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UC San Diego Cross-Cultural Center 2019-2020 Year-End Review

A Unit of the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Table of Contents Executive Summary 01 Vision, Mission, and Philosophy 02 Internship Program 03 Student Centered Programming 04 Affiliates Program and Student Leadership 05 Social Justice Leadership Academy 06 Social Justice Educator Trainings and Programs 07

Art Programming 09 Online Engagement 10 Alumni Roots 11 Community Engagement 12 Cross-Cultural Center Staff Engagement 13 Academic and Faculty Engagement 15 Center Usage Data 16

Executive Summary The 2019-2020 academic year brought many challenges as well as new opportunities for the Cross-Cultural Center. 2019-2020 was the last year of the Cross-Cultural Center’s current organizational configuration as well as the celebration of our 25th Anniversary. In this process FTE job descriptions were updated, intern job cards were rewritten to meet our new core mandate, and a new Center mission statement process was completed. The Covid-19 pandemic, remote work, FTE and intern program ingenuity, along with new technologies boosted work in our new core areas: leadership, education, training, and art. Particularly of note, was the considerable increase in our social media presence and marketing to a campus wide audience, along with the creation of the Staff Equity Talks training series. A true stand out was the smooth transition to remote content and training for Spring 2020. The CCC student interns and FTE staff went above and beyond in content generation, workshop development and use of emerging technology. Even under difficult circumstances the CCC, under our new focus and community building efforts, continued to innovate given the changing times and needs of the UC San Diego community.

Vision, Mission, and Philosophy Our Mission The UCSD Cross-Cultural Center is dedicated to supporting the needs of UCSD’s diverse student, staff, faculty, and San Diego community. Our mission is to create a learning environment in which the entire campus community feels welcome. Within this charge, and in collaboration with existing campus programs, the Cross-Cultural Center’s priority is to: 1. Facilitate the academic, professional and personal development of students, staff, and faculty who are members of historically under-represented groups 2. Provide programs and services to foster discussions on issues related to the creation of a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious university Our Vision To empower UCSD to recognize, challenge, and take proactive approaches to diversity for the campus and the San Diego community.

P. L. A. C. E. S. Philosophy Promoting respectful dialogues Leadership Affirmation of identities Community building Empowerment Social justice lens



Student Centered Programming

Internship Program The 2019-2020 interns were integral to the overall success in the Center’s ability to serve our communities. They were extraordinary in pushing the Center forward during our remote status. They translated their passions, ideas, and creativity into all of their work. It became most apparent during their programs, especially when executing their capstone Self-Initiated Programs (SIPs), a program that infused their passions and career interest. “Confronting Colonialism in Medicine” highlighted the historical and present implications of colonialism in medicine and how social justice lenses offer radical avenues for decolonizing medical education and praxis. One of the spectacular aspects about this program was that it reached globally. This intern, post-graduation, was offered multiple opportunities to present at conferences and in the classroom.

Intern Self-Initiated Capstone Programs Deconstructing the Way Black 13 People See Mathematics Voting Disparities in POC 12 Communities Unlearning Standardized Testing 13 Surveillance Capitalism: How 29 Targeted Content Has Affected Marginalized Groups Knowledge vs. Intelligence: How 10 Smartness Came to Be Confronting Colonialism 42 in Medicine Ethnic Studies Education in K-12 33 Schools Total Participants: 152


“Cross-Cultural Center staff supported me when I lost a bit of my way and was at my lowest points this year. I appreciated the support and kindness that was extended to me even when I was not able to extend it to myself. I appreciated how invesed they were in my success within and outside the internship.” -2019-2020 Intern

The Center partnered with various departments this year, such as The Hub, The Zone, and Campus Community Centers. Our most notable program was the Inaugural Winter Involvement Fair. We invited campus community partners to share their resources and opportunities with students in addition to the supporting our Block Party in the Fall. Social-justice student organizations tabled to strengthen their membership and recruit students who were still looking for an opportunity to be involved.

