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“Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth.”
- Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President
CONTENTS Big Elm Creek 224.20 acres with meandering creeks and plentiful pasture Tax Free Sales of Ag Land The benefits of a 1031 tax-deferred exchange Hitting the Mark Pricing fallacies to avoid for sellers Shiloh Ranch 99.49 acres in a prime location. Giant pecans and nice home! 7 9 15 17 21 27 29 Bremond Ranch 133.54 acres, ready to make it you own Hog Wild Texas has a widespread problem. How do we fix it? Rolling Hills Ranch Stunning property with great access Bussinesses Find the local help you need from established businesses ADS

We aim to tell it.


TX Rec Land Real Estate is your full service brokerage to buy or sell a property in Central Texas. Our agents aim to tell the story of your property in a light to bring in the right buyer, or show properties to buyers who are looking for a new story of their own to write. We feel that land is timeless and a true vessel to leave your mark for generations to come. Our aim is to run our business with that same mindset.

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Thank you for picking up one of the copies of Texas Recreational Land Mag azine. At TX Rec Land Real Estate, we are proud to release Volume 6 for the fall/winter of 2022. This magazine is published annually, free of charge to its readers. Over 5,000 copies are distibuted in over a dozen counties throughout central Texas in high-traffic areas, online, as well as direct mail!

This is one of our many marketing tools at TX Rec Land Real Estate and we aim for it to work in several ways. We hope that it showcases and gains exposure for the excellent properties that we are fortunate to list in Central Texas. Secondly, we want it to educate and inform readers through multiple articles and stories that cover relevant issues posed in real estate or in the area today. Lastly, we aim to get our readers in touch with well-established businesses that may be able to help them with their particular needs. Mixed in the magazine, you will find numerous ads of local businesses. These are our go-to recommendations for services, help, contracting or storefront purchases in our area.

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Big Elm Creek Ranch

Winding Live-Water

224.20 Acres I Yarrelton, Texas

Big Elm Creek ranch offers a getaway for the buyer that wants live water, privacy and a great location. At +/224.20 acres, you’ve got plenty of room to stretch your imagination to make the property work for you.

Big Elm creek traverses over 1-mile of the western edge of the property offering year-round water for fishing, duck hunting, and a great place for all sorts of wildlife to call home. This property offers excellent deer/hog hunting thanks to this creek.

Additionally, there are several sloughs that hold water depending on the time of year. Two ponds are in place, the largest being about 2.5 acres. This pond is well-estab lished and should be enjoyable for fishing, wildlife, or water ing livestock for years to come.

The property is about 75% open with good pasture throughout for grazing. The remaining area is wooded and varies from scattered trees to thick woods. Lots of elms dom

inate those wooded areas with the occasional pecan tree in the creek areas.

Located just 26 miles from Temple, 60 miles from Waco, and about 1 hour from the Round Rock area. Several good home or building sites along the eastern parts of the property. The property is ag exempt. Access comes via two county roads--CR 119 and CR 124. CR 124 dead ends into the property for great privacy and seclusion.

Big Elm Creek traverses over 1-mile of the western edge of the property offering yearround water for fishing, duck hunting and more.


Legal Basis

In a 1031 exchange under the Internal Revenue Code, a taxpayer who has held real property for productive use in a trade or business or for investment can exchange that real property for any other “like-kind” real property. Exchanges have been a part of the tax code since 1921 and represent one of the most effective strategies available to landowners to defer capital gain taxes.

Greg Lehrmann, Attorney,(512.551.4232) is a Senior Vice President with Asset Preservation, Inc. greg@apiexchange.com.

Breadth of “Like-Kind”

Most landowners misconstrue “like-kind”. Many people believe they must exchange ag land for ag land. Not true. “Like-Kind” is very broad; qualifying replacement property can be virtually any real property that will be held by the taxpayer for investment purposes or used in a trade or business. Ag land can be exchanged for single-family rentals, apartment buildings, commercial real estate, vacation homes and other types of real property.

Ag Land with a Primary Residence (i.e., “Split Treatment”)

Section 121 of the Tax Code allows sellers of property that has been their primary residence for 2 of the 5 years preceding their sale to exclude up to $250,000 of gain if filing as a single taxpayer and $500,000 of gain if married filing jointly.

Want to sell your ag land to buy ag land elsewhere or to convert your land to substantially more cash flow? This article explains how.

When ag land is both a primary residence and investment, the landowner can allocate part of the sales price to the primary residence and complete a 1031 for the amount of the sales price allocated to the investment portion of the land.

Mailbox Money

One of the most popular ways to use 1031 exchanges is to turn high-main tenance real estate into “mailbox money” (although nothing is completely manage ment-free) by purchasing one or more of these:

1. NNN Properties

A triple-net-lease property is real estate that is leased to a tenant who is responsible for the ongoing expenses of the property, including real estate taxes, building insurance and maintenance, in addition to paying the rent and utilities.

2. Delaware Statutory Trusts

An ownership interest in a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is an indirect way of owning investment real estate. This can be appealing to taxpayers who are interested in acquiring a managed real estate investment. The trustee of the DST initially purchases the property and holds title to the property. A sponsor structures the investment and arranges for the issuance of beneficial interests in the DST. Although interests in the DST are treated as securities under federal securities laws, they are treated as ownership of real estate and thus like-kind pursuant to §1031.

