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Texas Food & Fuel Association Staff

Board of Directors

Paul Hardin, CAE President/CEO phardin@tffa.com

Cary Rabb, Round Rock WAG·A·BAG™ Chairman

Rick Bolner, CPA Vice President of Accounting rbolner@tffa.com

Dan Baker, San Angelo Regal Oil Company Vice Chairman

Bobby Warren, Sherman Douglass Distributing Co. District VII

Matt Burgin Director of Government Relations mburgin@tffa.com

Steve Fryar, Brownwood P.F. & E. Oil Company Secretary

Mike Kittrell, Parker World Fuel Services Corporation District VIII

Scott B. Fisher Senior VP of Policy & Public Affairs sfisher@tffa.com

Steve Boyd, Houston Sun Coast Resources, Inc. Treasurer

John Prickette, Sulphur Springs Grocery Supply Company District IX

Madalyne Lange, Sherman Immediate Past Chairman

Fred Sloan, Dallas TAC Energy District X

Dana Fuller, CEM Director of Expo & Events dfuller@tffa.com Annette Hicks, CMP Vice President of Meetings & Expositions ahicks@tffa.com William Reagan Director of Strategic Industry Initiatives wreagan@tffa.com


Don Grissom, Austin General Counsel Paul Hardin, Austin President

Region Directors: Robert Eggleston, Midland Penta Operating, LLC Region A

Sean Russell Creative Marketing Manager srussell@tffa.com

Lance Davis, Bonham McCraw Oil Company Region B

Kris Wallace Assistant Director of Finance kwallace@tffa.com

Don Broach, Bryan BRENCO Marketing, Corp. Region C

The Texas Food & Fuel Magazine is published quarterly by the Texas Food & Fuel Association, Austin, Texas, USA. Subscriptions are included in the dues paid by Texas Food & Fuel Association member companies. Subscription requests: Texas Food & Fuel Association 401 W. 15th Street, Suite 510 Austin, TX 78701 P 800.460.8662 F 512.477.4239 info@tffa.com ©2019 Texas Food & Fuel Association. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without the written consent of the publisher.



Terry Tesch, Angleton R.B. Stewart Petroleum Products, Inc. Region D

District Directors: Neal McCarty, Fiona Kendrick Oil Company District I Nelson Grona, San Antonio Bear Oil Company. Inc. District II Joy Garcia, Mineral Wells Connel Oil Corp. District III Paul Masters, El Paso Mogas, Inc. District IV Mike Hennings, San Angelo Tres Amigos C-Stores District V Aaron Nilsson, Daingerfield W.O.I. Petroleum, Inc. District VI

Charles Reichenau, Mason Short Stop Food Stores District XI Mark Jackson, Navasota Kolkhorst Petroleum Company District XII Clay Johnson, Austin Tex-Con Oil Company District XIII Imad Sarkis, Beaumont Tri-Con, Inc. District XIV Phil Wuest, McQueeney Wuest’s, Inc. District XV Wes Scott, San Antonio Arguindegui Oil Co. II, Ltd District XVI Alison Schmidt, Houston U.S. Oil, a division of U.S. Venture, Inc. District XVII Jake Marsico, Dickinson Bay Oil Company District XVIII

Directors At Large Marketers Bill Crittenden, Kerrville Mini Mart Terry Harrah, Belton CEFCO Convenience Stores Steven Neill, Midland Kent Oil, Inc.

Guy Oliver, Austin MTG Management Justin Parrott, Dallas Ranparr, Inc. Jeff Scarbrough, Clovis, NM Allsups Petroleum, Inc.

Directors At Large Suppliers Tori Bates, Richardson Tait Environmental Services, Inc. Buster Cage, Whitney Republic Tobacco Michael Lawshe, Fort Worth Paragon Solutions, Inc. Wolfgang Manz, Houston PWM Electronic Price Signs Tim Miller, Kingwood Ascentium Capital, LLC Richard Rogers, Pasadena Texas TransEastern, Inc.

Past Chairmen Gary Garrison*, Plainview Fred Garrison Oil Company Rodney Fischer, New Braunfels Midtex Oil, L.P. Rick Golman, Dallas Empire Petroleum Partners, LLC Gary Johnson Odessa Johnson Brothers Oil Company Jim Kolkhorst, Navasota Kolkhorst Petroleum Company Terry Maxey*, Uvalde Maxey Energy Company Randy Parrott, Dallas Ranparr, Inc. *serves on Executive Council Board Term: January 1-December 31, 2019


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Protecting your data against gas pump skimmers starts by knowing what to look for and how to react.


