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To Ryan Ossowski and the Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting See p. 6 STAY IN THE KNOW Do you have a QR code reader on your mobile device? Take a photo.

(A Final) Message From the Dean: As you can tell by reading this issue, our Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting has a lot to brag about. The school has produced an Elijah Watt Sells Award winner, has three journal editors, and some top researchers in the field. You can read more about them on pages 6 and 7. While I am very proud of our Dixon School of Accounting, our college has many other accomplishments to highlight as well. Our faculty members continue to win awards, our students are participating in national competitions, and our alumni are enjoying success, even in this economy. Our college is doing well and will continue to thrive, although it will soon be under new leadership. I have accepted a position as chancellor at Purdue University Calumet and will be leaving UCF in June. The provost will choose an interim dean for the college, so it will remain in good hands! I have served as dean of the college since 1997, so this will be quite a transition. Since my announcement, I have spent the past few days reflecting on my time at UCF and some of my thoughts are shared with you on pages 8 and 9. Good luck to all of you and thanks for reading my messages over the past few years. It has been my pleasure to address you. While I’m trading one black and gold school for another, UCF will always remain special to me. Thank you for your support. Sincerely,

Thomas L. Keon Thomas L. Keon Dean

cover photo:

Donna Bobek Schmitt, left, Ryan Ossowski, center, and Ken Dixon. Photo by Ryan W. Graham Photography.

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Executive MBA Students Travel Abroad


Entrepreneurship Summit Held at UCF


Faculty News


Alumni News

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Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting Has A Lot to Celebrate

Dean Thomas Keon Departs UCF After 14 Years


Biz Central


Dean's Executive Council

Dean: Thomas L. Keon Communications Director: Joanne Chive, ‘03 and ‘07 Graphic Design/Digital Artwork: Jonathan Gabriel, ‘06 Cover Photo: Ryan W. Graham Photography UCF Business (In The Know) is published by the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida. We welcome your letters and comments. Please write to: Communications Director, University of Central Florida, College of Business Administration, P.O. Box 161991, Orlando, FL 32816, or e-mail

Road Trip! EMBA Class Travels Abroad In addition to learning about the global economy inside the classroom, Executive MBA students have the opportunity to learn about it outside as well. As part of the International Residency component of the program, the Class of 2011 traveled to Turkey and Hungary for nine days to discover first-hand how those two European countries conduct business. The group spent the first five days in Istanbul, Turkey, where they had a chance to tour the historical sites of the city and meet with companies such as Koc Holding, Pozitron, Hyundai Assan and APS Tekstil. They also had the opportunity to meet with officials and discuss Turkey’s possible integration into the European Union. The group got a first-hand look at the overall business environment and learned about current and future trends of the region.

The final four days of the trip were spent in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, where the students toured Onlinet’s facilities, and listened to presentations from North American Bus Industries, Magyar Telekom, and Videoton. They also toured the historical section of Budapest and went on a day trip to a traditional Hungarian village on the Danube. The international residency is an integral part of the EMBA program. Each class travels abroad to see first-hand how other countries conduct business. Students take tours, interact with foreign business executives and enhance their learning experience by better understanding what it takes to run a successful business overseas. Each trip lasts approximately seven to ten days. Past groups have traveled to China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Students enrolled in the EMBA program participate in an international residency. The Class of 2011 traveled to Turkey and Hungary and learned about the global economy by meeting with officials, touring businesses and visiting historical and cultural sites.


Improving the Future of Entrepreneurship Education UCF played host to the first-ever Future of Entrepreneurship Education summit which attracted nearly 130 leaders from government, higher education and not-forprofit organizations, as well as students and entrepreneurs. Organized by the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, the purpose of the summit was to discuss how we should educate the next generation of entrepreneurs. A recent survey conducted by the Young Entrepreneur Council in partnership with Buzz Marketing Group and LegalZoom found that 79 percent of the respondents, who were aged 16-39 (63 percent of them college graduates), were interested in entrepreneurship, but 73 percent felt they did not have the option to take entrepreneurship courses in college. More alarming, those who did have that option thought the classes were ineffective. Much of the discussion at the conference was based on findings from the Kauffman Panel on Entrepreneurship Curriculum in Higher

“It was a privilege to host these

extraordinary entrepreneurship advocates.