3. Royalties

Mineral rights and royalties have been handed down through generations. Families have been receiving royalties from oil and gas for over 100 years. Until re cently, they were only resold to institutions, large endowment funds, and ultra-high net families. Increasingly, individual 1031 exchangers are purchasing producing royalties with investments as little as $100,000 (just as DSTs) and then experience the cash flow generated by such royalties.

Reverse Exchanges – Buying Replacement Property First

It is a good idea to have in mind what you are going to buy as you are mar keting your property, because you only have 45 days after you close your sale to

identify a small group of properties you are considering, and an additional 135 days to close. But what if you found the property you want, but cannot postpone your purchase until after your sale? The tax code allows you to secure such property, but you cannot buy it in your name until after you close on your sale. You must have a 1031 qualified intermediary form an entity to take title to such replacement property in that case, followed by your sale of relinquished property within 180 days thereafter, followed by a transfer of such property to you. These are more time consuming and expensive than “forward” exchanges.


Section 1031 Exchanges provide tremendous benefits to landowners. Check with your legal advisors for your particular circumstance, and with this author for more in-depth articles on these subjects.

Watterson Ranch Estates

Convenient Homesites

2+ Acres I Bastrop, Texas


miss this chance to own your own piece of Texas. This newly developed subdivision offers 2+ acre lots with country living, just a short drive from Bastrop, Austin, Kyle and Buda. Beautiful views of pasture and native trees surround these spacious properties. Water

and electric are available (meters need to be installed). Reasonable, seller-imposed deed restrictions do apply (no mobile or manufactured homes allowed). There are a total of 16 lots competitively priced from the low $200’s. Coming late 2022.


Lot 1 (2.03 AC)– $212,940

Lot 2 (2.01 AC) – $210,735

Lot 3 (2.00 AC)– $210,420

Lot 4 (2.01 AC)– $210,630

Lot 5 (2.01 AC)– $220,945 (POND LOT)

Lot 6 (2.00 AC)– $210,105

Lot 7 (2.01 AC)– $210,735

Lot 8 (2.00 AC)– $210,210

Lot 9 (2.15 AC)–$225,645

Lot 10 (2.66 AC)– $289,510 (TREE LOT)

Lot 11 (2.07 AC)– $227,560 (TREE LOT)

Lot 12 (2.35 AC)– $257,170 (TREE LOT)

Lot 13 (2.01 AC)–$220,840 (TREE LOT)

Lot 14 (2.00 AC)–$220,000 (TREE LOT)

Lot 15 (2.01 AC)–$210,525

Lot 16 (2.03 AC)–$212,730

Prime cattle ranch just outside of the Burlington area of north Milam County. This property has rolling hills, plentiful grazing, and several ponds and a blank canvas to make your own.

This property has historically been used for cattle grazing thanks to its fertile, well-drained soils. Two ponds are in place, the largest being nearly 2 acres. This pond would serve well for cattle and livestock, or for catching fish on a summer evening. It’s crystal clear water should bring in plenty of waterfowl in the winter as well. Though it’s mostly open terrain, there is still plenty of wildlife in the area as well.

Several hilltop home sites, or places to build cattle pens, barns and more. There are some scattered trees that dot the property, but for the most part, this prop erty is open for grazing. One large power line cuts across the property. Ag exemption is in place leading to lower property taxes.

This property is accessed off of CR 133A, which dead ends into the property. CR 133 A is a short road that comes off of FM 1445 which is paved. Located approx imately 1 hour from Waco and College Station and about 1.5 hours from the Round Rock area.

Hilltop multiple and is a to make your own.
RanchTowering Views +/-342 Acres I Burlington, Texas This property has rolling hills, plentiful grazing,
blank canvas
“ “
D A V E N P O R T S A N D & G R A V E L | R O C K D A L E T X H E L P I N G C E N T R A L T E X A S C R E A T E F O R 2 5 Y E A R S ( 5 1 2 ) 7 6 0 5 9 5 7 | D A V E N P O R T S A N D G R A V E L . C O M M A T E R I A L D E L I V E R Y | S E P T I C S Y S T E M I N S T A L L A T I O N | L A N D M A N A G E M E N T Chancey Lewis chancey@nativetxwildlife.com (512) 393-9958 Native Grass Planting Wildflower & Food Plot Planting Proposition 11- Wildlife Management Plans T&E Species Surveys & WOTUS Determinations Nuisance Wildlife Management GIS Property Mapping Plant Inventories

Hitting the Mark

Pricing your property in an ever changing market

Itcan be tough to know where to price properties at in this market. Brokers, agents, lenders and appraisers all tend to share that sentiment and have had to stretch all the old prices we used to know.

From early 2020 to today, we have seen huge market shifts. Some shifts that make sense and some that do not. Between inflated sales prices and multiple offers, it seems like everyone wants a piece of property in Central Texas. Who can blame them? The numbers have crept higher and higher. Where does it end?

One huge battle for brokers and agents is to not only develop a price for a property in a market moving so quickly, but also overcome pricing fallacies that this market imposes on many sellers. These

fallacies are ever-present, but markets like this compound the problem even more.

