The 10 Most Dexterous E-Learning Solution Providers to Watch in 2022

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A Rapidly Growing Industry

In the last two years, the e-learning industry has proliferated as a new paradigm for contemporary education. As a result of the pandemic, the majority of schools, colleges, universities, and other organizations were forced to halt their on-campus programs and switch entirely to online instruction. The term e-learning refers to learning by using electronic technology to access educational materials and curriculums outside the classroom. E-learning has been introduced to nearly all specialties and levels of education. E-learning has currently been implemented in almost all specializations and educational levels. Over the next few years, it is predicted that e-learning will increase 15-fold to represent 30% of all academic offerings globally.

E-learning means no boundaries. It enables each student to manage the pace of their course. Thanks to the flexibility e-learning provide, users can also take the course in an environment more suited to their learning styles. As requirements change, it gives management and staff considerably more freedom to complete crucial "just in time" training. E-learning enables businesses to provide employees with more efficient, higher-quality training at a lower cost. When employees are more excited about training, their engagement gets multiplied across departments, and the bottom line gets impacted.

Experts drive the e-learning industry in soft skills training, leadership training programs, and executive coaching for individuals, making the learning experience engaging and fun. At Tycoon Success, we take immense pride in curating a list of "The 10 Most Dexterous E-Learning Solution Providers to Watch in 2022."

On the Cover, we have Nicos Nicolaou, the CEO of Unicaf, a leading online higher education platform headquartered in Europe, with students spread across 158 countries. The state-of-the-art digital platform from Unicaf provides access to the best quality university degree programs and professional courses from several reputable partner institutions spread across U.S., U.K., and Africa. The online platform also facilitates Higher Education studies at an affordable cost.

A partner of Liverpool John Moores University, the University of east London, the University of Suffolk, the University of California, Riverside Extension, and multi-campus Unicaf University in Africa; Unicaf is expanding its operations in Africa through an ever-growing network of university campuses and learning centers offering blended and open learning options. At this point, Unicaf has its presence in 12 African Countries and plans to expand to 5 additional countries in the next two years. It offers its high-quality Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree through its partner universities at a fraction of the cost in Africa. The multi-campus Unicaf University is accredited regionally by the British Accreditation Council, offering various degree programs with a strong focus on professional skills.

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The Leading Provider of Tertiary Education

Unicaf is a leading online higher education platform headquartered in Europe, with students spread across 158 countries. The state-of-the-art digital platform from Unicaf provides access to the best quality university degree programs and professional courses from several reputable partner institutions spread across U.S., U.K., and Africa. Led by its CEO, Nicos Nicolaou, the online platform also facilitates Higher Education studies at an affordable cost.

A partner of Liverpool John Moores University, the University of east London, the University of Suffolk, the University of California, Riverside Extension, and multi-campus Unicaf University in Africa, Unicaf is expanding its operations in Africa through an ever-growing network of university campuses and learning centers offering blended and open learning options. At this point, Unicaf has its presence in 12 African Countries and plans to expand to 5 additional countries in the next two years. It offers its high-quality Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degree through its partner universities at a fraction of the cost in Africa. The multi-campus Unicaf University is accredited by local regulators and by the British Accreditation Council, offering various degree programs with a strong focus on professional skills.

Primary Strategies

Unicaf and Unicaf University offers a wide range of undergraduate programs online and through blended learning., All the programs offered by the education platform are accredited by the local regulators in each country where it operates.

Presently the organization's primary strategy is to continue expanding its presence throughout Africa by obtaining additional university licenses in several new countries and expanding its current portfolio of programs. Unicaf's presence allows its students to have local support and assistance with

the application process. Unicaf University also helps its students by providing the opportunity to attend face-to-face tutorials, use the computer labs with high-speed internet, use the digital library, and access the brand's state-of-the-art technology.

"At Unicaf, we use the latest technology, and we are perhaps unique in the use of predictive analytics in online learning. The use of A.I. predictive models in learning and student support allows for the individualization of learning and predicting student learning issues before they happen."- says Nicos.

The learning platform continues to develop state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the existing technologies it uses in its digital platform, making its operations efficient and scalable. Additionally, its U.K. university partners provide its students with the opportunity of receiving internationally

10 December 2022
The 10 Most Dexterous E-Learning Solution Providers to Watch in 2022.

recognised qualifications at a fraction of the cost. At present, Unicaf is holding discussions with several British Universities which are interested in offering their online courses for African students.

In addition to new programs, Unicaf is also working with its local teams to identify the needs of the markets where it operates. The learning platform’s primary aim is to offer programs that can help its students with employment opportunities.

