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From the Dean We have many exciting things going on, both inside and outside of our two business buildings. Once you walk inside, you immediately notice that all of our classrooms are multimedia, helping our faculty members to teach, and our students to learn. One of the locations I’m most proud of is our computer testing lab. It is no secret that our state-of-the-art testing lab is a model for other schools. In fact, it has been featured in the New York Times. We believe we have set the standard because we provide a convenient way for our students to take a test, reduce paper, and decrease cheating, You can read more about our testing lab on page six. Our business school has a strong presence off campus as well. The main office of our Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is located in downtown Orlando at the Disney Entrepreneur Center. They also have satellite offices throughout central Florida that enables them to serve an eight-county area. They provide such quality service, that the U.S. Small Business Administration selected an SBDC client as the 2010 National Small Business Person of the Year! Just a few blocks away, you will find our Executive Development Center. They moved downtown in 2008 to better meet the needs of central Florida business leaders. You can read more about both centers in this publication. We continue to make an impact in Orlando and beyond. We are fortunate that many of our alumni stay in the Central Florida area. These graduates hold leadership positions throughout the region, and consistently hire our students for both internships and full-time careers. We also have a strong presence outside this area. We have business graduates living in all 50 states making a difference in communities throughout the nation. Between our national recognitions, distinguished faculty, successful alumni, outstanding students and our size, you will be hearing a lot more about us in the future—no matter where you live! Sincerely,

Thomas L. Keon Thomas L. Keon, Dean

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Dean: Thomas L. Keon Communications Director: Joanne Chive, ‘03 and ‘07 Graphic Design/Digital Artwork: Jonathan Gabriel, ‘06 Cover Photo: Joe Brooks Photography UCF Business (In The Know) is published by the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida. We welcome your letters and comments. Please write to: Communications Director, University of Central Florida, College of Business Administration, P.O. Box 161991, Orlando, FL 32816, or e-mail

Faculty News Maureen Ambrose, Department of Management, was named the Gordon J. Barnett Professor of Business Ethics. Her research areas include organizational fairness, ethics in organizations, computerized performance monitoring and cognitive processes in organizations. She joined UCF in 1999. She is has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at conferences throughout the world. Vicky Arnold, professor in the Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting, will be the editor of Behavioral Research in Accounting beginning January 2011. We are the only university in the nation to have two faculty members that are editors of major American Accounting Association journals. As previously reported in the Spring/Summer 2010 edition of In the Know, Robin Roberts is the editor of Accounting and the Public Interest. Robert Folger was named the inaugural Distinguished Alumni Endowed Professor in Business Ethics. Folger joined UCF in 2003. His research areas include determinants and consequences of ethical decision-making practices, layoffs, trust in the workplace, perceptions of unfair treatment, extraordinary performance and employee retribution. He has served on numerous editorial boards and has contributed to more than 100 publications. He will continue to teach and enhance business ethics research in his new position. Paul Goldwater, associate professor in the Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting, received the 2010 Innovation in Accounting Education Award from the American Accounting Association (AAA) during their annual conference. He was honored for his work, “Practice4Performance: A CourseManagement and Learning System.� The annual Innovation in Accounting Education Award, funded by the Ernst & Young Foundation, is intended to encourage innovation and improvement in accounting education. The AAA also awarded Goldwater in 2008, when he received the 2008 Jim 52