Apples to Apples

In real estate in can be hard to sort through the chaff, but a lot of times, it’s the small details that matter most in regards to a sales price. Numerous small details could add up to big differences in price. Be sure to compare like properties when thinking of pricing. An agent or broker can be of great assistance here. When searching for comparable sales, there are lot of details to consider when forming prices: Tree cover versus open pasture, access (easement, deeded, landlocked) road frontage (high way, FM, CR), distance down unpaved roads, improvements, location, water features (lakes, ponds, creeks), intended

use (homes, ranch, hunting, crop, commer cial, subdividing), and topography (hills, flat, flood plain). Just because properties are the same size or even very close by, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the same value.

Though not perfect, comparing subject properties with other comparable sales is the best key to knowing where to price a property. Though current listing prices can show some trends, only sold data matters in most cases and can be trusted figures that a buyer actually paid. In former market conditions, comparable sales of 6-12 months were the usual target. During this last 24 months, comparable sales that were a few months old, may be too old to use any more.

Also note that all improvements are not created equal. Age, design, location can all change value greatly. One of the more common scenarios we face is with over-im proved properties. These are ones with multiples of the same, whether it be barns, outbuildings, sheds, etc. In many cases all of the items may not have the same or any additional value depending.

At the end of the day, each and every property is different and there are no two the same. That being said, property prices can vary a lot because of this.

The Word on the Street

From feed stores to local restau rants and social media to the evening news, we have many ways to get information in this day and age. With getting more in

John Dean, Land Broker

formation, it can through many changes from the source to the last person. As agents and brokers, we get a lot of second and third-hand information about other sales. Sometimes the information is 100% correct. Other times we find that either the property mentioned had substantial improvements, was in a different location or that the information was simply altered, mistaken or partially true. There are also times where the information is correct, but the underlying details may have not been revealed. Examples of this may include that a neighbor purchased it, it had live-wa ter frontage, a large home, a company or developer bought it, or maybe a buyer overpaid to avoid paying taxes and are on tight 1031 exchange deadlines.

With every negative, there are still great positives though. The best part of word of mouth is you can more readily get great information that give you the ability to make a better decision in this market. Best of all, you can learn from others trials, tests, triumphs or their mistakes.

Ronald Reagan’s mantra of “trust, but verify” comes in to play to decide if the information is viable or missing details.

Location, Location, Location

This saying is one of the most popular to describe real estate. Location in respect to where buyers want to be quickly tops the list and changes the what a property may bring as well. If a property is near a large city, generally the price is higher because demand for it is higher. On the contrary, properties further from large towns, businesses, and people generally sell for less.

In our area, this places a huge role in regards to access to paved roads, hospi tals, stores, entertainement, jobs and other amenities buyers desire. Keep location in mind not only for your property, but com

parable sales that you use and information about other sales that you hear about.

Timing Matters

Markets can be tough to time. Are you hitting the market in a high, low, downward or upward trend? Not only does when you place the property on the market matter, but also how long it’s on the mar ket. Unrealistic pricing may lead to long exposure times on the market which can lead to further compounded buyer disin terest. If you happen to list too high in a hot market & it cools, you may be waiting for another hot market to come around.

Pricing Strategies

What price a property is listed for could mean the difference in selling or not, multiple offers or none. It is the biggest factor when it comes to how long a property stays on the market as well. The key is to list high enough to garner inter ested buyers and eventual offers within you targeted time frame of selling, without leaving much, if any, money on the prover bial “table.” Remember that listing too high can be just as dangerous as listing too low. Pushing the market is always the sought after plan, but there is a fine line that may push buyers away.

The job of your agent or broker is to seek out the highest sales price and formulate the best price, but no agent is perfect. It should always be shared input based on a common goals for your time frame. This is where an experienced agent shines & can give you real-world scenarios.

Target Your Buyer

Cash buyers are very prevalent these days, but overall, they’re still a small portion of the market in most cases. Remember loans based on appraisals are still used in many land sales today. If your property requires a special-use buyer ( i.e.

equine facilities, feed yard, commercial business and so on) more direct marketing may be needed to find someone in that particular niche. Likewise, those special interest properties may have to target cash buyers more.

It only takes one buyer

This market has proved in many instances that it only takes one buyer to see the value of a property to make a deal work. Maybe a property isn’t priced where there will be numerous buyers, but all it takes is one.

The flip side of that scenario: if you’re only searching for one buyer, you may never be able to find the lone bidder in a reasonable time. In many cases the one buyer may have to be a cash buyer since a property may not appraise with a lender.

If the market flips from a seller’s market to a buyer’s, that lone buyer may have many more options than the seller does. Keep this double-edged sword in mind when pricing.

Supply and demand

Supply and demand is the con trolling mechanism in real estate. When supply is high and demand low, prices drop. When supply is low and demand is high, prices rise. This ties into buyer’s and seller’s markets as well. Buyer’s markets are ones where the supply is high and demand is low leading to many options for few buyers and thus more chances to negotiate on pricing. The opposite is true of a seller’s market with low supply & high demand. This leads to many buyers competing over fewer properties. This is where you see multiple offers & over-asking sales prices. Buyers have less options and competition drives prices upwards. Supply and demand dictates pricing strategies as well. In a mar ket of low supply, you can inherently raise pricing. With high supply, prices generally

must be lower, or pushing less since sellers are competing with other sellers for fewer buyers.

Exceptions to the Rule

No rule of thumb is ever abso lute, especially in real estate. Unique and one-of-a-kind properties can break some pricing rules and trends; don’t be afraid to push values when this is true. Properties like this include river-front properties, ones with incredible terrain, luxury homes, large lakes and more. They’re not your typ ical place, so they may not appeal to your typical buyer when priced to match what’s there.

