2020-2021 Cross-Cultural Center Annual Report

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UC San Diego Cross-Cultural Center 2020-2021 Year-End Review

A Unit of the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Table of Contents Executive Summary 01 Vision, Mission, and Philosophy 02 Internship Program 03 Student Centered Programming 04 Affiliates Program and Student Leadership 05 Social Justice Leadership Academy 06 Social Justice Education Programs 07

Art and Activism Programs 09 Social Media Engagement 10 Alumni Roots 11 Community Engagement 12 Cross-Cultural Center Staff Engagement 13 Academic and Faculty Engagement 15 Remote Engagement 16

Executive Summary The 2020-21 proved to have many challenges as well as opportunities on multiple fronts. The Center explored new ways of building community, expanded our social justice work through campus outreach, and increased visibility of our online presence. The Center showed that on-line and remote programs had many advantages including increased outreach and engagement through intern positions and targeted marketing efforts, educational content developed for on-line audiences, partnering with faculty to make classroom sessions open to public, and increased student organizational affiliation opportunities and resources. The new ways the CCC pushed our work and thinking showed engagement not only supported current students, but also gave us new avenues to engage alumni, artists, and community members. Through all the uncertainty and stress of the year, interns and staff stayed true to our social justice roots by presenting on topics such as our Black Voices Educational Campaigns, “Breaking it Down with the CCC” Powtoon series, social justice webinars, alumni roundtables, blogs, and so much more. Going forward it will be exciting to incorporate these experiences into future offerings as the Center goes forward under new leadership.

Vision, Mission, and Philosophy Our Mission The Cross-Cultural Center advocates for and supports UC San Diego’s efforts to become a more equity minded and inclusive campus. We provide the opportunity for historically underrepresented and underserved UC San Diego students and staff to learn about themselves, learn about others, develop as leaders, and to impact communities for social change. Our Vision To empower UCSD to recognize, challenge, and take proactive approaches to diversity for the campus and the San Diego community.

P. L. A. C. E. S. Philosophy Promoting respectful dialogues Leadership Affirmation of identities Community building Empowerment Social justice lens



Student Centered Programming

Internship Program Interns during the 2020-2021 year researched and created programs based on their career or academic interests. These programs, referred to as Self-Initiated Programs (SIPs), infused their passion for social justice and their life trajectory into a culminating research project. They met with faculty mentors to help them develop their understanding of the topic, as well as learn about potential career and research opportunities. A highlight from this year was “Ethical Code in Psychological Research.” This program presented the history of Ethical Code, Eugenics, and what research communities in Psychology are doing to address historical grievances of marginalized groups. A total of 91 engaged in the topic. Additional sources to learn more about the topic were offered for those who attended the live program.

Student Initiated Programs


Ethical Code in Psychological Research


Implicit Biases in Psychological Services Re-imagining Foster Care for Vulnerable Youth Language Barriers: Hispanic Community vs Healthcare Providers The Importance of Art Education and Why We Should Fund It Labor Movements Towards Liberation

11/4 21/12 15/8 13/13 10/2

Where is Social Justice, Diversity, and 13/0 Inclusion in STEM The Fix: Decriminalizing Drug Use to End 18/7 the War on Drugs Total: 154/84

LP = Live Participation YT= Youtube Views 3

Most notable was the CCC’s work with a UC San Diego Ethnic Studies Department graduate student in collaboration with the Office of Graduate Studies. Conversation and writing programs for graduate students were hosted. Space was created for graduate students to present their research. Also of note were three pre-recorded outreach programs called “Cooking with the Cross.” These programs provided a pathway to draw students into the CCC’s virtual Center through brief presentations on topics related to environmentalism and tutorials on cooking quick, easy, and healthy meals.

