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5th Zebra Awards - Winning Images

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GRAND WINNER Michael FELL Piece of Earth http://www.mikefellphotography.com/

Grace Pui Wan Ho 3rd Place - Landscape and Nature Waiting For Dawn

Gregory D’AGOSTINO 2nd Place - Landscape and Nature Stairway To Heaven http://gregoryimages.weebly.com/

Joshua SARINANA 1st Place - Fine Art and Open Single White Curtain http://www.joshuasarinana.com/

Rosario CIVELLO 1st Place - Landscape and Nature Tree in a Square http://www.rosariocivello.it

Craig COLVIN 2nd Place - Fine Art and Open Abyss http://craigcolvinphotography.com

Howard ASHTON-JONES 2nd Place - Abstract and Contemporary Sphere & Forks http://www.howardashtonjones.com/

Soumya CHATTAPADHYAY 2nd Place - People and Animals GOD IS INFINITE

Dominique GENIN 1st Place - Abstract and Contemporary Wooden Ligths http://dominiquegenin.wixsite.com/photography

Yingting SHIH 3rd Place - Abstract and Contemporary Geometry http://www.yingtingshih.com/

Pradeep Raja KANNAIAH 3rd Place - People and Animals After Prayers https://1x.com/member/pradeepkmpk14

Andrey BORTNYKOV 3rd Place - Fine Art and Open White lips http://www.shutterstock.com/g/bortn66

View 5th Zebra Awards Winners Gallery


Alain Schroeder

Alain Schroeder


Kushti 2

Alain Schroeder

Alain Schroeder

Hotel Varun

Kushti 4

Alain Schroeder Moon

Kasin Wu Curiousness

Balbi Manjon

Jan Kluveld

The reader


Jan Kluveld Untitled

Luca Eugeni Parini’s signature

Yu Yang Lin

Jan Kluveld



Mostafa Qaheri Untitled

Mostafa Qaheri Untitled

Yu Yang Lin Quiet

Mostafa Qaheri Untitled

Luca Eugeni Straight to the sky

Luca Eugeni Natural geometries

Yingting Shih 2016 Taiwan earthquake

Yingting Shih Dying tulip

Luca Eugeni Out of the chorus

Chai Kooi Kok Gong forging

Wojciech Nawrocki Family of swans

Wojciech Nawrocki In the grip of winter

Luca Eugeni Troll’s fingers

Luisa Lynch Canaries

Wojciech Nawrocki Wolf on the run

Alan Jonker Lion eyes

Wojciech Nawrocki Attack of Mew Gull on fish

Wojciech Nawrocki Shoal of fry in the dark depth

Meagan Rae Networking

Adriaan Van Heerdenr SWild cattle calf, Chillingham

Smitha Tumuluru Blooming lights

Derek Ng

Jean Huang

Pray for harmony

Abstract painting - black sand beach

Fabio Batocchi Ghost jazz band 4

Adriaan Van Heerdenr Displaying red deer stag, Richmong Park

Adriaan Van Heerdenr Stag in morning mist, Richmond park

Adriaan Van Heerdenr Snowdrop in melting frost

Adriaan Van Heerdenr Sunrise, Capel Curig

Liz Keeler Cricle and lines

Alan Jonker Male baboon

Alkistis Terzi Three rubbish bins

Gregory D’agostino All dive

Martina Nemcekova Alex

Partha Roy Innocent beast

Partha Roy Beast

Partha Roy Curious family

Michele Rieri Angel or devil?