Bulloch Award for Innovations in Management Accounting Education. Foard Jones was named the Associate Dean for Administration and Human Resources. He joined UCF in 1989 and has served as chair of the Department of Management and has been on numerous college and university-wide service committees. Jones has won several awards for his teaching, including the Teaching Incentive Program Award, the Carl H. Galloway Faculty Performance Incentive Award, and the Faculty Leadership Award. Richard Lapchick and The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) released the 2010 Racial and Gender Report Card for the National Football League. The NFL received its best grade ever for its racial hiring practices, but is still lagging in gender. TIDES serves as a comprehensive resource for issues related to gender and race in amateur, collegiate and professional sports and is part of the DeVos Sport Business Management Graduate Program. Ronald Michaels has been named the Academic Director for the Executive Development Center, which relocated to downtown Orlando in 2008. In addition to his new duties, Michaels will continue serving as the chair of the Department of Marketing. He joined UCF in 1994 and his research interests include sales force motivation, performance, control, and compensation issues, as well as aspects of organizational buying behavior. Sean Robb was named the director of the Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting. Robb, an associate professor, joined UCF in 2005. His research interests are in financial accounting and international accounting with specific interests in earnings management and financial disclosure. He is an ICAO Doctoral Fellow and Chartered Accountant. He has received several awards for teaching and research excellence.

Alumni News Three More Join Hall of Fame Three more graduates were honored during the 12th Annual CBA Hall of Fame reception and dinner. Established in 1999, the Hall of Fame was created to recognize distinguished graduates of the college. To date, 56 alumni have been inducted into the program. Congratulations to the Class of 2010: George Gramatikas, ’04, is the co-founder of Turbine Technology Services (TTS), a full-service firm that provides gas turbine technology leadership and engineering consulting services. He has held numerous positions within the company including president and strategic development officer. Today, he serves as an active board member and advisor. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology and his Executive MBA from UCF in 2004.

Jeff B. Lagos, ’89, is the president of Insurance Office of America (IOA). The IOA group of companies employs over 600 people with offices from coast to coast and includes a traditional insurance agency, wholesale insurance, a payroll company, two different technology companies and a promotional items company. Revenues from 2010 will exceed $100,000,000. Prior to joining IOA, Lagos worked at Auto-Owners Insurance Group in Lakeland, FL. Lagos received his B.S.B.A. in Finance in 1989.

Jeff Lehman, ’78 and ’80, has over 20 years of experience in selling, managing and mentoring others who sell. He is a former start-up CEO and has been the chief revenue officer of two companies. Currently, he is the CEO of Lehman Holdings, in Seattle, WA. Lehman mentors UCF marketing students and spent five years working with our National Collegiate Sales Competition team. He earned a B.S.B.A. in Finance and Economics in 1978 and an MBA in 1980.

Would you like to Nominate Someone for the Hall of Fame? Nominations are accepted throughout the year. If you would like to nominate someone, please contact Joanne Chive, UCF College of Business Administration Communications Director, at (407) 823-5782 or 3

Taking Care of (Small) Business Central Florida small business owners looking for assistance don't have to look very far. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UCF, part of the College of Business Administration, is an award-winning resource center that serves an eight-county area. The center provides free counseling sessions led by Certified Business Analysts, as well as workshops, seminars and conferences to help small business owners sharpen their skills and keep up with current trends. In addition, the center assists clients with business and financial planning. The SBDC is a member of the Florida SBDC Network, a statewide service funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

By the numbers: Even during an economic downturn, the center made a tremendous impact on the region last year.

1,627 jobs created / retained $31.7 million in sales growth 161 new businesses started 2,663 clients counseled 10,935 counseling hours 5,223 training event attendees 350 training events Statistics are from 2009.

A Diverse Clientele Was Served Last Year: 366 veterans 1,745 minorities 427 Hispanics


Achievements • The U.S. Small Business Administration selected SBDC client Waymon Armstrong, president and CEO of Orlando-based Engineering and Computer Simulations, Inc. as the 2010 National Small Business Person of the Year. He was honored in Washington D.C. • Five clients made the prestigious 2010 Inc. 500/5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing private companies. The list, representing the top-tier businesses in the United States, measures revenue growth from 2006 to 2009. • The center manages the nationally recognized Small Business Institute (SBI) program which partners MBA students with local companies. The students provide consulting services to local small businesses. A team of three CBA students placed first in the Graduate Specialized Category of the 2010 Project of the Year National Competition held during the 34th Annual SBI Conference in New Mexico. • The Advisory Board Council (ABC), sponsored by Orange County Government, is a program which acts as a matchmaker between established businesses and professionals who volunteer their expertise as members of a “custom fit” advisory board. Since its inception in 2003, the cumulative impact to clients includes more than $48 million increase in revenues, 255 jobs created, 829 jobs retained, more than $11 million in capital formation and more than $28 million in contracts. The ABC has been recognized for their outstanding efforts and received the Florida Innovative Program and Best Practice Award from the Florida Small Business Development Center Network.