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SESSION RECAP he 86th Session of the Texas Legislature Tconcluded on Monday, May 27th. This was a different session than in the recent past because Representative Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton) was the new Speaker of the Texas House. Additionally, the relationships between the big three, Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Speaker Bonnen seemed to be in sync on key legislative issues from the beginning of session, which was a bit different than recent legislative sessions. The Texas Legislature passed important legislation for increased state spending on public education, while at the same time providing significant property tax cuts and property tax reform. Overall, 7,324 bills were filed during the 86th Texas Legislature and 1,429 of them were passed. TFFA actively tracked over 600 bills and hundreds more amendments directly impacting the fuel industry. Before the session TFFA polled its membership on what topics were

priorities for our industry. TFFA members responded by ranking credit card skimming, issues with the Texas Department of Agriculture, paid sick leave ordinances, and motor fuels taxes as the most important problems to address in the legislative session. TFFA delivered victory by passing landmark bills on both credit card skimming and moving the regulation of motor fuels from the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). In particular we are proud of coming together as an Association to pass the TDA to TDLR transfer bill this session with TFFA Chairman Cary Rabb saying, “Thank you to all of the members who utilized their relationships with legislators to assist in passing such an important piece of legislation for our industry. Thank you to everyone who came to the Capitol on our Legislative Day and who came to testify in the tense committee hearings. It was a group effort and this is why we are the Texas Food & Fuel Association.”

“TFFA delivers victory by passing landmark bills on both credit card skimming and moving the regulation of motor fuels from the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).”

TFFA Supports Moving Fuel Programs from TDA to TDLR Senate Bill 2119 by Sen. Carol Alvarado (D – Houston) and Rep. Craig Goldman (R – Ft. Worth) Senate Bill 2119 was the top priority legislation for TFFA this session. The bill transfers the regulatory programs for both motor fuel metering and motor fuel quality testing from the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). On June 14th Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 2119 into law, effective immediately. The bill’s passage is big news for the fuel industry as it marks the end of 90+ years of regulation by TDA and the beginning of an important relationship with a new state agency in TDLR. There were a lot of risks with trying to make the move at the Texas Capitol, but in the end with the signing of the bill, TFFA can declare a major legislative success. SB 2119 includes a fifteen-month transition period where TDA, TDLR and TFFA will work together to smoothly transfer the registrations, program fees, penalty policies


texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine


TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019

TFFA Supports Credit Card Skimming Solutions and all other regulatory operations from one state agency to another. TFFA will be reaching out to member companies from all sides of the fuel industry to assist in this transition process over the next few months. TFFA is pushing to make the transition as quickly as possible for the benefit of both the industry and the state agencies involved. TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: Immediately

TFFA Supports Short Term TDA Fix House Bill 2366 by Rep. Drew Darby (R – San Angelo) Following the passage of HB 2174 last session, our industry saw many problems with TDA’s implementation of the new fuel quality testing regime. HB 2366 would require customers who complain to provide a receipt and further clarifies how the fuel quality program should be run. TFFA expects many of the policy ideas laid out in HB 2366 to be implemented as administrative rules by TDLR as they take over regulatory control of the fuel industry. SB 2119 would not have been possible without the threat and cover of HB 2366 and TFFA sincerely thanks Rep. Darby for fighting for our industry in both the 2107 and 2019 sessions. TFFA Position: Supported Status: With success of SB 2119 TFFA quit pushing HB 2366  


House Bill 2945 by Rep. Mary Ann Perez (D – Houston) and Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D – Laredo) TFFA members agree that the #1 problem that our industry needed to address this session was credit card skimming. HB 2945 creates a credit card fusion center, in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety, to be the central intelligence unit for fighting credit card skimming in Texas. The center will have the responsibility of educating consumers, retailers, service technicians, and law enforcement on how to best combat the spreading problem of credit card skimming. In addition, the bill directs the Attorney General’s office to create a list of guidelines for best practices for retailers to defend against credit card skimmers. TFFA testified before both the House and Senate Committees in favor of the bills. TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019

House Bill 869 by Rep. Cole Hefner (R – Mt. Pleasant) and Sen. Bryan Hughes (R – Mineola) TFFA supports efforts to include credit card skimming to the list of predicate charges for prosecution of organized crimes. This change would strengthen penalties for criminals engaged in credit card skimming at fuel pumps, which should in turn deter credit card skimming.

House Bill 2624 by Rep. Mary Ann Perez (D – Houston) and Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D – Laredo) The bill amends the Code of Criminal Procedure to authorize the prosecution of a credit or debit card abuse offense in any county in which the offense was committed or in the county of residence for any person whose credit or debit card was unlawfully possessed or used by the defendant. Perpetrators of credit card or debit card abuse work in groups and may travel to commit their crimes and that the card account holders may be in a different state or counties. Law enforcement groups and District Attorneys asked for this bill to better pursue card skimming crimes. TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019

House Bill 2625 by Rep. Mary Ann Perez (D – Houston) and Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D – Laredo) The bill establishes greater penalties for unlawfully possessing multiple credit or debit cards. Many individuals arrested for such an offense have multiple counterfeit cards in their possession in addition to numerous victims’ account numbers. Furthermore, prosecutors hoping to levy more severe punishment for such an offense often find themselves pursuing the offense as fraudulent use or possession of identifying information,


t ex a s f o od & f u e l m ag azi ne

which can require contacting each account holder. The bill addresses these issues by creating the offense of mass fraudulent use or possession of credit or debit card information. TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019  

TFFA Supports Statewide Standards for Employment Regulations Senate Bill 15 by Sen. Brandon Creighton (R – Conroe) Package employment regulations bill

Senate Bill 2485 by Sen. Brandon Creighton (R – Conroe) City regulation of employment benefits

Senate Bill 2486 by Sen. Brandon Creighton (R – Conroe) City regulation of employee scheduling

