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Greetings! My name is TymonAlexander, I am a model, photographer and magazine publisher. I invite you to discover my project which i invite you to be a part of. It’s a great honor for me to have your support as I begin this new venture in my SL career, the launch of ANDROGENIUS Magazine which is my dream thank you for helping making it true . During my time of modeling and observing what SL has to offer in the fashion world, I have discovered there is two main sectors, male and female. ANDROGENIUS recognizes that fashion is really a form of art, and a tool people use to express themselves. The purpose of this magazine will be to push the boundaries and for the move beyond the limits of ordinary styling. Why can’t men wear heels or make up? Why women in tuxedos and short hair not considered fashionable? and the most important for me is to enjoy , have fun in professional way of course ANDROGENIUS will serve to be the driving force behind a new wave of creative fashionable looks and an inspiration for people to push the envelope of styling further without regard for popular opinion. and get a look on a true fashion . Fashion and design are not only about appearance, but tools that can be used to birth and shape new ideas and concepts that force us to re-examine what’s normal. Other of main goals is to make the magazine plat form where people meet and know each other . raising curtain on designers , rôle models , life style’s which can inspire every single person . beside that second life is virtuel world where to feed dreams and fantaisies , behind every avatar there is a true person with heart , we don’t deal with robots or bots . This sums up the here the main project idea of ANDROGENIUS! I hope we will be able to reach an agreement to work together, it would be an honor to have you be a part of this venture with me. And thank you so much for those who support my project cause ANDROGENIUS MAGAZINE is yours before to be mine as well . If you wish to join next number here order to proceed + I ask that you select no more than two (2-3) outfits to be used in editorials . + logo full perm + your own personel picture + a small biograpghie about who are you , inspirations , in case if needed + Please send a NC with the following info if you are interested. There will be no costs to you for participating . this is my way of thanking you for your support. just to answer your question , to make it precise no fee’s required . if someone want do donation to support in case they like the work that will be sweet and appreciated but again NO obligatory . If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.





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MIMMI BOA AUTO - BIOBRAPHY Hello my friends and thank you for this opportunity you gave me, i really appreciate it. It would really more easier to “talk about me” in my main language but...let me try to sort something out in english too! i’m Mimmi Boa, italian, born in Sl on May 20th 2007 and In Second Life i’m a professional model from January 2008. After the first months of exploring i decided to plan in SL the same career i had in RL when i was younger. When i decided to start at international level I practiced a lot to have a perfect confidence with the “pixel catwalks” i remember i spent hours and hours walking on my lil beach to have a “regal straight portament” and also lot of time were spent to reach the best look and styles (yes i’m very picky)! My hard work and good skills helped me to reach all my targets in few time. I really pushed myself to the limit to have a good preparation on stage and to create a unique avatar with a very personal look. I was ready to model in February 2008 and in the same month i won my the first contest as testimonial of an italian agency. In April i was selected as prefinalist of Miss Virtual World and i was choosen as testimonial of a big international agency. In June 2008 Dea Mills ( the founder of Modavia, a true SL fashion Legend) gave me the tag of Modavia Supermodel and i was over the top of the happiness! This was my first big goal to reach and i was really proud and happy i did it! (Dea was my first fan and we had a very special friendship and feeling one for each other.) On July 27th ( my RL birthday) i was choosen as finalist for Miss Virtual World representing Italy and the dream started to become true...... In the following months i won some other important contests and on 2008 December 6th i was crowned Miss Virtual World 2009, the biggest goal you can reach in this industry. I can’t forget that day, was simply incredible! I was also nomenee best model of the year 2008 and 2009, 2010, 2011 From the start of 2009 i also own Evane Models Agency that becoming in 2011 “SoloEvane Model agency” because i did a join venture with another agency due my rl issues. I own Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy that is my true proud! Beside modeling i still teach in Miss Virtual World Academy I always keep my committment seriously and i’m very reliable and versatile, I love my job and i do it with passion! Usually people wants to know from me suggests concerning how to becoming a Supermodel and i’m going to tell you something about it, the first simple but most important infos i usually tell to my students:

I always keep my committment seriously and i’m very reliable and versatile, I love my job and i do it with passion! Usually people wants to know from me suggests concerning how to becoming a Supermodel and i’m going to tell you something about it, the first simple but most important infos i usually tell to my students: A Supermodel must be unique and unique doesn’t mean beautiful ( in SL is easy to be beautiful) but means to be different and outstanding from the crowd. Give personality to your lovely pixel doll, put your soul, your real one in your avatar! Don’t be shy to be different, take time to experiment and testing combinations ‘till you find the avatar that fits you perfectly. Dont forget you can join schools, you can buy skins, shapes, outfits but you couldn’t buy attitude, good taste, good manners….. you must have it in your “DNA”

From here mimmi boa has no thing else to hide from you here

I usually tell to my models that i don’t make miracles but i am on the good way to! Beside the look, don’t forget to remember that a Supermodel must be reliable, sincere, humble, always perfect, good behaviour and out of dramas; you will recognise a Supermodel because she make all the heads around her turn when she appears in a place and remember this is a matter of personality and attitude not a matter of beautiness and perfection.

