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Kimmera Madison - Biography Established in July of 2004, Tres Beau Designs is one of the oldest and finest Fashion destinations in SL Kimmera Madison, designer and Owner of Tres Beau, has been an active member of the SL fashion community and has dressed many who have walked in both Mister and Miss Virtual World, along with many many other fashion related competitions. She is well known in SL for her knowledge of fashion, her eye for details and the quality she puts into all she does . Tres Beau boasts styles ranging from classy and fun daywear to opulent evening attire for men and women as well as an extensive bridal salon (Kimmera is believed to have made the first wedding gown in SL) If you are looking for highly detailed clothing, classic styling and a sense of sophistication, Tres Beau Designs is for you Come by Tres Beau today! Blog SLURL for main store Tres Beau on the Marketplace

About me:

My name is TymonAlexander, a true androgynous male, 26-year-old hair stylist from Belgium. In secondlife I am a model, a photographer, and a designer sometimes, which means I love and adore everything that helps me get in touch with fashion, art and creativity because it is my way to express myself and show the world who I truly am. What does Androgenius mean? Any person clever and lucid enough to realize that androgyny and androgynous displays can be the most interesting way to completely weird a lot of people out, and impress certain equally clever and lucid people to the extent that you become a form of genius. What AndroGenuis Magazine is about? Is it just one more magazine in sl? Answer is no, because the main goal is to make the magazine have a soul, to get people inspired to get take off the masks in which they hide themselves because they are not comfy with themselves, or are afraid people will not like them or will criticize them. I want them to push the envelope of their styling limitations so far that they will amaze and amuse themselves. The second goal is to allow designers to get closer to the residents and customers. Designers spend half of their sl life in workshops to offer the best they can, but in AndroGenius magazine we try get to know who are behind those fabulous creations and to discover a little bit about their inspirations ... Our third goal is to appreciate that clothes are not only pieces of pants and shirts, they are more than that; they are tools to show character and a form of artistic expression. AndroGenius magazine will be our tool and weapon to make fashion be unisex, to challenge the concept of normality. We want to make everyone realize that all people are important and should be loved for what is inside of them. A person’s exterior should be able to reflect the soul inside of the body and not have to conform to what is considered “normal� in mainstream society. Just love people for who they are.... not what they are. Thank you so much for joining on this adventure with me because it means a lot for me, I and will do more than my best to honor the partnerships who trust in my project. Thank you millions and please get ready to discover a new world with me.

Publisher - Photographer .Model TymonAlexander Cover : Frolic Mills Models guest : Steele Sirnah World Undercroft Writers : shaylah Roxley Daizi May

Designers sponsors : Kimmera Madison Fall - Tres Beau Meghindo Romano - Meghindo’s Raven pennyfeather - Raver Ryre Photos Nikolaidis - A: S:S systi & syane Cisse - [sYs] Bouquet Babii - Vero modero Ramses Meredith -EGOISME

Thank you very for your support the first issuu . It ‘s my first work and try hoppe it please you.

Frolic Mill´s ~ Biography ~ Frolic Mills rezzed in Second Life in May 2007 and seeing a need to provide information about the great talents found all over the grid, he opened THE BEST OF SL Magazine. His press vision went further than just the magazine and quickly founded the ASSOCIATED SL PRESS Group, which became the number one source for press members to share information in this rapidly changing virtual world. Having been asked to review and represent many fashion designers in his advertising campaigns, the opening of BOULEVARD MODELING AGENCY came as a natural expansion of the magazine. Quickly, models from all over the grid became interested in casting for this new agency and Mr. Mills founded the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization as the ultimate modeling audition in Second Life as well as the largest fashion festival on the grid. Photographers, fashion designers, models. architects, light engineers and live entertainers started to take note in what would later become the biggest fashion extravaganza in the virtual world. THE BEST OF SL Magazine quickly turned into BOSL & CO which expanded even further to include BOSL Radio, THE BOSL AWARDS, Styling Forward TV Reality Show which he created and produced for and which furthered his initial vision to let others know about virtual creative excellence. Mr. Mills is also involved in humanitarian work and has been captain of the BOSL RELAY Team for 4 years, to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. He has also been a key support to the Make a Wish Foundation, Tents for Haiti, University of Western Australia art challenge and the Japan Relief Project. When asked what he would take with him from this experience long after Second Life closes its doors, Mr. Mills just answered: “I would like to think of myself as someone who helped a lot of people, and who gave exposure and support to some of the greatest virtual artists from all over he world.” His mission has been accomplished over and over again! Lali Arbizu BOSL & CO Executive