Advantages of Online Education

With the pandemic, most educational institutions have moved to online education. Nicos believe online education comes with several advantages.

11 December 2022

Flexibility and Accessibility: Online education allows students to set schedules that fit their family and other professional commitments. With online education, an individual does not need to give up on jobs or leave home.

Not Limited to a Small Geographical Area: With online education, a program offering is not limited to the availability of students within a small geographical area. The modern classes are formed by students from all over the planet.

Customized Learning Experience: The best part about online education is it can be customized according to individual needs. Technologies adopted for online learning help with the personal interaction between student and tutor.

Affordability: With online education, students can pay one module at a time, which helps to create better budget management. Also, unlike traditional education, online education tends to be affordable. With online education, many students are also offered discounts and scholarships, so the price is affordable. As an online education platform Unicaf has already provided over $100 million in scholarships for its students.

Additionally, distance education can eliminate several barriers to higher education in Africa. Using flexible delivery models, students were not needed to visit physical locations at a pre-determined date and time.

When Employability is Vital

With a mission to positively contribute to the educational, economic, and sustainable development of local communities and regions, Unicaf uses its latest technology and innovative tools to improve and enhance the instructional method's effectiveness and learning experience. The digital platform is a culmination of technology, people, and data. Its state-of-the-art digital platform helps students with various services until they graduate.

Nicos explains that 85% of Unicaf's students declare that they were able to find better jobs or get a promotion at their current job. Developed in collaboration with employers to meet their specific needs, Unicaf University programs provide the needed knowledge and skills to help graduates enter the marketplace. Critical to the employment of new graduates is the development of higher education programs of study by engaging employers. A collaboration with employers and industry should target to help students achieve the needed skills relevant to the career of their choice.

Presently Unicaf is increasing the employability of its students by offering career advice and work placement opportunities, establishing partnerships with employers, designing programs focusing on professional skills, and involving employers in curriculum design and delivery.

12 December 2022

The 10 Most Dexterous E-Learning Solution Providers to Watch in 2022.

Foster Melliar UK: Upskilling Clients with Consultant-Led Courses and eLearning Products

During the early 1990s, Foster-Melliar Learning Solutions was one of the first South African companies that adopted the globally recognised best practice approach to IT Service Management known as ITIL. Thanks to this solid foundation, the organization brought together some of the most skilled and experienced specialists in the country to supplement its ITIL portfolio with a range of best practices, including;

and skills development provider. Evolving over 3 decades, the organisation’s clients include corporates, individuals, school-leavers, graduates, and various government agencies. It is a leading provider of IT solutions, business consulting services, and broad-based skills training courses that enable its clients to value and optimise various business and technology processes for individuals to stay ahead of technological advancements.

DevOps, best practices combining Software Development and IT operations,shortening development life cycles, and providing continuous delivery with high-quality software.

The organisation’s innovative consultant-led training and coaching capabilities also help its clients maximize their human capital investments and quickly react to the changing markets by developing a framework to evaluate, deploy, manage, and extend the skills of their human intellectual capital skills. Foster-Melliar’s consultants are geared to deliver the programs and apply them to specific work environments.

Path Breaking Services

With the vision to be the knowledge partner of choice for consulting, learning, and implementing value-added business systems and processes, the organisation introduced its first branch in the U.K in 2022 (Foster-Melliar UK.).

With this new branch in the U.K, Foster-Melliar is continuously expanding its portfolio of products and services to meet the ever-changing needs of organizations and individuals throughout the globe, which ensures its readiness for the deployment of new technology in the Beta and early adopter phases of leading cloud and related technologies, offering clients the competitive advantage of ‘first to market’ adoption.

As a member of the Foster-Melliar Group, the organisation is a fully accredited consulting, training, and skills development provider. Evolving over 3 decades, the organisation’s clients include corporates,

Led by its CEO, Peter Clark, Foster-Melliar offers virtual instructor-led training, consulting, and eLearning in a wide range of digital and IT skills. Through the organisation’s affordable e-learning platform, clients can also upskill themselves or their entire workforce at a significantly less cost in a shorter time period with courses like the ITIL Foundation course, People Development courses, Microsoft Azure courses, or Microsoft Apps courses.

14 December 2022

Foster-Melliar’s Microsoft 365 training is the perfect place to start for clients focused on service and business management skills. Once the Microsoft 365 course is completed, clients can opt for other complex certifications like Microsoft Administrator Expert or Microsoft Security Administrator. Foster-Melliar’s consultants can also help clients upskill in various business applications like Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Supply Chain 01
Agile, best practices relevant to Software Development Project Management.
Foster-Melliar will Educate – Mentor –Empower you and make your IT future possible through teaching, learning, and growing. PETER CLARK Foster-Melliar | CEO “ “ 0215 December 2022

Management, etc. The consultant-led trainers are also proficient in Service Management and Business Management training, helping clients choose the best platform and services that work best for the business.