2019-2020 Student Programming List Block Party Reclaiming Our Claws Cal Fresh Mini Clinic (2 sessions) R & R Squad: Resources and Relaxation (14 sessions) Winter Involvement Fair

208 27 117 68 82

Mail Art and Social Movements 80 Real World Career Series: Know Your Rights 42 Life Skills Series: Voting 45 Real World Career Series: LinkedIn Workshop 30 Non-Black People of Color Allyship for Black Lives: Community 106 Conversations (2 sessions) Total participants: 805

2019-2020 Display Boards Decolonizing the Queer Body Tokenism in Academic Spaces What in the Juul? Critique This: Impeachment Alternative Activism Ok Boomer Toxic Masculinity Tik Tok and Black Face Without Paint Plus Size “Inclusivity” Digital Diaspora Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Homonationalism


Affiliates Program and Student Leadership

Social Justice Leadership Academy

The Cross-Cultural Center’s Affiliates Program fostered relationships with student organizations and their leaders. Our relationship with our Affiliates enhanced the growth and development of student leaders. Affiliated Student Organizations used the center most often for board meetings and general body meetings (GBMs). During the 2019-2020 year, activities and events for our Affiliates focused on providing opportunities for leadership development, career preparation, and skill-building while also promoting collaboration and networking between different student organizations. The Leadership for Engagement and Advocacy Program (LEAP) began as a new initiative during the 2019-2020 school year. LEAP provided student leaders from Affiliated Student Organizations with opportunities to meet with staff on goal planning and receive coaching on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory and CliftonStrengths. LEAP was recognized on the Co-Curricular Record which provided students an additional opportunity to feature on their academic transcript.

Affiliate Events and Programs 2019-2020 Welcome Back SAAC Dinner 34 Fall Affiliates Mixer 27 SAAC Leadership Retreat 28 Winter “Get to Know Your Team” 23 Workshop* Total Attendance: 112 *Jointly led by Social Justice Educator Interns and Affiliates and Leadership Intern 5

Co-curricular Record-approved (CCR) this year, the Cross-Cultural Center Social Justice Leadership Academy (SJLA) was a program geared for UC San Diego students to build on these principal learning outcomes: 1) Foundational skills using a social justice framework and knowledge 2) Leadership development and self-awareness 3) Interpersonal communication skills Two SJLA cohorts met for six sessions each in Winter and Spring quarters with a combined total of 22 students including one graduate student. Our Spring quarter cohort engaged in a complete virtual platform. Each cohort culminated in teach-back presentations on social justice topics of interest. SJLA Winter Quarter Teach-back Presentations 2019 From Grassroots Up: Challenging Environmental Racism Gender Inequity Feminism and Sexuality Well-being Gentrification Healthcare Justice Immigration Justice

SJLA Spring Quarter Teach-back Presentations 2020 Ethnic Studies in Higher Education Youth and Women Empowerment in STEM Climate Justice Environmental Classism and Health Disparities

“I am very thankful to have been a part of this program and have a space during these times to talk about the social injustices that exist in our world. [It is] something I am very passionate about and will continue to practice in my choice of career. -SJLA participant


Social Justice Educator Trainings and Programs The Social Justice Education team of interns worked to create and implement workshops, tours, or panel presentations for a range of audiences that included youth, college-age, and adult learners. Spring quarter engagement especially, experienced a spike during the campus-wide shift to online learning. It provided us the opportunity to get creative with virtual engagement tools, webinar recordings, and elevating our views on the Cross-Cultural Center YouTube Channel. Fall 2019 Social Justice Education (SJE) Programs Group

Workshop Type


CCC Presents ILEAD and CCC CCC Presents CCC Presents APSA High School Conference ILEAD and CCC