{Meghindo’s} ~ Biography ~ ~ I started playing SL back in 2008 and I came across it on a Adult blog to be honest, I remember the quote saying “ looking at porn is like getting off at SL avatars” and it got me intrigued,so I started googleing and in no time I became an avatar holder, oh and at first I had on a male shape, a white t-shirt and a basic pair of jeans and I couldn’t figure it out why I couldn’t have more breasts , didn’t cross my mind that my shape was the one of a male. As soon as I started SL, I began to do my own clothes, I figured it out that in appearance you can place whatever texture on a clothing and it makes it a piece of clothing, so I started doing blouses out of water textures and I thought I was a mermaid and all that :)) Then I discovered the freebies, oh lord I had an orgasm just thinking of all those free items I could get, and I just clicked clicked clicked on all of them. At one point I even asked a friend , what’s the point of buying expensive clothes in sl when there are so many freebies out there. The same friend “pushed” me into the business, he got me a piece of land on which I done a square box, with wallpaper and a floor and I called it “ Meghindo’s touch of sensuality”, that’s how I named my business the first time, and I still keep that up to date in my group. {Meghindo’s} would of never existed if it wasn’t for those special people i’ve met along the way, from 2408 Alekseev, the person behind 24 Shoo Shoes, to those really close friends and to those who knew how to blend the friendship with business and make it all work up to date like MentalKaos Akina and others. Thank you guys! From there, a lot has happened, met a lot of people, and got more and more into this designing hobby and it grew into what {Meghindo’s} is now, a brand of clothing , a store known for it’s glamorous pieces , sexiness and opulence, because that is what I like to do, that’s what catches my eye in real life, the glamorous Versace gown, the opulence of the Zuhair Munrad’s pieces, sparkles, sequins, things that you could never afford to wear in Real life cause of time, or money or simply cause there’s no event in your life asking for that kind of a dress.

Photos Nicolaidis - Biography started A:S:S in -08 because a friend made me. Long story short, she left SL and after a few months I was alone with A:S:S. I kept making stuff, and the rather crappy little store kept growing. In some periods I made stuff I wanted for myself, and sometimes I listened way too much to other peoples opinions and advice. In -10 I met my partner, Storm Torvalar. And not only did he turn out to be the love of my life, he has also been the biggest blessing to my creative process in SL. His eye for detail and beauty, and the collaborations with him, like deLuxe and Al Jamal, has pushed me to get better and a lot of what A:S:S is now, is really thanks to him. I’ve always played a lot with gender and this is reflected in my customers. I cater to the genderbenders and the beautiful weirdos. To the non-binary and the brave. And they are my inspiration. Those who step outside of the box, who has the courage to bare their fears. Who pushes the limits and sees past and through the world. Who finds their own beauty and puts it on display. They inspire me more than any designer or artist ever did.

Ramses Meredith -Biography Ramses Meredith is an ecletic man that landed in sl to discover a new virtual world where was possible to free the imagination. He started to design tattoos and clothes for himself 4 years ago, then some friends have convinced him to start to sell tattoos. After 3 years he decide to open the RL company , Egoisme Ltd and starts to sell skins clothes and acecssories, not just tattoos. He started to work harder and to put his RL skills inside the game, about business marketing and design. The company started in november 2011 and after one year it have grow so much to create seven sub brands, some commercial partnerships with other brands. Egoisme is also involved in charity and organization of art events.