Senate Bill 2487 by Sen. Brandon Creighton (R – Conroe) City regulation of paid sick leave

Senate Bill 2488 by Sen. Brandon Creighton (R – Conroe) City regulation of ‘ban the box’ TFFA is a member of the ASSET business coalition that is working to maintain a business friendly regulatory environment that encourages statewide employment standards in lieu of local labor regulations that are increasingly being imposed in a patchwork of city ordinances across Texas. This session ASSET proposed Senate Bill 15 to address a package of employment issues: city regulation of employment benefits, city regulation of employment scheduling, city regulation of paid sick leave, and city regulation of ‘ban the box.’ The bill was amended in committee with language severely limiting city’s power to pass any type of labor ordinances. The language thus effected city ordinances

regarding LGBT protections, and with that turn the bill faced significant new opposition. The bill quickly passed out of committee in the Senate but came to a dead stop on the Senate floor. Many LGBTQ groups came out strongly against this bill as well as many large, multinational corporations that had been previously in favor of the bill. At this point SB 15 was dead. Sen. Creighton then filed SB 2485, SB 2486, SB 2487, and SB 2488 as a piecemeal way to address these issues. Each of the bills still contained the ‘antiLGBTQ’ language but the previously opposed Senators stood down and allowed the bills to pass. Over in the House the bills were picked up by House State Affairs Chairman Rep. Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont), but the bills faced a very contentious committee process. In the committee hearing ASSET and TFFA supported the bills but the cities, municipal groups, LGBTQ groups and the major corporations strongly opposed the bills. Rep. Phelan and the committee agreed that in order to pass the bills in the House they needed to remove the anti-LGBTQ language. All of this was in the last two weeks of session and the result was a House version without the anti-LGBTQ language and a Senate version with the anti-LGBTQ language. As the bill went through the House Calendars Committee a compromise with the Senate could not be reached. Rep. Phelan decided not to push for a House floor vote and all of the bills died. TFFA and ASSET are continuing to work with other groups who have filed lawsuits to stop the implementation of the paid sick leave ordinances in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. TFFA Position: Supported Status: Not Passed TFFA is disappointed in the failure of these bills, but will look to the Texas Supreme court for protection from these unfair local labor ordinances

Texas Tobacco 21+ Senate Bill 21 by Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston) and Rep. John Zerwas (R-Fort Bend) The Texas version of the Tobacco 21+ Bill passed easily in the House and the Senate and was signed by the Governor to become effective across Texas September 1, 2019. Last session TFFA fought against the bill, but given the national conversation about Tobacco 21, the official positions of the large tobacco companies (who are members of TFFA) and the Association’s other legislative priorities, TFFA supported the Texas Tobacco 21+ bill this session. The bill prohibits the sale of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and all other tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21 in Texas. As the bill was moving through the legislative process and nearing the finish line, there was a moment of panic near when an amendment was added that would have prohibited the sale of tobacco anywhere except 21+ only businesses. This amendment was shadily added by a fringe vaping association, but TFFA along with JUUL and other interested parties worked to have the amendment removed within 24 hours of it getting added. Also, the bill includes an important provision for our industry that says that local governments cannot make their own local ordinances based on age. For instance, the city of Austin cannot implement an ordinance of Tobacco 25+ or any other age related ordinances regarding tobacco. Implementation notes: • There is an exception for active military personnel who are aged 18-20 who must present a military identification card at the time of purchase. • There is also a grandfather clause meaning that anyone who is 18-21 years old on September 1, 2019 is still eligible to buy cigarettes. Anyone who is 17 years and 364 days old on September 1, 2019 will have to wait until they are 21 to buy tobacco products. THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN TEXAS

texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine

TFFA is working with the Texas Comptroller’s office on new Tobacco 21+ signage and training policies. TFFA will send out these materials in the next month ahead of the September 1st transition. TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019

Other TFFA Bills of Interest House Bill 1 by Rep. John Zerwas (R-Fort Bend) and Sen. Jane Nelson (R – Flower Mound) The Texas House and Senate passed and the Governor signed the $250 billion 2020/2021 state budget. The budget included money for big teacher pay raises, property tax relief, Hurricane Harvey relief and many other important state priorities. Importantly for TFFA, the 2020/2021 budget includes the retailer lottery bonus, which was line-item vetoed by the Governor in the 2018/2019 budget. TFFA and other retailer groups lobbied to get this money back in as it is an important incentive for retailers offering the lottery in Texas. TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019

Senate Bill 2 by Sen. Paul Bettencourt (R – Houston) SB 2 was the major property tax bill of the session. It limits the amount cities, school districts, and other local taxing entities may increase taxes year-over-year without voter approval. TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019

House Bill 1525 by Rep. Dustin Burrows (R – Lubbock) The United States Supreme Court recently decided the Wayfair case, which allows states to require sellers who are not physically located in the state to collect sales and use tax for that state. Currently, the Tax Code does not require WWW.TFFA.COM

marketplace providers to collect and remit state and local sales and use tax on sales made on their marketplaces by third party sellers and HB 1525 implements the recent Court’s decision on online sales tax in order to create a level playing field for marketplace sellers. Some TFFA members, specifically tobacco retailers, have been hurt by the loopholes in online sales. HB 1525 closes the loopholes by giving the Texas Comptroller the tools necessary to collect online sales taxes and level the playing field for Texas retailers. TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: Octoberr 1, 2019