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We are models not actresses so our job is to “give life” to the creations we have to present. Put all our efforts to be really outstanding and don't forget models are the best way for the designers to get known and to sell. Respect the designers and their job even if you don't like what you have to wear.... (not every tastes are the same)! NO complains, be professional, no dramas! If you want to be a good model behave and respect people. SL is a pixel world but there are true persons behind the lovely "dolls" you move on the screen so treat others as you want to be treated! I'm sure you are in sl what you are in rl because you couldn't change your personality and following this statement you will see a looser still be a looser, a sick mins stills be a sick mind and a great personality will be great also here! ................Don't copy others, let others copy you.................. Don't follow the trends.....................Rule the trends! To all the ones who loves statistics here you go; i avoid to write the list of the agencies where i work and i have worked........(too many), here a significative list of my accomplishments: - Miss Virtual World 2009- Miss Bliss Couture 2010- Miss Best of Fashion 2008 -Nomenee best model of the year 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011 -Nomenee avatar of the year 2011 - Winner of the “Audacious Summer model contest” 2008 - Winner of the catwalk winter model contest of Evane model ( i wasn’t the owner at that time...). - Winner of the Sana Models’s runaway contest (Top model rank and testimonial on the logo agency) - Miss Jen School: testimonial 2008 for the italian model agency “jen school and service” i was testimonial for lot of designers and famous brands of the grid. Co owner of SoloEvane Model agency Owner and GM of Mimmi Boa Modeling academy Executive in Miss Virtual World modeling academy -in 2008 Involved as Top model and P.R. in the Maseno project to support “Maseno orphanage” in Kenya (we organized fashion shows with auction to supportchildren) -Cover girl for Bestyle magazine september 2008

rl for Bestyle magazine jan 2009 -Covergirl for “la Stela magazine” september 2008 -Model of the month in the Avenue models magazine September -Covergirl for “Bestyle” magazine november 2010 -Covergirl as Miss Virtual World for BOSL January 2009 Issue -Covergirl as Miss Virtual World for Slexy magazine january Issue -Covergirl for Essence of Style Issue 3 -Interview as Miss Virtual World in almost every magazine of the grid for january issues. - Covergirl BOSL December 2009 -Cover of Bestyle February 2012 -Appeared almost every month on the most important SL magazines -In 2009 Chief of the “Maseno Project II” garments of hope, organized a fashion show marathon to raise funds for the “Nest rescue Centre” in Luanda- Kenya. raised over 4.000 USA dollars!!!!!!!!!!!This is my proud! -in 2010 produced with my staff “Heart for haiti” we raised approx 600.000 linden in two shows. I performed in approximately more of 1000 fashion shows.



FASTER PUSSICAT Honey Bender Presentation I came to SL in 2006 and spent a few years as a dancer and model before I started to design clothes. I was also hired on the promotional team for the first tabloid newspaper to launch here, the AvaStar where I wrote weekly style columns and interviewed SL celebs about their favourite clothes. At the time I worked as a model with Aspire Models, which was the first model agency in SL, and had the pleasure of showing the designs of some of the finest designers in Second Life at the time. Since styling and editing prims is an importent part of the model’s day I thought why not try and make some clothes myself - and to put it short, the rest is history. But I had a lot of good help, both from my partner Coeur Auer, my accessory designer PoosyKat LittleBoots and designer friends in SL.

All of my designs are themed. Our newest lines are BOY - an androgyne collection of glamourous pants, furs and shirts inspired by the RL model and fashion icon Andrej Peijic. The other is Neo Geisha - a mix and match collection of funky separates and matching boots, shoes and accessories for both genders. As for the inspiration of the Geisha line I have always been fascinated with Japan and the geisha phenomenon, the makeups and also the actors of the Kabuki. And - even more so I adore the modern Japanese teen culture with manga, anime, cosplay - the guys who dress up as Elvis (and look more Elvis than the real Elvis!) and cute rockabilly girls. They all seem to have that Americana fifties look down perfectly - but mixed with their colourful and very beautiful japanese sense of colour and style. So I wanted to do a line that reflects that. I listened to the band 5 6 7 8 from Kill Bill, especially the track Hanky Panky for inspiration - - thats Neo Geisha’s soundtrack if you like.

My plans for the future is to have more fun, and especially design cutting edge clothes for men. I love designing for men, they are so adventourous!! Thank you for your interest in Faster Pussycat!