[sYs] Biography Alan Kay once stated : “The best way to predict the future is to invent it�. Combining Haute Couture and cyber culture, [sYs] Design is a french virtual fashion brand founded by the sisters Syane & Systi Cisse. They have brought the future of fashion to the present, with one full of sexiness and beauty. The sisters work in different and complementary artistic media on RL (sound designer and contemporary art, dance) and Fashion is an art that they love and practice. Second Life is the opportunity to express their vision of fashion freely because Future is now.

INTERVIEW WITH MS BOUQUET Hello Ms.Babii, how did you discover sl? I joined SL in 2007. I’m a graphic designer in real life and I think there is a lot of opportunity in expressing one’s fashion visions. The idea of designing in Second Life® attracted me. I was told there might be opportunities to be found on here for building and designing. We can dream of different styles; diversity is the best thing I think in the fashion industry and I think that’s a wonderful opportunity. - How did you start designing in sl? Well I love fashion and I love to shop! I always get excited in expressing my vision of fashion and seeing people wearing my creations. Coming in SL to work on my fashion designs brings me a feeling of joy. I also hope to contribute through my designs in making this virtual world better. I love the freedom of SL which allows me to express myself in my designs. People often say there aren’t enough hours in a day to work on all the projects but I always keep on going. I always had a strong desire to look a certain way and dress a certain way and stand out somehow. I am extremely shy type of person and clothing was something that drew attention to me and made people talk to me so I wouldn’t have to start conversations. The original vision of VERO MODERO is to come up with creations that combine great personal style with long lasting utility. Clean, modern shapes, a nod to the classics, and an element of surprise are the fundamental principles of my design philosophy. Chief design considerations remain elegance, simplicity and enduring quality. -Where do you find inspiration for your creations? inspiration always comes from the things that move you, something that blossoms and evokes a different feeling which you never felt before. Anything can move me from a particular design, a colour, song, movie or a situation. My inspiration comes from everyday life. Usually I am inspired by shapes and colours, a certain colour can evoke many different levels of feelings. It carries many emotions, from being a symbol of evil, menace and sorrow to representation of power and sophistication. - How can you describe your brand? One word… PERSONALITY. It’s all about enhancing who you are by being unique and dressing up according to what suits you. It’s far more about style than fashion, it’s VERO MODERO.

INTERVIEW WITH Nyunyu KIMONO Greetings Miss Nyunyu Kimono, can you introduce yourself please. Hi there! As you know, my name is NyuNyu, and I'm currently operating my store, "NyuConcepts Fashion Sculpts and Meshes". I create fashion sculpts and mesh templates for designers/creators who seek to enhance their creations but are unable to find the time to create the sculpts/meshes they need, or not sure currently how to do so. Why did you chose to become a sculptor? I guess it all began when I met a wonderful sculptor and friend, Maylee Oh. Maylee owns "The Secret Store" and she inspired me with her wonderfully created outfits and beautifully sculpted pieces which she made herself. I then attempted to make an outfit that I had been wanting to create for a long time, but it required uniquely shaped sculpts. I then took up on learning sculpting myself. Eventually, I found sculpting is a lot of fun and I started making more and more sculpts, and became a sculptor myself. I hear a lot about meshes but I'm not sure if I fully understand. What is it exactly ? In short, meshes can produce much higher detailed results when compared to most sculpts, and in some instances, may even also reduce prim counts. Mesh is not only ideal on structures and buildings, but also on clothings and accessories. To date I believe most of us have seen or even possess mesh outfits, and you may have notice the details but also how it conforms to the avatar when his/her body moves.