We hope today's dialog leads to innovations that empower entrepreneurs in all our communities. We learned a lot today, and we look forward to continuing to improve UCF's award-winning education, advising, incubation and economic gardening initiatives.” —Cameron Ford director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Jeff Hoffman, founder, Priceline served as the keynote speaker of the conference.

Education which concluded that a single approach to entrepreneurship education is unrealistic given the wide array of educational models, practices and institutional types. Conference attendees addressed ways to improve college resources and the importance of concentrating less on the theory of entrepreneurship, and more on implementing programs that actually allow and encourage students to create and develop new companies. Several high-profile entrepreneurs participated in the summit including keynote speakers Jeff Hoffman, the founder of Priceline, and Michael Delazzer, the founder of Redbox. A CLOSER LOOK Do you want to see photos and videos of the speakers at the summit? Snap a photo of these QR codes with your mobile device.



Faculty News Amit Joshi, assistant professor of marketing and Dominique M. Hanssens, the Bud Knapp Professor of Marketing at UCLA, were selected as the recipients of the 2010 Marketing Science Institute (MSI)/H. Paul Root Award for their article “The Direct and Indirect Effects of Advertising Spending on Firm Value.” Richard Lapchick, director of the DeVos Sport Business Management Program received two more awards. He was inducted into the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame during Super Bowl weekend. The Hall of Fame’s mission is to broaden the public’s understanding of the role of diversity in the growth of professional sports. Honorees are those who have played an invaluable role in helping African-Americans and other people of color achieve their goals. He was also recognized by the Institute for International Sport (IIS) for his contributions to sportsmanship and ethical conduct. The IIS uses sport to leverage peace, friendship and goodwill among people, nations and cultures. In addition to leading the DeVos program, Lapchick is also the director of both the National Consortium for Academics and Sports and the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES). TIDES was also honored by the IIS for promoting fair play. Carol Saunders, professor of management, was awarded the LEO award by the Association for Information Systems (AIS). Named after one of the world's first commercial applications of computing (The Lyons Electronic Office), the purpose of the LEO Award is to recognize truly outstanding individuals in 4

the information systems community who have made exceptional contributions to research in and/or the practice of information systems. Sean Snaith, director of the Institute for Economic Competitiveness, releases both a state and a national forecast each quarter. He is a member of several economic organizations and national economic forecasting panels, including The Wall Street Journal's Economic Forecasting Survey, the Associated Press’ Economy Survey,’s Survey of Leading Economists, USA Today's Survey of Top Economists, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's Survey of Professional Forecasters, Bloomberg and Reuters. Snaith was named as one of the nation's most accurate forecasters in 2008 by Bloomberg News. In 2007, he was named California’s most accurate forecaster by the Western Blue Chip Consensus Forecast. Geoffrey K. Turnbull has been named the inaugural professor and Jim HeistandNAIOP Eminent Scholar Chair in the Dr. P. Phillips School of Real Estate and the Department of Finance. In this role, he will teach while continuing his current research on real property markets, focusing on property rights issues in developed and developing countries, regulation effects on urban land use, and housing and real estate brokerage. Turnbull joins UCF from Georgia State University where he served as a professor of economics since 2001. Prior to that, he was the C.J. Brown Distinguished Professor of Real Estate at Louisiana State University. Turnbull has published extensively in scholarly journals.

Two More Reasons To Stay Connected Graduates of the college who visit UCF or attend alumni events will see two new faces. Anne Beaulieu has joined the college as the director of development and Bridget Downes is the new development associate. As director of development, Beaulieu will foster relationships with both alumni and friends of the college. She has spent her career in the non-profit sector and has extensive experience in donor relations and development as well as management. Prior to joining UCF, she was the president and CEO of United Way of Dutchess County in Poughkeepsie, NY. Beaulieu is the founding president of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts located in New Bedford, MA. In addition, she has held positions at the American Red Cross, United Way, the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and Yale University. She holds an EMBA from the University of New Haven. “I am very excited to join UCF. I am often asked why I am in the field of philanthropy. I enjoy building relationships and connecting people with investment opportunities. Moreover, the UCF College of Business Administration clearly has great investment opportunities for donors,” she said.

