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Greetings! My name is TymonAlexander, I am a model, photographer and soon to be magazine publisher. I invite you to discover my project which i invite you to be a part of. It will be a great honor for me to have your support as I begin this new venture in my SL career, the launch of ANDROGENIUS Magazine. During my time of modeling and observing what SL has to offer in the fashion world, I have discovered there is two main sectors, male and female. ANDROGENIUS recognizes that fashion is really a form of art, and a tool people use to express themselves. The purpose of this magazine will be to push the boundaries and for the move beyond the limits of ordinary styling. Why can't men wear heels or make up? Why women in tuxedos and short hair not considered fashionable? ANDROGENIUS will serve to be the driving force behind a new wave of creative fashionable looks and an inspiration for people to push the envelope of styling further without regard for popular opinion. Fashion and design are not only about appearance, but tools that can be used to birth and shape new ideas and concepts that force us to re-examine what's normal. This sums up the here the main project idea of ANDROGENIUS! I hope we will be able to reach an agreement to work together, it would be an honor to have you be a part of this venture with me. In order to participate: + I ask that you select no more than two (2) outfits to be used in editorials . + logo full perm + your own personel picture + a small biograpghie about who are you , inspirations , + Please send a NC with the following info if you are interested. There will be no costs to you for participating in the first issue of the publication, this is my way of thanking you for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Mila Tatham ‘s Biography I born in SL in 2007 after reading an article on a magazine about virtual worlds. At my first log I thought “I can’t do it!” and I logoff after 5 minutes, so I have to admit my first SL impression was... PANIC!! In that period in SL people was very kindly and helpful, and thanks to them I could have learned the SL basis quickly. The first thing I done was “rez” a prim, and was love, I became a builder.. in 3 years I build so much for other and finally in 2009 I have build my own Sim “SaliMar_Art Sim” with my partner Rodroguez Imako. SaliMar is my home, LL tell about the Sim in the Destination Guide in this way “ “a peaceful and creative escape in Second Life. In this small, medieval village, you’ll find art exhibits, sculptures and other imaginative surprises” and this is for me, my little piece of paradise. Here with the event White SaliMar* __24h art event, organized with Nur Moo and Rodroguez Imako I realized a big dream of mine, art, music, installations, creatives all together for a happy marathon of life and joy. We had the privilege to hosting some of the best artists and Djs of SL in the SaliMar’s Rooms and even now you can visit and enjoy all the incredible installations. I come to fashion for a case, as a builder sometime I play to build something to wear and some friends of mine first of all Buffy Holfe pushed me to try more seriously... so I have to thanks her, Riri Bazar and Mimmi Boa for that. Riri help me a lot at the start to understand a bit the “fashion world” and Mimmi Boa that strongly encourage me to go on and to believe I can be a fashion designer. I love fashion world, I love to see what other people can realize (pics, shows, events, or even simply wearing) with my creations. *SoliDea FoliEs* is my little folie, the full expression of my creativity. Now I’m happy to be a fashion designer in SL, I love this world and I work with passion hoping people can feel something beautiful wearing my creations . As always... be free, be wild and be happy when you can! hugs Miss Mila *SoliDea FoliEs*

Aleida Rhode - Biography How it began....

I had no clue what a virtual world was about and one beautiful evening when I saw a short glimpse about Second Life in the danish News broadcasting, it caught my curiosity. The next day when I went to work, I asked my best friend, who happens to be my colleague, if he saw it and he said yes. While still working, we typed in : and each created an avatar. We were at work so we had to wait to download SL when we came home, because it was not allowed at work. That was in October 2006. To my big disappointment, my computer couldn’t handle SL - so I basically gave up on SL. My colleague and friend meanwhile had lot of fun - he was dancing, meeting friends and earned some money from adult entertainment - we laughed a lot at work because it was so unbelievable, that doing such things were possible. Almost half a year went by before I got a new computer and I forgot the password of that avatar I created, I tried to reset it, but failed so I decide to create a new one and Aleida Rhode was then “born”. I finally, met my colleague and his SL friends and we started to explore SL and had just fun. At this time, I had just returned from a long recruitment in Africa in my RL and I was interested in doing something to help Africa via SL so I started to exhibit my RL photos on a sim called Africa (I think it still exist today) and sold some of my pictures in auctions and the money went to charity. My Avi looked ugly, walked like a chicken with out the help of an AO for several months but I did eventually find out about AO’s, how to change clothes, attach prims etc. All this exploring leaded me to join Ewing Fashion Agency modelling school and become a SL top model, winner of Miss SL World 2008, Top 5 Finalist of SL Next Fashion Icon, Miss SL Beauty, finalist at MVW -2009 - as miss Denmark. I have participated in many fashion shows for various SL Fashion agencies/designers. I had a dream of becoming a designer and creating clothing myself so I started with tutorials, help from friends, etc. I opened my very first shop at Blue Sky (owner, Angel Dessous Nando Korobase was so kind to lend me a space). It was called Fashion Nomads and later I changed it to ALEIDA. I create Haute Coute, casual, shoes, skins and now fashion for men because it is my pleasure to see people happily wearing my clothes and it also makes me happy to see that we have a lot of fabulous designers that can give us all variations in different styles of clothing.




Dani Plassitz, Biography owner and designer of Styles by Danielle, came to the world of Second Life in 2009 and

has, since then, become a top fashion designer here.