Helping Clients to Improve their Skills

“It is essential to keep your employees certified and up to speed, from the CIO right down to the bottom layers of your organisation, not just in terms of technology, but in terms of how each specific job role maps out within the greater context of what the business does.”- says Peter.

Picture of the Future

Foster-Melliar U.K aspires to be the knowledge partner of choice for consulting, learning, and implementation of value-added business systems and processes. It intends to upskill and develop people as managers and leaders, which keeps employees productive and accelerates their career development for the better.

Expanding our eLearning solutions to the world is our next step. The next branch that we are opening is in Australia.”- asserts Peter.

He believes that in order to improve their daily tasks and roles within the company, everyone and every company needs to learn quickly. As technology changes, the process for the tasks at hand becomes outdated. With courses being updated as technology updates, there will be a continuous need for people, employees, and companies to upskill. Providing the opportunity to learn and upskill often increases employees’ motivation for everything.

Tackling the Pandemic

Due to the pandemic-induced lock-downs and social distancing norms, the corporate classroom training was massively effected. During this time, Foster-Melliar witnessed a sharp decrease in classroom training and an exponential increase in eLearning self-study training on its online learning portal and virtual courses through Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

With the resumption of the traditional educational system, Foster-Melliar now expects to meet the learning style of students, improve efficiency and effectiveness of students and courses, improve user accessibility, a sense of belonging to a class or community, and discussions between students just like in the classroom, sharing knowledge, and the same quality of qualifications. 03
16 December 2022
2022 18 December 2022
Amol Shinde FOUNDER & CEO - Knowzies The 10 Most Dexterous E-Learning Solution Providers to Watch in


Revolutionizing eLearning Industry with a Dash of Digital Innovations

With the mobile revolution the learning pedagogy and the patterns have changed and eLearning is now a more acceptable method of learning. Anytime Learning (ATL), mobile learning, microlearning, AR/VRare the new methods that are going to impose/impart the best quality learning to the end-users.

With advance authoring tools and technology in place, the flexibility in building creative eLearning courses at a lesser cost is a boon for the industry. It is now very easy to create a gamified experiential learning experience with the latest technologies like mobile, AR/VR, highly engaging simulations, etc.

Knowzies Technology Solutions is India’s fastest growing Learning Technology Solutions company focused on developing custom eLearning, mLearning and performance support solutions.

The Impressionist Leader

Amol Shinde, the Founder and CEO of Knowzies is a serial entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience in the Learning Technology domain. He is deeply passionate about building scalable and trusted technology products that help organizations to transform digitally. His acute vision of making an organization with a difference that has helped to develop a unique culture where everyone is the owner of their task.

“I’m also a believer in investing deeply in company culture and people to build an organization that lasts and sharing lessons learned – the wins and the not-so-muches – to help other companies do the same. Our customer-centric approach and never give up attitude makes us the most lovable outsourcing partners for our customer with 99% retention ratio with our happy clients,” asserts Amol.

Extraordinary eLearning Solutions

Custom eLearning Solutions

Knowzies offers design and development services for creating custom learning solutions that help organizations to achieve specific learning outcomes aligned to business goals.

Rapid Authoring Tools

With an in-depth knowledge of various eLearning authoring tools, Knowzies’ learning designers can assist organizations in building cost-effective, engaging, and interactive media-rich eLearning content. The company helps organizations build impactful eLearning solutions while managing budgetary as well as technological requirements. They build eLearning using: Articulate Storyline; Adobe Captivate; Lectora Inspire and Lectora Online; Camtasia; and Gomo Learning.

19 December 2022

Mobile Learning Solutions

Increased use of smart devices by learners and acceptance of BYOD by organizations has made aspirations of creating self-paced, just-in-time, or on-the-go learning achievable in their truest sense. Knowzies specializes in creating learning content that plays seamlessly across a variety of smart devices. Its mobile learning content is designed based on expert-defined principles of instructional design, user-interface-interaction-experience design, and responsive design.

The products designed are: Mobile-First Learning Content; Device-Agnostic Learning Content; Mobile Performance Support Solutions (MPSS); Interactive Microlearning Nuggets; Videos Based Learning; Infomercial Style Content.

Explainer Video & Animation

Knowzies’ instructional designers are expert at writing video scripts and ensuring learner engagement by designing interactive elements such as Traditional animation (2D, Cel, Hand Drawn); 2D Animation (Vector-based); 3D Animation (CGI, Computer Animation); Motion Graphics (Typography, Animated Logos) and Stop Motion (Claymation, Cut-Outs).


