Dirk Houtgraaf

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Museum concept Overall concept museum

Content map museum


Core idea

A report including (1) the operational set-up as well as (2) the targeted goals and (3) the initial idea(s) for the exhibit outline.

A short description (perhaps only one paragraph) that outlines the essential core idea and contents of a forthcoming project and how it relates to the museum and its stakeholders, staff capacity, market, budget, etc.


Global Story Line

Detailed Story Line

Sketch Design Contracting

A content map, thematic structure, and written table consisting of all content components to be considered, listed, and numbered, with an outline showing how they relate to the concept-and also the preliminary ideas on the form and content of the presentation.

A substantial and detailed manuscript discussing the project’s content, strictly organized to reflect any modular aspects of the elaborated concept itself.

An overview (bird’s-eye) sketch or sketches, some detailing of major aspects of the exhibition, a floor plan, a description of the style of the installation, possibly a threedimensional scale model, some preliminary calculations, and a front-end visitor survey.



Initial idea(s) A report that includes a presentation of the proposed idea and how it serves the expectations of the stakeholders and the museum’s field of activities and research. An analysis of the museum’s “market” and competitive position is part of the deliverable.

Story Line

Core idea and its logic

A report explaining the core idea and its underlying logic. It is represented in a visual, a schematic drawing. A frontend visitor evaluation may be conducted at this point; results may be included in the report.

Preliminary budget assessment An overview of budget expectations and prices, in a generalized way, with some detailed figures on specific project items of relevance to the museum.

Preliminary ideas on project team(s) An outline of the work process, which consists of an initial organizational chart, including museum and stakeholder representation at various levels of activity and responsibility, and the overall decision-making process. Selection and possible contracting of project team member(s) and/or companies.

Section 1: The overall workflow & start-up

Process description and preliminary timeline A generalized but detailed timeline, including all phases / tasks, milestones, and deliverables.