House Bill 1729 by Rep. Jim Murphy (R – Houston) This bill has been filed and failed in multiple previous sessions. The bill lowers the discount for prepayment of sales and use taxes by retailers. Current law provides for a prepayment discount of 1.25 percent and the bill would have lowered that to the lesser of 1.25 percent or an annually adjusted percentage of the amount of the prepayment that yields an annualized rate of return equal to the prime rate as published in The Wall Street Journal on the first business day of each calendar year, plus four percent. TFFA and other retailer groups opposed the bill as the new calculation would have hurt companies that use prepayment. The bill failed to move out of the House Calendars Committee. TFFA Position: Opposed Status: Did not pass

House Bill 4390 by Rep. Giovanni Capriglione (R – Southlake) The bill addresses the privacy of personal identifying information and the creation of the Texas Privacy Protection Advisory Council. As originally filed the bill would have severely restricted personal information companies could collect and store


regarding their customers. The bill is aimed at data collection by major online social media companies regarding their users and customers. However, in other states retailers have been inadvertently affected by similar legislation due to customer data retention within rewards and loyalty programs. TFFA monitored the bill and in the end the bill creates a task force and a two year study of the issue. The topic will be a major issue in the 2021 legislative session TFFA Position: Neutral Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019

House Bill 2223 by Rep. John Frullo (R – Lubbock) This bill is the redo on the BBQ bill from last session. In the Fall of 2016 the Texas Department of Agriculture began enforcing rules saying that scales in a BBQ restaurant must be located within the view of the customer. BBQ restaurants and the Texas Restaurant Association fought back against this interpretation of the rule saying that BBQ restaurants would have to completely rebuild restaurant floorplans in order to comply. HB 2223 amends the Agriculture Code to exempt from inspection and registration a commercial weighing or measuring device that is used exclusively to weigh food that is solid for immediate consumption. Given TFFA’s own problems with TDA and our good relationship with the Texas Restaurant Association, TFFA supported HB 2223. TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019

Senate Bill 357 by Sen. Robert Nichols (R – Jacksonville) The bill sets a maximum height limit of 60 feet for all signs erected before March 1, 2017. Due to a recent court ruling there had been a period of ambiguity regarding sign height limitations in Texas and SB 357 clarifies height limitations to 60 feet. TFFA Position: Neutral Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019


t ex a s f o od & f u e l m ag azi ne

House Bill 4364 by Rep. Briscoe Cain (R – Baytown) The bill would limit what could be purchased under the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) in Texas. The bill would prohibit SNAP recipients from using SNAP to purchase energy drinks, carbonated soda, certain milk drinks, candy, cookies, or potato chips. TFFA Position: Opposed Status: Did not pass

House Bill 2399 by Rep. Craig Goldman (R – Fort Worth) The bill would permit the use of biometric identity verification devices to verify the identity and age of a person in order to comply with certain alcohol related laws. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission would be directed to write rules to allow retailers, bars and restaurants to accept certain biometric identification devices for age verification for alcohol sales. TFFA Position: Neutral Status: Did not pass

House Bill 1443 by Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D – Houston) Concerns have been raised regarding the lack of guidance relating to the time frame in which a city or county must provide a certification on the wet or dry status of a location for which an alcohol permit or license application is submitted. H.B. 1443 seeks to address these concerns by setting a 30 day deadline for completion by the secretary or clerk of the city in which a prospective applicant for a permit or license to sell alcoholic beverages makes a request for certification. TFFA Position: Neutral Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: September 1, 2019

House Bill 4013 by Rep. Rick Miller (R – Sugarland) The bill would impose a sales and use tax on all vapor products sold in Texas or purchased from a retailer for use in Texas. The rate of the tax would be five cents per milliliter or fractional part of a milliliter and

the tax would be in addition to the sales and use taxes.

Senate Bill 26 and Senate Joint Resolution 24

TFFA Position: Opposed Status: Did not pass

by Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (R – Brenham)

House Bill 2452 by Rep. Craig Goldman (R – Fort Worth) Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) investigates a high volume of complaints each year and that many investigations require technical and specific program knowledge to fully understand and resolve the complaints. It has been suggested that the TDLR complaint review process could benefit from the assistance of qualified third-party experts. HB 2452 seeks to provide for such assistance by authorizing TDLR to contract with a qualified individual to provide complaint review services. TFFA Position: Neutral Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: Immediately 

House Bill 791 by Rep. Dan Huberty (R – Humble) Volunteer fire departments are exempt from paying motor fuel taxes on purchases for their exclusive use. Current policy, with respect to existing statute, is that the definition includes only all volunteer fire departments. Data from the Texas Forest Service’s directory of fire departments indicate there are 1,858 fire departments in the state. Approximately 73 percent (1,348) of these fire departments are VFDs staffed entirely by volunteers. The inclusion of part-paid fire departments staffed by at least 50 percent volunteer firefighters in the definition of VFD would add another 190 fire departments eligible for this motor fuel tax exemption.