What's the difference between sculpts and meshes? Sculpts, if compared to meshes have much lower limitations on details. Sculpts are rigid whereas meshes produce not only much higher details, but also a mesh clothing can be 'rigged' so that it conforms to an avatar, "moving" together based on how the avatar moves, also potientially eliminating the need of certain layers (shirt, skirt, pants layers, skirt prims, etc) to be worn on an avatar's body. Do you think meshes can or cause a new revolution in fashion world? Eventually I think yes. As designers/builders as well as consumers will always strive for best results, which is what mesh is capable of providing today. I see huge potential for more and more mesh creations inworld soon. I hear some of us are prepared to work with meshes, while some are not. In your opinion, what do you think would be the reasons? Not mentioning the lack of knowledge on how to work with meshes, I believe in my opinion, moving to a new step is always a tough decision. As mesh is still early in development, there may be some builders/ creators not prepared to migrate to mesh yet, until its been proven to be more stabilized. Similarly, as of today, mesh clothings may require avatars to wear alpha layers or even require them to modify their shape slightly so as to fit into mesh clothing. But these small deficiencies may all be eliminated soon once parametic deformers have been implemented, which will greatly improve on how mesh works.

In your own opinion, do you have any advice for the readers who wishes to work with mesh in future? For builders/creators, If you haven’t done so, I think it’s a great time now to to start getting your feet wet by playing around with meshes, and you may determine for yourself if you enjoy working with meshes or not. I understand it’s daunting at first, but I believe like Lao Tzu says, “Every journey begins with a single step.” As for consumers, I believe we will be seeing more and more mesh creations which is a huge excitement I can’t wait! Thank you NyuNyu, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you Tymon, It’s my pleasure too.^^

Androgyny What is it? Androgyny simply means having both male and female characteristics, in personality, dress, lifestyle. Being androgynous is just lacking any clear gender role and it is easy to combine the two and feel comfortable, dressing and expressing oneself in the opposite gender or combination of genders. A lot of Androgynous people define themselves as genderless and experts say that they are healthier mentally than those of us that strictly define our selves to man or woman, as they have the freedom of no gender lines. Personally, I feel that androgyny is beautiful, sexy, artistically expressive, there are many people that have an incredible, Iconic fashion sense and have really set trends in society. We can see it as far back as the Renaissance era, where men would wear make up, ruffles, and feminine fabrics, silks, satins in bright colors. Androgyny has become hugely popular in our century, we see so many celebrities embracing androgyny, fashion has come out in several decades with fabulous androgynous looks and set so many trends in the 21st century. One of the most famous was Katherine Hepburn who set the world on its ear in her era and become well known for her androgynous style. Some of the other celebrities include the incredibly sexy and talented David Bowie who’s freedom of expression in his dress style and fashion sense set the 70’s and 80’s on a real fashion roller coaster of trend setting looks.

Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics is another strong androgynous fashion, with her sexy short hair, no makeup, mens suits, hats, her look appealed to many that started to dress like her. Her talents are limitless and she exudes an air of confidence and magnetism that follows her and makes it impossible to take your eyes or ears off of her! We have the incredibly talented Prince, who started a whole generation of androgynous fashion followers, Boy George, Ellen Degeneres, who really took a public flogging for the way she dressed and appeared, but has persevered and become a confident, role model. Canadian Singer KD Lang, Marylin Manson, Angelina Jolie and most recently Adam Lambert. Some of the most amazing designers that have added their golden touch to this genre of fashion are, Helmut Lang, Giorgio Armani, Pierre Cardin Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano, Jeffree Star, Noel Kardashian, just to name a few, have had huge success with their Androgynous fashion lines. The acceptance of the Androgynous style has blossomed over the last 40 years and continues to grow, in fact in some Asian cultures, such as Japan, Androgyny is a social norm. I admire someone who is so free to express themselves and has the confidence to throw caution to the wind, letting their true self shine through, no limitations, no regrets, pure freedom from the societal norms. We should all be so lucky to look at ourselves through these eyes! Shaylah Roxley