Bias and Dialogue 13 Prison and Pipleline Practices 26 Be the Change You Want to See 30 Language of Supremacy 5 Understanding the Struggle to 17 Write Your Future Political Climate and Community 19 Total Participants: 110

Bell Middle School Greek Life ILEAD and CCC


Workshop Type


Workshop Type


SJE Presents CGS 198 SJE Presents SJE Presents

Xenophobia Intersectionality Math as a Form of Civil Rights Astrology and Social Justice

135 15 73 83

SJE Presents

Anti-Blackness within POC Communities Ableism You’re Too Sensitive


CGS 198 SJE Presents

Winter 2020 Social Justice Education (SJE) Programs Group

Spring 2020 Social Justice Education (SJE) Programs


Nuestra Lucha es Por la Vida 19 Perceptions, Stereotypes, Bias 34 Introduction to 19 Intersectionality KP High School Conference Privilege 25 Early Academic Outreach Program Leadership 12 Comienza con un Sueño Panel Presentation 45 Women’s History Month Suffrage Button Making 8 Total Participants: 162

CGS 198

16 79

CGS 198 Teachback Feedback 16 Total Participants: 550


Art Programming

Online Engagement

The Cross-Cultural Center continued to be a welcoming venue for artistic and creative expression. Specifically, the Art Space, functioned as an art gallery where art is utilized as a way to critically engage and explore social justice issues. For 2019-2020, art receptions ranged from highlighting the experiences of an immigrant daughter to the futurity of queer and trans people of color. The Cross-Cultural Center highlighted the work of student artist, Xelestiál Moreno-Luz, who through her portraits documented community members resisting against trans assassinations and queerphobia. Due to the remote environment of Spring 2020, art receptions and highlights were successfully moved to a digital platform. This new environment allowed us to invite Bay Area based artist, Dulce Lopez Gonzalez who used her art to address issues such as corruption, racism, sexism, immigration, international policy, and trafficking.

2019-2020 Art Programming List SPIRIT Beyond La Jolla at The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art Encuentros Disidentes Civil Rights: America in Transition QTPOC Futurity Hija Ausente: Stories of an Immigrant

15 20 34 14 25 103

This year our social media presence increased, specifically through Instagram and our new use of Youtube. Due to the Spring 2020 remote environment we were presented with the opportunity to upload our programming to Youtube which increased overall program attendance. This year, our interns launched a podcast “Cultivating Conversations” in which they talked about Anti-Blackness and Anti-Asian sentiment during Covid-19 and Performative Wokeness in Academia. Our Instagram featured newly developed social justice campaigns centering Black voices, artivists, activists, and non-western cuisines. Through a newly developed marketing plan our Instagram following increased by 568 followers, and an overall increase of 90% in engagement.

Tool Instagram Facebook E-Newsletter Website Youtube Total

Subscribers 1,150 2,910 7,618 7,400 13 19,091

Annual Impressions 124,874 58,563 91,173 20,817 675 296,102

Total Participants: 211



Alumni Roots The Cross-Cultural Center Alumni Roots Program saw incredible growth during 2019-2020. A key highlight was the increased outreach of alumni through marketing via our social media platforms. The Center has over 325 alumni engaged on Facebook and over 180 on LinkedIn. A quarterly e-news was developed targeting alumni engagement particularly about the CCC virtual 25th Anniversary program. Center staff was also involved in Homecoming Weekend activities. Direct engagement for this academic year included a Winter CCC Alumni Industry Panel, a People of Color in the Law program, and finally a virtual Mxntor/Mxntee Alumni program co-sponsored with the UC San Diego Alumni Office. All in all we had 49 alumni and 15 undergraduates apply to be a part of the Mxntor Program and all the undergraduate students were matched.

