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A Solution to Health Care Costs p. 10

TDLR UNVEILS PUMP DECAL Working to Make Texas Pumps Safer p.12


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Choice of two national networks:

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT WITH THE TFFA HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN?  An average 10%-40% savings over comparable plans.  Now Featuring the Cigna network

 Telemedicine with $0 copay included along with International Mail order for Brand Name drugs.

 Dental and vision plans available at similar savings.

 The largest network of healthcare providers in the nation.


Large Group Quoting (over 100 employees) Requires:   

Current Employee Status 3 Years of Rate and Claims History Copy of Current Plans

Small Group Quoting (less than 100 employees) Requires:   

Current Employee Status Individual Health Questionnaires Quotes Returned in 72-96 Hours


Visit www.TFFAHealth.com Contact Gary Haack, healthinsurance@tffa.com


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JUST DRIVE. Your poor driving decisions could keep you and your employees from making it home S.A.F.E. today.



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Welcome to All of Our New Members and Thank You for Your Support!


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Dan Baker talks Summit & Expo


Save money on healthcare

New tool in the War on Skimmers

What's new at the TFFA

Renew your UST Operator Training

Images and wrap-up


www.lbt-inc.com (866) 484-9845 11502 I Street Omaha, NE

Aftermarket parts

Dave (402) 697-3675 Gary (402) 697-3664 Matt (402) 697-3665

texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine

Texas Food & Fuel Association Staff

Board of Directors

Paul Hardin, CAE President/CEO phardin@tffa.com

Dan Baker, San Angelo Regal Oil, Inc. Chairman

Rick Bolner, CPA Chief Financial Officer rbolner@tffa.com

Steve Fryar, Brownwood P.F. & E. Oil Company Vice Chairman

Matt Burgin Director of Government Relations mburgin@tffa.com

Terry Tesch, Angleton R.B. Stewart Petroleum Products, Inc. Secretary/ Treasurer

Scott B. Fisher Senior VP of Policy & Public Affairs sfisher@tffa.com

Cary Rabb, Round Rock WAG·A·BAG™ Immediate Past Chairman

Dana Fuller, CEM Director of Expo & Events dfuller@tffa.com Annette Hicks, CMP Vice President of Meetings & Events ahicks@tffa.com William Reagan Director of Strategic Initiatives wreagan@tffa.com Sean Russell Creative Marketing Manager srussell@tffa.com Kris Wallace Assistant Director of Finance kwallace@tffa.com

The Texas Food & Fuel Magazine is published quarterly by the Texas Food & Fuel Association, Austin, Texas, USA. Subscriptions are included in the dues paid by Texas Food & Fuel Association member companies. Subscription requests: Texas Food & Fuel Association 401 W. 15th Street, Suite 510 Austin, TX 78701 P 800.460.8662 F 512.477.4239 info@tffa.com ©2020 Texas Food & Fuel Association. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without the written consent of the publisher.




Don Grissom, Austin General Counsel Paul Hardin, Austin President/CEO

Region Directors: Robert Eggleston, Midland Penta Operating, LLC Region A Lance Davis, Bonham McCraw Oil Company Region B Don Broach, Bryan BRENCO Marketing, Corp. Region C Steve Boyd, Houston Sun Coast Resources, Inc. Region D

District Directors:

Bobby Warren, Sherma Douglass Distributing Co. District VII Mike Kittrell, Parker World Fuel Services District VIII John Prickette, Sulphur Springs Grocery Supply Company District IX Fred Sloan, Dallas TAC Energy District X Charles Reichenau, Mason Short Stop Food Stores District XI Mark Jackson, Navasota Kolkhorst Petroleum Company District XII Clay Johnson, Austin Tex-Con Oil Company District XIII Imad Sarkis, Beaumont Tri-Con, Inc. District XIV Phil Wuest, McQueeney Wuest’s, Inc. District XV

Alex Garoutte, Midland Kent Oil, Inc. Justin Parrott, Dallas Ranparr, Inc. Jeff Scarbrough, Clovis, NM Allsups Petroleum, Inc. Jake Thompson, Jacksonville S.A. Thompson Marketing, Inc.

Directors At Large Suppliers

Therese Baer, P.E., Austin Baer Engineering & Environmental Consulting, Inc. Buster Cage, Whitney Republic Tobacco Michael Lawshe, Fort Worth Paragon Solutions, Inc. Wolfgang Manz, Houston PWM Electronic Price Signs Anthony Rodriguez, Arlington Insite 360 Richard Rogers, Pasadena Texas TransEastern, Inc.

