfer students can be admitted to the University without auditioning, they cannot register for Music Studio until they audition successfully. All transfer students must audition before taking Music Studio to establish the studio level they are qualified to enter.

VOICE ~ Prospective students are required to: Vocalize to various vowels to assess range and evenness of scale. Sing back various ear exercises. Demonstrate rhythmic acuity by clapping rhythms supplied (actual score). Perform from memory, three contrasting classical selections, two of which must be in a language other than the student’s native tongue. Repertoire may include operetta/light opera selections. WOODWINDS ~ Two contrasting pieces (one may be an étude) that demonstrate range, technique, and expressive qualities of the instrument. Scales may be required. Royal Conservatory Grade VIII or higher. BRASS ~ Two contrasting pieces (one may be an étude) that demonstrate range, technique, and expressive qualities of the instrument. Scales may be required.

Post-Diploma students’ admission is dependent on auditioning successfully at an appropriate level.

PERCUSSION ~ One solo or étude on three of the following: mallet, snare drum, timpani, drumset, and multiple percussion. Major scales and sight reading a melodic line in both clefs is also required.

Studio Audition Application Complete the online audition application form at:

STRINGS ~ Two contrasting pieces (one may be an étude) that demonstrate range, technique, and expressive qualities of the instrument. Scales may be required. Royal Conservatory Grade VIII or higher.

Audition Dates Get current dates at:

GUITAR ~ Two contrasting pieces (one may be an étude) that demonstrate range, technique, and expressive qualities of the instrument. Royal Conservatory Grade VII or higher.

Alternative audition dates may be made by special arrangement through the Music Office ( or 403.329.2495).

COMPOSITION ~ Submit a portfolio that represents current level of compositional ability and audition in one of the above areas.

Audition Requirements PIANO ~ One work by J.S. Bach and one contrasting piece. Royal Conservatory Grade VIII or higher. Memorization strongly encouraged.

NOTE: Auditions MUST be accompanied (unless the piece is a solo without accompaniment). Applicants are encouraged to supply their own accompanist. If that is not possible contact the Music Office at 403.329.2495 or at least two weeks prior to the scheduled audition.

Digital Audio Arts Majors All students entering the BMus (Digital Audio Arts) must submit an essay and portfolio as part of their admission requirements. June 15 November 15

Fall Portfolio deadline Spring Portfolio deadline

Portfolio Your portfolio consists of an essay, examples of your work, and an inventory list. Be sure to choose your best work and present it professionally. Essay In approx. 600 words, explain your reasons for wanting to study Digital Audio Arts (DAA). Include: Reasons for choosing this DAA program Areas of interest in DAA (production, film, broadcast, composition, and/or computer music) All audio and technology experiences in this area of study Music theory background Other information you deem relevant Examples of your work Submit 3 - 5 examples of audio recordings, which may be acoustic or electronic, and may or may not be original compositions. Videos in Quick Time and other digital imagery are also acceptable. The examples should display variety and the breadth of your experiences. Although not required, you are strongly encouraged to use the following options to help diversify your examples. Music Production—a piece of music from any genre produced and recorded by you. Audio for Film —remove the sound from a scene in a movie or video and reproduce all dialogue, sound effects and scores. Soundscape —create an experimental piece by layering sounds produced either electronically or acoustically. Sonic Art —create an experimental work by exploring the aural domains of art and perception

using notions of sound, listening, and hearing as predominant creative forces. Radio Advertisement — create a 30 sec. radio ad using dialogue, sound effects, and music. Inventory List Include a list of the examples, the name and date of work, names of collaborators, a brief description (including hardware and software used), your name and contact information. Submission Guidelines You can submit your portfolio online or through the mail. Online Portfolio Submissions Submit your portfolio at: Mail Portfolio Submissions Digital Audio Arts Portfolio Submission Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lethbridge 4401 University Drive W. Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4 Music Studio Option DAA majors have the option to take Music Studio courses. However, must pass the studio audition prior to registering (see Audition Information).

Questions Admission & Portfolio Advisor Faculty of Fine Arts University of Lethbridge T: 403.380.1864 E:

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