Be mindful of what info you’ll need to present to buyers to make them want to take a look. This is where market ing comes even more heavily in to play than normal. You may also need to be a little more patient in waiting for the right buyer.

Help on pricing

Be sure to select the best agent for the job at hand, remembering that many have certain areas of expertise. Be sure to ask them their experience, track record, tools they use, and where and how they market. Ask them to run comparable sales and develop a Comparative Market Anal ysis. Compare and contrast those with your agent and have deep conversations up front about expectations, timeline, and backup plans should a change be needed.

Don’t miss the boat

Markets ebb and flow. They change, move, sentiments shift, they heat up and cool of just as quickly. That being said, don’t miss the market if you want to sell your property. Waiting too long, or pricing too far above the market could lead to missing the ideal window until market can heat back up.


ranch in a great location! This property is the REAL DEAL! 99.49 acres at 15901 FM 112, Thrall, Texas in Wil liamson County. This ranch is just 35 miles from Austin/Round Rock and a mere16 miles from Taylor and Samsung. It is 53 miles from Temple/ Belton, 60 miles from Bryan/College Station and just 13 miles from Lexington and Snows BBQ.

This place is located in a quiet, peaceful area and is easy to get to on well maintained FM 112. Whether you are looking for a permanent home or weekend getaway, a place to commute from or a place to escape the city, this property can meet your needs.

The beautiful, cozy white 2019-built stone home is 1561 square feet with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and a great kitchen, dining and living area. Enjoy relaxing or entertaining on the shaded pa tio complete with hot tub. There is an additional storage building in place as well.

This ranch has excellent pastures with im proved coastal Bermuda, Bahia and native grass es. This property is ag exempt and is surrounded by good barbed wire and net wire fencing and has steel cattle working and loading pens. It has both open and wooded areas with many scattered large oak and other native trees. There is a large hill with great views and two ponds for livestock, wildlife water and recreation. If you like to ride ATV’s or horses there are numerous trails ready to go.

There is a wet weather creek near the front of the property, lined with beautiful large pecan trees and other native trees. Some of the stately, centuries-old pecan trees measure four foot in diameter and offer lots of cool relaxing shade on hot Texas summer days. This area is a great place for picnics, birdwatching or just relaxing. White

Shiloh Ranch The Perfect Location 99.49 Acres I Thrall, Texas

tail deer and other native game animals and game birds offer excellent hunting opportunities. This ranch is entered through a gated entrance. Water is supplied by a 350 foot deep well with a new filtration system.

This beautiful ranch is a must see! It is just waiting for someone to enjoy it! Truly a place to call home.

Some of the stately, centuries-old pecan trees measure four foot in diameter and offer lots of cool relaxing shade on hot Texas summer days.

“ “

Liberty Cutoff Ready to Make Your Own

+/-48 Acres I Cameron, Texas


+/-48 acre property is a blank canvas and is perfect for a weekend place or a future home! Design and build this property exactly how you like!

This tract has a nice open pasture in the front that would be great for a home or livestock grazing. Lots of mature oaks and cedars, with varying topography. This property has access off of CR 237, and the deep tract dimensions allow for the ultimate privacy for hunting and recreation. Power is conveniently locat ed along the road and there's also a southwest milam water line there as well.

This tract is great for hunting, or recreational uses and has plentiful deer, hogs, bobcats, and other wildlife throughout. A large wet-weather creek cuts across the middle of the tract and serves as a great spot for a future pond or lake. Several trails have been cleared and the rear is accessible via walking or ATV.

Property is fenced on 3 sides. Light restrictions to protect your investment and the property is ag ex empt!

This tract is great for hunting or recreational uses and has plentiful deer, hogs, bobcats, and other wildlife throughout. “
Bremond Ranch A Blank Canvas 133.594 Acres I Bremond, Texas


multi-use property in a peaceful area of Robertson County. This 133.594 acre property offer ample space to stretch your legs and plenty of opportunities to stretch your imagination.

Rolling hills offer glimpses of the property from different vantage points, but you can never quite see the whole place from one spot. Mostly open with scattered hard woods throughout. Many large post oaks dot the open areas and the heavily-wooded areas offer cover for livestock and wildlife alike with numerous deer, hogs, and more calling it home. If you like to hunt and shoot, this place would make a great place to spend your time on.

A nice 1/3 acre pond is in place and ready to fish. It also serves as a great resource for livestock too. There is water well on the property with exten sive piping running from the front to the rear of the property for future irriga tion and watering needs. The property is fenced for cattle, with several sections being newly built. There is also a set of working pens to help move or tend to cattle as needed.

This property is set up with the cattleman in mind, as its pastures have been cared for and managed to produce the most forage possible for cattle grazing. If cattle aren't your forte, it would make a great haying pasture as well.

A large hilltop in the middle of the property offers a great future home or building site with a view for miles to the south. Whether it's a permanent home, weekend place, or you need a workshop, your time here would be wellspent and relaxing with a good southern breeze.

This property has paved road access via Vitera Sand Rd, just southeast of Bremond. Additional grazing rights on a neighboring property may also be available. The property is currently leased for hunting and cattle. Ag exemp tion is in place. Some seller-imposed deed restrictions may apply.