Microlearning solutions by Knowzies are designed to provide precise information mapped to a specific actionable learning objective.

Translation & Localisation Solutions

Knowzies also offers translation and localization services to meet the learning needs of its global staff. They support the organizations with the translation of the content in multiple languages; location of the content; voice-over recording by local artists; and Camtasia Voice-Over integration.

Knowzies also offer Flash to HTML5 conversion services which include Flash-based eLearning courses; Flash activities, games, and Simulations;

and Flash Assessments and Quizzes.

Knowzies Offshore Development Centre (ODC) has expertise in developing, testing, deploying, and supporting the learning development initiatives of organizations.

With Knowzies gamification learning solutions, organizations can surprise, challenge, and engage their learners. Its gamified solutions integrate elements of fun with instructional design.

Benefits for Clients

The highly focused custom eLearning development solutions allow the Knowzies to do the rapid development helping clients to reduce their go-to-market time. “For our clients, we help them to get the best eLearning experience in a very quick and cost-effective way without compromising the crux of the content and visual aesthetics,” expresses Amol.

Obstacles down the Road and the Smart Strategies

The company takes pride in its existing client retention rate of almost 95%. However, going forward with increasing operational costs a part of its growth, shrinking margins have emerged as one of the challenges for the team.

E-Learning is a very competitive industry and to sustain year on year continuity with the clients, one must need to be ahead of the curve and the solution lies in innovation. eLearning is a field of imagination and creativity and more creative and innovative you are, more the chances of bigger success.

20 December 2022

Chip Reaves

2022 22 December 2022
The 10 Most Dexterous E-Learning Solution Providers to Watch in

Bigger brains

Crafting Uniquely Engaging & Interactive ELearning Courses

Thanks to the miracle of the internet and tech advancements, new doors have opened for accessing knowledge, high-quality education, and training. Nowadays, eLearning landscape is gaining immense popularity among students and learners due to its wide set of benefits all over the world. Presently, there are a number of eLearning solutions providers that are offering diverse courses through their respective flagship platforms. Founded in 2012, one such interactive eLearning platform, Triple Tech LLC dba Bigger Brains is on a mission to create more productive workplaces through exceptional eLearning offerings.

Remarkably, the major driver behind the company’s success and reputation is its CEO, Chip Reaves. Chip has 20+ years of experience and is highly skilled in computer service, franchise management, and online training programs. While commenting on the eLearning scenario, from a leader’s and entrepreneur’s perspective, Chips says that eLearning and traditional education will continue to work side-by-side. Furthermore, when it comes to eLearning, the online platform is more convenient and cost-effective for covering diverse topics but few things are best taught in a live, teacher-lead scenario.

A Serial Entrepreneur Helping Companies in Their E-Learning Efforts

Going down the memory lane, Chip met with a game-changing incident that motivated him to establish Bigger Brains. It all began when the seasoned leader co-founded Computer Troubleshooters, a worldwide IT franchise system. While working there, he was allotted the task of creating an online training platform for the company. For the first time, Chip learned the value and significance of eLearning while building his online training portal which is now used by over 400 locations around the world. By shifting training to the online portal, he saved considerable amount of time and travel expenses by delivering it to large number of people. “After selling Computer Troubleshooters, I wanted to help other companies with their own eLearning efforts by providing a high-quality set of commonly needed training courses which they could instantly deliver to their people,” says Chip. This is how Chip was inspired to establish Bigger Brains. Currently, the company continues to create the “Absolute Best Online Training” from its studios at Anderson, South Carolina.

23 December 2022

Making Courses Fun, Interactive, and Easy To Understand

Bigger Brains is an off-the-shelf E-Learning content provider with a “Uniquely Engaging”™ Teacher/Learner format. This format consists of video-based modules filmed in a studio with multiple cameras and two people on screen that are: “Teacher” and “Learner”. Because of this, the skilled team of Bigger Brains can deliver natural dialogue, clarification, interrogation, and humour that doesn’t exist in traditional lecture-based modules. The company’s training content is excellent for companies of any size, but particularly beneficial for training departments.

Additionally, by using Bigger Brains’ courses, companies can concentrate their inner training on the subjects distinctive to their organizations. To create the most realistic and comprehensive training courses possible, the most interactive eLearning solution provider works with top teachers and subject matter experts. These experts have real-world experience of working in particular areas along with teaching experience in colleges and corporate environments.