Past Chairmen

Rodney Fischer, New Braunfels Midtex Oil, L.P. Gary Garrison, Plainview Fred Garrison Oil Company

Neal McCarty, Fiona Kendrick Oil Company District I

Wes Scott, San Antonio Arguindegui Oil Co. II, Ltd District XVI

Nelson Grona, San Antonio Bear Oil Company. Inc. District II

Alison Schmidt, Houston U.S. Oil, a division of U.S. Venture, Inc. District XVII

Joy Garcia, Mineral Wells Connel Oil Corp. District III

Jake Marsico, Dickinson Bay Oil Company District XVIII

Paul Masters, El Paso Mogas, Inc. District IV

Directors At Large Marketers

Carl Ray Polk, Jr.*, Lufkin Corner Capital Advisors

Bill Crittenden, Kerrville Mini Mart

*serves on Executive Council

Mike Hennings, San Angelo Tres Amigos C-Stores District V Aaron Nilsson, Daingerfield W.O.I. Petroleum, Inc. District VI

Terry Harrah, Belton CEFCO Convenience Stores

Rick Golman, Dallas Empire Petroleum Partners, LLC Terry Maxey, Uvalde Maxey Energy Company Andy Olmstead, Sherman Chapman, Inc. Randy Parrott*, Dallas Ranparr, Inc. Doug Phillips, San Angelo Regal Oil, Inc.

Board Term: January 1-December 31, 2020

texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine



OUR CHAIRMAN The Fuel and Convenience Summit in Arlington was a great event! There were so many highlights (see page 18) for this event that each one needs to be mentioned in this message. The first day started off with an Executive Council Meeting, followed by a great Board of Directors Meeting where the Board was able to hear some great things going on in the Association. Some examples of the great news include TFFA Health Plans that are saving members over 30% on their premiums and the match of up to $100,000 by a Member for the TFFA PAC. In the afternoon, each Council had meetings to go over the goals for TFFA in 2020. Council Chairs will take those goals and move forward with the ideas on how to make this Association better. The next day our breakout sessions were exceptional. There was so much information shared during those sessions for our Members to take back to their businesses. Now we can start looking forward to Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo on June 23rd & 24th in San Antonio. This one event for Texas Food and Fuel Association brings thousands of our members together for a few special days every year. This is a special year since we moved to the summer and we can bring our families to share in the time together. Most importantly, the Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo is a celebration of you. Whether you’re an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor, your presence and participation in the Expo is valued. The Board of Directors of the Texas Food and Fuel Association is committed to providing a best-in-class experience for all who attend, exhibit and sponsor. I hope you realize our industry is dynamic and committed to serving the needs of our customers. Our association and the Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo share this commitment. We look forward to great things this Expo will bring to every member of TFFA. I am excited to be your Chairman of this great Association and look forward to seeing you in June at the 2020 Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo.

Dan Baker, Chairman Texas Food & Fuel Association 2020-2022




t ex a s f o od & f ue l m ag az i ne


Join a Texas Food & Fuel Association Council!

Build your network and share your interests while raising your profile as an industry leader. Councils are open to Marketer and Supplier members. Here’s what you can expect to gain by joining a Council: g Peer-networking with high-profile professionals within the industry. g Leadership opportunities and enhanced visibility.

g Professional development and relationship building opportunities. g Access to different perspectives from a variety of professionals.

Legislative Council g Guides the association’s positions on legislative, regulatory and related issues. g

Council discussion includes both state and federal issues as well as political developments impacting the industries represented by the association.

Wholesale Operations Council Guides the association’s positions on issues related to the bulk sale of motor fuels and lubricants.



Council discussions includes both state and federal regulatory affairs as well as industry developments.

Wranglers Council Scholarship foundation fundraising Council comprised of supplier and grocery/food distributors.


Retail Operations Council g Guides the association’s positions on retail operations issues including convenience stores and grocery stores. g

Council discussions include both state and federal regulatory affairs as well as industry developments.

Membership Council Guides the association’s initiatives to promote membership and participation.

g g

Council discussions include membership organization, participation and promotion.

Scholarship Council Council members serve as advisers to the TFFA Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors and play a key role in planning fundraising activities.