Anne Beaulieu, left, is the new director of development, and Bridget Downes is the development associate.

Bridget Downes, ’09, has joined the college as development associate. In her new role, she will work with the CBA Alumni Chapter, coordinate the annual fund and organize events. Prior to working in the college, she worked in the UCF Foundation. She graduated from the Rosen College of Hospitality Management and is currently pursuing her master's in Public Administration. “I am happy to work in the College of Business Administration and look forward to meeting our alumni. It's great to be back on campus,” she said. The alumni chapter holds numerous events throughout the year. Be sure to check the website regularly to check the calendar of events.

How You Can Stay Connected Are you a College of Business Administration alum who wants to be involved with your Alumni Association? Here's your chance. The UCF CBA Alumni Chapter Executive Committee is looking for passionate people with great ideas who want to help engage alumni and keep them connected to their alma mater. This dedicated group plans and hosts chapter events including social, fundraising and educational events, community-service projects and student-interaction programs. Lunchtime meetings are held monthly at UCF Downtown. If you are interested, please email or call (407) 823-ALUM. 5

School of Accounting Has Many Fine Assets The Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting has much to celebrate these days! Three faculty members serve as editors at highlyrespected journals, research productivity is at an all-time high, and a graduate from the program just won a prestigious award for his high score on the CPA exam.

with the Becker Review Course, helped him achieve such a high score on the CPA exam.

Ryan Ossowski, ‘07 and ’08 was awarded an Elijah Watt Sells Award from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for earning one of the 10 highest cumulative scores on the computerized Uniform CPA examination. This is quite an accomplishment considering 93,000 individuals sat for the exam.

Dixon School of Accounting Director Sean Robb is not only proud of Ossowski, but his faculty members as well.

“I definitely recommend the accounting program at UCF. The courses helped prepare me, especially taxation and business law,” said Ossowski.

“The Dixon School of Accounting is enjoying a tremendous amount of success. We are fortunate enough to have some of the top researchers in the nation on our faculty,” said Robb. Ossowski, the finance manager for the city of “Our current students are performing well in Sanford, FL, credits UCF, and more specifically, national competitions, and our graduates are the Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting for finding accounting jobs at top organizations. his success. He was a recipient of a UCF Provost’s We continue to raise the bar and I can only Graduate Fellowship and believes his coursework imagine what great things the future will hold!” taught by experienced faculty members, along

The Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting was established in 2004, when Dixon, above, a 1975 alumnus gave a gift to the college. The endowment supports faculty recruitment and research.


Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting




Donna Bobek Schmitt was named the first Kenneth G. Dixon Research Fellow. The title explicitly identifies the holder as a serious and maturing researcher.


The Graduate Tax Team won second place in the nation in the 2010 Deloitte Tax Case Study Competition.


Steve Sutton was ranked the 2nd most prolific author (Accounting Information Systems research over the last 12 years) in a study by Brigham Young University.


number of editors of peer-reviewed journals:


Vicky Arnold was ranked the 7th most prolific author (Accounting Information Systems research over the last 12 years) in a study by Brigham Young University.


million dollar endowment


Donna Bobek Schmitt was ranked the 14th most prolific author (tax research over the last six years) in a recent study by Brigham Young University.


faculty members.


undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in BSBA, MSA, MST and Ph.D. programs

• Vicky Arnold - Behavioral Research in Accounting • Robin Roberts - Accounting and the Public Interest • Donna Bobek Schmitt - Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research


Reflecting on 14 Years… 4. What is your favorite memory of working at UCF? Meeting Ken Dixon and working with him as he provided a significant gift to establish the Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting. To this day, it remains the largest alumni gift to UCF. 5. What will you miss the most about UCF?

After spending 14 years at UCF, Dean Thomas Keon has announced he has accepted a new position as chancellor at Purdue University Calumet. He took a few moments to reflect about his time at UCF. 14 Questions With the Dean: 1. What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment as dean? I would have to say working with the faculty to develop a strong Ph.D. program. Our graduates have been placed at prestigious business colleges throughout the nation. 2. What has been your biggest challenge?

