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July 2012

HOPE FOR EMILIA GUESTS June Dion Tatanka Kaligawa Nevery Lorakeet

Wicca Merlin

HOPE FOR EMILIA Summer Fashion Fair July 22nd - August 9th, 2012

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AN INVITE TO MEDIA AND FASHION AGENCIES OWNERS

Dear honoured media / agency owner, we are sure you are aware of the devasting earthquakes hitting the north of Italy these last months.

struck the region, causing panic between people, who still don’t know if this incubus is going to continue... The damages of these earthquakes are terrible: 26 people died and thousands are homeless, living in tents. The whole economy of the country was brought to its knees.

The first earthquake, registering magnitude 6.1, struck in the Emilia-Romagna region, on 20 May 2012. Two aftershocks of magnitude 5.2 occurred few hours after the main event WHAT IS HOPE FOR EMILIA? and seven people were killed. Hope For Emilia is an exciting event that Nine days later, on May 29, a magni- will last from July 22 to August 9, 2012 tude 5.9 earthquake struck the same area and will include a Summer Fashion Fair, causing an additional eighteen deaths kick-off fashion shows, an art expo and and widespread damage, particularly to entertaiment events to fundraise for the buildings already weakened by the 20 victims of earthquake in Emilia (Italy). May earthquake. And again on June 3, 4 and 6 after-shakes

TRANSPARENCY OF TRANSACTIONS hopeforemilia Resident is the new avatar created for this event. All transactions will go through this account and all transaction history will be publicized on Hope For Emilia blog: All transaction history, participating creator names, raised amounts, schedules, and anything else related to the event, will be located on this blog. 100% of donations will be donated to the victims of the earthquake in Emilia (Italy), and all of the transactions will be released to the public. “T H E D A M A G E S O F THESE EARTHQUAKES ARE T E R R I B L E : 26 P E O P L E DIED AND THOUSANDS ARE HOMELESS, LIVING IN TENTS�

If you accept to sponsor the event we will list your name as sponsor in all our press releases, advertising material, djs and events, blog and images. We will also have one of your magazine kiosks on our sim for the whole duration of the event. We are not asking for donations, however you are welcome to donate if you wish. 100% of the funds raised will be donated to victims of the earthquake through the bank account opened by Emilia-Romagna region: http://www.regione.emilia-romagna. it/terremoto/la-raccolta-fondi-della-regione-come-donare If you wish to donate you can do it sending money directly to our account hopeforemilia Resident. FOR MORE INFORMATION. WHOCAN I ASK?


Feel free to IM Anna Sapphire

Thalia Heckroth has kindly donated the use of a sim for Hope For Emilia event and we are extremely grateful for her generous donation. A landmark will be provided in coming weeks.


Hope For Emilia Team Founder: Anna Sapphire

Team Members: Arialee Miles Carley Benazzi HOW IS THE SPONSORSHIP WORKDaniele Eberhardt ING? Kay Fairey Sponsoring Hope For Emilia means help- Xandrah Sciavo ing us to advertise the event through group notices and articles on blogs and magazines.

NOTE FROM EDITOR Greetings Everyone , Here new issue of androgenius magazine , it s alot of hard work, fun for me to put it together and also big challenge to keep it updated and in progress , i hope you enjoy it CONTENT I First would like to invite you join the charity event leaded by anna sapphire HOPE FOR EMILIA to help if you can This month i get very expectionnel guests , SUPERMODEL

Wicca Merlin June Dion Barerose Tatanka Kaligawa : Mea culpa Nevery Lorakeet : LPD



Tres Beau


Interview with Miss wicca Merlin Greetings Miss Wicca Merlin , It’s Honor for me to get you us guest in My Modest Magazine , thank you for accepting the invite . The honor is mine :) Thanks a lot for giving me that opportunity! So can you please introduce your self? Who is Wicca Merlin as person and as a model? Wicca Merlin... basically she is the same person then my real me that sits behind the pixels. Wicca always was kinda “rebel” as she never was running with the mainstream. As I started modeling, I was taught how to walk runways, how to style and what the business is aiming for. I always wanted to be different, even in RL I was the little rebel girl at school with colored hair and weird clothing... kinda punk style. I wanted to use SL for that what I never could do RL with styling and developing looks. The job as a model helps a lot with that as you actually can show them to an audience while you walk the runway. SL gives us the possibility to go crazy and do things that maybe in RL never would work so it is kinda “live your fantasies” for me :) In SL as well I can live a side of me, that in RL never came through that much. Wicca seems to be a very strong woman, that knows what she wants. She has self esteem but still she is very sensitive. She likes to help where ever she can and still does not loose herself about that. Since I started modeling one of many goals always was to archive something for myself. I was not always sure what and took every step