Community Engagement

The Cross-Cultural Center engaged with campus and community-based groups throughout the year with groups comprised mostly of students of differing levels: elementary, middle and high school youth, as well as campus undergraduate students, graduate students, and para-professional staff. Activities pre-quarantine, included tabling, workshop presentations, program and services overview, and visits to the Cross-Cultural Center. As the campus moved to a virtual, remote distance learning platform, the Cross-Cultural Center continued to build relations with communities, particularly incoming students. Fall 2019 Community Engagement Summer 2019 Community Engagement

Student Services Fair


Early Academic Outreach Program


Raza Resource Centro Open House


Graduate Division Orientation


Women’s Center Fest


Global Leadership


QT Fest


Admissions (3 sessions)


ASPA Disorientation


Summer Bridge Class


First Friday


Summer Bridge Outreach


KP Orientasyon


Teaching and Learning Commons


Inclusive Fellowship


Enginnering Students


Grad Division Mixer


Summer Bridge Lunch


Puente Transfer Program


Avanzando Juntos


Native American Heritage Celebration


Staff Associations Diversity Work Luncheon


Total Participants: 1,004

Total Participants: 2,624

Spring 2020 Community Engagement Winter 2020 Community Engagement


Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage


Warren College Winter Resource Fair


Trion Day


Undocumented Student Services Tabling


Triton Transfer Day


International Student Program Office


Admission Triton Talk


Emerging Leaders Program Tabling


Summer Bridge (2 sessions)


Total Participants: 211

Total Participants: 1,195+


Cross-Cultural Center Staff Engagement The staff of the Cross-Cultural Center support campus-wide efforts towards equity, diversity, and inclusion in a variety of ways. Due to Covid-19, outreach and consulting hours were impacted due to these typically happening in person. Collaboration efforts continued virtually with 177 hours spent on staff participation on over 20 committees. Professional development engagement increased while staff sought to both develop their understanding on social issues and learn high impact practices on supporting students in the current virtual world.

Student, staff, and alumni continuously reached out to the staff for support on various topics, with usually three topics being covered per visit, referred to as “adhoc meetings”. Total adhoc meeting hours included 36 alumni visits, 67 student visits, 36 staff visits, and 15 tours.

Noteworthy this year, was the successful Winter launch of the Equity Talks for Staff by Staff program featuring staff representatives from the Cross-Cultural Center, Women’s Center, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center, Computer Science and Engineering, and Student Life Basic Needs.

Staff Engagement Hours 177



Number of Hours

160 140 120 100 80


100 75 52


60 29

40 20 0


Adhoc 1 on 1s Committee Consultation Networking


Professional Student Org Development Advising


Global Leadership


Admissions Staff Retreat Workshop


Open Dyalog: Bias and the Brain


Equity Talks for Staff by Staff: Bias and the Brain


Equity Talks for Staff by Staff: Language of Supremacy


Identifying White Supremacy Culture in the Workplace


Microagressions Workshop for Grad Students


Equity Talks for Staff by Staff: Equity in the Time of COVID-19


Equity Talks for Staff by Staff: Pulliing Together Apart: Xenephoba Amid Pandemic


Equity Talks for Staff by Staff: Recognizing and Replying to Microaggressions



Total Participants: 494


CCC Adhocs 2019-2020 70

63 58


Number of Hours


2019-2020 Staff-Led Training

50 40







Conflict Wellness/ Org/&, or Resolution balance leadership


Academic Financial/$


Mental Health


Current work/job






Center Usage Data

Academic and Faculty Engagement Academic and faculty engagement with the campus community took on several forms including office hours at the Cross-Cultural Center, classes, panel presentations, conferences, and virtual webinars. The Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Celebration, for instance, featured several faculty of multiple institutions on mental health, culture, and social equity. The Cross-Cultural Center partnered with Dr. Saiba Varma of the Anthropology Department as our 2019-2020 Faculty in Residence in which Dr. Saiba Varma drew together the psychological and political to better understand how the body, illness, and health were grounds on which socio-political transformations were experienced and negotiated. This year, Dr. Saiba’s involvement included: •Cross-Cultural Center Office Hours •November 2019 Social Crisis, Protest, and Global Health Impact: Lessons from Kashmir and Hong Kong •February 2020 Artificial Intelligence at the Edgelands: Data Analytics in State of In/Security Conference Academic and Faculty Engagement UCSD Academic Department Contact/s Yến Lê Espiritu Ethnic Studies Dr. Shelley Streeby Dr. Simeon Man Dr. Luz Chung Dr. Gloria Chacon