New Name, New Opportunities As our economy begins to recover, our graduate students are challenged to find positions, and employers are challenged to find top candidates. Our Career Connections Office helps both.

an average GPA of 3.6, and an average GMAT score of 630. As a result, there is a significant body of top-flight employers who need the skill sets our students possess.

Formerly known as the Office of Corporate Partnerships and Career Management, the office was originally established to link employers and graduate students together for both internships and full-time employment upon graduation.

“This is a really exciting time to be working in this arena. The job market of today calls for much more precise placement activities. By creating new ways to fulfill the mission of establishing viable Career Connections, we can facilitate the matching of high quality students with high quality employers,” said Bob Case, coordinator, Career Connections.

The office is literally re-inventing itself to provide the highest possible service levels to students, alumni and employers. To emphasize the link between UCF and outside employers, the office has been re-named Career Connections. The name change goes much deeper than simply a new title. Every aspect of the cycle of service Career Connections offers is being analyzed, reviewed and re-engineered to create the best synergistic connection between alumni, students and employers. We believe that there are significant opportunities to enhance our services to the mutual benefit of all our stake holders. Our current full time MBA candidates possess

All one-year full-time MBA program internships are coordinated through Career Connections. The staff works closely with local, national and international companies to help students find jobs in their field. The facility is equipped with 10 interview rooms for employers to interview on-campus and a satellite office of Career Services, the university-wide career office. Watch for upcoming details as Career Connections continues to progress in order to meet the needs of today’s students and employers.

CBA Alums: We Need Your Help! We are in the process of compiling a complete history of the UCF College of Business Administration. If you have any photos or stories from “back in the day” you would like to share, please contact: Joanne Chive Communications Director (407) 823-5782


The Future of Testing Has Arrived Just a few short years ago, exams were administered in the classroom and students showed up armed with Number 2 pencils and Scantron forms. That is no longer the case at our business school. As technology has improved, so have our testing methods. Both faculty members and students agree that online testing is the preferred way to give and take exams. The Testing Lab Computer-based exams are administered in our 164-seat testing lab. We also have an overflow room with another 60 seats. The main purpose of the lab is to provide professors with an option to conduct tests in a secure environment and provide flexibility for

students. Additionally, computer-based testing eliminates the printing of paper exams which saves money and helps the environment. The lab is open everyday except Sunday, and stays open until midnight four nights a week. Convenience Students like the convenience of taking an exam on their own schedule. Each test is usually available for several days, and has a specific start and finish date and time. A student can take their exam any time during that period. “I believe my students enjoy using the lab, primarily because of the flexibility it provides. For example, my mid-term exams are open

Television monitors are located in both business buildings. Students can find out which tests are open and how many seats are available. Students can also receive this information remotely by visiting the testing lab website.


two days and my final exams are available the entire finals week, allowing students to take the exam at their convenience,” said Paul Gregg, finance instructor. “It also allows them flexibility for family emergencies, sickness, or religious holidays,” he added. Management Professor Marshall Schminke agrees with Gregg, and feels the students enjoy learning their grades at the end of the exam, “The immediate feedback allows students to leave the lab knowing exactly how well they have done.” To prevent long lines during peak exam times such as midterms and finals, the college implemented COBA Pass, which is similar to the Fast Pass system used at area theme parks. Students are allowed to schedule the exact time they would like to show up to take their exam 48 hours in advance. Upon arrival, if there is a line, COBA pass holders can go to the front and enter the lab to take the exam at their scheduled time. Business students like using the COBA Pass. “This system is really efficient. I can schedule a specific time that works best for me. I am able to take my test right away, so I can enjoy the

