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Art + Design

Summer Pre-College Program 2018

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Art + Design Summer Pre-College Program 2018 CREATE. EXPERIMENT. EXPAND. Experience firsthand what making and learning is like in these college-level studio courses. Join other talented and serious high school students and our dedicated faculty in a three-week studio immersion, in a a range of interdisciplinary courses. Artwork by Stephen ‘Shoosty’ Shooster - Alumnus

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA IMAGINE YOURSELF HERE. About the School of Art +Art History ­ he School of Art and Art History is the only accredited school of art and design T at the University of Florida. Our faculty seek to empower each individual student with knowledge, skills, and insight to thoughtfully respond to our changing world. As artists, designers and scholars, we are driven by the knowledge that visual and scholarly research is vital to the work of the larger university and that this research enhances the lives of its regional, national and international communities.

About the Pre-College Program ­ ur Pre-College Program is run by faculty who also teach in our degree programs. O Our graduate students assist the faculty to create a robust and exciting classroom environment. The classes are held in our campus studios but also include field trips to other university resources. Come grow your portfolio and experience the best of art school life and university life during our three-week summer program.

Summer 2018 Courses This summer we will be offering courses in a range of studio areas including photography, painting and drawing, and digital fabrication. All courses will offer a mix of hands-on technical projects, field trips, and group critiques and will culminate in a group exhibition of student work from all of the classes.

Overview School of Art + Art History Pre-College Classes are designed to offer student artists and designers the ability to experience the beautiful University of Florida campus, discover and learn in our facilities, and get to know the faculty while participating in exciting studio learning experiences. All campers are under constant supervision by DCF-certified camp counselors who are also licensed educators. The three-week camps gives students the opportunity to study with UF Studio Faculty and graduate students. Projects will introduce concepts in the chosen media along with historical and contemporary artists working with the media. All classes are designed for serious and motivated entry-level students. All classes will conclude with an exhibition in a professional gallery setting on campus. All attendees will work in the UF facilities and eat at the fabulous Gator Dining Services facilities. Lunch is included in Registration fees. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity to make new friends and build your portfolio while receiving worldclass instruction at a world-class institution.

Schedule All classes will run Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM with a one hour break for lunch between 12:00PM to 1:00PM. For more information, contact Alani Ilori at or visit:


PLATE TO PIXEL: Photography Past + Present MON JUNE 4 – FRI JUNE 22 Plate to Pixel is a photography course that will guide students through a range of historical, contemporary and experimental techniques as well as theoretical topics. The course will focus on the relationship between analog, digital and hybrid forms of photography. Students will produce a body of dynamic images utilizing technologies as varied as handmade cameras, classic film cameras, scanners and digital cameras. Through these photographs, we will consider the ways in which these images represent the world around us. Studio assignments and selected readings will explore the role of the photograph as the conveyor of truth, courier of deceit, creator of fantasy and unique cultural object. Students will explore the photographic approaches of sequence and series employing models of repetition, montage, collaboration, narrative and chance in the projects. Technical instruction will be given in camera-less photography, 35mm film processing and printing, studio lighting, digital scanning, digital camera operation, Photoshop editing, inkjet printing and bookmaking. Emphasis will be put on technical and formal hybridity and experimenting with form to produce meaning through the photographic medium. Taught by Josh Hobson, MFA UF

PLACEMAKING: Painting + Drawing Beyond the Studio MON JUNE 4 – FRI JUNE 22 Our senses process a multitude of data from our environment, which we can interpret in many ways. Drawing is one way to process such data and to communicate a sense of place without using words. By changing a line from hard to soft we might communicate something delicate or sun washed. Focusing on a few colors you could invoke a time of day or a place. This course takes students from the studio into the environment as it introduces historical and contemporary concepts and techniques of two-dimensional art practices. Students will be introduced to a range of media, including drawing, collage, watercolor, and acrylic painting, as they travel around campus to create individual and collaborative projects. Field trips and slide talks will explore historic approaches to landscape and place. The emphasis will be placed on formal and conceptual approaches as we move from drawing outside, using the drawings to create a visual vocabulary of marks and shapes, and exploring how color can communicate place. No prior painting experience needed. Taught by Logan Marconi, MFA UF

EXPLODING VIEWS: Digital Fabrication for Artists MON JUNE 4 – FRI JUNE 22 In this course, students will learn how to take their ideas from their imaginations into drawings, computer software and then into 3D form. Students will create objects based on contemporary issues in art and design. Professional imaging software will be introduced, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Meshmixer, MagicaVoxel, ReconstructMe, as well as other software for 2D and 3D design, scanning, and manipulation. Traditional and experimental methods of imaging and modeling will be introduced with an emphasis on current FabLab technologies including 3D scanning, 3D printing, laser-cutting, CNC milling and waterjet cutting. Students will engage with several fabrication laboratories and businesses in and around Gainesville through field trips to broaden their perspective on how these technologies are developed and implemented. Work will be contextualized through reading, discussion, and video presentations on the energy and technology industries that make digital fabrication possible. This course will culminate in a public, group exhibition. Taught by Ernie Williams, MFA UF

YOUR FUTURE BEGINS HERE. Application Requirement Checklist •

Applicants must be 16 years of age

(must be 16 by June 4, 2018)

• Currently enrolled in 10th through 12th grades in high school •

Complete pre-college application form

$50 application fee

Timeline Friday, February 9, 2018 Application processing begins Friday, April 27, 2018 Application deadline Friday, May 25, 2018 Payment-in-full due date.

Fees Application fee $ 50 Supplies (all class materials provided) $ 200 Registration Fee* $ 1240 Program Cost: $ 1490 * Full and Partial scholarships available to students with financial need

APPLY ONLINE: or MAIL APPLICATION MATERIALS TO: 101 Fine Arts Building C PO Box 115800 Gainesville FL 32611-5800

PHONE: (352) 273-3047 FAX: (352) 392-8453 EMAIL: WEB:

SAAH Pre-College booklet  

School of Art + Art History Pre-College Classes are designed to offer student artists and designers the ability to experience the beautiful...

SAAH Pre-College booklet  

School of Art + Art History Pre-College Classes are designed to offer student artists and designers the ability to experience the beautiful...