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What does the program consist of? COLLABORATION WITH OMPRAKASH Omprakash is dedicated to reinventing global learning to make it more affordable, ethical, and impactful.



Omprakash has partnered with social impact organizations around the world to pair students with internships, research, and service connections.

You can earn 3 credits for an online pre-departure EdGE course plus up to 6 credits for a summer internship abroad. All credits can go toward your International Business Minor/Certificate

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ABOUT UCF GLOBAL LEADERS AND OMPRAKASH EDGE The UCF College of Business has partnered with the Honors College to offer a unique leadership and study abroad experience called the UCF Global Leaders Program. Developed and managed in collaboration with our trusted partner, Omprakash, this program enables UCF students to secure immersive internships, research, and service opportunities with grassroots social impact projects around the world. The program combines these individualized opportunities with a pre-departure course, called EdGE, encouraging reflection and critical dialogue about ethical leadership in global contexts. In the UCF Global Leaders Program, you can intern at one of 171 grassroots social impact organizations across 40 countries in the summer for the opportunity to improve the lives of local communities while earning college credit. Our vetted partner Omprakash was started in 2004, when its founder, Willy Oppenheim, was volunteering in India and met a man named Omprakash who inspired him to create an organization dedicated to facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between individuals and organizations around the world. Omprakash does not "place" students, but instead requires students and partner organizations to communicate directly, thus empowering the partners to choose the individuals who they feel are the right fit. This is an excellent way to gain global leadership skills and work experience while changing the lives of communities around the world.

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Choose 1 of 171 grassroots social impact programs to intern for. Business related internships are available for business students. There are destinations in over 40 countries around the world. You'll gain 3 credits in Spring semester for the online EdGE course, and 3-6 credits for the Summer internship placement abroad. This is a low-cost, high impact opportunity to use your business skills to make a difference in many lives.


Fall Semester: -Apply on UCF study abroad website Spring Semester: -Take 3 credit online EdGE course along with your other classes to prepare you for your adventure abroad Summer Semester: -Intern abroad in your choice of the 171 programs and earn up to 6 credits. Want more information? Contact

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT UCF's first Global Leader: Christian Coronado

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. A: I'm a Junior and I'm majoring in Integrated Business Q: What attracted you to the Global Leaders Program? A: Having an internship in another country where I got to help others sounded really interesting. Q: Tell us a little about the EdGE program. A: Omprakash teaches you how to go abroad with a blank slate, and partners you with very small non-profit organizations. They offer crowdsourcing to help you fund your trip and even match you with a mentor and connect oyu to everyone else in the program and others who have done it in the past. Q: How is your pre-departure class going? A: Good, it's a lot of learning through case studies, Ted Talks, and other videos. Q: What country did you choose to intern in? A: I'm trying to decide between 3: Uganda, India, and Ecuador Q: What companies are you deciding between? A: In Uganda, Community Initiative for Development, in India, a small start up for solar technology, and in Ecuador, Cloud Forest Community service projects. Q: What are some of the benefits of this type of program? A: If I choose to go to Uganda I'd gain experience in micro finance, and no matter where I go I'd build relationships. see different cultures and lifestyles. and understand others' perspectives of the world. Q: What about the career benefits? A: Developing those long term relationships, and learning how to help a community grow while I'm growing my network and building my resume at the same time.

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Global Leaders Program  
Global Leaders Program