Students may check all cell phones, backpacks, books and other belongings in a secure locker, prior to check-in.

rest of the day,” said accounting major Tim O’Reilly. “Also, I love the fact that I know my grade immediately and don’t have to wait a week to find out what it is,” he added. Students can check the testing lab website on campus or remotely to see which tests are open and how many seats are available. The information is also posted on monitors throughout both business buildings. Faculty

Surveillance cameras are located throughout the testing lab. Staff members are able to monitor the room and zoom in on any potential problems.

The feedback from faculty members is very positive. Professors submit questions to a database. The answers can be randomized, so no two students in the same class have the exact same answers. Carolyn Massiah, a lecturer in the Marketing Department uses the lab frequently, “I can design the exam in Webcourses and provide multiple versions of the exam in the testing lab in a much more efficient manner than in the classroom with paper and pencil,” she said. “Best of all, the grades automatically populate my grade book!” continued on p. 8


High-Tech Security We provide a secure testing environment and have taken every precaution to combat cheating. Upon arrival, students must check-in and present their student identification. Students are not allowed to bring in any backpacks, cell phones, books or notes (unless specifically allowed by their instructor). Lockers are provided outside the lab so they can check their belongings. They may bring in a financial calculator (if approved by instructor). Additionally, if the instructor authorizes, students can use scratch paper that is provided by the lab. All scratch paper is stamped and must be turned in upon departure. Overhead cameras monitor the student’s every move while proctors patrol the testing facility. The check-in desk computers allow staff to focus in on any suspicious activity. The testing lab and its computers are electronically monitored and capable of recording real time video. “Over the past five years, the lab has become the only way I would consider testing. I am


“The testing lab continues to improve. When I was a student here, we had block scheduling. Basically, you came and took a test with your class.

Open testing is much more convenient and the students prefer it.”

—Aaron Smart, Testing Lab Manager thoroughly impressed with the security of delivering an exam via the lab. I know that I would not be able to provide the same level of security in the classroom,” said Massiah. While student cheating will always remain a concern, the staff of the testing center has had very good results decreasing the amount of violators. “Unfortunately, I’m not sure anyone will ever be able to stop cheating completely, but we have definitely reduced it. Last semester, we only had 14 suspected incidents out of 64,000 exams administered,” said Taylor Ellis, associate dean.

EDC Says Hola to Spanish Business Executives! Business leaders from Spain met business leaders from Orlando as part of the UCF Executive Development Center's (EDC) International Residency Program partnership. This is the third time the EDC has hosted the Escuela de Organización International (EOI), which was founded by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Education to provide engineers with management and organizational skills. The professionals are enrolled in Madrid University’s Executive MBA program. The visitors learned first-hand about Central Florida’s history and development, the challenges and economic impact of area tourism and the global economy’s effects on Orlando. They also received a behind-thescenes tour at EPCOT, SeaWorld, and Indra Systems Inc., and met with CBA faculty members and leaders from the Orlando/ Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau Inc., Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission, the Disney Entrepreneur Center and the UCF Business Incubation Program. The EDC, which is part of the CBA, is rapidly gaining a reputation as a destination to host

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer (center) met with the executives.

international residencies for foreign universities. The center provides a critical link to help create global partnerships with overseas businesses. “The goal of the program is to use Orlando as a vehicle for students to practice the concepts that they’ve learned in their own academic studies,” said Tiffany Hughes, an associate director at the EDC. “We expect the students will be able to use what they learned and experienced here in their personal and professional careers.” The group agreed. “The program offered valuable information. We touched upon important items every executive interested in working, investing, or exporting for a U.S. firm should know,” said EOI international business professor Dr. Antonio Fontanini, Informalia Consulting, Madrid.