Our state’s rapid growth in recent years has sparked an increase in support and use for state parks in Texas. State park visitation reached a record 9.7 million visits in fiscal year 2017. Unfortunately, this success has created many challenges, forcing several parks to regularly deny entry to visitors once they reach capacity. As the state park system approaches its 100th anniversary in 2023, the state must act to ensure that our parks have the resources they need to adequately fund deferred maintenance, staff, visitor safety and experience, and expansion of our state park system. Sustained and predictable funding through the automatic appropriation of the sporting goods sales tax offers a path forward to meet state park construction, operations, and customer demands while also protecting our valued historic treasures. The bill and the corresponding constitutional amendment would automatically appropriate the sporting goods sales tax to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission TFFA Position: Supported Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: Enactment contingent on passage of Texas Constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot November 5, 2019 to then take effect September 1, 2021.

The bill expands the number of exempted fire departments to include part-paid fire departments that have at least 50 percent of its firefighters as volunteers. TFFA Position: Neutral Status: Signed by the Governor Effective: Immediately 


texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine


Go to www.wpmaexpo.com for information or call 1 (888) 252-5550


February 18-20, 2020 at the Mirage in Las Vegas, NV


Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (2015-2019) WPMA President Dennis Campo announces Keynote! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hear Paul Ryan, 54th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (October 2015 to January 2019). Mr. Ryan was the youngest speaker in nearly 150 years. During his tenure, Ryan spearheaded

efforts to reform our nation’s tax code, rebuild our national defense, expand domestic energy production, combat the opioid epidemic, reform our criminal justice system, and promote economic opportunity. Come and listen to Paul Ryan speak at the WPMAEXPO in February!



t ex a s f o od & f u e l m ag azi ne


EPA RELEASES PROPOSED RFS OBLIGATED BLENDING VOLUMES FOR 2020 EPA recently proposed increasing the volume of renewable fuels to 20.04 billion gallons in 2020, up from 19.92 billion gallons in 2019. The corn ethanol mandate was not reduced but will remain at the 15 billion-gallon statutory maximum set by Congress under the RFS. On the biodiesel front, the rulemaking also proposes to set the 2021 renewable fuel volume for biomass-based diesel at 2.43 billion gallons, level with the 2020 blending requirement. Under the RFS, refiners must blend certain volumes of biofuels into their fuel each year or purchase credits from those that do. Small refineries with a capacity of less than 75,000 barrels per day can receive waivers if they prove that compliance with RFS would cause them significant economic harm. The EPA has granted over 40 SREs for 2016 and 2017 compliance years and has indicated that it has received 40 petitions for SREs for 2018. For petroleum marketers, the corn ethanol mandate continues to put marketers in a precarious situation given UST system incompatibility with E10 plus blends with regard to the seals, glues, gaskets and other components that would force them to break concrete to sell higher ethanol blends.

Jesus Azanza, TFFA’s Director of Marketing, Communications, and Business Development for the past five and a half years accepted a position to serve as the Executive Director for the Community Associations Institute of Greater Houston — an organization that represents the homeowner and condo association industry. His last day with TFFA was July 15th. "Making the decision to leave TFFA was extremely difficult; however, in the end, it was the best move for my family and career. The friendships I've developed along the way will not be forgotten. It has truly been an honor and a privilege to work with this organization," comments Azanza. Jesus first joined TFFA in 2013 after serving nearly six years as Director of Membership for the states largest affordable housing association. Since then, he has proven himself to be a valuable member of our team. Jesus’ creativity and strategic mindset have led to a number of successes for TFFA; including, increased advertising and sponsorship revenue, event re-branding, and industry outreach efforts that reached national audiences. Comments from TFFA board members exalted Jesus’ contributions to the organization. As an example, one board member commented: “During my years with the association, I can mark, almost to the day, when Jesus started and our communications and image became more colorful, exciting and inviting. He has elevated our association and the pursuit of our mission and has definitely set the bar high for whoever follows. Congrats to him on a job well done!” His contributions have been a great benefit to this organization, and undeniably, Jesus will be deeply missed.

GOVERNOR ABBOTT SIGNS TFFA LANDMARK LEGISLATION Senate Bill 2119 by Sen. Carol Alvarado (D-Houston) and Rep. Craig Goldman (R-Fort Worth) was the top priority legislation for TFFA this session. The bill transfers the regulatory programs for both motor fuel metering and motor fuel quality testing from the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN TEXAS

texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine


On June 14th, Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 2119 into law. The bill’s passage is big news for the fuel industry as it marks the end of 90+ years of regulation by TDA and the beginning of an important relationship with a new state agency in TDLR. There were a lot of risks with trying to make the move at the Texas Capitol, but in the end with the signing of the bill, TFFA can declare a major legislative success. SB 2119 includes a fifteen-month transition period where TDA, TDLR, and TFFA will work together to smoothly transfer the registrations, program fees, penalty policies and all other regulatory operations from one state agency to another. TFFA will be reaching out to member companies from all sides of the fuel industry to assist in this transition process over the next few months. TFFA is pushing to make the transition as quickly as possible for the benefit of both the industry and the state agencies involved.