Student Programs Summer Reading Club: “Are Prisons Obsolete” by Angela Davis (2 sessions) Thurgood Reads: “Are Prisons Obsolete” by Angela Davis (co-sponsorship) (4 sessions) Freedom is a Constant Struggle (grad program) Storytelling Circle (grad program) Graduate Students Work in Progress (grad program) Remixing for Transformative Justice (grad program) Works in Progress: Creative Arts (grad program) Influence of Photography and Collage Art on Social Justice Cooking with the Cross: Turning a Food Dessert Into an OASIS Cooking with the Cross: What Our Diet Does to the Environment Cooking with the Cross: How Does Food Waste Impact Us Conversation with CeCe Battle: Reckoning the Election (co-sponsorship) CalFresh Workshop (co-sponsorship)

LP/YT 10/*

Virtual Relaxation (grad program)


41/* 24/* 10/* 11/* 11/* 3/* */17 */77 */28 */26 9/7 2/*

Total: 132/155 LP = Live Participation YT= Youtube Views *= No LP or YT


Affiliates Program and Student Leadership The Cross-Cultural Center Affiliate Program provided direct support to over 100 student members from 18 Affiliated Student organizations, 6 of which are new this year. The CCC Affiliate Team provided direct support to student leaders through one to ones for goal planning and coaching, mixers, workshops, and trainings. Activities and events focused on providing opportunities for leadership development, career preparation, and skill-building, while also promoting collaboration and networking between different student organizations. New benefits included virtual drop-in office hours hosted by CCC staff, Affiliate highlights on Instagram stories, and an Affiliate group forum on Discord with over 50 members. Attendance at Affiliate events was particularly high this year, with a total of 136 participants across all events. The Leadership for Engagement and Advocacy Programs (LEAP) provided student leaders from affiliated student organizations with opportunities to meet with staff on goal planning and receive coaching on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory and CliftonStrengths. LEAP was recognized on the Co-Curricular Record which provided the 5 enrolled students an opportunity to feature their involvement on their academic transcript. Affiliate Programs Fall Affiliates Mixer: Spooky Community Building Fall Affiliates Meeting: December Updates


Fall Affiliates Workshop: Virtual Tools Winter Affiliates Mixer: Online Engagement Tips and Tricks Winter Affiliates Meeting: February Updates Winter Affiliates Workshop: Collaboration and Community Spring Affiliates Mixer: Current Events & Us

19 12

Senior Send Off Transition Meeting

18 20


The Social Justice Leadership Academy, a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) program, met with undergraduate students, and one graduate student this year to strengthen these learning outcomes and their application of social justice concepts: 1) Foundational skills using a social justice framework and knowledge 2) Leadership development and self-awareness 3) Interpersonal communication skills Two cohorts met in Winter and Spring Quarters for six sessions each, building up to their final teach-back group presentations of their chosen social justice topics. A total of 17 students participated in our 2021 Social Justice Leadership Academy.

SJLA Winter Quarter Teach-back Presentations Climate Change and Justice Prison Justice Reform Mental Health & Inequity Racial Diversity in STEM

6 12 18

Total: 136 5

Social Justice Leadership Academy

SJLA Spring Quarter Teach-back Presentations Environment and Human Rights Racial and Health Inequities Climate Justice

“ I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this. I learned a lot from the readings, conversations and teachback presentations. I’m interested in future opportunities like this, so I can learn more about social justice to see what I can do to help.” -SJLA participant


Social Justice Education Programs New this year, all Cross-Cultural Center interns with specialized roles are also Social Justice Educators (SJEs) who initiated and created joint educational workshops for diverse audiences. The Hot Topic series, offered in winter and spring quarters, facilitated a conversational-based approach of selected social justice topics with thought-provoking questions that prompted participants to exchange critical perspectives. Recordings of social justice education workshops offered an additional advantage for campus members and the community at large to review educational content using the Cross-Cultural Center YouTube channel.

Fall 2020 SJE Programs Voter Rights Healthcare in Prisons Gender Identity Drag Queens and Community Activism

LP/YT 33/14 32/43 18/16 17/24

Total: 100/97

Winter 2021 SJE Programs


Health Literacy Hot Topic: Reproductive Rights Conscious Consumerism Hot Topic: Environmental Sustainability Rollerskating and Antiblackness

33/38 11/* 41/32 17/* 16/17

Hot Topic: Beauty and Fashion


Spring 2021 SJE Programs


QTPOC Prison and Gender Abolition History of Walls and Borders Hot Topic: Decriminalizing Sex Work Capitalizing on Your Privileges Hot Topic: Women Financial Literacy

10/* 24/13 6/* 27/16 8/*

Sustainability and Consumption


Hot Topic: Covid19 Communities of Color


Total: 117/44 LP = Live Participation YT= Youtube Views *= No LP or YT

Total: 124/87 7


Art and Activism Programs Specifically, this year art receptions became virtual artist talks and interns developed workshops centered in art and activism. The Cross-Cultural Center highlighted the work of artist, Diana Morales, who is an Indigenous Purepecha artist that creates art rooted in seed memory, oral storytelling, and language. Interns developed workshops that explored the art and history of Ball Culture as well as social movements in Chile where women developed revolutionary quilts as an act of resistance.