Offering Different E-Learning Courses Globally

As a leading eLearning solution provider, Bigger Brains offers a library of off-the-shelf eLearning courses focused on topics related to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Email Management, Cybersecurity, general business productivity, and many more. These courses are taught by hired industry experts. Along with this, the “Bigger Brains style” videos are designed to be both enjoyable to watch as well as effective than the run-of-the-mill lecture-style videos that are often found online. Additionally, the company has developed and designed a new E-Learning app to help people retain the knowledge and skills they learn via Bigger Brains and other courses. BrainBot, an intelligent AI-based chatbot

communicates with users to provide post-training reinforcement boosters or “nudge learning’, which can help improve knowledge retention by a factor of 10x.

Working Together to Create the Finest E-Learning App and Courses

Currently, Chip is focusing on BrainBot’s global expansion. After the enhancements, companies and teachers can use it to support their personal training. Furthermore, the versatile leader and his professional team are adding more features in the current courses with interactive transcripts, gamified knowledge checks, and localized translations. In the future, people from all walks of life will be able to access as well as use Bigger Brain’s unique eLearning courses and app.

Staying Ahead by Making Training Interactive, Engaging and Effective

Today, there are numerous eLearning solutions available in the market for individuals to choose from. Therefore, comprehending the market competition, Bigger Brains’ CEO and his skilled team devotes time and energy into continuous innovation and quality improvement of their offerings. Each year, they work on a key project that is designed to enhance how they create, produce, and deliver training, thereby making it more interactive, engaging, and effective. For the past few years, they have evolved according to their surrounding landscape to create and enhance the company’s unique training platform. In 2017, the highly experienced team at Bigger Brains hosted an event to help focus group of millennials to better understand what eLearning features worked best for them. Likewise, in 2018, they developed their BrainBot workflow learning app. This year, the expert team has recruited industry professionals to evaluate and refine their course production process. As a result, they are able to improve the focus and knowledge-transfer of their eLearning courses by achieving these milestones year after year.

24 December 2022

Things to consider while choosing the Right eLearning Courses

Being the CEO of a prominent eLearning solution provider, Chip feels that customers should be aware of their investments in eLearning. He believes that creating or buying eLearning courses is very easy, but they may become boring or ineffective for their teams.

All it takes is one or two bad experiences that can push them away from using eLearning at all. He further adds, “By focusing on the quality of your eLearning content, including things like pacing, lesson objectives, course outcomes, and key point outlines, you can build training that your people will enjoy and benefit from.”

25 December 2022

The 10 Most Dexterous E-Learning Solution Providers to Watch in 2022

Chief Executive Officer - Interactyx,

Simon Cooper 28 December 2022


Transforming Online Learning Platform

At present, education can be broadly categorized into two scenarios; traditional education and e-learning. In traditional education, learning is more focused on one to one interaction and class training education; it includes practical hands on learning or group based learning. There are scenarios that suit e-Learning, where learning can be self-paced and done remotely. There are also practical areas where both can be intermixed providing a best of breed approach. The e-Learning scenario changes depending on the type of organization and the challenges they are trying to solve. Some organizations are specifically focused on ensuring successful onboarding of staff, while others layer in compliance and regulation training. Others are looking to promote program, procedure or product knowledge to various groups.

Since 2000, Interactyx has contributed significantly to the e-learning space. The company was one of the first to put textbooks combined with simulation models and assignments online for Economics students. In addition, with the release of TOPYX, it became one of the first social LMSs allowing organizations to create communities and connect learners to other learners, instructors and managers all in single platform. TOPYX is built by learners for learners focusing on providing

engaging and interactive experiences to learners, businesses, associations, and nonprofits irrespective of size and location.

TOPYX: Blended e-Learning Program

Interactyx focuses on gather, interact, and learn which supports the overall process of gathering content, allowing groups and individuals to interact with the content and each other to facilitate an ongoing learning experience regardless of how the learners receive the content in traditional or e-learning settings. Interactyx provides TOPYX in 4 different versions each for a flat fee allowing organizations of any size to take advantage of e-learning no matter how many learners they have.

TOPYX is highly configurable so that it can be fine-tuned to meet both simple and complex learning requirements. It can also be integrated easily into other business systems and workflow, making it simple for learners to find, use and engage with content and others. The best feature of TOPYX is that it supports a blended learning environment which enables both self-paced learning, and online collaborative learning. Moreover, it also supports in class or session-based

29 December 2022

learning with the ability to capture external learning activities. In addition, it also offers various pre-built content, e-commerce options, fully branded experiences, admin services and more—all delivered from the cloud with no software to install.