Council on Transportation g Council interfaces with DPS/DOT on regulatory issues, provide input to the staff on technological trends and educational needs, and acts as a forum for members operating transportation assets to network on issues related to safety, regulation, and profitability of transportation operations. NextGen Council The NextGen Council is designed to introduce new leadership into the organization, with the intent to engage young professionals under the age of 45 who are in the convenience and fueling industries. The NextGen Council is the resource for personal branding, mentoring, and business strategy.


All Councils will meet in conjunction with regulatory scheduled meetings of the Texas Food & Fuel Association Board of Directors or via email and/or conference call.

If you'd like to know more about councils and volunteering, Contact:

Annette Hicks at ahicks@tffa.com or sign-up online at: www.tffa.com


texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine


The TFFA Scholarship: Apply Today!

The Texas Food & Fuel Association Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established to award academic scholarships to exemplary high school seniors seeking higher education. Eligible youth are children of Texas Food & Fuel Association marketer or supplier members, or their employees. Students are encouraged to submit an application along with the required documentation no later than FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2020. APPLICANT CRITERIA:

• A dependent child of a Texas Food & Fuel Association member, or; Actively employed by a marketer, retailer or supplier member of the Texas Food & Fuel Association. • A graduating high school senior and younger than 21 years old at the time of the application.

To download the scholarship application, go to: www.tffa.com/ scholarships-awards Submission Deadline: FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2020.

For more information, contact: Scott B. Fisher at 512.617.4308 or sfisher@tffa.com.



t ex a s f o od & f ue l m ag az i ne

Healthcare Costs Out of Control?

You Asked for a Solution, and TFFA Delivers by Paul Hardin, CAE President/CEO

For years, TFFA members have asked the association to find a healthcare insurance program that will provide great coverage, while reducing monthly premiums. After several years of due diligence, TFFA is excited to launch TFFA Health Plan Initiative. With two major carriers to choose from and five plans on each, there is a perfect fit for you and your employees. Savings so far for TFFA members average 30%, with better plans and lower deductibles.

"TFFA switched to one of the new plans and we are saving 31% off of our monthly premiums, while offering a far superior plan than the United Healthcare plan we were on." - Paul Hardin, CAE President/CEO

There are no capital investments in or out of the plans. They work just like a traditional healthcare plan. To date, there are 5,700 TFFA members and their employees enrolling in the plans within the first few months of launch. The level-funded plan that we are part of has over 110,000 bodies on the plan, which gives us all the buying power to reduce rates.


For a quote and discover how your company can save money and find superior coverage for your employees!

Q: Is this a discount plan, or traditional health plan?

A: This plan operates just like traditional health plans, with many more included benefits, like $0 copay for telemedicine, as well as a wellness program to reduce costs to employers and employees. Q: Is my physician “in-network?”

A: The plan operates on the PHCS/MultiPlan network, which is the largest health provider network in the nation. If for any reason you are in an area not included in the PHCS/MultiPlan network, there are several other networks to choose from. Q: Are my prescriptions covered?

A: Prescriptions are included in the plan, and vary by generic, branded and specialty. As an example, generic drugs on any of the three PPO plans are $1. The plan also includes an International Prescription Mail Order option, for deep discounts on name-brand medications. Q: How can the rates be so cost-effective?

A: The plan is a Level-Funded Plan, meaning the risk is spread across all groups involved in the plan. Currently, there are 110,000 individuals on the plan, ensuring that rates remain low, including renewals, which average 3%-5%. Q: How much does it cost to join the plan?

A: The plan is open to all TFFA members, and requires no capital investment in or out of the plan. All that you pay are the monthly premiums for you and your employees. That’s it, nothing more.

Contact Gary Haack at 210-316-7263 or healthinsurance@tffa.com THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN TEXAS


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Scan to learn more about attending a complimentary webinar about employment or risk management topics.

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Quality DEF Solutions is a registered company specializing in the manufacture and supplying of diesel exhaust fluid. Our Products are API Certified and ISO 22241 compliant. Quality DEF Solutions is located in San Saba and Slaton, Texas. Contact us for all your DEF, diesel exhaust fluid needs, at (325) 372-5786.

V isit us at the Expo Booth 184 • Pallet 1x2.5 gallon jugs -92 jugs, 230 gallon total • Pallet 2x2.5 gallon jugs - 48 cases, 96 jugs 240 gallons total • Pallet 4-55 gallon drums - 220 gallons total • 330 gallon tote - 330 gallons total • Truck Load Bulk • Rail car • Poly-Chemical, Poly-Water, and Fiberglass Tanks



t ex a s f o od & f u e l m ag azi ue az i ne

TDLR PUMP STICKER UNVEILED Photos by William B. Reagan

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation debuted new gas pump decals on January 7th. The TDLR’s new Texas-shaped stickers are part of the agency's anti-skimming efforts, to keep Texas pumps safe. The new stickers will be showing up on pumps over the next several months. All gas stations will be required to place the stickers on each pump by September. We look forward to working with TDLR to fully transition and transform the oversight of the fuel industry in Texas.