Art Programs


Creating Through Lived Experience Resilience and Versatility of Black Women

9/22 9/14

Rooted Art, Rooted People The Art of Ball Culture Arpilleras: Women, Politics, Art Fidella Lizeth

49/106 12/16 43/92 28/65

Total: 150/315

Social Media Engagement This year social media presence continued to increase, specifically through Instagram via a new development of social justice education campaigns. A newly developed series “Breaking it Down with The CCC” had over 1,214 views and increased overall engagement via social media platforms. Topics in this series ranged from professionalism and racism to climate change and pollution. This series created an interactive way for community members to engage with different social justice issues. Instagram continued to center Black voices in educational campaigns which focused on Black inventors, creators, and different moments in Black history. Other campaigns focused on decolonizing wellness, environmental justice, and current social movements. Overall, there was an increase of 95% in social media engagement and over 1,200 new accounts following CCC platforms.

Tool Instagram Facebook E-Newsletter Website Youtube Total

Subscribers 1,697 2,900 7,409 8,000 78 20,084

Annual Impressions 94,078 37,315 57,848 23,225 1,038 231,504

LP = Live Participation YT= Youtube Views



Alumni Roots

Moving to a remote environment created growth opportunities for alumni engagement. During the 2020-21 academic year the Center held 5 roundtable talks. The industry-related talks gave current students a chance to explore career fields through a social justice lens. They were able to map their current campus and community involvement to skills they gained that will support future work and goals. Building on our Alumni Roots social media work, this year the CCC launched our H.U.G Network (Help Us Grow). The Network streamlined current student access to CCC Alumni directly. The page included mxntor/mxntee match system for students and alumni. Lastly, the site hosted a module system where information was shared about events, career advice, and other resources.

Alumni Table Talks

In its first full year of virtual programming, the Cross-Cultural Center connected with multiple campus groups to provide presentations about the Center’s programs and resources, virtual tabling opportunities and live question-and-answer sessions. Additionally, Center staff met with elementary, middle-school, high school, and community college students to discuss social justice topics. Requests for equity, diversity and inclusion engagement from campus departments increased sharply amid the surge of social and political turmoil, resulting in an uptick of the Cross-Cultural Center’s strong participation in campus-wide consultations with academic departments, colleges, students, and staff. Fall 2020 Community Engagement Welcome to the CCC


Social Justice 101


Black Joy Orientation


SDSI Grad Students


SDCC Student Leaders


Underground Scholars


Total: 135


Summer 2020 Community Engagement SSSP CCC Overview


Competitive Edge Grad


Total: 53

Spring 2021 Community Engagement Asian Pacific Islander Vigil


Triton Brunch


Social Justice in Law Social Justice in Art

18/41 8/17

Triton CCCP Talks


Triton Day & Transfer Student Triton Day


Social Justice in STEM Social Justice in Education Social Justice in Healthcare

9/39 16/33 3/4

MEChA High School Conference


Transfer Student Mixer


Warren College Orientation Leader


Total: 54/134 LP = Live Participation YT= Youtube Views

Winter 2021 Community Engagement 7th College Overview


API American Heritage Kick-off


Graduate Student Recruitment


Women in Physics


Urban Scholars (5 sessions)


APSA College Day


Kaibigang Pilipin@ HSC (2 sessions)


Spaces Overnight


Ocean Lovers Club


Delta Sigma Pi


Comienza con un Sueño (2 sessions)


Women in Law


Women in Science Society


Society for Students in Physics


University Link MedSci Program


OSTEM High School Collaboration


Total: 172


Community Engagement

Total: 630


Cross-Cultural Center Staff Engagement

Staff-Led Training



Staff Engagement Hours 300

Number of Hours

CCC staff engaged in university-wide initiatives related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. This included over 90 hours in staff involvement on 19 committees. The CCC organized the Equity Talks for Staff by Staff workshop signature series and facilitated social justice training for departments and student groups. Staff developed a session around social justice education via social media for the ACPA national conference, with over 70 people in attendance. Staff provided virtual support for student, staff, and alumni through “adhoc meetings,” with usually 3 topics being covered per visit and included 35 alumni, 39 student, and 58 staff visits. Staff spent 65 hours of campus engagement in meetings and activities such as community wellness webinars, healing spaces, brainstorming planning sessions, and timely policy updates impacting work environment.