INTERVIEW WITH STEELE SIRNAH 1. Please tell us a little about yourself, who are you and what do you do in SL for occupation. I am a huge fan of ice hockey, have worked in the real estate industry for 15 years and model for a number of different agencies on second life. 2. How do you describe androgyny? A little bit of freedom, a complete disregard for the normal route and a challenge for myself. 3. Do you find the general public in SL accepts you? Yes, for the most part people are more fascinated by the look before making assumptions about gender. The ultimate form of acceptance is a compliment. 5. What are the main staples or necessities of being androgynous? You have to be able to see the great parts of everything all at once and bring together a piece that shows humanity. Deceptive humanity as it is more a symbol than a definitive gender. 6. How do people on SL percieve your personality and style? Personality is easy as i just be myself, Style wise I am a bit of an extremist and I like to go that far with it. A canvas before being painted is up to the perception of the artist, after he had his vision and the work is completed it is released to the perceptions of others. In each painting everyone finds their own story. 7. Does being able to be completely androgynous in SL make your real life easier or more difficult? Expression is good for the soul, if sl provides me this platform to do things that can’t be done in rl I will use it. To express yourself in a avatar or a poem or a song is nothing short of healthy 8-. what advice would you give to thoses peoples who don’t assume they selfs ? Don’t be afraid to take chances and take risks, never be afraid to go so far that you laugh at yourself. Its a world of expression, relax and stay a while.

INTERVIEW WITH WORLD UNDERCROFT 1. Please tell us a little about yourself, who are you and what do you do in SL for occupation. In real life I am a musician so I create stuff by my hands and heart for the ears, in sl I have the luxury of showing off others creations as a model, so i create things here in sl for the sight and the thoughts 2. How do you describe androgyny? I consider androgyny the ultimate form of illusion that we can do. Its a neutral pallet that leaves the decisions all up to the beholder and their own conception of beauty or art. 3. Do you find the general public in SL accepts you? For the most part all are very complimentative. Most people who attack or ridicule don’t understand what we try to do, but I am comfortable. If a person is uncomfortable around me or the look, then its not my insecurities that make them feel that way. 5. What are the main staples or necessities of being androgynous? As I mentioned before, we are illusionists. A beautiful woman sometimes gets a double take, in our case we leave more questions than answer. Male or Female? amazing looking or over the top? Do I love it or do I not? 6. How do people on SL percieve your personality and style? I don’t try to change who I am or how I act, The person I put out there is the same in jeans and a t-shirt as I am in a gown. 7. Does being able to be completely androgynous in SL make your real life easier or more difficult? Real life gets easier by being comfortable with yourself as a person. Confidence finds a way to go both ways, so if androgeny in sl can bring out your personality in ways you can’t find in RL, it makes you grow. Experimentations in sl can make some rl decisions easier, but its about confidence. Confidence built in sl can make you confident in RL 8-. what advice would you give to thoses peoples who don’t assume they selfs ? In this SL where we can try or be anything, why be afraid? The only rules are the ones you self impose, so why not break a few and learn to express your real self with confidence and beauty

A new year a new you

It's a new year so how about a new you? Let's ring in 2012 with some RL and SL relaxation and pampering techniques that will relax you; out with old, in with new! SL is such a wonderful place to come and forget you RL day to day stresses, but it really is a lot more fun to come here with some of that tension taken away so that you are more open to enjoy the experience. Here are some great aromatherapy solutions to some common everyday stresses. Essential oils can be found online, and in many stores like the body shop, health and wellness stores, pharmacies. Make sure you get the pure oils undiluted for mixing together for your baths etc. for massaging you can get a plain oil or base oil to mix with your essentials to make them go a long way and be less intense. First, let's start with the mind: Headaches and mental fatigue Make sure you are in a comfortable, quiet place, lean back, relax and take: 2 drops lavender Massage 2 drops undiluted lavender into the temples and the base of the skull. Close you eyes, breath deeply and let the lavender work its magic. Citrus and melon scents are also a great solution and you can find them in oils as well as candles that you can light and just enjoy for a full 15 minute with your eyes closed and your mind open.