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION LIFTS E15 GASOLINE RESTRAINTS Recently, the EPA released its final rule to allow gasoline blended with up to 15% ethanol (E15) to receive a yearround 1 psi Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) waiver during the summer months. Before this final rule, E15 was not allowed to be sold in some regions of the United States from June 1 to September 15. In addition to the RVP waiver for E15, EPA also made several changes to the Renewable Identification Number (RIN) compliance system under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). EPA said the RIN compliance changes are designed to increase transparency and deter price manipulation. The final rule requires public disclosure when RIN holdings exceed specified thresholds and additional collection of data to improve market transparency and enhance EPA oversight. The final rule goes into effect 30 days after publication in the Federal Register. TFFA will soon prepare information on the labeling requirements for Texas retailers. Retailers will also need to assure their current Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems are compatible for storage and dispensing of higher blends of ethanol fuels. TFFA recommends retailers contact their UST tank and pump service vendor(s) to get a complete picture of potential compatibility issues. WWW.TFFA.COM

CBD AND CANNABIS UPDATE Senate Banking Chairman Concedes Support for Marijuana Banking Legislation. Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo (R-ID) says that Congress needs to allow federally prohibited, though locally legal, marijuana businesses to use financial institutions. (Source: WikiLeaf) Former FDA Commissioner Calls on Agency to Act on CBD. Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb wrote an op-ed published in the Washington Post that urged the agency to establish a stable market for hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) envisioned by Congress. (Source: Washington Post) Use of legalized marijuana or CBD oil strictly prohibited under U.S. DOT drug testing regulations. The U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) recently clarified the agency’s drug and alcohol policy concerning the legalized use under state laws of CBD oil and marijuana by CDL drivers. The policy is important to petroleum marketers because it addresses how the legalized use of CBD oil and marijuana for medical and recreation purposes under state law is treated under U.S. DOT drug testing requirements for CDL drivers (49 CFR Part 40). Read the full alert here: https://www.pmaa.org/ regulatoryreport/attachments/PMAA_ RR_CBD_Oil_052019.pdf.


t ex a s f o od & f u e l m ag azi ne

CALIFORNIA, AUTOMAKERS AGREE TO NEW FUEL ECONOMY STANDARDS Ford Motor Co., Volkswagen AG, Honda Motor Co., and BMW AG struck a voluntary agreement with the California Air Resources Board to meet tougher tailpipe-emissions standards than proposed by the Trump Administration and increase fleet fuel economy by 3.7% year over year between model year 2022 and 2026, Vox details. These four companies cover nearly one-third of new car, light truck and SUV sales in the U.S. so it’s no small feat. However, the benchmarks are determined by a car company’s national fleet, rather than simply within the state. California has an exemption under the federal Clean Air Act to set its own rules for vehicle emissions. Their new standards aren’t as strict as those set by the Obama Administration in 2012 but are tougher than what the Trump White House has proposed. The Trump Administration wants to freeze Obamaera federal emissions targets at 2020 levels, or about 37 miles per gallon, through 2026, instead of lifting them 5% annually, the Wall Street Journal reports. As Vox explains, “Faced with the prospect of different sets of rules across the country with changes hinging on the uncertain outcome of long, drawn-out litigation, some car companies decided to establish a backchannel with California to see if they could reach an agreement of their own.”

TFFA WELCOMES TWO NEW EMPLOYEES William Reagan comes from a diverse professional background centered on strategic initiatives, business development, sales, and logistics. He has worked in Fortune 500 companies, owned his own business, and served 6 years in the U.S. Air Force accomplishing 3 tours in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. William graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. In his spare time, he enjoys backpacking, photography, and binge-watching shows with his wife. Sean Russell has worked in marketing creative for over a decade, creating ad campaigns, animations, and interactive content. Sean grew up in Amarillo and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Anthropology. He is a lifelong science-fiction fan and designs, writes, and publishes his own sci-fi magazine in his spare time.

NO EASE IN SIGHT FOR U.S. TRUCK DRIVER SHORTAGE The U.S. truck driver shortfall is not slowing down. A recent study by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) shows that the driver shortage jumped more than 10,000 to hit 60,800 last year, Bloomberg reports. While the deficit will slow a little because of a slight dip in freight demand, the relief isn’t long-term in an industry with aging drivers, especially in long haul, said Bob Costello, ATA chief economist. “If things do not change, that’s where we will end up,” he said. “At some point, you go from being an operational painin-the-neck for the supply chain to real issues for all of us as consumers.” Trucking companies have offered higher pay and are actively recruiting former military, young people and women. “The trucking industry needs to find ways to attract more and younger drivers,” Costello said. “Right now, the average age of an over-the-road driver is 46 years old and almost as alarming is that the average age of a new driver being trained is 35 years old. In order to meet the nation’s freight demand, the trucking industry will need to hire 1.1 million new drivers over the next decade—an average of 110,000 per year to replace retiring drivers and keep up with growth in the economy.


texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine


Gilbarco Veeder-Root is the one partner for all your needs. You need the tools and technology to make your business a success. But you want a partner too. Someone who listens. Someone who understands your problems, your customers, as well as your budget. We get it. And because we get it, we give you solutions that work to build your business and bottom line. All designed to grow with you. If that’s the kind of support you’re looking for, contact your local distributor for more details.