<3 HOneyB


Owner and head designer of Countdown rezzed in SL June 29th 2011 as AntoniaXp.. I start to design my first clothings . on August 2011 and Open my store on September 2011 . My style of outfits is very eclectic from casual,formal,and i do linger y too all depend on my moods , needs or inspirations . I’ve done some shows with some agency’s as designer . im also a model in SL i just gradated from MVW. im happy in a both life sl and real l . I’ve done many things and improved lot in SL in a short time. at first i was knowing nothing about photo shop. But now im trying my best to created somethings nice . share my visions of fashion .i want to be big designer in Sl . my design be known on the grid. love to model and present designers outfits too as i love to walk on the runway .. <i just love all about fashion . I don’t have unique style but i design what is on my imagination . xxx anto who love w indows xp

Do you aspire be a model on Second Life? Would you like to walk as if you’re walking in a Dior show, head held high and proud and confident for being skilled as you are? DO YOU have what it takes? Becoming a model on SL can be very challenging, and you may have a lot of fun with it but the essential is to have the right skills to be successful in the fashion industry! At Mimmi Boa Modelling Academy you will learn the very high techniques and professionalism required for today’s models. We promise you the best professionals to teach you what it takes to shine on runways, auditions and castings. As a student in our intensive program you will learn all the techniques you need to be successful from the best and, most importantly, instructors will help you to discover your best look! Upon completion of the six structured lessons you will be ready to graduate to the catwalks of high fashion and work professional photo shoots. Mimmi Boa Model Academy [created by models from the Solo Evane Model Agency] is a professional school owned and operated by Mimmi Boa – Miss Virtual World 2009. At Mimmi Boa Modelling Academy we nurture dreams. It is here you will have an opportunity to breakthrough into the fashion industry with all the tools you need to take it head on and win. Becoming a top model in the demanding world of Second Life fashion is not so easy. It takes determination and hard work. At Mimmi Boa Modelling Academy we will prepare you. Next classes to begin: •English European time course •Mimmi Boa [on Mondays from 12 pm slt to 2 pm slt] Next class begins April ( date to schedule) •English USA time course •Sequoia Nightfire [on Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm slt]

================================================================ ======== FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION (COPY AND PASTE BELOW INTO A NOTECARD) Please name the Notecard: 2011 MIMMI BOA MODELING ACADEMY Application-[Your Name] MBMA APPLICATION FORM _______________________________________ ATTE NTI O N .ATTE NTI O N .ATTE NTI O N Deliver this NC directly to both: Mimmi Boa & Sequoia Nightfire Please fill in this application completely including transaction information. Make all payments of fees to Mimmi Boa. TODAY’S DATE: NAME: SL REZZ DAY: GENDER: COUNTRY: LANGUAGES: PLEASE LIST BY BRAND: SKINS, SHAPES, POSES, HAIR STYLES/COLOURS, EYES THAT YOU PREFER MOST OFTEN TO USE: HAVE YOU ANY MODELING EXPERIENCE? EXPLAIN PLEASE WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A MODEL? WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS AND AMBITIONS? WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THIS SCHOOL? WHICH CLASS WOULD YOU PREFER ?

SPRING -2012 - MENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

Alright guys, if I had to sum up the trends for men for spring in three wor suit by Michael Bastian, we see a return to a well tailored silhouette. Blu body type, a well tailored suit will always look good.

The second look by Louis Vuitton beautifully illustrates the spring trend o knee, well fitted zip-ups and shirts complete this look with a simple clean strong trend for men this spring.

Remember guys, when you are looking to trends for inspiration it is impo

â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S FASHION TRENDS

rds they would be: fresh, clean and tailored. Starting at the top with the blue ue is a prominent colour on the runway for spring and no matter what your

of sport couture. We are seeing the short for men coming back above the n shoe. Lastly, Bottega Veneta shows us the use of colour that remains a

ortant to consider how the look will fit your body type and how to incorporate

Spring 2012 Fashion Tr

It should be no surprise that we are seeing florals and colour on the runways for ways intriguing to see the designers use of texture and colour.

As Carolina Herrera artfully shows us in the first image, colour blocking using ge es, this is a trend that has carried forward from Spring 2011. Below, Proenza Sc when attempting the tulip dress cut however, this is not a look that is easily pulle

Lastly, and my personal favourite, we have Calvin Klein showing soft pastels, wi low the knee to give the look a touch of class and grace.

Trends - WOMEN

r Spring 2012. As an essential element to almost every spring collection it al-

eometric shapes is a strong trend. Whether on dresses or using separate piecchouler does florals the right way in an elegant tulip dress. Ladies, do be careful ed off by everyone.

ith deconstructed fabrics and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll note a hemline that has been dropped be-