Rolling hills offer glimpses of the property from different vantage points, but you can never quite see the whole place from one spot. “


Marlow River Ranch Private River Frontage

136.69 Acres I Cameron, Texas


high-fenced river property, unrivaled in the area. For the buyer searching for pristine river frontage, tall trees and meandering trails-this property checks all the boxes.

This 136.69 acre tract is completely high fenced with whitetail and axis deer stocked. Stock more species of animals if you would like for true, year-round hunt ing. Multiple feeders and hunting locations are ready to utilize.

Approximately 800' of prime high-bank river frontage along the Little River. This area of the Lit tle River features large rocks weathered for hundreds of years, and surely seen by Native Americans in the centuries past. There is a good access ramp down to the river to walk or get your boat or kayak down. Once you're on the river, you can go as far as you can dream!

This property is 80% wooded with oaks, elms, cedars and mesquites. You can feel a hint of south Texas juxtaposed with giant cottonwoods and elms in the creek areas. There are several creeks that run through the property, adding tons of character. This property has a tremendous amount of terrain changes as you near

the river making it feel much larger and more wild. Numerous trails to traverse the property are in place, whether you're on foot, horseback or ATV.

A new lake has been recently constructed and should be approaching +/-5 acres when full. This pond should be excellent for stocking with fish and enjoying for years to come. One other small pond is in place.

Multiple home sites and areas for a shop, barn, or any other improvements you may desire. The prop erty is ag exempt. Accessed by CR 229, which is paved. Marlow water runs along the road and one power line crosses the property.

Come enjoy the serenity and privacy, all while being an easy drive to some of the largest cities in Tex as!

Fish, take in the sunset, watch the wildlife that uses the river: This is your paradise to enjoy and it’s not only timeless, but priceless. “ “

Salado Getaway Turn-Key Equine Property

61.50 acres I Salado, Texas

Perfect for developers or investors! Just min utes from I-35 and Stillhouse Hollow Lake and nature trails. 61.5 acres in rapidly growing Salado Texas. Perfect for single family, multi-family or commercial use. The property is still currently under an ag exemption saving on taxes in the mean time.

This property boasts mature oak trees, good pasture and plenty of infrastructure for the rancher at heart. A 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath custom ranch style barndo was built in 2016 with all the details and intricacies you’d want in your home. A barn, large out building with attached 25x50 enclosed shop, arena with return alley

and income producing mobile home are in place and ready to use. The entire property is fenced and cross fenced, ready for horse, cattle and more.

Between a stunning location, attention to de tail and great improvements, this property is turn-key and ready to enjoy or develop from day one!


Hog WildTexas Has a Problem


hogs can be found in 99% of Texas counties and cause an esti mated $52 million in damages to Texas agricultural enterprises each year.

Additionally, feral hogs are causing an increasing amount of damage to land scapes in suburban/urban areas across the state. As of 2022, there are well over 3 million of these “pigs gone wild” in Texas and they aren’t showing signs of slowing. As a state, are we reaching the point where more drastic measures will be required, or can existing means be applied to slow or reverse the destruction of our lands by this livestock run amok?

Feral hogs in Texas are by and large the same species that we recognize as domestic pigs: Sus scrofa. Pigs were brought to North America by the Spanish in the Age of Exploration, roughly the early 1500s. The crew of famed conquis

tador Hernando De Soto is often credited with bringing pigs as food source for the long voyages and settlement, with many other expeditions following suit. Escapes from enclosures combined with the freerange livestock management practices of the day promoted the spread of pigs across the continent, and the later introduction of Eurasian Wild Boars helped to create a thriving and rapidly expanding population of feral swine.

Did You Know: Domestic pigs, feral hogs, and Eurasian Wild Boars are all the same species.

Pigs are prolific at reproduction. This is, in part, what makes them a desir able livestock species. A sow can have her first litter when she is only 7 months of age, and from then on she can average 1.5 litters per year. Each litter yields on average 4-6 pigs, but can result in as many as 12 (or

more). They are also versatile omnivores, and as such are able to survive in a wide variety of environments and climates. An adult male (boar) eats as much as 4500 cal ories per day, so they have to keep an open mind when it comes to food. Their pro pensity for eating is what has earned them their gluttonous reputation, and also lands them in hot water with farmers, ranchers, and hunters alike.

While their appetite can lead them to demolish crops, feed, and even raid turkey nests and fawn beds, they also pose a threat to agricultural water sources. Pigs tend to bathe, wallow in, and foul any water source they come across and this can lead to very real risks for infection in live stock and humans that use the water from rivers, creeks, ponds, or tanks where hogs have taken root.

All that being said, feral swine offer a delicious and plentiful food source. The culinary value of the wild hog has been downplayed for decades. However, Texans all over the state as well as top chefs like Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due in Austin, Texas are singing the praises of these villainized creatures due to the flavor and versatility of their meat. Griffiths is the author of the James-Beard-Award-Winning Hogbook, a tome stuffed full of recipes and creative uses for feral swine flesh. “They’re a great unknown out there, and there’s a lot of mythology and misinformation when it comes to them,” Griffith says.

Hunting Vs. Trapping

While hunting feral hogs through traditional means like ambush, spot & stalk, or still hunting is certainly enjoyable, a great source of meat, and can help the

Mike Beech , Land Agent

pig problem at small scale, the research is showing that it isn’t helping the larger issue. In fact, the creation of a market for hunting pigs is at least partially responsi ble for their exploding population. More and more hunting ranches are selectively buying up captured feral pigs to create year-round quarry for paying customers.