Rasim Sarikaya Asymmetry 3

Stephen Allworth Arti 2

Michele Rieri Bad girls

Chai Kooi Kok Chilling

Scott Pierson

Anthony Wadham



Spinning Lizzie


y Wadham

Craig Colvin On the rocks 32

Yauheni Harauski Black fea, white hope

Viral Padiya Behind clouds

Stephen Allworth Bhutanese man praying

Alireza Masoumi Black days

Chai Kooi Kok Secret Merchant

Minas Stratigos Burj Khalifa II

Dominique Genin Castle

Elaine Hunter Cathedral Mountain

Craig Colvin Windswept

Craig Colvin Rope nude

Craig Colvin On the rocks 31

Craig Colvin Nestled 1

Michael Nowotny Concessions

Craig Colvin Corpore Abstracta 1

Nigel Bullers Chinatown Blues

Shaun Niles 163 is 10-92

Craig Colvin Corpore Abstracta 1

Craig Colvin Corpore Abstracta 2

Minas Stratigos Ceremony Court

Craig Colvin Oculus

Craig Colvin Rolling hills

Craig Colvin Contours 5

Craig Colvin Water nude

Craig Colvin Nestled 2

Craig Colvin Shadow walkers

Joe Garry Curves

Olivia Andrei Dissociation

Craig Colvin Path

Craig Colvin Lanes

Derek Ng Dilarang

Hansa Tangmanpoowadol Dragon show

Minas Stratigos Skyline from museum arches

Genon (sunny) Zheng Taking off, II

Marco Steiner Freedom

Genon (sunny) Zheng Real Christmas trees, II

Genon (sunny) Zheng Real Christmas trees

Stephen Allworth Empire State

Genon (sunny) Zheng Just another summer afternoon

Genon (sunny) Zheng Light and shadow

Pradeep Raja Kannaiah Burning Ghat, Varanasi

Ivan Aleshin Forms and projections

Genon (sunny) Zheng Homeless Jim

Alain Schroeder Stone carving

Judith Rodriguez Portrait

Hansa Tangmanpoowadol Beautiful falloff

Dominique Genin

Howard Ashton-Jones


Zigging the zag

Stephane Riviere

Stephane Riviere

Ethiopia tribe E1

Ethiopia tribe E4

Ernianti Hasibuan Women chant

Roland Escalona Reaching out for help

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Encoded suprematism - b&w I

Ernianti Hasibuan Curious face

Evans Winanda Wirga Back

Evans Winanda Wirga Indonesia batik legacy

Evans Winanda Wirga Two side

Scott Pierson Fairie queen

Shifra Levyathan Ghosts of war 2

Evans Winanda Wirga Safe zone

Nigel Bullers Feeding time

Jean Huang Fine art female bodyscape arched back

Hakim Boulouiz Trilogy

Hakim Boulouiz Grenadine

Shifra Levyathan Floating city

Elaine Hunter Foothills, Alberta

Joshua Sarinana Symmetry

Joshua Sarinana Untitled

Nigel Bullers From the shadows

Joshua Sarinana Self reflection through Anish Kapoor

Hakim Boulouiz Exit

Edmon Terakopian Hansel und Gretel

Michele Palazzo Eyes in the snow

Gregory D’Agostino Hand in hand

Dominique Genin Harbous

Grace Pui Wan Ho Wawasan bridge

Joshua Sarinana Image of structure 1

Joshua Sarinana The night

Joshua Sarinana The mother church

Felipe P Neto Urban detuning I

Felipe P Neto Urban detuning II

Andrey Bortnykov White smoke

Ricardo Stuckert Pataxo children

Ricardo Stuckert Kaxinawa child

Joshua Sarinana

Joshua Sarinana


The redline subway

Michele Rieri In the mood

Kirsty Mattsson Found a friend

Meinard Valenzona Journey to nowhere

Gregory D’Agostino Impression trees

Sergey Varaksin In a glass jar

Gautam Kamat Bambolkar In the nature’s arms

David Braund Just dande

Cherie Morfe Inside and out

Vincent Satis Huang Blacksmith

Michele Rieri Into the silence

Pj Sturdevant Into the park

Jared Krupa Antique shop

Dominique Genin

Derek Ng

Lady in black


Meinard Valenzona Nature’s Symphony

Derek Ng Lonely Traveller