“It walks them through how to file a complaint. What pump were you on? What day did you go there? What station were you at? The faster you can respond to a complaint, the faster you can resolve it.” - Brian Francis, Executive Director, Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation

Here TFFA President/ CEO Paul Hardin and Rep. Craig Goldman (R-Fort Worth), who sponsored the transition bill in the House, affix one of the decals to a pump.


texa f ood&&f uf u magaz ine texa s sf ood elelmagaz ine


TFFA President/CEO Paul Hardin discusses the transition of the motor fuels oversight from TDA to TDLR with media. The TFFA worked tirelessly to assist with the passage of SB 2119, and has been on the forefront in skimmer education and prevention, co-hosting statewide events with law enforcement.

Texas State Representative Craig Goldman (R-Fort Worth), sponsored the House version of SB 2119 which transferred the regulation of motor fuel metering and motor fuel quality from the Department of Agriculture to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation; providing civil and administrative penalties; creating criminal offenses; requiring occupational licenses; authorizing fees. Here Rep. Goldman addresses the press, at the TDLR sticker unveiling.

“The consumers, they're at the point of skimmer attacks every time. They're the most important part of the puzzle, being aware of their surroundings, checking out the pump to make sure that it's properly secure. Those are the little things they can do to make a big difference in helping us all collectively address the skimmer issue..� - Brian Francis, Executive Director, Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation



t ex a s f o od & f ue l m ag az i ne


7-Eleven Inc. has entered into a stock purchase agreement to acquire 7-Eleven Stores, a chain of more than 100 7-Eleven-branded stores in central Oklahoma that has been independently operated for 67 years, according to an announcement.


WASHINGTON, D.C.—The House Ways and Means Committee Wednesday approved H.R. 4742, a bill that seeks to tax e-cigarettes and other vaping products like traditional cigarettes. Approved by a 24–15 vote, the measure now advances to the full House for consideration. As reported in NACS Daily, the bill, introduced in the House by Reps. Tom Suozzi (D-N.Y.) and Peter King (R-N.Y.) in October, would tax e-cigarettes and vaping products for the first time at the federal level. Already, 19 states and the District of Columbia have added their own taxes on e-cigarettes. The bill would place an excise tax equal to the $1.01 federal levy per pack of cigarettes on tobacco alternatives. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that the bill would raise nearly $10 billion over a decade. “Increasing the cost of vaping will have a direct correlation to decreasing the usage of vaping products,” Rep. Suozzi said in a statement. Although sponsored by members from both sides of the aisle, the bill advanced largely on a partisan basis. It is unclear if the legislation will be considered as a standalone measure or if it will be joined with additional e-cigarette bills before it is considered on the House floor.

The transaction is expected to close within 60-90 days, subject to standard closing conditions and regulatory approvals, according to the announcement. The stores are all in the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area and willbring the total number of 7-Eleven stores in the U.S. and Canada to more than 9,700. "Oklahoma has a growing economy, and this acquisition provides a greatopportunity for us to expand regionally," said 7 Eleven President and CEO Joe DePinto, in a press release. Seven & i Holdings Co., the parent company of 7-Eleven Inc., said DePinto executed the agreement on Jan. 3. Under the contract, SEI will acquire all the issued stock of BrownThompson General Partnership and 7-Eleven LLC, both led by Jim Brown as president and CEO. Brown-Thompson operates 108 7-Eleven stores and 7-Eleven LLC is engaged in asset management. "7-Eleven Inc. has been increasing its merchandise capabilities and expanding its store network in North America for the purpose of expanding revenues and profits," Seven & i said, in a statement. "Brown-Thompson General Partnership and 7-Eleven LLC are based in Oklahoma... next to Texas, where 7-Eleven Inc. has existing stores and the agreement will therefore realize synergies between them." Brown said in a history on the Oklahoma chain's website that "it doesn't get more local than 7-Eleven Stores." The website points out that 7-Eleven Stores is separate from the 7-Eleven franchiser based in Dallas and explains that the companies only have shared the name and trademark of 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven Stores have been operated by the same family since its inception. "More than 65 years ago my parents, Bill and Carol Brown, moved their young family to Oklahoma City with an emerging business idea: a chain of conveniently located stores that stocked all the things you want or need in the moment," said Brown. "Family friends in Dallas, the Thompsons, had begun developing the 7-Eleven idea, and our family set out to do likewise in central Oklahoma." As a fuel marketer, 7-Eleven Stores ranks second within Oklahoma City, with about a 16% fuel market share and its street prices are among the most competitive in the market, according to OPIS MarketShare Pro. Currently, OPIS data show the company's gas prices are almost 12cts/gal below THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN TEXAS