I was allowed to. My focus never was on contests, i liked fashion shows, print work and blogging way more as a contest winner makes not yet a good model ( a good photographer can make every avatar looking great and it does not say any about runway abilities) and as well it only is a promotion boost for me, that you have to use for your constant work and not just to sit on it and wait till it bears fruit. In the end Wicca is a very lucky girl that she may do what she likes and being supported by so many lovely people, designers and friends :) When you get first time in sl what was your reaction, and what drove you to modeling ? As Wicca entered Second Life, she was not even thinking about modeling. The reason was the music. The real person behind Wicca is a 34 years old female musician. So the first reason why I joined SL, was to take the chance to meet people from all over the world and get foreign music and traditions known. After some times of hanging out in clubs and meeting all kind of people, I did what the most people in SL did... I started taking part in different role plays. But that became boring after some time and i needed a challenge for myself. I met an old friend of mine at a shoe store and she told me she started modeling. ... Modeling...the more i thought about it the more i liked that idea. I asked about modeling a lot and found out, that a few of my old friends started a modeling career andI begun looking into it.

I started at the JCNY Model Fest in 2008 and from there I took classes at some of the most well-known SL modeling academys that time. From there I was really lucky and I got chances, to prove that I am serious with what I am trying. I got accepted and invited in some of the best SL model agencys, created my own blog (, formed SL Art Couture with Tatanka Kaligawa and now I am running a group called “A Star is Born” with Kay Fairey, that features and helps aspiring, promising new models, which we got recommended from various model academys all over the grid. For me it became kinda passion to help the new and aspiring models who rarely get a chance in the highly challenging fashion business, that gets more and more run by popular names and faces only. If we do not get fresh faces the SL fashion business i am afraid it will become boring some-when ;) For where it will going to I have no clue yet, but I am not thinking about to retire yet ;) With no doubt you have a very impressive , and excellent sense of fashion , How can you define your style , I never thought ro define my style as I try to cover various styles for modeling it self. For my private stylings I have my roots in the avant garde/haute couture style I guess. Basically I would like to call my style the “Wicca” style as I am not trying to copy anything, more to use impressions and ideas from different styles and combine them to what I like. Sometimes I like the very high fashion, next day I feel more straight and casual and on the following day L feel like doing fantasy stylings. For me there is no boarder... I just wanna always try to be me anyways which style I am aiming for. With that it can be that you find me in a formal gown with part wise shaved hair on my head and some heavy tattoos as well you can find the cute casual Wicca, wearing a super sweet dress and some

weird shoes and hair maybe *grins* So every outfit I am doing ends up with a little “Wicca Edge” somewhere and if it is just a tiny little detail, that just I know and see ;) What would be you advice to new models who just get start in modeling , what most important things can be the keys for a successful career . The most important for me to tell to aspiring models is, that they shall be stay true to themselves. Any advice, any order can be revised but in the end they have to decide on their own what they want. It does not make any sense to copy someone as this person already exists and does not need a double. Only with the power and the self esteem to be yourself you can find your corner of the fashion industry. I have one sentence in german... I am not sure if it makes sense if I try to translate it, but thats basically that what I try to tell all my students in SL. “Never try to jump on a running train... be the leader of the next, new one!” You should take every advice that you can get but as well try to learn the difference about quality and quantity criticism. Follow yourself, stay true to yourself so that you can look into the mirror every morning without the thought you sold yourself for your success :) Believe in you and them people can start believe in you as well :) Thank you so much it was a real pleaser To have you I thank you a lot Tymon Alexander for the opportunity to talk to you for your wonderful magazine. The idea and the look of your magazine is very unique and I feel very honored that you want me to be part of the next issue :)

Greetings Mr Tata honor to have you magazine , thank y

Can you please int are you as person

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Tatanka Kaligawa Designer and Owner of MEA CULPA

Since i was young movies, which insp to travel and a lot o cultures are to reco think its a combin verse i create for? a i guess its the univ fashion universe w variety.

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anka Kaligawa it’s a such as a guest in my modest you .

troduce your self, who and also as designer ,

Guy in Rl as in Sl I don nces. And I don’t play just me. Im hopefully a better ask that the people he.

h you when I get to your he building and the amazas feeling like I travel to where every single dress ce, telling a story. Here here those inspirations do you define the uniign for?

i adore fantasy and SI-FI pire me a lot as well i like of influences of different ognize in my creations. I nation of both. The Unia funny question:) well verse of imagination, a which is unlimited in its

be a designer in sl, do doing another job? What

would it be? well i love to create things i love to draw i love to paint etc. I work in Graphic design for many years although it was never my primary job. What’s your own definition of fashion? Fashion is the freedom of expression for every single person... I think fashion is not a thing someone can define Fashion is kind of art. no matter what you create or what you wear as a women or a man you always will have some who love and some who hate it is something what polarizes and this is what i like in it. I notice there is huge focus on female fashion , but not as equal as male one. Is it cause less inspiring? Or is there any other reason? The main reason is that i started with female clothes so there is much more time invested in the female section than in the male one which i started only a few month ago. What can we wish for you in the future ? maybe stay healthy and go on :P Thank you very much

Hello June Dion Than yo view Here the questions :

Can you please introdu when you start design .