6. How has your experience at UCF prepared you for your new position? UCF has always allowed deans autonomy working within each college, which is rather unusual in academia. UCF promotes an entrepreneurial spirit. Being a chancellor has the same level of autonomy and decisionmaking. I have had the opportunity to manage independently for 14 years, which will transfer smoothly over to my new position. 7. How have students changed over the past 14 years?

Managing the budget! Even when there was extreme growth and money was available it was always a challenge to appropriate the right number of faculty in the right disciplines. Now that we are in a weaker economy, it has created many new challenges.

I think students have become less independent in part due to “helicopter parents,” and in part due to the ease of communication such as cell phones.

3. How has UCF changed your life?

I really don’t think they have changed. They remain constant and are very independent professionals that work hard at teaching and are dedicated to scholarship.

UCF has provided me the opportunity to work at a changing institution. I was able to work with faculty and administrators to manage change in a direction that allowed increases in size as well as the quality of student, faculty and academic programs. 8

Definitely the people, particularly those from the College of Business Administration. I actually knew some of the faculty members prior to coming here.

8. How has faculty changed over the past 14 years?

9. Where do you see the college in 14 years? My hope is that 14 years from now, the college will be among the top 100 business schools and will be known for its quality of academic programs and graduates. I think you will be able to go into any business in Florida and find that at least one top executive will be a graduate from the UCF College of Business Administration. 10. Where do you see the overall university 14 years from now? UCF is on a fast track to become a leading university in the nation in quality, size, research and academic programs. It will be among the top tiers of major comprehensive universities in the country. 11. What do you enjoy most about being an administrator? I love shaking hands with students at graduation. That is when all their hard work comes to an end and their family and friends are able to watch them cross the stage. It is exciting and it is the reason we are here. I have literally shaken hands with thousands of students over the past 14 years! 12. What advice do you have for your successor? He or she should take advantage of the opportunities that this position provides. Again, the deans at UCF have autonomy, so they should factor that into their strategic thinking. 13. Do you plan to visit Florida often? Yes, we have many long-time friends here. 14. What is your legacy? I would like to be remembered as the dean that came to UCF and worked with faculty to

direct the college toward quality programs. I was able to bring in outside resources to make that happen and to introduce technology into the learning environment to increase learning opportunities for students.

14 highlights: 1. Enrollment increased from 5,910 to 8,729. 2. Fifty-six alumni have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since its inception in 1999. The establishment of: 3. The DeVos Sport Business Management Graduate Program 4. The Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting 5. The Dr. P. Phillips School of Real Estate 6. BA II opened in 2003. Among its many features is a state-of-the-art testing lab. 7. The Professional MBA Program was developed. 8. The Executive Development Center moved from the main campus to downtown Orlando. 9. The college endowment accounts for nearly 40 percent of all endowments at UCF. 10. Several endowed chairs have been named including: the BB&T Professor of Business Ethics, Jim Heistand-NAIOP Eminent Scholar Chair, Distinguished Alumni Endowed Professor in Business Ethics and the Richard T. Crotty Orange County Endowed Chair. 11. The Institute for Economic Competitiveness has become a nationally recognized research center. 12. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation was created and holds several prestigious student competitions throughout the year. 13. The Small Business Development Center has grown into the top center in the state and has won numerous awards. 14. The EMBA program added an international residency component.


Biz Central Four Students Inducted Into Order of Pegasus Four of the 18 students selected to receive the Order of Pegasus, UCF's most prestigious student award, are students from the College of Business Administration. Inductees include: Keristen Black, Melissa Blette, Jasmine Rosa and Stephen “Kyle” Schumacher. The award honors outstanding undergraduate academic achievement, university involvement, leadership and community service. Graduate students are selected separately based on academic achievement, professional or community service, leadership and publication or research experience.

Professional Selling Team Places Third in National Competition The UCF Professional Selling team came in third place at the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) held at Kennesaw State University. A record 61 schools comprising 102 competitors participated. Inaugurated in 1999, the NCSC hosts the top collegiate sales students and faculty from the most elite university sales programs in North America. It is the largest and oldest sales role-play competition in existence. This year, competitors had to sell the product NetSuite CRM. UCF team members included competitors Josh Calcanis and George Cardona, and team alternates Sasha Effron, Ricardo Hernandez, Daryl Morrow, Nichole Soros, and Kendall Wulff. The UCF Professional Selling Program is one of approximately 40 programs in the country that gives its students real life experience into the world of selling. Just 30 students are accepted each year.