texa s f ood & f u el magaz ine

15 15

market prices only behind Costco (-14.61cts), Sam's Club (-14.38cts), and Murphy USA (-12.41cts). Whereas, OPIS MarketShare Pro shows its acquirer 7-Eleven Inc.'s gas prices in neighboring Texas priced right at market. The Oklahoma company has had its own rewards debit card - Thnx! - which provides cardholders with a gas discount of up to 5cts/gal, according to the website. 7-Eleven Stores also recently introduced a Thnx! Card for fleets, and it accepts major fleet cards. The company has offered a refillable gift card known as the Fuel First Card that allows customers to activate the pump without prepaying. The refillable 7-Eleven Store Gift Card can also be used to activate the pump to pay for fuel as well as to purchase merchandise inside the store. Inside the store, the company has also accepted Apple Pay and Google Wallet. 7-Eleven Stores sells E10 gasoline, conventional gasoline and diesel fuel. It also sells compressed natural gas through at least one store, had been intending to expand its CNG offering to other stores, according to its website.

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION WANTS MORE TIME TO DECIDE WHETHER TO APPEAL SRE RULING The Trump administration wants more time to decide whether to appeal a January ruling by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that threatens to undermine EPA's ability to grant small-refinery exemptions from the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). In a late-Friday filing, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) asked the court for a 15-day extension to Monday's deadline for appealing to the full circuit court a Jan. 24 decision by a three-judge panel that ordered EPA to revoke three SREs it had approved in 2016 and 2017. The judges found the agency had exceeded its authority in approving the waivers because the Clean Air Act prevents it from extending exemptions to any small refineries whose earlier waivers had lapsed. The court also said EPA improperly considered economic factors other than RFS compliance when it granted the waivers. In the filing, the DOJ said the court's interpretation of the RFS "alters EPA's interpretation and practice, which has been employed in the adjudication of past exemption petitions from many small refineries." DOJ said the court's interpretation could also have "significant practical impacts on the RFS program going forward." EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler told a U.S. House Appropriations subcommittee last week that the agency was still working "to find the right path forward" in the wake of the ruling and is looking at actions to "quell" the RINs market.


TEXAS LOTTERY TICKETS SOON AVAILABLE FOR IN-LANE SALES AUSTIN, Texas—Last November, the Texas Lottery started allowing Dollar General to sell lottery tickets in any checkout lane, including Powerball and Mega Millions, the Telegraph Herald reports. While other retailers sell lottery tickets, they must do so from cash-only vending machines or at the store’s service center. Later this year though, the Texas Lottery will expand the pilot program to other retailers, as more states consider similar moves. Currently Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, let people purchase lottery tickets online. Only five states have no lottery. “I can tell you that there's more and more competition now in the marketplace than there was before,” said David Gale, executive director of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. You used to have “to get on a plane and go to either New Jersey or Las Vegas” to play in a casino. “Now, everybody is within a three-hour car ride to some sort of casino,” he said. Texas Lottery officials view in-lane sales as a way to significantly up revenue, with Dollar General saying the new option has been “well received” by customers. Lotteries in Arizona and Kentucky are also exploring in-lane sales. “The reason we're trying to work so hard to get this in-lane is because it offers us another distribution point, and it probably helps impulse sales,” said Tom Delacenserie, CEO of the Kentucky Lottery. “For the consumer, it just makes it easier because it's one less stop they have to make in that store.”