Feral hogs move in groups called sounders. Sounders can range from a few pigs to over a hundred, but the most com mon size is between 15 and 40. A sounder is often organized around two or three reproductively mature sows. Sounders can splinter into smaller groups for a variety of reasons as well. For example, mature sows will often venture out with their offspring for foraging. Boars tend to be solitary, but when young they can band together in bachelor groups. Mature boars will often attach to a larger sounder and pull off

groups of younger breeding-age sows for themselves.

If you truly want to eliminate a feral hog problem, you have to trap the sounder. This can best be accomplished with a corral trap, which is designed to catch the largest number of animals pos sible in one fell swoop. The most effective means to remove feral hogs from Texas lands is corral trapping with a remote gate and video/photographic monitoring. This can remove an entire sounder/family group from the landscape and halt their ability to proliferate.

Good Fun, Bad Management

Many trappers and hog abatement services advertise tools such as night-vi sion hunting, hog dogs, and even shooting them from helicopters. On the surface,

these tools might seem desirable, but a quick dive into the research shows that they are ineffective for truly controlling a pig problem. Professor John Tomecek from Texas A&M University likens hunting hogs to blowing on a dandelion in your yard. You destroyed that dandelion, but you’ve dispersed the problem everywhere else on your property now. Plus, hunting simply isn’t an option for many neighborhoods and businesses located in more densely populated areas. To put it more bluntly, in order to address the pressing ecological and agricultural problem presented by fe ral swine, Texans are going to need to treat them as both a threat and an opportunity.

The plain truth is that hunting hogs can be great sport, a good time, and a good source of meat for landowners and trappers, but it doesn’t effectively mitigate feral pig damage and risk on agricultural

properties or communities. As well, many commercially available traps that use “continuous catch” doors (that only close one direction but remain accessible from the outside) have been shown by research ers in multiple states to be effective at only capturing a fraction of the animals visiting a trap. A secure, video-monitored corral trap with a gate capable of being triggered remotely has proven time and again to be the most effective means of removing feral hogs from an area. Until the mature sows that are producing litter upon litter of piglets are found eliminated from the landscape, a landowner will continue to see their problem grow.

Want to learn more about feral hogs and control methods? Visit Texas A&M’s AgriLife Extension: https://feralhogs.tamu. edu/

Rolling Hills Ranch Stunning Views, and Easy Access 83.42 Acres I Gause, Texas

60% open. Thick woods make up most of the south ern section of the property leading to plentiful wild game, song birds and more. Oaks, cedars, elms and yaupon make up most of the flora on the property. The unique addition are numerous pine trees. There are hundreds on the property ranging from several feet tall to over 50' in height. The largest pines tower over the property and give views not normally found in this part of Texas.

Thanks to the thick, wooded areas, there is also excellent hunting opportunities for deer, hogs, doves, varmints and more. There are 4 ponds on the property, the largest being about 1.5 acres. This pond offers standing timber for bass fishing and duck hunt ing and will help to support wildlife or livestock alike. This tract has a coveted wildlife exemption and taxes run about $700/year! Large landowners adjoin this property, making it all more private. A water meter and power line are on the property and it is truly ready to turn in to your dream property.

This stunning property is where uniqueness meets convenience! This 83.42 acre property is in a great location, on highway 79 and very convenient to the larger towns nearby. Only 1 hour to the Austin/Round Rock, 30 minutes to Bryan/College Station areas and just 45 minutes to the new Samsung site in Taylor. No rough dirt roads to deal with here!

This property features true rolling terrain that is difficult to find not only in Milam county, but in a property this size. The property rises and falls gently through several meandering creek beds. There is over 50' of elevation change from the front to the rear of the property. The apex in the rear corner of the prop erty offers views of several miles to the northwest and southwest. Thanks to the rolling terrain, there are several excellent homesites to garner and make those views your own. Plenty of room for a shop, barn, or any other improvement you can dream up.

The property is approximately 40% wooded and

This property features true rolling terrain that is difficult to find, not only in Milam county, but in a property this size. “

Gause GetawayBeautiful Views

Comehome to beautiful views in this very wellbuilt and maintained home in Milam county! This property spans 178 acres of true peace and quiet for its next owner. Whether you seek grazing for horses and cattle, a place to hunt, fish or recreate: this property has something for you.

An oversized kitchen gives natural light and offers custom wood cabinets lovingly built by homeowner. Enjoy family meals & gatherings in the eat-in kitchen or formal dining room. A large living room with fireplace insert and a custom built in wall unit that offers lots of storage. Galley type guest bathroom is complete with claw foot tub. Custom cabinetry in one of the guest rooms makes for a superb home office if desired. The master bedroom leads

to large en-suite complete with walk in shower, built in cabinetry/storage, & a walk in closet large enough for the year-round-wardrobe. Additionally, it even has an entry/ exit door to backyard. Vintage glass doorknobs throughout the home & natural light at every turn. A sun-room is cen trally cooled/heated and ready to use year-round. Follow a covered breezeway from sun-room to oversized garage that offers workbench & more storage. This home is ready to kick back and enjoy!