Creator of Study Aid Wins Business Plan Competition Ace Glenn, a senior finance major took home $10,000 and a one-year virtual membership to 10

the UCF Technology Incubator as winner of the 8th Annual Joust Business Plan Competition. His entry, Better Ways to Study LLC, helps students prepare for exams more effectively by using visual and SMS-based representation of their study materials. He had 15 minutes to present his company to a panel of five judges, followed by a 10-minute question and answer session. The event is hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), and was sponsored by Steven Felkowitz, ’79. Other winners included: • Second Place ($5,000): Daniel Seeff for his product Free In A Box, a marketing tool that links businesses directly to their student target market by offering free promotional materials. • Third Place ($3,000): Nick Frazier, Stephanie Gibbs and Cesar Abueg for their product Oh My Groceries, a web-based service that provides subscribers with a weekly grocery list that combines local discounts with coupons to provide maximum savings. • Fourth Place ($2,000): Matt Schaefer and Kyle Roach for Dave's Market, a tribute to David Schaefer, a UCF student who was killed in an automobile accident this past October. The duo would like to open a restaurant that incorporates David’s passion for cuisine. Prior to winning the Joust, Glenn also won the King of the Court Quick Pitch Competition, also hosted by the CEI. In that competition, he had just 90 seconds to present his concept, followed by an additional 90 seconds to address questions from a panel of judges.

Professional Selling Students Raise $99,000 For Area Charities! The UCF Professional Selling Class of 2011, which consists of just 24 students, raised more than $99,000 (including cash and in-kind

Biz Central donations) as part of their Sales Apprentice class project. The class was split into six groups. Each group was asked to select a local nonprofit and to set a fundraising goal. The students worked all semester to raise money and solicit in-kind donations. The purpose of the project was so students would gain real-world experience by networking with companies and giving face-toface sales presentations. The winning team raised more than $44,000 for Give Kids the World. Team members included: Lauren Pugliese, Christie Riegger, Stephanie Favinger, and Jeff McMaster. They far surpassed their fundraising goal which was $10,000. The other five teams in the class also raised money for local non-profits: • Ronald McDonald House - $7,704 • Give Kids the World, team 2 - $3,250 • Gift for Music - $39,236 • Childen's Miracle Network - $1,778 • Runway for Hope - $3,470 To promote the winning team, Clear Channel Outdoor donated a billboard on University Boulevard to congratulate them, and Cox Media donated a radio ad. To recognize the nonprofit, the Orlando Sentinel donated a quarter page ad.

SBDC News Client Honored Fernando C. Pereira, president of Orlando-based Pegasus Transportation, was named the 2011 U.S. Small Business Administration Small Business Person of the Year, North Florida District. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UCF, which is part of the CBA, nominated him for the award. Pereira and his wife Claudia have run Pegasus Transportation since 1994. Over the past decade, they have taken advantage of many of the services offered by the SBDC including 10-years of in-depth business consulting, training

and skill development, as well as referral resource support through the SBDC’s Small Business Resource Network. Today, Pegasus, with offices in Orlando and Miami, operates 20 coach buses and offers itinerary planning, meetand-greet services, luggage assistance, and onsite supervision.

New Program Helps Retain Jobs The SBDC has launched the Growth Acceleration Program (GAP), for small businesses as part of a $2.6 million grant received by the Florida SBDC Network. The program targets small to medium enterprises to support the creation and retention of jobs for Central Floridians by providing individualized, professional consultant services to growing businesses. Specifically, the SBDC at UCF GAP consultants will help develop sustainable growth strategies including strategic plan development, assessing and accessing capital, determining market diversification tactics and shoring up financial practices and financial institutional relationships.