As a textile and graphic designer in RL, she found inspiration around every virtual corner. After only three months of exploring this new world, she had already created her first design and, without even having a shop opened yet, sold her first outfit while dancing in a club! After that, Dani and her designs fairly exploded onto the SL fashion scene. She enjoys presenting everything from latex to wedding gowns in her collections. For Dani it is all about creating a combination of balance of cut and texture. Each of her designs has a unique style, which makes it a constant treat to see what she will come up with next! In addition, the very detail oriented Dani, often adds her own accessory designs to compliment and complete a look. Dani’s work is recognized for its high quality and she has been invited on several occasions to be a guest speaker on that topic. For the second year now, Styles By Danielle will launch a grid-wide search for the woman who most perfectly represents the style and versatility of the label. The shop also holds monthly competitions, and members of the Styles by Danielle group are treated generously with regular gifts and discounts. If you are looking for that special, elegant and sophisticated dress, be sure to make Styles by Danielle your first stop! The multi-talented Dani Plassitz, is not only a well-known fashion designer in SL but has recently begun a new career in Second Life as a singer as well! Her sweet, soulful voice is taking over clubs and ballrooms in SL and her popularity is growing rapidly. She is an all ‘round artist who sings oldies, jazz and classic pop, and can surprise you with some disco beats as well. Dani’s fans say they come back again and again to hear her because she sings from the heart and has a way of recharging their spirits with the positive energy they feel in her voice. You can find her singing regularly in places like Phat Cat’s and Titanic, and you can book her for weddings, anniversaries and special events, as well. Listen to her once and you will love her from the first song!

Ceci Dover Biography My name is Ceci Dover, i was born and raised in Argentina . My father is African Black and my Mother is Italian. I love my roots and i am very proud of them. Im currently living in Spain I ‘d been singing since i was a little girl when i was 4 years old. I love music. Music is my life, it’s all that I have and all that I’m. I was learning technics for singing in the Academic Manuel de Falla - Buenos Aires Argentina during 12 years. I’ve been working with some very important artists in Buenos Aires singing with them and now im singing in my RL in a band giving concerts around Spain. I started performing into this virtual world 1 year ago, thanks to friend Andaluza DeCuir, who gave me the oportunity to share my voice and talent to the people here in sl. I gave my first concert in her Club “Gypsy Jazz Club and Shops” and now I’m proud to tell you that after 1 year we’re a family with 900 members, very loyal ppl that i love with all my heart, my lovely Fans base. CECI’S IMPORTANT SIMS SWEET WHISPERS every sunday 1pm slt CLUB BELLA LUZ everysunday 2pm slt LA CASA DE SAGUARO every monday 3pm slt PARAISO DEL AMANTE every thursday 11am slt CHEZ ROZ. every thursday 2pm slt ceci’s email adress.

Flash interview with i Ivy Maverick Can you introduce your self ? Ivy Maverick Owner of Maverick Design shapes, Menstuff and Womenstuff Fashion Groups How did you get to second life ? A Client of mine in Real Life told me about Secondlife. Can you please tell us more about Men - women stuff Hunt ? We have 2-3 hunts a year for Menstuff but we are just Launching womenstuff and will begin Feb 3rd- March 3rd. We have 150 designers with the starting location at Gizza. People can keep updated here: We have a sign up location at the new Menstuff/Womenstuff lounge Where we have over NEW gifts there. 6 Exclusive gifts just for the groups! Menstuff/Womenstuff lounge:

★ INWORLD INC. AND MODEL INSTITUTE ★ Inworld Inc. Model Institute is dedicated to bring the latest trend of teaching to any aspiring models and individual. Do you want to see yourself on our magazine ads ( Inworld Inc), walk in great fashion shows, or be one of our top notch model but not sure where to begin? Inworld Inc. Model Institute might have the answer for you! Our mission is to bring out the best in you, we wish to provide you the deeply comprehensive , extensive and complete knowledge of the virtual modeling, you will learn the modeling techniques used by our highly experience instructors and mentors. We are making it affordable for you to get started as well, Inworld Inc. Model Institute is proudly sponsored by one of the best designer in secondlife VERO MODERO, PULSE GEAR STUDIO and a very known magazines in secondlife INWORLD INC. Place On a beautiful FASHION Sim. We also have a series of shows line up awaits you at Inworld inc. Model Institute, would you be one of Aviera Angel? a model for lingerie and sexy bikini’s on your way to the top. Inworld family is very friendly, approachable, kind and trust worthy family, We are here to be your way to the fame. Among the array of shows we develop, as a Inworld Inc. & Model institute you will have the exclusive opportunity after graduation to cast for our “showcase” runway shows where only at Inworld Inco. & MODEL INSTITUTE can be casted, see our “specialized courses” 1. Regular Class 5000L 12 Class for 4 Weeks What Package you will get if you enroll: - PortFolio Book by’ PulseGear with Cover LayOut - Fab Uniform from Vero Modero 3. Private Class start from 500-1000L/hours **Hour Price Depend on Model Professor You Choose** I nworld Inc. Model Institute: Inquiry, Maya Sharshire...Indonesian (Posh Management & Model Institute Owner) Hallie Hynes..........Philippines (CEO & Instructor/ mentor) for more info............Email us at Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Posh Management and Model Institute. Greetings: Maya Sharpshir Hallie Hynes Dasia Mocha

inworld in February Show & Events February Show: **Drezz Up! Grand Opening Show - 28th January 2012 Director: Dasia Mocha & TymonAlexander **Fantasy Kids Show - 11th February 2012 Director: Liam Netizen **Mouline Rouge - 18th February 2012 Director: AntoniaXp Resident **Graduation Show -19th February 2012 Director: Helen Zhora & TymonAlexander **The Hunk Secrets - 25th February 2012 Director: Sheldon Kranfel & TymonAlexander

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