Outside the home, a permanent greenhouse & fenced garden space are in place along with a drive through barn with attached residence, feed storage, workshop & working pens. Numerous extras like an irrigation system, automatic gate and more are all done for you. A water well

provides deliciously sweet tasting water that can’t be beat!

For the livestock producer, there is ample grazing throughout the property along with a +/-25 acre pasture that yields 65 to 80 round bails each cutting. Several non-realty items may convey with the sale including a golf cart & John Deere tractor w/attachments.

There is an abundance of wildlife on the property from deer, to hogs and songbirds. There are three ponds on the property stocked with catfish and bass and ready to fish in, water cattle or wildlife alike.

This ranch is a unique opportunity for the multiuse buyer. Come enjoy the county life an acre at a time!

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Edward Jones is celebrating 100 years of partnership

Whether you seek grazing for horses and cattle, a place to hunt, fish or recreate: this property has something for you.
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Groesbeck Game Ranch Ready to Hunt


47.37 acre property in the heart of Lime stone County. If you are looking for a getaway place with great hunting potential, this is the spot.

Great privacy awaits you once you enter the property thanks to thick woods along the county road. A cozy cabin is tucked away near the front corner of the property along with a water well, barn, and RV hook up. Power and septic is in place as well. The cabin has a metal exterior for the long-haul usage, and has been recently remodeled inside. There is a great living/kitch en area with TV in place. There is one bedroom, one full bath and a storage room too. A mini-split A/C will keep you cool through the night!

The barn is great for storing a tractor and UTV, with areas on each end for cleaning animals, or stor ing tools, feed and more. The property is high fenced around the perimeter, with a few acres in the rear being excluded for low-fence deer and hog hunting.

Awesome terrain changes throughout the prop erty. It's truly built of rolling hills as you move from the front to the rear of the property. This allows for great opportunities for trail riding and ATVs and also gives you several wet-weather creeks, one of which flows constantly.

The property is thickly wooded in most areas,

making it remote and wild. There are towering trees and plenty of places to make your own. A pond is in place near the middle of the property. There are 3 well-built tower blinds in place along with numerous corn feeders and hog traps. There are 3 large protein feeders that will convey as well.

The deer herd on the property come with the sale and have top-notch genetics. These deer come from great breeder bucks and should have phenomenal offspring from year to year. These deer can be enjoyed by the future owners through wildlife viewing, personal hunting or commercial hunting. A small high fenced holding pen is located near the cabin for use as needed.

47.37 Acres I Groesbeck, Texas
Awesome terrain changes throughout the property. It’s truly built of rolling hills as you move from the front to the rear of the property.
“ “

Buckholts Retreat Hilltops and Lakes

50+ acres I Buckholts, Texas

Large lakes and hilltop views are what dreams are made of. This place has both! The highlight of the property is +/-4 acre lake that is prime for fishing, duck hunting wildlife viewing and pleas ant future back porch views. Nearby a large hilltop crests for the ideal home site. Build a home, shop or other improvement and kick back.

Away from the home site is a lot of ample depth that gets you even more secluded. There is plenty of room to run

cattle, hunt, ride horses and more.

Some deed restrictions apply: no mobile homes etc. Water meter is available and power runs along the road. Mostly open pasture and black land soils.

Located on CR 108, just outside of Buckholts. Only 20 miles from Temple, 35 miles from Taylor, 70 miles from College Station and just 50 miles from Round Rock!

Multiple lots for sale, minutes east of Rockdale! Come enjoy the country life! These 5.016.162 acre properties are located on CR 322, just east of Rockdale, all just a few minute drive to the intersection on HWY 77 & HWY 79. Two pond lots remain!

There are plenty of flat and level building sites on these tracts---build a home, shop, barn or anything else you need to make it your own. Ag exempt for low taxes until you build a home on it.

Native and improved grasses throughout make it great for a few cattle or horses.

Power is located close-by, and brand new water meters are ready to use. No need to drill an expensive water well!

This property has light restric tions to protect your investment for years to come: i.e. no trash, junk, commercial business, mobile homes, etc. Barndo miniums are allowed. Minimum home size is 1800 square feet.