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DOVER FUELING SOLUTIONS AND SHELL INTRODUCE SELF-CHECKOUT KIOSK Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industries, has recently partnered with Shell to codevelop and roll out Self-Checkout Kiosk across a number of Shell fueling stations in the Netherlands in order to reduce queues and improve the purchasing experience for its customers. Equipped with the DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk, visitors to Shell sites are now able to scan for their own fuel, as well as instore products, and make their purchases in a single, harmonised transaction. After a series of successful tests, Shell plans to extend the solution to its deli by Shell stations (sites with bakery service) in the coming weeks in order to promote an all-inclusive experience, with the vision of rolling out the solution to its motorway service stations later in the year. The development of the DFS SelfCheckout Kiosk is derived from close cooperation between various teams across the Shell network and a partnership with DFS. Christel BoevĂŠ, Shell Marketing Channel and Insights Manager, has been leading the innovative project and has been delighted with the results so far. Visitors to the DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk sites now have the option to take charge of their fuel and convenience purchasing experience, giving Shell staff greater flexibility in managing their roles, the ability to pay more attention to their guests and the capability to serve them in a more personal way. To learn more about DFS, visit www.doverfuelingsolutions.com.

Prices for D6 ethanol-related Renewable Identification Number (RIN) credits had steadily risen from around 15cts on the day of the court ruling to trade above 40cts for the first time in nearly two years last week before sliding to an OPIS assessment at 34.5cts on Friday after Bloomberg reported that the Trump administration would appeal the ruling. They were reported traded at 36cts and 36.5cts on Monday morning, with trade activity largely subdued in the wake of the broader slide of energy and financial markets. Ethanol industry group Growth Energy in a statement Saturday said "EPA shouldn't try to deny the inevitable truth -- it's recent radical escalation of SREs was unlawful, in the 10th Circuit and nationwide. No amount of delay will change that."SREs was unlawful, in the 10th Circuit and nationwide. No amount of delay will change that."

FDA IS ENFORCING E-CIGARETTE FLAVOR BAN The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has begun enforcement of the ban on flavored cartridge and podbased e-cigarettes, which went into effect yesterday. These products must be removed from shelves and cannot be sold, with the exception of menthol and tobacco flavors. "The agency intends to prioritize enforcement against certain illegally marketed flavored e-cigarette products, focusing on products that are particularly popular with youth and are easily accessible or marketed to them—such as flavored, cartridge-based e-cigarette products (other than tobacco and menthol)," stated FDA. NACS has received reports from some retailers that undercover persons began conducting stings yesterday, telling store associates that while they can't purchase the product, another employee of the store left product in the back for them. If the product is sold or given to anyone, other than the wholesaler or manufacturer to which the product is being returned, it is a violation of the law. NACS strongly urges all retailers to take precautions to ensure that products are removed from stores as soon as possible to prevent any inadvertent sales. If there is unsold stock, NACS suggests retailers follow their own operational best practices for storing, handling and disposing of unsold stock that has been adulterated/ recalled/banned or otherwise not permitted for sale. In general, these products should not be in view of customers and should be packaged, sealed and secured within an area of the store or warehouse that the public cannot access until the products can be returned to the manufacturer or wholesaler. Flavored e-liquids are still permitted in open systems and single-use, disposable e-cigarettes.


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RENEW YOUR UST OPERATOR TRAINING 2018 UST rule changes mean that all A/B Operator Licenses MUST BE UPDATED BY JANUARY 1, 2020. TFFA is proud to offer industry's most efficient and comprehensive online Class A/B UST Operator Training course that is guaranteed to save you time and money, so that you can get back to business quickly and safely!

The training is specific to the TCEQ’s regulations for Texas and consists of 7 lessons. At the end of the training with successful completion, students will be able to immediately print their TFFA Certificate of Completion.

Course highlights include: • Self-paced course

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2.5 HOURS!

GET TRAINED. GET BACK TO BUSINESS! The only UST Operator course fully endorsed by the Texas Food & Fuel Association TO SIGN UP FOR THE COURSE, GO TO:






o d & f ue l m ag az i ne t ex a s f o od

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Gilbarco Veder-Root ........................................21 JF Petroleum Group........... Outside Back Cover LBT, Inc. ................................................................ 4 PMMIC Tank Insurance ....................................22

MEET THE TDLR A New Day For Motor Fuels Regulation p.12


Farewell to Cary Rabb and Welcome to Dan Baker p. 7

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Texas Food & Fuel Magazine - JAN/FEB/MAR 2020  

Our first issue of 2020 features:  - A message from newly-elected TFFA Chairman Dan baker,  - TFFA President/CEO Paul Hardin talks about the...

Texas Food & Fuel Magazine - JAN/FEB/MAR 2020  

Our first issue of 2020 features:  - A message from newly-elected TFFA Chairman Dan baker,  - TFFA President/CEO Paul Hardin talks about the...


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