Next, we move to your body: The daily body aches, pains and tensions can be taken away with a luxurious hot bath. Set the scene for yourself, some candles, if you prefer not to use oils then try some of your favorite scented candles or bubble bath with can now be found with relaxing scents. Treat yourself to a glass of your favorite wine, a favorite liquor like apricot or cherry brandy, a cup of soothing tea or hot chocolate, something to warm your insides, get in, lay back and let the day wash away with the bath water! Relaxation Massage Oil 4 drops Lavender 1 drop Petitgrain 1 drop Frankincense Add the above essential oil to 6 tsp of massage base. Add to a warm bath or use for a relaxing massage blend. To Calm Nerves and Promote Sleep: 4 drops lavender Add 4 drops lavender to a teaspoon of milk or cream. Pour into a warm bath, stir bathwater and soak. or Add 4 drops lavender to 4 teaspoons of our massage oil base (or any plain base/ carrier oil). Place in a diffuser and diffuse into your room. My favorite relaxing bath is with rose milk or rose water, I treat myself to 2 live roses, whether from my garden in the summer and fall or store bought out of season and I put the petals in my bath, a glass of Sangria, Merlot or a hot chocolate with a dash of Irish Cream or Peppermint Shnapps in the cold winter months. Once a week this simple treat takes me to my nirvana!

Now for your Heart and Soul The most important parts of your being, you need to make sure that you take care of you, love you, spoil you. Here are someways you can take care of yourself: Watch a favorite movie, one that touches you, makes you feel, laugh, cry, fire up your ambitions, dreams. Some of my favorites are by Adam Sandler, I laugh so hard and cry when I watch 50 First Dates, Click. Then there is one that not a lot of people know called A Walk in the Clouds, it stars Keanu Reeves and Debra Messing, Anthony Quinn, it is romantic, funny, beautiful! Read an inspiring book, a biography, a love story, one that will move you, thrill you, inspire you. Some of my favorites are The Help, I could read that book a dozen time and still pick it up and read it again! The Hunger Games, amazingly written future set series by Suzanne Collins, it is written for the young adult set but is so worth a read by everyone! John Grisham novels, not only his legal thrillers but his others are fantastic, my favorite is A painted house, a very touching novel! Write yourself a Love Letter - Tell yourself everything you love about you, what inspires you, your passions, dreams, hopes for the future, no criticism just love because when you love you, then others will follow! Music - Music is the key to the soul it really is, from some enticing classicals, smoking Jazz, sexy blues, vibrant pop, stimulating dance, good loud rock and roll! Listen to your favorites, then try something new! I make it a plan to search new genres of music and artists to give everything a try! Jazz is so hot right now, if you have'nt yet give Diana Krall and Micheal Buble a try, they are amazing! Some of my other favorites are Christina Aguilera, Brian Adams, Bonnie Rait, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Honeymoon Suite, Nickleback, Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Chopin, Beethoveen, Carlos Santana, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton... I could go on forever! While your in SL some of the things you can do to pamper and relax yourself:

Go sim hopping, visit some of the sims here that are visually stimulating like Tempura Japan, It is one of the most stunning sims in SL 􀀃 Wonderoaks which is now in winter mode its lovely 􀀂 Take a trip to Costa Rica 􀀁 Go dancing with the one you love, just a friend or on your own, there are some amazing ballrooms in SL, just waiting for you The RMS Titanic - Which also has some amazing shops to get the perfect ballgown! 􀀀 Quiet and Romantic Amorosa 􀀰 The very romantic Bogarts - again with a sim full of stores to buy a beautiful gown. 􀀯 There are many things you can do in SL for fun and relaxation, there are beautiful beaches, horseback riding, clubs to go dancing, shopping, carnivals, grid wide hunts, worlds of RP. Find your niche and have fun! Make 2012 a year to remember you by!


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