“Great experience! The organization and hospitality of the whole team were excellent and we had amazing speakers and presentations.” The group visited central Florida businesses and tourist destinations

—Vicent Noverjes Claver, Vodafone Espana S.A.U., Madrid 9

Biz Central Real Estate Program Changes Location in the Rankings! The Dr. P. Phillips School of Real Estate tied for sixth place out of 40 schools, according to rankings released by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). The school, located in the CBA, began offering a Professional Master’s Degree in Real Estate in June and continues to expand programs, conduct research, and gain recognition. Last year, the ICSC ranked the school ninth.

New Provost Begins at UCF Tony Waldrop has been named the new provost of UCF and began just before the fall term. His most recent position was vice chancellor for research and economic development at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. In that role, he was responsible for 12 university-wide research support offices and 15 research centers. Waldrop replaces Terry Hickey who retired in June.

Hope for Stanley Brings Hope to New Orleans

donated 1570 hours of service at seven different worksites and completed projects ranging from flooring to hanging sheetrock. As reported in the Fall 2009 edition of In the Know, this initiative began several years ago when 10 students traveled to New Orleans with Richard Lapchick and his wife Ann during the winter break. The students helped rebuild a home for New Orleans resident Stanley Stewart. Stanley inspired the students so much that they decided to create an organization that could help people who were in a dire situation similar to his. In February 2007, in conjunction with the New Orleans City Council, the Hope for Stanley Alliance was launched. In addition to their volunteer work, the students recently hosted “UCF Remembers,” a five- year tribute ceremony for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the City of New Orleans at the UCF Reflecting Pond. The event featured three speakers, a slide show, and a jazz band. The ceremony concluded with the lighting of candles in order to remember those lost, and to celebrate the hope that is still alive in New Orleans today. Students from the program plan to travel back to the city to volunteer again in December.

Introducing the “B.A. Team”

For the 27th time, graduate students from the DeVos Sport Business Management Program traveled to New Orleans to help rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward. A group of 58 students were accompanied by the program's three leaders: Richard Lapchick, Bill Sutton and Keith Harrison. The group 10

We have a new team in town! Students from the college formed an organization that provides resources to business students. Dubbed the “B.A.

Biz Central Team,” group members serve as a direct liaison from CBA administrators to students. Through events, networking, and student interaction, the B.A. team fills the social and educational gap between the college and its students, so that the administration knows what students want and need, and students know what the administration has to offer. The group recently held their inaugural event—B.A. Day, in the Student Union. Representatives from academic departments and student organizations were on hand to inform all UCF students what our college has to offer. In addition, the team handed out free t-shirts and pizza. The event drew more than 400 students and was a huge success. The B.A. Team is busy planning future events for the rest of the semester.

Alumni Chapter Golf Tournament Raised Money “Fore” Scholarships

More than 100 golfers participated in the 12th Annual CBA Alumni Chapter Golf Tournament at Eagle Creek Golf Club. The event raised $11,500. Proceeds will be used to fund the CBA Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship and chapter operating expenses.

Two From UCF Recognized by Wall Street Journal Recent graduates Kerissa Danielle Gentile and Dominic Anthony D'Amato were both

selected as 2010 Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award winners. They were selected on their academic achievements, as well as their outstanding performance in the Capstone course. In recognition of this honor, they received a commemorative award medallion, a one-year subscription to the Wall Street Journal, and were listed among all the other winners in a full-page announcement in the publication. The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award was established to provide national recognition to top graduating seniors in business at colleges and universities that are participating in its Journal-in-Education program. UCF is one of the few universities that had two winners instead of just one!

Marketing Students Help Local Mall CBA marketing students partnered with the Oviedo Marketplace Merchants Association, to develop strategic marketing plans for the Oviedo Marketplace, a local shopping center that has been hit hard by the economy. Under the guidance of course instructor Robert Cascio, student teams recommended strategic plans aimed at boosting consumer traffic and confidence, as well as revenue, and profitability for the mall. Suggestions included increased community involvement, social venue positioning, exterior renovations, open space utilization, movie promotions, and the development of a unique dining and entertainment experience. These and other suggestions were well received and Jim Pridemore, president of the association, will propose plan implementation to mall management and the merchants association.