250 200 150 100 50

Global Leadershi Summer Reading Club (3 sessions)


Summer Bridge Peer Mentor Trainings


Confronting Colonialism in Medicine


Medicine and Colonialism in Healing Arts


Equity Talks for Staff Allying


Equity Talks for Staff How Woke is Your Wokeness


UCSD Extension


Chancellor's Business Office


SLOAN STEM Grad Students


Revelle Leaders’ Summit



Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship Program (2 sessions)



Equity Talks for Staff Ableism


Equity Talks for Staff Afrofuturism


SDCC Antiblackness, Intersectionality


Biology Community Conversation


Engineer Allying Inclusive Practices


Equity Talks for Staff Justice for API Communities


Equity Talks for Staff Purpose of Power


Equity Talks for Staff Black Women in Leadership


Equity Talks for Staff Beyond the Likes


Implicit Bias and Anti-Racism Health Science


Total: 522/114

LP = Live Participation YT= Youtube Views *= No LP or YT


1 on 1s

Committee Consultation


Professional Student Org Development Advising


Campus Engagement

Number of Meetings

Adhoc Meetings

60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Conflict Wellness/ Org and/or Academic Financial Resolution Balance Leadership

Mental Health

Current work





Remote Engagement

Academic and Faculty Engagement DJ and music Professor King Britt was our Faculty Artist in Residence. King Britt collaborated with the Cross-Cultural Center and invited community to participate in select class sessions on Blacktronika: Afrofuturism in Electronic Music featuring interactive interview sessions with renowned musical artists. Special sound guests expressed their creative process and ways the social landscape of the time shaped their music and the industry. Additionally, King Britt partnered with UCSD’s ArtPower and the Cross-Cultural Center to bring digital exhibits and 2 nights of Sound of Humanity with musical producers. Also, staff engaged with academic departments and faculty in areas of social equity consultations, trainings, campus-wide program planning such as UCSD’s first 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge panel presentations, book presentation and reading groups, podcast, and cultural celebrations such as Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage.

CCC staff supported campus on national issues. This included over 360 hours in EDI Programs and Events that supported DEI content. Of note, was Center staff leadership in the 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge where over 4,000 faculty, staff and students went through an intensive 4 weeks of reading articles, watching videos, and attending webinars on Anti-Black Racism. Staff also took advantage of remote professional development with activities like national conference presentations and attendance as well as building skills in remote programs, national/political higher education trends, and technical training. CCC staff engaged in over 280 hours of professional development. The CCC expanded its reach with over 100 connections, keeping faculty and staff abreast of Center opportunities and programs. Fourteen new student organization connections were made, resulting in 11 unique programs/workshops, such as a Transfer Student Mixer. Of those 14, the Affiliate Program increased its membership with 6 new student organizations. A total of 1,038 viewed post-live program recordings on the CCC’s YouTube Channel.

Remote Reach *

Academic & Faculty Engagement 21 Day Anti-Racism Challenge Afrofuturism in Electronic Music: Robert Hood

4,204 17

Afrofuturism in Electronic Music: Santigold Afrofuturism in Electronic Music: DJ Jazzy Jeff ArtPower Sound for Humanity

22 26 113

Total: 4,382

Social Justice Education Workshops Intern Self-Initiated Programs

224 106

Art Receptions Staff-led trainings Other Student Programs Alumni Programs

315 114 156 123

Total: 1,038 *Aggregated from other sections in this report



ABOUT US The Cross-Cultural Center is committed to supporting the needs of UCSD’s campus communities by creating a welcoming and holistic learning environment for everyone. Our vision at the Cross-Cultural Center is to empower UCSD to recognize, challenge, and take proactive approaches to diversity for campus as a whole. As part of the UC San Diego Campus Community Centers, we value differences and building relationships at all levels of the university and experience community and diversity through a broad lens.

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