Technology with a human touch.

www.gilbarco.com A&A Pump Company

A-1 Pump Inc.

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*Tyler location = Only Parts & Service

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*12907 Highway 155 S. Tyler, TX 75703 903.535.9595

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D&H United Fueling Solutions Inc. 12100 Crownpoint Dr, Ste 110 1221 Tower Trail El Paso, TX 79907 San Antonio, TX 78233 915.859.8150 210.651.3882 2101 S Loop 250 W Midland, TX 79703 432.689.2606


1475 Avenue S, Suite 300 Grand Prairie, TX 75050 817.530.1917

*5750 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E. (Ste. 110) Houston, TX 77032 713.747.5952

*Houston location = Only Parts & Service


2 0 1 9

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THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY: Responding To Reviews By Wolfgang Manz, President/CEO, PWM Electronic Price Signs

In today’s technology-driven and highly-transparent society, reviews have become a powerful tool used by customers to share their experiences. Websites like Yelp and Google provide a platform that gives convenience stores an opportunity to right their wrongs, deliver stellar customer service, and communicate their brand online — where potential customers can see it. Word of mouth travels fast when written down, especially if spread across social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. It’s important for convenience stores to think of reviews as part of the customer experience — one that requires attention and a response. If a customer review praises a particular employee, great! If an upset customer shares their disdain for a store, do not worry, there is an opportunity to right the ship. A 2018 consumer survey report by GasBuddy found stations with aboveaverage ratings captured 25% more visits than their counterparts with below-average ratings. The survey report, which captured more than 10.2 million individual user-submitted ratings, also found less than 5% of customer reviews are neutral.

Whether the review is good, bad, or just plain ugly, one thing is certain — customers expect a reply and convenience stores should acknowledge their request. According to the RevLocal, a nationwide digital marketing firm, 52% of customers expect a reply to their review within 7 days. Submitting an online review is a relatively easy process. Within minutes accounts can be established and ratings submitted for multiple businesses using a variety of online platforms. So, how should businesses respond to reviews? When a customer leaves a positive review, a reply shows their business is appreciated and that great care is being taken to ensure their experience is one that will be passed on to others. Responses to neutral reviews are often dismissed; however, provide an opportunity to let the customer know that nothing short of a perfect rating is what you strive for. It’s important to thank the reviewer for their visit, repeat positive aspects of the visit, explain any negatives, and invite them to come back. Negative reviews require immediate action — especially if your business has few reviews, to begin with. Negative

reviews are without a doubt the most difficult to respond to, and to make matters worse, responding in itself sometimes is not enough to change the customer's perception of a convenience store. That being said, a negative review does not always equal a lost customer. When responding to a negative review, don’t make it personal — regardless of how negative the review might make you feel, convenience stores should respond to the criticism gracefully. Consumer research firm HelpScout reports that 70% of unhappy customers will purchase from a business again if they fix the problem that attributed to the negative experience. A convenience stores online reputation is critical for business, and because 90% of consumers only make purchases from businesses who have a 3+ star rating, encouraging customer feedback is just as important as addressing reviews that dissuade potential customers from visiting your store. That being said, star ratings do not always tell the full story when it comes to reviews. Digging a little deeper, there are keywords and phrases to look out for that can help businesses develop an online response plan that builds rapport with


texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine

customers. As it relates to convenience stores, a few common phrases for positive reviews include great location, friendly staff, good service, and helpful. While commonly used phrases for negative reviews include: poor service, rude staff, and attitude. Knowing words and phrases most associated with positive reviews within a given industry helps companies gain trust and business by focusing on the experiences that stood out to the reviewer. The easiest way for a convenience store to increase positive reviews is to ask! People love sharing opinions, and if the request for a review is timed properly with the release of a new product or service, it can be extremely powerful in cultivating a strong online presence. Ask for reviews in person by the checkout counter using a comment box, include an online survey link on receipts, or create a marketing campaign that rewards customers who submit feedback on your companies Facebook page. Part of managing reviews, whether they are good, bad or ugly, is leveraging online and offline conversations to focus on your company’s strengths and weaknesses. If a particular review on Yelp, Google, or Facebook is offensive or fake, ask the reviewer to remove the review into an offline conversation. If that doesn’t work, flagging the review will alert the platform administrator who will determine whether or not the review violates guidelines. Every review platform

will have its own set of rules for replying to reviews — read those rules before responding. Review Wrap-Up Ultimately, perfection is a goal worth chasing, but not a reality. Convenience stores should take into account the importance reviews play in how current and prospective customers view their business. Having professionals in your corner to manage this increasingly important part of a business can position a convenience store as a destination that cares about its customers. The resources it takes and ability to fund a comprehensive review response strategy will vary for each convenience store, but there are options available. Small operators might consider outsourcing a trustworthy PR agency while large operators may be in a position to hire a full-time communications staff member. Either way, the investment is one that will pay off and have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. As CEO of PWM Electronic Price Signs, I take pride in our company’s efforts to gather feedback so that we can continue to evolve and provide our customers with positive experiences. Our advanced technology and impeccable track record are due in part because we listen to our customers. That being said, progress does not come easy. As a global company, PWM has worked tirelessly to make the customer its #1 priority by providing a consistent product and high-quality customer