Minju Kim, Anna Shaferskelton, Zoe Siddal

Program Critical Refugee Studies Conference

Ethnic Studies, Literature

Racial Ecologies Conference


Race, Resistance, and Cultural Politics Victor Ochoa Día de los Muertos Calacas


Indigenous Writers and Critics Symposium


Paths to PhDs Panel Presentation

Types Advising

Board/Planning Meetings Classes Conferences

Hours Estimated Note Attendance 243 661 The Center was used for formal office hours for: Faculty from the Departments of Ethnic Studies and Communication, Graduate students and teaching assistant from the Departments of Ethnic Studies, Biology, and Psychology, instructional assistants from Summer Bridge, and for in-home psychologist client intakes and group meetings for staff from Counseling and Psychological services. 493 2,743 Staff and student organizations met in the Center to plan their events and programs. Over 25 student organizations and departments utilized the space for their board/planning meetings. 137 1,279 Classes this year included academic courses from the Education Studies and History Department. Seminars were also hosted from the First Year Experience Program, and TRIO SSSP. 38 243 Various departments used the Center for their conferences, such as the Literature Department’s “Indigenous Writers and Critics Symposium,” the “LATS Winter Colloqium” hosted by the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS), “ The Dream Conference” hosted by Student Success Coaches, and a public HIV Awareness Press Conference. 94 656 Events included webinars, meet and greets, fellowship receptions, book talks and speaker series from various campus departments.


Department Events


General Body Meeting



Affiliated student organizations held general body meetings that held up to 100 or more students per meeting.







Student Events



Included department, student organization, and CCC sponsored speakers that were held in the Center and open to the general public. Topics included “Studying Social Justice,” Housing Presentations, Information Sessions and numerous others by Ethnic Studies, Critical Gender Studies, and Office Academic Support & Instructional Services (OASIS), and Student Health Advocates (SHA). This included work parties before major events or social events hosted by our Affiliated Student Organizations.


Education Studies

Center Usage Breakdown

25 50 210

60 Total: 390

Trainings/ Workshops 119





The Center for Student Involvement, the Center for Ethics and Spirituality, and TRIO Outreach Services each held respective workshops in the Center on communication, social change, and financial aid among many other topics.


ABOUT US The Cross-Cultural Center is committed to supporting the needs of UCSD’s campus communities by creating a welcoming and holistic learning environment for everyone. Our vision at the Cross-Cultural Center is to empower UCSD to recognize, challenge, and take proactive approaches to diversity for campus as a whole. As part of the UC San Diego Campus Community Centers, we value differences and building relationships at all levels of the university and experience community and diversity through a broad lens.

Cross-Cultural Center A Unit of the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion UC San Diego 9500 Gilman Dr MC 0053 La Jolla, CA 92093 858.534.9689 cccenter@ucsd.edu ccc.ucsd.edu

Facebook.com/ucsdccc Ucsdcrossculturalcenter.tumblr.com Vimeo.com/crossculturalcenter Instagram.com/ucsdcrossculturalcenter Twitter.com/UCSD_CCC Issuu.com/ucsd.ccc

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UC San Diego Cross-Cultural Center 2019-2020 Year End Review  

The 2019-2020 UC San Diego Cross-Cultural Center annual report.

UC San Diego Cross-Cultural Center 2019-2020 Year End Review  

The 2019-2020 UC San Diego Cross-Cultural Center annual report.

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