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Issue #12

Winners Portfolios from 2016 Gopix Awards

Š Ioannis Sidiropoulos

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Ioannis Sidiropoulos I have been interested in photography since childhood, perhaps due to the fact that my uncle occasionally used to take me to his darkroom, giving me my first own small camera when I reached the age of ten. This childhood interest in photography evolved to become a passion. For me, photography is indeed a self-expression that allows me to document the interesting world around myself. Although we might live in a world of colour, where lots of advances have been made in the various fields of photography, for me, neverthe-less, the chosen field is black and white photography, for it gives me much better pleasure and satisfaction. As I have said above, my works are mostly in black and white, for I believe working in that field gives me also the opportunity to produce images that are strong, pure and without any unnecessary distractions, unlike the coloured ones. When working on my black and white images, I give particular attention to the sources of light and contrast to create very interesting images that could pull on the viewers’ eyes. Sometimes I might try to heighten my work’s clarity by printing images on metallic paper, giving them more appealing surface texture. People might experience what I feel during my process of image creation, while, at the same time having fun seems to give me a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. In my work, I do strive to show and to get images, where the light, the shadows, the composition and the various changing levels of tones are clearly revealed; something that I believe is not easily achieved with colour photography. On the other hand, black and white photography is good at revealing the art characteristics of the work, as well as, the distinctive nuances that can make the black & white photograph so interesting.

Hiep Nguyen My name is Hiep Nguyen .I was born in and grew up in Hanoi,VietNam .I was around 20 when I bought my very first digital camera, until now it has been more than 4 years so I think I consider myself a hobbyist / enthusiast who is trying to grow up and become a professional. I am a selftaught photographer, I have just graduated in architecture I have further study about fine arts and I think photography has the perfect combination of what I have learned. In the beginning my photography was more figurative and traditional in composition such as streetlife, portrait, conceptual...Currently I mainly shoot in studio, with a little more abstract and contemporary, I have a deep-seated love for everyday objects that surround us in our daily life: they are representative of our time. Of course I do other things as well, like fashion, street, nature..I try to capture a detail that will make the image a little bizarre. A part of my photos involves creating images that are based on a metaphorical mechanism. I don’t want to tell a tale, to send a message It’s simply an objective photograph, devoid of existential anguish My photographs are tales in a small scale and often focus on the relation between objects and human beings.I get my inspiration from everything and everywhere, There’s not one specific channel where I draw the inspiration from, I like to find new perspectives in the ordinary things & often wonder “what’s an interesting angle to view this from”?

Elena Santucci I have always loved photography, especially macro and floral subjects in general. Recently I got closer to a more conceptual and abstract photography, preferring to tell the story through details. When I shoot, I seek clean shapes, geometries and simplicity of the composition, which are the mirror of my own view of things. Photography transports me into another dimension, I regained my time and I can look at things around me with a calm that often the everyday life does not allow me. For this reason my preferred lenses are macro fixed focal length (I shoot especially with a Sigma 180mm and a Tamron 90mm); in a sense, they “force” to take all the time necessary to be able to “watch” and select the shot that can convey the emotion of the moment. I use Pentax equipments , personally taking care of the post production. I also love the analog, I use a medium format TLR camera Rolleiflex and I’m also passionate about working in black and white darkroom.

Ony Islam I am a self-taught passionate amateur photographer from Bangladesh, who worked as a general member in Shahjalal university photographers association (SUPA); I use a SemiDSLR Sony DSC H50 camera. I have started photography in September, 2013. I have participated in some national exhibitions in Bangladesh. After the ChobiMela, International Inter University Photography Exhibition (IIUPE) is a prestigious photography exhibition in BD.I have participated in IIUPE-2013, that was my first exhibition and the start of my photography career. My works have been published in 121 clicks and UclickVframe. Mainly I am a biochemist. Photography is not my profession, it is my passion. I want to try to capture the moments that I’ve seen. Mainly I am a lifestyle photographer but now I’ve keen interest in street photography. At the end I want to live with photography.

Edwin Loyola Je ne sais quoi, that which I do not know, sometimes called the aesthetic experience. This is what art is all about. It takes you to a different dimension where a meta-physical sensation overcomes your being as brought about by the work that engages your senses. Easily achievable in the physical world where 3-dimensionality exists, but always a challenge for the 2-dimensional nature of a photograph. With Edwin Loyola, a 2-dimenional image provokes, enthuses, cajoles the senses of a viewer and to emotionally engage with his images. They go over and beyond the requisites of a mere photograph and become an assault to one’s responsiveness to images. Be it a heap of broken bicycle parts in silhouette, or a building that looks like a Hitchcock set, or a yellow balloon frothing water from its opening, these banal photographs are given a treatment that makes the viewer participate in the work. This is Edwin Loyola, he plays and he preys on his viewers’ emotions. His images are conduits to a more transcendent sensation. In Loyola’s images, it is the emotion that is the 3rd dimension. Asked how he achieves this, he has very few words to say. Intuition indeed takes over. And yet, just like other photographers, he grapples with the same challenges; the world we live in, and the limitations of a mechanical machine. Not to know what makes an Edwin Loyola image emotional is more valuable in the long run because it teaches us that not everything is meant to be known! By : Willy Marbella

Jakub Pasierkiewicz I was born in Poland in 1980 and graduated from the University of Silesia with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2005. Currently I live and work in the UK. My main passion is painting and drawing but I have also never lost my interest in the medium of photography which, in some sense, is an essential accomplishment of my artistic language. I use my camera to transfer and materialise the emotions, which develop in my mind, the excitement caused by encountered reality. Sometimes the photos can abstract from reality, showing different aspects of colours and forms, whereas other times they can simply reflect certain situations taking place in front of my camera. These pictures are a part of a bigger project, “Shreds of Memory�, which I started years ago and it is still a work in progress. The main focus of this series is the symbiosis of a figurative image of a human with some elements of an arbitrary action which is caused by natural factors such as time. These are often a result of coincidence which creates in the end an abstract image. These compositions of layers, which were created with reminiscences of past events, represent a collection of coded information about a variety of aspects of our life and unravel the passage of time.

Jane Schultz Jane Schultz is a predominantly self-taught mobile artist from Pennsylvania, USA. Her work embodies a visual illustration of art created from mobile devices. Jane’s images have been exhibited in museums, art centers, and galleries on an international basis, and featured in numerous publications for photography and mobile artistry. She was named multiple times as a Most Wanted Visionary by New Era Museum and declared a New Era Museum Artist. She has also been recognized in numerous art competitions including the Tzipac Gopix ExposÊe Awards and Eros Awards, JCC Annual International Mobile Photography Awards, Mobile Photography Awards, Florence International Photography Awards, and Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summits. Jane curates for the New Era Museum and administers @ig_artistry, an Instagram hub which promotes originality, creativity, and emotive art. She can be found at www.janeschultzart. com and on Flickr and Instagram as @before.1st.light .

Stanislav Podusenko

Born in 1985. Live and work in the city of Barnaul. By profession — the architect. My job processing of architectural concepts and projects of various sizes, from small architectural forms to the urban development projects. Interests — painting, drawing, installation, photography, graphic design and video art. I am engaged in a photo at the amateur level since 2006. ТTake photos on the SLR camera and a smartphone.

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