An Education Enthusiast Enhancing Learning Experience

Simon Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of Interactyx, has a strong background in product, pricing and go-to-market strategy for growing technology companies. He holds a bachelor of science honors degree from Sheffield Hallam University in Software Engineering. Highlighting his interest in the software industry, Simon says, “You can take an idea, write some code and then interact with what you’ve built. Playing around with early computers certainly influenced me to pursue a career in the software industry.” As an education enthusiast, he loves to work in the learning and education industry. Learning in general is important for everyone and it’s a continual experience day after day. e-Learning is an important conduit to facilitate the ongoing learning and education which benefits every learner in some way from engaging with learning content. This helps people to grow, improve and learn new skills.

Utilizing Quality Resources

As a software vendor, Interactyx is happy to help clients with any need; clients should take every advantage to connect with peers and employ best practices, new knowledge or discuss ideas. There are ‘n’ numbers of ways to use e-learning, so collaborating on different approaches is helpful to find the optimal solution. The valuable content created by an organization should be looked upon as a reusable asset that can be deployed organization wide. Furthermore using e-learning technology across other parts of an organization furthers learning reach. In today’s market, there are

lot of talented designers and instructors who are looking for the opportunity to assist organizations in developing the best material and content. These designers are coming with fresh ideas which could be applied to the environment to improve learning engagement or knowledge sharing and retention. Interactyx believes in utilizing these resources to support its clients in every possible way.

Challenging the Challenges

There are many e-Learning platforms in the market. There is also a lot of diversity in the challenges competitors are solving for organizations. Interactyx uses solid product and business strategy to stay ahead in the market. To maintain its lead amongst the other competitors, it balances the current industry trends with competitor innovation, customer’s vision against internal innovation, roadmap, and technical debt. While working with other organizations, Interactyx ensures that it has a perfect go-to-market strategy, which is relevant and on point. At times, organizations are not certain what they want from the market and to avoid such confusion, Interactyx uses analytical approach to identifying where to begin and where to place the priorities.

Upcoming Innovative Projects

Maintaining its quality of service, Interactyx focuses on ensuring that the platform is keeping pace with newer learning content that supports VR and AR. It modernizes the learner experience which makes the platform more learner/consumer focused and creates more engaging experiences. It is also working on creating a more personalized experience by identifying with the learner, their goals, interests, and needs, connecting them to additional content, opportunities, recommendations and learner community involvement.

30 December 2022

The 10 Most Dexterous E-Learning Solution Providers to Watch in 2022

Rohini Raju

Managing Director & Trainer at Rave Institutes

32 December 2022

Rave Institutes

How To Increase Learner Engagement

The first question that comes to mind when we talk about a training program is, “What Makes A Program Successful?” The answer to this question is simple. The one thing that makes a training program successful is: Learner Engagement.

What does Learner Engagement mean?

Learner Engagement means involving the learners at every phase of the training program keeping them motivated to fully invest themselves in learning. Engaged learners are active in their learning, understand the need for training, are motivated to participate in discussions and activities and are willing to bring about a positive change in their work.

Learner Engagement increases the productivity of the learners as more engaged learners means highly motivated employees who are willing to implement what they have learnt which results in better performance.

5 Best Learner Engagement Strategies:

1.Understand And Communicate The Training Objectives:

Learners engage better when they know what they

are about to learn and what exactly is expected of them. Understanding the training needs of the participants is an important first step. That could involve simply asking the participants about their previous learning experiences, what they are expecting from the program and what do they want to achieve at the end of the program. Understanding the training needs of the learners at the very beginning of the program helps determine the gap between their current skill levels and those required.

2.Make Learning Fun And Interesting:

The next thing to do is to design the content in a structured manner so that the message is easy to understand. “Learning by Doing” is the best policy therefore the program must include short videos, activities, role plays and case studies to make learning more fun and interesting. This also helps the participants to grasp the content effortlessly while they are enjoying the activities.

Just remember that fun is a means to an end, not the end goal itself. Also remember that short breaks and interactive discussions allow the learners to recharge and refocus.

33 December 2022

3.Creating Open Communication Channels:

At the very beginning of the session itself one must communicate to the participants that their feedback and opinions are important, valuable and will be heard and their questions will be answered. Allow healthy discussions, exchange of ideas and questions and answers. Effective Communication occurs when all parties feel that they have reached the desired outcome.

4.Customization Based On Real-life Situations:

One sure-shot way of getting disengaged learners is to make a generic program. Corporate learners are interested in translating their learning experiences into better performance. They are likely to be more engaged when asked to deal with their specific real-life workplace issues. Successful training programs use case studies and scenario-based activities relating to common issues encountered at the workplace. This way the learners feel that they are getting the help and knowledge they actually need.

Customization as a learner engagement strategy means that you need to take into account your learners’ culture, language, and learning preferences.