My name is June Dion in I'm from Tokyo, Japan. I started designing a litt was late 2005. I did not do any design w have experience using P try to make clothing. At first, I was in a Tiny A what is tiny avatar at thi was to small to enter, I e front of house like the w But I figured out I am o then i got 512m store an

Every time i go to your multi cultural design an where this inspirations c


Since Im Japanese, Japan from in my mind, but fo from people or friends w from all over the world. I also get some requests Sometime I check web p culture, and get inspirat It is fun to mix two or m tional marriage.

ou for accepting this inter-

uce your self , who are you ?

n Second Life, In Real life

tle while after starting SL, it

work before that, but did Photo shop, so I decided to

Can you please tell us some about your brand Bare Brose what's it about , do you work alone , or you are working with others team .? For design and prim work, working alone. Sometime I ask a friend for help for scripts and animations that Im not so good at. Also we have staff to help with blogging, customer relationship and problems, web database, store helper, mall manager, notices, ect., because of them, I can concentrate on designing. Thanks to all of them.

Avatar's mall. I didn't know is time, so The vendor house Bare rose is very successful already what can we ended up putting items on wish for you , in the future, ? windows, roof and ect. on a premium account, so In addition to our regular, Mesh , and sculpted nd moved to there. clothing , I also started designing clothing for Yabusaka Mesh Petite avatars, And Yabusaka Mesh Baby avatars. shop i get so amazed by the Also if we can get people to second life who don't nd fashion , my question is already know about it yet. comes from . There is Internet and search, if people are looking for their interest, then people might find our outfits. nese cultural outfits come and if it the outfit pulls interest for them, then they or other outfits I get ideas might find out about SL. who I've met in second life I want to meet such a people in SL in the future, So I just keep working to get better and more talfrom customers. ented in my designs. and I will always try think of pages to learn about there new interesting designs. tion. more cultures like internaThank you very much :) -June Dion

Greetings Thank you so much ac azine it's a such honor .

Can you please introduce your se you get start second life adventu



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ER LP or D ak DE ee t SI GN ER

I discovered Second Life in 2009, by it from the first days! I had never been in contact with before and my first impression w something amazing that could gi to express my self and having fun I started to explore this world dis good artists in there, and I imme part of this somehow. I started my SL as a photographe was seeing and feeling through m and second life. For this reason I started to learn u softwares such as Poser and Daz poses for my pictures and illustra I was very satisfied but I thought do not only the poses but also all and accessories that I needed in m I have never ever stopped. This is the the way my adventure

I see in your stores you design , s -ups , accessories . where your in

I am fashion addicted in both of that art and fashion are the same My efforts are all aimed in exaltin feminine that every woman have and this is what I do when I desig I always follow my interior inspir ty.

ccepting be part of the mag- I am often influenced also by art and by real life fashion, I love the great Designers like Dior, Chanel, McQueen, but also other innovative new brands that propose chic casual wearing. elf ,who are you , how did I love the blend between real life and second life fashion, ure us designer. and between art and fashion in general. Moreover, like in real life, I often love to change style, I like studying and exploring different fields: from casual wearing , and I was totally fascinated to boho-chic wearing, from hippy style to high fashion and artistic products. a virtual reality like this was that I stood in front of ive me a lot of opportunities How did you discover designing talent in your self , you n! have a such impressive details in your work , did you scovering a large number of learned design from really life ? ediately felt the need to be

er, I wanted to tell what I my pictures, both in real life

using photoshop and other Studio to create my own ations. that maybe I might try to l the clothes and costumes my shots, so I started and...

e as designer has began.

skins , clothings , make nspirations comes from ?

Well, I think I discovered my talent in the moment I started to feel really satisfied from my creations: when you create something and you are the first one who loves to wear it, it's the moment you can think "ok, I'm doing a good work here and I'm good in doing it". Anyway, it's never enough for me, so I always try to do better! What can we wish for you for the future ?

Now, my own wish for the future is to continue to do a good job like I'm doing now, I wish to grow up with my brand because I love what I do. my two lives, and I think I wish to continue in feeling so satisfied in expressing my thing. imagination and I wish to continue in giving to who will ng at best the elegance and chose to wear my creations a moment of happiness and fun, e got, this is my first purpose because fashion is also this. gn skins or clothes. ration and my idea of beau-

*LpD* - *Carmen* Dress Stripe (Shirt Layer) *Les Petits Details* - 60’ Socks Holes *NERO* 1 *LpD* - *City Life* Bag Brown No Pins *LpD* - *City Style* Boots Brown *LpD* Skins - *Alice* Petal (Lashes) Breast 1 (Darker) ^;^CaTwA^;^ Yona Roots/Chestnut

*LpD* - *OldBoy* Boots Black *LpD* - *Sailor* Pants W&B MESH *LpD* - *Boho Girl* Jacket Black HAIR Me-I = Bill Humanoid

DANIELLE Little Black Dress

Tres Beau “Militia”

Tres Beau “Sabyn”, Red

g rin Sp LE ua EL Aq NI am DA Dre



just new book showing some talented secondlife designers and more