UCF News UCF Researchers Included in Prestigious National Ranking The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching designated UCF as a university with “very high research activity.” UCF joins universities such as Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins and Stanford in that top tier, which does not include specific rankings for each university. UCF researchers were awarded a record $133.3 million in external research funding in 2009-10. In addition, UCF's success moving technology from the laboratory to the marketplace and helping emerging businesses grow elevated the university's classification since the last Carnegie Foundation analysis in 2005.


Dean's Executive Council Members

Ivan Lefkowitz, ‘73 Attorney and Partner Lefkowitz, Shaw & Sentner

Emeritus Members

Douglas F. Long, ‘82 CEO The Pinnacle Companies

Randy Berridge President Florida High Tech Corridor Council, Inc.

William A. Long, Jr., ‘73

J. Kenneth Bryant, ‘77

Jim G. Balaschak, ‘86 and ‘92 President Deanja, LLC

Alex Martins, ‘01 Chief Operating Officer Orlando Magic

Roy H. Davidson, ‘77 Private Investor

Richard O. Baldwin, Jr., ‘80 Chief Executive Officer Celebris Memorial Services, Inc.

Nan B. McCormick, ‘83 (Chairperson) Partner and Senior Vice President CB Richard Ellis, Inc.

G. Thomas Bland, Jr., ‘75 and ‘79 President and CEO AquaFiber Technologies

Gerald R. McGratty, Jr., ‘71 and ‘72 President Westhampton Realty

R. Todd Bowers, ‘77 Executive Vice President SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Craig S. Miller, ‘74 Managing Partner and CEO MPRS

Bob Case, ‘70 Coordinator UCF CBA-Career Connections

Tim Myers, ‘87 and ‘94 President Seaside National Bank & Trust

Lawrence J. Chastang, ‘80 President and Managing Shareholder LarsonAllen

Thomas H. Ruggie President Ruggie Wealth Management

Kenneth G. Dixon, ‘75 CPA and Real Estate Developer Kenneth G. Dixon Foundation, Inc.

Michael M. Runda President and CEO The KCS Academy

Bill Donegan Orange County Property Appraiser

Paul Ryan, ‘83 Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers

N. Lois Adams, ‘85 President and CEO HHCS Health Group Jim D. Atchison, ‘92 President and Chief Operating Officer Busch Entertainment

Les Eiserman, ‘81 and ‘82 Partner LarsonAllen Andrew J. Fore III, ‘76 and ‘83 Managing Director Citigroup Business Services-Americas Paul Gregg, ‘74 and ‘76 Instructor UCF College of Business Administration Stan Horton, ‘73 President of Semoran Holdings, LLC Corporate Director of Semgroup Corp. Laurette Koellner, ‘77 Corporate Director of Sara Lee, Celestica and AIG (Post TARP)


Rocky Santomassino, ‘79 R. Josef Interiors Theresa Schefstad, ‘80 Blaine Sweatt, ‘76 Ivanhoe Design Andrew B. Titen, ‘75 President and Chief Operating Officer Bisk Education John D. Vander Werf, ‘77 President Technapack, Inc. Maureen A. Walker, ‘81 Richard J. Walsh, ‘77 and ‘83 President Knob Hill Group

James G. Atkins

Joe Durek, ‘78 CEO Durek Investments Edward Haddock, Jr. CEO and Co-Chairman Full Sail, Inc. Karl Hodges, ‘82 Vice President, Business Development Orlando Health Glenda E. Hood Louise P. Kilcourse Robert A. Mandell Gary P. Mann Ben McMahan George Mezo Senior Director Oracle Corporation (retired) Heidi M. Nadjafi, ‘89 Chief Financial Officer APG Behavioral Healthcare, P.A. Richard A. Nunis President New Business Solutions Ray Otis, ‘98 Joseph Russell, ‘80 Vice President of Finance Rotech Healthcare Inc. Ann Sonntag Publisher Orlando Business Journal Michael Stapp, ‘81 Director of Outside Sales Gooding’s Hospitality Services Marshall Vermillion

The Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting, as well as all undergraduate and graduate programs in the UCF College of Business Administration, is accredited by AACSB International—the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

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UCF Business (In The Know) - Spring/Summer 2011  

UCF Business (In The Know) - Spring/Summer 2011

UCF Business (In The Know) - Spring/Summer 2011  

UCF Business (In The Know) - Spring/Summer 2011