5.Learner Must Be Engaged

On Multiple Levels:

Intellectual Level: I think curiosity is an excellent way to engage learners. Keeping learners engaged intellectually helps them retain their learning. Trainers may introduce an activity with a problem or question that the participants need to solve. For example, the trainees can be asked to do a SWOT Analysis of their organization or they can be asked to prepare their weekly plan using planning tools such as Mind Mapping.

Emotional Level: Trainers may use a wide variety of strategies to bring about positive emotions in the trainees that will facilitate the learning process and minimize negative behaviors.

For example, in a team building session, the trainees can be given fun activities which help them bond and connect with each other. This positive emotion will motivate them to work effectively with the other team members.

Physical Level: Trainers may use physical activities to stimulate learning or interest. For example, instead of asking the trainees to answer questions aloud, they can be asked to walk up to the whiteboard and write the answer on the board. In this case, the trainees are more likely to remember information when they are “Learning By Doing”.

Social Level: Trainers may use a variety of strategies to stimulate engagement through social interactions. For example, the trainees may be divided in pairs or groups to work collaboratively on a task or activity.


Engaging your learners and actively involving them in their own learning will make them feel empowered and motivated. Engaged learners are more likely to implement what they have learnt and improve their performance at the workplace. That, in turn, means that they will be more productive and will add more value to their organization.

About the Author

As the Managing Director & Trainer at Rave Institutes, Rohini Raju plays a key role in understanding client’s training objectives, customizing the modules as per their specific training needs, and adding value to the client’s organization by ensuring that the objectives are achieved. Rohini has also been one of the directors of Riba Constructions, a premier construction company, for 10 years.

34 December 2022

Rohini has always believed in, “Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude” which is reflected in whatever she does. This attitude has made Rave Institutes “Leading Soft Skills Training Institute in Hyderabad”, having received the award from celebrity author Ms. Shobha De at Education Excellence Awards, New Delhi.

Under her leadership, Rave Institutes has featured in the Silicon India Magazine among “20 Most Promising Corporate Outbound Training Providers- 2019”. Rohini has also received the award for ‘Super Woman Achiever’ at the World Women Leadership Congress & Awards, Mumbai, amongst 120 other Woman Achievers from different parts of the world.

35 December 2022

How theLogistics Industry is Changing Lives Around the Planet

Logistics in general is a very overlooked and under appreciated industry. Without a properly functioning logistics industry, our supply chain would be inefficient, and we would not get all the goods we rely on for survival.

The cold supply chain is even more sensitive. When shipping perishable goods such as frozen or chilled food, pharmaceuticals or electronics the temperature and humidity within the shipping container need to be held at certain levels and monitored throughout the time the shipment is in transit. If the refrigeration unit within such a shipping container fails for some reason, and as a result the temperature within the container spike up, then by the end of the journey the contents inside the container will spoil or become unusable and destroyed.

For decades many shippers of such perishable goods have relied on freight forwarders to process and schedule such shipments for them. Processing such shipments can be a very frustrating, time consuming, unreliable and expensive ordeal; especially when these shipments are international rather than domestic. So, shippers opt to pay freight forwarders to deal with these headaches.

The problem is that the traditional freight forwarding industry is old, outdated and technologically challenged. Freight forwarders are processing shipments today as they have for decades. To process one shipment can take hours,

days and sometimes even weeks of constant phone calls, emails and even faxes. Rarely can a traditional freight forwarder provide real time information regarding a shipment’s GPS, temperature or humidity. If there is a problem with a shipment, then the traditional freight forwarders can do no more than simply convey the bad news to the shipper if and when they are notified of an issue. This industry is in dire need of technological advancement and automation.

Enter automated freight forwarders.

As stated earlier, traditional freight forwarders rely on outdated technology such as fax machines for communication with the shippers. Traditional freight forwarders also are reliant on manual labor to process and schedule shipments. This leads to long processing times as well as inefficiencies. In recent years, there has been an influx of startups in the logistics industry. Real time tracking devices, API (Application Program Interface) and blockchain technology are just a few of the innovations that have come to market. These new tools have really helped take the logistics industry out of the dark ages and improve the efficiency and visibility and accountability of all shipments. Putting all these new tools under one roof to provide a much better shipping experience is what automated freight forwarders are doing.

By automating the entire processing and scheduling of an international shipment of perishable goods, the time it takes to process such shipments is reduced to as little as a few seconds. Having systems communicate via API rather than manual labor leads to a dramatic decrease of time and manpower required in the process. Shippers as well as vendors can opt to allocate labor from non-revenue generating positions in logistics to revenue generating positions in business development such as sales and marketing.