Vincent Satis Huang Light up

Pier Luigi Dodi Long cow

Glenn Goldman Looking up at the library

Mariusz Soltysik Neutrinos trap stirring up cosmic dust 2

Partha Roy Alone

Refat Mamutov Flight

Refat Mamutov White interior 1

Fabrizio Marocchini Thinking near the lake

Christian Ledan Man in pews

Markus Lambrecht Sarah Black

Martina Nemcekova Michel

Edmond Terakopian The bear in the window

Michael Fell Trumpeting stop

Michael Fell Hold your ground

Michael Fell Hold your ground

Michael Fell Elephant row

Michael Fell Defender

Michael Fell Venturing in the rain

Dominique Genin Misty

Pier Luigi Dodi Under the monsoon rain

Viral Padiya Mother nature

Chai Kooi Kok Top cleaner

Farzad Hosseini Abdollahi Next generation

Nicodemo Luca Luca

Jean Huang

Matteo Crestani

Orafo goldsmith

Elaine Hunter Orange blossom

Anna Pepe Otherwordly

Sergey Varaksin One second before awakening

Partha Roy Victoria Memorial

Patricia Ackerman Opression

Nigel Bullers Opry

Dik Him Fung

Dik Him Fung

Ground control to major tom

Visual structure

Dik Him Fung

Dik Him Fung


Outside the door

Cherie Morfe Paired #2

Pedro Diaz Molins Untitled

Balbi Manjon

Balbi Manjon

City of culture


Balbi Manjon Night in the park

Balbi Manjon Sea

Balbi Manjon The corner

Balbi Manjon Lines

Balbi Manjon Underground Porsche

Balbi Manjon City of culture

Salvatore Balice Portraits of woman 5

Dominique Genin Rain

Shifra Levyathan Reflection

Scott Pierson

Alexander Goranov

Praise the moon light


Salvatore Balice Portraits of woman 4

Joshua Sarinana Nancy

Anita Schiedeck Er lauft und lauft....

Deb Della Piana The remains of Sandy Cove

Glenn Goldman Roman form

Cherie Morfe Rose pose

Ricardo Stuckert Yawalapiti Indians

Gabriel Serban Fire salamander

Anita Schiedeck Ausritt

Anita Schiedeck Legs

Joshua Sarinana Image of structure 2

Joshua Sarinana Image of structure 4

Anita Schiedeck Licht

Vincent Satis Huang Depth

Anita Schiedeck Schatten

Minas Stratigos Sidra #1

Viral Padiya

Shifra Levyathan



Alireza Masoumi Pilgrim

Rosario Civella Sign #20

Rosario Civella Sign #21

Dominique Genin Snow

Patricia Ackerman Spy

Cherie Morfe Soft landing

Howard Ashton-Jones Symmetry

Vincent Satis Huang Broken

Dianna Yakobson Spring dance

Glenn Goldman Striped houses

Chai Kooie Kok At waiting hall

Tristan Pinto The tea seller

Michele Rieri The runner

Michele Rieri The mystery man

Michele Rieri The swinging city

Minas Stratigos The Big Ben

Shifra Levyathan The bird

Minas Stratigos The grid

Dominique Genin Timeless

Cherie Morfe Tulipmania #1

Edmon Terakopian Cement lorry

Jane Schultz The burden of time

Simone Cmoon Tree

Glenn Goldman You go your way I’ll go mine

Glenn Goldman Time to eat

Nofar Horovitz Tied

Vincent Satis Huang Sulfur fire fishing in Taiwan

Rosario Civello Trees on a line

Simone Cmoon Vestrahorn

Alexander Goranov Unrequited love

Ricoardo Stuckert Kalapalo Indians

Hansa Tangmanpoowadol Pray for the beloved king

Anita Schiedek Vuelta

Hansa Tangmanpoowadol Alone

Elena Santucci Walking in the night

Viral Padiya Summit

Gregory D’Agostino Web of flight

Jean Huang Yellow headed Caracara

Hedva Boger Blurred

Hedva Boger Obituary

Scott Pierson Wildwood

Farzad Hosseini Abdollahi Women in prison cell

Amir Lavon Woodstock is back

Viral Padiya Winter nature canvas

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