We make it our business to finance your Texas size dreams, from homes and recreational property to farm & ranch. Reach out to us today to let us help you find the loan that meets your needs. We will be with you every two-step of the way. www.classic.bank (512) 446-9444 Rockdale, Texas
+/-26 ACRES, FM 2095, CAmeron, texas: Rolling hills, potential pond site, scattered oaks and ready for a home. Good, paved road frontage and convenient access to HWY 36. +/-26 ACRES, FM 2095: Excellent property accessed via a paved road. Rolling hils, potential pond site, scattered oaks and ready for a home. 14.94 ACRES, CR 342, Milano, TExas: Private and secluded tract with a 3/2 home, barn, shop, and full utilities in place. Ag exemption in place and plenty of deer, hog and other wild game in the area. 18.71, Fairview dr, Rockdale, texas: This property is ready for your improvements. One new barn in place. 1/3 acre pond is in place. Water meter and power runs along the road. Ag exempt and fully fenced. 6.27 acres, W HWY 79, ROckdale, texas: Location, location. Perfectly situated on the west side of Rockdale with high amount of passenger traffic passing by daily. Offered for convenient store or gas station uses. 25.39 acres, CR 412, ROckdale, texas: Private and tucked away acreage. Access off of CR 412. Primarily used for hay production. Great spot for a home, barn, shop or continued farming or recreational uses. 16.131 acres, Texas St, Milano, texas: Multiple lot and blocks in a good location. Water and power are available. Would make a great place for a small development or rental homes. PENDING PENDING
+/-12 acres, CR 318, rockdale, texas: Nice, small tract. Ready for a home and more. Good creek area with oak trees and may be a good spot for a pond. Deed restrictions to protect your investment. +/-26 ACRES, FM 2095: Excellent property accessed via a paved road. Rolling hils, potential pond site, scattered oaks and ready for a home. 12.50 acres, CR 258, Cameron, TExas: Private and secluded tract. Thickly wooded with oaks, cedars and elm trees. Plenty of room to clear or leave exactly the way you choose. No restrictions. Owner financing available. 25 acres, RM 243, Bertram, texas: This is a prime opportunity for gorgeous land in high-demand Burnet County. This property is under 1 hour from Austin and Round Rock, and 30 minutes from Lake Buchanan. +/- 75 acres, CR 342, Milano, texas: Rolling hills and great views are the highlight of this property. Ample wildlife and great potential pond and homesites throughout. Heavily wooded with native pasture. +/-10.5 acres, CR 318, ROckdale, texas: Nice, small tract with paved road frontage. Ready for a home and more. Located minutes from Rockdale, and very close to FM 908. Deed restrictions to protect your investment. 0.26 acres, 1605 Post Rd San Marcos, Tx 78666: Great chance to own a newly remodeled house just minutes from downtown San Marcos and Texas State University. 4 bed, 2 bath with lots of new upgrades. SOLD
Come see us for all your hardware needs! Rockdale Building Material Center 108 S. Main St. Rockdale, TX 512-446-5884 Greg & Debbie Brinkley, Owners Faust --make ad ARC ON WELDING & FAB • Barbed & Net Wire Fencing • Pipe Fencing • Pipe Entrances • Cattle Guards • Cattle Pens • Metal barns • Fully-enclosed buildings • Pole Barns • Car Ports • Custom Fabrication Allen Faust, Owner (254) 482-0446 Rockdale, TX TEXAS MONTHLY RATED TOP 25 BBQ JOINT IN THE STATE! Small Farm Innovations offers a wide range of TYM Tractors, large and small agricultural implements & CountryClipper Zero Turn Mowers SALES * SERVICE * PARTS PICK UP AND DELVIERY AVAILABLE Rockdale Supercenter Walmart Supercenter #280 709 W Us Highway 79 Rockdale, TX 76567 Open until 11pm 512-446-5851
51.29 acres, CR 108, buckholts, texas: nice, open property with lake and barn in place. This property has potential for a great home site, use for cattle and more. Convenient to Temple/Belton! +/-26 ACRES, FM 2095: Excellent property accessed via a paved road. Rolling hils, potential pond site, scattered oaks and ready for a home. +/-4.70, Metcalfe, Rockdale, TExas: Nice, small tract just outside the Rock dale city limits. This property is ready to build on. City water, power and sewer may be available on this property. +/-20 acres, CR 316, caldwell, texas: This property is ready for your im provements. A good hilltop home location, good potential spots for ponds to be built and great paved road frontage as well. 12.50 acres, 715 Thompson, Rd Dale, Tx 78616: This newly subdivided 12.5 AC tract is the perfect location for your dream home. There are multiple flat, private build-able areas throughout this majestic property. 4.96 acres, 1502 Thurman Rd, San Marcos, Tx 78666: This almost 5 acre property boasts a beautiful 2,190 square ft 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home, well house, shed, and attached garage. 13.94 acres , CR 258, Cameron, TExas: Private and secluded tract. Thickly wooded with oaks, cedars and elm trees. Great place to hunt. County road frontage on two sides. No restrictions. Owner financing available.
900 W. CAMERON AVE ROCKDALE, TX 76567 (512) 446-2505 Monday- Saturday 7:00 AM- 6:00PM CLOSED SUNDAY 7.50 ACRES, FM 1600, rockdale, texas: Rolling hilltop tract that would make for an excellent homesite. Good, paved road frontage via FM 1600. Large, majestic live oaks and lake views to enjoy. +/-26 ACRES, FM 2095: Excellent property accessed via a paved road. Rolling hils, potential pond site, scattered oaks and ready for a home. +/-30 acres, CR 316, CAldwell, TExas: Wide open spaces! This tract is raw and ready for a home, barn, shop and more. Scattered trees in areas and good paved road frontage. Ag exempt and fenced on three sides. 176.14 acres, CR 273, Rosebud, texas: Raw property with great potential. Rolling terrain with Pond Creek access. One pond and ready for cattle. +/-62 acres, CR 432, ROckdale, texas: Sprawling views to take in. Open pasture and ready for cattle, hay or development possibilities. Residential & Commercial SOLD SOLD Bailey Financial Solutions Solutions for Your Financial Needs James H. Bailey, EA v Tax Preparation v Bookkeeping v Payroll Service (254) 697-3081 1(800) 850-3081 Fax: (254) 697-8412 102 S. Houston St PO Box 710 Cameron, TX 76520 SOLD
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WE USE THE BEST TOOLS AVAILABLE. We aim to be a step above the competition and offer the best services possible, whether using drones & UTVs or social & multimedia marketing. From property videos to social media ads, we have a team and a process to get your property the attention it deserves, leading to more market exposure and higher offers!

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