With more than 56,000 students for the Fall 2010 semester, UCF remains the largest university in Florida, and among the largest in the nation! 11

Dean's Executive Council Members N. Lois Adams, ‘85 President and CEO HHCS Health Group

Ivan Lefkowitz, ‘73 Attorney and Partner Lefkowitz, Shaw & Sentner

Jim D. Atchison, ‘92 President and Chief Operating Officer Busch Entertainment

Douglas F. Long, ‘82 CEO The Pinnacle Companies

Jim G. Balaschak, ‘86 and ‘92 President Deanja, LLC

William A. Long, Jr., ‘73

Richard O. Baldwin, Jr., ‘80 Chief Executive Officer Celebris Memorial Services, Inc. G. Thomas Bland, Jr., ‘75 and ‘79 President and CEO AquaFiber Technologies R. Todd Bowers, ‘77 Executive Vice President SunTrust Banks, Inc. Bob Case, ‘70 Coordinator UCF CBA-Career Connections Lawrence J. Chastang, ‘80 President and Managing Shareholder LarsonAllen Kenneth G. Dixon, ‘75 CPA and Real Estate Developer Kenneth G. Dixon Foundation, Inc. Bill Donegan Orange County Property Appraiser Les Eiserman, ‘81 and ‘82 Partner LarsonAllen Andrew J. Fore III, ‘76 and ‘83 Managing Director Citigroup Business Services-Americas Paul Gregg, ‘74 and ‘76 Instructor UCF College of Business Administration Stan Horton, ‘73 President of Semoran Holdings, LLC Corporate Director of Semgroup Corp. Laurette Koellner, ‘77 Corporate Director of Sara Lee, Celestica and AIG (Post TARP)


Emeritus Members

Alex Martins, ‘01 Chief Operating Officer Orlando Magic Nan B. McCormick, ‘83 (Chairperson) Partner and Senior Vice President CB Richard Ellis, Inc. Gerald R. McGratty, Jr., ‘71 and ‘72 President Westhampton Realty Craig S. Miller, ‘74 Managing Partner and CEO MPRS Tim Myers, ‘87 and ‘94 President Seaside National Bank & Trust Michael M. Runda President and CEO The KCS Academy Paul Ryan, ‘83 Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers Rocky Santomassino, ‘79 R. Josef Interiors Theresa Schefstad, ‘80 Blaine Sweatt, ‘76 Ivanhoe Design Andrew B. Titen, ‘75 President and Chief Operating Officer Bisk Education John D. Vander Werf, ‘77 President Technapack, Inc. Maureen A. Walker, ‘81 Richard J. Walsh, ‘77 and ‘83 President Knob Hill Group

James G. Atkins Randy Berridge President Florida High Tech Corridor Council, Inc. J. Kenneth Bryant, ‘77 Roy H. Davidson, ‘77 Private Investor Joe Durek, ‘78 CEO Durek Investments Edward Haddock, Jr. CEO and Co-Chairman Full Sail, Inc. Karl Hodges, ‘82 Vice President, Business Development Orlando Health Glenda E. Hood Louise P. Kilcourse Robert A. Mandell Gary P. Mann Ben McMahan George Mezo Senior Director Oracle Corporation (retired) Heidi M. Nadjafi, ‘89 Chief Financial Officer APG Behavioral Healthcare, P.A. Richard A. Nunis President New Business Solutions Ray Otis, ‘98 Joseph Russell, ‘80 Vice President of Finance Rotech Healthcare Inc. Ann Sonntag Publisher Orlando Business Journal Michael Stapp, ‘81 Director of Outside Sales Gooding’s Hospitality Services Marshall Vermillion

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