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Dear Friends,

$18 Million

The College of Business and Economics’ (CBE) award-winning Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC) has been providing a systems view of organizational problem solving since 1994. The IBC, combined with high-quality students and hands-on learning, helps us best prepare our graduates for leadership in an increasingly complex global environment. It is our responsibility to continue to improve this combination of academic rigor and hands-on activities.

major and in the aforementioned experiential learning programs. Our continued success in these and other programs will be determined, in part, by the ability to increase resources available to retain and reward our dedicated faculty and attract new talent. My vision is to support faculty and staff so that they are able to continue their outstanding efforts in teaching, advising, scholarship and outreach and engagement. Endowed faculty chairs and fellowships are critical to CBE’s future.

Students begin their education in classrooms housed in the state-of-the-art J.A. Albertson Building. From there, they have a myriad options for hands-on learning experiences such as the Barker Capital Management and Trading Program, the A.D. and J.E. Davis Student Investment Program, Vandal Solutions, Business Process Management Center, Vandal Innovation and Enterprise Works (VIEW), CareerCenter@CBE, Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and financial literacy workshops. We continue to develop ideas for other hands-on learning opportunities. The private financial support for these programs is essential to continue to prepare students in today’s competitive environment.

Generous alumni and friends have been the defining partners in bringing important historical changes to our college – like the construction of the J.A. Albertson Building and creation of the IBC curriculum. We now seek the next generation of partners for the Inspiring Futures campaign who will be the catalyst to help us move to a new level of capability and to maintain our educational excellence. The future is now and we invite you to join us in making an investment in our programs, students, faculty and staff. We hope CBE’s success inspires you. The partnerships we enjoy inspire us daily to be our best while doing the work of preparing our students to be good citizens and the next legacy of leaders in the ever-changing world of business. Go Vandals!

CBE faculty involvement plays a critical role in IBC and our growing majors. Faculty mentorship provides students with additional enrichment through IBC curriculum, in their

$650 K

Sincerely, Mario Reyes, Dean

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$13 M $650 K As of Oct. 2012


$7.2 M Students

Lori Baker-Eveleth: Above and Beyond On any given day, you might walk into Lori Baker-Eveleth’s classroom to find her students entangled in a snarl of yarn. While it may first appear a reenactment of Charlotte’s Web gone awry, the class is, in fact, deep into a lesson on e-mail networking.

in teaching and leadership in the Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC), the College of Business and Economics’ innovative program that brings together teams of faculty and students from all fields of business for an intense year of interdisciplinary learning.

“I try to break up my lectures with handson activities that are related to what I’m teaching,” says Baker-Eveleth, an information systems (IS) professor who also uses ping-pong balls to help students grasp complex IS concepts. “It’s more visual and helps students understand what’s going on behind the scenes.”

Alsaker fellows are rewarded not only for their work with students, but also for their teamwork with IBC colleagues.

Her creativity in the classroom is a primary reason Baker-Eveleth has been recognized the past three years with the Alsaker Family Faculty Fellowship. The prestigious award, supported by the family of Daniel Alsaker ’72, rewards faculty members for excellence

“Teamwork across disciplines is very important out in the workplace,” BakerEveleth says. “If the faculty doesn’t do it, how are our students going to learn how to work in teams?” Baker-Eveleth says the supplemental compensation provided by the Alsaker Family Fellowship enables her to get out of the classroom in the summertime to instead focus on providing special learning opportunities for students.

For instance, she and her husband, professor Dan Eveleth, have developed an annual two-week study abroad trip to Italy for business students. “Many of our students haven’t even been out of the country,” she says. “This trip allows them to gain valuable international experience without having to spend an entire semester abroad.” She says the international trips are a good example of how supporting a faculty member can have a broader impact. “When you support a faculty member, it gives back to the students…It’s a trickle down effect,” Baker-Eveleth says. “Because we are primarily a teaching college, we are interacting everyday with undergraduate students. Whatever support we get, we turn around and infuse that support into them.”

College of Business and Economics

Goals for Greatness College of Business & Economics Excellence Fund The Excellence Fund provides ongoing annual support to the CBE Dean to invest in ever-changing college priorities. In previous years, the Excellence Fund has been used for student scholarships, faculty support, field trips and building enhancements.

Catalyzing Student Success “Virtually everything I accomplished I owe to the University of Idaho. I grew up in a small town in northern Idaho during the depression and war years, and it was not until I got to college that I became aware of the opportunities that existed beyond the borders of Idaho County. I am most indebted to Dr. Erwin Graue and the others in the Economics Department for encouraging me and broadening my horizons, but almost every course I took helped in my career or enriched my life; and taught me how to analyze data, to approach problems with an open mind, and to question conventional wisdom.” - Myron Johnston, ’52

Graue Scholarship Endowment The Graue Scholars Program provides scholarship support for the top academically achieving students in the college. In addition to tuition the scholarship is used for an annual field trip to expose the students to the business world. This scholarship is an important recruiting tool for the college.

VIEW Entrepreneurship Program This fund provides support for the VIEW (Vandal Innovation & Enterprise Works) entrepreneurship program. There are guest speakers, an elevator pitch competition, business plan competition and certificate program all focused on eship and the next big idea coming from the students, including students and programs from all disciplines across campus.

Jack Morris Executive Speaker Series The executive speaker series is one of several innovative, experiential learning programs that help our students acquire knowledge and skills that give them a competitive advantage when they graduate. The endowment provides operational support for bringing the global business world to the classroom, as part of the Business 490: Strategic Management coursework.

Creating Distinction and Impact Through Enterprise Partnerships “We give to VIEW because innovation is the life-blood of any organization; when innovation is encouraged and implemented well, it enhances organizations and lives. We see the Business Plan Competition as a challenging learning environment for entrepreneurial students. It provides them the opportunity for constructive feedback, networking, and possible startup funding.” - Dietmar Kluth, ’66

Leading Innovation and Discovery “I believe I got a very good and broad education at Idaho. I recently read a quote from W.B. Yeats that said, ‘Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.’ My experience at the University of Idaho did that. It further sparked my interest in learning, not just in my major area of study, but in a broader sense, one that I continue to pursue today. Two of my professors, Hal Jones and Randy Byers especially had a profound influence on me which is why Kris and I have chosen to invest in faculty.” - Jeffry L. Stoddard, ’75 and ’76


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