When shipping perishable goods overseas, there are many documents that need to accompany such shipments; bills of lading, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved

38 December 2022

Health Certificates, Certificates of Origin. Many times, these documents are misplaced, lost or damaged. A shipment cannot be released from the port of destination without such documents. If the documents are missing or inaccurate, then the shipment will not be released by the local authorities and this will lead to delays as well as warehousing expenses until the proper documents are presented to the local authorities. The blockchain technology solves these issues. Shippers simply upload the required documents and certificates for anyone on the blockchain to see and use.

As stated earlier, when shipping perishable goods, monitoring of temperature and humidity are extremely important. Tracking devices provide that information now in real time, as well as GPS of the shipment. Now shippers can know if and when there is an issue with a shipment and flag it at the port of destination upon arrival. As a result, the shipper can avoid any inconveniences with their customer.

Transship Corp is the first and only automated freight forwarding platform that is focused on international shipments of full container loads of perishable goods. All the automation that was mentioned above is what Transship has managed to develop and implement. The pandemic has opened many company’s eyes as they evaluate improving efficiencies in their supply chain. As a result, companies such as Tyson Meats, UNFI and Oatly have all approved Transship as a vendor. The automation and digitalization of freight forwarding is here and Transship is leading the way.

Closing Thoughts

Automation of the freight forwarding industry is a natural progression. The business model of the traditional freight forwarders is based on manual labor. It would take a nearly impossible change of course for them to automate entirely. That is where startups are filling the void and revolutionizing how international shipments of perishable goods are processed and scheduled.

Back in the day the horse and buggy got you from one place to another. But how effective and efficient was the horse and buggy. Today people are driving Tesla’s. What happened to the horse and buggy? Their day has clearly passed. Same applies to the traditional and technologically challenged freight forwarders. These dinosaurs’ days have passed. It is time for shippers and vendors alike to enjoy the benefits of automated freight forwarding.

The 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in Tech, 2022.
Amit Hasak
Transship Corp LLC | CEO
Asokan Ashok Asokan Ashok 42 December 2022

UnfoldLabs: Revolutionary Product Development Company

nfoldLabs is a revolutionary products and services company based in San Diego, California that promotes innovation and creativity, thus helping the company find easy solutions in solving daily life issues with technology. Our exclusive and innovative products, work culture, and enthusiastic team makes our customers crave to work with us. The organization was set up in 2015 by entrepreneurial and innovation leadership experts to bring creative solutions to the world.

For us, the future of technology means designing solutions that consider the wants and needs of customers and the market. Our team is focused on design, innovation, and strategic products and solutions to ensure a high level of success. With a clear grasp of what our clients want and a willingness to push the boundaries even further, we aim to provide a fantastic and proactive experience for them.

For our product development process, customer issues are the most important design factor for innovation. We've got a great group of people who bring out the best in each other and work together to provide high-quality solutions. Many satisfied customers have helped us expand over the years by providing excellent solutions that match their needs.

Futuristic Plans & Developments

UnfoldLabs is there for you with its leading-edge state-of-the-art products. The company was founded with a mindset of strategic product development in the areas of mobile, cloud, and software platform technologies that are cutting edge. We focus on creating top products and solutions that are innovative with futuristic technologies, such as optimizing mobile devices, having your data protected, or printing precious moments.

Today, UnfoldLabs has become one of the leading technology companies in America and has receivedquite a few prestigious awards, as well as developed many creative products. We strive to deliver a proactive and amazing experience by understanding whatour customers exactly want. Our team focuses on providing positive customer experiences and excellent

communication to make product users and our customers happy.

UnfoldLabs’ employees and customers play an important role in every step of our journey. Our team is outstanding with creative ideas and takes a crucial role in the company’s long-standing success. We have an open culture where employees are free to express their innovative ideas.

MySecureME (innovative mobile device management solution), MyFamily (digital parenting platform), and SecureME (Android kiosk-mode launcher) are a few of the amazing and strategic products from UnfoldLabs that was implemented collaboratively by team and customers.

Our solutions have received great and positive responses from customers at launch. One of our apps, unfoldQuotes (quotes app), surprised us by receiving a large number of downloads - nearly 10K within a month after launch.

CEO Asokan Ashok strongly believes in “Great Learning Culture Always Builds a Great Company.” With that background and aspiration, the team is built for innovation, success, technology, strategic thinking, and empowerment. UnfoldLabs focuses on real-world user problems and then creates solutions that are simple, easy to access, and user-friendly. Continuous learning keeps the team updated with trends that helps in developing innovative products and solutions. The company culture comes into actuality when teams in the organization actively engage and collaborate.

Employees, Products & Services are Real Assets Asokan Ashok: Leadership Towards Success 43 December 2022
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