service. Whether you’re in California or Germany, our ability to deliver on time and on-budget is key to ensuring our customers are satisfied. As the convenience store industry continues to expand to meet the needs of changing customer demands, so too will PWM. Responding to the diverse global needs of convenience stores will always be as important as responding to customer reviews — regardless if they are good, bad, or ugly. About PWM Electronic Price Signs For more than 35 years, we have been on the forefront of the electronic price sign industry, working solely with convenience store owners, just like you. As a privately owned, global player we have led the industry in the use of SMD technology since 2006. To ensure we deliver on our promise, we produce our own sign components at our headquarters in Germany, therefore controlling all aspects of sign quality. With a variety of sign types and designs to choose from, we back our signs and our customers 100%

with the industry’s best warranties and customer service. www.pwm-usa.com RESOURCES https://business.gasbuddy.com/wp-content/ uploads/2019/01/2018-GasBuddy-Foot-TrafficReport.pdf https://www.revlocal.com/blog/review-andreputation-management/how-to-respond-to-everytype-of-review https://www.helpscout.com/75-customer-servicefacts-quotes-statistics/




t ex a s f o od & f u e l m ag azi ne



texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine

The TFFA Fuel & Convenience Summit was formed as part of a strategic initiative to connect thought leaders, vendors, and others in Texas who have a stake in the fuel marketing and convenience retailing industries.



By participating in the Fuel & Convenience Summit, you’ll be among the first to:

• • •

Discover how your fuel or retail operation could be affected by recent changes adopted by the Texas Legislature. Gain a new perspective on how your business is performing by taking advantage of the networking opportunities at this event. Learn how to protect your business from regulatory and civil liability highlighted in the sessions throughout the day.

SUMMIT EDUCATION HIGHLIGHTS Hemp Products in Texas – The REAL Deal -- No Hype, Just the FACTS

We have put together a panel of leading authorities on the various aspects of the new opportunities found in retailing of Hemp or CBD Oil products. Hear the latest update on the implementation of House Bill 1325 passed this last session, the registration of retailers, the myths and pitfalls to avoid when considering a new product or distributor, how the Texas law interfaces with the federal laws and regulations and much more! Panelists, Lisa Pittman, Bissex & Watson, P.C., Stephen Pahl, TX Dept. of State Health Services, Consumer Protection Div., Mike Sandoval, Sante Laboratories

Transportation Litigation: 5 Best Practices for Preventing the “Nuclear” Verdict The goal of this session is to demystify the causes of a nuclear verdict and provide practical, proactive, preventative steps that companies can take to avoid the simple yet dangerous mistakes that inadvertently create nuclear exposure. Presented by Paul Murphy and Kelsey M. Taylor, Murphy Legal

Industry Ignite!

In this nontraditional session, presenters will each have 5 minutes to challenge the curious mind in a learning format that's fast, fun, and focused. During this rapid-fire session, subject-matter experts will each discuss a topic that is guaranteed to leave you with ideas worth sharing. Here’s an example of a few topics: EMV on the Forecourt: Are you ready? Safeguard Your Business with Distracted Driving Policy How Companies Like Kum & Go Decreased Turnover by 70%

• • •


2019 Fuel & Convenience Summit Golf Tournament Hosted by:


Cap off the Summit with 18 holes of golf at La Cantera Golf Club. Reconnect with friends and make new ones while supporting the Texas Food & Fuel Association Political Action Committee (TFFA PAC) and it’s year-round legislative efforts. Proceeds from the tournament help strengthen TFFA’s voice at the Texas Capitol. Texas law requires all contributions to Texas Food & Fuel Association’s PAC must be made in personal funds in the form of a personal check, credit card or payment from an LP or LLP. Corporate Funds may not be used to pay for individual entry fees, but can be accepted as payment for Sponsorship. Contributions to Texas Food & Fuel Association PAC are not deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes. WWW.TFFA.COM

GOLF SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE Contact Matt Burgin at (512) 617-4305 or mburgin@tffa.com.


t ex a s f o od & f u e l m ag azi ne

APRIL 2019

Federated Insurance.................................... 1 & 6


Fuels Market News ...........................................24 Gilbarco Veder-Root ........................................17 Imagination Fuel ....................Inside Back Cover



LBT, Inc ................................... Inside Front Cover



Petroleum Solutions, Inc.... Outside Back Cover Renewable Energy Group.................................. 4

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WPMA Expo.......................................................13 xp sw-e www.


For advertising information contact: William Reagan Director of Strategic Industry Initiatives 512.617.4310 / wreagan@tffa.com

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FUTURE-PROOF YOUR STORE. Whether you pick PX60 or Passport Edge, industry-leading security and functionality means no other POS system offers more to keep your business up and running. SPECIA L PSI PRI CIN INCLUD G INSTAL ES LATION !

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Profile for Texas Food & Fuel Association

Texas Food & Fuel Magazine - 3rd Quarter 2019  

86th Texas Legislature Recap Quarterly Buzz Images from 2019 Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo Registration open for the 2019 Fall Summit

Texas Food & Fuel Magazine - 3rd Quarter 2019  

86th Texas Legislature Recap Quarterly Buzz Images from 2019 Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo Registration open for the 2019 Fall Summit


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